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The New Pope is a Taborite
Rock-Hard Heraldic Lines to the First Jesuits
It's a Big Joke of the Jesters

[NOTE: wherever I give the addresses for Coat descriptions at, the company has arranged not to allow those pages to load, but allows only the home page to load where you need to enter the surname yourself in order to read the description. Or, just trust that the description that I have in quotation marks is correct.]

What's wrong with this picture:

Savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries will be raided [by banks/government] if needed to preserve Europe's single currency by propping up failing banks, a senior eurozone official has announced.

As this article comes out, banks in Cyprus closed down while people lined up to withdraw their money, when the Cyprus government was talking to take a significant percentage of the people's bank accounts. Are things really this bad, or is this some sort of globalist scam to fast-track the pillaging of our money in the name of "crisis." And why is the crisis in the quote above on the failure of banks? Doesn't it suggest that globalist bankers are involved in scams? Are European governments in bed with bankers to pillage the peoples in various ways for to fulfill their utopian dreams?

Cyprus is acting as their trial balloon, but it works the other way too, with people taking score and wondering whether to keep money under their mattresses instead. How will globalists keep the peoples from withdrawing their cash as a rash of Cyprus' appears on the horizon? Are the peoples to accept this new way of saving the world? The mere fear of the banks going broke will cause people to withdraw their money, and the leaders know it.

But suppose that there were no cash. How could people withdraw money from banks under that scenario? In a cashless society, would the only choice be to transfer electronic money from one bank to another? That would make it easy to pillage peoples' money at every faked crisis. Is this the wave of the future?

Or, is the purpose of this scam to have us all, while in fear of having out accounts robbed, purchase gold at very high prices, only to see the bottom fall out with celebration and laughter coming from the sellers of gold? Who are the sellers of gold, anyway, and why have there been so many commercials in recent years boasting on the purchase of gold at never-before-seen high prices?

Why has there been a steady drip of a failing euro in the news? Was it to prepare the people for accepting the robbing of their bank accounts? Should we be pleased to save the world in this way? They can make life miserable if the people don't go along with their plans. If they start to view things as they versus the people, they will put dings and dents into our lives one way or another, like hoodlums kicking in at what we value to make us conform. The Globalist Hoodlum has arrived. Just look at Obama, who never has enough money.

When John Kerry warned Maliki of Iraq last week not to support president Assad, it signalled the possibility that Obama could use the Sunni uprising in Syria to take Maliki down. In the article below, we read of the Shi'ite view of things, that Sunni are intent on creating an Islamic Middle East. This could be the fulfillment of prophecy wherein the anti-Christ takes Iraq down:

AL QASR, Lebanon -- Each evening, Ali Jamal and other men in this border town grab their Kalashnikov assault rifles, jump on their motorbikes and ride across the irrigation canal into Syria to protect their homes.

The enemies are Sunni rebel "terrorists," he says, who target Jamal and his neighbors because they are Shiite Muslims.

"Imagine, these people used to be our neighbors," said the 40-year-old farmer, perplexed by the transformation. "Now they want to kidnap and kill us."

Tensions gripping the villages along the border here between northeastern Lebanon and Syria illustrate the increasingly sectarian nature of the 2-year-old Syrian conflict and the risks it poses for the entire region.

The predominant narrative of the Syrian war is that of a tyrannical government largely run by members of a Shiite sect, the Alawites, brutalizing a people yearning for freedom.

However, in the largely Shiite towns and villages of Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, people who have fled Syria tell a different story. They speak of an "ethnic cleansing" campaign carried out by rebels intent on creating an Islamic state run by Syria's Sunni majority.

In the face of rebel attacks, Shiites in dozens of villages just inside Syria have fled here to a part of Lebanon dominated by the Shiite militant group Hezbollah, the villagers and Hezbollah representatives say. Those who have been displaced credit Hezbollah...

Hezbollah counts Syrian President Bashar Assad among its staunchest allies, along with longtime patron Iran. The three players make up what they call the "axis of resistance" against the United States and Israel.

As the war is now shaping up, the Hezbollah, a prime suspect in my eyes for launching the war in northern Israel that amounts to the Abomination of Desolation in Jerusalem, is not seeing eye-to-eye with the United States. However, if we can trust the Ezekiel-38 prophecy to be the anti-Christ invasion into Israel, it seems that we should be expecting Iran and Russia as the representation of the anti-Christ, with Hezbollah acting as their prime spearhead into Israel. I can't imagine that Obama would just allow his four years to run out with no drastic action in Syria. However, at this time, Obama has had a hands-off approach to Syria even in contradiction to the will of his top military brass.

Let's suppose that Obama does nothing or little in Syria in the coming years. Already, even now, the Sunni of Syria are disappointed with Obama. And Putin saw his opportunity a few months ago to make in-roads to the Syrian rebels. I think you understand what I'm saying. Look out for the possibility that the Sunni rebels in Syria and Iraq join Gog while betraying the United States. Yet, don't assume that Obama would oppose this Russian-Sunni alliance, because he could be very happy to see Russia taking Assad out, at much less the cost to his own revenues. In other words, look for Obama to make a deal with Putin to share the New Syria. I would never predict such an unlikely thing if not for my expectations on how the Iraqi situation should pan out as per prophecy.

An Obama agreement to share the Middle East with Putin does not necessarily mean that Obama will have a continual hands-off approach. The current lack of effort to secure Syria seems to be due to his fear of the Putin axis, but where the two come to an agreement, we could expect joint military action in Syria and Iraq. And that's why it's important that Kerry has just publicly announced, last week, American animosity toward the Maliki government. It's to be predicted that the anti-Christ in league with a False Prophet will take the Middle East together.

However, I am not proclaiming that Obama is the False Prophet. I don't see it, yet anyway. Nor am I predicting that an Obama-Putin alliance will take place as part of the anti-Christ system. I'm just opening a can of possibility to explain how the short-term future MIGHT roll out the prophetic calendar. In the last we heard from Putin, he is still pro-Assad. There was an article in the Israeli news this past week saying that Israel is spying on the Russian naval base off the Syrian coast.

I'm sure that some of you are wondering whether the new pope will prove to be the False Prophet. But if by this term we are referring to the second beast in Revelation 13, the one who advances the 666 commercial system, I find it very unlikely that a modern pope can act in that capacity. The second beast of Revelation also has the power to bring what I perceive as military fire from the sky, on behalf of the agenda of the first beast. Perhaps this will all make more sense when Joseph Biden, or whomever, is the next president. Biden is the one who claimed that he invented the "reset button" with Russia, and it just so happens that entering "Biden" gets the Button surname that, in the last update, linked to the pope's Roper/Ruper/Raper kin. The pope's bloodline at some point merged with Ropers/Rupers/Rapers and Reapers.

It just so happens that while I predicted the false prophet to be a Massey / Meschin liner some three years ago, the Reapers entered the picture at the write-up of the Misers/Messervys said to be from "messier," and then the Messiers come up as French Messeys. It became amply visible that this pope chose his motto as code for some kin, and that he chose his papal name, Francis, in honor of the Francis / Frank bloodline. For example, both the Arms of pope Francis and the "Jewish" Frank surname use the grape bunch, and the hat on the woman in that Frank Coat is like the hat in the Arms of the pope when he was yet a cardinal.

The Misers/Messervys entered the picture at the pope's "MISERando" motto term. It was gleaned that his birth surname, Bergoglio, was linkable to the Brook / Brock bloodline as per the Brook motto, "PerseverANDO," reflecting "MiserANDO," and moreover the "PerSEVERando" term could be code for the Sivori surname of this pope's mother. The Ando term was not addressed in the last update, and it can now be added that, while the pope's bloodlines led to human-sacrifice cults, so the Antons were traced months ago to the Boofima human-sacrifice cult. It just so happens that while Brooks use a red-on-white lion, Antons use a red-on-white leopard face, the colors also of the leopard faces in the German Frank/Franken Coat.

While it was deemed that the Brooks, from Broc of Anjou, were extra evidence that the pope is a Vere liner, I did not show the Sever surname that should be the traditional representation of the PerSEVERando motto term. It turns out that Severs/Savers (rings in the leopard colors above) were first found in the same place (Essex) as Vere's, and that the Siver variation is much like the surname of the pope's mother. The Schevior variation of Severs could indicate kinship with Schiffs who likewise use a ring (in the mouth of a raven). Isn't this the Schaffer/Shaffer line to the Caiaphas-based Shaves/Sheaves and Shaws.

I also neglected to mention that while the papal codework included the Coeurs/Cours/Courts, the latter use besants and colors like the besants and colors in the Savard/Savary Coat. It's the Misers/Messervys who use the "coeur" motto term, and besides this, the Coeurs/Cours/Courts were first found in the same place (Brittany) as the raven-line Stewarts using the same Vere-honoring motto as the Brocks.

