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April 9 - 15, 2013

Doberman Punchers From Cuppae
Cavari Gauls at Avignon Look Like Proto-Chiava's / Shaws
London's Caterham District with Salesians of John Bosco
Catholic Stewarts Loitering at Palazzo Muti in Rome

I'm not quite done on the pope. There was a new clue in the last update, in Doubs, along with a question from emailer Pollock, that created a new direction. I was only slightly conscious, when writing to emailer Pollock, that the Dober topic touched upon the tuberose symbol of pope Francis. My main focus was in answering the question on Fulbert "the Saxon," founder of Pollocks, as to whether he was related to Fulbert "the tanner." The full impact of the pope's trace to Doubs, as per his tuberose, had not yet struck me.

Therefore, I'm going to start this update's non-news topics with these things in mind, asking what the significance is for the pope's trace to Doubs. I'm pretty sure it has to do with "Daphne," what heraldry may have depicted with a dove. Dove, Doubs, you see, and then while the pope's motto includes "Miserando," the Mitre/MITERAND surname uses a dove. I therefore feel sure that Mitre's/Mitterands trace to Misers and Miserey-Salines in Doubs, and then there is the question of why the papal hat was called a mitre. I know that Daphne traces to "Diva," what became the capital of Cheshire, where Sales and Sales-of-Masci lived. I know that Meschins of Cheshire came to rule Moray, and then Mitre's/Mitterands use stars in Moray-star colors.

I've just loaded the Mitten/Mutton Coat (Shropshire, beside Cheshire) to find the two-headed eagle design of Spike's, important where the pope's Arms used a "spikenard." The Mittens had been traced to the Mitanni Hurrians, where Nicholas de Vere traces his dragon bloodline, and I traced Mitanni to Methoni in Messene, and from there the line can be traced easily to the Oeneus river and the Maezaei, and to Masci's of Montferrat...and to Ferte-Mace and nearby Gace, for Wassa's/Gace's smack of the Mitanni capital, WASHUkanni. In the last update, Doubs elements were traced to the Bellamy theater that included Ferte-Mace.

It therefore seems that Mitterands and Mittens were of the same family, and merged with Misers, likely a branch of Messeys/Messiers. It can now be viewed as the Methoni-Messene line that formed the Maccabees proper at Modena (Methoni was also called, "Modon," and Maccabees of Israel lived at Modi'in).

As you read on, keep in mind that Pollocks lived in the Glasgow theater with the Alan>Stewarts, important because the Jews of that area, mentioned repeatedly by emailer Pollock, are starting to shape up, in my mind, as the Jesuit-related Jews...because Jesuits have proven to be from Alans primarily. What you are about to see is that Jesuits and Pollocks should also be viewed as one, as could be expected. Fulbert "the Saxon" was a friend, or more, of Dol's Alans. Here's my first email to emailer Pollock:

We had been on this question before, and I can't say I'm any closer to answering. We both concluded that Fulbert of Pollock was not Fulbert "the tanner," but I thought it possible that Fulbert of Pollock was a son of the tanner, or perhaps a son of the tanner's daughter, Herleva. The tanner was from Falaise, and possibly this was a Saxon outfit. The main reason that I linked the two Fulberts was upon tracing Pollocks to Fullers (Alan kin) and Fellers, whom can derive from "FULbert." The Fallis Coats use trefoils in Roque/Rock colors, and in fact the Fallis trefoils are in the colors of the Feller trefoils, and it seems a given that treFOIL is code for the old RoqueFEUILs that are now Rockefellers. So, there you have good reason to link Fulbert the Saxon to Fulbert the tanner...if the Fallis surnames link to "Falaise." [It's no small matter that heraldry can identify the tanner's Falaise location as one named by the Roquefeuil bloodline.]

If you check out the wavy bend (bar) of Jewish Pollocks and compare with the wavy bend of the Dobers [the wave shapes were identical until last year], see the trefoils in the other Dober Coat, and then see that the wavy Dober bend is in the colors (or colors reversed) of the wavy bends in the Arms of Yvelines, the area around a La Falaise location in France. Then, see that these same colors belong to Dobys, first found in Renfrewshire [i.e. where Pollocks were first found]. This is the first time that I have ever made this discovery because I had never been to the La Falaise article before. [I had not known about it, and what's more, La Falaise is in Ile-de-France, where the Chappes and Levi were first found, part of the stretch between Paris and Normandy ruled by Alan-related Bellamys.]

Current updates have been on the new pope and the Jesuits. Jesuits have been tracing to the same as Maxwells [= mother trunk of Pollocks] out of Rijeka. The new pope's father was born in Asti, which is on the Tanaro river. Me thinks "the tanner" was code for this place. The pope's Arms has traced to Tabers / Tabors who can certainly be a branch of Dobers / Tobers. I have been thinking all along of the Catholics that you've talked about in the Glasgow area. Asti is at Langhe, what I trace to Alans with little doubt. Therefore, Pollocks can trace to Langhe's Tanaro river, you see [i.e. thus supporting a Pollock link to "the tanner"]. Langs and Stewarts share the same pelican on nest, and then the Ness / Nest surname shares the double bars of the Main's who use the Maxwell eagle [both in black-on-white albeit the Main eagle is crowned]. Mains trace to Maine at Alencon, not far south of La Falaise. Maine is beside Rennes, a term tracing to "Renfrew." Remember, Rijeka uses a black double headed eagle on a rock, code for Maxwells at Roxburgh, and code for Rockefellers too at the base of Pollocks, and then Pula is a location in the Rijeka area while using a cross in the colors of the Pollock cross. It's FUL-proof, isn't it?

As you can see, I had not mentioned Doubs, nor the link of Doubs elements to Maine that was explained late in the last update. That find was itself new for me when writing this email. With so many other things to write on, I had not yet started to focus on the pope's heraldic kin linking between Doubs and Dobers / Dobys, but it didn't escape me that the pope's TUBERrose was tracing to Dober elements expected at La Falaise, not forgetting that the Borgia's had traced solidly to Herluin de Conteville who married the daughter of Fulbert the Tanner. I then noted that there is a Falaise in Normandy about 25 miles north of Ferte-Mace.

Falaise is just off the Dives river, the entity that named the Dives surname traced (by me) to Diva of Cheshire. Therefore, pope Francis' Miser / Mitre line is tracing to the Dives river, which is the area that the Motts (Maccabee liners from Modiin) had been traced to. The Mouton variation of the Mittens/Muttens seems applicable enough to Motts (said to be from a Mott location in Normandy), who were traced to Motte-Fouquet, smack at Ferte-Mace.

But the shocker came when the Spike Coat was re-loaded, for I had forgotten that it too uses the Maxwell eagle design! This was the clincher, because the grape bunch on the pope's arms, which was formerly called a SPIKEnard, is now called the tuberose. I have checked to make sure, that the Spike eagle design is identical to that of Maxwells and Mains, and knowing that there are several eagle designs (more than a dozen) used by houseofnames, the identicality of these eagles between the three surnames proves kinship if only for an expectation of their kinship based on other methods of discernment. The Mittens/Moutons are the fourth to use the same eagle design, and for that cause you can be assured that Maxwells were named after the same that named Maccabees. The Scottish Maxwell write-up: "The earliest record of the name Maxwell was of a Herbert de Maccusweil, who moved to Scotland from England, where he came to hold the land at Max's weil or Maccusweil..."

It's the Pollock link to Dobers that allows us to trace Maxwells to La Falaise, and moreover the nearness of the other Falaise to Ferte-Mace suggests that "Maccuswell" is a term out of "Mace." In fact, both the Ferte's and Spike's use a red, spread eagle.

Ferte-Mace is in my strong opinion a Pharisee-Maccabee couplet from Montferrat's Masci liners. The pope's father was born in the greater Montferrat area. On my atlas, Montferrat is stamped as an area spread from the town of Montferrat, south-west through Asti and Chieri, to Carmagnola on the south of Turin. This is being viewed as the Allieni line out of Ferrara, to Alencon of the Maine / Ferte-Mace theater (really, it spread all over Normandy and into Brittany). This was part of the migration of the Israeli priestly lines after 70 AD, and we are now finding evidence that they were at La Falaise of Ile-de-France, no small point for the ability to recognize that the viking line of the Conqueror married a line from Israel in Fulbert "the tanner." Again, the Tanaro happens to be in the greater Montferrat area, and passing right by Asti. Let me repeat that while German Tanners and Maschi's use pine cones, the Spike Crest is a porcuPINE.

The present pope is a Ferte-Mace liner, right? The present pope is a Maxwell, right? The present pope is a Maccabee liner of the Alexander-Balas kind, right? Yes, for the Dobbs Coat is a version of the Alexander Coat, and the latter share's a crescent with the Motts. If you read it and recall, The Motts/Morte's were traced to Deaths/Darths and Darts/Darths, important here because the Mains who use the Maxwell eagle show a "A hand throwing a dart" in Crest.

[NOTE: wherever I give the addresses for Coat descriptions at , the company has arranged not to allow those pages to load, but allows only the home page to load where you need to enter the surname yourself in order to read the description. Or, just trust that the description that I have in quotation marks is correct, as for example the Main description above.]

These Mains, who by the way use the double Perche chevrons (i.e. proving that they are from Maine), are in the colors of the throw-like Trows/Trews/True's, Herod-Archelaus suspects. Coupled with that find, it's no small matter that while Chappes and Levi's were first found in the same place as La Falaise, Josephs were first found in Maine. It's no small matter that the new pope Francis is linking to these very lines.

Note that the two-headed Maxwell / Spike eagle is in play in the Russian Alexander Coat, and don't forget that the two-headed eagle is a symbol of the 600 Benjamites = Meshwesh/Mazyes/Maxyes as they formed the Romans from the Maezaei (expected in Rijeka as proto-Maxwells). Compare the Crest of British Alexanders to the Mieske/Mesech Coat.

Alexander Balas, who formed a close partnership with Jonathan Maccabee of Israel (in Modiin, I assume), traces to the Alexanders and MacDonalds. To make a link of Alexanders to Ferte-Mace's Maxwells, one needs only to know that the Alexander motto, "Per mare, per terras," is the motto of MacDonalds who use the Ferte eagle in both colors. MacDonalds and Alexanders were both first found on Kintyre, and island smack beside Arran, where the MacAbee's were first found who use salmon naint. Why salmon? If "naint" is code for the Nains/Nanets, were these a branch of Ananes?

In fact, while Nain/Nanets/Nane is a Belgium surname, "Ananias/Annas" was traced to Belgium's HAINaut, for the county of Hainaut used the three chevrons of the French Levi's. Here's from the Nain write-up: "First found in Belgium...The name was first recorded in Hainaut, a province in Belgium, based on the ancient county of Hainaut. Within this province the notable towns are Mons, the capital city..." It was speculated that Mons was named after "HasMONeans," the original name of Maccabees in Modiin.

The MacAbee salmon must be where the "salmon pool" comes in that Maxwells are said to derive in. It's not true in the literal sense, but is rather code for the Salmon bloodline, which I know to be the Sale / Saluzzo bloodline that pope Francis traces to. The Maxwell write-up: "Alternatively, the name comes from when the family lived in or near Maxwell, a salmon pool located on the Tweed River near Kelso Bridge." It just so happens that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Tweeds is that of Saluzzo's, and moreover the Tweeds add an engrailed saltire in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire, suggesting that the namers of Annandale were of the Nains/Nanets/Nane's. The Bruce's of Annandale were from Bruggs, Belgium.

The Arms of the Salesians of John Bosco use a "tolle'" motto term, like the "Thol" motto term of Tweeds. There is a Thole/Tooly surname in the colors of the Salmons and Salemans. There is a Tweed river in Peebles-shire, where the Tweets/Tweedle's (the Pullen pelican) were first found who use a gold salmon (!), color of the Salman salmon. I trace "Peebles" to "Pavia," home of the Laevi Gauls that I've naturally linked for years to the Ananes Gauls.

All of my historical and heraldic experience on the Salyes Ligures is coming to a papal head here. Thole's/Toolys were first found in the same place (Staffordshire) as Stewart-suspect Tolle's/Tollys. Reminder: the Tolle Chief uses the Strange lion in the same colors, but then the two Strange lions are exactly (same colors again) those of the Scottish Mare's who can link to the "mare" motto term of Alexanders.

I suppose that there ought to be a link between the Tweed river of Peebles and the Tweed at Kelso. The latter term can be a hard-C version of "Saluzzo." Here's the Kelso write-up: "First found in Roxburghshire, where they were granted lands...consisting of the Abbey and estates of Kelso, originally the Abbey of Selkirk." The Kelso's and Selkirks are both in the white-on-black colors of the Sale's, and SELkirks (Douglas kin) even use a SALAmander. To help trace Selkirks to Salyes Ligures, they use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Tanners...i.e. Selkirks trace to the Tanaro river, flowing about 15 miles from Busca and about 25 from Saluzzo. The Tanaro has a source at the city of Cuneo.

There has been a consistent trace to Jesuits, Borgia's and pope-Francis elements to Cuneo and the Salyes of that area. And it's all jibing with my prediction of a few years ago that the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ would be a Seleucid from the Mieszko = Meschin line. That's why I'm taking seriously this new pope in a bad light. If the great tribulation doesn't arrive in his lifetime, still, it tends to show that global powers are trending in the Masci-of-Sale direction.

Here's more from the Maxwell write-up: "Another son Aymer de Maxwell was the first use the modern spelling of his surname; he migrated to the Scottish county of Peebles...Aymer married Mary, daughter of Sir Roland de Mearns, heiress of the barony of Renfrew from which would come the lines of Maxwell of Pollock and Maxwell of CALDERwood. Branches were also established in Roxburgh and Berwick." I trace the MACKay bears to Berwick, by the way, and Mackays are not Kays as much as they were from Ferte-Mace because Mackays are easily proven to be a branch of Maceys. For example, the Vains/Vans/Phone's, who use the gauntlet glove of Maceys, are listed as a sept of Mackays...who come up also as "Macey."

There is no difference in my mind as to the roots of Maxwells, Mackays, Maceys/Masseys, and Mieszko's / Mieske's; they all come from the Maezaei of Croatia. The point is, the Maxwells of CALDERwood, evoking the cauldrons used by Loyola's and Guzmans/Gozmans. The Caulds/Cole's, using the Borgia bull in the colors of the Mieske bull, trace by their motto alone to Servitium of Croatia, not just the Maezaei theater but that also of proto-Salyes.

Many years ago, I traced cauldrons to the metal-making pots of the Khaldi. I assumed that "cauldron" was named after the Khaldi, themselves named from Chaldee of Babylon's Hebrew district on the (K)habur and Euphrates rivers, the area that named Aphrodite, wife of Hephaestus the metal maker. The pope was tracing (in the last update) smack to the Galli priesthood represented by Hephaestus and Aphrodite. Before knowing that Cole's were also "Cauld," I traced them anyway to "KOLODziej" the Wheelwright (= mythical ancestry of Mieszko's), and of course that title suggests a metal smith.

Kolodziej, who operated his kingdom out of a Mouse Tower, took over the kingdom of a mythical POPIEL, who smacks of the Popoli's and Pepoli's and may therefore trace to "Peebles," where Maxwells came to reside. Popiel was eaten my mice in the Mouse Tower. Those mice were code for the Misl surname, using a mouse, because Kolodziej was ancestral to mythical Siemowit, grandfather of mythical SiemoMYSL. It's all myth code from those who want to play hide-and-seek with our heads. The Misel variation may suggest the Misers. In fact, I just entered "Meiser" as per the Meisel variation, and the Misl/Misel/Meisel Coat came up!

The pope is a Mieszko > Maxwell liner, isn't he? English Meisers, who don't show a Coat, are also "Messier/Meshor."

Time now for the Caulderwood Coat (palm tree), using the Moray stars in the same fashion as the Selkirks and related Douglas'. I had traced the Moray stars to Mieszko's sons, Boleslaw and Bezprym, because those stars are used by Pollock-related Bole's and Bez'. Just like that, it proves true that Caulds/Cole's trace to Mieszko, and that Maxwells of Caulderwood were indeed Mieszko's.

In this case, we need to expect that cauldron-using Loyola's and Guzmans are an offshoot of Mieszko liners. What's interesting here is that the Mitre/Mitterand Coat, which likewise has Moray-colored stars, shows what looks like an iceBERG behind the dove. It should be code for the Borgia / Bergoglio bloodline. There is an Ice/Icke surname, first found in Rostock, suggesting Roquefeuils out of Rostock as per the Coat's trefoils. I speculated that Roquefeuils originated as Roxolani vikings in Rostock, and as I trace them to the naming of RoxBURGH, the black eagle in the Ice/Icke Coat could be the Maxwell eagle too, especially if Maxwell liners named MECKLenburg in the Rostock theater.

It dawns on me here that Ice's/Icke's were Decks (kin of Dyke's / Dicks) because they use the same split Shield and colors, and because "Icke" easily morphs to/from D'Icke. Dickens (same place as Thole's and Tolle's) use the cross design shown until last year by both Eatons and Samsons, and as the latter use the Meschin scallops, they can trace to mythical Siemowit and Siemomysl.

The "Veritas preMITUR non oppriMITUR" motto of Caulderwoods first of all brings the Vere's into the picture because "Veritas" is a Vere fave. Moreover, Weirs/Vere's, Massey/Macey kin, use the three Moray stars as do Caulderwoods and Mitre's/MITERands, and if that's not enough, the Mosca-related Drake's trace to duke's of Masovia, at the area of the Polish capital. It looks like pope Francis is tracing once again to Maxwells and Mieszko's.

Recall that pope Borgia (of Gandia) had a wife/mistress with Cattanei surname that is a known variation of the Candida's, of the House of Candia. The Caulderwoods share the small saltire, in colors reversed, of the Candy's/Gantys, you see, so that we once again see a pope-Borgia trace to pope Francis.

I've strayed from the original Doubs topic for making these good points in tracing the new pope to the Maezaei "Benjamites" suspect at the feet of Joseph Caiaphas. There was a potential Joseph-Cafasso reason late in the last update for tracing this pope to the Caiaphas line, and for all I know, all of my dragon-hunt material, Commissioned by God over many years of learning, has been specifically for pointing to this pope with a big red arrow of alert.

My Hebrew-dragon hunt was Commissioned with a bee sign in my garden with direction to seek the line of Buz, son of Nahor. I feel confident that his line traces to Busca, and that the Nahorites at Lake Van's Mus trace to Massey liners at Busca. The Saluzzo-related Cutters and similar others trace to a second wife of Abraham, brother of Nahor, so that Nahorites can indeed be expected at the Saluzzo - Busca theater.

