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March 19 - 25, 2013

The New Pope is a Miser
John Kerry is a Neo-Kohn Khazar
The Kerr Side of Caiaphas

Iraqi news is still a consistent roll of bombings. The Sunni backlash on Baghdad has not ended, not even waned. March 14 saw a headline of 22 killed on an attack at Iraq's Justice ministry. Other bombings in other places of Baghdad were co-ordinated at roughly the same time. Days later, more bombings. Headlines of the Sunni demonstrations have disappeared; I suppose that, without Western support, such demonstrations fall off and fail. Iraq is a horror, and they don't seem to view it that way. Everything that they wanted on Israel is happening to them.

It's been a while since GD sent in on John Kerry's real birth surname, taking from the following article:

Benedikt Kohn, the great-grandfather of Senator John Kerry, was born about 1824 in southern Moravia. Benedikt was successful as a master brewer of beer.

In 1868, after the death of his first wife, he moved to Bennisch (today called Horni Benesov) and married Mathilde Frankel Kohn. Benedikt and Mathilde Kohn were two of the only 27 Jews living in Bennisch, which is listed as having a total population of 4,200, in 1880.

Soon after Benedikt died in 1876, Mathilde moved to Vienna with her children Ida (7), Friedrich "Fritz" (3) and Otto (newborn).

Fritz and Otto excelled in their studies in Vienna. However, like other Jews, they suffered greatly from the anti-Semitism that prevailed in Europe at this time. As a result, both Kohn brothers abandoned their Jewish heritage and converted to Roman Catholicism.

In addition, in 1897, Otto decided to shed the Jewish-sounding name of Kohn. He chose a new name by dropping a pencil on a map. The pencil landed on Ireland's County Kerry. In 1901, Fritz followed his brother's example and officially changed his name to Frederick Kerry.

An unlikely story, wherefore I'm assuming that the Kohns had Kerry blood in their near-ancestry. In mid-February, roughly the time that GD sent in on this article, I received an email from someone else on the Kerr family, also a "Jewish" family. That email (from KL) will become a topic because, for one, it implied that both Dunhams and Stevens are from the Kerrs. I've only just (March 22) gotten round to responding asking for a clarification, if possible.

Here's some of KL's email:

The Kerr family, followers of the Douglasses initially, was pushed out of the nest by the Drummonds (Huns) and by other forces spilling them over to America, and other places, where they have excelled in banking, theology, government leadership, and super scientific innovation....

The Kerrs have macules going back to PitCAIRN [caps mine], a very mysterious family name I can only loosely associate with Helen Leslie, Ward of Kellie who had king's rights obligatory relations with then King James, after which the Grange was steadfastly awarded to the KirKALDYs. The ceiling at one of these places, taken over by Frankist Moray elements, was peeled away to reveal a satanic looking design...

The Kerrs took two sides during the Jacobite era. Many became Baptist, assimilated into North American history. The Grange however was mysteriously denied to the heirs of Janet KirKALDY Kerr..." [caps mine]

I responded: "As per your mention of Kirkaldy Kerrs, I've noted that the Caldy/Callie and Keele Coats share a quartered Coat in white and black. You might conclude that Helen Leslie, Ward of Kellie, was of this Callie / Keele bloodline, therefore, but see also the Zollern quartered Shield, for Hohenzollerns (banker/Illuminati suspects) use it, and they were "Jewish" (Khazars in my opinion). It should also be added that the Kerrs and Kyle's/Kile's share the red-on-white star.

There's a reason that the above is included here (i.e. in the midst of the John Kerry topic) even though I intended to treat it later. With Kerrs leading to Helen Leslie of a KELLIE location/title, and to a merger with the KirKaldy surname, it's suggesting that Kerrs merged with Caldys/CALLIE's, apparent kin of KEELE's. This is included here because I had just looked up the Frankel Coat as per Mathilde Frankel Kohn, to find two white-on-blue fesse's, the colors of the two fesse's of the Broadwells. If you recall, Paula Broadwell's affair with general Petraeus (= Obama's enemy, to be replaced) was disclosed as per an email from Jill KELLEY. What could it mean, especially if it turns out that Dunhams were Kerrs? Dunhams and Caldys/Callie's were both first found in the same place (Norfolk). Here's how KL put it:

I have been sad to see the [Kerr] line more or less die out, as they were highly complex ambassadors and academicians such as Ambassador Stephens...But few people such as the Dunhams like many many others have been allowed to carry forward the original [Kerr] family oral history/giest and so remain enigmas, even to themselves. Even a cursory training in family therapy will tell you that these agendas are indeed passed down even to those unsuspecting and unprepared for them."

It sounds as though there is a family brotherhood with globalist agendas of the satanic kind leading right up to the Obama administration. As you just read that Leslie's and Drummonds, two Hungarian clans, were involved with Kerrs, I should remind of the online statement saying that the Drummond patriarch, George, son of king Andrew, married a woman of PodeBRADY, a term that should link to the Broads and Broadwells. By what coincidence does the Frankel surname appear to use the Broadwell Coat while Mathilde Frankel Kohn married Benedict Kohn, the latter from Moravia, smack beside Bohemia, location of Podebrady? The Kohn surname is listed with the Cohen kin of Hohens.

It's the Khazars of the Mures river, isn't it, who were a fundamental part of Hungarian foundations. Yes, the Moravians who came to rule Moray at Scotland, where George (patriarch of the Drummonds) had his affairs. George was in Scotland as of 1055, just in time for the royal ascension (1057) of Malcolm III, who had Hungarians of the Leslie kind in his house / courts.

The Hohens were not only Hohenzollerns, kin of Keele's and similar others, but HohenSTAUFENs, whom look like a branch of Stevens/Stephens. John Kerry is replacing Hillary Rodham, and then the Rodham and Stevenson/Stephenson Coats use the same bend, and besides, both surnames were first found in the same place. Can Rodhams be brought into Kerr circles for an historical bloodline reason? Absolutely. Can we ask why Kerrs and Kagans/Cohens share a sun? Should we ask Rhodians like Rodhams, or Carians like Kerrs?

There is a pattern here from Khazar bloodlines of the Cohen/Kagan kind, and I think it's possible to link the new pope FRANCIS to this picture. First, one Francis Crest shares a tree stump with Rodhams, and secondly, why did the pope really choose this name for himself?

I neglected to inquire of KL what was meant by "Frankist Moray" in the statement: "The ceiling [see photo] at one of these places, taken over by Frankist Moray elements, was peeled away to reveal a satanic looking design..." Note the Moray-colored stars (white on blue) in the "Jewish" Cohen/Kagan coat, and then, what about their white-on-blue bend, the color of the Broadwell / Frankel bends? Whose white on blue did Andrew use when Scotland adopted Andrew's Cross? It's in the colors of the Germo-Swiss Staufers, and besides, the Stevensons use the same stars. See below the single Moray-colored star in the Arms of the pope Francis.

It may be by chance, or not, that I was, independent of what I'm writing here today, looking at the Pope's Arms only yesterday (thanks to an email from YS), at which time the Francis Coat was loaded. The Scottish Francis Coat uses a chevron in the colors of the Stevenson chevron, and both Coats moreover share three same-colored symbols surrounding their chevrons. Suddenly, it's very important that the latter Stevensons use a "solum" motto term, for the Arms of pope Francis uses a sun, a symbol also of Scottish Kerrs.

Therefore, when the ancestry of John Kerry married a Frankel, was it something of a Francis - Kerr merger? Can we expect Obama to have chosen Kerry at this time while also manipulating the Vatican for to chose Francis at this time? It should be added that a sun is used also by Solana's.

Moreover, Scottish Kerrs (and Coles') use a chevron in the colors of the Seller chevron (this had been linked to Childeric-line Franks), and the Seller Crest uses the swan design of Josephs. Sellers were first found in the same place (Aberdeen) as the Leslie Hungarians. I'm keeping in mind that "Seller" and "Keller / Keele / Kellie / Kyle / etc." can be the same stock of peoples.

[I did not know it yet while writing here that the new pope's details would identify him strongly with Joseph Caiaphas, and so let me add here that both Sellers and Argents use identical white-on-red grail cups, for the pope's Argentina turf may have been named after the Argent bloodline. The Joseph swan was traced to Cuneo, location of Argentera, and this pope's father was born smack beside Cuneo.]

While Scottish Kerrs use a white-on-red chevron, Irish Kerrs use a white-on-blue chevron, and then the two Francis Coats use two chevrons in colors reversed to both Kerr chevrons. What is going on here? I was just telling YS yesterday that I wouldn't have much to say on this pope for a while, my implication being that I didn't want to rush into any concept of his being an Illuminati tool until evidence surfaced from his actions as pope.

The English Francis Coat uses red eagles, the color of the Hohen eagle that was acquired from the Arms of the Zahringers. The latter founded Berne, and moreover I trace them to Bernicians and Berwickshire. And here the pope's birth surname was BERgoglio. The Casey eagle design is shared by Kellers/Celners (Swabia, Zahringer domain), and then French BERniers and Kelners/Kellers (Swabia) share a key symbol, what the Vatican uses, what the Caiaphas-suspect Shaws use. The Berniers even use yet another white-on-blue fesse, the Kagan/Cohen / Broadwell / Frankel fesse colors.

If I'm not confusing you, the Francis' and Frankels are working into this discussion because Sellers and Kellers should trace to Frank king, "CHILderic," honored by the Chills/Childs using the same-colored chevron as Kellie-related Kerrs and Sellers. To help prove that Kerrs were related even to Kellers, the Keller Crest black eagle is identical to the one in the Grange Crest. The Kellers were first found in Swabia, where Hohens originated that were red Cohens. The Hohens changed their red eagle to a black one, and a black eagle was also used as the personal symbol of Frank king, Charlemagne.