It had been remarked that the Brook/Broocks scallops are in the colors of the Varni scallops, and besides this, while it appeared from considerations that the pope's bloodline, and perhaps even all Jesuits, trace to the Esus/Hesus human-sacrifice cult, I actually traced the Varni to Esus many months ago along with the Gripps/Grabbers. I did not stress at that time that Gripps/Grabbers come up as "Grape."

It is very likely that the grape bunch of "Jewish" Franks/Franckhens traces to the grapes of Herod Archelaus, and this is where the Antons/Antonys can come in because Mark Antony was, for a time, an ally of the grandfather (= Antipater) of Herod Archelaus. The grandmother of Herod Archelaus was Kypros, and she is traced (by me) to the Coopers/Coppers using more leopard faces, as well as a saltire cross in colors reversed from the saltire that is the Messey/Messier Coat.

It was revealed to me by a fly Sign and some related events that God was highlighting the Drake-related Mosca surname that married Montechiaro, and if I'm not mistaken, the leopard in the Crest of the Coopers/Coppers is a version of the Mosca leopard. The question is, why did the fly Sign occur partly as a fly on the forehead of Obama?

Lets go back to the Savards/Savarys, for the English Savards can be linked to Glaphyra Archelaus (wife of Herod of the grape vine). First of all, I made a fundamental link of the Archelaus priesthood in ancient Syria with the Bassianus priesthood in ancient Syria, and it was established that the Bassianus bloodline was at the root of the heraldic besants used by Savards/Savarys because a daughter of the Bassianus priesthood married the Roman emperor, Septimius SEVERus (3rd century AD). One can now draw a line from that man to the present pope's mother.

It was also established that the Bassianus line led to the naming of Basina, wife of FRANK king, Childeric (5th century AD), whose son, Clovis, is, in my opinion, a variation of "Glaphyra" evolved over a few centuries. The new pope is therefore tracing to the Bassianus and Archelaus priesthoods, and for all we may know, the Jesuits may pride themselves in exactly that.

It became evident in the last update that this new pope linked to the Joseph surname in honor of Joseph Caiaphas, the chief instigator at Christ's Crucifixion. Before discovering the Archelaus priesthood, I had traced the name of Joseph Caiaphas to elements from "Cappadocia," and so it was very interesting to thereafter find that the Archelaus priesthood was out of Cappadocia. Moreover, it turned out that the father of Ananias (father-in-law of Caiaphas) had a Syrian (Seth) for his father.

It was also interesting to discover from Wikipedia that while Herod Archelaus was banished to Vienne Isere of France, his brother, Herod Antipas, was banished to Lugdunum Covenarum, later re-named Comminges, smacking of "Comana" in Syria, where the Archelaus priests above operated. The Joseph garbs are also the garbs of the Comyns ("COURage" motto), very apparently, for Comyns are also "Commings" so as to betray their naming of Comminges.

Isn't it true that these priestly lines to which the new pope traces had snaked to the Mosca fly line because the Joseph motto honors the Charo's/Chiaro's/Claro's at Montechiaro? These Mosca-Montechiaro elements were, just prior to introducing pope Francis in the last update, traced to Cuneo and especially to Montferrat, smack beside the birthplace of the new pope's father, who married a Severus-suspect Sivori. Is God trying to tell us something concerning this new pope?

Lugdunum Covenarum smacks of Lugdunum in France, later re-named Lyon, smack beside Vienne Isere. Moreover, the coin of Herod Archelaus, with grape vine on one side and a feathered/plumed helmet in the other, was traced to the feathered helmet in the Crest of the Lyon-like Lannoys while French Lannoys and Lyons share the upright lion in green-on-white colors. The Lannoy description: A chevalier's head in a helmet and plume. These things cannot be coincidences: it's the Herod bloodline in our faces.

Here's the English Savards using black-on-white wolves, the symbol of the Cliffs/Cleaves whom I traced to the Glaphyra > Clovis bloodline for obvious reason. As you can see, both the English Savards and Cliffs/Cleaves have the additional commonality of a black-on-white fesse with three gold symbols on their fesse's. The Bush fesse applies because Bush's (from Bosca of Cuneo) trace to Edomites, as do Herods. See also the black CLAPton wolf.

English Savards (in Sale/Sallete colors) are shown properly as "Salford," and for me this indicates a trace to the Salat area at Comminges. The so-called "Fiscal Cliff" is a code intended for fellow Masons, to alert them that globalists of this Herod kind are seeking to pillage the peoples of the world by fabricating crisis after crisis. Compare the Fisk/Fisc pale (vertical bar) to the Cliff and Savard/Salford fesse's. Both the Fisks/Fiscs and Cliffs use gold stars on their black bars. The idea is to make us believe that there is a global financial crisis so that they can fix it by robbing us one way or the other.

Comyns/Commings' were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Glaphyra-suspect Clovers/Cleavers/Clavers, and the latter happen to be in the colors of the Dunhams (Norfolk too) using a Coat like the Fisher/FISCHer Coat.

It dawned on me that the papal mitre, said by many to be secretly a fish, was likely code for the so-called "black stone" that was an object of worship of the Bassianus priesthood. Although the papal mitre is white or gold, the Jesuits are said to harbor a so-called "black pope." It could be said that the white papacy succumbed to an arrangement with the Jesuits, as long ago as the 1950s, that Vatican power had to transfer to a Jesuit after 2012, thus explaining pope Benedict's recent resignation.

Note that these black papal mitre's have gold decoration, the colors of the Fisk / Cliff fesses. You can also see "IHS" on the black mitre's, the symbol of the Jesuits. Note what appears to be the gold fleur-de-lys in the mitre, for I realized that the central part of the fleur-de-LYS was at first a fish out of LAUSA/Ragusa, where the Saraka's (I use "Saraca" in all my files) lived who use the fish. Later, it dawned on me that the central part of the fleur-de-lys should also have been the black stone. There seems to be a relationship between Fish bloodlines lines and the black-stone of El-Gabal.

The white-on-blue Bosch fleur-de-lys had a very fish-like look to it until recently, when it's design was changed to the same as the Busch/Bush fleur. In the past year, there have been a rash of design changes (my estimate 100 Coats in the least) for apparently no reason. For example, there appears to be no reason to change the design of the Bosch fleur except to void my argument made a few times in the past that the fleur was once the Saraca fish. For years prior to last year, I noted hardly more than two or three heraldic changes. It seems feasible that the heraldry people got wind of my writings and have been monitoring them, changes Coat designs to thwart my writings. Then, this past month, the Coat-description page at Swyrich disappeared to a new Internet address.

As I've said several times, the Saraca's lived in KOTOR before moving to Laus/Ragusa, and then mythical KODROS of Athens had a fish (and boar) symbol. Beside Kotor is Budva, anciently Butua (Illyrian coast), said to be the home of mythical Cadmus and Harmonia, who had been previously changed (by myth writers) into snakes when they (myth codes, not real people) had yet been a representation of Greeks founding the Illyrians. I had found and shared one webpage claiming that Cadmus and Harmonia were changed into fish at Butua, an obvious code for the merger of the Cadmus Boiotians with the Kodros Athenians; it's explained easily where mythical Aedon of Boiotia evolved into "Athena."

I have also repeated that the Cutter surname uses the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Saluzzo's, and that Saluzzo is in Cuneo smack beside BUSCA. Plus, English Bush's (fleur-de-lys) use a boar, an old symbol of Kodros. That can't be coincidental, and it traces the Laus/Ragusa / Saraca fish very strongly to the same-colored fleur-de-lys of the Buschs/Bush's and Boschs.

I have only just learned, I kid you not, after writing the above, that the Arms of Ragusa appears to use a black papal mitre (with red decoration). Even the crosier is black, and then Cliffs use a "cruce" motto term that traced to Chrysippus elements at the Montechiaro / Hypsas theater. Here's a larger view of the papal miter, and it is indeed black!

Plus, WOW, here's the Ragusa motto, "Non bene pro toto libertas vendITUR AURO," which traces easily to the Awraba/Aures tribe of Berbers, for, not many updates ago, this tribe was identified right here with the ITUReans, now explaining the "vendITUR AURO" motto phrase of Ragusa. How about that!

I had found the Itureans in Massyas of northern Lebanon in the face of Emesa/Homs, where the Bassianus / black-stone cult operated! Therefore, it appears more certain that the black papal mitre is code for the black stone of El-gabal. How about that.

I had seen, but wasn't going to mention the "itur" motto term of Fisks/Fiscs, until now! Can we guess that this pope is going to be involved in the Fiscal-Cliff "crisis"?

Aha! The pontiff in the Arms of Ragusa is pointing with the same two fingers as per the Pointer Crest, suggesting that Pointers and "pontiff" are named after the same bloodline. I see Pointers as a branch on Punch's/Poyntz's / Pinks/Pinch's / Panico's/Panetta's, i.e. the Payen bloodline that founded the Templars and married the Chappes! Did you notice that Pointers are in Fisk and Cliff colors? Both Fisks and Pointers use a gold pyramid-like symbol.