Joseph Cafasso was a friend of John Bosco because they were related to the same city in Asti province. John Bosco named the Salesians of Don John Bosco, to be traced to Saluzzo and neighboring Busca to the south of Asti. Caulderwoods are also CADDERwoods, evoking the Cutters using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Caulderwoods in colors reversed, meaning that the latter use theirs in the colors of the same of Saluzzo's.

We saw the Maxwell-related Tweeds using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's, meaning that, yes, the Maxwells of Caulderwood are indeed related to Saluzzo's, but meaning also that Mieszko liners of the Kolodziej / Popiel kind were at Saluzzo.

[I kid you not, hours after writing here, I entered "Witt" thinking that Tweeds may have been from "D'Witt," and this was done without SiemoWIT in mind. It turned out that one Witt Coat uses the red Chapman / Foy crescent on the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Tanners, while Dutch Witts use trefoils in Fallis-trefoil colors! The Tanner of Falaise is tracing to Witts, and then WITkowo in Poland, the representation of SiemoWIT, in my opinion, uses the all-seeing-eye, as do Watts and Vatts. That should explain why Tweeds use a black bull head, a Mieske symbol too.

By the way, I just recalled that I traced Fellers to "Valais" canton in Switzerland before discovering that Fallis' use the Feller trefoils. Valais is now suspect from Doubs. The Valais/Valois Coat uses crescents in the colors of the Fallis / Feller trefoils, but a point I don't recall making is that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Valais' is colors reversed from the Saluzzo's.]

It was only yesterday, as I write, that the Tubs were looked up as per the pope's tuberose symbol. It was just two days ago that Doubs was come across while finding myself on the MISERey-Salines topic. It must have been a stroke of "luck" that I addressed the Salines location without first remembering that it was paired with the Miserey location. I had no idea at the time, when simply seeking a Salines link to Salesians of Bosco, that I would be bumping into the pope's tuberose entity at Doubs. Noting now that Cutters were first found in Dorset, look at how the Salines topic started in the last update while on the hunt for clues on Joseph Cafasso:

The Caffs/Chafe's are interesting for being first found in Dorset, beside the Edwards of Wiltshire. The Macey-related Edwards had traced via Edward I (married Castile) to a Savoy family at a Salines location near Vienne-Isere. King Edward's mother (Eleanor of Provence) was a daughter of Savoy, who was in turn a daughter of Margaret of Geneva. There are no surnames reported by Wikipedia for these people. Margaret's father, William I of Geneva "died at the Chateau de Novel in Annecy." Centuries later, Francois of Sales would become the ruler of Novel. William's mother was Matilda de CUISeaux.

Francois of Sales was father to Francis of Sales, bishop in Geneva, namer/founder of the Salesians that were later named also after John Bosco. The point is, Cutters, now highly suspect with Caulderwoods/Cadderwoods, were first found in the same place as Caffs/Chafe's.

The Tub Coat looks like a version of the Thol Coat, and that's where the "tolle'" motto term in the Arms of the Salesians comes in again. It was shocking to find that Tubs use a gold-on-black fleur-de-lys, as it easily traces Tubs to "Doubs." This discovery came thanks to an email from YS banging away at what the tuberose could mean. My response, just before this update was begun:

I don't think there is any use looking further for the meaning of the tuberose. It's clearly for the grape-using Tabors / Tabers. Whether or not that refers to Taborites or not, I don't yet know...There might just be a Rose-Bosco intent in tubeROSE too. It was by a lucky strike that Doubs was found in the update out today, and I think that the tuberose will trace to that place. [The pope's] going to trace to Maxwells / Pollocks both by the tuberose and by the spikenard, but Doubs was critically important due to its MISERey-Salines location that jibes with the pope's motto, MISERando. Due to this your email, I just looked up the Tub surname to find -- no guff -- a gold-on-black fleur-de-lys, the color of the Salines/Salas fleur-de-lys. The Tubs also use a chevron in Dobbs chevron colors. I get it: Tubs = Dobbs from Doubs, and they all trace also to Tabor in Bohemia.

I know that this rub-a-dub-dubbs the wrong way against the brand new pope who aspires to furnish a good image of himself, but he's lying to the world concerning his heraldry choices, and, besides, the chief representative of Christ on earth should have no heraldry.

The Dub/Dubber/Dubbay surname (in Double colors), using small Shields in the colors of the small Placentia square, was first found in Provence, where the river of the Salyes flows through. "Dubbay" may suggest the DuPuy branch of Payens. The Bails/Debayle's (chevron colors reversed from Payen chevron), first found in Provence, are being suggested too. A complication arises here as to whether Doubs-like terms were from "Bail" in the first place, fronted with the French / Italian D'. In any case, Doubs and Dupuys = Payens could be one family.

English Tabers/Tabors use a "Soles" motto term with possibly the Sforza lion (let's not forget the Sivori surname of the present pope's mother). Entering "Soles" gets the Coat that "Solana" also gets, using a sun, symbol of the Arms of pope Francis. And Javier Solana is a son of the MADARiaga line that may be related to the Mitre's/Mitterands, and therefore tracing to Miserey-Salines. In fact, Javier's mother was Obdulia Madariaga Perez, and then the Spanish Perez Coat (Rosicrucian-style cross) uses a gold flory cross and gold fleur-de-lys, the color of the Salines flory cross and Salines fleur-de-lys.

Hmm, Mathers/Madors (in Madariaga colors) were first found in the same place (Kincardine) as Mearns, wherefore let me repeat: "Aymer [de Maxwell] married Mary, daughter of Sir Roland de Mearns, heiress of the barony of Renfrew from which would come the lines of Maxwell of Pollock and Maxwell of Calderwood."

Solana's uncle with Madariaga surname is credited to some degree with forming the EU logo, with stars in the colors of the Madariaga stars. Why should all of Europe be subjected to using a Madariaga symbol? Well, nobody told what the EU logo represents, which is just the way Masons and other flip-floppers work. They are simply dishonest to the core, in the way that Jesus described satan. It's his nature to lie, and to take what does not belong to him.

As Javier was born in MADRid, chances are, MADARiaga's are named after Madrid elements. There is a Madrid Coat using only one large Zionist star in the white-on-black colors of Russian Alexanders. But this in itself doesn't prove close links to Alexanders. However, as Alexanders trace to Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king, it is not meaningful that Saluzzo has traced to Alexander's Seleucids?

Feasibly, the Matre's/Maitre's (in Madariaga, Mador/Mather and Master/Mester colors) can link to Madariaga's and Mathers. The Maistre/Mestre variations suggest the Masters/Mesters, whom I traced to Payens via the Master motto term, "quaerere." The term was discovered, by its use in the Roet motto, to be code for Carians, wherefore Masters ought to trace with Massi's/Mattis' to Massa-Carrara. This trace of Madariaga's to Payens is important for the fact that Hugh de Payen (grand MASTER of Templars) married a Chappes. first found in the same place (Ile-de-France) as Matre's/Maistre's/Mestre's!

An host of lines from Israel's chief priests was at the west side of Paris in Ile-de-France. To find La Falaise there too should prove to be quite a key in unraveling the reason for Templar formation...known to be based in the Rollo Sinclair (Claro) line that married La Falaise. The discussion immediately above, as it touched Doubs that in turn touched La Falaise, seems to be a new important key in unraveling Templar secrets.

If you read that Darts/Darths and Deaths/Darths traced, with Maccabees of the Motte/Morte kind, from Parma and Placentia, to the Touques river, you might be interested in a comparison of the Dart/Darth Coat with the Jolie Coat because, while La Falaise is in the larger area of Mantes-la-Jolie, Falaise in Normandy is off the Touques. Suddenly, we have a La-Falaise-to-Falaise connection.

Remember, Falaise = Rockefeller liners are very Icky (white trefoils) from ROSTock, a location represented by the Sinclair ROOSTer. There was a fundamental link between Sinclairs and Falls/Fallis (white trefoils) elements in Rostock.

It's important here that Motts/Morte's (from Motte-Fouquet near Falaise) use the Alexander crescent, for as Alexanders are traceable to Doubs, they should also be found with the Rockefeller-related Dobers expected at La Falaise. I've said so much since starting out with Dobers that I had best remind what they were important for: "...the wavy Dober bend is in the colors (or colors reversed) of the wavy bends in the Arms of Yvelines, the area around a La Falaise"

I've just looked up the Ives in case they link to "YVEline," to find that the Ives Coat is identical to the Orrel Coat, using torteaux, the symbol of Ore's, first found in the same place as Pollocks. From the top of this update, the wavy Dober / Yvelines bend was traced to the wavy Pollock bend, but months ago, the Pollock bend was traced to the same-colored wavy bend of Doris'/Orris (in Ore colors). Therefore, the fact that a Yveline-like surname uses the Orrel Coat tends to clinch the trace of the Pollock wave to the Yvelines wave.

The Doris/Orris surname was traced to Doris, wife of Herod "the great" killer, father of Herod Archelaus, because: "[Doris'] held a family seat in D'Oris, in the department of Isere..." Archelaus got banished to Isere. Now look, for Herod Archelaus' coins had a warrior with helmet and feathers, the symbol of the Trow/True/True Crest, and then the latter's Coat shares red bendlets with Orells and Ives'! That tends to prove solidly that Orells, Ore's and D'Oris trace to Israel's Herods, even if none of these surnames trace to "Doris" in particular.

The Trows/Trews/True's entered the picture at a Pollock stock of clans, where the Main surname using the two-headed Maxwell eagle show "A hand THROWing a dart." There is no Throw surname so that Trows are to be expected. And it works great. But we can trace to the Salyes Ligures once again as per the "trough" term in quotation marks in the Trow write-up. The Troughs/Trowtons happen to use swans called, cygnets, code for Cygnus, the mythical swan king of Liguria. That's why the Trough chevron has black symbols ("discs") on a white chevron, the colors of the Sale bend. Troughs [link to Glovers and Catters later in this update] were first found in Buckinghamshire, where the Saleman-related Cheneys were first found. The Troughs/Trowtons are even said to be from a LINDford manor while Lindseys use a swan.

To help prove further that "Falaise / Fallis" was a Roquefeuil branch, there was a marriage of nobles of Foix (beside Roquefeuil) to a de-Pole woman, and then there is a Foy/Foix surname, first found in Ile-de-France, location of La Falaise. To boot, this French Foy/Foix surname uses the vertically-split Shield of the Dobbs. If that's not enough, the other French Foy Coat is a bend from left-to-right in the colors of the same of Dobers. It's telling a story already gleaned by other methods, that Dobers and Dobbs' are expected in La Falaise, and that Rockefellers are to be expected as a line from Israel's priesthood for whom Armageddon has been preserved on Surprise Day.

Did you happen to notice what the Foix/Foy Coat uses? Black roundels, the symbol of the Troughs/Trowtons. Can you gather from this that Rockefellers are Herod-Archelaus liners? But the Main' had a dart thrown, and Darts/Darths are Arthurian elements (from Hasmoneans in Wales) while the Trough/Trowton chevron looks like a version of the Pendragon chevron, using the Sale fleur-de-lys.

Both the Troughs/Trowtons and Trows/Trews are traced to a "trog" term, and then Fellers, who use the Fallis trefoils in the same colors, are shown as "FellTRAGer." Besides this, Tragers use the Rocco bend. As English Lannoys share a helmet and feathers with Trows/Trews, the green lion of the upright Tracks/Triggs should be the upright green lion of French Lannoys and related Lyons...from Lyon in the Isere theater. You see, Rockefellers just traced to Herod Archelaus in Isere.

Pity the Rockefellers on Judgment Day. For now, they enjoy the honor and pride that their success in business has wrought them; later, they will rot on beds of maggots, and their money bags will be spilled on the ground for the meek of the planet to gather up, on Give It Back Day. These are not my words, but are found in the prophecies open to all Rockefellers. The Bible is not kept in secret. God has made plain His warnings.

The Track/Trigg Chief uses the Dunham spears erect, and Obama (with Dunham mother) is definitely a Rockefeller operative. That fly that was on Obama's forehead, you know, it gives birth to maggots. See the maggots of Isaiah 66.

Herod Archelaus was banished to Vienne-Isere, and then the Arms of Isere show a white wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy bend of Dobers and of Yvelines. But there is a second Vienne location in France using a white wavy pale bar on red, the colors of the Pollock and Doris/Oris wavy bends. One can get the impression that Templars were spreading through both Vienne locations with some Herod-zeal. In the article on Vienne-Isere: "At the Council of Vienne, convened there in October 1311, Pope Clement V abolished the order of the Knights Templar.",_Is%C3%A8re

What happened? Why did this edict come from Vienne-Isere? It turns out that pope Clement V was born a Got/Goth surname, and then that's one of the surnames using a white-on-blue Zionists star, and suspect with cauldron-using Guzmans/Gozmans/Gotmans. This Templar persecution was not long before the pro-Vatican Jesuits came forth, which is where I got the Guzman surname in the first place, an update or two ago, when finding that Guzmans and Loyola's share cauldrons. Very interesting. It's even more interesting if correct to trace Guzmans to Joseph Caiaphas.

Is Avignon Proto-Caiaphas?

Pope Clement moved Vatican headquarters to Avignon. Look at how close that is to Arles, about 25 miles away. As per the fly Sign, I was led to discover that Montechiaro, a location/entity of the Joseph surname, was a branch of the Boso's/Bosonids, and then "Lower Burgundy [otherwise called the kingdom of Provence] was founded by Boso, Count of Arles in 879." It's rare to find upright bulls with a belly view, but both Charo's/Chiaro's and Boso's use that design.

So, I'm claiming that Joseph Caiaphas had a proto-Templar line at Arles (also called, Arelate), a term like "Orell." I kid you not, that it was after writing that sentence that some amazing new finds started to roll in. I'll give it to you step-by-step. It starts in the Avignon article: "Avignon, written as Avennio or Avenio in the ancient texts and inscriptions, takes its name from the Avennius clan. Founded by the Gallic tribe of the Cavares or Cavari, it became the centre of an important Phocaean colony from Massilia (present Marseilles)." I started to wonder whether "Caiaphas" may have developed from a Capari or Cabari variation of those peoples (predated Caiaphas). So, I clicked the link to the Cavares article:

The Cavares were a Gallic tribe, or a federation of tribes, located in the lower Rhone valley. Their strongholds were Avignon (Avennio), Orange (Arausio) and Cavaillon (Cabellio). Their closest neighbours were the Segallauni, the Tricastini, the Salyes, the Albici (or Albioeci) and the Vocontii.

It recalled that I traced Caiaphas to the Laevi Gauls who predated him. It recalls that I traced Caiaphas to a Laevi merger with Salyes. It recalls that I traced Caiaphas father-in-law (Ananias) to a Salyes branch merged with cannibalistic Carthaginians of the Hannibal kind, and then their is a cannibal statue at the article above that is attributed to the Cavari.

Next, without first considering the Cavaillon/Cabellio entity in the quote above, "Cavar" was entered to find the Baltimore-Calvert Coat with banners in Crest, important because the Bozo bull holds a banner. The Cavar/Cavart/Calvert Coat is in the colors of the Levi chevrons (!), and uses a "masghii" motto term that can easily trace to the Mosca marriage with Montechiaro's!!! The Cavar description may even be playing on the fly theme: "Out of a ducal coronet, two staves with flags flying..."

Next, "Cava" was entered, and about this time the Sheaves/Chiava/Chiapponi surname came to mind, which uses keys, drastically important because the Arms of Avignon is just three keys. In Italian, "chiava" means "key. I have been tracing the Sheaves/Chiava/Chiapponi surname to "Caiaphas" for years!!! Is this not amazing? I think we have found the family of peoples that Caiaphas' parent(s) belonged to: the Cavari.

From that idea, one may venture to trace the Cavari to the Kabars that were Khazars. Just a thought for now, but let's not forget that Khazars of the Hohen kind were in Sicily, location of Montechiaro, and that Italian Salmons, first found in Sicily, are using the Hohen Coat exactly.

The Cavazo/Cabazo variations of the Spanish Cava surname look like they can apply to "Caiaphas," not forgetting that there is a Spanish Chavez branch of the Sheaves/Chiava/Chiapponi surname. Both the Cavazo's and Chavez' were first found in Galicia. What a super find this is, and the keys of Avignon, whereas we are urged to trace them to the Cavari Gauls, ought to trace to pope Clement because keys are a vatican symbol. But then, perhaps, the Vatican got its key symbol from the Cavari.

Wouldn't that be something, if the Vatican keys trace to Joseph Caiaphas instead of Peter? Indeed, when Jesus said that Peter would receive the keys of Heaven, can we ask whether He playing off of a key symbol known to belong to Caiaphas? I had reasoned that, when Jesus called Peter the rock upon which the Church would be built, He was playing off the rock symbol used by the Israel priesthood. It would be nice to know when the Vatican first started using keys in its Arms.

Clicking now to the Cavaillon article: "Cavaillon is a commune in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur...The Calavon, a tributary of the Durance locally called Coulon, flows westward through the middle of the commune. The Durance forms the commune's south-western border." This location is near Auriol, a term like "orell," that was home to the Le Mas / Dumas bloodline. Checking the Coulon/Caullin surname (Chavez colors), it looks like a Gore > Cole line from Servitium, using the martins of Romney-related Pullens.

But there is more to be had. The Coulon/Caullin surname (Shropshire) must apply to the Loyola / Guzman cauldron due to it's write-up: "The ancient Anglo-Saxon surname Coulon came from the personal name Nicholas. A common diminutive of the name Nicholas was Colin. Saint Collen was a 7th-century monk who gave his name to Llangollen, Denbighshire..." The first time Llangollen was come across, in the last update, it was traced to the Llancol surname of pope Borgia's father. Here's how the Llangollen location popped up:

As we have cause to trace the Jesuit founders back to the Goz-Conteville marriage that ruled Chester [beside Shropshire's Coulons/Caullins], it may not be coincidental that one Dee river flows through northern Wales and then smack through Chester. To boot, one Dee surname (in the colors of the bars above) was first found in Cheshire. JUST FOUND: This Dee river even flows through LLANGOLlen, an apt term for tracing to the LLANCOL surname of pope Borgia!

That is not too shabby, and it is tracing the Cavaillon location very well to the Loyola cauldron, and the Cavaillon location is highly suspect with the Cavari that are now highly suspect as the family of Caiaphas.