The Chills/Childs use three spread eagles surrounding their chevron so as to be a Coat identical to, but in colors reversed from, the English Francis Coat (the eagles in both Coats are identical at this time). You can't get much closer as kin to the Childeric line than that. But you can glean here that Cohens and Hohen Khazars merged with that Frank line centuries after the death of Childeric.

I'm not going back into details to show why the Caseys were at the root of the Hun > Khazar line; the point here is that Caseys, as with Kerrs, likewise use the red-on-white chevron surrounded by three red-on-white eagles. As the Kerrs are linking to the Childeric line, it explains why Kerrs are working into the pope topic. The importance may be of great magnitude where Kerrys-Kohns are Kerrs.

I came to believe completely that the proto-Khazars at the ancestry of the chief priest (Ananias) who killed Jesus was a Casey bloodliner from a Salyes=Seleucid merger with Carthaginians (of the proto-Casey kind). And here we have a pope that seems to apply to that bloodline, especially if I was correct to identify the Solana surname with the Salyes. Javier Solana (a boss of the EU) is a Spaniard, and while pope Francis is at least part Italian, he's been in charge of the Argentina theater. It doesn't escape us that Chavez just passed away recently so that we might expect the Western side of the global chess game to move their bishop onto the Argentinean square, so to speak, to check the anti-Western side there.

It just so happens that my first inkling that the Solana's were from Salyes Ligures was when finding that the Solana's traces to the Laevi Gauls at Novara. I have always insisted that Laevi Gauls (sometimes called Ligurians) and Salyes Ligurians were merged in the north-west area of Italy so that the blood of the Israeli chief priests was part-Salyes blood. The Salyes can be traced to the Salassi founders of Aosta, and to Saluzzo in Cuneo, beside Asti. It just so happens that the father of pope Francis (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio) was born in Asti province. I just finished (see "Alba" first update of March) tracing the line of Joseph Caiaphas to the swan line of Asti province.

Both the Crests of Scottish Stevensons and Caseys use a hand from a cloud, but the Casey hand holds a gold garb, a symbol both in the Joseph and English-Stevenson Crests. Then, the latter Stevensons are the ones using the Rodham bend while the Rodham tree stub is, apparently, in the Francis Crest. It could give us the impression that the Obama globalists have been pulling some strings to get pope Benedict out in favor of pope Francis.

Pope Francis claims that he chose the papal name as per Francis of Assisi, but suddenly there seems to be evidence that he chose it as per the Masonic elements bound in the Francis surname. I've noted that the Francis tree stub is green, and that the same style tree stub was showing for years in the part-green Milan Coat until recently. Milan of Italy is in the thick of things of the ancient Laevi Gauls. Milan is opposite the Ticino river from Novara, the latter being one Laevi stronghold.

I've often mentioned that Milan is the place ruled by Visconti's. I've often claimed that the Italian Ottone surname, which may have started in honor of Ottone Visconti, first Visconti ruler of Milan, is a version of the Caiaphas-suspect Chappes Coat. But now I find that this pope's father had married Regina Marķa Sivori, having a surname like the Sforza's who obtained the titles and the sick heraldic design of the Visconti's. In this picture, it behooves us to consider why the Sforza (and Ferrari) lion appears in the Frankel Coat. Lest you've forgotten, Frankels were ancestral to John Kerry.

It could be important that Sforza-suspect Safers/Safre's use eagles in colors reversed to the Francis and Casey eagles, or in the colors of the Chill/Child eagles. See also the Roet- and Book-related Reed eagle-and-chevron combination, for it's to be expected that Childeric had linked to Redones of France.

Perhaps, unless your name is Julie, you haven't yet realized the full importance of the Sivori surname of this pope's mother. There had been a pope Borgia in the Safor area of Spain, and pope Francis was born a BERGoglio. It's tending to identify him with the Burgo bloodline, that being the line of John de Burgo, patriarch of the Contevilles whom I traced back to the Seleucids at Sulcis. It could be BERGOGlio-important that Safers/Safre's were first found in BURGundy = BOURGOGne.

Much later (i.e. after stressing the Safers and similar others), and very recently, I came to the red bull of the Charos'/Claro's, who definitely link to the Sinclairs that honor the Conteville's in their motto. The Charo's/Claro's were accessed from the "charo" motto term of Josephs, and besides this, both Spanish Borgia's and Charo's/Claro's use a red bull. Wow. Just like that, the present pope can link to Joseph Caiaphas.

It wasn't long after stressing the Charo's/Claro's that they were discovered to be a branch of FRANKISH Boso's (use the Charo/Claro bull design) otherwise called Bosonids (related to Charlemagne) that had ruled in Burgundy. And the Boso's were even first found in the Milan theater. They should trace to Cuneo's Bosca location.

Here's the Carre/Quare Coat with a Shield filled with Cohen-colored checks. As the Coat is like the Massi/Mattis Coat while the latter surname traces to Massa-Carrara, it speaks for itself. The Carre's/Quare's were first found in Burgundy.

It's possible that Conte's, Conans, Cone's, Cunninghams and similar others were Cohens, and yet I tend to trace them to "Cuneo." The heraldic GONfanon symbol, said to be a banner for linkage to Banner surnames, belongs to Montforts, whom I've traced to Pharisee elements at Montferrat and neighboring Monforte, both in Cuneo in the face of Alba and Asti. It just so happens that the Belgian Gone's are also "Kohn." The Boso bull holds a "banner."

I just went to fetch the page proving that a banner is used by Boso's, but was unable to access this website again. A couple of weeks ago, I started to experience trouble getting to this website that I use regularly for heraldic descriptions. One thing, perhaps, it could be expected that someone should try to get me blocked from this website, or even try to take the website down, if someone (i.e. like me) ever discovered what heraldic symbolism stood for in the main. I got the following message while trying to load it now:

Oops, this licensee is not permitted to use this search tool at this time. Please check your code. If your code is correct, this licensee may be suspended due to evidence of data mining or lack of use. If this is an error on our part, contact and we will investigate. Invalid Licensee [22345] in searchresults.asp[22345]%20in%20searchresults.asp

Who is the licensee versus the search-tool website? What code are they referring to? While the first sentence says that the problem lies with the website, the second sentence then suggests that the problem could be my code (= hogwash). The third sentence makes no sense at all, since it's admitting that, even if my code is correct, the problem lies with a licensee who is guilty of data mining. What? The website's normal address has been, for example, the one below, and if it's not working for you either, then someone may be changing the address so that the hundreds of links I've got going to it, from other updates, are no longer going to work.

I just emailed, and got this response in a few minutes flat:

--- On Fri, 3/22/13, Nicole Lessiter wrote:

Hi John, Thank you for contacting me, we have recently sent out a newsletter in regards to the situation with the Webstore did you not receive it, if not then I will send you a copy of the policy agreement for the Webstore that everyone has been asked to agree to.

It could be that the Home URL doesn't match the export URL, or no activity for three months. I can ask IT to take a look at the system and see why it has been shut off.

Nicole Lessiter


830 Development Drive, Kingston, ON, K7M 5V7, Canada | T. 613.384.9986 xt 230 | 800.265.7099

If I recall correctly, has exactly the same address. I didn't know until now that the two companies are probably owned by the same people. As you can see, Swyrich Corporation is the owner of the licensing group, meaning that the page above telling that the licensee is suspended must not be true, since that page uses the URL, Someone operating under a licence to sell Swyrich's heraldic products would have their own website with their own URL. Therefore, I'm taking the position that Swyrich is lying to anyone who emails the company to ask what's wrong. Plus, Nicole sent me an email that makes no sense, because I'm not on their mailing list to receive a newsletter. Besides, she didn't send me the policy agreement like she said she would.

I have hundreds of links to that website. It was a very good thing that I quoted from that page extensively now that it may no longer be available. The heraldic codes obtained from that website were priceless. I just went searching for some other webpages that this company may have online, and, lo and behold, the second page I got to features the Kerr surname as a sample surname.

[Later, it's said: "The Kerr motto, "Sero sed serio," is code for the Sears using stars and a chevron in the colors of the same of Kerrs (see also German Bernard star colors). It's interesting here that entering "Search" gets the Sear Coat. Then, it was just discovered that the Swyrich heraldry company features the Kerr Coat (as a sample) in at least one of its pages, and then the link to the Swyrich page that I can no longer load has the URL," The Berne area of Switzerland is not far from Swyrich-like Zurich, itself facing Swabia, and then the Surrey/Surrich Coat uses Hohen-colored checks.]

Back to the gonfanon. By the time that GD emailed to ask my opinion on the gonfanon, I was well on my way to understanding that heraldic symbols are most-often codes for surnames or other entity-terms. As there was no Gon surname, I suspected that the gonfanon was in-part code for the Gone's. The Kohn variation of the Gone's is extremely important due to the nearness of Monforte to MontFerrat, for it just so happens that German Cohens/Kohns and Ferrats/Fers use an identical Shield, filled with blue-and-white checks...the colors of the Rangabe's.

It's telling us that Cohen Khazars were in Montferrat as proto-Veres. This has to do Melissena Rangabe, a Byzantine on her father's side, and a Khazar on her mother's. The mythical Melusine (a dragon woman shown at times with a fish tail) of the Vere's has just got to apply to Melissena, who I say appears in the Moray Crest as well as in the Crest of the Massin/Mason surname that I trace to Massino Visconti, home of Visconti's.

The above is suggesting that the Byzantine's who had conquered into northern Italy were at Montferrat. The last time (not many weeks ago) that I mentioned Montferrat was in relation to its marriage to Guido Guerra III, at which time the Guerra surname (= branch of Payens) was equated with "Vere." I'm not yet ready/willing to make a "Kerr / Kerry" link to "Guerra," but will if the heraldic shoe fits. See yet another Shield filled with checks of the Guerren-suspect Warrene's, in the colors of the checks in the Arms of Bologna.

The Kerry Coat is a white-and-blue hourglass Shield like the Guido Shield. If you had read the Guido Guerra topic spread out over more than one update, you'll know that it touched upon the line back to the Israeli chief priests.

