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March 19 - 26, 2012

The Witherspoon Underground
More Moscows than You Wanted in the US of Ayers
America has Gone Caput
The Four in 911's Last Elevator
Maccabees were Really in the Asman Surname

It's Monday, after the last update was published. I had nothing to write on or investigate. It was unusual, happening more often lately. So I went to emails, when the one at the very top of the list became the topic for this update. Emailer Patterson had sent an article on Obama's connection to the parents of Bill Ayers, of the Weatherman terrorist group. Before I get to that article and its Communist implications for America, I want to show you something.

[INSERT -- EXCUSE ME BUT this is so amazing that it's got to be at the start of this update. The House surname has been one of the most important topics over the last couple of updates, especially the House surname in Post Falls / Hayden Lake. This week an article appeared on a Knight of the KKK, with links to Aryan Nations (Hayden lake), is running for sheriff in a northern-Idaho location of Bonner country. He's Shun Winkle, and while there is a "Jewish" Winkle Coat showing no Coat, English Winklers (Cheshire) use a fat green-on-white cross, colors reversed from the same type of cross in the English House COAT!!!! Happy days, and best of all, I don't have to admit I was wr...wr...wrong.

Forgive the repetition now as this gets even better in order to prove that God has been directing the House topic of late. In the last update, the Dinis relatives of the Hayden-Lake Houses were emphasized, and it was shown how they use the same Shield-and-Chief combination as Irish Logues and Scottish Mengzies. The Mengzies use a motto phrase ("I zal") that I've claimed to be code for the Islips, a branch of House's and Cheshire Hazels. I now find that the same white Shield and red-Chief combination is used by Dutch Winklers. The timing of Winkler's appearance in the news is purely astounding, therefore. End Insert]

I realize how corny it must seem when I suggest that certain organizations are named secretly after surnames. Those of you not familiar with my surname work would think it ridiculous to suggest that "Weatherman" was named after a weather-like surname. But armed with much heraldry experience, just watch me being corny at my best.

First up, look at the Withers surname. Then read: "With revolutionary positions characterized by Black separatist rhetoric, the [Weatherman] group conducted a campaign of bombings through the mid-1970s, including aiding the jailbreak and escape of Timothy Leary."

I'll come back to the Leary surname. But first let me repeat that I see heraldic "ears of rye" or "ears of wheat" as code for Freemasonic lines that fundamentally included that of Israel's chief priests. I had interpreted "ears" as code for AYRshire, and the Ayers and Eyer surnames, and the Leary surname looks like it applies to Ayers'.

But before checking any of those surnames or contemplating any of those thoughts, I viewed the Wither Coat first of all. It was a corny bingo surprise because the Wither Crest is "A hare holding three ears of corn. Just like that, we have a Withers link to the Ayers surname, meaning that, indeed, the Weatherman were named after Withers. But what person with a Withers surname was at the group's root? We would like to know.

We of course want to enter the Hare surname, and what do we know, more corny. Scottish Hares/Hehrs were first found in Ayrshire.

This would be a very good time to repeat that the Irish Hares/Garrys use green-on-white trefoils, the symbol of the Irish Davis Coat. You will hear of the black Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, should you research Obama's Frank character in his "Dreams of My Father." Frank Davis knew Obama's mother closely, probably close enough for sexual encounters, and I with some others feel that Frank was Obama's true father.

The point is, the Davis and Hare surnames both use the Rockefeller trefoil, from the Rodes Coat (the latter clan had developed when Roquefeuils of Languedoc married the Rodes' of Languedoc in the Templar era). The Rodes surname above, said to be from a "Hrod," was first found in HEREfordshire, a location that was a topic in the last update as per a trace of Hitler elements (of the Bush and Tesla kind) to Herzegovina / Croatia. It's just so very corny of me to suggest write such things, but is it really my fault that "Hrod" looks like "Herod", or that Hrods should be first found in a Here place? One might even speculate that "Ayer/Hayer" is a version of "Here" and therefore a Herod bloodline, but that would be so so corny.

I was asking Emailer Patterson this morning how possibly that Weather Underground and Hitler's bloodlines in America could possibly have been associated in the quest to topple the American government. I had no idea; this is a new idea to explore. There are multiple reasons for me to believe that Obama's Dunham (i,e, non-Black) bloodline goes back to the core of bloodlines leading to Adolf Hitler himself.

[Insert -- A couple of days after writing the above, Tim sends the description I could not find in the last update when on the German Brinks. It turns out they use: "A red shield with a green mount and a silver sunflower between two gold ears of wheat." This is important where Irish Brians come up with "Brink," for it links Brinks to Briancon on the Durance river, where Salyes lived whom I link to Pharisee-suspect Laevi Ligurians.

The Brink sunflower may be code either for the Sun=Sinclair surname, or for the Flower surname, or perhaps for Sol, the mythical entity (i.e. Helios) to which I tend to trace "Salyes." Helios easily traces to Redones living all around the Salyes. This tends to support a trace of German Brinks to "Briancon." The Ayers bloodline can now be traced in some degree to Salyes just because Brinks use EARS of wheat.

The Flower surname write-up traces to "fletcher," and the Fletcher/Flegger Coat uses the Sinclair cross. That's strong evidence that Sinclairs and Fletchers were together part-and-parcel with the sunflower code of Brinks. BUT MORE, note that Fletchers use upside-down pheons in the colors of the Sales Coat, while we find a black upside-down pheon in the Sales Crest. One can even make a link here to Flags/Flecks/Flacks and Samsons, both using scallops in the Meschin-scallop colors, the colors of the Fletcher/Flegger pheons.

The Sinclair cross is used also by Conans, who should trace to "Cuneo" in the Salyes theater.

As the Salyes had themselves traced to the Herzegovina theater, it becomes that much more important to decide whether Herod lines were involved with Salyes.

It just so happens that wheat bunches / garbs were the symbol of Dagon as well as Shala (wife of Dagon), and "Shala" (I think a representation of Ashkelon/Ascalon) certainly smacks of "Salyes." In this picture, the Salyes should trace to the mythical "Scylla" monster, the namers of Sicilians. As Scylla was in Messene, it easily explains why there were Sales-of-Mascy in Cheshire, as well as why Meschins who use (Scylla-like) scallops. Meschins are variantly found linked to Ligurians.

Ashkelon became a chief Philistine city, and so here I find myself writing on a potential Herod trace to Philistine territory without any regard for what Julie sent in some weeks ago: the new-to-me theory that Herods had been some sort of pagan priests or similar temple workers in the Philistine theater before the Romans raised them to positions of power in Israel. Checking on this, I now find Wikipedia's Ashkelon article telling that: "Ashkelon was later placed under the rule of Herod the Great, a Jewish client king of Rome...Josephus states Ashkelon was not ceded to Herod the Great in 30 BC, yet he built monumental buildings there: bath houses, elaborate fountains and large colonnades." Another article: "It is believed that Ashkelon was the birthplace of Herod (in 37 B.C.E.), who enlarged and beautified the city, constructing a summer house, palaces and an aqueduct. Under the Romans, Ashkelon was also granted the rare privilege of being exempt from taxes."

I don't know if I had ever figured out the linguistic root of Fletcher/Fleggers, but do recall tracing them to Baathist founders (Bitar and Aflaq surnames). Late in this update, the Pharisee line out of Yorkshire will be emphasized like never before, and their link to Salyes will be shown. It just so happens that Fletchers were first found in Yorkshire's Forest of Hutton, and then Hoods/Hutts use the motto, "Zealous," smacking of the Salyes. It's not very surprising anymore, as everything important to Freemasonry traces one way or the other to Salyes.

Did we see that Fletchers and Scottish Conans both use the same fat cross? We now find that both Irish Conans/Cunanes (Tipperary) and Huttons use a black-on-white fesse (= half a fat cross). The Conan/Cunane write-up: "The surname Conan comes from the Irish surname O Cuanain (O'Conein and MacConein) and is derived from the Irish Cuinin for 'rabbit', son of Dugal." It suggests the Conns and Conys (both use rabbits), whom I linked to Pharisee-suspect Cunninghams of...Ayrshire. Tim didn't know that I'd be on the Wither / Weatherman topic here, and yet here we find the Brink sunflower tracing to rabbits while Withers use a hare in crest. Withers use "A hare holding three ears of corn," and Brinks use "ears of wheat." Again, you'll see a Pharisee trace from Yorkshire's Parisii to the Cuneo area late in this update.

Even the "holding" term in the Withers motto can be code in that Holdens are a branch of Hays (Ayers are also "Hayer"). It's hard to say whether "Holden" or "Holder" is a consonant-reversal version of "Hiedler/ Heidler." I'm not taking that position.

Not only might Hiedlers/Hitlers/Hutt(l)ers trace to Salyes as per the Fletchers of Hutton, but Hiedlers/Hitlers use a sun while Heidlers use the white anchor of Hoods/Hutts. Plus, as I've traced the Hitler red-and-white bars to the Ector Coat, which likewise uses a sun, it could be noted that Ectors were first found in the same place (Angus) as Bitars and Aflacks/Aflecks, and that Bitars and Aflacks both use the fat black-on-white cross of Fletchers/Fleggers.

Do we read that Flowers and Fletchers/Fleggers are from an arrow theme? That was the theme of Bauers / Bowers too, and it just so happens that the Hitler Coat uses stars in Bauer-star colors. Thus, Hitlers were very much related to Fletchers/Fleggers and Salyes. If Salyes trace to "Shala" at Ascalon, then conceivably the Meschin- and Samson-related Flags/Fleck/Flicks may have derived from F-version terms from "Philis(tine)" or even "Pales(tine)." If Salyes trace to Rhodes, then what about the trace of some of Philistines to Carians on continental Rhodes? According to Genesis, Philistines originated on Crete, where this island's Curetes (who were also on Rhodes) may have been Carians.

When I get to the latest Pharisee-roots topic below, which is an outcropping of the Weatherman topic, new Caiaphas-like surnames will be emphasized, and so this would be a good place to say that Crete in the days of proto-Philistines was "CAPHtor." Yes, I do trace the root of "Caiaphas" to the namers of Cappadocia, but then I've yet to investigate the possibility of CAPPADocia tracing to "CAPHTor." Hmm, the Capet surname entered the Caiaphas investigation, out of mythical Capys whom I've traced to Cappadocia.

The only point I'm trying to make for now is that, when we do get to tracing "Caiaphas," keep in mind that, ultimately, it can trace to the Samson relationship with certain Philistines as depicted by his wife, and his Delilah character. End Insert]

It should be added here for new readers that 1) I view Rockefellers from Fullers of the Pollock kind; 2) Whitney Houston's white blood was in a Fuller surname; 3) Houstons were from the same place of Scotland as Pollocks; 4) I say that Pollocks led to the mother of Adolf Hitler; 5) Adolf's nephew in America took on the Houston surname as his alias, and lived in Long Island...beside Newark, where Whitney Houston lived.

The Davis write-up: " County Wexford, some of the MacDavids, a branch of the MacMurroughs, took on the name Davis..." Checking the Murrough surname, we find them first found in Leinster, excellent because the Leinster surname is also the Lester/Leicester surname, with swan as code for Ligurians. Moreover, the Leinster/Leicester Coat is exactly the German Hare Coat...both of which use what I see as the Masci fleur.

This is the time to repeat that mythical king LEAR was from Leicestershire. Recall Timothy LEARy whom the Weathermen set free from jail. The Leary surname was first found in Cork, location of the McCarthy Carthaginians and Meshwesh Cyrenians, otherwise defined as the Desmond line from Israel's high priests and of the Muskerry line of Maccabees. The Leary Coat even uses the Durante ship (!), and Durantes trace easily to the river (Durance) of the Salyes. Excellent.

The "aboo" motto term of Desmonds was traced in the last update to Meshwesh royals, who evolved into Maccabees in Arran. The Desmond saltire is that of the Annan(dale)s, which could explain why the Durante motto uses "annonam." Both Irish Brians (of Briancon on the Durance) and Learys use "laidir," thus tending to clinch the trace of Ayers elements to Salyes. "Laidir" is used by Kilpatricks (lived beside Annandale) who use the Levi lion as code for the Laevi Ligurians... whom I identify with Caiaphas, son-in-law of Annas/Ananias. I trace the Caiaphas line to the Shaws/Sheaves (wheat "sheaves" likely depicted this line), and while the Arms of Ayrshire is known to use a version of the Annan(dale) saltire, the Ayrshire motto is, "God SHAW the richt."

What we are seeing here is that Obama was risen to power in-part by Pharisee lines. It certainly explains why Obama loves honor, and why he'll rob even the poor old American widow of her last pennies if more money in his bag can make him appear to be an even greater shining light.

I would not want you to believe that Pharisee lines in America were restricted to the Weatherman. In as much as America was founded by Freemasons / Illuminatists, it was founded by Pharisees of the last days. What better description of "Christian" Pharisee can there be than "Christian" Freemason? Perhaps the Weatherman connection to neo-Pharisees can shed some new lights on them.

The MacCabes/Abees of Arran were kin/allies to Newmans, and then the Newark Coat is, not only a reversed-color saltire from the Desmond / Annan(dale) saltire, but the Newark Crest is a white Moor head that looks like an Israelite. In fact, it smacks to me of a Maccabee Israelite. The Newock variation smacked of the Nemmock variation of the Nimos/Newmarshes, and that's how we can glean that the Nimo/Newmarch Coat is the Ayrshire version (i.e. with gold Shield instead of white) of the Annan(dale) saltire. Just like that, we appear to be tracing neo-Pharisees to Newark. What might the ramifications of this be as regards flight 93?

The "show" motto term of Nimos/Newmarsh's gets the Schauer/Schorr surname with Schaw variation. It uses crescents in colors reversed to the Deins, which for me evokes, not only Otto Skorzeny, but the Scheriff link to Deins of West Islip, the ones who lived also in Idaho near Hayden Lake. Newarks were shown in the last update to use the same stripe design as Haydens, and then HAYdens might just be of the same family as (H)Ayers-et-al.

I didn't know the following from the Hayden write-up when the last sentence was written: "First found in Norfolk, where Sir Thomas de Heydon (circa 1185-1250) was on record as a judge, who was given the office of "Justice of Eyre" [!!!], under a provision in the Magna Carta. His son William de Heydon, remained in Norfolk, continuing the line that obtained estates at Heydon and Baconsthorpe. A younger son of Sir Thomas, Johannes (John) de Heydon settled in Devon in the 13th century beginning a well known Devon branch of this family name." Just like that, we have reason to suspect that Hayden Lake Nazis could link to Ayers Weathermen.

The Withers look like the German Witters (implies the Uat/Buto cult), with this write-up: "First found in the territory of Neumark east of the Electorate of Brandenburg..." Neumark??? The Welch Newmark surname (in Nimo colors) shows also as "Newmarsh" and "Numarche," two variations of the Nimos.

The "boast" motto term of Nimos/Newmarshes gets the Boast/Boyes/Boze surname using the same symbol (gold cinquefoils) as the Nimo/Newmarsh Coat, but then the Scores/Skorey (Cornwall) use gold-on-black cinquefoils, the colors of the Boast cinquefoils. I did not know this (consciously, anyway), when I wrote above: "The "show" motto term of Nimos/Newmarsh's gets the Schauer/Schorr surname with Schaw variation. It uses crescents in colors reversed to the Deins, which for me evokes, not only Otto Skorzeny..."

The red-on-white chevron in the Arms of Ayrshire is said in the Ayrshire link above to be for the "Carrick district," but then the Withers Coat uses a chevron in those colors. That's excellent because I was unsure of who's chevron the Withers used. The black-on-white crescents used around the Withers chevron could be the white-on-black crescents of the Craigs (said in the Carrick write-up to be the root of Carricks). See also the black crescents of Carrick-colored Saracens. Reminder: the Kerrick branch of Carricks were from priesthood of the Presley/Priestly and Prestbury kind.

Bill Ayers had married a Dohrn surname, herself a Weatherman activist. It just so happens that the Dohr surname, listed under the Thors, uses the Shield-ad-Chief combination of the Mengzies / Dinis / Winklers, with a long solid chevron (from top-to-bottom of the Shield) like that of the Chappes, and in colors reversed from that of the Chappes. I say the Chappes were of "Caiaphas."

I trace Veres of the Drake / Drakenberg kind to Israel's chief priests, which not only explains why the Drake wyvern is apparent in the Presley/Priestly Coat, but why Withers were first found in Hampshire, where Drakes were first found. Interestingly, especially due to my links of Obama and Biden elements to the Putin bloodline, the Putin/Padyn surname uses crescents in the colors of the Withers crescents, and moreover Putins/Padyns were first found in Dumfries (Annandale location) while the Biden/Button surname was first found in Hampshire.

Assuming that Communist Rothschilds placed president Putin in Russia, it makes sense to link Withers to Putin's bloodline just because Withers are easily identified (as of now, anyway) as the guts of the Weathermen Communists. I haven't a clue as to who the secret Withers person is behind the movement.

Bill and his wife are said to be co-founders. Bernadine Dohrn was born "Ohrnstein," from a "Jewish" father who changed the name to "Dohrn"...perhaps because he knew that Ohrns had been Dohrns in the past (the Doris/Orres surname comes to mind). Bernadine's mother (a cult member of the Christian Scientists) was a Soderberg surname, of the type I'd trace to Souters / Souths. It just so happens that the Soderberg/Soterberg Coat is a white-on-red eagle, of the design used, in gold on red, by the Esau-suspect Vienne surname!!! Those exclamatons are for the trace I've made of the Doris/Orres Coat to the Arms of Vienne. Souters/Sutters (in the colors of the Chappes) show a Shield-on-Shield much like that of Saddocks/Sedgewicks ("ears of rye" in Crest!). We could be talking Sadducee-and-Caiaphas lines here.

AMAZINGLY, the Soderberg/Soterberg Crest is the Rhodes-Crest leopard design!!! What a break-through, for it was Cecil Rhodes and his globalist insurrectionists who were involved heavily in the socialist / communistic Fabian societies. Both the Souths and the Rhodes were first found in Lincolnshire, a hub for Rhodians / Redones.

It is probably a sign of the very end times that the chief priests of Israel are seeing, from their graves, their descendants on the American throne. This "lucky" strike has not anything to do with the superiority of their descendants, or with the cleverness of Obama, but more with God's desire to empower his enemies to make a most foolish and bitter end to them. Or, to look at it another way, God allowed the chief priests to kill His Son because He foreknew that their descendants would come to rule much of the world.

It took me this long to enter "Weather, " and, yes, it brings up the Wither Coat. Here are the Ayers of Ayrshire and the Ayers/Eyers of Derbyshire. They use quatrefoils in the colors of the Herzog/Hartzog stars; the latter use the blue Here/Herr wings, the color of the Wither hare...holding EARS of corn. English Heres/Heyers (tree stump, Esus / Esau suspect) were first found in Derbyshire, and are thus suspect as Ayers/Eyers. THEREFORE, the Ayers trace to Herzegovina.

There is a question as to why ears of corn are used rather than of rye or wheat. The Corn/Cornwall surname could apply, looking good where the Cornell/Cornwall surname shows "Durante" in the motto.