French Coulons/Coulumbs use doves, a symbol of Mitre's/Miterands. The dove bloodline of Diva, the Cheshire capital, was traced to the so-called City of Doves -- Cuppae -- in ancient Moesia, where the "copia" motto term of Cheshire's Macclesfields traced without doubt. The District of Columbia, home to Washington DC, should trace to this Coulon/Coulomb bloodline, especially as I traced Caiaphas to Washington by several different methods. Cuppae was called city of doves probably for the dove symbol of ancient Ishtar, for Cuppae is off the Ister river. When John the Baptists saw the Spirit like a dove coming down to Jesus, it may have been the play of God on the dove symbol of Caiaphas.

Scottish Calls/Auls appear to apply to the Calavon/Coulon river, as they are identifiable by their stars as a Kyle branch. English Calls/Caules' (trumpets in the colors of the Farnese columns) were first found in Wiltshire, where Yorks were first found who use the saltire of Columns/Malcolms. Yorks use a "cupias" motto term. This is the bloodline to Pontius Pilate because the Pilate pheon is used in colors reversed, not just by Caulds/Colts/Celts (using the Column/Malcolm red stag), but by Calls/Auls. Then, as Valerius GRATus was the Roman governor of Judea immediately before Pontius Pilate, so we find a "GRATa" motto term in the Call/Caules motto. (Pope Alessandro Farnese gave Ignatius Loyola his ticket to form the Jesuits.)

Dorset is beside Wiltshire, and then Chaffs (in Coulon colors) were first found in Dorset, important because the Caves', suspect with the Chavez/Chaves / Chiava/Chiapponi bloodline, is said to be from "chaff / chauf." The Chaff Crest is a gold griffin, as with the Coulon Crest.

I don't know whether it's coincidental that the Cavaillon/Cabellio location has a Calavon river, or whether the two terms use consonant-reversal by design. The one term could go to the Capelli surname, and/or Kybele, the Ishtar cult of Phrygia, wife and mother of the sun god, Attis, to whom the Caiaphas line has been traced, and to whom the papal topics of late have traced. The Calavon term could go to "Alba" and the (C)Halybes metal makers, partners with the Khaldi tracing to Caulds/Colts/Celts and kin. It's very possible that Khaldi were also "Galli" (proto-Celts and proto-Gauls). Spanish Alba's use the black Loyola wolf.

Let me repeat from shortly above to make another point: "The Caulderwoods share the small saltire, in colors reversed, of the Candy's/Gantys, you see, so that we once again see a pope-Borgia trace to pope Francis." It's simply amazing that CAULDERs are involved with that small saltire, because I have just found it again when entering "Cabalo." The Cabalo bend is even in the colors of the Coulon/Caullin bend!!! Excellent. Very Excellent.

Joseph Cafasso, friend of John Bosco, was from Asti, beside Alba, and as the Alba swan had traced to the French-Joseph swan, what about those ALBici/Albioeci) peoples living near Massilia as neighbors to the Salyes and the Cavares/Cavari? [If you get to the near-bottom of this update, you will find striking evidence that mythical Melusine, the ELVIN princess, traces definitely to Alba, as per the Albany/ELBANy surname (first found in the same place as Coulons/Caullins) using the lion of Massins/Masons who show Melusine in Crest. The point here is that Melusine was located by Vere's on Avalon, and should therefore be equated with Morgan le Fay. Read on.]

The CAVALLON variations of the Cabalo's suggests AVALON, and then while Morgan le Fay was a leader of that place, by what coincidence do Morgans and and Keffers (i.e. like "Cavari") share the same lion, both in gold-on-green. These colors are used also by Coffers/Coffeys and Coffers/Coffare's. I had identified the NINE witches under the command of Morgan le Fay as code for the NINE Muses of Greece, and then Keffers were first found in Cork, location of MUSkerry!!! By the time I wrote this, the paragraph below that includes Kerrys was already written.

What is very interesting suddenly is that the Cauares variation of the Caiaphas-suspect Cavares/Cavari suggests the Cares/Kerrs with stars in the colors of the Kyle and Call/Aul stars. This is extremely important because the Kerrys / Guerra's are now thereby tracing potentially to the proto-Caiaphas line. In short, Guido Guerra may have been named after a version of "Cauares." The Kerry hourglass (my term) is colors reversed to the hourglass of Halfs/Helps, which surname may be the line from the Albici from Alba.

Here is the Quarry/Carre Coat tracing to Massa-Carrara with the similar Massi/Mattis Coat. The Quarais / Quares, Carais variations are much like "Cauares." Plus, English Quarrys share a sun with Care's/Kerrs, and appear to use the Garry/Hare lizard. The green Garry lion (in Lannoy / Lyon colors) is used, probably, by the Tracks/Triggs showing yet another sun. SUDDENLY, a whole host of surnames that can furnish "Carol" and similar terms can trace to these Caiaphas-suspect Gauls, important because the Frank dynasty that followed the Carolingians was the CAPETian. Think of it. Caiaphas, killer of Jesus, ruling Europe along with the Vatican in a "Holy" Roman Empire.

AHA! The Carrie Chief are the three stars of the French Coulon/Coulomb Chief! That in itself can trace Carr-like term to the Coulin/Calavo river through Cavaillon. Irish Carrie's/Harie's use the Track/Trigg / Dunham spear. In this picture, the Track/Trigg lion ought to trace the surname to trace to the Drac river in Isere. I didn't know about that river until I clicked the Vocontii link at the Cavares article (then clicked the Vercors link at the Vocontii article).

These are all amazing finds. I feel very confident that the Salyes have been wrapped up in all my heraldic adventures due to these Cavari/Cauares peoples. I had never known them before, and yet they seem to be linking to many surnames. Just one more set of points before moving on: "The Tarasque de Noves anthropophagous [= cannibalistic] statue, displayed in the Musee Calvet in Avignon, is attributed to the Cavares." Note the term, "Tarasque," for a city of the Salyes theater was Tarascon, a city with a dragon legend. The Arms of Tarascon is a six-legged dragon, the first I've seen. It evokes Taras, the son of Poseidon, founder and namer of Taranto (Apulia), who I think is in the Coffer/Coffey Crest. I traced "TARANto" to Taran, a region at Lake Van otherwise called, Mus. But as mythical Taranto was wed to Satyrion, the Saturn cult of satan, a human-sacrifice cult, is suggested. Tarascon is located just 12 miles north of Arles, and between Arles and Avignon, important because Joseph Caiaphas has just traced independently to both latter places.

Wait, I'm not finished. After writing the paragraph above, I named this section, "Is Avignon Proto-Caiaphas?" That prompted a look for an Avignon surname, and there was one, using the white-on-red scallops of the Capes and Happ/Apps/Abbs surnames!!!

One can guesstimate that the saltire of Avignons is the Annandale saltire in colors reversed, suggesting that Ananes Gauls were amongst the Cavari Gauls at the Avignon theater. There is a Belgian Vignon Coat that looks like it could be a Feller version.

One can glean that the Foys/Foix' got merged with the Chappes' of Ile-de-France where the Chapmans/Chepmans use the crescent of Irish Foys/Fees. In the last update, we saw a "broken lance" (of the Players) as code for the line to the Llancol surname of pope Borgia, and here we find another "broken lance" in the Chapman/Chepman Crest.

Reminder: Cheps/Jepps/Jabachs use a two-headed eagle too. But it can now be added that this eagle can be traced to Maxwells, even though the eagle designs are not identical. Look at the small white square in the middle of the Maxwell eagle; it has a black saltire within it. The Chep/Jepp/Jabach Coat also comes with a small square in the center of the eagle. While staring at the Chep/Jepp variations just now, and recalling that they should trace to "Jupiter," "Jove" was entered to find the white Maxwell square with black saltire. That tends to prove that Cheps/Jepps/Jabachs trace to the Japodes, which tends to prove that Maxwells do trace to Rijeka, and that the whole lot of proto-Romans trace to the 600 Benjamites at Rimmon and Jabesh.

Capode-like terms were entered seeking C-version Japodes lines. I already knew of the Capua/Caputo/Capone surname, but now found the Caputo/Capua surname that is traced in it's write-up to Sicily. I'm seeking Caiaphas liners at Sicily's Montechiaro theater, and then while nobles of Montechiaro had married a Mosca woman, the Mosca's and the Caputo's/Capua's both use nearly the same sort of cat. Unfortunately, they are not the same, or it would definitely call out the "CAPTat muscas" motto term of the Drake's. In any case, I do now know that the Drake motto term is for Sicily's Caputo/Capua bloodline in that I know that the same motto is for the Mosca's.

The Caputo/Capua write-up: "First found in the reign of the Hohenstauffens in Sicily, which lasted from 1194 to 1266. At this time Corrado Caputo, nephew of the Emperor Frederick II, was Prince of Antiochia and general vicar of Sicily." I didn't know until now that Hohens put out a noble Caputo line of kin with a crowned lion, symbol of the Capua's/Caputo's of Naples. Capua is said to have been founded by mythical Capys, Trojans, and this line can easily trace to the Capes' that we saw in the Avignon Coat. Is that not wild? I've been tracing Caiaphas to "Capys" for a couple of years, and here in this update, just as I finished investigating the Cavari at Avignon, the Avignon surname is found to use the Capes' scallops...tracing to Scylla's Sicilians!

It stands to reason more than ever now that the Josephs (first found in the same place as Drake's) with "charo" motto term trace as a Caiaphas line to a merger of Montechiaro with Caputo elements. This is important, for it's revealing the Caiaphas liners went through Caput / Capet like surnames. Even if "Cavari" (or variations thereof) was not the term that named Caiaphas, it looks like the Cavari Gauls named the Chiava bloodline with a Chiapponi variation from Capone-like variations of Caputo's that merged with the Cavari. The Chiava line was also the Shaw line so that the Shawia Berbers, off the coast of Sicily in Tunisia, are suspect with the Cavari.

See also the cap-using Capers (in Capua/Caputo colors) and related cap-using Capelli's, for the latter trace to the cap-using Bidens that were already traced to Hampshire's Joseph elements. Joseph Biden just came out this week mocking the "black-helicopter" crowd of Americans who fear the disarming of America by the likes of Obama, and it just so happens that I was led to the Mosca surname days after a fly Sign took place ("muscas/mosca" means "fly"), in which a black house fly was trying to fly in the dark of my room, over my head while I was lying in bed, and I remarked in the next-morning's update that it was hovering more than flying (probably because it couldn't see where it was going) like a helicopter. I mentioned that I don't ever recall a house fly flying by night. I would not have known that this was a Sign from God, and may not have mentioned it to readers at all, except that on that same morning, there was a photo in the news with a house fly smack in the middle of Obama's forehead, in an article telling of other instances of flies appearing on Obama's head or face.

I reasoned that God wanted us to emphasize the Mosca surname when I first came across it in a marriage with Montechiaro's, and this for me was sufficient information to alert that Montechiaro's were indeed a Caiaphas line. If I recall correctly, I did not yet know, at the time of the fly Sign, that there was a Drago river near Montechiaro to which the Drake's could trace. I don't think it was more than a week after the fly Sign when I first arrived to the Mosca family at Montechiaro, when I wasn't even looking for it. The fly Sign was to alert me that this family/marriage was key in finding the ghost of Caiaphas in satanic elements of the Drake kind, and that Obama has much to do with tracing to that marriage, as do the ones that will shortly advance the 666 commercial system.

I do not know if I was correct in suggesting that the Obama circle will unleash the black-helicopter agenda of globalists, but I mentioned it anyway, just in case, so that even a hint of such action can alert you that the time has perhaps come to prepare a hasty retreat, or some protective measures through heavy-duty prayer.

Weir-y Carriers of the Caiaphas Cause

Have I strayed off of the Falaise topic, or what? Since when don't I stray?

It's probably important that the Vilain's use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Tanners because Dol (and Rennes) is in the Vilaines province of Brittany. The YVELINES area around La Falaise may apply to these terms, but in any case, there is a Dives river passing by Falaise with a source at Gace, where the source of the Touques is also. The Dives/Dien surname, with Masci wing, was first found in the same place (Sussex) as a host of lines from the Israeli chief priests. And, Dives/Diens were first found in the same place as Dans / Danners / Daniels / Deins and other such surnames that should trace to Tanners, you see, so that the host of Israeli lines from La Falaise / Falaise also went to Sussex, the area that the Claro vikings out of Normandy first conquered when taking England from the Saxons.

One can easily see that the Deins/Deans use the crescents of Italian Deans/Degani's, first found at Placentia...perhaps not coincidentally in the colors of the large Chapman/Chepman crescent. But the round-tailed lion of Deins/Deans (in Coulon colors) is used by Avons/Evans, and then Avignon went by Avon-like terms too.

This is reminding me of Cathian Covert, who married a Dean and was also a Surbrook surname. It just so happens that the Shurbrook/Sherbrook Coat uses stars in the colors of the Coulon/Coulomb-Chief stars, and as Carries use the same stars in Chief, "SHERbrook" may be a branch of Carrie's (Languedoc). The same stars are found in the French Court(ier)/COVERT Coat. And Coverts/Cofferts (first found in the same place as Deins/Deans) share footless martins with the other Coulon/Caullins surname. Can Coverts be traced to the Avignon theater so that Deins can trace there too?

The Shurbrooks/Sherbrooks were first found in Derbyshire, and then the Durnin's and Derby(shire's)/Darbys share antelopes. I have only now learned that the Drac river in the Salyes theater was also "Drave," you see, so that Derbys/Darbys can trace there, and then Drave's/Drove's were first found in the same place as Drake's and Josephs! That can link Draguignan to the namers of the Drac river. It just so happens that while Cathian Covert traced her father to an unknown kaiser Koffert (spelling may not be quite right) of HohenZOLLERN associations, the Drave's/Drove's use the Zollern and Hohenzollern quartered Shield. I have consistently traced Coverts to Vere's, and here we are again. See the Cafferty trace below to "Cavari," for Coverts/Cofferts can trace to the same...smack at Avignon!

The Covert mystery, in how Coverts can link to Caiaphas, is finally being solved right here and now, apparently.

You've now understood that this host of fleas and wolfpacks had been en-masse at the Tanaro river too. Danners, in Dobbs and Tanner colors, share a unicorn with the Dobbs', and should therefore be a Tanner branch. Irish Deans can be traced with Washingtons to Gace at the Touques. The Diens (Ferte-Mace branch) just happen to show also as "Dyves," so as to trace Deins/Deans, apparently, also to the Dives river passing by Gace. Diens/Dives and Deins were first found in the same place.

There is a mentality out there that just because the Normandy vikings founded England, they are therefore the good guys. No, they were not good men. They were thieves and murderers not content with their own lands. Even after they took Normandy from France, they were not yet satisfied. They drew up plans to take Russia, and Italy...and then Jerusalem, because they had lines from the Israeli chief priests amongst them, right?

After landing on the Dannens just now, and seeing their Denholm location, it brought Dunholme to mind, an earlier name of Durham. The Durham Coat was therefore find yet another "animus" motto term, which had been a topic in the last update because the Arms of the Salesians of John Bosco use: "Da Mihi ANIMAS CAETERA Tolle'." That's part code for Cutter lines at Saluzzo, but the point here is that I've been tracing Durhams to the Durance river of the Salyes for about two years (i.e. it's not a new idea made here on the spot for my convenience). German Dennens (with an 'e') use, perhaps, the Drake axe, and may therefore trace to Draguignan off the Durance area.

The other point is that, while Cutters are being exposed as of this update to be in the CADDERwood variation of Caulderwoods, both Caulderwoods and Durhams both use three Moray-colored stars.

Dannens use a "Cura" motto term that could go to the Cauares variation of the Cavari Gauls. In any case, entering "Cure" (Vere Shield) gets the same Shield as the Hanans, and then Ananias was also known as "Hanan." Hanans appear to be using a version of the Sale / Cuff bend.

Durhams even use "FERT animus" so that, very likely, the "Tolle'" used by the Salesians is a Dol element (i.e. Dol is near, and related to, Ferte-Mace). The Tools use the Strange lion, and Strange's are from Guido le Strange. The Dannens/Denholms were from the Jedburgh area, home of the Guerra-suspect Kerrs, in the Roxburgh area, and were therefore linked with the Maxwells. It's not a coincidence that the Durham Coat is a version of the Weirs/Vere's, for the latter were first found in Roxburghshire. Keeping in mind that Drake's and Guerra's share the wyvern dragon. Draguignan and Var are along the Verdon (Durance tributary), and then the Verdons use a so-called fret, a symbol of Ferte-Mace used by Pollock-related Audleys (and Hoods/Hudds).

[Insert, days after writing above -- There is a Cuers location smack beside TOULon in the Var area of Provence. I'll bet that this is where the "Tolle'" term of the Salesians traces. The Coeurs/Courts/Cours were first found in the same place (Brittany) as Dol. How about that. Entering Toulon gets the Tools, and yet this paragraph was not yet conceived when writing on Tools above. The Pollock boat appears to be in the Tool/Toulon Crest. End Insert]

Irish Weirs use a "sleeved" arm because the English Channel off of Manche, where the Ver location of French Vere's is found, is called "The Sleeve." The sleeved arm holds holly, while the Maxwell stag sits under a "holly bush." This is another reason yet to trace Maccuswells/Maxwells to Ferte-Mace, but the fact that Vere's use the Massey/Macey Shield is yet another reason (Masseys/Maceys were first found in Manche). The Verdon write-up traces to a Verdun location at Avranches, which is in Manche about 30 miles from Ferte-Mace. So, you see, dragon-Vere Normandy is tracing to both sides of the Alps, in Montferrat and in the Salyes / Cavari / Albici theater.

This is the line suspect in bringing the new pope to power. Thus far, the pope has spoken well of Israel, not tending to suggest an alliance with the anti-Christ spirit. But an ambush of Israel is expected, and faked friendship typically precedes an ambush.

The sleeved arm in the Weir Crest wears a cuff, and heraldic cuffs are code, not surprisingly, for the Sale-related Cuffs. They use a cuffed arm with a blue sleeve, the color of the Weir sleeve. Both the Cuff and Verdon write-ups use "glove", and a gauntlet glove is used by the Maceys/Mace's. Then, the Glove/Glover Coat just happens to use what looks like a version of the Alexander Coat (!!), important because Alexander Balas was allied to Jonathan Maccabee, who is of course tracing to Ferte-Mace. Both the Alexanders and Glovers use white-on-black chevrons and same-colored crescents.

[It wasn't yet realized at this point that salmon-using Catters use the ermined Glover chevron, while Catters smack of "Caetera" even more than Cutters. Glovers could be Clovers/CLAVers/Cleavers, who use a key and may therefore trace to the Cavari, and therefore to "CALAVon," another tributary of the Durance! If this is correct, then I must trace Glaphyra Archelaus to the Calavon (also called, Coulon). The Cliffs/Cleaves use more white-ermined and black, the Glover / Catter theme. The town of Cavaillon, on the Calavon, is just 15-20 miles from Avignon.

