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April 2 - 8, 2013

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Joseph Cafasso and John Bosco
Joseph Biden's Ancestry in Hampshire's Caiaphas Liners

Obama the Thief:

President Barack Obama's decision to launch his own political organization has some Democrats wondering: Is he just in it for himself?

Obama's new group, Organizing for Action, will focus on his policy raising unlimited amounts of cash and accessing the president's secret list of 20 million supporters, volunteers and donors.

The operation won't share money, resources or the priceless Obama email list with the Democratic National Committee or campaign committees that help elect members of Congress, governors and legislators. And it has no plans to coordinate efforts, leading some Democrats to worry that it will take money and manpower away from the party as it heads into the 2014 elections for control of Congress.

Obama, who is a very poor excuse for a president, has a lot of things to do with everyone else's money. It's obvious to all that he loves to spend money when it's not his own. The Democrats were fine with Obama taking it from all Americans and spreading it to Democrat causes in Obama's stimulus robbery, but now that he's taking Democrat money only, suddenly the issue is making the news as a rub against Democrat wishes. Obama does things secretly as best he can:

Several DNC members said in interviews that they weren't told about Organizing for Action's formation until it was publicly announced in January. They said that when they'd complained, they were chastised and told by national and state party leaders not to speak publicly.

You elected him, you get what you deserve. You knew he was a thief, and yet you re-elected him. Now eat your soup and don't complain.

"Days before his second term began [January 20], Obama announced that his campaign would morph into a nonprofit, tax-exempt group to rally support across the country for his agenda. 'Organizing for Action will be an unparalleled force in American politics,' he told supporters." Yep, that's Obama, always doing something "new" to surprise us. But wait, Obama, you should have said that before the election. The Democrats don't mind you lying and keeping secret to the Republicans, but you gotta be pretty darn stupid to do that to Democrats too. And that's what I've been saying all along, you are one stupid man. The only thing that shines in your outfit is that suit of armor you wear to disguise who you really are.

The only thing that Dermocrats will get while Obama tries to assure them is more skin-deep rulership. There's no other way to read this than Obama using his own voters to earn a legacy and create a new image for himself in the things he has in store to do. But nobody in the normal world knows what he has in mind to do. "The decision to create Organizing for Action separate from the DNC...has prompted some Democrats to accuse Obama of focusing more on his legacy and less on his party." It's worse than that, because any Dermocrat out begging money to revamp his image is going to use the money wrongly too, for Democrat causes. Virtually everything Democrat in these years is ruinous to the nation, and spread warts to the world. An old political trick played by unethical politicians is to give tax money to friends who will repay them one way or the other.

Obama has told his people what he intends to use their money for: "curbing gun violence, fighting climate change, overhauling the immigration system and solving the nation's fiscal problems through a mixture of tax revisions or increases and budget cuts." The curb gun violence, the people need to become better citizens; the poor need to earn more money, and obtain hope and self-respect; there needs to be a better war on drug trafficking that begins at the borders, and the youth need to have no reason to use drugs. I don't see any programs where Obama seeks to instill good values into the people, but, instead, even the youth are being fed porn and other satanic material freely. The youth are targeted for the Democrat vote along with queer-nation perverts, prostitutes, and a whole host of ill-spirits. Students didn't go massacring other students when the world was not this way one generation or two ago.

The bottom line: when a nation forsakes God, He allows demons to settle in with greater powers to spoil the peoples. That's what you see happening year after year, and Obama is not the man to correct this situation. Evil spirits amongst the people cause people to do evil things, and not just with their guns. But Obama is part of the evil people, and he has evil plans in taking guns away, if possible, and in allowing more Mexicans into the nation, and in the increase in taxes for global-warming purposes (supposedly). The Obama spirit is your next problem, your next reward, ill-America.

"Chicago-based Organizing for Action is headed by Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, and other former Obama staffers from the White House and campaign. So far, it's hired a few dozen staff members. Organizing for Action was created as an advocacy organization, which means it can't share money or resources with the DNC." Excellent strategy. Take the money from Democrat voters and make a rule that they can't get it back. It's full proof. The Chicago Mafia would be proud of you, Mr. Obama. Where'd you learn that trick?

The fact that some Democrats are giving their hard-earned money to the Obama Image Team just goes to show how blind and naive some are. It's going to be hard to take the country back to reality and sober-mindedness after these next four years. I think the nation is swinging over to an irreversible condition called Fantasy Land, and the only thing that's going to snap the hard-core Democrats out of it will be...frankly I don't know. I'm afraid they're too-far gone.

I'm not trying to offend Democrats as a whole, but on second thought, the whole of Democrats includes a lot of pope-worshipers. The way in which the new pope is going out making an image for himself looks like he was tutored by Obama himself. I don't know what's wrong with Democrats who can't equate a man bent on self-imagery with a fake. If Obama is into making an image for himself, isn't that the same thing as a fake? Hello? Yes, but Catholics don't mind imagery because they're used to it. Everything in a Mass is imagery, even the priest's motions and conduct.

I learned this when I was just a babe Christian with some charismatic friends who took me to a Wednesday night Catholic event. After the very young priest did his thing in the service, I slipped out to the toilet because I didn't like what he was doing. And when I returned, I didn't want to go back in, so I sat on the steps for the remaining minutes, just outside the closed door into the mass hall. As everyone was clearing out, the priest and another one of them went into an adjacent room, with a door coming out to the stairs where I was sitting, and I overheard the older one complimenting the younger one who had performed the service: "You're really going to go places." It's called fakery of performance, or being tutored into selfish ambition in the name of preaching Christ. It's the makings of a false teacher.

Obama the false president wishes to have Democrats chirping up a favorable noise regarding his agendas because they are easy pickins when in that mode. Keep your feathers, Democrats, and don't go being naked, silly. Do you realize how much it's going to cost to wage these wars against global warming, gun control, and blah-blah? Are you out of your mind? Once you get comfortable with these, what next? If you don't mind Obama slipping his hand up your hole and pulling out your inners, you go right ahead and become the stuffing on his party plate.

In my opinion, Americans should force Democrats to pay for Obamagenda because they are supposed to be for it. I don't see why other Americans should have to pay. And that's how Democrats operate. They want abortion, and you got to pay for it. They want health care, and you got to pay for it. They want this and that and the whole universe too, and you gotta pay for it. That's just the way it is with people who are silly and demented.

It's been the job of the Vatican historically to make people demented and pliable for the rulers. The Vatican really knows how. They can actually get people's minds off of Christ and onto Mary. If I had predicted that in the first century, you would have thought I was nuts. There's a whole host of superstition that the Vatican has used historically to bewitch people. I don't call them Christians today because a Christian ought to know better than to serve the popes. I don't know what Catholics are in truth, but I sure wish them the best because they're going to need it.

If the pope gets involved with the end-time wave of Christian persecution, and indeed a Jesuit would love to stamp our protesters, then Catholics are going to be called upon, along with hard-core, Christian-bashing Democrats, to lead the way. Is this what the Democrat party is, the John-Baptist of the devil? The one who comes to prepare the way for the devil's dark hour? Are Catholics going to be amongst those who kill us while thinking to do God a good service? They've done it in the past. Ask Ignoramus Loyola who got himself quite the following, including one pope Francis.

At one time, the Vatican / priest convinced Catholics that they could get out of Hell by a payment of money to it/them. The protestant Catholics protested against this very thing, but Jesuits clinged to the popes anyway. What does that tell you about the new pope? Well, maybe Jesuits of the modern times have changed, hum? But I wouldn't go joining a satanic cult today just because they no longer believe in satan. If the founder of the Jesuits was demented, why would I want to join that? Why did the pope join it? What do Jesuits represent today?

This pope may prove to be nothing of a danger to anyone, and the world may go as-usual throughout Obama's remaining time. But then, the exchanging of the pope at this time may prove to be for a global cause on the list of a step-by-step takeover of certain globalists, who badly need him in order to have their next step succeed. It's best to expect an ambush of sorts when it comes to an enforced 666 system, and world-leading currencies have been advertised as being in critical shape for long enough that we could SUDDENLY see a new way of operating commercially any new morning now. It's not the time to be lulled into a calm assurance.

There's nothing Democrats love more than to win elections. Unfortunately, the fickle finger of fate denied them a victory over the one they hated more than anyone else, Bush. Here's what happened in Obama's first term: "State party officials griped that an arm of the Democratic National Committee was spending time and money on [Obama's] legislative fight, rather than winning elections...That [anti-healthcare] sentiment sent Democrats into the midterm elections at a disadvantage; they lost 63 House seats, suffering their worst electoral defeat in more than seven decades." That's quite an accomplishment for a great one, but, yes, he did keep his promise to change things for the getting rid of 63 Democrats. Nothing like cutting your own legs off and then trying to stand tall anyway. Expect more humiliation to befall this false president, but know that he doesn't want a repeat in the next mid-term elections.

Spending the pockets of Democrats to win controversial political agenda's is expensive, not just in dollars, but in getting out the vote. Obimbo hasn't learned his lessen yet, and never will, because he cares not for the flock. If he's got another four years, it's merely his opportunity to do another fleece job. In Obama's first loss already, as regards his Organizing For Action, he's had to succumb to promising voters not to take corporate donations. That's a big loss because he was expecting to be paid back by all those companies that got some of his stimulus money. Plus, at one point, he agreed to report any donation over $250. Therefore, he's got to work with soured Democrats looking over his books. It'll be hard to grow back legs under these conditions, but worms, they say, are capable of growing back even after the shovel of shovel-ready slices them in two.

It's nice to see two Democrat organizations, brothers, in competition, because it makes for a great comedy, like when Moe hits Curly over the head with a club. It doesn't hurt Curly that much because he has a hard head. And so Moe puts his two fingers around Curly's tender nose and drags him around the room, with him squealing like a pig, which is just how Obama's Action team is planning to treat the Democrat National Committee if a club over the head doesn't make it lie down. Obama is committed to this thing already as the centerpiece of his second term, and so he'll use whatever it takes to shunt / de-rail his opposers. The less he can get from tax payers, the more pork fat he'll need to scrape away from his own voting blocks. Like I said, what we're hearing from Democrats right now is the sound of pigs squealing.

History has arrived beyond the corruption of winning elections by out-spending an opponent. Now, the voters are being asked to help purchase legislation. Donations will now go toward popularizing a controversial Obama agenda so that Democrat legislators will be safer and more comfortable in support. So, Obama is the inventor of a machine, and it spits out laws. It's a rudimentary machine, but someday it will be improved so that it can produce laws in neat little packages of four, six, or even a dozen. How wonderful. Whichever political party spends the most money on attractive packaging gets to make the laws. And of course Obama is planning to have his smiley face on every package.

Don't get me wrong, because it is a very good idea for at least one reason. It's the filling of a large hopper with oodles of money from Democrats, so that they will have less money to corrupt the world in other ways. And the money that goes into the hopper of the Obama machine gets ground up into a very unkosher thing that the Independents are sure to draw back from. It's a wonderful waste of time and money of the people who pollute the earth, who will one day start to persecute God's people. The less money that evil governments have in those days, the less they will have to persecute.

Does anyone remember that, when Obama first came to power, there were voices heard from his team speaking on the portrayal of Christians as terrorists? Isn't that what his gun fight is all about at this time? Doesn't he want to disarm the Christian / Conservative militia groups who have armed in fear of a martial-law government?

Corruption is everywhere in high places and totally permissible in these last days: "Union money could be critical for the pro-Obama group [= Organizing For Action] now that it has ruled out accepting corporate cash. The president spoke last week at an event that included OFA's financial backers, and the group has been on the prowl for more donations." Should workers paying union fees be forced to pay for a strictly Democrat agenda for the country? Obama says, yes. What happens as unions start to throw more and more money into the hopper of his newly-invented machine? I know. Union dues go up, forcing the workers to pay whether they like it or not, whether they agree with the legislative product or not. It's a human violation, isn't it? Yes, but the president doesn't see it as a violation, because he cares not for the condition of the sheep.

Note that "Organizing For Action" is abbreviated as OFA, like "Hoffa." Wasn't Jimmy Hoffa a Mafia goon and a Union king? Is Obama sending out a flag with "OFA" to the mafiosa Union peoples? What's OFA got in it for them? You don't expect Obama to get donation money from Unions without promising them something in return, do you? Obama doesn't work on charity or humanitarianism. He's a hoodlum at heart in a suit. Hoffa's son (James Hoffa) is to this day the king of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. I don't think it was more than ten updates ago when realizing that the Sicilian Mafia had been wrapped up with the island's Messina surname, and here we find Jim Messina in charge of OFA. How about that.

Tomorrow, corporations will be permitted to donate, and they will increase the price of their products and services to make up for it, with the effective result that every consumer is forced to put money into the law-making hoppers. The hopper with the biggest horse power gets to make the laws, horse manure and all. Nobody forgets the way that Obama's Democrats-in-crime passed his healthcare law without proper discussion or revelation of the details at the legislative levels. That's called straw-laced horse manure. So, Democrats, when you can't get the level of healthcare you need, eat your manure sausages, and don't complain.