The Guido's had linked hard to the Vains/FANE's/Phone's, but before that, while stressing the gonFANon, it was insisted that the gonfanon was part-code for that very surname. The "gauntlet" gloves of the Vain/Fano/Phone Coat are for the line of John of Gaunt, husband of Catherine Roet, kin of the Kerns. It just so happens that the Safor area of Spain is in a wider area called, Gandia. When one enters "Gand," two surnames show up, one first found in BURGundy, and the other first found in the same place (Belgium) as one Kohn branch. In this picture, the Gonfanon may also be for the Gand / Gant / Gaunt bloodline.

Here's once again from the John Kerry article:

...In addition, in 1897, Otto decided to shed the Jewish-sounding name of Kohn. He chose a new name by dropping a pencil on a map. The pencil landed on Ireland's County Kerry. In 1901, Fritz followed his brother's example and officially changed his name to Frederick Kerry.

Fred, who worked as an accountant at his uncle's shoe factory, married Ida Loewe, a Jewish musician from Budapest. Ida was a descendant of Sinai Loew, a brother of Rabbi Judah Loew, the famous Kabbalist, philosopher and Talmudist known as the "Maharal of Prague" who some say invented the character of the Golem. Two of Ida's siblings, Otto Loewe and Jenni Loewe, were killed in Nazi concentration camps.

I can't help but mention the recent stress on Western branches of the Luo tribe, as I traced it, admittedly with little solid evidence, to Loew-like surnames. The Loys/Eloys/Gloys had linked to Cheney elements that I likewise trace to "Cuneo." It was immediately after finding Caiaphas lines of the Charo/Claro kind tracing from Agrigento (Sicily) to Cuneo that I went trekking to the Chad topic and there emphasized the Luo tribe. The Chads were found to use the "potent" cross, as with Scheds/Sheds and hourglass-using Skits/Skeochs.

John Kerry is a Caiaphas bloodliner, isn't he?

When viewing the page for pope Francis, I was noticing the little white square worn at the throat by Catholic clergy. I started to wonder whether it wasn't symbolic the small white square in the Arms of Placentia. For those who don't know, I've been tracing Skits / Scheds / Scute's and Kerr-related Scotts to Placentia. I knew without looking that a small white-on-black Shield was used by Saddocks/Sedwicks, these being the colors of the small square worn by Catholic clergy. Then, during the Chad investigation, the Chadwicks ("CANDore" motto term) were found using a version of the Saddock/Sedwick Coat.

Note that while Hungarians of the Drummond and Leslie kind had entered the Kerr topic as apparent kin to such Hungarians, we herein find that John Kerry's grandfather married a Loewe from the Hungarian capital. This woman's ancestry went back to the Kabbalist of Prague, that being a city in Czechoslovakia, a country consisting almost exclusively of Bohemia and Moravia. It might be important that the Jewish Loew Coat (above) uses a lion in the two colors of the Prague flag. Prague "is also the historical capital of Bohemia proper," and then Monforts and the Arms of Bohemia both share a two-tailed white-on-red lion.

It should be noted here that while Kerrs were related to PitCAIRNs, the German Kerns/Cerns (these are Roet kin) were first found in Seleucid-suspect Silesia, a place overlapping with Moravia. I have been sure that the Kerns were from Carians of the Miletus / Ephesus theater.

Another point of importance before moving on is that Sitlers, first found in Silesia, were linked several weeks ago to Settle's and related Stars. It just so happens that Stars use a chevron in the white-on-green colors of the same of Scottish Kerns/Kerins. Then, Irish Kerrs/Carrys use three estoiles around their chevron, a symbol of the Stars around their chevron. The Kerr/Carry estoiles are in the colors of the Moray stars, and Settle's were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Kerrs/Carrs. The "sed" motto term of the latter can apply to Settle lines. I think it was fairly well established that Schittler variation of Sitlers links to Scute's / Scotts / Scheds/Sheds and Skits at the Israel priestly line (i.e. the Sadducees) in Placentia. The left side of the Sitler/Schittler Shield is split vertically in the same two colors of the vertically-split left side of the Arms of Placentia.

The two colors are white on a red Shield, used also by the Annas/Annes/Arness surname that was recently traced to "Annas/Ananias" (the chief priest under whom Jesus was killed). Now, look at the fact that both Annas'/Aness' and Caldys/Callie's (and Vere's) use the same-colored star, and then let me requote from KL: "The Grange however was mysteriously denied to the heirs of Janet KirKALDY Kerr. And the title of Lord Jedbourgh went over to INNES and Drummond, both essential to the grand banking and financing institutions..." Doesn't it seem, in this picture, that the Innes' were of the Annas'??? Yes, and it recalls when I traced the green snake of the Innes Crest to the original color of the Visconti snake. See also the green snake of Kyle-related Coles' (with an 's'), for the Callie-suspect Kyle's use the same-colored star. Kyles and Skits were both first found in AYRshire, a place dominated by ANNANdale's, and likely honored in the "EARS of rye" used by Saddocks/Sedwicks.

It also recalls a theory of GD, that the bankers of the Veneti zone of Italy were made possible with money from the Israeli chief priests. Perhaps they sold some of the Temple treasures after the Romans came; perhaps they had to leave some of the hidden treasure...until their descendants, the Templars, came back to get it. If so, the descendants passed this knowledge, generation to generation, for 1,000 until the Templars took the Temple Mount for themselves disguised as pious Christians.

Like I insisted, the Pharisees took off from 70 BC to Forum Allieni, the name of Ferrara at that time, and from this situation arose the proto-Vere's and Ferraris who developed at Montferrat. They merged with Visconti's and with Caiaphas liners such as the Chappes'. There must have been a host of alliances and branches that came forth from this picture, spreading to various areas of Europe. These priestly lines may even have formed the Hebrew rulers of the Khazars in the first place.

Does "Grange" have anything to do with "Guerren"? The Grange KL speaks of is in Berwickshire, and yet the Grange School in Northwich (Cheshire) at Hartford is also interesting, especially as the English Grange surname (Ferrari lions?) was first found in Cheshire, where Ranulph de GERNon ruled.

We find the important Kerrs in FERNIEhurst, and then the Fernie surname (in Rollo/Rollock colors) was first found in Fife, beside the Innes' of Angus elements. Note similarity between "Annas" and "Angus." Consider also the idea that the Pharisees evolved quickly from Ferrara to the Varni, for the Varni lived with the Angus-like Angles. The remote possibility may not be so remote after all that the Angle's were a line from Ananias. Think of it, England named after a line from Ananias. The Pharisee-suspect Guerra's use a so-called WyVERN dragon that traces to "Varni." By what coincidence does the Angus/Enguish/AnGUIS Chief use stars in the colors of the same used by Annas', Vere's, and Caldys/Callie's??? The Angus' were first found in the same place (Fife) as Fernie's.

Therefore, let's entertain Angus as a spot named after Ananias' descendants. This Angus region was also where the Caldy-suspect Celts/Cults/Colts (Perthshire) were first found (suspect in the past with the mother of Pontius Pilate) whom were merged with the Rollo's/Rollocks (Perthshire). Midway down the Rollo/Rollock page, the stag design (owned by Rollo's) used also by Celts/Colts is found, and this design is seen also in the Hartford Coat. German Harts use a red stag that is called a "hart," but then the Celt/Colt stag is red too. The Celt/Colt stag is used in the same colors by Malcolms, but the latter use their stags around a blue saltire, the colors of the Jett/Jettard saltire. The Jetts/Jettards were first found in Anjou, near Angers, two places suspect with a migration of the proto-Vere Varni together with the Angle's. Dragon-line Vere's claim to have been the first counts of Angers / Anjou through a son of mythical Melusine.

Ferniehurst castle (Berwickshire) is on the Jed Water that named the Jedburghs. The Jedburgs/Jetharts have a page (with no kind write-up) but do not show a Coat. I suppose they are ashamed of their kin. Whenever a Coat doesn't show, it tends to reveal that people can link them to some family that they don't want to be known linked to. They may be both proud secretly, and ashamed publicly, of their past merger(s). Here's the saltire of the French Jett/Jettard Coat (Anjou), in the colors of the Cooper/Copper saltire, and by now you may know that I identify Coopers/Coppers and Harts both as Herod liners. That's a good reason to be ashamed. The JEFFERsons use a saltire in colors reversed to the Jett/JETTARrd saltire.

In the article below, the earliest Kerr (in about 1066) is said to have been a "Karre." I'm going to hang on to my trace of this surname to Carians of the Roet kind, and will not trace to "Guerre / Guerra" if the latter were from "Ferrara" elements. "Thomas Kerr of Oxnam / Ferniehirst (son of John Kerr of Ferniehirst and Catherine Ker) was born 1520 in Ferniehurst Castle, Fennehurst, Scotland...He married Janet Kirkaldy on 10 Feb 1562710, 711, 712, daughter of William Kirkaldy of Grange.

... Sir John's son, Sir Thomas Kerr of Ferniehirst, was noted for his loyalty to Mary Queen of Scots, for whom he built a fortified house in the centre of Jedburgh. He raised the Royal Standard for her in Dumfries, helping her and her husband Darnley..."

...The inscription on his memorial in Jedburgh Abbey reads "Sir THOMAS KERR of Fernyherst, Warden of the Marches, Provost of Edinburgh and Jedburgh, Father of Andrew Lord Jedburgh, Sir James Kerr of Creylin (Crailing) and Robert Earl of Somerset..."

There in the last paragraph you have inklings of the Roets ("Quaerere" motto term), first found in Somerset, for it is said that Roets had ancestry in "Croy / Groy," a branch of Greys that can be gleaned in "Creylin." Therefore, it's more certain that the German Kerns/Karens, who use the Roet sleeping moon (see Endymion in Caria), were a branch of Kerrs. Note that while Earls (who may be from the Grey earls of Cheshire) are related to the English Early's, the Irish Earlys have a page but show no Coat. Errols/Arrols (raven, a Rollo > Rolph symbol) were first found in Perthshire.