Very interesting: entering "Calf", what we might expect from a Calav-like term, gets the Caufs. Who named the Crucifixion hill, "Calvary"?]

The Cuff write-up seems laughable in view with a trace of the surname to "Caiaphas":

The Cuff surname comes from the Middle English word "cuffe," which meant "glove." It is thought that the name was originally an occupational name for a maker or seller of gloves...there were native Irish bearers of Cuff from the Gaelic form of O Duirnin. Although this name is usually Anglicized as Durnin, it had occasionally become "Cuffe" through mistranslation, since the Gaelic word "dorn" refers to "a fist."

For me, this is all clever code speaking to a "Duirnin" = "Durance" equation, while the fist theme is code for the Punch's/Poynte's and Pinks/Pinch's who use sleeves and fists. The Fist surname, with a blue Shield, the color of the Durnin Shield (antelopes), is shown properly as "Faust/Fauss." Entering "Fast" curiously gets the Withipole surname, and then the Witt Crest uses a hand looking like a version of the fist in the Fause/Fauss Coat. I would suggest that "Withipole" traces to the Witkowo location of Poland. Another Witt Coat uses one large crescent in the colors of the same of Chapmans.

It just so happens that Fasts/Withipole's were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Coulons/Caullins, while entering "Faus" (purple Chief) gets a clan showing as "Chaulnes / Cholnes / Chollens, and Chaullins," all reflecting the Coulon tributary of the Durance!! Other variations of the Faus family (first found in Perigord) are "Fages / Fauges," and then the Dutch Foss/Voss Coat looks much like the Fagg/Vagg Coat. The Idris Moroccans at FEZ/Fez, remember, had first been in Tunisia, home of the Shawia and of Idris' Awraba/Aures tribe that traced to the CAFFERtys/Cafferys. The latter surname is now highly suspect with the Cavari.

[Insert -- See Michael LaFOSSE later in this update, the supposed rightful Stewart king today, part of the Magdalene-lore of Laurence Gardner and Nichols de Vere von Drakenberg. Note that while I traced the Mary Magdalene code work to the Merit/Merey surname, it uses a triple bend, symbol of the Foss'/Voss'. Later too, the triple bend flag for the maritime number, six, will become a topic, and three bends could be secretly 666 in that picture. Here's what I wrote at the end of this update:

After writing the above, "Valdez" (Asturias) was entered as per seeking Woldin/Walden elements from the Downs area [CATERham], and there were three blue-on-white bends rising left to right, in the rare heraldic direction, same as the blue Masci bend. BUT, THE POINT IS, I recalled from Wikipedia's Six article that three blue-on-white bends rising from left to right are the "International maritime signal flag for 6". The two Coats are identical. Scroll down 3/4 of the page at:

See three blue bends in the Guerra Coats.

I've started to claim that the 666 will be a product of the Caiaphas bloodline. End Insert]

At this time, the sleeved arm in the Pink/Pinch Crest is identical with the one in the Weir Crest, and this speaks to Caiaphas liners at the feet of Guido-Guerra III, whose daughter married Montferrat. The Guido's lived in the Setta-valley theater with the Pink- and Punch-related Panico's/Panetta's, and "Setta" can trace to "Sithech," the term to which "qui"-using Shaws/Sheaves trace themselves. This bloodline was predicted to be the tattoo-related line to the end-time 666.

To help prove that this was the Caiaphas line, the "pondere" motto term of Chapmans ought to be code for the Ponders/Ponters (in Chapman colors).

Without going over all the details, the prediction included the Picts who tattooed themselves, and it especially included Picts of Perthshire in relation to the Pilate pheon used by Caulds/Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire. I now find that Glove's/Glovers were first found in Perthshire, and that their Coat traces them easily to Alexander Balas, a Seleucid expected to trace to the neo-Seleucid, end-time anti-Christ whose name will reflect 666. [I hadn't realized yet when writing here that Glovers could be Clovers/Clavers tracing to the Coulon river that "Cauld" can also trace to.]

FE wrote in a few days ago to say that a French article on such matters as the Arms of pope Francis' had him pointing with two fingers. I've concluded for a while that two fingers pointing is a code, which is why FE may have mentioned this. We see two fingers pointing, with a sleeved and cuffed arm, in the Poynt(er) Crest. Poynters use the gold crosslets of the Pinks/Pinch's. Without going over all the details, this is the Payen/Paiont bloodline of Hugh de Payen, who married a Cuff-related Chappes surname now suspect in a trace to Joseph Cafasso, friend of the Cuff-related Salesians.

As Vere's are said to be from Sprowestun of Roxburghshire, see the Sprows Coat, for it uses a split Shield vertically in the colors of the same of Alexanders and Dobbs. It's a given in my mind that Vere's and Maxwells of Roxburgh were essentially the same as Masseys/Maceys and Vere's. Sprows' trace to Sprowston of Norfolk, and then Cuffs were first found in Norfolk.

Now that Maxwells have linked to the Dobers and Dobbs, the Maxwells trace to Rijeka, in Croatia, is supported in the Dobson Coat. First, Dobsons were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Dobb's. Second, the Dobson Coat (six symbols) is a version of the Craven(t) Coat (six symbols), and then Croatians call themselves, KRVati, a term that makes for "Craven." There is a Cravent location in Yvelines that can apply.

As per the Craevin variation, compare with the Crae/Cree/Rae/WREATH Coat; both use a red-on-white do the Chapman-related Ponders/Ponters. The Chapman description: "a broken lance with a wreath on the POINT, all proper." Then, Ponds/Ponts, who use a version of the Ponder/Ponter Coat, were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Josephs.

If you pause a while and contemplate from time to time, you can see what I'm talking about much better, and in this case, you should be able to see Joseph Caiaphas married to the Payens...which is why I am grateful to GD for informing us that Hugh de Payen married a woman with a Chappes surname. It reveals on-the-spot concerning the true nature of Templars that virtually no one in the world knows.

While Chapmans use a broken lance, Pointer-related Paynes/Paine's use a "broken red tilting spear," and moreover use a fesse in colors reversed to the one above.

Cravens, using the same red crosslets as Dobys, were first found in the same place (Yorkshire, beside Lancashire) as Dobers. If that's tracing Dobers and Dobys to the Rijeka theater, it can explain why German Dobers, the ones that traced to the wavy bends of the La Falaise area, were first found in Austria. The Pollocks, because they were Alan kin, are fully expected to trace to Attila and Bleda, and so let me repeat from the last update that Bloods/Bluds traced to a Bled location due north of Rijeka, and on the Austrian border. The Bloods/Bluds are the one's using the Maxwell stag design.

Before finding the Pinks and Punch's at the Panico theater, they were traced to Arpad Hungarians on the Danube river around Cuppae, near a Lom location (anciently "Almus") to which I trace proto-Arpads of the Olmos kind. But proto-Arpads are expected to be Huns, and then I even found an article that had both Attila and Bleda making some alliances at the Cuppae theater (on the Pek river of Moesia).

[I hadn't realized yet while writing here that the Doubs entities could trace to the dove at Cuppae, city of doves. The Dove surname (ermined-white on black, "Patiens" motto), apparently related to Pattys/Paddys (ermined-white on black), uses Dobbs colors, apparently, and moreover, Dobbs and Patty both use white lions in Crest. Peks use a PATEE cross.

The Patty/Paddy lions are also the Raines lions, important for tracing Pattys/Paddys to the Reno river, location of the Panicos. And there you have it, a Cuppae trace to the Panico's / Pinks / Punch's, near Copparo on a river next to the Reno.]

Dobers can be traced to the Bled area of the Sava/Save river in that I had found a location there to which Leslie's traced. I used to know the name of that location, but have since forgotten it (it's in a Sava-river article somewhere). The argument was that Leslie's traced to it due to the Leslie bend being a colors-reversed version of the Save bend, but then the Dober Coat is likewise a white-on-blue bend i.e. the color of the Save bend. Moreover, the Dober Crest uses the same griffin head design as the Leslie Crest. Plus, Leslie's were a Hun(garian) family. So, there you have a trace of the pope's Dober elements tracing to Huns of the Bled theater.

The Dobermans/Tubbermans (Pomerania) are obviously related in that they use a bend going into the mouths of two griffins, as do the Dobers. But Dobermans use their bend in white-on-red, the color of the Jewish Pollock bend. Tuppers may be using the gold Pollock boar on a Bellamy Coat. In any case, Tuppers (in Tabor colors) were first found in Saxony, the location of Dresdan, the birthplace of Zinzendorf, a leader of the Taborites as they morphed into Moravians. Saxony is on the border with Moravia and Bohemia and therefore near Tabor. It stands to reason, therefore, that Tuppers were from Tabor. Dobers are also "Tauber."

It's therefore Salesian-interesting that a northern part of Silesia went through Saxony. Plus, German Tabors were first found in Silesia. If that's not enough, I see an arm and fist between the Taber-Crest wings, in the same way that I see the same fist between the Bauer wings (I wonder how long this design will survive before being changed). Note that the fist-using Tabors use an arrow, the symbol of the Bauers/BOWers and subsequent Rothschilds.

I had been fairly confident several weeks ago that Taborites trace to "Tobruk," a city in Libya. They had been connected with "ZINZen(dorf)" to the "SENUSSi" Libyans, who use a white-on-black crescent, symbol of the Alexanders using a version of the Dobbs Coat! That works here. If all correct, Dobb's and Doubs connect with Tabor in Bohemia.

[Insert -- The Reno suns through Bologna, city conquered by proto-Bohemians, so that one could consider a trace to the Cuppae dove entity to Bologna. I've just realized that "PEK" and "PIGeon" are similar. The Pigeon surname was just checked, therefore, to find doves in the colors of the Dove doves! The Pigeons/Pidgeons appear to be using the Sale / Cuff bend, and then both the dove's and Cuffs use dancettes. Aha! French Pigeons/Pigons use a chevron in colors reversed from the Payen-chevron colors! I had traced "Payen/Pagan" to the namers of the Pek, and this tends to prove it. Pitch's/Petch's were first found in Silesia, beside Tabor.

Aha! The Spanish Pont/Pontos and Italian Ponte bridge is used in the Pitch/Petch Coat, and then the patee cross of Peks is colors reversed in the English Pont/Pond Coat.

The Pitch surname is said to be from a Polish "Pies" term, and then there is a Pies surname, with a "pile" (or upside-down chevron) in the colors of the Pigeon/PIDGeon chevron, first found in the same place (Herefordshire) as Silesia-suspect Sellicks. The Pitch's/Petch's are said to derive from a Petsche Seiler character, and then Sealers/Sealys are in Pies colors. The Pies' are also "Pye," suggesting the DuPuy branch of Payens. End Insert]

Who more but the Rothschild world bankers would like to see a 666 system capable of making for easy banking, cheaper banking, and societal controls? Some even maintain that Rothschilds control the Vatican, and I suppose that Rothschilds would be foolish enough. Only fools chase after money, and only utter fools seek to pile money on money until it's as high as Heaven. Knowing this, there is nothing I'd like to know more about them.

In the last update it was pointed out that one of the Arms of Richard Amerike included eight red and gold horizontal bars. In this update, I had then noted that the Spike's use eight horizontal bars in blue and white, only to come to the eight bars of the Punch's in exactly the same form as the Spike bars. That is, in both Coats, the top bar is full, but the bottom bar is only half visible. AND, the point is, the Punch bars are in the colors of the Amerike bars, though set in colors reversed. This is effectively linking pope Francis to the Punch bloodline suspect (by me alone, and maybe some readers) with 666 lovers.

Previously, I had linked the Amerike bars to Camerons, using five bunched arrows in Crest, the traditional symbol of the Arms of Rothschilds.

Note in the list of the first Rothschild bankers how they loved the Mayer name, which has got to be of the Major/Magor bloodline of Magyar Hungarians, though the Khazar side of the Hungarians has got to apply, especially as the Hebrews ruling over Khazars were called, "Red Jews." Technically, the Khazars at the root of Hungarians were Kabars, and this is where "Cavari" may come in. As Leslie branch Hungarians settled ABERdeen, a term like KABARDINO, where Kabars lived in northern Caucasia, the theory to watch out for now is a Cavari trace to Aberdeen.

The Khazar priest-king who had correspondence (available online with all sorts of Khazar theories) with Europeans was named, Joseph, and then the Josephs of Hampshire, where a Major/Magor branch ended up, uses a "mago" motto term. It had been discussed that the Joseph surname was a branch of the (Hun-suspect) Henry surname. Didn't Hampshire elements just trace to the Cavari theater?

Do not conclude that the Joseph surname goes back only to Joseph, king of Khazars, for it can be shown in multiple ways that the Attila Huns formed the Khazars proper (lived on the Atil river in Russia) in Alania's Terek-river region, and that these Alans formed the Alans of Dol, allies to Attila's Huns, and the related Drakes who oversee a satanic cult to this day. These same Alans had traced to the Ferrara area, and to the Pharisees there. Expect the Joseph name to pass on from those who loved Joseph Caiaphas' feat in killing Jesus. Expect satanism to have formed cults around such Josephs. Expect the claim of Jesus to be literally true when he said that satan was the father of the Jews who argued in favor of the priests of Israel. See them arguing in the gospel of John, and see Jesus giving them reasons for his claim that He came from Heaven even though born of a woman.

Rock of Pages No Match for Rock of Ages

Note that Fellers are also "FellTRAGER," and that there is a Trager surname (in Alan colors) using the Rocco bend design exactly (this Coat is probably a version of the Varn Coat), perhaps a version of the English Stewart bend. The point is, Tragers may trace between "Terek" and the Roquefeuil-colored Tracks/Triggs now tracing to the Drac river. This river is due east of Valence, where I had traced the proto-Pollock line from emperor Valentinian. Valence is at Chabeuil, a term like the Cavaillon location, or the Cabalo surname. The Cava/Cabazos description: "a 'cabazo' (GRANary) proper." It sounds so Jewish, like a kibbutz. It's conspicuous that the Drac river flows smack to GRENoble, then turns as the Isere river right past Chabeuil with a mouth near Valence.

The French Page/Paget/Pager/Pageon surname: "First found in Dauphine, where the family was anciently seated in a parish, in the department of Isere, in the district of Vienne." Uh-oh, that sounds like they had merged with Herod Archelaus' ghost. Dauphine is where the Payens/Pagans were first found, suggesting that "Pagan" became "Page." This Dauphine area was named after the mythical Daphne cult that I say got depicted as a dove for sound-alike reasons. It just so happens that the footless doves in the Dove Coat are used also by English Page's. It's a no brainer, therefore, to link the Pageon variation of Page's to the Pigeons/Pidgeons. The English Page's use a chevron in colors-reversed to the Pek chevron.

The English Page's were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts, Coopers/Coppers, Deins/Deans, Diens, etc., which now tends to trace the Coopers/Coppers to "Cuppae," and of course to Copparo. These Page's are apparently using the Welsh/Walsh Coat, and as the latter honor Mortens, I'm seeing the Mott/Morte line from the Guido theater. Then, as Scottish Walsh's were first found in Roxburghshire, they must be using the Maxwell saltire. As the Maxwell eagle was traced to the 600 Benjamites, see that the five gold rings on the black Walsh saltire are on the black Benjamin saltire too.

The "Numine" motto term of Scottish Walsh's is for the Kilpatrick (= Maxwell kin) line of Pattys/Paddys using the Newman lions. The Pattys/Paddys had already traced above to the Pek river and to the MacAbee-related Raines' from the Reno.

For what it may be worth to anyone, below is my second email to emailer Pollock on Fulbert "the Saxon":

...Another consideration on "the Saxon" is that there is a Septon/Saxon surname, and then Septimania is the location of Roquefeuil. If you look up Roquefeuil and Henry IV of Rodes, you will find their merger in Languedoc. I had suspicions that Fulbert was from that marriage as he named the Fuller branch of Fellers, or Fullers may even have been proto-Fellers.

Recall the Maine topic in the last update, because the Bellamys were of that area, largely from ALANcon, and throughout Perche that uses the two chevrons of the Mains [compare the Main Crest with the Cauld/Colt/Celt Crest and note they both use pheons, one of them being the pheon of Pontius Pilate]. Today, for the first time ever, I traced the Bellamys of Maine to MontBeliard in Doubs (Swiss border), and this latter term can easily link to Dobys and Dobers, you see. One point is, Biliards were first found in Maine, and then the Biliards have a Billet variation while the Arms of Roquefeuil use billets (in Pollock colors). The second point is that both Belli's and Fullers use beacons. So, the suggestion is that Alans = Belli's = Fullers = Fulbert-Pollocks.

As I recall informing you, the English Alan Coat was changed for a few days to the Carpenter Coat, and then Belli's and Fullers use a version of the Carpenter Coat [probably from the Carpae = Arpii = namers of Arpads].

If you dwell on these things long enough, you will probably figure it out. It's not likely a coincidence that Roquefeuil is in Aude while Pollocks use AUDacter" in their motto. Concentrate on Roquefeuil, therefore, as the origin of Fulbert, and keep in mind that all three Peter Coats (and the Peterson eagles) appear to me to be in honor of Peter Pollock's kin. Heraldry is such that it involves only important noble / royal individuals, not the common people.

Just after writing that email, I added some material into the last update on the Plessix and Robinette topics as they touched upon the Henry and Joseph ancestry of Joseph Biden, and got to the wavy Plessy bend in colors reversed to the Dober bend. This Plessy branch was first found in Hamburg, location of the Hungarian Drummonds, and of the Alan-related Trypillians expected in the first century at the stretch of land from Ferrara to Placentia. It floored me to find the two-headed Maxwell eagle in colors reversed in the same of Robinette's (in the colors of Welsh Roberts), first found in Brittany. Robinette is the middle name of Joseph Biden and of his father.

One can glean from the above that Pollocks of Maxwell trace to the Plessix bloodline out of Placentia. Previously, I had traced that Pollock line to the Place/Plaiz surname (Strange lion design), and here I now find that the latter use the lion (almost) of the French Roberts/Robers', important because they ought to be a branch of Robins.

Somehow, the Huns came into contact with the Joseph Caiaphas line when Huns had found alliance with the Alans that later got to Dol. The merger is suspect at Cuppae. In this picture, the Joseph Caiaphas line could go through the Khazars too, especially to king Joseph, and from there, upon the demise of the Khazar empire, when Khazars found refuge in Germany and Hungary, the Caiaphas line could lead to proto-Rothschilds, not forgetting that Peter Pollocks of Moray had ruled a Rothes castle. The very center of the Arms of Rothschild is a white-on-red scallop, symbol also of the Capes'.

