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April 3 - 9, 2012

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Holy Robin: Another Act of God
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BEEhold the Abijah Priesthood of Zechariah, father of John the Baptist

In an unexpected betrayal recently:

Leaders of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas turned publicly against their long-time ally President Bashar Assad of Syria on Friday, endorsing the revolt aimed at overthrowing his dynastic rule.

...But as the Sunni-Shi'ite split in the Middle East deepens, Hamas appears to have cast its lot with the powerful, Egypt-based Sunni Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose star has been in the ascendant since the Arab Spring revolts last year.

...Hamas's exile political leader Khaled Meshaal and his associates quietly quit their headquarters in Damascus and have stayed away from Syria for months now, although Hamas tried to deny their absence had anything to do with the revolt.

I don't know how to read this prophetically. Is Hamas befriending Obama too? Is Assad's Syrian government the one that's predicted to fall in Old-Testament prophecy to the "Assyrian" anti-Christ? Certainly, there are forces in Syria fighting Assad from the Mosul area, what used to be the ancient Assyrian capital. In this picture, the anti-Christ is not a Russian agent, but more like an ally of Obama. Will Hamas (leaders in Gaza) now join the Brotherhood in a plot on Israel? Obama might be convinced of its being the right thing to do.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood that won the lion's share of the parliament us still gunning for the Egyptian presidency...after promising, before the parliamentary elections, that it would not do so. Like Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood is thereby guilty of making false pre-election promises that helped to win its election in the first place. A presidency in the hands of the Brotherhood is effectively a Brotherhood dictatorship at this time. If it comes to pass, one might expect a build-up of weapons on the Egypt-Gaza border. The question is: will the Brotherhood go Israeli-tolerant, as it has promised to do, thus angering Hamas?

I'm not predicting the start of the great tribulation for the next five years, nor for any time. I'm just meaning to say that I expect the anti-Christ to invade the "king of the south" (= Egypt) about three or four years before Israel's great tribulation, but that I can't see reason for the anti-Christ to invade Egypt under a Brotherhood dictatorship unless the Brotherhood goes soft on Israel. Nor does it seem at all reasonable at this time to see a Russian invasion of Egypt, unless perhaps Putin is angered by the fall of Assad. But even then, it seems unlikely. Frankly, I don't see prophecy fulfillment possible in the state of things at the moment. If the Brotherhood chooses to go heavy on Israel in league with Hamas, then how does the anti-Christ invasion on Egypt come in?

I simply don't know the Date; I no longer think that 2016/17 can be a year of Jubilee on which the return of Christ can be expected. So sorry to say. There is only one way, that I can see, for 2016/17 to be the Date: if the anti-Christ is a non-Putin agent in the Mosul area whom has made an alliance with Obama for taking Syria. But he must take Syria quickly and then invade Egypt right away. If this is correct, then a name should be arising in the battle to topple Syria, a name at the head of the rebels, a name that Obama (or the False Prophet, if it's not Obama) is making great, a name that Obama will urge the world (or the world of Muslims) to honor.

Israel seems to be trusting the O-dministration, a very foolish thing to do:

Vice Premier [of Israel] Moshe Yaalon says maintaining peace with Israel is in any Egyptian leader's interest, and that Cairo's relationship with Washington is linked to the peace deal.

In other words, Israel knows that the new Egypt was permitted by Obama under the condition that the Brotherhood and other political winners would maintain Egypt's covenant with Israel. First, we can't trust the Brotherhood, and second, we can't trust Obama's handling of that promise.

There is a sense that Obama is doing everything he can to get the Egyptian presidency for the Brotherhood. In a second term for Obama (lasting until January, 2017), when he won't need to pattern his Israeli affairs any longer after a need for re-election, he'll have more licence to choose brutish methods against a non-complying Israeli government. We'll have a much better idea on what could be expected when we see who gets the Egyptian presidency, and the American presidency.

Safe to say, Obama is making friendly with Hamas' leader (does anyone know where he is at this time?), and the latter happens to have a Massey like surname. I found myself predicting, about three years ago, that Obama would befriend Hamas for instigating some rebellion against Israel, but that was when viewing Obama tentatively as the False Prophet. Assuming that the Brotherhood betrays Obama -- and there have been signs that it's willing to do just that -- Obama and Meshaal might go into Egypt to fulfill the king-of-the-south prophecy (Daniel 11:25-28)

A few days after writing the above, what comes out in the news?

White House officials held talks with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in Washington this week, as the Islamist group threw itself into the fray in Egypt's presidential election.

The meeting on Tuesday with low-level National Security Council staff was part of a series of US efforts to broaden engagement with new and emerging political parties following Egypt's revolution last year, a US official said.

The White House pointed out [sounds like it was justifying the meeting] that Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and other US lawmakers and officials had also met with Brotherhood representatives in Egypt and elsewhere in recent months.

"We believe that it is in the interest of the United States to engage with all parties that are committed to democratic principles, especially nonviolence," said National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor [sounds like it's excusing itself].

"In all our conversations with these groups, we emphasize the importance of respect for minority rights, the full inclusion of women, and our regional security concerns [sounds like its excusing / justifying itself]."

The Brotherhood renounced violence as a tool to attain power, but what they might become after they gain total power has yet to be seen.

The climate may not be right for Hillary to toss her hat into the ring against Obama's re-election, and yet she's clearly sent signals that she's toying with the idea. She first advertised, some months ago, that she would not be returning to her post as secretary of state. Then there were questions as to whether she'd be willing to replace the vice-president, though I don't think anyone thought Obama would have allowed that, unless he needed the woman vote badly enough. But now we hear Hillary advertising something very telling:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not be joining in the effort to reelect President Barack Obama. "Senior administration officials confirmed on [April 2] that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would not be joining the president on the campaign trail..."

"Though Clinton has said she will leave the State Department at the end of Obama's first term, she will still be Secretary of State as he ratchets up his general election campaign against Romney," according to the Huffington Post...

The article does not detail why Clinton is expected to sit out this election, though she is perennially named as a potential replacement of Vice President Joe Biden on the ticket and as a possible 2016 Democratic candidate.

It's telling us that she doesn't like Obama. It's telling us that she's not gunning for the vice-presidency neither. It may be telling us that she's advertising as best she can that, if Dem voters want her to run against Obama badly enough, or that if her poll numbers show enough popularity in that regard, she just might shake a leg and go for it.

In Syria, Kofi Annan has hammered out a peace deal that Russia is bucking against. Or, at least, Russia is bucking against the April 10 deadline for the Syrian president to comply to a peace deal sponsored by Annan. It suggests that Assad likes neither the deal nor the deadline, for if he liked the deal, he'd also like the deadline. It's in Assad's interests to feign liking the deal, but then to waste much time coming to agreement on the nitty-gritty. Annan sees through president Assad, and has slapped a deadline for Assad to act. The Russians want to see a halt in the fighting, as that keeps Assad in power, and on that score the Russians are supporting Annan's ceasefire attempt.

If we ask what could possibly bring a Russian anti-Christ into Egypt, one scenario begins with the current conflict in Syria, a conflict entered upon passionately by Russia. Syria is developing into a game of chicken between both super-powers. It would be taken very personal if Putin loses this game, with the West once against screaming triumph against Russia. It's not anything Putin can stomach at this moment in his illustrious career. In his anger, he might launch Russian military into Syria, against the rebels who oust Assad, and then even come militarily against the place where Obama's Middle East success story began, in Egypt. But this does not address how Putin, or his anti-Christ agent, becomes the "Assyrian," otherwise called the "king of Babylon" (Isaiah 13-14).

Obama (or the next US president, or the False Prophet) would then say, "Now wait a minute, Putin (or anti-Christ, which ever it may be), you're getting carried away here. How about we sit down and talk this over?" So the Russian military in Egypt packs for a trip back to its Syrian bases. And after he gets there, the anti-Christ (either Putin, or a general acting on Putin's behalf) decides that maybe he made a mistake to leave Egypt because the Americans are ill-equipped to do anything about it, anyway. So he launches another invasion into Egypt (Daniel 11 predicts a second invasion attempt), determined to destroy NATOs intrusions into the Middle East, and to ruin America's foot hold in the Middle East via Israel. I'm not on the edge of my seat waiting for this to take place.

This Russian scenario is in keeping with my outlook on prophecy as outlined in the Iraq chapters of the post-trib book. If it comes true as generally stated above, I doubt very much that Mitt Romney, an anti-Russian, would form a partnership with Putin in the way that Obama might. Plus, Obama might be persuaded by the anti-Christ to invade Israel after his second attempt (it fails) to invade Egypt, whereas Republicans may not so much as think of doing so.

Here's how the Syrian game of chicken is shaping up to date:

The US and its allies have warned president Bashar al-Assad that unless he halts his attacks on the Syrian population and implements a UN-backed peace plan, the [Syrian] rebels fighting him will be given more weapons [from the West].

The move, made at an Istanbul conference of the Friends of Syria, a grouping of more than 70 countries, in effect gives Washington's blessing to a Saudi Arabian bid to arm the opposition.

It contrasts with the administration's previous stance [what else is new about the O-flip-flopper] that arming the rebels could drag Syria deeper into civil war and increase the risk of innocent people being killed [says nothing about what Russia might do in retaliation].

US officials made clear there was no prospect of Washington itself providing the rebels with weapons [how much do we trust the CIA's covert operations?], not least because of a UN arms embargo on Syria. Countries such as the UK and Turkey also rule out arming the opposition themselves.

But all three signalled on Sunday that they could welcome Saudi and Qatari efforts to give weapons to the rebel Free Syrian Army [does the anti-Christ now rule that army?].

Speaking on a day when dozens of people in Syria were reported killed by government forces, Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, said Mr Assad was mistaken if he believed he could wholly suppress the opposition, which the US and its allies are trying to group together under the umbrella of the Syrian National Congress [i.e. Obama is already accepting the new Syrian government, and Putin is saying under my dead body].

"We are going to be supporting the SNC with direct assistance, in areas such as communications," Mrs Clinton said at the end of the conference. "Others [CIA included?] are going to be supporting fighters associated with the SNC."

A day earlier, Prince Saud al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, reaffirmed the kingdom's support for arming the rebels. [See Obama's profound ties to the Saudi royals, some two decades before he became the U.S. president, in the 4th update of March. And remember when Obama, as president, bowed in the presence of the Saudi royal, and just about kissed his feet]...

Opening the Istanbul conference on Syria, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's prime minister, also signalled his backing for the Syrian rebels' military effort [very bad news for Putin].

He held out little hope that Mr Assad would live up to his promises to abide by a six-point plan put forward by Kofi Annan [sounds like Turkey is squarely with Western globalists], the former UN secretary-general, which involves a pullback of government forces from population centres and a daily "humanitarian pause" of two hours.

...William Hague, UK foreign secretary, said Britain's stance would depend on Damascus implementing the Annan plan...

Nazi Germans were in Missoula and Spokane Prison Camps

In following up on the Clark House / Hayden Lake topics at the top of the last update, there are some pretty amazing things already loaded and coming right at'cha. I'm still going to use exclamation marks even though I already know the gist of what I'm about to show, all found between 5 - 8:30 am on Tuesday morning. It started with an email from our agent in the Spokane theater wherein the question was asked: why was there a naval base at Clark House, way inland from the ocean? By the way, this email clarified that Clark House was at the first driveway as one turns on to East Honeysuckle Ave from North House Lane.

I need to clarify that I had become confused between grandma House and grandma Clark in past emails from our agent (both grandmas were from Hayden Lake, both also were in California), and I wrongly assumed that the House family had owned the Clark House too. On a map that was come across this morning, Clark House is shown at the Hayden Lake lakeshore, and North House Lane may have been part of the 1400 acres owned by F Lewis Clark, owner and builder of Clark House (15,000 square foot mansion). It was also discovered this morning that the Clark House property included a two-mile stretch of the lakeshore, or that's what it sounds like below. We are on the job, investigating whether this tract of land, and/or its owners, had anything to do with Aryan Nations headquarters at Hayden Lake.

...Time's cruel hands, vandals and looters had nearly ruined [Clark House] by then -- the summer home designed to replicate German Kaiser Wilhelm' family's country palace located in a remote, wooded site overlooking Lake Constance at the Germany-Switzerland border.

...The Clarks had a basalt rock wall formed along about two miles of the lake's shore...

The kaiser's cottage was on Lake Constance??? As soon as I saw it, a "whoo-hoo" was literally heard in the back of my brain. I sensed it to be important. Fishing through the Coats seen yesterday, I was looking for the one using the pine tree used also by Constances and Dallens. And wouldn't you know it? It was the Fichten Coat. I've repeated for years that both Ficthens and Constances use the same pine because there is a town (Fichtenberg) named after Fichtens near Lake Constance (German-Swiss border). Note that the Constance chief uses the three stars used also by French Allens/Alans, for "Dallen" smacks of "D'Allen" and meanwhile Hayden Lake is in Coeur d'Alene.

What makes this find a real hoot is that I've linked, for years, the French Constances, first found in Languedoc, to the Cotes, first found in Languedoc, and meanwhile I've identified those Cotes/Cotts/Cottin with Cottians. It was only this year that I discovered Kootenai country, where Hayden Lake sits, and by now I've already made several arguments tracing "Kootenai" to Cottians.

But this find is more than an hoot, it's a mega-triumph. It was just in the last update that kaiser Wilhelm II (same Wilhelm as above) of Germany was linked rather solidly to Coverts/Cofferts of the Hayden Lake theater, and therefore to Coffeys/Coffers. Here's one thing said in that regard:

You can imagine my great surprise yesterday when entering "Coffer" to seek info on Kofferts...when I saw the "victoria" motto term of the Coffeys/Coffers (cups, grails?), just after reading that queen Victoria of England was the grandmother of kaiser Wilhelm II. Even Wilhelm's mother was named, Victoria. Apart from knowing this, I had traced the Coffeys in the past to the Bavarian Illuminati.

I suppose the questions are...Is the motto term code for the Dutch Victoria/Fichter surname? German Fichters/Fichtens (red Shield, as with Victorias/Fichters) were first found in Franconia and Bavaria, downtown Hohenzollern-ville.

Yes, Fichtens came up as a variation of Victor(ia). What a coincidence.

Lake Constance is partly in Bavaria, but the bigger point is that kaiser Wilhelm was himself a Hohenzollern, and I now see a red eagle on gold, the symbol of Hohenzollerns (see last update for that detail), in the English Constance Coat!!!

Previously, I had identified the Constance eagle as the Ferte eagle, and I'll continue to maintain the trace to Fertes as per Ferrat in Aosta and nearby MontFerrat in Cuneo, two locations in the Cottian theater. Thus, it could be that these Victoria / Constance / Dallen elements made their was to the naming of Coeur d'Alene / Kootenai, or in any case to living around its Clark House. As it seems more certain than ever that Cottians of the Constance kind named Kootenai, we thereby have a trace of Wilhelm's bloodline to that very area, which ought to ultimately explain why F. Lewis Clark was Wilhelm's friend.

What we can now realize is that the Ferte eagle is the Hohenzollern eagle. Excellent news, for Ferte-Mace was a location of Maccabee-suspect Maceys, while the Cottian Alps is the location of Modane to which I trace Maccabees proper (or the immediate Maccabee ancestry). This verification that the Ferte eagle is the Hohen eagle is once again corroboration that the Illuminati is a mix of Khazar Hebrews with lines from Israel's chief priests, themselves from Maccabee-proper blood (I really do think).

While searching for why a naval base should be at Hayden Lake, some of the first things found were: "In 1945, the Lund family allowed the U.S. Navy to begin using the [Clark] house. It served as a convalescent home for patients of the Navy hospital at Farragut." That raised my suspicions, for the year 1945 is the last of WW2, the year that Hitler was defeated, the year he'd need to have a hiding place. Our agent (for lack of a better term, he/she doesn't really wear sunglasses and go down the telephone booth to headquarters) had said: "Kaiser Wilhelm II wanted to get back to Germany and bring back the monarchy, so he helped Hitler in many ways; could he have helped find a safe place for [Hitler] in Idaho?"

The first to do was check for a Farragut surname, and wouldn't you know it, it brought up the French Fer/Ferrarson Coat (Brittany!), using the German Cohen Coat (i.e. Hohen related)...with the Cohen checks used by the Allen > Stewart (or "Stuart") line that certain Veres worship. And the Houstons use the same checks.,1874090

This is where I've got to repeat that, upon learning that William Hitler Stuart-Houston (Adolf's nephew) was in the U.S. navy, the question immediately came to mind as to what sort of Nazi operatives might have been covertly in the U.S. navy. We can ask whether those elements are the ones who arranged for the navy at Clark House. And who were the Lunds?

Let's go to the location of Ferragut to see what it turns up. We have a Ferragut state park today, 30 miles north of Coeur d'Alene "on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille. Once Idaho's largest city and the world's second largest naval training station..." Okay, I get it, Ferragut had a huge naval base, and someone in that base arranged to have a location at Clark House while it was under the control of a Lund family, in the same year that Hayden-like Hitler was defeated. There's even a Heutter location smack beside the Coeur d'Alene sector to which I traced Vere families.

There is still the question of a naval training base situated far inland from the ocean, but before we get to the answer, which involved the president of the United States at the time, let's ask why this lake was named, Pend Oreille. We've seen again and again that the Illuminati was from Pendragon elements, and even in the last update the Orells/Oriels (torteaux) came up again. Both Pendragons and Orells/Oriels have been traced (by me) to Herod bloodliners, but I recall that Orells/Oriels, when I first heard of them from Tim, had linked to the Rose family, especially the French Rose family. The president who chose Lake Pend Oreille for the navy was ROOSevelt, and the Scottish Rose/Roose clan even uses "Constant" for a motto term!!!

What was going on at North Idaho, anyway, that someone needs to cough up??? Bloodline worship, for sure.

Wikipedia's Roosevelt article tells that the surname was "ROSENvelt" to the Dutch, and then the German Rosens were first found in Silesia, a place that I consider related to the Salyes Ligures in/beside the Cottian-Alp theater. In an article to be quoted from below, History of Kootenai County, we find that the county was home to SALIShan natives. How-w-w about that.

Did we see a spread Adler eagle in the Constance Coat? Wasn't it red like that of Hohenzollerns? Yes, and we not only find an Adler eagle in the Roosevelt Coat, but a red Adler in the Roosevelt Crest!!! It was such an amazing surprise. It would appear that 1) Roosevelt was a Hohenzollern; 2) he had Hohenzollern relatives in North Idaho, and; 3) he did them a favor by bringing vast amounts of money into the region as per a new naval base there, even making for a large city at the time:

Eleanor Roosevelt allegedly [we don't believe everything we read, do we?] noticed the lake [Pend Oreille] on a flight to Seattle. Knowing that President Roosevelt was seeking a location for a secure inland naval training center, she mentioned it to him [makes it sound so innocent of a decision, coming from his wife so off-the-cuff-like] and he made a secret tour of the area. Ground was broken in March 1942...

Over 293,000 sailors received basic training at Farragut during its 30 months of existence. The last recruit graduated in March 1945 and the facility was decommissioned in June 1946. It was also used as a prisoner of war camp; nearly 900 Germans [whaa-ut?] worked as gardeners and maintenance men.

