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September 24 - 30, 2013

Found: Two Identical Poses in Two Different Scenes
What Else Do You Need to See to Prove Paste Jobs?
The Blonde Medic
The Flying Orange Bag

The Problematic Blonde Medic

In the Wikipedia image, see the one I've called, "man in white shirt" (it's more of a cream color). He's in the lower left apparently just arriving to the injury scene with his dark coat flinging around him, hiding most of his white shirt. The very same coat-flinging image can be found, right down to the bright reflection off his belt, in the new-to-me image, ha-ha. The images are not quite identical, but it can be gleaned that, within seconds of the pose in the image below (assumed to be from a video camera), a pose was borrowed for pasting into the Wikipedia image. This is the first time I've seen the same image in two different scenes. It's very dangerous for the fakers to do this, but some monkey did it, thankfully. Now you know for sure that the monkeys exist. Please spread this news around to the conspiracy-theory people who will be sure to expose it (do not reveal that it was tribwatch that found it). It's an instant success for proving paste jobs.

If the Wikipedia image disappears due to this problem, I have it in my own files:

After this update was published, the image below was found with a similar pose by the same man, Compare his pose below to the one in Wikipedia image, and know that the same reflection from the sun, off the man's belt, cannot take place from both locations some 50 or more feet apart, when the image is picked up by a camera at the same spot for both images. Apparently, the insiders took the pose from one of the frames at the Jeff-invisible scene (1:07 minutes after the explosion), and pasted it the earlier Wikipedia image:]

In recent updates, new-to-me images of the Negro on stretcher seemed to contradict my assertion, in the first update of September, that she and her stretcher were not yet on the sidewalk during what I've been calling the action-scene video. Therefore, I felt the need to place the following insert into that update during the discussion of that video, and in the meantime I commented at length on the problematic role played by the blonde medic:

[Insert -- A couple of weeks after this update, the timeclock image below was found, timed with certainty at 3:11 minutes after the explosion, four seconds after the 412 timeclock scene presented above. The Negro is on her stretcher in this image, positioned at times right in the view of the action-scene camera, and yet neither she nor her stretcher can be seen at this point due to the people in the way. Supposedly, anyway. I decided previously that the stretcher was not yet at this location due to its invisibility. Let's call this image below the 4:12:54 image, or just "the image" verses "the video"; Flicker won't allow me to share the image, so I'm hoping it doesn't disappear from here: In the image, judging by the positions of the people at the far end of the patio, the positioning is about one or two seconds before the action-scene video begins (meaning that it begins at about 3:10 after the blast). The stretcher is seen beyond the lamp post, meaning that, in the video, the stretcher must be between the lamp post and the camera. At :03 of the video, just before the camera turns away to the right, there is a blonde medic seen, whose back appears in the 4:12:54 image. She supposedly spent some seconds with "Krystle Campbell" just before she walked to where we see her in the image. Krystle, the media reported, died of her leg wounds, some reporting that she died at the sidewalk...where this medic attended her. The point here is, Krystle's death appears faked simply because this medic walked away from her, but there is greater evidence than this for her faked death. For the story, see

This blonde medic does not like to be on camera (with her face), which is why she may be turning around at the :03 second point. She is a partner with the Negro medic who is at this very second at his stretcher with the Negro woman. I had found an image [to be presented in this update] of this blonde pushing this very stretcher to the injury scene from the finishing line. She therefore knows that this is a faked event, and had apparently requested of the insider camera team not be seen on camera. The only time I've seen part of her face in a way that threatens her identity is when she attended Krystle Campbell. At :05, she can be seen with back to the camera, walking back the other way. Why did she take this little walk, therefore, first away from Krystle, then turning back? Someone who doesn't like conspiracy theorists could say that she was in shock, couldn't take it anymore, and needed a breather. But I won't buy that. As a medic, it was her responsibility to attend to Krystle. The writer of the article above says that she walked away because her only purpose was a media-intended photo shoot with Krystle. I buy that.

That video camera, and the person holding it, should be visible in the 4:12:54 image, for it shows a clear shot of this area where the camera should be. Due to the angles that it captures, that camera cannot be far back from the patio railing. I therefore think that the man above the red cap has a camera in his hands, and will turn to start the video in about one second, two at the most, for the video starts with the red cap walking by the man in blue shirt. He does not strike me as an insider (but then what does an insider look like?), and so this video may not be part of the insider program.

The man in red coat seen at :29 was in the 4:12:54 image, to the far left. He will soon spend considerable time at the Jeff-spot.

There is very brief but fair shot of the sidewalk at :03, where the base of the lamp post sits, but there is NO STRETCHER there. There is a clear shot of the base of the lamp post at :21, WITHOUT the stretcher visible that should be visible. It was either rolled away over the past 21 seconds, or it had been pasted into the 4:12:54 image to begin with. I wouldn't say that without a reason. Since finishing this update, the image below was found with the stretcher at the same place but without the Negro woman in it. This image can be timed with the help of the Silva video to about 2:35 minutes after the explosion, about six seconds after the blonde medic first arrives to Krystle's side. The blonde therefore had every opportunity to say to her partners, "No, wait, not the Negro, but take Krystle first."

We either believe that the Negro woman was picked and strapped into the stretcher between 2:35 and 3:11 after the explosion, or that the stretcher was pasted in. It gets worse for the insiders, for the new-to-me image below has her strapped into the stretcher even before the 3:11 point. At the 3:11 point (i.e. the 4:12:54 image), the man in bright green shirt with long white sleeves is on the street, but in the image below, he's at the patio, where he is seen also in the image directly above. It means that the image below is between 2:35 and 3:11.

The Negro woman in the following image is likewise in her stretcher before the 4:12:54 image. In the one below, there are two people (man in beige pants with flap on his pocket, and man in jeans, black jacket, and blue shirt) seen a few steps further (to the tune of about four or five seconds) than they are in the 4:12:54 image. That reduces the available time span to between 2:35 and 3:06. In the stretcher image (above, timed at 2:23) where she's not yet in it, there isn't anyone beside her yet that looks prepared to pick her up. The man in beige pants in the image below is seen at the same spot as in the image directly above, but as it's too early for the blonde medic to be walking off camera to the right, she must still be stooping down to Krystle (the two women are non-visible to the front of the short-sleeved medic). Or, possibly, the hair of the blonde medic may be visible above the 'B' on the black coat.

The image below, where the blonde medic can be seen arriving to Krystle's position, shows the timeclock at 2:23 after the explosion; the Negro is not yet in the stretcher:

Therefore, all the time that someone was supposedly loading the Negro onto the stretcher, the blonde medic, with her partner, the SS medic, were fully aware of Krystle's condition. They saw her leg snapped and bent broken under her body, and yet they took the Negro away who shows nothing of the sort. Hello?

At the webpage provided above, which is here, there are two images of the blonde testing Krystle's jugular for a blood pulse. In both images, Krystle is feigning death, and yet the people who wheel her away moments later do some CPR on her, suggesting that she was alive. I am not sure what the original script was, but if she was supposed to feign instant death from the start, perhaps she got an itch and had to rub it, or a bee came along and she had to swat it, ruining the plot. She then had to act alive and find another time to die. See one of the images with blonde checking Krystle's pulse below, in case the page above disappears; this image, according to the positions of the people, can be as little as one second after the 2:36 point of the Silva video, but not many seconds after. Silva's camera operator takes the camera away from the scene just as someone is slated to take the picture of this image, and then the video goes dark:

It can be reasoned that the pulse-taking photo was originally intended to explain why they took the Negro rather than Krystle, but that argument doesn't fly because checkered-shirt Bauman is missing his left leg below the knee in both pulse-taking images. I simply have no idea just how useless the monkeys were who put these images together. It gets worse and worse for them with every new image leaked out. Safe to say, distorted people don't think right, and the insiders are obviously distorted people.

The short-sleeved medic, a partner of the blonde and Negro medic (all from Boston EMS) is stooping down exactly at the spot of Krystle Campbell at the 2:30 point of the Silva video, which is the very second in which the blonde medic arrives. She is blocked by the head of the cowboy as she arrives, and the short-sleeved medic is crouched in front of the cowboy. The heavy-set woman is in the corner of the bricks between Lenscrafters and Marathon Place, and she is seen there in the other/second image where the blonde takes Krystle's pulse (the medic's face is somewhat visible in one), thus verifying the timing of the pulse-taking moment. This is very bad for the SS medic, for he too oversaw the taking away of the Negro rather than other injury victims. The more that the insiders claim severe injuries at this site, the more they appear guilty for taking the Negro away first. What will they do about it if this issue becomes a national discussion? (I don't have television, and so, for all I know, it has been discussed on news-opinion shows).

These medics could be blamed for Krystle's death, unless of course the parents are insiders, and, of course, they must be.

The Negro medic that you see will also push (later) the stretcher that carries Krystle away. She will be still be alive or revive-able while on the stretcher, but the story got out to the media that she had already died by that point. Who told the media such a thing, and why? This video captured the problem: they neglected the woman who was dying for the Negro woman. It looks bad, very bad, and so the only excuse for this blonde medic was for her (and all the insiders) to claim that there was simply no use, Krystle was already dead. In fact, the cowboy is reported to have said at this very scene that she was "gone." However, the cowboy made up stories as needed, after the marathon, to protect the insiders.

In what I've come to call the BAA Physician image, in which the orange bag has moved closer to the lamp post so that it's timed after the action-scene video, the blonde medic is standing at the Krystle spot with the Negro medic, meaning that sufficient time has elapsed for him to take the Negro woman away, and then return to do the faked operation on Krystle. It appears that they didn't want to call in another stretcher because this Negro man was in charge of Krystle's faked stunt. This entire Boston EMS team is badly implicated in this hoax. They need to be in prison. They need to confess to the country what they have done, and who their bosses are.