I'm not finding anything by googling "Withers" along with Weather Underground terms, but recalling my childhood friend (Michigan) with Witherspoon surname, what a "lucky" strike:

After a stint teaching pre-school in Ann-Arbor [Michigan], future weatherman Bill Ayers left his job to take part in the E.R.A.P and in early 1966 he moved to Cleveland Ohio to build a Community Union. For nearly a year Ayers lived with roommates and fellow activists Terry Robins, (future weatherman) and Alex Witherspoon in Cleveland...

It could very well be that Weather Underground was named after Alex Witherspoon and/or his family. The article also says: "During that same year, another future member of the Weather Underground joined S.D.S; his name was Mark Rudd." I'm seeing a German article mentioning "Alex Witherspoon und Terry Robbins... The Rhodes motto uses "Robor."

Suddenly, it may occur to us that while Democrats engaged the Weatherman-Rhodians, Republicans were deceived into engaging Hitler's Nazis elements in the Bush presidents. The question is whether both groups trace to lines of the Israeli priests, Herods, Esau-ites, etc. It recalls that the Republican logo, the elephant, looks like the Arms of Liguria.

In chapter one of a book ("Race Course") by Bill and Bernadine Ayers: "As Alex Witherspoon pushed his dog-eared paperback copy of Invisible Man across the table toward me, he lowered his voice: 'Here's a present from me to you,' he said. 'The whole damned American story in a nutshell.' The presentation felt oddly formal, uncharacteristically solemn, some kind of street-level awards ceremony. Thanks, I said, reaching out and taking his hand a bit awkwardly. Alex and I had been cooking our meals together for months by then..." Why did Ayers use "dog-eared" to express the book? There's a little background info on Witherspoon at this webpage.

By the Way, the Spoon surname uses a swan in Crest, and was first found in Warwickshire, the place to which I've traced some key Nazi suspects, for example the Sheriff line. The "Invisible Man" was authored by Ralph Ellison: "The novel addresses many of the social and intellectual issues facing African-Americans in the early twentieth century, including black nationalism, the relationship between black identity and Marxism, and the reformist racial policies of Booker T. Washington [Black man], as well as issues of individuality and personal identity."

The, as the Ayers > Witherspoon movement was of Chicago, where Obama had his radical "Christian" church with Jeremy Wright as pastor, what about this: "Letters [Ellison] wrote to fellow novelist Richard Wright as he started work on the novel provide evidence for its political context: the disillusion with the Communist Party that he and Wright shared." We then find that "Wright began working with the National Negro Congress, and in April he chaired the South Side Writers' Group, whose membership included Arna Bontemps and Margaret Walker." A book ("For My People") by the Black lesbian, Margaret Walker, "won the Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition," interesting because Bush's were of Yale's Skull and Bones cult.

The Dutch Bontemps surname appears to be rooted on "Bont" or "Bondt" rather than in "Bone" (there is a Dutch Bone Coat), but in any case it uses a Shield-and-Chief combination with no symbols at all, like the Mens/Mengzies Shield-and-Chief combination. Both Coats use a red Chief. Reminder: the Mengzies combination is used also by Dohrs while the latter uses what I'm seeing as the Chappes chevron. [Later, I come to suspect that the heraldic "chief" is code for the chief priest line of Freemasons.]

AHA! The Wayne surname uses the same-colored chevron as Dutch Bons/Bones (and Hebrons), and then the Wayne motto uses "Tempus" as apparant code for BonTEMPS!

I'm not fully decided whether "Ayer/Heyer" traces to "Hagar(d)s and/or Hays of Perthshire (the Shaws were first in Perthshire). But here's an interesting find in the article on Timothy Leary: "Timothy Francis Leary (October 22, 1920 - May 31, 1996) was an American psychologist and writer, known for his advocacy of psychedelic drugs. During a time when drugs such as LSD and psilocybin were legal, Leary conducted experiments at Harvard University [where Obama attended law school] under the Harvard Psilocybin Project...but Leary and his associate Richard Alpert were fired from the university." The Alperts/Hallberts were first found in Perthshire, and use the wolf design of the Saracens.

French Hays (Hyksos suspect) use three bends, a symbol of the Ector-of-Maris Amorites of the Perthshire theater. The Ectors were a chief grail bloodline, but now take a look at the grail in the German Leir Crest, for the surname is also "Leyer" and "Layer," smacking of "L'Ayres." Yes, it appears that Learys were L'Ayers.

Let me remind that the Leir star was used in the new Alan/Allen Coat that appeared in for just a few days this past month. That Coat was the Belli Coat, itself a version of the Carpenter Coat, lines that I trace to Hitlers. Therefore, let me repeat that French Leirs were first found in Brittany (home of Alans).

The first grail-cult bloodline that I'd ever identified was that of Dallens/Delanes, what I identified further (in a guess) as "D'Allen." In that first investigation, I concluded that the Mary MagDALENE cult included the Merit/Merey surname, using the same three bends as the Ector Coat. It's now more certain that Merits are the Maris entity of the Ectors.

German Leirs were first found in Ulm, what I see as the city of mythical Almos (Hungarian founder), and then the Lures (relatives of the Herod surname) -- first found in Ayrshire! -- use "Spectomur agendo," the same motto as the Augers that I trace to the Ugor root of Hungarians. These Hungarians traced themselves to NIMrod, which sits conspicuous against the Nimo surname. Lures use the Leir star too.

Timothy Leary (mother, Ferris surname, smacks of "Pharisee") was of Massachusetts, the state in which Obama attended Harvard's law school. Leary was an employee of Harvard, and in the article passed on by emailer Patterson, we find that Obama, standing outside the home of Tom Ayers (father of Weatherman, Bill Ayers), told the mailman that he would one day be the president just after being accepted in an educational post thanks to the Ayers family. I didn't have this paragraph written or conceived yet when on the Cornell surname above; the Ferris/Fergus lion is the Cornell lion, important for where Withers/Weathers use "ears of corn."

Fergus' were linked (by me) to Forkers/Farquhars (Ayrshire!), and the latter were linked to the fork theme of Ayrshire's Cunninghams. These lines were traced to Cuneo's MontFERRATs, and to the rabbits/coneys of the Conns / Conys. That easily explains the Masci elements in the Wither/Weather bloodline(s).

Earlier, it was gleaned right-away, before the harder evidence started rolling in, that Withers and Davis' were Maccabee elements. This is probably why the Davis write-up traces to "friend," for the Friend Coat is the Wayne Shield, while Waynes use Macey gloves. The Withers use a chevron in colors reversed from the Wayne and Friend chevrons.

The Wither write-up traces the surname to "wide MESSenger," which in my mind makes no ordinary sense at all. But then the English Wide surname uses the Hare fleur-de-lys once again (i.e. as do Mascis and Leinsters), as well as BLUE scallops (i.e. color of Wither hare). Moreover, to expose again how corny heraldry codework is, the Wide Coat uses the gold-on-blue saltire of MESSeys/Messiers. So you see, it's not me who's corny. It's them who use "wide messenger" as code for surnames. It's the bloodline worshipers who lie to us again and again, forever if possible, to disguise who they were and are. They come as those bringing gifts to the masses, with the aim of enslaving them or worse.

The Wides were first found in Durham, anciently "Dunholme," probably a location of the Dunham surname of Obama's mother. The other place to which I trace Dunhams is Dunham Masci in Cheshire, where Mascis, Maceys, and Davids lived. Did we see Withers and kin (especially the Learys) trace to Leicester's Ligurians? Scottish Wides/Woods/Vodes were first found in...Leicestershire.

The problem with trying to link Weathermen to Hitlers is that "The Weathermen strongly sympathized with the radical Black Panthers." And even Ayers book is titled, "Race Course: Against White Supremacy." However, I am not "trying" to make the link. I'm just pointing out the commonalities, as I go along, between the bloodlines of the two rebel / murderous groups. The curiosity seems to be that these groups were from Moor-related Rus, though in the case of the Thule / Nazi societies, the Rus side was loved while the black side was loathed. In the case of the Weatherman, either the black blood is genuinely respected, or tolerated and used for a common cause. Cecil Rhodes was heavily into Africa, but that doesn't mean that he and his tools necessarily had any special love of Blacks. Democrats need Blacks in order to sustain political power in the US, and Blacks don't mind empowering them, quite apparently.

There seems to be a good chance that "Ayers" links to "Hagar(d)s" of Perthsire. By what coincidence was the Panther surname first found in Angus, location of Ectors and beside Perthshire. It's corny I know, but just compare the Panther Coat to the Lure Coat. Hagarites/Hagareme were at one time thought to have be synonymous with Saracens...supporting my trace of "Saracen" to "Carricks" of Ayrshire.

Souters were first found in Angus, and Bernadine Ayer's mother was a Soderstein.

The Panther surname uses the Doby helmets in colors reversed, but then Irish Kennedys use the same helmet. AND ZOWIE, I get it, because Scottish Kennedys use the same-colored chevron as Withers/Weathers, and moreover Scottish Kennedys were first found in...Ayrshire! Plus, the Weathermen started off as extreme leftist-Democrats, and the political Kennedys were Democrats.

Did we see Wither/Weather connections to Davis/Davins? The Kennedys use the DAVENport crosslets.

Important here is that Dobys were first found in Renfrewshire, the location of proto-Hitlers (Hitler's mother, a Polzl, was also a Heidler on one side). Houstons were a Stewart branch out of Renfrew, and then Whitney Houston of Newark comes to mind again because the Penders (i.e. Panther suspect) use the same lion heads, in the same colors, as Newarks. It was this bloodline that I found to be at the root of the flight-93 crime. God willing, the people who murdered those passengers are about to gnash their teeth in regrets.

In the last update, we saw Joel Pollak, the Breitbart editor that seems to have taken over the affairs of the late Andrew Breitbart. A few Breit-like surname were mentioned, though I neglected the Bratt/Bradd surname using a large version of the Newark and Pender lion head. The idea here is that Pollock and Houston elements from Renfrewshire landed in Newark along with Bratts/Bradds.

I can see already why I had nothing to write on this morning, until the article came in from emailer Patterson on the testimony of Tom Ayer's mailman. German Bratts use a white-on-blue anchor, the color of the Heidler anchor.

I was so busy writing that I hadn't yet gotten a chance to peruse the Black Panther page. The co-founder was a NEWton surname!!! The Newtons use "shin bones" in saltire, like the pirate-flag bones, probably as code for the Skull and Bones surnames. Thus, Black Panthers trace to the same bloodline / cult to which the Nazi-Bush president belonged. World-control radicals.

Newtons use their bones in House-surname colors, and House's were a branch of Hazels of Cheshire, where Newtons were first found. Islip was a location near Newark.

Huey Newton founded the Panthers with a man having the Seale surname. I recall that, after stressing the Sealey surname, I found a Sealey Lake location between Missoula and Polson, the Montana area that the Hitlers and Mangels were suspected to be in (Charles Mangels of Aryan Nations and WAR was from Polson). Here's what I said in the third update of February when zooming in on Sealey Lake in Google maps: "I see just one street in Sealey Lake with a German name, Hausen Drive." Then, I said:

You may have read recently that Wayne Surbrook was registered with Sigler ministries, and that German Siglers/Seaglers are traced in their write-up to "siegel" = "seal." The English Seal(y) Coat uses the same wolf heads as the Yorkshire Scharfs. BUT NOW, I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE, a Sealey Lake location almost between Polson and Missoula.

That's how it happened. One can imagine that "Sigler" was a surname represented by Skull-and-Bones cults using "Sigma." For example, Phi Beta Sigma, a black-founded fraternity in Washington DC. From the Huey Newton page at Wikipedia: "As a student at Merritt College in Oakland, Newton became involved in politics in the Bay Area. He joined the Afro-American Association, became a prominent member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity..." The Rosicrucian leader, Isaac Newton, had a prophetic brand Christianity that should have become some denomination(s) attracting Freemasons.

The Sealey Coat is also the French Morise/Maurice Coat, with Moray stars. Sealeys use a tiger in Crest, meaning that Maybes/MaBEES use a tiger on the Sigler Shield. Compare with the Arms of Ticino.

Ticino was a major topic in the last update because Maccabees were traced to its environs, especially to Maud-like terms having to do with Modena / Modane elements. I neglected to show the Medleys/Madleys at that time, which use another a tiger in Crest. I now find that the thin stripes used by Newarks and Haydens are used also by Medleys. My senses are that tigers relate to Teagues, a sept of McLeods who also boast Herod and MacCabe septs.

Mauds use three sets of double lines, as do Haydens. I now see that the red-on-white Maud lion could very well be that of the Pharisee-suspect Ferris/Fergus'. In this picture, "Mabee" is perhaps short for "Maccabee." But why the double stripes...used also by proto-Washington Wassas?

Hmm, the Tiger surname says that it derives from "people spear," a very nonsensical idea. I had traced "people" in heraldic code to Peebles. I then traced "Peebles" to "Pavia" without consideration of "people spear." The Tweed surname (from Tweedale, Peebles-shire) uses the Annandale saltire, apparently, because the Ticino river, flowing into Pavia (anciently "Ticinum") and through the land of the Laevi Gauls, is near the Ananes Gauls. "People" gets the Pepin surname, and the People/Pepin motto uses "Mens," while the Mens/Mengzies surname was first found in Midlothian, beside Peebles-shire. It's not hard to do the math here: Laevi + Ticino = the synagogue of satan.

For the first time, I think, but maybe not, "Tiger" looks to be from "Ticino" elements.

I'm not suggesting that today's American Blacks, largely from the African slave programs of wicked whites, had any blood links to the Moors of Templar times with which the Rus had merged. Yet it's possible that the Rus-based Freemasons today, those respecting their Moor heritage, are enlisting blacks for their socialist causes. In consideration that I've suspected the Cleaver surname to be a branch of "Clair / Claro," and that it was the related Sinclairs who merged with north-African Moors, consider the following from the Black Panther article:

...In 1968, BPP Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver ran for Presidential office on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket. They were a big influence on the White Panther Party, that was tied to the Detroit/Ann Arbor band MC5 and their manager John Sinclair, author of the book Guitar Army that also promulgated a ten-point program.

"[Eldridge] Cleaver, a convicted felon and Black Panther spokesman..."

It's Tuesday now. I awoke with s the question of whether Ayers were from Hagars = Ishmaelites or from Hays = Hayk>Hyksos. Or both. Perhaps GD was sending a correct message in one or two of her emails where the Hay surname was reckoned to be from "Hayk." I didn't ask why she thought so. It's even possible that Biblical Hagar, Ishmael's mother, was named after Hayk, for Hays and Hagar(d)s together were first found in Perthshire, the place where Athols were first found who are now suspect as Ashmoles. Very close to Hayden Lake is an Athole location, underscoring the importance of identifying who the Ayers and Hays were.

It was the Ayer-suspect Learys who were first found in Cork, home of Mus / Van elements from Armenia. I had traced both "Cork" and "Cory" to Leicester's alternative name in olden times, and that was a location of Ligurians who had a CYCnus mythical king...that I traced to "Kikon." "Kik" and "Cyc" might certainly apply to "Haik/Hayk." A white-on-red chevron (Bone and Hebron chevron colors) is used by both Alperts/Hallberts and Lights/Lites, important because Scottish Ayers use the motto, "Lighter than air." It just so happens that Lights/Lites use swans, suggesting strongly that "Light" is from "Ligure." The Light Crest uses ostrich feathers, a Traby symbol, important for where I trace "Traby" to "Derby/Darby," for the English Ayers were first found in Derbyshire.

I'm also concerned with the Nairi Armenians of Lake Van, thought by some to have become the Neuri amongst the Budini. We saw above the black wolf of the Saracen surname, and then the Norrys use a black wolf too, while the Neuri were wolf worshipers. The ones who used the Saracen wolf design were the Alperts/Hallberts, first found in Perthshire, and both Alperts/Hallberts (Alan Huns?) and Norys use a white-on-red Shield.

In previous centuries, Saracens were equated with "Hagareme" where the latter were regared as sons of Biblical Hagar. In my mind, it all has to do with a Saracen trace to "Seir," and a Nahorite trace to Haran > Horites, all of Edom, where Esau married a daughter of Ishmael.

We read: "The [Norry] family name became associated as a sept of the Clan MacLeod." The Lures (and Lires, Leres, Alears) are listed as a sept of McLeods, and I'm assuming that "Lure" is a Lear variation, meaning that Lures were L'Ayers too, and therefore possibly Hagars. Just moments ago, I took a look at the Hague Coat (in Hagar(d) colors), and recalled (from yesterday) seeing their motto, "Sola virtus invictis." Scrolling back to find who else it was that used the motto, it turned out to be the...Ayers/Hayers/Eyres of Derbyshire, though their motto is "Virtus sola invictus." That's no small point.

Lears (Leicestershire) use the unicorn design of English Paris' (Lincolnshire), if that helps to link this entire topic to Pharisees.

In the list of McLeod septs, note the many Cork- and Gork-like surnames, as well as MacHaig, MacHaigh, MacKague, and MacKaig (the latter are Teague variations). McLeods/Clouds were first found in SKYE (Scotland, near Bute and Arran), and it just so happens that "Gog" once meant sky = blue. I don't recall many dreams when I awake, and can't recall the last time that it happened, aside from this morning and yesterday morning. Yesterday night/morning, before I started on the Withers/Weathers and Ayers, I had dreamed of a blue rodent. It was friendly, coming right up to play with my hand, and yet I was untrusting of it. The blue color is what stood out, all else seemed irrelevant. That morning, I found the blue hare of Withers/Weathers, and the blue wings of the Heyres (Derbyshire) and Heres. I now come to the blue color of McLeods, Hagues, Hagars, and the blue color of Gog. Emailer Patterson, who started this Wither/Weather topic, had earlier dreamed of a blue lion that I reported as a vision from God to us. The Bush = Scherff topic was originally due only to emailer Patterson's promptings.

As Heres use the Herzog wings and therefore trace to Herzegovina, by what coincidence is it the Serb theater too, while Hays use a "serva" motto term?

Did you see the Norrey and similar septs in the list of MacLeods? What about the MacCabes and McaAbees??? Yes, they too are listed as septs of McLeods. And we even see tiger-like surnames, which recalls the suggested trace of the Medley and Maybe/Mabee tiger to Ticino. "Mabee" is Maccabee suspect, remember, and Medleys are thought by me to be from Modane-of-Savoy and/or Maudon-of-Switzerland and/or Modena-of-Italy elements. With that in mind, why is it that the Hagar(d) motto uses "Modeste"? Entering either "Modes" or "Moden" gets the same Coat with lattice.

Perhaps there's an argument here to identify Maccabees proper, otherwise known as HASMonians, as ISHMaelites. The best I can do to find "Hasmon" in a surname is in the Asman/Ashman surname (in Ashmole and Athole colors), but it's not a bad stab because it uses fleur-de-lys in Massey-fleur colors. Maccincidence?

Here's what I think. Jesus said that the government of Israel would be taken away from the Pharisees and Sadducees, and given to others. There are good Christian people being trained today in God's "political correctness," people concerned with politics, who see the abuses of current governments, and who, if they only had the opportunity, would fix the way governments work. But liberals (the Weathermen types are a good example of such liberals) will not give Christians the opportunities for rule, which is why Christ is coming to settle the score.