In 1942, Lt. Commander Henry T. McMaster, supervisor of support services at the station...

We don't believe that his wife made the decision as to where a WW2 naval base should be located, do we? It smacks of a story concocted to cover up the reality that Americans would shame Roosevelt for. The Masters surname is high-rung-Illuminati suspect, of the Massin/Mason kind that I trace to Massis/Mattis' that likewise use Cohen checks. The greater point is that GERMANS living in America were placed at the naval base, and many of them were...Nazis! We wouldn't be reading this had not our agent asked about the naval base?

Below is a map of American prison camps specifically for housing Germans living in non-resident status in America during WW2. Two locations on the map are Missoula, Montana (just a few miles from Polson, where Charles Mangles was born), and Spokane!!! The latter location is just a few miles from Hayden Lake. In fact, Hayden Lake sits smack between Spokane and Missoula. The idea here is that Germans of this area covered for Hitler and his friends starting in 1945, and that Roosevelt may have known, and nodded.

Just for your information, Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066.

Americans of Italian and German ancestry were also [along with Japanese] targeted by these restrictions, including internment. 11,000 people of German ancestry were interned [= made prisoners], as were 3,000 people of Italian ancestry, along with some Jewish refugees. The Jewish refugees who were interned came from Germany...

I was able to find the origin of the naming of Farragut:

Three years before his pivotal victory in the Civil War's Battle of Mobile Bay, then-Captain David Glasgow Farragut, his wife Virginia, and their 16-year-old son Loyall arrived in the quiet river town of Hastings-On-Hudson [NY] in 1861, after he fled the South and the Confederacy's increasing pressure on his military service. The Farragut family settled at 128 Washington Avenue, half of a two-family cottage owned by John William Draper [grails]. At the outset, the mild-mannered Southerner [i.e. Ferragut] was suspected by some of being a Confederate spy....By then, he was a celebrated war hero and had been appointed the first Admiral in the history of the United States Navy..."

Wikipedia verifies that the Ferragut location was named by the FIRST naval admiral:

Farragut State Park is a state park of Idaho, USA, on the southern tip of the Lake Pend Oreille in the Coeur d'Alene Mountains. The site formerly held the Farragut Naval Training Station, a major training base of the U.S. Navy during World War II. The base was named after David Farragut, the first admiral in the U.S. Navy and the leading naval officer during the Civil War.

Asa Fers/Ferraguts, Stuarts and Houstons all use the same blue and white checks, we might imagine that admiral Ferragut helped to stack the navy leadership with like blood, and then William Hitler Stuart-Houston enters the U.S. navy too, and maybe the whole lot of them were working for Hitler as best they could get away with...maybe they arranged for Pearl Harbor.

Those of you who've followed the Nazi topic of Hayden Lake know that I traced Scerf(f)s / Scheriffs to the area, and perhaps you read the huge find in the last update, where the Scher/Scherf Shield was found to be the Wilkins Shield, important due to the find that red roses-on-stems are used by Schers/Scherfs and by German Walkers, and meanwhile Walkers too use a split Shield like the Schers/Scherfs and Walker-suspect Wilkins. I've stressed the roses on stems several times before, as a symbol to watch out for. I now find red roses on stems in the Dutch Roosevelt Coat!!!

There are even three ostrich feathers in the Dutch Roosevelt Crest, each one half white, half red. Might this link to the white Edward / Ich-Dien ostrich feathers?

I'm not ready to make a president-Roosevelt link to covert Nazis in the U.S., but I'm toying. Still more evidence can be dredged up to show his surname's link to Nazi elements, even to the Hitler surname. The "Christo" motto term in the English Roosevelt Coat, for example, suggests the German Christ surname using three roses. It recalls August Kreis, who came to lead Aryan Nations. The Kreis Coat, like the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, uses half a Shield with red and white bars, as well as a Zionist star indicating "Jewishness." The single Zionist star is white-on-blue, the color of the single Zionist star of Hagar(d)s, which is important as per the below. The Goth surname uses a single Zionist star in the same colors, a surname that could apply to "FarraGUT."

By some strange coincidence, the Irish Bowen Coat, emphasized in the last update as per the man who helped to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for Kennedy's assassination, is identical to the Germo-Swiss Gut/Good Coat. This would be a good place to record that F. Lewis Clark had for a secretary a GOODspeed surname.

Here's a very good point from the article, History of Kootenai Country, under the section, "Hayden Lake":

"But it was not until the late 1870s that the first homesteaders, a Mr. Strahorn (first name unrecorded) and three soldiers from Fort Sherman (Matt Hayden, John Hager, and John Hickey) settled in the area. Legend has it that Hayden and Hager, whose homestead was on the site of the present-day Hayden Lake Country Club, played a game of seven-up to determine who should name the lake. Hayden won the card game.

I've been wresting with the origin of "Hiedler" for quite some time, developing multiple theories (not necessarily inconsistent with one another), and one of the origins is Heid- or Heyd-like surnames such as "Hayden." Another theory was from the Hagelshiemer variation of German Heids, as though Heids had a relationship with Hag-like clans who could easily morph into Hay(er)s/Hey(er)s. I suggested, like one on a limb, that Hayden Lake was named after the Hitler bloodline in order to explain why Adolf Hitler had removed to the area. I now find that Hayden Lake was founded by Hayden AND Hagar bloodlines.

The Hiedler/Hitler surname uses a sun that I trace to the sun of the (H)Ectors because (H)Ectors use red and white diagonal bars the Kreis' and Hiedlers/Hitlers. Just like that, we are tracing the (H)Ector bloodline to Hayden Lake, and that's important for two reasons: 1) the trace of the surname back to mythical Hector, brother of Paris and son of Priam; 2) (H)Ectors were first found in Angus, beside the Hagar(d)s first found in Perthshire.

For those who have been reluctant to trace the Hector surname to mythical Hector, see the "praemium" motto term of the Hickies. Thus, Hickies look like a branch of Priam > Hector Trojans, the peoples at the root of the Pharisee bloodline to York. We are about to see York elements return to topic in quite a surprising way. And by the way, Hickies look like Oxford Veres, while Veres are a Pharisee line in my opinion [at the very end of this update, we find what I claim to be a Revelation from God that Ixion = Hector elements led to both Caiaphas and to the Ladon dragon].

The Pend Oreille term is that of native "Indians," but I trace natives of the North-Idaho area routinely to the British Isles of long ago. The Pend Oreille lived at Priest Lake (may apply to the Priest/Presley surname from Vere / Drake elements), and as I tend to trace the heraldic "ear" code to the line of Israel's chief priests, note: "The name Pend Oreille is of French origin, meaning "hangs from ears", which refers to the large shell earrings that these people wore." First, I don't know that they did wear earrings, and secondly, I know the duplicity of Freemasonic liars when it comes to heraldry codes. It just so happens that I traced heraldic "ear" to "Ayers / Heyers / Eyers, and that those surnames have been routinely linked (over the years) to Hagar(d)s...long before discovering, just hours ago, that the Hagar surname co-founded Hayden Lake.

"Their language, Kalispel-PEND d'Oreille, belongs to the Salishan family." I've traced PENDragons (branch of PENDers) repeatedly to the Sales (will not re-explain here).

Next up: "The Lewis and Clark expedition [both men were Freemasons, and friends of Thomas Jefferson] through central Idaho in 1805 was the first recorded exploration by people of European descent" (quote from History of Kootenai County). It may not only explain why the builder of Clark House was named, F. Lewis Clark, but does explain a Lewis And Clark County (one county, not two) in Montana, very close to Missoula country. The city of Missoula "is located along the Clark Fork..." I do not believe that Lewis and Clark were the first two Europeans to the area; the "Indians" were themselves, in large part, Europeans. The idea that natives are as many as ten thousand years old in America is bogus evolutionary desperation.

By what coincidence was the House clan of Hayden lake seemingly linked to Clark House, while there's a Hauser location (and lake) in Lewis and Clark County??? Reminder: the House, Hazel and related Islips were suspect as kin to William Hitler Stuart-HOUSton, who lived beside Islip.

There's even a Roosevelt County in Montana, albeit it's in the far eastern part of the state. It was named after president Theodore Roosevelt (not to be mistaken with the president Franklin Roosevelt mentioned earlier). I've been asking why F. Lewis Clark named his son, Theodore. It turns out that Theodore Roosevelt was likewise Assistant Secretary of the Navy. The personal Arms of Theodore Roosevelt are displayed at his Wikipedia's article (link above), and they're the Dutch Roosevelt Coat...with roses on stems!

Isn't that something, that while I've been suspecting something of a Hitler / Nazi element in the U.S. Navy on the approach to the Hitler era, a theory that started with William Hitler Stuart-Houston, we now come to the Allen > Stewart line at the Navy's top rungs just as Hitler was a boy. If Roosevelts were linked to Stewart / Hitler lines, what I'm picturing in North Idaho starts to make sense. It's hard to know what the Roses / Rosens were prior to taking on the rose symbol, but I'd suggest either the Redones / Rhodians or the Ross clan (Varangians, I think) that lived beside Roses.

The Dutch Roosevelt motto includes, "curabit," which at first struck me as "corban," the law of Israel's chief priests, but then it also hinted of whatever may have named "Coeur d'Alene." That's an especially strong argument where an Allen surname succeeded Theodore Roosevelt as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Don't gag at this idea until you read further below.

Interestingly, while we just saw that the Roosevelt roses with stems should link to the same of the Scherfs and Walkers, the Arms of Roosevelt at Theodore's Wikipedia article call the symbol a "roseBUSH (caps mine)," which helps to support my contention that Otto Skorzeny, the same Nazi who said Adolf Hitler escaped to Montana, was absolutely correct when he said that George Herbert Scherff (a Nazi operative in Hitler's regime) was George Herbert Walker Bush, the CIA troll who became the American president.

The German Hauser/Howser Coat is exactly the German Bush Coat!!! I've shown that before, but coming now is a very guut thing.

As Veres are Stewarts, what about the FAIRbanks surname that served as Roosevelt's vice-president? Why do Veres follow my writings around? Fairbanks/Firbanks were first found in rose-depicted Yorkshire, and they apparently use a version of the Coat of Drapers (the latter uses grails), first found in rose-depicted Lancashire. Both Fairbanks and Alans/Allens use a red fesse, but while the latter use a red-on-gold fesse, the Core/Gore surname uses a gold-on-red fesse. Yes, check it out and think "Coeur d'Alene." Moreover, the Cores/Gores use a "Sola salus" motto phrase squaring with the Salishan natives in the Coeur d'Alene theater.

On this list of Stewart septs, see "Kinley," for William McKinley was the U.S. president immediately before Theodore Roosevelt. Note the DunLEVI sept in the list.

On this list of Stuart septs, see the Lewis surname (as well as Lowes and other Levi-like ones), but especially the Glass sept (and several like it), for William Hitler Stuart-Houston had a Glassl surname in his grandmother (Adolf Hitler's father married both the Glassl and a Polzl, the latter being Adolf's mother). For new readers, Stewarts and Pollocks were nearly identical, as per the line of Shropshire Alans/Allens in the 12th century, and both removed to Renfrewshire, where Glasgow and the Houston surname were located.

Back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Franklin D. Roosevelt was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy by Woodrow Wilson in 1913 [just a handful of years after the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt] and served under Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels [Daniels are also "Danner," and a Danner surname purchased Clark House]. Roosevelt developed a life-long affection for the Navy, and was more ardent than his boss Daniels in supporting a large and efficient naval force...

...In a series of speeches in his campaign for Vice President, Roosevelt claimed (tongue-in-cheek) that as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, he wrote the constitution which the U.S. imposed on Haiti in 1915. The 1920 Democratic National Convention chose Roosevelt by acclamation as the candidate for Vice President of the United States. The ticket was headed by Governor James M. Cox of Ohio,... (Wikipedia)

The Cox surname came up in the last update in such a way that had me thinking they were of the Bush-family circle in Texas which had an iron grip on Texas. It was discovered at that time that the Cox and English-Bush Crests share the same goat design.

Note the besants emphasized in the English Cox Coat. It's very important because the Delano Coat uses nothing but a central besant. It's very important not only because it shows bloodline worship in the Cox-Roosevelt ticket, but in Franklin's very family:

Roosevelt is an Anglicized form of the Dutch surname 'Van Rosevelt' or 'Van Rosenvelt',...

...His mother named him after her favorite uncle Franklin Delano.

Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882, in the Hudson Valley town of Hyde Park, New York. His father, James Roosevelt, and his mother, Sara Ann Delano, were sixth cousins and both were from wealthy old New York families. They were of mostly English descent; Roosevelt's great-grandfather, James Roosevelt, was of Dutch ancestry, and his mother's maiden name, Delano, originated with a French Huguenot immigrant of the 17th century. Franklin was their only child.

Franklin Roosevelt even married a woman with a Roosevelt surname herself.

Did you notice that he was born in HYDE Park? On the HUDson river? The Hudson river had been come across earlier in this update, as per the first admiral of the navy, with Ferragut surname, who was in Hastings-On-Hudson. (Hastings, like the Mangels, use a "maunch" or "sleeve"). We saw that Franklin' Roosevelt's wife allegedly choose Lake Pend Oreille as the location of a massive naval base at a Ferragut location. I couldn't, at the time, have dreamed of being able to make the links here any better to show bloodline worship. And here's why:

...[Franklin Delano Roosevelt] was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity,...

...While he was at Harvard, his fifth cousin Theodore Roosevelt became President,...In 1902, he met his future wife Eleanor Roosevelt, Theodore's niece, at a White House reception (they had previously met as children). Eleanor and Franklin were fifth cousins, once removed...

...He was first initiated in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and was initiated into Freemasonry on October 11, 1911, at Holland Lodge No. 8 in New York City...

Franklin was a Masonic animal, who got into the business -- while president, and thus using tax-payer dollars -- of purchasing massive amounts of war equipment in WW2. Some say the entire purposes of Rothschilds and kin for creating the two world wars was to rake in vast sums of filthy lucre in the manufacturing / distribution of weaponry, for both sides of the wars. While I haven't the time to seek evidence for such an accusation, I wouldn't be surprised if it's true.

Did you note that "Delano" smacks of "Dallen"? Irish Dallens are also "Delaney." I had traced the latter Dallens to the Mary MagDALENE grail-cult first of all, and, so far, I haven't seen reason to toss the idea out. We just saw that Cores/Gores, with a fesse in colors reversed to Allens, look like they use a version of the Draper Coat with grails. I've repeatedly claimed that the "vincit" motto term is code for the Vince/Vinch bloodline that gave the modern world a heretic view of Mary Magdalene, as per the Da-VINCI Code, but now I can show the "Vincit" motto term of Drapers. I retort, you decide.

You either believe the dragons, or you believe the lambs of Jesus Christ. Which will it be? Will it be that you think Mary Magdalene and Jesus had sons and daughters who came to France (Languedoc theater), or will you believe that Masonic dragons in France are the same liars who killed Jesus? Will you believe that Jesus was just an ordinary man feigning a great prophet of God, or will you believe that, as the Son of God, he was raised from the grave to make it possible for everyone else? In the least, don't trust the Masonic animals. But as for Jesus, he's true, loyal, affectionate, everything that Masons say they are but aren't.

Grails in the colors of the Draper grails are used by Butlers, and then there's an argument to be made that Stewards > Stewarts named themselves after the Butlers, of Bute. I do not think that Butlers were named after "a butler," but that Bute/Butt elements (on Bute/Rothesay) developed a Butler variation. Then, as Alans had some Rothesay/Bute elements of their own, they merged with the Butlers and morphed also into "Steward" from additional play-on-words as per their roots in the Stow bloodline (= raven-depicted Rothes vikings, related to Stouts).

"Draper" is probably from one of the Drave rivers that I trace to "Traby," for I've traced Trabys to Stewarts to my satisfaction.

Franklin Roosevelt first announced that he would not seek to stop Hitler. He allowed Hitler into Czechoslovakia, and only after the war was hot did he start manufacturing of weapons and their distribution to the "Allies." But he was slow in entering the war. The following of course is only the gist of a long-drawn out war:

...When Roosevelt was inaugurated March 4, 1933 (32 days after Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany), the U.S. was at the nadir of the worst depression in its history.

...The rise to power of dictator Adolf Hitler in Germany had aroused fears of a new world war. Nevertheless, in 1937 Congress passed an even more stringent Neutrality act...

In October 1937, [Roosevelt] gave the Quarantine Speech aiming to contain aggressor nations. He proposed that warmongering states be treated as a public health menace and be "quarantined" [that was predicted to have as little restraining effect as calling the bully names]. Meanwhile he secretly [why secretly? As a good strategy of surprise, or because the nation wouldn't have approved?] stepped up a program to build long-range submarines that could blockade Japan.

At the time of the Munich Agreement in 1938 -- with the U.S. not represented -- Roosevelt said the U.S. would not join a "stop-Hitler bloc" under any circumstances, and he made it quite clear that in the event of German aggression against Czechoslovakia, the U.S. would remain neutral...

...In July 1940, FDR appointed two interventionist Republican leaders, Henry L. Stimson and Frank Knox, as Secretaries of War and the Navy respectively. Both parties gave support to his plans for a rapid build-up the American military, but the isolationists warned that Roosevelt would get the nation into an unnecessary war with Germany...

When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, Roosevelt agreed to extend Lend-Lease to the Soviets. Thus, Roosevelt had committed the U.S. to the Allied side with a policy of "all aid short of war."

. Roosevelt, a long-time Democrat president, was quite possibly on side with socialist Rothschilds / Rhodians who were likely arming the Soviets too, if the Russian leadership, at the time, was still under the Rothschild umbrella that founded Communist Russia. I haven't studied Soviet presidents enough with the aim of finding which of them may have been under Rothschild control. I say Lenin was, but I've gleaned reason to see Stalin as a rebel after starting out in the Rothschild camp: "[Stalin] was among the Bolshevik revolutionaries who brought about the October Revolution in Russia in 1917 and later held the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union's Central Committee from 1922 until his death in 1953." Stalin was the WW2 leader.

Convinced by now that the ancestry of the Roosevelts needs to be taken to task, let's start with the besants used by Delanos and Cox's. A single besant, as with Delanos, is used centrally in the York Coat ("cupias" motto term) . Then, I traced the blue-on-white lion of Yorkshire Bruces (which is herein called "Cappeo / Copia") to the blue-and-white lion that still appears in the Arms of Brescia. Brescia is not far from the Ananes Gauls. Then, the Delano surname was first found in Brescia. How neat and tidy. If one takes away the blue York saltire, only the Delano Coat remains. If one' removes the 'L' from "Lano," or the "Del" from "Delano," something like "Ananes" remains. It just so happens that the Anne surname was first found in Yorkshire. Yes, I'm saying that Delanos were from the Ananes, the same that named Annas/Ananias, the high priest of Israel who had part in killing Jesus.

Without going into all the details, the paragraph above traces the Ananes -- and therefore Annas/Ananias of Israel -- to "Heneti" Trojans, which was the Aphrodite line to Venus and to the Veneti whom she represented. I not only traced Aphrodite to the Abreu > Abruzzo > Bruce line, but to the Eburovices, founders of Brescia. Eburovices are best known as founders of Abreu-like Evreux. And in Evreux the Eburovices were called alternatively, "Ebroicum," which must be the term that once named Eboracum, an early name of York. In other words, the Parisii, known to be co-founders of York, founded York with their Eburovices cousins, and while one of them was from the Heneti > Ananes peoples that furnished Ananias, the other furnished the Pharisees. What a shocking thing if the Delanos trace to this disgusting thing.