Is it credible that an injured (Negro) woman, who is the first victim to be taken away on a stretcher, was lifted carefully from her spot, laid carefully down on a stretcher, and strapped in, all in about 20-30 seconds (that's all the time that the images give them to do it). In spite of the 4:12:54 image telling otherwise, I'm entertaining the position that the stretcher was not there yet when this action-scene video was taken, meaning that it was pasted in. This problem of the missing stretcher in the action-scene video, as well as the heavy-set woman being escorted out from Marathon Place, lends support to the idea that the video was not, after all, commissioned by the insiders. To her benefit, the blonde may be able to argue that the stretcher wasn't there yet as she walked into this video scene, but then that would get the people in trouble who pasted it in (if indeed they pasted it). At :22, the blonde medic can be seen standing exactly where the stretcher had been, or where it was pasted in. She is then seen walking beyond the lamp post, very near to the spot where Krystle Campbell was faking her death scene. Thus, she walked away after the pulse-taking images, then walked back after she saw the man (I'm assuming) taking the action-scene video directly toward her.

I am not going to change anything in the update below, on account of this insert. Now back to the action-scene video. End Insert]

These medics surely knew enough to tie legs that are bleeding profusely, and yet the blonde medic, whose first task should have been to tie the leg of Krystle, or that of checkered-shirt Bauman beside her, or of grey-sleeved Bauman beside her, tied no one's legs. The same argument made concerning the Negro with non-threatening injuries being taken on the stretcher before Krystle, applies also to the two Baumans (grey-sleeved Bauman wasn't there, but checkered-sleeve Bauman probably was). The national tragedy is that the bulk of the nation believes this event to be real, and so they permit an organized-crime ring to rule over them for lack of any organization strong enough to combat it. The Goliath beast knows that it has this advantage.

Later in the update, I discover that there was no possible way for the blonde medic to walk to her position in the 411 timeclock scene, which was not long before she supposedly attended Krystle. To put it another way, there are sufficient images available that do not show her walking to that spot so that the only way for her to appear there is via a paste job. It's too early for me to form an opinion as to what it could mean, in regards to her visit to Krystle, that she was pasted into the timeclock scene.

The Flying Orange Bag

Let's recap. The SS (short-sleeved) medic took an orange bag from on high at the very spot where there had been an orange bag down low on the sidewalk. I got suspicious and claimed that the orange bag taken from on high was the one on the sidewalk, planted there by the insiders, probably the injury-scene team. Someone picked it up and passed it to the SS medic, but the Silva video leaves this act out. Understand that the operator of the Silva camera did not have the camera to his eye, but to his mid-section so that he could see the full scene with his free eyes while taping, thus allowing him to go suddenly off-scene whenever he knew the public was not to see a certain act.

Previously, before having the flying-bag image (below) to go by, I suggested that someone threw the orange bag to him because it can be seen at head level, coming from the right of the picture in one frame at the 1:28 point of the Steve Silva video. We don't get to see more of the bag. We don't get to see whether anyone passed the bag to him, or whether it was tossed to him, but we do see him with the bag in his hand at the moment it was received. If he caught it with one hand, as we are being led to believe, then he must be one fantastic catcher. I say he caught nothing because the bag was never thrown, and the image below tends to prove that they want us to believe a false thing:

The bag appears only partially, coming in from the top edge of the picture. It was the same in the Silva video: we got to see just a small part / glimpse of the bag coming in from the edge of the picture. The yellow stripe, which is usually seen on the bag wherever it appears, is not visible in the flying-bag image, even though both ends of the bag have a yellow stripe. But not even the black straps appear. Not even the zippers on the top. No side flap either. The bag is orange-only, nothing else. Isn't that a problem? If the straps happen to be up and out of the picture, we still cannot make sense of this bag; what part of it are we looking at? It's a good question for a judge that sorely wants these people in prison. Study the bag to find any way for neither a yellow stripe, a black belt, or a zipper, to show.

Then compare it with the orange bag in the image below, as it's parked in it's spot before the bomb went off, and ask again: what part of this bag could be showing in the flying-bag image. In my opinion, there is not enough orange-only on this bag for the flying bag to be anything but a sloppy paste job. The Silva video exposes that the bottom of the bag is black, wherefore the flying bag cannot be showing its underside. Big little problem there.

Am I sure the bag is flying through the air? Yes, because no person holds it, and it's higher than a human head.

This image is actually great for my theory because the wood fence is seen down on the ground to the far side of the SS medic. Directly behind the medic, the fence is leaning over, as if a person, possibly, got into that part of the grab the bag on the sidewalk and bring it into the scaffold area. That is, the orange bag that was in the injury zone (see 1:09 - 1:19) before the medics arrived may have been transferred into the scaffolding so that someone there could hand it to the medic. That can explain why the Silva video keeps shifting as we want to see who it might be that hands the medic the bag.

The Silva video does a lot of shifting just when I don't want it to. It is probably possible to show only the center of a video, leaving out both far ends until needed. When a view of the far-left end is desired, it can be included at the touch of a certain button in the control center, but it will look as though the camera is jolting leftward. Then, when they don't want the far-left to show any longer, it would look like the camera jolts back to the right. That's the trick that can be taking place in this part of the Silva video.

The orange bag can be seen in the blur of what I'm calling the sideways Jeff-invisible image. It's right up against the fence, beside the head of the man in dark-blue coat. It may not be coincidental that the picture is too blurry to make out this bag very well. There is the SS medic, on the opposite side of the fence from the bag (i.e. he's not yet climbed into the injury zone, but he does so smack at the bag on the sidewalk). He's anticipating it, isn't he?

The Silva video shows that men act harshly against the scaffolding / fence, starting about 1:17, so that it's breached at the orange bag. Was it a coincidence that this part of the fence was breached some ten seconds before the bag was handed to the SS medic?

It would be very easy for the insiders to "prove" that the orange bag inside the injury area is still there after the 1:30 point of the Silva video, thereby "proving" that the SS medic did not take that bag. Therefore, if an image suddenly appears showing a crisp view of that bag, having no yellow stripes or black straps, for example, it should be suspect as a paste job.

Of course, I could be wrong, and that bag on the ground had nothing to do with the medics. But not so fast. In the overhead-scene page, in the image on the left, it looks like two orange bags appear under the part of the wood fence discussed above. The picture is not clear enough to show any details of the bags, but, the fact appears to be, these bags were not used by the SS medic. Case closed, right? Not so fast.

Going back to the Silva video, it does appear that there are two orange bags there in a frame about 1:18. The bag on the left is immediately in front of a scaffold section (the foot of the scaffold cuts RIGHT THROUGH the orange bag, but this foot is not very visible at that spot, I wonder why), but that same bag, in the overhead image, is BETWEEN two scaffold appreciable inconsistency. The two bags are about the same distance apart in both scenes so that one must assume neither bag had moved over the 25 seconds that separate both scenes. One must instead assume, either that the scaffolding was moved in the process of breaking through it, or that the bags are pasted in sloppily into the overhead scene by one furry creature called a photographic monkey. In one argument against them, all the scaffolds are seen tied to one another with crossed tubular pieces so that it makes it much harder to move any one of the scaffold sections.

In both scenes, there is what looks like a dark bag further to the left of the most-left orange bag. This dark object, in the Silva video, is BETWEEN two scaffold sections, but in the overhead scene it is to the LEFT OF BOTH scaffold sections. You now have more reason to conclude, if you reject the paste-job theory, that the scaffold sections must have been moved. However, in order to rectify what we see in both scenes, the scaffold sections moved roughly two feet (or at least one bag length) to the right, and yet, in the Silva video, which we must assume was the original reality, the section that is smack at the orange bag shows another scaffold section within inches of it, to its that the one section could not shift over two feet unless it first makes contact with the other. Yet, in the overhead scene, the two sections are not in contact; they are still inches apart. No scaffolding moved, plain and simple.

It's not at all a waste of an hour to get familiar with the details of the scaffolding positioning. Take a half hour more and look at what I'm about to describe. Start at the overhead scene and locate the white plastic bag on the top of a scaffold section behind the police officer. Look at the foot of that section, positioned on white patio stones two or three feet further from the road than the red patio stones. Now look at the foot of the next scaffold section toward the orange bags; this foot is only about 12 inched from the red patio stones. The next scaffold section yet (the third one) is the one with a foot between the two orange bags, and, the point is, this third foot is again two or three feet from the red patio stones. Let's call all three feet the front feet, with the back feet being those nearest the road.

Let's take it to the Silva video for a comparison, where the third foot is not where it is above. We can find the white plastic bag after 1:12, seen just as the cameraman moves out of the way. Now back the video to about 1:08 and pause it, anywhere between 1:09 and 1:11, on good frames for scaffold-foot inspection. I have a nice view at 1:10. The foot of the section holding the white bag is two or three feet from the red patio stones, and the foot of the section beside it is about 12 inches from the red patio stones, as was the case for both feet in the overhead scene. But the third section is problematic. I can make out a scaffold section to the immediate left of the camerawoman's beige pant leg. It's on the red patio stones so that it must be the BACK foot of the scaffold section. One problem is that, after the camerawoman moves out of the way, I can't find the front foot. Was it deleted?

But the biggest problem, as regards this discussion, has to do with the predicted position of the front foot of this third section, for it will be far from the orange bags (though in the overhead image this foot was between the two bags). When double-clicking fast from the 1:10 point, as the camerawoman moves out of the way, I cannot find, frame after frame, the front foot. Worse, no orange bag appears where this foot should be standing, and, instead, the darker bag shows up instead (briefly, at 1:12). But look at how far this darker bag is, in the overhead image, from that front foot: about two yards! Such inconsistency proves a paste job, clear and simple.

It's as though the insiders were overworking their apes while they needed a bathroom break badly. They were unable to do a good job for fear of "pissing their pants" (jargon for great fear). What if they got caught doing all of this criminal activity? Who could keep putting their heart into it after a while? At first, it may have been very enjoyable to work so little for so much money, but the more that the head baboons ordered more fake pictures out of fear of rising armies of conspiracy writers, the more that the chimps needed a toilet, some of them needing one for puking. That's how bad this got.

