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March 1- 5, 2012

Making More Headway into the 911 Scam
Cleveland Controllers Suspect as Major Co-Conspirators
Flight 93 went to Indiana Without Doubt, Not Pennsylvania
PBS Coal Inc., Owner of Land at Flight-93 Crash Site
I Suspect Links of Bush-Family Kin and Friends to PBS COAL, and Here's Why

Something very unusual happened on Tuesday morning. I had nothing to write about on bloodline topics after writing on them Monday. It was an unusual sense because I didn't even feel like writing on bloodline topics. I wasn't just blank, but my spirit was not in it. The same was the case on Wednesday morning, but by then I had started a new investigation on 911 events. I put aside what I had written on Monday, which will perhaps be in the next update. It had some important news on the Alan surname.

The last two sub-titles above may indicate the New Direction. Some of you may know what I mean when I use capitals like that. I'm feeling a new sense of fright by discussing PBS Coal. It won't come up until late in the update.

See the seconds-long video below, of a witness to the "crash site" wondering why the flight-93 "crash" in Pennsylvania had no visible signs of people. But also note the end of the video that the News reports that the families of that flight "want" a memorial at the crash site. Later, we'll go to the Minutes of an official Meeting where the people who really wanted the memorial are revealed as money-hungry grubbers, buying up almost 1,000 acres beside the crash site.

By the time that I finished this update, some the people who man the buildings near the crash site, seen in the satellite-image at webpage below, became suspect as co-plotters with the Western conspiracy to create 911. Just so you know, my meticulous satellite work has located the crash site nearer the top of the red circle that marks the site, not in the central light patch of ground. The page says "Szupinka said searchers found one of the large engines from the aircraft 'at a considerable distance from the crash site.'"

Then what about the wing spars? Where's the main spine of the plane, a very heavy metal beam? Clearly, without these metal parts or human parts, the scene was faked.

I hate to present the idea to you (but it's necessary for an important point in defeating the criminals responsible for the plot) that skulls, rib cages and limbs are surrounded by flesh (made mainly of water that retards burning) so that one wouldn't expect bones to be scattered about loosely. Where were all the skulls, hips, chests, and limbs? If they were sent flying by the explosion of fuel, they would have remained intact in fairly large pieces. The good news is that the people in the four planes did not crash into buildings nor into the ground. The bad news is, they're apparently murdered by other means...probably just as horrific and internally painful.

I'm no liberal or Democrat, and I was happy to see George Bush win his election because I took him at his word when claiming (or portraying himself) to be a born-again Christian. I realize that many truthers are Democrats because they hated Bush, but my approach to Bush now, and to his parts in the 911 crime, is not like that. As the FBI and the CIA are not doing their jobs to catch the many plotters, it has become the quest of ANYBODY USA. Join the good fight, for soon there will come one Truther from the sky, answering for the crying blood of the victims.

To be sure, some plane parts, and other types of parts feigning plane parts, were scattered around by plotters. As the days went on, the number of scattered parts grew, as if the plotters realized they had to deal swiftly with questions raised by witnesses...who were not supposed to realize that there weren't enough plane parts at the scene. And we have such statements made: "The rest of the plane, consistent with an impact calculated to have occurred at 500mph, disintegrated into pieces no bigger than two inches long." Really?

The metal spine of the plane, if it did hit at a 45 degree angle as claimed, should not disintegrate into pieces when hitting relatively soft ground at half the speed of a pistol's bullet. Rather, it should thrust into the ground like a spear, and finally bend or break away at the end of the crash. Surely the plane's aluminum shell should have been stripped off the spine rather than penetrating deeply into the ground with it. Did they recover the spine when they excavated to site? No, of course not. They're hoping you'll be their fool and believe that it broke up into small pieces.

How can a plane crash with a crisp neat crater, without any smudges whatsoever in the dirt around the crater. That's why they tell us that the plane nose-dived at an angle steep enough to avoid a skid. We are to believe that the plane crashed in such a way that the whole of the plane's parts, including the tail, followed the nose straight into the hole, and vanished into the dirt.