Keeping in mind that Hulls use the Hall talbots, while both Hulls and Hallands/Hallams were first found in Yorkshire, while the lion of the Hallands/Hallams is the Bruce / Brescia lion, let's read more on the ancestry of Franklin Roosevelt, noting the two Anna names, and the Levi-suspect Livingstons:

Anna Rebecca Livingston Ludlow Hall Roosevelt (March 17, 1863 - December 7, 1892) was the mother of First Lady of the United States, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. Anna was the eldest child of Valentine Gill Hall (1834 - 1880) and Mary Livingston Ludlow (1843 - 1919). She was a descendant of Livingston family...

Note "LudLOW," for even the Low(e)s (in Levi colors) are Levi suspect, and Lowes are a sept of Stewarts. The Ludlows (Shropshire, where Dallen-suspect Alans lived) once again use the Levi colors (black on gold), and so let's ask who uses the black-on-gold Ludlow lion? The Hohenstaufens do. But so does the Arms of Flanders, and while Flanders was founded by Flemings, the Fleming double border (with fleur-de-lys attached) is used by Livingstons. The latter were first found in Lothian, where many Flemings settled, including the Seatons/Satans who likewise use the Fleming double border, which even became a favorite symbol of Scotland.

Yes, "Satan" is a registered surname of the Seaton clan (green dragon in Crest), but who would give themselves such a surname? Their "Hazard" motto term could be code for Hagards. Their "forward" motto term looks like part code for Fairs, and part code for the Wards using a Shield filled with more checks.

Flemings use "shaw" in their motto, and I've independently traced Shaws to Israel's chief priests. The Fleming Crest goat head is much like that of the Bush Crest goat head, and then German Bush's are said to be named after a "thicket," which I think is code for the bloodline of "Sithech," the term to which Shaws (grails) are traced. The Thick/Thicker surname (looks like the Core/Gore Shield) even uses ermined lozenges, as do English Shaws/Sheaves, who in turn use "Vincit qui" as code in-part for the key symbol of the Sheaves/Chiapponi/Chiava surname that I link to "Caiaphas."

We then read: "Despite Roosevelt's Wilsonian background, he and Secretary of State Cordell Hull..." It figures. Even the Hudson/Hutson surname, using the same Shield as Cores/Gores and Thicks, were first found in Yorkshire, home of Hulls...who are trace-able to the Hellespont, where the home of proto-Pharisees, Parium/Parion, was located.

What's worse, the Hudson fesse uses the lion design of the Languedoc Contes. Let's not neglect that the blasphemous Mag-Dallen cult had beginnings in Languedoc. For this exercise, recall where this update started, in Languedoc's Constances (using the Dallen pine tree) that linked to emperor Wilhelm's Hohen / Cohen bloodline. The Lothian surname also uses a pine tree, and a talbot, symbol of Hulls. Lothians even use "qui custodit" in their motto (!), and their bugle is the 666-suspect Traby bugle.

As we glean here that Lothians were related to Seatons/Satans of Lothian (where also ROSlin is located that should prove to be part of the Roosevelt line), note that Lothians were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Hagards, which is a very guut reason for tracing "Hazard" to "Hagard." Then, to Hayden Lake's co-founder with Hagar surname. The Hectors were beside Perthshire, and then Hayden Lake was co-founded by Hickies...from the Hector Trojans out of Parium/Parion.

As Clark House was built after the pattern of a house owned by kaiser Wilhelm II, and as "Hudson" looks like it could be related to "Hayden," we should note that the Hudson (and Contes) lion design is also that of the Scottish Clark Crest.

Recalling from the last update that a certain kaiser Wilhelm Koffert of Hohenzollern associations (in the ancestry of Cathian Covert Maness) was suspect with kaiser Wilhem II, and that the latter Wilhelm had traced well to the motto term ("victoria") of Coffeys/Coffers, how amazing is it that the Franklin surname uses the same martins, in the same colors, as the Covert/Koffert Coat!? The Vince/Vinch surname (black dragons) likely comes from the idea of victor(y), not forgetting that Lothians, whom I trace to the Biblical Lotan / Ladon dragon, use "qui," a term used not only by Shaws/Sheaves, but by Dutch Roosevelts. It's code for the Kay/Key cult that was made a son of mythical Hector.

The grail-using Perthshire Shaws use a motto ("I mean well") like the motto of ECKERts/Urquharts/Orchards who were first found in the Moray area where the Roses were first found. The Eckerts/Urquharts use, "Mean well, SPEAK well...," which I trace to the Speaks/Specks, the namers; I'm sure, of Spokane, beside Otis Orchard. The Speak/Speck Coat uses a red eagle, probably the Hohenzollern eagle once again, used by Roosevelts. The Speak/Speck Crest is a porcuPINE. The Pines were first found in the same place (Devon) as English Roosevelts, though I think the Pine bloodline goes also to Pender/Pynders and Pendergasts (yet another "vincit" motto term) suspect at lake Pend Oreille.

August Kreis was a member of Posse ComiTATUS (caps mine), the name of a nazi-related group smacking of the Rollo/Rollock motto phrase, "posse per tout." If we're thinking that Hagars are Hagarite Ishmaelites, the black boar (= Esau symbol) of the Rollo Crest is important. But my point here is that "Comitatus" seems like code for the Conte/Comites surname, first found in Languedoc along with Constances/CONTans and Cotts/Cottins. I very often find myself on the Conte/Comites surname when on the Constance/Contan surname. It just so happens that the French Conte/Comites Shield matches that of the Rollos/Rollocks, and that Sinclairs, who lived at Roslin, use a "Commit" motto term.

But none of that was the original point. The Hudson lion design is that of Italian Contes, the same lion design as per the Villes of Languedoc, whom I link to Languedoc's Contes/Comites...because there was a Herluin de Conteville who married the mother of the Conqueror (i.e. of the Rollo-viking line). But that's still not the original point. The point is that the Conte lion is the Hudson lion, while the Hudson Shield is the Core Shield, while both are the Alan Shield in colors reversed, while the whole of it smacks of "Coeur d'Alene," while Hayden and Hayden Lake are in/beside Coeur d'Alene, while Hayden Lake was the headquarters of Aryan Nations, ruled at first by a Stewart-related Butler surname, but then by August Kreis. The Hudson surname is said to be from "Hudd," virtually the same term to which the Hiedler/Hitler surname traces itself. THE POINT IS: IT WAS VERY CORRECT TO TRACE HITLER BLOODLINES TO THE VICINITY OF HEUTTER IN POST FALLS, where Cathian Covert Maness lived.

Our agent in the Spokane theater sent us a message not long ago: "Mary House [either of Post Falls or Hayden Lake] married George Rowsell (probably Russell) born 1811 Paulton Somerset Eng. Married: 1833 Oxford[,] Franklin Co. Idaho and had 3 female children all born 1841, 1844, 1849 in England. Strange they were married in Idaho, USA, and had kids back in Paulton Somerset Eng." An Oxford location in Franklin county, Idaho, hum? it's such a perfect addition to the main point: the Rowse variation of "Roosevelt," and meanwhile the Roosevelt/Rowse motto is the one with "Christo" that gets us to the Kreis bloodline.

Bouillons use "Bello Christi," and Bouillons were Bellis who were in turn Carpenters (check it out for yourself), and while the new Alan Coat that appeared for a few days at was the Belli and Carpenter Coat, Hiedlers/Hitlers are said to derive in "Hutter / Huttler" meaning "carpenter." In German, a carpenter is a zimmerman, and in the American news lately a Zimmerman surname (White man) has been stirring the hive after killing a Black man. Nazi types in the US are arming for a backlash to Blacks killing Whites in vengeance.

The ADLER eagle of Roosevelts may itself be a term from "Hiedler."

As things are shaping up to a link of Franklin Roosevelts to the Clark House, let me show the Irish Clark Coat, using the same-colored Fesse as Alans, and with besants upon it. The Crest of this Clark Coat is the green seahorse of Irish Cohens, and we saw that Ferraguts, who are linking well to Franklin Roosevelt, use the German Cohen Coat exactly. We might ask what the 'F' stands for in "F. Lewis Clark." As yet, I've never come across the full first name.

Roosevelts and Franklins Look like Thule Tools

Perhaps it was hasty to suggest that "Post Falls" was code for the Fuller / RockeFELLER surname that I say founded "Fulbert the Saxon," the founder of Pollocks of Renfrew. Posts and Pollocks both use a bugle, as do Berts, and I traced German Posts to Poland's "Piast" dynasty. Fullers even use the Belli and Carpenter beacon symbol. However, it turns out that Post Falls has a water fall. The location was, however, named after a Post surname: "Once the site of the Coeur d'Alene Indian village Q emiln ("throat of the river"), the town of Post Falls grew from the early commercial lumbering efforts of German immigrant, Frederick Post. Post came to the area from Illinois in 1871 and set up businesses in Rathdrum, Spokane, and Post Falls, building the area's first gristmill at Spokane Falls in 1876. He returned to the "Little Falls" (Post Falls) of the Spokane River and used the falls to power the area's first commercial lumber mill." Looks like I was w-wr-wrong.

But maybe not. If you read it, I traced the Roquefeuil > Rockefeller treFOIL symbol to Trips/TREFFs (I realize how corny that looks, but it really works true), found in the same place (Hamburg) as German Drummonds. We now see a RathDRUM location at Post Falls. Then, on Athol in Kootenai county: "First known as Colton, the town was renamed Athol by a settler who came from Athol, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Athol was named after a town in Scotland named for the Duke of Atholl." Then, Atholl in Scotland is in Perth(shire), where Scottish Drummonds lived. How neat and tidy.

"Athol is a city in Kootenai County...It is part of the Coeur d'Alene Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes the entire county...Several miles east of town is Farragut State Park...In Scottish Gaelic the name is Athall, which derives from the Old Irish Ath-fhotla, or 'New Ireland', (Fotla being a traditional name for Ireland)." I find that last sentence hard to believe, as it even shows no logic. I find it hard to believe because I am sure that Athols were Ashmoles, potential Ishmaelites linked to Hagar(d)s of Perthshire whom co-founded Hayden Lake in Kootenai. In any case, no matter how we cut this, we now see that Perthshire elements were in the Hayden Lake theater, and if they were Ishmaelites, it goes back to my first realization that Hitler hated Jews because he was from Ishmael, the wrong son of Abraham.

It's interesting here that As(h)mans use Athol and Ashmole colors (Levi colors too), for if correct to trace Asmans to "Hasmonean," which I now think is correct, then what of the so-called "talbot" dogs in the Asman Coat? I traced Talbots to bee-using Talls/Thals without doubt, and the latter smack of "Athol." I also traced Talls and Talbots to Tails/Taylors who use the Levi lion. Does this mean that Talbots/Taillebois' were Athol-related Ishmaelites? The Toles/Toleys use anchors on a chevron in Athol colors, and below the chevron there are Cohen checks. The Tole/Toley Chief uses a lion that should be the Tool lion. See also the Tholes in colors reversed to Atholes, and ask whether "Dol" / "Dallen" apply.

It recalls that MaccaBEES had traced to Cologne, a city of the Ubii beside Bonn, a city earlier called Colonia Agrippina. I was thinking that "Agrippa" (who named the city) may have been a Hagar term with an "ippo" ending, a common Greek ending denoting the horse. In that picture, Herod Agrippa traces to Hagarite Edomites, a very logical assumption. English Agers/Algores/Augurs use the same lion as Pharisee-suspect Ferraris and Fergus'.

Reminder, Hagar-like Ayers use Athole / Ashmole / Asman / Levi / etc colors.

On Oxford in Idaho's Franklin county, it's on the Utah border; "Oxford was first settled by Mormons in September 1864. Oxford has several historical links. It is the location Harold B. Lee, a future president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, taught school." Franklin country is part of the greater Logan area, and as we're on the look-out in this nazi hunt for Oxford / Vere elements of the Nihills / Nails/Nagles kind, by what coincidence is it that the Logan Coat is the one with heart pierced by nails?

Logans/Lennans/Lenins are the ones with motto translated as "Valour of my ancestors," what should be part-code for the Valois/Valais/Valour surname, the surname married by Rollo the viking...who was probably the reason for the Rollo/Rollock surname (with black boar, matching the red heart of Logans because Esau and Herod were both Edomites). What a nailincidence, since Rollock Incorporated has a website with only one employee mentioned, Chris Nagle.

Bowens use the Gut garbs exactly so as to link Bowens possibly to FarraGUT elements, and/or to the Goth Coat using the Hagar and Kreis Zionist star. This is important for linking the Kennedy assassins to the North-Idaho nazis. Bowens also use the alternative symbol of Lennans/Lannins/Lenins: a stag on a mount. The Annes, Hannas, Hands, Annabels/Hannibals, and Annandale-related MacCARTHys all use stags, and these surnames should be from the Ananes. Even the Lennons/Lannins look like "L'Annan." If this is all correct, then the Delano trace to the Ananes brings Roosevelts into the picture, whom must have stacked America's power-positions with their own bloodlines.

One needs to keep in mind that the Annas, Hands, etc., all trace to CARTHaginian Hannibals, but also to HUNgarians (they used a stag for their ancestry), so that Bowens should trace to the bow and arrow symbol of Hussian Hungarians. It should explain why Bowens use "Esse" in their motto (entering "Huss" gets the Esse/Hesse surname). In fact, the Hussians can be linked to Hungarian Czikos horse trainers / cowboys, whom were linked tentatively to Butteri cowboys at Rome, while the Bowen Crest is the Botter bird. I even traced Hungarians, aside from Butteri considerations, to the Jupiter and Juno cult out of Rome.

The Ananes Gauls do link in other ways to Hungarians, as we will see again shortly below. The trace of Ananes to Carthage jibes with the trace of the chief-priest line to Paris / Hector Trojans because Trojans founded Carthage as per mythical Aeneas of Mysia, founder of Romans via Carthaginians. In this picture, the chief priest, Annas/Ananias, appears to trace to Aeneas, who was a symbol of Aenus, a city at the mouth of the Hebros river. It just so happens that the Huss/Esse Coat uses a sun, as does the Hector Coat. A link of Hungarians to both Huns and Hannibals is problematic on its face, but in the work of world-conquer, such as Hannibals were involved with, royal daughters can be flung far and wide, even to Eurasia.

Huns are suspect in Thule elements because Attila was of the house of Dulo, and Stewarts from Dol even use the same lion design as Ulmans, while I trace Ulmans to "Olmos," the quasi-mythical founder of Hungarians (the Ulm location in Germany seems to apply).

It's time for this reminder: I trace Gauls to the Galli priesthood amongst the Cadusii-based Hatti, and then back to the Gels/Gileki, and I tend to identify Zeus' ancestral line as the Gileki > Galli to proto-Helios: the Galli on the Halys river (explaining why Atti(s) was also made a sun god on the Halys). The Heneti to which I'm tracing the Ananes Gauls lived at one time in Phrygia and beside the Halys, but one can also figure that they were on the Halys with the proto-Gauls. I then trace proto-Helios to Helios = Sol proper, founder of Ialysos (a real city) on Rhodes, and from there we go to the Redones and Salyes Ligures (neighbors of the Laevi and Ananes), and finally to such surnames as Roosevelts and FRANKlins.

I suspect that the GLassl surname that Hitler's father had married was a GILeki/GEL line, which line I trace to mythical Glaucus at Messina. As both Meschins and Samsons use white scallops, I traced them both to Scylla at Messina, the one (depicted as a woman) whom Glaucus loved. I therefore reasoned that Gloucester, no matter what others say, was named after Glaucus elements because Samsons were first found in Gloucester. It just so happens that the Gloucester surname uses the same type Shield and border as the Thule-suspect Talbots, as well as red-on-white lions, the very same as the Talbot lion, and in Franklin-lion colors.

Surname variations of Gloucesters include "GLOSter/GLOUSter." Then, the Glass Coat, in Franklin colors, uses the Talbot Shield, almost. The Talbot and Gloucester style lion is used in the York Crest. This is the first time that I recall that Gloucesters were traced to the Glass bloodline. Glazers, who use pheons in Pilate-pheon colors, were first found in Yorkshire. (As the Glazer Crest is a heart, it's now clear that DouGLAS' (think D'Glass)", who use the same heart, were indeed of the Glass bloodline. The Glass Crest is Melusine, the same Crest as used by Morays, and Douglas' use the Moray stars.)

As we saw above. Franklin Roosevelt had been merged with Annas and Livingstons in a trace from the proto-Bruces of Brescia to Yorkshire. And while it seemed that Roosevelts were somehow in the Montana to Hayden-Lake stretch, we saw that he chose Ferragut as the place for his massive naval base. Then we saw that Mary House of Hayden Lake, who must have been associated with Clark House in some way, was married in Oxford of Franklin county. But then as the Clark House was in the possession of a Lund surname when the navy in Ferragut decided to use it, note first that the Bruce-Crest lion design is used by Lunds (Bruce / Vere colors), and secondly note that "Lund" smacks of "Lindos" on Rhodes, the island named anciently after roses and to which I trace Roses, Roosevelts, etc. Thirdly, note that the Bruces using the Lund lion use the Annandale saltire (a well-known fact), and fourthly note that both Lunds and Bruces were first found in Yorkshire.

Swedish Lunds, showing only a horseshoe, use the same colors as English Lunds, and then horseshoes are often used by such iron-working surnames as Fers, Ferraris, Ferrers, etc., but even the Portuguese Abreu surname uses horseshoes, important because the Bruces are traced to Italian Abreus.

We might even cite the Browse variation of Bruces to make a family link to the Rowse/Roosevelt surname.

As the builder of Clark House had a secretary, Mr. Goodspeed, it should be added that Goods/Goodspeeds (in Irish Clark colors) use a chevron in colors reversed to the Lund chevron, which may explain why Lunds came to control (or own) Clark House after the owner's disappearance. Again, the builder was F. Lewis Clark, a name that never comes online with the revelation as to what the 'F' stood for. Franklin??? Both the Bruce lion and the lion of the Scottish Clark Crest are blue, and then, HARKEN: Scottish Clarks use "speravi" in their motto while Annan(dale)s use "Sperabo."

[ASTOUNDING INSERT: About an hour after writing the below, after suggesting that F. Lewis Clark may have been of the THULE Nazis, it was found that, when the central part of the castle in the Scottish Clark castle is removed, what's left is the castle in the ATHOL Crest!!! End Insert]

It's a radical idea, but did the owner of Clark House disappear (in 1910) and join the Nazi / Thule movement (the Thule Society was a ROSIcrucian one)? Couldn't that explain why neo-Nazis built their headquarters at / around Clark House's estate(s)? If "Thule" traces to the Tall/Thall/Thole surname of the Talbot line, it should be added that Ranulf le Meschin married his Levi-suspect Taillebois woman in Lincolnshire, a place earlier called Lin Colony and Lindsay (or "Lindsey"), terms I've traced to Lindos on Rhodes because the Rhodes surname was first found in Lincolnshire.