I recently traced the Grey/Croy lion to Joplins, and the latter Jeffersons/Jephsons, suggesting that, indeed, the Jedburgs/Jetharts and Jetts/Jettards were a branch of Jeffersons. Of interest here is that the diagonal Guerra bars are in the colors of the diagonal bars of Payne-related Creys/Crete's. The father of Catherine Roet was a Payne Roet. The same diagonal bars are in the Arms of Burgundy, but if you look under those bars in those Arms, you will see the design showing also in the lower layer of the Grange Coat. Then, it was established that the Jefferson saltire was that also of French Masseys/Messiers, first found in Burgundy. In this picture, "JedBURG" appears to be for Burgundians in particular of the Jefferson / Massey kind, tending to explain why Grange's were first found in Massey-infested Cheshire. Lest you missed it, the Massey/Messier saltire is colors reversed also from the Jett/Jethard saltire. Like Jedburghs/Jetharts, English Messiers have a page but show no Coat.

Therefore, if you were convinced that God wants us to know of the trace of the 600 "Benjamites" of Jabesh to the Jeffersons, you can trace them also to the Jed Water, location of the Ferniehurst castle. It just so happens that the English Earlys (in Grey colors) use their scallops in the colors of the same of Caiaphas-suspect Capes' and Happs/Apps...who easily link to "JOPlin" because "Caiaphas" is itself a term tracing to "Jabesh." But, lo and behold, for the Capes Coat did not show the white-on-red upright lion until recently, and it happens to be the Joplin and Grey upright lion. In this picture, it seems that the Earl surname (Somerset), said to be from an Earley location (Oxford), were named after the Grey earls of Dunham Massey.

The Early Shield-on-Shield is in the colors of the same of the Greys and Jeffersons, and the Gernon Shield-on-Shield may apply. I have been identifying the "CyFOETH" motto term of the Gernons as code for Foetes/Fussen in Bavaria, and therefore tracing Meschins to Fussen, but here I find that Gernon-suspect Grange's (in Messey/Messier colors) have a French branch (Champagne) using three lozenges in the colors of the Bavarian lozengy. (Ranulph le Gernon of Cheshire was son of Ranulph le Meschin).

It's now clear that the Grange's were a merger with the Fells (lozenges in colors reversed to French Grange lozenges) and Fellers (same Coat design/format as French Grange's), and therefore trace to the Roquefeuils who married Henry IV of Rodes (Rodez). It's quite possible to link the red torteaux of German Rode's to the same of the Orrs and related Orells/Oriols whom I trace to "Auriol" (at the mouth of the Rhodanus), a term like "Early."

The "Miserando" motto term in the Arms of the present pope can suggest the Miser/Messervy surname (apple theme) that itself uses a "coeur" motto term getting the Coeurs/Courts (in Messey/Messier colors), first found in Brittany. The Miser/Messervy write-up: "The surname Miser was an occupational name for a harvester having derived from the Old French word MESSIER, meaning harvester or reaper." It may be very important that this pope could be a Massey bloodliner. The Miser/Messervy surname was first found in Jersey, in the same area of the English Channel as Guernsey, both islands off the coast of Manche, home of Masseys and related Vere's. I trace "Gernon" to "Guernsey because there is a Footes location there that I think the "CyFOETH" motto term of Gernons represents. I had been recently very sure that the Guerra's traced to the naming of Guernsey.

We could expect the Miser/Messervy write-up to be code, and then it just so happens that the Reaper/Rape surname uses a single white-on-blue star, a symbol in the pope's Arms. AHA! The Early and Grey Shield-on-Shield are colors reversed from the Reaper/Rape Shield-on-Shield.

It dawns on me that "harvester" can be code for the Harvey surname, one branch first found in Paris, while the French Paris surname uses both an apple and a fesse in colors reversed to the fesse of English Harveys who come up as "Harves." The foot is fitting the shoe. Plus, English Paris' were first found in the same place, Lincolnshire (traces to Rhodes), as English Messier's. Plus, Masseys were Mysians, and mythical Paris was from Parion/Parium in Mysia. The pope is tracing to the Hyksos.

WOOOOOWWWWIE!!! JUST FOUND. Upon seeing the Reapers, I checked the Ropers to find a "Francis" motto term!!!! NAILED HIM! Ever since loading the Reapers above, I had even been wondering whether the Arms of pope Francis are using ropes as code for Ropers. Now you know that even the pope is a liar from the get-go. This all means that the "Miserando" motto term of his Arms are indeed code for Misers/Messervys using a "reaper" code in the write-up. The grim reaper is coming to mind.

We can wonder, who sat down with the pope, probably before he was the pope, to decide what codes to use, and what surnames to honor in the Arms? It's being said that his motto has only now been invented. The Ropers/Rupers/Rapers use the eagle design shown until recently by English Botters/Budins, first found in the same place as Drakes and Bidens/Buttons. Aha! The Ropers/Rupers/Rapers (in Traby-bugle colors) were first found in the same place (Derbyshire) as the Francis surname!!!

The Botter/Budin eagle used to be dark-brown on gold, and while dark brown is not, I do not think, an official heraldic color, yet the Botter eagle used to be in the very colors of this upright talbot dog in the Goggle/Gogel/Gockel Coat (Bavaria), which was loaded seeking (Ber)Goglia kin. The Cockels/Cockerells (Oxfordshire) use a blue-on-gold leopard face centrally, as do English Jeffersons/Jephsons. Cockers were first found in Norfolk.

With Botters first found in Hampshire and Cockels first found in Oxford, the Vere's are being pegged. It can be important that a beaver (Bavaria code?), a symbol in the Arms of Oxford, is seen in the Brook Crest. The Brooks were loaded as per my seeking a shortened / Anglian form of "Bergoglia." Brooks were from Broc at Anjou, where Vere's ruled who also ruled at Oxford. The Brooks even use scallops in the colors of the Varn/Warnock scallops. The entire Brook motto, "PerseverANDO," has an ending like the pope's motto term, "MiserANDO," and moreover the "PerSEVERando" motto may also be code for the pope's mother with Sivori surname.

Brocks were first found in the same place (Essex) as Vere's. Suddenly, the Bergoglia's can trace to Germany's Brocken mountain, location of witchcraft. Indeed, the German Brocks/Brockens are now showing a tree trunk section in the design of the Milan Coat! The pope has already traced to Visconti's of Milan. The Brock/Brocken tree trunks are almost in the colors of the Goggle talbot dog.

UNBELIEVABLE! I did not know this until coming to this point; I did not know this when mentioning the Misers/Messervys above: the Scottish Milan/Mullen motto uses "Miseris"!!! Therefore, it appears true that this pope is a Brock (and Milan) bloodliner. Scottish Milans/Mullens are in Brock/Brocken colors. While Milans/Mullens are traced in their write-up to Moray, and while the pope once used a star in Moray-star colors, it's notable that the Milan/Mullen Chief uses stars in colors reversed to the star used in the pope's new Coat.

Aha! While I do not often see dark brown in Coats, here is the third dark-brown Coat, in the Beaver Coat! All three dark-brown Coats -- of the Botters, Goggle's and Beavers -- use a gold Shield. Beavers were first found in BERKshire. The Berkshire Coat uses a blue chevron thinner than the standard chevron, and the Charo/Claro Coat uses an even thinner blue chevron over its bull. The "charo"-using Josephs were first found in the same place as Botters. Lest you've forgotten, Botters entered the picture with the Roper/Ruper/Raper eagle, and the latter surname seems definitely to be kin of the present pope's bloodline, and his surname is now suddenly working out as a branch of Brooks / Brocks / Berks, wherefore keep in mind that the Borgia's and Charo's/Claro's share a red bull...symbol of the human-sacrifice cult of Baal, right?

I'll bet that Beavers are a branch of these Boeufs (both use a blue fesse), of Boofima elements to Bavaria. The Coraboeuf and Couraboeuf variations are suggesting the Couers/Cours/Courts that already traced to this pope's kin. And while Esus incorporated a bull symbol, the Boeufs also show "bull" endings in some of their variations (e.g. "Tournebull", a possible Turin/Torino term from "taurus"). The Turnbull Coat (bulls) happens to be in the colors of the Varn / Milan/Mullen / Brock/Brocken Coat.

German Beavers/Beibers were first found in Bavaria. Boofima was a human-sacrifice cult just like the Esus/Hesus cult, and the latter was given a symbol of an axe and the tree stump (interesting here is that beavers also cut down trees and leave tree stumps). It could be that the traditional tree stump, used until recently by Milans and Brocks/Brockens, is being replaced with a different design due to my exposing it as a symbol of Esus. As the Jesuits claim to use "IHS" as the first three letters of the Greek "Jesus," compare with "Esus/Hesus." Hmm. "The given name 'Esunertus' ('strength of Esus') occurs at least once as an epithet of Mercury on a dedicatory inscription...and personal names like Esugenos, 'son of Esus,'..."

I reject the translation, "strength of Esus," and would point out the buried "nertus" term as it can link to the Varni goddess, Nerthus. This insert comes after the below on the wood-carver theme was written. End insert]

Going back to the pope's kin, the Reapers and Ropers, entering "Reep" curiously gets the German Reis/Rice Coat (Bohemia) using a long chevron like the Ottones and Chappes'. This has potential for linkage to the Sadducee-suspect Saddocks/Sedwicks using "ears of rye" as code for the Rye's/Ryse's.

As the Wood surname shares the oak tree with the Reis/Rice Coat, the fact that the latter's write-up traces to the occupation of a wood carver (evokes Esus the woodman) is another bunch of falsification that in reality indicates kin. The Carvers/Carbers are easily identified as Garebites in that they use a chevron in the colors of many other chevrons that include ravens, as for example the Rice/Rhys chevron. I have been tracing ravens/crows for years to Garebites.