The Fisks call their Crest a "triangle," and then the Angle surname use a "super" motto code, evoking the so-called "Super Committee for the Fiscal Cliff," the official phrase that, according to Wikipedia, founded "fiscal cliff."

AHA! Compare the "MISERANDo" motto term of this new pope to the MITTERAND variation of the Mitre surname!!! Look out world, the bloodline lusters are in your face. "The Family" is about to scrape you to your very bones with their teeth, and eat your marrow too.

The Mitre/Mitterand Chief even uses white-on-blue stars, the color of the star in the pope's Arms (when he was yet a cardinal). What is that white object behind the dove in the Mitre/Mitterand Coat? Is it a white version of the black stone? By what coincidences do both German Fishers and Mitre's/Mitterands use a body of water while the Fisher fish is in the colors of the Saraca / Busch / Bosch fish?

Question: why is the top pontiff of the Jesuits called a "black pope"?

The Superior General of the Society of Jesus is the official title of the leader of the Society of Jesus -- the Roman Catholic religious order, also known as the Jesuits. He is generally addressed as Father General. The position sometimes carries the derogatory nickname of the Black Pope, after his simple black priest's vestments, as contrasted to the white garb of the Pope. The current Superior General is the Reverend Father Adolfo Nicolas.

Is "black pope" really just a derogatory phrase? Then why is the official logo of the Jesuits black, with a black cross even? What does IHS really stand for? As you can see on the page above, FRANCIS Borgia was only the third "black pope." He was a great-grandson of pope Borgia from Gandia at SAFOR, the latter being the one mentioned in the last a likely ancestor / distant cousin of the present pope Francis. Julie had urged me for a year or two to stress pope Borgia, and here perhaps is the reason. I did not know until now that the Arms of Gandia uses a single star in the colors of the single star of pope Francis.

In the last update, the spikeNARD symbol of pope Francis was suggested as code for the Narbonne/Nardo surname. I now find that the white-on-blue Moratin tower of that latter surname is used by the Spanish Rodrigues surname (pine cones), important because pope Borgia's first name was Rodrigo. We could expect a surname to be named after him, especially where several Coats are already tracing to his family.

There are two more ways to prove that the spikenard is code for the Narbonne's/Nardo's/Nordi's, and that the surname is a branch from Rodrigo Borgia: 1) the pine cones in the Rodrigues Coat are a symbol of the Maschi's/Maskalys who use the same lion, in the same colors, as the Narbonne/Nardo/Nordi (and North) Coat; 2) the French Narbonne's and French Rodneys/Rodez' were both first found in Languedoc, and both use upright gold-on-red lions as their only Coat symbols.

Languedoc is where to expect the Burgo family that created the Contevilles at Comyn, and Contevilles are fundamental to the Rus-pirate bloodline that created the Super Committee for the Fiscal Cliff.

If you were convinced that the Reeds with "pax copia" motto term were Caiaphas liners, now is the time to show that the eagle rising in the Reed Crest is in purple in the English Rodney Crest. Then, as Reeds were first found in the same place as Roddens/Rodhams (French Rodrigues colors), by what further coincidence does the latter share a tree stump with the Frances Crest? If that's not enough, compare Rodden with the Rodoney variation of Rodneys. These peoples are going where no man has gone before, the darkest pits of Hell.

As the Mitre's/Mitterands just traced well to pope Francis' motto, it should be added that Mitre's/Mitterands and Rodham-related Stevensons share the same three stars in Chief (in the colors of the pope's star), and that Stevensons were likewise first found in the same place as Roddens and Reeds. Suddenly, it's discovered that Bill Clinton married the pope Borgia > pope Francis line. Right? From Francis Borgia, the third black pope, right? Reminder, the Stevenson Coat is a good reflection of the Francis Coat. The Steven bloodline is a Stewart one.

Another reminder: pope Francis is guilty of sin, lying to the world as to why he chose Francis as his papal name. The pope should attend a confessional as soon as possible, not just for lying, but for bloodline lust and lying in bed with the Mystery Babylon, Mother of Abominations. I have seen hardly anything concerning this pope, but my heraldry knowledge has already revealed that he is an evil one come as an angel of light.

It is now becoming apparent that the Rhodian Illuminati could trace to the Rodrigo-Borgia > Rodney bloodline. Isn't that something? It appears that Julie was hitting the spike on the head all along, and no one was listening. The popes "Miserando" motto term led to the Messey/Messier bloodline, and then the English Messiers and English Rhodes' were both first found in the same place, Lincolnshire. Le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois of Lincolnshire, and then Lacys use purple, the colors of the Rodneys. Lucys (in Lys / Massey colors) use fish in the colors of the French Rodrigues', wherefore Lacys and Lucys may trace to the fish at Laus/Ragusa. I wrote that before entering "Laus" to find a purple grape bunch, albeit the surname is shown properly as "Lauer/Lau." Laus'/Lauers were first found in the same place (Bohemia) as German Franks.

The first black pope was IgNATIus, which makes the "nati" motto term of two Frank surnames suspicious, having the potential to trace both to Francis Borgia. In fact, while English Franks use the Pollock saltire, I traced the Pollock founder to Fullers = Roquefeuils, and the latter family had a daughter who married Henry IV of Rodes/Rodez. You can bet all your blue apples that the Cecil-Rhodes Illuminati traces to that Roquefeuil-Rodes marriage.

This is going to freak Julie out because, along with stressing pope Borgia when no-one was listening, she traced all of Masonry to Herods when no one was listening, including me. By now you may have become convinced that the present pope's particulars traces him to the Herods and Coopers/Coppers, important because Dutch Coppers and Scottish Franks share the same-colored saltire, on a green Shield like the English Frank and Spanish Rodrigues Coats (the Francis tree stump is green). Scottish Franks are the other surname using "nati," and, to help trace them to Herod Archelaus, they even show fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Lannoy / Lyon lions. An important point here is that Roquefeuil is a location smack beside Comminges (i.e. where the Herod brother of Archelaus was banished).

I'm simply amazed that these surnames are all tracing excellently to Francis and Rodrigo Borgia. This line must have been the Masonic glory of Spain. Rennes-le-Chateau, also beside Roquefeuil, was merged with elements at Castile, where the Rodrigues surname was first found. Rennes-le-Chateau was in Septimania, and that term should trace to "SEPTIMius Severus Bassianus." I traced "RENNES" to the same that named Renfrew, where Pollocks were first found. The Wrens, said to trace to "Rennes," use purple, the Rodney color. The Dunham spear is "broken" in the Wren Crest, and then Broke's are also Brocks, the line that I say "Bergoglio" traces to, and therefore also the Borgia's.

Therefore, it appears that the Franks, by and large, trace to the first Jesuits in connection with Francis Borgia. Entering "Loyal" gets a Doyle/Oyle surname (in the colors of Irish Doyle's) that, in the past, I traced to Dol's proto-Stewarts, who had engaged Fulbert, the founders of Pollocks. Fulbert, founder of Pollocks, should prove to have been a family member of Fulbert "the tanner," the daughter of whom married Herluin de Conteville-Burgo. This is important because it's revealing again that the first Jesuits could have been from the Dol Alans. In fact, the French Rodrigues'/Roderigue's were first found in Brittany.

Doyle's/Oyle's were first found in Oxfordshire, and then the red bull in the Arms of Oxford is suspect with the red Borgia bull. Besides, Veres of Oxford and Dol's Alans had been virtually one. Reminder, German Dols/Dole's use grape vines on a stump, and yet another green Shield. In the Dole/Dole Crest, three BLACK ostrich feathers.

English Dole's/Dollins happen to show the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys that the Boschs showed until recently. See how the bottom of the design makes the central part of the fleur look like a fish. Isn't that central part a white papal mitre in disguise?

Aha! The Spanish Loyola Coat uses the black wolves of the Savards/Salfords. I say Savards/Salfords show to be a branch of Bush's who in-turn use the Dole/Dollin fleur. This Loyola wolf design is used also by Quillans/Killans (and German Flemings), important because a Quillan location is smack at Rennes-le-Chateau. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Quillans/Killans is that also of Fishers.

It doesn't escape us that the Loyola wolves are black, the Jesuit color. The Loyola description: "Silver with a black cauldron hanging by a [black] hook between two black wolves." In the recent past, I showed that "hook" claiming that it was also a lightning bolt to some, and then both Bolt Coats are black-on-white, as with the Loyola Coat. Entering "Cauld" gets the Cole bull (i.e. a Borgia symbol too), but then the Scottish Caulds/Colts/Celts use the red stag of the Doyle's/Dole's, tending to clinch the Loyola link to Loyals/Doyle's/Oyle's. It's therefore possible, though there is an alternative explanation, that Loyola was named after the Dol family.

Caulders use a stag too, but then the Caulder swan in Crest is like the Walsh-Crest swan while Walch's and Caulds use similar motto terms. George Bush married a Laura Walsh who turned out to be, at best, a hypocrite Christian. The CAUDER variation of Caulders smacks of the Kotor > Cutter line to Saluzzo, beside Busca. Caulds/Colts and Walsh's share pheons belonging to the Pontius-Pilate line. Scottish Walsh's are likely using the Maxwell saltire, and in the Crest another tree stump. It's notable that the Walsh stump has only one branch re-growing, as with the Francis stump. It's staggering suddenly that the major players of recent America are tracing to the first Jesuits. This is all new to me.

