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March 27 - April 2, 2012

Definition of Illuminati: Khazars Merged with Caiaphas Lines
The Hammer of Israel: From Salines, Macon and Besancon
True After All: Israelites are a Central Unintelligent Agency of the Nazis
Kennedy's Assassination: Plot from CIA Hedrinquarters
Very Herod to Believe: CIA Stacked with Sanhedrin and Pharisee Lines

There's a couple of curiosities here for you as follow-up from recent topics. Our agent in the Spokane area writes what is available online, that the Clarkhouse mansion at Hayden Lake was built by F. Lewis Clark in a pattern after the luxurious living conditions of kaiser Wilhelm II, emperor of Germany when Hitler was a child. One website verifies that Clarkhouse (15,000 square feet) was "Modeled after Kaiser Wilhelm's summer palace in the Swiss Alps..." What's that all about?

F. Lewis Clark had a yacht that our agent says was named, "Bumble Bee," and then they nicknamed their Clarkhouse, "Honeysuckle," the name of the street that Clarkhouse was on. Honeysuckle Avenue went into the lake (yes, Hayden), and then the first street in from the lake, off Honeysuckle, was North House Lane (verifiable on Google maps). According to our agent and online data, the Bumble Bee raced the yacht of kaiser Wilhelm, and that's how F. Lewis Clark and he got to be friends. Or, as we may assume, they were friends before the race took place, for there needs to be some explanation for how they got to racing in the first place. What's that all about? A low-rung Idaho man a friend of the German emperor? After becoming wealthy, Clark loses his life and his fortune. What was that all about?

Before I go on with the story, look at what was just found. The Bee surname was checked only yesterday upon reading this message from our agent, and when it was seen that the Coat used the Sales bend with fleur-de-lys, the fact was added to the last update right where I was seeking to show evidence of a Maccabee / Pharisee link to the Salyes Ligures. It's now realized that the Bee-Crest dragon head is in the same design as the dragon in the English Clark Crest. That can't be coincidental, telling us that Lewis Clark was a respecter of bloodlines, likely a Mason and/or Nazi.

The Bee Shield is quartered in colors reversed to the Vere Shield, and then the Bees were first found in Oxfordshire, not just where Veres ruled, but where Parisii clans, related to Coverts and Maness', were first found. As even the Veres are suspect as a Pharisee line from Ferraris/Ferraras, it adds to the evidence that the Bees were Maccabees and/or the Boii to which I trace them. The fact that the Honey Crest uses the MAXton bee design adds to Maccabee suspicions. Maxtons/Macksons were first found in Roxburghshire, where Veres, according to the Weir write-up, lived before acquiring a strong hold on Oxford.

It says they settled at Sprowston, and then the related Sprows Shield is split in half black, half white.

The Coverts/Cofferts were mentioned above for a reason. The quartered Shield of the Bees and Veres was mentioned because Hohenzollerns use a quartered Shield in black and white. We can ask, what were Zoller(n)s? Were they named after "Sol"? The Germo-Austrian Zollern surname shows also as "Solern," and it uses the quartered Hohenzollern Shield. Or, should we rather say, vice-versa? The Sales Shield is black on white. You're going to see Salyes popping up everywhere in this update.

Kaiser Wilhelm was a Hohenzollern (Khazar Hebrews from Swabia, Brandenburg, Nuremberg, and virtually everywhere), and then Vairs and Fers/Ferrarsons use the Hohen and Cohen checks respectively. It's enough to make you scratch a gutter in your head.

Checks are an Illuminati symbol that, so far as I've read, have NOT been pinned on Hohens and Cohens or Veres by anyone else. Why not? Because few writers respect my opinions. And they might think it too simpleton to pin Illuminati symbols merely on surname symbols. They don't respect my opinions because I mix Illuminati discussions with such things as the literal return of Christ. And I'm now doing the nutty thing expected of a nut: tracing Illuminati to Pharisees and such. I'm not going to be popular, you see, but I am going to be correct, because the evidence has become so overwhelming, and because I've developed a handle on this "science" that's proving the truth over and under right before your eyes.

For little me, it's an honor to be Directed, LITERALLY, by the LITERAL GOD, into something so important as this. A few readers have stuck through with this long revelation from time to time, who have been willing to be key parts. It's been fantastic to be a part of a team, I can't tell you enough, where the team mates don't even know one another. You'd have to be me to understand fully how this amazing game has played out, and it's thrilling to be part of God's hammer on the Illuminati, to smash it in any way that He's planning to do with this revelation. I wouldn't be happy unless God were going to smash the Illuminati with this revelation. I wouldn't be happy if this is only for the understanding and protection of the "nuts" who take the Re-Coming of Jesus literally. I would be happy only if the arrogant satanists of our generation are made sorry that they ever decided to rebel against God's people, to malign them, to make them appear as monsters or cancers in our world, to project their own bad qualities upon us. I know true believers, and they're not monsters waiting to swallow people whole. That status belongs to the Illuminati. By and large, the entire Western world has voted Illuminati tools into political power over and over again. It's not me that's crazy.

In the first update of May, 2009, a message from Cathian Covert Maness had been recorded, that her father was from a "kaiser Wilhelm Koffert" of Hohenzollern associations / relations. I recall she nor being sure whether the spelling was correct for "Koffert," and that I could not find such a man online. I looked for him yesterday and could not find him, and so I was wondering whether "Koffert" had been a secret or seldom-used term of the bloodline of kaiser Wilhelm II. However, as Hohenzollerns are Khazars, while I just stressed the Kaif surname in the last update as one from "Caiaphas," it tends to distinguish between Hohenzollerns and Kofferts. Yet that doesn't mean that the two types of spiritually-dark Hebrews could not have merged by marriage. Repeat: I say God sent Cathian into my email life for her various surnames / bloodlines / relations-by-marriage ultimately becoming a very key part of God's revelation, as you just read, for example.

Isn't it evidence for my claim that God had been using the bloodlines of Cathian to lead us to something significant on the Illuminati / Nazis in America? It was Cathian who led us to Hayden Lake's Nazis. When our agent from the Spokane theater (near Hayden Lake) tells us further that kaiser Wilhelm II had a son who befriended Hitler, and when Wikipedia's article on that son verifies it, we have some interesting suspicions arising that Hitler's family itself was close to the Clarkhouse due to associations between F. Lewis Clark and the family of Germany's emperor. The bloodline of Cathian Covert then appears to feed into this story because her own father traces back to Hohenzollerns.

Hohenzollerns were not on my mind whatsoever when I knew to trace Cathian's bloodlines to Nazis at Hayden Lake. Now we find the potential for Hohenzollerns of the elite kind at Hayden Lake, and even Cathian's Hohenzollern blood lived at Post Falls, less than about five miles from Hayden Lake.

You can imagine my great surprise yesterday when entering "Coffer" to seek info on Kofferts, when Coffeys came up as one of the two Coffer surnames, when I saw the "victoria" motto term of the Coffeys/Coffers (cups, grails?), just after reading that queen Victoria of England was the grandmother of kaiser Wilhelm II. Even Wilhelm's mother was named, Victoria. Apart from knowing this, I had traced the Coffeys in the past to the Bavarian Illuminati.

I suppose the questions are: how long has "victoria" been a motto term of Coffeys/Coffers? Does it pre-date queen Victoria? Was there another Victoria that the motto term may have been code for? Was that other Victoria in the queen's bloodline? Is the motto term code for the Dutch Victoria/Fichter surname? German Fichters/Fichtens (red Shield, as with Victorias/Fichters) were first found in Franconia and Bavaria, downtown Hohenzollern-ville.

It would appear that Cathian's Covert bloodline is a Coffey/Koffer one. Coffeys were traced from Satyrion / Taranto in Apulia to the Saturnia location of the Latins. Mythical Saturn, the devil carriers, lovers of human sacrifice, the people who swallowed other people whole, often cannibals, often child abductors, and every conceivable evil thing you could imagine, generation after generation making witch's and warlocks of their sons and daughters, and carrying the devil's qualities to the modern throne of the world.

English Coffers use Coffey/Coffer colors (gold on green) and should therefore apply. The colors are also of the Morgans, and while Morgans were merged with Veys of Cornwall, English Coffers were first found in neighboring Somerset. One can then link to Morgan le Fay of Bute, where Maccabees lived in the shape of the green-and-white MacCabes. Reminder: "Cabe" traced in the last update to "Kaif." Cathian was herself a witch or at least dabbling in witchcraft, and Morgan le Fay defines Arthurian witchcraft. Although Cathian is now a Christian, according to her claims, and even a pastor / Reverend, the question is why she had practiced witchcraft. Was it a family thing from her Koffert bloodline? Isn't witchcraft covert, and don't witch's operate out of covens?

Unfortunately, Cathian is no longer speaking with me, possibly due to a misunderstanding of my purposes, so that we can't have further details from her on her Covert side (last I heard, she left the United States). I'll repeat: just because her bloodlines link to these purposes doesn't necessarily mean that she is a part of the Illuminati or the neo-Nazis.

Now, compare the Sales / Bee Coats to the Irish Cuff Coat. Cuffs were mentioned in the last update so I won't repeat here. It becomes important when I get to the next topic, that Cuffs use a border called, "cotised blue bezante," or more simply having besants-on-blue around the border. It has to do with linkage to Edward I The Hammer, and to the York besant, and probably to the Cottians (see Cott/Cots/Cottez/Cottin surname) that ended up in Kootenai county, location of Hayden Lake.

The builder of Clarkhouse went missing in California:

On January 16, 1914, while Lewis [Clark] and Winifred were wintering in Santa Barbara, CA, Lewis dropped Winifred off at the train station. He gave her one last kiss and walked off into the night. The next day Mr. Lewis went missing. His hat was found near a pier in Santa Barbara. On January 17, 1914, The New York Times reported that the Santa Barbara police believed Mr. Clark had committed suicide by jumping off a pier into the ocean. However, this theory has never been proved since the body was never found.

Afterward, the entire estate fell apart into bankruptcy. One could sense a potential murder here based on some betrayal by Clark to his partners. I can't recall off-hand whether Nazis were organized at Hayden Lake at the time of Clark's disappearance. For all we know, he did disappear, deliberately that is, to live a new life elsewhere. In any case, one doesn't normally drown oneself in a suicide off of a pier, but instead goes out into open sea or, preferably, a quicker ending off a bridge. And when police announce a murder-like situation to be a suicide, I think they often know that the murder was from a group far superior to the police, from groups who can kill policemen or police chiefs, unless the stay off the case. The unwritten rule.

The next topic is from a GD email opened yesterday. She sent in on Edward the Black Prince, a son of Edward III, and brother to the founders of the houses of York and Lancaster. These houses are Rosicrucian (or Rosy Cross) suspect. The house of Lancaster was founded by John of Gaunt/Ghent, and then while Maceys use a gauntlet glove (with their mace) as code for Gaunts/Gants and Ghents, the Salyes-related Cuffs are traced in their write-up to "gloves." Of all things to trace "cuff" to, why gloves? It's clue for a Caiaphas line merged with a Maccabee line.

English Glovers were first found in Norfolk, location of Sprowston, and use Sprows colors, but with a crescented Shield like the Coffers who were linked above to Veys and Morgans. Scottish Glovers (same Coat as English Glovers) were first found in Perthshire, beside Fife, while Veys, who are also "Vyvyn/Vivian," are clearly related to the Fife surname and Coat. The Glovers, moreover, appear to use the Pendragon Shield, while Pendragons and Veys were both first found in the same place. Once again, glove-related Cuffs trace to Morgan-le-Fay witchcraft. One can easily draw the logical lines from that witch cult to the bloodline of the royal Edwards, and for additional reasons to be explained below.

The king-Edward line has already been identified (my me) as a Macey line as per one Shield used by the Edward surname. The royal Edward family-tree shows immediate linkage back to the Salyes theater in Provence. The family tree of Eleanor of Provence (mother of Edward I) shows her father's side going back to rulers of Macon, Vienne and Salines (all in the same area of Burgundy), while her mother's Savoy side goes back to Faucigny and BERANcon; I'm assuming the latter is a form of "Briancon", the city on the river upon which lived the Salyes, suggesting the possibility that Salyes were founders of the Salines location...adjacent to Miserey in the Macon theater, near BESANcon.

I know what I'm taking about here, that the Masci family, the guts of Masonry, is all over the trace to the houses of the Roses. The white rose of York should therefore trace to the white Masci wing. The white-versus-red rose has been a mystery for me for years and years, and now I think I have it understood. Both roses trace to the same royal bloodline on the fathers' sides, wherefore, I had reasoned, the white versus red must have to do with differences on the mothers' sides.

The hunt yesterday for the mysterious "Black Prince" phrase in Edward's title led soon to the Dien Coat with gold symbols on black Shield...and the white Masci wing on the Shield. That was not a lucky strike because the personal Arms of Edward I uses "Ich Dien." Just like that, the York line of Edward I traces to the white Masci wing of the Dien surname.

Just a moment ago, when wrongly typing "Slaines" instead of "Salines," there came up another black Shield, with a gold bend, and the same type of martins used by Coverts/Cofferts. Slaines were first found in Shropshire, where same-colored Meschins were first found, and then Sales were first found in neighboring Cheshire, where Meschins ruled supreme and Mascis held estates from the Conqueror.

When "Salines" was correctly entered, there was a quartered Shield reflecting the Masci Shield, with part of the Coat using gold fleur-de-lys on a black Shield. The Sales bend is black with WHITE fleur-de-lys, the colors of the Dien wing. Therefore, the Salines region in Burgundy appears to be from a branch of Masci-related Salyes and Diens. Reminder: Cathian Covert Maness was earlier Cathian Dein, and both Coverts/Cofferts and Diens were first found in the same place, in Sussex beside the Macons/Massins/Masons of Kent.

All of this on Edward the Black Prince was fantastic coming from GD, for the re-visiting of the Dene-native topic not many months ago was all due to her, which dove-tailed with the Dein-of-Idaho topic. When Edward I was treated (two updates ago), his Welsh side was shortly stressed, and the black-on-white lion of the Welsh Edward surname was traced suggestively to the black-on-white lion of the Capua surname (Naples). Black lions are used also by Hohenstaufens, however, and on the great-grandfather of Edward I, Thomas of Savoy, we read: "He supported the Hohenstaufens...". You understand that if Hohens had merged with lines from Israel's chief priests, we could expect Hohen mergers with royal Edwards on that basis alone.

At the page of Thomas' father, we see what I think is the Hohenstaufen eagle. I'm therefore seeing a Caiaphas-line merger, from way back then, to Khazar Hohens. I'm becoming convinced that the black-on-gold eagle in the Chief of the Massi/Mattis Coat is the same-colored Hohenstaufen eagle (or vice versa), especially as the Massi/Mattis Coat (WHITE bend) uses Cohen/Kagan checks. I'm beginning to understand like never before that the Illuminati was a Caiaphas-Khazar merger, begging the question of whether Caiaphas lines had ruled as Khazar kagans in the first place. It's told online that Khazar kagans were priest-kings.

Both Staufers and Coffeys/Coffers use cups. The Staufer cup is held by an arm sleeved and cuffed! Staufers are a Swiss family, wherefore see Hohen-related Zahringers below as per their Swiss elements.

To support once again that royal Edwards were Maccabees / Maceys:

Edward [the Black Prince] was born on 15 June 1330 at Woodstock Palace in Oxfordshire. He was created Earl of Chester on 18 May 1333, Duke of Cornwall on 17 March 1337 (the first creation of an English duke) and finally invested as Prince of Wales on 12 May 1343 when he was almost thirteen years old.,_the_Black_Prince

Chester (ruled earlier my Meschins) is important here because it was previously, Diva, while the Dien surname shows "Dives/Dyves" variations. There is a Dive Coat (WHITE Meschin scallops?) that uses a dancette variation of Cheshire Chees/Cheatles. Why is it called a DANcette??? Why are checks in Hohen-check colors used by the Dans/Dannes Coat (trefoils). The Dans/Dannes first found in the same place (Sussex) as Diens.

The Dance/Danse surname was first found in Yorkshire, major location of the Pharisee line, and of the white rose that I've just linked to the Dien wing. The red Dance/Danse fesse is a little like the red Chee/Cheatle dancette, and the Dance/Danse Crest is the Bute/Butt horse head. The Italian Dance/Danese surname was first found in Piedmont, where the Mascis with Dien wing were first found. The latter clan even shows a D'Ance variation that I had traced tentatively to the Ince / Inch surnames, from an Inch location in Cheshire, and I now find the motto, "Ich Dien." I know for a fact that the Inch's link to the Kay > (H)Ector cult from mythical Hector, that being the Trojan line of mythical Paris to the Yorkshire. (H)Ectors were first found in the same general location (Angus) as Scottish Inch's.

You may be able to believe that I've got it right when tracing mythical Paris, from Parion/Parium of Mysia, to the historical Parisii at Paris (France), and to Masseys, both removed to Yorkshire, but you may be having trouble swallowing a Pharisee connection, as one trying to swallow a camel. I understand. I really do.

Wikipedia's article on the Prince of Wales shows the personal Arms of Edward the Black (shown at his article above) -- the one with three white ostrich feathers in Crest, and with "Ich Dien" as motto -- and then claims that the founder of the Prince of Wales is thought to have been Edward the Black Prince himself. No one seems to know, but us, where the black color of Edward came from, but I think some insiders do know that it's from the Dien and Salines surnames, though no one wants to tell. Why not? Probably because the English loathed Edward's Savoy bloodline. There may have been a WOP prejudice involved.

The English prince, and heir to the English throne until recently, is Charles, styled "Prince of Wales," and he was from the same bloodline (i.e. of queen Victoria) as kaiser Wilhelm II. When the latter's son had befriended Hitler before and during in WW2, we might imagine that some English elites may have been involved. But on that topic, I can't comment at this time, except to say that I've seen, in the past, alignment / friendship of England's leadership to Hitler's WW2 activities. I get the sense that certain Stewart and Massey bloodliners in England had sympathized secretly with Hitler's conquest goals.

I'm kicking myself for not recording/recalling where I had seen a cross ("flory" (with fleur-de-lys ends) while investigating Edward I last week The best I can recall, it was of Edward's family, and if so, it makes for a an event here, for the flory cross I'm referring to was either blue on gold, or gold on blue. This became important this morning when viewing the Coffin/Caffin/Chafen Coat with a flory cross in gold on blue. Moreover, the Coat uses besants, a symbol on the House-of-York rose, and on the saltire of the York surname. It's the Edward besant you, see now suspect from Besancon beside Salines.

It's remarkable because the Edward topic popped up in the first place independent of Hayden Lake topic, and yet here the two topics are apparently superimposing by the Covert/Coffert- and Coffey/Coffer-like surnames.

Coffins/Caffins/Chafens use "praemia" in their motto, code (I think) for Priam / Paris Trojans from Parion/Parium. Reminder: mythical Capys was a Trojan entity related to Priam and Paris.