There is a very brief shot of the lower parts of the scaffolding at 1:08/09. No problem; just pause it on a good shot of it. It is a very good shot indeed. The back and front feet of the third section can be seen to the immediate right of the camerawoman's pant leg. There is a good view of the sidewalk beyond the wood fence to the left of the front foot, and yet we do not see a dark bag on that part of the sidewalk, even though that's where the dark bag appears in the overhead image.

One more thing. As the cameraman walks out of the way, at 1:14, the scaffold section holding the blue, green and black flag has the back leg superimposed on the front leg so that both look like one leg. It means we are getting a view straight down the pipes of the two legs, and yet no bag appears on the sidewalk straight out from the pipes of this scaffold section. However, in the overhead image, the dark bag is smack in front of this scaffold section. Therefore, the bags in the overhead image have been pasted in, which is very fortunate for my orange-bag theory.

How lucky is it? Bigger than King Kong. What other reason could there have been for pasting these bags unless one or both are the bags that ended up in the area of the lamp post??? Now you know. But the difficulties are not over, for the new-to-me image below shows multiple orange bags, including a couple where the two bags above were roughly located. I once again have the task of assessing the image for paste jobs:

First, I'd like to discuss the bag at the lamp post (it appears in the BAA Physician image) , the one that is not always visible due to people standing in front of it. It was dropped off, supposedly, when the stretcher for the Negro had arrived at about 2:30 minutes. It doesn't look like anyone touched it since then, in other words, and the scene in the image above is hours after the explosion, for all people are gone but a few officials. How could it be that a bag provided by medics would not be used, would not be transferred from spot to spot, as it's contents are needed, at a site with some 100 injuries, according to the (false) reports? It's ridiculous. But then why was that bag brought there? I'm not sure that this second bag was at the lamp post.

Look at all the blue latex gloves strewn throughout? Why would medics and others remove their gloves? To put new ones on, of course. But I've studied many images in some very fine detail, and cannot recall one instance of anyone trying to pull one of these gloves off. I do not recall one image of a glove falling to the sidewalk. I do not recall one image of a blue glove that was not looking tight as a hide on an orangutan. It can take as many as ten seconds to put these things on, as you must know, especially if your other glove is wet. Besides, I rarely saw bloody blue gloves...i.e. that needed to be removed. Almost all the gloves I saw were fit to sleep the night in.

There are eight of what I would call large bags strewn around, five of them orange. The black bag of the red-sleeved blonde remains in its place exactly.

The other two are green. Later, we'll see that one of them was brought in on the stretcher that supposedly brought in the orange bag given to the SS medic. That green one lies exactly where it's seen in this green-bag image, though the second orange bag, snuggled up to the base of the lamp post, is not visible here (perhaps because it was never there). The other green bag (seemingly of an identical shade of green as the one at the lamp post) is seen in the Silva video (starting at the :52 point) to the right of the orange bags.

At the start of my re-visiting the marathon topic over the last few updates, it was pointed out that the Silva video shows no one following the SS medic closely as he arrives to the injury scene. Since writing that, I had found a blurry image with what looks like an orange bag on a stretcher. I showed this image in the second update of September, with the following remarks:

In the last update, the short-sleeved medic was shown at the finishing line with another the :35 second point of the Silva video...When showing this, I had been wondering what the medics were doing at that spot, but since then I found the image below showing FOUR medics (three of them in the same vests) huddled at that location at 4:10:10. One of them is the Negro with short sleeves (see close-up of short-sleeve badge with "EMT", instead of "EMS", on it). Another of the four is a blonde female medic...

There is something on wheels beside the four medics, and upon that something there is what could be construed as an orange bag. I'm wondering whether this image was fed to the world to cover for the mistake of letting the Silva video go out showing the orange bag already inside the injury sight by the time that these medics are seen standing there...The image above may have what could be legally construed as an orange bag pasted in to give the impression that there could have been another orange bag that a medic carried over to the SS medic (see him grab the bag from someone else at the 1:30 point).

Since writing that, I found a crisp image (below) of the same stretcher, with orange bag upon it, pushed by two medics, the blonde included. The two are following CLOSELY behind the SS medic as he arrives to the injury scene. In this image, the timeclock reads 4:10:26, or 43 seconds after the explosion.

In the Silva video, the SS medic first appears at :41 (35 seconds after the explosion), eight seconds before he arrives to the position he's in above. Therefore, if the blonde and the orange bag were not pasted into the image above, she and the other medic with her should be following close behind in the Silva video. The video happens to show the scene behind the SS medic, with no other medics visible. Hmm. Where did that stretcher go? Did it pass the cameraman as he turned around?

Then, at :58, the camera turns back around and tapes the SS medic again, with the camera pointed into the path that the stretcher would have taken if it had passed the cameraman while he was turning around, but the stretcher is not there either. Hmm. Nor are the medics who were tending to the stretcher. This is one tricky stretcher.

One could argue that the stretcher is just off to the right of the Silva-camera view at :58, and passing to his left. However, when the camera goes back around to the injury scene at 1:01, no stretcher is seen passing him to his left even though he shows that scene for several seconds afterward. We must either conclude that the stretcher stopped behind the cameraman for several seconds, or that it was pasted in. There is a motive the size of the bottomless pit for pasting it in, because the real orange bag can be seen sitting, between 1:11 to 1:19, inside the injury zone, on the OTHER side of the scaffolding and wood fence. The insiders didn't want the public to get the impression, from the report of some investigator, that the orange bag in the Jeff-all-alone image came from that source.

The image below shows two bags. While one is still at the spot of the Negro woman, where the SS medic dropped it originally, the other bag is at the base of the lamp post. The stretcher that carries her away is shown (in various images) parked at the lamp post, wherefore we assume that the second bag, too, was brought in by this medic team. But having now discovered that there were two bags on the sidewalk (before the medics arrived) is making this all-the-more interesting.

The bag at the post happens to be blocked by a person(s) in the is-that-Jeff image (after the four-minute mark, by which time the stretcher had been supposedly rolled away). Is it a coincidence that the bag is again blocked by legs in this new-to-me Escalade image (I'll comment on this image in the next update as it relates to Jeff Bauman's wheel-away)? Was the bag ever there, in other words? If not, why paste in a second bag? The green bag and an orange bag together are seen on the stretcher pushed by the blonde medic. The green bag is on the street pavement in this crisp image showing the stretcher position before the bomb went off:

It's clear from the overhead scene (image on the left) that someone under the scaffolding could have picked up an orange bag so as to be the one that the SS medic eventually got. About ten seconds before the SS medic comes to get the bag, there is a man in white seen (Silva video) on his feet, facing the bag, just as the men start to make the fence go down. At 1:18, he's looking down toward the bag. He is still there on his feet at 1:21, and I'll assume it is his back visible (he's still on his feet) at 1:24, at which time the Silva video swings off-scene to the right. When it comes back a couple of seconds later, the same man's head is briefly visible at 1:26; he's still standing. I'll assume that the Negro and his stretcher have been pasted into this scene, smack in front of the man in white under discussion, to keep us from seeing what's going on down at his feet. The Silva camera is panning to the left at this time so that the man's head goes off camera to the right, but the bag can be seen flying toward the medic, a second later, from between him and he.

The man in white, along with a man in white beside him with "BAA Physician" on his yellow vest, can be seen clearly INSIDE the scaffolding between 1:10 and 1:13. This is important because it locates them smack beside the orange bag, with the bag accessible by simply lifting the wood fence. However, in the flying-bag scene, there is no one visible inside the scaffolding. The man in white is visible with his back to the bag, and yet we saw that this bag had to be a sloppy paste job...begging the question of whether he too was pasted in as though uninvolved with the bag's transfer. I would conclude that the other man in white, who was under the scaffolding too, is the one who took the orange bag from the ground, and tossed it, or in some other way handed it, to the SS medic.

I really need a brain storm as to why the injury team provided that bag at that location. As yet, I don't know.

The Flickr image below, from the person who took the images, shows the scene at 1:23 Silva-video time, but no stretcher is visible on the street. The SS medic has just started to go for the orange bag, and the green bag on the stretcher appears, in the Silva video, at 1:24 as the camera is turning drastically to the right. One might say that the stretcher is obscured (in the Flickr image) behind the row of flags, but one must also say that it does not appear.

The Negro fireman (seen in the flying-bag image and in the Silva video) has been standing there, guarding the bag(s), in my opinion, for 20 seconds (he took that spot at 1:07 of the video). You can see that the red-sleeved blonde is still in her iconic position, 20 seconds after we saw her in that basic position in the Jeff-invisible scene. By what reality could it be that he would just stand there apart from attending to the blonde beside him? What prehistoric monkey world is he related to?

The cowboy looks like he's doing 20 push-ups for bad behavior. This is the first time I've seen him off his feet. He's looking straight at the Jeff spot, and yet, this hero, would leave Jeff unattended for at least two minutes afterward. What cave did he crawl out of?

Time Allotted to Get Negro into her Stretcher

In the green-bag stretcher image, a small view of Krystle's blue top is visible between the legs of the man in red, and the hair of the blonde medic may be visible above the 'B' on the black coat. If that's correct, then this medic is in the process of leaving Krystle, and walking to her 3:11 position. The piece of paper with "WELL DONE" written upon it in this WELL-DONE stretcher image (the one timed about 3:06) does not look the same in the green-bag stretcher image. In the latter image, we see a man walking past in brown hat in the top-right of the picture. He is the one in black coat and blue shirt visible with his hat in this 3:11 image; he's partly visible in the top-right of the WELL-DONE stretcher image. (Was this show really well done? I don't think so.)

Therefore, the green-bag stretcher image is timed between the other two images due to the position of the man in brown hat. According to the positions of other people when comparing the two, I'd say that the WELL-DONE image was a chunk of time before the 3:06 timing I gave it earlier. It's a "chunk" because it shortens the time they had to get the Negro strapped into the stretcher (if the time gets to be too short, a pasted stretcher looks likely).