Plus, when Obama takes your best gun away and someone comes to rob your home with a bigger and better gun than yours, just get shot up and don't complain. Don't forget to die with a smile on your face, because you wouldn't want your kids to see your last breath holding a grudge on Obama.

There are many more armed robberies of homes in any country than shoot-outs at schools. If one lives in an area where it's felt that criminals have guns, a man might want the best gun available for protecting his family, if only to give family members better sleep. It's regrettable that criminals exist, but worse yet, Obama is a criminal in high office whose agenda for disarming the people is suspiciously like an agenda of those who plan a seizure of the nation.

Do you really think that Obama has agreed to expend himself with others on curbing gun purchases for the sake of school violence? Shouldn't he go after gun-happy Hollywood instead? Isn't that demented educational channel the logical place to start if one's really concerned about teens shooting up their fellow students at school? Yes, it is logical, unless you're a hypocrite Democrat who would rather have the election support of Hollywood. And that's exactly how it is.

By and large, the idea of a Western take-over by clever, pre-determined methods is said to be from the hands of "Jews" in high places who worship the devil. It may be a simplification, but I don't think it's over-simplified. Julie sent in on Loyola again, asking me to consider his "Jewishness." I'm not able to confirm just yet that he has Hebrew blood, but in the last two updates, there was some talk on tracing both Loyola and the new pope Francis to Caiaphas and Ananias lines. So, when Julie reminded me that the second Jesuit leader, said by Wikipedia to be Jewish, was Diego Laynez / Lainez, the wheels of my head started to roll. Can heraldry reveal anything on this topic?

As the first Jesuits were just traced (last update) to proto-Roman lines at the Una/Oeneus river, and because I think that river was named by elements after mythical Aeneas (from Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros river), consider not only the similarity between "Aeneas" and "(L)ainez," but that the wife of Aeneas, Creusa, may have been the foundation of the Rosy Cross = Rosicrucians. Some of the Oeneus-river Celts (= Hebrews from the Black sea Khaldi) went on to become the Romans, who in times of trouble started to find alliance with the papacy situated smack beside the seven hills of Rome. This convenient marriage between the two allowed them to rule Europe, but the Bavarian Illuminati, we are told, ambushed the Vatican in the French Revolution, and stripped it of its power to the present day. We could entertain the idea that Jesuits were a pro-Vatican bunch of Rosicrucian elements having the purpose of infiltrating Protestant organizations as false pro-Protestant ministers.

The tricky part comes where some claim that the Jacobites of Scotland were part of the French Revolution's mission to weaken the papacy. Jacobites were supporters of the Stewarts and their newly-formed Anglican church, and as such were anti-Vatican. However, it has just been determined that Jesuits were from the Alans of Dol, and it just so happens that Jacobites were supporters of the same Alan bloodline. I'm not suggesting that the two Alan parties were allies, but more like competing interests, one Illuminati versus the other.

It's of course possible that "Lainez" is not from "Aeneas," but from "Alan/Alain." In France and Spain, the idea of L'Alan would be equivalent to D'Alan. With this in mind, especially important where I traced the MagDALENE code to "Dallens/Delane's" and therefore to the idea of D'Allen, let me first repeat the conclusion that the Inigo Coat is a pale bar specifically in the colors of the Alan fesse bar. Now, see the white-on-red pale bar in one Delane Coat (antelope). One of the reasons that Delane's were traced to the idea of D'Allen was that Alans/Allens (as English Stewarts) and Irish Dallens/Delane's share an upright red-on-white lion, the symbol of the Mary surname too. Therefore, we should expect that "Mary Magdalene" started merely as code to express a facet of the Alan Jesuit Spain.

There is a Lainez Coat using white-on-blue spread eagles, colors reversed from the Francis eagles, and it seemed likely (in the last update) that the Francis surname traced to Francis Borgia, the third Jesuit leader. This tends to prove the trace of the Francis surname to Francis Borgia. Excellent.

[Insert -- As the Lainez Coat uses billets, it's important to mention several things here so that you get the message squarely and roundly. First, the Arms of Roquefeuil use billets too, and Roquefeuil is beside Rennes-le-Chateau.

Late in this update, there is a trace of a Doubs area (Burgundy) to Maine, the latter being the theater of ALENcon, and smack beside Rennes, itself near Dol. At that time, the Billet/BILLIARD surname, first found in Maine, will be traced to MontBELIARD of Doubs. At that time too, you will see the Arms of the county of Burgundy, used in the Arms of Doubs, showing billets in the colors of the Lainez billets. This new find of a Doubs link to Maine allows us to trace the new pope to Doubs, for Doubs becomes a topic only due to its MISERey-Salines location, while "MISERando" is a motto term of the present pope. Why should the pope be tracing to Doubs?

In my first investigation (many months ago) on Miserey-Salines, "SLAINE" was accidentally entered to find a Slaine Coat in the colors of the Spanish Salines/Salas Coat. Now, here's the Delane write-up: "The name Delane originally appeared in Gaelic as Dubhshlainte. The word "dubh" means black, and SLAINE is topographical; it is Anglicized as Slaney, and may refer to the river Slaney." What a coincidence, not just the two Slaine terms, but the "dubh" term. Suddenly, all/most mentions of "dubh" in heraldry write-ups could be code for bloodlines from Doubs.

It's important because I claimed that the Mary Magdalene cult at Rennes-le-Chateau was from the line of Israeli chief priests, and here the Delane/Slaney line is tracing potentially to Salines in Doubs. It will be shown later that the Dobbs Coat is like the Alexander Coat, thus tracing a line of Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king, to Doubs. It's important because Alexander Balas thus traces to "(Mont)Beliard" and to the "Billets/Billiards" at Maine, where French Josephs were first found. It's important because Alexander Balas thus traces to "Bellamy" in the Maine theater. It's important because Bellamys merged with Ferte-MACE on the north side of Maine while Alexander Balas had found alliance with Maccabee's proper of Israel, the first chief priests of inter-Testimental Israel. It's important because pope Borgia chose Alexander as his throne name. It's important because Ferte-Mace was origin to the Massey/Macey surname that seems to have a branch in the Messeys/MESSIERs, first found in the same place (Burgundy) as MISERey-Salines.

It just so happens that Rennes can now have everything to do with naming Rennes-le-Chateau. Of further importance is that, while Rennes-le-Chateau mysteries were entwined in Spain's Castile, entering either "Castile" or "Chateau" gets the same Coat using an engrailed cross in the colors of the same-type cross of Irish Burghs (cat in Crest), and in the colors of the cross of French Borgia's, first found in the same place (Languedoc) as Rennes-le-Chateau. The latter location is symbolized at times by a cat for obvious reasons having to do with "CHATeau" / "CATTanei" / "CHATTan".

While French Josephs were first found in the same place as Billets/Billiards, English Josephs were first found in the same place as English Burghs/Burrows. This is the first time that I can recall mentioning this, important because English Burghs use two green chevrons, the color of the Joseph chevron! It's turning out that Josephs were related closely to Borgia's, as expected when Josephs were suspect with the naming of Jesuits. Reminder: the Joseph motto term, "wlad," should be code for the Vlads/Flattens using a Zionist star in the colors of the same of Billets/Billiards. The fact that the new pope used a white-on-blue star as cardinal merits the mention of the same-colored stars in the German Burgh Coat.

Later in this update, it's shown that the motto of Irish Burghs, using "ung" three times, was the motto of John Burgo of Comyn (father of Herluin de Conteville), important because English Josephs use the three Comyn garbs (in the same colors). One of the Burgh phrases is "ung foy," and then the Foys/Foix's, first found in the same place (Ile-de-France) as Chappes' and Levi's, use the vertically split Shield in the colors of the same of Dobbs' and Alexanders. Foix is a place beside Roquefeuil.

In this picture, "Lainez" may trace with "Slaine / Delane" to "Salines," especially as the Lainez Coat uses billets in the colors of the billets in the Arms of Doubs. It therefore seems clinched that the Mary Magdalene cult was from the Lainez bloodline, even from the Jesuits. When I had traced it to the Dallens, the German Dallens were suspect too, who use the pine trees of the Constances, who in turn use the Ferte eagle.

One of the modern writers advancing the unfounded idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married is Laurence Gardner. It just so happens that Gardners, in Slaine / Salines colors, use the griffin design of the Tolkiens/Tooks who come up as "Tick," perhaps important to the Tichfield location of English Burghs. The Teague's/Tigue's should apply, not just because they use a solid chevron in colors reversed to the Tolkiens/Tooks (chevrons in both colors are used by Alexanders), but because they share a brown wolf with the Gards. English Gards were first found in the same place (Kent) as Tolkiens/Tooks. Teague's/Tigue's use "Summum" in their motto while same-colored Dobbs use "summa."

Irish Gards and Yonge's use the same-style wolf, while English Gards and Yonge's use "Toujours" in their mottoes, meaning that the "ung" term of Burghs should be code for Yonge's. The Yonge wolf is black, the color of the Loyola wolf. Therefore, the red roses of the Yonge's must be those of the English Inigo's, meaning also that Yonge's are one of the closest mergers to Inigo Loyola. Remember this when we get to the John Bosco topic below, for Bosco's were a branch of Roses. Late in this update, John Bosco is discovered to be a friend of Joseph Cafasso, if you understand the possibilities there. John Bosco was involved with so-called SALESians, a term that should jibe with the Salas variation of Spanish Salines'.

This insert started at a Miserey-Salines link to Alencon and Maine. Tolkiens/Tooks are from the Touques river with a source in the land of the Bellamys around Alencon. Foix's traced to Faucets who were in-turn traced (4th update February) to a Faucet-like location (Motte-Fouquet) of Maccabees smack at Ferte-Mace. End insert]

The Lainez Coat is a saltire cross surrounded by four symbols, what I deem to be a basic / initial Rosicrucian format.

[NOTE: wherever I give the addresses for Coat descriptions at , the company has arranged not to allow those pages to load, but allows only the home page to load where you need to enter the surname yourself in order to read the description. Or, just trust that the description that I have in quotation marks is correct, as for example the Lainez description below.]

The Lainez saltire is made of billets: "A blue shield with a saltire of billets..." (see the Billet discussion in the last update as it traced to Rijeka near the Una/Oeneus). The shapes that I'm seeing are not typical billet shapes (= rectangles), but are instead square or nearly square. Enders/Enters/Ingers likewise use a blue Shield, important because some Lainez variations are, Lantier, Lentier, and Lanter. The French Leonard/Lenard Coat (familiar lion) may also apply. Yet another blue Shield is used by Players, important because the Lanier eagles are said to be "displayed," and because the Players use a "SERVITude" motto term that I tend to trace to the Servitium location near the mouth of the Una/Oeneus (see "Servitium" in the last update).

Note that in the last update the Gore's/Core's were re-mentioned as tracing to Servitium, for while the Players use a "broken lance," the Lance Coat is a fesse in the colors of the Gore/Core fesse. The French Lance(l) surname (trefoils), gold on blue like the Lainez / Leonard/Lenrad / Player Coats, was first found in Maine, where the Billet/Billiard (in Brix colors, another blue Shield) and Joseph surnames were first found. I think we have some very good links here, telling a consistent story. Thank you Julie for your latest tips.

In her email, Julie once again reminded me that pope Borgia (Alexander VI) was a LANSol surname, which easily jibes with "Lainez." "Alexander VI (Catalan: Alexandre VI, Spanish: Alejandro VI, or Alexander Sextus), born Roderic LLANCOL i de Borja (Castilian Spanish: Rodrigo LANZOL; 1 January 1431..." (caps mine).

In the last update, the Breuci across the Sava river from Servitium were mentioned. Caiaphas traces to the BLUE lion of the city of the Breuci, that city being Brescia/BRIXia, where the Lane's/Lano's/Lancca's were first found. Italian Lane's/Lano's are also "Lancca."

Now that even the second Jesuit leader is tracing to the Oeneus river, lets bring the Yonge's back to topic, for one Yonge Chief shows rings in colors reversed the same in the Hogan Chief, while Obama has chosen a Hogan surname to be a spokeswoman for his Organizing For Action group. Messina's use a version of the Masci Coat while Maschi's are an evolution of the 600 Benjamites of Rimini to the Oeneus/Una river. The Bricks are easily identified as a branch of Masseys/Maceys, and these became the proto-Maccabees leading to Ananias and Caiaphas.

The Hogans and Hoffens/Offeners share a black Shield and the ring symbol. It's bringing the Hoffa's to mind. The Hoff Crest uses the black wolf head (identical) of the Cliffs/Cleaves after whom Obama's Fiscal-Cliff scammers are named. It's easy to make out that Hoffs are from Sigrid the Haughty, daughter of Mieszko of Poland. I had traced the Mieszko bloodline to the Urbanus river next to the Una/Oeneus. The Yonge's, who likewise use a black wolf, had traced the mythical representation (i.e. Juno) of the Oeneus/Una river. There was a mythical Oeneus, father of the real location of Methoni of Messene, and Jim Messina ultimately traces to Messene elements.