The Maxwells (mother trunk of Pollocks who are tracing to both Ignatius and Francis Borgia) and the Caulds/Coles both trace with Gore's/Cores to Rijeka and neighboring Gorski, and to Servitium on the Sava river, home of the proto-Romans from the 600 Benjamites. The Gores/Core's use a white wolf, and then the Gowers/Gore's ("Frangas" motto term!) show the white wolf too, but the white wolf of the Quillans/Killens design in the design of the white one of Italian Romans, which design, in black, is the Loyola wolf. The Pollocks had traced to the de-Pole surname at Foix, smack beside Quillan and Roquefeuil. Spanish Romans were first found in Castile.

JUST FOUND! Spanish Romans use the same-colored pale/vertical bar as the Inigo's, important because Ignatius Loyola was born with that name! There is no Roman surname that matters to Freemasons but the one tracing to the Jesuits. Heraldry is their tracking system for the lines that matter to them, in the same way that myth was a tracking system that mattered to the founders of mythology.

As Ukrainian Romans use three red roses (on a green Chief), the color of the roses in the other Inigo Coat, one can predict that the Varangian Rus in Kiev had linked to the Jesuits in Spain, and/or that the Dol elements of Doly, Ukraine, were involved. After all, the Inigo and Roman pale bars are in the colors of the Alan fesse. Scottish Romans look like they could be using a version of the Cliff/Cleaves / Bush Coat. Without going into it, the Catholic elements in the Glasgow area (= Trypillian elements) are now being pegged as Jesuit liners.

Aha! There is an Italian Ignatius surname (part-green Shield) listed with the Iglesias/INGLESE surname, and then the English/Inglis Coat shares the Moray-colored stars with Stevensons and Mitre's/Mitterands (i.e. two surnames that trace well to pope Francis's roots in pope Borgia). The Ignatius/Inglese Coat is somewhat in the colors of the English Coat. Reminder: Gandia uses a star in the colors of these stars. While the Ignatius/Inglese Coat uses a bear, English's/Inglis' were first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire. Bernicians were Varangians, right?

By the way, the Berwick surname is now showing the muzzled bear design of the Forbes'. For those who don't know, design matters greatly in heraldry. Even though the Canadian heraldry company (Swyrich), cited in the last update, has been changing designs in the past year, it yet uses designs that are traditional alternatives of the surnames. It would not be correct to assume that design does not matter just because they are changing designs. Perhaps the company is changing them to make it appear that design is not evidence of kinship. I have proven several times that the new designs used by link to other kin not evident in the earlier designs shown. Whatever the designs used, they link to kin, and kinship can be discovered by other means aside from shared design. By "kinship," marital mergers is meant.

It had been discovered some months ago that the Romanovs were directly related to the Jacobs, and so it should be added that the Spanish Jacobs use essentially the same fat cross (both in the colors of the Inigo / Roman pale bar) as Irish Burghs/Burke's while French Borgia's/Burgs use the same red moline cross as German Jacobs.

Ignatius Loyola formed the Jesuits under a pope Paul, born Alessandro Farnese. The Italian Farnese/Farina Coat (Rome) shows a red column, possibly colored reversed from the white-on-red column of the German Frank Coat. The Italian Franco's/Defrancisco's ("goblets") were likewise first found in Rome, as were the Sforza's that I say pope Francis's father married. Spanish Franco's/Frances' use a white-on-green fesse, as does half the Ignatius/Inglese Coat (that's a big deal). These colors are those also of Belgian Gands/Gends and Ukrainian Romans/Romanovs.

Suddenly, we can link "WARNer" to the line from Francis Borgia because the FARNese Coat is a split Shield vertically in colors reversed from the split German Warner Coat! The white star in the Warner Crest can now be the Gandia white star. English Warners (squirrel) use a bend in the colors of the Franco/Defrancisco bend. AND I ALMOST MISSED IT: the Warner motto, "Non nobis tantum nati", is practically the Frank motto, "Non nobis nati"! We nailed them again. Varangian Rus, right? The pirates of old in our modern faces.

It's now important that while Austrian Turners use a version of the Warner split Shield, Scottish Turins use the bend in the colors of the Warner bend. It's tracing the Jesuit line from the Borgia's to Turin, smack beside the Asti birthplace of pope Francis' father, smack beside the Visconti's, smack beside Montferrat where I say Veres held office who were initially on the WARNow river as the Varni/Warni. Moreover, the Turin bend has three gold symbols (boars), the colors of the three goblets on the same-colored bend of Franco's/Defrancisco's. Also, Austrian Turners use their split Shield in the colors of the same of the Farnese Coat. It's the Pharisee line out of the Turin theater, isn't it?

German Turners use that white Moratin tower again that we saw twice in the lines to pope Francis. So, what are we to think of Time-Warner merging with Turner Broadcasting at CNN??? See the Tours and Towers with Turins and Turners in mind.

Lest you've forgotten in the excitement, the Farnese surname was looked up as per pope Farnese under whom Loyola operated as a loyal servant of the papacy...for the purpose of stamping out Protestants. It's bringing to mind the FERINhurst/Ferniehurst location of the Kerrs that was emphasized in the last update, when Kerrs seemed to have linkage to pope Francis too. The Arms of pope Farnese (as I call him) show the fish-like fleur-de-lys design. Apparently, this pope was the Varangian element at the feet of the Jesuits.

The Barness surname was loaded in checking links to "Farnese," and that got a fesse in the blue-on-gold colors of the Fernie fesse. The Fernie's then use the red-on-gold lion of the Ferns/Farns. Plus, this brought the Barneys/Berneys to mind whom I knew by heart to use a bend in the red color of the Turner / Warner bend. I can scarcely believe that so many Vere-related surnames, stressed in the past, are tracing to the founders of Jesuits and their popes. What is really going on? Is it true what many say that Jesuits and Masons are one, or were one, along with certain Vatican elements? It must be more complex than simple, but that seems to be the gist. There is a so-called Martinist branch of Masonry that traces itself to Spain.

When we enter "Column" (it's the Malcolm Coat) as per the Farnese column symbol, we get the red stag heads used also by Loyola-suspect Doyle's/Dole's and Caulds/Colts/Celts. The latter were looked up as per the codework in the Loyola description: "Silver with a black cauldron hanging by a [black] hook between two black wolves."

From pope Farnese's article: "Born in 1468 at Canino, Latium (then part of the Papal States), Alessandro Farnese was the oldest son of Pier Luigi I Farnese, Signore di Montalto (1435-1487) and his wife Giovanna CAETANI, a member of the Caetani family which had also produced Pope Boniface VIII." Pope Borgia had a common-law wife, Vannozza of CATTANEI. Coincidence? Cattanei's were a branch of Candida's, first found in the same place (Naples) as Italian Romans using the Inigo Coat.

Months ago, when stressing pope Borgia, it was found that Cattanei's were the line to Clan Chattan / Chatans, who use the bend colors of the Botters, first found in Lucca, beside Pisa. I now find: "Caetani, or Gaetani, is the name of an Italian noble family princely family which played a great part in the history of Pisa and of Rome, principally via their close links to the papacy." Chattan / Chatan colors are used by Gaets/Gaeds/Gede's with variations suggesting the Placentia-based Geddys / Geddes'. The Gate's/Gates', interestingly enough, use the gold round-tailed lion on the above-mentioned Barney bend. The Geddys (pike fish) had been tracing to the Guerra's / Guerrens = Warrens, now suspect with the above-mentioned Warner links to Jesuit lines.

The Chatans (one 't') use that Moratin tower again in the colors of the same of Narbonne's/Nardo's and Rodrigues'. I simply can't believe how many surnames, one after the other, are tracing to the Jesuit - Borgia lines. Compare the Chatan Coat with the Romney Coat, suggesting Romneys to be a Roman / Romanov branch. Romneys use red scallops as do the Bergons/Burgoigne's and the Savona's/Sabine's, but the latter even use the red Borgia bull. So there you now have a Romney link to the Jesuit-Borgia line (though this link had been made already in the pope-Borgia investigation). Do you think Mitt Romney knows it / loves it?

Here's more on pope Farnese:

The Farnese family had prospered over the centuries but it was Alessandro's ascendency to the papacy and his dedication to furthering family interests which saw the vastly significant increase in the family's wealth and power.

Alessandro's humanist education was at the University of Pisa and the court of Lorenzo de' Medici. Initially trained as an apostolic notary, he joined the Roman Curia in 1491 and in 1493 Pope [Borgia] appointed him Cardinal-Deacon of Santi Cosma e Damiano. Pope [Borgia's] mistress, Giulia Farnese, was his sister...