When Christ banished the ruling Israelites in 70 AD, where did they go? Where did they take their prestige and money? With whom did they merge to form political alliances in order to secure survival in elite neighborhoods? I don't think historical records reveal their direction or new homes, or perhaps such documents exist but have been kept from the public. Shouldn't Maccabees have had a large part of Israel in Jesus' day, since they ruled the nation shortly before he appeared? Where did Maccabees go in 70 AD? The theory here is that they got to Modena and/or Moudon and/or Modane, as Maceys and/or Mascis, as Mabees and Modleys, developing into a host of others throughout the centuries until they formed the Templars and other Zionists / Sionists.

But did you note that septs of McLeods also include the Herod surname? How many coincidences do we need for realizing that McLeods held the elements that once ruled Israel? Yes, I contended for years that Freemasonry is devoid of Israelites, filled instead with other types of Hebrews such as Joktanites, Nahorites, Hyksos... More recently, the Ishmaelite and Esau-ite Hebrews have cropped up, all historical enemies of God. But what I meant was that Freemasons who trace themselves to the lost ten tribes of Israel were lying to the world, hoping that the world would recognize them as the end-time blessed Israelites whom God will restore to the world throne under Christ. The Israelites I'm seeing in Freemasonry are those who killed Christ, and it's appearing vivid (thanks to heraldry codes) that some Freemasons / Illuminatists knew/know of this.

Again, I am very sure that "Freemason" is itself code for the Freie/Freis/Frey and Massin/Mason surnames. I see that the former developed into/from the Freese/Phreeze surname in MacAbee colors.

I'm wresting with what the message of God is in all this? Why was I led to Hayden Lake, then to the flight-93 crash site, when only afterward did I learn that Newarks and Haydens were related? Why was I led to the flight-93 topic just as Whitney Houston of Newark died? I now find myself on the Ayer topic, and Haydens are said to have possessed the "the office of 'Justice of Eyre'..." Here I've just found myself heavily on the McLeods, who use a black bull, the Hayden Crest symbol. But Pohls and Mieskes used a black bull, as did the related Coles whom trace to Kyles of Ayrshire. The black bull of Haydens has a lion behind it, as if to create the picture of Europa on the back of the Zeus bull. The topic went to the McLeods as I was on the Hague surname, and Europa today, to some substantial degree, is ruled by The Hague in the Netherlands.

The "serva" motto term of Hays is used also by Coles. That strongly traces Hayden Lake to Coles / Kyles, whom I identify largely as Nahorites. Moreover, I traced Kyles to Gileki Iranians long before tracing Nazis to the Gileki. Kyles were identified early as Illuminatists, not only because they use black candles, but because their own Kyle-Society webpage made the implication. Coles had been traced to mythical KOLODziej, the founding bloodline of Mouse Tower Mieszkos. These are the ones from a lattice symbol, used also by the Modes/Modens/Modbys. You just know by now if you've been a long-time reader that this Mouse Tower dynasty was infested with the blood if God's enemies in Israel. The likelihood that the Mieske bull is that of the McLeod bull can help to convince you.

I had traced the Hay Shield-on-Shield to that of Holdens, and therefore had identified "Holden" with "Holder" and "Colter," all suspect from "KOLODziej" Poles because he was called a "Wheelwright" while Colters use a wagon McLeod colors. That's where the "Hold Fast" motto of McLeods should come in. To explain why Hays and Coles use "serva" as code for Serbs, the Servitium location on this pre-Serb map likely explains it...i.e. Serbs appear to have been the namers of Servitium, on the Sava river in the Serb theater. I traced Kolodziej, because he was given the alternative name of "Piast," to "Bistue" shown off the Basante river (also called the Bosna), the river where Bosnia is situated. Bistue was also off the Urbanus river that flows to Servitium.

As the map above shows Roman / Celtic Illyricum, might Leirs have been named after "Illyrium"? It's possible. Later, Leirs may have merged with Hagarites to form "Layer" as a Hayer-and-Leir combination.

"Bosnia" is an excellent term for depiction as a bull / bison (Pohl's call their bull a buffalo), as for example the Boso/Bosoni and Boss surnames uses a bull. A bull was used in ancient times to depict BOSphorus, at BYZANtium. Did I just say that Kyles / Coles traced to Nahorites? Yes, and Buz was a son of Nahor. I had traced Coles to Nahorites due to king Cole of Camelot / Camulodunum, for Nahor's son after Buz was Kemuel (Genesis 22).

The black Cole bull design is used exactly, in red, by the Boss surname that is shown properly as Beville/Biville. For me, this represents the red-phoenix line out of Lake Van, for Van was not only home to the Nairi empire, but was (reportedly) named after the BIA(ini) peoples. Red eagles also trace to Lake Van, and as you can see, red eagles are used by Hay-related Holdens, which suggests that Hays do trace to Hayk of Armenia. As mythical Phoenix was a father to Europa, and as Europa was carried to Crete and to Europe by the Zeus bull, we should again ask why the Haydens use a lion on the backside of a black bull? Who really does rule the EU and it Hague? Hebrews, yes, but not Israelites. It's not anything Aryans want to hear.

Seeking 911 Plotters within the Newark Port Authority

After I had been led to see Hitler-suspect elements of the Dein kind, from Islip, in Hayden Lake, a reader in the Hayden Lake area (was this God-inspired?) reported back to us on a House surname and a House Lane at Hayden Lake. That topic was in the last update, where a Dinis surname came up as a relative of Mary House of Post Falls / Hayden Lake. I had written: "Clearly, Dinis' were related to the House surname, and that suggests that Deins too were related to Houses and Islips, as expected." I'm repeating this because after writing the last paragraph, I felt the Withers > Ayers topic had been exhausted for the time being, and turned my attention to seeking the people who ran the Newark airport that might have been flight-93 plotters. It figures somewhat that those people should be of Hayden Lake Nazi elements, you see, and it just so happens that the airport is called, Newark Liberty International Airport. By what coincidence does the Dinis Chief use the word, "LIBERTAS"?

In the last update, Leibers, Liebers, and Leibermans were discussed upon that term. The Senator, Joe Leiberman, represented the state of Connecticut, directly opposite the waters from Long Island. Islipidence?

It just so happens that Obama's social security number is one issued from Connecticut, yet Obama has never said that he lived in that state. What is it about Obama's history in Connecticut that he doesn't want us to know?

I now recall tracing the "cut" in Connecticut" to the Cutt surname and therefore possibly to Cottian elements. The area around Hayden Lake is KOOTENai. Both Connecticut and Kootenai are said to be named after Indian elements, but such statements, as they stand, ignore that natives often trace to Europeans. The unlikeliness of naming most of America after Indian terms suggests that many Indian terms were in the first place after European surnames as the two peoples intermarried.

While the Seal of Connecticut uses "ConnectiCUTENsis," both the Cuttens/Coutins and Cotts/Cottins use lattice/fretty, as does the Caen/Cann surname that might trace to "CONNect." Caens/Canns were traced to Cuneo (Piedmont), home of Pharisee-suspect Ferrats, and then Cattels use a so-called "fret."

I can just feel that Mascis (Piedmont) were involved in Connecticut, and so what about Massachusetts on the Connecticut border? As the Brown Coat uses fleur in Masci-fleur colors, note that a current senator representing Massachusetts is Scott Brown. The other senator for Massachusetts is John Kerry, evoking MUSkerry.

I can just feel that Modane area of the Piedmont theater applies here, not forgetting that Pharisees and Maccabees ended up in Skye, where also the Cunns/Queens/Sweens were first found. Connectincidence? "Queens, as well as neighboring borough Brooklyn, sits on the west end of geographic Long Island." That's the end facing Connecticut. We may link the Cunns/Queens/Sweens to the Swans/Sweyns/Sions who use: 1) the Levi lion; 2) the Macey Shield; 3), the Macey-and-Wayne gloves; 4) a heart', and; 5) swans denoting Liguria, beside Cuneo.

Did we suspect Herods at Skye, and within the fold of Maccabees and Pharisees? Didn't I trace Herods to Harts? Harts use the red stag of Muskerry's MacCarthys. I beg: why is Hartford the capital city of Connecticut? Hartfords were first found in Hertsford, and while Irish Arthurs use "hurts" (= blue roundels), the Hartford Coat is a reflection of the Scottish Arthur Coat. It was the Pendragon > Arthur cult that was found at the root of the flight-93 crime, especially the Penfold capital company that owned land in PENNsylvania smack beside the "crash site." The crash site was owned by a SVONavec surname, perhaps a swan line, perhaps part of the Swan/Sweyn bloodline.

Amazingly, Hartford was dubbed, "HOUSE of Hope." I'm not ignoring heraldry codework there, for Hopes were of the Hitler bloodline as were the House's.

I had traced the Arthur surname to two Irish clans, the McCarthys/Arthys of Muskerry, and the Maghans/Mathunas/Mohan ("Sic" motto term). I now find that "The Connecticut region was inhabited by the Mohegan tribe prior to European colonization." Oh, was it really an Indian tribe "before" Europeans arrived? Might not the Maghans have arrived before Europeans were supposedly there? After all, Ireland is situated excellently for sea voyages to the Massachusetts area. Did you note that Maghans use three Levi lions in red???

It just so happens that while a Henry Sinclair of Orkney (beside Shetland) is credited by some as sailing by Massachusetts before the year 1400, the Scottish Magnus/Manus/McWeynish/McVinish surname was first found in Shetland. The Magnus/Manus lion design is that of Hookers, important because:

The first English settlers [to Connecticut] came in 1633 and settled at Windsor, and then at WETHERsfield [caps mine] the following year. However, the main body of settlers came in one large group in 1636. The settlers were Puritans from Massachusetts, led by Thomas Hooker.

Earlier in the article above: "The first European explorer [not likely the first at all] in Connecticut was the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block. After he explored this region in 1614, Dutch fur traders sailed up the Connecticut River...and built...'House of Hope' (Dutch: Huis van Hoop)." Again, I traced the Hitler family to the Pollock surname, but long before that thought that Blocks were a Pollock branch.

At the Mohegan page: "At the time of European contact, the Mohegan and Pequot were one people...Although similar in name, the Mohegan are a different tribe from the Mahican, traditionally based in present-day eastern New York..." The Picts could apply to Pequots because it was thought they painted their bodies, but I think Pequots may have been Kilpatricks. Whaa-ut?

Turning to the Pequot article, a stunning find: "Pequot is an Algonquian word, the meaning of which is in dispute among language specialists. Considerable scholarship pertaining to the Pequot claims that the name came from Paquatauoq..." In central Long Island, there's a Patchogue location...where the Hitler family settled. It was very certain in my mind that William Hitler Stuart-Houston was living in the land of the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks, and so let me say once again that Kilpatricks likewise use the Levi lion. That's three Levi lions already in one short Connecticut discussion. Remember, Kilpatricks of Dumfries were beside Annandale, the location suspect as that of the Annas/Ananias bloodline of Israelites.

The first word in the Seal of Connecticut is "Sigillum," and it just so happens that the split Shield of the Sigler/Siegelin Coat is in the two colors of the split-Shielded Arms of Ticino. It just so happens that the city of Ticinum (later Pavia) is in Piedmont. Then, because I trace the Levines of Brittany to Laevi on the Ticino, what about the coincidence that grape vines are used by both Levines and the Seal of Connecticut??? The Seal of Connecticut has a "Qui" motto term, one used by Shaws that I identify with Caiaphas and with Mackies/Mackeys.

Hmm, an unexpected finding: the Italians make up the largest group (19.3 %) of Americans in Connecticut, almost twice as many as English or Germans, and followed secondly by the Irish.

That was quite amazing, and I haven't even gotten to the operators of the Newark airport yet.

WOW! Want to see more Levi lions in red? The Ground/Grundy Coat. If "Weatherman" was code for Weathers/Withers, why shouldn't "Weather UnderGROUND" be code for Grounds? The Scottish Grounds/Craneys (elephant, "Amor" motto term) were "First found in the islands of Jura and Islay..." Might Islay be related to "Islip"?

How often do I mention the Gork surname? I can't recall once...until not far above as a sept of McLeods. That Cork / Gork topic had to do with a trace to Lake Van's Mus region. I now read: "The Newark Metropolitan Airport Terminal, once adorned with murals by Arshile Gorky..." Then, at a Gorky article: "Gorky was born in the village of Khorgom, situated on the shores of Lake Van. It is not known exactly when he was born: it was sometime between 1902 and 1905..."

The quote above from the airport article goes on: "...murals by Arshile Gorky and no longer used for passengers, is a National Historic Landmark. Dedicated in 1935 by Amelia Earhart it was North America's first commercial airline terminal." We had a Hartford capital, and now an EARhart surname, evoking the "ears of corn" used by Withers/Weathers, and of course the Ayers. I always see Pharisees and Sadducees behind heraldic "ears." Here's the Earhart/Airhart Coat, two snakes "intertwined," symbol also of the Cadusii Armenians.

Emilia's grandmother was a Harres surname, first found in Derbyshire where Ayers/Eyres were first found. How neatly it all fits. In the past, the Harres' motto term and porcuPINE were traced to Maschis (pine cone) of Rimini, beside Cattolica that I trace to Cattels and to Cottians. Rimini faces Herzegovina.

The "UbiQUE" motto term of Harres' could be code for McAbees and Mackies/Mackeys together. But as it is Newmans who use "Ubi amor," I'm not neglecting the likely link of Newmans to "Newark."

All the above was said before I arrived to the person in charge of Newark on September 11, 2001. He was "Neil D. Levin (March 2001-Sept. 11, 2001)" Levincidence???

Hmm, "[Neil Levin] was killed during the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center." The Levin Coat is the Levine/Leveine Coat with purple grapes. Do you recall what else uses purple grapes? The Seal of Connecticut. The "Jewish" Levins are also the Levis.

Neil Levin had a big-bank history. "He was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations..." Was he compromised by fellow-plotters? How many fellow plotters were murdered that day to keep them from being problematic? How many of you know that 911 is a crime suspected of big-banker, globalist "Jews"? All you Aryan types who hate international "Jews," to your horror, the ones who committed 911 are looking like Nazi elements in America. On the other hand, might they have included the Rhodian Weathermen? Could this explain why Obama-and-party have not sought to prosecute peoples under Bush for 911 crimes (let's face it, Democrat leaders are not naive, they know it wasn't the Arabs)?

"Levin was married to broadcast journalist Christine Ferer." FERER, hum?

Neil Levin was followed by a Seymour surname, which, according to the write-up, looks rooted in "St. Maur," an Amorite-suspicious term. In fact, clicking to the French Seymours, what do we find but three bends in the colors of the three bends of the Ector-of-Maris Coat? It's a design identical to the Amorite-like Merit surname.

We might assume that the criminals responsible for 911 placed Joseph J. Seymour in power (2002 - 2004) at Newark to do damage control, to cover up for the criminals. But, of course, maybe not. It's open to investigation by any good cop, but as the cops may not be looking into it, we the people should. It may be that Neil Levin was not privy to the plot, or that he turned on them near the end.

The next in power (2004 - 2006) was a Kenneth J. Ringler, Jr., with a surname smacking in Ringerike, the Norway location of the Rollo Sinclairs. We don't forget that More (presumably in Norway) and Moray were the principle Amorite locations of Rollo Sinclairs (see Sinclair hints in the Morrison Coats, and note their location on Lewis, a location related to Skye). The Ringler surname gets the Ringer/Rainger/Ranger surname (shows no Coat), smacking of the Rains and Randals that use the Newman lions. Newmans honor MacCabes/MacAbees in their motto, and the latter are a sept of McLeods of Skye and Lewis.

The next in power: Anthony Shorris (2006-2008). Entering "Shorres" gets the German Schores. It was in this very update that English Scores/Skoreys were linked to Nimos/Newmarshes and therefore to Newarks/Nemmocks! How-a-bout that. That clinches it: Newark Airport (and other types of transportation) was controlled by the Newark bloodline. Corny, yes, but it's not my doing.

The next in power was a Ward surname (Coat filled with checks), followed by a Foye surname, of the Fays of Bute beside the MacAbees of Arran. In my opinion, Fays of Bute were of mythical Melusine, and Melusines (i.e. of Lusignan) were largely Veres, the likely namers of Wards and related Warrenes/Varrenes. Melusines were also Speers, in my opinion, which should explain the red crescent (Speer symbol) in the Foy/Fey Coat above. Morays use Melusine. Veys were also Fifes/Phyffs that I trace to "Pavia," and then both Veys and Fifes use the Shield-and-Chief combination (i.e. colors inlcluded) of Bontemps.

Back to Neil Levin, "Jewish" head of the Port Authority on September 11. We find that he was perhaps not supposed to be in the collapsed tower that morning, which may indicate that he was sent there to be murdered. Note that he was set to meet a Morrone surname...first found in Verona, where Italian Bellis were first found. Are we seeing Ferrara elements here??? Like the French Levis, the Verona surname was first found in Ile-de-France:

Mr. Levin was at a table alone at the Windows on the World restaurant. Levin had been preparing to meet with Fred V. Morrone, the Port Authority's police superintendent. Morrone was last seen heading up the stairs in a rescue effort. Both men perished when the building collapsed. In all, the Port Authority lost 74 employees, including 14 police officers involved in the rescue.

It a little fishy to me that Morrone is called a "guest" in the account below.

The most comprehensive account I have found is:

...Sitting by himself at a window table overlooking the Statue of Liberty was a relative newcomer, Neil D Levin, executive director of the Port Authority. He had never joined them for breakfast before. But his secretary [was she/he a plotter?] requested a table days earlier and now he sat waiting for a banker friend.

Every minute or so a waiter, Jan MACIEjewski [caps mine], swept through the room refilling coffee cups and taking orders, [Michael] Nestor recalls. Maciejewski was one of several restaurant workers on the 107th floor. Most of the 72 Windows employees were on the 106th floor, where Risk Waters Group was holding a conference on information technology [was one 911 purpose to destroy peoples in this group?]. Already 87 people had arrived, including top executives from Merrill Lynch and UBS Warburg. Many were enjoying coffee and sliced smoked salmon in the restaurant's ballroom. Some exhibitors were already tending to their booths, set up in the Horizon Suite just across the hallway.

...In the lobby, 107 floors below, an assistant to Levin waited for his breakfast guest [Morrone]. But when the guest arrived, the two luckily boarded the wrong elevator, so they had to return to the lobby to wait for another one. Upstairs, Levin read his newspaper, Nestor recalled. He and Tierney were a little curious to see whom Levin, their boss, was meeting for breakfast. But Nestor had a meeting downstairs, so they headed for the elevators, stopping at Levin's table to say goodbye. Behind them came [Liz] Thompson and [Geoffrey] Wharton. Nestor held the elevator, so they hopped in quickly. The doors closed and the last people ever to leave Windows on the World began their descent. It was 8.44 am.

The impact came at 8.46 and 26 seconds.

There were so many fabricated stories about events of that day, it's hard to know all realities. Apparently, Nestor, Thompson and Wharton escaped in the nicky of time. That would have made them dare-devils if they were privy to an explosion at 8:46. Or, it may be that there was no pre-set time written in stone. That is, it may have been that when these men were certain of Levin's presence upstairs in the death zone, they came down the elevator with Nestor's excuse of having a meeting downstairs, and when they got down to the lower floors, they signaled to their co-plotters by phone that the coast was clear to blow up the tower.