It now gets even more interesting when we find this quote online: "Juan Alfonso de Polanco, [Ignatius] Loyola's secretary..." Entering "Polanco" gets what I usually call the Pohl/Poland Coat (why black feathers in Crest?) using the black Mieske bull in the same colors, and so see that this bull's horns are used on the black (= Jesuit color) leopard head in the German Hoff Coat.

[I know what's going on here: Jesuit and Yonge-Borgia liners are tracing to the 600 Benjamites, their Meshwesh, and their line to the naming of Joseph Caiaphas.]

NOW THEN, WE HAVE THE JESUITS pinned under a dart in the bull's eye, for the English Haughts/Haughtons (bull in Crest) use three white-on-black horizontal bars, with seven bars total if one views them all as bars, and this design is used in black-on-gold (colors of the Mieszke / Polanco bull) in the Arms of Borgia. Now you know the truth.

Don't forget Obama's legal dictator, Eric Holder, who traces to "Kolodziej the Wheelwright," for the Obama-line Singletarys use the Wheelwright antelope design. It explains why Obama would be in cahoots with Hoffa's, and why Eric Holder appears to be a shameless, mafia type Attoney General. Both of them, Obama and Holder, were involved in shipping at least 2,000 guns to drug lords.

In her email to me on Loyola's suspected Jewishness, Julie mentions the "Jew," Teresa of Avila. I didn't know anything about her, and looking into it, she was supported by Francis Borgia. She was a Cepeda by surname. She even started a religious movement / convent named after a St. Joseph / Jose. Now why would she use the Joseph / Jose name rather than Mary? Isn't it because "Cepeda" is a Joseph Caiaphas bloodline? Entering "Jose" gets the swan-using Josephs, first found in Maine.

The English Jose/Goss surname should link to the Spanish Guzmans/Gozmans, but it's interesting that the latter use what should be the Kerry Coat. John Kerry was from a "Jewish" family reportedly from a Kohn surname, and while Cohens/Kohns and Hohens use checks, here's the Guzman/Gozman description: A blue and ermined shield displaying two checkered cauldrons." Why is "displaying" used? Isn't that code for the Players again? It was the Lainez' who uses eagles "displayed," and Players were first found in the same place (Maine) as Josephs/Jose's!!! Excellent.

[Insert -- GD sent in an article this week of the opium trade that involved the DeLANO family, a Forbes family, and a Low family. It seemed suspicious because John Kerry's ancestry was made rich, probably, by their marital link to the Forbes'. The Lows are suspect with Obama lines. Abiel Low's middle name, Abbott, reminds me of the trace of Franklin Roosevelt to Hitler's Nazi's in the area of Post Falls, Idaho. Obama's Singletary line was also a Randolph line, and so see this:


Russell & Co. partners Joseph Coolidge IV (left), Samuel Russell (center), and Abiel Abbott Low (right)

Left to right: Warren Delano Jr., Robert Bennett Forbes, Augustine Heard [a Herod?], and Thomas H. Perkins [a Percival?]

Russell & Co. partner Joseph Coolidge IV married Eleonora (Ellen) Randolph, the granddaughter of former U.S. President Thomas Jeffersonon May 27, 1825...Russell & Co. partner Warren Delano Jr. was the father of Frederic A. Delano, the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve during World War I, and Sara Delano. Former U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the grandson of Warren Delano Jr. and the son of Sara Delano. Russell & Co. partner Abiel Abbott Low was the father of Seth Low; Seth Low was the President of Columbia University from 1890 to 1901 and the Mayor of New York City from 1902 to 1903...

Russell & Co. partner and co-founder Samuel Russell was the great-grandson of William Russell, a trustee of Yale University from 1745 to1761. Skull & Bones founder William Huntington Russell was also the great-grandson of William Russell, a trustee of Yale University from1745 to 1761

That's the basics, but I don't want to go deeper right here. The possibility, if you care to look for clues, is that Obama is involved with a similar drug trade, and for all we know, his war effort in Afghanistan has tapped Afghan opium. Bill Clinton was apparently involved with cocaine trade, and to that end we need to ask whether Hillary was sent abroad, in her capacity as Obama's foreign minister, to look after some of it. John Kerry of Forbes is now taking Hillary's place. I think it was at the Wikipedia article on Francis Borgia where we see the "saint" (in a painting) holding and staring at a crowned human skull. End Insert.] Why do Guzmans/Gozmans use cauldrons? Here's from the last update: "The Loyola description: 'Silver with a black cauldron hanging by a [black] hook between two black wolves.'" I didn't pick Guzman out of thin air here, but saw the surname in the list of Avila's bishops. Now we know that the cauldron is a fundamental symbol passing through the Jesuit founders, but also through the line of Juan Rodríguez de Guzman (1403 - 1424) of Avila, who pre-dated the Jesuits. The surname should pop up elsewhere in later times. It could be that "JESuit" is code for Guz liners of the Gust kind, though the Feller-suspect Jests/Guests (swans) came up in the last update [before I knew that Josephs of Hampshire were a branch of Burghs of Hampshire].

See the Cauld/Cole / Celt/Colt surnames and cauldron discussion of the last update. Isn't it amazing that while we just saw the Jesuit founders tracing to the black-on-gold Mieske / Pohl/Polanco bull, we find another black-on-gold bull in the Cauld Coat??? This is the line after Piast KOLODziej the Wheelwright. Right?

The Cepeda Coat is the one coming up as "Capet" and using the crown designs of the Gascony Martels. This is the royal Frank line from the Carolingians to the Capetians, which should explain FRANCis Borgia.

Okay, I think I now get it. The Spanish Avila/Davila surname must be a branch of the Languedoc Ville's/DeVille's that were part of the Languedoc Conteville's who were of the Borgia-related Burgo's, and indeed both the Ville's/DeVille's and Avila's use an upright red lion [this can easily be the red-lion Dallen/Delaney line because Conte's were kin of Dallen-related Constances.] It's not likely coincidental that the Spanish Inigo's use a pale bar in colors reversed to the pale bar of English DeVille's (Ignatius Loyola was born Inigo).

Apparently, the Avila / Ville bloodline had earlier been the makings of the Conteville line to the Fiscal-Cliff cult now seeking to pillage us all. In other words, the Conteville line, which came first, appears to go through the Jesuit founders before arriving to the modern day "pirates." There is talk about a vast conspiracy of Jesuit groups to attack Biblical Christians all at once. Something to watch out for. When persecution begins, don't run to Catholic clergy for shelter, just in case. It could be that the white papacy has agreed to allow persecution to take place from the hands of the more "skillful" black Catholics. Jesuits can be considered spies, or those who keep information lists, which are very advantageous for ambushing a particular sector of society. I've never engaged Jesuit-conspiracy talk, but now, having seen all this heraldry connection, in this and the last two updates, I'm going to take it more seriously.

One Guzman line led to a Portuguese queen, mother of Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II of England. Here is the Braganza Coat. It can't be coincidental that the red Borgia bull and the black Cauld/Cole bull head are in the Bragg Coat and Crest respectively. The Cauld/Cole and Bragg Crest bull heads are identical at this time.

The earls of Cheshire began with Richard Goz, husband of Emma of Conteville, daughter of Herluin de Conteville. Therefore, as Contevilles ruled a Comyn location while the Cheshire and Comyn garb is used by English Josephs, it's quite apparent now that the Joseph-suspect Jesuits trace to this marriage. It's suggesting that the Goz' were Joseph-Caiaphas liners and related to the Maccabee-liner Meschins. Yes, the Guzman line at Avila and elsewhere should trace to Richard Goz, though at times I've seen his surname as "Gois" (another swan). Here's from the Gois write-up: "...marriage of Anselm Gyse to Magotta de Burgh (Burke,) daughter of the Earl of Kent..."

There is something of a suspicious nature online where Emma is given no known parents by one webpage, the duke of Normandy for a father with Herleva of Falaise as mother by another webpage, while others claim, logically, that Emma was a daughter of Herluin of Conteville, second husband of Herleva. So, you see, the Burgo > Conteville line was right at the Goz bloodline, and then Guzmans are also GOZmans. Often, surnames ending with "man(n)" are "Jewish." Rodríguez de Guzman was bishop of Avila until 1424, just seven years before the birth of Francis Borgia. Llancol. At his Wikipedia article, see this in the box: "Attributes: Skull crowned with an emperor's diadem" What a weirdo. Then see his portrait with him peering into a crowned skull. Then note that both the Skull and Bones surnames use SIX lions, the number of Jesuit co-founders.

Of some concern is the Yale Coat (in Biden colors) using what could be the Annandale saltire and the "CHAPeau" of the Bidens/Buttons, first found in the same place as Josephs and Burghs/Burrows. Joseph Biden, who could be the next president, is a Catholic. But, what's astonishing is that "Biden is the first Roman Catholic and the first Delawarean to become Vice President of the United States." Obviously, Catholics have not had it too well in the history the White House, but while I thought that Obama chose Biden for his links to the New Europe, perhaps there is something of a Vatican horn in Obama's decision. "As Vice President, Biden has been heavily involved in Obama's decision-making process and held the oversight role for infrastructure spending from the Obama stimulus package..."

Aha! The article goes on: "Biden was born...the son of...Catherine Eugenia "Jean" Biden (nee Finnegan; 1917-2010)...His maternal great-grandfather, Edward Francis Blewitt, was a member of the Pennsylvania State Senate." It just so happens that Blewitts (fox) were first found in the same place as Josephs and Burghs, and that all three surnames use green chevrons!!! I'd say that the Blewitt Coat is a green version of the two Francis Coats, possibly explaining the Francis middle name of Edward Blewitt.

Aha!! The Henrys share a green eagle with Blewitts, and then it was just the 3rd update of last month when the following was repeated and treated:

...The [Joseph] crest is a golden garb, the motto 'cas ni charo y wlad a'i mago. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Henry Joseph, which was dated 1191, in the pipe rolls of the county of Hampshire...

Is that not amazing??? We have just traced the Henrys at the root of the Josephs to Joseph Biden's great-grandfather. It's only a matter of finding when the Henrys merged with the Blewitts. I'm going to ignore the Blewitt trace to "blue" and trace instead to the green-shielded Blate's/Blade's possibly using this Frank Coat. The Blate/Blade write-up traced to Drago de Bewere, and then the Bewere surname shows variations suggesting the green-shields Bauers and Bowers. The Blate's/Blades trace to "Burseblade," and then the Burse Coat shows black-and-gold horizontal bars, the colors of the Borgia horizontal bars.

I'd like to show the eagle of the Finnegan Crest (the Joplin / Grey lion?) because it was used until recently by English BOTTERs/Budins, likewise first found in Hampshire, and apparently a branch of Bidens/Buttons. Below, I discover the Salso area beside BUTERa in southern Sicily. Salso-like terms will be Jesuit-important throughout the rest of this update, but the point here is that Salso is beside MonteCHIARO, where the Joseph motto had traced. Just like that, Joseph Biden traces to the Butera location.

I'm imagining that Butera elements moved with Charo/Chiaro elements to Hampshire and that these were Caiaphas elements in code in the Biden chapeau, which cap happens to be between bull horns, important because the Charo's/Chiaro's use a bull. It's a red bull, the color of the Borgia bull, and then we just found that Burghs of Hampshire were Borgia elements. Right? Plus, Butera and Salso are beside Gela, the people of which founded Agrigento on the Drago river, and we just saw Drago de Bewere in the Blate/Blade write-up, while the latter surname should trace to the Blewitts, first found in Hampshire along with the Drake's. My, my, I think I'm imagining correctly.

The Blewitts and Blate's/Blade's can now be traced to the Bloods/Bluds, using the Maxwell stag. I don't know where the Robinette middle name of Joe Biden and his father come from, but there is a Robinette surname (Brittany) using the Maxwell double-headed eagle in colors reversed. As the Maxwell eagle traces to Rijeka, the Bled location in the source area of the Sava river, almost due north of Rijeka, is a likely spot for tracing the Bloods/Bluds. As with Blate's/Blade's, Robins (Brittany) use white pheons.

I have contested against the idea that Spains Sephardic "Jews" were Jews at all, but were rather Hebrews from the Joktanites and related Sepharvites. However, an injection of the Caiaphas / Pharisee lines into Spain could explain the Jewish side of Sephardics. I had claimed that Joktanites were responsible for the ox or bull symbol from way back, as far as the Hyksos out of Egypt.

As you can see the swan in the Gois Crest, it's recalling the swan in the Alba surname because Alba (at Cuneo) is smack beside Asti, the birthplace of pope Francis' father with Bergoglio surname. Moreover, Alba is smack at a Langhe region that can now be entertained as linking to "Llancol / Lainez." It just can't be coincidental that the Alba swan is on a fesse in the colors of the Lance Coat fesse! Earlier, the Lance surname was brought to topic for the broken lance of the Players. At that time, no lie, the PLEYer variation brought surnames like "Pleger" to mind because I was thinking of Peleg, brother of Joktan, both the sons of Eber whose non-Israelite Hebrews should have named the Ebro river of Spain that flows into the Aragon and Castile theater.