The Carvers/Carbers (Moor head) are interesting for reflecting the "HARVEster" code in the Miser/Messervy write-up. In fact, after writing that, it was learned that both Carvers/Carbers and Garby-related Harveys/Harves' were first found in Norfolk. Plus, "The surname Carver is derived from the Old English word ceorfan, which means to cut or to carve." Isn't that code for the Coeurs/Courts who are honored in the "coeur" motto term of Misers/Messervys??? It's the Hyksos merger with Garebites and Amorites that landed in the Trojan camp, isn't it?

The Carver/Carber write-up traces to a ploughman, and then the Plough/Plow surname starts to look like the Dunham/Downham/Dounham Coat, especially as the Plough/Plow Crest is a stag, symbol also of the Downs/Douns. I'm saying this because Dunhams were likewise first found in Norfolk. The "alteri" term of Ploughs/Plows is like the "alter" term of Roddens/Rodhams who use the Rye/Ryse bend. Ploughs/Plows were first found in Shropshire, and then here's the Rodden/Rodham write-up: "Alternatively, the name could have been derived from the place name Rodden in Shropshire. There is also a Rodden river in Shropshire."

How rotten is it to find king Obama, mafiosa Eric Holder, satanic Joseph Biden and vain Hillary Rodham all tracing to the pope-Francis discussion here? It's a heap of deadly sin upon deadly sin in our faces.

The Plough/Plow Coat also looks like the Harvey/Harves Coat, but even more so like the Holder Coat, and so here we have a fairly direct link of the pope's kin to the line to Obama's mother, and to the Obama circle of lying lunatics who use your tax dollars -- globally -- for their own bloodline-prop program. They use the world's money to create their own global government that will in the end enslave you as a mere number in their money-making machine. I'm not trying to start an insurrection, because I believe in only one Insurrection, but these people dearly deserve an insurrection. Unfortunately, Revelation tells that most of the world will follow blindly after them. Let's not forget Jim Messina or Jennifer Cutter.

The Holder-Crest griffin is the same sitting griffin in the Jefferson Crest. Note the "cruce" motto term of the Jeffersons as it should link to the crosiers in the Reis/Rice Coat. Smack beside the Grange School in Cheshire's Northwich theater, there is a Crewe location that should apply. The Cruce/Crois Coat (in Harveys / Garby / etc. colors) is a fat cross in the colors of the fat Jefferson and Messey/Messier saltire.

Here's the Crewe/Cruise Coat (in Crail/Crab colors), with a white lion's paw in Crest found also in the Crail/Crab Crest, if that helps to identify Crow- and Cros-like surnames with Garebites. While writing up in this area, I had not yet discovered the Crail/Crab surname, which you will see shortly below as part of the Kerr topic. The Crails'/CRABs use fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Carvers/CARBer-related Ploughs/Plows.

If there is any doubt that the Fernie's are a Vere branch, the Fernie lion is, in the same colors, in the Guerre(n) Chief. The Guerre write-up: "They also branched to Gree [like "Grey"] and Landelle in Brittany. This distinguished family were Grand Masters of the Order of St. Jean of Jerusalem in 1231." The Guerre's use the pierced star of the Payens, strongly suggesting links to Hugh de Payen (married a Chappes), one of the thieves at the Temple Mount who eventually left to visit the Sinclairs of Lothian. Carians had been pirates long before the Sinclair pirates, but the sleeping-moon Carians (see mythical Selene) had been made a sister of Helios of neighboring Rhodes. The Rhodian / Roet / Rodham / Reed Illuminati thus identifies well with the Carian > Kerr line.

What does this all mean that John Kerry should now be in charge of foreign affairs? What king of Kohn-job can we expect? If this administration will not quite prove to usher in the anti-Christ mission, where's it all leading? The ghost of Caiaphas, and the ghost of Ananias, must be permitted to rule the globe for the Latter-Day Rain of Fire and Brimstone. The Passion of Christ in the Father will see to it.

Lets go back to the claim of KL, that Kerrs were at first a branch of Douglas', themselves a branch of Flemings, major Templars. We read earlier that Thomas Kerr, provost of Edinburgh (Flemings had settled that area) and Jedburgh, was father to James Kerr of Creylin/Crailing ("James" is important here as Douglas kin), and so see that the Crail surname is listed with a Crab surname having this write-up: "Flemish surnames are characterized by a large number of spelling variations...The name has been spelled Crabb, Crabbe, Crab, Crabe and others. First found in Cambridge but the Crail variant may have come from much farther north in Fife, Scotland where the former royal burgh so named was derived from the Pictish word 'caer' which meant fort. Today Crail is the home to the oldest golf club in the world, instituted in February 1786." The "caer" term in quotation marks may purely be intended as code for the Carre's/Kerrs.

Without getting deeply into it, it can be gleaned that the Crails/Crabs are a Garebite branch of the Garb (Cheshire garbs) and Harvey kinds, all three surnames using versions of the Macey and Bellamy Coats. It all links to the earl Greys of Dunham Masci, where Obama's mother traces.

The Crail/Crab Coat (compares somewhat with the French Grange Coat) appears to be a colors-reversed version of the Scottish Stevenson Coat, which recalls the claim of KL that Kerrs were related to Dunhams and Stevensons. Note that both Douglas' and Stevensons use the Moray stars in their Chiefs. Compare this James Coat (probably uses the Dougal lion) to both Grange Coats, noting the blue Bruce lion in the James Crest.

It's very important now that the Douglas motto term, "Jamais," is code for the James surname from the royal James' of Scotland to whom the Kerrs were devoted. These James' were royal Stewarts, but then the latter got their throne directly from the royal Bruces of Ananias-suspect Annandale. Plus, it's known that the heart symbol (i.e. "heart of Bruce") of the Douglas' is code for the Bruce royals.

It's now time to bring the Francis surname back into topic for three reasons, the first being that one Francis Coat is suspect as a version of the Stevenson Coat. This is the Francis surname using a tree stump, symbol of Rhodes-based Roddens/Rodhams, first found in the same place as Stevensons. In consideration that the new pope chose "Francis" supposedly in honor of Francis of Assisi, and moreover in consideration that Masons often disguised their realities behind the names of Catholic "saints," let's go to the Francis write-up: "...but in this case, the surname was originally derived from the famous religious figure, St. Francis of Assisi. The Francis family was established in Derbyshire, prior to the Norman invasion of England, in 1066." Oh really? Was it really after that Francis?

"Ferniehirst [castle] was damaged by an English retaliatory raid in 1570, after Sir Thomas Ker [of the Grange] had raided northern England, and again in 1573 by Queen Elizabeth's army on their way to Edinburgh Castle. James VI attacked the castle in 1593 as the Kers had assisted FRANCIS Stewart, 1st Earl of Bothwell, who had conspired against the king." The Bothwells use a Coat like that of Fellers who are in turn suspect using a version of the French Grange Coat. Suddenly, we can start to suspect that the present pope is a Stewart of the Kerr(y) kind. If, therefore, we see John Kerry working in cahoots with pope Francis in Israel, we have reason to beware.

The first thing that pope Francis said as pope is that he wants to be friends with Israel. Why start right off by announcing that agenda? Beware, for this is Obama's approach with Israel at present, and it's therefore John Kerry's approach. Expect an ambush in due time rather than expecting true friendship with Netanyahu. It dawns on me that pope Francis can become the False Prophet while seeking to fulfill an Obama agenda in the Middle East. Just a thought, more likely to prove untrue, but something to watch out for.

The idea here is for me to reinforce the possibility that the Rhodes-globalist circles of Obama (whom I say had a Stevenson grandfather) had the pope replaced with one of their own choice based on bloodline lust for the purpose of illusive global control. The English Francis Coat appears to be a version of the Scottish Reed Coat, and then English Reeds (probably use the Cheshire / Crail/Crab garb), like Rodhams, were first found in the same place as Francis-suspect Stevensons. The "Pax copia" motto of the English Reeds traces to "copia" motto term used by Macclesfield of Cheshire, and then Macclesfield is smack beside Derbyshire, where a Dane river flows to that passes by Northwich of Cheshire, the location roughly of the Grange School.

Northwich is between Macclesfield and Chester, and while the latter was also called, Diva, the Dien/Dives surname uses the Masci wing, suggesting that the Diens, first found in the same place (Sussex) as Dane's, Deins, Danners and similar others, look to have named the Dane river. As the North surname was also first found in Sussex, it can be suspect as the namer of Northwich, and indeed the North Coat uses three white fleur in the colors of the same of Crails/Crabs who are in-turn suspect in using the Macey chevron.

[Insert: we saw these fleur colors in the Carver/Carber Coat when investigating the pope's motto. Below, I discover that the North's are a branch of DeNARDO's/Nordi's when going to that surname as per the "spikeNARD" symbol of his Arms. His Arms are simply filled with codes for bloodline lust. The three nails in the Arms may not be for the nails of Jesus, but may be spikes instead, or a symbol of the Neils/Nails/Nagle's.]

At this point, it's to be mentioned that I've traced the bears of the Macey-related Mackays to the Berwickshire bear, important because The Grange of the Kerrs is in Berwickshire. Note that the Mackay chevron, and the three white symbols surrounding it, are in the colors of the same of French Granges. The Crails/Crabs even appear to be using the short Mackay dagger. Therefore, I'm seeing a Mackay-Kerr relationship, important where I've predicted that the False Prophet will be a Meschin / Massey bloodliner.

