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October 8 - 14, 2013

The New Mystery at the Wall

The National Security Agency's $2 billion mega spy center is going up in flames.

Technical glitches have sparked fiery explosions within the NSA's newest and largest data storage facility in Utah, destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and delaying the facility's opening by one year.

And no one seems to know how to fix it.

...Within the last 13 months, at least 10 electric surges have each cost about $100,000 in damages, according to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal. Experts agree that the system, which requires about 64 megawatts of electricity -- that's about a $1 million a month energy bill -- isn't able to run all of its computers and servers while keeping them cool, which is likely triggering the meltdowns.

Communications from all around the world in the form of emails, cell phone calls and Google searches, among other digital details are stored in the center's databases, which are said to be larger than Google's biggest data center. But due to the major system meltdowns, the NSA hasn't been able to use the center's databases, which it has claimed are crucial for national security.


It's true. General Mattis is no longer chief at Centcom as of earlier this year, and I didn't hear about it until informed by a reader this past week. That was quiet. Happening at a time when Obama is gearing up for, or at least threatening, a civil war, it makes me wonder how many other military leaders will quit as they see Obama go the lunatic trail.

Lost in the inaugural hullabaloo was Tuesday's news that President Obama has relieved Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis, the colorful and highly decorated Marine who's been in charge of the crucial US Central Command, which oversees the various wars in the Middle East, since 2010.

There can be no doubt that Obama is a destructive lunatic with the dark intelligence to cause some major damage:

President Barack Obama fired General James Mattis, the head of Central Command, without even calling the general to let him know he was being replaced.

"I am told that General Mattis was travelling and in a meeting when an aide passed him a note telling him that the Pentagon had announced his replacement as head of Central Command. It was news to him -- he hadn't received a phone call or a heads-up from anyone at the Pentagon or the White House," Thomas E. Ricks reports.

In another post, Ricks says Mattis was fired because:

Pentagon insiders say that he rubbed civilian officials the wrong way -- not because he went all "mad dog," which is his public image, and the view at the White House, but rather because he pushed the civilians so hard on considering the second- and third-order consequences of military action against Iran. Some of those questions apparently were uncomfortable. Like, what do you do with Iran once the nuclear issue is resolved and it remains a foe? What do you do if Iran then develops conventional capabilities that could make it hazardous for U.S. Navy ships to operate in the Persian Gulf? He kept saying, "And then what?"

This story seems to be so hushed that the reason for the change of leadership is not likely to be known with certainty. I would venture to guess that Mattis considered Obama a lunatic, and coming from a Mad Dog, that's pretty bad. Or, Obama's world strategy has changed, and he wants someone more mad than Mad Dog to oversee his plans. This is so hush that Wikipedia, in its Mattis article, tells that he "stepped down" but doesn't tell who replaced him. Shouldn't America know who heads central command? Someone needs to get out a swatter and squish Obaba, get this secret government over with. If Obama thinks that he can use the military inside the country to control the country, I say he can't. I say that he doesn't have the support. But I welcome his that I can see him gone sooner rather than later. Hopefully, some of his mainline rats will be destroyed along with him.

I had to go to the Wikipedia article on Central Command to discover Mattis' replacement, a Black man:

Lloyd James Austin III (born 8 August 1953) is a United States Army general. He is the 12th and current commander of United States Central Command (CENTCOM). Prior to current assignment, General Austin served as the 33rd Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army from January 31, 2012 to March 8, 2013...

On December 6, 2012, the Pentagon announced that President Obama will nominate General Austin to lead the U.S. Central Command. Austin was confirmed by the U. S. Senate on March 5, 2013, and assumed command on March 22, 2013.

I just don't recall this story hitting the news. Imagine a civil-war scenario brought on by a conniving Obama, where he depends largely on American Negroes for support. The passions of Negroes everywhere would be such as to attempt an overthrow of white supremacy in America, and vengeance afterward. There is a civil war in America; it just hasn't started shooting bullets yet.

Simultaneous with the Egyptian court ruling to disband / outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood this past week, the United States announced that it would be cutting financial and military aid to the Egyptian government. The Egyptians appear to have a plan in opposition to the announcement:

The panel formed by Egypt's interim-cabinet to handle the Muslim Brotherhood's frozen assets ordered on [October 8] the seizing of the Islamist group's funds.

Additionally, the Brotherhood's status as a registered NGO has been officially annulled by a government panel headed by Minister of Social Solidarity Ahmed El-Borai, reported Al-Ahram's Arabic news website.

Egyptian interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi told reporters Tuesday that the annulment of the group's NGO registration was normal procedure following the verdict which has banned "all activities" relating to the group. ...On Monday, the Muslim Brotherhood officially appealed the court verdict to seize its funds.

This is a double whammy. First, instead of the U.S. aid going to the Brotherhood, it no longer does, and then, the Egyptian government that conducted a coup on the Brotherhood government now gets the money bags of the Brotherhood. It's a win-win-win-win-win situation. Morsi's trial is set for November. John Kerry announced that Egypt can have the aid if and when it operates on "human rights" for "minorities" i.e. the Brotherhood. While Kerry calls for greater democracy in Egypt, he ignores the dictatorial manner in which Obama conducts himself:

Barack Obama has pursued the most aggressive "war on leaks" since the Nixon administration, according to a report published on Thursday that says the administration's attempts to control the flow of information is hampering the ability of journalists to do their jobs.

The author of the study, the former Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie, says the administration's actions have severely hindered the release of information that could be used to hold it to account. Downie said that while the administration provides information through social media, it is "mostly self-serving information, as opposed to information that would hold the government to account. Journalists are being told to speak to public affairs office, but the public affairs office doesn't call them back or is hostile."

...The report said the Obama administration has created a climate where, even on matters not pertaining to national security, but in the public interest, government officials are reluctant to provide information, including on Freedom of Information requests.

Ann Compton, the ABC News White House correspondent who has been covering presidents since General Ford, complained that there was "no access to the daily business in the Oval Office ... who the president meets with, who he gets advice from".

"He's the least transparent of the seven presidents I've covered," Compton said in the report.

The CPJ [Committee to Protect Journalists], which commissioned the study, entitled 'The Obama Administration and the Press', said: "The CPJ is disturbed that the Obama administration has chilled the flow of information on issues of great public interest, including on matters of national security.

"The administration's war on leaks to the press though the use of secret subpoenas against news organisations, its assertion through prosecution that leaking classified documents to the press is espionage or aiding the enemy; and its increased limitations on access to information that is in the public interest -- all thwart a free and open discussion necessary to a democracy."

It's disturbing to me that these organizations, crying the blues about Obama's attitude, are not crying the truth: Obama hates his country and wishes to abuse it while using it. If that's not obvious to people, I don't know where their heads are. The accusation that Obaba is a control freak concerns not the way in which he treats merely his own family members, but the way in which he runs the country. In that regard, another word for "control freak" is "dictator," or "communist lunatic" who wishes to decide everything for the people. It doesn't matter what the motives of a control freak are; he has no right to abuse the choices of others, if those choices are not sinful / hurtful. A secretive dictator is by nature a sinner. As the people pay government workers, even the president has the duty to be transparent with what it's doing on behalf of the people. It's not enough that Obama makes announcements concerning what he's doing for the people; what counts is when the people inquire on certain matters. Obama is required to give them full answers. If he doesn't, as the report says he doesn't, he's unworthy of his job. This report is telling the world that Obama is a rotten president, as in decayed, corrupted, dangerously toxic. The report is saying these things nicely.

The Lack of Concern for Jeff Bauman

I'm going to continue on the marathon topic while everything studied in recent weeks are still fresh on my mind. I have felt that I'm being watched, but this past week at least one of the people watching me has emailed me, a fatal mistake on his part. Hardly anyone else is still writing on the marathon hoax, but I have made it a project. Just as I thought I had the topic exhausted, I found the 151 images from Aaron Tang. If you are getting narrow / partial views of his Flickr images that I share, hit the two-arrow button to get the larger image. I find that my version of Firefox gives larger images than my version of Internet Explorer.

While the Aaron Tang images are said to be "photos," it can explain why he offers no image of Jeff being placed in his chair. He could argue simply that he wasn't available at that time to snap photos. But this excuse cannot be made by video cameras in the press box. Those camera's are on camera stands, and are predicted to have taped continuously throughout the "rescue" operation. So long as they are not releasing the videos of the event, I deem them guilty of partaking in the hoax.

In the last update, the following square brackets were added to an issue that needed to be recorded:

It was an odd thing. One day (yesterday) the Flickr page (page 2) from which these images were taken had many images, but the next day there were only 18. The page reads, "151 photos", referring to all three pages. When I loaded page 3 just now, only seven images. When loading page 1, just 21 images. That does not total nearly 151. I so much wanted to see the rest of the images, but this makes me feel that someone was looking at me type yesterday, and quickly removed the images, or perhaps made my computer incapable of accessing them. I'm sure that those who are placed in charge of handling government-sponsored hoaxes have such capability. Back in April, an emailer wrote in to say that he knew Jeff Bauman (extremely unlikely that one of my few readers would know Jeff), and that he lost his legs for real. That's how I knew I was on the insider list of Internet people to watch.