I can now report that the black wolf in the Spanish Alba Coat is the same black wolf as in the Loyola Coat! We are definitely tracing the Jesuits to the very Cuneo theater that became a topic recently in tracing Pharisee and Caiaphas lines there...from Agrigento. At that time, Langhe elements had traced to the proto-Alans in Forum Allieni, a location that was proto-Ferrara in 70 AD. That topic had connected to Guido Guerra, and to the GUIS/Guido surname using an hourglass-like Shield that we saw above in the Guzman/Gozman Coat.

I think it's obvious here that we are tracing Guido Guerra liners to the Jesuits. But as the Guzman/Gozman Coat is essentially identical to the Kerry Coat, it tends to trace "KERRy" to "GUERRa." That's a big deal, especially if John Kerry, from a Jewo-Catholic background, starts to befriend the new pope. The ghost of Caiaphas is about to be dragged to Court in the thick of night, and Murdered at high noon the next Day.

I hate to bore you to death with complications, but it's necessary to draw a line once again to Placentia. First, the Guido-Guerra investigation linked the family to the Veneti-suspect Vains/Vans/Phone's who come up as "Fien," and then we just saw the Finnegans...with lions in the colors of the Strange lions, important because Strange's are traced in their write-up to a Guido le Strange, and because Strange's are suspect as the "aliens" at Forum Allieni. In this picture, the Finnegan mother of Joseph Biden is tracing to the Veneti, logical because Bled and Rijeka are beside the Veneti.

I just showed that the Robinette's and Robins were first found in Brittany, where we expect the Strange and Allieni bloodline, but you also saw pheons that should trace to the Phone variation of Vains/Vans/Fiens. The Robinette write-up: "First found in Brittany where this distinguished family held a family seat in the seigneurie of PLESSIX..." Placentia elements, right? Yes, for as the Robinette's use the Maxwell eagle while Pollocks are a branch of Maxwells, it bears repeating that, as soon as I discovered proto-Pollocks at Pula, to the south of Rijeka, I traced them by way of the Place/Plaiz surname to "Placentia." I now see that the latter surname is also PLAYse, for which reason I'm inclined to lump them in with Players using a "Servitute" motto term as code for Servitium on the Sava.

Having said that to bring Bidens to the Placentia theater, let me show the yale write-up: "The family had a family estate at PLAS yn Ial for many years." As the Yale Coat uses the same saltire as Annandale's, we now have a good reason to trace Yale's to Ananes Gauls at PLACentia. The Yale Crest is the one using the Biden chapeau, but it's used also by the Capelli's, first found in Venice.

The Yale write-up again: "First found in Denbighshire, from very ancient times and were descended from Ellis, second son of Griffith Ap Einion, Lord of Yale." The Plessix Coat happens to use a cross of the Ellis type, and colors reversed to it, thus suggesting that the Plessix family were at the Yale location of Plas yn Ial. In this picture, "Yale" can trace to "Gela."

On April 5, Biden said: "...affirmative task' before us is to 'create a new world order". Really? Whose going to pay for it? Can you describe what it looks like? Whose going to rule it? He said it at the Export Import Bank conference in Washington, meaning that bankers look like they should be part of it.

Here's the Dutch Lang Coat showing Zionists stars that I'm now predicting to be a special symbol of the Caiaphas line. The Billets/Billiards of Maine use them too. The Laing and Layng variation of the British Lang surnames could modify to "Lainez / Laynez." As Guzmans/Gozmans are also "GOTman," it's probably not coincidental that the Gotha/Goeth Coat uses the same-colored Zionist star. The German Goz/Gose surname (Bavaria) uses (five-pointed) stars in the same colors. If that's not enough, the Gotts/Gode's/Gade's use black-on-white horizontal bars, the colors of the bars in the Arms of the Borgia dukes of Gandia. This tends to reveal that Jose / Joseph terms had become Goth-like.

Here's the father of pope Borgia, Jofre Llançol i Escriva, showing that the red Borgia bull belonged also to him with Borja surname. The family was named after the location of Borja, in ZaraGOSA. This surname can be traced with little doubt to the Bears/Beards/Bearts, first found in Brittany.

I think that "Escriva" means "to write," and so see the Fabers in the Write/Wright write-up, for one Jesuit founder was a Faber / Favre (born in Savoy). Write's/Wrights were first found in Berwickshire, where we might expect the Bears/Beards. As we saw that these Bears trace to Bavaria elements, it's notable that the Frankels (Bavaria) use the Write/Wright bars in colors reversed. The great-grandfather (Benedikt Kohn) of John Kerry married Mathilde Frankel, and then while German Kohns/Cohens use blue-and-white checks, ditto for Scottish Write's/Wrights. Is that a bull on the back side of the Write/Wright unicorn? This is the Piast-Wheelwright-Kolodziej line, isn't it?

Here's the Scriber/Scriven surname, first found in the same place as the Pitts with yet more blue-and-white checks. The Pitts are important as per the Scriber/Scriven write-up: "First found in Scriven...The place name was derived from The Domesday Book entry Scrauing(h) which in turn was derived from the Old English expression 'Hollow place with pits'" The "place" term may itself be code for the Place/Playse surname. Indeed, both the Players and Scribers/Scrivens use blood drops, while Players are the ones using a broken lance as code for the Lancel surname that easily traces to Jofre Llançol i Escriva. That can't be coincidental. The Broke's/Brocks, by the way, are kin of Stewarts implied in the blue-and-white Pitt / Wright checks. For the next paragraph, let me say that Pitts and Treebys/Trebie's (first found in the same place as English Stewarts) share gold-on-black roundels.

As Players are tracing to Placentia, it can be noted that their "clarior" motto term can include the Claro variation of the Charo/Chiaro surname. Don't lose sight of the Wheelwright Piasts here because they had merged with Polish Trabys, whom are a part of this circle of surnames. For example, the blood drops are used by Drops/Trope's, and to this it needs to be recalled that Trypillians were at Placentia as part of the Guido-Guerra / Strange / Allieni family. The Drope/Trope Chief even uses nearly the same lion (same colors to boot) as the Strange's, and besides, the Drope/Trope lion design is in colors reversed in the Broke/Brock Chief.

No doubt, if the heraldry people are following my writings, they will be changing designs soon, but you need to realize that there should be no need to change design, where the change is slight, except it be an attempt to thwart my claims. I have seen design changes that so small that it makes no other sense. For example, if the Broke/Brock lion were to change to the Strange lion design, the change would be so small as to defy a reasonable explanation.

The Drope's/Trope's are not the only evidence of Traby elements in this circle of surnames. First, let me repeat that, upon discovering the Forum Allieni location, it was realized on the spot that these were the proto-Alans of Doly in the Ukraine-Polish border region into which the Trypillians had spread. By that time, Trypillians had been traced to Placentia, though I had no knowledge at the time that Players traced there. By that time, I had traced Trypillians to the Trips using the Hamburg crosslets in the colors of the same of Gores/Cores, and it just so happens that the Gore/Core Shield (Alan Coat in colors reversed) is used by English Lance's, first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Drope's/Trope's. I was even able to support the idea that a TREFoil was part code for the Treff variation of German Trips (Hamburg), and here we find trefoils in the Coat of French Lancel's, first found in Maine (the location of Alencon).

The Scrope's were looked up as per "Scriber," and it just so happens that the Scrope Crest is five white ostrich feathers, a Traby symbol. Scrope's were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Scibers/Scrivens.

The white-on-blue star in the arms of the new pope Francis had been changed to gold on blue in his papal Arms, the color of the star in the French Lancel Coat. That's a good point where this pope has named himself after Francis Borgia. The French Gore's/Jore's and French Alans both use stars in these colors, and so, for the "contradiction" to be discussed below, that pope Francis named himself after Frances of SALES, it's important that English Gore's/Core's use a "SALUS" motto term. That is, I think the new pope can be named after both Francis' where the one named himself after the other.

As this Francis-of-Sales topic will strongly suggest Saluzzo, note here that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Broke's/Brock is that of the Saluzzo's, and let it be repeated that "Borgia" should trace to "Brock." Once again, it suggests that Borgia-of-Spain elements trace to the Saluzzo area, which is near Asti, birthplace of the present pope's father. This birthplace is why there is merit in tracing the present pope's naming also to Francis of Sales. Reminder: Asti is at Langhe.

I can now add that French Henrys trace exactly to the French Josephs. We just saw that the Hampshire Henrys were the Hampshire Josephs, but fortunately, I've been at this heraldry game for long enough to recall that French Alans had used three ducks, the symbol of the French Henrys, first found in Brittany. In fact, look at the Henry write-up: "First found in Brittany, where the family stems from Vaurouil and de la Motte-Henry, villages in Saint-Gilles, to the west of Rennes, in the former barony of Gael-Montfort." Rennes is to the west of Maine, where French Josephs were first found, so that French Henrys were not far off. On my atlas, the west side of Rennes is stamped, "Montfort," about 40 miles from Dol.

The claim being made from time to time, that Borgia's were a Caiaphas line, is now strengthened where the French Lancels were 1) first found in Maine; 2) traced solidly to Llancol Borgia; 3) use the Alan stars.

By the way, Julie corrected me after I claimed that Francis Borgia was a grandfather of pope Borgia; I sloppily misread the following in the article on Francis Borgia: "His father was Juan Borgia, 3rd Duke of Gandia, the son of Giovanni Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia)." This makes pope Borgia (Alexander IV) born earlier than Francis Borgia, my apologies. Francis Borgia was born from the grandson of pope Borgia, making Francis a great-grandson of the pope.

The Scribers/Scrivens show as a version of the Irish Patterson/Cussane Coat, for both Coats use the same upright black-on-white lion, as well as red blood drops filling the Shield behind the lion. This fits the Escriva line because Scottish Pattersons use the German Lang pelican-on-nest design...which I think is described as a pelican feeding her YOUNG. The Patterson write-up traces to "Kissane," and then Kissane's are also "GUISSane." Isn't that the Trypillian line to the Guis/Guido surname? Yes, for Trypillians of the Drope/Trope kind use a Shield filled with blood drops...which evokes the Bloods/Bluds who had just linked with the Henry's to the ancestry of Joseph Biden.

In the last update, Jesuits were traced to the Innis / Ince line, but I neglected to add the following concerning a Borgia bloodliner that became a pope INNOCent:

The Borgias became prominent in ecclesiastical and political affairs in the 15th and 16th centuries, producing three popes, Alfons de Borja who ruled as Pope Calixtus III during 1455 - 1458, Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia, as Pope Alexander VI, during 1492 -1503, and Giovanni Battista Pamphilj (he was the descendant of Rodrigo Borgia) who ruled as Pope Innocent X during 1644 -1655.

Especially during the reign of Alexander VI they were suspected of many crimes, including adultery, simony, theft, rape, bribery, incest, and murder (especially murder by arsenic poisoning). Because of their grasping for power they made enemies of the Medici, the Sforza, and the Dominican friar Savonarola, among others. They were also patrons of the arts who contributed to the Renaissance.

Today they are remembered for their corrupt rule and the name has become a synonym for treachery and poisoners.

What a nice bunch of innocent guys to have over for dinner. It kind of reminds me of the guys who plotted to kill the INNOCENT ONE. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Innes/Innice Coat uses Zionist stars in colors reversed to the Goth / Billet stars. I've got a strong sense here that this was the Ananias line.

Of some interest, pope Borgia lived in the time of Christopher Columbus' voyage of America, and then the United States was founded primarily as a Burgess entity. Borgia became the pope in 1492. Do you think that the Borgia's claimed America for themselves??? I'm already suspecting that the British Rosicrucianism of John Dee and FRANCIS Bacon was of this Jesuit / Borgia lot, by blood if not by ideology. Francis Bacon taught that America was the New Atlantis, meaning that Rosicrucians wanted the New World for themselves. But wait. Rosicrucians were anti-Vatican, and Jesuits were not.

Look at how John Dee is decked out at his article, fully in black, like all the Jesuits. Just a read of his Wikipedia article will alert you of the lunacy to which Dee gave his soul, but, the shock is, queen Elizabeth Stewart entertained him as her own advisor. That court, in a nutshell, was the establishment of the Anglican Church. In other words, the Dee circle may have been Jesuit elements that decided to usurp the white popes using the Anglican state church. But for now, it's just a theory to keep eyes on.

The writer of Wikipedia is too utterly devoid of senses to make one bad remark against Dee. It even reads: "Dee is now viewed as a serious scholar and appreciated as one of the most learned men of his day." Dee was an occultist under Christian garb, a fool who wasted his life seeking to breed satanic powers in his own soul. The same sort of thing was attempted by Westcott and Hort in their secretive "Ghost Society." Westcott and Hort ("Christians") were of the 19th century crowd that birthed the Fabian / Rhodian Illuminatists under the garb of Christ's apostles. See "Apostle's Club."