As the Forbes surname share the muzzled bear with Mackays, note in the John Kerry article below that the Kerrys merged with Forbes', for it can indicate once again that Kerrs and Kerrys were one. Moreover, the Forbes' were first found in the same place (Aberdeen) as the Reeds with the Francis-suspect Shield, and then the Kerrs use a sun (see Arms of Kerr), a symbol in the Arms of pope Francis. One of the Kerrs (i.e. Thomas) of importance was banished (by king James-Stewart I of England) to Aberdeen, though he didn't live there long. Why was he banished to Aberdeen? He may have chosen it because the Celts/Colts were from that area, because he had married a KirKALDY. Moreover, Aberdeen was home to Leslie's, and then at the Arms of Kerr link above we find: "Allied clans Clan Leslie"

Back now to the John Kerry article:

...Fred, Ida and their first son Erich were all baptized as Catholics. And in 1905, the young family immigrated to America. After entering through Ellis Island, the family first lived in Chicago [possible links to the Obama circle?] and then settled in Boston...

...In 1921, Fred Kerry, at age 48, entered a Boston hotel and shot himself in the head [or was this a murder from the globalist group he got involved with?]...

Richard was six years old when his father committed suicide...Richard attended Phillips Academy, Yale University and Harvard Law School. After serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps, Kerry worked in the U.S. Department of State and later the Foreign Service [Fred had merely been a shoe salesman, and yet here his son is suddenly paving the path for John Kerry to be the chief of the U.S. state department. How does that happen so fast unless one sells the soul to Illuminatists?]

He married Rosemary Forbes, the beneficiary of the Forbes family trusts. The Forbes family amassed a huge fortune in China trade.

Richard and Rosemary had four children: Margery (1941), John (1943), Diana (1947) and Cameron (1950). John, a Massachusetts Senator, is the 2004 Democratic Nominee for President. Cameron, who married a Jewish woman and converted to Judaism in 1983, is a prominent Boston lawyer.

At the top of this update, the first quote from this article included: "In 1868, after the death of his first wife, [Benedikt Kohn] moved to Bennisch (today called Horni Benesov) and married Mathilde Frankel Kohn" It's not wholly impossible, from the phrasing of this sentence, for Benedikt to have been a Kerry but to have rejected it in favor of going with the Kohn surname of his wife. I say this because a son of Sir Thomas Kerr, William, "took the name of Kirkaldy to continue his mother's line; his children, however, reverted to Kerr, having failed to inherit the Grange property. By his second marriage, to Janet Scott, Sir Thomas was the father of Sir James Kerr of Crailing (father of the second Lord Jedburgh) and of Robert Can, Earl of Somerset (see below)."

Hmm, the Kerley surname is listed with the Criels/Kreels/Curls and shares the porcupine with Spike's.

The "guide" motto term of the Forbes' has been traced to the Guido surname, and the latter was discovered to be a Getty / Geddy branch. The importance here is that while the Guido Coat links to the Sched/Shed and Skit Coats, we see above that Thomas Kerr had also married the Scott surname that I lump in with Scheds / Skits. Then, the JEDburgh location of the Kerrs may just have been named by the GEDDy surname that adopted a 'J'. If you recall that Jeffersons in the Faenza theater had linked closely to Guido Guerra, this can explain why a Jefferson bloodline took on a Jed term in reflecting their Guido>Geddy side of things. Let me remind you that Scottish Geddys/Geddes use the small square in the Arms of Placentia.

Another Kerr-point to make is that pope Francis comes on the heals of the Bavarian pope Benedict, something that just came to mind with Benedikt Kohn. The Arms of pope Benedict use a saddled bear (tracing back to Bavarian elements of Garibald) that should relate to the muzzled bear of the Forbes' and Mackays. By what coincidence does the Benedict surname use the lion design, in the same colors, of the Forham/Forman lion? The latter surname, sharing a green dragon with Guerra's, was traced to "Forum Allieni," where the Israeli chief priests were suspect, and then the Benedict Coat adds a large star akin to the Annas/Annes star (for those who haven't yet read it, the chief priest of Israel whom I call Ananias was "Annas" too).

The Forhams/Formans were first found in Edinburghshire, where the Kerrs had some rule, and besides this, the Kerr-like Guerra's had traced to the Firth of Forth, where Lothian is located. The Forhams/Formans may be using the gold footless martlets of the Cairns/Carnys, first found in Lothian (location of Edinburgh).

Plus, the Benedict and Forham/Forman lion is in the same design as, and colors reversed from, the English Geddy lion. We have here the potential to trace the makings of "Forbes/Forbeis" to "Forum Allieni." Of some interest, the muzzled bear is used also by Percivals, first found in the same place (Somerset) as the related Pierces and some Kerrs, and then the Pierce chevron is in the colors of the Bennes chevron, important, but only perhaps, because Benedikt Kohn was from a Bennisch location of Moravia. The Bennes surname was first found on the north side of the Firth of Forth, in Angus, a place that is now tracing suggestively to "Annas."

The Bennes' use a "football" in Crest, and then both Balls and Foots were first found in Cheshire. Besides, I trace "footless martins" to the Foots and related Fide's/Fothes/Fittes and to "Foetes" of Bavaria. The "fulCRUM" motto of Balls traces (I can't re-explain here) with the Croms and Crombys to "Cremona," beside Placentia. The Balls were identified with Alexander Balas (patriarch of Maccabees proper in my opinion, and forerunner to end-time anti-Christ), and then the Bennes Shield-and-chevron combination is much like the same of the Alexander surname. I had traced the Alexander-Balas Maccabee line to Arran (home of the MacAbee's) and neighboring Kintyre, and so see this from Wikipedia's clan-Kerr article: "There is another variant [of the Kerr surname] found on the west coast of Scotland, particularly on the Isle of Arran..." The ForBEIS variation of the Forbes' may betray their root in the Boii/Bohemian side of the proto-Maccabees (also called " MaccaBAEUS), and then Bennisch was founded under the authority of Bohemia.

This may be a good place to tell that the Foots and Fothes/Fittes use a chevron in colors reversed to the Heinz chevron. But look at the middle name of John Kerry's wife: "Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-FERREIRA Heinz (born October 5, 1938), known as Teresa Heinz, is an American businesswoman and philanthropist, the widow of former U.S. Senator H. John Heinz III (R-Pennsylvania), and the wife of current U.S. Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts)." The Heinz surname shows also as HAINs / HAINzer variation that can easily, and should without doubt, trace to "Ananias/Annas." By what coincidence does Kerry's wealthy wife appear to be from the Pharisee-suspect Ferrari's out of Ferrara = Forham Allieni???

Here's from Wikipedia's Kerr article: "Family tradition asserts the Norman origin for the chiefs, from two brothers, Ralph and Robert (also called John), who came to Roxburgh from Lancashire. It has never been confirmed who was the elder brother of the two, although the senior branch of the family, the Kerrs of FERINhurst claim descent from Ralph..." Entering FERIN gets a Ferriera variation, suggesting that Kerrs and the Kerry surname were one and the same, meaning that the Kerrys were not named after the drop of a pencil on a map.

German Hains were first found in Silesia, and then Bennisch is in Moravian-Silesia.

The Fothes'/Fittes' (easily linked to Reeds of Aberdeen) was yet another surname first found in Aberdeen, where the Forbes' were first found who appear to have given the line to John Kerry it globalist reach.

Why is Teresa's son with Heinz III showing with a Drake middle name? That son married Alexandra LEWIS (green dragon), and made their home in Pennsylvania's Bucks County, a place that's become suspect by me as a Vere-Illuminati haven. There's plenty of Yale attendance in this marital alliance, not just John Heinz III, but his father: "He is a graduate of Yale University, where he was a member of the Skull and Bones secret society." His mother was Elizabeth Rust, and then there is a red wyvern, the color of the Drake wyvern, in the Rust Crest. The black-on-white saltire of the Rusts (probably a Rus bloodline back through Varangians to the Varni Rus) is what I consider a skull-and-bones pirate flag disguised.

The Varni were kin of the Angles (they shared the same goddess), and then the third wife (of Heinz II was an English surname by birth. The Vere-Illuminati elements that I suspected in the Bucks county area involved the Nagle's/ANGULO's (share a "sed" motto term with Kerrs). What a coincidence. See the Moray stars in the Weir/Vere Coat. Not only does the English/Inglis Coat appear to use the Moray stars and the James / Dougal lion, but the surname was first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as The Grange of the Douglas- and James-related Kerrs!

Didn't the Kerrs of the Grange marry the Scotts? We now find: "Before entering politics, Heinz [III] served as an assistant to Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senator Hugh Scott " Scotts were first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Weirs/Vere's.

I can't recall whether I shared with you that YS found a deVere Group, "the world's largest independent financial consultancy group."

Let's go back to Francis Stewart, perhaps the founder of the Francis surname, or descended from the founder of the surname:

Francis Stewart, 5th Earl of Bothwell (c.December 1562 - November 1612) was Commendator of Kelso Abbey and Coldingham Priory, a Privy Counsellor and Lord High Admiral of Scotland. Like his stepfather, Archibald Douglas, Parson of Douglas, he was a notorious conspirator, who died in disgrace. Francis was the first cousin of King James VI of Scotland (they were both grandsons of James V of Scotland). Francis's maternal uncle James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell was the chief suspect of having murdered James VI's father Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.

...Several of Bothwell's supporters were, in the meantime, locked up: the Earl Marischal, Lord Home, and Sinclair of Roslin amongst them.,_1st_Earl_of_Bothwell

The article reads like a typical outlaw story. To help prove that both Francis surnames trace to Francis Stewart, both Francis Coats use the eagle design of Whites, who were themselves of Coldingham (in Berwickshire). It's important to note that Francis Stewart was accused of witchcraft, and that Whites trace with Bute elements to the Uat/Buto cult of witchcraft back in ancient Egypt. This is your typical Masonic root in Egypt. It just so happens that Bothwell is a surname in honor of Bute.

English White's use the same lion, in the same colors, as the both France surnames. The Franklins may be using the Cairn martlets and the James dolphin.