Coffins/Caffins were first found in Devon, beside Somerset where English Coffers were first found. Here we have the Pharisee line suspect that was merged with the Arthurian cult of the Cornwall-to-Somerset stretch. It's these Caiaphas-like surnames that are now suspect deeply in the Arthurian "holy grail." I had traced the Arthurian cult of Somerset fundamentally to Badens/Battons and Baths/Athas of Somerset, and ZIKERS it just so happens that the Coffin/Caffin flory cross is called otherwise, a cross PATONce (caps mine). Irish Cuffs use a baton in crest!!! English Cuffs use a battle axe, as do the Badens/Battons, as do Drakes who were first found in the same place as Bidens/Buttons.

The Arthurian cult had been traced, as per the details in the paragraph above, to Zahringers of Baden, Germany, the Zahringers being the bear line to bear-depicted Berwickshire, where the Arthur surname was first found. I now find that the mother of Thomas of Savoy, in her role as countess of Savoy, was preceded by Clementia of Zahringen, previously a duchess of Bavaria. And then Hohenzollerns and Zahringers had shared the same red eagle. If I remember correctly, Zahringers gave it to Hohenzollerns of Swabia. "Clementia was the youngest of six children, her family owned territory in Swabia. She was a great-granddaughter of Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg and his wife Clementia of Aquitaine..." One click from the article below to the House of Zahringen shows the red eagle.

As an aside, this is a good place to repeat my identification of Joktanite Hebrews (from Sephar) as the human-sacrifice cult of Sepharvites. I traced "Joktan" to "Occitania," and to Sephardic "Jews" of Spain. Occitania is said to have named "Aquitaine," which begs the background question of Clementia of Aquitaine. Edward the Black received Aquitaine from his father. The point is, I traced the Zahringer antler symbol to the antler of Spree-Neisse in Lusatia, and therefore to the Speer bloodline that I traced satisfactorily to Spartans, whom I've long suspected to be from "Sepharvite." In other words, as expected, our Caiaphas-Khazar Hebrew line even enjoined Joktanite Hebrews.

The way in which two different emailers are responsible today for both the Edward and Clark topics is boggling where Clarks appear to link to Edwards even aside from Clarks and Bees sharing the same dragon-head design. Another example of the link is that the Clarks, the ones using the Bee-Crest dragon, show a blue-on-white chevron, colors reversed from the English Edward chevron.

It's a good thing the Edward Coat was re-loaded just now to find: "First found in Wiltshire where Edward of Salisbury..." It supports the trace earlier of Edward the Black Prince to the Slaines, Salines, and Sales. Salisburys are also "Salesbury."

Were the Edwards found linked to besants? Irish Clarks just happen to use besants, not to mention a green seahorse used also by Irish Cohens. And there's another besant in the top corner of the Irish Cohen Coat. This is more evidence that besants trace to Besancon, but as Besancon is beside Macon while the Macon surname uses a "DUM spiro spero" motto code for Speers, what about the "speravi" motto term of Scottish Clarks??? The latter use a blue lion in Crest, the color of the Macon (and Louvain) lion, our so-called Cappeo lion of Yorkshire Bruces and of the Cappeo-like motto term of York surname. It's simply the Caiaphas line of Yorkshire's Parisii; how many evidences do we need to see before accepting this reality?

The Scottish Clark write-up: "There is a record of a James the Clerk, witnessing a charter in DUMfriesshire in 1249." The Annans -- with whom the Yorkshire Bruces merged -- were first found in Dumfries...and so it's appearing quite strong that Clarks were of the Caiaphas cult too, the very idea we might get when we think of Cathian Covert and Lewis Clark together in the Hayden Lake theater.

To help link Clarks more solidly to royal Edwards, let it be repeated: "The Bee Shield is quartered in colors reversed to the Vere Shield, and then the Bees were first found in Oxfordshire...The fact that the Honey Crest uses the MAXton bee design adds to Maccabee suspicions [toward the builder of Clarkhouse on East Honeysuckle Avenue]." Then, here's the spiel on Edward I: "Edward I...also known as Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots (from Latin: Malleus Scottorum)..." It sounds as though his hammer title was originally from "Malleus," which requires a look at the Mallet surname, though I think the Mall/Mallibone surname is important here because it was, not only first found in Cheshire, but uses the Bee Shield...with a black bend cutting across it, no doubt the Sales bend because the Shield is colors reversed also from the Massey Shield.

Thus, Clarks, Bees and Edwards were all united under a Maccabee umbrella, and somewhere under that umbrella there hides Ananias and Caiaphas, the ones targeted by the Horrifying Lightning on the Appointed Day.

The MalliBONE variation is important because the Salisbury/Salesbury Coat gave the impression of using the Dutch Bone crescents...which are colors reversed from the crescents of Speers, and of Deins/Deans (and Deans/Deganis). Bones should trace to Bononia. MOREOVER, English Bones were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Diens, Deins, Danes, Dans/Dannes, and Danners/Daniels. It's not likely coincidental that, after Clarkhouse went into bankruptcy, it was purchased by Monty Danner. The Danners/Daniels use "sperno" in their motto.

Last night, on an old email from GD, where her associates were investigating DNA of Harcourts (Danes), I showed her the white-on-red crescents of Beaumonts, for Harcourts gave birth to the Beaumonts of Leicestershire, and I linked them to the crescents of Dutch Bones for a reason. It was just in the last update, written before I addressed the Harcourt email, that Dutch Bontemps had been linked to Dutch Bones, and then I learned last night that the Harcourt motto uses "bon temps." Remarkable timing, for I had included the Bontemps surname (must have the 's' to come up) at the last minute in the last update precisely yesterday (it's now Tuesday). Bontemps and Harcourts use the same colors.

The Harcourt Crest peacock happens to be the one used in the Maness/Manners Crest. Mens'/Mengzies' were likewise first found in Sussex, meaning, possibly, that Harcourt Danes traced to Danners/Daniels, but then why not also to Deans, Diens, and Danes??? As the Bontemps Shield is now clearly revealed as the Maness shield, it certainly does appear that Maness' were Harcourt-related. The Peacock surname, I once found, is a sept of Pollocks, and Pollocks are the Hitler bloodline.

By what coincidence did Cathian Covert Dein become divorced (I'm assuming she was divorced) from Jeffrey Dein (she was definitely married to him) and then take on the Maness surname (as per her relationship with a man of a Maness surname)? It's as though the Maness surname was likewise linked to the Clarks of Clarkhouse, though more closely related to the Danners that turned the mansion into a Bed-and-Breakfast, as it is to this day.

As HARcourts use "viendra," they not only seem well trace-able to the Vienne sector of Edward's ancestry (the Vienne near Macon / Salines), but to HERods of Vienne elements. The idea squares nicely with what are already considered to be Maccabee and Pharisee lines.

Herod bloodlines amongst the Danes? Why not, if Danes trace to Samsonite > Danaan Hebrews. Danners even use "timeo," a term that I trace confidently to Timnah, the home of Samson's (un-named) wife.

Cathian, born a Caiaphas bloodliner, married a Herod-related Dein, then a Herod-related Maness suspect from HasMONians, and moreover she had a Surbrook surname suspect from the Seir > Saracen line from Biblical Timna (a Seir-ian married to Esau's bloodline) who likely named Samson's Timnah location. I ask you, what's going on here? The Timms/Times were even first found in the same place as Macons/Masons, and moth Macons/masons and Morays use Melusine while Morays had used a "Deum Time" motto. Samsons use the Meschin scallops and both are in the colors of the Diens. It's undeniable. I'm not seeing things, or tricking the reader into seeing things.

Did English Cuffs and Badens/Battons both use battle axes? So do German Danners/Danes, first found in Wurttemberg (location of Baden), where Zahringers ruled. For the record, German Walkers use a split Shield like German Danners, and what could be a version of the Harcourt Coat [this will be revisited below for a great surprise linking Harcourts to a Sur(brook) like surname, but you just wait and see what the great surprise is].

So what's so big about Clarks/Clerks? The Clare > Sinclair Danes, apparently, and one can even link the three white ostrich feathers of Edward the Black Prince to Irish Clairs/Clares/Cleares, who use five of them planted in a royal crown. Irish Clearys/Clareys/Clerkins/Clarks even trace to "a clerk." It was recorded (in the 4th update of December, 2011) that French Clears/Cleres use the Danish-Bauer leopard, though the Coat I now see no longer shows that leopard. Why was it changed at houseofnames?

French Clairs (Brittany) use three red-on-gold stars in the same way as French Bails/Beiles of Provence, and then the French Bails/Beiles of Burgundy (more red roses) use the same-colored fesse as Irish Clairs/Clares, thus clinching the Bail-Clair relationship. In GD's email, someone wrote: "Most importantly, please note town of Eecke about 5km outside Cassel on the road to Bailleul. Keith, I am starting to suspect that our ***Harcourt family was also once known as ****Bailleul-Eecke****, a br[anch] of family Bailleul (Nord) and perhaps known by both names. Please compare ancient arms of ***Eecke with arms of Sir Arthur ***Herries..."

It turns out that the Eck Coat uses red roses on a gold fesse, the color scheme of the Bail and Clair roses. Moreover, the gold Eck bend is on a blue Shield, and Bellamys use a gold-on-blue fesse, as do Scottish Clarks.

The Bellamy Crest uses a "SCEPter," and Shiptons, said to be from "scip," use bellows. The Bellows surname (Mens/Mengzies Shield, black fox head), as could be expected from Macey-related Bellamys, was first found in Cheshire, where Macey-related Edwards lived.

Aha! It wasn't realized until now that Edward the Black's motto, "Ich Dien," might apply to Ecks. Amazing if true, for the very old Harcourt - Eck email was opened at the same time as the very recent Ich Dien email from the same GD.

The article on Edward the Black Prince suggests a trace to black boars: "The French soldier Philippe de Mezieres refers to Edward as the greatest of the 'black boars'..." It just so happens that while I just traced this Edward to Salines, that location is twinned with neighboring Miserey, a term like the Mezieres surname just quoted. What's very interesting here is the recollection of tracing the Gripps/Grabners to the Esus cult of the Trevari Gauls due north of the Salines theater. The Gripp and Slaines Coats appear related. The Gripps are treated with the Treveri mainly in the 3rd update of last November, where the Agrippa term entered the picture from a city of the Ubii Franks, themselves from Bonn initially. Just watch the Bone bloodline re-appear below, and how.

The black Rollo boar should apply to the black boar of Edward the Black Prince because the Rollo Coat uses "tout" while the Wood surname, first found in Ligurian Leicestershire, uses "tutus." This same Edward was also styled. Edward of Woodstock, and his brother was Thomas of Woodstock, "born at Woodstock Palace in Oxfordshire. He married Eleanor de Bohun in 1376 and inherited the title Earl of Essex from his father-in-law, Humphrey de Bohun, 7th Earl of Hereford." That explains why the Woodstock surname uses the Oxford lions. But they are also the lions of the Brians...from the Salyes theater. See that the Arms of Woodstock were the leopards used in the Arms of Normandy.,_1st_Duke_of_Gloucester

This would be a good place to say that the BlackWOOD Coat is almost the Bellamy Coat. In this picture, "BLACKwood" looks to be linked to Edward the BLACK of Woodstock. Who wood have thought?

Entering "Bohun" gets the English Bones, first found in Sussex with all the Dane-like surnames that were just traced to Harcourt Danes. It just so happens that while Beaumonts were just traced to Dutch Bones, the first Beaumont's father was also a Humphrey (de Vielles), a Harcourt bloodliner, and then "Beaumont" is not a far cry from "Bohun." In fact, the gold-on-blue lion(s) of the Bohuns/Bones is found centrally in the Beaumont Coat.

Chances are, therefore, Beaumonts were from Bononia inasmuch as Bohuns/Bones were, and as Bononia was in the Ferrara theater, so the Beaumont and Bohun lions are the Ferrari lion too.

The way to trace Bohuns/Bones to Romans is by way of comparing their Shield with that of Romneys. But I think Romneys, though ultimately from Butteri Latins, were of the Roman elements at Rouen. It's a longish story for here; suffice to say that Rouen's Romans / Romers were from Romerike, in the More theater of Norway's Sinclairs, where Hamar is located that is Maccabee suspect.

To help prove that the Woods mentioned above were Woodstock stock, Scottish Woods use the same oak tree, and were first found in Leicestershire, and then Beaumonts ruled Leicestershire.

The article on Humphrey de Vielles says that his first-born son, "Robert, the elder, assassinated by Roger de Cleres..." It also says: "Thus Humphrey and his Beaumont descendants were kinsmen of the Norman Dukes [= Sinclairs]..." The de-Vielles were from Torville/Torcy, and good thing that it's spelled "Tourville" in the article, for there is a Tourville surname coming up, first found in Leicestershire. The Tourville Coat looks to be a version of the Clare Coat.

BINGO! The Torcy Shield is the same as the Slaines Shield! The Torcy surname was first found in Burgundy, the location of Salines!! All the verifications here allow us to understand the Pharisee / Maccabee / Herod bloodlines much better. Recall the statement above: "[Thomas Woodstock] married Eleanor de Bohun in 1376 and inherited the title Earl of Essex from his father-in-law, Humphrey de Bohun, 7th Earl of Hereford." As I traced Hereford to Herzegovina in the Croatia theater, let me repeat that Cravens traced to "Krvati = Croats, and that Gripps, who use the Slaines and Torcy bend in colors reversed, are shown also as "Craver." (Slaines are said to be from Flanders).

It's Wednesday. The last paragraph was where I finished off yesterday. I was in bed when I came back to reflecting on what was written yesterday, and the Stubb surname came to mind because I had seen it in an article. Checking, it turns out to be a bishop, William Stubbs, commenting in his book on Edward III: "[Edward] was a warrior; ambitious, unscrupulous, selfish, extravagant and ostentatious." Stubbs didn't stop there. The point is, as I recalled this surname in bed, I also recalled that the Stubbs use a gold-on-black bend, the Slaines bend too. I asked myself, as I lay in bed, what the chances were that I left off yesterday at the Slaines and Gripp surnames, so that adding this Stubbs note would flow naturally. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. I feel like a magician doing tricks. The Slaines even use three items (footless martins) beside their bend in the same fashion as the three items (pheons) of the Stubbs Coat.

The Stubbing write-up traces to tree stubs or stumps, and tree stumps are a symbol of Esus, you see, who was portrayed with an axe at the root of trees. It tends to verify what was suggested above, that the Edward line back to Salines and Macon, was linked to Esus and their Treveri worshipers. I had linked "Treveri" to "Traby," and what do you know? Trabys use (five) white ostrich feathers, the symbol of Edward the Black Prince. And Trabys use black bugles, with gold stripping. Stubbings use a black bend with gold besants (!), the latter being a symbol of the Edward line to York. The Stubbing bend is on a quartered Shield, partly gold, so that it looks like a version of the Gripp bend.

IN FACT, aside from the besants, Stubbings use the Mall/MalliBONE Shield exactly. How excellent, for the theory has been that Gripps trace to Colonia Agrippina (or "Cologne"), the city of the Ubii. And the Ubii are said to have asked their Roman allies to be resettled on the opposite side of the Rhine river, meaning that they were on the side where BONN is located!!! Thus, this does not only trend to identify Gripps with proto-Maccabees to/from Bononia, it does in fact trace Edward the Black Prince to that Maccabee family, as expected due to Edward the hammer / Malleus...whom I traced to the Mall/Mallibone surname prior to finding the Stubbs and Stubbing evidence.

I'm not a magician, of course. I'm discovering things because I believe them to be true, and then it checks out with determination, and with God's grace to finish this work (I'm getting tired by now). So, you see, God does speak to me / us with thoughts planted in / our my mind(s) that seem like my / your own thoughts, but how we wish we could hear them as His own voice, so that we'd be able to distinguish. We beg God to speak to us as a sign of His comfort and acceptance of us, and while He is always steering people because He is a father, we don't always recognize it, and so we don't always have peace. I slept a horrible night last night, worried about people, I'm so glad that morning came. I begged God to reveal himself to His people because they are becoming disillusioned, and one such person is my own son. I worried about my other sons too, and how the spirit of this world is doing battle with their tender minds. I prayed personally for some of you too, though really all of you. I ended up thinking that God's invisibility at this time is a long-term Plan to make the Day of the Appearance a magnificent launch pad to an unimaginable super life. It's the contrast between invisibility and Revelation of Himself at the last hopeless moment, when all our faith is hanging on by the last strand of a thread.

The Edward ostrich feathers are those of the Tudors, the ones who settled the war between Lancaster and York. Some day, Wikipedia may be asked to remove the Traby Arms from the webpage above due to the spread of the idea that it shows what looks like a 666 built in. Here's the Arms of Traby from my personal files in case it disappears. Copy it to your computer in case it's needed online. We might need it for a various possibilities, For example, what if Mitt Romney, as president, reveals his personal Arms to include white ostrich features, or black and gold bugles? The Romney Coat is the Pullen Coat, and Trabys are Polish.

To prove Stubbing links to Trabys and therefore to the royal Edwards, the Stubbing besants, gold on black, are used by Treebys/Trebys, and this is very conspicuous where the Stubbing write up traces the surname to the idea of a clearing of TREES. The Arms of Trebizond Empire use three BLACK bars. Treebys use all three colors of the personal Arms of Edward the Black Prince, the Arms of Wales using "Ich Dien" that gets us to the Dien/Dives Coat using the same three colors.

The idea is that Gripps trace to Agrippina and therefore to the Ubii Franks (we're looking for a Mack entity to make them the Maccabees), and that Agrippina had something to do with naming the Agrippa Herods of Israel. Those Herods are known to have been Edomites, and then the Gripel location of Brittany was home to Voirs (Mackie/Mackey lion as proof of Maccabee elements) that use "tout" in their motto as code for the Esau line to which Oliphants were merged.

The evidence is overwhelming here that we are indeed dealing with Maccabees, Herods, and Esau-ites in the ancestry of the royal Edwards. As that ancestry included Vienne up the Rhodanus theater, it's a small jumping of conclusions from there to the Treveri theater. It's a small jumping of conclusions that the end-time 666 comes from proto-Herods as they merged with proto-Maccabees as they merged with Esus as they merged with proto-Traby Treveri as they came to live in Gripel near the proto-Stewart/Sigweard Alans that I traced to 666-suspect Astikas (Lithuania) who married Trabys proper of Poland. It was a heavy-duty branch of this 666 line that killed Jesus, we might reckon.

For those of you who are familiar with my themes on the Doris/Orres and Orr Coats, here's the Wake Coat ("Ora" motto term), using red roundels ("torteaux") as do the Orr and Orell/Oriel Coats. The torteaux were traced (by me) to Tortona, near Pavia and therefore in the Laevi theater. The fact that torteaux were red roundels suggested Edomites, though later it seemed that the Herods, as per Doris, wife of Herod the Great, could apply to Tortona. THE POINT IS, I had been prepared in advance, with the above, to inform you now that the son of Edward I, Edmund of Woodstock, married Margaret Wake!