...[After this update was published, some six days after the problem appeared, I took my computer to town to where one can get fast Internet, but, still, more images could not be loaded from the Flickr page claiming 151 photos. I tried Internet Explorer, and found that all 151 showed up! By what coincidence did all 151 load on one day, using Firefox browser, only to be unable to get the 151 the day after? If there are no eyes watching me, how do I explain this? I've never seen this problem before with Firefox. I closed Firefox and re-loaded it, but still fewer than 50 photos loaded. How could this happen? I have my own website; I think I should know that, either the Flickr page should load completely, or not at all. No one can load only partial of my pages. How could my browser get the Flickr page loaded, but only partially? It seems impossible, unless the person who owns the page programs the page to send some computers a partial page. If you know anything about this, please let me know the details.]

In the last update, some new-to-me images were shown, including this post-action-scene with the woman who pushed Jeff Bauman away stationed, with the same wheelchair that pushed him away (or at least the same model), near the corner of the patio, in a scene very close to 4:00 minutes. However, since then, the image below was found with the same woman, at the same general time and location, moving to what I've called the forbidden door (into Marathon Place). This is very suspicious and has me wondering whether Jeff was hiding out inside that location, rather than under the bleachers. Certainly, with him inside the Marathon Place, it would remove certain problems contained in a Jeff-under-bleachers scenario.

The image above is just after the heavy-set woman in brown was escorted out of the forbidden door (seen in this action-scene video). The heavy-set woman is walking back toward the area where she was pushed away. The image shows the timeclock at 4:13:52, which was 4:09 minutes after the explosion. Then, in the image below, she's turned and looking at the forbidden door, but it's not possible to determine whether she's walking in that direction. She was clearly concerned about something in that door.

I'll call the image above, "wheelchair-under-Cowboy-2," because we see a wheelchair under his belly. The woman pushing this chair is in the Is-that-Jeff? image [timed at 4:09 minutes] pushing the chair a few seconds earlier. The image below is the wheelchair-under-Cowboy-1, because it too shows the wheelchair under his belly.

There are some potential problems to point out here. In wheelchair-under-Cowboy-1, the image cuts out the Jeff spot, and we don't get to see a clear shot of the woman supposedly pushing this chair. The same image has the oriental woman who pushed Jeff away in the top left of the picture facing the forbidden door alongside with the heavy-set woman. If not for the wheelchair-under-Cowboy-2 image, a person might think that the wheelchair beside the cowboy in the wheelchair-under-Cowboy-1 is the one that took Jeff away, thus contradicting the iconic image that has the woman pushing him away who simultaneously appears in the top left. The possibility is, therefore, that the woman pushing the wheelchair past the cowboy was pasted into both the is-that-Jeff? and wheelchair-under-Cowboy-2 images to give the impression that the wheelchair beside the cowboy was NOT the one that took Jeff away, but rather was a wheelchair passing by.

There are reasons for this view. In the last update, it was pointed out that this woman disappeared from an image where she should have been. She is in the image showing the shredded-pants man in his black wheelchair on the street, but she is not in the wheel-away image a minute or two before the shredded-pants man left his spot on the sidewalk. Later in this update, I discover him being wheeled away on the street shortly after the wheel-away image, and, yes, she is with him.

I did not mention in the last update that she can be seen in the six-minute image (timeclock shows 5:58 minutes after explosion, before the wheel-away scene). Yes, for in the other two images where she appears, one can make out a blue bag hanging from behind her left shoulder, and that bag can be seen (in the six-minute image) in the woman crouching at the patio railing. There are a couple of things wrong with this image: 1) the people are gathered at a CENTRAL spot along the railing that is not where the shredded-pants man lies in other images (he lies at the right side of the railing), and where no one lies in other images; 2) there is still no chair ready for poor Jeff Bauman, and the woman who pushes him away cannot be seen.

How possibly could it be true that, with a man missing two legs, the people gathered around him would not immediately call for one of these chairs passing by??? In a real situation, two men would get Jeff on a chair immediately, as in five seconds, and wheel him away, immediately, as in racing to the ambulance. This is the problem with the wheelchair-under-cowboy images. The cowboy, looking directly at the chair, did not call for it. Near this woman with the chair going by him was the other woman with a chair stationed at the corner of the patio, and she is still there, we are to assume, two minutes later in the six-minute image. How impossible is that? How much does that contradict the picture you have of reality?

The wheelchair-under-cowboy image shows the woman pushing the wheelchair past the cowboy in such a spot as to ride over an injured person. The only way for this chair to take the path that we see it in, without wheeling over people, is to go between the injured woman attended to by the man in burgundy (not shown) and the red-sleeved blonde. But the chair appears to be so close to the cowboy that she cannot be taking that route. The shoe at the left of the picture in the WELL-DONE stretcher image is that of the hooded man at about 3:00 minutes. He is not seen getting off the spot he lies on here during the action-scene video (starts at 3:10) ending at 3:57, about 12 seconds before we see this woman pushing through in the wheelchair-under-cowboy image. Therefore, if the hooded man must yet be at his spot at 4:09, when she's coming through, she cannot get through unless she circles around the man in burgundy coat.

The angle of the Tang camera is about 20 degrees off the horizontal (my estimate). We can see the bottom of the chair's wheel cutting across the cowboy's kneecap in the wheelchair-under-cowboy-2 image. These circumstances do not allow the wheel to be more than about seven feet beyond the cowboy's shoes. His shoes can be determined by various methods to be left of the hooded man. Therefore, the wheelchair is positioned not far enough beyond the hooded man to be going around the injury victim attended to by the man in burgundy coat. This inconsistency could be expected where she and her chair were pasted in. A motive for pasting chairs in the scene at 4:00 minutes amounts to a fix of the fact that wheelchairs were not introduced immediately to the injury zone.

In the wheelchair-under-cowboy images, the man in white (or cream) shirt is still crouching down at the same spot where he first started stooping and crouching at the 1:30 point of the Silva video. A few updates ago, I accused he and the SS medic of spreading fake blood around the Jeff spot. Here he is, still at the same spot, after the 4:00 minute point. As the Negro woman is supposedly gone by now, the insider has no choice but to claim that he's now attending to Jeff (who was not there), begging the question of why he didn't get the Negro medic, and his partner, the SS medic, to put Jeff on the stretcher before the Negro was placed upon it. It's not supposed to make sense, because demented lunatics were running this show, and they did a very lousy job.

The image below is a wider picture of what I've been showing as the timeclock-takedown image (timeclocks read 4:43 after the explosion). It shows the injury scene too:

Notice the throngs of people beyond the press box. They are obviously not permitted by police to come closer to the injury scene, and yet a few are getting through. How can that be? Who were these choice "pedestrians" that were permitted through? I have never known this wider timeclock scene before. The oriental woman who (supposedly) pushed Jeff away is in it, (I assume it's her, I cannot enlarge Flickr images very much), now walking away from the forbidden door. As you can see, there are no white carts yet on the street, as with the six-minute image of a white cart carrying an orange stretcher.

In the Flickr image below, also new to me thanks to the 151 images, an orange stretcher is seen that is making its way to the pasted fireman inside the patio. The last update showed an image in the what's-this-thing? video that had only a piece of this stretcher showing, but here we get to see who's carrying it. Or do we? I can't make out who's holding it.

The problem is, the image above has the woman who picks Jeff up (center of picture), and because it's after the six-minute image, we must conclude that she meandered around with an empty wheelchair since before 4:00 minutes, as though the place was short on injury victims for her to pick up. In this image, she's just seconds away from parking the chair at the Jeff-spot, as you can verify in the video below, "What's this thing being brought over to Jeff Bauman?":

In the Flickr image above -- let's call it the orange-surfboard image -- she's not going straight to the Jeff-spot, but is circling around. I have no idea why, as there is no one between where she walks and the Jeff-spot. We can't always predict what paste monkeys will do, and why? Comparing the six-minute image with the orange surfboard image, there are several people in similar positions and/or locations, suggesting that the two images are near one another. The woman who pushes Jeff, however, cannot be seen in the six-minute image, suggesting that the latter came first, and that the stretcher was indeed off the back of the white cart. Why, then, did this stretcher go like a torpedo to the very back of the injury zone, inside the patio, rather than anywhere else? Jeff really needed a stretcher badly, but no one called out for it. In the end, it wasn't even used to take away the injured person at that spot (see fireman-on-stretcher discussion in the last update).

The New Mystery at the Wall

We shouldn't decide on which image came first based on the oriental woman, because she may have been pasted in to give the Jeff hoax credibility. There are two wheelchairs directly in front of the lamp post in the orange-surfboard image that are not anywhere within the injury zone in the six-minute image, and, besides, one of the chairs looks like the one in front of the van in the six-minute image, all suggesting that the six-minute image did come first.