WOW! After noting that German Franks (Bohemia) use the same saltire as Annandale's so as to be linkable to the Bruces, the ancestors of Francis Stewart, the "Jewish" Frank/Franken surname was loaded to find a woman wearing a hat much like the hat in the Arms of pope Francis. Then, in the woman's hand, a bunch of grapes, the other symbol in the Arms of pope Francis!!! The pope is a liar and a bloodline nut. It should be noted that the Arms above with the hat are not the official Arms under his capacity as pope, but the Arms he used previously. The papal Arms also has a gold star and gold grape bunch rather than the white ones.

What a coincidence. It looks this Jesuit pope is identifying with "Jewish" Franks, the surname. The founder of the Bavarian Illuminati had been a Jesuit, if I recall correctly. However, by no means am I going to place this present pope into any satanic circle without evidence aside from these heraldic notes. It may be true that this pope was chosen by Illuminati elements to serve their purposes, but we will need to wait and see what he does and what he reflects.

Let me repeat from what was said above just after introducing Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-FERREIRA Heinz:

Here's from Wikipedia's Kerr article: "Family tradition asserts the Norman origin for the chiefs, from two brothers, Ralph and Robert (also called John), who came to Roxburgh from Lancashire. It has never been confirmed who was the elder brother of the two, although the senior branch of the family, the Kerrs of FERINhurst claim descent from Ralph..." Entering FERIN gets a Ferriera variation, suggesting that Kerrs and the Kerry surname were one and the same, meaning that the Kerrys were not named after the drop of a pencil on a map."

Look at how "FERINhurst," a variation of FERNIEhurst, reflects "France" or "Frank." The possibility is that Francis Kerr, with roots in Ferinhurst, was so named. As you can see that they arrived to their Ferinhurst location out of Lancashire, so we find that the France surname was first found in Lancashire. Ditto for the Spike surname, important because Wikipedia tells that the pope's grape bunch is officially a "spikenard." At Wikipedia's spikenard article: "With this meaning, Pope Francis has included the spikenard in his coat of arms." The spikenard has no similarity with the grape bunch in the papal Arms, however, and the Wikipedia writer is deceptive when he describes the papal grape bunch as "the grape-like plant - the spikenard." The pope himself is being deceptive, is he not, on multiple counts in describing his very own Arms? Isn't that sun in the Arms a symbol of Helios that's used also by the Kerrs??? Why is the Jesuit symbol upon that sun?

The "EliGENDO" motto term of the papal Arms may suggest the Augers using an "agendo" motto term. This is a good guess because the Augers use the same lion as Ferrari's, and trace to Euganeo, near Ferrara. The full motto of the Augers is "SPECtemur agendo," and then the Spike's are also "Speck/Speke" (and Spock). It's reminding me of one Star Trek movie where Dr. Spock kills God when He's portrayed as a lunatic found in some region of space. The Augers were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Roddens, and then STAR Trek was created by GENE RODDENbury. Euganeo (in Padova) traces to the EuGENE surname using stars in Kerr star colors as well as another sun (i.e. a Kerr / pope symbol), this time a red sun, the color of the Solana sun, the color expected of Helios of Rhodes.

Reminder: Irish Kerrs/Carrys and STARs use estoiles, the symbol of Este smack beside Euganeo, and Stars and Irish Kerns share the same-colored chevron. Este and Euganeo has for quite some time been identified here as the Veneti root of the first Franks, the Merovingian Franks. I traced "Euganeo" to "Aachen,' where the forthcoming Carolingian Franks ruled.

It has taken me until now to enter "Cary," and so lo and behold, Carys/Carrie's were not only first found in Somerset (where some Kerrs lived), but they use the Joseph swan! The Lindseys use the same swan design and are easily traced to Rhodes elements. The Carys/Carrie's were first found in Gernon-suspect Guernsey, where there is a Footes location.

Here's some double-speak on the papal Arms: "...the flaming sun with the letters IHS are the first three letters of Jesus' name in Greek, recalling Our Lord's saving mission; the star represents the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the flower of the spikenard or nard is used in Spanish iconography to represent Saint Joseph." You would be a fool to think that the star represents Mary, or that the spikenard represents Marys husband or any Joseph of Arimathea. Clearly, another Joseph is the target of the codework.

The "nard" in "spikenard" evokes the Narbonne/DeNardo/Nordie surnames that is possibly from "Nerthus," the mother earth goddess of the Varni and Angles. The Narbonne's/Denardo/Nordie lion and colors are in the North Coat! The lion is also in the Maschi/Maskaly Chief. The Narbonne's/Nordie's use the tower that I've routinely called the Moratin tower, which I've traced from Tuareg Berbers/Amazons of Mauritania to "Turin." The Nortons/Nachtens use the same tower in the red color of the Moratin tower.

The question is, why would the Joseph bloodline be seen by the pope-Francis circle as linking to the Narbonne's/Nardo's/Nordi's, Norths and Nortons? Hmm, didn't I trace Pharisees at proto-Ferrara to the Varni? The impression in all this is that the Nerthus cult was at the Grange entity of Cheshire's Northwich, and so lets not forget that the Joseph Chief uses garbs in the colors of the garbs used by the Arms of Cheshire. Again, those garbs are used by Comyns/Comminges, and the Burgo > Conteville family ruled Comyn. It's a good argument suddenly for identifying "Bergoglio" with the Burgo's. In fact, I trace Burgo's to "Burgundy," which to the French is "BOURGOGne." Earlier, we saw the pope's motto lead to the Coeurs/Cours/Courts (In Joseph / Comyn colors), and so the "COURage" motto of the Comyns may apply.

Here's the Bergogne/Bourgogne Coat, just three red roundels called "torteaux" that I trace to "Tortona," smack beside Asti! The English Bergon/Burgoigne Crest almost uses crossed keys.

The Narbonne/Denardo write-up mentions the BERnards, important of "Bergoglio" is to is to be understood as Ber-Goglio. Irish Bernards just happen to use the same gold lion as Sforza's holding a green snake (i.e. the original color of the Visconti / Sforza snake). As English Carys are the one's using the Joseph swan, lets bring in the Irish Carys/Harrys using almost the Narbonne/Denardo / North lion (in the same colors), a lion in the colors of the Auger / Ferrari / Sforza lion, and let's not forget that the father of the new pope married a Sivori, suggesting the Sforza's.

I recognize the spear in the Irish Cary/Harry Crest as the Dunham spear (same design, same colors). Dunhams and Comyns were first found in the same place, NORfolk.

The grape BUNCH in the pope's Arms might just be code for the Bunch and related Punch surnames that were stressed a few updates ago as part of the Payne / Payen / Pine/Pyne / Panico/Panetta bloodline at the doorstep of Guido Guerra, in the Setta valley. At that time, I learned that the Punch surname in Obama's ancestry was also "Bunch." The Bunch's use lozenges in the colors of the Pink/Pinch lozenges. Then, as further proof that the Obama circle chose this present pope, the porcuPINE of the Spike Crest may apply, not applicable just to the Pine's/Pyne's, but to the pine cone's of German Tanners and Maschi's/Maskalys. This is especially true in that the Maschi's/Maskalys were first found in Rimini, a term from the Rimmon location of the 600 "Benjamites" (that were Revealed as proto-Massey liners). It was before stressing the Spike's here, who use a red double-headed eagle (ancient symbol of Romans), that evidence was found to prove that the two-headed eagle was permitted for use by this Benjamin line...because it founded and named the Romans.

The Prestongrange lands of the Kerrs went as far as a land of Pinkie on the west. "Pinkie" gets the Pink Coat.

Didn't we already find that this pope's kin were Garebites of the Garby / Harvey / Carver/Carber kind? Didn't we just see this pope's kin tracing to the Nerthus cult of the Varni (or "Warni")? By what coincidence does entering "Grape" get the Grabber/Grabner Coat using a bend in the colors of the Varn/Warnock bend. As this surname comes up also as "Gripp," Herod Agrippa may relate, important because the heraldic grape bunch is a symbol also from Herod Archelaus.

The Kerr motto, "Sero sed serio," is code for the Sears using stars and a chevron in the colors of the same of Kerrs (see also German Bernard star colors). It's interesting here that entering "Search" gets the Sear Coat. Then, it was just discovered that the Swyrich heraldry company features the Kerr Coat (as a sample) in at least one of its pages, and then the link to the Swyrich page that I can no longer load has the URL, It just so happens that both the Grange and Sear/Search Coat use red scallops, and the Grange Coat once again shows the Auger / Ferrari / Sforza lion. See Swyrich note at end of this page.

The Bergons/Burgoigne's likewise use red scallops, but then also see the red Savona scallop, for in the Savona/Sabine Crest (Tanner Shield?) there is a red bull that was the design, until recently, of the red bull of Borgia's (flames). It's the Charo/Claro bloodline, isn't it, accessed from the "charo" motto term of Josephs? Isn't it amazing that this pope was chosen just as I finished emphasizing the Josephs and Charo's/Claro's, and the fly Sign on Obama's face that led to the Mosca kin of the latter surname? Like the Dunhams and Carys/Harrys, the Savona's were first found in Norfolk. The present pope is a mainline Caiaphas liner, isn't he?

Pope Borgia had a mistress with Candida/Cattanei surname (see last October-November for that topic) that was effectively his wife. That surname was first found in the same place (Naples) as the Capua/Caputo/Capone surname suspect with Caiaphas. But the Narbonne's/Denardo's, now known to be in code in the pope's motto, were also first found in Naples.

The Butes/Butts, who share the gold estoile with in the Stars, uses a black horsehead shown until recently in the Este Coat. The Este Coat now shows the horsehead of the Merovingian / Carolingian Pepins. Este's were first found in the same place as Sears/Search's and Vere's, and Vere's use a star in colors reversed to the Sear/Search and Kerr stars.