If the "Ich Dien" of the Edward line was part code for the Inch bloodline, it should be mentioned that the Inch Coat (torteaux) is apparently the Orell/Oriel Coat.

In the last update, the Latin-suspect Littles/Liddells were touched upon as part of the Biblical Dragon-Harlot line of Kilpatricks. It just so happens that Margaret Wake is from "Wake of Liddell." And she traced to Gwynedd, location of the proto-Hasmonians in my current opinion: "[Margaret Wake] was the daughter of John Wake, 1st Baron Wake of Liddell, and was descended directly from Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Gwynedd." Her Edward-line husband was the earl of Kent, and Kent is where the Macons were living that I view as the heart of "Freemason."

Who were the Orr-related Wakes? The so-called "Wake's knot" in their Crest suggests Cnut the Dane, and indeed the Wake and Harcourt Coats are similar enough. Recalling that Harcourts had been Bone elements, what about the Orr motto, "Bonis omnia bona"??? The Orr Shield and Chief is colors reversed to the BONtemps Shield and Chief, and Harcourts use "bon temps viendra" in their motto, if that helps to trace the Doris/Orres surname to the Vienne near Macon. The Bontemps Shield is also the Maness/Manners Shield, and the latter were traced to HasMONian elements (at Mona and Menai, the north side of Gwynedd).

How excellent where it was decided to say, "For the record, German Walkers use a split Shield like German Danners, and what could be a version of the Harcourt Coat." It's excellent because it suggests that Walkers and Wakes were branches of one another, explaining why George W. Bush (descended from Walkers) married Laura Bush with Welch maiden name (Welch's and Walkers appear identical, suggesting that Welch's were related to Wakes).

It was only yesterday when I realized that the Irish Welch Coat looks like a variation of the Wither/Weather Coat, if that can help to explain why the Negro-utilizing Weathermen cult seemed to tie to white-supremacist groups of the Republican kind.

English Walkers (first found in Yorkshire, where English Bush's were first found and where Edward elements were steeped) use the same chevron as Welch's and Withers/Weathers. Just saying. The Walkers above even use blue crescents, the color of the Wither/Weather hare. The Walker chevron uses rings, a symbol in the Scottish Welch saltire that should prove to be the Maxwell / Patrick saltire...because Maxwells and Welch's were first found in the same place (Roxburghshire).

Did I trace Maccabees to Maxwells as well as to MacCabes and their Newman relatives depicted as Tolkien's "Numenor"? Tolkien loved rings too, and now we find that Scottish Welchs use a "numine" motto term. How many proofs do we need to admit to the ugly story told by these re-occurring patterns?

What's that tree stub doing in the Scottish Welch Crest??? Ask Esau. And didn't John the Baptist say that the Heavenly Axe is already at the root of the trees? Prepared, that is, for the Appointed Time.

From the last update while on Menelaus and Mono-Lisa elements: "The Manders use 'Laus deo' in their motto, and wonders upon wonders, Manders use 'OMNIbus' in their motto, while Moens/Muns use 'Omnia vincit veritas.'" The idea there was that Mona / Hasmoneans elements liked "omnia," and I now find the Orrs using the same term along with two Bone-like terms, thereby supporting my trace of proto-Maccabees to Mona's Ordovices, said to be named after "hammer." Yes, for Orrs are honored by Wakes who trace to the home of Ordovices.

Aha! Wilkins were first found in southern Wales (GlaMORGAN). The Wilkins Coat is an ugly green wyvern dragon, symbol of the Drakes from Hampshire, the location to which I traced Menelaus Spartans (Menelaus was made son of Atreus, and Atrebates lived in Hampshire). I'm repeating this because Withers/Weathers (suspect as a branch of Welsh's) were likewise first found in Hampshire. In the last update, Withers/Weathers were linked to Ayers' and therefore to "ears" that trace to Israel's chief priests.

AHA!!! GREAT FIND WITH STUPENDOUS RAMIFICATIONS. As Wilkins are suspect as a branch of Walkers, let me repeat that Walkers had traced (not more than 10 updates ago) to Scherffs, and that a Nazi-obsessed Scherff family (i.e. George Herbert Scherff) was the true identify/surname of George Herbert Walker Bush (see 4th update of last April for some details). I had been first convinced that George H.W. Bush was a Nazi operative when seeing that both German Walkers and Scheres/Scherfs use similar symbols on similar split Shields. I now find that the Schere/Scherf and Wilkins Shields are both split in the same colors!!! Wow. This revelation is one of the reasons that I fear for my life. I've learned from 911 that the Bush Nazis are murderously insane; they need to keep their secret at this time when global rule, using the United States as their tool, is within reach.

In the 911 investigations of recent updates, Veres were traced solidly to the 911 murder plots, and so we now find that Wilkins use the red Drakenberg wyvern in green. Veres used a green wyvern as their special symbol, and one can trace it to Melusine (mythical dragon woman of LUSignan), which the Vere-surnamed leader of Drakenberg (an old witchcraft cult into the modern day) located in Avalon...where mythical (= codework) Morgan le Fay was the chief witch. We now find green-wyvern Wilkins first found in GlaMORGAN, anciently "Morgannwg," assuring us that Morgan le Fay was of that place.

The "Estote" motto term of Wilkins easily traces to Este in the Padova theater, where Este became ruled by rulers of Ferrara (near Modena). But the Est/Este Coat uses the same horse design as Butes/Butts, for which reason we can trace Este to Bute = Avalon, beside the MacCabes...that I've traced to Pharisee-suspect Ferrara and to Bononia and Modena, beside Ferrara. The pattern just repeats itself the more I become familiar with the heraldry codes.

Butes/Butts are said to have been of Oxford and Southampton, the latter being in relation to Hampshire. Therefore, Butes/Butts do fit the Vere wyvern line. Besides, Neils/Nihills use estoiles, as do Butes/Buts, and Veres use "nihil" in their motto (as do Deins). Veres honored Neils, therefore, and then both Neils and German Butes/Butts use fish, very trace-able to the Cadmus fish symbol at Butua/Budva, the place where I see the proto-Maccabee Boiotians.

Did it appear that Drakes should link to Atreus > Menelaus elements in Hampshire? The Neil Coat uses tow lions facing one another, which I've deemed to be a symbol of boxing, the ancient symbol given to mythical Pollux, brother of Menelaus' wife. I identified Pollux as the Spartan Apollo, while Apollo was the namer (ultimately) of "Avalon." Avalon, and French Avallon at Autun (= another location of the Butua Boiotians), were of CAMPania > CHAMpagne elements that likely named, HAMPshire. The Hamps/(H)Amptons (wolf in Crest) were first found in Staffordshire, where the Stubbs were first found that were just traced to Edward's ancestors in Macon and Salines, beside Autun and Champagne/Avallon. That certainly shows a potential to trace Hamps to Champagne. Like Stubbings, Hamps use besants, and then Edward ancestry at Macon and Salines was also at nearby BESANcon. Stubbings and Stubbs both use CAMPbell gold and black, and Campbells (= branch of MacArthurs) were of the Bute theater.

AMAZING CORROBORATION. I almost passed on checking the Ashmole page when seeing a fleur-de-lys in the Irish Hamp/Hempson/Hanson Coat that's in the gold-on-black colors of the Ashmole fleur (Slaines share the same colors). But checking, it was found that Ashmoles/AshMALLs were likewise (as with ) first found in Staffordshire. In this picture, Edward's "malleus = hammer" might be linked to AshMall, especially as Ashmoles have already been traced to Asmans who were found (in the last update) to be are very likely at the root of "Hasmonean" (the family name of the Maccabee hammers).

AHA-HA!!! The Ashmole and Hamp fleur is used even in the Salines/Salas Coat!!! (I've never before stressed a Hamp trace to Champagne like this, with such super results even.)

If the heart symbol is that of Arts / Arthurs and Herods, then what about the Lennon/Lennan heart pierced with nails? German Neils are also "Nails," you see, and "Lennan" may have been from "L'Annan." Zowie, a clinching shocker: Lennans/Lennans and Niles/Nielsons were both first found in the same place (Ayrshire). The Niles/Neilson motto uses "regi servitium," translated as "service to the king." But "Ich Dien" is said to mean, "I serve." The Kyles were of Ayrshire too, and related Coles use "Deum Cole regem servi."

I traced the black-on-gold candles of old Kyles to the black-on-gold Arms of Flanders, and then the Coles use black on gold too. The Flanders/Flinders surname used the same fesse a Cravens, and then Gripps/Cravers also use black on gold. The idea here is that the serv-like motto terms trace to Serbia, while Cravens / Cravers trace to "Krvati" = Croats. I had identified Serbs and Croats as "Gareb" elements from Jerusalem's Amorites long before finding the Cravens and Cravers, but note that the Gripps/Cravers are properly shown with Grab(n)-like variations. This recalls that Kyles of old uses a pipe symbol (the kind one smokes) of Old King Cole, and that the Pipe surname is also "Pepins," while Babenbergs were founded by a Poppo I of GRABfeld.

I always go back to Jerusalem's Amorites when tracing "Sion" and Zionists of the Freemason kind. Flemings (founders of Flanders) were such Zionists, as they were chief amongst the Templars who massacred Jerusalem's Jews and Arabs. That's why the Flinders variation of the surname is important, for Flints (another estoil) use "Sine macila" for a motto, while "Sine" gets the Sion/Swan surname. The Flints use "flint stones" for a symbol.

In other words, Freemasons are not only Pharisees et-al from Roman times, but include the very Amorites that are likely ancestral to Romans. All the enemies of God rolled into one powder keg that will blow this world to Kingdom-Come when they come to global fisticuffs.

It's Wednesday afternoon. I'm having lunch and perusing the news. I came across the following and was SHOCKED, shocked for not realizing sooner:

China on Wednesday urged Syria's government and opposition factions to honor their commitments, after the regime accepted a proposal crafted by Kofi Annan designed to end the bloody conflict.

KOFI??? Didn't I just trace surnames just like Kofi to "Caiaphas," and doesn't "Kofi Annan" therefore smack of the high priest, Annas, and his son-in-law, Caiaphas??? What a coincidence. Or is it? Yes, I realize that Kofi Annan is African, but he was also the head of the United Nations for many years. As we might expect that globalism is ruled by Western Caiaphas elements, might it not explain why they helped to get Kofi Annan in charge of their globalism?

Kofi is from Ghana, a British colony when Kofi was born. Possibly, therefore, Kofi's surname is from a white father. Wikipedia's article on Kofi does not give specific ancestral details. He appears to be named after the "Kofandros section of Kumasi," where he was born. Another article: "The Kofi Annan Foundation works to promote better global governance..." There is no such thing as "better" global governance. A global government is what has brought the world to ruin already, with total annihilation yet to occur. Kofi's corruption at the helm of a global government has already been exposed.

Just found this headline: "Freemasonry link to Kofi Annan's father disappears from Wikipedia." In the article: "Information about Kofi's father in the biography held that dad was 'a high ranking Freemason. For reasons unknown, lately that information has been removed." Aha! It goes on:

Readers can browse Wikipedia under Kofi Annan's Biography, Early years and family: "Annan was born to Henry Reginald and Victoria Annan in the Kofandros section of Kumasi, Ghana"..."

I'm assuming that Kofi's father was Henry Reginald Anann rather than "Reginald" being the surname. Aha some more:

Still up on the first page of Google is a William Shawcross article on Annan from Saga Magazine, dated November 2002: "Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General was born in Ghana in 1938. His mother was from the Fante tribe on the Cape Coast of Ghana and his father was half Fante, half Ashanti. Annan could have become a chief of either tribe. In the last days of the British Empire, his father was in business, a manager in Lever Brothers subsidiary and a leading Freemason."

Lever Brothers? SHAWcross??? Don't I trace Shaws/Sheaves to Israel's chief priests??? Don't Italian Sheaves show a Chiapponi variation?

The Wikipedia article tries to make us believe that "Kofi" was named after the word, "Friday," the day of the week. But The Friday surname is also FARAday. The Friday Coat is red on gold, the color of the Annan(dale) saltire used by the Arms of Ayrshire and others. The motto in the Arms of Ayrshire: "god SHAW the richt." The Arms of Ayrshire is a red-on-gold saltire; the Shawcross Coat is a saltire in colors reversed! How-a-bout-that.

Pin the Tale on the Kennedy Assassination

While searching for neo-Nazis in Santa Barbara (where the builder of Clarkhouse disappeared), I instead found an anti-Nazi webpage from a book written before 1972. By the way, Riverside is not far from Santa Barbara (I'm guessing less than 100 miles). Both are in coastal areas in southern California.

The webpage is an "Excerpt From 'The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination'". It's concerned with a group which the author calls the "covert government," and she pegs Richard Nixon as a Nazi tool dredged up from Nobody USA. That is, the Illuminati often uses nobodys, raises them up to honorable and powerful positions, and controls them easier thereby because they can be made into nobodys again if they betray. The book implies that the covert government is, or at least includes, the CIA. It places the covert government squarely in the Republican field. What she seems to ignore is the other covert government that competes with the Republican one.

The book claims that the CIA belonged to Otto Skorzeny, the one who, on a deathbed confession, claimed that George Herbert Scherf Jr. was later the CIA leader, George H.W. Bush. It was just yesterday (Wednesday) when I got to a headline telling that George H.W. Bush is about to endorse Mitt Romney. We have been hearing for many weeks now that insider Republican elite want Mitt Romney. Probably, those insiders usually get their man in Office. Might we get the sense that Romney is being manipulated by covert Nazis? Were his political ancestors raised in the first place by a covert group of lawless men? As the CIA has placed men in power worldwide, we might ask whether the anti-Christ will be a CIA man.

The excerpt from the book says: "Otto Skorzeny's CIA and Reinhard Gehlen death squads, with headquarters in Madrid, were founded by Martin Bormann [one of Hitler's chiefs] when the Evita Peron funds were shared after 1952." This mind-stretching situation was made possible by various intrigues, including the support in America for Adolf Hitler during his quest for the world, and by the American operation, Paperclip, the willing transplantation into American science fields of German / Nazi scientists after WW2. These circumstances hint that German elements in the United States already had a strong head-lock on America before Hitler arose.

The reality is all about friendly faces in the Republican camp who will kill you if it's deemed necessary, and all the politicians know it, wherefore they know what not to say and do. It's control by murder threats, hardly a democracy. Late in the excerpt, we find the writer with as heart like ours: "They are in power today, continuing mass murders, political assassinations. Industrial giants scrape the bottom of the ocean, the surface of the moon, the face of the earth for the oil, gold, minerals, resources within their grasp. It is the moral obligation of human beings to halt this hunger for power and legalized greed toward the majority of persons on the planet earth."

Twice, the excerpt tells that Nazis inside the US were disguised as missionaries / Christian organizations. These Nazis have given Christ a bad name where they're lumped in with the so-called "Christian far right." They have learned to pit Christian voters against Democrats, as Democrats pit voters against the Christian right. Only "the middle" Independents would come out to vote otherwise. George Bush JR. lured Christians, but he didn't create a smaller government, nor did he expend himself on Christian issues. He brought the American economy to a slow chug by his war on behalf of the covert Nazis. And it is by that war that the CIA may have gotten to furnishing the future anti-Christ that I'm expecting in Iraq.

The CIA makes leaders of nations, and yet I don't see a good guess at who a CIA-upcomer could be in the Middle East that could fit the description of my view of Gog. If it was God's job to hide the anti-Christ even from Christians until His appointed time, He will do a great job, as always.

The excerpt (written before Reagan was president) implies that Ronald Reagan was one of the Nazi tools. It makes absolute sense to me. I realize that the writer, Mae Brussell (rabbi's daughter in California), may have been be a liberal Democrat out to demonize Republicans, and to spread her own brand of "truth," but for the moment I'm entertaining that she was out for the real truth on Kennedy's assassination, and that it wasn't centrally an exercise in destroying the Republican vote.

Before going on, see the besants in the German Brussell Coat, in the three colors of the Dien and Slaines Coats, et-al. The Brussell Shield is quartered in black and white, the colors of the Hohenzollern quarters. The Brussell Coat format is identical to that of the German Tall/Thale Coat (Thule-suspect) featuring the bee design of the Bessin Coat (looks like the Sales Shield). That's all evidence that the Brussell surname traces to Besancon, and as the Besancon and Salines locations had traced to Edward the Black Prince, by what coincidence does the Tall/Thale Crest use ostrich feathers, symbol of the Dien entity of Edward the Black Prince??? See three ostrich feathers also in this Rothschild Arms. The Zionist stars in the Tall/Thale Coat are Bauer-star colored.

I had no intention of being on Brussell's book when the update was started. And yet the Brussell surname comes to the Edward bloodline. That's a point deserving it's own paragraph.

Though the Rus side of Edward traces to Rosh, the suspicion is that Edward's Savoy side was Gog. The Ligurian CYCnus, that is, from the Kikons / Caucones. It's the disgusting Ixion cult, married to Nephele whom I traced the Nevers and Autun...very near Besancon, Salines, Avallon and Macon. Having identified Nephele as a line from queen NEPHERtiti, the term smacked of "Aphrodite, whom I had by then traced to the Abruzzo > Brusi/Bruce line/ By then I had already suggested that the Brusi/Bruce family, because Bruces are known to be from Belgians, named "Brussels." In fact the English Louvains, from Louvain in Belgium, use the same Coat as English Macons. You can suspect a Levi-Maccabee nature to the Louvains (also called "Leuven") and Macons. Didn't I say "disgusting"?

We can ask why Mae Brussells was able to host a radio program featuring her conspiracy theories for many years (almost 20) while not being removed by the forces she spoke out against. Was another covert government protecting her? Mae said: "In August, 1945, a Committee of One Hundred Men located in California placed an advertisement in 26 newspapers:..." Note the date, immediately after Hitler's fall. The ad, the excerpt explains, was intended to raise Richard Nixon to power, and finally he became the president in 1969, just two terms before Ronald Reagan and his vice-president, George Herbert Scherf Jr., controlled the country.

Who were the 100 men? We should like to know, but the implication is that they were the covert government's officials, wolves in sheep's clothing, the ones who create cardboard characters acting as their visible leaders. But then, doesn't the Communist covert government create cardboard characters too? The only good thing about this is that cardboard burns easily, if only the peoples would put a match to them. But look, the peoples have yet to recognize who the cardboard characters are, and they elect them election after election. And the media assures that non-coverts, if there are any official contenders at all these days, get little or no coverage. Someone needs to start a Non-Covert Party, but then the coverts would infiltrate that too. It's a disease that spreads by the powers of satan to make mockery of everything Godly.

The truth is, the good don't die young, and don't finish last; they live forever. It's the bad who don't finish the race at all, whom are thrown by God into the Garbage near the start of the race, even before they have been born into Eternity. They are Aborted, you see, while still in the "womb." A very just punishment.