It looks like Rhodian elements controlled Clark House in 1945, and so far as I can tell, Rhodian elements in America are the most destructive to America.

Now to the Ackerman Coat, which was viewed while on the Ager / Hagar / Ayer topic shortly above. The Ackerman Coat is quartered in the colors of the Vere / Massey Shield, and then the first quarter uses a "maunch," otherwise called a "sleeve" as per "The Sleeve," an old name of the English Channel off the coast on Manche, where not only Veres and Masseys were from, but also Bruces. From the English-Bruce write-up: : "The exact location of the place from which the [Bruce] family name is derived is under dispute, as one may perhaps expect of such a prominent name. The traditional interpretation is that the name is derived from the place-name Brix, in La Manche..." Brix must be from "Brixia," the alternative name of Brescia, but the point is, a maunch / sleeve is used (sideways) also by the Mangels/Mansell/Mauncell Coat.

As Charles Mangels of Montana was a leader of an Aryan Nations branch, one theory is that he was born to Joseph Mengele, Adolph's trusted man, after he and Adolf escaped to the Montana area. However, it would have been foolish of Joseph to name his son by that name. The better theory may be that Joseph escaped to be with the Mangels family, which tends to locate Joseph in Polson, just a few miles north of the prison camp at Fort Missoula that held Nazi Germans during the war. And the suspicious thing is, the wife of F. Lewis Clark died in 1940, just as the war was becoming hot, one might say. Or, perhaps, as is my new theory now, she died just before Lewis Clark re-appeared in the Nazi party in such public ways that it was "necessary" to murder her, though such murderers don't use such terrible terms for "eliminating" someone.

Now hold on to your acorns because it was only after writing down the theory above (that F. Lewis Clark was associated with Joseph Mengele and/or Charles Mangles and/or the maunch in the Ackerman Coat) that I discovered the Ackerman Coat's dragon heads to be the design of the dragon heads in the English Clark Coat! This Clark Coat even uses roses. Another point is that the Roosevelt-related Russells/Rowsells and Ackermans were first found in the same place (Dorset). Reminder: Mary House of Hayden Lake married a Rowsell in Franklin county, and Mary was from Paulton, Somerset (see 3rd update of March), smack beside Dorset and smacking of "Polson"!!! It's like sick poetry.

As Mangels are shown properly as "Mansell," they could be related to the Maness surname, first found in the same place (Northumberland) as English Clarks.

The Pauleton/Polton Shield is a weird or rare purple, an unofficial color in heraldry that might be reserved only for a few. This brings the "Eel's head erased" in the Franklin Crest to bear, for an eel is used by Shiptons who are said to be from "scip," while Skiptons use a purple lion. It just so happens that while Mary House married a Roosevelt-suspect Rowsell in Oxford of Franklin County, Shiptons were first found in Oxfordshire while Skiptons were first found in Yorkshire, the home of Bruces who use a purple lion in Crest that is in the design of the Lund lion. And Lunds controlled Clark House in 1945. We still want to know whether F. Lewis Clark was Franklin Lewis Clark.

Franklins were first found in Buckinghamshire, beside Oxfordshire. Did we see besants is Franklin Roosevelt's Delano bloodline? The Buckin(ham)s use besants too (in York-besant colors), and were first found in Oxfordshire. That somewhat explains why the Oxford location in Idaho is in Franklin country.

Reminder: the dragon head in the English Clark Crest is in the design of the Bee dragon head and Bees (Vere Shield in colors reversed) were first found in Oxfordshire. The Clark Crest dragon is also the Crichton dragon, and Crichtons use the blue Bute / Bruce lion, which may be a version of the blue lion in the Scottish Clark Crest.

The dragon head design of the English Clark Coat (i.e. not the same design as in the Crest) is not a far cry from the dragon head of the Lewis Coat. MOREOVER, it's just been found that the Lewis motto, "Patriae fidus," is like the Franklin motto, "Pro rege et patria," itself like the Skipton motto, "Pro patria." It just so happens that Irish Pattersons (from Patricks), KilPatricks, and Lewis' all use blood drops, and Scottish Pattersons use, "Pro rege at grege," suggesting linkage with Franklins. Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, exactly where the Scottish Rose clan lived! Over and over all of a sudden, Roosevelts and Clark-House elements appear related. Irish Pattersons even use white scallops, the colors of the Rowsell/Russell scallops.

The particular Lewis Coat that uses "Patriae fidus" uses the Patterson lion design in colors reversed. I don't think that's all coincidental.

As I identify Pattersons and KilPatricks as Butteri, it should explain why Clarks use blue on white, and even a blue lion, the color of the Bute lion...used by Crichtons. Clarks were traced to "Clare/Clair," and Crichtons were first found in Midlothian, where ROSlin is located that was early the home of Claros > Sinclairs. I trace "Roslin" to ROSellon, otherwise known as Roussillon (Languedoc), the origin, likely, of Rowsells/Russells. We're at the origin of Rosicrucians here, liars all of them, whom want an imperator on the world throne that leads the future into a abysmal satanism from which there is no return.

PLUS, the Sodhans, from whom Irish Pattersons are said to derive, can be traced to Sodans/Sowdons (use scallops in colors reversed to Irish Pattersons), who use the same red lion head as Franklins! Sodhans even use the colors the English Clark Shield which itself uses dragon heads like those of Lewis'. It all reminds that William Hitler Stuart-Houston lived in Long Island's Patchogue (beside Islip), a place traced to the Patchie variation of KilPatricks, but also to the Patch surname. I NOW FIND that the Patch and Sodan/Sowdon surnames were first found in the same place, Devon!! Roosevelts were first found in Devon.

The Patch's are the ones using a black bugle, the color of the bugles of the Post surname that named Post Falls. The Patch oak leaves are those of the Alans/Allens that I say named Coeur d'Alene smack beside Post Falls, and Ackermans, who were just linked (tentatively) to Clark House elements, use oak nuts (= acorns).

Now Alans and Pollocks moved together from Shropshire to Renfrew, and I say Hitler's Polzl mother came from these very Pollocks-Alans of Renfrew. This is being repeated because I've just looked up the Frank surnames, which reminded me that English Franks use the same saltire as Pollocks. What struck me this time is the "nati" motto term of these Franks, as though subtle code for "Nazi." How-a-bout that. It suggests what was suspected at the first mention of Franklin Roosevelt, that he was a Hitler bloodliner that could explain why Hitler and friends were in the Montana / Idaho theater.

The "nobis" motto term of the same Franks should be code for Nobles, who use the Oxford lion design too. Again, Oxford in Franklin county comes to mind, where a Roosevelt-related Rowsell surname got married.

Didn't Roosevelts just trace to the Ananes and the Annan(dale)s? I now find that the German Frank surname (Bohemia) uses the Annan(dale) saltire!!! Reminder: Clarks are related to Bees and Bees likely from Bohemian elements. Ananes Gauls were very likely related to the Boii of northern Italy when they produced the Maccabees proper and the high priest, Ananias.

AHA! The Italian Frank surname was first found in the same place (Piedmont) as the Laevi Gauls. This Frank Coat has the look of the Italian flag, perhaps meaning that the flag was taken from the Frank surname.

There's even a "Jewish" Frank surname, using a woman carrying a jug and what looks like a bunch of grapes. French Levines use grape bunches too, and "Jewish" Levis come up as "Levine" too. We could get the impression that all Frank surnames are Levi / Ananes related...all related to the chief priests of Israel. How- a-bout that.

Scottish Franks (use the "nati" motto term again) are said to have been first found in places like Shropshire and Yorkshire, which tends to clinch the Frank-surname link to Pollocks, and to Pharisees. The thought occurred that black and white colors should have been encountered as per the nati term because those are the colors of the swastika. They say "Nazi" is a short form for some long term, but that doesn't mean it can't also be code for a Naz/Nas-like surname / entity.

ZOWIE, the Natt Coat is just a white Shield and black Shield, no symbols, much like the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat. I traced the latter surname ("ears of rye" in Crest) to Sadducees. The birds that surround the Saddock/Sedgewick Shield are the same type footless martins of the Coverts/Cofferts and Franklins, and then both Saddocks and Coverts were first found in the same place (Sussex), where Deins/Deans were first found.

I recall that "Diana" was a term used in a Dean / Dein investigation (months ago) that found the Italian Natale/Dinatile surname, and meanwhile English Diana's were also the Deans/Deans. At the moment I can't give an opinion as to whether the "nati" of the Franks links to "Natali," though the Natt-Saddock link in the above paragraph starts to make the link possible. Natalis even use the Martel (surname) and Capet (surname) royal crown, the Crown of the Frank nation.

As "natale" means "Christmas" in Italian, what about the similarity between "Noel" and "Nobel," since we just saw the "nobis nati" phrase of the Frank surnames??? Suddenly, I think I can say that the Nati term links to Dianes/Natalis, which may in tern reveal why Deins/Dianas have been suspect for months now as Nazi elements in Islip and Idaho. Both Noels and Deins use white crescents. Scottish Nobels (Noel colors) even use more besants (York-surname symbol), while Dutch Nobels use a giant white rose, the symbol of York, we can safely assume.

Excellent, for Clarks use besants in Nobel-besant colors, while English Noels show the lattice design used also by Cotes/Cotts/Cottins (Languedoc) that I trace to Cottian elements that named Kootenai country all around Clark House! Both Noels and Cotes/Coats were first found in the same place (Staffordshire). Recalling that Clark House was linked to the cottage of kaiser Wilhelm at Lake Constance, and that Constances link to Conte/Comites, see that the Noel Coat above is essentially that of the Contes/Comites' of Languedoc. That could explain why one Clark Crest lion is in the design of the Italian Conti lion.

AMAZINGLY, the Nasi/Naso Surname uses black-on-white cross-like symbols that may have been morphed into a swastika. One can see the symbol much better in the Mill/Mylles Coat. Note how easily this symbol can be formed into a swastika! The red Mill Crest lion is that of the Franklin Coat, and English Millers look like they use the English and Irish Clark Coats combined. The Mills/Mylles (Hampshire) give hint of Drake(enberg) Veres.

What's more suspicious is that, when seeking heraldry codes for the 666 in the form of "chi-xi-STIGma," it was suggested that stick-like terms (like Stocks / Stokes, and "swaSTIKa" included) should apply, and that two or three small X-shaped symbols could also apply because "xi" is the Greek 'X'. We now find three x-shaped symbols in the Nasi/Naso Coat, in the colors of the Nazi swastika even. One example had been the three X's of Stockers, and because they are traced to a "stem of a tree or trunk," I noted the tree stub of the StockHOUSE Coat. The tree stump represents the Esus cult that liked to sacrifice people to their dark god. See also the Stokley write-up for a tree-trunk theme...with red boars, perhaps another Esau symbol along with the black boar.

Scottish Millers use a cross in the colors of the Annan(dale)s, and were first found in the same place as Annandales.

The English Ness/Nest/Nass surname was first found in Sussex, where the Natali-related Dianes/Deins were first found. Suddenly, the pelican-on-nest theme tends to link to Nazis, and that traces to the Stewart pelican and many others, including Polzl-like surnames such as Pullens. What I'd like to do is find F. Lewis Clark in Nazi Germany amongst Hitler's highest officers. But for that, we need a photo.

Hungarian Ananes Branch Leads to Ross-evelts

It's Thursday morning. I wanted to change topics so that readers aren't over-dosed on heraldry links. I awoke thinking that I had nothing in mind to write on, but right away the Delano besant came to mind. I got to asking why the York surname Coat is the Delano Coat, if the York saltire is removed, which got me asking whose saltire the Yorks use. I knew it already. The York saltire, blue on white, is in colors reversed to the Scottish flag called "Andrew's Cross," and these are the colors of the German Drummonds, who were born from king Andrew I of Hungary. Then I recalled that I traced George of Hungary (he came to Scotland on 1055) , son of king Andrew, to York because I had found online that his son, Maurice Drummond (the first Drummond, they tell us), was styled "Marot de Yorvik."

This was an incredible realization which tended to trace the Delano besant to Hungarians, and it's here that "Delano," or its Lana variation, seems ultimately from "L'Ananes, so to speak. That is, the Hungarians must have been from the chief priests of Israel. Let me explain.

First, let me repeat that the Italian city of Teramo was once called, Aprutium, he capital of Abruzzo, and I ventured to trace "Drummond" to "Teramo." I now find that the York surname uses one Drummond-based saltire, and a besant relating to the Ananes that were in Abruzzo-based Brescia (i.e. the Delano/Lana surname was first found in Brescia). This is excellent for another reason: my trace of Brescia to the Ananes. That trace was solid in my mind just because the Bruces were from Brescia while Bruces use the Annan(dale) cross. The idea here is that the Hungarians appear to have been from an Ananes-Eburovices merger, and indeed it was just months ago when I first discovered (starts 2nd update September) that proto-Hungarian Arpads had been, not just from Magyars in the Khazar theater, but from the Ticino river. And it just so happens that the Laevi lived on the Ticino.

It's utterly fantastic, because the theory a few months ago was that Hungarians -- especially Andrew -- was from the Laevi and therefore from the chief priests of Israel. I am now finding corroboration of that theory in the Delano besant appearing on the York saltire. What makes this realization all the more astounding is that, perhaps a decade ago, I had traced George of Hungary to England's flag called, "St. George's Cross." No matter what they say about the origins of this cross, it's in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire, and it's the Templar cross as well, a cross found throughout the northern-Italian theater, to this day, in and around the Ticino river.

From the second update of September: "It was reasoned [by me] that king Andrew's grandfather, Michael was somehow linked to Michael Rangabe of Byzantium." We are told that a besant/bezant is a gold coin from Byzantium, and it just so happens that Byzantines ruled much of northern Italy a few centuries before the founding of Hungarians. In particular, I traced Andrew to Inger the Varangian of Byzantium, and his wife Melissena Rangabe. She was half royal Khazar, and foundress, in my opinion, of Cohens and Fers/Ferrarsons, both in the colors of Drummonds and the York saltire...and of the Rangabe cross!

We now have reason for seeing the spread of Byzantines throughout Europe in league with the line from Israel's chief priests. We might then trace these Byzantine lines to BASANcon, where the MaccaBEES had just been traced in March, and where the royal Edward -- in the colors of the Rangabes -- were likewise traced. The Maceys use the same colors again, and then Meschins were from the Bessin, which brings to mind that the Bessin was home not only to the Boii, but to Byzantines, both of whom I trace to Buz, son of Nahor.

Byzantines are known to be from the "BOSphorus," depicted in old times with a bos = bison = bull, whereas Buzites are sometimes depicted with a bee, as for example the Bessin and Boy surnames. It suggests that the bee-line Buzites went through the Boii, while bull liner Buzites, such as the Italian (Milan) Bosos (white-on-blue!), were from Byzantines.

I've spent years tracing Templars, Rosicrucians and Masons to Gog, Rosh, and Meshech, and to non-Israelite Hebrews...who may have collectively entered Europe as the Aphrodite > Aprutium line. But to now find that these same lines linked with the very ones that gave birth to both Caiaphas and Ananias is astounding. Do we really want to know what satan is all about? Just think disease. A very bad spiritual disease. An infection that won't leave. I'm not trying to be insulting, but factual.

We saw above that Nazi-suspect Natalis use the French royal crown used by Martels and Spanish Capets. While Martels were very likely Maccabees, Capets were just traced again to "Caiaphas" via the Italian Capua surname. The point is, dark mystery surrounding the first royal Franks, who evolved into the Martel/Carolingian and Capetian dynasties, is their link to the killers of Christ. It's a most fantastic revelation, and it leads to Franklin Roosevelt's first name. The first Franks, Merovingians, like the Theoderic name, and then we saw Theodore Roosevelt. The Tudors, they say, were Theodores.

Clovis I named his first son, Theoderic. I now recall that I had traced Clovis himself to Bessen elements because his mother was Basina, herself a daughter of Basin (!), king of Thuringia. She was even married to a Bisinus; in his article: "Bisinus was the leader of a Thuringian confederation on the Rhine and his wife was a Lombard named Menia." "Menia" is a term that I'd trace to "Hasmonean" elements because I traced proto-Maccabees to the Ubii Franks on the Rhine. We also read: "According to Gregory of Tours, [Bisinus] supplied refuge to Childeric I, the Frankish king who was exiled by his own people. His wife, Basina, left him for Childeric and the two returned to Tournai together, after eight years." Childeric was Clovis' father.

The fact that Basina and Childeric went to TOURNai together, while Basina was from THURINngia, may suggest that these places were related to TURIN, in the Ticino theater. Then, as can be expected that the Mascis of the Turin theater were involved with Clovis' Bessin line, so we find that the Masci Coat uses fleur-de-lys in the colors of Clovis' fleur-de-lys. It is said that Clovis founded the fleur-de-lys, but perhaps it came from Basina, who may have traced through her Thuringian elements to the Lys valley in Aosta, not far from Turin. The Arms of Thuringia use white-on-blue Zionists stars, the colors of the Hagar and Goth Zionist star, colors reversed from the Zionist star in the modern flag of Israel.

Reminder: the royal Edwards were of York elements, but also from Masci elements in the Macon / Salines theater, not far from the Ubii, and then both Edwards and Yorks were first found in the same place (Wiltshire). The Lys valley was in the Salyes theater, and then both Sales(-of-Mascy) and Bessins use a black-on-white bend. Clovis was a so-called "Salian" Frank.

I'm of the opinion that "Aosta" is from "Ashtoreth = Ishtar," the grail-cult harlot of Revelation 17. This was the spiritual disease that I spoke of. The Lys valley was likely named after the Lasonii, or the Lydian line to the Lazio/Latinus region, home of the Latins on the south side of Rome. The harlot upon her dragon continued north to Clovis, you see, and indeed Clovis made a global pact with the Vatican, perhaps the chief ruler of Rome in his day. And when I investigated the House of Este on the last occasion, I traced it to Clovis without any thought of what you're reading here. Even the Pollocks (use the Frank Coat) are said to trace to Clovis himself, important for where Hitler traces to Pollocks.

IMPORTANT FIND. The Franklin surname is in red, suggesting the red rose Lancastrians rather than the white York rose. Dutch Roosevelts use red roses. The Franklin dolphin is in the white color of the same-style dolphin used by the Dolphin surname (Lancashire), and the latter uses "Firmum" and "nihil" as motto terms, which evoke my trace of fern/ferm-like surnames to Vere elements at lake Fernan in Coer d'Alene (see 2nd update February, where the Heutter location ("Hitler" suspect) was also dealt with, a section of Post Falls beside Coeur d'Alene).

The point is, I emphasized Lambert Dolphin in my post-trib book, a worker for Stanford University or Stanford Research Institute, an occult organization suspect as a vehicle toward the anti-Christ empire. Stanford was said by one of its occult professors (he was in charge of LSD and divination experiments, and Lambert Dolphin had been involved in those too) to be from the occult secret societies of Britain, by which I assumed he meant the Rhodes / Rothschild Illuminati, the same to which I now find myself tracing Roosevelts. It wasn't long ago that I investigated the Stem/Stein surname as per the rose stems on roses of Nazi-related surnames, and it just so happened that Stems/Steins appeared related to the STAMfords/Stanfords because both use gold lions / leopards on red. It's the Stems/Steins who use the leopards, a Rhodes-Crest symbol, and meanwhile the Rhodes' use a leopard in Crest and the red lions of the Franklins...and even red-on-gold besants (!), the colors of the Clark besants!! If that's not enough, both Franklins and Stems/Steins use a red-on-white bend!!!