The woman with chair and the policeman beside her, at the wall of the building (bottom-left of the orange-surfboard image), are down beside the street in the six-minute image, but as no injury victim is seen at the wall in the six-minute image, that latter image did not come first. This means that the woman is at the wall closer in time to the wheel-away scene than the six-minute image. This is important because the woman looks like the oriental woman who pushed Jeff away.

The image below is soon after the orange-surfboard image. The woman at the wall has turned toward the street, and there is a man wearing a grey cap in her wheelchair. She has a dark pony-tail like the oriental woman. She looks like she has the same build. Plus, this man in grey cap is the one wheeled away, in the wheel-away video (link below), on the street at the same time that Jeff is shown wheeled away. What a coincidence.

In the last update, I claimed that the person who is wheeled along the street, alongside Jeff's wheelchair get-away, can be seen in the six-minute image with the person in yellow and orange beyond the injury zone, the one just about to step on the street. That's exactly where this woman at the wall is predicted to be after we see her in the image above. Apparently, the person in red cap and white coat, behind the person in yellow and orange, is the woman at the wall. The irresistible idea coming to mind is that she parked a wheelchair under the press box, then posed with Jeff's chair for the iconic media photos (taken a little further down from the press box). If true, then she really was at the injury zone, an idea for which I have had no valid proof until now. In other words, she may be appearing twice in the wheel-away video, pushing both wheelchairs! That's because the Jeff get-away scene was pasted into this video.

By the way, as per the Flickr image above, the black-and-blue bag in front of the man in the wheelchair is on the back of the person in yellow and orange as he/she stoops to his leg area. His/her orange jacket and red cap can be seen.

If this ">wheel-away video disappears from online, see search "Marathon Bombing Drill Conspiracy" in quotation marks.

As I've said, the real wheelchair in the wheel-away video is pushed up alongside the Escalade, and looks to be picking someone up from that vehicle. I've now got to entertain that it picked Jeff up while dropping off the man (= fake injury victim) in grey cap. However, in the iconic image of Jeff, a close-up shows that the person in the wheelchair (above the woman's cap) has a grey cap. It could be expected to be a paste job, however, and if you think I'm grasping at straws to suggest it, look at the "bun" on the backside of the person pushing his wheelchair. This is found in the wheel-away image, where, the "bun"(doesn't look right under inspection) is definitely between the camera and the person's red cap so that it can belong only to that person pushing the wheelchair. It just doesn't look like a pony-tail, but more like a bad paste job, because it's too big and round and too high up to be a pony-tail. Then look also at the chubbiness of this person, for the woman at the wall (in both images where we saw her) did not strike us as chubby.

In other words, it looks like the insiders replaced the woman at the wall with this other chair pusher, which is to be expected, of course, if she was the oriental woman. In the first instance that we saw her at the wall, it may not be coincidental that a police officer is fully in the way of her pants so that we cannot see what color they are, important because the chubby person wears beige pants, unlike the dark pants of the woman pushing Jeff. In the other image showing the woman at the wall, her pants are again not visible, just out of the picture. Hmm, yes, her jacket is shown right down to the thinnest slice of her pants (color not visible), but, under these circumstances, the photo appears cropped deliberately to hide her pants. Then, in the iconic image, most of her jacket appears, and yet her pants are obscured by the woman pushing Jeff's chair.

I'm tentatively concluding, therefore, that she was deleted from the wheel-away image, and replaced by the chubby person. In such a case, the man in grey cap may also have been a paste job, from first to last. That is, he was not in the chair at the wall. Her own appearance at the wall is itself an unexpected mystery.

In the image where the police officer appears with her, the flag on her wheelchair is identical to the flag's position (flag pointing backward, white cross facing the chair) in the wheel-away image.

In both images where she appears, she's picking up the man in grey cap directly beside one of the black, rectangular paved areas in this wider version of the two-minute-exactly image. Here's the Wikipedia image showing the same spot at :28 seconds, again without an injury victim. The same spot is visible in this wider view of the 3:11 image, and still no one is there. No man with grey cap anywhere to be seen. I have not seen this man with grey cap anywhere else. He was not in the injury zone.

I could tentatively conclude that the woman was inside the building, coming out with an empty chair, or coming out to possess a chair provided to the spot by someone else. Why else was she at this spot so far from the injury zone at such a crucial time? I'm not completely ruling out the possibility that someone was in her chair at the wall. I'm looking at all possibilities.

If I've confused you concerning checkered-sleeve Bauman, let me repeat that he may have been a brother / relative of "Jeff Bauman" so that both men could have been at the marathon. If, on the other hand, checkered-shirt Bauman was Jeff, then we shouldn't be looking for Jeff anywhere else. But while checkered-shirt Bauman has the look of Jeff, from the wiry hair to the shape and attitude of the mouth, his ears are not the same. He looks like a Jeff-look-alike for a reason, a trick. Our trick is to find the clues that tell the true story.

In the Flickr/Tang image below, the woman at the wall is again shown, but, this time, only her hair is shown. One could view it either as a bun, or pony-tail. Which is it? It definitely looks like a pony-tail. Can we rely on this picture? Why does the chair's flag not point to the rear, as it was pointing in the image a second or two earlier? Why is her pony-tail larger than what it appears to be in the image a second or two earlier? If this was the woman who pushed Jeff away, we'd expect the insiders to disguise it with a larger pony-tail.

There may be something else wrong with the image directly above. It's a scene coming a few seconds BEFORE the six-minute image, for even the short-sleeved medic can be seen walking toward the position he's taking in the six-minute image. The problem has to do with the orange stretcher being on the white cart in the six-minute image, whereas there an orange stretcher -- already -- inside the patio in that EARLIER image (the stretcher is being dropped in by a man in grey hair). Not only does this stretcher not show in the image of the woman at the wall a second or two earlier, but I think it should NOT be in the image at all...because it's supposed to be on the cart at this time. It's suggesting that the stretcher appearing in the orange-stretcher image was pasted (explaining why it was not used). But why did they paste it?

Now for a major problem. The woman who pushes Jeff can be seen, in the image directly above, at the Jeff spot. Jeff has yet to be loaded into her chair, but we can see the man in grey cap already loaded and on his way. Yet, according to the wheel-away video, both chairs reach the finish line at the same time. We must assume that: 1) the chair from the wall stopped for quite a long time while waiting for Jeff's chair to be ready to roll; 2) Jeff was loaded lickedy-split and pushed away fast as lightning, unlike his situation to that point, where no one even attended him; 3) Jeff's moving chair ride was a paste job (note that no passers-by seem to notice Jeff as he is wheeled by with both hideous legs showing).

Curiously enough, while the one pushing the man in grey cap reached the press box first, this crew stops rolling, and parks, supposedly, until after the Jeff chair goes by. Why did it stop? Was it due to the woman's next task: preparing for the iconic image? I think Jeff's wheelchair ride took place as shown, but from a different location.

It's a little suspicious that both chairs had a third party walking in front of the chair, with both third parties on the same side of the chair.

Knowing now that the insiders must time the wheel-away scene very near after the six-minute image, depending on how long the chair from the wall stopped while waiting for the Jeff chair to roll (it didn't happen, but the insiders must assume that it did), we expect the medic/fireman -- the third party with Jeff -- to be in the injury zone in the six-minute image. I don't see him in that zone. I cannot even make out the cowboy with certainty. I cannot see the woman and her wheelchair that takes Jeff away. How unexpected. What I do see is a man in yellow jacket with collar up, driving the cart that brings the orange stretcher; he looks like the medic/fireman that we're looking for, but on this we cannot be certain.

The positions of the people in the six-minute image versus their positions in the wheelchair-at-the-wall images suggest significant time in the order of at least 30 seconds. Then, there is significant time between the six-minute image and the start of the wheel-away image. There is a good chance here that some monkey business was taking place with the chair from the wall, because it was not, obviously, rolling along smoothly. It had stopped for about a minute, by the looks of it. Due to the differences in the positions of the people in the six-minute image versus their positions in the wheelchair-at-the-wall images, the chair must have stopped rolling on the sidewalk between the wall and the street. That is, when we see the chair at the street in the six-minute image, it was after coming to a halt for some 30 or more seconds. What was going on during that time?

The wheel-away video shows a curiosity that I pointed out in the 1st update of May: a man in what appears to be a white shirt (it's yellow, but yellow doesn't always show well in this video) with dark sleeves walks -- WITHOUT a bag on his back -- in front of the wheelchair (under discussion) as it rolls alongside the Escalade. After the chair has passed him, and after the white cart re-parks, he walks a little away from the Escalade, then back toward it a bit, when, a man from the door of the Escalade meets him for to give him a bag, for we suddenly see a bag on his back after the man from the Escalade moves out of the way.