Here are some online quotes: "Whilst there, they were both members of the "Apostle's Club", later infamous as a recruiting ground for Russian spies, including Burgess, Philby..."; "The Apostle's Club (also college); their work, and their homosexuality..."; "...Riplinger calls attention to [Westcott and Hort's] formation of the "Ghostly Guild" (NEW AGE p. 404 ff.), a club to which she repeatedly refers in her book. Westcott, Hort, and several other scholars did form such a club to investigate 'ghosts and all supernatural appearances and effects,'...Westcott and Hort had no interest in 'channeling' or spiritualism [one could beg to differ], and their purpose was simply to gather reports about supernatural phenomena of any kind for scientific study."

Dee was an expert in navigation for purposes of capturing America for the Anglicans, and so some link to the Burgess family that founded the United States may be suspect. Look at the pirate- / mariner-like hat of the Jesuit leader coming immediately after Borgia; his name, Everard MERCurian. In the Dee article: "Dee promoted the sciences of navigation and cartography. He studied closely with Gerardus MERCator, and he owned an important collection of maps, globes and astronomical instruments." These surnames are like the surname of Richard AMERike (also "Meryk"), one of the suspects for naming America.

One Arms of Richard Amerike included eight red and gold horizontal bars, almost the nine of Aragon. See also the same-colored bars diagonally in this Meric/Merit/DeMerrey Coat. The Morrick Coat should be important because the surname was first found in Herefordshire, the location of Meryk Court, birthplace of Richard Amerike.

Amerike and Dee were both Welshmen, but then Amerike supported John Cabot, with a surname like "Cepeda." Amerike lived in Bristol, which recalls my trace of Moroccan elements (of Idris) to the Bristol Channel. Compare "MOROCco" with "Meryk / Morrick."

As we have cause to trace the Jesuit founders back to the Goz-Conteville marriage that ruled Chester, it may not be coincidental that one Dee river flows through northern Wales and then smack through Chester. To boot, one Dee surname (in the colors of the bars above) was first found in Cheshire. JUST FOUND: This Dee river even flows through LLANGOLlen, an apt term for tracing to the LLANCOL surname of pope Borgia! Ye'sir, that looks really good. I think we got John Dee's ancestry linking to the Borgia's of Spain. How ironic if John Dee, while acting as a spy of the Anglican Church, was in reality a Jesuit spy.

Although we read of some conflict between the Borgia's and Sforza's, a deeper look may find some alliances between them too. An Ignacio VisCONTI made it to the leadership of the Jesuits. The Days/Dea's use a green-on-white snake with six coils, almost the green-on-white snake of the earliest Visconti's with seven coils. This reminds of the green-on-white Deas surname (Desmond branch) that I traced to the Newman-related MacAbee's, in the white-on-green colors of the crossed bones of Newtons. Soon after John Dee, Rosicrucians were led to some extend by Issac Newton. It just so happens that Desmonds use "aboo" while Newmans use "ibi" and Ubi".

Ignacio Visconti had been part of the Jesuits at Parma, near Cremona where the "Crom" term of Desmonds traces, and then the Desmonds use the Annandale saltire tracing to Ananes Gauls of nearby Placentia. Palms are also "Parm," and Palmers are Parmers too, and I've already shown that the vertically-split Shield of Spanish Palmers is in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of the Arms of Placentia, but now it can be added that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Italian Palmers is used by Dee's too.

The tenth leader of the Jesuits was GOSwin Nickle. In German, his name is GOSCHwin. It's a little worthwhile to add that entering "Gosch" gets a surname with GOTsche variation, as that recalls the Goz-suspect Goths and Guzman/Gozman/Gotmans. By what coincidence was the Jesuit leader, previous to Nickle, a GOTTifredi surname? This recalls the so-called "Goeth's oak" stump (of an oak tree) in the BROCKEN theater of Germany. Until recently, the Brocken Coat showed a typical tree stump, but the point is the Broke's/Brocks honored by the broken lance of the Llancol-Borgia bloodline. The Milan Coat also showed the typical tree stump (like the one used by Francis'), if you get the Visconti point.

It just so happens that the Gosch/Gotsche/Gische Coat uses an oak tree in the colors of the Spanish Alba oak, the one with the black Loyola wolf. German Alba's use another vertically-split Shield, in colors reversed to the Palmers above. In fact, the German Alba's use a large, single fleur-de-lys in the colors of the fleur in the Palm/Parm Coat. I am very sure that this represents the Masci's > Masseys out of Alba of Cuneo, as they formed Chester's Meschins from Richard Goz. The Loyola and Alba wolf are therein made suspect with Hugh D'Avrances Lupus, the son of Richard Goz. It just so happens that Nickle's/Nichols were first found in Cheshire. The present Jesuit leader is Adolfo NICOLAS.

Back to Richard Amerike and his partner, John Cabot, a Caiaphas-liner suspect. The Geddes, with "CAPTa majora" motto, had been traced by their small shield to the same-colored small square in the Arms of Placentia. The pike fish in the Geddes Coat have big lips, just like the same fish design in the Cabot Coat. That's not coincidental, is it? It's the Caiaphas line in Placentia.

Why do you think French Cabots show three fish in the same colors as the three fish of English Cabots, yet the fish designs are not the same? Does it mean that design doesn't matter? Nope, it means that Cabots use both designs. As you can see, the Geddes use a different fish design in their Crest as opposed to their own Coat, yet the one in their Crest is the design of the fish of French Cabots. But then why do Geddes use a CAPTa motto term instead of a Cabot-like one? I suppose it could be for the Capets/Cepeda's, first found in Aragon. Some believe that John Cabot was born in Gaeta, and then Geddes are also "Getty." So, there we now have cause to trace Geddys to Gaeta, between Rome and Naples. As the Scottish Pike's are also "Picken," the Picentini mountains near Naples should apply. English Pike's use a split-Shield in colors reversed to the same of Placentia.

Gaeta is associated mythically was Aeneas, founder of Romans. There is a Gaeta Coat (in Geddes colors) with a quartered Shield in colors reversed to the same in the Arms of Gaeta. Here's from the last update:

From pope Farnese's article: "Born in 1468 at Canino, Latium (then part of the Papal States), Alessandro Farnese was the oldest son of Pier Luigi I Farnese, Signore di Montalto (1435-1487) and his wife Giovanna CAETANI, a member of the Caetani family which had also produced Pope Boniface VIII." Pope Borgia had a common-law wife, Vannozza of CATTANEI. Coincidence? Cattanei's were a branch of Candida's, first found in the same place (Naples) as Italian Romans using the Inigo Coat.

Months ago, when stressing pope Borgia, it was found that Cattanei's were the line to Clan Chattan / Chatans, who use the bend colors of the Botters, first found in Lucca, beside Pisa. I now find: "Caetani, or Gaetani, is the name of an Italian noble family princely family which played a great part in the history of Pisa and of Rome, principally via their close links to the papacy."

It looks like the Pharisee suspect, pope Farnese, married the Caiaphas-related Geddes bloodline. And in this picture, the Chattans / Chatans look like they were from Gaeta (also called, Caieta). And look: "Prince Pandulf IV of Capua captured Gaeta in 1032..."

The Salesians

Here's what YS emailed for suggesting that the new pope could be named after Francis of Sales. As I've mentioned it so many times, I'm quite sure that YS knew of the Busca location smack beside Saluzzo when she sent in on this topic:

The Salesians of Don Bosco (or the Salesian Society, originally known as the Society of St. Francis de Sales) is a Roman Catholic religious institute founded in the late nineteenth century by Saint John Bosco...

The institute is named for St. Francis de Sales, an early-modern bishop of Geneva...

In 1845 Don John Bosco ("Don" being a traditional Italian honorific for a priest) opened a night school for boys in Valdocco, now part of the municipality of Turin in Italy [beside Asti]. In the coming years, he opened several more schools...The institute grew rapidly, with houses established in France and ARGENTINA [the new pope's turf]...The death of Don Bosco in 1888 did not slow the institute's growth...It is the third largest missionary organization in the world.

The Order's members have come in for particular criticism in light of recent inquiries as to child abuse by members of the Catholic Church. In a parliamentary inquiry in Victoria, Australia, Australian professor Patrick Parkinson stated "I would say they [the Order] are not only unrepentant and defiant, they are untruthful. The lies which were told, the cover-ups, the attempts made to suppress my report, were breathtaking." The report had stated that, on attempts to extradite three of the Order's bishops to Australia, "two had been shunted off to Samoa, where the local archbishop was left totally in the dark as to the accusations that had been made against them, and the third was working in the Vatican."

It's hard to say what this little bit on child abuse is hint for. Did Bosco choose to work with children because he was a pedophile? Did he then attract other pedophiles? One of the photo's released in the news recently is the new pope with a boy in his arms at a close hug, almost kissy-kissy. Just saying. Here's from April 5th:

Pope Francis has directed the Vatican to act decisively on ecclesiastic sex abuse cases and take measures against paedophile priests, saying the Catholic church's credibility was on the line.

The announcement was quickly dismissed by victims' advocates as just more talk. "Once again...a top Catholic official says he's asking another top Catholic official to take action about paedophile priests and complicit bishops," said Barbara Dorris, an official of Snap, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, a US-based organisation.

"Big deal. Actions speak louder than words. And one of the first actions Pope Francis took was to visit perhaps the most high-profile corrupt prelate on the planet, Cardinal Bernard Law, who remains a powerful church official despite having been drummed out of Boston for hiding and enabling crimes by hundreds of child molesting clerics," Dorris said in a statement.

Clergy abuse victims have called for swift and bold action from Francis as soon as he was elected pope last month. In the pope's homeland, Argentina, Roman Catholic activists had characterised him as being slow to act against such abuse while he was head the church there.

The clergy child abuse scandals in many countries have drained morale and finances from the church, driving countless Catholics away, especially in western Europe. Some dioceses have had to close parishes and take other drastic actions after paying out millions for counselling and other compensation to victims in cases settled in and out of court.

There is much to say and investigate now, thanks to YS' tip. First of all, it's not necessarily true that a blood trace of the new pope Francis does not go to Francis Borgia where it's true that the Arms of pope Francis are a version of the Arms of Francis Sales. Although I at first thought so, the fact that both Arms use the same sort of hat with ropes (my term) is not necessarily evidence of a link. YS then emailed to say that the hats are called galero's:

A galero (pl. galeri; L. galerum, pl. galera) in the Catholic Church is a large, broad-brimmed tasseled hat worn by clergy. Over the centuries the galero was eventually limited in use to individual cardinals as a crown symbolizing the title of Prince of the Church. The red galero was first granted to cardinals by Pope Innocent IV in 1245 at the First Council of Lyon. Tradition in the Archdiocese of Lyon is that the red color was inspired by the red hats of the canons of Lyon.

In other words, any number of cardinals can use the hat in their Crest so that use by both Francis' is not evidence of a link. Note that the ropes are technically tassels. It's interesting that the origin seems to be in red hats of Lyon, the location roughly where Herod Antipas was banished. It can be argued that the color of the Herods could be red for their Edomite and/or Redone ancestry. Lyon is on the RHODANus river.

Look at these femme-looking clergy, in the Canon article, donning what could be construed as Masonic aprons. I understand the concept of an apron for the sacrificial altar, but why did they design them so silky "sexy" or like something expected on a woman at her honeymoon? The Catholic church is strango in every regard. Even the canon and galero hats look like they should be on women, and then there was a Galli-transvestite priesthood that can be secretly underneath the "galero" term. I mean, imagine the sickness of mixing Christ with the Kabeiri cult of Dionysus, high priest of the Galli.

The Can(n)on surname uses a red Shield, and Gannons use the black cross of Julians/Gillians, important because I trace the latter to Galli elements too. In a recent update of not many weeks ago, the Gela Sicilians were found (from a Wikipedia claim) to be the founders at Agrigento. Smack beside Gela is Salso! I didn't know until now. And smack beside Gela and Salso is Butera, evoking my aging trace of Italian Botters to the Salyes Ligures! The Julians/Gillians were traced to Guillestra, on the Durance river of the Salyes! It therefore appears that the canon / gelona hats trace to Gela and to Cuneo too, for it was just established in recent updates that Agrigento elements traced to Cuneo (location of Asti, Langhe).

The heraldic Gonfanon, supposedly a flag which to me looks like an apron / loincloth, may apply to Gannon bloodliners, but as it belonged to Montforts (red Shield again, in Cannon colors even), it's important that Cuneo has a Monforte location smack at the Asti theater. And as Alba is at the Asti theater too, while Alba's use a swan, what about that Montfort location on the west side of Rennes, where the French Henrys are traced in their write-up? Reminder: the first known Joseph was Henry Joseph.

To help prove that Canons were Fan(n)ons, Gannons are said to be from "Fhionnain" and "fionn" while Fanons are said to be from "fione" and "Finan," this being very good evidence that the Gonfanon is to be linked to the canon hats and related aprons. Gonfanons were used as banners of war, and so see the Banner Coat with a vertical banner (gonfanons are posed as vertical banners / flags) in the colors of Can(n)ons and Montforts.