In the green-bag stretcher image, the man with light-green shirt is way up at the corner of the outdoor patio, but in the 3:11 image, he's way down on the street some 50 feet away. I think we can allow at least seven seconds between the two images, meaning that the green-bag image can be timed about 3:04 at the latest. If correct, it means the man in brown hat, as well as the blonde medic, were walking slow, and/or stopping at least once along the way. But with the green-bag scene taking place at 3:04, the WELL DONE image looks to be about 3:02 at the latest.

But a two-second difference may not be enough, for the man in yellow vest and blue gloves (top-left) of the WELL-DONE image absent in the green-bag image. The fireman with yellow and orange vest (in the green-bag image) is in the 3:11 image, but is not the man we are looking for due to his lacking blue gloves. The man in blue gloves has got to have time to first come into the picture, and then take his position at the head of the stretcher.

Having thus timed the WELL-DONE image to 3:00 at the latest, let's try to time the green-bag image using some other method. The man in the red shirt standing at the Krystle spot is in the Silva video, at 2:19-35, near the building. He doesn't move from that general spot for many seconds. He appears to be waiting for the fencing to be cleared away, as per a script to come round to Krystle. The Silva video shows nothing more of him as per 2:35 (2:29 after the blast), about the time that the pulse-taking images were being taken.

Let's now go to what I'll call the blonde-medic-on-Krystle image (below), where the man in red shirt is in the process of coming toward the street, while the blonde medic is seen clearly kneeling down to Krystle. The Negro is not yet on her stretcher.

As the man in red shirt is coming to the street, he can be seen motioning to someone with his hand, apparently telling the woman with a slight knee problem not to come back. She can be seen in the injury zone earlier as per the 411 timeclock image. She is being escorted out of the injury zone, actually pushed away, by a policeman, at the 2:32 point of the Silva video, but, according to her relative position in the medic-on-Krystle image, she has walked a few steps back toward the injury zone, assuring that the green-bag stretcher scene is after 2:32 Silva-video time.

The man in red shirt cannot be seen in the pulse-taking image. At first, I thought he was out to the right of the camera view, but it proved to be wrong. Silva's video doesn't show the pulse-taking scene, nor does it show the man in red shirt coming toward the street, but we can see the blonde medic arriving to the Krystle spot at 2:33-34; she's between the man in blue cap and the old man in black with white hair. She appears to be in the act of stooping (hard to say for sure) as the video goes off-view at 2:35. The positions of the old man and man in blue cap, at 2:35, are about perfect for the pulse-taking image, but the man in light-green, and the young bald man beside him (both facing/walking left), who are in the pulse-taking image, are not to be seen at their spots from 2:30 to 2:35. However, the man in light green can be spotted at 2:32 in the upper-right corner, and appears to be on his way to his spot (in the pulse-taking image). We can thus be capable of timing the medic-on-Krystle image to a point beyond 2:35.

Therefore, the pulse-taking image is some seconds after 2:35 (2:29 after the blast). Although it's not the task here, it should be added that, according to the position of the man in light green, in the medic-on-Krystle image, the latter image comes first. The latter image is the one I'm trying to time as accurately as possible, where the Negro is not on the visible stretcher. The Negro is just off camera to the right in the pulse-taking image, where we see Jeff writhing on the sidewalk like a faked paste job, and it is about this very time that the Negro, according to all images combined, is being picked up for her stretcher photo. What's wrong with this picture? Hello? Are the monkeys that recklessly stupid?

The Negro is strapped into her stretcher in the WELL-DONE image that is tentatively timed at 3:00 (at the latest) after the blast, while the medic-on-Krystle image is timed after 2:35 Silva-video time = after 2:29 after the blast. That gives no more than 30 seconds to get the Negro snugly into her stretcher. She is not a sack of potatoes that can be thrown on. After she is on, how long does it take to strap her in with at least two straps (in the image where the blonde medic is pushing the stretcher to the scene, there are three straps visible)? Is there really enough time for this operation?

We have already seen plenty of fakery on the ground, and paste jobs to boot. What would be the great motive for pasting the Negro woman into these scenes at the cost of looking utterly callous toward the far-greater needs of the others beside her? I have no answer at this time except that the monkeys are recklessly stupid. If she wasn't pasted, it looks callous. Which of the two options do the insiders prefer? Why would they write a script where she gets to go first? But if she was pasted, then it could suggest that it may not have been the script to have her go first.

There is something very important. Look at the cowboy's position in the green bag stretcher image. Imagine him, two seconds earlier, standing on the same spot, but turned around so that he's facing the man in brown hat. If he had a camera, then, in that position, he would have caught the WELL-DONE stretcher image perfectly. The latter is taken by someone between the lamp post and the stretcher, and to the best of my ability to figure, it was taken exactly where the cowboy is standing. There is no one else at that location, and the man in the brown hat, between both images, is just two or three steps away.

That cowboy-camera idea came to mind because, hours earlier, I was trying to find the person that took the pulse-taking image, and the cowboy seemed to be in the right position for it. In order to take the pulse-taking image, which has a clear shot (no one in the way) , the SS medic had to get out of the way. You can see the SS medic in the way of the shot in the medic-on-Krystle image, which is just seconds before the pulse-taking image. The cowboy is standing behind the SS medic at this time, so that when he gets out of the way, perhaps as the cowboy directs him with a word, the cowboy is in a near-perfect position to take the pulse-taking image.

However, right behind the cowboy is the long-haired cameraman in yellow vest, and his camera is probably rolling at his mid-section during this very scene. His camera is pointed in the right direction (better angle, in my opinion, than the cowboy's location at the time) for the pulse-taking image. Therefore, I decided, at the time, that the cowboy did not take the picture. But then I got to the question of what person may have taken the WELL-DONE image, and for this question it dawned on me that it wasn't taken from the street because neither the people in the way, nor the lamp post, are in it. The image, pointing down toward the sidewalk, is not taken from the mid-section of a body, but from the head. Might cowboy have had a hidden camera under his hat? Was he appointed to take pictures secretly so that none of the other cameraman could be implicated in his pictures?

A couple of days after asking that question, the following image was found with people positioned about four seconds before the medic-on-Krystle image. Although she's not visible, the blonde medic is gleaned to be behind the man in blue and black cap, for he has moved four seconds later to expose her. The point here is, the cowboy hat is pointed right at the blonde medic in this scene!

The cameraman in yellow vest is in a position to take the other pulse-taking image, but there are people in his way, and moreover he moves out of position by four seconds later. It therefore looks as though the cowboy was in the best position to take the pulse-talking image.

Why are there three people with their backs to Krystle and her friend now that the medic has just arrived to attend to Krystle? It doesn't reflect reality. Was that medic really there at this time?

If the cowboy didn't take the WELL-DONE image, who did? There's no one else there at the spot. Plus, in the green-bag image, the cowboy is not only standing in the near-perfect spot for the Jeff-all-alone scene, but it's the right time, with the woman in red hair lying at her spot, just as she's seen in the Jeff-all-alone image. The latter is likewise taken from the head and pointed down to the sidewalk!!! In order for the cowboy to have taken that shot, he would merely need to be one step toward the lamp post, so that the orange bag turns out to be more to his right than to his left.

It is logical that he should have been responsible for taking the Jeff-all-alone scene (where Jeff was not there) where he was part of the plot to have Jeff pasted into that very spot, i.e. where the insiders needed a shot of that part of the sidewalk. The task of the Negro woman was to spread the blood on the sidewalk, apparently. I understand that the Negro woman had to be removed from the blood stain for this bloody image to be more effective, but why did they need to have her on a stretcher? Why couldn't she have just crawled / walked away?

Recently (not back in April/May), I showed that the SS medic and the man in white shirt likely spread more blood around the Negro up until after the 2:00 minute mark. The man in white shirt is still there in the 2:23 image, and can be seen in this other pulse-taking image; the man in brown hat (hat not visible) is walking by this image in the top center, and has not reached his spot in the 3:11 image (he is further along than where he appears in the two Negro-on-stretcher images). Therefore, it looks like Krystle's pulse was taken very soon before 3:11, AFTER the Negro was on the stretcher. This is bad news for the insiders who would want for us to believe that Krystle didn't get to have the stretcher because it was too late for her to need one (it looks like they put the Negro on the stretcher before they knew Krystle was dead).

The man in white shirt, who is not in the other pulse-taking image, allows us to know which of the two pulse-taking images came first. He is standing in the blood stain in the pulse-taking image that he appears in, but as he's not in the Jeff-all-alone scene, the latter comes after the pulse-taking images. Therefore, it's possible that the cowboy first got the one pulse-taking image, then walked over three or four steps to the orange bag, and got the Jeff-all-alone image. In between these two, he got the WELL-DONE scene, all three images within a few seconds of one another.

To be sure of this sequence, the man in blue goes from a stooped position in one pulse-taking scene, to a standing position in the next pulse-taking image (he can be seen in the Silva video going from the stoop to standing position). But in the Jeff-all-alone scene, the same man's pants (green-grey) can be seen sufficient to make out that he's turned his body, now looking toward the blood stain supposedly produced by Jeff.

The Silva video goes off the scene just at this time that the man in blue starts to face Jeff's blood stain, when the cowboy is looking directly at the Jeff-spot. The Silva video no doubt returned to the scene, but we the public don't get to see it, apparently. Why not? Is it because we would then discover that the stretcher is not in the scene? I don't know, because I haven't yet proven to my satisfaction that it was pasted in.

The man in red shirt had arrived to the street by 3:04, the latest time allowed for the green-bag stretcher image, for he's in that image looking at Krystle. However, in the 3:11 image, just a few seconds later, he's on his way out from the scene, walking down the street at the lower end of the image. What was his purpose at the Krystle spot? Was he just taking a look at how well, or not so well, the faked event was coming along? It means that he did not stay very long at all at the Krystle spot. The blonde medic has already left Krystle when we see this man looking at Krystle, meaning also that she left immediately after posing for a pulse photo(s).