It's not some sort of cosmic coincidence that the ones who killed Jesus will also come to rule globalism. I say that it was God's pleasure, so to speak, to chose and use the bloodline that, He knew beforehand, would come to rule the globe with unspeakable selfishness and wealth. That's why Surprise Day can also be called, Give It Back Day, but be assured, it will also be Horror on Their Faces Day. And whatever you do, don't weep for them, for they will have enough of their own weeping for each other, as Revelation 18 foretells. I can guarantee you that, if you make it to the clouds, your mouth will be making quite the different kinds of noises, with those who celebrate along with you.

Jesus said to the Jews that anyone who believes that God sent Him will be saved. The emphasis is not on "God" or "believe," but on "sent him." Jesus was arguing with those who argued in return that he was crazy, since they knew that he had human parents. But Jesus insisted that salvation was based on believing that God sent Him from Heaven, even though he was born of man. When you read through the Gospel of John, from chapter 6, as he argues with the Jews, you will tend to take one side or the other. If you truly take the position of Jesus, are you not marked and sealed for the Party in the Clouds?

God's not asking you to forsake all your furniture to go live in a cave to prove your worth to Him, and if that doesn't get His attention, you then start to torture your body. Only Catholic monks and guru's do that sort of thing. Christians with the Spirit of God are normal, and they work for a living, and share with those in need while they work for a living, and though they lament the futility of this world's system, yet they cling to the Hope in the Clouds. It's fully expected that scientific/naturalist types will ridicule this Hope.

Check out this article admitting that a Rockefeller is in charge of Obama's ruin of the nation. Note that Rockefeller is trying to put the blame on the predicted failures of Obamacare on others:

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller, one of the towering architects of Obamacare, on [April 9] openly criticized program managers for not moving quickly enough to build the system, warning that if it gets off to a bumpy start it will just get worse.

Decrying the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as way too complex, he warned the acting Medicare director that Obamacare is "so complicated and if it isn't done right the first time, it will just simply get worse." [This threat / difficulty should have been on the table before anyone voted in the law.]

The retiring senator also told Marilyn Tavenner...that Obamacare rivals tax reform in its capacity to confuse Americans.

Stop pointing fingers, Rocko, unless you point them at yourself. We await to see where Obama's finger will be pointed when further chaos develops. I predict that he will accuse Republicans of blowing the chaos out of proportion, but if that fails, he'll blame George Bush.

In the back of my head, I would not be surprised if Obama manufactured a deep crisis in the country in order to retain political power, forever if possible. I don't trust Rockefellers, and that's who Obama is in bed with. That's who put O-nobody on the political map. These people represent the celebration of spiritual blindness, of those having no hope but in their own powers. They are the ones who take the position that man -- themselves of course, and their money -- not God, need to direct the future of mankind. Dabblers, those who play God with the powers of our money, which they take by force by various methods. Look at how they have contorted society thus far in just one generation, and then just consider that they want this society to spread to other nations as the model society.

Instead of taking the cries of Christians seriously concerning the spiritual threats to society that humanism has produced, they mock and trudge forward deeper into their errors. The Russians, the Chinese, the Arabs, all of them possessed of demonic ideologies, all point to the United States as the Great Satan, and they are correct.

Any person who understands the words of Jesus knows that the United States has become the Great Satan. I'm not talking about middle America, or individual Americans retaining good morals and a proper sense of justice. In proper justice, the concept of equality does not extend so far as to make criminals equal with non-criminals. It does not make prostitutes equal with faithful wives. The liberals cry for the equality of sinners and non-sinners, and beg us to make no distinction anymore, otherwise they will mark us out for mockery. Everyone is equal only so long as everyone does nothing. As soon as people do or think something, they begin to be unequal.

The Justice of God is: we get what our works deserve. None of us is equal in that regard. If we deserve punishment for anything, we can be forgiven if we promise to correct the problem. But liberals are fools in perpetuation, trucking forward with cargoes of sin that they advertise as the new way of progress. And it's this advertising that Russians, Chinese, and Arabs see. Liberal America is asking the world to see things its way, and as a result, the punishment of God looms over both the good and the bad in America. It is difficult for God to punish the progressive liberals while not affecting the traditionalist moralists. But one of his methods, apparently, is to cause liberals to live in areas removed from places inhabited by moralists. The liberals are by and large in three theaters: 1) the west Coast; 2) the east Coast; 3) the Great Lakes. Any nuclear shake-down from enemies abroad will likely take place in these areas. Ask North Korea.

Rockefellers would rather commit suicide than be a poor person. Rockefellers do not like poor people. Rockefellers rather feed on the poor, and force them to pay what the rich must pay. But God sees things in reverse. While Rockefellers view themselves as honorable and distinguished for being so rich, God loves the poor and despises the rich. How can we then view free-market on par with Godliness? It's not poor people who own stock in big corporations.

The corporate animal is such that richer people tend to make profits in the "success" of the corporation, people who did no work for their profits. Instead, the stock market is a gigantic gambling casino. You put your money on number 27, and hope that the roll of the dice goes your way, and, without doing any work, you can get rich by the success of the it pillages the consumer to the sky's-the-limit. Do you think God likes that idea?

Sinners don't charge low prices. People don't start chains because they're good people. Chains are evidence of greed. If you open a store in a neighboring town, you rob someone in that town of their family business. You're going to be hated. But Rockefellers didn't care how much people hated them, so long as they could have a mansion for every one of their children and grandchildren.

There is nothing wrong with a large corporation that sells at fair prices. But there's no such thing either. A corporation can't grow large by selling at fair prices. Or, if it's become large, it didn't do it by selling at fair prices. A fair price in God's eyes is according to the work and costs to bring the apples to market. Corporations work on the principle of what they can get for the apples, thus tending to set prices as high as is bearable.

Jesus is the true Robin Hood, who really cares for the poor. There will be no miracle cure in His Kingdom for handling wealth. The rich will be outlawed because merchandising will be regulated by Law. There is no other way to serve the cause of poverty but by making laws against, and/or frowning upon, growing too rich at the expense of creating the poor. It's one thing to ship oranges to the north where oranges do not grow (i.e. it fulfills a need), and quite another thing to spread south to north, east to west, hoping to hog all commerce.

The Bible gives reasons for Armageddon, what it calls the Day of the Lord. Typically, it's because the world is a breaker of God's laws. But Revelation highlights thee sins of the world: 1) corporate greed; 2) Christian persecution; 3) occult tendencies. I hear Christians complaining about homosexual marriages; I used to hear Christians complaining about porn and prostitution. I don't hear Christians complaining about corporate greed. In fact, it's the liberals who complain most, as though Christians are corporate owners. Yes, Republicans tend to support free-market enterprise, and Christians are right along beside them. How did this ever get to be? Did Christians confuse work ethic with big corporations? Yes, and Christians are in the game of big corporations under the excuse that they can give God more money that way.

Pity the man who becomes a pastor thinking to make a living on donations by the members. Did you ever ask why churches have a membership? I thought I was already a member of God's Church by believing in Jesus, for which reason I never signed on as a member with any church. For my reward, I suppose I was looked down on by the members who knew that I didn't sign up. However, they appreciated my financial gifts anyway. When a person signs up as a member, the underlying nature of the act is to swear loyalty to that church versus another church. It's like a hook to keep you going there rather than going to another church. I wonder who it was that created the idea of official church membership, and I wonder why all the churches do it today.

Obama acts in the same way. He's living off the donations of the nation, and parties and vacations at great expense of the tax payers. If you sign up to his agenda, you are treated differently than those who don't sign up. Obama has made a list of his enemies, in fact, and that's the way he operates his "church." In the end times, Christian persecution will be on those who don't sign up as happy globalists. There will be a concerted effort to stamp out Christ, efforts that will use lists of names, Hitler style.

There's nothing wrong with a Christ-centered globalism. But there's no such thing either. Globalism can't happen by using Christian principals. Or, if it's become globally large, it didn't do it on Christian principles. You need the Masonic "unity" spirit to form globalism. And it's obviously a fake unity. The goal is to sell the members of globalism one-ness in something. Right now, money talks for globalism; they are all to be one on a money platform, and, secondly, for the sake of sharing military security. But while Russia has entered the money-unity side of globalism, it's not very interested in joining the military unity. In fact, Russia is forming it's own global-military club with missiles aimed at the Western-military club. The fires and tremblings of Armageddon are already prepared, and the money platform will be the first victim.

A prophecy writer, if that's what I am, needs to point out the end-time sin. The call of God to the earth for the end times is to avoid the sins that deserve Armageddon. It's going to be a one-time payment for all of history, yes, but it doesn't mean that the world alive at the time won't deserve it all too. There's a queer-reason that Sodom and Gomorrah acted as a mini-Armageddon, and yet a small percentage of the world is queer. How can God justify sending brimstone on a world where only a few queers live? But wait. Not only has the non-queer world embraced queers, but it controls governments and big corporations, and it demands that we too embrace queers. It teaches my children in school, against me will, to embrace queers, and it therefore tends, against the wishes of the parents, to warm up to lesbian lifestyles.

And it doesn't end there, but goes on to force children to grow up in the home of two lesbian parents, or two queer boxes, this being the sign on this planet that it's ripe for Sodom and Gomorrah II.

What sort of sex-education do you think the students will receive, who grow up with queer fathers? The children should be lucky to escape molestation by both. We might hear of a few cases now and then, but it will be too late for too many. When a thief gets caught breaking into a house, he is not on his first job. When a child molestation is revealed, it's not on the first instance. For every child molestation revealed at the hands of queers, there are many cases gone unrevealed. And guess what? The government is going to take your money by force, and turn it into marriage benefits to the queers. I'm not afraid to say that queers are an abomination.

Usually, an abomination is worthy of death, but in Western society, this abomination is given marital rights. Therefore, governments and the liberal masses will be held guilty of abomination by association. Therefore, there will be Justified Armageddon.

You've got to understand that, anyone who speaks as I do, right here, will be marked for punishment by this world. The idea that I'm preaching a Justified Armageddon seems to my enemies that I'm looking forward to it, like one gloating for the horrible destruction of the cities that will be 9-11 multiplied by a million times. But wait. If I didn't care, I wouldn't have said anything. I do care. I want all queer boxes stamped out. That's how much I care for the world. That's how much I love the world. The abomination needs to be stamped out by the willingness of the world, or God will force it upon the world. It's the choice of the world. I don't love the world as it is today, but I do love the concept of the world as created by God. I do love what the world can be, but it's not as it should be.

If I'm in a knot over the Coming of the Day, desiring it in spite of the horror, it's because the peoples who bring you queer marriages are also the ones who speak openly against Christians. There comes a point when I should not sympathize in the mass-Murder of these people because, in very fact, they wish to murder God, and would if they could. Should we feel sorry for them under these circumstances? Of course not. Yet, the destruction of the cities is the horrible death also of children and infants and more. I'm sorry that world leaders have made their decisions to allow this to take place. Never blame God for it.

President Putin of Russia, whose government was attempting to stamp out some of the powers of queers, has been forced by his Western "friends" to announce a full acceptance of them, otherwise he would be punished in the global marketplace of the West:

AMSTERDAM -- President Vladimir Putin defended Russia's treatment of homosexuals in Amsterdam, where 1,000 gay rights activists [acted like fools]

Western nations need Russia for energy and as a market for exports but are uneasy about Putin's human rights policies...[accepting human dogs is not required under the banner of "human rights," but Putin couldn't say that because world leaders would paste him to wall. Therefore, Putin has succumbed to what we Christians must not succumb to.]

In Amsterdam on [April 8], Dutch and Russian companies signed a batch of energy deals and Putin met Queen Beatrix and Prime Minister Mark Rutte [now you know why Putin succumbed]...

..."In the Russian Federation -- so that it is clear to everybody -- there is no infringement on the rights of sexual minorities," he said.

"These people, like everyone else, enjoy all the same rights and freedoms as everyone else,"...

Russia's parliament has given preliminary approval to a ban on "homosexual propaganda" targeting minors, which critics say would effectively ban gay rights demonstrations. The United States has said the legislation "severely restricts freedom of expression and assembly."

There is coming a Day when God will act with freedom of expression and assembly, and He's not going to do it peacefully. On that Day, when Obama is taken away to his reward, he shall have no argument with God for acting with freedom of expression and assembly. If Obama opens his mouth to complain from his bed of torment, God will use his own ways against him. If Obama says that a mother can abort her child for any reason, God can abort the mother for any reason. The mother on her bed of torment will have no argument against God, for He will use her own argument against her. Does God have rights? Is it only the people who have rights?

The apostle John said that the anti-Christ spirit is from anyone who denies that Christ has come in the flesh. That is, anyone who denies that God came in the flesh. There are people who believe in Jesus as a man of some sort, with flesh, yes, but when Jesus said, anyone who believes in Me will be saved, the emphasis was not on "believe," so that we should seek the right way to believe. Instead, the emphasis was on "Me." That is, the one who is saved is the one who believes in the Jesus that Jesus described Himself as. If a person believes in any other description of Jesus not measuring up to God in the flesh, that person will not be saved.

In the Israel of John's day, there were non-Christian Jews expecting the Messiah from the clouds, in the same way that they expected Elijah to return in the clouds to herald the coming of Messiah. That's why John said that these believers in Messiah were the anti-Christ, for they would not recognize the true Messiah. The Jews did not understand Daniel 7, where it says the "son of man" is coming in the clouds. How can the Messiah be a son of man if he comes direct from heaven, like an angel, never having visited the earth? "Son of man" was used of the Messiah to inform the Jews that God would be born of man, but the Jews did not get it aside from those whose eyes were opened by God. Jesus made the concept plainly understood as the Spirit of God entering Mary.

Look at the way twisted end-times government agencies are now thinking:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has claimed that agents do not need warrants to read people's emails, text messages and other private electronic communications, according to internal agency documents.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request, released the information on [April 10].

In a 2009 handbook, the IRS said the Fourth Amendment does not protect emails because Internet users "do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such communications." A 2010 presentation by the IRS Office of General Counsel reiterated the policy.

I beg your stinking pardon? The IRS, the money bags of the government, does not know that emails are of a private nature!? I'm shouting. Yes, IRS (now stands for "I are an ass") knows it's wrong, but rather than confess wrong doing, it pretends to believe that we all EXPECT our emails to be a public matter for their eyes! Fortunately, it was the ACLU that caught IRS in its tracks, for had it been Eric Holder, or any other Obama loyalist, we would not have heard about this story.

The Attorney General knows full well that emails are a private matter. Do we hear Holder speaking up against the IRS now that this surprise information has come out? Where's Obama's mouth on the matter? The article says: "At a hearing last month, Elana Tyrangiel, the acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department's Office of Legal Policy, agreed that there is 'no principled basis' for treating emails differently depending on how old they are." Contrary to the Attorney General, she seems to have a level head, as her response is to those who suggest that private emails should be made fully public after they are 180 days old. Excuse me!? I'm shouting again.

Where do we suppose the IRS gets the emails? As there are so many different email-providing companies, there must some sort of Email Central with an unknown Email Czar who has a machine capable of accessing anyone's email regardless of the email-providing company. is there an Email Czar who dishes emails around to any government agency on the O-list of spy partners?

Egypt just announced that it is no longer interested in forming a Nato-sponsored Mediterranean club...that has included Israel. Turkey and Tunisia also declined to go forward this past week on this matter of "cooperation for security and stability in the Mediterranean." .

The Salmons of Caterham

YS continues on papal tips. This time, YS has sent in on a Caterham location (south side of London) that explains the Catter Coats salmon. This find goes well to the motto of the Salesians of Don Bosco: "Da Mihi Animas CAETERA Tolle'." How about that. The Caterham location has a Manor of the Salmons belonging at one point to a Jordan surname.

As the 600 Benjamites had traced to mythical Chrysippus / Hippodamia elements at the Hypsas river (earlier the Drago) at Agrigento, it appears that the Jordans can trace to the Jordan river (ancient Israel), where the Jabesh side of the 600 Benjamites lived. In fact, this trace is full-proof, in my opinion, because Jordans look like Gores/Cores ("Salus" motto term) and their French Gore/Jorre's/Jorets counterparts, while Gore's/Core's trace to the Japodes theater. Gore's/Jore's/Jorets use the red greyhound of State's and Majors/Magors/Maugers, who along with Greys/Groys and Anchors/Annackers had traced to Benjamites at Agrigento.

First, Irish Jordans use a fesse in the colors of the Craig fesse who trace to the Acragas version of "Agrigento." Second, while Gore's/Core's use the Alan Shield, French Jordans (fesse in Alan-fesse red), who use Exeter colors, were first found in the same place (Brittany) as Alans. Plus, Irish Jordans: "...'The De Exonias or De Exeters submitted to be called MacJordans, from one Jordan De Exonia, who was the first founder of the family.' The family rose to become Lords of Athleathan, in the Barony of Gallen, and County of Mayo." English Stewarts were first found in the same place (Devon) as Exeter.

Thirdly, English Jordans/Jourdans (in the colors of the Co(e)urs, first found in Brittany), showing the gold crosslets of the Gore's/Core's, use the rock shown until recently by Roque's/Rocks, and that traces to the rock of Rijeka, where Gore's are expected.

English Jordans are traced in their write-up to "Exonia," an earlier name of Exeter, and then the Esse/Ash surname was first found in Devon, which is where I traced "Daphne" many years ago before tracing her to Diva (now Chester). I had gleaned that Chester / Cheshire was named after the same that named Hesse, and so it's important that the German Esse surname (sun) is also "Hesse." It appears that Hesse and Exeter are the same entity. If the above is tracing Exonia / Exeter to the Dives river, that can explain why the Esse's/Ash's use two chevrons, the symbol the Main(e)s, likewise first found in Devon. Note that while the Exeters use a version of the Walsh / Morton / Main Shield (red chevrons all surrounded by black symbols), the Maxwell-related Walsh's (kin to the Benjamin surname) share black-on-white pheons with Maxwell-related Mains.

This is the Mott/Morte line of Maccabees to the Dives river at the Bellamy / Ferte-Mace / Maine theater, right? But then the Esse/Ash Crest is the Drake wyvern so that Esse's/Ash's can also trace to the Drago river.

The Maine topic was introduced earlier in this update due to Doubs, and here we are speaking on Diva elements that I trace to Daphne, even as I'm now tracing "Doubs" to Daphne's carriers in Cuppae. It just so happens that, while the Couers/Cours are now linking to Jourdans / Jorre's, they are honored in the motto of Misers who should trace to Miserey/Salines in Doubs. The write-up of the Jordans-of-Exonia: " In order to assume Irish patronymics, the name was changed to MacJordan after Jordan De COURcy (Jordan Teutonicus) who died in 1197."