Earlier in Mae's piece, we read:

Before the election of 1960, a group within the Christian Right [she uses a highly-derogatory political term there] plotted to kill John Kennedy [he may have been Mae's hero] in Van Nuys, California while he was still a candidate. The group was a meld of anti-Castro Cubans, Minutemen and home-grown nazis. Some were sought by Jim Garrison, following his arrest of Clay Shaw, for testimony before the New Orleans grand jury. When Garrison forwarded extradition papers for Edgar Eugene Bradley, a member of the group, [California] Governor Ronald Reagan refused to sign them. The leader of one of these groups, the Christian Defense League (CDL), was the Reverend William P. Gale. During the war Gale had been an Army colonel in the Philippines training guerrilla bands. His superior officer was Willoughby. By the late 1950s Gale was recruiting veterans for his "Identity" group, which was financed by a wealthy Los Angeles man.

It just so -happens that Van Nuys is in Los Angeles, and that these locations are near Riverside. As for the appearance of a Shaw surname, how-a-bout that. Clay Shaw was involved in New Orleans, a zealous Freemason bastion where Lee Harvey Oswald was reportedly born:

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted Clay Shaw on the charge that Shaw and a group of right-wing activists, including David Ferrie [smacks of "Ferrari / Pharisee"!] and Guy Banister, were involved in a conspiracy with elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Garrison arrested Shaw on March 1, 1967.

After the ad for a political tool was placed -- in California -- by the Committee of One Hundred Men, "Richard Nixon, located in Maryland, still in the Navy, received a telephone call from Herman Perry. 'Are you a republican and are you available [for the job]?' were the two questions asked of Nixon. " Thus the Committee chose Herman Perry to make the phone call, if that helps to reveal who the One Hundred were. Perry was Bank of America's vice-president at the time. The finger is pointing to the banking cabal, and even the ancestry of the president Bush's were bankers.

Can we say that "Jewish" Rothschild bankers are part of the Nazis? Not necessarily, unless some Rothschilds brought Hitler to power in defiance of the Communist Rothschilds. We might view this as the fisticuffs between dragons destined to bring the world to ruin at the Last Bell, when all the nice guys are born into Eternity, when the covert Boxer in the Sky comes to deliver the Knock-Out, on the Day the bad guys see stars. Remember, the Hiedler/Hitler Coats uses stars in Bauer-star colors, and the first Rothschild (banker family) changed his surname (what spies often do); he was born a Bauer.

I take note when Nazi suspects are said to be, as is the case for Nixon, in the U.S. navy, for William Hitler (alias Stuart-Houston) was also in the navy. When learning that, it suggested to me that pro-Nazi elements had some charge over the navy. Recall the Sealey surname that figured in at Montana's Sealey Lake, near the home of Charles Mangels, for the U.S. Navy has so-called SEALs. It might not be coincidental, because the bad guys are often corny with the choosing of their organizational names.

As we read on toward my shot at identifying Kennedy's assassins, let's assume that Communist Rothschilds (and Rhodians) are in the Democrat camp, in favor of Kennedy. In the following clips from Mae, Lee Harvey Oswald (for foreigners and young ones, Lee was the one who supposedly assassinated Kennedy) is placed into the camp of Russian Czarists, the ones of the murdered Russian czar, reportedly murdered by the Communist Rothschild cabal. While there's logic in placing Lee in the czarist camp, in opposition to the Kennedy-supporting Rothschilds, yet we come out thinking that the czarist camp was itself under the wings of the Nazi Camp USA:

When George de Mohrenschildt was busy introducing Lee [Harvey Oswald] and Marina [Oswald's wife] to the Dallas-Ft. Worth White Russian displaced Czarists...[it doesn't make for logic to me, what's Mae up to?]

Ruth Paine would provide housing for Marina while Lee went to New Orleans...After summer vacation at Wood's Hole, Mass., Ruth returned and brought Marina to her home in Irving [= Dallas], Texas, while Lee was on the bus to Mexico with Albert Osborne/John Bowen [i.e. the two are the same person], and four other Solidarists from the Russian network. After Kennedy was murdered, the Dallas police rushed to the Paine's home. From that garage and elsewhere, via the Paines, came most of the incriminating evidence against Oswald. The alleged murder weapon never could be proven by the Warren Commission as ever having come from their garage.

Mae claimed that someone used the Paine's -- with the Paine's in full compliance -- to falsely set Oswald up as the assassin. But Mae was seeking to place focus on the Czarists for the assassination, which may be her attempt to deflect the reader from the Rothschild / Rhodian Communists to which Oswald likely belonged. In any case, who's John Bowen? Later in Mae's piece:

When Lee Harvey Oswald entered Mexico at Laredo, Texas, on Sept. 26, 1963, his companion on the Red Arrow bus was Albert Osborne, alias John Howard Bowen. Bowen-Osborne had been running a school for highly professional marksmen in Oaxaca, Mexico, since 1934. The cover for the place was his particular mission, and he was the missionary.

The FBI records on Bowen go back to June 4, 1942, in Henderson Springs, Tennessee. He operated a camp for boys known as "Campfire Council." Neighbors complained it was for pro-nazi activities with young fascists. Bowen vehemently opposed the U.S. going to war with nazi Germany. They stomped on the American flag.

Before that, Bowen worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority since 1933. His dual citizenship between Great Britain and the U.S. took him over the entire globe. So did his use of multiple aliases.

Now wait a minute. She first says that Bowen was on the bus with "four other Solidarists from the Russian [czarist] network," and then she paints Bowen as a hard-core nazi. Is she implying that czarists and nazis were one and the same group for the purpose of Kennedy's murder? It could be true. But first I'd have to be convinced that czarists had become a strong political force in the United States. I've never heard anything of the sort, but it's logical that czarists brought much money with them when run out of Russia, and that the money was coveted by "friendly" nazis groups suddenly appearing in their faces.

The Welsh Bowen Coat is a stag standing on a green mount. The Lennon/Lenin Coat uses a stag standing on a green mount, and the Rothschild Communists had chosen a Lenin surname to be the first president of Communist Russia. How-a-bout that. It could therefore be that Bowen's Russian Solidarists, if they were Russian at all (I don't know whom by name Mae is referring to), were of the Rothschild / Lenin camp. Later, we find that Bowen was riding with two people from Liverpool, where William Hitler was from.

Let's not forget that "Lennan" could be from "L'Anann," the line of Israel's chief priests. Note that the Bowen stag holds a trefoil in mouth, symbol of the Rockefeller-related Rodes'. The problem I'm having here is that Bowen seems connectable both to nazis and to communists in the USA. It's a problem that will haunt me throughout this hunt for the real assassins. If not for shared info on the Internet, we probably wouldn't have a chance over a lifetime to find the truth.

The Bowen motto, "Esse quam videri," smacks of Hesse, but then the same motto is used by Scherff-suspect Sheriffs. The Mannings use the same motto, and then the Manning Crest shows more ostrich feathers. As president Lenin was a "Jewish" Blank on his mother's side, and because I traced Whites to the Uat/Buto cult that was engaged by Chemmites, let me quote from the fourth update in last January:

The Manning motto uses "Esse quam videri." As further proof that "quam" is code for Chemmites suspect (by me) as Camber/Cambria elements, the "quam" term is used also by CHAMBERlains, and in fact they are in Manning-Coat colors. By what coincidence do I trace the Samson surname to Chemmites and to the heraldic donkey symbol while both Chamberlain Crests use a donkey? That tends to clinch the Manning link to Chamberlains, and WOWIE, Samson's father was MANoah!!! That should explain why the Samson and Manning "crosses" are identical.

It's astounding that I should be led to the quote above while seeking the "Esse quam videri" motto in my files, for it inadvertently found the Chamberlain surname while the Mae Brussell piece speaks on a Chambers surname. "Whittaker Chambers made a point of becoming acquainted with Alger Hiss in 1934. At that time, some considered Chambers to be a German spy." This is more amazing where "Hiss" gets the Hesse surname while the motto above seems to be part-code for Hesse's.

WHITTaker Chambers was the one who testified that he and Hiss were secret Communist spies; Hiss went to jail, but Chambers walked free for testifying. Mae thinks that Hiss was wrongly accused and convicted, by the Chambers circle, to discredit him. Mae seems to imply that Hiss was himself a nazi operative who had to be shut up by being portrayed as a communist. Nazi elements, logically, routinely maimed reputations of political enemies by heaping Communist accusations upon them. (I've decided not to capitalize "Nazi" and "Communist" anymore unless it's referring to Nazis and Communists proper).

It should be said that a great prize in the world of coverts is to buy off an enemy spy to make him their own against those from whom they were purchased. This should explain the inconsistencies we are seeing in this story. People that seem to have communist history may have turned to the enemy nazis, and vice-versa, or it may be even more complicated than that in the case of some dare-devils whom change coats more than once.

One in the Chamber circle is mentioned as Isaac Don Levine, a loyal Nixonite. The Levine surname is also "Levi," remember. The evidence builds to support an America ruled by a Khazar alliance with lines from Israel's chief priests. I'm sure that this is the message that I am to be conveying to Christians. Not just American Christians, but European too, and in all nations covered by EU and UN umbrellas. Note that while the Chamber motto is simply, "Spero," the Annan motto is simply "Sperabo." Both Chambers and Annans use red-on-white.

It's no surprise that the Chamber surname above was first found in Wales, where Cambrians lived. But it's important that Chambers were first found in Denbighshire, where the Welsh Edwards were first found. It's important because the Camber surname uses the same Shield (colors reversed) as the Dives Coat, and because the Diens (related to Edward the Black) are also shown as "Dives." Cambers and Diens were even first found in the same place (Sussex).

I trace "Diva" (old name of Chester) to the Welsh Daffy/David surname (Cheshire), and then the motto of the French Chambers (first found in Savoy!) includes, "funDAVIT." It just so happens that some place the birth of Bowen-Osborne in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Recalling that the Maccabee-suspect Edward line had been mixed up with Maccabee-suspect Bohuns, what about the Bohan variation of Irish Bowans? "Bohan" is how the surname is shown properly. Also, I traced Maccabee lines to the green color, the color of the Bower and Bauer Shields. One of the green lines to which I traced Maccabees was the Deas surname, itself known to be from the Annan-related Desmonds of MUSkerry...from Cork, where the Bohan/Bowan surname was first found. As you can see, the Bohan/Bowan Coat (black Shield) is, once again, in the colors of the Dien Coat. Danish Bauers (black Shield) come to mind.

[For the first time ever, I've just noticed that is using a copyright symbol over their Coats, which at times hides the symbols. Drats. But these Coats are ancient, so I don't see how houseofnames can claim to own them.]

The Chambers from Savoy use, "AltissiMUS nos funDAVIT," as the entire motto, which could be part-code for the Mauds of Monto ALTO. Mauds (Cheshire, as with Davids), who use the same sort of Shield as Haydens, could be from "Modena," you see, and Edwards have already been identified as Cheshire's Maceys. The latter were a branch of Piedmont Mascis who use fleur in the colors of the fleur used by Savoy's Chambers. Savoy was partly in the Cottian Alps where Modane is located, and then the Dives location of the Dives surname was from Caen in Normandy, while the Caens/Canns (traced to Cuneo of Piedmont) use lattice/fretty that I identify with Cottians and MontFerrat in Cuneo. It's that Gogi swan again that likely named Savoy and Savone, from lake Sevan, the home of Gogarene...and likely the ancient home also of the Caucones > Kikons from Troy.

Again, the Arms of Edward the Black Prince, and of the office of Prince of Wales, uses "Ich Dien" and white ostrich feathers; Caens/Canns use five white ostrich feathers. Both Caens/Canns and Irish Clairs/Clares/Cleares use five white ostrich feathers from a gold crown / coronet. As Sinclairs trace to the house of CANdie/CANdida in Savoy, the Caens/Canns are suspect as Candida elements. Candidas were first found in the same place (Naples) as the Caiaphas-suspect Capua surname, from mythical Capys Trojans.

Now as I trace Catti from Hesse-Cassal to the makings of Chester / Cheshire -- and to the Chee/Cheatle surname of Cheshire which uses the Dives and Camber dancette -- it's very interesting that Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss were partners before Chambers betrayed him. More intriguing is that I trace "Diva" to the Daphne cult, from dolphin-depicted Dauphine, while Kennedys use, not only dolphins, but the Scottish Cassel Coat. In my very old opinion, "Kennedy" was from "Gwynedd" elements (ultimately from the Heneti > Veneti Trojans, the same that put forth the Boofima > Baphomet cult).

It just so happens that while Bill Ayers was involved in a Weatherman cult of communists (traced in the last update to the WITHerspoon and Ayers-related Wither/Weather bloodline), Kennedys were first found in AYRshire while they (and Cassels) use the same chevron, and same Shield format, as Withers/Weathers. I realize that John F. Kennedy was opposed to the Communists, at least in his public voice, and yet as a Democrat, I think he was controlled by communist forces in the United States, the same that created the Weathermen terrorist group. All the bad, murderous "luck" that went to political Kennedys may not have been luck at all.

Communism was simply a means to create an elite crowd in government agencies, ruling over slaves, the peoples. Nazism was identical in that regard. It seems the Illuminati couldn't agree on which system to utilize globally, and so two covert governments arose in the Western world, both seeking globalism for themselves. It's a perfect situation for mutual self-destruction...when the good guys finish first, and live forever.

Chambers trace to the Uat/Buto cult of Chemmites (from ancient Kemmis) that often use vair "fur," as for example the White and Chemmis surnames. I'm trying to point out that while the Uat cult traces to Chambers and Whites, Withers appear to be Whites. As we saw that the Wither/Weather Shield is also in the format of the Welch Shield, while Welch's must surely have been Walkers, who were in turn Wilkens and Scherfs, note that Mae Brussell's piece on the Nazi covert government mentions a Walker surname:

The cropped photo that Life [magazine] printed with Oswald holding a rifle came from a box removed from the [Paine's] garage, taken to the police department, then returned the next day, with nobody present to indicate where it came from [she's making the good point that Lee Oswald, living temporarily at the Paine home, was framed for the assassination by the real bad guys, the US POLICE].

Accessory after the fact, the letter was delivered to Marina in December undated and unsigned, to cover up General Walker's anxiety to blame a "Communist," Lee, for shooting at him in April, and came from Ruth [Paine] to Marina...

...Michael Paine took Lee to a meeting with General Edwin Walker [I think this is where Walker was speaking his anti-Communist spiels during his bid for political dreams] shortly before the assassination. Soon Oswald would be charged with having shot Walker in April, and Walker would be calling his nazi cronies in Germany 24 hours after JFK was killed telling them he finally solved "who shot through his window" seven months earlier: the same Oswald [we can't even be sure that the shot through Walker's window wasn't faked by the bad-guy US POLICE].

Who were the Paines? [she implies that Paines were complicit with the framing of Oswald]...

Michael Paine was a descendant of the Cabots on both sides.

WHAMMO! It was just in the last update when I came across the realization that "Caiaphas" had derived in the "MacCABE" sector of Maccabees / proto-Maccabees: "It's not only the MacCabes/Abees who use fish; the Chabes (Provence!) have just been found to use fish, and they are also the Cabots. The question is, what Chabes or Chaves or Chappes entity was it that formed "Caiaphas." What a coincidence that the Kennedy assassination by Nazi suspects should now trace to Cabots on both sides, as though Michael Paine's parents were bloodline worshipers.

IT JUST SO HAPPENS that Hugh de Payen married a Chappes surname!!! Those exclamatons are for the "Paine" variation of the Payen/Paion bloodline. Not too shabby, praise God for these revelations. But we want to know and understand more. We want right into the secret rooms of the covert government, to see who stands there, even before the arrival of the Knock-Out Punch. We want to understand who the end-time Pharisees are that we are to avoid in the night of 666. We already have the clue of the five white Traby ostrich feathers that trace to the Savoy side of the Edwards-Masseys, and to the pink Tudors of Wales. But upon the Day of the Seventh Toot, the Tudors will toot their Traby horns no more, and the stubborn donkey beast will fall to the floor with a thunderous shaking of the planet, like a dumb beast hunted down and Assassinated by the Covert Government in the Sky. That's what it's all about, allowing the lawless donkey its dark hours of power to justify its Assassination.

Throughout this hunt for Kennedy's real assassins, the Paines look like nazis rather than communists. They look like nazis posing as communists in order to get Oswald into their home. Ruth Paine's maiden name: Hyde!!! Possibly the Hiedler/Hitler bloodline. The Hyde Coat is like one of those (using gold-on-blue diamonds) that were recently (2nd update March) linked to the Nagle Coat and to Diamond T mining (Rollock Inc., with the representative, Chris Nagle, purchased the land of Diamond T mining at the flight-93 "crash site" in Pennsylvania).

Both Ruth and her husband (married in Pennsylvania but lived in Dallas) were the worst kind of Americans, workers for the Civil Liberties Union, the org seeking to run the Bible to the ground, and to thereby dislocate Christian vision from the political forum. In her Wikipedia article, Ruth is shown to be complicit in providing authorities a note by Lee Oswald in which he admits to the attempted killing of general Walker. This has the Bush-family Nazis all over it, the same Walkers who helped to construct the 911 murders, and the faked Pennsylvania plane crash. We may not yet be in the inner rooms of these cowardly dictators, but we are now on their doorsteps asking to come in for a little chat.

If they weren't cowards, they'd expose themselves, but as they kill from behind the curtains, they refuse to fight in the open fields. Cowardly terrorists, they terrorize the entire political field with paid-off snipers. They refuse to fight their own battles because they love themselves too much to die for their own causes. And they recognize that their own causes are indefensibly low-grade manure. Who knows more than they just how cheap their own methods are? Yet, dumb donkeys that they are, they sleep on their own manure, and in the morning they go out to pillage the poor workers, who work an honest day with their own hands, and the asses come back home in the evening with bags of filthy loot upon their backs. And they purchase more snipers and bandits to carry out their stinking methods, that they might exploit the poor workers all the more, until their barns are filled with treasures piled to the rafters. If they weren't dumb, they wouldn't think themselves wise for behaving this way.

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, is near the locations to which I tentatively traced flight-93 conspirators (see 2nd update March). The conspirators seemed to trace to the near-north of Philadelphia, near the highway to nearby Newark, where flight 93 took off. If you recall, the faked plane crash was beside Rollock scrap metals, and we now find: "After working in the U.S. Army, [Michael] Paine worked a few months for Griswold Manufacturing Co. After that, Paine worked at Bartol Research Foundation in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania for about a year. He then worked for his mother's second husband Arthur M. Young, making helicopter models in Pennsylvania."

Paine's Griswold employer has a cast-metal company i.e. it melts metal. Rollock had a metal-melting operation. It's not exactly a smoking gun, but worth recording for further investigation by ANYBODY USA who values his life so little as to bring the risk of being sniper-shot by cowards behind the curtains.

The only person named at the Rollock website is Chris Nagle, and here today a Nagle Steel Company in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, has been found. I can find no other details. I have no direct evidence that Christ Nagle was involved with flight 93. He's a suspect of the Tribwatch Police Department, where the chief is one of the good guys. If any bad guy wants to come after me in the dead of night, he should look above his head to the winds that hold the protecting angels, and he should pray that I don't catch him before he catch's me, because if His trap catch's him, He can also make him confess who sent him. And He then has the right to punish whoever sent him, because he tried to harm one of His good guys.