I do not see anyone (in this green-bag image) in a position to take the other pulse photo, where the medic's face is visible, except for this man in red shirt, or someone out on the street before he arrived and blocked the view. The long-haired cameraman mentioned above is so far removed from the lamp post in the 3:11 image that he did not likely take any stretcher image under discussion.

It's not necessarily true that, in order for the cowboy to have captured the Negro-on-stretcher in the WELL-DONE scene that the Negro was in that scene when he took the picture. If the camera was under his hat rim, he would have had a video camera rolling continually rather than a snap-shot camera. The insiders could then have chosen whatever images from that camera for to paste things in.

Having made all these conclusions, tentative or not, let's go back to the medic-on-Krystle image, where the man in red shirt is on his way to the street. If he doesn't stop along the way, how long will it take him to circle around on the other man in red to the Krystle-spot? No more than five seconds, 10 if he circled around on the street. The Negro is not in the stretcher in this image, but is on her stretcher when the pulse-taking image was taken. The insiders had better pray that there is no image out there where we can prove this man's walk to the Krystle spot was a mere five or ten seconds long, therefore.

We note that as he's walking to the street, the only men capable of picking up the Negro woman is the man in white jacket who looks ready to pick up her legs, and the bearded man with back to the camera. That white thing that looks like the curved back of the man in white shirt is not him. It's not only too curved to be a back, but looks like the white towel draped over the woman when she's on her stretcher. I can't make sense of what this towel is doing in the medic-on-Krystle image; perhaps to give the impression that the Negro is more hurt than she really was. In any case, the bearded man is not looking like he's taken a call, yet, to pick her up. No one else looks like they've received a shout to come help pick her up. They haven't got much time, for the man in red shirt is on his way to the green-bag stretcher scene.

The Invisible Stretcher

In the 411 timeclock image (1:57 after the blast), this man in red shirt is almost beside the blonde medic as she is walking to her role at the Krystle-spot. It shows potential, on-the-scene planning / communication. The stretcher and the Negro in charge of it is on the street in this image. The blonde medic and the Negro together were bringing the stretcher down the street at :43 seconds after the blast, but when the Silva camera turned at about 1:00 of the video, the stretcher could not be seen. With that in mind, see that the Silva camera, after it arrived as far down as the lamp post in front of the bomb location, turned around yet again (at 1:25) so that, a second or two later, we get to see at least two frames with the Negro medic and his stretcher. In one frame, the green bag upon the stretcher is visible, but there is a person in the way (conveniently? / purposely? / pastedly?) of any orange bag that may be on the stretcher.

Yes, the SS medic is going for the orange bag exactly where this stretcher is, but it's very coincidental that he's also going for the bag exactly where an orange bag was located INSIDE the injury zone before they arrived. By the looks of it, in the way the SS medic grabs it initially way up high, it's a very light bag.

Where the blonde is pushing the stretcher, there is a green bag and yellow box with the orange bag between them. At 1:26-27 of the Silva video, we can see one end of the stretcher first, with a yellow box beside the elbow of the medic. In a subsequent frame, the other end of the stretcher is visible with the green bag. This means that the Negro medic himself may be purposely / pastedly blocking the orange bag from camera view, because it isn't there i.e. the insiders don't want us to know that it isn't there. If it's by design that everything on the stretcher shows but the orange bag, perhaps the stretcher was pasted into this scene.

Thirty seconds later in the 411 timeclock scene, the green bag is in the left hand of the Negro medic as he stands next to his chariot. But look at who's standing on the other side of the chariot. It's the man in white who looks prepared to lift the Negro woman onto the chariot in the medic-on-Krystle image. Is he part of this team?

Whatever was the motive for releasing the timeclock image below, at exactly two minutes after the explosion, it is suspicious that the stretcher is not visible, whereas it's pink color was easily spotted in the 411 image taken just three seconds earlier.

I had a hard time finding it's location until I searched for the man in white coat mentioned above. He is partially hidden behind a red flag in the center if the picture, which allows us to find the Negro medic partially blocked about one stretcher length behind him. The two appear to be wheeling the stretcher though an opening in the fence into the injury zone, and yet the pink mattress between them is not visible where I think it should be. When we study the 411 timeclock scene, we can see that they have supposedly wheeled the stretcher forward a few feet into a spot that is free of obstruction. That is, there is nothing there that should obstruct its view to the camera. The stretcher in the two-minute-exactly scene is between the two sets of flags; one plainly sees the pavement at that spot in the 411 image. Therefore, why isn't the stretcher visible at that same spot three seconds later in the latter scene?

The man who appears to be wearing a black leather jacket, who stands at what looks like the front of the stretcher, blocking it's view, is too tall to be in front of the stretcher. As he is about two heads taller than the Negro medic, he must be standing further away than the medic, and therefore could not be in front of the stretcher, blocking it's view. As he must be on the far side of the stretcher, therefore, the bright pink of the mattress against his black coat should be very visible. Why isn't it? Did the monkeys forget to add it in?

In the 411 image, the head of the man in leather coat is lower than the medic's, meaning that he's closer to the camera than the medic. I think he could walk, in three seconds, to his position in the two-minute-exactly scene, but he walks directly across the path that the stretcher supposedly took in getting from one image to the other. I think this is more important than one may give it credit for. The stretcher would need to wait until he walked past before it could roll forward, meaning that, over a period of three seconds (or even 3 1/2), the stretcher could not be as far as it's implied in the two-minute-exactly image. Moreover, the mattress is too long to be fully obstructed behind the flags.

What happened? Was the stretcher there or wasn't it? Along with the possibility running through my mind that the Negro-on-stretcher was itself pasted in, this is more problematic yet. I did not have the two-minute-exactly image until days ago. It's from the Krystle-Campbell article at

The Little-Tube Paste Job

If you read my hot-pink blonde topic in the last update, you would understand the following insert added there this past week:

[Insert -- Not many days after writing here, I learned that the woman in pink jacket appears in a scene that is almost the Wikipedia image at :28 seconds. She is not visible in the Wikipedia image, but is amply visible in the image below. Both blondes appear together in the image below, and yet I will not delete what I've said below because paste jobs are to be expected for key purposes. I realize how flat it sounds for me to simply claim a paste job where an image doesn't jibe with my theory, but what's below is fairly compelling.

Moreover, I have since found two images with a blonde woman in a pink coat, of exactly the hue of the pink coat under discussion. The two images (one is the Jeff-invisible scene) are back-to-back in time, but she is most vivid in the cowboy-on-fence image...which was itself found to be fraudulent. She's simply walking away in the top left, with a white bag on her jacket, as though she cares nothing for the people at ground zero. Is that a credible thing, that she should be simply walking away? Did she have a shopping engagement? Or was she added to this scene to explain why she doesn't appear in other injury-scene images beyond about 28 seconds? We now have two scenes where both blondes appear, exactly what the insiders would like us to see, if the blondes were the same person. End Insert]

It was a little embarrassing to write that the hot-pink blonde does not appear after about a dozen seconds, only to now find her in her original spot at about 28 seconds. She's in roughly the scene that I used (in the last update) to address the pink roll of cardboard in the arm of the man who looks like the husband of the red-sleeved blonde. In the last update, I had been wondering where that man went after he last appears in the 411 timeclock scene. My theory was that he never had the pink roll under his arm aside from a paste job for a reason. I was thinking that he had everything to do with a pink object on the wood fence that appears beside him in the Wikipedia image. In the image above that shows the hot-pink blonde at the injury scene, which image I'll call the pink-jacket image, the pink roll of cardboard is not under his arm, but on the ground in front of him even as he stands beside the pink object on the fence that will, in multiple images, appear itself like a roll of cardboard. Why this coincidence? Is it nothing to speak of, or something revealing and damning against the insiders? The Wikipedia image has both rolls so close to one another that it doesn't seem coincidental.

This man is obviously too important to be helping injury victims. His roll is standing on his black bag at this early time, meaning his bag is off his back and on the sidewalk, and yet he is never seen in other images doing anything but standing/walking and gawking. He actually put the bag back on his back and walked around until after the 2-minute mark, making this man a scum in the eyes of good people. There are many such scums throughout the images who do absolutely nothing, important for the photo's that the insiders wanted for media purposes. In a real situation, wouldn't passers-by would take off shirts to wipe and tend to injuries. In a real situation, wouldn't the injury victims call out to passers-by for help? Why are so many injury victims unattended for so long with all of these supposed passers-by coming through, and with dozens of police / firemen hanging around looking like they're merely chatting.

It seemed to me from certain, compelling considerations that the hot-pink blonde (another scum) took her jacket off at that very spot of the pink object on the fence, but that the insiders wanted to disguise it by removing it, and pasting in a pink roll of cardboard instead. I showed one image (below) in the last update where the pink object COULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE be a roll of cardboard, but was more like a piece of clothing in a shape expected when hung over something. Here's that image:

Since writing the last update, new-to-me images have been found where the man's tube is under his arm while the tube on the fence is also visible, suggesting that the insiders did not want us to mistaken the two objects as the same one. I believed that they did want us to equate the two, however, as that makes sense, but perhaps that task may have ended in critical failure where it was thereby necessary to undo it in some way. Every image released has a purpose. It just so happens that (in the pink-jacket image) we see the neck of the hot-pink woman, where there is no black underneath it, "proving" that she's not the red-sleeved blonde (wearing a black vest). Besides, the red-sleeved blonde is in the image with her.