When we first see the bag on his back, the Negro medic with stretcher has almost reached the finish line. By keeping an eye on the man with bag until the Negro medic is in the position he's taking in the wheel-away image (not the video), it can be determined that he's the man with blue cap, on the telephone, in the wheel-away image. Yet there appears to be no bag on his back. Was it deleted, or did we see a mirage in the wheel-away video? The man that handed him the bag (supposedly with the National Guard's bomb squad) is visible, face and all, in the wheel-away image. All the men in dark coats and beige pants at the Escalade were reportedly with a bomb-squad unit associated with the federal government.

When clicking the arrow for the next image at Flickr (at this page), the image that's offered after the one with woman at the wall is the wheel-away scene. Apparently, the cameraman didn't take shots of, or didn't want us to have shots of, what happened in that period between these two scenes. He missed Jeff being loaded into his chair; he missed the reason that the woman at the wall took so long to wheel away. But did he really miss getting these images??? Did he stop taking pictures for about two minutes at that time?

The forward arrow from the Flickr wheel-away image gets four related images in a row. One of the four shows the back of the man (blue cap) who took a bag coming from the Escalade. The bag is not on his back (possibly erased), but the fact that his back is to the camera may be the very reason that this image was released: to contradict anyone claiming what seems obvious, that he took a bag from the Escalade. At the very end of the wheel-away video,, the man taking the bag can be seen standing beside another man who comes to him. This man could have taken the bag; he is the police officer seen nearest to the front of the man in blue cap, in the wheel-away image.

From the page below, one can click the forward arrow five times to see the four different scenes (mentioned above) between the wheel-away scene and what was called the orange-stretcher image in the last update. (The arrows are not showing in my Firefox browser; it's like I have bugs.) In the fifth image, which is the orange-stretcher image (because a fireman holds one or two stretchers), there is police yellow tape going up. It's a little strange that it took this long to get the tape up; every police officer must have some of this tape in his trunk. But notice how the tape is stretched doubly, in two lines? Why two lines of tape? Between the two lines is the door where the woman at the wall was initially located. What was going on inside that door? This police tape is being applied immediately after that woman left that spot. There is no tape up in the six-minute image.

In the wheel-away image, we find tape strung from the lamp post to the building, but no police officer is in the image, especially not at the lamp post. He must be out of the picture tying the tape to the building. The point is, he should prove to be the police officer standing at that lamp post in the six-minute image. That's the officer whom I had chosen as the best possibility for fulfilling the officer that's shown with the woman at the wall! No sooner had he been talking with her, that he went to tape the area off!!

The wheel-away image shows a green lawn chair sitting empty at the spot where the man with grey hat was supposedly picked up. Hmm. The chair is sitting all by itself, not at all like the scene we see in the six-minute image, where the lawn chair is not sitting at the spot all by itself. Why not? Who moved it between the time that the wheelchair was on it's way to the street to the time that it was nearly at the street? If it took only three or four seconds to make that trip, as it would have had she not stopped along the way, we wouldn't expect the green lawn chair to have moved. But if significant time went by during that small trek, the lawnchair is more apt to be in a different position (though we'd still like to know who moved it). Here's the 3:11 image, showing the chair not by itself, and not at the same spot exactly, nor in the same position:

In the wheel-away image, there is a white t-shirt on the black, rectangular pavement, directly in the path that the woman at the wall took when going to the street. The shirt is not there in the 3:11 image. Who took that t-shirt off? Who abandoned it there between the 3:11 image and the wheel-away scene? It is not a spot with people upon it. Did Jeff Bauman have a clean t-shirt over his dirty, meant-for-media-picture t-shirt? Was Jeff Bauman hiding out at this door?

In the six-minute image, there is a bicycle about to pass the white cart. It has a yellow package/box on the back as well as what looks like a dark bag. This bicycle is in all five images (above) starting with the wheel-away image. The bicycle is parked in the lower-right corner, proving that these images were indeed after the six-minute image. The point is, the six-minute image shows the rider with a certain type of helmet, and with what looks like a yellow jacket (single grey stripe) matching the one worn by the Negro woman in the image showing checkered-shirt Bauman on his wheelchair. This Negro woman wears the same sort of helmet. It's a little suspicious that the bicycle is parked in the path that the woman at the wall took. There appears to be two such bicycles, and two such riders, in the wheel-away image, at the same spot. The second bicycle (not very visible) is right-on the path from the woman at the wall.

Going back to the six-minute image to see whether there is a second bicycle, yes, we can spot the second helmet above the front-right corner of the van.

In the next image offered (number 8654040564), the timing is some seconds later. You will note that, right along the path of the woman from the wall, an injury victim has suddenly appeared that was not there in timeclock-takedown image (at 4:43). Where could this person have come from? There is no gathering around this spot in the six-minute image, not long before. How strange. What could be the meaning or purpose of this fake?

In the orange-stretcher image, there is a person bending over him/her with one of those bicycle helmets on. In the image that follows (below, number 8652948903), both bicycle riders with the helmets are over him, suggesting that one should be that Negro woman who appears in the shot of checkered-shirt Bauman on his chair.

It wasn't until writing to this point that I found the man in grey cap and black coat -- the one who appears on the wheelchair at the wall -- sitting in the green lawn chair in the wider view of the timeclock-takedown image (number 8652916959). Look at how long his leg is as he sits. The leg is stretched in a horizontal position, and is hanging in mid-air about a foot off the sidewalk, as though the leg is in a hard cast. This verifies what we may have thought, that the person in yellow and orange, in the six-minute image, is holding on to his leg in a cast stemming from the wheelchair. The leg looks way too long in that image. I see no other explanation for how his leg could be in that horizontal position, aside from being in a cast.

The police officer is speaking to him, and the white shirt is in front of him. I don't trust this picture; who dropped that shirt there between 3:11 and 4:43? This is a spot void of people where shirts on the ground are unexpected.

Just look at the scene. He sits on the lawn chair in nobodyland. We don't see the wheelchair...that pushes him away in about a minute. We don't see the people who push him away. The wheelchairs have barely begun to enter the injury zone, and so with many people supposedly missing limbs there, why would anyone approach this man in nobodyland, having a hard cast already, to push him away? He doesn't seem to be a priority at all. There is no blood where he sits; he looks fine and comfortable.

We don't see the injury victim in front of him that pops up lying on the sidewalk about the time he is wheeled away. Again, just as the woman at the wall starts to wheel him away, the bicycle riders arrive to attend to the mystery person that pops up injured on the sidewalk. What was the purpose of this fake? I have absolutely no idea.

Should we trust the 3:11 image where there is a woman in black coat near the green lawn chair? She has a white piece of cloth dropping out from under her coat, how strange. It is very apparent that the insiders wish for us to believe that the white shirt (as I call it) was from her. This woman is strange, for she can be seen here (number 8652861617) walking into the injury zone at an early time. That is, a woman with what looks like bandage around her legs walked into the injury zone apart from being hurt by the bomb. Here she is in the 411 timeclock image (1:57 minutes) with a non-sensical piece of white cloth(ing) in front of her upper legs. It appears that the clothing is dropping out from under her coat. The 3:11 image reveals that the cloth(ing) is not wrapped around her legs. In the 411 timeclock image, she's holding on to the white cloth(ing). Such a mystery. She's not walking slow, for she looks to be more than 50 feet between images having just 29 seconds between them, meaning that she's doing one to two small steps per second. If you think she does not appear to be capable of walking that fast, then her being pasted in is an option. The motive for pasting her could be to give us a false sense for the origin of the white shirt. If correct, that white shirt looks like anathema to the insiders.

In the image below, showing the timeclock at 4:09 minutes after the blast, a police officer appears to be moving the green lawn chair. There is no one in the chair at this time. There is a man with black cap walking near the empty green chair. There is no white shirt on the sidewalk whereas we see one 34 seconds later at 4:43. The woman with white cloth(ing) was shown there at 3:11, so that, if the insiders wished for us to believe that it was her piece of clothing that fell off to the sidewalk, this image (below) contradicts the idea:

[After this update was put online, I realized that there is a piece of white cloth (looks dirty) beside the green lawnchair in the is-that-Jeff? image (one can see, even here, that the scene is about one second after the image with 4:09 showing on the timeclock). The feet of the police officer can be seen directly in front of the chair, verifying that he was touching the chair...moving it, I assume, as in preparing it for the fake injury victim. It's probably not coincidental that the 4:09 image leaves this piece of white cloth out, though, perhaps, a small piece can be seen through the chair. In the is-that-Jeff? image, the cloth appears to be hanging on the building somehow, but if that doesn't make sense, then the option is to view it pasted in.

In the next update, I discover the person in orange and yellow (a woman), who escorts the man at the wall, in two images. I'll discuss it at that time. One of the two is the timeclock-takedown image itself, and the other is here:]

If you get to a Flickr image that's not the one I'm describing, perhaps it's because I am being toyed with by insiders keeping watch. Let me give you an example of what is happening to me constantly. Using Internet Explorer, I copied the URL address at the image above, and pasted it to my files as uses the number 8562916059. As you can see, the correct address for the 4:09 image uses 856401071. Below is what that other URL gets me in Firefox; the timeclock-takedown scene. Therefore, when I copy and paste webpage addresses in my links for you to use, they could get you the wrong page / image, making it appear that I'm making mistakes all over the place. Besides, it ruins all my arguments.