The Fanon Coat (in Cannon colors) has a Crest with a "cherubim," a small boy, right? Yes, in Greek and Roman myth, Eros and Cupid were symbols of boy sex. In Greek myth, the boy-sex cult was that of Ares and his son, Eros, proto-Rus elements that should trace through Rhodes to the Rhodanus. Ares' mistress was a representation of the Kabeiri cult, and she was married to a god on the same island (Lemnos) as Dionysus.

The six black swans of French Gellins are now suggesting Jesuit elements in swan-line Ligurian...because I suspect Jesuits to use the number 6 as well as black. I rarely see swans in anything but white, though Lindseys, Rhodian suspects, use a black swan in the design of swan used by the Jesuit-suspect Joseph surname. German Gellins are also "Galer" i.e. like "galero". In my long-standing opinion, Helios of Rhodes (and its city of Ialysos) was a Galli entity, and the sun in the Arms of the present pope, as well as even the catholic wafer, can go back to Helios. The Phrygian sun god, Attis, can apply to Helios because Attis was the god of the Galli / Kabeiri cult.

The phrase, Salesians of Bosco, is clearly trace-able to Saluzzo and neighboring Busca (for new readers, the two are, once again, in Cuneo). For this discussion, recall that the papal mitre, thought to be a fish head secretly, was traced in the last update to the Busch and Bosch fleur-de-LYS, and then to the same-colored fish symbol of the Saraca's at LAUSA/Ragusa. These Saraca's, according to Wikipedia, lived at Kotor, named in my opinion after mythical Kodros of Athens, who had a fish symbol anciently. I apologize for the repetition, but I've been tracing Kotor elements to the Cutters for several months because the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Cutters is colors reversed to the same of Saluzzo's. BUT NOW, we apparently find a Cutter-honoring term in the motto of the Salesians of Don Bosco: "Da Mihi Animas CAETERA Tolle'", and moreover that motto term has a Gaeta look to it, of obvious important as per the white Geddes/Getty fish.

It's been a while since I've mentioned that Cutters and several similar terms traced (by me) to "Keturah," second wife of Biblical Abraham. I didn't want to re-enter that discussion because it required much repetition. For those of you who were convinced of the trace of Keturah and her son, Medan, to mythical "Kodros" and his son, Medon, there you have it: it appears that Keturah's line traces to the present pope through John Bosco. I had shown the white fish of the Catters/Cathers...who could very well be the prime family in the "Caetera" term. Some of the oldest versions of the surname were "Catur."

By the way, another son of Kodros was made the founder of Ephesus, a place in Caria beside an ancient Claros location that can explain the Claro variation of Caria-like Charo's. You understand, the Josephs can trace to Clarus' Carians in this way, meaning that Joseph Caiaphas can trace to the Kodros line in Ephesus. I trace "Hephaestus" to "Ephesus," and he was that god of Lemnos mentioned above, and was even known as the leader of the Kabeiri.

Compare the Catter Coat with the Satter Coat, noting the roses in the Satter Chief, for Bosco's were related to the Scottish Rose (boar) clan. The Scottish Rose write-up: "...territories were either enlarged or acquired by a marriage to the heiress Mary Bosco...Because of the tightly knit family connections of the Rose and the Bosco families, the origin seems quite certain."

The Scottish Rose's lived smack amongst/beside the Ross clan, which is why I expect these Rose's to be from the royal Varangian-Rus (royal Hungarian on one side) line to Maurice Drummond. The Rose boar is colors reversed to the Bard boar, and as the Bards use the green Leslie griffin in Crest, it tends to reveal the Bards after "BARTHolomew" Leslie, the Hungarian founder of the Leslie's who rode a ship to Scotland piloted by Maurice Drummond. The Rose boar (in Alan colors) is in the colors of the Brittany Bear/Beard bull, which is in the colors of the Borgia bull. It tends to trace the Borgia's back to the Bards. But as you saw reason above that French Gore's/Jore's are to be linked to Borgia's, note that "Jore" is traced in its write-up to "George," the name of the father of Maurice Drummond.

But there's more, for the Burgo > Conteville line was contemporary with the arrival of these Hungarians to Scotland. Just as these early Hungarians had traced themselves to a stag symbol (used by Stewarts and Malcolms/Columns), so we find antlers in the English Conte Coat. And the Ville part of Conteville's was just found to trace to Avila of Spain. As proto-Hungarians had been traced to the Ticino river between Milan and Montferrat, it expects other proto-Hungarian elements in that area.

The point in bringing up the Conte's is to repeat my trace of the Salyes namers of Saluzzo to "Sulcis," smack beside Piscinas on southern Sardinia. "Piscinas," though meaning "fountain" in Italian, easily morphs from/to "pesci" = fish. It seemed reliable to trace the Ville's to Piscinas because they are shown as "Font de Ville's / Fond de Ville's", but now, as I'm fairly sure that Avila in Spain applies to these Ville's, it can be added that the Spanish Fontana surname uses a flory cross in Borgia colors. In fact, the Borgia/Burg moline cross is nearly the Fontana cross. The "baskets" in the Fontana Coat are likely code for the Basques.

I can also add now that the rare red-on-blue colors of the lion of Avila's are used in the three horizontal bars of the English Fountains. That is a big deal, a clincher much-needed to make the Fond-de-Ville trace to Avila with more certainty. Whenever three horizontal bars are used, the Drummonds are suspect. Borgia's use such bars.

This is all so important that I had better repeat that, for years until last year, the lion design of Italian Conte's was the lion design still showing now in the Ville Coat. All three surnames, the Borgia's/Burgs, Conte's, and Ville's, were first found in Languedoc, where French CONstance's were first found. The Scottish Rose's (water bougets) use a "Constant" motto term, and moreover the Rose boar is in the colors of the Constance eagle. French Constance's not only show several Cont-using variations, but use the crescent in the colors of the same of French Conte's.

I wish that I could find more evidence for tracing these Borgia / Conteville elements to Saluzzo, but I'm convinced of their trace to the Salyes Ligures in general. I can repeat this, that while Wikipedia's article on Dagome (another name for Mieszko I) traces his ancestry to Sardinia, Mieszko ruled Silesia, a term very much evoking the "Salesians of John Bosco". It's a very good thing that the Italian Conte lion design has been changed, for it's now exactly (colors included) the lion of the Sitlers/Schitners, said to be from Gorlitz of Silesia.

There you have a good reason to trace the Burgo > Conteville line to the Salyes Ligures, but my expectation is that Mieszko's Sardinian ancestry was at Sulcis, and that this place ultimately named both Silesia and Saluzzo. It's important because Sulcis' alternative name, Sant'Antioco, traces the location to "Seleucus," founder of Antioch. It means that the present pope is tracing to Seleucids, what the prophet Daniel claims as the fore-runner to the end-time anti-Christ. As I see that anti-Christ as Ezekiel's Gog, it's more interesting now than ever that the present pope is a BerGOGlio by birth.

I trace Gog of Gogarene at lake SEVAN (Caucasia) to "swan," and link Salyes Ligures fundamentally to the Ligurian swan line from Savona, the Ligurian capital...beside Genova/Genoa, where GRIMaldi's ruled that may have been in code in "LohenGRIN." Then, "Genova" is much like "Geneva," where Francis of Sales was a bishop.

The municipality of Asti is about 35-40 miles from Tortona, important if correct to trace the heraldic torteaux (= red roundels) to that place. Three red roundels are in the modern logo of the Salesians of Bosco (scroll down the page). It suggests that Francis of Sales was in cahoots with Tortona elements. The Haughts/Houghtons, who once again use three horizontal bars, use a motto that appears to honor Tortona. I am fairly sure that the Haughts/Houghtons use a colors-reversed version of the Arms of Trebizond so that these bars, used by Drummond liners in various colors, are the Trypillians from Trabzon.

The pelican-on-nest of Scottish Stewarts is the Lang pelican too, but before going on to say what was intended, I'd like to show what was just found when loading the Devaud/DeVaux pelican-on-nest. The DeVAULT variation started to suggest the Ville's and Avila's using DaVille-like variations, and when "Vault" was entered, the Vault/BelleVAUX Coat not only showed Devaud colors, but billets in the rare colors of the red Avila lion! Then, it just so happens that the English Stewarts use a red lion, in both colors of the Ville lion.

The Pattersons use the same pelican-on-nest design as Devauds/Devaults / Stewarts / Langs. It just so happens that while Vaults/Bellevaux's use three red roses, a symbol of the Jesuit founders, Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, smack at the Rose-clan theater. Plus, mythical Lancelot's father (Ban) was traced by me to Banes' (in Vault/Bellevaux colors) and to Banesters of LANCAshire, and the latter share the black water bouget with the Roses. The Banes' use "Vel" twice in their motto, as well as a crescent in the colors of the Conte / Constance crescent. It should be kept in mind that mythical Lancelot pre-dated the Llancol-surnamed father of pope Borgia.

The question then needs to be asked what pope Borgia named himself after. Why Alexander? Was it after the entity that named Alessandria (about 25 miles from Asti) beside Tortona? The crescent above is white, the color of the Alexander crescent, and Alexanders use black, a Jesuit color. This is recalling the Salyes links to Alexander Balas, king of the Seleucids.

It seems more reliable that the Banes' are Lancelot elements in that the Banes motto includes "arte." But a sheer comparison of "LANCELot" to "Llancol" is quite revealing. "LANGUEdoc" may itself apply, no matter what they say about the derivation of "Languedoc" in "language of Oc(citan)." The Stewarts were brought up for a comparison of their stag to the Hurt stag, for the Irish Arthur surname uses "hurts (= blue roundels), the symbol also of Portuguese Avila's (13 hurts). Scottish Arthur's likewise use the pelican-on-nest of the Langs / Stewarts.

The Arms of the Salesians of Bosco includes an "inFLAMed heart," which could be code for the Douglas / Bruce / Logan heart. The reason that I point out the Douglas heart is that Douglas were FLEMings. The wolf design seen in the Jesuit liners is used by German Flemings. It just so happens that one Heart/McCart surname (Herod suspects) uses "An arm couped, erect, holding a sword flammant." "Couped" is code for the Kypros > Herod line to Coopers/Coppers who use a shortened or couped chevron, and then the "sword flammant" jibes with the "inflamed heart," wherefore we are definitely tracing (fully expected) Herod liners to the Salesians.

Again, the present pope's arms, when he was a cardinal in Argentina, included a star in the colors of the Douglas star, and though these stars are used by many surnames, it's now important if correct to trace the DuGLASS variation of Douglas' to Glass liners at GUILLEStre, on the Durance river of the Salyes, for here we are discovering that the present pope can be named in honor of Francis of Sales, who used Zionists stars in the colors of the new Arms of the present pope. It just so happens that the Logans use three nails through their heart while the present pope used three nails in his Arms. Just like that, the inflamed heart of the Salesians can trace to the Arms of pope Francis.

It should also be said that the Ligurian swan was mythicized as LOHENgrin the Swan Knight while Logans come up as "Lohan." Moreover, swans are used by Logens/Lokens/Lochs and Locks, but then it's now very important that while French Josephs use a swan, these Josephs were first found in the same place as Billets/Billiards using Zionist stars in the colors of the Douglas stars. I'll come back to the Billets/Billiards after mention of the Majors, but for this paragraph I wish to point out that the three red roses in the Major/Magor Crest are in the colors of the Vault/Bellevaux roses, which for me now is evidence of a Major trace to the Ville and Avila bloodline. I had traced the Billets/Billiards to the two French DeBaile surnames, and therefore to the line of Alexander Balas.

One Debaile surname was first found in Provence, the location of the Durance river, and this surname uses roses in the colors of the Vault/Bellevaux roses. The other DeBaile surname (Burgundy, same as Vaults/Bellevaux's) uses red roses too, but also a red lion that is, I think, the Ville lion in a different position. The present pope is a Seleucid liner from Alexander Balas, isn't he?

Red roses in the colors of the same of DeBaile's (fesse in Innis/Innice colors) were found in the Inigo Coat, and for this purpose it's important if correct to trace Inigo's to the Innis/Innice bloodline at Moray, not only because one Innis/Innice Coat uses Zionists stars in colors reversed to the Billet/Billiard Zionists stars, but because another Innis/Innice surname uses the Douglas = Moray stars in colors reversed while the Rose clan lived at/beside Moray. In short, the Rose-related Bosco's can trace to Inigo Loyola.

I had found reason for a Douglas trace to Geddes elements in the Polish / Lithuania theater, and here we can also add that while Geddes use "majora," Logans use "majorum." It just so happens that Majors/Magors and the Arms of the Salesians of Bosco use anchors. Guillestre is smack across the Cottian mountains from Saluzzo and Busca, and it just so happens that French Majors were first found in Provence. Here's the Major/Magor write-up with potential to trace to Guillestre: "First found in on the Isle of Guernsey where Mauger, Archbishop of Rouen and uncle of William the Conqueror settled after abdicating his see. There he married Gisella or Guille...'Hence,' observes a correspondent 'Guilles and Maugers are as plentiful as blackberries on the Channel Islands'. Sir Mathias Mayer (Mayor), originally a Jerseyman was ancestor of the Majors of Hampshire." That's where English Josephs were first found who use a "mago" motto term.