Those exclamatons are for the rose and stems used by Dutch Roosevelts, tending to corroborate that stems are indeed code for the Stem/Stein surname. Moreover, the Stamford/Stanford lion design belongs to English Rothes, and entering "Rothschild" gets the RothSTEIN surname. It all points to Franklin Roosevelt being in charge of the United States on behalf of Rhodians and Rothschilds.

As further evidence that Roosevelts trace to Stanfords, the other Stanford Coat uses the same goats as the Rowsell/Russell Coat! German Steins use the same goat. This is all unraveling suddenly. The Stamfords/Stanfords use a saltire in colors reversed to the Annan(dale) saltire, which again tends to trace Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the Ananes. The Stems and Franklins use half a saltire (i.e. a bend) in the colors of Annan(dale)s.

Did we see the Covert/Koffert martlets in the Franklin Coat? Yes, and now we find the gold leopard head of the Covert/Coffert Crest in the Stem/Stein Coat! Green Shields are use by Stanfords, Bowers, Bauers...and Coffers/Coffeys, Coffers/Coffares, and Caffers/Caffertys. Kaiser Wilhem was a Hohenzollern, but their Hohenstaufen relatives use cups (see the Staufers) as do Coffeys/Coffers, and I traced "Staufen" to "Stafford(shire)," where Stanfords were first found...wherefore Stafford and Stanfords may have been identical blood, both from Hohenstaufens / Staufers. The Stafford surname is in the colors of the Steins, and Dutch Steins (red rose), like Rothschilds/Rothsteins, use the eight-pointed Ishtar star.

The Hohenzollern, Wilhelm II, was traced from Lake Constance to Constance-related Cotts of Languedoc, and then Cotes'/Coats were first found in Staffordshire too. It's interesting that the Cotes'/Coats are said to derive in "cottage," for Wilhelm's palace at Lake Constance is sometimes called his cottage. I strongly sense from other considerations that Wilhelm's blood was in Kootenai, which I think is the bottom line to this point that has yet to be mined for further enlightenment.

Did I mention that the German Wilhelm Coat uses three red roses on stems, thus linking the Dutch Roosevelts to Wilhelms? That's incredible where the suspicion at the start of this update was Franklin Roosevelt links to the Clark House, built by a friend of kaiser Wilhelm. The red-on-white heart in the Wilhelm Coat, out of which the red roses grow, must be the Sauvage heart because Sauvages were Russell kin. But as Roosevelts are tracing well to Nazi elements, I'd say the Wilhelm heart also belongs to the Glazer heart. If correct, it traces Roosevelts to the line that gave birth to William Hitler Stuart-Houston, whose Long Island family is suspect in Post Falls, where Heutter is located (they say that none of the three or fours sons of William Hitler had children; hard to believe).

There's got to be a reason why the Franklin Crest eel is simply "between two branches," without telling what sort of branches. We then find that the Branch surname uses three red-on-white stars in the same positions as the same stars in the Glass Coat.

It's interesting that while Caffers/Caffertys use a Goffrey variation, "Jewish" Goffers use stars in Glass (and Gleason) star colors. It tends to make a hard link of Koffert-suspect lines to Glassls. Gophers/Gofairs/Govers (same saltire as "Andrew's Cross") were first found in Oxfordshire, the place to which I've traced the leopard head of Coverts.

The theory had been that Cathian Covert Dein Surbrook Maness had Nazi lines. But as she lived in Post Falls with her Dein family, the theory was that her Nazi lines linked to Hitler and friends of the area. That theory started way back in September. We now find that Covert symbols are used by Franklins (= Pollock bloodline) and Stems/Steins, lines that link to the Glass surname and to the Pollock surname, two bloodlines whom Adolf's father (and William's grandfather) married (he had a third wife even). Moreover, it had been established that Coverts/Cofferts trace to the same line as kaiser Wilhem, only to find that Wilhelms use stems too, as do Roosevelts. Cathian's father traced, according to her claim, to a mysterious kaiser Wilhem Koffert. It is very clear to me by now that God wants us -- the world or perhaps just the Church -- to know this. But why?

This is the time to say that both Roosevelts and Coffins/Caffers (more besants!) were first found in Devon. Coffers/Coffares (in Coffer/Coffey colors) were found in neighboring Somerset.

The question is: how far back does the heart and three roses on stems of the Wilhelms go back? Does it go back only to Wilhelm II, or might it even go back to the mysterious kaiser Wilhem Koffert? Or are the two the same man? Certainly, the heraldry links shortly above establishes Covert links to Wilhelms, but I now recall investigating the KAISer (cheese-like) surname too, tracing it to the CHESneys and related Cheneys. It just so happens that the Chesneys/Chenay Coat uses the same footless martins as the Covert Coat! How stunning, because back in September I was catching glimpse that the Nazis to which Cathian's lines linked were those of the Scherf > Bush's, who loved Dick Cheney (the Diens use the same wing as Chaines/Chesneys/Chenays).

AHA! A heart sweller! Both Covert-related Franklins and Chesneys/Chenays were first found in the same place (Buckinghamshire). English Kaisers/Kessers (show no Coat) were first found in neighboring Oxfordshire, which evokes Oxford in Idaho's Franklin county!

Another point to hammer it all the way to Godfrey de Bouillon: the Goffrey variation of Caffers/Caffertys suggests the Godfreys, who use a chevron in the gold color of the Coffer/Coffare chevron. That might not be much in itself except that Coffins/Caffins use the same flory cross design as Bouillons. Plus, German Kaisers/Keysers use "Gott = God" in their motto. Both Bouillons and Roosevelts use "Christi/Christo."

Bouillons were linked to the Belli sector of the Hitler > Carpenter line, interesting because Godfrey de Bouillon's swan symbol traces to the Salyes Ligures beside the Laevi = Ticino theater, and then "Carpenter" smacks of "Arpad," whom I trace to the Ticino river. If I'm not mistaken, the Gopher/Gofair/Gover surname (Andrew's Cross suspected) was traced to Gavi, a location in AlessANDRria (Piedmont) beside the Ticino river, as extra evidence of a king-Andrew-of-Hungary trace to that place. Both Hungary and Gavi use red and white bars.

SUDDENLY, one could trace Coverts-et-al to Gavi. As Coverts / Caffers have been traced to the "Capua" bloodline that named Caiaphas, we thus find a Caiaphas trace to the Laevi theater, just as expected (reminder, the French Lys, Chappes, and Levi surnames were all first found in Paris, where York's founders lived). Recalling now the York saltire in colors reversed to Gopher saltire, it should be added that Malcolms/MacCALLAMs use York saltire, while HALLAMS/Hallands (use the same "Cappeo" lion as in the Arms of Brescia) were first found in Yorkshire. As we saw that the York-saltire line was also the Drummond-of-Hungary line (Malcolm III took Drummonds in), note that near Cathian's home at Post Falls, in Coeur d'Alene to be exact, there is RathDRUM, said to be named after Rathdrum in Ireland's Leinster province...a province that traces to the swan-depicted Ligurians because the Leinster/Leicester surname uses a swan.

In fact, the Leinster/Leicester motto is, "Pro rege et patria," and the Crest's swan uses blood drops, as does the Gopher saltire that was just traced to Gavi. As the Leinsters/Leicesters were first found in Cheshire, the Coat's fleur (on the Bellamy Shield), in the colors of the Masci fleur, should trace to Piedmont's Mascis. We saw that the Covert martins were those of Franklins, and now we find that the Leinster/Leicester motto is identical to the Franklins, thereby allowing the possibility, again, of a Covert trace to the Laevi theater. It also tends to verify, again, that Gophers/Govers and Coverts/Cofferts are one and the same bloodline.

If Cathian Covert is offended that I'm using her surname to trace to Caiaphas, God has news for she and everyone else: I myself am from the Pharisee bloodline. So what? This body of mine, and whatever blood runs through it, will pass away, and God has, in the meantime, granted me the power to overcome the power of the body by the power of my remaining in Him.

Let's go back to the Gophers using the same saltire as Andrew's Cross. Couldn't it suggest that king Andrew I was himself from the Caiaphas line where Gophers and Coverts were one bloodline? How interesting, therefore, that Andrew's mother and/or wife was from the Varangians of Kiev. First off, "Kiev" is itself like "Cove," and secondly it's almost certain that Inger the Varangian was from the Kiev Varangians. It just so happens that I trace the Varangians to Pharisee-suspect Veres, and that I see Inger and Melissena as the near-immediate ancestors of Cohens and Hohens, the root of Cathian's Covert-surnames father. Ho-a-bout that.

Interesting here is that Andrew's wife was ANAstasia of Kiev, and we have already seen evidence that "Anna" is a name from the Ananes. We saw the evidence where Roosevelts had been suspected as Ananes, only to find that Anna Rebecca Livingston Ludlow Hall Roosevelt was the mother of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of Franklin DelANO Roosevelt. Note the Hall in Anna's bloodline, for Halls trace to Hallands/Hallams that were seen above from the Callams who use the saltire of Andrew's Cross in colors reversed. And, of course, note the ROOSevelt term in face of the RUS of Kiev now under discussion.

Wikipedia leaves open that the mother of king Andrew is uncertain, but I read from a source (can't recall at the moment; it's recorded in the trib book where Henry Drummond is mentioned) that I considered more reliable than Wikipedia in this case, and Andrew's mother there had been a Varangian too. I can't recall whether I stated a theory on what "Kiev" may have derived in, in the West, but I do recall linking to the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns, and therefore the Keep and similar surnames, including chevron-like terms such as Cheevers.

If I recall correctly, I pegged Andrew's mother as Anna of Kiev, Anastasia's sister, many years ago before the Anna name was important to me, as it is here for tracing to the Annanias bloodline.

The Hebrons (red rose!) were of a CHILLingham location, and then the Chill/Child surname uses the same-colored chevron as Hebrons. I'm repeating this because Clovis has already been traced to the chief priests of Israel, and because his father was CHILDeric. Clovis' mother, Basina, smacks of "Bazul," Andrew's father.

The Hebron Coat even uses the red lions of Gloucesters. Let me quote from above: "It just so happens that the Gloucester surname uses the same type Shield and border as the Thule-suspect Talbots, as well as red-on-white lions, the very same as the Talbot lion, and in Franklin-lion colors." The point here is that everyone seems to go to Scandinavia when tracing the ancient Thule entity, and Kiev's Varangians were immediately from Sweden...though I trace Varangian Rus back to Redones. As the Talls/Thals use the same bee design as Bessins, I think it's safe to say that Talbots and Talls/Thales trace to Basina and to the bee symbol of Clovis and his father. (It appears Basina is the reason for the bee symbol, and that the Bessin was inhabited by Merovingian lines after Clovis.)

How amazing to discover just now, that while Basina was from rulers of Thuringia, the Talls/Thals were first found in Thuringia!!! Just like that, Talbots / TaillelBOIS' are discovered to be from Clovis and Basina. If I haven't made this discovery before, shame on me. As the Tails/Taylors (in the colors of the Bessins and Salyes) use the Levi lions in colors reversed, chances are that Clovis and/or Basina were from the Levi, first found in Paris, where Caiaphas-suspect Chappes were first found.

I do recall tracing Clovis' line to German Bessens/Besants because they use a club (this type club is used in Hohen-family Arms too), while I traced "Clovis" to Clovers/Clavers (the key symbol in Crest, symbol also of Sheaves/CHIAPPoni surname) and to the Clubs. If I haven't mentioned before that the Club/Clobbe chevron is the Chill/Child (!!!) and Hebron chevron, then there you have the evidence that Clubs/Clobbes trace from the Childeric > Clovis line. As further evidence that Clovis was the Caiaphas line, the Clubs are not only in Covert/Coffert colors, but use the Covert/Koffert martin design.

I didn't mean to get side-tracked from the Andrew discussion, and his trace to Caiaphas lines. I noted that the Gloucesters (related to the Talbot-line Merovingians) use two Shields in the colors of Andrew's Cross. That in itself might not be significant, but I trace Gloucester to mythical Glaucus, lover of Scylla. This recalls the trace I made of "Scylla" to the Szekely Transylvanians at the Arad / Mures theater, on the Hungarian border. The Szekely claim to be ancestral to Hungarians, and frankly I believe it because I view them to be related to the Khazar / Kabar Hebrews (rulers named, Marot/Marut) on the Mures who are known to be ancestral to Hungarians.

If I haven't mentioned the following before, shame on me for neglecting the Levi motto, which uses "Aide dieu" as a phrase. I've just entered "Addy" to get a gold leopard head fashioned inside of a fleur-de-lys, the symbol called "jessant-de-lys" officially. The point is, the Addy/Eddie Coat not only uses the same leopard head in Crest as Coverts, but the same colors! It's a fantastic corroboration that Coverts/Cofferts are a Caiaphas line. Moreover, the Addy/Eddie Coat uses the same bend as Skulls, and then I've long traced Bones and Skulls to the Hebrons.

How amazing that I traced the Skulls to "Scylla." Moreover, Nicholas de Vere traces the leopard to Transylvania, suggesting that the Covert and Addy/Eddie leopards trace to Szekelys and/or their kin. It suggests that the Khazars of the Mures may have been one reason why Cohens and Hohens had merged with a line(s) from the chief priests.

Robin Revelation

For the last half hour, a local robin that I'd befriended in the past has taken up a new morning activity. It's now playing with me at my window. It comes to flitter away on the glass for a couple of seconds, time after time about every 5 to 10 seconds. It doesn't want the Harvest Crunch (next best thing to bird seed, isn't it) that I put out for it; it just continues to flitter away, even though I hide behind the window and try to scare the daylights out of it by appearing suddenly at the window just as it comes to flitter. It just jumps down to the ground, and shakes it's tail feathers at me. When I sit back down to write, it comes to flitter on the glass again. I hide behind the window to scare it again, and again, because its annoying, but it comes back for more. I've had animal experiences around here many times where it seems unusual things happen as Signs from Above. It just so happens that Gloucesters are also "GLOStner."

It also just so happens that mythical Glaucus was turned into a fish, while the Club/Clobbe Coat uses fish along with it's Skull Shield and Covert/Coffert martins...that are no doubt code for the Martel > Carolingian Franks. The Club chevron is not only the Child and Hebron chevron, but also the Dutch Bone chevron. If it were not for that robin, I would not be showing the Proper/Robin Coat at this time, which uses a key (and ostrich) in Crest, as does the Clover/Claver Crest, and a fesse in colors reversed from the Covert fesse. The Sheaves/Chiapponi Coat uses keys because "chiava" is "key" in Italian. The Propers/Robins use the same lion design as Mackies/MacKEYs, suspected MaccaBEEs.

The "poni" ending on "Chiapponi" might just be for the pheon symbol, used not only by Bessin-related Sales, but by French Robins. In fact, French Robins use pheons in the colors (- Rus colors) of the Clubs, Bones, Hebrons, Coverts and Childs. The robin is still at my glass as I write. It just so happens that the Glass/Glasner Coat is a Shield-on-Shield in the same colors, and that Talbots use such a Shield-on-Shield too, but in the style of the Gloucester/Glostner Shield-on-Shield. The Glass/Glasner' were first found on Bute, beside the Mackies/Mackeys and MacCabes/MacAbees. I now trace "Cabe" to "Kaifs/Kaips, and therefore to "Caiaphas" and "Covert." But look at how "Kaif" could morph into "Kiev." I'm still seeking what "Kiev" belongs to in the West.

Scottish Keevers use the same Shield as Veres, Masseys...and English Bessens/Besants. German Keevers use the Constance pine tree, and were from Bavaria/Bayern, while the Bessin is also the Bayeux. Both the Bessin and Bavaria are said to have been founded by Bia-like peoples. Safe to say, Keevers could be the Caiaphas link between Coverts and the namers of Kiev, for we had seen that kaiser Wilhelm, suspected relative to Cathian Covert's father, had a property at Lake Constance.

Reminder: Dallens use the Constance pine tree too, and the Clark House mansion, patterned after Wilhelm's Lake Constance "cottage", is in Coeur "D'ALENE."

Perhaps I haven't yet got the main point because the robin is still flittering away at the window. It's been for an hour at least. So I'm taking another look at the Robert surnames, knowing that the French ones use the same Mackie/Mackey lion as the Propers/Robins. I see that these French Roberts were first found in Burgundy, where the Pilates were first found who use white pheons, the symbol of French Robins. That's significant because it tends to link Robins and Roberts to lines of Pontius Pilate in Burgundy, where the royal Edward line had traced, namely to Salines...while the Sales use a pheon in Crest. WOW, I've just seen that Welsh Edwards use a black-on-white upright lion, the same colors as the lion in the Welsh Robert Coat, and in the same color and design as the lion in the Welsh Robert Crest!!!

Okay, that tends to verify all the more that royal Edwards were Maceys / Maccabees, but I'm not forgetting that royal Edwards use ostrich feathers, for the Proper/Robin Crest is an "ostrich with a key in its beak." Propers/Robins even use "Manus," a motto code likely for the Maness surname that Cathian Covert married after she had been a Dean, and royal Edwards use "Ich Dien" with their ostrich feathers, the symbol also of the "Prince of Wales." Don't be afraid to draw lines to wherever they lead; we've just seen a line go from Pontius Pilate to Edwards and Caiaphas-suspect Coverts. Over and over again, just like my friendly robin, which is still at my glass (I kid you not,; it's strange that it has nothing better to do), we come back again to the same theme from the Israel of Jesus' day.

Take a guess at what the Welsh Robert motto uses? "Ewch"!!! That clinches the Robin link to the Ich-y Edwards, and then there's that think about the Levi motto bringing the Addy/Eddie surname to bear. I now see that the Edmond Coat uses fleur-de-lys in Levi-Coat colors, as well as the Durant ship in Crest, important because Salyes lived on the Durance river to which Durants and Laevi trace. It could suggest that royal Edwards were named after the Edmond and Edward Saxons that had ruled England prior to the Conqueror. It just so happens that a branch of those Saxons were in exile in Kiev along with the exile in Kiev of king Andrew I. It was Edward the Exile (descendant of Edmond Ironside), in fact, who was in Kiev, and even some representatives of the Halland-of-Norway line had been in exile in Kiev.

But the robin is still at the glass, I don't know why. I've left it alone (since mentioning it to you) to discourage it, but it still plays with the glass.

Seconds after writing that, I saw the mirror in the hand of Melusine in the Glass Crest. I noted that the robin was on the window ledge, looking at itself, I assume, and therefore playing with it's own reflection. I recalled that I traced Melusine's mirror to the Mireux surname, first found in Anjou, exactly where Nichols de Vere (witchcraft lover) traced Melusine. And then, upon viewing the Mireux Coat, I no longer heard the robin at the glass.