From Wikipedia: "The last people to leave the restaurant before Flight 11 collided with the North Tower at 8:46 AM were Michael Nestor, Liz Thompson, and Geoffrey Wharton, who departed at 8:44 AM"

God blessed, or privy to the plot? The Thompson motto is "Nosce teipsum," the motto of Pendragons. Weren't Pendragons made the mythical father of Arthur-branch Herods? Why does the Thompson Coat use a "hawk's lure" centrally, the symbol of the Herod/Hurl Crest?

Interestingly, the Wharton Coat is a black-on-white sleeve / maunch, color reversed from the Mangel maunch (Veres lived in Ver, Manche). The Wharton Crest is a black bull head, looking much like the Pohl buffalo.

Let me repeat that the Shield-and-Chief combination of the Dinis surname (with "LIBERTAS" term reflecting the name of the Newark airport) is also that of the Mens/MENGzies Coat. JUST FOUND, SUCH EXCELLENT TIMING: both Mens/Mengzies (Islip kin) and Liberts/Libertons were first found in Midlothian! The German Magnus' show a Mang variation. Some Magnus surnames use the Oxford lion in purple, and then the MacVinish/McWeynish/MacVinis variations smack of purple-grape Levins/LeVEINes. These are quite-hard arguments for bloodline worship at Newark's Port Authority.

What are the chances that a fourth person in the elevator has a surname that uses the Shield-and-Chief combination of Dinis' and Mengzies? I didn't discover this until a minute AFTER the paragraph above was finished. The combination is in the Tierney Coat. None of this necessarily reveals who were or were not 911 plotters, but it does tend to reveal bloodline worship at Newark.

The man who owned the Twin Towers, Larry Silverstein, is roundly believed to be a co-plotter of the disaster. It so happens that Geoffrey Wharton worked as an executive for Silverstein Properties. Here's some additional info on the matter:

This story, about the last elevator down from the Windows on The World restaurant, Tower One on 9/11, is originally told in detail on audio tape by 3 of the elevator's four occupants: Michael Nestor, Liz Thompson and Richard Tierney -- the fourth reported occupant was Geoffrey Wharton from Silverstein Properties, who declined to be tape interviewed [sounds guilty].

The first and earliest taped version:

The basic difference in the stories:

In the first version Nestor describes a very fast descent in the elevator and says, "...and then we got off and the plane hit."

It has been widely reported by those occupants that the elevator left WOTW at 8:44 -- then the descent, they "got out" -- then the plane hits at 8:46 [one would think that many people would be using the elevator on the way down, making for a trip longer than two minutes].

Years later on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 Nestor tells a completely different story. In this version he eats at WOTW with the same people -- catches the elevator with the same people (at 8:44), but somehow is in his office on the 77th floor when the plane hits. Then a hero's tale of how he escapes down the 77 floors via the staircase, carrying a stricken fellow woman worker to a waiting ambulance through the rubble of Tower Two just as Tower One finally collapses. A total time of some 102 minutes.

...Questions that could be asked of Nestor:


...3) How can he recall all the names of the people in the restaurant, but doesn't put a name to a woman whose life he saved -- a fellow worker -- after carrying her out of the building? Who was she? Didn't CBS want to talk to her? [sounds like Nestor was making up the woman story, lying, because he was a co-plotter]

Nestor sounds very guilty if indeed he did claim the differing accounts.

Richard Tierney worked on the 77th floor of the tower along with Michael Nestor. In the account below, Nestor says: "And it didn't take long. Those elevators were fast. It didn't take long. And then we got off. And the plane hit. I guess when we figured out who didn't get out, and we were the only ones up there that did get out, you know. It kind of sunk in as time went on..." It sounds as though there was just one elevator out of the restaurant. They knew they were the last to leave. (One of the producers of the page below has an Isay surname.)

This is a job for Colombo. We need to find the tiny huge evidence that explains the reality. Let me get my overcoat on. Where's my cigar?

There would have been no survivors to tell whether they were indeed up there that morning, unless at least one person in the elevator was not a plotter. I mean, why would Nestor tell such a close-call story and bring attention to himself, unless he was forced to tell the story because someone in the elevator wasn't supposed to be there. Nestor said: "Yup, Dick [Tierney] and I got the elevator first. And then we heard Miss Liz screaming down the hall. And we held for her. We rode down, and I guess we were joking around or talking." We might be thinking here that Liz was not a plotter, and that due to her being in the elevator, Nestor had to change his original false story, consequently needing to admit his presence in the restaurant two minutes before the crash. Liz may have been the unwanted witness that all four people came fast down the elevator, and exited on a bottom floor before the building blew up.

On the other hand, we've got to ask by what coincidence Liz Thompson and Geoffrey Wharton both got up from the same table to leave at the same time as Nestor and Tierney at a table smack next to them? In the least, it appears as though one person per table was a plotter. Why was Liz eating with Wharton in the first place: "Thompson, executive director of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, was eating with Geoffrey Wharton, an executive with Silverstein Properties, which had just leased the towers. At the next table sat Michael Nestor...and one of his investigators, Richard Tierney." About ten years after 9-11, we have this from Liz:

...I felt as if I had sawdust in my mouth. I didn't cry for six or seven months....

...I learned later that I took the last elevator down because I was meeting with Geoff Wharton, who was Silverstein's COO. We were talking about LMCC's future at a breakfast at Windows on the World; we had pro bono offices in Tower Five. Geoff had to find somebody before the workday began, and he apologized for cutting the breakfast short. I got up to leave with him. The express elevator was broken and the other elevator to the sky lobby opened. We got in. Then we took the next elevator to the lobby. If any of the two elevators hadn't been in sync, it would have been a different story.

One elevator was "broken"??? Shouldn't that read that the plotters had put it out of order because they didn't want anyone escaping who was to be murdered that day?

It is my solid opinion that Silverstein was central to the plotters. He knew the explosive teams in the building. If Wharton was also privy to Silverstein's plot, and I imagine that Silverstein would have had a co-plotter as his chief executive, then Liz might certainly have been one of the plotters just because she admitted to having a business appointment with Wharton that morning.

If there is a question as to why the elevator door was held open for Liz Thompson if she was not a plotter, one answer is that her breakfast partner was a plotter, and he was walking behind her as she rushed to the elevator. That is, Nestor may not have been holding the door for her, but for Wharton.

My hunch is that Nestor's job was to assure that his boss was up there that morning to die, meaning that I don't see the reason for Wharton being up there at the time, unless Silverstein wanted him dead. But if Wharton was to die, then he wasn't a co-plotter with Nestor, begging the questions of why he got up at the same time as Nestor, and why Nestor held the door for him?

Another question is why Nestor wasn't up there alone; why was Tierney with him? It makes Tierney seem guilty too if Nestor was. Why take the chance of bringing a non-plotter with him on a mission such as this? As there were only two minutes between entering the elevator and the explosion, I can't believe that Nestor would have left things to such a close call. The plan must have been that he call the people in charge of the explosion, or notify them by some other means, while he was going down in the elevator. But if Tierney was not a co-plotter, it would have complicated (though not necessarily hopelessly) the sending of that message.

Another possibility is that Nestor was to stop at a certain floor where the explosion people were located, and by doing so give the green light for the explosion. And there are other ways to send a pre-planned message with a non-plotter on the elevator. A pre-planned short phone conversation, for example, such as, "I'm on my way, be there in five minutes."

Perhaps Nestor made a stop at the 77th floor, where the explosion people may have been. I don't know whether the explosions in this case required electrical wiring, or whether they could be safely / secretly set off remotely, but if they did it by electrical wires, the explosion headquarters was probably within the tower somewhere. Why would they set up an explosion location within the building if the plan was to bring the entire building down? Americans aren't suicidal Muslims. Yes, but then the explosions may have been timed, allowing every plotter about 100 minutes to get out of the building from the time of the "airplane strike."

At the webpage below, Liz Thompson is said to have announced her quitting the Cultural Council about two years after 9-11. She started in 1997, and her last day would be at the end of 2003. Her job was to advance arts and artists in New York, what could very well have been the job of the devil to promote non-Christian liberalism and blasphemy. We don't discover below what she went on doing, or who replaced her, though I read elsewhere that she became "Director of ArtfulAction Consulting." No details.

Hmm, in an article on the restaurant of concern, we find: "A popular misconception is that Windows on the World was at the very top of the North tower, when in fact the top enclosed floor was the 110th floor, where CNN and some other television companies sited equipment and staff." Did CNN report losing any people from that floor? Wasn't CNN as part of the plotters? It continues:

On the fateful day of 9/11 2001 the Windows on The World Conference Facility on the 106th floor was playing host to the Risk Waters Financial seminar. One floor above, on the 107th floor, the main [40,000-sq,ft.] restaurant and the bar were closed. Wild Blue, however was serving breakfast to a number of WTC occupants.

Risk Waters Group would not have normally have been at the World Trade Center that day. They had organized a financial technology congress that was due to run both days of Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th of September 2001. They had invited a number of delegates from various financial companies and vendors in New York and the United States.

...[Liz Thompson] was in a meeting concerning a public art commission, Liz is reported to have exited the lobby at 8:43am. LMCC artist in residence Michael Richards, was not so lucky, he remained on the 91st floor and perished.

...Peter Field, the chairman and chief executive of Risk Waters Group, was scheduled to be at the Risk Waters conference that morning. He recalls, "...I was running late, eventually leaving my hotel on the Upper West Side at about 8:10am" [he survived because he was late to arrive.]

The page lists the companies above the 91st floor, with the Cultural Council (LMCC) on the 91st floor, immediately below the "impact" point. Very suspicious. I'm having second thoughts about Liz Thompson. In another article, on the Michael Richards above:

Michael Richards was probably working in his studio on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Centre north tower on the morning of 11 September. According to a colleague Richards's last two sculptures were bronze versions of himself pierced by airplanes and accompanied by meteors and flames.

...a bronze sculpture made in 1999 consisting of his own life-size body pierced by model planes rather than arrows.

The writer of the article needs to restrain any hint of suspicions concerning that peculiar and coincidental artwork, but Colombo is dragging on his cigar with a fierce bright red. The note book is out. "Are you sure, Ms. Thompson," Colombo asks, "that you didn't discuss with Michael repeatedly about future plot to have airplanes pierce these buildings? Where did he get this idea of piercing a statue of himself with airplanes?"

The article adds: "Richards would often spend the night in his studio rather than embark on the lengthy commute back to his home in Queens. 'He would work through most of the night and into the morning,' said Kira Harris, a close friend." Ah, yes, but wouldn't it be through the wee night hours when men were employed by plotters to plant explosives in the walls of the area of the 91st floor? You know the look on Colombo's face when the tiny huge key finally dawns on him. I have that look on my face right now. Michael must have been a plotter who was compromised by murder by fellow plotters, because he was just a worker too risky to let go free. It wasn't necessary to tell all plotters the date of the explosions. Michael and others may have been told falsely of an explosion for another date.

Colombo: "Ms. Thompson. If you had an office on the 91st floor, why did you ride the elevator all the way down? To the first floor? Ms. Thompson, you did ride to the first floor with Mr. Wharton. You realize that you can't say you were going with him, because you said he told you abruptly, at the breakfast table, that he had to leave you, for another appointment. Can you answer the question, Ms. Thompson? Why did you go out of the building instead of to your 91st floor, at the very moment of the explosion?"

Here's what she said as per a article: "The express elevator was broken and the other elevator to the sky lobby opened. We got in. Then we took the next elevator to the lobby. If any of the two elevators hadn't been in sync, it would have been a different story." Does this sentence disallow the possibility of getting off at the 91st floor? Why hasn't the media asked her why she didn't get off at the 91st floor? It's widely known that Silverstein Properties is highly suspect as a co-plotter to the crime, and there she was having breakfast with the "beast" itself up until two minutes before the "plane crash." Isn't any media going to take Silverstein to task? Is this what the country has come to?

She continues:

As we walked out of the elevator into the lobby, the first plane hit. We heard the glass. It was like a vacuum. It was as if the air got sucked out of the lobby. We heard the crashing and Geoff took us down to the sub-basement, looking for a command center. Down there, a man came running toward me with smoke pluming off of him. I turned and saw an exit sign and I got out by the Winter Garden. The first thing I saw was a pregnant guard and I walked her across and out back. We were all milling around outside and then I saw the second plane hit. I could only think about the people in the plane [it's clear here that she's claiming to have seen a plane, but I don't think there were planes]. Then I started to walk away from the site. I encountered someone I knew from the Berkshires [Massachusetts]. He took me home to his loft.

First, I can't understand how explosions 90 concrete floors up can cause a vacuum situation on the ground floor. Other people seemed to report bombs going off on the lobby floor, and as you can see, a man comes from the sub-basement with his clothes smoking, not what we would expect from explosions 90 floors up.

Colombo: "Ma-am, I almost forgot. If you don't mind. You see, ah, what I mean ma'am, did anyone in the elevator with you convince you not to get off on the 91st floor?"

It's an important question because it can win Liz' innocence by giving her a reason for going all the way down. I can imagine that the last thing plotters on the elevator wanted was to see the door to floor 91 open...because they knew it was next to the floors (92 to 98) to be blown. The problem is, Liz' testimony seems to be Nester-friendly rather than Nestor-accusative. Liz could have made any excuse, after the explosions, as to why she went all the way down, but the fact that she go down and out makes her sufficiently suspect as a plotter. Any good cop would keep her on a suspect list at this point.

Here's a list of Risk water people reported killed / missing from the conference held on the 106th floor. The list has 16 names, suspicious because only three are men. There is one Rockefeller and one Vere surname. There are several banking institutions listed as part of the delegation. One could suppose that the 911 plotters had wanted to murder some banking and/or media foes. Risk Waters Group was a British magazine for market-financial data, sold in 1993 (for 35 million pounds) to Incisive Media of London.

Silverstein purchased the World Trade Complex less than two months before it came down:

The fortunate circumstances that kept the high-level individuals out of danger the morning of 9/11 were quite extraordinary. Larry Silverstein survived the attacks supposedly because his wife forced him to go to a doctor's appointment instead of a meeting at the WTC; Silverstein's son and daughter survived because, independently of each other, they were running late; his top aide survived because he cut short a meeting he was in at the top of the North Tower; his publicist agreed to join a meeting at the WTC at 9:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m.; and others associated with Silverstein Properties may have avoided danger due to the cancellation of a meeting on the 88th floor of the North Tower.

After his company took over the lease of the Twin Towers on July 24, 2001, Larry Silverstein reportedly "spent his days at the towers, meeting and greeting his tenants." According to the New York Times, "Every morning after the deal was finalized, Mr. Silverstein held breakfast meetings at Windows on the World," the restaurant at the top of the North Tower. Those meetings would begin at 8:30 a.m.

...Yet September 11 was the one morning when Larry Silverstein was not at the restaurant. Instead, he was at his apartment on New York's Park Avenue. The reason, as the Washington Post described, was that he had "complained of a problem with his skin and the sun. [Blah blah I don't believe a word of it]...

...Two of Larry Silverstein's three children, Roger and Lisa, were vice presidents of Silverstein Properties...according to the New York Observer, [the two children] attended meetings with tenants each morning at Windows on the World. But on the morning of September 11, apparently independently of each other, both of them "were running late." As a result, Roger Silverstein was in the parking garage of WTC Building 7 when the North Tower was hit, and Lisa Silverstein was subsequently turned away from the WTC complex by police further uptown...

An executive with Silverstein Properties who was even more fortunate was Larry Silverstein's top aide, Geoffrey Wharton, who was actually at the 8:30 a.m. meeting at Windows on the World that Silverstein missed. Wharton was meeting with Liz Thompson, the executive director of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, to discuss the council's relationship with Silverstein Properties, and its studio and performance programs. Fortunately, as Thompson has recalled, Wharton "had to cut the meeting a little short." And, according to the Engineering News-Record, he then "decided to escort his guest down to the lobby."...

Hmm, I see. Silverstein takes an excuse not to come to work that day, and calls Wharton to fill in for him with Liz. Was Silverstein trying to kill Wharton? Surely, that idea crossed the mind of Wharton, and of Liz, unless they too were plotters. But the nagging question that even Colombo cannot answer to this point is why the two were up there at all if they were plotters.

The article goes on to say that "John O'Neill, the former FBI counterterrorism chief, who had recently started work [for Silverstein] as head of security at the WTC," invited Howard Rubenstein, a publishing man and long-time associate of Silverstein, to a meeting at 8 am in the North Tower. It says that Rubenstein "would subsequently work with [Silverstein] on the reconstruction of the WTC." I'm assuming that means that Rubenstein was one of Silverstein's trusted men. The article says that O'Neill was at the meeting with others at 8 am, but that Rubenstein canceled at the last minute. O'Neil was killed in the explosions.

Unless O'Neill had been holding regular breakfasts in the Tower's restaurant, it seems that Silverstein sent him to his death by getting him to have a meeting that morning. If the subject of O'Neill's meeting was dictated by Silverstein, one can see the stark devil in Silverstein's mind, for we read: "It was to discuss how the building's management was protecting the Twin Towers against terrorism." Sadistic, is it not, to have your own terrorism chief killed in that way. I wouldn't expect any less from such a hideous tool as Silverstein.

The purchase of the Trade Towers by Silverstein was the first ever by a private citizen. In the footnotes, the article above adds: "...Historic Port Authority Agreement to Privatize World Trade Center." Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, July 24, 2001." I'm reading "historic agreement" as "unusual/unexpected agreement." The same people who oversaw the flight-93 conditions at the airport also arranged for Silverstein to purchase the Tower complex...which had been built by the Port Authority. It's like, the Port Authority didn't want to repair it, and so entered a plot to take it down with Silverstein as one tool, but in the meantime the Bush kook-klanners used the deal toward a seizure of resources in the Middle East, and to start a spy agency like never before, spying on Americans.

The Silver(stein) surname (vair fur used by Whites and other Uat elements) was first found in the same place (Hertsford) as the Hartfords that named the Connecticut capital.

Was the inspector-general of the Port Authority at the time of 9-11 a part of the 911 plot? I don't know who he was. The current inspector-general is Robert E. Van Etten.

Suppose you had a complaint directed to the Newark Port Authority, about a hunch that such-and-such was party to the 911 plot. That complaint would go to Office of Investigations, now headed by Michael Nestor, its Director. What do you think would happen to your complaint? "The Office of Investigations looks into criminal and serious administrative misconduct, based on complaints from the public, agency staff, management, or by its own determination. Investigations may lead to criminal prosecutions, civil forfeiture, or other administrative disciplinary actions." If Nestor is guilty as a 911 plotter, then his Office, having the job of assuring no corruption in its staff, is as corrupt as Hell starting with himself. Where else could you send your complaint, and will your name and address be placed on a black list in the meantime? Who can save us from this developing quagmire?

The American Moscow(s)

For this section that ends on a Wayne note, let me first re-quote from above:

...the Shield-and-Chief combination of the Dinis surname (with "LIBERTAS" term reflecting the name of the Newark airport) is also that of the Mens/MENGzies Coat. JUST FOUND, SUCH EXCELLENT TIMING: both Mens/Mengzies (Islip kin) and Liberts/Libertons were first found in Midlothian! The German Magnus' show a Mang variation. Some Magnus surnames use the Oxford lion in purple, and then the MacVinish/McWeynish/MacVinis variations smack of purple-grape Levins/LeVEINes. These are quite-hard arguments for bloodline worship at Newark's Port Authority.