Recall that Henrys of Hampshire had linked to Blood-suspect Blewitts, for Bloods/Bluds traced to Bled, and then the brother of Attila the Hun was Bleda. This was the Hun > Hungarian line, right? Could it be said that Henrys were named after "Hun"?

French Majors not only use lions in Ville-lion colors, but a crescent in colors reversed to the Conte crescent, suggesting that Ville's had been Guille's who named Guillestre. While Herluin de Conteville was a father-in-law of William the Conqueror, Mauger was his uncle:

According to Wace, Mauger had a common law wife, who had borne him many children, and Mauger had devoted himself to hawking and reading occult sciences. The dethroned bishop is alleged to have abandoned himself to a pact with the devil and, having gone mad, drowned about 1055; his body was buried in a church at Cherbourg. At the time of his death, Mauger is assumed to have been in his mid-thirties.

I don't think it's coincidental that while Herluin de Conteville married the daughter of "the tanner," Asti is on the Tanaro river. Plus, both the Conte-related Constance's and German Tanners use a pine theme.

If you recall, the Vaults/Bellevaux's uses billets in the colors of the Avila's, but the Billets/Billiards link well to French Josephs, important as per the "mago" motto term that is code for a Magor location at Monmouthshire, beside the Chepstow location that should link to the Chep/Jabach surname using Zionists stars in the colors of the same of the Billets/Billiards.

Here's from Wikipedia' Mauger article:

Mauger (Latin: Maugerius, Malgerius, Maldegarius, Madalgarius) is a Norman French surname of Germanic origin...The previous form was Malger...Archbishop Mauger, Archbishop of Rouen in the eleventh century, had a half-brother Robert I, Duke of Normandy{citation needed} who was the father of William the Conqueror. Archbishop Mauger was exiled to Guernsey, with his family...Mauger had devoted himself to hawking and reading occult sciences. The dethroned bishop is alleged to have abandoned himself to a pact with the devil and, having gone mad, drowned about 1055...

That's the year that George (Drummond), son of the Magyar king, Andrew, arrived to Scotland. Magincidence?

Apparently, as per the "citation needed," someone may not tend to agree that Mauger was a brother of duke Robert. From Wikipedia's Mauger article: "Mauger (or Malger according to the Gesta Normannorum Ducum) was a younger son of Richard II, duke of Normandy, and his second wife, Papia of Envermeu, near Dieppe." Hmm, this Papia can trace potentially to Pavia, in the Laevi theater where we should expect the line of Joseph Caiaphas. The Tanaro flows smack to Pavia, which I've read was also called, Papia. Pavia is not only on the Ticino river of the Laevi, but the city was at first called, Ticinum. (In my opinion, Joseph Caiaphas and/or Ananias had ancestry in the Laevi Ligures...who pre-dated even the Maccabees.)

So far as I can recall, this is the first time that I've treated the Mauger entity, and it's excellent that it's tracing to the Ticino river, for it's been a year or more since first discovering that proto-Hungarian Magyars were on the Ticino. King Andrew's brother, Levente, can, in that picture, be named after Laevi elements removed to Hungary.

Notice the Malger variation of Maugers, for the Haughts/Houghtons use "Malgre le TORT" for a motto, while the Tanaro flows not far from TORTona. Again, the Salesians of Bosco use both torteaux and an anchor. If the Salesian anchor is white, it matches the white anchor of Majors/Magors/Maugers.

The Arms of the Salesians of Bosco use a "Tolle'" motto term, and then German Tolle's and Spanish Majors both use white-on-black checks, as do Pepoli's. English Tolle's (anchors)and Tools share white-on-red lions (colors reversed from the Maud/Mold / Monmouth / Major/Magor lion) with the Ross'. Tolle's look like a branch of Dols / Stewarts. I tend to trace these terms to "Dulo," the house that the Attila Huns belonged to...that both Stewarts and Hungarians trace to.

The red-on-white lion head of French Majors is in the Crest of Mauds/Molds. I looked the latter up as per their double bars with a thin dividing line between them, because the same is used in the Arms of Francis of Sales. The Maud/Mold Coat looks like a variation of the Monmouth Coat, which should begin to explain the Magor location in Monmouthshire. The Mauds/Molds, first found in Cheshire, must be from the Mold location (on my atlas) between Chester and Flint. Mold looks to be about 15 miles north of Llangollen, where Lancelot / Llancol elements are to be expected.

The six-pointed shooting star in the Arms of the Salesians of Don Bosco was found (can't recall which surname) to be called a comet, and then the Comet Coat shows the Moratin tower in Comyn gold-on-blue. It's very likely that Comets were from the Comites-like variations of the Conte's, and as Conteville's ruled at a Comyn location, it clearly is tracing Francis of Sales to the Francis-Borgia bloodline. See Jean/John de Conteville-Burgo, earl of Comyn:

John, Earl of Comyn, and Baron of Tonsburgh, in Normandy, being general of the king's forces and governor of his chief towns, there obtained the surname "De Burgh," and took his motto, "Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy," from that of Caen, a chief town in his jurisdiction.

He had issue. The eldest son, Harlowen [Herluin] de Burgh, m. Arlotta [Herleva], mother of William the Conqueror...

Ung??? See the Jung stag but don't disclude the Yonge's/Youngs who are quite likely in the Lang pelican feeding her young.

The boy mission of Don John Bosco was given support by pope Pius IX, born Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti. Why would his parents give him a Maria name? Are we talking feminine-type men? Ferretti could very well link to MontFerrat, smack at the Asti / Langhe theater. The Tolle's use what could be the Fer/Ferrat Coat.

Busca is not shown on this Cuneo map, but is to the near south-east of Venasca.

Fossano to the east of Busca should be Major-important if correct to link Fossano to Fussen/Foetes (on a Ligurian-suspect Lech river of Germany near lake Constance), for I trace that place to the Foots / Fothes'/Fittes' and therefore to a Footes location in Guernsey, the island of the Majors/Magors/Maugers.

The boy mission of John Bosco was started as a night-school in ValDOCCO (suburb of Turin), and then the Logans, who use the Douglas heart now suspect as the "inflamed heart" of the Salesians of Bosco, are strangely shown with a Duck variation. If per chance this Duck surname traces to "ValDocco," Duck-like "Douglas" could trace there too. English Docks just happen to use an upright lion in the colors of the same of Douglas-related Dudleys (both use the SALAmander in FLAMES).

But the Dock / Dudley lion is suspect as the Massin/Mason lion, and that latter surname traces to Massino-Visconti in the Novara area of Piedmont, land of the Laevi. This was the Ticino/Tessen theater that I've traced to Decks (Massey fleur), Tecks, and similar others. Of interest here is the brown stag in the Dudley Crest, the color not only of the Stewart stag (important because I trace the Stewart and Fer/Ferrat checks to those of Massi's/Mattis'), but of the Venus stag now showing. The Venus surname was first found in the same place (Kent) as Massins/Masons, and then that VENASca location near Busca that may apply.

Entering "Mast" as per "Mastai-Ferretti", gets the Masters, first found in Kent too, and using what could be a version of the three griffins in the Cutter Coat, important where Cutters trace to Saluzzo, shown on the map on the north side of Venasca. The Master griffin design is in the Coat of the Tolkiens/Tooks of Kent (design matters), and then the Julian/Gillian cross is used by Tolkien-related Teagues/Tigues. The many points that I include, that could at times go without saying, are not an attempt to confuse you, but to give the serious researcher extra clues to go by.

Just before pope Pius IX gave Don John Bosco his mandate to open a boy's night school, we find that "Pius VII appointed [Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti] spiritual director of the orphan asylum popularly known as 'Tata Giovanni', in Rome..." By what coincidence does this same Mastai-Ferretti character, when he becomes a pope Pius, give Bosco his ability to open a boys club? By what further coincidence did the Visconti's, rulers of Massino-Visconti, use an infant in the mouth of a serpent?

The Arms of pope Mastai-Ferretti show a blue roundel = hurt in the Crest, and an upright lion in colors reversed to the Massin/Mason lion, which makes it the colors of the Ferrari / Sforza lion.

Now, the Arms of Francis of Sales uses a "Non" motto term, as does the Mast(er) surname and the swan-using, Jesuit-suspect Jest/Guest surname. Entering "Non" gets the Nivens using the same-colored fesse as Italian Fabers, suspect with Ferrari's and therefore with Ferretti's, and moreover the Faber-related Write's/Wrights use the same checks as Stewarts / Fers/Ferrats / Massi's/Mattis...AND BINGO, the Write/Wright eagle design is that of the Ferretti's! It may soon change, but right now the two designs are identical! The Wrights and Masters even share the unicorn.

MurDOCKs use what should be the Mackie/Mackey raven with arrows because both surnames were first found in Ayrshire. Murdocks use checks in the colors of the Fer/Ferrat checks, and as the latter surname was first found in Brittany, it's a no-brainer that Murdocks use the Stewart checks. [It will be repeated soon as to why Dock elements should be part of Caiaphas liners.]

It just so happens that more anchors are found in the German Faber Coat while the Nons/Nivens use more crescents in the colors of the same of Conte's / Constance's. Moreover, as German Fabers were first found in Bavaria, they were quite possibly from lake Constance and therefore from Fussen/Foetes.

The Non's/Nivens use a "A green branch of palm," and then the Arms of the Salesians of Bosco use "Intertwined palm and laurel".

I've been mentioning the Sale surname for years, but did not know that there was a castle of Sales (Savoy), where Francis of Sales was born:

The Chateau de Sales was the home of the Sales family in Thorens until the beginning of the 17th century, when they built and moved to the Chateau de Thorens, a few hundred metres away, where they still reside.

The Chateau de Sales is known to have existed before 1249 and was remodelled in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was destroyed in 1630 on the orders of Louis XIII, during his invasion of Savoy. This was in reprisal for the resistance of Louis Sales, younger brother of Saint Francis de Sales, captain-governor of the Chateau d'Annecy...

There we have another Innes/Innice-like term. The Arms of Annecy show a white-on-red fish, the color of the Geddes pikes, and then the Geddes with "Capta majora" motto term trace to Placentia, where the line of Ananias = ANNAS is predicted to issue from. This is a very good argument for trace Annecy to an Annas bloodline. In fact, the Annas surname (Annecy colors) uses a large star in the colors of the stars in the Arms of Wallis/Valais canton on the east side of Annecy. This trace of Caiaphas liners suspect in the Geddes motto now suggests the Cuffs using the black Sale bend with three white fleur-de-lys. The Cuffs even use "Animus" in their motto while "Animas" is used in the motto of the Salesians of Bosco!!! Excellent.

You can bet your best cuff links that Ananias and Caiaphas lines were in Annecy and in the chateau de Sales, and no doubt in Sion/Sitten, and swimming in lake Geneva. The Herod-suspect Coupe's/Cope's (share the Cutter-Crest dragon) use "animo." [It was in an insert earlier in this update where it first dawned on me that Josephs were a branch of English Burghs/Burrows, and so let's add that they too use "animo".]

I'm reading online that the Annecy fish is a trout, perhaps code for the Trouts. Yes, I think so, for while the Trouts show several Trow-using variations, the Trows/True's use bendlets, a Cuff symbol too, and moreover the Trow/True Crest is a "knight" with a plume of feathers, the symbol of Herod Archelaus in the Vienne-Isere area just downhill from Annecy. The CAFFerys/Caffertys (in Coffey/Coffer colors) use a knight on a horse with a plume of feathers. Compare the Trows/True's with the Inigo-suspect Ince's/Ines'/Inch's showing more torteaux.

Surnames such as Nickle can develop from Annecy elements, and it just so happens that while Sales and Nickle's/Nichols share the pheon, the Nickle pheon is in the colors of the Sale / Cuff fleur-de-lys. The last time that Nickle's came up, earlier in this update, it was from the name of the 10th Jesuit leader, and then the current Jesuit leader is Adolfo Nicolas. The raven in the Nickle/Nichols Crest suggests the Stout-viking raven line at Stuttgart (uses the Ferrari car logo), on the NECKar river. The German Necker/Nichter Coat is just a pale bar in the colors of the Nickle/Nichol pheon. English Stewarts (definitely from the raven-line vikings) even use "neck" in their Crest description.

Possibly, the Nice location near Antipas-suspect Antibes, not terribly far from Geneva-like Genova on the Ligurian coast, may apply to Annecy elements. "Nice" gets the Nest-related Ness surname. Nice is near Grasse, and then the Bosco/Boist Coat (in Saluzzo colors) uses pillars topped with a "tufts of grass." The Bosco/Boist write-up suggests elements from Bra of Cuneo: "First found in Fife, where they were granted lands under the name Bois Arnold. In 1130 Ernald de Bosco was holding Arnald in the county of Leicestershire, and Little Halton and BRAEfield in Northampton..." Italian Bosco's/Busca's were first found in Piedmont, as expected. Pope Francis' gold-on-blue star may now trace to the Bosco/Busca star.