The recorder box survived intact, disobeying the laws of those who say the plane disintegrated into pieces no larger than two inches. But the recorder box was a necessary part of the crime. I don't know what plane the recorder box came from. It may have come from flight 93.

You are supposed to believe that the fireball explosion sent most body parts flying from the crater. But then one of the hijackers bandannas survived. How too convenient. The video below has a shot of that very bandana, as though straight from the store and never once put into the wash. The co-plotter(s) in charge of providing the bandana didn't even make it appear burnt or smudged with dirt. See the dirt in the crater. Does it appear to you like the impact of a plane? The scene in the foreground, at the 46-second mark, shows some light debris.

What's this? "Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller disputed the earlier report and said he sent no remains to Delaware. For a decade, he kept all remains from the Flight 93 victims in three caskets that were reinterred on Sept. 12 at the Flight 93 National Memorial site near Shanksville." It's not likely that they planted human remains in the crater before the explosion, for the explosion would have sent the remains flying. It's more likely that remains were obtained (we wonder where???) and planted when witnesses started harping about the lack of body parts.

Consider that, on 911, the FBI and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported flight 93 crashed at Camp David, Maryland (video below), not Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Why? I say it was due to the plot gone wrong. The plotters intended to crash the plane near Camp David because the Camp David Accords had been signed there on September 11, 1978. The Western plotters wanted to make it appear that the Arab terrorists were striking on the anniversary of the peace deal between Israel and Egypt. Something went wrong, and Plan B had to be effected at Shanksville. Likely, there was a Plan B for any plane that could not carry out plan A.

It was CBS that reported the crash at Camp David. As you can hear, they were directed to report that the crash was definitely the work of Osama bin Laden. It was the FAA that reported the crash to the FBI, suggesting that whoever it was at FAA was complicit in the hoax.

On the timeline of events in the page below, flight 93 takes off (New Jersey, beside Washington DC) relatively late, at 8:42. The other three planes had taken off at 8:00, 8:14 and 8:17. Apparently, the FAA plotter(s) and/or CBS were instructed to announce the crash at Camp David at a certain time well after the intended time of the crash.

As you can see, more than an hour after NORAD (military planes) received word of the hijackings, military planes were still 150 miles from the Pentagon. It seems to me that military planes should as a rule protect the Pentagon and nearby White House as soon as they receive word of a hijacking. The explosion at the Pentagon (on the Washington-DC border) occurred (9:38) 35 minutes after the second plane hit New York (9:03), and yet military planes were still 150 miles from Washington at that time. Unbelievable. I'm reading (elsewhere) that Dick Cheney had control of NORAD that morning.

There is nothing said in the timeline above about the reported Camp David crash. How could the FAA get something like that wrong? How could an FAA person (assumed by me to be at the airport nearest Camp David) dream up a crash that did not happen, to the point of reporting it the to FBI? And why would the FBI report it to CBS but not to NORAD, since this crash occurred after the New York attack was being broadcast live on television. Yet, that report to NORAD is not in the timeline above. It's a cover-up, isn't it, on the part of the people making the timeline?

The timeline says that flight 77 (took off 8:20) from Dulles was in Washington airspace at 9:10, and didn't crash into the Pentagon until 9:38. What's wrong with that picture? Dulles (Virginia) is just 25 miles from Washington. A plane at 400 mph travels that distance in less than 5 minutes. Why was the Pentagon hoax started so long after the New York hoax was begun? Isn't that backward? Shouldn't the Pentagon have been hit first before anyone could dream that New York would be hit next? The Western plotters would not have planned to explode New York twice before exploding the Pentagon, for that would then require a grand excuse for why military jets were not immediately all around the Pentagon, the White house, and other capital buildings.