It's now Wednesday, the day after finding the Liberts above. Earlier today, the Insert way above was added that got to Fletchers of Hutton. It was then that the French Libert eagle leg was found in the Germo-Austrian Hutter Coat!!! What a stroke of fortuitousness, for the Hiedler/Hitler write-up traces to "Hutter." In my mind, this is a strong argument for linking Dinis' to Hitlers of Montana / Idaho, and for seeing Deins of Idaho as fundamental to Aryan Nations there. Until now, there were reasons to believe that Deins were involved, but now there seems to be a FUNDAMENTAL link to Hitlers.

In a nutshell, it proves that we are on a Hitler track with Liberts, Mengzies, and Dinis'. Again, Dinis' were found due to kinship with a Mary House in Hayden Lake, but today I opened another email from our secret agent in the Spokane area who had earlier sent in the goods on Mary House. But, before getting to the latest email, let me share part of what was sent in the last update. Our agent had found a Mr. House at Hayden Lake, and:

[The grandmother of Mr. House] owned a lot of land on the [Hayden] lake...they would go to the lake every summer, in the spring-summer...for all these [Aryan?] meetings...[his grandma] sold the property to a wealthy guy from Spokane, but kept a 10 yr lease for her...the grandma went to California...

Our agent had probably been wondering whether grandma House went to California's Riverside, where white supremacists had a station, but also where Jeffrey Dein of Post Falls (beside Hayden Lake) was married. It doesn't matter whether Jeffrey Dein's immediate family is Nazi or not; I'm more convinced than ever that Deins of some sort in the Hayden Lake theater had been cosied-up to Hitler's own family members.

Deins had been stressed in earlier updates on another theme/track, as per the Dene natives, and this section happens to veer into certain natives at Hayden Lake that were living in/near Warsaw, Indiana, where Jeffrey Dein's son(s) is listed as having a home. I wrote that son as well as his mother, inviting them to give their sides of the story (I would publish it here in the updates) after they emailed me in anger for what I have said thus far. But neither one has since responded.

The above link of Dinis' to Hutters goes far to explain why the same Jeffrey Dein (and his mother) was from Islip, a place related to the House surname. We might even ask whether "Hutter" and "House" are branches, and if so, Hitlers and Houses may have been branches too.

Our agent sent along this email below that may discover it true that House's of Hayden Lake were also in Riverside:

"...there is a Vern L House who was last in Latah county, Idaho, and died in 1991 that appears to be the father [of Mr. House at Hayden Lake], but there is also a Vern L House died 1997 in Riverside Ca. born in Nebraska..."

Hmm, the Insert earlier that got us to the Fletchers (Meschin-related) started out with Tim's email on the Brinks (using "ears of corn"), all of which led to Sales-of-Mascy. I now find that Moscow is the main city of Latah county, and that "Moscow is the birthplace of writer Carol Ryrie Brink and singer Josh Ritter." To that I must add that Ritters/Rutters and Masseys were both first found in Cheshire, and moreover Ritters/Rutters use garbs of wheat, the Cheshire symbol, but also the symbol, essentially, of Brinks. Once again, we see an "amor" motto term, this time in the Ritter/Rutter Coat.

The earlier Insert linked the Brink sunflower to Flowers, said to be a branch of Fletchers/Fleggers, and then the latter use the same cross as the founding surnames of Baathists. I can now add that I typically link Baathists to Putins, Puttens, Buttins, Puters, Baths and related bat-using Randolphs (Obama bloodline), and related Randolphs/Ruths//ROTHERS who look like Ritter/Rutters...and to a Russian anti-Christ. Reminder: Meschins, who smack of Moscows, use the same symbol as Flecks/Flacks/Flags. I can also repeat that while Fletchers/Fleggers are Sinclairs, I identified Sinclair vikings as Varangians, co-founders of Moscow in Russia.,_Idaho

However, the Moscow article above says there's no proof of anything Russian in the naming of Moscow (not very far south of Hayden Lake). We then read: "It was reported by early settlers that five men in the area met to choose a proper name for the town, but could not come to agreement on a name. The postmaster Samuel Neff then completed the official papers for the town and selected the name Moscow. Interestingly, Neff was born in Moscow, Pennsylvania and later moved to Moscow, Iowa." The Moscow of Iowa is in a Muscatine County, said to be "allegedly named after the Mascouten native American tribe." MasCOUTEN??? As in KOOTENai at Hayden Lake?

Were Fletchers traced to Salyes? Yes, and you can read in the Kootenai-native article that they had amongst themselves a Salish native peoples. It's put like this: "The Flathead Reservation is home to the Bitterroot Salish and Pend d'Oreilles tribes as well." Hmm, Pendragon kin (see Tipps' and Helms), as with Fletchers and Sales, use pheons, which are arrowheads, an apt symbol for natives.

The Flathead river out of Flathead lake may, in this picture, have been named after variations of "FLETcher," The Flats/Fletts (in Fletcher colors) were first found in Orkney, a place that knew voyages to the Americas before the Spaniards found the New World. In fact, it was a Henry Sinclair of Orkney that is said by some to have sailed past, or onto, MASSAchusetts, and then Fletchers and Sinclairs share the same black cross. The Flathead river flows near Polson, a point that becomes more important as this section's revelations continue.

Going to the article on the Mascouten tribe, it's found that they were also "Mathkoutench" and "Musketoon," evoking the Mousquette/Musket surname. To my great surprise, the Neff surname (it's the NEST surname!!!) was loaded only after loading the Mousquette Coat, and there BOTH Coats uses two red-on-white bars!!! WOW! That explains why postman Neff chose Moscow as the town name; it tends to prove that the native tribe was named after Mousquettes. Wow. But as Moscow is beside Pullman, note that the Pullman/Pullen Crest is a pelican, more often-than-not seen on a NEST.

How is it that this section comes immediately after the Nestor topic? Didn't we see pheons in the French Pilate Coat, and wasn't Pontius Pilate traced to Pylos in Messene, a city ruled by mythical Nestor??? Wasn't Pontius Pilate a Roman? We are about to see Mascouten natives near a Rome-like location.

Sorry to sound like an echo, but for new readers: I've been saying for about three years that the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ will be of a mouse entity, and the Mousquette surname is often quoted (by me) in that regard.

Amazingly, it was a postman outside the home of Tom Ayers that started this update, a mailman who claims he spoke to Obama outside the Ayers home when the O-prophet predicted that he would become the president of the United States. I now find a postman with Neff surname who links to the Mousquette surname with the same antelope design in Crest as the Singletary Crest. Obama's mother descended from a Jonathan Singletary who changed his surname to Dunham. What's going on? Why did Bernadine Dohrn's father change his surname too? Where's Obama's real birth certificate?

After months of claiming the ridiculous and the supra-corny, that the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet would be a mouse bloodliner, a mouse (or similar rodent) appeared on camera on the White House steps when Obama appeared there with a word to the nation. I didn't yet know that Singletarys (use the Dunham spear) and Mousquettes used the same Crest design. I didn't yet know of Poland's Mouse Tower dynasty that began with Mieszko I.

Obama's mother was in Washington state about the time that Obama was born. I have been sensing from the start of this Nazi hunt, in the Washington-to-Montana stretch, that the presence of Obama's mother in Washington was related to these Aryan groups. Clearly, some forces of the radical kind chose Obama to be some sort of valiant savior type for to do dirty work on their behalf, the work of stealing the riches of the country to themselves. In their desperation, we could envision Hitlerite elements merging with Communist elements to which Obama belonged just because both groups have the common purpose of seizing American wealth and power structures.

Wherever it was that Obama was born, he had a ConnectiCUT social security number, and it just so happens that the Connecticut discussion earlier in this update had led to Cottians of Cuneo, home of Mascis. Here we are now, on "MasCOUTEN." What does this mean? Surely, if this section is Directed from Above, it can't merely have to do with native-Indian history, as interesting as that might be.

To clinch the idea discovered above, that the Mascouten natives were responsible for naming Moscow in Iowa and in Idaho, we find: "They are first mentioned in historic records by French missionaries, where they were described inhabiting southern Michigan." I've been repeating for years that Pullens co-founded (with Pulsiphers) the Michigan city of Romulus, stressing that Pullens and Romneys use the same Coat. And here we are, with Mitt Romney winning thus far in the Republican race to the American throne.

Pullens seem part of the Polish-rooted line to Polzls > Hitlers. I don't know what to make of this suggestive, that Hitler bloodliners of the pale-skin kind were amongst red-skin natives to which they seem to trace anyway centuries before Adolf Hitler.

It seems that the Pullens of Romulus had some associations with the Mascouten natives of southern Michigan, and together some of their numbers ventured west to Pullman, beside Moscow, in Idaho. In this picture, the natives who named Kootenai at Hayden lake were likely Mascoutens...but ultimately I see Mascoutens named after Masci elements in the Cottian Alps. Even the term, MousQUETTE, not to mention the MusKOTT variation, can derive from Cottians. Reminder: Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and Mormons revere American natives as Israelites, though we can do better to identify them with other forms of Hebrews respected by deeply-deceptive Freemasons.

We easily see that the Muscat variation can bring on a cat symbol, such as we see in the Musca/Moschi/Moschetto surname first found in Pisa (Tuscany), not far from Cottians and Mascis. We know that Waynes use the Macey gloves, and that the "glove" motto term is used by Chattans / Chatans, the tribes of whom use cats at times.

The Romulus location is in Wayne County (both Waynes and Pullens use pelicans, and Waynes use theirs on a NEST). Reminder: Waynes use a version of the Arthur symbols, and Arthurs were from Pendragons who seemed to apply above to Kootenai natives. Then, the founder of Mormonism buried his gold plates (supposedly, but of course he didn't) in Wayne County, New York. That founder was married to a woman in Harmony, Pennsylvania, near Moscow, Pennsylvania. Then, in Indiana, there is yet another Wayne county, this time at Warsaw, said to be named after Warsaw in Poland where the wider Polish area was MASovia.

I can't neglect the Veres of Warsaw, Poland, because I trace them to Ferrats of the Cottian theater. That was the Savoy theater too, where the French Massai/Massey surname was first found.

Warsaw of Indiana was mentioned here for two reasons: One, it was a home to Jeffrey Dein's son(s) as well as the location of an Aryan Nations's group ran by a Nazi of Polson, Montana. He has a Mangels surname using a "maunch" in depiction of Manche, where Veres and Masseys were first found. Corny, I know. But I didn't make it up.

Two, Warsaw and its Wayne county are at the source of the Wabash river, and then, on the Mascouten natives: "Survivors migrated westward [from Michigan]. Their name last appears in historic records in 1779, when they were living on the Wabash River in Indiana with the Piankashaw and the Kickapoo."

That westward migration is at least a start in proving that they ended up in Hayden Lake and Moscow of Idaho. I recall tracing Massey blood to natives in the Seattle area too. To help prove that Muscatine county (Iowa) was a Massey entity: "In 1833, Colonel George Davenport of Illinois sent three representatives into the territory for the purpose of establishing a trade post. These were the first whites [so they think] to maintain residency here. In the same year, James W. Casey and John Vanatta came to the area." Vanattas look like they could be from Wayne elements; Davenports were first found in Cheshire; and Casseys were traced to the same Cassell elements (amongst Catti) that I say named Cheshire / Chester...and the Seattle-like Cheatles of Cheshire.

If Mitt Romney becomes the next president, might he be the Mousquette-related False Prophet, since after all we have just seen good evidence for tracing Mousquettes to the Mascouten natives of southern Michigan? Mitt's father was born to a radical Mormon family, and yet he became the governor of Michigan. Quite an accomplishment apart from guidance and support from powers-that-be. We wonder whether his backers were the same anti-Christ elements now behind Mitt Romney. We hear that Romney is backed by big corporations, and Republican voters are being deceived into supporting big corporations, the same that strip them bare if possible, because the only other O-lternative is a Communist fink who walks around like he's important, and speaks an even phonier mouth piece.

By the way, the real flight 93 flew over very near to Warsaw (find "Warsaw" in 1st update of March). We saw (2nd update this month) in the flight-93 investigation that Vere kin were all over it. This week, we find a Wharton character with a surname (using a maunch) from Veres of Manche. The update started on the mailman at the home of Bill Ayers' father. He was interviewed by Steven Diamond, a surname that recalls T Diamond coal mines at the flight-93 crash site.

One pressing conclusion: both the Hitler-ites and Obama's parent(s) trace to Massey bloodliners. Who really are these Massey monsters? Why are they proud and haughty monsters?
The Mailman Has Guts

The mailman is Allen Hulten ("mens flecti" motto phrase). I won't speculate that he was planted as the mailman of Tom Ayers just because certain Nazis knew the Ayers' to be big Communist shooters. That sounds too Hollywood, and besides Hulton has been a long-time mailman for the area.

For the moment, I don't know whether Tom was a radical like his son. Tom's assistance to Obama, if Hulton's testimony is true, places Tom in the Communist-suspect camp. Tom''s Wikipedia article tells that he was chairman of an institute for child education and related social values, which in many cases can be a subtle Communist tool (it's well known that Communists and other satanists bank on training/brainwashing people from early ages).

I don't mind who reveals what dirt about Obama, so long as it's true. What can anyone think of a national president who got his lift to power from peoples seeking to take the American throne by force or arms and other fiendish methods? Think of how embarrassed the Democrat party ought to be in this. Yet, fools, they will seek to vote him in again. Corruption is now a grass-roots movement, just as the Weatherman had hoped. "As President, Obama has not yet been asked about the Ayers relationship and has, as far as one can tell, never been asked about his relationship with Tom Ayers." We can chalk that up to an irresponsible press, or to a corrupt grass-roots movement "trickled" up into the elite press?

The article above is Steven Diamond's, but I'll quote from the one sent in by emailer Patterson:

Hulton delivered mail in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, from 1962 to 2001 with a couple years off to serve in the military. During roughly ten of those years, he delivered mail to the [Chicago] home of Tom and Mary Ayers, Bill Ayers's parents...

As Hulton tells Corsi -- and he has sworn an affidavit to the same -- he met Tom Ayers not long after the Ayerses moved to the neighborhood...According to [Steven] Diamond, who knows his way around Chicago politics, Tom was a "lifelong liberal" -- one deeply involved in the same educational reform movement that engaged son Bill and, briefly, Barack Obama in 1988...

When Hulton met Tom Ayers, they talked about working conditions at the Post Office. "I couldn't believe how he responded," Hulton told Diamond. "He started to talk about workers having to struggle to survive and about peasants and the proletariat. It made me think later that he might be a Marxist!"...

Hulton also recalls one particular conversation with Mary Ayers. "She was enthusiastically talking to me about this young black student that they were helping out," he tells Corsi, "and she referred to him as a foreign student." Adds Hulton, "I was taken aback by how enthusiastic she was about him." Within a year of this conversation, Hulton had a fateful meeting with the young man he presumed Mary was talking about.

According to Hulton, he encountered the fellow on the sidewalk on the front of the Ayers home. In that it was extremely rare to see a black man in this tony neighborhood, Hulton believes that the man felt the need to explain his visit to the Ayers household. Hulton describes him as friendly and neatly, although casually, dressed. Hulton tells Corsi, "I am absolutely positive that it was Barack Obama."

...Obama explained to Hulton that he had taken the train out from Chicago to Glen Ellyn in order "to thank the Ayers family personally for helping him with his education." What shocked Hulton was that when casually inquiring into the young man's plans for the future, Obama answered, "I am going to be president of the United States." As Hulton tells Corsi, "[i]t came across like this was something that's already been determined." Adds Hulton, "I was speechless."

We already know what the liberal media will say, that this is a very unlikely story. But, don't we as non-liberals also need to ask whether the testimony is true? How could an Obama cock be so sure, in 1988, that he would take the throne? Who had given him his outspreading wings already?

The president in 1988 was Ronald Reagan; it was his last year, and his vice-president, George Herbert Scherff, had been primed to take over, which he did do, in early 1989. If the forces behind Obama were so mighty, why were they unable to seat their Democrat man in place of George? On the other hand, they were unable to unseat George four years later, giving the throne to a Rhodes Scholar. When Obama took over, he plastered the throne with more Communist/Fabian colors of the same Rhodians. It's as though the Illuminati has a split personality, one day a Republican, the next day a Democrat.

It just so happens that Steven Diamond is said online to be a "liberal blogger." If that's true, then his doing the story of the mailman's testimony can't be slanted too far toward a right-side conspiracy. But, really, who is Steven Diamond? For the moment, I don't know aside from his being a law professor in Chicago, and aside from not being a Weatherman agent. He may be nothing sinister, and a true, honest-to-goodness journalist who likes to promote what's true. I heard that this species is not quite extinct.

Let's continue with the story that promises to became a campaign headache for the cocky current president, keeping in mind that if he was a foreigner, his foreign powers were likely from Rhodian headquarters somewhere:

...Corsi warns Hulton that by quoting Mary's comment that Obama was a "foreign student," he has put himself at some risk. Says Hulton, "I am only telling you what I distinctly remember her saying -- that he was a foreign student."

...As it happens, I [Jack Cashill, writer of the article] stumbled into my own discovery...when I was investigating how Obama got into Harvard Law School and who paid his way. What had piqued my interest was an interview with veteran New York power-broker Percy Sutton Malcolm X lawyer, influential family] on a local New York City show called Inside City Hall. The interview took place in late March 2008 but did not surface until August 2008. Sutton told how twenty years prior he had been "introduced to [Obama] by a friend." The friend's name was Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, "the principal adviser to one of the world's richest men." The billionaire in question was Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. According to Sutton, al-Mansour had asked him to "please write a letter in support of [Obama] ... a young man that has applied to Harvard." Sutton had friends at Harvard and gladly did so.

A few months before the election, it should have mattered that a respected black political figure like Sutton had publicly announced that a fanatic black separatist, backed by an ambitious Saudi billionaire, had been guiding Obama's career perhaps for the last twenty years. It did to the Obama-friendly media, but not in a way in which it would have to real journalists. Moving in swiftly to kill the story were Politico, an insider D.C. journal run by Washington Post alums, and Media Matters for America, an alleged watchdog group founded by the recovering Troopergate author, David Brock.

...After some conspicuous waffling, al-Mansour denied the story as well...Media Matters, meanwhile, scolded those conservative bloggers who did not accept the various denials at face value.

...Sutton's son and daughter [upholding the Arab story] told conservative reporter Ken Timmerman that no one in their family even knew who Kevin Wardally was, let alone authorized him to speak on behalf of the family [to deny Sutton's story]...

About that time, I found a diary entry that caught my attention. Radical-turned-actor Peter Coyote entered it at the time of the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Coyote wrote, "I inform Martha that I'm dragging her to the apartment of old friends, ex-Weathermen, Bernadine {sic} Dohrn and Bill Ayers, hosting a party for Senator Leahy. Perhaps Edward Said [= influential professor, pro-Palestinian Palestinian American] will be there."

Said had taught Obama at least one class at Columbia. I had earlier seen a photo taken during an Arab-American community dinner in Chicago in 1998 on the fiftieth anniversary of the Palestinian nakba, or disaster. The photo shows Obama sitting next to Said, seemingly engaged in an animated conversation at dinner. The intimacy surprised me. At the time of the photo, Obama was an obscure state senator while Said, according to the Nation, was "probably the best-known intellectual in the world" and the star of that evening's show. He would speak on this occasion, as the Los Angeles Times would later report, "against settlements, against Israeli apartheid."