From the Loyola article: "The youngest of 13 children, Inigo Lopez [later Ignatius Loyola] was brought up by María de Garin, the local blacksmith's wife, after his own mother died soon after his birth later became a page in the service of a relative, Juan Velazquez de Cuellar, treasurer (contador mayor) of the kingdom of Castile." It's interesting that "Garin" could indicate a Vere group that I link to Ferrari's, named after blacksmiths. The Cuellar surname even uses the same lion (same colors) as the Ferrari lion, but it's also the lion of Petits, first found in Burgundy, where Borgia's ought to trace. Petits are important here because "He was baptized Ínigo, after St. Enecus (Innicus), Abbot of Ona, a mediaeval Basque name arguably meaning 'My little'." It's not unthinkable that Petits and "little" should relate in some way. Petits had traced to Boofima circles in the Poitiers / Poitou area of France.

We should expect some key surnames to come out of Loyola circles of the Boofima kind. Boofima (= proto-Baphomet) had a leopard symbol, and there we see a gold leopard face in the Little Crest. Loyola is a location in the country of the Basques, who call themselves EUSKals, and then here's the Little write-up: "First found in Roxburghshire, where Richard de Lidel had a grant of lands from the Church of Largs in 1202. The Little Clan territory followed the banks of the River ESK..." Esk yourself if there's a wee bit of a link there.

English Inigo surname, with variations suggesting the Ince's and related Inch's (jibes with a small theme), was first found in the same place (Essex) as the Vere's and Gores/Core's. It's now important that I was able to establish that the Gore/Core Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Coat used by Dol's Alans. We already saw that Loyola traces to the Dol Alans, close kin of Vere's. To this day, the Drakenberg Vere's want to see Stewart rule, and we can imagine posturing and all sorts of secret designs to that end by the fat cats of these bloodlines. Again, Spanish Inigo's use a vertical pale bar in the colors of the horizontal fesse bar of Alans.

The Inglos variation of English Inigo's suggests the English/Inglis bloodline that includes the Ignatius/Iglesias/Inglese surname, right? Yes, the three Moray stars of the English/Inglis Chief are used by Scottish Weirs/Vere's who trace themselves to Roxburghshire, where the Little's were first found who probably use the Maxwell saltire in colors reversed. The Maxwells are important in this picture because they trace with Gores to the Gorski theater of the Japodes. We are in the midst of tracing the 600 Benjamites to Loyola. The Angle's, remember, were fellow worshipers of Nerthus with the Varni, and moreover the Vere motto term, "nihil," links to the Neils/Nihills > Nagle's/Angulo's. I'm suggesting that "Inigo" is evidence of an Angle / Yngvi bloodline in Spain.

Servitium is on the Sava (see center-left of map of Roman Illyricum) near the mouth of the Oeneus = Una river (representing mythical Juno of the Romans and mythical Ina of the Etruscans), and then we just read that St. Enecus/Innicus was baptized by the abbot of Ona. Opposite the river from Servitium, we see "INCErum." Plus, I don't think it's a coincidence that the feast day of Inigo of Ona is JUNE 1, a month named after mythical Juno.

The double-headed black eagle of the Maxwells is the symbol of the 600 "Benjamites" (= Meshwesh > Maezaei) from Rimmon (in Israel) and Jabesh (east side of the Jordan) who evolved into the proto-Romans on the Colapis river (shown on map) of the proto-Jupiter Japodes. Juno was made Jupiter's wife because she was a representation of the Una river, where the Maezaei are shown who had been the Meshwesh/Mazyes/Maxyes of north Africa when mythical Aeneas (i.e. Oeneus-like term) was in the midst of founding the Romans through the north-African theater.

The double-headed Maxwell eagle had traced to the same in the Arms of Rijeka, which on the map above is at Tarsatica, at the source areas of the Colapis river. The Cole's ("serva" motto term), who are now suspect in using the Borgia bull, were traced to the namers of the ColAPIS (Apis was a bull cult). The Cole's, like Gore's ("servire" motto term), use a motto term in honor of Servitium. Here's the Gorski area that I say named the Gore's. It's to the immediate east of Rijeka, and covers the whole land of the Japodes on the Colapis and Oeneus rivers, and even covers the land of the Maezaei. The Cole bull is even in the colors of the Mieske/Mesech bull. The 600 Benjamites are thereby tracing to the importance of the Jesuits. It's like the snakes of very ancient times determined to rule the universe in the name of satan their beloved.

Although I know nothing of the history or details of Ignatius Loyola, yet it can be gleaned that his power arose upon meeting Juan Velazquez de Cuellar, high-level operative and confidant in the kingdom of Castile. By what further coincidence does "CUELlar" reflect the Coel term that I think Cole's trace back to. That is, I traced Coles to a Coel-like hill at Rome (one of the seven hills) because Cole's claim to be from king Cole / Coel.

It can be established now that the Inigo bloodline named, not only the Ince's and Inch's (both use torteaux), but the Innes' at Moray, important because the Innes and Coles Crests both use the green snake traceable to Sforza kin of pope Francis, and, besides, Sforza's use the same lion as Cuellars.

It's probably correct to assume, from the white-on-red chevron of the Coles', that the Cuellars and Sellers were one family with Kellers / Keele's / Kellie's and similar others that were emphasized recently as part of the Frank / Francis bloodlines. If that traces the Sellers / Kellers to the Colapis river with the Cuellars, so be it. In fact, I continue to claim that God showed us, through a dream/vision of a reader, that Caiaphas -- who I say is evident in the grails and swan of the Seller Coat and Crest -- is to be found in the blue lion of the Bruces and of Brescia (not far from Gorski), entities which were later traced to the Breuci, shown on the map at the mouth of the Colapis. It floored me, therefore, to discover that the Colapis was also called the Kupa, for earlier, emailer Patterson, when she had the dream of the blue lion, said that it was named something like "Cappeo." She saw the name in the dream but was unsure of the spelling. I knew that God was sending a message that Caiaphas was the blue lion in the Arms of Macclesfield, an Arms with a "copia" motto term.

But that little investigation also found the "cupias" motto term of the Yorks at the same hour that I looked up the Coppers/Coopers, who, like Yorks, use a blue saltire. But I can now add that, while this Loyola topic is proving to be the Little - Petit topic, one Small Coat uses a blue-on-gold saltire, the color of the Copper/Cooper saltire.

The Coles snake is coiled around a white column, albeit it's called a "pillar." Where else did we see a white column. Ah, yes, in the German Frank Coat, and then the English and Scottish Franks were related to Pollocks, a branch of Maxwells from Pula at the south end of Istria. Rijeka is at the north end of Istria. The Arms of Pula are a good reflection of the Pollock and Frank saltires. The point is, the Column Coat, with "petit" motto term, uses a saltire in the colors of the York saltire, and the Coles' were first found in Yorkshire, where the Gowers/Gore's were first found.

Here is something new and interesting. The French Gore Coat has some resemblance to the Column Coat, and indeed both surnames are tracing to Gorski. As you can see, while English Gores use the Alan fesse in colors reversed, French Gores and French Alans use similar Coats too. All three surnames, Gores, Alans, and Columns, use gold-on-blue stars coupled with red-on-white symbols. All the French Gore variations use "Jor," but it was the Joret variation that suggested the Jordan river, location of proto-Jupiter at Jabesh Gilead.

The Jordan Coats were therefore loaded to find one using a red fesse, the color of the Alan fesse. This bunch of surnames includes Dan-like terms, important where the 600 Benjamites were a branch of the 600 Danites...Meshwesh out of Tanis who brutalized Laish. It bears repeating that the Spanish Inigo Coat uses the Alan fesse as a pale bar, for it just so happens that English Inigo's/Inko's/Incho's/Inglo's and Jordans/Danons share three red-on-white roses. If that's not enough, the Jordans/Danons were first found in Brittany.

Plus, the Yonge's ("jeune" motto term), whom I've traced to "Juno," use three red roses too in the positions of the red roses above. Aha! Yonge's were first found in the same place (Essex) as Inigo's/Inko's (and Gores), thus clinching the trace of "Inigo" to Juno elements.

The Romans traced themselves to a wolf entity called Romulus/Remus, and then the black Yonge wolf is identical to the black wolves of the Spanish Lopez', important because Ignatius Loyola was born Inigo Lopez. The Lopez wolf is even on a gold Shield, the color of the Yonge Shield. Therefore, it appears that "Yonge" is an "Inigo" variation, or vice versa.

The Portuguese Lopez Coat uses an under-Shield reflecting the design of the Arms of Burgundy. We saw this design in the last update in one Grange Coat (more Ferrari-etc lions); the Grange Crest is even a black eagle, suggesting the Maxwell eagle, for the Grange (at Jedburgh) is just a short jog from Maxton, home to Maxwells. Let me repeat: "The youngest of 13 children, Ínigo Lopez was brought up by María de Garin, the local blacksmith's wife..." Garin = Grange? Amazingly, German Garins are also Goring!

Compare Garins/Gorings with Hagels and the Arms of Kyburg. Ask why?