We are all over the Vere-Stewart-Macey line to the coming anti-Christ, and yet I had not stressed the Kerrs so much as now, just when Obama, the Massey liner, has chosen a Kerry for his foreign affairs. It is simply amazing to find that the new pope is tracing to the same elements, including the Kerrs. It may even be that "BerGOGlio" is a Ber term with a Gog term. The Italian leader with BERlusconi surname actually has the Visconti snake (called a biscione) patterned out on his lawn using the landscape; see it here. If "Berlusconi" can be a Visconti kin, then "Bergoglio" can be too. Consider the similarity between "Google" and Goglio."

At the biscione page above, see what is claimed to be the head of Jesus on a snake's body. This head is said to be the head of Jesus as it appears on the Shroud of Turin. It is said to have been a drawing from a Napoleonic soldier, reminding me of an email from Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg in which he tried to convince us that his dragon blood concerns Jesus as the "dragon light." Napoleon was of Naples. Templars have, since their inception, posed as false Christians with a highly satanic underskin. I don't know by what coincidence the pope's father is from the Turin area, but he being from Asti, the location of Montferrat, is Vere-y suspicious. see Cuneo map

Asti is not shown on the map above, but is just off the map beyond Canale. This is the wider Montferrat area to the southeast side of Turin, but the municipality of Montferrato (on the Po) is between Cuneo and Milan, and probably part of the old Laevi domain. The municipality of Asti is on the Tanaro river that I'm tracing, with the Burgo>Conteville line, to "the tanner" of Falaise (I have my doubts that he was a tanner). The Tanner surname uses Moor heads in Chief, and the Visconti's sometimes claim (as an explanation) that the infant in their snake's mouth was originally a Moor.

I am fairly sure that the Montferrat-Drakenberg alliance concerns the Vere merger with the Boso-MonteCHIARO line of Caiaphas that was traced not many updates ago to the Drago river of Agrigento. Between the Montferrat-Asti area and Turin there is a CHIERI location that can apply. The Moor elements is this picture would be the Shawia Berbers as they developed into the Sheaves/Chiava's/Chiapponi's using keys, a symbol of many papal Arms including those of the Vatican. A trace of the Vatican to the Caiaphas-Sadducee line of Sheaves > Shaws is considerable.

Unbelievable. I just decided to end the discussion above and go to a news story concerning Guccifer, the hacker who got hold of emails between Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal. I was going to say that Guccifer's first release to the public claimed that Blumenthal informed Hillary Clinton that the attack on the Benghazi was due to demonstrations in relation to the Cairo demonstrations? Sound familiar? It's what Obama went out to preach thereafter. I was going to say that Obama directed Blumenthal to inform Hillary of this falsehood so that Hillary and others could deem it the "truth" when spreading the message around, but, the point is, I just looked up the Blumenthal surname only now, after writing all the above, to find grapes!!! And the grapes are on a split Shield in the colors of the Grape/Grabber Shield.

As you can see, there is a "Jewish" Blumenthal surname. The Plume's, who were traced strongly to Brittany, where the Levi-suspect Levine's were first found who use a grape vine, were traced to Amorites in PALMyra (ancient Amurru empire in Syria), important because I always trace Amorites out of Jerusalem to Garebites out of Jerusalem. l spent years denying that there were any true Jews / Israelites in Templar Zionism, insisting instead that Templar Zionism was based on Amorites of Jerusalem. It's been only in the last year or so that I've changed my outlook, now seeing the true Jewish blood of the Israeli chief priests merged with these neo-Amorites of Templarism.

It's all coming to an Armageddon head on the day that the Illuminatists think their plans can actually succeed, because they think that God is in a remote part of the universe no longer watching.

While one side of a coin of Herod Archelaus has a grape vine, the other side has a helmet with feathers, called a "plume" of feathers by heraldry codes. Herod Archelaus received his surname from Glaphyra Archelaus of Syria.

Guccifer had hacked the email account of George Bush, and so one needs to be careful here addressing his latest releases. One could read his first release as a boon to Hillary's re-election bid in 2016 because it absolves her of some guilt. It tells that Blumenthal put the idea into her head, on the very day after the attack, that it was due to local demonstrations. But Hillary is by no means cleared of guilt in this, for others had known, the night before, that it was a terrorist attack. If Guccifer is reporting the reality, it tells me that Blumenthal was in a conspiracy with Obama to make it look like street demonstrations took place, which they did not. The Blumenthal memo's were released by a Russian organization, RT:

On the back of widespread public interest RT has decided to publish in their entirety a series of memos which were allegedly sent from a one-time White House aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The emails, which were allegedly sent by former political adviser Sidney Blumenthal to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were forwarded to RT by a hacker using the alias "Guccifer."

...Below are 4 letters dating from September 12, 2012-February 16, 2013. Any omissions are unintentional, as we are publishing all of the information that has been provided to us in the interest of full disclosure. [See memo's here:]

If you are interested in the visit of Obama and John Kerry to Israel this past weekend, see article below. It basically shows the Americans asking the Israeli's to do what the Palestinians want done in the name of striking up a peace. Kerry met with Netanyahu on March 23, two days before Passover. In years before 2011, I was cautioning to readers that the Abomination of Desolation -- the armies of the anti-Christ -- could be gaining access into the Israeli streets from the Temple Mount as of this Passover, 2013. I had to abandon such ideas in 2010/11 because I expected the anti-Christ to be taking Iraq by that time.

So long as the Syria situation remains "hot," we need to keep watch for the anti-Christ entry into Iraq. We will need to see how John Kerry, who is starting out like the nice guy, seeks to twist Israel's arm once he is sure that Israel will not comply with his wishes.

China seems right on cue to bring down the West at the appointed time:

(Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping warned against foreign interference in the affairs of other nations during a speech in Moscow on [March 23], sending a signal to the West and echoing a message often repeated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Permanent U.N. Security Council members with veto power, Russia and China have frequently teamed up diplomatically to blunt the influence of the United States and its NATO allies and have blocked three draft resolutions on Syria.

It may not be so much that China loves Assad in Syria as much as it hates the West seeking to make another puppet government. It can be predicted that the Orientals come with military invasion into the Middle East at Armageddon to thwart the Western anti-Christ's string of successes in the Middle East. The fact that Russia and China are teaming together to protect Syria from Obama conflicts with my expectation of a Russian anti-Christ. I'm open to being wrong on that, and careful to allow any other scenario as a possibility. It's of course possible that the anti-Christ will arrive in post-Putin Russia, whatever that may look like. I might be an old man by then, or flown away.

Here's John Kerry's attitude:

US Secretary of State John Kerry pressed Iraq to stop allowing Iranian flights apparently carrying military equipment through its airspace headed to Syria, on a surprise visit to Baghdad on [March 24].

Kerry warned Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Washington was "watching what Iraq is doing", the highest-level criticism yet of Baghdad for not inspecting flights which Tehran insists are carrying humanitarian supplies.

..."I made very clear to the prime minister [that I'm going to dictate what Iraq needs to do on behalf of Obama's agenda]

..."The full withdrawal of the US military ... reduced our leverage," Ryan Crocker, a former US ambassador to Iraq, said in an address to the Carnegie Council in Washington on March 21.

"It is time to engage in a serious, sustained and high-level manner and, through that engagement, exert a greater influence with all the parties."

I see how it is, to lament that the military is no longer there in order to control the country. Way to go Crocker, nothing like giving your country the image that you desire your military pest to control the will of others while preaching that nations should become democratic. Way to go. Maybe you need to ask why Iraq doesn't like the Americans. Maybe it's the fault of people like you. George Bush didn't go into Iraq to free the nation after all, but to bully it into submission using callous military brutes who killed the people like they were part of a video game. Thanks also to Obama's desperate methods, Iraq now has the impression that Americans are tricky-dicky intruders, which is the reason that they don't want Americans in Syria. George Bush promised he wouldn't intrude and nation build, then pulled off the mother of nation-building efforts...that failed even to make a friend out of the people. Obama has done the same in Libya and Egypt, wasted money only to change one enemy for another enemy. Why? Because they all realize that Americans want to "help" only to call the political shots. Way to go, Crocker, that you would advertise that attitude unashamedly.

The West (i.e. the International Monetary Fund) is dangling hundreds of billions before Egypt in order to make it do the will of America, which is not the way to go about making friends. Vast numbers of Egyptians are refusing the money, but not the Egyptian president, because politics corrupts, especially when one deals with the corrupt mafia that is the global nation changer. Whose money are they dangling, anyway, and did they get permission from the people to spend it? What stake do the people have in Egypt who once owned this money? They are trying to change nations using money stolen from their own people. Can an organization like that be trusted to produce any good? They want their Western lifestyle to go global not realizing what a stench their lifestyle is, and in the meantime they want a piece of the financial pie in these nations. But the people who once owned the money don't get any return; it all goes to the global corporations.

Oh, yes, some people get jobs when these corporations have more money to spend, but then the people need to work to get their money back, meaning they need to work twice to earn the money. They worked once before it was taken from them in high taxes and high prices, and then they need to work again to get it back, only to see it robbed for other purposes of satanic globalism. It's not enough that gas prices have rocketed, Al Gore (he's not alone) is calling for a global carbon tax to boot, expecting us all to submit willfully. A little increase here, a little increase there, multiplied by 50 ways to get your money, and the globalists can be likened to a rat infestation nibbling away at your house.

I have just found that the search.swyrich page for telling the Coat and Crest descriptions is available at There seems to be something of a game being played because the page now has this message:

WAIT.... BEFORE YOU SEARCH.... Please be aware that our search only shows a SMALL PORTION of the last names we have available. So, we may still have your coat of arms available even if our search says it's not available. If you would like, go ahead and place an order anyways and we will research it. YOU WILL ONLY BE CHARGED IF WE FIND YOUR NAME.

This message was not there for years previous. It may be due for protecting against writers like me who wish to expose their codework. In the past, whatever name appeared at would also appear at The names available were countless. Yet, you need to ask, why is only a "small portion" being made available to public viewing of all that they have in their data bank for sale?


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