It's pretty hard to argue against a beast like this that creates realities with computer artwork. But they will screw-up if they create enough images, which is why I'm seeking their blunders. This is a better way to combat the insiders than to point out how fake the injury scenes appear. An image proven to be doctored goes a long ways to proving that fakers are behind this event. Below, you will see a goof-up that the insiders will not be able to argue against; I'm sure you will be convinced of drastic alterations of the real events. As the insiders debate all the things that they need inserted / changed in the images, according to how the conspiracy theorists attack their images, one can imagine that the insiders would try to do more than one thing per released image, if possible. The image below seems to be one example, where both pink tubes appear, and where the man in yellow can be seen inside the scaffolding, who was found (in a previous update) to be pasted in. I'm going to prove paste jobs in this image:

It's as I said, that the Jeff-invisible scene has people pasted in as an effort to cover a major goof. The tube at the fence in the sideways Jeff-invisible image is visible with yellow on the inside, thus showing us that the same paper on the ground, at around the 2:10 point of the Silva video, is pasted into the video. Yes, things can be pasted into a video too. It now tells me that, when the Silva video shows the pink object still on the fence (at 1:42), they must have doctored it to change what it really was. Yet, even so, they did not make the object appear much like a tube; one goes away unsure of what it is. But I now know that the providers of the Silva video had worked on this pink object. That's a good score for the purpose of a law suit, should anyone be inclined.

In the image above, which I'll call the sideways-Jeff-invisible image for reasons to be explained shortly, the tube can be seen squeezed in between the wood fence and the metal tube of the scaffolding. There appears to be no other way in which this tube is suspended like that, in a vertical position, aside from being squeezed in on two sides. This means that, in any image taken from the street, we should see the metal tube of the scaffolding running through the pink object. But we don't see that in the Silva video. One can pause the object at multiple frames, where it looks most like a tube, and yet there is no metal tube running down it. I would chalk this up to sloppiness. In any case, the insiders need to explain how the tube in other images is suspended on the fence if it's not squeezed in against the metal tube. This beast can, of course, simply create another image that attempts to explain the problem, but there is a limit to what they can accomplish in such images once things get out of control.

The sideways-Jeff-invisible image shows a second pink tubular object on the ground that I do not view as important at this time. It looks like a long tubular bag that carries a folding lawn chair, though in another image, it looked like a plain bag, and later shows as a flattened, rectangular object in the Silva video.

Now for the tube that proves a paste job. Yes, there is another scaffolding problem, and this one looks damning because it is. Enlarge the image where the man in yellow is inside the scaffolding. How many scaffolding sections do you count between he and the lamp post? I count two sections. The problem is, the monkey in charge of pasting this has one scaffold section (the one with vertical bar below) in "front" of the man (i.e. between the camera and the man) as well as behind / beyond the man. This is an impossibility. To find this problem, locate the horizontal tube that cuts through the black diamond on the back of his yellow jacket. Follow this tube to the right of the diamond until it reaches the first vertical tube. That vertical tube can be made out to be in front of the horizontal tube, but as the horizontal tube passes in front of the man, the vertical tube must be closer to the camera than the horizontal tube. However, the vertical tube, as well as one horizontal piece welded to it, can be seen BEHIND the man. The monkey in charge of this artwork got confused in the jungle of bars, and made a damning goof.

It's to be expected that the entire man was pasted into this scene. I made this accusation in the second update of this month, where I wrote: "The reason that I timed the Jeff-invisible image at 1:16 previously is due to its man in yellow jacket and white pants [same as man above], who has not yet entered into the scaffolding at 1:14 (of the video), and, yet, at 1:16, he is at the other side of (as well as inside of) the scaffolding, just as he's positioned in the Jeff-invisible image. It was very convincing." You need to follow this to see the multiplicity of blunders. If you're a judge and a decent person all at once, you need to get a law suit started against these people.

Comparing the people and their positions in the sideways-Jeff-invisible image and the Jeff-invisible image, one can see that they are but a few seconds apart, perhaps even two or less. It was concluded that the man inside the scaffolding was pasted into the Jeff-invisible image to cover up for the blunder of a fence on the ground in the cowboy-on-fence image, which clearly shows several people just a second or two away from their positions in the Jeff-invisible image, and yet not all the people in one of them appears in the other. It's either deliberate confusion or sloppy work. It could be deliberate confusion to "prove" that the two images are not a second or two apart. The insiders didn't want us to equate the two scenes, as it times the cowboy-on-fence image about one second before the 1:07 point of the Silva video, when the Jeff-invisible image truly took place.

As you can see, the fence is perfectly erect in both the Jeff-invisible and sideways-Jeff-invisible image. It was VERY NECESSARY, therefore, that the insiders correct for this blunder, for it makes the cowboy-on-fence image look like it took place after 1:07. To make us believe with more force that the Jeff-invisible image did not take place at 1:07, they pasted the man inside the scaffolding to make us believe the image was at 1:16. Why? Because the Silva video shows that the fence is not down, where the cowboy stands upon it in the cowboy-on-fence image, at 1:07 and shortly after it. The cowboy stands on the fence, with the fence flat to the ground, directly in front of the lamp post, but this part of the fence no longer appears after the 1:14 point of the Silva video (it's somewhat arguable that it appears again at about 1:18-19), wherefore it was necessary to make the cowboy-on-fence image look like it took place after 1:14 (or 1:18).

At 1:18, the man in yellow under discussion can be seen involved with the taking down of a scaffold so that two flags between he and the lamp post go down. Before 1:18, there were four flags, and therefore four scaffold sections, between he and the lamp post. Therefore, as we can only count two scaffold sections between he and the lamp post in the sideways-Jeff-invisible image, this image must have had the purpose of falsely timing the Jeff-invisible and cowboy-on-fence images beyond 1:18. I'm taking the position that their previous work, as per the Jeff-invisible image, was not good enough to combat/solve the cowboy-on-fence blunder, and so they released the sideways-Jeff-invisible image (having nothing to do with Jeff) to bump the apparent time a couple of seconds from 1:16 to 1:18. A large gap between scaffold sections, expected where two of them have been removed, does not seem apparent in the Jeff-invisible image, which jibes with my view that this image is identical to the 1:16 point of the Silva video (i.e. two seconds before the two sections were removed).

THE FENCE (to the right of the orange bag) IS NOT DOWN YET IN THE SIDEWAYS JEFF-INVISIBLE IMAGE, meaning that the image must be timed before 1:17...because the Silva video shows it going down after 1:17! Therefore, poor monkeys if they want the Jeff-invisible scene to appear as though it was at 1:16 or 1:18. The fence well to the right of the orange bag on the ground can be seen erect from 1:10 1:15, and it's not possible to have it down even by 1:17. But at 1:13-16, men can be seen acting violently against that fence area to bring it down. Someone gave the order. Why? Wasn't it for accessing the orange bag?

By the way, the man under the scaffolding is never again, after 1:16 / 1:18, in a position to fulfill the Jeff-invisible scene. The man in white t-shirt moves too far out of position after 1:16 to allow the man in yellow to be in that position after 1:16. Nor could the man be inside the scaffolding before 1:14, because the Silva video shows him just arriving to the scaffolding at that time. Therefore, I concluded that the man was pasted inside the scaffolding to give the false impression that the Jeff-invisible image took place at 1:16 rather than at 1:07. I did not yet have the evidence at the time of the sideways-Jeff-invisible image, which shows the sloppy paste job of the one scaffold tube smack at this very man.

I do not understand why neither the Jeff invisible image nor the sideways-Jeff-invisible image has the man in dark clothes and shorts pasted in who escorts the man in white t-shirt away between 1:15 and 1:17. There are multiple people in the Jeff-invisible image that are not in the cowboy-on-fence image, which amounts to tampering for the purpose of making the two images seem distant in timing from one another. But I'm not fooled, for there are several people whose positions are about a second apart between images.

As you can see, the hot-pink blonde is not in the sideways-Jeff-invisible scene. Again, a blonde in pink coat walking away from the scene is visible in the Jeff-invisible scene. She's wearing long black pants, important because the pink-jacket image shows that the mystery leg (in shorts with running shoe), discussed in the last update as possibly her leg, is clearly not her leg. If you're interested, it was shown that this leg was severely problematic for the insiders.

At 2:03 of the Silva video, as the men start to remove the scaffolding, the pink object can be seen fallen off the fence, and on the sidewalk. This is the very timing of the 411 timeclock scene, wherein the man, suspect as the husband of the red-sleeved blonde (said to be Nicole Gross but I have my doubts), appears again with roll under his arm. While I'm suspicious about all this, suspecting that both the man and the roll-on-fence have been pasted in, the Silva video is very compelling in exposing the object as a roll of cardboard. It even shows the yellow jacket on the sidewalk beside it. This cardboard on the sidewalk is then visible in other scenes, very compelling indeed, seemingly obliterating my theory.

To make matters harder for the theory, I've just discovered that the same man and his roll appears (top left) at the 2:00 point of the Silva video. Just three seconds later, the cardboard is seen on the sidewalk, but it cannot be the roll under his arm because he isn't yet at the street at 2:03 Silva-video time. We can see him walking toward the street in the two-minute-exactly image (= 2:07 Silva-video time).

After writing the above, I quit for the day, and returned to the topic the next morning. I was thinking that, as the man appears in the Silva video, it's likely that he was not pasted into the 411 timeclock scene. But taking a close look at that image, lo-and-behold, his legs are shown walking, and yet he's walking directly into the other scum, the woman in checkered jacket who is seen repeatedly merely walking to and fro, never helping anyone. Her feet are positioned on the sidewalk directly in the path of the man walking, and yet her feet are less than one step away from his. There is just no way that he would be walking in that direction, directly toward her, with she being that close. It looks like they tried to paste him in as though walking behind the woman, and yet the relative positions of their feet are wrong for it.

Suspicious, I studied the Silva video to see if she appears with him when he appears at 2:00. Yes, she is seen coming from right to left so that she will cross in front of him, as she's seen in the 411 image. As her head is almost as high as his, it reveals that she's behind him on higher ground, for in the 411 image, where both are the same distance from the camera, she's one head shorter than he. Therefore, when you look at the 411 image, does it seem correct that she's coming from behind him, and meanwhile moving right to left so as to cut in front of him? That doesn't seem right because she's too close to him. What am I suggesting, that one or both of these people were pasted into the Silva video? Is that a hard sell?