The largest obstacle keeping Americans from accepting the truth is the unbelievable number of plotters who took part in this event. From the lowest false witnesses and government employees to the highest political levels and agencies, there were hundreds of conniving plotters, all with their specific roles to play. In a nation with millions of Masons, this is not at all difficult, and yet many Americans do not view Illuminatists seriously, or in that despicable light. The events of 911 amount to the wake-up call to all, that Illuminatists had long ago stacked government agencies with their own kind, and that over the past one generation alone they have become a completely evil "nation" of insiders. It is they who feed Americans murder and sexual immorality from Hollywood. It is they who deliberately break every command of God, and urge the masses to do likewise. It is they for which merciless Hell has been prepared.

I've read in one video that two planes that morning were not scheduled to take off. This is possible if some airline company was complicit in the plot, and of course American Airlines and United Airlines are suspect. The timeline page says that, at 11:26 "United Airlines announces the crash of United Flight 93 southeast of Pittsburgh," though flight 93 was an American Airlines flight.

The circumstances of flight 93 taking off well after the other planes is enhanced further with this: "The hijackers breached [93's] aircraft's cockpit and overpowered the flight crew approximately 46 minutes after takeoff...The aircraft was scheduled to depart at 08:00...It remained delayed on the ground and did not take off until 08:42 because of heavy airport congestion." Why would Arabs take a plane already that late in take off, and wait an additional 3/4 hour, if the plan was to strike Washington before anyone would dream that further attacks were plotted for New York? But as the reality turned out to be that New York was struck twice before the explosion at the Pentagon, isn't that a bad turn of events gone sour?

The Western plotters had indeed planned to strike the Pentagon first, as would be logical, and that's why flight 77 was the first plane to take off, at 8;00, no doubt scheduled to fly over the Pentagon within minutes, before the New York explosions were set to occur. Something went wrong at the Pentagon end of the plot, I gather, so that the fly-over didn't happen until after the New York attack. "Less than 35 minutes into the flight (77), the hijackers stormed the cockpit and forced the passengers to the rear of the aircraft." Why would the Western plotters (who may or may not have used hijackers) wait until 9 am to turn the plane around, by which time New York was already exploding?

The report that flight 93 turned around toward the Pentagon is therefore false. We can bank on this: flight 93 was scheduled to hit near Camp David, but was put into Plan B at the last moments, perhaps by an act of God to expose the creatures of damnation. Too many people are able to see that the hole in Pennsylvania, and in the Pentagon, are fake crash sites.

Wikipedia's article on flight 93, like the others, is a pro-plotter article. I note that one of seven crew members was a Welsh surname (shows reasons for linkage to Esau-ites and Maccabees). In my previous work on the 911 events, the Welch surname came up as that of Laura Bush's maiden name. The captain of the plane had a Dahl surname. The first officer was a Homer surname, very important where I traced Nazi elements two updates ago to Houses and Homers n(see Homer surname also in the last update). I didn't know at the time that a Homer surname co-piloted flight 93.

The Carlyle Group was involved with the plotters, and then the Carlyle surname uses the motto, "HUMilitate." I had found (3rd and 4th updates of last November) that the Humble surname was important to Esso / Exxon. I now find that another crew member on flight 93 had a Lyles surname, i.e. perhaps related to CarLYLES.

As an aside, I want to mention another flight attendant on that flight, with Bradshaw surname. I've claimed many times that the Shay variation of the Shaw surname is a variation of "Kay," but only now have super-solid heraldic evidence in that the BradSHAW Coat is an excellent reflection of the Kay/Key Coat. Not only English Shaws, but now also Bradshaws, use a "qui" motto term as code for the Kays/keys.

The Bradshaw Crest is a red stag called a "hart" (the Hart surname uses it too), and it's the stag design of the MacCarthys (and (and Humbles) who were of the Muskerry Desmonds...who in turn use the Annan(dale) saltire that I linked to the Ananes Gauls, who lived near the Laevi Gauls. The Harts are suspect as variants of "Herod," and I trace the Biblical Herod line(s) also to king "Arthur," for Arthurs have Art / Hart / Hurt variations, as even the MacCarthys are shown as "MacARTHy."