See that the Courtneys "claim descent from the Counts of Sens and from Pharamond [= Salian Franks], reputed founder of the French monarchy in 420...and inherited the title of Earls of Devon in 1293." The Swiss Sens surname was from the Aargau area, smack beside Zurich.

Courcys (i.e. Jordan-river suspects of the 600 Benjamites) use what looks like a one-headed version of a red two-headed eagle, thus being very trace-able to the 600 Benjamites (that I trace to the two-headed eagle). The red color of the Courcy eagles suggests the phoenix at Lake Van, location of Mus, and that's why it's important to Cork-like Courcy's were first found in Cork, location of MUSkerry...named by the Meshwesh that were the 600 Benjamites.

Aside from all that, it's important that the 600 Benjamites trace to the Massey/Macey household first and foremost, who were linked in Cheshire with the Salmon-related Sales (another black pheon). As Bosco's were of the Rose clan, the Jordan roses van apply. Here's from an article as per YS' email:

The only manor did not have as high-profile owners. In 1339 John de Horne released some land Caterham (and more in Warlingham) to Roger Salaman, who at his death in 1343 was "seised of a tenement". A manor of Salmons appears in 1605 by William Jordan, who soon afterwards acquired the second manor of Caterham (see above) with which Salmons afterwards descended...

...Richard Hewetson bought it in 1780 passing it to his nephew Henry Hewetson holding until the Regency period. Henry's nephew William Hewetson ceased to lay claim to any manorial rights however in any event the lands had been separately sold to Henry Rowed, whose son Henry settled the estate on his wife Susan Glover in 1765.[3] Their daughter Katherine Glover inherited these lands.

This assures that Catters/Cathers trace to Caterham, because Glovers use the white-on-black ermined chevron of the Catters. The Glover crescents were just traced earlier in this update to the Alexander-Balas Seleucids in the Doubs discussion, and I think that I can trace the Salmons of Caterham to Doubs too, which is to say to Miserey-SALINes in Doubs, where the pope's motto traces his affections. Reminder: salmon are used also by MacAbee's while Glovers (should link to Macey glove) use the Motte/Morte crescent, probably. And let's not forget in all this that there is a Salat location (Comminges) at the Cazeres theater's of the Templar-associated Cathar gnostics/heretics.

As Caterham is in the North Downs area, the Downs surname was checked to find a wolf head mentioned in the last update. Seeking that wolf head, it was in this paragraph:

One of the modern writers advancing the unfounded idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married is Laurence Gardner. It just so happens that Gardners, in Slaine / Salines colors, use the griffin design of the Tolkiens/Tooks who come up as "Tick," perhaps important to the Tichfield location of English Burghs. The Teague's/Tigue's should apply, not just because they use a solid chevron in colors reversed to the Tolkiens/Tooks (chevrons in both colors are used by Alexanders), but because they share a brown wolf with the Gards. English Gards were first found in the same place (Kent) as Tolkiens/Tooks. Teague's/Tigue's use "Summum" in their motto while same-colored Dobbs use "summa."

Okay, so the Teague wolf head is identical to the Downs wolf head, and while I had traced Obama's Wolfley>Dunham line to the Gards a few years ago, it appears that the Downs should link to the Downs/Douns...who use the stag design found in the Day Crest, important because "A manor of Salmons appears in 1605 by William Jordan, who soon afterwards acquired the second manor of Caterham (see above) with which Salmons afterwards descended. It was bought out of Chancery, into which it went on the death of Charles Day, by George Drew, who sold to members of the Horne family..."

It sounds like Days were part of the Salmons, and note too that the Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex, location of South Downs. It's giving us reason to believe that the Dunhams/Downhams/Dounhams -- and therefore the Dunham-Masci bloodline -- was in the Downs region. The Downings/Dunnings/Dounnings were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as high-ranking Vere's, who ruled Oxford for so many centuries that any corruption or government-control methods from the families were capable of becoming very deep-seated.

The British government operates out of 10 Downing Street. The Downing/Dunning Coat has 10 horizontal bars, the bottom bar appearing only partially. In consideration that John Dee (i.e. probably the Day bloodline) was a spy for queen Elizabeth, who was herself a Stewart like Charles II, see this:

Sir George Downing between 1682 and 1684...a notorious spy for Oliver Cromwell and later Charles II, invested in properties and acquired considerable wealth....

... Princess Elizabeth lived [at the Downing-Street complex] from 1604 until 1613...

...In 1671, George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, took possession when he joined the Cabal Ministry...

After Buckingham retired in 1676, Lady Charlotte Fitzroy, Charles II's daughter, moved in when she married Edward Lee, 1st Earl of Lichfield.

If you check out the portraits of these CABALists and Lichfields (pro-Stewarts), you'll see that they look like queers. If you can't see it, I can. Why else are they wearing woman's hair? Who started that fashion? Should I really believe the going explanation? Not a chance.

Here's an interesting trail: "Lee [above] was the son of Sir Francis Henry Lee, 4th Baronet of QUARENdon and his wife Lady Elizabeth Pope, daughter of Thomas Pope, 2nd Earl of Downe, who was later third wife of Robert Bertie, 3rd Earl of Lindsey." I know what this is, the line from Guido Guerra from Bologna elements, for the Arms of Bologna use blue-and-gold checks, the symbol of the Popes and of the Warren's (Sussex) who are a branch of Guerre's (= Payen branch) with Guerren variation...just about like "QUARENdon." In other words, we must be tracing the marriage of Guido Guera III to Montferrat.

The Warrens even use the lion of the Lee's (cuffed, sleeved arm) who may certainly be a branch of Lys', first found in the same place (Ile-de-France) as the Levi's, Chappes,' and La Falaise. One can link the Chappes' to the Habsburgs (i.e. Happ/Abbs kin) using the Lee lion.

As Wards use a Shield filled with the blue-and-gold checks that fill the Warren Coat too, one can now suggest a Ward = Gard equation. Plus, to show that the Gards are definitely part of the Caterham entity, there is a Warlingham on the north-east side of Caterham, and then entering Warling gets the Wolfins/Walwins (green wyvern dragon), with "gward" motto term, which is why I traced Obama to the Gards in the first place, for his Wolfley ancestors were "Wolflin" at first. Note that both Warlins/Walwins and Drews use ermined white, symbol of Catters (and Satters) too.

But wait. The MacAbee's use "salmon naint," and then a Belgian Nain/Nanet/Lenain Coat is likewise filled with blue-and-gold checks, suggesting what was discovered by other means, that Maccabees and Guerra's were merged, and that Maccabees were partly out of Bologna's Boii peoples.

In all this, you can glean that the fish symbol of mythical Kodros of Athens went through Kotor, then, as Cutters, to Saluzzo, but also to Caterham. But as this Keturah line was identified with Boofima, so we will find the Roets in this picture, who trace to Boofima. The CATHERine wheel of Catherine Roet is, of course, part of the Caterham bloodline, right? And here the whole is tracing to suburbs of London.

In the quote above, you saw that Downing street went from the Pope woman who first married a Lee to her later husband, earl of Lindsey. I tend to trace "London" and "Lindsey" to the same Lindos location of Rhodes, but the point is that Lindseys use the swan design of Josephs while Caiaphas liners are fully expected in this Downing picture. The Lee's are also "Ligh/Legh," Ligurians swan liners, right?

Now here is a very good point, pointing to "FulBERT the Saxon" in Robert Bertie, earl of Lindsey (the one who married the Pope woman). It just so happens that Fullers use the same horse design as Bertie's! It's not quite the CAFFERty horse design...that's shared with Craigs, but look to see that Craigs use yet another ermined-white Shield, as well as crescents in the colors of the same of Catter-related Glovers (= Alexander-Balas suspects).

The latter two surnames are the ones sharing a white-ermined chevron, but then a white-ermined fesse is used by Coffers/Coffeys, on a Shield in the white-on-green colors of the Caffery/Cafferty Shield. As this involves the Maccabee-Seleucid line of Alexander Balas, it should be repeated, in order to strengthen the Caiaphas argument being made here, that Caffertys and Coffers are in the colors of the salmon used by MacAbee's, first found beside the island where Alexanders were first found.

The riders on the horses of Cafferys/Caffertys and Craigs are traced by their plumes of feathers to Herod Archelaus, whose line traces to Coverts/Cofferts and Coopers/Coppers in Sussex (i.e. location of South Downs). This is all Obama's fly bloodline from the Drago river's proto-Drake's, wright?

On the north-west edge of Caterham is Old Coulsdon, and then the Couls Crest uses A hand holding a book. We know where the "Cole" motto term of the Couls goes to, wright? And the Obama line of Singletarys uses the antelope design of Wheelwrights. Roets use "An book expanded proper," meaning that Roets and Couls are kin to the Books/Boggs, that being a term tracing to Bough-like variations of "Boofima / Baphomet."

Warlings/Walwins use a "Drwy" motto term for Drew elements, quite apparently. Drews and Cole's share black bulls heads in their crests, and I think that Drews use the lion of the Guido-suspect Strange's in colors reversed. This, if correct, traces Drews to Guido Guerra, which can make sense where Guerra's and Warlings/Walwins both use green wyverns. Also, Guido-Guerra had traced closely to the Griffin griffin, used by Warlins (without the 'g'). In this picture, Warlings / Warlins look like Vere's, of course, to be expected. If you're getting the impression that Drake's should be a part of this, see the axe's of the Kenleys, for a Kenley location (on the northern edge of Caterham) is between Warlingham and Old Coulsdon.

The Drywe variation of Drews suggests the Drive's/Drave's/Drove's first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Drake's. This is where it now gets Herod-interesting, for the Drave's/Drove's were traced to the Drac river, which pours into the Isere, then drains to the Rhone near Valence. Drake's are said to be from the walk / gait of a duck, and then the German Valence Coat uses the same ducks (Alan colors), in the same colors as the Brittany Henry ducks, important because Irish Henrys (traced recently to the Hampshire) were discovered to be a Caiaphas liners of the Joseph kind. The green-on-white Henry eagle can now trace strongly to the green-on-white Lannoy / Lyon lions, surnames tracing to Herod Archelaus in Isere!

Yes, we are on the Drake's, the likely principals of De Vere's Drakenberg organization, which I claim to be a protector of modern Baphomet. It's tracing smack to the north side of Caterham, in London, close to Oxford too, wherefore we are definitely approaching the head of the dragon, and so plug your nose, Bewere of bad breath. The beaver in the Arms of Oxford should trace to this Bauer-suspect Bewere/Beuer surname.

English Beavers use the fesse colors of Weirs/Vere's, but it's a blue fesse, symbol of the Boofima-line Boeufs. You understand that "Beav" and "Boof" are similar enough. Beavers and Catters were first found in Berkshire, on the west side of London. The Windsors operated out of Berkshire, and they had been Saxe, Gotha and Coburg, which should explain why Coburgs look to be using a version of the German Beaver Coat as well as the crescent of German Roets, first found in the same place (Thuringia) as Coburgs.

The Drew bull design is used in red by Anaki-suspect Anchors/Annackers, and then the Arms-of-Oxford, as well as the Charo/Chiaro, bull is likewise red.

As there is a Kyburg location at Zurich, I tend to trace the Coburg Coat to the Arms of Zurich. It just so happens that the Arms shows no symbol but a Shield split diagonally in two colors, they being colors reversed from the diagonally-split Shield, without symbols, of the German Beaver Coat. Then, Caterham is in Surrey while the Surrey surname is also "Surrich." If that's not enough, Zurich is just 50 miles from the border of Doubs. Moreover, I have just noted a Dole location to the south-west side of Doubs, important for the trace to Dol elements to Maine's Doubs elements.

It can now be advanced as a theory that the black-and-blue split Shield acting in the Arms of Surrey is to be linked to the Spanish Salines Coat. This similarity in color schemes has the potential to trace the Spanish Salines' to the Salmon manor. The Salmons and Salines' both use gold-on-black symbols, and the Salines symbol of a fleur-de-lys, the Sale symbol too. It just so happens that the Salmons and Kenleys were first found in the same place, Cumberland, which for me is evidence that this is the line from Kemmis of Egypt.

Italian Salmons use the Hohen Coat, important because the Caiaphas-line Caputo's/Capua's of Sicily, who were traced above to the Drake motto, were placed in charge of Sicily by Hohenstaufens, while the Italian Salmons were first found in Sicily.

The Caputo/Capua lion is not only in the colors of the Capes', but the Capes (Shield-and-Chief color combination of Agrigento) use scallops, a symbol of Sicily's founding entity at Scylla. Moreover, Capes' were first found in London!!! That's now tracing the line of Corrado Caputo to the manor of Salmon, right? There is a Corrado/Corra surname (hearts), first found in Bologna, that may apply to Coeurs/Cours/Courts, Gores'/Corrs, etc., all tracing to the Jordan river. The Capes, remember, use the lion of the Joplins and Greys/Croys that traced to Jabesh elements at Agrigento.

There is a good chance that these terms trace "Cauares," a variation of the Caveres/Cavari Gauls. "Cauares" may have come first, then changing to the 'v' version. In that picture, entertain "Corrado" from "Jordan." The Campbell-related Gord(on)s were traced to "PeriGORD" because Campbells traced to nearby Gironde. Perigord was home of the Imperi peoples that carried the Boofima cult to Baphomet. The Sauniers, first found in Perigord, use a Coat much like the Cordons, and the latter even use goats, a Boofima / Baphomet symbol. There is a Gourdon location south of Perigord that can apply to Court- / Corrado-like surnames. Look at all the blue Shields in this paragraph, for Coeurs/Courts, Zinzans/Sinsens, and even the Senussi-suspect Sens of Courtney, use that color, the color of the Boeuf fesse. French Courts use a goat horn, and English Courts show a "Covert" variation, important now that Coverts are tracing to the Cavari. What if the Boofima cult was from proto-Senussi Libyans that morphed into the Sauniers?

The Caputo write-up says that Corrado Caputo was placed in charge of Antioch (Seleucid capital in Syria) about 100 years after Robert Guiscard was made the ruler of Antioch: "Robert Guiscard, was the Count of Apulia. Around 1080 AD he fought against the Byzantine empire and in 1096 he participated to the First Crusade along with Tancredi. He ended up to be the Prince of Antiochia..." Doesn't that help to prove that Salmons were Seleucids???

Corrado's/Corra's (stars on Gore/Jorre star colors) use what looks to be a version of the Italian Botter bend, and as Botters trace to KilPatricks, note that the latter were first found in the same place (Dumfries) as Corrs/Corrie's, in colors reversed to Cords/Courtie's who share hearts with Corrado's/Corra's. If the surnames in this paragraph trace to "Jordan," the Caputo link to Corrado elements underscore's the Caiaphas trace to Jabesh that was evidence in the sharing of the upright white-on-red lions by Joplins and Capes'. It's not necessary to emphasize a Caiaphas trace to Jabesh as much as to link Caiaphas liners to modern-era Templars of the Meshwesh kind.

[Hours after this update was out, I found that Chafers use what looks to be a version of the Corrado/Corra Coat! Both use the same bend as well as three gold stars surrounding their bends, all three stars in the same positions in both cases. In the 4th update of February, I wrote that the Chafer birds were identical to the the new Kinner birds (no longer the Kay bird), and yet the Chafer birds are not at this time identical with the Kinner birds. Years ago, the Kinner bird was called a canary even though it was the same bird as displayed by Kays, and then the same bird displayed by Sullivans is called a robin. Chafers call their birds, "chaffinches," as code for the Da-Vinci liner Vinch's/Finch's, right???]

Berne of Switzerland is even closer to Doubs and Miserey-Salines than Zurich, and it just so happens that "Jewish" Salmons use the bear design of Berne's. As Berne was founded by ZAHRingers, "Zurich" may apply to his name, in which case we could expect Berne elements in Surrey, and indeed the Salmons had a branch in Surrey.

Look at how timely YS' email on Caterham turns out to be, with the ability to explain all this. It's a no-brainer to trace the Moray-colored stars of Jewish Salmons to Moray because Scottish Berne's were first found at Moray's Elginshire. Elgins look like a branch of Happs/Abbs. That trace of Pollocks ("Audacter" motto term) to Doubs that started this update is looking like it ought to link hard to Scottish Berne's because the latter use an "aude" motto term, and because Pollocks and Dobys were first found in Renfrew, where there is a Bernys location. The Bernys location is found in the Burn write-up, and then the Burns were likewise (as with Salmons) first found in Cumberland. We are definitely seeing a Salines link to Berne and Zurich, especially as the Surrey/Surrich Coat use checks in Hohen-check colors.

The Scottish Berne's use a crossbow, symbol also of the Cater-related Glove's/Glovers. As the heart-using Swans/Sions used to show (for years) the Macey gauntlet glove and yet now show the "falconer's glove," Swans/Sions have been clearly honoring the Glove's/Glovers. It's not far from Berne, Switzerland, to Sion, Switzerland.

The Scottish Berne's also use the fesse colors of the Happ/Abb fesse while the latter use the Capes' scallops so as to betray their trace to Caiaphas liners. Only now, I know that the Happs/Abbs (a branch of Habsburgs) trace to a Capes line in Sicily. The Caiaphas-suspect Coverts/Cofferts, who had been traced to Kyburg at Zurich as well as to an unknown kaiser Koffert of German-Hohen associations, also use a fesse in the fesse-colors above. By the way, South Downs is in Surrey, where Coverts were first found.

English Barneys now look to be using the ermined Coat of Warlings/Walwins, and this effectively traces Barneys to Berne. That explains why French Barneys/Berniers use a salmon as well as a key, the key appearing in the Arms of Surrey. German Barneys use yet another white-ermined Shield. I trace the Barney key to the Betty/Beaty key, and then it just so happens that the black-and-blue colors the Surrey Arms are used by Bettys/Beatys (and Betty Rubble, wife of Barney Rubble).

Bettys/Beatys share a black-on-white pale with Maccabee-based Russian Alexanders, and moreover Bettys/Beatys use mascles. If you recall, Russian Alexanders are known to be a Maccabee branch because their eagles traced to Maxwells/Maccuswells, important here because Bettys/Beatys were first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Maxwells.

After seeing the beacon in the Kenley Crest, I arrived to the Downs Coat using three red-and white vertical bars, the colors of the three vertical bars of the Italian Belli's, important because German Belli's (and Fullers) use the Downs beacon too. This recalls the trace, at the top of this update, of Fullers both to Doubs elements and to La Falaise, located where the Chappes'/Chapats'/Chapados' were first found.