All of this got me to wondering whether an Ayers-Obama-Said-al-Mansour cabal had formed in the early 1980s back in New York City. If so, such a combine might have generated enough momentum to push Obama's career along. To see if Obama and Ayers had crossed paths before Chicago, I ordered a copy of Bill Ayers' 2001 memoir, Fugitive Days. It was then that I began to realize the depth of Ayers's involvement in Obama's rise to power.

The idea that the pinker Ayers group rode the back of Saudi royals in a conspiracy bears out where Chicago became a hub for pro-Palestinian issues. Obama's reluctance to produce home-grown oil could very well have to do in-part with keeping favors for Saudis. But something tells me that the conspiracy was bigger than an Ayers-Saudi cabal, especially as the two shouldn't stick together any better than clay mixed with steel.

But how is all this conducive to the topic at the start of the update? What would God have us know here if I'm so sure He's directing this topic via emailer Patterson? There are two things noted in the last quote, the Sutton and Said surnames, both of which I have cornily identified as Sadducee lines. By what coincidence did we see that Ayers (Hagarites?) were linked to the chief-priest-suspect line of Shaws who are said to be from "Sithech"?

Suttons use the same motto as the Manners/Maness surname, and who knows but that the Mansour term of the Saudi ruler might apply. In any case, the Manners/Maness motto is: "Pour y parvenir." I've shown in various ways that this motto speaks to Purys and Pears/Perles of Oxfordshire (Vere-Pharisee haven), and in general to Parisii lines that I see as that of Pharisees too. I've even traced the Percy surname to Pharisees on the merits of mythical Percival. We now find a black man, Percy Sutton, supporting the same type of black-Muslim activists as Obama's pastor in Chicago. Wouldn't it be God's desire at some point of the ned times to reveal the end time Pharisees and Sadducees?

Why was Sutton named Percy? Why did Percy Sutton support Malcolm X, who was born Malcolm Little? Why does the Little surname (Pury colors) use the motto term, "parvo"??? Why is the Little Crest a gold leopard head, the symbol of Pears/Perles? Don't Rhodes' use a leopard?

The Little saltire is in the colors of the Irish Kilpatrick saltire, and colors reversed from the Scottish Kilpatrick saltire, important, not just because Kilpatricks got their saltire from Maxwells while both Maxwells and Littles were first found in Roxburgshire, but because Kilpatricks use the Levi lion on the back of a dragon, what I suspect to be the symbol, proudly, of the Revelation harlot on the anti-Christ dragon. English Latins use both the white and black Kilpatrick saltires.

The Liddles/Liddells were likewise first found in Roxburghshire, and so let's not forget the "laidir" motto term of Kilpatricks. Liddles/Liddells use cowboy-boot spurs, symbol of the Close/Clovse Coat that I trace to Closeburn, where Scottish Kilpatricks lived. I can tell you that Littles and Liddles were Latins, the Biblical dragon people represented by the seven hills (Revelation 17) upon which the Revelation Harlot sits. The Close/Clovse Shield is nearly the Italian Botter Shield, and the latter were the Butteri cowboys, a Latin people. We just saw the Moschi/Musca-branch Mousquettes, first found in Tuscany (at Pisa, beside Massa), where Botters were first found, and then both Chattans and Chatans use the Botter bend. (Drakes use "muscas" in their motto.)

It's already been determined that Kilpatricks, near Annandale, were merged with Laevi Gauls living near the Ananes Gauls (on the Po river). It means that Laevi were living in Annandale and probably in Closeburn. It means that the line of Pharisees and/or Sadducees were living in Annandale and/or Closeburn. The Liddles use a "Hinc" motto term, which is why we can peg them as Latins, for the Hink Shield is the Annan(dale) saltire in the colors used by the Arms of Ayrshire, a saltire shown also in the Italian Latin Coat. Italian Latins even use a cowboy symbol (stirrups), and were first found in the general vicinity of Tuscany in which Botters were first found.

This is not to say that Kilpatricks and kin will necessarily become the Biblical harlot and dragon, but is only to say that Freemasonic Kilpatricks and kin wanted to be such. Like the biggest stupids of the universe, they wanted to be the biggest dragon. God bless the better Kilpatricks who have no such vision.

This revelation that includes potential Ayers = Hagarites and what appear to be Pharisees = Harlot only gets more dangerous if it's true that Cecil-Rhodes globalism = Herod globalism. It's the blind leading the blind, and we the sheeple are going to be left stranded in ruin when they kill one another off (give it just a little more time, you can see it coming)...except for the Appearance of the Liberator to bring the world back to its senses in a single Day of Rage.

Formation of Pharisees

I've never tried very hard to form a picture in my mind of how Pharisees developed in Israel from the Laevi and/or Ananes Gauls who pre-dated Pharisees. I was hoping that clues would crop up to form the picture for us. I've built up quite a "science," and maybe it's time to try to put the whole thing together. Let's start with the therory that Laevi had been a Levite branch of Israelites, or a pseudo-Levite branch of Israelites / Hebrews of another sort, and that Romans had transplanted some of them into Israel. If the theory doesn't work, toss it out. If it works, reflect.

The Levi and Chappes surnames were first found in Paris, where the Parisii predated Ananias and Caiaphas, wherefore I feel ready to insist that the Parisii out of Paris had everything to do with forming Pharisees. Myth writers seemed to have this idea that Percival the Grail King was the father of Lohengrin the Swan Knight, which for me paints the picture of a Parisii relationship with Liguria / Ligurians.

Ligurians started off in the land of the Rhodanus, and it's amongst the Redones that I see the rise of Herods, whom, like Pharisees, were planted into Israel by Romans. The migration of some Levi-related Parisii to Liguria's swan zone (probably Savone) explains why Salyes and Laevi Ligures should be found associated and related. The fact that Parisii were Gorgons easily explains why they migrated to Liguria's swan zone, founded by a mythical CYCnus that I interpret as a Gogi peoples. Thus, we see here the beginnings of a Gog merger with Israel's chief priests, or what could later become the Harlot with grail cup in her hands, riding the dragon of Rome, a dragon that I've also identified with end-time Gog, our very foolish anti-Christ yet covered in a mysterious drape, waiting to be revealed at the proper time.

The idea that Herods arose from Redones while allied / merged with Salyes Ligures can explain the Salomes that Herods were accompanied by. An explanation for Herod transplantation into Israel was come across several updates ago, when learning that Romans formed an agreement / alliance with Maccabees for to rid Israel of the Seleucid, Antiochus IV. I can only imagine that Romans sent some of their agents to Israel at the time, and as Pharisees rose up out of the Maccabees at about that very time, there we have the explanation for the transplantation of some Parisan-Levi elements into Israel. As this was the pagan grail>swan bloodline, it can explain why Jesus ridiculed the Pharisees by calling them filthy cups, the picture in Revelation 17 in regards to the purple-dressed Harlot sitting on the seven hills of purple-loving Rome.

Who uses purple? Lacys do (not to mention that they use "pellets" that I see as code for Pontius Pilate, Roman governor in Israel). And Ligurians were founded at Lacydon. A basic alliance of Roman blood with Ligures is thereby suggested; we may suspect the Butteri and proto-Kilpatrick Romo-Latins to have been involved in the alliance. I suspect that Patricks were named after Roman Patricians, for it was the Patricians that came to rule imperial Rome.

There's a good possibility that the Lys surname, also first found in Paris, was a version of the Levi surname. "Lys" and it's variations were likely from "Lacydon," therefore. In this case, the Levi may have been from Lacydon, not a bad theory because the Gauls / Ligures on the Po had come largely from Provence, the location of the Salyes up-river from the Lacydon theater at the mouth of the Rhone = Rhodanus.

The Durance river of the Salyes had a source near Aosta, wherefore I venture to trace the Lys clan (and possibly the Laevi) to the Lys valley in Aosta, beside or part of Piedmont at the time. It just so happens that we find a Ferrat location (not to be confused with nearby Montferrat) in Aosta. It just so happens that, while I trace the heraldic "fret" to "Ferrat" elements, English Lacys (the ones using pellets) use a purple "fret-knot." These Lacys were first found in Yorkshire, and York was co-founded by Parisii.

Reminder: MontFORTs ruled Leicestershire, a Ligurian location.

Maccabees had come out of Modi'in, in Israel. Ferrara is a location in Emilia Romagna, the location also of Modena. If Modena existed before the Maccabees of Israel appeared, we might trace Modena to Modi-in, not vice versa. But if Modena was named after the Maccabees appeared, we might trace Maccabee refugees, at 70 AD, to the naming / founding of Modena. But then there are also Modane and Moudon closer to the Laevi that should apply. Knowing the accurate history of these places could give important clues for filling some gaps.

Mascis were near Modane, in Piedmont where Laevi lived, and Modane is very near the source of the Durance river in the Cottian Alps. Moreover, in Emilia Romagna, there is a Bologne location in which the Boii conquered (in pre-Maccabee times), whom I assume with some other reasons to be the ones who named "MaccaBEUS/MaccaBAEUS." We also have a Godfrey de Bouillon, of Boulogne (French-Belgium border region), who had a swan symbol. The Boii were defeated at Bologna in the Battle of Mutina/Modena, in 193 BC, about the time that Maccabees appeared in Israel.

As in many battles, mergers between the winning and losing parties may form alliances. I can imagine a Roman merger with elite Boii peoples, the agents of which were transplanted into Israel.

Daniel 7 predicted that Romans would become the fourth beast-empire on earth, following the third Greek beast that would include the Seleucids. Daniel implies war between Romans and Seleucids, with Romans victorious. It just so happens that Antiochus IV (crowned 175 BC) was in Israel shortly after the Battle of Modena. The chief priests of Israel at the time were...the Maccabees.

We read: "Although the exact date of [Modena's] foundation is unknown, it is known that [Modena] was already in existence in the 3rd century BC, for in 218 BC, during Hannibal's invasion of Italy, the Boii revolted and laid siege to the city." The problem is, it doesn't tell whether Modena was the name of the city at the time. We then read: "Mutina was refounded as a Roman colony in 183 BC, to be used as a military base by Marcus Aemilius Lepidus..." That was just in time for the Maccabees.

The Israeli priesthood is called, "cohen," but while one could imagine links of the Cohen surname to the Laevi bloodline, I think it's very wrong to interpret Cohens as part of the foundations of the Laevi, the Levi surname, and the Israeli chief priests. In fact, Cohens may have at times become enemies with the lines of Israel's chief priests just because Cohens came from Khazaria's priesthood, called, kagan. It may even be that Illuminati schisms surviving to this day are between Khazar Rothschilds and the Herod-suspect Cecil-Rhodes Illuminati.

I realize that I'm going against cactus needles here to trace Maccabees to Modena of the Boii, for the account of the Maccabees traces them to Levites in Israel. But that's the prickly rub: we have the account of the Maccabees from the Book of Maccabees, and its writer(s), as with the Maccabees themselves, may have given the world a false report to justify a Maccabee priesthood in Israel, and to hide their roots in Modena:

The father of Judah [Maccabee] and the other Maccabee leaders, Mattathias [died 165 BC] was from a rural priestly family from Modi'in. Like all fit priests, he served in the Temple in Jerusalem. He was a son of Yohannan, grandson of Simeon, the Hasmonean, and great-grandson of Asmon or Hasmonaeus, a Levite of the lineage of Joarib for being the 5th grandson of Idaiah, son of Joarib and grandson of Jachin, in turn a descendant of Phinehas, 3rd High Priest of Israel, according to Mattathias' own words in I Maccabees.

If we peg Mattathias' birth at about 225 BC, his great-grandfather would go back, in Israel, to at least 300 BC, though more likely closer to 350-325 BC.

What can we make of the term, "Asmon," the foundation of "Hasmonian"? Didn't I just mention the Lys surname in regards to Pharisees, using white-on-red fleur-de-lys? Don't I trace Maccabees to Macey-based Masseys, who likewise use white-on-red fleur-de-lys? Why does the Asman Coat use white-on-red fleur-de-lys??? I'm so stunned at this I don't know what to say.

White fleur-de-lys are also used by English Durans, and because Sales use fleur-de-lys in Duran colors, it's a no brainer that Durans were from the Durance river. The Arms of Briancon is a white-on-blue castle, the color of the tower in the Italian Duran Coat. Briancon was a Gog's spit from Modane, and Modane is beside Aosta. Let me repeat ad-nauseum about Aosta's Lys and Ferrat valleys tracing to Ferte-Mace (Normandy), the Norman location of Maceys > Masseys. Somewhere in this fold, the Asmons joined in with the Lys and Masseys. If you can find out who the Asmons were originally, you get to be the first outsider ever to figure out who the Hasmoneans derived from. Freemasons probably knew, and so we might seek their clues.

It the above obliterates the Asman/Ashman trace to "Ishmael," so be it. Or, perhaps the Hasmoneans were Ishmaelites. The Ashmoles/Ashmoals (in the colors of the Asmans/Ashmans) themselves use a fleur-de-lys, as well as a greyhound, symbol of the Lys Coat!!! Heraldry is coughing up delicate secrets here. The greyhound is a symbol that I've traced to Meshwesh Amazons, the same peoples who I say were proto-Maccabees.

What does all this say for king Clovis, the one who honored the fleur-de-lys? Do we see any contradiction in the idea that Clovis, king of the first Franks, was a Pharisee bloodliner? Wasn't Clovis in Paris?

One theory I've advanced in the past is that Mattathias above was from the Mattis/Massi surname, using Cohen checks and the Roman eagle. This is the surname that may begin to discover the merger of Maccabee and Khazar priesthoods. The surname traces through the Alans to the Stewart Coat, not surprising when we find that Ferte-Mace is in ALENcon. I won't discuss it here, but I've just noted that the Temple surname (Cheshire, Leicester) uses the eagle in the colors of the Massi/Mattis eagle, while French Temples (no write-up) use stars in the colors of the stars of French (Normandy) Alans. I looked up the Temple surname while writing "Freemasonry's true origins" above, thinking that the Temple surname might be a root of "Templar."

An eagle in the same black-on-gold colors (= Asman and Ashmole colors) is used by the German Baes/Bez/Baez surname! It is a very strong argument that the Massi/Matti eagle is shared by the Baes surname just because they were both Maccabee bloodlines. As per my trace of the Spanish Baez/Pelaiz surname to Masci-related Pollocks, I would now have to say that Paisley in Renfrew is a Maccabee locale of the Baes/Baez kind. The Paisley Shield is even the Macey Shield.

The article below tends to convince me that Modena went by that name in pre-Maccabee times:

The first traces of any substantial civilization are of the Etruscans, who between the 6th and 4th centuries B.C. founded twelve cities in the Po Valley, one of which was Modena. Most experts believe that Mutina, the ancient Latin name for the city, derives from Mut, an Etruscan term indicating a small rising of the ground. Others, however, maintain that the name of the city comes from the Celtic term Mouden, very similar in meaning to the Etruscan word and again referring to the city's position at the foot of the hills.

I'll therefore stick to my old trace of "Modena" to "Modon/Methoni" in Messene (beside Spartans in Greece), and assume that the namers of Modena came from Messina in Scylla, the origin of the Meschins...who ended up in the Bessin, founded by Baiocasses, thought by many to be from the Boii. All that works too well not to be true. But if Modena existed before Maccabees, the next question is the date of origin of Modane in Savoy. On Methoni:

Methoni (...Italian: Modone) is a village and a former municipality in Messenia, Peloponnese, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Pylos-Nestoras, of which it is a municipal unit...

...The town is also known by the Italian name Modone, as it was called by the Venetians...

...Methoni has been identified as the city Pedasus...,_Messenia

It just so happens that Modena was in the Veneti theater. The Veneti, and Modena itself, were off the Po river, otherwise called the Padus. We might even trace "Piedmont" to "Padus / Pedasus" elements. As I can't find, at the moment, any terms in the Modane area that could honor Maccabee elements, I'll tentatively resolve to trace Maccabees from Modena to Modi'in in Israel, not vice-versa. Until details can be discovered on the nature of the Roman alliances with Modena's Boii elements. I can't say much more.

There is a very good argument to make that the anti-Christ will be of the Roman-Maccabee line that defeated Antiochus IV. Daniel 11 seems to take the Seleucid kings to the brink of Antiochus IV, at which time (starting at verse 21) its switches to the end-anti-Christ in place of Antiochus IV. We might reason that Daniel was prophesying on a line of the anti-Christ more involved in Israel than we may have been led to realize. It may be that the Maccabee > Pharisee line was itself the anti-Christ line. It would be excellent to discover where Pharisees and Maccabees went in 70 AD.

Seeking Maccabee lines from the clue of "MacCabe," we might investigate "Chaves," which just happens to be a Spanish variation of the Shaves/Sheaves/Chiapponis...whom I've traced to "Caiaphas" already. It looks like all such surnames came forth from MacCabes/MacAbees. Shaves/Sheaves were first found in the same place (Abruzzo) as Massis/Mattis'.

It's not only the MacCabes/Abees who use fish; the Chabes (Provence!) have just been found to use fish, and they are also the Cabots. The question is, what Chabes or Chaves or Chappes entity was it that formed "Caiaphas." Scottish Chappes/Cheaps even use "ears of wheat" (Mackies/Mackeys were first in AYRshire, and MacCabes were offshore from Ayrshire).

If true that "Caiaphas" was an outworking from "MacCABEE," then Caiaphas looks like a pure Maccabee. I don't know who named Caiaphas, his father or his mother. Actually, his father was named Caiaphas. That is, the Biblical Caiaphas was "Joseph, son of Caiaphas, or Yosef Bar Kayafa, commonly known simply as Caiaphas in the New Testament, was the Roman-appointed Jewish high priest who is said to have organized the plot to kill Jesus." He married a daughter of Annas/Ananias, himself the Israeli high priest before him. In other words, I'm suspecting that a Laevi / Levi line from the Ananes Gauls gave his daughter in marriage to a Caiaphas bloodline from the Chappes bloodline of Paris (when I use "bloodline," its in a wider, or more general, sense than "surname").

We read in the article above that Valerius Gratus (Roman governor in Judea just before Pontius Pilate took over) appointed Caiaphas the high priest, otherwise, we are told, nothing else is known of his history. It just so happens that the Grat/Grasse/Grace surname was first found in Provence, and uses a triple chevron, as does the French Levi Coat. The latter's chevrons are in the colors of the Asmans / Ashmoles. The Grat chevrons are in the colors of Maceys and Briancon. English Gras' use the same colors, even the Botter bend, and were first found in the same place (Lincolnshire, home of Redones) as English Messiers. Grauts/Graus'/Gros' were first found in the same place (Burgundy) as French Messiers and Pilates. Grauts/Graus' use a greyhound, symbol of Ashmoles and Lys.' Asmans use talbot dogs, the symbol of Talbots from Lucy TailleBOIS of Lincolnshire, wife of le Meschin. Are you seeing everything clearly? Can there be any doubts that God has revealed, through the tribwatch team, these things unknown to the world at large? Doesn't all this give prophecy a great boost for those who had been finding it hard to believe as truth?