There's a black eagle (Hagel symbol too) in the Italian Garin Coat, and the surname, being first found in Bologna (i.e. the Guerra theater), even shows as "Guarino, Guerini, Varini, Varin." Compare these variations with "Kerr," the Carr-related operators at the Grange. The colors of these bars are in the colors of the Varn/Warn bend, in colors reversed to the Hagel / Kyburg bends.

If that's not enough, the Garin/Guerini/Varin Coat shows the black-and-gold (or black-on-gold) horizontal bars in the Arms of Borgia-Gandia. It looks like the trace of the Grange in the last update to Guerra / Guerre(n) elements is working out, but the bigger point as far as this discussion goes is that the Garins at the feet of the Jesuit founder are tracing to Pharisees out of Forum Allieni = proto-Ferrara. Right? It wasn't enough that Pharisees disguised themselves as priests of Israel; their descendants now disguise themselves as black-robed priests of Jesus.

...George Scott, brother-German to Sir Walter Scott of Whitslaid, Selkirkshire, in the barony of Maxtoun [=Maxton] etc...all united into the barony of Maxtoun by Charter granted to Sir John Ker of Jedburgh, knight, and John Ker of Longnewton...,_Roxburghshire

In the last update, the Kerrs of the Grange were featured along with Obama's new pick, John Kerry-Kohn, to replace Hillary. The Grange is in Berwickshire. This week, on March 27, an article appeared in which we learn that Obama has chosen Julia Pierson to head up the Secret Service. I've been familiar with the Pierce surname, but not the Pierson surname. When loaded, it was found that Piersons were likewise first found in Berwickshire, and, like Kerrs, use the sun symbol for Helios elements to which Rodhams trace. I traced Pierces and bear-using Percivals to the Parisii, the Gorgon trunk of the Pharisees.

Julia Pierson comes in at the Secret Service as Mark Sullivan quit the top spot in scandal. As Sullivans are a branch of Salyes, note that the Sale and Care Coats are similar. By what coincidence do Cares and Sullivans share the same red bird? It's the bird design of the Ector-related Kays/Keys (who trace to the Hector Trojans, where the Parisii also trace) using a version of the Ince / Inch Coat.

The Sullivan write-up: "First found in the territory of Cahir [Care-like term] in County Tipperary. The Sullivan spelling is by far the most common name in Munster, and is predominantly found in the counties of Cork and KERRY..." Compare the Tipper Coat to the Francis Coat, important because Tabers and Franks share a woman in blue holding a purple grape bunch.

This new pick of Obama can indicate, as many other evidences suggest, that certain organizations are stacked with certain bloodline relations because Masons who honor bloodlines are doing the hiring. What do you think it means when Masons are in charge of the Secret Service? Did anyone really doubt that Masons would infiltrate the Secret Service? The Masons are devils, aren't they?

I should clarify that by "Mason," I don't necessarily mean one who attends a Masonic lodge. In fact, lodges may be out of style today. By "Mason," I'm referring to the conspiracy unto globalism started by Templars and carried on by Freemasons and Rosicrucians. At first, Templars were like Jesuits, devoted to the popes. However, that devotion may have been faked in order to get the organization established in power. Ultimately, Rosicrucians came to despise the Vatican, and, predictably, there developed groups both for and against the papacy out of Templar circles. In England, Rosicrucians established the Anglican Church with royal Stewarts as the representatives of Jesus Christ, a very laughable situation (to put it one way) that spilled over into the establishment of the United States. However, contrary to Britain, the United States did not run as a state church, and even Britain shed that concept in favor of parliamentary rule leading to secular humanism. And here we are today, with leaders shooting for the moon while advancing everything that is contrary to Biblical targets. We await the re-incarnation of Joseph Caiaphas, so to speak, so that he can be Murdered as he deserves, with all of his bands, including the Romans who now have a branch in Washington DC.

Lets go back to the Jordan-suspect Gore's who would have made it to the presidency of the United States had there been just a few more hanging chads in Al Gore's favor. English Jordans use the Ferrari / Petit / Sforza / Cuellar lion, as does the Coat of the Small-suspect Smells/Smileys, but the latter also use a bend in the gold-on-blue colors of the Scroll/Scrope bend. This is the bend used also by Jacques de Molay, leader of the Templars before the papacy decided to wound his group critically.

The Scrolls/Scrope's (in Jordan colors) were accessed from the "scroll" in the Jordan Crest. The scroll is above a gold version of the white Roque/Rockefeller rock that traces to the white rock in the Arms of rock-like Rijeka/Reka. I traced the Rijeka rock to "ROXburgh" because Maxwells lived there, and then the Scotts (branch of Amore's), first found in Roxburghshire too, use a bend in colors reversed to the one in this paragraph. These bends are in the colors of the Jefferson saltire, important where Jeffersons/Jephsons had traced to Jabesh's "Benjamites." Here's the black two-headed eagle of the Jabesh-suspect Cheps/Jepps/Jabachs.

Therefore, it does appear that "Gore" traces to "JORdan," meaning that Jordan elements named Gorski, where the capital is Rijeka. It's in Croatia, and then I traced Croatians to Garebites of Jerusalem, where Jabesh-suspect Jebusites reigned before God booted them off that throne in preparation for granting it to His Worthy Son. It could even be suspected that Jordan elements had been Gor terms in ancient Greece, that bringing Gorgons to mind, who I think named the Greeks in the first place. If that traces the Perseus-branch Gorgons to the Jordan river, it makes sense where at least one myth writer located Perseus' Gorgons at Joppa, which I say was named after the Jabesh line to Jupiter. The myth writer gave Gorgophone as a daughter of Perseus at Joppa. Think of the implications for the founders of the Greeks, from the satanic elements in pre-Israel that the true God stomped on with the seed of Abraham.

It's of some expectation that the Catherine wheel of the Scotts traces to the dukes of Gandia by way of John of GAUNT, husband of Catherine Roet, owner of the Catherine wheel. As Catherine's father was Payne Roet, let's not forget that the pierced Zionists stars of the Payens are used by Guerre(n)s who were just found above to be the French Garins, "Grand Masters of the Order of St. Jean of Jerusalem in 1231." It apparently means that the founder of the Jesuits was propped up by the founders of the Order of St. Jean of Jerusalem.

For so long, I had no idea that Borgia's were so involved with Jesuits or Templars when Julie egged me time and time again to investigate pope Borgia. My apologies, Julie, but then maybe it just wasn't the right time. To no surprise, a Hughes de Puy was involved:

Raymond du Puy de Provence (1083 - 1160), was a French knight and was Grand Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller) from 1118-1160. He was the son of Hughes Du Puy (1060-?), Seigneur de Pereins, d'Apifer, et de ROCHEfort, Governor of Acre and a general of Godfrey of Bouillon. He was also a relative of Adhemar of Le Puy, the papal legate during the First Crusade. As the second Grand Master he developed the Knights Hospitaller into strong military power

Just what Jesus would have wanted, right, a hospital that goes out to kill and maim people? Like, uhhh, duh, didn't Jesus say that we fight by weapons not of this world?

It looks like GD was very correct to say that her Payen bloodline was also "DuPuy." The Hospitallers were ruled, apparently, by a relative of Hugh de Payen, first grand master of the Templars. Not long afterward, the Pharisee-suspect Garin bloodline at the feet of Ignatius Loyola ruled the Hospitallers.

Of some interest, the blue lion of Caiaphas is used by the English Jean/John surname along with the red scallops used by Granges and leading to the Borgia's. Then, that Ferrari / Grange / etc. lion seen so often is in the French Jean Coat. If that's not enough, the Grange Coat appears to be in-version in the Spanish Jean Coat!!! You see, there are no names or surnames that really matter to heraldry aside from those important to the Templar lines. Do not purchase heraldry unless you don't mind owning a satanic item. The latter Jeans were first found in GRANada.

The Grange's would not have been a topic had it not been for an email from a KL that was introduced in the last update. How about that. The Revelation continues, no matter that I've begged God for a vacation from this work. I trudge on, with your help, exposing the pimple that was Caiaphas, soon to be brought under the torch of God for everlasting removal from the face of humanity.

French Grange's, using what should be a version of the Payen/Pagan Coat, were first found in ChamPAGNE, where Hugh de Payen had some secret "business" interests. While the French Petits/DuPetits use the Ferrari / Grange / etc. lion, the English Petits use the red lion of the Dupuys/Dupuis' exactly. Very revealing, isn't it? It puys to know your heraldry. This same red lion is in use in the French Garin/Guerre(n) Chief, which is the surname using the pierced Payen Zionist stars. So, they you have all the Templar nasties tracing forward in time to "María de Garín, the local blacksmith's wife," the one who raised Ignatius Loyola. Something happened to turn this line of Templars into pro-popers, and of course that something was the movement that brought about pope Borgia.