Okay, so what we have now is the 4:09 image without the man in grey cap anywhere to be seen, and the 4:43 (timeclock-takedown) image with the man in grey cap in the lawnchair. We assume either that this man walked in from the area outside of camera view to the bottom, or that he was pasted in. Somehow, he gets into the wheelchair at about 5:30 minutes, but the Tang man, an oriental himself (he's reportedly Chinese), fails to show him getting in.

Why do Tang's pages say, "The owner has disabled downloading of their photos"? Hmm, very suspicious. Aaron Tang, or whoever owns this web location, doesn't want people to share his photos, perfectly expected where they have cause to be concerned about someone like me, with time on his hands to inspect the images. You understand that, I need to describe what I see because the insiders can change the images due to not permitting anyone to download them. If there is a condemning thing in an image that I write about here, the insiders can change the images that same day to fix the that, in the future, readers will think I wrongly described the images. Can you imagine the sorry army employed by the federal government to oversee hoaxes of this magnitude? Any money-grubbing troll who allows himself to become involved with deception such as this is doing himself a disservice without realizing it. That's because he's too stupid to realize it. If he was truly smart, he wouldn't be doing it. The only thing assured in his life is the slip he makes that gets him caught, and his other evil deeds for which he will give an account. I'm not trying to frighten anyone, because trolls are too stunned to be afraid. They are like flies landing on you repeatedly as you swat at them, not realizing that a fatal swat is imminent.

I've just located an image with the mystery injury victim going down on the sidewalk. It's suspicious that this particular moment in time should be released or even captured if indeed the images were caught on snap / still-shot cameras rather than on video. This is what I previously called the orange-surfboard image:

I did not notice this person going down (may look like he's/she's being dragged) to the sidewalk when I wrote, just yesterday, on the woman at the wall. The image is one of the woman-at-the-wall images. The fact that the person is going down to the sidewalk just as the woman is about to wheel the grey-capped man away assures us that the injury victim was not relevant to the man in grey cap, or to the woman who pushes him. But this may be exactly what the insiders would want us to think. I'm going to take the very opposite attitude: that the man going down had much to do with this wheelchair.

It doesn't strike me as normal that a person should be going down at this location. If we are to think that the person is being dragged to this location, that's even worse logic. Again, the six-minute image comes after this scene, and yet we do not see people gathered around an injured person at this location. We do see a lot of people in the way, however, blocking much of the view.

Earlier in this update (yesterday), I showed this injured person from the orange-stretcher image. You can see him lying down in a position identical to the one in the wheel-away image. What happened to this person? His/her two shoes are now visible, and so he/she has his legs. But the legs are about all that show, begging the question of whether the purpose of showing the legs was a deception, whereas in the real scene this person was missing one or two legs. In the image below coming a little later, there is quite a crowd gathering around him/her. On the street are the two people with the fire department (they wear orange helmets and push a stretcher along) seen in the checkered-shirt Bauman image. Again, the Negro with helmet in the checkered-shirt Bauman image is likely attending to the mystery injury person under discussion.

By what mystery do we see no wheelchairs in the thick of the injury zone in the six-minute image, while here, several feet away at the mystery-person spot, there are three of them (two plus the one from the wall). The red one must still be there as the woman from the wall passes by (her chair is not red). But just look at the other woman and her wheelchair in no-man's land. What is she doing way out there??? She must be with one of the two chairs in the six-minute image, but is now further away yet from the injury zone (where's the logic in that?). It appears she may have been pasted into the six-minute image to hide the absence of the mystery injury victim, and as such, she may be pasted into this other scene too. Let's not forget that the two medics on bicycles chose this spot rather than the thick of the injury zone.

In the orange-surfboard image where the mystery person first falls down, you see a red wheelchair (grey armrests) passing by the spot. As you can see below the purple shorts of checkered-shirt Bauman, he's in a red wheelchair (grey armrests). In this same image, the place where checkered-shirt Bauman was lying is being blocked by two firemen who look prepared to put out the fires at the World Trade Building on September 11.

There's Time for the Police to Play Musical Wheelchairs

In the image below, the SS medic is going for his orange bag, wherefore the scene is about 1:20 minutes after the blast. It's so early after the explosion that adrenalin should be pumping in those not hurt. Everyone wants to save life, right? Everyone wants to help his fellow man in his worst plights, right? A red wheelchair sits at the bleachers untouched. I think I can see a second red wheelchair under the press box behind one of the timeclocks. No one is thinking to bring those chairs over to the injury zone. I suppose it's because everyone is in shock. Give them another minute, and they will clue in.

In the image below timed at 1:57 after the blast, the red wheelchair sits in the same spot. If there is another one behind the timeclock, it's obscured by the red jacket. Hmm, it's getting late. People could die if they don't get to an ambulance in a hurry. There's no wheelchairs in the injury zone. Why are there so many people just standing around? They've had two minutes to act quickly. A police van is just pulling up behind a police vehicle, both of them coming to rest right where ambulances should be parking. There's no time to waste. It's very negligent to force victims to go on a wheelchair ride way up the street to the intersection, where ambulances were directed to park. We fully expect that the people in charge of sending ambulances would direct the police department to make a clear way for ambulances right in front of the bomb location. Instead, police vehicles parked there. Hmm. This is not the world I grew up in. Something's wrong.

Look at how many people are walking past the red wheelchair, in the other direction, away from all those people filled with metal pieces, worried about whether they will be alive by the end of the day. The people walking away look like they are on a walk in the park, or in a shopping mall. They are literally devoid of concern.

Below is the scene at 2:23 after the blast. The red wheelchair is still there, untouched, and, yes, there is another red one behind the timeclock, untouched for over two minutes. I am very sure that the police have been given the radio call by now to make a clear path for the ambulances. They should be arriving at any second. I know it because America cares for people in danger like this. I'm sure of it.

The men in blue in the image above are not helping anyone because they have been ordered to take the timeclocks down. Here they are (image below) taking them down about two minutes later at 4:43. And hey, look. Someone has finally moved the red wheelchair. Only, they moved it back to the other red one, AWAY from the injury zone, and they left the two chairs alone to get cozy. I'm sure there is a good explanation for it, because this is America, the land of the brave and the good. I'll admit, I can't figure out why the marathon workers are more concerned about taking the timeclocks down than trying to save some people having one less limb today than yesterday, but I'm sure it has to do with their being completely stunned. I mean, the people who see nothing wrong with these scenes are very smart, and they know that these people are simply in shock, explaining why they are not doing what we might expect them to do. And look at all the stunned policemen. Obviously, they don't know what to do with a bomb situation. Let's give them some slack, hum? Look at how stunned the man in the red sleeves is, along the bleacher wall. He was there in the 2:23 scene, and he's standing there again at 4:43, right beside the virgin red wheelchair. I'm sure he feels that he would look rather odd if he started pushing a wheelchair to the injured people. We understand; give him some slack, hum?

Here is the scene at 5:58. The man in red sleeves is still standing in the same spot, though he took a small journey around 3:00 because he's not there in the 3:11 image. He was down by the second lamp post instead. He left the red wheelchair behind even though there are none in the injury zone in front of him, even though the zone is clear for anyone to enter now. This event really was a bad dose of shock effect. And wow, look. Someone is actually moving the red chair under the press box.

And wow, look. The red chairs are finally going in the right direction as per the 4:43 timeclock image. They are still keeping each other cozy, but, wow, they have made it to the finish line. What less could we expect of them at a marathon? Any second now, someone will run out of blood, but that's okay, because the wheelchairs are within eye-shot of any worried soul. Not to worry. Play around a little more at the road, chat it up a little more, because people without limbs can survive several minutes, the smart people tell us. Absolutely do not worry about it. Play it cool. We can't blame the police officers for not coming to get the wheelchairs under their noses, because they're all wearing sunglasses. They can't see properly. Besides, saving people without legs is not in the job description of snots. That's the job of the fire department, obviously, because they're lower down on the government rung.

Hmm, it's six minutes in, and no ambulances. Very apparently by now, the police have not had the radio call to clear the street for ambulances coming through. I wonder if the ambulance drivers got into accidents or something. I can see, in the image above, all the way down to the other bomb site, and there's no ambulances there either. It's a different kind of world now. The government tell the people that ambulances can't be brought right up to the scene of the bomb, and the people just trust that the government knows what it's doing. People like me are completely backward and blockheaded for expecting ambulances to drive right up to the injured person. It's too dangerous, right? Or something like that.

Is there anything more that needs to be said? Isn't it obvious from these things alone that this was a staged event, with people directed to stand down, to let the hoax play out?

The image shown earlier with the timeclock showing at 4:09 minutes after the explosion is nearly the is-that-Jeff? image from the opposite direction. I'm now timing the latter image at 4:10 (I was wrong in the last update to time it at 4:00-02). It matters because checkered-shirt Bauman is suddenly wearing a white t-shirt over his sleeved shirt in the is-that-Jeff? image. One can now better ask who put it on him, and when?