Therefore, with the Bettys/Beaty and Barney keys in play, it's evoking the new idea of Caiaphas ancestry in key using Avignon, location of the Cavari Gauls, suspect with key-using Chiava's/Chiapponi's.

If you had read the trace of Anchors/Annackers to the Drago = Hypsas river at Sicily's Agrigento, then you may recall that the anchor-honoring Greys/Groys/Croys traced there too, who happen to be ancestral to the Roets, according to Wikipedia. It just so happens that Caterham is less than ten miles from Croydon.

As per Woldingham on the east side of Caterham, the Woldins/Waldens use three red footless martins, the ones used by French Alans, which should explain why the Woldin bend is in the colors of the Alan fesse. These French Alans used ducks until recently, now tracing with the Valence ducks to Isere, and to Drake's from the Drac river. The Wolden/Walden write-up looks like code for the Strange's: "Thus, the surname would have been given to a person who was a stranger from a valley." French Valleys, first found in Brittany, likewise use three red bars, probably those of Sturs/Stowers and Drummonds. English Alans showed the three red Carpenter (= Fuller / Belli kin) bars for a few days. English Valleys look like a cross between Varns and Hagels; I trace the latter to the Arms of Kyburg.

Earlier, when on the salmon symbol of Catters/Cathers, it was said: " And let's not forget in all this that there is a Salat location at the Cathar theater's Cazeres." Salat and Cazeres are not far from Rennes-le-Chateau, the Mary-Magdalene theater, as the holy-grail cultists would have us believe. There is a grail cult involved in Caterham starting with this statement in the Caterham article: "Caterham has churches representing a variety of Christian denominations. The oldest church remaining in use is the church of St. Lawrence, which was established around 1095." That's one year before the Templars marched on Jerusalem for the first time. Let's not forget that LAURENCE Gardner wrote a holy-grail book on the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and that the Gards have already traced to Caterham. Let's not forget that Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg agrees with the false Magdalene premise of Lawrence Gardner. Clicking the St. Lawrence article, we find this:

Lawrence of Rome (Latin: Laurentius, lit. "laurelled"; c. 225-258) was one of the seven deacons of ancient Rome serving under Sixtus II who were martyred during the persecution of Valerian in 258.

Lawrence is believed to have been born in Spain, at Osca, a town in Aragon, near the foot of the Pyrenees. As a youth he was sent to Saragoza to complete his humanistic and theological studies [I don't know what's meant by "humanistic" there].

...According to lore, Lawrence was able to spirit this away to Huesca, in present day Aragon, with a letter and a supposed inventory, where it lay hidden and unregarded for centuries. When Augustine connects Lawrence with a chalice, it is the chalice of the Mass:..

According to Catholic tradition the Holy Grail is a relic that was sent by St Lawrence to his parents in northern Aragon. He entrusted this sacred chalice to a friend whom he knew would travel back to Huesca...While the Holy Chalice's exact journey through the centuries is disputed, it is generally accepted by Catholics that the Chalice was sent by his family to this monastery for preservation and veneration. Historical records indicate that this chalice has been venerated and preserved by a number of monks and monasteries through the ages. Today the Holy Grail is venerated in a special chapel in the Catholic Cathedral of Valencia, Spain.

I am not going to view Lawrence as a Vatican pawn because he lived before Constantine I took Rome. I'm not going to view Lawrence as any sort of heretic / hypocrite without reason. I'm going to assume that he was a true Christian without pretensions or false doctrines. What I can assume confidently is that the Vatican, in taking Lawrence as it's own, distorted his history in the way the Vatican tended to distort everything, and so the grail lore we read above is probably a Vatican product. True Christians do not value cups, even if they are used in remembrance of the Crucifixion. A cup is just a cup, not holy. It was the Pharisees and Catholics who considered such objects "holy".

The point is, I can now see that this grail cult credited wrongly to Lawrence developed into the Mary-Magdalene cult over many modifications over many centuries. A grail cup with laurel is used by the Laurie/Lawrie / Lowry Coats that could apply to the Lawrence cult.

There is a Lawrence Coat using a "turbot tail," and then there is a Turbot Coat using what are often called salmon, though in this case they too are called turbots. Judging from a few clues, the Laurie's and Lawrence's can both be traced to Redones / Rhodians of the Reed and Rodden/Rodham kind.

Laurence Gardner was born in London, and it just so happens that the Gardner Coat (Cutter griffins) uses the white-ermined chevron, on black, the same as the Catter Coat!!! I didn't re-realize it until now, as I write. Therefore, the gold-on-black Gardner cross (a patee) must link to the same-colored fleur of the Salines Coat, i.e. tracing Gardners to the Salmon manor of Caterham. It's the nutty Da-Vinci-Code crew in London. Note that German Gardners could be using the Capes / Happs/Abbs scallop, for I traced Caiaphas liners to the Da-Vinci Code / Rennes-le-Chateau for other reasons. Here's from his Wikipedia article:

Laurence Gardner's first book Bloodline of the Holy Grail was published in 1996. The book was serialized in the Daily Mail and a best seller. He used his books to propose several theories, including a belief that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had married and had children, whose descendants included King Arthur and the House Of Stuart. In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark he claimed that the Ark of the Covenant was a machine for manufacturing "monatomic gold" - a supposed elixir which could be used to extend life. His books also included theories about Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, The Holy Grail and proposed connections between Atenism and Judaism.

Gardner referred to himself as "Chevalier Labhran de Saint Germain", and "Presidential Attache to the European Council of Princes" (an organization whose existence has been questioned[4]) also "Prior of the Celtic Churches Sacred Kindred of Saint Columbia". He also claimed to be Jacobite Historiographer Royal of the Royal House of Stewart. He was a supporter of Michael Lafosse, in particular his claims to be descended from the House of Stuart, which Gardner claimed was descended from Jesus Christ.

It's a good thing he wrote on that gold-making machine so that it will be plain -- to normal people, anyway -- that Gardner was a glory-seeking, sensationalist nutbar. And why else did Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg write so much about himself, and publish it online, except that he too is a glory seeker. Wowie, he heads a real satanic organization. Wowie, what a big man. Spit!

We've got a right to spit on any advertisement we so wish. You advertise it, we have the choice to accept it or to reject it, or throw darts at it if we so chose. If you don't want to have darts or spit coming at you, Nicholas, stop advertising yourself as a chief warlock. What did you expect, respect? Are you a nut or something? You're not even ashamed to speak on your own "dragon blood" in front of the whole world. My suggestion: change your tune, and get right with God. It's an easy fix. What? Yes, it does. It does mean you need to betray satan.

Whose Michael Lafosse?

Michel Roger Lafosse (b. 21 April 1958, Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussels, Belgium), subsequently known as Michael James Alexander Stewart of Albany, claims to be a descendant of Charles Edward Stuart ("Bonnie Prince Charlie") and the legitimate Jacobite claimant to the throne of the former Kingdom of Scotland.

Since 1979 he has referred to himself as "HRH Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart, 7th Count of Albany", stating that an ancestor used the title "Count of Albany". Lafosse also says he has the right to other noble titles including Comte de Blois, Duc d'Aquitaine and Baron Lafosse de Chatry.

Oh, okay, Michael is from the Charles' of England, from that old, lofty Alan bloodline that never quits until it rules the entire universe. Ah, yes, that bloodline seeking to overcome the True Ruler of the Cosmos.

The Stewarts of Vatican Rome

We had better check out the ancestor of Lafosse, who is himself painted like a womanish-looking man:

Prince Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart...was born in the Palazzo Muti, Rome, Italy, on 31 December 1720, where his father had been given a residence by Pope Clement XI. He spent almost all his childhood in Rome and Bologna. He was the son of the Old Pretender, Prince James, son of exiled Stuart King, James II & VII and his wife Maria Clementina Sobieska...

These Stewarts were in cahoots with the Vatican when they lost their powers in the French Revolution. And lookie at that Paluzzo Muti:

The Palazzo a large townhouse in the Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, Rome, Italy, built in 1644. Together with the neighboring Palazzo Muti Papazzurri...During the 18th century this entire range of buildings was, by courtesy of the Pope, the residence of the exiled Stuart dynasty while in exile in Rome. They were recognised by the Catholic Church as the rightful kings of England.

Well, now, if that ain't a fact. I learn something everyday doing this. So here we go into the Enlightenment Age with the Vatican having a pact with Stewarts of many tentacles, more numerous that the stars of the sky, and wrapped tightly around every throne, if possible, so that Stewarts, not Jesus, can become universal King of Kings...with the power of the Vatican, if possible. Do you think a Stewart alliance with the Vatican exists to this day?

What ever happened to the Anglican Church that the royal Stewarts started as a reproach to the popes? Did this Charles line of Stewarts betray their Anglican past and come crawling to the pope for assistance? Was it that bad to lose the throne? Awe shuckies, it must have real hurt bad.

I wonder who the Muti's were by other names? The Arthur-related, Maccabee-liner Motte's/Morte's? Compare that big white-on-black crescent of the Motte's/Morte's to the big flower, in the same colors, of the Flowers, for the Lafosse Coat (in Alan colors) uses three green thistles with red flowers. The Lafosse's look like Fulks by their other variations, but they can be linked easily enough to Robins and Thistle's/Thissels, the latter first found in the same place, Channel Islands, as Majors/Maugers. Here's on these islands in the last update:

The Miser surname was first found in Jersey (off the coast from Dol and beside Guernsey off the coast of Manche), where the Major/Magors/Maugers came to proliferate. In other words, the Joseph-suspect Majors/Magors are tracing potentially to Miserley-Salines (in Doubs department),

There are developing some Miser-ly reasons here to trace the new pope Francis ("MISERando" motto code for Salmon-of-Caterham elements) to this Alan bloodline hunkering down in the Muti shade of the Vatican. "The Muti Papazurri became extinct with the death of Raffaele Muti Papazurri in 1816. The palazzo then passed through female descent into the family of the Marchese Livio SAVORelli. The family name used during the 19th century was "Papazzurri Savorelli"..." The mother of pope Francis was/is a SIVORi surname that could apply to the Savorelli's. After all, the Siver/Sever surname, first found in the same place as Motte's/Morte's (!!!!!), is also Saver/Saviour. That latter sentence came as a surprise AFTER suggesting that "Muti" could be a Motte variation.

WOOOWWWIEEEE! The Miser Coat is even three red symbols (apples) on gold, the colors of the three red symbols of the Lafosse's! After writing that, back to the Muti article to find yet another Miser term:

The palazzo acquired its long and religious name "Palazzo Muti e Santuario della Madonna dell' Archetto" following an event in 1796 when a sacred image of Madonna...moved her eyes. Thereafter the statue became known as "Madonna dell'Archetto". The image had been painted circa 1690 by Domenico Muratori...By 1850 the painting (sometimes called the "Mater MISERicordiae"...The Madonna had become one of the most visited sites of the Virgin Mary in Rome, as a result of this in 1850 the owners of the palazzo Count ALESSANDRO and Countess CATERina Papazzurri Savorelli had the architect...

As we saw earlier that Caters/CATHERs and Alexanders use the same white-ermined chevrons, a trace to the Savorelli bloodline seems almost a given as per the naming of count Alessandro and Caterina (= CATHERine) Savorelli. I would not suggest that this couple was the start of the Alexander and Cater surnames, for if true, the trace further back to Alexander Balas is obliterated. It just so happens that the Alexanders use a crescent in Motte-crescent colors. How about that.

Big reminder: Alexanders had been a MacDonald branch at Kintyre, beside the salmon-using MacAbee's. Their islands were near Bute = Avalon, the location of "Le Morte d'Arthur," a book written centuries before Alessandro and Caterina, and acting as Arthurian code for the Motte's/Morte's. Repeat: the Darths/Deaths should link to the Morte's, and while the DDarths/Deaths (crescents in Motte-crescent colors) use the Vince/Vinch (and Pembroke) lion/griffin, the Darts/Darths use a white-ermined fesse.

I didn't realize until late in this discussion that Salmon-colored Salemans use a white-ermined Shield, and were first found in Sussex, meaning that they definitely trace to the Salmons manor of Caterham.

Here's a Savour/Sabourin Coat with mullets and billets.

The Darts/Darths had traced with Motte's/Morte's to the foundations of Maccabees proper at Parma, Cremona, and Placentia, where defeated Roman soldiers had retreated after their war of Trebbia. It was at that time when I realized that, such surnames as Croms and Crombie's, traced out from Cremona. By that time, the cat-using Croms (Berkshire) had been traced with the related Vincents (both use white QUATrefoils) to RoqueFEUIL elements at Rennes-le-CHATeau (French Vincents even use a Shield-on-Shield in colors reversed to the same in the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau). As Foix is beside Roquefeuil, one may even consider that Michael LaFOSSE Stewart, of the Laurence-Gardner gang of da-Vinci nutbars, traces to FOIX.

The three pellets (black roundels) of French Foix's/Foys surname were traced to the English Foys using the six pellets of Lacys, and the latter were kin of Skiptons who trace to "Scipio," the Roman general who lost the war at Trebbia and retreated his men to Cremona and Placentia. The Fey variation of Foys was a line to a witchcraft cult on Avalon that Arthurians had engaged, and then Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg traced his own family of witchy darkness to Avalon. He probably thinks that tracing to Avalon makes his family special...because nutbar occultists of the Arthurian kind expended themselves glorifying (unreal) Arthurian characters.

It's that Montferrat-Guerra line from the Israeli chief priests, themselves descended from the certain Romans in the camps of Scipio, transplanted into Israel (and probably into Massyas of Lebanon too) to fight the Seleucids. The Massyas entity (goat-cult Mysians) was traced to Julia Maesa Bassianus, and I say that family, in merging with a Septimius Severus, came around to become the namers of Septimania, location of Roquefeuil, Foix, and Rennes-le-Chateau. However, I found Massyas to begin with when tracing it and the Itureans to Idris of Morocco, whose family founded Fes/Fez in Morocco, which place I traced to the Foss surname (uses a fox) evoking "LaFOSSE." I traced the Fez Moroccans to the Cornwall peninsula, where English Stewarts were first found.

Since when were the writers of Arthurian myth special? Are not myth writers goons by nature of their secrecy? Were not myth writers ashamed to reveal their heritage in which they took pride? Yes, otherwise they would not have written in code. And why were they ashamed and proud all at once? They were waiting for the day that their witchcraft would be honored by the masses, and Nicholas de Vere clearly wishes it to be so today. There is a great whitewashing taking place of satan, but no matter how much you wash a pig, it's always returns to the mud. Chopping Block Day is coming, when the blue-blood boars will no longer return to the mud.

As Michael Lafosse is traced by Gardner to Stewarts after the name of Charles, which included king Charles II, what about the CROMwell surname: "Sir George Downing between 1682 and 1684...a notorious spy for Oliver Cromwell and later Charles II..."

Here's once again from the Palazzo Muti article:

The Palazzo is most often referred to by Romans simply as the Palazzo Muti or the Palazzo Balestra, the Balestra being a family who lived in the palazzo for a time. The Balestra had their name carved on a keystone above the entrance. Balestra is Italian for crossbow, and it is likely that the Balestra crest of a crossbow lent its name to the adjacent alley "via dell'Archetto" (Archetto being Italian for bow). Thus the connection to the Balestra appears in two differing names of the palazzo.

Where did we see the crossbow before arriving to the Muti topic? It's used by Scottish Berne's and Glovers. It's tracing the Muti once again to Caterham, as had Alessandro and Caterina Savorelli. Both BALEStra surnames use crossbows, and they evoke Alexander Balas...who had traced to the Glover crescents. Yes, I do now think that the Maccabee-Seleucids were at this place in Rome, and Rome happens to be where the Sivori-suspect Sforza's were first found.

Aha! The Bailys, looked up just now as per links to Balestra's, use the motto, "Ubi ben Ibi patria," like the motto of Newmans, "Ubi amor ibi fides", honoring the MacABEE's. The nine Baily stars are in the colors of the eight used by the Foix/Foy Coat. The Baily write-up has an early Alexander: "Early records of the Baillie Clan indicate that the aforementioned William de Bailli [14th century] was also known as Baillie of Hoperig, who acquired the lands of Lamington in Lanarkshire...Alexander, the eldest grandson of William...Another brother of Alexander's married a daughter of Sir Patrick Hume's"

The William above, who named his son, William, can now trace to William V of Montferrat (12th century), husband of the Guido-Guerra line, and son of RAINER/Renier of Montferrat, important because I've been tracing the Raines lions to the Newman lions for a couple of years. Newmans, in being identified (by me) as Maccabee kin/liners, are expected to trace to Pharisee elements in Montferrat. The Humes in the write-up above can trace, if I've been correct, to Essenes at Homs/Emesa, home of Julia Maesa Bassianus. Hume's/Homes are in the colors of MacAbee's, and may be using the Lannoy / Lyon lion. As HAMs use salmon in the colors of the MacAbee salmon, chances are that Hams and Home's/Hume's are one. Hams were first found in Sussex (i.e. location of South Downs).

To help convince that Raines' trace to Palazzo Muti, they are in Motte/Morte colors, and first found in the same place (Essex) as Motts/Morte's and Sivers/Savers (and Vere's). PLUS, the Raines' use a chevron in the colors of the Glover and Cater/Cather chevron, which helps in the trace of Palazzo-Muti elements to Caterham's discussion. I've been tracing the RAINES motto to Judicael of RENNES for some years, and that gets the surname to the Maine frontier, where elements of Doubs, suspect also at Caterham, had traced. Reminder: smack to the west side of Rennes is a Montfort, and in Montferrat there is a Monforte, thus tending to clinch a Raines trace to Rainer of Montferrat.

I think what the article above is saying is that "PALAZzo" is a variation of BALEStra. This recalls the theory that an element of "Balas" may have named PLACentia. I did trace the Pollock-suspect Spanish Baez/Pelaiz's and Place's/Plaiz's to "Piacenza/Placentia," meaning that "Palazzo" should apply to those terms.

To help prove that this discussion traces to general SCIPio's elements in Placentia, the Arms of Placentia uses a small white square, which is why the billets in the Mose Coat can trace to a Mose location in Placentia. The Mose billets should now link to the Savour billets because the Savorelli family at Palazzo Muti is tracing to Placentia elements. But Billets, the surname, have already been traced to Alexander Balas lines, yet the point here is that the Bellows use a Billet Coat, and then Bellows/Ballots/Bellets are honored in the bellow symbols of the Shiptons (said to be from "scyp"), kin of SKIPtons.

The Billet cinquefoils are in the colors of the mullets that are in included in the billet-using Coat of Savours/SABOURins. The Savour billets are in the colors of the same used in the Arms of Doubs. Both French Billets and Savours/Sabours use white, pierced six-pointed stars, and then the Borgia-related SABERs/Sabine's use white, pierced, five pointed stars in a Shield that looks like a version of the Seleucid-suspect Sellicks.