There is a head of a female with blonde hair walking across Lenscrafters; she'll be crossing in front of the man and his roll at 2:02, just one second before the 411 image, and yet she is not in the 411 image. Has she really walked that fast to be out of camera view just a second later? In the two-minute-exactly image, look at how not-so-far she's walked past the man; shouldn't she also be in the 411 image, therefore? Do you think the security people / police allowed pedestrians to just walk though the bombing scene, as she's walking past? It's two minutes in, by which time the police, under natural circumstances, would have had full control of pedestrians up the street.

After the Silva camera goes off-scene just as the blonde is about to pass in front of him, the camera returns to the scene at 2:04, but there is now a man with black hair in the spot where he was at 2:00-02. The time of this scene is 2:04, just one second after the 411 image, and yet there is no man with black hair in the 411 image. Nor is he in the two-minute-exactly image.

Finally, the man with roll appears to be walking straight down (not at an angle) to the street, as his body is fully sideways to the camera. However, his feet, in the 411 image, are in line with the far side (furthest from the camera) of a narrow strip of black tar, but in the two-minute-exactly image, his feet are completely off the strip of tar, and moreover are off the nearest-to-camera side of the strip. The only way for that to be real is where he's walking on a near-45-degree angle. But his body does not at all appear to be on an angle.

In both images, the flat of his bag on his hip faces directly at the camera. Try to imagine that same bag flat against one cheek of his butt. Do we think that's possible while it's strapped over his shoulder? Not unless he's moving about with the bag swinging about. Then why is the bag on his butt's cheek in the sideways Jeff-invisible image? Although his back is to the camera, the bag's flat side is also facing the camera. How can that be? He's not running around so that the bag should be swinging around. Is this more evidence of a sloppy paste? Yes, the bag looks pasted, as though all they had for use was a picture of this bag from the side. Just look at this scum, standing in front of a man in yellow lying dead-like. What sort of scum wouldn't go attend to him? A pasted man, that's who.

The man in is not at all dead. He was sitting up in the image below, timed with certainty at an earlier time at the 1:28 point of the Silva video. I will call this image the flying-orange-bag image. I've not seen this one before, and it is very suspicious. There are plenty of scums in this image, the regulars especially. The same man in yellow can be seen sitting up in the curved-pink-object image (see lower below) timed four seconds later. We now have a couple of images timed midway between the first and second minutes. O goody. The man lies back down again for the 411 timeclock shot. He doesn't look hurt enough for that, and he's alive enough to call for help to any passersby, but, of course, that's not this man's script. The scum in dark-blue coat is standing behind him in the curved-pink-object image, as he's standing in the flying-bag image, thus testifying to the images being seconds apart. The man walking in white coat (and black cap) is coming to his spot as seen in the curved-pink-object image.

There are not so many scums in the United States that half the people at this disaster scene should walk around doing nothing. In such situations, having a weak stomach doesn't apply. Heroism and the dire need-of-the-moment overcomes the weak stomach.

Let's take the scenario where the man with roll was pasted into the 411 timeclock scene but where he actually was at that spot at and around 2:00 minutes. Let's assume he was pasted due purely to the need for pasting in the roll and meanwhile deleting the pink jacket that was under his arm. The image with the non-tube-shaped pink object -- the one that looks more like a jacket curving around the wood fence -- is taken at 1:32 Silva-video time (just as the man walking leftward in white coat is in a position to match his position in the image). So, THE BIG QUESTION: why DOESN'T Silva's pink object look like the curved object in the still image??? Why does the Silva video show what looks like an evolution of the shape of that object into a straighter shape? It's because the insiders were changing the reality of that pink object, isn't that right? The monkey has banana on his face. (The Silva cameraman is significantly up the street, toward the finish line, from the cameraman who took the curved-pink-object scene, explaining why the man in yellow cap is on opposite sides of the picture between both images at 1:32. The overhead image does not reveal who that cameraman could be; it could be coming from low in the bleachers.)

It was my suspicion that the man walked over to pick up the pink jacket of his wife (said to be Nicole Gross but I have my doubts) at some point after 1:44. The Silva video does not show the part of the Lenscrafters scene with pink object between 1:44 and the time that we see the roll in his arm at 2:00. Why did the Silva video leave the scene of the SS medic and float above it, landing on the pink object at 1:42? It then taped the object for two seconds only, enough for us to see it. Did Silva know that there was a script for someone to walk over and pick up her jacket, to remove it from the fence scene as one removes damning evidence? That's what was going through my head BEFORE finding the curved pink object.

There may be other images out there that I've not seen where this pink object looks like a jacket. Beside of the pink object (in the video and in still images), there is a yellow jacket which is quite clear in the sideways-Jeff-invisible image. It would have been easy to re-color that jacket from pink to yellow, then paste in a pink tube for the purpose of combating those images that had slipped out showing what could be a pink jacket.

By what coincidence do we find that pink cardboard under his arm is also in the two scenes showing the hot-pink blonde walking away??? The impression wanted by the insiders is that the object under his arm could not have been the pink jacket.

The other "fact" wherein the cardboard roll under his arm appears in the same images along with the cardboard roll on the fence suggests that the insiders wished to create distance between this man and the object on the fence. That is, they didn't want anyone thinking that his roll is the roll on the fence. But then why did they chose to paste a roll under his arm, giving the very opposite impression? They must have changed their minds. At first, they decided to make this man look like he planted a roll at the fence so as to eradicate any inklings in our minds of a pink jacket there, but then someone decided, for example, that it was too dangerous for someone who looked like the blonde's husband to be doing this, and so they tried to nullify their first decision, wanting instead that no one should try to figure out how the man was related to the roll on the fence. That idea would cause investigators to focus too much on the roll on the fence so that they will discover, in time, that it wasn't always shown as a roll.

In the last update, I also showed that this man (very small, hard to see) was shown with the pink object under his arm just a few seconds after the blast (but before the Wikipedia image). The object could be seen extended from his hand toward the fence, exactly where the pink object would later be seen in the Silva video. Just before it was extended, he had it (rectangular in shape) under his arm. It looks like the insiders wanted us to believe that he was intricately involved with the roll on the fence. My theory is that he took the jacket from his wife and hung it on the fence temporarily at about a dozen seconds after the blast, to be removed later.

Imagine if that object was always and only a pink jacket that could be traced to the hot-pink woman. What would that mean? The investigator would be led to believe that she removed her coat. As it's not likely she removed her coat to walk away from the scene forever, the investigator would go looking for her elsewhere in the injury zone. Then, he might learn that the red sleeved blonde, Nicole Brannock Gross, is shown online with a bald husband (see photo she with Michael Gross) who looks very much like the bald man with the pink roll under his arm.

So, in the two-minute-exactly scene, we see the man walking toward the street with the valued cardboard (holds more value than the injury victims, obviously) under his arm. The Silva video then goes off-scene, not returning until about 2:17, which is just 11 seconds after the two-minute-exactly scene. But the man does not appear in that part of the Silva video. Where did he go? Or was he pasted in to begin with? The best way to resolve this issue is for us to see the entire video, but, of course, the insiders have not released it because they need to have sole ownership for the purpose of changing scenes at will, as necessary. It should be said that 11 seconds is sufficient time for the man to be out of the picture when the Silva camera returns at 2:17.

One argument for his not being pasted in all images is that I can't find him anywhere without his cardboard. Why would the insiders paste the roll in the arms of a bald man if they did NOT want for anyone to notice that he's Nicole's husband? Don't you think it's strange that, although online articles from major media tell that Nicole's husband and sister were injured at the marathon, the articles don't share pictures of the husband and sister at the marathon? Have the insiders attempted to eradicate all images of the husband, if possible? I can only assume that. somewhere, this man must have been in an image that was released to the public. Is he one of the men wearing a cap?

The obvious problem for the official line is that the husband in never seen by the side of his supposed wife, the red-sleeved blonde, neither at the time of the blast or afterward, and yet he is seen near the hot-pink blonde 28 seconds after the blast. He does not appear in the overhead scene (1:44 Silva-video time) that shows much of the Lenscrafters area where he is standing at 2:00 Silva-video time. Don't you think this is a matter for further investigation?

[Insert October 8th. The image below was just found, matching the 1:36 Silva-video time approximately. It shows the area of the sidewalk well beyond Lenscrafters, but no bald man with pink object is seen there:]

The Invisible Blonde Medic

The pink mattress of the stretcher that supposedly held the orange bag is in the overhead scene (bottom left). The blonde medic who supposedly pushed this stretcher to that spot is nowhere to be found, though in 19 seconds (at 2:03 Silva-video time) she will be at the far end of Lenscrafters for the 411 timeclock image. Shouldn't she be on her way in the overhead scene (1:44 Silva-video time), therefore??? Tinker about it.

The Silva video starts a super shot of the Lenscrafters frontage at 1:41, and she is not there at that time. The Silva video continues on for 20 seconds, shooting the frontage of both places, but she does not appear, so far as I can see. The only normal way for her to have gotten in to this area is through the part of the fence was downed in front of the pink stretcher (where the stretcher itself came through at the 411 timeclock scene). In that case, upon entering through that breach in the fence, she should be tending to someone in the overhead scene. But if she was outside the injury zone at the time of the overhead scene, she would have a hard time making it to her spot in time for the 411 image, unless she just zipped past all the injury victims upon entering the zone.

The Silva video tapes the injury scenes continuously from 1:41 through to 2:03 (the latter being the time of the 411 timeclock image), but the blonde medic is not seen walking by (or zipping along). I have not noticed this before. Did she jump the wood fence in order to get into the injury zone? If not, how did she get in? Hmm. Was she pasted in to replace the person that really took the pulse of Krystle Campbell? That would make sense so that the real person was not discovered. The real person would not want to be discovered involved in a hoax of the Krystle-hoax magnitude.