He has his checkered shirt showing in the 3:11 image (he's lying on the sidewalk below the cowboy). He's attended by a military man in green sweater. The same man attends him in the image above (called the "fireman-without-stretcher" image in the last update), though his shirt is not visible, perhaps not coincidentally. The checkered-shirt man should have a white t-shirt on in the image above because it's just a few seconds before is-that-Jeff? image. I showed in the last update that, in his wheelchair scene -- at the first ambulance to arrive, after the thirteen-minute mark -- his chair was red. It must have been one of the two red chairs. It's no wonder that no one was in a hurry to bring them over to the injury scene.

The question here is: who in their right minds would care to put a t-shirt on this man while his right leg is gone below the knee? Why is the cowboy looking his way in the is-that-Jeff image? Why is his hair done up just like Jeff Bauman's hair, and why did Bauman himself wear a white t-shirt? Yes, Jeff wore dark-grey sleeves, but the is-that-Jeff image fails to show the sleeves of the checkered-shirt man, as if trying to pass him off as Jeff at a time when the insiders didn't know how badly their hoax would come off.

There is no reason that checkered-shirt Bauman (lying parallel with the man with green t-shirt in the 3:11 image) should not be showing in the fireman-without-stretcher image, unless he's sitting up. I think one would need to sit up to put on a t-shirt. Some ten seconds later, as per the is-that-Jeff? image, he is found halfway between a lying and sitting position, with his t-shirt fully on, and no longer lying parallel with the man in green t-shirt (this could be Mr. Pouches without his hoodie on). He's now facing another direction altogether, perpendicular to the man in green t-shirt. Three minutes or more later, as per the wheel-away scene, we see the man in green t-shirt still lying there, but no sign of checkered-shirt Bauman. We might assume he's obscured by the people, but I'm wondering whether this image, at that particular time, was chosen for release specifically because plan A was to have this man act as Jeff Bauman i.e. the insiders needed him not to show in this image because he's on his way out on a wheelchair.

Perhaps the insiders didn't know, at the time of the explosion, which version, Plan A or plan B, they would end up going with. If plan B looked too risky, they would go with the simpler plan A.

I cannot believe that, in the real event, someone put a t-shirt on checkered-shirt Bauman. Certainly, no one looks to be in the act of doing that in the fireman-without-stretcher image. I therefore think his non-visibility in that image was an erase job. In his place, they added in some things that I cannot make out.

Mr. Pouches and the Little Cubical Thing

Here is Mr. Pouches (as I call him), in a damning video that shows him up on his feet, very healthy indeed, not injured at all so far as we can make out. It's just seconds after the explosion. So, now you know he's acting when he's lying there four minutes later in the fireman-without-stretcher image, but he'll be lying there even after the wheel-away scene.

I have made many mistakes while making conclusions as per these images. With only a few images to go by, this is a very difficult guessing game. The new-to-me images of late have been helpful. In previous updates, I said that Mr. Pouches did not appear in other images. I wasn't looking for him in his green shirt, for he didn't start off wearing it alone. The 2:23 image is also new to me, and it too shows this green t-shirt (barely) beside checkered-shirt Bauman. Both men are sitting up. But, in all three images, his suspicious bag (much like a carpenters nail bag), on his hips, which had two pouches filled with mystery objects to bulging, does not show. That's what we would expect in a paste job, or when insiders choose to reveal certain, safe images but not damning others.

In the 4:11-timeclock scene, the legs of Mr. Pouches are gone. The woman in purple is there, but Mr. Pouches is altogether non-visible. It could be coincidence, but I say that this particular time slot was chosen for release because the man in dark-blue coat happens to be hiding Mr. Pouches. In the fireman-without-stretcher image, where the pouches should be visible in bright white because we can see the bottom of his t-shirt, with nothing blocking his hips, the pouches / bag appear darkened. But look at the fingers of the man in black who's stooped directly over Mr. Pouches. He holds a little white object in his fingers that looks cubical, not spherical, but in any case it's about the right size of the objects appearing in the pouches in the Mr. Pouches video. It looks like the man just pulled one of the objects out of his pouch, and is studying it.

If this man was not an insider, one could understand why checkered-shirt Bauman got into a quasi-sitting position, i.e. to hide his (possibly-faked) leg. Yes, and one can clearly see that his changed position is with his back to the man in black coat. Yikes, this person is not supposed to be here, checkered-shirt Bauman must have been thinking. Or, yikes, this guy's asking the wrong questions.

It's possible that the Mr. Pouches "video" was leaked out against the will of insiders, perhaps accidentally. It's not just the pouches that are damning, or what looks to be his pulling strings to release the pouch contents (many seconds of reality are missing from this "video"), but the health of the man suggests strongly that he should not be lying there four minutes later. It is more damning when it's learned that checkered-shirt Bauman has no leg below the left shin, as can be seen between the two yellow jackets. It looks very much like the Jeff-Bauman scene but without the bone. The time of this image is nearly at 3:00, and no one has tied his leg yet, because, in reality, he didn't lose it. No one is even in the process of trying to tie his leg. That's not America. That's a hoax.

If we argue that checkered-shirt Bauman asked someone to put a t-shirt on him because it was cold out, we then have the opposite reaction from Mr. Pouches when removing his hoodie. In any case, anyone who put a t-shirt on him was acting negligently because it's a perfect item to temporarily tie a leg with that's got a gaping hole, like the one we see in the image above. The blonde medic stooping down to Krystle Campbell (in blue top), right beside checkered-shirt Bauman, did NOT call for anyone to come help him, nor did she go help him, because this was not reality. She just walked away (see her in the 3:11 image walked away, and in the action-scene video walking some more afterward, doing nothing), and left even Krystle's friend (black hair) unattended.

In the pouches video, we see Mr. Pouches falling down beside a woman in purple and white (not the one in pink). Note how nice (uninjured) and white his legs are, for this image was not to be released, I am sure. Now look at his leg area in the Flickr image below (timed about 1:25), where we see two things having the form of legs, and yet they are darkened, not white as they should be. He looks like an ancient mummy at the legs, probably to hide his stark-white pouches, for in this latter image, his bag should be showing because his upper thighs are. However, the bag itself (if that's what ii is/was) is darkened so that we can't make it out much at all for what it really might be. I could be wrong, and those are not his legs, but then I would have no idea what else they could be.

In the 2:23 image, there is a dark leg cutting across the same spot, but this leg belongs to the man in white with yellow vest. According to the 2:23 image, checkered-shirt Bauman is right beside the leg-like objects in the images above. But in the image below (also about 1:25), a white leg appears that looks like the leg of Mr. Pouches. At this time, a minute earlier, checkered-shirt Bauman is non-visible at the spot he'll be at the 2:23 image; instead, he was to the right, nearer to the street. That had been his original location, as one can see in the Mr. Pouches video. Therefore, between 1:25 and 2:23, he shimmied a few feet up to be beside Mr. Pouches. After all, the latter looks like he was in charge of producing the blood stains that the blown-away leg should produce. This shift explains why the massive blood stain, the largest of all, was closer to the building than where checkered-shirt Bauman was first located. I say that, if anyone had the ability to produce a faked blood stain, it was Mr. Pouches. All he had to do was to reach into his pouches to get the objects filled with red dye, and empty them.

In the 2:23 image, there is no white t-shirt over the checkered shirt. We are to suppose that, in the heat of the bomb moment between 1:25 and 2:25, checkered-shirt Bauman took his white t-shirt along (because he was cold?) as he shimmied to his new position. Hard to believe. The 2:23 image shows that, if the two men were lying down, the head of checkered-shirt Bauman would be closer to the building than Mr. Pouches's by about one body length. That's some serious shifting on the part of one shown without one leg below the shin. In the 3:11 image, where both men are lying down, the head of checkered-shirt Bauman is only a half-body length from the head of Mr. Pouches, a good position for the two to carry on a conversation, as they seem to be doing. Two "vagabonds" that got past police security, supposedly, as well as the bald-headed scum, are standing in the way of the pouches in the 3:11 image. (The timing of the images at around 1:25 can be verified in the Silva video).

The 2:23 image should be showing the legs of Mr. Pouches, for as he's sitting up, at least one knee should be up high (we don't expect both legs to be flat to the sidewalk). One leg is barely visible in two locations, on either side of the shoulder of the woman in purple; this leg is white. You might be saying, "Aha, John is wrong for suggesting that the insiders darkened his legs." Not so fast. Look again at the Mr. Pouches "video," and notice something very peculiar. In the last frame of his act, his legs go dark. Yes, the entire picture goes dark too as if to explain why his legs should go dark, but no, uh-uh, for his legs take on an exceptionally dark tinge; just compare with the white leg (!) of the woman in red beside him. Therefore, as the white leg appears in two or more images, I suppose it was pasted in to satisfy people who might inquire or wonder about Mr. Pouches' legs looking dark in other images. Why would some people be asking to see white legs? Because, the Mr. Pouches video (predicted to get around to many viewers) got released showing white legs.