While the bad guys may get away (for the time being) with harming those who have no protecting angels, it's a far different story if they try to harm those who belong to Jesus, for even the bad guys fear the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, the bad guy will trip over his own shoe laces, and fall flat in front of my foot. That's what it means when it says that the enemies of God will become a footstool for His feet. And they better lick them too.

Reminder: Hugh de Payen married a Chappes surname, but some think he married a Catherine Sinclair. The Rollock surname is also "Rollo," and Rollo the viking pirate leader -- the stinking looter of wealth worked for by others -- was the Sinclair line. Hugh de Payen, the stinking Templar coming as a lamb in wolf's clothing, came to live near Roslin (where Sinclairs lived) after his Jerusalem stint (or stunt). The Nagles are also Nails/Neils, who were linked earlier in this update to Annan-suspect Lennans/Lannans / Lenins. How remarkable, since Annans are identified with the Caiaphas line that I in turn see in the Chappes.

Can we say that the Pharisee line came to rule Russia via the same Rothschilds who helped the British take Israel in 1917? Yes, and we should scream it from the housetops. And if the anti-Christ turns out to be a Russian from the same Rothschild cowards, who change their surnames to keep from being identified, what a story History turns out to be. When Jesus comes and faces the end-time Caiaphas, He'll say: Remember me?

The government of Caiaphas was called the SanHEDRIN. I've yet to come to terms with identifying what entity "Hiedler" was named after, but as Hiedlers/Hitlers are said to be named after "Hutter," what about the Hudder variation of Haders/Heders/Hedins? Might "Heder" have come from "Hedrin? Haders/Heders are a Swiss surname using a single large spear head, like the type used in heraldic ermines. The spear of destiny (the one thrust into Jesus), said by some to have been sought after by Adolf Hitler, comes to mind.

Norwegian Mansons (no variations listed) use the same sort of tip, in the same black-on-white colors as the Heder spear head, though it now looks more like an arrow head, which can yet be part-code for "HEDer." Danish Mansons (no variations listed) use a pheon in the same colors, and pheons are said to be both arrow and spear heads. An arrow head can be part-code for the Arrow/Arras surname (Artois), link-able in this case to the single Heid Coat arrow.

Heids use a black Shield like Danish Bauers, and Bowers / Bauers are of course suspect as the reason for the arrows used by Rothschilds. But Danish Bauers also use red and white diagonal bars seen in the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, the Coat using the German Bauer stars. Hello? One could say that the Unites States of Europe is the modern Sanhedrin.

The Arrows/Arras' (fleur in Ashmole / Salines fleur colors) use the Fletcher/Flegger cross, which is the Baathist cross too from Aflaqs / Aflecks. Fletchers/Fleggers are said to be from the Forest of Hutton (!!!), and they use the same pheon as Danish Mansons.

Swedish Mansons, said to be from "Magnus" (I'm not sure whether I'll technically agree) use the Hader/Heder spear head exactly.

As per the Hedin variation of Haders/Heders, see that, indeed, the head symbol is applicable to Haders/Heders, for the Hed(d)in/Headon Coat uses human heads. As the latter were first found in Nottingham and Yorkshire, they clearly link to the Hoods (Heidler anchor) that furnished Robin Hood, and to the Forest of Hutton in Yorkshire. In this picture, Robin Hood was the thief who stole from the poor and gave to the rich.

As per the Paine family in the Kennedy assassination, let me repeat my trace of the Paine surname to Balso d'Espaines, a Sinclair bloodliner from Malahule of More, explaining the "Malo mori quam" motto phrase of Paines (Sussex, location of Danes, Diens, etc). To now find a Michael Paine from the Chapes/Cabot bloodline working in Pennsylvania's steel industry is very Rollock-conspicuous. It's tending to link the assassins to the same crowd that did 911. One cannot do 911 unless the CIA is on your side, to monitor phone / email lines round the clock on a massive basis, to assure that talkers and traitors are shut-up by threats or worse.

Michael Paines went to work for his father-in-law's helicopter company in Pennsylvania. On the father-in-law: "Arthur Young outside of his rural Philadelphia barn with one of his early helicopter models, which led to the development of the Bell Helicopter 47-A - glass bubble and girder - MASH helicopter, the first commercially licensed helicopter." Just outside Philadelphia, hum?

Well waddaya know? Arthur Young "married Priscilla Page in 1933", Payen-important because Payens are also PAGans and, no doubt, PAGnells. Bloodline worship for sure. Arthur Young wasn't even related to Michael Paine. Young's second wife (Ruth Forbes) was Michael's mother. What we have is a Young marrying a Paine bloodline, who then married a Forbes that had married otherwise a Paine surname, and this same Ruth Forbes Paine was a "niece of William Cameron," while Camerons use the five bunched arrows used also by Rothschilds and Bowers.

On the Forbes family that produced Ruth Forbes:

...In 1879, William Hathaway Forbes, son of John Murray Forbes, risked the fortune [in railroads] to financially back Alexander Graham Bell's telephone company, and become president of the company, a risk which paid off. Family members also had investments in merchant banking.

We can thereby see a link of Bell telephone to the Bell Helicopter company. While Bells and Bellamys were at the root of English Masseys / Maceys in Ferte-Mace, the Forbes Coat uses MUZZled bears, a symbol used also by Maceys / Mackays (and Alis'). I traced these bloodlines to muzzle-like MUSSELburg of Lothian, where HADDINgton is located that now seems link-able to the Heddin/Heading surname. The Keith Catti lived in Haddington, and thus the Catti are suspect now as Sanhedrin lines. As "Hadd" can be seen as a Catti variation, it could be that the Hesse-area Catti carried the Sanhedrin bloodline.

If we ask what symbols the Sanhedrin bloodline might have given itself by corny Freemasons, we would look to "San" and assume a sun symbol, which happens to be the only symbol on the Hesse/Hiss Coat!!! That sentence wasn't realized until after writing the paragraph above in its entirety. It can't be coincidence; I have just discovered the Sanhedrin bloodline at Hesse! The Hessler variation thereby smacks of "Hiedler / Heidler"? Isn't that something?

If that's not enough, Arthur Young's mother was a Coxe surname while the Coxe Crest is the Bush goat-head design. There in the Bush Coat you see black boars, a symbol of the Rollocks/Rollos.

Rothschilds are known to have been instrumental in the formation of League of Nations, which morphed after WW2 into the United Nations. "[Alger Hiss] was involved in the establishment of the United Nations both as a U.S. State Department and U.N. official. Hiss was accused of being a Soviet spy in 1948 and convicted of perjury in connection with this charge in 1950."

Are we to think that all of these communist and nazi stripes just disappeared from the nation after the Kennedy period?

Oswald's wife Marina said that Oswald, a self-proclaimed Marxist, considered Walker a "fascist" and the leader of a "fascist organization." A front page story on Walker in the October 7, 1962, issue of the Worker, a Communist Party newspaper to which Oswald subscribed, warned "the Kennedy administration and the American people of the need for action against [Walker] and his allies." Five days after the front page news on January 22, 1963 that Walker's federal charges had been dropped, Oswald ordered a revolver by mail, using the alias "A.J. Hidell."

"Hidell" is too close to "Hiedler/Hitler" to ignore. I wonder where Oswald got the name. Although no Hidell Coat comes up,. it's interesting that the Idell Coat uses the same helmet design as Irish Kennedys...and Renfrew's Dobys.

This general Walker, whom Lee Oswald supposedly attempted to kill, lost his military job for rousing anti-Communist sentiments amongst the troops. Apparently, Walker's military superiors didn't appreciate an anti-Communist mini-crusade. Walker quit the military to start a bigger crusade: "So, to pursue his political career, Walker chose to run for Governor of Texas. In February 1962, Walker entered the race but finished last among six candidates in a Democratic primary election that was won in a runoff election by John B. Connally, Jr. Other contenders were the sitting Governor Price Daniel [surname is also "Danner," related to Deins]...After winning the nomination in a close vote over Yarborough, Connally defeated Republican Jack Cox, an oil equipment executive, also from Houston, who ran stronger than past nominees of his party."

As the Cox' are Bush related, and so are Walkers, one might start to think that the Bush bloodline already had a hold on Texas from back then. As Bush's were Skull and Boners, who I trace to the black-on-white saltire, see such a saltire in the Connally Coat.

Texan Conservatives are very anti-Communist, and so is Mitt Romney. Russians are already throwing spikes Mitt's way, urging Americans to vote for Obama. If we're expecting a Russia-West alliance to become the anti-Christ beast, in the next four years, it seems that an Obama presidency in 2012 can be the better bet at this time. But then how could that get the Caiaphas line into an alliance with the Russian Gog when the Caiaphas line is now tracing strongly to the American nazis? That question predicts a win in 2012 by Romney. Or, alternatively, a nazi win in 2016 with a great tribulation after 2016. (There's a better chance of seeing a 666 commercial system after 2016 than before it, in my current opinion. Those who still haven't got a place to spend the tribulation can find consolation in that, if it's a correct guess.)

The problem is, there's Marxism and far-left political activism in the immediate ancestry of Michael Paine, though it can explain why his house was opened up to Lee Harvey Oswald, who reportedly loved Russia so much he tried to acquire a Russian citizenship by sacrificing his American citizenship. Lee's wife was a Russian, whom he supposedly met in Russia, but that doesn't prove anything about what we've been told regarding Oswald's trip to Russia. On Michael's father:

George Lyman Paine, Jr... was an architect and radical left activist. He is known for his work with the Correspondence Publishing Committee with his wife Freddy Paine, and was closely associated with [far-left activist] Grace Lee Boggs.

Paine was born in New York City in 1901. His father George Lyman Paine, Sr. was an Episcopal priest and a Christian Socialist, the son of philanthropist Robert Treat Paine...

In the mid-1930s, Lyman became active in Marxist politics. While working for the New York City Housing Authority, Lyman met Frances "Freddy" Drake (1912-1999), whom he married in 1939. Lyman and Freddy Paine were early members of the Johnson-Forest Tendency, a group within the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party which included Grace Lee Boggs and her husband James Boggs. The Johnson-Forest group split from the main current of the Trotskyist left at the beginning of the 1950s, setting up the Correspondence Publishing Committee which produced the newspaper Correspondence. When Johnson-Forest founder C. L. R. James left the group in 1962, the Paines remained with the Committee and the Boggses.

Did you note that George Paine married a Drake??? Isn't that right down the Wither/Weather alley since both Drakes and Withers were first found in Hampshire?

It's hard to believe that a Nazi operative (i.e. Michael Paine) could come out of the family situation above, though there's a chance that Michael was bought off by nazis, especially if he became a Conservative. Dallas, where he lived at the time of supporting Oswald, had a Conservative majority.

"Trotskyist" refers to the Trotsky who was partner with Communist president Lenin. These were not the Czarist Russians, but those who had the Czar killed. It means that Michael Paine was likely born from Trotskyists, and so we might expect him to have been on-board the communist Rothschilians (sounds so lizard-like, doesn't it?). English Rothschilds had wormed their way into the Anglican church, not likely as priests / bishops, but as those who control cardinal and bishop alike with their money bags and fine-sounding friendship / partnership offerings. In the U.S., Anglicans are called Episcopalians, and thus we find that George Paine's father was an Episcopal priest.

But why would Michael Paine betray Lee Oswald if the two were cut from the same communist cloth? Why wouldn't he and his circle have framed a Nazi operative instead? And Mae Brussells, an anti-Nazi activist, painted Michael like a Nazi: "Michael Paine was a descendant of the Cabots on both sides. His cousin Thomas Dudley Cabot, former president of United Fruit, had offered their Gibraltar Steamship as a cover for the CIA during the Bay of Pigs....Both Allen Dulles [= CIA chief] and John J. McCloy were part of the United Fruit team. The Paine family had links with circles of the OSS [= proto-CIA] and the CIA."

It's hard to make out what's head or tales in the world of spies, where deception is the vehicle. Although one theory may be that Michael Paine was a closet nazi where he could easily be used as a dedicated communist, could it be the other way around, that Paine and his communists had Kennedy assassinated, but then tried to blame nazis by linking Oswald to Bowen? Was Mae Brussells such a communist; was she guilty of deliberate disinformation against nazis? And for that matter, might 911 have been a communist event? I hate to confuse your head in this way, but what if the Bush nazis went to Afghanistan and Iraq to pay back the Russian Communists who paid for 911? Was Larry Silverstein a communist or a nazi, that is one very good question.

Consider Chris Nagle of Rollock again, for the Nail / Nagle bloodline uses nails in the Lennon/Lenin Coat. However, heraldry can only be a superficial guide when tracing either to nazis or communists, for both sides seem to trace to the same surname groups. One has to have some very sharp senses to figure out which surnames in particular the communists versus the nazis trace to.

How possibly could Michael Paine have had access to the CIA when his father was a Marxist activist? Was the proto-CIA run by Communist Rothschilds? Did the Nazis take it over after it had become the CIA? Why does "OSS" sound like OSwald? Why does the Scottish Oswald Coat use a Zionist star in the colors of the Weis and Bauer stars? Why are German Oswalds (more Zionist stars) first found in Bavaria, where Weis' and Bauers were from, from where the Bavarian Illuminati morphed into Marxism?

German Oswalds use a tree trunk in Crest between two elephant trunks, and then the Trunk surname uses Zionist stars too. By some cosmic coincidence, the bull heads of the Trunk Coat are those of the Dutch Oz surname from Oss in North Brabant.

If that's not enough, the Oz Shield, like the Bauer and Bower Shields, is green. Moreover, Brabant overlaps with Flanders, and the Dulles Coat is identical to the Biggar Coat while Biggars are Flemings from Flanders. By what further coincidences are they that: "After the war in Europe, Dulles served for six months as the Office of Strategic Services [OSS] Berlin station chief, and later as station chief in Bern"? Bern was founded by Zahringers who used prairie buffalo horns doubling as elephant trunks. The Forbes bears (mentioned as per Michael Paine's wife, Ruth Forbes) are muzzled and should therefore trace to the Bernician and Berne bears.

If you can keep track of all the implications, you're doing better than me. I'm banking on God to transfer this information to those who can really use it to weaken the beast in time for the tribulation.

Allan Dulles later became the CIA chief for almost seven years. Afterward, he was even on the Warren Commission that over-saw damage control of the Kennedy Assassination. Was he really a Nazi operative as I once thought too, or was Dulles a Rothschilian-Communist dragon? The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy as a loner, no conspiracy theory needed. It's just what the true assassins would want the world to believe.

But why would Rothschilians want Kennedy dead? Was it because he sought to undue the Mafia, while, unbeknownst to him, the Mafia was an adopted Rothschilian animal? Or was it because Kennedy sent the Russians running from Cuba?

The Warren Commission even concluded what everyone knows to be a lie, that Jack "Ruby" Rubenstein shot Oswald to death by acting alone. It just so happens that the Ruby/Rubenstein surname was first found in Bavaria. The Ruby/Rubenstein Coat is almost the Cameron Coat (while the Cameron Crest shows the five bunched arrows of Rothschilds and Bowers). But, again, Rothschilds seem to be in Hitler's ancestry too.

So, on to which donkey do we pin the assassination, the pinkers or the whiters? Of the seven surnames which were members of the Warren Commission, one is even a Boggs! Above, the Boggs were in the camp of the Paine communists, but then maybe the Boggs were only acting like communists. Another surname on the Commission is a Russell, and we known already that Charles T. Russell (fake Christian pastor) was a Zionist friend of the British Rothschilds. Another surname was, Cooper, a Caiaphas-suspect bloodline. The Warren Coat is the same as the Warrene Coat using a Shield filled with checks, i.e. Cohen-suspect.

Yet another surname on the Commission, McCloy, brings up the Levi-like Lowes in the colors of the French Levis. The McCloys/Lowes use the black-on-gold bend used also by Gripps/Grabners/Cravers that I've traced to Mount Gareb at Jerusalem. The Slaines use the same bend, and they are suspect as Salyes, who were merged with Redones who put forth the communist Cecil-Rhodes Illuminati that Rothschilians were merged with.

The OSS-like surnames displayed themselves above in quite a relevant way. Let me repeat from Mae Brussels: "When Lee Harvey Oswald entered Mexico at Laredo, Texas, on Sept. 26, 1963, his companion on the Red Arrow [Heids use a red arrow] bus was Albert OSborne [caps mine], alias John Howard Bowen. Bowen-Osborne had been running a school for highly professional marksmen in Oaxaca, Mexico, since 1934. The cover for the place was his particular mission, and he was the missionary." Now we have an OSborne, but Mae goes on to portray him as a Nazi donkey, a trainer of assassins. How can this be? How could a communist Oswald be with a Nazi? Was John F. Kennedy opposed by both donkeys? Did he go woman crazy and forget who his invisible bosses were?

Yes, we are the blindfolded not knowing where to pin the tales we've been told. We don't even know where the wall is upon which the donkey has been tacked.

Reminder: the Bowen Coat uses a stag-on-mound, symbol of the Lenin/Lennon Coat. Some say that Bowen was his real name, others don't. The article below agrees with the assessment of Mae Brussells so exactly that perhaps one writer copied from the other. Or, perhaps it's all true:

Albert Alexander Osborne, alias John Howard Bowen, alias J.H. Owen, a charter member and employee of the A.C.C.C. [= American Council of Christian Churches] met Lee Harvey Oswald and accompanied him to Mexico City in late September of 1963. Osborne or Bowen in 1942 organized and operated a Nazi black shirt group called the "Campfire Council" in the country near Knoxville, Tennessee. The "Campfire Council" was sponsored by the espionage cover group, the "American Council of Christian Churches". Osborne so vehemently opposed the United States war with Nazi Germany that during 1942, he tore down an American flag and stomped it into the ground. The neighbors complained of the pro-Nazi activities of Bowen and his young Fascists even though the rural area in Tennessee where they were located was very sparsely populated.

Is that hyper-inflation? Could it really be true that an entire American Council of Christian Churches was founded with the express purpose of advancing Nazi spies?

For the moment, I have no choice but to believe that Bowen-Osborne was a nazi operative. We're not told much about him online, though he was supposedly a contact man for the much-coveted riflemen-assassins in Mexico. Of course, he was coveted only by the cowards who pay for their dirty work, who used the sons of mothers to kill sons of mothers, and if needed, the mothers themselves were also shot. Coward is too-kind a word for these types, and donkeys too honorable by comparison. It is safer and more preferable to drink the urine of a donkey than to bump into one of these types and naively become one of their friends.

They lurk around at every social gathering near you. They are the ones mentioned in Peter and Jude, who have eyes of adultery while they feast with you, like water-less clouds giving no good advice, like shooting stars that go dark no sooner than shining a bright light. Fakes, destined to have their tools in a tribulation retreat near you.