Why do Pellets/Pillates use grail cups, and a chevron like that of the Valery Coat? Why do Payens use the same chevron while a Hugh de Payen was the first priest (or grandmaster) of the Templars? As GD pointed out rather well only a few months ago, with evidence I didn't begin to share, evidence I had not previously known, Hugh de Payen had married a Chappes surname:

Within this period [Hugh de Payen] also married, to a woman recorded as Elizabeth de Chappes (or by later chroniclers as Catherine St. Clair), and fathered at least one child -- Thibaud, later abbot at La Colombe...

...Later chroniclers write that De Payens approached King Baldwin II of Jerusalem with eight knights, two of whom were brothers and all of whom were his relatives by either blood or marriage, in order to form the first of the Knights Templar. The other knights were Godfrey de Saint-Omer, Payen de Montdidier, Archambaud de St. Agnan, Andre de Montbard, Geoffrey Bison, and two men recorded only by the names of Rossal and Gondamer. The ninth knight remains unknown, although some have speculated that it was Count Hugh of Champagne himself.

The article goes on to tell, that Hugh established a headquarters for the Templars at Temple, Midlothian. The Temple article reads: "Historically the Parish of Temple was divided into three portions, the ancient parish of Clerkington, and the Chapelries of Moorfoot and Balantrodach...Balantrodach on the other hand, was a Chapelry of the Knights Templar." The Balan Coat (Sinclair colors) uses pellets, and a rooster in Crest that is also a Sinclair symbol (Sinclairs were near Temple at Roslin). The village of Baylham was that of the Balans, a term like "Pay."

The English Bayley Coat uses nine stars (in the Moray-star colors), which could indicate the original nine Templars. The motto of the Bayleys: "Ubi ben ibi patria," very MacAbee suspect (motto is comparable to that of Newmans). The Bayley stars could be from the French Bes/Bez Coat.

AHA! The Caves Crest is a greyhound, and the Caves Coat is lattice/fretty (symbol of Cuttins and Cotts/Cottins) in the colors of the Maceys / Briancon. While that doesn't quite come to bear in the Modane location of the Cottian Alps, it at least links to the Cottians of Maccabee relations. The Caves motto, "Cave Deus videt," should be code for the Wides/Waids, who use the Messier/Messey saltire, and fleur in the colors of the Masci fleur. Scottish Wides/Woods were first found in Ligurian Leicester. Widemans (in Wide/Waid colors) use grape bunches, a symbol of ConnectiCUT and of Levins.

At the top of this update, it was said: "The Wither write-up traces the surname to "wide MESSenger..." It suggested that Withers/Weathers were also Wides, and that now traces the Weather Underground to Maccabee elements.

Recalling (from the last update) the trace of the mother (Eleanor of Provence) of Edward I the Hammer to Modane, it's interesting that "...King Edward II of England (son of Edward I) abolished the Templars in both England and Scotland. According to the edict, all Knight Templar property was to be seized and handed over to the control of the Knights Hospitaller, who had a preceptory at Torphichen, although North of the Firth of Forth, Robert the Bruce, being under interdict at the time, was reluctant to do so." Can we glean here that the Maccabee line to the Edwards rebelled against the Templar line that, thus far, seems to have been a merger of lines from Gratus and Caiaphas?,_Midlothian

Should Knights Hospitallers be regarded as Maccabees of the Edward kind? "Following the conquest of the Holy Land by Islamic forces, the [Knights Hospitaller] Order operated from Rhodes, over which it was sovereign, and later from Malta..."

Might the Templars prove to be Amorite lovers by their stay in MURIStan:

The Muristan (from Persian Bimaristan meaning "Hospital") is a complex of streets and shops in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. The site was the location of the first hospital of the Knights Hospitaller.

The area just south of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has a long tradition dating to the days of Yehuda haMaccabi (2nd century BC) based on incidents recorded in the Second Book of Maccabees. According to the legend, King Antiochus V proceeded to Jerusalem to punish the High Priest for plundering David's Tomb. While on Golgotha, the king was directed in a divine vision to pardon the High Priest, and to build a hospital for the care of the sick and poor on that spot. In 1496, William Caoursin, Vice-Chancellor of the Hospitallers, wrote that Judas Maccabaeus and John Hyrcanus founded the hospital on that spot.

Yes, amazingly, it appears that Hospitallers loved the Maccabees, and we may even infer that Templars wanted Jerusalem because they were the old Maccabee > Pharisee line. Who would have taught? There is a question of whether Maccabees, after defeating Antiochus IV, formed an alliance by marriage with Seleucids, thus sealing the Maccabee enlistment with the anti-Christ bloodline. The above would suggest more than friendliness toward Antiochus V on the part of Maccabees.

Who named Muristan, and was it mere code for Amorites of old Jerusalem??? "The earliest historical mention of the location Muristan is in 600 AD, when a certain Abbot Probus was commissioned by Pope Gregory the Great to build a hospital in Jerusalem..." Muristan is on the south end of the Temple Mount, the part of the Mount closest to mount Zion. The Temple Mount is often identified as old mount Moriah, a term that should be from the Amorites.

"Hadrian built a large temple to the goddess Venus, which later became the Church of the Holy Sepulchre." This spot is at the northern end of the Temple Mount, and my point is Venus' Greek designation as Aphrodite, whom I trace to the Hebros = Maritsa river. Aphrodite was mate to Ares > Mars, and thus traces to the Marsi of Aprutium = Abruzzo. It's as though the Romans (Hadrian, anyway) knew that Aphrodite traced to mount Moriah. The Marmara body of water was at Parion/Parium, the place to which I trace the Parisii. Ares of Jerusalem was, in my opinion, proto-Hera, even the Horus line out of Egypt. I trace Set to "Zedek," an old Amorite name for Jerusalem.

It's the story of the true Creator taking the holy city of satan away from him, but someone could distort God into just another one of the many false gods invented by paganism. At many junctions of history, even the Israelites misread the true Creator, mingling him with pagan fantasies. Any good thinker knows that we are Created, that evolution is a far-reaching pile of manure to steal the idea of God from existence. Bank on it. The continuation of your soul depends upon it. Modern satanists will suggest it cruel of God to send his Son to a death, and so they deliberately excuse the point, that Jesus gave his life willingly and gladly for his friends and brothers. He spurned the negative side of being murdered, thinking on the final results instead. Now, there is a Man! Satanists are loath to be true men, and are stuck in childish mode. Phooey! Spit!

I didn't have the below in mind when tracing Pharisees to Parisii, because I had not known it before. I have been so busy over the years just following clues to where they may lead that I neglected to soak up finer details of Templar history. All praise be to God:

"Legend has it that treasure of the Knights Templar was removed secretly from Paris, to be hidden in Temple. A local legend states: 'Twixt the oak and the elm tree/You will find buried the millions free.' French legends about the Templar treasure apparently also state that the treasure was taken to Scotland, with the knights landing on the Isle of May, the first island they would encounter in the Firth of Forth. Geographically, this would take them to the mouth of the river Esk [location of Temple], which could take them on to Rosslyn..." (Temple article above).

Who more that the Templars, and the Vatican in seeking to destroy the Templars it created, have given Christ a bad name for their love of money and power, their sorceries and murders, their duplicity and hypocrisy? Yes, the grail cup is far more filthy than imaginable, yet it will see more dirt in the short future as it resumes to persecute the saints in one last furious sweep. Pity satan, his coming torment unbearable. You can imagine his sons saying, "It's been so long since we murdered Jesus, we can be proud of it with out fear. We got away with it, and today we rule half the world. God is dead."

I was struck hard (and gladly so) when seeing the Kaif Coat after contemplating what "Kayafa" (Jewish version of "Caiaphas") could develop into as a surname. The Kaif/Kaipff/Kaip Shield is nearly the Chappes Shield, both using filled PARchevron that are as tall as the Shield itself. The Kaif/Kaip description: "A shield divided into thirds around the middle chief point, black with two gold wolf heads facing each other, and blue in base with a gold lion rampant." A middle CHIEF point?

By the way, the Annandale Coat uses a so-called "Chief." We should now ask why heraldry called the upper one-third of a Shield by that term? How strict were heraldry masters? Did they insist that no Chief could be used in the Arms of any individual unless there was a strict trace to the Israeli chief priests?

BEHOLD! The Ottone Coat is in the style of the Kaif/Kaip Shield, and yet uses the colors of the Chappes Coat. And, very striking, the Ottones were first found in Perusia!!! That makes Perusia a Pharisee-suspect location. The first Visconti ruler of Milan was Ottone Visconti. Viscontis were of Piedmont, the very place to which I trace Israel's chief priests.

Capps and Calfs/Caufs were first found in the same place (Lincolnshire), but then Coffeys, Coffert/Coverts, and similar others are suspect as Caiaphas lines. That should explain why Covert/Coffert kin linked to Par-like Oxfordshire especially

Recall the white-on-black fleur-de-lys of the Salyes and Durans, and compare the Duran Coat to the Sale and Cuff Coats! Then see the Sale bend in the Bee Coat (Oxfordshire surname). As we see an arm with sleeve and cuff, we might trace other surnames with sleeve and cuff to the Cuffs. The Cuff write-up traces to "glove," what looks like code, and then the Glove/Glover Crest (in Cuff colors) is the same crossbow design as per the English Latin Crest.

Maceys use gloves. Moreover, Clovers appear to apply to Glovers because they use a Shield format in the colors of Meschins, and colored reversed from those of the Leaders (more pellets) and Ladons. If that's not enough, the Clover Crest is a key, symbol of the Shaves/Sheaves/Chiapponis.

Suddenly, we have reason to suspect the Kay/Key surname as short for "KAYafa." I don't recall whether I have gone over this exercise before. I do recall tracing the Caiaphas line to CAPPAdocia via mythical Capys (pre-dated Pharisees by many centuries), and it's capital, Kaiseriya. If correct, then I would have to trace Capys elements to Paris, the city that I see proto-Pharisees arising in, which is no problem at all because Capys was related to mythical Paris. Moreover, ancient writers traced Capys to the city of Capua in Campania (Italy), near Avalon, and then the wolf line at Avalon links to Avallon in/beside historical Champagne (France), not very far from Troyes and Paris. Capua is in the province of Caserta, smacking of Kaisariya/Caisariya (anciently Mazaca, and thus suspect as proto-Maccabee elements that formed first into the Meshwesh/Mazyes/Maxyes Amazons).

We can even link the Clover/Claver/Cleaver surname above to king Clovis. He did, for a time, make Paris his capital. I noted that the wolf design in the Kaif/Kaip Coat is that of Claptons/Cloptons, whom I've linked in the past to Clovers/Clavers. I typically mention the Cleave/Cliff wolf in this discussion, and the clover (or trefoil) in the Cleave/Cliff Coat (Dutch Clavers use clovers), and I then add that the Sheaves/Shaws/SHAYs (i.e. like "Kay") are said to derive in "wolf" (sounds more like code for kin that true derivation). This paragraph suggests that Clovis bumped into the line of the Israeli chief priests, perhaps by marriage.

I can add that the fleur-de-lys, usually attributed (by others) to Clovis originally, should trace to Lacydon, and then the Skipton write-up mentions Clovis-suspect Cliffords. That's important because both Skiptons and Lacys (and Spanish Luz') use purple lions, and both were of Yorkshire, the city of the Parisii. (I've mentioned the Shipton trace to "Skipton," and then while Shiptons use an eel in Crest, the Cliffton write-up traced to an Ely location.)

Cliffords use a Shield filled with the same-colored checks as Warrenes who had the audacity to use a dragon in Crest with a motto that includes, "Lion of Judah."

Why did I ever emphasize Greek myth for years if Freemasonry is only about Pharisees, Maccabees, and Herods? It's not only them. Other non-Israeli Hebrews took the Aphrodite > Venus cult to Veneti.

As you can see that Cliffords use a red wyvern in Crest, it requires a re-mention of the Drakes (red wyvern) who use "Aquila" in their motto as code for the capital of Abruzzo (there's an Aquila-like location in the Veneti theater too). Both Ferraris and Abreus/Abruzzos were first found in the same place (Venetio), and then Portuguese Abreus use horseshoes, a symbol of multiple Ferr-like surnames. The bigger point is that the two symbols of Italian Abreus/Abruzzos are uses by Priestlys/Presleys, which makes Abreus suspect as a Pharisee line, especially as "Abrussi" developed into the Brusi > Bruces of Yorkshire.

Reminder: emailer Patterson had a dream-like vision as she awoke, which she forwarded to us, of a blue lion with the name something like "Cappeo" (her spelling). Under the circumstances of that vision, it was clear to me that this was a message of God to us, the her Cappeo lion was that of the Halland surname of Yorkshire, and therefore the blue lion of the Bruces of Yorkshire (the York surname uses "cupias"). But I also knew of a blue-on-white lion used by an Arms of Macclesfield that includes a "copia" motto term. It was easy at the time to trace this vision to Coppers/Coupers, and therefore to the copper mining that named Cyprus, the island on which Aphrodite, also called, Kypris, was made born. I just want you to realize why God gave this vision to us, as it concerns the Pharisee bloodline, which is making more sense in this discussion than ever. Reminder: the Bruce king of Scotland protected Templars from the deadly Vatican persecutions.

Coppers/Coupers use a Chief, and emailer Patterson's horse was named, Copperchief. This was not on her mind when she and I interpreted "Cappeo" as "alpha = first" (her term) and "cap/chief" my term. All the "coincidences" convinced me that it was a vision from God to us.

In the past, I traced Clovis to Herod bloodliners because I traced the Clode-like spelling of "Clovis" to McClouds, who show a Herod sept. There were other reasons that convinced me of a trace to Herods, though I can't recall whether they included Clovis' uncle, Gondebad of Vienne (I'm assuming the Vienne of the Burgundy theater), whom I just came across seeking some info on Clotilde, Clovis' second wife. One Herod of Israel was banished to Vienne in France, though I don't know which of the two Viennes was being referred to. It doesn't sound as though Pharisees or Herods would come from a family with such names as Gondebad, but the latter's may have married a Herod. The Vienne in the Burgundy theater is in Isere, a term like "Israel."

With his first wife (apparently unknown), Clovis is reported online to have had a son, TheoDORic, which might possibly link to the Doris/Orres surname using a wavy white-on-red bar, a symbol also of the Arms of Vienne (the other Vienne, in the Poitou theater). The Arms uses a castle not far different than the McLeod castle. The Arms are in the colors of the Waynes, I've just noted.

Another thing coming to mind with "Kayafa" is the Israeli city of Haifa. We would think that Jews of the first century would have had a cult around Caiaphas, propagated by his own family. But what I'd like to emphasize here is that "Caiaphas" seems to trace logically to Capys elements in Paris. It would be excellent should we find what that Capys entity was. But we already did, in the Chappes. And as Hugh de Payen married a Chappes, what about the similarity of "Payen/Pagan" with "ChamPAGNE." High was even known to be related to rulers of Champagne, and then Capys traces well from Capua in Campania and Champagne, which by the way was likewise called "Campania" by some.

Is there any evidence that the Chappes' of Paris were from mythical Capys and/or Capua? I'm looking for it. Both Chappes and Ottones use the long chevron, in the white-on-blue colors of the Macey / Mackay chevron, which has logic as per Mazaca = Kaisariya, capital of Cappadocia. Scottish Chappes/Cheaps use a gold garb in Crest, symbol of Cheshire. The latter Chappes, said to be from Picts, are seriously suspect as furnishing the mother of Pontius Pilate. You can find online that Pilate's mother is thought by some to have been a Pictish woman in Perthshire, and the Chappes/Cheapes were first found in Stirlingshire, beside Perthshire. Mythical Kay (= Pharisee suspect) was a son of Ector, and Ectors were first found in Angus, also beside Perthshire. Guiscards/WisHARTs were likewise first found in Stirlingshire, that then the Guiscard/Wishart Coat uses "piles."

It had been determined that Maccabees should be from Modane in Savoy, in the Cottian alps, and that Cottians used a lattice design. But then the Guiscard rulers of Sicily are also depicted (= codework) in a painting with lattice in their clothing. Modane was the ancestry of Edward I the Hammer, and then the Edward Shield is likewise a white-on-blue chevron. the Macey Shield. Edwards and Yorks were both first found in the same place (Wiltshire), and Yorks not only use "cupias," a term related to "copia" in Macclesfield of Cheshire, but "metuas," smacking of the white-and-blue Mattis/Massi surname...that I trace to Visconti-Massino, which links to Ottone Visconti.

The York Coat's blue saltire must be the Copper/Couper blue saltire, but the latter's is colors reversed to the Messey/Messier saltire, of a surname first found near French Savoy. French Massey/Masse's were first found in Savoy. This is all new to me, that the line of king Edward links to Yorks and Coopers. The Copes use York and Copper/Couper colors, and a chevron in colors reversed to the Macey chevron. Copes also use fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Masci fleur. Copelands use "numine" in their motto code for the MacCabe-related Newmans, and so we now can know that Copes and Copelands likewise trace back to Pharisees.

Cuffs, who were accessed from the Kaifs/Kaips that use a Coat similar to Chappes and Ottones, show an "Animus" motto term much like "numine." It just so happens that Copes use "animo." The Nimo/Newmarch surname is perhaps represented by such terms. While Copes were first found in Ligurian Leicestershire, Cuffs use a version of the Sales(-of-Mascy) Coat.

It may be only barely visible in the exercise above that Edwards trace to Capys elements, but it's there for the taking. The stag head used by English Edwards is one I know of in the HORTons and Annes/Hannes of YORKshire, if that helps to make the Edward trace to Yorks more palatable, and in the meantime bring a Herod-suspect surname into the picture. See also the Horts/Hurts and Horts/Hardies (black boars).

The Hortons here recall that "Ordovices" of northern Wales are traced to "hammer." The Welsh Edwards were first found in northern Wales. The Welsh "gordd" and the Breton "horzh" mean "hammer." In my opinion, Ordovices were Arta / Arthur roots from mythical Orthos, Geryon's mythical dog. In my further opinion, "Geryon" (a monster) was code for "Gorgon," and York (like "GORGon") was founded by Parisii Gorgons. It may be that "gordd" and "horzh" developed as a term, amongst the Brito-Welsh peoples to which mythical king Arthur belonged, after "Orthos" elements.

One of my earliest mythical traces was Geryon to Erethlyn in north Wales because Greek myth located him at a far-west Atlantean location of "Erytheia". Erethlyn and the Ordovices are in the Mona theater, and then Maccabees were called, HasMONians. It just so happens that Asmans/Ashmans were first found in Wiltshire (!!!), where Edwards and Yorks were first found. ZIKERS, that is good, because it tends to trace Maccabees to the Geryon cult. In order to connect Geryon Gorgons to Paris, I can repeat that king Arthur myth had many means of linking Arthur himself to Merovingians. "Merlin" and Morgans, both of south Wales, are just two examples. Arthur's "death" in Avalon can trace to Capua elements of Avellino (near Capua). Reminder: Maccabees have been traced (by me) to Meshwesh Amazons, known by others to have been part-and-parcel with north-African Gorgons.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea that Meshwesh of Africa founded Geryon's Welsh entity, and to that I can add that Briquessarts > Meschins, who eventually ruled beside Wales, were traced solidly to the part of north-western Spain (Brigantium) where others locate mythical Geryon, at A Coruna. Previously. Briquessarts/Meschins were in the Bessin, and then the York Coat uses a besant centrally upon its saltire. See the besant in the middle of the York rose.