I identified the Shaws many times with the Laevi and Ananes Gauls, whom I claimed were somehow involved with Annas/Ananias, chief priest of Israel who partook in murdering Christ. The son of Annas, Caiaphas, was a co-plotter in the murder of God, and was traced (by me) to such terms as the Chiapponi variation of the Italian Sheaves...who use keys as symbols, and who obviously link to the Shaws/Sheaves above using "qui" in their motto.

This is what God wants vengeance upon at Armageddon: the bloodline of Israel's chief priests.

The "Vincit" motto term of the Shaws/Sheaves was traced to the Da-Vinci-code perpetrators, who seek by a recent hoax to minimize Jesus into a mere man. The Da Vinci code hoax stressed that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, but I was able to confirm satisfactorily that "MagDALENE" was a Masonic code for the Dallen surname. It just so happens that the Dahl surname of flight 93's pilot is also "Dallen." I note that Irish Dallens use the lion design and red color of the Dutch Bush lion, as well as the crescent color of German Walkers.

Does the above suggest that the flight-93 crew were fellow plotters, and that they didn't get murdered after landing the plane in a secret place...where passengers may have been murdered? Or, were all/some passengers, too, a part of the plotters? It's hard to believe that many co-plotters would be let loose after the hoax, each one capable of betraying the plotters at any time. Perhaps the crew was promised a reward, only to be murdered (some of them, anyway) in the end along with the passengers (most of them, anyway). All the many phone calls by crew and passengers that had been reported from flight 93 -- way too many calls to be the case in a true-hijack situation -- causes me to believe that any passenger who arranged a phone call, having the purpose of airing on television, was part of the plotters.

In another feasible scenario, the plane had innocent passengers, and was hijacked by Arab-looking men that were, along with some/all crew, part of the plot. The passengers were then permitted to make the phone calls for providing "evidence" of an Arab hijacking. The problem with this scenario is that phone calls appeared tailored to create a picture in our minds, that the passengers had revolted heroically and "successfully."

If the explosion in Shanksville was Plan B, then it's possible that all phone calls intended to create the passenger-revolt picture were themselves a creation after 911. Why would Western plotters go through the trouble of crashing a plane in nowhere, Pennsylvania? That's how you know it was either Plan B, or a flight gone bad for other reasons. I chose to believe that it was plan B just because there was a bomb exploded in a wing-shaped crevice, something that could not have developed wholly on the morning of 911.

If you check the flight path of flight 93, it's headed directly for Camp David (near HAGERstown on this Google map, to the south-east of Shanksville, itself east of Somerset, Pennsylvania).

This update's 911 topic was not conceived when the last update came across the Bullinger-surnamed character that was apparently linked to Nazi elements in the Montana-to-Calgary stretch. I did not know at that time that:

Ed Ballinger, the United flight dispatcher, began sending text cockpit warnings to United Airlines flights at 09:19, 17 minutes after he became aware of the second World Trade Center impact by Flight 175. As Ballinger was responsible for multiple flights, he did not send the message to Flight 93 until 09:23...Ballinger received a routine ACARS message from Flight 93 at 09:21. At 09:22, after learning of the events at the World Trade Center, LeRoy Homer's wife, Melody Homer, had an ACARS message sent to her husband in the cockpit asking if he was okay. At 09:24, Flight 93 received Ballinger's ACARS warning, "Beware any cockpit intrusion -- two a/c {aircraft} hit World Trade Center". At 09:26, the pilot sent an ACARS message back, "Ed, confirm latest mssg plz -- Jason". At 09:27:25, the flight crew responded to routine radio traffic from air traffic controllers. This was the last communication made by the flight crew before the hijacking

A Ballinger surname at United Airlines was responsible for American Airlines flight 93. The Ballinger/Bellinger Coat (in the colors of the Bellamy Coat) looks like a version of the Massin/Mason Coat. Flight 93 supposedly crashed in Shanksville, and then the Shank motto is "Spero," while Massins/Masons use, "Dum spiro spero." Shanks use a hawk's lure, as do Herods/Hurls. CrookSHANKs use black boars, the symbol of the Bush Coat.