If you care to take the time, see that English Bales' and Flecks were first found in the same place (Norfolk), where Fulke's/Folks were first found who use a split Shield in the colors of the same of Bales' and the Belgian Flecks (look like Pollocks). These elements had traced to mythical Pleche of the Fisher-King grail lore, and then the Pleche's had traced to the Plantagenet Fulks and to "Placentia," which was the main reason that I recently suggested the naming of that city to a version of "Balas." The large eagle in the Bales Coat is even identical in design with the large one in the Palazzo/Palozi Coat (!), something I did not know until now, at the end of this paragraph. The surname was first found in the same place (Milan) as Castello Sforzesco.

With the trace of these Placentia elements to Palazzo Muti, it tends to trace the conspiratorial killers of Christ -- not the children of Jesus and Magdalene -- to Stewart bound up in the bloodline of Michael Lafosse. But pope Francis seemingly traces to these very elements. So what is really going on under the radar? Is Nancy Pelosi involved with this band of no-good world changers?

There is a Pelosi Coat, using the bull design of Borgia's and Bove's. The Pelosi surname was first found in "Savigliano, a town south of the prosperous city of Turin. Tancredi Pillosi, a descendant of an ancient family of Lords, is recorded as living in Savigliano in 1179." That date is in the lifetime of William V of Montferrat, and moreover Savigliano (western side of Montferrat) is just 10-15 miles from Saluzzo, and between Saluzzo and FOSSano. I didn't know anything in this paragraph when writing above that Nancy Pelosi could connect to LaFOSSE. I hadn't yet looked up the Pelosi surname at that time.

The Pelosi Coat includes "columns, each topped with a gold mullet." It just so happens that Mullets (mullets in the colors of the same of Payens / Warrens) were first found in the same place (Auvergne) as the Foix/Foy surname that can trace easily to Foss elements. The Mullet mullets are in the colors of the stars used by Columns/Malcolms. It just so happens that while pellets are used by Foys and Foix's/Foys, variations of the Pelosi's are "Pelati/Pilati." Is that the line of Pontius Pilate? It just so happens that while the Pilate pheons were traced to the Scottish Caulds/Colts/Celts (DART in Crest traces to Motte's/Morte's!), the latter use the red stag of the Columns/Malcolms. It just so happens that the bull design of Pelosi's/Pelati's/Pilati's is used by English Caulds! That clinches the identity of Pelosi's with the line of Pontius Pilate, especially as Palazzo's were of Rome.

It's very likely that Pelosi's use the oak tree of Panico's/Panetta's.

Here's from the 5th update of March that can now trace the Pelosi > Pilate bloodlines to Pula: "The Coles snake is coiled around a white column, albeit it's called a "pillar." Where else did we see a white column. Ah, yes, in the German Frank Coat, and then the English and Scottish Franks were related to Pollocks, a branch of Maxwells from Pula at the south end of Istria."

Reminder: the Guido-Guerra line was investigated some weeks ago and found to link heavily to the tattoo-suspect Panico's/Panetta's using a "label" as code for the LaBel/Baile the colors of the Bailys. The latter were just traced to Newmans using a version of the Raines Coat that should trace to Rainier, father of William V of Montferrat and grandfather-in-law of Guido Guerra III. The Guido investigation traced Guido's to the Firth of Forth (body of sea water) in Scotland, to the founding to the Scots from the tattoo-suspect Picts. Perthshire, the reported location of the Pict woman who gave birth to Pontius Pilate, is off the Firth of Forth.

There is a Rainer Coat (in Ferrat colors) using estoiles that could be construed as a version of the Mullet / Payen mullets. German Rainers/Reiners are the ones using a comet. Here's from the last update:

The six-pointed shooting star in the Arms of the Salesians of Don Bosco was found (can't recall which surname) to be called a comet, and then the Comet Coat shows the Moratin tower in Comyn gold-on-blue. It's very likely that Comets were from the Comites-like variations of the Conte's, and as Conteville's ruled at a Comyn location, it clearly is tracing Francis of Sales to the Francis-Borgia bloodline. See Jean/John de Conteville-Burgo, earl of Comyn:

Assuming that the Rainer comet is the one used by the Salesians, it could trace Rainier Montferrat to the Salmon manor at Caterham, even as the "Caetera" motto term in the Arms of the Salesians traces there. It works well because Saluzzo is beside Montferrat. So, there you have a logical equation between the two comets, and that suggests that pope Francis' honored kin (the ones in his codes) who trace Caterham too, which we discovered by other means, for example in the pope's "Misernando" term, code for a line to Miserey-Salines in Doubs.

I just recalled, while seeking Reiner variations, that the Rhine surname traced to the Reno river of the Guido-Guerra theater. The Setta river, a tributary of the Reno, is where the Panico's operated. It just so happens that the Rhine's are the Rainers/Reiners! The Reno's/Rhine's/Reins, it had been discovered, use lozenges in the colors of the Pink/Pinch lozenges, clinching a trace of Reno's to Panico-related Reno elements. It should mean that Rainier/Renier of Montferrat was named after the Reno, or vice-versa.

As the State/Statham Coat uses lozenges in the colors of the Reno's, see here: "The Statielli...were a small Ligurian tribe which inhabited an area south of the river Padus (today the Po). Their chief town was Aquae Statiellae (Acqui Terme), on the road from Vada Sabatia, near Savona to Dertona (Tortona) and Placentia." It dawns on me now that the heraldic darts, and the Darts/Darths, were named after Dertona = Tortona. I had not been very familiar with the Dertona spelling, but I had traced Darts/Darths exactly to the Guido's / Guerra's.

Renaults/Renauds use crescents in the colors of the Conte and Label crescents, and as Labels are honored in the label symbol of Panico's/Panetta's, it seems that Renaults are a branch of Reno's and Rhine's. The Flory/Fleury Coat (in Foss colors) uses this colored crescent too, and the Flory surname was first found in the same place (Somerset) as the Foss surname!!! Wow. The Lafosse flowers really do trace to Florence.

It just so happens that the Reno investigation had gotten on to the Lorenz surname, using a rhino, as per a San Lorenzo location at Florence, in the range of the Guido-Guerra kingdom. Variations of this surname, Laurens and Lewerenz, remind us of the Lawrence church of Caterham, and of St. Lawrence himself. Thus, the Lafosse "flowers" do trace to Flora, the goddess of Florence. If that's correct, then the Lafosse surname traces to St. Lawrence elements, apparently, at San Lorenzo, important because it was gleaned by other means that the cult of Michael Lafosse / Laurence Gardner traced to a distorted view of St. Lawrence as his grail got to Spain's Aragon region, smack beside France's Rennes-le-Chateau area, where someone (with Sauniere surname) built a church in honor of Mary Magdalene.

Italian Lorenzo's share the Panico/Panetta oak, and add in a Zionist star in the colors of the Reiner/Rhine "comet" (shaped as the same-colored Zionist star).

I don't think it's coincidental that Rends ("fragRANTIOR" motto term) us so-called "A flower pot containing gillie flowers" in Crest. It's suggesting strongly that Rends were of the Rainier-Montferrat bloodline. As the Lafosse's use a thistle in Crest and thistles with their flowers, they are not likely coincidences that: 1) Reiners/Rhine's share a blue lion (suspect with Caiaphas lines) with the Thistle/Thissel Crest; 2) Rends and Thistle's/Thissels both use three gold symbols on a blue bend. The blue/purple eagles of the Tassels (compares with Craig Coat) may apply to "Thissel."

I have been equating the Thisles/Thissels with Conte- and Robin-related Tuttels/Toothills for years, and what's especially important now is my conversations with Robin, having a Tuttel bloodline, as many as 10 years ago. Robin has the porphyria disease (the purple "royal disease"), which she traced to herself through Tuttels. I suggested that Tuttels were the Taddei's, first found in Florence, and here I am tracing Thistle's to Florence, as well as seeing some purple in the Tassel eagles.

Now look: the Palazzo Muti location of the Vatican-associated Stewarts were of a Savorelli surname, and then the Sivors/Savers were first found in the same place (Essex) as Tuttals/Toothills. To help trace the latter further to the Mary-Magdalene cult, which cult must always trace to Stewarts, the black Tuttal cat looks to be a version of the black Crom cat. Just like that, the Tuttals, suspect with Lafosse kin at Florence, are tracing to Rennes-le-Chateau, a place now suspect as being named after the name of Rainier of Montferrat. In fact, Wrens, said to be a branch of Raines' from a Rennes location in Normandy, use purple lions. It's just as I expect, that the purple disease is in code in some heraldic purple.

I'm sure you haven't forgotten yet that Michael Lafosse is traced (by others) to the Albany-branch Stewarts, wherefore here's the Wren write-up: "...originally descended from Ralph de Raines who was granted lands by William, Duke of Albany in that shire." There's an Alba smack of Montferrat to which Albanys may now trace. As I trace the Stewart checks to the same of Fers/Ferrats and Massi's/Mattis', the Albany/ELBANy surname (Shropshire) uses what should be the Massin/Mason lion...from Massino-Visconti in Piedmont.

This ELBANy line must be the ELVIN bloodline of Melusine, beloved of Nicholas de Vere, for the Massin/Mason Crest uses Melusine. Therefore, Melusine is tracing to Alba, on the Tanaro river, where pine-cone using Maschi's must have become the proto-Masseys, who were from the proto-Romans at the Istria theater.

I met Robin through emailer Pollock (= Massey liner), who likewise has the purple disease, which she claims to be in-part from her Pollock line, which goes back to Stewarts of Dol, and is now tracing potentially to "Palazzo" elements. In fact, the Spanish Beaz/Pelaiz Coat uses what should be half the Pollock saltire. It was my new belief earlier in this update that FulBERT the Saxon, founder of Pollocks, traced to the Bertie's, but I can now show that the "battering ram" of German Bertie's is code for the Batter/Beater Coat (in Butler colors) using a chevron in the colors of the Tuttal chevron, and moreover Batters were first found in the same place (Berkshire, royal area!) as Tuttal-related Croms. It was general Scipio who retreated to Cremona, and then the Skiptons also use purple lions. I think you have your porphyria founders, at least one line of them, in general Scipio.

It just so happens that the line of king Tut went, according to my findings, through the royal line of Seti and his son, RAMesses. Therefore, the battering RAM of Bertie's should trace with Tuttals and Taddei's to the Tut > Ramesses line, and so let me remind that Tut is known to be a son of the Atun cult...which I identified fundamentally with Keturah now tracing to Caterham.

So, it looks like the Magdalene cult is from Catholic Stewarts, and moreover the so-called "blue blood" of English royals is, in my opinion, that of the Stewarts. As the red footless martins used by French Alans are in the Bird Coat, it stands to reason now that Birds and Bertie's/Bertys are one. Fulbert was of this line, I feel sure. The Bird cross is a FLORY cross used in colors reversed to Bouillons and Taddei's! Just like I said, a quite lucky guess of a decade ago, Tuttals were Taddei's. Bouillons were first found in the same place (Auvergne) as Foix's/Foys and Fays/Fez'/Fais' (fox, as with the Foss') so that the LaFOSSE bloodline can even trace to Godfrey de Bouillon, the man so "blessed" (I'm mocking him) for conquering Jerusalem that he died promptly after the brutal war was won. I guess he thought it was all taddei for.

The "bello" motto term of Bouillons is clearly for the Fuller-related Belli's, if that helps to equate the Bertie's with Birds. That is, with Birds being merged with Bouillons while the latter were a Belli branch, the Fullers and Bertie's can both trace to FUL-BERT.

While Tuttels come up as "Tattle," the Daddys/Doodys/Doudys use the same-colored saltire as Pollocks.

If I'm not mistaken, emailer Pollock believes that it was her Comfort bloodline, merged with her Pollock line, that provided her with a very bad case of porphyria. Robin, in her hunt to find the root of the disease, traced to Komnenos, and then Comforts are also COMerfords (use the Pollock bugle, I'm sure). Robin's other three surnames included Hamiltons, and I claim that "HAMELton" was also "Camel," and then Camelfords (Macclesfields?) show also as Comerford. I understand here that the Comyns and Comets are involved in porphyria, and that it involves the Meshech line of Masseys with the related Gomerians. It's predicted to go to king Massena of Numidia.

The Camels named Camulodunum, later Colchester, location of the Cole's who trace with Gore's/Core's to the Japodes / Maezaei theater of Servitium. Japodes may have been named after Biblical Japheth, father of Meshech the man, and after Gomer the man. The purple-lion Wrens use the crosslets of the Gore's/Core's, but then they are used also by Windsors, who are highly suspect by emailer Pollock and others as porphyria carriers. Meschins got maritally involved with purple-lion Skiptons, and it was that clue that helped me to understand that Maccabees proper had been proto-Meschins joined with Scipio's Romans in about 200 BC. These proto-Meschins were found to be Carthaginian founders of Numidia by the name of Massena...who formed an alliance with Scipio.

It's quite feasible that the Batters/Beaters are a branch of Botters because Italian Botters use a bend in the colors of this Toothill bend. I'm seeing the Pullens and Romneys (that blue cuffed sleeve again) in the Toothill Coat, both of whom can trace to Scipio's Romans at Placentia / Cremona.

I don't find many surnames first found in Asturias, but I've just found the Flora surname there, important because the Baez/Pelaiz surname was also first found there. So, somehow, Placentia and Florence elements got to ASTURias, and then Pula (using the Pollock cross) is a city in the ISTRia peninsula...beside the proto-Roman Japodes.

French Sturs/Esturs (three vertical red bars as with Fullers, Belli's and Carpenters) were first found in Manche, and the heraldic manche is sometimes called a sleeve, meaning that the sleeve-using Romneys, and their Pullen kin, were from the Roman elements at Istria. English Sturs/Stowers appear to be a variation of "Stewart," and if that's correct, Stewarts trace to Istria too, fully expected in that Pollocks and proto-Stewarts were virtually one in the circle of Fulbert the Saxon.

Earlier we saw the Flory/Fleury Coat tracing to Lafosse elements, and so see that Pollocks and Dutch Fleurs (Stewart checks?) both use the same white "hunting horn." As long ago as a decade, I kept telling emailer Pollock that the Pollock bugle should link to the Bert bugle because Berts and Fulberts must have been related. I've since found the Bert Coat used by Bilders, suspect as Belli's et-al, and besides, the Beaz/Palaiz checks are in the gold-and-black colors of the Bils checks.

I think I can now identify the Downings with Ferte-Mace without doubt in multiple ways, very important because Obama's Dunham line has traced to the location of Dunham-Masci / Dunham-Massey while Masseys are also "Macey." First, note that Irish Downings are shown properly as "Dinnent/Dineane." Entering "Dine" got the Diens/Dives' (with white Masci wing) that trace to a Dives river flowing not more than 50 miles from Ferte-Mace.

The patee crosses of Diens/Dive's, by the way, is in the colors of the same of the Gardners.

Moreover, the Downings/Dineane's use the swords of the Aude's, first found in Audeville of Savoy, this being the bloodline honored in the Pollock motto. French Masseys/Masse's, first found in Savoy, use crescents in colors reversed to the Italian Dean (Placentia) and English Dean/Dein/Diane crescents. Scottish Deans use a long version of the Aude sword. The latter two surnames were first found in Sussex, location of South Downs.

The clincher for a Downing trace to a merger of Dives with Ferte-Mace comes in the "fret" used by Audleys, meaning that frets are code for the Ferte = (Mont)Ferrat side of Ferte-Mace. But there's more, for as the Dives river flows past Gace, while "Gace" is a variation of proto-Washington Wassa's, it's not likely coincidental that Irish Deans use the double Washington bars.

Entering "Case" to check for Gace elements got, by happen-chance, a red bend with black bendlets, used also by Woldins/Waldens who per-chance trace to Woldingham, beside Caterham in North Downs. The Woldins/Waldens -- probably a branch of Alan-suspect Walters -- use white wings that I have seen substituted for the white Masci wings. For example, the Chaine/Chenay/Chesne/CHASSaing Coat once (until last year) showed the white Masci wing...holding a sword that is almost the Aude / Downing/Dineane sword. Also, the French Gobels used to show the Masci wing design, yet they now show, as with the Chaine's/Chenays, the wing design in the Wolden/Walden Coat.

The Cheneys -- from the Khyan Hyksos expected to use axes -- are important because they trace to "Cuneo," and especially to Saluzzo, and even use a version of the Saleman Coat, meaning they trace to North Down at the Salmon manor of Caterham. The Deacons, possibly from the Degan-like variations of Italian Deans, use the black axe of Kenleys, who named the north side of Caterham. Italian Deans use Chanut-like variation suggesting the Chenue's/Chanut's.

Having said that, it can't be coincidental that Case's use a "JUNGit" motto term while German Jungs and Downs/Douns share white-on-blue stags. It really is suggesting that Case's are a branch of Gace's from the Dives area.

German Walters (Silesia) are now showing the gold-on-blue Maschi lion. I recall reporting that these Walters were using the Mackie/Mackey lion design.

Your dragon bloodline to the False Prophet, and/or to the people who dare bring you the world of 666, will be this Montferrat line to Maceys, and it ironically traced back through the Maccabees of Israel and earlier yet to the Meshwesh of Tanis who merged with the Biblical 600 Benjamites and 600 Danites. I don't know the technical name of the Tanis Meshwesh at all times of their history, but have gleaned that they were the Mus of "CadMUS" and therefore the namers of MUSkerry from Massa-Carrara, wherefore it's important that Irish Downings/Dineane's were first found in Cork, location of Muskerry.

So, why did God show me a Sign regarding Obama with a fly on his forehead (right between the eyes where we might expect a 666 on some) that soon-after led to the Drake-related Mosca surname? Doesn't it make sense that the Drakenberg society is to issue the fiendish commercial system at any moment / day / year? Doesn't it suggest that Obama is working with this circle of dopes?

They must be thinking to fool us into thinking that this is the Revelation mark when they, being so much smarter, know that it's really not. Then, after a few years, the dopes will discover that it really is the revelation mark of the beast, when it's too late.

After writing the above, "Valdez" (Asturias) was entered as per seeking Woldin/Walden elements from the Downs area, and there were three blue-on-white bends rising left to right, in the rare heraldic direction, same as the blue Masci bend. BUT, THE POINT IS, I recalled from Wikipedia's Six article that three blue-on-white bends rising from left to right are the "International maritime signal flag for 6". The two Coats are identical. Scroll down 3/4 of the page at:

See three blue bends in the Guerra Coats.


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