Let's read the Wikipedia / standard version of Loyola's beginnings:

During his period of convalescence in 1521, Ignatius read a series of religious texts, on the life of Jesus and on the lives of the saints; he became fired with an ambition to lead a life of self-denying labour and to emulate the heroic deeds of Francis of Assisi and other great monastics. He resolved to devote himself to the conversion of non-Christians in the Holy Land [wonderful]. Upon recovery, he visited the Benedictine monastery, Santa Maria de Montserrat (March 25, 1522), where he hung his military vestments before an image of the Virgin. He then traveled to the town of Manresa, Catalonia and spent several months in a cave near where he practiced rigorous asceticism. Ignatius also began seeing a series of visions in full daylight while in hospital. These repetitive visions appeared as "a form in the air near him and this form gave him much consolation because it was exceedingly beautiful ... it somehow seemed to have the shape of a serpent and had many things that shone like eyes, but were not eyes. He received much delight and consolation from gazing upon this object ... but when the object vanished he became disconsolate."

There is something desperately wrong with a Christian who honors Mary. I tell you, this is a trick of satan. It is clearly understood from the above that Ignatius was a nut, and that he led to his own demise with his asceticism in a cave, in devotion to spirits that were not God's Spirit. Does God live in a cave? Hello? Loyola's snake-like buddy with whom he took delight reminds me of Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, who tried to convert me to the idea that his dragon bloodline is the "dragon-light" of Jesus. Hello? Does a human live in that skull of yours? We have some real nuts who are giving Jesus a very bad name, and, the greatest problem has been historically, they have mostly been attuned to the Vatican.

After the murder of Jacques de Molay, the tune changed to anti-Vatican, and the Jesus-serpents joined ranks with the Protestant movements, infiltrating Protestant-leadership roles, or starting their own Protestant churches that led the way to modern fagotry amongst the clergy, something that Vatican clergy delighted in too. But having a centuries-long head start in fagotry, the Vatican clergy today are feasting on little boys. It's a long hill of slippery-slope corruption that needs to be blown away by the Fiery Torch of God. There is no other cure, especially when our leaders are trying to make us believe that it's not really a satanic ailment, but a lifestyle choice.

I suppose I was wrong to say that the charismatic movement started with the Catholic Apostolic Church (founded 1830) of Henry Drummond. When I made that statement, I knew that Rosicrucians prior to Henry Drummond had been extreme-"charismatic" lunatics. I also knew that some of the charismatic peculiarities, in my time, are beloved of women; I never saw a man being suddenly "slain in the spirit" in the pews when I attended charismatic churches; it was woman after woman, sometimes more than one woman standing beside one another. My own mother, a devout Mary worshiper whom I cannot help no matter how I try, said she experienced a slain-in-the-spirit moment at her Catholic church. But I did not know the following concerning a group founded by Loyola:

These female disciples...were so hysterically zealous that 'one fell senseless, another sometimes rolled about on the ground, another had been seen in the grip of convulsions or shuddering and sweating in anguish.' This suspicious activity had taken place while Ignatius and his companions were regularly preaching in public. Because of his "street-corner perorations" being identified "with the activities of the alumbrados," Ignatius was naturally singled out for inspection as one of these visionaries...

"Alumbrados" means "illuminated ones." The theory now is that Jesuits were devoted to an Illuminati cult of the dragon-light of Jesus. So, then, lets read further: "By 1534 [Loyola] had gathered six key companions, all of whom he met as fellow students at the University -- Francis Xavier, Alfonso Salmeron, Diego Laynez, and Nicholas Bobadilla, all Spanish; Peter Faber, a Frenchman; and Simao Rodrigues of Portugal." The Xavier surname (another green Shield), smacking of the Savers/Sivers > Sivori's that became mother to the present pope, uses the castle design of the Innes/Innice Crest, but the latter has a green snake coiled around that castle. Therefore, the green snake, even though it traces to the Sivori-suspect Sforza's, traces also to the Inigo root of "Innes," that rotten radical root being in Inigo Lopez Loyola, right? It is telling me that the green Visconti snake was the dragon-light snake in the visions of Loyola the nutbar.

When I get my visions for to Direct me in this revelation, I'm not in a cave or practicing monastic abuses to by body. Usually, I'm just waking up for another day at the keyboard, and the visions are literally dreams that prove to have a Message that I cannot deny. I live a very normal life, aside from not reporting to a boss, and have a very normal / sober mind. I don't do any strange things in the spiritual realm. I'm of sober mind. I talk to God, and thank Him when he draws near, and complain when He feels distant. I can be a child too in that regard. But entertaining a friendly snake in my visions is not something I would tolerate for a split-second. Evil spirits are delusional beings having no power unless we entertain them.

There is the possibility that "Innes" was from "Annas/Ananias." Are you with me here? The Ananias line going with Pharisee and Caiaphas elements to the circle of Inigo Lopez. It's not necessarily a contradiction that "Inigo" traces both to Angles and to Ananias, for it recently came out that Angles (1st century partners of the Varni) should have been named by Ananias elements.

We saw above one of Loyola's six partners, Peter Faber, with a Ferrari-suspect surname tracing in recent updates to Favara (Sicily), at the Hypsas / Montechiaro theater where Caiaphas and Ananias traced heavily. It appears that the Saver/Siver Coat (nebuly design) is a blend of the Faber and Favara (nebuly again) Coats. Right? Peter Faber, a friend of Francis Xavier, was commissioned by a pope to preach at Parma and Placentia, hmm, right where the Ananias line traces. The Annandale saltire may even be in use by one German Frank surname.

Remember here, these six Jesuit co-founders had not been convinced of the Protestant charges of hypocrisy laid against the Vatican popes, but instead became the staunchest papal allies. When the movements toward Biblical basics was underway, they chose the popes instead. They were condemned by the true Christ even before they began to preach in His name, if ever they did preach in His name. Serving the pope and Christ are not the same. Peter Faber was sent by pope Paul III Farnese, a Pharisee suspect.

Francis Xavier was the son of a Jaso surname, and then there is a Spanish Jaso Coat with the bear design of the Ignatius/Inglese Coat, if that helps to show that heraldic surnames are preoccupied, not with not anyone's surname, but with those who were instrumental Templar dogs, or worse. The fact that the same bear design is in the Coat of the Bayer/Bair surname (dark brown on gold), said to denote "Bavarian," suggests already that the Bavarian Illuminati applies to the Loyola Illuminati, even if the Bavarian Illuminati had no papal love. It's known that Adam Weishaupt, the visible founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, had been a Jesuit. There you go. The Western world is plagued by this disease wishing to make us all spiritually ill, but the Chinese, Russians and the Arabs have their own answer to this cancer as it tries to spread to their necks. Don't lament the demise of North America by dragons on the other side of the globe; expect it as an end-time inevitability.

It can now be deduced that the large single red-on-white rose of the English Bayers is from the Inigo's/Inko's/Incho's/Inglo's and the Jordans/Danons.

I did not yet have the Yorks in mind when earlier, the Neckar river came to mind at the sight of "Inigo / Enecus". The Necker is where Stuttgart is located that uses the logo of the Ferrari car company. Both the Borgia-based Rodhams and the Yorks use "nec" in their motto, and while I had traced that term to the Neckar, suddenly the entity that named Ignatius Loyola is coming to bear.

We've seen quite a few green Shields in this Loyola / Borgia / Francis investigation, and so perhaps we ought to add the green Shields of the Bauers and Bowers. The bear design above is used also by the English Beers/Bears with this write-up: "First found in Devon where there are two places on the banks of Tamar called Beer-Alston and Beer-Ferris..." It just so happens that the Scottish Ferris/Fergus lion is also that of Garins/Guerrens, Petits and DuPuys/Dupuis'. Irish Ferris/Fergus' use the lion of the other Petit Coat, which is the Ferrari lion too. English Ferris', who share a moline cross with Borgia's and the Gands, were from Bernai (Normandy) while the Barneys/Berneys share with them a red bend on ermined-white Shield, with gold symbols on their respective bends. Bernician suspects, as with Beers/Bears, right?

German Beers/Bears/Berens use the English Beer/Bear bear but in brown-on-gold bear like the Bayer bear. The dark brown of this bear can be compared to the dark brown that came up like a rash in the last update, where it was said: "Aha! While I do not often see dark brown in Coats, here is the third dark-brown Coat, in the Beaver Coat! All three dark-brown Coats -- of the Botters, Goggle's and Beavers -- use a gold Shield." So, we now have five dark-brown on gold Shields, and the two above, especially the Bavaria-related Bayers, are tracing indeed to Bavaria, where I think "Beaver" and "Bauer" should trace. Dutch Beers/DeBeers (Utrecht) are in Varn colors probably for a Varangian-Rus / Veringen reason. The Jaso bear is under an oak, a symbol of one of the Berne Coats. The latter clearly uses the lizard of the Herod-suspect Garrys/Hare's (they use the same lion as Lannoys / Lyons as well as the trefoil of Roquefeuil-related Rods).