There are four people close together -- the man in yellow, the man in red, the woman in purple, Mr. Pouches -- who go from a lying position to a sitting position, not reflecting reality at all, all waiting out the time for the "movie" to end. A half minute after the two subjects are sitting up (as per the 3:11 image, they are lying down; Mr. Pouches looks like all he needs is to be tucked in for a night's sleep. The man in yellow, and the man in red, who had been sitting up too at about 1:25, are also lying down in the 3:11 image. Did a director give the word that they ought to lie down because it looks bad to be sitting up merely looking calm-shocked? All four are still lying down in the fireman-without-stretcher image at about 4:00. No one in this situation (but a mentally-retarded person) could just lie or sit there as though too stunned to get up. That's a farce that you will read from insiders going about their blog tasks. They are all over the blogs telling this story, that the people are not acting to our expectations because they are in shock. Look at how shocked they are, sitting there so calmly. I didn't know that calm and shock went together until I read these bloggers. Jeff in his wheelchair photos is calm because he's in shock. If you believe this, you inch closer to becoming mentally incompetent yourself, which is exactly how the insiders want you for future hoaxes. I'm not trying to be insulting. Hoaxes like this, and the arguments set up to prove them real, have the effect of changing your perceptions of reality.

The bald scum and the blonde medic together are blocking checkered Bauman in this scene that comes seconds within the man in white coat pointing a finger high in the 2:23 image (here's a wider shot of the 2:23 image than from my files). Then, in the image below, the blonde medic and the bald man have moved out of the way, and we find two curiosities: 1) the legs of Mr. Pouches don't show, at least not white; 2) checkered-shirt Bauman is gone, non-visible. How strange, because he shows in the 2:23 image. Why doesn't he show at the same spot, not very long before 2:23, where we have this clear shot of that location???

As you can see in the checkered-shirt-gone image above, Mr. Pouches has his body turned so that his legs must be on the spot that checkered-shirt Bauman sits upon in the 2:23 image. Are we to assume that checkered-shirt Bauman has not yet arrived to that spot in the checkered-shirt-gone scene? We can see to the right of Mr. Pouches, but there is no sign of checkered-shirt Bauman dragging himself to that spot.

In the Silva video, the bald man's head can be seen cutting across the front of Lenscrafters starting at 2:10, and he is predicted to be as far as the man in red coat. When he reaches him, it will be the checkered-shirt-gone scene. The bald man can be seen again at 2:20, with his head on the Lenscrafters window; he has passed the man in red coat (thereafter, the bald man walks right and leaves the camera view for to make a full circle around the injury zone) This means that the checkered-shirt-gone image is between 2:10 and 2:20 Silva-video time, probably about 2:15...= 2:09 after the blast. There are about 14 seconds, therefore, that separate the image from the 2:23 image where checkered-shirt Bauman is apparently going from a lying-down position to a sitting position.

The dark leg that appears at this spot in the 2:23 image can now be identified as the leg appearing in the checkered-shirt-gone image; it belongs to the man in white with yellow vest. It is plain that there is no one between his leg and the leg of the woman in red. It is plain that there is no one between the woman in red and Mr. Pouches. Where is checkered-shirt Bauman in this image???

Well, the 2:23 image just happens to assure that the man in white (with yellow vest) in closer to the camera than checkered-shirt Bauman. I can view this as a trick, the very reason for releasing the 2:23 image, to explain why the checkered shirt is not in an earlier image(s). In other words, the 2:23 image wishes for us to believe that checkered-shirt Bauman is behind -- further away from the camera -- than the man in white. Until now, we might have thought that this man was crouching to help checkered-shirt Bauman, but I guess that cannot be true after all. Rather than helping a man without a leg below the shin, the man in white is stooping down to someone else. Poor checkered-shirt Bauman; he's as left-alone as grey-sleeved Bauman.

Yes, for by the time of the 3:11 image (where the bald man appears again after making a full circle around the injury zone), the man in white with yellow vest has moved significantly away from checkered-shirt Bauman as though he did not ever exist beside him less than a minute earlier.

Therefore, we are to believe that the head of brown hair above the shoulder of the man in white, in the checkered-shirt-gone image, is that of checkered-shirt Bauman. In that case, look at how close he must be to grey-sleeved Bauman, virtually on the man's spot. However, that man in white shirt with grey sleeves, who is also in the checkered-shirt-gone image, may be grey-sleeved Bauman. I have not been able to verify that it's him because it could be the man in grey hood (who fell beside grey-sleeved Bauman). In the Jeff-all-alone image, the man in grey hood has his left hand to his forehead, as does the grey-sleeved man in the checkered-shirt-gone image.

The man in the latter image is so close to the man in burgundy coat that one could take him for the hooded man without his hood on. However, the hooded man wears sunglasses (over his eyes) in the Jeff-all-alone image, whereas no glasses are on the man in the checkered-shirt-gone image (there are no sunglasses between the face and ears, nor raised up to the forehead). It all shows inconsistency, what we could expect when insiders are paste-happy. If we take the position that it's grey-sleeved Bauman (in the checkered-shirt-gone image), then where is the hooded man who lies between him and the man in burgundy coat??? Of note here is that the legs of the grey-sleeved mystery man are hidden by what should be the hair of checkered-shirt Bauman, though it could be the head of grey-sleeved Bauman. If it is a head at all, note how much larger it is than the head of the man in white, who is closer to the camera i.e. and should therefore have the larger head, especially as his head shows larger than two people between him and the camera.

We are to believe, as per the checkered-shirt-gone image, that both Baumans were left unattended at that time. The Jeff-all-alone image, timed near 3:00 (i.e. about the time the Negro is being placed in her stretcher), shows checkered-shirt Bauman too. With both Baumans shown in the same images, the insiders decided to abandon their plans for checkered-shirt Bauman, and go with grey-sleeved Bauman instead.

The man in white and yellow under discussion can be seen at the 2:01 point of the Silva video cutting across the middle of the screen. The man in green shirt -- Mr. Pouches -- can also be seen at that time. It is evident that the man in white and yellow stoops down before he reached the green shirt. We see this well-reflected in the 4:11-timeclock scene (2:03 Silva-video time). He could not possibly be stooping to anyone other than one of the Baumans. Yet, as per the 2:23 image, he is shown on the other side of checkered-shirt Bauman in the throes of passing him by altogether. Does that strike you as reality, or as a hoax with actors awaiting their media-picture roles?

The man in white and yellow, a minute after the 3:11 scene, can be seen back to the checkered-shirt spot in the image below (timed 4:09), and now he's holding a child that has popped up, whom I've never seen in other images.

The String of Four Images Seconds Apart

[Before starting, I wish to insert here that I didn't know, until the fifth update of October, whether to differentiate between the candy store and Marathon Place. For the next couple of updates, I say that the woman in taupe is running to the forbidden door, but as that door turned out to be into Marathon Place, but not into the candy store, and while the candy-store door is several feet beyond the patio railing, I would suggest that the woman in taupe could be running into the candy-store door. However, in the fifth update of this month, I discover that the legs of the woman in taupe are seen in front of the forbidden door in the 4:43 image. End insert]

In the image below, and the one before that (by using the backward arrow), one of the injury victims (with heavy beard) is seen in the lower left who, until then, had been helping other injury victims. This man's pants are seen torn in such a way as to be laughable. The insiders were amateurs, truly, in faking a bomb situation.

The image above is nearing the time of the orange-stretcher image, where the mystery injury victim still lies at his spot, unmoved, flat on his/her back. Here's what I said in the last update: "So, with the wheel-away image in the eighth minute at the earliest, the orange-stretcher image must have been in the ninth minute at the earliest, but more like the 12th minute (at the earliest) according to my gut." The mystery injury victim was shown falling down initially, or being dragged along, before the six-minute scene, and as he/she yet lies there in the orange-stretcher image, it is a mystery indeed. I can virtually guarantee that, anyone taking these people to court, upon seizing the videos taped by the media, will find this injury victim to be a sham, and quite possibly a key to unraveling other parts of this hoax. Just feet away from him/her, there is a fireman supposedly holding two orange stretchers, and yet he does not come over to offer one to this person. I've yet to see anyone upon one of these wheel-less stretchers, but I'm sure that the insiders can provide one.

The media in the press box has, to my knowledge, not released one video...except the poor excuse for a video of Jeff being wheeled away. By what coincidence should that be the only video released from up there? There is a huge revelation to be had here if only someone had the guts, and the position/circumstances, to take this thing to court. That's the only way for outsiders to obtain the videos. No one whose family is vulnerable should take these unpredictable animals to court without some serious protection from them. First move, and then do not disclose to them where you've moved to. Ask the courts for the condition of using an alias name when proceeding. If your life lacks luster, be a hero, do it. You can cancel the court case if the videos show no guilt. Start the legal process, and get the videos. That's all you need to do. The videos will tell all. Put these animals where they belong, in straight jackets.