I waited a little longer, and again, silence. I got up to see, and there the robin had flown into the open door, into the house. It was at the patio door glass, but it flew away instead of allowing me to pick it up. It flew into another window and fell to the floor, hurt but not injured. It let me get it on a finger, but flew off seconds later, until I got it in my hands, and gave it a few friendly strokes to let it know I wasn't going to eat it. I brought it to the open door, and with a gleeful chirp of freedom it flew off to a nearby tree. And I yelled in celebration for it's freedom. We are really going to be good friends now, something I may regret. Before I had known that it was in the house, I had already ended this section and gone on to write the sub-title below, suggesting that if God sent the robin to us, it was for the last thing I wrote when it stopped flittering away, which happened to be the last thing in this section: the Mire/Mireux surname.

I've just done a search in my files for "Mireux," and got to the second update of February, where I found this:

Melusine is usually shown with a mirror, which I'm sure is code for the Mire/Mireux surname but potentially a double code also for the Glass bloodline. Though I cannot find a way to get to the description of the German Pols/Pohl Coat, it looks like the man holds a mirror [it's a frying pan, however, though it may have been a mirror too]. On the man's head, a black feather....or "plumes," as the Pohl/Pohlman surname call their black and gold feathers.

Mari, goddess of the Basques, can apply to "Mire," meaning that we appear to be tracing Melusine to Amorites of plume-like PalMYRA. Mari was the Amorite capital on the Euphrates.


Again, the next section was already started before the Mire/Mireux Coat was seen. The section was already entitled, "Hitlers were Plummers," and I already knew what I was going to say, that president Bush traces to Palmyra!!! It's absolutely astounding that, at the time, I didn't know that the Mires/Mireux' were going to lead to the quote above that includes Palmyra and the Pohl plume. I had even forgotten that Mires had been traced to "PalMYRA" (= Amorites that I trace to the Morays, who likewise use Melusine-with-mirror in Crest). The Plummers use a PALM branch, you see.

What this means, if you care to believe it, is that God wants you to understand what I'm about to write in the section below. The section was born as per a news article out just yesterday. Coincidence? Is it another coincidence that the robin has not been back to the glass, after reckoning that it was Sent to get me to the Mires/Mireux'? I suppose God is saying to Himself, "Mission Accomplished."

Hitlers were Plummers

The following appeared in the news on April 5:

Former President George W. Bush will deliver a speech in Pennsylvania on the day of the state's GOP presidential primary...

Bush will give the keynote address at the PLUMstead [caps mine] Christian School's annual "Founders Forum" on the Calvary Church's campus in Souderton, according to the school's official website.

His father, former President George H. W. Bush is the most recent member of the Bush family to endorse former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for president.

PLUMstead is what makes the "plumes" used by Pohls all the more exciting. This recalls when I traced the ancestry of the presidential Bush family the origins of the Mormons at Palmyra, New York, said to be named after Palmyra in Syria (the Islip- and Mireux-related Maxwells don't just use holly, but a "holly BUSH"). I didn't yet have the Palmyra location on the brain when I saw the location of Plumstead. What struck me at that point was that Plumstead was in the south-east part of Pennsylvania, exactly where the Kennedy-assassination topic lead me in the last update. Namely, I'm referring to Chester, Pennsylvania, where Harold Bowen (alias surname, Osborne) was reportedly born (I mistakenly wrote two times in the last update that Lee Oswald was reportedly born in Chester). It just so happened that the Paine family, much involved in framing Lee Oswald as even Bowen/Osborne was involved, were from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, smack beside Chester.

These locations became suspect in the last update as linking to the plotters of the flight-93 "crash," and many think (including me) that George Bush was one of the plotters. If you read all that, I had traced the flight-93 plotters to PENdragon elements, and especially suspect was PENfold Capital. It just so happens that William PENN, the namer of Pennsylvania, was first in Chester when he arrived to the area. The Penn/Penner surname (in Pendragon colors) was even first found in the same place (Buckinghamshire) as the Cheney surname, and Penders (Edward Shield?) were first found in Cheshire, where Chester is the capital. (Chester and Swarthmore are on the western sides of Philadelphia.)

It just so happens that Plumstead is in an area named after Buckingham: "Plumsteadville is an unincorporated community in Bucks County, Pennsylvania..." Clicking to the Bucks County article: "Bucks County is a county located in the U.S. state (commonwealth) of Pennsylvania. The county seat is Doylestown...Bucks County is also named after the English county of Buckinghamshire." English Doyles/Doleys were first found in Oxfordshire, and we have another "vincit" term in the Irish Doyle Coat. The Doleys'/Doles'/Dulles' were first found in Amorite Moray, and they use stars in Glass-star colors, making them very link-able to Adolf Hitler's line. Reminder: a Dulles surname ruled the CIA just before Kennedy's assassination.,_Pennsylvania

This leads me to conclude that Cheney elements were in Plumstead and/or the surrounding Bucks County. In the flight-93 investigation, I traced the plotters to the north of Philadelphia, on the highway to Newark. Plumstead is also north of Philadelphia. The question now is, how close were those suspected locations to Philadelphia. One of the suspected locations was Mercersburg (home of a Chris Nagle, age 44), and another was Bethlehem, home of Chris Nagle, age 37. I was under the impression that a second Mercer(s)burg was beside Bethlehem, but I can't check at this time using use Google maps from the dial-up Internet service available my place in "God's Country."

Interestingly, Mercersburg is in Franklin county.

I had said: "Diamond T Coal and Realty is online at Mercersburg in Franklin county," but at the time, Franklin elements were not yet important to me. It just so happens that the flight-93 "crash site" took place on land operated by the Diamond T coal mining company! Moreover, one of the flight-93 suspects had been a Kelly Leverknight (she testified to seeing the plane a few feet above her head) and/or her husband, and she too is listed at Mercersburg of Franklin county (it's all in the 2nd update of March). By now, I'm starting to feel as though God wants to make a connection between the Idaho nazi lines and the plotters of flight 93. It just so happens that while there's an Oxford location in Franklin county, there's an Oxford township beside Bethlehem.

In fact, in the second update of March, it was said: "There is a Harmony location (beside Oxford township) about 15 miles from Bethlehem. However, Wikipedia's article on Joseph's wife [i.e. wife of Mormon founder] sends the reader to a Harmony township on the [Pennsylvania] border of New York state. It turns out that the Harmony location near Bethlehem is not in Harmony township." Two points. I had linked the Hazleton location to Islip (beside Newark) because Islips, Hazels and House's are one family bloodline. But at that time I had not yet known that a Mary House of Hayden Lake would marry (a Rowsell surname) in Oxford of Franklin county, Idaho. Reminder: Franklins use the Covert martins so that Franklins are suspect at Hayden Lake.

I had also written: "Bethlehem is a part of the greater Allentown city." Hayden Lake is beside Coeur d'Alene. I also see an Old Orchard location beside Bethlehem, while beside Post Falls there is Otis Orchards, the location of Cathian Covert's Surbrook family (by marriage, I assume). The Seal of Allentown uses a heart, and the motto is, "Sic Semper Tyrannis." It just so happens that while Propers/Robins (who would not have been a topic if not for the robin) use "Manus haec inimica tyrannis," and the Alan Shield! Doleys'/Doles'/Dulles' use "Semper" too.

Bethlehem is in Northampton county, which took a piece of Bucks county, and then Northampton in England is beside both Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Did we see that Fulbert the Saxon was of the Shropshire Alans? I traced Fulbert to Hitler-related Fullers, and then the north side of Allentown is Fullerton.

The lock used by Northamptonshire (England) is the same lock used by a Moray Coat (no longer shown at houseofnames). Reminder: the section you are now reading related to the Melusine-and-mirror of the Moray Crest. The Weirs/Veres that is, which I had traced to the Bethlehem region (included Warrington) back in the second update of March. Reminder: Veres use "nihil" in their motto as code for Neils/Nihills and Nails/Nagles.

Here's the location of Bethlehem. Compare it to the location of Plumstead where George Bush has decided to speak. See how close Bethlehem is to the border of Bucks country, where we could expect Cheney elements, for Dick Cheney was surely one of 911's plotters. Note that Bethlehem is nicknamed, "The Steel City," for a Chris Nagle works at Rollock Inc., a steel company.

The meaning of the Excalibur sword is the pulling of ore from rocks to form weapons of war that lead to empire building. As fabulous king Arthur was the only one capable of pulling the sword from the rock, it means that the Pendragon > Arthur bloodline was into steel making. And so we find heavy steel making in PENNsylvania.

Aha! I now see that the entire motto of Northampton County (Pennsylvania) is "Mercy," known code for the kingdom of Mercia. That has got to be the Mercer > Mercersburg line. The Seal of Northampton County is three roundels on a fesse, and though the colors are not given because it's in black and white. The Penn Coat happens to use white-on-black roundels.

If you're not yet convinced of the links between the 911 plotters in Pennsylvania to the Hayden Lake theater, let me ask: what are the odds of the Mercer entity, by pure chance, showing links to the Clark surname? The Mercy/Maysey Crest dragon design is that of the English Clarks, and both the Mercer and Irish Clarks use besants on a red fesse. Both English Clarks and Mercers were first found in Northumberland.

Northumberland is also where the Maness surname was first found. The Mercers come up also as "mercier, and then there is a French Mercier surname using crescents in the colors of the Coffer/Coffare crescents. Did we suspect that Mercersburg should be a Pendragon / Arthurian entity? French Merciers were first found in Artois, and Coffers/Coffares were first found in Somerset, the hub of the Pendragon > Arthur cult.

A Mercia link to Caiaphas elements is expected if Mercia traces to the Marsi of Abruzzo, for Abruzzo elements in Britain had merged with Caiaphas lines. Also, as Caiaphas lines were heavily in the Ligurians, there's also the trace I make of the Marsi to Marseilles, the place where Ligurians originated.

Assuming that Plumstead was named after the Plum surname, here's the German Plum Coat, Zionist stars on a Shield split in half diagonally, in the same way in which the Heidler and Hiedler/Hitler Coats are split. Adolph Hitler was on Munich, the Bavarian capital, and Plums were first found in Bavaria. This may be the start of why God used the robin this morning to alert us that we are to harken to this section on George Bush speaking in Plumstead. By the way, it's been a couple of hours at least since the robin was in the house, and it has not come back to the glass.

English Plummers use a "palm branch," which may be part-code for the Branch surname. As the robin led us to the Glass surname with Melusine-and-mirror in Crest, let me quote from earlier in this update:

There's got to be a reason why the Franklin Crest eel is simply "between two branches," without telling what sort of branches. We then find that the Branch surname uses three red-on-white stars in the same positions as the same stars in the Glass Coat.

Was Adolph Hitler's father married to a Glassl? Yes. Was Hitler's mother, a Polzl, traced to Pollocks? Yes. And Pollocks use "Audacter" in their motto, the same term used by English Plummers! Doesn't that tend to help answering why Bush wants into Plumstead? And it's well known that Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells who use a "holly BUSH PROPER!!!! Didn't the robin lead to both Propers/Robins and to the holly of the Mire/Mireux Coat? And didn't the Mires/Mireux' trace to PalMYRA, an entity that we can expect in Palm entities...such as the palm branch used by Plummers? Surely, "Plum" and "Palm" are related terms, explaining why English Plums use the same greyhound design in Crest as English Palmers.

Therefore, as Palmyra was home to the founders of Mormons, while the senior George Bush has given thumbs-up for Mitt Romney, we can suspect a Bush-Romney-ite conspiracy to put Romney on the American throne.

English Palmers were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as English Bush's, and German Palmers were first found in Bavaria. As we must be following Caiaphas elements here, especially the ones into Yorkshire, I note that Italian Palmers were first found in the same place (Naples) as the Capua surname.

German Palmers use a palm tree, as does the Cart Coat, though the latter uses palms around a saltire in the colors of the Annan(dale) and Desmond saltire (wherefore Carts are related to MacCarthys). Interesting here is that Carts were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Edwards and Yorks, both suspect as Caiaphas-related lines. But then beside Wiltshire is Dorset, where Russells and Palins/Paulins were first found, and Palins/Paulins use a black-on-white lion as do the Welsh Edwards and related Welsh Roberts. But then the Capua/Caputa Coat is likewise a black-on-white lion, and moreover "Palin" smacks somewhat of "Palm." There is talk of Mitt Romney asking Sarah Palin to be the vice president running-mate (but I'll believe it when I see it). Reminder: the Romney Coat is also the Pullen Coat, and Pullens were first found in Yorkshire.

You can see that the Capua/Caputa lion wears a crown, and in heraldry crowns are not allowed unless the person owning the Arms comes from royalty. There is a crown also in the Italian Palmer/Palma Coat. It's highly likely that the crown belongs to the Capetian Franks.

It's Saturday morning. I was awoken by a thump at about 6:30. I thought the Nazis had finally come to get me. Then another and another thump. I investigated, and out of the corner of my eye, outside the window, robin was back. Yes, fat robin, coming back to play. The sun wasn't up yet, so it wasn't there to play with its reflection, but with me. It liked to annoy me. It was gone all day yesterday after the scare it had inside the house, but today it has its courage back.

The last thing I did outside yesterday after work was to reflect on the work God did yesterday with that robin, and I thanked Him for it. I said I wished He would do things like that more often. I knew it couldn't have been a coincidence that the robin led me right into the Plumstead / Palmyra topic. And I reflected on how I didn't give the reader a final assessment of what it all meant, of what exactly God's message was.

Urgency, indeed. As the robin fluttered away yesterday, I sensed urgency to arrive at the meaning. And it's back today. The robin would flitter on the glass so often, every 5 to 10 seconds, that it felt urgent. It's doing it right now, and it's 7 am; it could go on for hours, driving me crazy.

So what did it mean yesterday to have Amorites of Palmyra, in Syria, lead to MORmons and Moray elements using Melusine with glass mirror? I was asking God last night: does this mean that the Bush-Romney team is going to win the election?

Will Christians serve the Bush-Romney team in further attacks in the Muddle East? What is the urgency in having this robin speak to us? I dunno, but I did just go over the Pols/Pohlmann and Pohl/Pohlman Coats to make a rather amazing discovery that was missed yesterday. (I was waiting for 7:30 to arrive to tell you that the robin is driving me crazy at the glass).

What was the last thing I said yesterday? I said: "You can see that the Capua/Caputa lion wears a crown...There is a crown also in the Italian Palmer/Palma Coat. It's highly likely that the crown belongs to the Capetian Franks." I now find that the Dutch Pols/Polls Coat (not viewed yesterday) is a lion wearing a crown, and the lion is in the black-on-white colors of the Capua/Caputa Coat!!! Both crowns are gold, and both crowns appear to be IDENTICAL!!! ASTOUNDING. It traces the Caiaphas bloodline to the Pols/Polls.

PLUS, the Pols/Polls lion is the same lion as per the Welsh Robert Crest with Ich-like motto term, and the same lion again is of the Welsh Edwards who were the Ich Dien line. These Edwards are said to have "built Oswestry Castle in 1148," and Oswestry (Shropshire) is where the Alans and proto-Pollocks were living! How amazing is that, where I trace Pohls to Pollocks, and Pollocks to Hitler's mother???

It therefore seems that God is wanting us to know that Hitlers trace to the plumes of the Pohls/Pohlmans, and therefore to Plumstead, and that George Bush is a part of this Pollock > Hitler line. And George knows it. Reminder: Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells (suspected Maccabees), and Maxwells use a holly BUSH. The plumes are is the one feather on the head of the man who looks like he uses a mirror in hand, as used by the German Pols/Pohlmann surname, suggesting Edward the Black Prince, the one to whom Wikipedia traced the "Ich Dien" motto. None of this Hitler link was known when the Edwards were introduced not many days ago. It's interesting that while Edward the Black Prince led back to Macon, Maxwells are said to be from "Maccus."

I traced Hitler's Polzl bloodline to Maschis of Rimini, and I traced Edwards (wholly independent of the Polzl trace) to Mascis of Piedmont > Cheshire even before seeing the Masci wing in the Dien Coat.

After writing that, it occurred that the Kelso location (Roxburghshire) of the Maxwells may link to "Kelly," for Kellys use an enfield griffin, the symbol of the Hiedler/Hitler Crest. I first loaded the Kelso Coat to see that it uses the three colors of the Dien Coat, with gold garbs even (Cheshire symbol), and then the Kelly Coat was loaded to see that its enfield stands on a gold crown. If I'm not mistaken, the Kelly towers were traced to Turin in Piedmont. I see that the Kelly lions are those of the Dougals, who were probably a branch of DuGLASS'. (it's past 8 am, the robin still goes at it.)

I am reminded that the Kills/Keeles, first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Kelseys (use the Miller cross), show what could be the quartered Hohenzollerns and Zollern Shield. Kellers/Keelers use the three Kelso colors too, and were first found in Angus, beside the Kelly-related Kellogs' of Aberdeenshire. I have been wondering all along how these Kel-like surnames could relate to the original Capua > Caiaphas topic, which is why it was good to find the Keeles with Hohenzollern Shield, but then I also got to the German Kelners/Kellers, first found in Swabia (where Hohenzollerns had their German beginnings), and they use a key in colors reversed to the Caiaphas-suspect Sheaves/Chiapponis!

That recalls the trace to the Sheaves/Shaws, who in-turn were linked to the Ayrshire motto, "God Shaw the richt," which in turn evokes the KYLE region of Ayrshire, and the Kyles who named it. Kyles happen to use red-on-white star, the colors of the Glass and Gleason stars, and Ayrshire is beside Renfrewshire where Pollocks and Glasgow were located. There is quite apparently a fundamental link of Kyles, therefore, to the Hitler enfield griffin used by Kellys. AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW? The Enfield/Inglefield Coat uses many footless martins of the type, and in the same colors, as the Caiaphas-suspect Coverts/Cofferts, who trace, I am sure, to Hohenzollerns! The Enfield/Inglefield Crest shows a different design of a footless martin, in the style and colors of the same used by the Pullen Crest. That's of the Pullen Coat that's also the Romney Coat.

It even turns out that Sheaves/Shaws and Enfields/Inglefields were first found in the same place (Berkshire).

I had traced "Kyle" to the Galli priesthood long before tracing Caiaphas to the same. Kyles use a white anchor with a snake entwined around it, and a snake entwined around a rod is a symbol of the Gileki, in my opinion, the proto-Galli peoples to which Nazi Aryans trace. Heidlers also use a white anchor.

AND, as Kyles claim to be from king "Cole," I repeat that I trace the black-on-gold bull of the Cole Coat to the black on-gold buffalo (sometimes called a bull when used by other surnames) in the Pohl/Pohlman Coat!! Thus, the Kelly discussion has not disappointed us, but has rather enlightened us to the true Caiaphas-nature of Kyles.

We haven't checked the Plume surname yet, as per the plumes used by Pohls/Pohlmans, and it just so happens that Plumes are the Plums, who use a greyhound in Crest, Kelly-and-Hitler important because an enfield griffin is defined as one having the "chest of a greyhound." Why a chest? Code for Chester?

There is something being said here for the Bush-Romney team that I envision, as per Bush's victory speech for Romney to be held in PLUMstead. For, both the Plumes/Plums and Romneys use bendlets beside their bends. Bendlets are the stripes on either side of the bends. Romneys were first found in Kent, beside Suffolk where Plumes/Plums were first found. I see that there are French Plumes, first found in Brittany, and German Plumes are the Plums/Plumers using the split Shield like the Heidlers and Hiedlers/Hitlers.