The article goes on to say that Bowen later admitted that his real surname was Osborne, but how do we know he wasn't lying then? In this article, Bowen/Osborne denied sitting with Oswald in a bus. Interestingly, we find that his "permanent address is 920 Salinas, Box 308, Laredo, Texas..." (italics mine). I wasn't going to make much of that in regards to the Salines location/surname, but then the Osborn Coat ("bello" motto term) is quartered white and blue while the Spanish Salines Coat is quartered blue and black. The Salines Coat, moreover, uses the Bouillon flory cross, while I link Bouillons ("bello" motto term) to Bellis etc., of the Hitler bloodline

As the gold-on-black fleur used by Salines is used by ASHmoles, while "Osborn" is said to derive in "As(bjorn)," I think I'll make an Osborn link to Ashmoles and As(h)mans: the Hasmoneans. The Asman Coat (a bend like the Sales bend) uses the LORRaine Shield (LAURO" motto term)!!! Good one, John. Pat yourself on the back.

Here's why. Laredo is a Spanish term, as is "Salinas." The French Laredo/LAUR/LORE surname (only a black boar) shows variations like the Spanish Laredo/Lares surname, and then the latter Coat uses gold fleur, the color of the Salines fleur. Moreover, the Spanish Laredos use a swan, the symbol that I connect to Salyes Ligures. It all suggests that there was a Salinas street in Laredo because the two entities were related by blood, but then the curiosity is that while Osborns appear related too, the Bowen-Osborn under discussion has an address in Laredo on Salinas. What's with that?

The Laredo boar is identical to the Germo-Austrian Eber boar, perhaps Spanish-import to the Ebro river (in Spain). It's the Esau boar, isn't it, used by Rollocks and Bush's...and Salyes-based Sullivans.

It's probably a coincidence (right?) that while Laredo's were first found in Badajoz, Irish Bowens (in Salines / Slaines colors) are said to have the Gaelic variation, "Buadhachain, which comes from the word 'buadhach,' meaning 'victorious.'" It just so happens that while Chaines are also "Chenay," the Cheney/Chainie Coat is in Bowen/BuadhaCHAIN colors.

Hmm, entering "Victoria" gets three "savage heads" (i.e. "Heddin/Headin-related?) in the MacNebo Coat (wyvern in Crest). Correct me if I'm wrong, but the heads of the Victoria and Heddin Coats look identical in design, thus linking the "victorious" Cheney bloodline to Hitlers and Sanhedrins...and to the Hesse location to which Sanhedrin elements were linked above, an excellent corroborative find because I've long traced Cheshire / Chester to Hesse and their Catti. The Catti were joined by a BATavi tribe, from "Padova/Padua" in my opinion, smacking of "Buadha(chaine)."

The Chesne variations of the Chaines/Chenays must have had "CHESter" links because the Cheney/Chainie Shield smacks of the Chester Shield. As Chester was anciently, Dives, note that 1) the Chaines/Chenays use the Masci / Dien/Dives wing, and, 2) the Irish Bowens/Buadhachains use gold garbs, symbols of Chester / Cheshire.

The Savage surname was first found in Cheshire, thus identifying the Victor(ia) and Heddin/Headin savage heads. It means that Savages had linked to the Sanhedrin bloodline. French Sauvages use a Herod-suspect heart. Savages had been traced to Russells, and Russells to "Roussillon" of the Redone / Rodez theater, hence to the Rodes' and Rhodes.'

Now hang on to your donkeys and get out your pins, because John Howard Bowen was, reportedly, born in Chester, Pennsylvania. See how close Chester is to Swarthmore, where Michael Paine worked. The two locations practically sit on one another. About the only thing they're not doing is having a mule together. But give it time, and we might find an Ashmule from them. I see you rolling your eyes. I'm being kind; a nastier pun could have been used.
Hell Burns for the Nazty Killers

Here's a chapter from John Armstrong's "Harvey and Lee: How the CIA framed Oswald." It just so happens that some Arms of Rothschild often use a strong arm, as does the Armstrong surname (CUMBERland), as have communism organizations at times. In other words, John Armstrong's treatment of Oswald may be Rothschilian biased. Below, I take the position that Oswald was framed by nazis, and Armstrong takes a position counter to those nazis, just as communist Rothschilians would. Here's Armstrong on his offerings of inconsistencies with official reports:

The travel document with which Oswald allegedly entered Mexico was form FM-8, which was good for one visit to the interior of Mexico for up to 15 days...[the italicized word suggests that Armstrong doesn't think it's true]

Tourist card No. 24085 shows that "Lee, Harvey Oswald" entered Mexico at Nuevo Laredo between the hours of 6:00 am and 2:00 pm on Thursday, September 26. Oswald allegedly gave the carbon copy duplicate of form FM-8 to Mexican Immigration Inspector Helio Tuexi Maydon [Modena elements?]. The original card, allegedly retained by Oswald, was to be surrendered to Mexican Immigration upon leaving the country.

The FM-8, issued at the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans, recorded that Oswald was 23 years old, married, a photographer, resided in New Orleans, and listed his destination as Mexico City. Maydon's supervisor, Raul Luebano, advised, "Our inspector said that his best recollection was that Oswald was traveling with two women and a man in an automobile. Oswald was dressed in a sailor's uniform and said he was a photographer."

NOTE: The FBI learned the young couple driving the automobile were Bill Steve Allen and Elaine Esterman Allen, from Miami, Florida, but determined they were not traveling with Oswald. Curiously, their names appear as Stephen Alan Brill and Elaine Esterman Brill on the FM-8 tourist cards."

It sounds like the FBI was lying, perhaps to keep people from contacting the Brills and discovering the truth about Oswald's trip. (The Brill surname comes up as a German one, from Friesland.)

The FM-8 card with Oswald's name must surely exist. The question is whether the Mexicans fabricated the card (as Armstrong seems to think or lead the reader to believe) on behalf of American plotters trying to frame Oswald. It's highly unlikely, wouldn't you say, that Mexicans would enter such a thing (after the assassination) with those who wanted a Democrat president dead? But money talks loudly to some Mexicans in uniform, and so at least one individual may have been bribed at the Mexican Consolate. I say it was far less risky for the assassins to frame Oswald in another way, other than to use someone in the Mexican Consolate. I say that Oswald was at the border that day, with two women and a man, and that he did fill out the card at the consolate.

While Armstrong denies that one Harvey Oswald crossed into Mexico on September 26, he thinks that a CIA-begotten double, a Lee Oswald, did cross. His intriguing allusion is that the two men with identical surnames were reported, by the CIA, to be one man, "Lee Harvey Oswald." This is a theory that I haven't the time to visit in this update.

Armstrong emphasizes a man in the Cuban consolate in Mexico City (some days after September 26) that the American authorities claim was Lee Harvey Oswald, and yet I don't think it was Lee Oswald (or Harvey Oswald). I don't know where Oswald went in Mexico when entering by automobile, nor do I have a theory on whether he was Lee Oswald or Harvey Oswald. Armstrong claims that Harvey Oswald was in Dallas when the CIA had Oswald was in Mexico, and so I'm taking the position that Lee Oswald is the one who entered by automobile.

All that the CIA assassins had to do, from the time that Oswald entered Mexico in an automobile, was to discover the date of his entry (an informant in the Mexican consolate would have done the trick), and then feign a trib into Mexico, on the same day, by a known assassination man, their very own Bowen/Osborne (no one was supposed to know that he was their own). Yes, their very own man would have been willing to do the job, for a reward, of course. The trick was simply to make it appear that Oswald was with Bowen on a trip to Mexico City.

I don't know how the U.S. authorities reconciled the Oswald in an automobile versus the Oswald in a bus. I'm assuming that the FBI story had Oswald out of the automobile, and on a bus, in or near Laredo.

Armstrong's chapter goes on to say that a list of names who entered Mexico from Laredo on September 26 did NOT include Oswald's. If I'm reading Armstrong right, the FIB story to explain why no bus tickets in Oswald's name were found is that everything relating to the tickets was made to disappear by Mexican police. A very unlikely story. The FIB is being thus portrayed by Armstrong as a guilty party in the assassination, and in misrepresenting the facts to cover their donkeys.

Soon, miraculously even, Oswald's name appeared on a baggage list...just as the wallet-size ID of an al-Qaeda hijacker appeared miraculously, intact, in the rubble of 911. Armstrong goes on to point out that, according even to the official version of the story, Oswald packed just one bag for the trip, and that bag was carried on the bus with him, wherefore there were none of his bags in the luggage compartment, wherefore Oswald's name could not have been on a baggage list. Armstrong is again pointing a dirty finger at the FIB, but just look at the CHAPman surname that crops up, and where:

On December 5, 1963 the SAC in San Antonio sent a teletype to the FBI Director and the SAC in Dallas which stated, "Investigation to date has failed to establish subject [= Lee Oswald] returned to US on October 3 last or entered Mexico on September 26 last."

The following day, however, a baggage list turned up in the hands of FBI SA Robert Chapman, the resident FBI agent in Laredo. This list was allegedly obtained from Flecha Roja by Galdino Sanchez Martinez, a Mexican Customs Inspector, private detective, and FBI informant (SA 599-C). On December 6, 1963 Chapman reviewed the list, re-typed it, and wrote "Lee H. Oswalt" next to the entry for seat number 14 (later changed to "Lee H. Oswalj)." This baggage list was the only written "evidence" which the FBI had to show that Oswald was aboard Flecha Roja bus No. 516 en route to Mexico City. The obvious question? Was the baggage list fabricated?

Clearly, the American authorities in charge of the Federal Buro of Investigations had to have Oswald on that bus in order to accuse him of being with Bowen. That was their bottom line.

The first segment in the next offering is the official report of the FIB, and the NOTE belongs to Armstrong:

After Oswald cleared Mexican Immigration he proceeded to Mexican Customs to have his one bag inspected before reboarding the bus to Monterrey at 2:30 pm. The first four seats [none of them could have been seat 14] on the bus were reserved for English speaking passengers. The two front seats were occupied by Dr. John Bryan McFarland and his wife Maryl, a middle aged couple from Liverpool, England [that's where William Hitler was from!]. Oswald took a seat behind the McFarlands and sat next to an elderly Englishman named John Bowen, with whom he conversed during much of the trip...

NOTE: On December 2, 1963 Harvey Cash, the American Consul at Nuevo Laredo, furnished a list of persons who entered Mexico at Nuevo Laredo on September 26, 1963 to the FBI. The list was obtained from Gilberto Cazares Garza, Chief of Mexican Immigration, and Roberto Morales, Chief of Mexican Customs. The list contained the names of Dr. John McFarland, Maryl McFarland, and John H. Bowen, but not the name of Lee Harvey Oswald, H.O. Lee, or any variation thereof.

Damning evidence against the FIB. The problem with the above for us and for Armstrong is that Oswald not only wasn't on the bus, he wasn't at the Laredo crossing at all on that day, yet the tourist card in Oswald's name had been handled by an immigration inspector at Laredo, whose workday on September 26 was between 6 am and 2 pm (i.e. it was the 26th for all eight hours). Shouldn't Oswald's name have been on a list of crossers, therefore?

One of the two accounts must be wrong. If we chose to believe that Oswald did not cross at all that day at Laredo, it requires that the tourist cards were fabricated, and that someone at the immigration location in Laredo was a willing part of the plot. Yet, instead of saying that Oswald was on a bus, that location claimed that he was in an automobile. The plotters, asses that they were to be sure, couldn't have been that irresponsible on such an "important" matter as Kennedy's assassination.

The truth must be that the real Oswald (who signed his own tourist card/visa) crossed at Laredo on that day, but that the Federal Buro of Inventigations had the task of making his car trip look like a bus trip.

The tourist card had a number. If the card was fabricated, its number had to coincide with other numbers on September 26's tourist cards, very easy to get done, yes, but the insurmountable problem is that a fabricated card would by force duplicate the number, 24085. It would have been easy for the Mexicans to find the real card with number 24085, with a name other than Oswald's upon it. Unless the FIB had the highest-level people in the Laredo immigration office on their side, that detail wasn't going to get done, and we just read above that both the immigration chief and the customs chief were NOT on-side with the FIBers.

One could argue that the Mexican inspector, Helio Maydon, himself the one who handled Oswald's card, removed and destroyed the real card with number 24085, and replaced it with the fabricated card with Oswald's name and the same number. We can't include Helio's chief in such a scam because the chief sent a message to the Buro that Oswald's name did not cross at Laredo. "Hee-haw," he said, "what are you going to do now"? Clearly, the chief was on the side of Kennedy's lovers.

The problem with the argument that Maydon replaced the real card with the fake Oswald card is that the lists (complied by Harvey List) sent to the Buro by the two Mexican chiefs "were derived from Mexican tourist forms FM-8 and FM-5..." If the fake tourist card had been inserted to replace the real one, Oswald's name should have appeared on a list complied by Cash.

If one is still determined to see a fake card, one might yet argue that Helio Maydon withdrew even the fake card, from the pile of cards, when he dreaded getting caught by his chief for complicity to the assassination; it might have been easy to prove that the card had been fabricated if one was looking for it. Ask Obama's birth certificate handlers.

Or, there was no fake tourist card, no complicity by Maydon, and the real card was in Oswald's name all along, but removed from the deck, explaining why Oswald did not appear on Harvey Cash's list. We only need to give reasons as to why Oswald's card was removed from the deck? Two possible reasons: 1) the FBI, realizing that the card would be found to be fake, or due to some other fatal complication that the card threatened to produce, had their man inside the immigration office remove it; 2) because the Mexican chiefs realized the assassination to be a CIA - FBI plot, wherefore they did their best to be deliberately disastrous to their plot by announcing to the FBI that Oswald did not pass Laredo on that day.

Yes, if the real card belonging to Oswald was removed, a card/number would have been missing in the deck, but no one would have been able to know whether or not that missing card was Oswald's.

There's another scenario for explaining the missing card. When the card was made known to the FBI, it learned that the official Mexican line was Oswald in an automobile. Not good. Whether that automobile statement was true, or a fabrication by the Mexicans, the FBI may have decided to have the card removed from the deck in case it had the potential to make their bus story bite them in the rear.

Armstrong appears to have believed that the tourist card was faked. One argument on behalf of a faked card (see 2) below) is that the bus that Bowen rode left Laredo shortly after the eight-hour shift of inspector Maydon. In order for this coincidence in timing to be true, where Oswald arrived to Laredo at the same time as Bowen got on his Laredo bus, either: 1) Oswald had to notify the Mexicans in advance -- at the time of taking out the visitation -- when exactly he'd be crossing, and to stick to those dates/times at the pain of losing his visa privilege; or, if that was not the case, then, 2) the card was faked, and both Bowen and the person taking the card to Laredo were CIA operatives.

However, in the case of 2), the person bringing Oswald's card would have been required to show ID to prove that he was "Lee Harvey Oswald," the name on the tourist card, and for this purpose it would have been ideal to use Lee Oswald, who looked like Lee Harvey Oswald. This is Armstrong's theory, and he believes: "It was "Harvey" who traveled to Russia and was shot dead by Jack Ruby." That is, the real Lee Harvey Oswald, born with that name, is the one who got shot, the one who lived with the Paines, the one who married a Russian woman. Lee Oswald, says Armstrong, was the CIA man in Mexico.

If the card was faked, why wasn't it faked under "Lee Harvey," making the whole process a breeze? Why didn't Lee Harvey take out the visa in the first place, then jump on a bus with Bowen? Because, it was necessary to have the real Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City if Lee Oswald was going to be in Mexico faking events of the real one's activities. The job of the fake Oswald was to make calls to the Cubans so as to appear to be their friend, and Russia's friend, so that the assassination carried out by nazis could be made to appear the plot of Russians and Cubans, whom Kennedy had opposed.

I don't know whether there was a double by the name of Lee Oswald, but Armstrong proves that there was a fake Oswald in Mexico City's Cuban consolate. Armstrong appears to be arguing that all the photos of Oswald at the Cuban consolate were NOT produced by the FBI for their claim that Oswald was there, suggesting to me that no look-alike Oswald was in Mexico's consolate (that doesn't mean there couldn't have been a Lee Oswald on the bus, however). The CIA's plot, therefore, may have been to produce any man with fake ID in the name of "Lee Harvey Oswald" who could carry out pre-determined, damning conversation with the consolate that could be projected into the real Oswald's his "trial" where he wouldn't appear because he'd be murdered by Ruby.

Another argument on behalf of the fake tourist card:

Cuban Consulate employee Silvia Duran [the one that the fake Oswald spoke to] was beaten and tortured by the Mexican Police, at the request of the CIA...

[This paragraph comes immediately after the one above.] By May 1964 the FBI had obtained a copy of tourist visa No. 24085 from the Mexican Government which indicated that a man identified as "Harvey Oswald Lee" departed Mexico on October 3 at Nuevo Laredo. The FBI's Clark Anderson advised that Oswald departed Mexico by car, not by bus, and listed his destination as New Orleans, instead of Dallas. But for reasons never explained Oswald's name was not included on a Mexican Immigration form (FM-11 on October 3, 1963) which included the names of all persons departing Mexico at Nuevo Laredo.

The implication, at first glance anyway, is a faked tourist card in the possession of the CIA assassins, but not in the possession of the Mexicans at Laredo. Armstrong may have been implying that the Mexican government was part of the CIA plot, handing the fake tourist card to the FBI, and torturing Silvia Duran. Interestingly, as surnames thus far have linked to Salyes, ditto for the Duran surname. It may mean that, in truth, Sylvia was part of the CIA plot, and lied (in 1978) about her being tortured to give false testimony.

The problem with viewing a fake card in the scenario above is that, once again, Oswald was in a car, when leaving Mexico. If the card was faked on behalf of the CIA, wouldn't they have said "bus"? How did anyone know that Oswald left Mexico by car if Oswald's name did not show up on an official list of persons departing? It must have been indicated on the tourist card. In that case, how could it have been a faked card?

The contradiction of having a Communist Oswald sitting on a bus next to a Nazi operative is thereby explained: he wasn't sitting next to Bowen. Oswald wasn't on the bus; neither Lee Oswald nor Lee Harvey Oswald. The true Oswald took a car into Mexico, and came out with a car, and did not visit the Cuban consolate.

COMPLICATION: the MacFarlands testified that Lee Oswald was on the bus. The MacFarlands were either lying as part of the plot to frame Oswald, or they were coerced by authorities into lying. Or, a CIA double that looked like Oswald was on the bus under "Oswald" or another name. Reminder: there was never any Oswald name found by the Mexicans at Laredo on the date of entry or the date of departure, aside from the tourist card. Therefore, the idea that real Lee Harvey Oswald was being faked by a Lee Oswald -- who looked enough like the real Oswald to fool anyone -- doesn't bear true...explaining why the CIA didn't produce photos of the fake Oswald from the Cuban consolate.

It appears possible that Bowen was a Nazi operative sitting with fellow Nazi operatives (i.e. the MacFarlands) from Liverpool. As "FARland" smacks of a Pharisee line, so the MacFarland Coat is the same-colored saltire as the Annan(dale) saltire.