Brads (as per "Bradshaw") use the same Crest as the Ballinger Crest, and both Brads and Shanks were first found in Edomite-infested Lothian. I had linked Brad(d)s to Bruce-related Pratts who use the blue lion of the Bruces, Louvains and Massins/Masons. Pratts (suspect as from priests) and Bruces both use the Annan(dale) saltire. Brittany's Levines (Levi-suspect) use the grape vine of German Platts/Plates/Blatts, and then a "vine" motto term is used by BRADshaws, suspect as from Israel's chief priests who murdered even the son of God. Why wouldn't this bloodline also murder Christians as per the picture of the grail in Revelation 17? The Bradshaw hart stag is beneath a vine branch.

It may be true that flight 93 was not late in take off. That may be a lie from the plotters because they needed time to set up the explosion of Plan B in Shanksville. At 10 am, the Shanksville explosion had not yet gone off. And lookie at the Shaw surname that cropped up in this morning's investigation AFTER all the above was written:

The hijackers in the cockpit became aware of the [passenger] revolt at 09:57:55...Edward Felt dialed 9-1-1 from his cell phone from the lavatory of the aircraft seeking information. His call was answered by dispatcher John Shaw [at Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania], and Felt was able to tell him about the hijacking before the call was disconnected...[Crew member] Lyles called her husband once more from a cell phone and told him the passengers were forcing their way into the cockpit.

The account reads like theater, and the Wikipedia writer made sure to add that the crash occurred "about 20 minutes' flying time from Washington, D.C." That is, the writer deliberately ignored and neglected to say that the plane was headed straight to Camp David, something that anyone writing on this matter should not ignore, because CBS and the FBI affirmed earlier that this very flight had earlier gone down in Camp David. Therefore, the Wikipedia writer(s) is guilty of a cover up.

To understand better how the plotters created their theater, it's necessary to know the time that the explosion in Shanksville was heard by non-plotters. I don't know what that time was. The plotters arranged for the flight to go down at about 10:03, suggesting that the explosion occurred at that time. If true that it occurred at that time, then the flight recorder information, that leads us to conclude that downing of the plane at that time, is itself a hoax:

The cockpit voice recorder captured the sounds of crashing, screaming, and the shattering of glass and plates. Jarrah [the alleged hijacker] stabilized the plane at 10:00:03. Five seconds later, he asked, "Is that it? Shall we finish it off?" Another hijacker responded, "No. Not yet..."...Nevertheless, the passengers continued their assault and at 10:02:23, a hijacker said, "Pull it down! Pull it down!" The airplane descended with the yoke turned hard to the right. The airplane rolled onto its back...and then finally plowed into an empty field in Stonycreek, Pennsylvania, about 20 minutes' flying time from Washington, D.C.]...The last piece of flight data was recorded at 10:03:10.

Had the plane been brought down at Camp David, the world of good people would have emphasized the false report earlier that morning that the plane was already down in Camp David. But, as it was, the Camp David report slipped silently from the news thereafter, and the plotters lived happily ever after.

The plotters had plenty of time to create the recordings before letting them out to the people: "The FBI initially refused to release the voice recording...The FBI subsequently allowed the relatives of the Flight 93 victims to listen to the recording in a closed session on April 18, 2002." How many relatives were present? The voice recordings were not released to the masses until 2006. Why not? Why the resistance by authorities? What was there to hide?