Clearly, out friendly robin, who is still at the flittering at 9:00 on the button as I write, is a warning to us that the next president of the United States could be the False Prophet. Or, perhaps, it's a sign that the 911 plotters were the Nazis...who have yet greater designs for exploitation on America.

The enfield griffin has the "head of a fox," and it was only recently that I traced the heraldic heads (some of them, anyway) to "SanHEDrin," the name of the Israeli state-church government ruled by its chief priests in Jesus' day. It just so happens that the Head surname uses unicorn-head design of the Paris surname (Trojan symbol of the Parisii who I say named Pharisees). It just so happens that the Chess/Cheser surname (there is no Chest surname) uses the Ferrari lion design, and that I trace Ferraris to Pharisees too. The parts on the enfield griffin are thus starting to look like codes for the Pharisee line. And it just so happens that the Ferrari lion is also in the French Pohl/Paul Coat. The Chess/Cheser surname evokes the Kaiser/Keyser and Chesneys/Cheneys (of Buckingham), and it just so happens that the latter use the footless martin styles of Caiaphas-suspect Coverts/Cofferts. You can readily see the re-occurring theme of the Bush team already apparent in this paragraph. (It's 9:15, and it's just at this moment that I've noticed, no more robin at the window). Reminder: Cheneys of Buckingham were traced to Bucks County at Plumstead.

Were the Delanos a recent topic, and were they just traced to the chief-priestly line of Ananias (the line that Caiaphas married so as to get the throne of Israel for himself)? Amazing, then, that the English Delano Crest is A chevalier's HEAD in a helmet and PLUME"! Did we see the white pheons in the Robin surname and bloodline? Helms use white pheons too, and the Helms have been linked to the helmet in the Crest of Pendragons...who are suspect as Penns/Penners in the Plumstead and CHESter areas of Pennsylvania.

Why do the Delanos use a "chevalier"? It just so happens that the Cheval surname is also (the robin just came back, at 9:30 on the button) "Chavo/Chavot," reflecting the Chavez / Chaves variation of the Sheaves/Chiapponis. But it also reflects the Caputa variation of the Capua surname. It just so happens that the Cheval/Chavo surname was first found in the same place, Picardy, as the French Pohl/Paul surname using the Pharisee lion. PicARDy, where ARTois is located, has been traced by me to the Arthurian cult. It was the Mercier surname, using the Coffer/Coffare crescents, that was first found in Artois. Shocking, is it not, all of this, especially as I'm tracing the 911 plotters, Pendragon suspects, to MERCERsburg? Reminder: Northampton County uses "Mercy" as a motto, and Bethlehem is in that county; I found a Chris Nagle in both Bethlehem and Mercersburg.

Bethlehem is near a York and Lancaster location of Pennsylvania, and the German Nagle/Nail/Neil Coat uses the same-colored saltire (no symbols) as the York-surname Coat. It was the York Coat besant that become the Italian Delano Coat if the saltire is removed.

York's were first found in Wiltshire, near the Palins/Pauley of Dorset. The Palin write-up traces to Pillingtons of Norfolk, and Norfolk is where the Chess surname (Pharisee lion) was first found. The point here is that Sarah Palin and her husband endorsed Mitt Romney, while Romneys use the Shield of Palin-like Pullens (Yorkshire). The Palins are the ones using the black-on-white lion of Welsh Roberts and Edwards...which was traced solidly to the Capua lion. The other point is that Pullens use "Nulla pallescere culpa" for a motto, which in this picture is an apparent code for a merger of the Nail/Nagle bloodline with the Pullen bloodline. Entering "Palles" (= Paul surname, Gloucestershire) what do we find but a blue-on-white fesse, the colors of the fesse of Irish Nagles.

Moreover, the Nulls/Nultys use the red lion of Irish Neils.

Therefore, Palins link to the Nagles, and so let's look at the Pillingtons found in the Palin write-up. Both they and the Pillings were first found in Lancashire (location of Lancaster), and then York and Lancaster are two locations near a third Chris Nagle. Here's from the 2nd update in March:

The first-mentioned Christ Nagle [neither the one in Bethlehem not Mercersburg] happens to be listed at the location of Red Lion, near the Maryland border...exactly north-east of Camp David. In the last update, it was shown that Plan A of the flight-93 scam was to crash the plain north-east of Camp David, possibly in Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, Red Lion is situated smack beside York (and Spry), some 60-70 miles west of Philadelphia. The Bush surname of England was first found in Yorkshire.

I failed to see at that time that Neils and Nulls use red lions. The Dutch Bush/Bosch lion, I now see, is that of the Neils and Nulls. This is the lion design that I found to be an upright version of the Levi lion. The blocks/billets in the Dutch Bush Coat are used by Blocks, a surname that I've linked tentatively to "Pollock." So also the block-like "lozenges" of Plocks.

Hmm, I now see that English Blocks were first found in Wiltshire, where the Edwards were first found, meaning that, perhaps, Edward the BLACK Prince was a Block bloodline (Blacks use stars in Glass-star colors). The English Block chevron is even colors reversed from the Edward chevron, and MOREOVER the Block chevron has white roses, the color of the York rose...while the York surname was likewise first found in Wiltshire! Just like that, we have a Bush link to Edwards, and then the Block Coat uses a tree stump, symbol of Esus, while Bush's (red chevron, color of Edom) use black boars, symbol of Esau!!!

In the York article: "York County is a county in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania...York County was created on August 19, 1749, from part of Lancaster County and named either for the Duke of York, an early patron of the Penn family...",_Pennsylvania York county is just two counties east of Mercersburg (the latter, buy the way, was called "Black Town").

If we're expecting a Palin / Pillington trace to Lancaster of Pennsylvania because Pillingtons and Pillings were first found in Lancashire of England, what about the fact that the Pillington/Billington saltire is gold on partial blue, the colors of the Messey/Messier Coat? I happen to think that Messiers and Merciers are one bloodline. The Pillington/Billington Coat even compares rather well with the Masci Coat, while Mascis were near Messeys, the latter being first found in Burgundy, where Macon is located. Recalling that Edward the BLACK Prince was found to be a Masci bloodliner tracing to Macon, what about that Black Town otherwise called, Mercersburg? And, what about the black Palin lion being the Edward lion too???

The Pilling write-up: "The Pilling family lived in Yorkshire. The name was a reference to Pilling Manor, where the family lived. This stately residence is in the parish of Tankersley, nine miles from Sheffield,...First found in Lancashire where they held a family seat at Burnley from very early times..." Pillings use so-called "piles" that should link to the Palin / Pullen bloodline. In fact, I trace piles to the line of Pontius Pilate, and then Pillings also use white roundels called, "plates." If that's not enough, we just saw that Messeys/Messiers were first found in Burgundy, which is where Pilates were first found. If that's still not enough, recall that Robins had traced to the Pilate pheons, for Pillings use the motto, "Virtute et robore." Reminder: our friendly robin led to Propers/Robins (Cheshire, Mackie/MacKEY lion and key), and therefore to the Roberts/Robers of Burgundy (Mackie/Mackey lion again), and then to the Welsh Roberts using the black Palin / Edward lion.

It's 10:32, and the robin yet goes at it. It only took a 15 minute break since 6:30. I guess it was his coffee break.

The fact that Pillings were so close to Sheffield should explain why the Pillings and Sheffields both use a red-on-white chevron. And the Tankersley location of the Pillings explains why they use piles, for piles are used also by Guiscards, who were from the Tancred / Tankerville line. The Guiscards (traced to the birth of Pontius Pilate by a Pictish woman of Perthshire) are shown online in a painting with a pulley at their feet as code for Pull-like surnames. In fact, "Pulley" gets the Pullens...of Yorkshire! NOTE THE "MERCY" motto term of Guiscards!!!

The Sheffield write-up: "Sheffield means open land by the river Sheaf..." The river is suspect therefore as being named by the Sheaves bloodline. Sheffields use red garbs, otherwise called sheaves of wheat. Pulleys/Pullens use red scallops that trace to Scylla. But I traced Scylla to "Shala" at Ascalon, and Shala was the wife of Dagon while both Dagon and Shala were depicted, in ancient times, with sheaves of wheat. The Guiscards in the painting above were rulers of Sicily / Scylla. You can hang your hat on that pulley.

Is that a cane in the hand of one of the Guiscards? It just so happens that the Irish Cane/Kane Coat is almost the Pulley/Pullen Coat! That's a new discovery just now. Shame on me for not finding it years ago.

From the above, we could suspect Sheff-like surnames to apply to the line of chief priests, or even the Schiffs.

It's not just the Guiscard line that's are suspect at the birth of Pontius Pilate, but the Scottish Sheaves/Shaws, first found in Perthshire, use grails as do the Pillets.

I had pegged "Latter Day Saints" (= church of Mormons) as three codes, one for the Latter surname that likewise use piles. Latters were first found in Ayrshire, the shire that uses "Shaw" in it's motto. One Latter variation is "Lathis," and one can see lattice on the "dress" in the painting of one of the Guiscards.

The robin has finally stopped. It's 11:19 as I first noticed it. It wasn't until I got to the Pillings that it stopped. I can add that the Pills/Piles also use piles, but a gold leopard head as well, the symbol of the Caiaphas-suspect Coverts. The Pills/Piles were first found in Northumberland, location of ancient Mercia, and where the Maness surname was first found that is now (or until recently, anyway) the surname of Cathian Covert. It just so happens that the Mens/Mengzies Shield-and-Chief combination is used in colors reversed by Schiffs. Schiffs and Rothschilds were in cahoots; the first Rothschild shared the same house with Schiffs, a house called, "Green Shield," in Frankfurt on the Rhine.

I wonder if Freemasons still want to be Freemasons. Maybe they don't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole any more. How many idiots want to be idiot enough to be associated with those who killed Christ??? Ask the anti-Christ, whom the world will "worship."

It's 11:34, and still no robin. Either he's off his shift, or he got hungry early for lunch. I gotta go to town today, so this is probably a wrap for this update. Tomorrow, I've got to proof read to get at all my typos (I go nutty on the keyboard when I'm excited), at which time I usually add some 25,000 bytes to the updates.

The Rippling Effect

I got a chance to get to some email when in town, getting some excellent new tips to be featured in the next update. One was from Julie on the "Ich Dien" term coming to Edward the Black from John I of Bohemia, perfect for where the royal Edward line was traced to Maccabee elements at Macon, near the Ubii proto-Maccabees. I'll investigate that and report. Another email was from GD on modern-era Edward VIII and his Teck entity that could be the secret to the Ich entity. Those two stories will be featured, next update.

Here's a mail from Tim, where it seems he's been getting the same sort of experiences I often get first thing in the morning...the Heavenly Rippling effect. It means that Tim is working hard to figure out the realities:

Hi John, this morning as I woke up I had the name Catherine or Katherine Ferguson in my head! As I don't know or have not heard of someone by this name I thought this odd, but I did not do anything about it until I started reading your current update today Tuesday 3rd April. I checked the Ferguson clan badge and found a Thistle with a Bee on it!...I have to admit I did not finish reading the last update [bad Tim] and so there was no way that I could have known that you where looking for bee's. Is this relevant? TIM

The Ferguson Crest description: "A Bee on a Thistle all proper." Isn't that code for the Propers/Robins???

Tim had no way to know that I was on the Robin bloodlines that day, and the day before, or that two Robin Coats use thistles!!! Nor did he know that the robin had led me to the Amorite line of Palmyra to Moray, which is also the line to the Merovingian bee. FERGUSons are a branch of Fergus' who use the Ferrari lion, wherefore the bee on a thistle is a symbol of a Pharisee - Maccabee line.

Why are the Ferguson boars "couped"? Isn't it code for Coupers/Coopers, first found in the same place (Sussex) as Cooper-like Coverts? Why did Tim experience the name, "Katherine Ferguson"? Perhaps because Cathian calls herself, Kate, at times, and because her Covert surname has been traced to Caiaphas. Both Coverts and Coupers use gold leopard heads, and Coupers were traced to the Caiaphas line independent of Coverts...when emailer Patterson had her morning vision on the Cappeo / Copia lion. Ripples Believe it or Not. And don't tell me that God doesn't have a craving for some delightful fun. Ask the robin.

Didn't the robin lead us to the Mire/Mireux holly? See the Couper Crest description: "A demi leopard guardant, PROPER ducally crowned silver, holding in the DEXter PAW a HOLLY branch fructed PROPER." PRAISE GOD!

The "Dexter" term is highlighted because the Teck entity mentioned above will be traced to the Dech / Deck bloodline.

After wondering whether the Couper crown traces to the Capua crown on the head of a black-on-white lion, I now recall that the Paw-like Powers were traced to Pawley variation of Palins (the Power Shield is the Palin/Pawley Shield), who use a black-on-white lion that was just traced to the Capua lion. Plus, the Dutch Paw/Powers Coat is only a blue Indian peacock, the same peacock design as per the Maness Crest! Again, the last surname that Cathian used was Maness, from a man with Maness surname who has a listing in the Houston theater of Texas. (The Derth/D'Arth Coat is like the Power / Palin Shield, and one Power write-up traces the surname suggestively to PicARDY, where Artois was located.)

German Paws/Pauers (in the colors of Yorkshire Bush's), who likewise use the blue Indian peacock, show a PaurBUSCH variation, and then German ad Dutch Bush's are also "Busch." Did we see a Bush-Romney-Palin team working itself out at the head of the Republican camp?

Earlier we saw that Pollock-related Bush's link to Blocks and Plocks, and so it should be mentioned that Plocks use "In deo" in their motto, a phrase that was linked suggestively to the blue INDIAN peacock. It's a fact that the Peacock surname (fesse in colors reversed from the Bush fesse), which shows the blue Indian peacock again, is a sept of Pollocks. Peacocks use "Be just" as a motto phrase, and then the Swiss Just Coat is in Peacock-Coat colors. The Swiss Just chevron is also the Dutch Bone chevron.

I am reminded that several years ago in Texas, I had a split-second vision of a mountain cat, which some call leopards, jumping me from up high, and from behind me. The picture was so instant that there was no scene of what happened to me after it reached my shoulders. My immediate thought was that it had to do with the dragon hunt, that I was in danger there in Texas where I started the Hebrew-dragon theme. The Hebrew-dragon hunt started with an experience involving a huge bee in my vegetable garden, and it became a sign to me that God was going to track down the Buz = bee line through my online investigations. The experience is recorded in the first chapter of the Ladon book (link at end of each update), "Asshur! Gog Bee-Less You," written in June of 2006.

I ask you, what has driven me all these years, and where has the time come from to do all the work that's been done, to arrive here today to the MaccaBEES?

I don't recall the year when Cathian first emailed, but it was about 1998 / 99. I was forced to put the Texas place up for sale in June of 2006, the very month that the Hebrew-dragon hunt was started. I don't recall when the leopard vision occurred in relation to that June. I had thought that perhaps the vision was the reason that I had to move from Texas, because some foe had been tracking me to that place, and danger was looming at my shoulders. Cathian eventually changed her email account to "Kate Etaki," and told me that "Etaki" was formed from "Kate" spelled backward. Yet I later realized that "Kate Etaki" sounds like "cat attack," and moreover the Covert Crest uses a leopard. Perhaps it's all coincidental; perhaps not. Perhaps the robin has been a freak coincidence too. Perhaps the Ferguson bee on a thistle was coincidence too. Perhaps I'm a cosmic nut, or, as Cathian has now called me, a maniac. But thank God that He uses nuts like me.

Before going to town yesterday, I took a lawn chair into the sun beside the garage, and sat looking straight ahead at the robin perched on a branch at the other end of the house. The robin was in a position looking straight at me, and I yelled, "hey robin." And I spoke to it. By now it knows its name to be, "Hey Robin." After about 15 minutes, in which it didn't move an inch (it seemed to be comfortable just hanging out with me), I got the Bible out and wanted to read some of Jesus in one of the gospels. I first opened to the first chapters of Hebrews, at the powerful statements where Jesus was said to be, even in the Old Testament, God in the flesh (1st chapter). In that first chapter we read that God will make the Son's enemies a footstool for his feet.

Then, trying to flip back to a gospel, I first landed in Galatians, and read at chapter 2 where Paul speaks of his enemies who had wormed into his churches. Finally, I decided to read from my favorite gospel, John, and landed at the account of Lazarus. Knowing the story, I jumped ahead to the next topic, right where the Caiaphas says that Jesus must die. Another coincidence???

The robin was still on the same branch at this point; it hadn't moved an inch.

It starts in John 11:46, where some Jews went to tell the Pharisees that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. In verse 47, we find that the Pharisees called a meeting in the Sanhedrin. In verse 48, one at the meeting pipes up and says that Jesus' miracles are jeopardizing things, that if they allow Jesus to continue, the Romans will come and take away their political positions over Israel. It verifies that Pharisees were empowered by Romans to convert the nation to Roman standards.

In verse 49, the high priest that year, Caiaphas, pipes up, saying that Jesus must die.

The thoughts going through my head at that point took me to the details of John the Baptist's birth, and I ended up at Luke's account, chapter 1. This was one generation before Caiaphas was the high priest. In verse 5, we find that there was a certain priestly division that was on the Temple duty at that time, a division called "Abijah." In France, a bee is an "abielle," a term that could be "abijelle" to some. In fact, to the Frank-related Dutch, a bee is a "bij." Therefore, the Levite house of Abijah could trace to the MaccaBees. Certainly, it can be suspected that Caiaphas traced to the Maccabee priesthood over Israel.

Interesting here is that the Bessin was founded by a Baiocasses/BAJOcasses peoples, and then the Bessin surname uses bees, the same bee design as in the Boy/Biye Coat. The bees are in the colors of the Macey Coat, and the Bees/Biyes were first found in Berwickshire, where I trace the Macey bears.

Fort what it could be wroth, the Zachary surname was entered because the priest on duty was Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist. The Zechary/SACHeral surname uses the same saltire as the York saltire, and then the Sach surname uses white roses. Interesting, indeed, but I am reminded that, sometimes, Masons may wrongly / arrogantly trace themselves to certain Biblical people on the blessed side of things. The German Zacks/Zechs even have a write-up saying only that they trace to the father of John the Baptist, and yet the Zach/Zech Coat uses the Hohen Shield, and Hohens are Cohens = Kagans (entering "Kagan" of "Cohen" gets the same "Jewish" Coat).

On the other hand, I did find that Cohens/Kagans were merged with the line of Israel's chief priests, and so if Caiaphas was related to Zechariah of the house of Abijah, then one could trace to Zechariah too. But something tells me that Freemasons of the dragon kind are not going to honor the father of John the Baptist. I'm looking to find another Zack-like term to which they trace. The Saxons were called the white dragon in Arthurian myth, and then the Sachs are also shown as "Sax."

Hmm, could "Zech" have morphed into "Dech" and "Teck." I kid you not that I already knew part of what would be featured in the next update on the Teck entity, for entering "Teck" gets the Swiss Tess surname (saltire in colors reversed to the Annandale saltire) that I traced to the Tessen / Ticino river, where the Laevi lived!!! It may mean that a Zechariah entity named the Ticino river. The Tess/Tech saltire is decorated with the Hazel and House leaves. The Sach roses are in the white-on-black colors of the Dien wing that is also the wing of the Ticino theater's Mascis.