The House of York was from the dukes of York as per Edward III, grandson of Edward the Hammer. The House of Lancaster and of York were from sons of Edward III, but yet another son (Lionel Plantagenet) married Violante Visconti, not in England, but in Milan.

I might not have stressed the Edwards here had it not been for the black-on-white lion of the Welsh Edwards, for it was minuted before seeing it that I had come to the crowned black-on-white lion head of the Capua/Capone surname (first found in Naples, near Capua). The Caputa/Caputo variation smacks of the Capets who ruled France for centuries, but then the Capet/Cepede crown design is used also by Martels = hammers. Thus, it appears that king Edward was The Hammer because he was related to Capets and Martels.

What we should be seeing here is the sadistically spectacular finding that Herod and Pharisee blood came to rule Franks. One of the Merovingian symbols was a spear, like the "spear of destiny" that was thrust into Christ. It's as though Merovingians knew who they were. It just so happens that the Edward kings (loved the fleur-de-lys) were of the Plantagenet dynasty (= Fulks) while the Capet/Cepede Shield is split in the same fashion and colors as the Fulkes/Folk Shield. The latter surname uses the Shakespeare spear in Crest, and a "Qui" motto term. In fact, the motto, "Qui sera sera" smacks of "Kaisariya" as well as "Assaracus," mythical father of Capys.

Were the Edwards just traced to the Mattis/Massi Coat as per the "metuas" term of Yorks? Italian Fulks use essentially the same Coat.

Although I've been on this idea before, that Hasmoneans were somehow of Mona in north Wales, it stretches my brain. If Mona named Hasmoneans, then Maccabees were Welshmen of sorts. The alternative is that Hasmoneans named Mona, still a mind-boggler.

Long before Revelation was written, Greek myth had an apple orchard in western Atlantis, with multi-headed Ladon, the Biblical dragon cult, tending to the orchard. For me, this traces Latins to Avalon. It's as though the apple theme of Avalon was in Britain long before king Arthur was devised in Christian centuries, as though the apple theme went back to Latins and/or Avellino. I had traced "Arthur" to Ardea on the south side of Rome, where Butteri lived whom I traced to Bute = Avalon. In such a picture, envisioning Capua elements removed to Wales and/or Avalon is not difficult. It slackens the mental stretch. And there in Arran, smack beside Bute, we find the MacCabes/Abees.

The Asman Shield uses a red-on-gold bend, a symbol in itself that is the entire Arms of Baden, but also used by the Arms of Lorraine, and the Lorraine surname. I'm very glad I recalled this, for I now see that both Asmans and Lorraines ("Lauro" motto term) use three white symbols on their respective bends. The original point was that Lorraine (Meuse theater) is beside Champagne, i.e. near Avallon, easily trace-able to the Capua and Avellino theater.

To this we can add the grail cup, with laurel leaves within, of the Laury Coat, assuming the cup to be the Pharisee grail symbol alluded to by Jesus, and that of the Revelation harlot. Recalling the Butteri and Latin link to harlot-suspect Kilpatricks, we now find Laurys and Kilpatricks first found in Dumfries, where Annan(dale)s were first found. How a-bute that.

You're never going to get this if you focus on heraldic write-ups in their literal black and white. Heraldic write-up must take a second seat to codework. Recognize codes first, and expect even the write-ups to be code. Interpret the heraldic realities by the relationships between Coats. Don't trace the "spear" in the Asman write-up to the surname, as the write-up is asking you to do. Rather, trace the spear to the one thrust in Jesus, and realize that Freemasonic Asmans were proud to be of that bloodline.

In all this, we can now suspect that Capua elements had merged with Butteri Latins to form the Biblical dragon cult in Europe. If KilPatricks were Butteri, so should Pattersons be, who are said to derive in "Patrick." It just so happens that Irish Pattersons use a black-on-white lion, the color of the Edward and Capua lions. The white-on-blue Patterson scallops could link to the gold-on-blue scallops in the Arms of A Coruna. Note the pirate crossbone symbol in those Arms, what I suspect to be encoded in the black Kilpatrick / Patrick saltire.

It just so happens that Mallets use scallops in the colors of the Coruna scallops!

We saw that Edwards and Yorks were heraldically linked, while Yorks and Coopers used the same saltire, and that Coopers are thereby strongly suspect as Capys elements. I now find that Eddys use a gold leopard head, the Cooper symbol, but also black-on-white leopards in the Coat. Thus, Eddys must be a branch of Edwards Maccabees, which then begs the question of whose white-on-red bend the Eddys use. Could it be that of the Doris'/Orres'? Did we tend to trace Edwards to Geryon elements, to Ordovices, and therefore to Arthurs? Eddys were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Arthurs.

The Eddy leopard is said to be "jessant" with a fleur-de-lys. The Jessant/Jessen/Gesson surname was first found in Yorkshire. The surname is said to be from "Judd," a pet form of "Jordan." English Judds (in Eddy-bend colors) use another red wyvern, matching the red color of the Jessant roosters. German Judds are "Juden," the term for "Jew" or "Judah." We might expect such a surname from Pharisees, who were stationed in Jerusalem, in the land of the tribe of Judah.

The Judge surname was firstly found in Warwickshire, what I trace to Warsaw in Masovia, where the Drake red wyvern was used by Dukes of Masovia. Therefore, the Judds and Judges/Judes/Juges must be branches, and indeed the Judge Coat uses more gold leopard heads, symbols of the Judd-related Eddys. Judges even use an axe, symbol of Drakes. The Judges are thus suspect as Jews of the Pharisee kind. Let's not neglect the Warrenes who use "Juda" in their motto. I don't think it was realized that Judges were from Pharisees the last time that I emphasized Judges.

I think I can now explain (without great detail) the birth of Maccabees with confidence. Apollo, chief of the Muses, had a Coronos entity known to be the white bird turned into a crow, the black Cyrenian line of Apollo, and because the Meshwesh lived in Cyrene, they were the Apollo Muses or black raven line headed toward A Coruna as the Geryon Gorgons. But first, they entered Abellinum/Avellino, naming it after Apollo, and as they carried a black symbol, they gave the color to the lion of Capua, perhaps explaining why the Chappes of Paris use black Moor heads. Later, they passed Rome and Piedmont and got to Avallon, spreading into, and naming, the nearby Meuse and Moselle rivers in what would later be Lorraine, and they named Champagne after Campania. They crossed France possibly into Artois, sailed the channel into whatever the large island was called in those days (Atlantis?), got to Bute = Avalon, into Arran, and no doubt they much-later named the CampBell surname (first found in Argyllshire, Bute theater)) after CAMPania and ABELLinum elements. Thus, Campbells and Avalon are one. The Campbell write-up: "The MacArthurs were the ancient senior sept of the Campbells." (It explains why Arthur retreated to Avalon when losing to Mordred.) The Muses of Bute would later be called the nine witches of Avalon, as well as well as Mackies/Mackeys who use a raven and an arrow, two Apollo symbols.

The proto-Arthur Orthos entity (using Apollo's wolf symbol) from the Latins would become Ordovices, and these would merge, if not already merged in previous times, with the Muses of Avalon.

But how do we get these proto-Maccabee from the Bute theater to the Boii way over in Bologna and Modena? How do we get the Hasmoneans in Mona to the Modena theater so that the Boii can merge with them to form Maccabees proper? Somehow, there must have been some backtracking from the Bute theater into France. Franks may have derived from this backtracking. The Merovingians, who used the bee symbol, were to some degree Ubii Franks. Newmans in Arran (the island called Numenor by Tolkien) use "ubi" in their motto. But, Franks proper arose centuries after the Maccabees of Israel appeared, wherefore the backtracking of the Apollo Muses had to take place before the appearance of Franks.

The problem is, dating Geryon is not easy. My best shot is about 1,000 BC. Another problem is that Boii must come, I'm convinced, from Boiotians. Luckily, I learned recently that the CadMUS Boiotians landed in Butua (now Budva), and was there depicted with a fish symbol, the symbol also in the MacCabe Coat. This may attest to the merger of MacCabes with Boii elements of the CadMUS king, but it doesn't tell me how it happened. Near Butua were the Maezaei, and near them were the Boii in the times of Illyrian Celts about 1,200 - 800 BC. Illyrian elements would found Rome and the Latins to some degree, and so, safe to say, the Arthurian Latins to Avalon were first from Illyrian Celts. But I can't equate CadMUS with the Muses out of north-Africa. I traces the Cadmus Boiotians to the Aedui at Autun, same theater as Avallon. It may be that the two Mus entities connected there before reaching Bute. That would easily explain how the proto-MacCabes from Avallon had merged with Boiotians.

Now Wikipedia's Boii article has some mixed feelings on Boii origins. One of the theories is that they came first out of France, which jibes with the paragraph above:

According to the ancient authors, the Boii arrived in northern Italy by crossing the Alps. While of the other the tribes who had come to Italy along with the Boii, the Senones, Lingones and Cenomani are also attested in Gaul [= France] at the time of the Roman conquest, there is no such clear evidence for the Boii in Gaul. It remains therefore unclear where exactly the Central European origins of the Boii lay, if somewhere in Gaul, Southern Germany or in Bohemia.

Perhaps the Ubii proto-Franks had been the original Boiotian > Boii line. In Christian centuries, they were on the middle Rhine beside the Chatti...whom I traced to CADmus. That probably works too well not to be true, by which I mean to say I think we have found the origins of the Boii. The Ubii and the Chatti were not getting along in the time of Caesar, by but that time, Maccabees were already in Israel.

On the map of the Ubii (link above), I see a Budesheim location (this is on an ancient map) to the south of the Ubii, attesting to a Ubii link to Cadmus and to Butua/Budva...and to Bute. Budesheim is otherwise named, Ausava, smacking of the Sava where lived the Maezaei. Perhaps i should ignore this. Perhaps I shouldn't because it may be true that Maezaei got to this area. It would be confusing because I've just traced proto-Maccabees to Meshwesh in Cyrene. If true that Maezaei were in the area too, it raises the question of how to distinguish between them and Meshwesh, or even which of the two the Maccabees should be rooted in. Perhaps both.

Across the Rhine from the Ubii is Bonn, a location I trace to "Bononia," the alternative name of Bologna. We definitely have a story here, no matter how corny it may at first sound. The idea is that some backtracking from Bute got the proto-Maccabees to the Ubii theater, and from there to the sister city of Bonn, Bologna, smack beside Modena. Some Roman entity then transplanted a trusted Ubii line in Modena into Modi-in of Israel, where a man, Asmon, was the father of Hasmoneans. We saw the Asman Coat link to the Lorraine Coat, and then Lorraine is in the Meuse theater beside the Ubii theater.

Should we seek an Asmon-like entity in pre-Christian France or Germany? Apparently, yes. That could be the key.

The likelihood of a transplantation by Romans seems good: "The Ubii remained loyal allies of Rome; they were instrumental in crushing the Batavian rebellion in 70 and, although some of them made part of the invasion of Pannonia in 166, they become foederati supporting Roman troops in the Marcomannic Wars in 166-67. They seem to have been so thoroughly Romanized that they adopted the name Agrippenses in honour of their 'founder', and their later history is submerged with other Franks in that of eastern Gaul as a whole." The Herods of Israel would take on the Agrippa term.

That now brings to mind the Gripel location in Brittany, where the Voir surname lived. It's important because the surname uses the same lion design as the Mackies/Mackeys. Moreover, Viors have been linked to Oliphants and therefore to Esau, while in the Meuse theater Esus was a demon cult. Herods were Edomites, and may even trace to Esau elements, especially now that Herods of Israel may trace in particular to Colonia Agrippina, the city of the Ubii, "founded on the left bank of the Rhine by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, great colleague of the Emperor Augustus, in 19 BC...One of their first acts was to build an altar for the Imperial Cult of Rome and the Emperor." Can't get more dragonic than that.

The English Bonn/Bone Coat, the one I trace to Skull and Bones, uses three eagles on it's bend, the symbols on the Lorraine bend. Unfortunately, that's not a hard connection. More unfortunate, there's no German Bonn Coat. The Bonn eagles are in the colors of the Ferte eagle, and the Bonn bend is half the Messey/Messier saltire. It should come as no surprise to see Skull-and-Bones cross paths with Meschin elements from Scylla. Skulls use the same-colored bend as Maccabee-suspect Eddys. Messeys/Messiers were first found in Burgundy, the location of Avallon, and the black Eddy lions had traced to Capua beside Avellino. Unfortunately, Wikipedia doesn't give the history of Bonn prior to the Caesars, needed in order to discover how Maccabees developed from that place.

On this map of Gaul, the Boii are stamped distinct from the Ubii, though the locating of the Boii in the Savoy area may have been a pot-shot if no one really knows where in Gaul they had originated. I think the evidence above assures that the Ubii were the Boii. We see the Marcomanni beside the Ubii, a term that could conceivably have been, Maccomanni," or the proto Asmonians-Maccabees. The Marcomanni lived on the Main river, possibly named after Mona elements. Mona is on the Menai strait. "The Marcomanni settled in the Main River valley soon after 100 BC. To escape Roman aggression in 9 BC they migrated east to Bohemia...", where the Boii ended up.

We saw that Edwards, and therefore Eddys, link to York, and now we find the English Main surname first found in Yorkshire, and using a unicorn, a symbol of one Paris surname. Per chance, the German Mann/Manner Coat was in honor of Marcomanni, for it uses Levi lions on the Massey Shield. The "dart" in the English Main Crest may be code for, d'Art, for there is an Arddu location in the Ordovices theater of north Wales. The black pheons in the Main Coat recalls pheons linked to Pendragons. The English Many/Meney/Maine Coat is a split Shield vertically like the German Main Coat. The Manys/Maines were first found in the same place (Kent) as Moens/Munns.

"The name [of the Main river] derives from the Latin Moenus or Menus, and is not related to the name of the city Mainz (Latin: Moguntiacum)." The Moen/Munn Coat shows a "vincit" motto term...that I link to the Da Vinci cult. Leonardo Da Vinci painted to MONA Lisa, as if to be code for mythical Menelaus, a depiction of the Mani peninsula (Sparta), where the city of Las sat. The Manders use "Laus deo" in their motto, and wonders upon wonders, Manders use "OMNIbus" in their motto, while Moens/Muns use "Omnia vincit veritas." Both Manders and Moens/Munns use besants (gold roundels). Both Manders and the English Mains (very Maccabee-suspect) were first found in Devon, a Pendragon > Arthurian hub.

[Speaking of the Vinci surname, what about the Winklers at the top of this update, as per the KKKer running for sheriff near Hayden Lake. Winklers were found to use the same Shield as Mens/Mengzies. I definitely trace Menelaus and "Las" (i.e. and therefore "Mona Lisa") to Lacydon, home of Ligurians (Leda, the mother of Menelaus' wife, was a swan line) that could have put forth Logues/Leech's who likewise use the Winkle Shield.]

I don't see anything around the Main that could be from Wales, though I haven't given it much time. By now, I have reason to link the Mens/Mengzies and Maness/Manners surnames to Freemason belovedness, and that belovedness was, I now realize, centered on Maccabee lines. Any of the surnames above are link-able to "HasMONians," and the Mones/Moans even use a red bend, the color of the Asman bend. Mones/Moans should also apply because they were first found in Yorkshire, where the English Mains were first found. As the Asman bend shows fleur in Massey-fleur colors, the German Mann/Manner/Maener Coat should apply to Hasmoneans. Scottish Manns use "Per ardua" in motto.

From the above, it looks rather conspicuous that neighbors of the Ubii, the MarcoMANNI, were on the Main. I'm ready to tentatively accept the Marcomanni as proto-Hasmoneans. It's corny, alright. German Israelites.

The question is, what were the Ubii called in the time of Maccabees of Israel?

As it seems likely to me that Maccabees in Israel merged with Seleucids, what about the Seleucids of Silesia, who I trace to Sulcis in island ruled by Viscontis, partners apparently with the Cappes and Masci bloodlines? "In addition the archaeological evidence indicates that in the 2nd century BC Celts expanded from Bohemia through the Klodzko valley into Silesia, now part of Poland." That's in the Boii article, and "Klodzko" smacks of "Kolodziej").

We might guess that Seleucids who named Sulcis moved into Silesia to be with some Boii there. It just so happens that Wikipedia's article on Dagome, otherwise known as Mieszko I, has a clip tracing Mieszko's ancestry to Sardinia (probably founded by Sardis-based Lydians = Biblical dragon). Thus, when Mieszko ruled the Silesia theater, he likely had Seleucids and Boii in his courts and family. I did trace Mieszko's royal blood to the Boii-suspect Bessin, and it's a fact that Mieszko's son, Boleslaw, was named after Boleslaw of Bohemia.

Thus, the Meschins that I see stemming from "Mieszko" are quite the anti-Christ line of Seleucids merged with Maccabee elements. Again, Masseys and Meschins were from Gorgons and the Meshech family of Gog, and so we read: "Around 60 BC, a group of Boians...were defeated by Julius Caesar, along with their allies, in the battle of Bibracte. Caesar settled the remnants of that group in Gorgobina..." Bibracte and Gorgobina were of the Autun peoples, from Boiotia (i.e. mythical Aedon of Thebes), even from CadMUS.

As Hercules was made born in Thebes, and as it was he who was sent to find the cattle of Geryon, while a bull had led Cadmus to discover Thebes, it seems that "Geryon" depicted the same Gorgons who came with Boiotians to Autun and Gorgobina. That the idea here should be of Boiotians in Autun, smack beside Avallon, and moreover because these particular Boiotians were from Mus elements in Cadmus, we can understand why Muse elements from Cyrene came to Avallon via Avellino. This was the merging of the Apollo carriers with those of the Cadmus carriers, with Meshech Gorgons in both cases. To this picture, add the Parisii Gorgons from Troy, and ultimately the Maccabees and Pharisees were a Gorgon peoples. It's "our" anti-Christ that we never knew.

Shame shame for what these lines are about to do, and for what they are doing even now. Great shame. They should be content to be rich, but that's not enough. Nor will they give us our money back which they have seized by corruption and high prices, by taxes and interest, but instead they want more of our blood sweat and tears until they rule the stars and walk the clouds like God.

Hercules' mother was, AlcMENE. His father, ultimately, was Manoah.

What I see is Gog planted in Israel as the first Maccabees, and there the Gogi must have merged with some Levites in order to become the high priests. The Romans likely urged the Hasmoneans into becoming high priests in order to ascend to a ruling position over Israelites. The Pharisees carried the same agenda, and were denounced for it by Jesus.

Here are a couple of videos on Weatherman activities with Cuban officials, compliments of emailer Patterson. It's hard to fathom a link to the same families from Hitler's associatates. The FBI agent who had infiltrated Weather Underground as a high-level operative says that the ultimate goal, as best as he could predict it, was to split the United States between China, Russia, Cuba and North Vietnam. Possibly, he didn't realize, because it was a well-guarded secret, that the guts behind the movement were the off-shoots of the Fabian societies. That's my guess. The FBI agent says that 25 people, many graduates from American universities, sat together talking seriously of eliminating 25 million American capitalists in order to bring in the new communist government. Is that the agenda to this day in the Democrat party under the people who've brought Obama to power? Doesn't it sound like the Nazis of Germany?


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