Cleveland and Flight 93

The radio transmissions from Cleveland in regards to flight 93 are suspicious because we hear everything (see video below) that Western plotters would wish to convey to the masses, to deceive them. The man at the Cleveland airport gets into contact with flight 93 (for reasons I don't know) when all is normal in flight and in pilot response, and yet it was at the very time in which they heard faint second-long screams onboard...exactly what we the masses are to believe. The man at Cleveland is heard on the radio speaking also with a jet pilot (of aircraft 956) approaching flight 93, and the pilot also hears the screams for a faint second. Then, as from a script created before 911, they both hear the hijacker say that there is a bomb on the plane, at the very time that flight 93 is "climbing" and making a turn (to the south and later to the east).

[Insert -- I did not know until the day after writing the this Cleveland section that the Cleveland operator was John Werth. I had featured the Worth surname in my last treatment of the 911 disaster when coming across Wirt Walker of Stratesec, the company that is suspect by many as a Bush-associated plotter of the 911 events in New York. The Wirts/Worths had been traced to Skull and Bones elements. As you can see, "Werth" gets the Wirt/Worth surname. End Insert]

I ask you: if the hijackers were trained for this mission, would they not have been taught to turn off the transponder immediately so that air traffic controllers could not follow their U-turn at that moment? I can't begin to understand why hijackers would identify themselves as such by telling the world outside of a bomb on board. But, anyway, shouldn't they have turned their transponder off BEFORE making their U-turn? Shouldn't it have been turned off BEFORE the plane dove low, and then climbed high (this was done immediately before the turn southeast), if the purpose was to lose the controllers?

What's not stated in the soundtrack above is that the plane first turned south, but shortly after the bomb statement, we hear Cleveland saying that flight 93 has "just turned to the east," followed by a comment made to both flight "American 1060" and 956 that, "we just lost the target on that aircraft." How convenient that the hijackers would turn off their radar only immediately after turning east...which is nothing but theater on the part of the plotters to convince the masses that this was al-Qaeda turning toward the Capital.

We then hear from the pilot of 956 that he's lost 93 "at the turn." Cleveland responds with, "[If] you can make a turn back to 220 [heavy / highway?], let me know if you can see him." The 956 pilot then gets 93 in his "sight" 25 miles to his north-west, and says that 93 "appears to be heading [east] right towards us."

As Wikipedia has the plane turning east near lake Erie about 40 miles west of Cleveland, one gets the impression that the 956 jet must be very close to Akron, Ohio (due south of Cleveland about 25 miles). Highway 220 (north-south direction) is no-where near Cleveland. What is going on? Why was that highway mentioned in this theater? In Pennsylvania, 220 is the same as Interstate 99, coming south between Shanksville and Camp David. If one zeroes in on a Google map at the south end of 99, the road that continues south is marked alone as 220. That part of the road is just 15 miles (approx) from Shanksville.

The plane is turning roughly 200 miles from Shanksville, at 9:28, some 40 minutes before the explosion in Shanksville. At 500 mph, 200 miles is accomplished in 25 minutes, however. But, then, 200 miles is a straight line between Shanksville and where the plane had been reportedly turning, and the plane may not have taken a straight line.

Near the end of the video above, a woman (I have no idea whether the sound-track can identify where she's at) is heard asking a question of a pilot but intended for the masses: "Do you see any activity on your right side, smoke or anything like that?" The reply from a male pilot, not surprisingly, "Yeah, we do have a smoke puff now about probably 2 o'clock." Sheer theater.

The Wikipedia article on flight 93 gives times for the explosion:

Many media reports and eyewitness accounts cited the time of the crash at 10:06 or 10:10, as did an analysis of seismographic data in the area, but which the 9/11 Commission report states was not definitive. Other media venues and the 9/11 Commission reported the time of impact as 10:03, based on when the flight recorders stopped, analysis of radar data, infrared satellite data, and air traffic control transmissions

"Seismic Observations during September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attack" reported the explosion at 10:06. That's why we can know that the theater in the voice recorder box was a con-job to harmonize with that timing. While we were told that the giant steel wing spars and spine were reduced to countless pieces less than 2 inches in diameter, we were also told that the voice recorder survived intact, and in working condition.