The insiders are right out of luck making her appear in a tampered scene of this time period in an effort to explain why she's not visible in the overhead image. There is no way that the blonde medic could be obscured anywhere, in the overhead image, within the injury zone. The fact that it's an OVERHEAD scene virtually assures that she cannot be obscured behind anyone? The insiders would then need to paste her into the Silva video too, but it's too late for that. The insiders are out of luck on this one, and can land in prison with more certainty due to this evidence, if only someone(s) would start the good process.

At the page where you see the overhead scene, the image to the right shows the same scene from the OPPOSITE DIRECTION, some five or six seconds later (the man in red coat in the center makes this timing easy to deduce). The blonde medic is not there. It proves that she was not obscured behind another person. We now have the scene from three different directions, and there is a fence up on the side of Lenscrafters where she appears at the timeclock scene. There is no way for her to have gotten to that spot unless she had wings, or was pasted in.

In the same image on the right side of the webpage, you see the scum in checkered coat doing her prancing- and scurrying-about thing, looking horrified but never helping anyone. She will be walking in front of the bald man carrying his cardboard roll in 13 seconds. So, where is that bald man who was suspected as a paste job? How did he get in? He's not in the overhead scene. He doesn't appear cutting across the injury zone in the Silva video. It's reason to murder King Kong as he pounds his chest at the top of the man-made world. It's a long fall into the Bottomless Abyss.

The man in yellow cap seen in the overhead image has moved out of camera view toward the building five seconds later. The dark-haired woman in light-blue coat walking into the Lenscrafters frontage is nowhere to be seen there five seconds later, making her a prime suspect for involvement with the blonde medic, for in both the 411 timeclock and two-minute-exactly scenes, a person with a coat of the same color, and showing a black head area, is stooping at the ground where the blonde medic stoops. Why was she erased from the image timed at 1:50?

Could it be that the blonde medic was not pasted into the 411 image, but was rather erased from the earlier images where we expect her? Doubtful, for she does appear, so why delete her seconds earlier? Perhaps to hide her face? But then her face shows in one of the pulse-taking images.

Of some interest, a blonde can be seen walking by the Silva scene. She was mentioned earlier in this update as crossing the path of the bald man with pink roll at about 2:02. That's just one second before the blonde medic appears (in the 411 image) at that very crossing point (the blonde medic can be seen a few feet in front of the bald man). Therefore, in reality, the other blonde may have been the one who was really there while the blonde medic may have been a person long dead, in some CIA file, pasted into the scenes.

One can only assume that the bald man was out of camera view near the building at the far end of Lenscrafters. Silva has quite a good shot to a far distance to the left of Lenscrafters at 1:42, but no blue coat can be seen. The curved-pink-object scene (timed at 1:32), also shows to the left of Lenscrafters, but without the bald man showing.

Look at the scum in dark-blue coat in the curved-pink-object scene. He's in front of the Lenscrafters window. At 1:44 in the overhead scene, he's rounding the old woman. Five seconds later in the related image, he's facing the smoke source. The Silva video shows this semi-circle that he makes. He can be seen standing there for a few seconds, then turning toward the building and going back the way he came, wherefore he's back, 13 seconds later (as per the 411 image), to roughly where he started. In the last we see him in the video, he is going left at 2:03 (i.e. the time of the 411 image). Therefore, by studying the 411 image, it can be realized that he cut across the front of the old woman. He just left her there...because she was scripted for a photo shoot and should not be assisted until her time for it arrived. Three second later as per the two-minute-exactly image, he's walking toward lalaland at the wood fence. He only walked in circles, probably until the time arrived for his central purpose.

While at the video, please do see 1:48, where an unexpected puff of smoke becomes visible in the bottom-left corner. The source of this smoke is NOT where we see the source of the smoke in other images. The people in charge of releasing images have never, to my knowledge, shown the source of the lingering smoke, which is suspicious. Finally, after months of wanting to know where the source was at specifically, it can be seen in both pulse-taking scenes smack at the pants of checkered-shirt Bauman.

The Low-Resolution / High-Resolution Tricks

Another marathon-related photo of Michael Gross is of such low resolution as to make it difficult to tell whether he is the bald man with roll. One can understand low resolution as a method to be used in some cases by the insiders, but high resolution is also helpful in some cases, where they have used masterful artwork that convinces the masses more readily.

In the beginning, a large part of the public complained that the injury zone lacked blood on walls, or on peoples' clothes. Suggesting that the images were faked, they also pointed out how things near the explosion showed no/little signs of damage even though the explosion reportedly blow limbs off of people. They also pointed out how few major injuries there were, or how the injuries looked faked. Afterward, as more images were released, we suddenly saw more damage, more injuries, and more real-like injuries. The insiders thought at first that their work wouldn't be suspected with a low-budget hoax, but afterward, it appears they had to hire some very expensive picture fixer-uppers.

Take the Negro-on-stretcher image below as she is wheeled down the street, where she suddenly looks more injured than in the earliest images. The earlier images were blurry, with less resolution, perhaps a deliberate method used by insiders so that they could change scenes as needed. In other words, they could change scenes while claiming higher resolution as the reason for the changes. Note how the Negro is bleeding profusely from her leg, for it's important to make her appear as injured a possible to justify taking her first. Yet, this bleeding leg was the best they could do under the circumstances. But why, after more than three minutes, has no one placed something around that wound? The answer is easy as raspberry-mush pie. The blood was never there, nor the injury. The blood was pasted to the stretcher mattress.

Now, see the image below and find the problems. It is a very-high resolution image capable of showing severe pellet / shrapnel markings all over the patio railing, though it's strange that some of the shrapnel markings are between the railing spindles, a sloppy blunder, apparently. I've not seen this damage in other images, the absence of which I found highly suspicious. No problem, the insiders can easily provide such an image to make conspiracy believers look erroneous. Yet, in this scene, they applied no blood spatter to the walls of the building because the earliest images showed clearly-enough that there was none. Many have pointed out the lack of blood spatter throughout, for, as you can see, all the clothes have no spatter, even though several limbs were reportedly blown off.

Although shrapnel has supposedly hit the railing, yet the blue fabric in the foreground is perfectly intact without one visible mark from flying metal. It's now too late for the insiders to provide this part of the fabric, right in front of ground zero, with bomb damage or blood spatter. This is an example of their limitations. The more false images they put out, the more limited they are for the sake of keeping consistency. It stands to reason that, only under dire need to correct problems would they decide to take the chance of contradicting other images.

It's too late to make the wood-slat fence look more damaged than it was initially. Think about it: a bomb that blows legs off but cannot snap thin wood slats to smithereens. The wood fence doesn't even look like it has changed position. It's not even at least partly wrapped around the scaffolding sections, not even flattened against the sections. It's not like this fence is set in concrete on the sidewalk, or held down with steel cords. It's just standing freely on the sidewalk. Shouldn't the bomb have moved this flimsy, light fence??? Look at how nicely erect it is, like when they first set it up.

In the high-resolution image above, the woman in blue has her hand near her face, supposedly applying blood to it, according to a treatment on this in the last update. See this story (very short part of the video) at the webpage below, where you will also fail to see shrapnel markings on the patio railing. The image above corresponds to the :26 point in the video below, which was the image that first alerted me to the missing blonde in red sleeves. She's not on her iconic spot in this image: Now back the video to the :20 second mark where the blonde's hair appears. Her hair is further to the right than the man in burgundy coat, and yet the :26 point (earlier in time) does not show the blonde at that spot. The image we see at :20 is shown in a wider image at 2:33 of the same video, which, in recent updates, was timed at :09 seconds after the explosion. One can see (at 2:33) that the blonde is not at this point in her iconic spot (i.e. to the right of burgundy coat).

Having thus timed the high-resolution image at :09 after the blast, while in the last update I claimed to find the red-sleeved woman at the fence at :11 seconds, it necessarily means that the hot-pink blonde cannot be in her pile-up scene at :09 seconds, and indeed she is missing at that pile-up in this high-resolution image. She can be seen in a close-up of the pile-up in the video below showing Mr. Pouches, as I call him, unloading his pouches. The hot-pink blonde is, at :09 seconds, between Mr. Pouches and the woman in grey-green (in the high-resolution image, her top looks all grey and no green). We can see Mr. Pouches in the high-resolution image, and yet there is no pink jacket visible whatsoever.

I haven't as yet been able to explain why insiders would want to release Mr. Pouches in an act that looks very suspicious. Perhaps a disgruntled insider released it; perhaps it was released by mistake without cutting out his legs, as he appears in another image so that his pouches don't show. If the video above disappears, see it at with the title, "Crisis Actor Caught During Explosion." The high-resolution image corresponds to the :09-10 point of this video.

On the other hand, one could argue that the pink jacket is obscured by the hip area of the woman in grey jacket, but then even the hair of the hot-pink woman doesn't show. There's nothing of her presence in this image that I can see. Yes, in the video, she is bent over close to the sidewalk at this second, but perhaps they pasted her in that way to explain why she's missing in the high-resolution image.

In the video, she's in the pile-up to the :11 point after the explosion, which contradicts my claim that she's the red-sleeved woman seen at the same second at the wood fence. One solution is that the hot pink jacket is added for a longer period in the pile-up scene. I would not think that the hot-pink woman was pasted entirely, from first to last, into the pile-up scene. I do now think that it would be advantageous for the insiders to keep her in after the :11 point.

If we think it's possible for the hot-pink blonde to be obscured behind the woman in grey jacket, we cannot think the same for the woman in dirty blonde who has her legs spread to receive the contents of the pouches. She too is not visible in the high-resolution scene, but in the Mr. Pouches video she shows beside the woman above in grey jacket. What's going on? By all appearances in the Mr. Pouches video, the dirty blonde is in contact with the hot-pink blonde.


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Ladon Gog and the Hebrew Rose

On this page, you will find evidence enough that NASA did not put men on the moon.
Starting at this paragraph, there is a single piece of evidence -- the almost-invisible dot that no one on the outside was supposed to find -- that is enough in itself to prove the hoax.
End-times false signs and wonders may have to do with staged productions like the lunar landing.

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