Furthermore, MacFarlands were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as the Forbes surname, the latter being the one which Michael Paine married. MacFarlands even use the same "savage" Moor as Oswalds.

Although Armstrong may have intended to protect a fellow socialist, the conclusion I come to from Armstrong's information, thus far, is that a nazi plot had intended to accuse a communist-wanna-be of the assassination, suggesting that nazis carried out the assassination after all. Or, one could argue that the FBI wanted to make Oswald appear to be a Nazi operative by sitting with Bowen/ as to blame the Nazis for the assassination. Really, it's a good question: why would nazi plotters use a nazi to partner with Oswald?

It gets even messier with Bowen denying that even the MacFarlands were on his bus. But then he had to deny it or he'd be liable for being charged as a co-conspirator with Oswald. I would guess that Bowen was, as Armstrong suggests, an Intelligence agent of the United States, though not necessarily an official agent of the official government. I further conclude that he was part of a plan to take a bus to Mexico with the MacFarlands, then deny being with MacFarlands when the FBI investigated. This denial was part of the pre-planned plot because the public would deem Bowen guilty and a liar anyway, and meanwhile the denial allowed him to remain free of arrest, exactly what he would have required if he was to go ahead with the plot at all.

Moreover, Armstrong tells that Bowen was in Europe during the Kennedy assassination, which may have been another of Bowen's requirements, so as to provide himself a hard alibi should the plot backfire due to unforeseen circumstances. As you can see, Bowen was never arrested, not even for giving false testimony again and again, nor for using multiple identities in a slew of shady backdrops, even with one involving the assassination of a popular U.S president. It speaks volumes concerning Bowen's complicity with the assassins.

As the MacFarland couple testified that they saw Lee Oswald on the bus with Bowen, the couple seem like part of the plot. Their job was to act as innocents, to provide the eye-witness evidence against Oswald that Bowen couldn't give due to the denial that was his job description. Meanwhile, the MacFarland testimony would make Bowen look like a guilty liar, as was the plan, by testifying that Bowen too was on their bus.

It was important to kill Oswald before he could ruin the plan, and for this job Jack Ruby (Polish mafia man, anti-Cuban in 1963) must have been paid off handsomely. What ever did happen to him in prison? Shouldn't we expect that he was to be set free by those who used him? Was he promised freedom and then betrayed? Did he really die in prison (in 1967) of cancer?

Bowen supposedly died of "food poisoning" just two years after the assassination. Suspicious? Expected? Or was that too a faked job so that he could go back to work for the CIA, decked out as another man once again?

Again, Bowen was reportedly born in Chester, Pennsylvania, so close to the workplace of Michael Paine that something of a conspiracy between them comes to mind. Although Paine had a Marxist ancestry, I suppose it's possible that he was a Nazi operative along with Bowen. Or, Bowen and his covert Campfire organization were letting out clues to the community that they were a Nazi camp when in reality they were a Communist camp.

It seemed to me that the 911 plot was a Nazi program. I had tentatively traced (2nd update of March) Chris Nagle of Rollock to Nagles in the Mercersburg area of Pennsylvania, not very far north of Chester. Mercersburg was the location of Diamond T Coal and Realty, and meanwhile Rollock had a scrap heap just a few hundred feet from the flight-93 "crash sight," and was on land owned by Diamond T coal mining. I now find a Richard Case Nagell who claimed that his job, as a CIA man, was to kill Lee Oswald before Oswald could carry out the plot against Kennedy:

"According to Nagell, when he recovered [from mental problems] he began working for the CIA as a double agent. This involved becoming an activist in the American Communist Party. This included distributing Marxist propaganda in Mexico." If this is true, then he sounds like a nazi operative but disguised as a communist. Yet, reading on his story, he seems like neither, but more like one who found himself shocked when discovering the assassination plot. He discovered it while Kennedy was still alive.

As Nagell claimed that the assassins were trying to lay the blame for the assassination on Cuba, shouldn't we rule him out as a pro-nazi operative involved in the assassination? As nazis are anti-Cuba, why would a nazi operative lay the blame on anti-Cubans? It's like pointing a finger at yourself. It's one thing to say the Cubans done it; it's another thing to be a nazi and admit that the nazis were pinning it on the Cubans. It's a telling of the truth that nazis wanted hidden. I'm not suggesting that Nagell wasn't working for nazis in the CIA, but that he may not have realized that the CIA was run by nazis. Certainly, the nazis in the CIA weren't advertising it.

It's feasible that Nagell's vocal input to the world was a cautiously-calculated strategy by nazis, with the sole purpose of ultimately verifying the official reports that Oswald was the assassin. If the only people claiming Oswald to be the killer were US authorities, then the people might not bite very hard, risking dangerous investigations by skeptics. But if a CIA guy comes out and points fingers at both the CIA and Oswald, it looks like Oswald really is the killer. True, it also invites unwanted investigations by journalists, etc., but on the behalf of that risk, the CIA chose a "mental case" to point the finger at both the CIA and Oswald. Journalists might not take him seriously, but even if they did, the CIA could just point the finger -- all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary -- at Nagell's disturbed mind.

Nagell's finger was pointing directly to a particular anti-Cuban circle, anyway, which may have been part of the CIA plan because the CIA didn't like that circle:
"Dick Russell wrote about Nagell in his book, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1992). Nagell claimed the initial plan to assassinate JFK was financed by Haroldson L. Hunt and other individuals. The operation was to be performed by a anti-Castro group." Hunt was the sort of Republican that fed Democrat derision of Republicans. Rich, immoral, activist:

...Soon after, [general Edwin Walker] resigned from the Army. In 1962-63, Gen. Edwin Walker had the financial backing of Haroldson L. Hunt, in his campaign to fight communism in the U.S.. H. L. Hunt was the richest oilman in Texas. Both men lived and worked in Dallas and were members of the John Birch Society. The oil and defense industry wanted to remove President Kennedy and escalate the Vietnam War [mere opinion, of course, but it could be true], so they could make billions in profits off of the conflict [typical accusation against Rothschilds too]. After Lyndon Johnson became President, he escalated the Vietnam War. After Richard Nixon became President in 1969, he expanded the war. Both Presidents served the interests of the corporations. They were adversaries of JFK and moved up in stature after his assassination.

Jack Ruby was living and working in Dallas too, as was Paine, making Hunt look all the more guilty. However, proof that the true assassins were both stupid and out to pin the job falsely on Hunt came when "Some of Hunt's literature was found in Ruby's pocket after he shot Oswald." The CIA couldn't have been more stupid, providing the ultimate effect of alerting the nation that Hunt did NOT do it. The covert government had planted false evidence so routinely that it started to plant plastic flowers for convenience sake that the nation easily recognizes as fake. When the CIA put Hunt's literature in Ruby's pocket, the CIA was pointing its own finger at itself.,-Part-2&id=693921

For Kennedy's assassins, it appears that we are now seeking anti-Cuba, anti-Communist...AND ANTI-HUNT people. We might also take into consideration that "Paul M. Rothermel, Jr., who, prior to November, 1969, had been employed as a special assistant to H. L. Hunt, the president of Hunt Oil Company..." I don't ever recall seeing the Rothermel Coat (red Shield), using what I call the "Mackie/Mackey lion. Reminder: both Bavarian Rothes/Rothers and Mackies/Mackeys use ravens.

Not only did Ruby and Hunt live in the same Texas city, but Hunt had mafia connections in Ruby's old stomping grounds. One has reason to suspect Hunt, therefore. However, the following makes it appear that the CIA was setting Hunt up as the brains and money bags behind the assassination by other means besides Ruby:

After the assassination, the FBI briefly provided agents to protect Hunt while he and General Edwin Walker repaired to a Hunt hide-away in Mexico [there's Mexico again]. Hunt was an admirer of LBJ and had strong ties to the Cuban [anti-Castro] exile community. Hunt had connections with the Chicago mob, and Murchison had a joint business venture with Louisiana mobster Carlos Marcello. Mafia messenger Eugene Hale Brading visited H.L. Hunt's office on the morning of November 21 [Kennedy was shot the next day]. He was arrested in Dealey Plaza on November 22 and later released. John Curington, Hunt's former chief aid, said Ruby also visited Hunt on the 21st and that Marina Oswald met with Hunt on the 20th. On the 23rd, Hunt instructed Curington to look into the kind of security the police had for Oswald.

It could appear that Curington -- FORMER Hunt chief -- was lying trying to make Hunt look complicit in the shooting with Oswald and Ruby. "Former" could mean the two had quarrelled. It just so happens that while Curingtons/Carringtons were first found in Cheshire, where Sales were first found, Curingtons and Sales both use a black-on-white bend with three white symbols!

It seems that Kennedy, when he said he'd be after the mafia, was out to get Republicans like Hunt. It provides Hunt the motive for the assassination, but the same could be said for a host of rich-Republican others. I doubt very much that Hunt would be so careless as to meet with the wife of the assassin two days before the assassination, and with the killer of the assassin the day before. Rich biggies would know never to take that chance. They would instead make such a dastardly plan using middlemen of the middlemen so that by the time investigators got to him at the top, if ever they could, all evidence might be minced and contradictory.

I conclude (tentatively anyway) that the CIA of the Kennedy era tried to peg Hunt as the killer because there were some issues between them. Whether general Walker was a spy for the CIA into the affairs of Hunt is to be reckoned possible as per the fact that George Herbert Scherff was a Walker too. We might also conclude that the Bush-associated nazis played a chief role in killing Kennedy, and that general Walker and Hunt got along only due to their mutual dislike of the Kennedy Democrats.

Yes, we don't miss the fact that Hunt had formed a synergistic relationship with general Walker, for it was soon-to-be that George Herbert (Walker) Scherff would man the CIA, and Scherff didn't get there without help from the highest levels of the CIA.

When Kennedy said, "Ask not what the government can do for you, but what you can do for government," it wasn't truly an anti-socialist statement. He meant that if the people stroked the government, the government would stoke the people. Besides, a Communist government wants the people to serve government. If Kennedy was truly a good man, he would have left Marilyn alone, for one, and he would have said, "Ask not what the people can do for government, but what the government can do for the people." That's putting things right-side up.

Kennedy had them upside-down, with emphasis and glory on government, with people acting as the servants. Besides, the people should not stroke the government as though it were God the Father. The government is constitutionally the tool of the people, the instrument, the object. The Constitution gives the people status over government, but the Illuminati has turned it upside-down. The government is now a massive parasite feeding on the people's blood, a massive organism ever enlarging as a dismal shadow over the peoples.

The government wants to control the people because it doesn't want to be controlled by the people. There is a war now, but the military is on the side of government, until the military members decide they want to serve the people instead. That's why it's important for the government to learn how to be a righteous facade as it feasts on the blood of the nation. That's why it's important for the government to keep the military and people on its side by performing false righteous acts. That's why it's important for the people to realize that their government kills Americans in order to feed on the rest more liberally.

It's not treason, is it, to urge a military to act on behalf of the people when the government wants to swallow the peoples' hearts and heads and leave only their limbs for working and paying taxes? It's not treason to incite the peoples to take their country back from those who are paid to conduct the people's services, who instead squander the money and refuse to stop over-spending. It's called firing the government servants. It's called electing the people in the streets who have no great riches. It's called ignoring the press when they decide whom the peoples should vote for. It's called getting smart. So what if the man in the streets doesn't know his way around Washington, or if he's never handled the political ropes. He doesn't need to. He only needs to make the right decisions, and meanwhile wear a bullet proof vest and never tell anyone where he'll be the next day. So to speak.

In order to defeat the beast, the cockpit of the Illuminati must be found. Somewhere, they are hanging out. It used to be that they huddled with shirt and tie around expensive tables, but now they work each at their own computer station with porn filling their computers. They won't be able to help being the victims of their own spread of immorality. Like butter on bread, they spread their immorality and eat it too. And, morally sick, they will kill one another off when biting one another isn't enough. It's what dragons do.

The year of the assassination wasn't quite the Bush era, and the era of Allen Welsh Dulles had just passed away. Yes, the chief of the CIA had essentially the same middle name as Laura Bush's maiden name, Welch. Dulles was the son of Allen Macy Dulles. The CIA chief after Dulles, John McCone, "served" during the Kennedy years and beyond (to 1965). McCone was a Republican, the first ingredient needed for a CIA plot against Kennedy. It was Kennedy who appointed McCone to the highest seat in the CIA, and Kennedy "fired" (loosely speaking) Dulles thereby. Did Dulles mount, or at least work with, an assassination plot against the president?

The Cone surname is a variation of German Cohens, yet the MacCone Coat shows the Annan(dale) Shield-and-Chief combination. The Cones thus look like the Khazar-Hebrew alliance with the line from Israel's chief priests. We even find a betrayal of Israel by MacCone: "According to journalist Seymour Hersh, in December 1960, while still Atomic Energy Commission chairman, McCone revealed CIA information about Israel's Dimona nuclear weapons plant to the New York Times." Bad Republican.

Continuing with Armstrong's chapter, there was another Hunt surname in the picture, this time in the CIA, and just as we might be deducing that the line of Pharisees were in the top CIA posts, we find Clay Shaw again:

...master spy E. Howard Hunt, who was temporary Chief of Station in Mexico City during Oswald's alleged visit in September 1963.

Career CIA officer E. Howard Hunt was a veteran of the OSS in WWII, as were his close friends Allen Dulles and Richard Helms [the Helm Coat is yet another version of the Sale Coat]. In the late 1950's and the early 1960's nearly all of Hunt's efforts and activities were directed at Fidel Castro and overthrow of his government...

...According to Marchetti, Clay Shaw (director of the Trade Mart in New Orleans) was also working with the Domestic Operations Division. In April 1975 Marchetti told True Magazine that Shaw's connection with the CIA was top secret. The agency did not want "even a remote connection with Shaw" to leak out. Hunt was seen in Guy Banister's office in the summer of 1963 and may have been directing Oswald's activities in New Orleans through Banister, Shaw, or both.

CIA agent William Gaudet knew Banister, Shaw, Ferrie and fellow intelligence agents in New Orleans...

Ferrie, hum? Don't Fers use the same Shield as Cohens???

Here's the Hunt Coat.

Richard Helms became the CIA director in the year (1966) after MacCone's last year. Helms became proficient in German: "The depression in London, however forced Helms to find work in Germany, where he covered the Berlin Olympic Games. Following an annual NSDAP Parteitag, Helms with a small group of news reporters heard Adolf Hitler speak in the Nuremberg Castle." It wouldn't be long after Helms left the CIA that Hitler's Scherff family would take it's leadership. We can of course wonder what Helms might have done to foster Hitler's families in America.

Richards Helms' article says that he was unliked by Nixon and honored by Reagan. Reagans use the same dolphin as Kennedys.

Recalling that Adolf's nephew was born in Liverpool, England, where the MacFarland couple was from, by what coincidence did Joseph S. Farland act as America's ambassador to Iran immediately previous to Helms having that position? Both Farland and Helms, as well as Adolf's nephew, were in the U.S. navy. Farland was born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, but raised in (north-east) Pennsylvania. Clarksburg is near the Pennsylvanian border, and due south of the flight-93 "crash site." Pennsylvania comes up again and again in this CIA discussion, and even Richard Helms was born in Philadelphia:

During World War II Farland worked with the FBI and then was in the Navy. After the war besides continuing his law activities Farland also served as president of coal companies.

Whaa-ut? You're kidding? What coal companies, we would like to know? Searching:

Joseph Simpson Farland was born on Aug. 11, 1914, in Clarksburg, W.Va., the only child of Richard and Grace Simpson Farland. His father was a banker. He graduated...A year later he married [1939] Virginia Christopher, a daughter of a local coal mine owner; Mrs. Farland died in 1978.

Hmm, he marries a Christopher surname, and then I'm looking for coal people related to CHRIS Nagle. The next sentence reads: "Besides his son Richard, of Berryville, Va., Mr. Farland is survived by another son, Christopher..." Then: "Returning to West Virginia in 1946, he became president of his father-in-law's coal company and started two of his own." That, I did not expect. The names of the coal companies are not given. BUT:

...[Farland] became a Navy officer in 1944...

Returning to law practice in 1946, he specialized in banking, corporate industrial development of natural resources and taxation law. He was president of Farland Fuel Co., Farland Coal Corp. and Christopher Fuel Corp., which operated coal properties in northern West Virginia and western Maryland.

The webpage at the bottom of this paragraph has "Christopher Fuel Corporation" listed with industry in "Coal Bitum "and operating out of Monongalia county and Rivesville of West Virginia (on the Pennsylvania border), with "Beds" listed only in "Pittsburgh." In the Rivesville article: "Rivesville is located the heart of the Fairmont coal field on the north-west bank of the Monongahela River around its confluence with Paw Paw Creek." "FAIRmont" is almost "FARland." AND WOULDN"T YOU KNOW IT: Fairmonts/Pharemounts (frogs in Coat) were first found in Lancashire, the location of Liverpool, where the MacFarland couple were from.

Let me repeat from earlier in this update: "I trace 'Diva' (old name of Chester) to the Welsh Daffy/David surname (Cheshire), and then the motto of the French Chambers (first found in Savoy!) includes, 'funDAVIT.' It just so happens that some place the birth of Bowen/Osborne was in Chester, Pennsylvania." It can now be added that Irish Fair Coat looks like a version of the French Chambers Coat, not forgetting that Veres were suspect all over the Pennsylvania-coal / Rollock topic.

Massey Energy became suspect in that topic, and then the Fair and Chambers Coats together look like a version of the Masci Coat (Mascis are known to be a Massey branch). It's always conspicuous when Pharisee-like surnames use symbols of Massey-like surnames because it alerts to the Maccabee-Pharisee relationship. Reminder: FARlands, who are shown also as "PARland," use the Annan saltire and are thus suspect as a Pharisee line.

On the Fairfield coal beds: "The Fairmont Coal Field is the name used to describe a coal producing section of West Virginia that includes the following counties, in whole or it part: Monongalia, Marion, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, and Harrison counties." I realize how corny it may sound to trace the Preston county back to Pharisees, but taking the Preston surname (from "priest") back far enough, that's what I think. The Scottish Preston Coat uses unicorns, a symbol of the Paris surname. Then, as per the Taylor county in the list, consider the Levi lions, in colors reversed, of the Taylor Coat. Did I make this up, or do you see a pattern in this corniness?

I trace Taylors to Talbots, and Talbots trace to the Meschin-related Taillebois' of Lincolnshire, where English Prestons were first found. I also expect Herod bloodliners in Lincolnshire, and then we see the Harrison county in the Fairfield coal region. It's known that one Herod of Israel ended up in Vienne, France, and then the Vienne and Harrison surnames both use the same eagle in the same colors, which happens to be the Ferte eagle in colors reversed. I retort, you decide. Harrisons and Pharisee-suspect Fairmonts were both first found in the same place (Lancashire). Harries' (look like they use the stars of French Alans into Shropshire) were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as English Talbots who use "Prest" in their motto. What say ye?