The image below is one of four showing two firemen (one is a woman) in orange helmets with a stretcher (orange mattress over a white mattress) on the street. All four are back-to-back at the Flicker page. (I've just learned that the shredded-pants man is being wheeled away on the street in the image below. See the woman with blue bag on her back.)

However, orange fireman helmets are gone from the orange-stretcher scene (as is the shredded-pants-man's wheelchair). There would need to be a significant chunk of time, between images, for that to take place. We must assume that, where the two orange helmets, and the stretcher they are associated with, are absent in the orange-stretcher image, the people wearing them have taken an injured person away to the ambulances. This means that we could expect so-many minutes to transpire before they return to fulfill their parts in the checkered-shirt Bauman in his wheelchair photo.

We always want to know why this ambulance, the first at the injury site, took this long, at least 13 minutes according to findings in the last update, and why this ambulance was permitted to the site while others were not.

Let's give it at least three minutes for the firemen to take away their first injured person, and another three to get their second person loaded and on the street. I'm sure we'd be well beyond 13 minutes after the blast.

In the image below, it looks like the blonde medic who took the pulse of Krystle Campbell. Yes, I'm sure it is, but her face is not the same as in the pulse-taking image. Her face can be seen in related images under discussion. She is beside the Negro medic and his stretcher, about ready to pick up the dead / dying Krystle.

Reminder: the other pulse-taking image shows no leg below the shin on checkered-shirt Bauman. This is the significance of timing these images so late, especially as others were taken away earlier. If the Negro medic can give an answer in court as to why he didn't take checkered-shirt Bauman away first, these two firemen need to answer the same question. Who did they take away first? Tang isn't telling, apparently. Who's on their second stretcher? It's not permitted to know, apparently; I cannot understand why the head of the person in the stretcher does not appear, especially if that's the shoulder we see in black. It all looks wrong.

Here (below) are the two firemen from the rear, in a picture provided by the press box, apparently, or someone in the bleachers. One can read "84" on the helmet of the firewoman, matching "845" on her helmet in the checkered-shirt-Bauman image. The shredded-pants get-away scene in the image below can be seen from another angle in the Flickr/Tang image directly above.

Let's now turn to the shredded-pants man's get-away as seen in this string of Flickr/Tang images. As he's seen just off the curb in two of the images (about two seconds apart), lets go to the image that comes previous to them both, which you can see below. Yes, there he is, being taken away on the sidewalk by the same duo. We thus have the woman who escorted him away showing in this string of images timed after the wheel-away image. So, why isn't she in the wheel-away image? This is the same woman (another dark pony-tail) pushing a chair in the wheelchair-under-cowboy image. For the shredded-pants man, she acts as the third party holding an injured right leg as a wheelchair rolls along.

The wheelchair at the wall has arrived to the street curb in the six-minute image, at which time the woman who escorted the shredded-pants man is kneeling at his spot. As the wheelchair from the wall arrives to the press box (as per the wheel-away video), the woman can no longer be seen near the shredded-pants man. Perhaps videos of this event will prove that she's obscured while in a crouched position. Or, perhaps videos will reveal something sinister. There's only one way to find out, and yet there are plenty of ways: take the Boston government to court; take the Boston Globe to court; take Jeff Bauman to court; etc.

Having thus learned the above, let's re-visit the wheelchair (seen in the wheel-away image at link above) parked beside the shredded-pants man. It was shown that it's not the same wheelchair as the one he sits on in his get-away scene. In the wheel-away image, we do not see the man present who is pushing his chair in his get-away image. He's a little chubby, which can be seen in the Flickr/Tank image, where he's pushing the chair a few feet away from where the shredded-pants man lay. How could it be that all three -- the man pushing, the woman escorting, and the shredded-pants man -- are missing from the wheel-away image??? There are quite a few places where we can see the sidewalk through the legs, but not a single piece of the shredded-pants man, nor of the woman who was there in the six-minute image, can be spotted, to the best of my ability.

It's as if the shredded-pants man had already left in the wheel-away image. One can't get out of this by arguing that the wheel-away image comes later, after the string of images showing the shredded-pants-man's get-away, because the Negro medic is on the scene in this string, whereas he was just arriving in the wheel-away scene.

Of further interest for the forbidden-door mystery at Marathon Place, the woman who pushed the heavy-set woman out of that place went down to the street. She possibly about to speak with the Negro medic as he arrives in the wheel-away image. Then, in the string of images under discussion, she's seen running (or walking fast) back toward the forbidden door. She's got black hair and wears a long taupe (sandy-grey) sweater.

There are four images thereafter showing her progression toward the building. In the first image (number 8652932037) of the progression, she's definitely running (between the lamp post and the tree). We can see the shredded-pants man on his way out to the left of the tree. The police vehicle has just appeared in the bottom right. It's a funny thing, unless she froze mid-stride (very doubtful), but she's running exactly in the same spot in the second image (8654037142) of the progression. Others who are walking have moved two or three steps, the stretcher on the street has moved a few feet, and the police vehicle has moved forward one vehicle length, but she is running in the same square-foot of sidewalk...whereas we expect her to be a couple of large strides closer to the building.

In the third image (8654040564) of the progression, she still seems to be running, and yet she has not gone very far in comparison to a blonde man at the police vehicle, who has walked slowly by at least as far as she has run. The shredded-pants chair has rolled further along than she has run. Perhaps she stopped along the way, but we already have evidence of her being pasted in, so why expect perfection in her strides? In the fourth image (8652942489) of the progression, she is definitely running, and she's headed for the door, apparently. Why? Walking to a door is one thing, but running under these circumstances had likely to do more with the bomb situation than, for example, running for a kettle of boiling water whistling loudly.

Let's assume that, even if she was pasted at one or two instances, she still had run the path, generally, that we see her in. There is something interesting to be had here. First, we need to go to the earlier wheel-away image, to see the man in green cap and blue coat who has always been suspicious to me. He stands behind the tree, roughly where he'll be in the third image of the progression, where he's passing the woman under discussion as she runs for the door. He is not visible in the first two images of progression, and because he's walking toward the street in the third, it can be gleaned that he's coming from the forbidden door. Then, in the fourth image of progression, he looks back at her as she is almost at that door. Later still, as per the orange-stretcher image, he's right beside the forbidden door.

It might be worth mentioning that, in the wheel-away image, a man looks like a youthful Obama in disguise. It's probably not him, but wouldn't it be huge to discover that he was there? The woman he's with has such thick hair that it could be a wig. When seeing this, the first question to ask was whether the men near him look like body guards. You decide. He's wearing a grey cap and white jacket near the corner of the building with blue tent roof. I cannot find him in the string of images. He is not, of course, walking up the sidewalk to the throngs of people, and he is not on the street, of course. If this was Obama, then, of course, he would not venture far from this sight-protected nook we see him in. I imagine he would have gone into the forbidden door.

I've just noticed that, in the first two images of the string, a wheelchair on the street pushes the woman in blue coat who fell at the corner of the patio railing (she was the only injured person with a coat that color). It means that she should be found in some form within the injury scene in the earlier, wheel-away image. I don't see her. Might she be in the wheelchair that's parked at the railing? I don't see her, nor do I see the man in green cap and green shirt whose escorting her chair on the street. In the wheelchair, if anything, I see a flesh-colored object like a human leg possibly coming from the seat of that wheelchair, but, in any case, she was wearing pants.

In the first image of the progression, there is a blonde woman with white coat and cap pushing a chair where the woman in blue lay, but I can see that there is no one in her chair. In the wheel-away image, she's between the lamp post and tree. The two images are therefore at least as far apart as it would take her to get from that spot to the railing. In the third image of the progression, she has turned around, facing the camera, showing no one in her wheelchair. The woman who follows her in the fourth image of progression has abandoned her red wheelchair visible at the spot where we see her pushing it in the wheel-away image. Imagine that, abandoning a wheelchair, a device that could save a life from greater harm. They are both moving toward checkered-shirt Bauman, though the one having the chair at this time does not have a red one.

[After this update was published, I discovered that the image below was just seconds after the fourth image of the string. In the third, the police vehicle was not moving while men were at the driver window; in the fourth, the vehicle begins to move; in the image below, it is arrived to the finish line, perhaps 15-20 seconds later according to the positions of the people. I see that the head of the mystery injury victim happens to be blocked by a woman in white coat, who is walking toward the police tape that is momentarily on the ground. In the orange-stretcher image, coming not much later, the tape is up off the ground, strung properly, but the woman in white coat is gone. I'm going to call this picture the bulging-wallpaper image, because the blue and white "wallpaper" (for lack of a better word), under the press box, has someone behind it...who looks like one of the security people with the Escalade.

The only good news is that there were so many police officers at this event that no one in Boston got speeding tickets for a couple of hours. I apologize for having the wrong link for the wheel-away video in the last update and in the first few days of this update. The links are now fixed.]


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