The father of Francis of Sales: "François de Sales, Lord of Boisy, Sales, and Novel. His mother was Françoise de Sionnz, the only child of a prominent magistrate and a noblewoman." There you have the reason for the Boist variation of Bosco's, apparently. The Bois surname is also the Boast/Bust surname that I've traced to "Busca," and moreover it can be added that the Nimo surname uses "boast" in the motto while "Nimo" (or something similar) can possibly be the representation of the "Animas" motto term of the Salesians of Bosco. French Bois' (Brittany) are also "Bosc."

See the Bosca-colored star, and what could be a gold Borgia bull, in the Italian Boy/Boi/Bove Coat, and ask whether this surname traces to Cuneo's Boves location smack beside Borgo San Dalmazzo, and about 25 miles south of Busca.

As Chateau of Sales was part of Thorens, we would like to see the Thoren Coat, and it just so happens that is uses a curved solid chevron in colors reversed to the curved solid chevron of the Ottones which is a version of the Chappes chevron! There is no doubt about it; the ghost of Caiaphas was at Annecy. And popes are tracing to this evil thing who trace to the new pope today.

As Thorens suggest Turin = Torino, shouldn't the Duke's/Dooks/Doke's (in Douglas colors), using essentially the Ottone rings, be from ValDOCCO in Turin? I thought so. The Doaks/Doags, first found beside the Scottish Turins/Thurins, use a thistle in Crest which may have developed from the thorn theme of Thorens. In fact, Thorens come up as "Thorn."

Francis of Sales was a partner with this:

Saint Francis of Paola, O.M. (or: Francesco di Paola or Saint Francis the Fire Handler; March 27, 1416 - April 2, 1507) was an Italian mendicant friar and the founder of the Roman Catholic Order of Minims....

...A Third Order of their 'Minums] movement was also approved. The most noted member of this Order was the illustrious French bishop, St. Francis de Sales...

I don't know whether this Francis of Paola can figure much in heraldry, but it just so happens that a Paolo/Paulin/Polon Coat once again uses gold-on-blue stars (used by Bosco's and Bois/Boves'). Here's on Francis of Sales:

In 1583, he went to the College de Clermont (later renamed Lycée Louis-le-Grand) in Paris, then a Jesuit institution, to study rhetoric and humanities. In 1584 Francis de Sales attended a theological discussion about predestination, convincing him of his damnation to hell. A personal crisis of despair...engulfed Francis de Sales...even bedridden for a time. The following month, January 1587, with great difficulty, he visited the old parish of Saint-Etienne-des-Gres, Paris, where he knelt in prayer before a famed statue of Our Lady of Good Deliverance, a Black Madonna, consecrated himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and decided to dedicate his life to God with a vow of chastity. He then joined the tertiary of the Minim Order.

...He took Antonio Possevino, a priest in Society of Jesus, as his spiritual director...

Another Jesuit product, another nutbar in the making entertaining visions of Mary and such things. Fast forward in time to:

A follower of the spirituality and philosophy of Saint Francis de Sales, [Don John] Bosco dedicated his works to him when he founded the Salesians of Don Bosco. Together with Maria Domenica Mazzarello, he founded the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, a religious congregation of nuns dedicated to the care and education of poor girls. In 1876 Bosco founded a movement of laity, the Association of Salesian Cooperators, with the same educational mission to the poor.

The fact that the Mazzarello Coat uses a black-on-white bend is evidence, in this picture, that Mazzarello's are a branch of Sales. I've been tracing the Sales fleur to the Pendragon Coat for years, but can now report that the gold Mazzarello dragon on a black bend is in the gold dragon on the black bend of Penbroke's/Pembroke's with "ARDuis" motto term.

John Bosco ended up in a boys mission outreach too. How coincidental. And look at who he meets, not forgetting that Cuffs and Sales use roughly the same bend, and not forgetting that Joseph Caiaphas was traced to the Charo/Chiaro surname: "In 1830 [John Bosco] met Joseph Cafasso, an elderly priest who identified some natural talent and supported his first schooling. In 1835 he entered the seminary at Chieri and after six years of study was ordained priest on the eve of Trinity Sunday by Archbishop Franzoni of Turin." Chieri is beside Turin.

Joseph Cafasso? Isn't that just too much? "Giuseppe Cafasso (January 15, 1811 - June 23, 1860) was a significant social reformer in early nineteenth-century Turin, born in Castelnuovo d'Asti, Piedmont, Italy." Asti??? What if the present pope's father was related to this Cafasso? Imagine that. Unfortunately, no Cafasso surname pops up. But I think the Cuffs can apply.

The Caffs/Chafe's are interesting for being first found in Dorset, beside the Edwards of Wiltshire. The Macey-related Edwards had traced via Edward I (married Castile) to a Savoy family at a Salines location near Vienne-Isere. King Edward's mother (Eleanor of Provence) was a daughter of Savoy, who was in turn a daughter of Margaret of Geneva. There are no surnames reported by Wikipedia for these people. Margaret's father, William I of Geneva "died at the Chateau de Novel in Annecy." Centuries later, Francois of Sales would become the ruler of Novel. William's mother was Matilda de CUISeaux.

As Caiaphas and Ananias are now tracing to Annecy, consider also that the father of king Edward, Edward II, married the house of Capet.

I had forgotten moments ago that Salines is coupled as MISERey-Salines, important because the new pope's motto includes "MISERando." It was said in the last update that Misers/Messervys are said to be from "messier," and then the Messeys/Messiers were first found in Burgundy, beside Miserey-Salines. The Miser surname was first found in Jersey (off the coast from Dol and beside Guernsey off the coast of Manche), where the Major/Magors/Maugers came to proliferate. In other words, the Joseph-suspect Majors/Magors are tracing potentially to Miserley-Salines (in Doubs department), and it just so happens that, while French Josephs and Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine, the Arms of Doubs uses the billets that were the symbol of the county of Burgundy (scroll down the page). Is that the Ferrari lion? Then, in Doubs there is a MontBELIARD location (article shows the two curved fish of Bar-le-Duc belonging to Montbeliard).

Maine (beside Rennes) is on the outskirts of Brittany and Normandy, touching upon Ferte-Mace and Alencon, holdings of the Bellamys. Then, the Dobbs Coat looks like a version of the Alexander Coat, this being a good indicator that Bellamys (they merged with Maceys) and related Billets/Billiards were named from whatever named Alexander Balas, making perfect sense because it's known that Alexander Balas had a close alliance with certain Maccabees of Israel (said to be named after a hammer)...who surely named the mace-using Maceys of Ferte-Mace. In all of my investigations on Alexander Balas some weeks ago, I did not include what you are now reading. The Maine article says that France granted Maine to Rollo...though previously is was controlled by the line of Charles Martel. Ferte-Mace is near Gace, and than the Wassa's/Gace's are proto-Washingtons while the latter uses the Ness bars.

English Maine's (black pheons) even share a black unicorn with the Dobbs'...which once again tends to make the Doubs / Montbeliard link to Maine. German Mains (the Maxwell two-headed eagle) could be using the Ness Coat in colors reversed, and English Maine's use two chevrons in the colors of the two Ness bars, and then two chevrons in Maine-chevron colors (red-on-white) are used by the Perche's, important because Bellamys of the Maine theater were from a Perche province that overlapped Maine.

If the Maine pheons belong to the Sale Crest, then, conceivably, these Mains were linked to the Nassau line at Orange, but the elements can thereby trace to Miserey-SALines in Doubs. It is possible that "Nassau / Ness" is from "Annas," and that this apparent link of Maine to Nassau elements has to do with the Joseph-Caiaphas line in Maine. This place was also "Le Mans," and then the Lemans/Leamen surname uses a single bar in the colors of the two Ness bars. Dionysus (not a real person) was on the island of LEMNos that can apply to "Le Mans."

German Mains are also "Meiner/Mainer," and then Minors use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Cutters, meaning that it's colors reversed from the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Saluzzo's. Minors were first found beside Cheshire, the latter being where sales were first found. Minors were first found in Herefordshire, where the Seleucid-suspect Sellicks/Seliocks were first found. The PIERCED stars of Sellicks should link to the Perche > Pierce > Percival bloodline, not forgetting that the mythical father of Lohengrin the Swan Knight was Percival the Grail King.

The Misers show as "Masserwy / Messerly," somewhat like "Mazzarello," the latter being the surname enjoined by John Bosco. But this same John Bosco was supported by Joseph Cafasso, and attended seminary at Chieri while the other Joseph surname uses "mago" and "charo" in the motto. Carians at Chieri? Apparently. If correct, expect the Kerrs / Kerrys at Chieri too, not to mention the Roets using a Caria-honoring motto term like the motto term of Masters. That works.

MonteCHIARO is at Agrigento, and the latter uses the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Caff/Chafe Coat. Cafincidence? The Mens use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Agrigento in colors reversed. For me now, this speaks of the DioNYSUS cult to Nassau elements, and the Maeonian Dionysus worshipers to Maine / Le Mans.

The Arms of Doubs and of the county of Burgundy show much like the Nassau/Naso Coat (both use billets filling the Shield, and an upright lion, all in the same colors), and then Orange is on the Rhone near the mouth of the Durance, river of the Salyes. The Nassau and Burgundy lions are colors reversed from lion of Massins/Masons who come up as "Macon," that being a location between Orange and Miserey-Salines. "The agglomeration of Macon originates from the establishment of an oppidum and of a river port by the Celts from the Aedui, probably at the beginning of the first century BC. Known then under the name of Matisco..." Isn't that part of the Massi/Mattis surname?

The father of the present pope was Mario JOSE Bergoglio. My guess is that he was born in the first decade of the 20th century, about 100 years after the birth of Joseph Cafasso in 1811. Both were born in Asti, not a very big place. Apparently, John Bosco was a friend of Joseph Cafasso because the town of the latter's birth, Castelnuovo d'Asti, was close to the heart of John Bosco, in that it was re-named Castelnuovo Don Bosca.

Castelnuovo (New Castile?) is beside a small place, Piova Massaia, that being a variation of the Massar surname, first found in Lucca, beside Massa-Carrara, where the Kerr line of Carians can be expected. I trace "Massa-Carrara" to "MusKerry" in Ireland. Castelnuovo (current mayor, Musso surname) is 12 miles east of Turin, which places it smack beside Chieri. Isn't that where we could expect the Joseph surname, or the Borgia-related Charo/Chiaro surname?

Now is the time to repeat: A follower of the spirituality and philosophy of Saint Francis de Sales, [Don John] Bosco dedicated his works to him when he founded the Salesians of Don Bosco. Together with Maria Domenica MAZZARello, he founded the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. The birthplace of the new pope's father, Portacomaro, is 25-30 miles southeast of Turin, meaning that the birthplace of Cafasso is not more than about 15-20 miles from the birthplace of the pope's father. Kerrys were first found in MontGOMERY, a place that could have connection to PortaCOMARO. Remember, the Kerry Coat, like the Guis/Guido Coat, is like an hourglass design, suggesting that Kerrys were of Guido Guerra, who line of Pharisees was traced to Montferrat. Portacomaro is a location between Asti and the Montferrat municipality, and moreover a William V of Montferrat had a daughter (Agnes) married to Guido Guerra III.

The Kerry Coat is essentially the Coat of Loyola-related Guzman's, and then German Guzmans use an anchor, the symbol also of the Salesians of Bosco. I now recall that the Kerry / Guzman hourglass is used in colors reversed by the Half/Help surname, but it can now be reported that the rare red-on-blue lion of the Avila's is in use in the Half/Help Coat! These coats use what can be construed as the solid chevron of the Chappes', which, I had noted, is used in the Arms of Haifa (i.e. Half-like term) over in Israel.

From these considerations, my sense is that the Cafasso family was the Chappes family.
See the Templar lamb in the Arms of Riva presso Chieri. I'm kicking myself because I just saw the same lamb symbol in the last day or two as the Arms of a religious movement, but have forgotten which one. There is a Riva(l) surname (Languedoc) that looks like a cross between the Messeys/Messiers and Conte's. In the Castelnuovo article: "Castelnuovo's origins...are connected to a castle built before 1000 AD, around which a burgh grew as time passed. It was once divided in two by the lords of Riva and the counts of Biandrate...Subsequently it was under the commune of Asti, then a fief of the lords of RIVALba and of those of Piea..."

The Biandrate term recalls the ancient Biaini peoples (root term, "Bia", like "Piea") of Lake Van whom I had identified as a bee line. The Kerrys use bees and a hive. The Lake Van elements of Mus were traced to MusKerry, and here we are finding a Biandrate entity (in Novara) at what I perceive to be an area of the Massa-Carrara Myso-Carians.

I'm still of the opinion that Busca traces to "Bozcath" and "BOZrah," the latter being another bee-line entity, the Edomite capital. Lake Van was in the area of the Nairi empire, and Buz was a son of Nahor, brother of the same Abraham who married Keturah, the lines of whom are now tracing through the Clarus area of Caria to Saluzzo-related Cutters. It's making consistent sense.


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