The coal seams include the location of Scotts Run, and then Talbots and the Scott surname use the same Shield design. I tend to trace Scotts to the Kolodziej > Mieszko royal Poles. The Sellicks who use the Talbot and Scott Shield design have been repeatedly traced to Silesia (Poland), and to the Salyes, therefore, which is being repeated because the Rives use the Sale Shield format, a black bend with three white symbols. Rivesville just happens to be "in the heart of the Fairmont coal field."

Compare the Curington Coat to the Rives Coat. John Curington was one of my suspects toward Kennedy's assassination. John Curington is one whom I'm tentatively pegging as the false witness claiming that Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald's wife were in contact with H. L. Hunt one and two days before Kennedy was shot. It turns out that "Curington had been employed by Hunt Oil Company until November, 1969." H. L. Hunt was the oil company's president. It was this H. L. Hunt whom was fingered as the chief assassination plotter by a Nagell surname in the CIA.

However, I cannot find one iota to link the people in the Fairmont coal field to PBS Coal, Penfold Capital, Rollock, Chris Nagle, or Diamond T mining.

Did we see a Barbour county included in the Fairfield mines? Scottish Barbours use the Annan saltire again, as do Farlands. And while Veres use "nihil" as code for the Neil / Nail/Nagle bloodline, Barbours use "Nihilo." We are coming close to making a Joseph Farland link to the Nagles. English Barbours can trace to Poland in two ways, by their Warwickshire location, and the use of the Pohl bull/buffalo. English Barbours use the double red chevron of the Perches, whom I trace both to Pharisees of the Percival kind, and to the Bellamys of Perche (Normandy) that merged / developed in the Ferte-Mace Maceys.

As we're dealing with Cheshire elements, by and large, I'll add that Joseph Farland died (2007) in CHESTERfield county, Virginia. The Chesterfield surname was first found in Derbyshire, beside Cheshire, and the Chesterfield surname shows the dancette of the Cheshire Chees/Cheatles. As the Dives (and Cambers) also use the Chee and Chesterfield dancette, it's assured that Chesterfields were named after Chester/Diva. The page telling of Farland's death in Chesterfield claims that he was the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

With all of these things pointing to Pharisees and Maccabees, what about the name of the county, Monongalia, called "Mon" for short? Might it trace to Mona / HasMONean elements? Just asking; I don't have evidence aside from all the above suggesting distinct possibility.

Another page only gives this: "Christopher Buys Two Coal Tracts[:] Christopher Fuel Corporation has bought the tracts of ley and Pittsburgh coal owned at National by the children of Laverne Christopher and the late H. Ward." That was a headline on February 18, 1964 in the Morgantown Post; the rest of the story does not appear. I view Wards (kin of Warrenes) as a Vere / Fer branch. There is also this online: "Locksley Fuel Corporation (now Christopher Fuel Corporation)." I'm assuming that Christopher Fuel was that of Farland's father-in-law with a Christopher surname.

If the "National" in the above quote refers to the National Coal Company, then suddenly we cross the West Virginia border into western Pennsylvania, the location of PBS / Rollock / crash site. National Coal is/was represented in the Pennsylvanian locations of Muse, Dravosberg, and Noblestown. I'm reading, "National Coal Company, another mining interest of U.S. Steel." BUT LOOK at this January-2011 article: "A month after buying Knoxville-based National Coal. Corp., its new owners have effectively shut down the company and laid off its 155 employees, at least temporarily, said Dan Roling, former president and CEO of the company." A Rollock-like Roling surname in the president's chair of National Coal in Pennsylvania??? Not shabby.

The French (Brittany) Roling/Rollan Coat is also the Ferrari Coat and the Fergus lion. The "Nomine" motto term of Rolings points to Maccabee-related Newmans, who use (almost) the lions of the Raines whom I trace to "Rennes," Brittany. The "virtute" term of Rolings is one I tend to view as code for Vere-branch Ferraris, but may be part code for the Toots/Touts, and it just so happens that the Rollo/Rollock motto includes, "par tout."

National Coal's corporate office was in Knoxville (Tennessee), and while I traced Raines and Rennes to Veres / Speers of "Renfrew," the Knox(ville) surname was first found in Renfrew, a location that I view as Hitler-ville of Scotland. (I was able to trace the Raines to Rennes as per duke Judicael of Rennes, for the Raines motto includes, "Judicium.")

To make my arguments more convincing, it's important to re-mention Melissena Rangabe (real person), whom I trace to the mythical Melusine of the dragon-line Veres on Avalon = Bute, beside the Newmans and related MacCabes of Arran. It's a no-brainer to me by now that Arthur's Excalibur sword was a symbol of metal mining, but then coal mining relates because coal is used to melt metal. The further point is that Morgan le Fay was the chief witch of Avalon, and then the Fairfield coal field is in relation to Morgantown (in Monongalia county). It can be added: "As of 1921, other mines listed as being in Rivesville included the Rivesville Coal Company's Hood Mine, the Winfield Coal Company's River Side Mine, and the Virginia & Pittsburgh Coal & Coke Co.'s Morgan mine.",_West_Virginia

There can be no doubt that Arthur was made to retreat from Mordred to Avalon because Arthur (the bloodline / surname) was related to Morgan and Morte elements there. It recalls that the PBS / Penfold Capital coal people had traced to Pendragon > Arthurian elements. Something's telling me that coal people involved in the faked flight-93 crash have dirt on their hands other than black coal dust.

It's interesting here that the Field surname, which I looked up as per "Chesterfield," uses a chevron in the colors of the Raines chevron, and moreover I am convinced by the Field garbs (Cheshire-Arms symbol) that it belongs to Cheshire's capital, Chester. The point is, "FairFIELD" may also apply to the Field surname (Yorkshire, where I expect Parisii), and then as Rivesville is the heart of the Fairfield coal mines, it also interesting that a wyvern dragon (Vere dragon species) is used by French Rives.

I had traced the Raines to the Khazaro-Byzantine Rangabe family, and had wondered whether such surnames as Wrangle and Ranger applied. I now find: "National Coal was acquired Dec. 15 by Ranger Energy Investments LLC, which is controlled by West Virginia businessman James C. Justice II, who also controls Southern Coal Corp." Over and over, the coal topics I've covered trace to Veres.

In this article (no need to go to it), National Coal Company has one mine in Harrison county (Fairfield field), but we also find the O'Neill company that might just link to the Vere-Nagle relationship that I've been assuming.

I'm keeping in mind that Joseph Farland, a Republican, was a son of a banker, and that Bush's of the presidential Bush ancestry were bankers too. President Bush Jr. announced his bias toward the coal industry. Both Bush's and Rollocks use black boars.

Suicides in families of high-level CIA operatives / partners are probably murder cases...that local police generally disregard. Farland's wife, "Virginia Christopher Farland, 59,...died Saturday at her home in Winchester, Va., of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Winchester police ruled the death as a suicide."

The Coming Share-ism Economy

In the Bible, the anti-Christ is a globalist master of intrigue. Where could we better find trained masters of intrigue and deception than in the lofty heights of the American CIA? America, a mafia is in charge of your Intelligence, and it doesn't obey law. It's lawlessness, and it's spying on anything that talks. It then murders those who require to be murdered. It's hideous. Remove it from your midst. Talk about, spread the message about, and don't tolerate, it. When there are enough Americans talking about it, they'll be running for the hills rather than listening to your calls. It's not the economy, stupid, it's the CIA and friends ripping you off to build the global monster.

Believe it or not, globalists have morning breathe too; they really aren't God. And they probably wear slippers too for their cold feet. They can't turn one hair white or black. They really aren't God. They are really weak, which is why they need your money for power. Why not just stomp them out, and keep your money? Not by electing Republican rich men, the very ones who have enjoyed ripping you off. Elect Republican poor men who can identify with the people, who listens to God rather than to capitalists.

But no, you see, the Republicans are about to accept and support, for presidential Office, a man who makes 20 million dollars per year, who worships dog-eat-dog capitalism, the enriching of one company at the expense of other companies. And he calls it "success." But a country is a single organism. Taking blood from one leg and putting it into the other leg isn't exactly success. It's called limping along. A president should say: I don't care how strong one leg is, I care only about how weak the weakest leg is. You can call it communism to speak like that, but I call it godliness.

Yes, a nation is a community, a commune, if you will, but this world's Communism is not really about strengthening the weakest limb; it's about making both legs weak to make the head stronger. Obama didn't re-distribute your wealth to make the weak stronger, but to purchase votes to make himself stronger. Spit! Democrats don't want to take more taxes from the rich legs to make the poor legs stronger, but to get a fatter head, and to weaken the strong legs having too much power over their government. Democrats want a big fat head and a paralyzed body if possible, except by sheer need they will keep you healthy enough to get out of bed, to go to work, and to pay taxes. And if they can muster it, they'll assure you get out of bed on the wrong foot just to keep your enslavement more certain.

Republicans will tell us that the leg running the fastest gets to be the strongest. The work ethic. But reality doesn't always pan out that way, and often the faster legs run too fast into disaster and bankruptcy. The risky legs take chances and fall. And for countless reasons, some grow in wealth, others decrease. God's solution is for the rich and fortunate to give to the poor, but Republicans call that de-distribution of wealth, a derogatory idea. God never called for the government to re-distribute wealth, but calls on the rich to do so. Mitt Romney boasted that he gives ten percent to his Mormon church, yet God might not be happy until he gives 95 percent. That still leaves him a million -- each year.

I'm not all sure what the following means: "On the day of the assassination, Dallas Deputy Sheriff Seymour Weitzman confronted a man in Dealey Plaza minutes after the shooting. After the unidentified man showed Secret Service credentials to Weitzman, he disappeared. Deputy Sheriff Weitzman told JFK researcher Michael Canfield (author of Coup d'etat in America) that man was Bernard Barker." The impression I'm getting is that Barker, co-worker with CIA's Hunt, was involved with the shooting of the president. Let's not forget that the crime was cold-blooded murder, no way to conduct a democracy, everything expected of Nazi elements who must have ultimate power, and nothing short of it.

If the CIA can't assure a democracy because it itself is a lawless entity seeking dictatorial status, working with the strongest arms of the nation to make them ever stronger, acting as king-maker and removing the thorns from the kings' paths as they accomplish CIA agendas, what do the common people amount to but a blood transfer from the legs and feet into the strongest arms of the nation? Republicans don't care to have a big fat head; they want strong arms. How is that any different than the Democrats sucking blood from arms and legs to fatten their big heads? It's no wonder we people can't tell the difference between the state of our lives under Conservatives verses the state under Liberals. We're always scraping by no matter who's in charge, and most of us loose our shirts when we launch out into a business venture. The only capital we find is the "B" on "burnt."

How can small businesses survive when the huge corps are taking 95% of the pie? Capitalism is by nature the shrinking of small businesses by the enlargement of the Walmarts of the world. And we gladly feed the arms because the hardware store on Leg Avenue charges 12 cents more than Walmart for the same hammer. And so the arms come to own even Leg Avenue, making every household on the street a Walmart employee at peanuts per hour. And Walmart calls this a good thing because it's making cherished jobs in the community. Even the guy that ran Born Loser Gadgets on Foot Lane is now working as a stock boy at Walmart. Ahh, capitalism, so wonderful for anyone who loves peanuts.

Then there's the wife of Born Loser Gadgets who started Foot Loose and Fancy Free Gadgets, thinking to purchase her gadgets at less than the price of Walmart and to under-cut Walmart in retaliation for what it did to her husband, even if she couldn't make any profit. And when she went looking for the lowest prices, there weren't any because Walmart, under other business names, had gobbled up all the distributors of gadgets, and set the prices for the gadgets just so that no Foot Loose venturist yahoo could undercut Walmart. Ahh, capitalism, makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

So the daughter of the wife got an idea. The only solution, she told her parents, is to convince everyone on the lower rungs of life not to shop at Walmart, even if it costs 12 cents more to buy a hammer elsewhere. And so she got on the phones, and contacted a million people, only to discover that 999,998 of them all worked for Walmart. The other two owned Walmart.

Then the son got on the case. He told his parents and his sister that the only solution for saving the planet is to get every Walmart worker to quit their jobs. And the son conjured up a scheme on how to do it. He'd pay each worker 12 peanuts more each week if they would work at his new Wallop department store. And it worked. They all came over to his store. And he lowered all his prices until his total annual profit was no more than what he paid the workers. The workers had many peanuts left over after purchasing their needs.

The owner wasn't happy with the few peanuts he was making, so he considered increasing the wages of his workers so that he too could have more. The workers were beside themselves when they heard this, and they smiled on their boss at every opportunity. He soaked it in. The owner of Walmart had thought he had respect from the world for being so rich, when in reality everyone despised him for his selfishness. The owner of Wallop wasn't looking for respect at all. He just wanted his workers to have more, and that got him more praise and honor than all the Rothschilds could ever dream of having.

Best yet, the owner of Wallop didn't need to increase his prices to justify paying his workers more, because his workers had so much extra money now that they purchased more gadgets. Where the owner lost in lower prices, he made enough of it up in volume to be more than content. The sun never shone brighter, and the clouds never looked softer. No one had ever seen the sky so blue as when Share-ism started to become the rave.

The workers were making so much that they didn't need to work 11 1.2 months each year anymore, and they asked for fewer hours. Wallop gave them their wish, and hired some people from the unemployment line. Then, because everyone was purchasing more gadgets, he needed even more workers from the unemployment line do to the extra work of higher sales, and things went to the point of ).) unemployment, relieving the government of a huge load. There were fewer criminals now too because they could make a decent living. And there weren't anymore riots in Chicago.

The only problem now, everyone's house was becoming cluttered with gadgets. They had to decide at a town meeting whether to build bigger houses, or purchase less gadgets. Someone said, "why don't we give our gadgets to the poor, and buy new gadgets for ourselves?" Another person said, "why don't we just buy new gadgets for the poor?" A third piped up: "we don't have any poor left, Wallop made them all disappear. Everyone's working now."

They realized there was only one thing to do: stop buying so many gadgets. And when they followed through, Wallop's sales volumes went down, which was great anyway because some of Wallop's workers were quitting to go into the home-enlarging business. There was work everywhere. Husbands and wives were so busy enlarging their homes that husbands no longer had time nor desire in resorting to vodka and porn. And when adultery went down because of it, marriage rates and marriage survivals went through the roof through the coming years, taking a heavy burden off of government welfare. Hookers had to quit and to go clean toilets at Wallop. Pimps and drug traffickers had to learn how to enlarge homes, and suddenly the jails were all empty, taking yet another burden off of the government.

The government reduced taxes, therefore, giving the people even more money to enlarge their homes. And as the national dept started to go down, less taxes were needed to pay for its interest. The only losers were the international bankers.

The only problem for the workers now: their homes were becoming so large that they were starting to feel too empty. But husbands and wives had become so happy that children were popping out of wombs everywhere like rabbits. Soon, the houses were filled with happy children, seven or even ten per family, as it was in the beginning. Abortionists went bankrupt, and were given jobs sweeping hospital floors. They couldn't get better jobs because everyone's new joy made everyone healthier, and that made the hospitals almost empty. There were more abortionists sweeping floors than doctors. All the extra doctors had to go sell their extra cottages in the Bahamas or in Hawaii, and to sell their yachts, just to pay their bills. What a stroke of fortune, that those who over-charged the people in the past were now forced to give it back.

As time passed, and money was saved continually by all the workers, they could each one purchase a boat. But the price of gas was extremely high because oil companies had yet to switch from Capitalism to Share-ism. But the people now had the money to purchase solar power, and electric cars, and that brought the price of oil back down to $20 per barrel. The entire economy went through the roof immediately, and even the children owned their own solar-powered boats. The best thing of all, solar-powered boat engines don't scream on the lake to annoy the people on the lakeshores. The whole world had become like one beautiful swish.

But the bankers were plotting how to destroy Share-ism. Governments were no longer borrowing their money. And the workers had demonized bankers anyway. So the workers came to a meeting with war on their minds. They decided to purchase safes of there own, and they kept their money in their safes, and they no longer used credit cards that enrich banks, no longer used checks for a fee, no longer deposited and withdrew for a fee, but they carried cash, as was in the beginning. And banks disappeared from most street corners. Most of the bankers had to go beg for work, but people wouldn't give them any. And they wrote the names of bankers on their hearts, and swore never to give work to a banker. So the government had to give them unemployment insurance, but the bankers were forced to re-pay the government, with interest, or forfeit their homes.

In God's kingdom, the rule will be Share-ism. He gave this command to this world long ago, but the men of this world refused to practice it. And the state of the world now is the fruit of their Capitalism / Communism, a testimony against them. Not seeing enough disaster in the future forecast, the bankers are plotting yet further enslavement of the people, further commercial tricks to enlarge their coffers, until they own and rent the pee pot under the old sick woman's bed.

Clearly, Rothschilians and company are mental cases who don't get it. Even an animal has the intelligence to rip an enemy apart. How does that make Rothschilians wise? Wisdom is proven by worthy acts of kindness to fellow man, and while the Rothschilian species boasts of charity in order to prove themselves wise and worthy, yet they continue to grow in wealth. How is that charity? Where does their added wealth come from if not from others? While they grow in wealth, others grow poorer. Any grade one student knows that one billion plus one billion does not add up to less than one billion. Until Rothschilians learn subtraction and start becoming poorer by design, they betray their fellow man. Divide the spoils, and make the products for less. Bring down your prices.

The rich tell us that the people of history have never had so much as the average American worker now. Yes, but the average American worker is $15 trillion divided by $200 million in debt, or about $75,000 each. That would take the average worker's vehicle away, as well as his furniture and clothes, and all the food from his cupboards. The average American worker had been duped into thinking they have more than their fathers, when in reality the bankers dumped gadgets upon them from borrowed money, their own money, to be repaid with interest.

It is in the interests of bankers to keep everyone in debt. The higher the prices of things, the more the people tend to remain in debt to varying degrees. The harder to make ends meet, the more the people tend to be in debt to their credit cards. It's the way of the capitalist future, to keep prices high. And communists have no better plans for you because they love taxes, and taxes are higher when the price of things are higher.

There's only one way to defeat the beast. All good people must practice Share-ism, until it becomes a trend and urged by peer-pressure upon the stubborn-greedy. Problem is, hell will freeze over before the good actually act upon it. Where is the huge Christian corporation where the owners make as little money as their workers? Huge corporations have enough money to purchase managers until owners need to do very little work at all. Yet they want the lion's share of the profits to themselves.

But when the King of Share returns, He'll start the trend, and even hell will be open for business, and will increase. Bankers will be tossed in for fuel, heaped to the sky upon one another, all of them piled above the Hitlers of the world, all the rulers who killed for power, who maimed and destroyed for their own stomachs. This is what God is after, what He's concerned with, to make a garbage-pile spectacle of the greedy, and to introduce Share-ism as the Final Solution. It will be to the glory of Christ.


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