Didn't we just come across the Swiss Justs...who may have been named after "Jew(s)."

I did trace "Ticino" to "Taksony" of Hungary, and did trace the Spanish Texas/Tejas/Tejon surname -- with a Shield filled with gold and red checks! -- to the Ticino river. I then suggested that "Taksony" traced to "Saxon." The Saxon surname is also "Septon," and then there is this Da-Vinci concoction that the children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene ended up in Septimania of Languedoc. But I say that it was the Pharisees and Herods who came to France, who's descendants later fabricated blessed stories about linkage to Biblical king David, the tribe of Judah, and even to Jesus' bloodline.

LOOK! The Saxon/Septon Coat uses three red ring-like symbols on a white fesse, with black bendlets on either side of the bend, which supports my trace of the Ince/Inch surname to Tortona (near Gavi) off the Ticino river. The Inch Coat uses three red roundels (= "torteaux") on a white fesse with black bendlets on either side of the fesse. The reason that I was so confident of a trace of torteaux to Tortona is that I don't know of any other tort-like location, and because the Ince's trace well to the Insubres in the Ticino river, whom I traced to Incerum off the Sava river. I also traced (first update of last December) the Inces/Inches to Inuus / Incubus, a Roman bestiality-sex cult related to the Roman goat cult, Faunus.

I'm keeping in mind that "Ich Dien" was linked suggestively to "Inch."

It just so happens that there is a goat in the Zachary/Sacheral Crest. The Pan = Faunus lust cult doesn't sound like an apt description of John the Baptist. The Zachary/Sacheral motto even uses "bon," a term that I trace to the Boii and Ubii of Bononia and Bonn respectively, homes of proto-Maccabees. The Sachs were first found in BRESlau (Poland), a term that should link to the Bruces / Brescia, where the Ananes line of chief priests has already been traced. "Sacheral" smacks to me of the snake god, "Sugaar" (swastika-like symbol) and then the snake-using Seagar/Sugar surname (entwined snakes tracing to the Gileki, who used the swastika anciently) was traced to the Sava' river's Saier > Sawyer (more checks) bloodline...which included the Sach-like Sages. The English Sage and Dutch Bone Coats both use the same-colored chevrons. There's more checks, and ostrich feathers, in the German Sage/Sager Coat, while Sawyers (first found in the same place as Seagers/Sugars) use a Drave/Traby-like motto term, and while Zacharys/Sacherals were first found in Traby-suspect DERBYshire). In this picture, the Zachary/Sacheral surname may have started out as a Sugaar element that morphed to "Zechariah," a common Hebrew name. However, it's shown below that Zacharys/Sacherals trace to Caiaphas, and so the more-likely reasoning is that the Sugaar cult came later, as an outflow from the Biblical Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, though not an outflow of the real Zechariah line, but of those snake-line peoples who claimed Zechariah for themselves. Jesus called the Pharisees the house of satan.

The Zachary/Sacheral write-up: "First found in Derbyshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Hopwell....the village of Hopwell was held by Ralph Fitzhubert from his overlord, the Bishop of Chester...Conjecturally, it was from this source the Sechevarals are originated." Hopwell smacks of the Hopland granted by the Norman king to the Mascis of Dunham Masci in Cheshire. And Hops and Hopes were traced to Copes (said to be from "cape") and Copps, which is very interesting where the Zachary/Sacheral saltire is, not just the York saltire, but the Cooper/Couper saltire. The Cope chevron is in the colors of the Zachary/Sacheral saltire. I trace "Hopland" to Opland in Norway, home of the Rollo Sinclairs. Copelands use "numine" that traces to the MacAbees and MacAbee-related Newmans ("Ubi" and "ibi" motto terms).

As per the "foy" motto term of Zacharys/Sacherals, we want to see the Foy Coat. Compare with the CHAPman Coat, if that helps to trace Zacharys/Sacherals to the Chappes (first found in the same place as the French Levi surname) and the Caiaphas bloodline. Foys were first found in Cavan, a Chaves-like term, and then Cavans/Keaveneys use the same-colored crescent as Foys and Chapmans. Cavans/Keaveneys use the same style lion as in the Bruce Crest (of the Bruce Coat with Annandale saltire). I identified that lion design with the Levi lion.

Scottish Kevens use a white-on-blue lion, colors reversed from the Bruce-of-Yorkshire lion, and then English Dickensons also use white-on-blue lions, though in the Crest, Dickensons use a blue lion, color of the Bruce lion. The only reason Dickensons were checked just now is that Decks (PRUSsia) trace to Dykes and to Dickensons. As Techs, Decks, Dykes/Dicks and Dechs are all in the same colors, and as they are being traced to "TICINo," note similarity with "DICKEn." This will be in the next update, but if you'd like you can check out the Dyke/Dick links to Bush's even now. Note that Scottish Dykes were first found in SAXONy. Note that Decks and Dutch Dykes use the same-colored fleur-de-lys as the Lys surname first found in the same place as French Levis and Chappes, and that the Masseys -- from the Ticino theater -- use the same-colored fleur-de-lys. Reminder: there is a Lys valley in Aosta, not far from the Ticino.

Dechs/Deakins (not the same Coat as the Decks) use the same lion (the upright Levi lion) as Dutch Bush's. Dechs/Deakins were first found in Rutland, in the shadow of Leicester...which traces to Liguria, the Ticino theater. Both Decks and Caiaphas-suspect Sheffields (in Dech colors) were first found in Rutland. And by now, you've been told about everything that was on my mind about the Teck entity that was reserved for the next update.

The Rutland Crest is the Massey horse-head design, and the Rutland motto term, "praemia," traces to Parium/Parion of Mysia (on the Hellespont), the Trojan-Priam/Paris line to Pharisees of Yorkshire, where Hulls and Hallands (Bruce lion) were first found whom I've traced to the Hellespont.

Rutlands are traced in their write-up to the ruler of Bayeux = the Bessin = the land of the Baio/Bajocasses, now suspect from the Maccabee house of Abijah that POSSIBLY brought on the infamous Annas/Ananias. The Bible does not tell whether Annas was from Abijah blood.

The MacAbe(e)s use a Coat somewhat like that of the Deas surname that itself uses a bee on a daisy. The Deas are known to be from Desmonds who use the Annandale saltire. The Deason variation of the Deas clan smacks of "Deakin," a Dech variation.

I have a new theory on the MacAbee-related Newmans with "Ubi" and Ibi" motto term. First, Newmans were first found in Dorset, where Palins/Pawlins were first found, and they use lions in colors reversed from Palins/Pawlins. But the main point has to do with the old "Nieweman" variation. It struck me that if the term had been, "Nieve," then it could also have been related to the Neves, who happen to use Newman colors. Neves even use fleur in Sales-fleur colors, and a "Sola" motto term. But the "honesta" term of the neve motto has got me thinking that it's code for a honey line, same as the bee line insinuated by the Newman motto. I'll repeat here that JJ Tolkien had a Numenor island that I identified as Arran more than five years ago, way before I got to the MacAbees of Arran. It just so happens that the English Neve Coat uses a fish, a symbol of the MacAbees.

The latter call theirs a salmon, probably for the Salyes bloodline, especially the Saleman and same-colored Salmons. "Jewish" Salmons use stars in the colors of the Cohen and Moray stars, important for the "amor" term of Newmans, and because Italian Salmons use the Hohen Shield. English Salmons use "Optima," while the Italian Ops cult was a bee cult...because "opis" and "apis" mean "bee" in Greek. In this picture, the Maccabee-Boii appear well merged with the Salyes Ligures, and of course that's the line to Sales-of-Mascy in Salop. The Honey Crest uses the MAXton Crest bee design.

The Merovingian bee cult was traced to Autun because that traced in turn to mythical Aedon (of Boiotia), grand-daughter of king MerOPS (the term is said to mean "bee-something"). Smack beside Autun is Nevers, suggesting that Neves and Newmans were from Never elements. Also beside Nevers is Avallon, which traces to Bute = Avalon, smack beside Arran. The way to reconcile this bee line from Boiotia with the Maccabee bee line is to identify Maccabees with Boii, and Boii with Boiotians. It just so happens that Cadmus, founder of Thebes (in Boiotia), the city where mythical Aedon was queen, was turned into a fish at the city of Butua, now Budva. It tends to trace the Neve and MacAbee fish to Cadmus Boiotians at Butua, who are thus expected in Bute = Avalon.

But I was after the Abijah line, if it was at all in the West. If it was, we should see it linked to Caiaphas lines, not John-the-Baptist lines. There is an Abi/Abbey/Abys surname using the same-colored scallops as the Caiaphas-suspect Capes/Capps. That can't be a capincidence. The Abis/Abbeys/Abys were first found in the same place (Angus) as the Deas/Deason surname (bee on a daisy) that I link to Annandales and MacAbees (also "MacABE".


In ancient times, mythical Melia of Boiotia was the honey goddess, and she was made married to Inachus of Argos, whom I traced to the Inces before I knew that Inces traced to the Ticino theater / Laevi Ligures. Inachus' goddess was Io, a white cow (loved by the white bull, Zeus), who was traced by ancients to BOSphorus, the same entity as the Byzantium bee line, though depicted as a bull as per the Apis bull cult (i.e. "apis" could be either a bee or bull).

The Sadducees were from a house of Boetus, and Boiotians were also "Boeotians."

Inachus also had an Abas cult that I say was his bee cult. The curiosity is that Abas was a representation of ABANTians (on Euboea, beside Boiotia) so that one expects him to be named "Aban." In Arthurianism, there was a Bant/Ban, father of Lancelot, what I perceive as Lancastrians of the BANESter kind (i.e. Banisters were first found in Lancashire). Banesters are the ones using so-called "water bougets." We saw the bougets in the Zachary/Sacheral saltire. We saw that Zacharys/Sacherals were of York elements, and then the Meschin write-up traces Banisters to Yorkshire's Meschins, important because the Ribble river starting in Yorkshire flows into neighboring Lancashire and near Cheshire. The Banes, who use an "arte" motto term to indicate Ban > Lancelot connections, were first found in Yorkshire.

Although the Inch write-up tells of an Ince location beside Chester (earlier "Diva"), the surname was first found in Lancashire...that being some proof of an Ince trace to "Inachus" (if indeed Banisters and Banes trace to Argos-based Abantians). I don't know how close Ince was to the Ribble river, but it couldn't have been very far. To now prove that the "Ich Dien" is code for the Inch bloodline, the Rebel/Robel surname, which I'm assuming was in honor of whatever named the Ribble, uses the white Masci wing on a black Shield, the symbol of the Diens/Dives. It just so happens that Argos was the home of Danaans whom we can assume because the Diens, Deins, Danes, Danners and Dans' of Sussex.

The Meschin write-up also speaks of the Rutland bloodline from the Conqueror's kin, and we saw above that Rutland is where the Dechs were first found...whom I'm suspecting were an Ich line too, as in D'Eck or D'Ick (Ecks of Bavaria use red roses, Lancastrian symbol). Reminder: Insubres were in the Ticino theater, and Insubres are suspect from Inachus-like Incerum.

Eckerts/Urquharts/Orchards (use Melusine with mirror, the Moray Crest too) were first found in Elgin = Moray, and it just so happens that the bee line out of Boiotia was an Amorite line...from Merops. Yes, Merops was code for Amorites. The bull that Cadmus followed to Thebes was the Zeus Taurus Tyrians, but they ended up as Io and Inachus, from Cadmus' daughter, Ino. The Amorites were in the island of Kos (because Merops was king of Kos), and then "InaCHOS" (the Greek spelling) looks like an Ino merger with KOS Amorites.

I did trace Zeus and Hera to Amorites of Jerusalem, especially to mount Zion, beside mount Moriah. I have no idea why the Zeus cult would acquire "Ino" or "Io" for a representation, aside from proto-Ionians. Zionians? I traced "Zion" to "IXION" (= a type of Zeus) but also to "Dion," a name of Zeus in parts. Note how "Ixion" in that picture smacks of "Ich Dien." Ixion's official wife was Dia, but he also had Nephele whom I've long traced to Nevers/Nievre, and therefore to Neves...and Newmans/Niewemans with "Abi amor ibi fides" motto.

Did we see Abis/Abbeys/Abys (In Angus colors) in Angus? Hmm, doesn't "Angus," especially the Anegos variation, smack of "Inachus"? And look, the Scottish Inch surname was first found in neighboring Perthshire. It suggests that the Abis/Abbeys/Abys were Abas elements. Haven't we heard of Angus beef? Was the Inachus entity a cattle-tending peoples?

Eckerts/Urquharts/Orchards are the ones using a "speak" motto term that I trace to the namers of Spokane, beside Otis Orchards.

The Bant/Ban bloodline to Lancelot is likely the reason for the heraldic bend. The Bend surname was first found in Cheshire and Lancashire, and one of its motto terms, "temere," is code for the DeMeres and Meres/Myers, first found in Cheshire. Aren't those Amorite lines too? The Bend Coat uses besants (bee-line symbol) in combination with torteaux, the latter being an Inch symbol. The Bend Crest is a blue lion holding a besant, and that's the York and Bruce-of-York symbol.

The idea I have for the origin of the Tessen river is via the Thessalie mentioned in the Doris/Orres write-up. The Doris/Orres surname likely links to Orrs and Orells/Oriels who both use torteaux. It just so happens that Ixion had a home in Thessaly. The Ticino version of "Tessen" can then trace to the idea of "D'Ixion," or some form of "Ixion" with the French D' tacked on. From that idea, it's a small jump to Dicks, Dykes, Decks, Dechs, Dickonsons...and the Techs.

The ECtors were first found in Angus too. And Ectors use the Merit/Mere(y) Coat.

There is much that can be said here for a trace to Kent, the place to which I trace Ixion's Centaurs. For example, Dutch Meres use the lion of Massins/Masons of Kent. ACtons had an Axton location in Kent. The Angus surname uses the Kent-surname lion. BraBANTS were first found in Kent, and they were Belgian kin to the Louvain surname, also first found in Kent and using the Massin/Mason and Mere lion.

I had an experience at the same time of the last robin experience that suggested the chief priests of Israel traced to Kent's Centaur line. After reading the parts out of John where Caiaphas rudely spoke up to insist that Jesus must die, I saw a centipede, a few feet away from my chair, writhing on the driveway. Usually, I see this when ants are trying to slice a living victim for dinner, but when i got up to see, there were no ants. The young centipede was coiling and turning on the driveway, and the rocks were not hot. So I sat back down, and looked up to see that the robin was gone...after 45 minutes sitting in the same place, which was after more than five hours of flittering away at my window. That got me thinking about the centipede. Did it mean something. I had just read that the sons of satan had gathered in the SanHEDRIN , which reminded of my trace of the Centaur, named Folos, to the KENDRON river (beside the Ladon river, Greece), which was otherwise called, Kedron, smacking of the Kidron valley beside mount Zion and mount Moriah (I'm just guessing; I don't know what the Sanhedrin was named after). I was able to trace "Folos" to Volos, a location in Ixion's Thessaly...where all the other Centaurs lived. Ixion was made the father of Centaurs, you see, with Nephele as their mother.

And that's what came to mind as the meaning of the CENTipede. Kent was founded by a Cantii peoples, and they were depicted with horse symbols. I'm not forgetting that Candidas and Capuas were both first found in bee-line Naples, and that both use crowns. Yes, many bee lines were around Naples, including the Appian Way, named after an apis = bee entity. Neves were first found in Kent, and I trace Neves to Nevers, and Nevers to the mother of Centaurs. It can't be coincidental that Scottish Hykes/Hackes (i.e. smacks of Ixion) use the Neve fish (the Neves call it a trout, by Hykes/Hackes call it a hake fish).

To reconcile how the chief priests of Israel can trace both to the Paris Trojans and to Ixion's Centaurs, we first recognize that both Centaurs and Trojans were given the horse symbol. Then, we look to the brother of Paris, or mythical Hector, king of Troy, and he looks like the Ixion entity. Hector's mother was Hecuba/HeCABE. I think Hector traces to the Hector/Ector surname mentioned above, which was linked years ago to Actons that were in the Axton location of Kent. THUS, Pharisees trace to the Ixion Trojans...from Jerusalem's Amorites. To this, add the Huck/Ucke Coat's owls, for Kos, home of Merops = Amorites, was an owl cult. And note that the Hucks were first found in Yorkshire, home of the Paris-line Trojans. Huck-related Huckabees are traced in their description to the Asculapius/Asclepios owl cult. Reminder: Asclepios traces to the white scallops of Capes', Abbeys/Abys, Meschins, and many more related lines.

But these lines are what formed the Pharisees. We should find Pharisee lines in the West that came out from the children of Caiaphas. Those are the ones suspect in Freemasonry, who should be permitted by God to rule the world just before the Son comes to use his footstool.

You're probably thinking that the centipede event is too much of a stretch to be an act of God. It was just a bitty bug, after all, and all it was doing was coiling and circling. But In Greek myth there were monsters having 100 heads or 100 hands, for example the Hecatonchires. They were named after "hecaton," the Greek for 100, but it sure does smack of Hector, doesn't it? The theoretical idea here is that "Ixion" morphed into "Hector" based on the number 100, and then, when the same Trojans evolved into the Latins, "cent" = 100 was born as per the Centaur term...because (as goes my theory) Trojans had military units on horseback numbering 50 (= 100 hands) and/or 100 heads per unit. Thus, we might assume that Centaurs were roundly known to be themed with the number 100. The Hector / Ixion entity was, remember, beside the Ladon river, home of proto-Latins, and the Ladon dragon was given 100 heads, if that helps to make the argument. Also, Romans had military legions of 1,000 per unit.

Consider also the HecatonCHIRE term, for the most-famous Centaur was Chiron. That then clinches the mythical relationship between hecaton and cent as stemming from the Ixion cult.

I was asking myself what "centipede" (meaning "100 feet") could have to do with the Sanhedrin. It's wonderful if a centipede can harmonize allegorically with a Pharisee trace to the Ixion / Hector Trojan horses, but was the centipede there for something more? Was the Sanhedrin itself a group of 100 men, as for example the U.S. Senate? Romans had a senate too, and "senate" is nearly a "cent" term. ZOWIE, I just realized: compare "Sanhed" with "Senate."

ZOWIE SOME MORE. I just went to Google to find if "hedrin" might have meant 100 in Hebrew, because that was the original idea that came to mind, and just now it was realized the "hundred" is smack-almost "hedrin." I assume that "hund" is a variation of "cent," but perhaps not. Perhaps "cent" derived from an old hedrin-like term, for example the Kendron river beside the Ladon, and before that from the Kidron valley at Jerusalem. AFTER ALL, if "Ixion" traces to mount "Zion," the southern-most part of Jerusalem, it was smack at the Kidron valley.

So, why was the centipede coiling in agony when I was reading on the Sanhedrin, and those who met to decide Jesus' fate? Hmm. Isn't it true that those Freemasons who know their roots in Caiaphas are the ones who persecute Biblical Christians today, who throw hateful accusations, and even orchestrate their plots against us, so that they may have the positions of power over us? But Jesus is calling and training his "politicians" even now for the Next Government.


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