One Bauer line renamed itself Rothschild, and got involved with Cecil Rhodes, whose family was in cahoots with deBeer diamonds. It's the Rhodian > Rus bear, isn't it? There is a raven on a gold garb in the Beer/Bear Crest, two symbols (both belonging to Garebites) that the present pope can trace to, not forgetting his sun is used generally by Catholicism in honor of the sun god, Helios of Rhodes no doubt included. The Rockefeller-related Rooks (in Roxburgh/Rokesby colors) use a raven on a gold garb that they call a "rook," and in the Rook Coat there are suns. The chevron of Rooks (see related Rookbys) is in the colors of the Francis chevron.

This is bringing to mind the court jesters that the tops of the rook symbols reminded me of, at which time (months ago) I looked up "Jest" ("Ferro" motto term) to find a version of the Feller Coat. But, suddenly, "Jest" looks like it's in honor of "Jesuit." What a joke. The fact that the Jests use swans in Coat and Crest while showing a Guest variation is bringing to mind the recent trace of the Joseph / Guisepi surname to Guis / Gois and similar surnames, now revealing, I think, that Jesuits were named after the Joseph surname.

The Jest/Guest write-up traces to "a guest or stranger," but the stranger theme of heraldry had been discovered with Pharisees of the Strange - Guido kind, wherefore note that entering "Guis" gets the Guido Coat! Ha-ha-ha, we've just discovered that the Guido-Guerra line merged with the proto-Rockefellers, jibing with a trace some months ago of the Varni to proto-Rockefellers at Roquefeuil.

The "gladio" motto term of Jests/Guests is code for the English Glads/Cladwins using a combination of the English and German Barney Coats. French Glads (Brittany) use the three Inigo roses and the red fesse (color of Alan fesse) on white, the colors of the French Jordan (Brittany) fesse that itself is surrounded by three red roses.

Jesters/Gesters have a page but don't show a Coat. Ha-ha-ha. As they were first found in COLchester, they should trace with the king-Cole line to the Rijeka elements mentioned above. In fact, the Rodham-related Rutherfords/Rudderfords were not only first found in Maxton of Roxburghshire, but use a "goose proper on a rock" in Crest...not to mention two "nec" motto terms. Ha-ha-ha, I can't stop laughing.

I almost didn't click from the English Bears to the French Bears/Beards: the Borgia red bull!!! The bulls are identical at this time, including their gold backgrounds.

PLUS, note that the ends of the moline cross in the French Borgia Coat are like the jester-hat tops of the rooks in the Rook and Rookby Coats! It's one joke after the other. French Bears/BEARDs (in BARD and Britt/BRETT colors) are in Alan colors, and were first found in Brittany. What a bunch of sorry clowns who created this heraldic code system.

Francis Borgia was archbishop of Zaragosa, and the Spanish Borgia's were first found there. The Zaragosa/Saragos Coat (in Saraca-fish colors) uses a ...silver crane holding a ROCK below. Why is "below" included in that description? I say it's for the Belows, first found in Yorkshire, where the Shipton-related Skiptons were first found. The Shiptons (Oxfordshire) use "bellows," you see, and then the Bellows use the English Billet Coat (Billets seem to me like Bilderberg elements). French Billets/Billiards were first found in the same place (Maine) as the swan-using French Joseph surname, and have a Coat that looks like a cross between the Payen and Feller Coats. Just like that, the Fellar-like Jest Coat is linking Jests/Guests to the Josephs after all.

The white Zionist star in the Billet/Billiard Coat was traced to the same of the Chep/Jepp/Jabach Coat where there is a black-on-gold two-headed eagle, symbol of the German Belows.

The two-headed black eagle in the Arms of Rijeka is pouring water from a jug or vase, and then the English Belows use "An arm [cuffed] pouring water from a chalice." That is a very strong indicator that the two Below surnames both trace to Rijeka. The Arms of Saraka have their fish on a blue fesse upon a gold Shield, colors reversed from the Zaragosa fesse, wherefore, when we read that Zaragosa's use a "rock below," it appears that Saraca's were at Rijeka, but also in Zaragosa.

Reminder: the Garins/Guerini's/Varins likewise use a black-on-gold eagle...upon the Borgia Arms. How about that. Heraldry, big mouth, does it again, rats on the globalist porks, and traces them to popes of the Jesuit kind. Dragon-light porks are in our soup, in our ears, infested everywhere, and watching from the confessional box to the camera's on our computers, if possible. Where will we hide from this Baphomet monster? I say don't hide. I say punch it square in the face and let your fist go right down their throats. It's what trolls deserve. Give to Babylon double the pains that she has given you. The Fist of God has been prepared for the final blow, and His cuffs are rolled up. We simply await Smack Time. The tops of the clouds bill billow at the force of impact.

The Zaragosa Coat may be using a version of the Innis castle, that being more evidence that Innes' trace to Inigo liners.

There is a Chalice surname, another green Shield. It uses gold-on-green, the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil, and of the Joseph chevrons.

You can see here that globalist leaders -- Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Rhodes' -- are linking to the bear of Ignatius Loyola, but shouldn't we ask whether the single gold garbs in two Crests above are the Joseph-Crest garb in particular? In Wikipedia's article on Joseph, husband of Mary: "Saint Joseph's Day, March 19, the Feast of St. Joseph..." Pope Francis's article: "Pope Francis held his Papal inauguration on 19 March 2013 in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican. He celebrated Mass in the presence of various political and religious leaders from around the world. In his homily Pope Francis focused on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, the liturgical day on which the Mass was celebrated."

YS sent a note to say that the grape bunch in pope Francis' Arms is now no longer called "spikenard," but a "tuberose." Ha-ha what a joke bigger than the others. There's no comparison between a grape bunch and a TUBERose flower, but it just so happens that TABERS use a woman holding a grape bunch. It's too late pope Fake, you've already committed to revealing the truth about yourself. The Taber grape bunch is, I think, identical to the one held by what looks like a woman in this "Jewish" Frank(en) Coat. Pope Francis loves the Tabers. But why? What is the Taber circle going to do now while they hold the naive Catholics in their grubby hands?

This shock comes just a few updates after emphasizing Taborites as they were involved in Masonic elements of north Africa. I think the conclusion is clear on what this false-humility pope is all about. The man is a liar and should be dangerous that way. His Vatican circle is a blood-lust organization with it's own secret agendas using the money of Christians. All of his Christian words and imagery is so-much garbage. He's trying hard to win the affections of the Catholic masses for a bad cause.

The leader of the Taborites, Zinzendorf, probably founded the Zinzan/Sinson surname using yet another white rock: "a falcon standing on a rock and a estoile." Zinzans/Sinsens were first found in BERKshire, and Berkshire's (the surname) were suspect in the last update as linking to Caiaphas lines as well as to "Borgia / BERGoglio." Zinzendorfs looked like Senussi liners when Taborites were stressed (2nd and 3rd updates of this month). Is that some further evidence that Obama (i.e. a Senussi / Stevenson suspect himself) had this pope replace Benedict?

Which Falcon surname do we think the Zinzan/Sinsen falcon represents? French Falcons and Ropers/Rapers both use a brown falcon, and the English Falcon Coat uses its falcon in brown on gold. When these colors came up in the last update, it was said: "Aha! While I do not often see dark brown in Coats, here is the third dark-brown Coat, in the Beaver Coat! All three dark-brown Coats -- of the Botters, Goggle's and Beavers -- use a gold Shield. Beavers were first found in BERKshire."

At that time, I spoke on the brown-on-gold eagle, shown until recently by English Botters, because the Ropers/Reapers are using that eagle design while the pope was discovered to be a Roper/Raper bloodliner. I now find that Reapers/Rape's use a lone white-on-blue star centrally, the color of the lone star in the Arms of pope Francis while he was yet a cardinal. If that's not enough, the Reapers/Rape's use white-on-blue crescents, the colors of the French Falcon/FacCONDE (and related Conte) crescent. Do you remember who the Falcons had linked to? The Burgo > Conteville line. Yes, indeed.

Spanish Falcons (black-and-white checks suggest linkage with Spanish Majordomo's) use the black eagle design of the Hagel Crest (see Tassels too). Obama just chose a Hagel surname as a right-hand man. Black-and-white checks are considered an Illuminati / witchcraft symbol, and for now they are tracing to the Jesuit Alumbrados-Illuminati.

The six lions in the Eagle/Hegel Coat are now suspect as code for the first six co-founders of the Jesuits. It's just a theory with some logic, that many Coats showing six symbols could be code for Jesuits. Surnames coming to mind are Savages, Foys, Lacys, Skulls, Bones, Apple's, Applebys...and perhaps Frasers/Fresels with a "Je SUIS prest" motto smacking of "Jesuit." Frasers/Fresels use six cinquefoils and six crowns. The other Fraser Coat has six cinquefoils on a green Crest object that I cannot make out. I read at Wikipedia that three Jesuit co-founders were added to the six, totalling nine, the number of the original Templars. German Frankens use "six [white] stones."

In this picture, the Jesuits look like the second-act, pro-papal neo-Templar organization after the first Templars split from the papacy.


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