Now, consider this:

Source #1: Powell's news conference; all we know at this point is that a hijacked airliner allegedly crashed in the vicinity of Camp David. No details available yet.

Source #2: CBS News; the following segment was aired at about 11 a.m. We learn here that the plane belonged to United Airlines and had the flight number 93. Source: FAA, via FBI. This is very strange, of course, because the Pennsylvania crash had already been reported 30 minutes earlier by CBS and other stations (without identifying the airliner, however).

Get it? CBS gets the message that a plane is down in Shanksville, but the FAA and/or FBI and/or CBS plotters were directed to announce a crash of flight 93 in Camp David. There never was a plane down near Camp David, therefore. It was a similar event to when BBC, CNN, and Fox announced that WTC Building 7 came down as much as a half hour before it did fall.

The webpage above continues, and tells that flight 93 went down "Somewhere up northeast of Camp David." Plus:

Source #3: Northwestern Chronicle; here we learn that the plane was "forced down" by F-16 fighters near Camp David, which can be interpreted as a shootdown.

It's not easy for that info to have been mere disinformation. The only "justifiable" excuse for shooting down a passenger plane is when it's downed after the second "attack." If the flight was downed before the second attack had occurred, the government would not have had reason enough to confirm a terrorist attack.

On the other hand, if they had carried out the Pentagon plot first of all, it in itself would have been confirmation of a terrorist attack. In that case, all the remaining flight plots would have been complicated / jeopardized, especially flight 93 all the way to Cleveland and back, a flight of about two hours. Flight 93 was the centerpiece of the hoax, the plane to go down at Camp David, wherefore it had to survive all that time.

On the one hand, it seems wrong / consequential to carry out the Pentagon plot more than a half hour after the second-tower plot. It made Cheney (and the entire country) look bad for not bringing fighter jets to Washington immediately after the second tower plot. On the other hand, it may have been necessary to have flight 93 circle past Cleveland simply because Cleveland was a part of the centerpiece plot. In that case, one would not want to feign the Pentagon attack too much earlier than the scheduled return of flight 93 from Cleveland.

"Cleveland Center controllers, unaware the flight had crashed, notified the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) at 10:07 that Flight 93 had a bomb on board" (Wikipedia article on flight 93). That was more than a half hour after knowing of a bomb on board, and so close to the planned crash in Camp David that it was a "safe" time to call the jets. Did you notice that Cleveland called the jets something like a minute after the plume of smoke was created?

Also, Cleveland did not call NEADS to report the crash. They may have called to share their own information to that point, which deliberately misled jets far to the southeast of Shanksville.

Whatever the reason(s), a plane (not necessarily flight 77) did not fly over the Pentagon until 9:38, the time of the explosion (probably a missile in combination with explosives). It was at about that time that flight 93 was said by Cleveland to be turning around. It was at 9:39 (!) that Cleveland heard the bomb statement from flight 93, and, according to the soundtrack featured earlier above, Cleveland first lost contact (when they also heard screams) one minute before the bomb statement!!!

In other words, it was at the very time that the Pentagon exploded that the flight-93 theater was put into play, which included a near-instant turn around and dash toward Camp David. How should we interpret this situation in which there didn't seem to be a minute to lose? It's as though the fake terrorist pilots, and Cleveland together, were given the directive not to begin their theater until after the Pentagon was hit. And, it may also have been the plan that the Pentagon should not be hit until flight 93 was crossing Cleveland so that the theater could be carried out. That could explain why flight 77, taking off right next door to the Pentagon, took over an hour to "strike" it.

Cleveland supervisor Mark Barnick: "At approximately 1328Z [= 9:28 am], the Lorain radar controller (John Werth), advised me that he had lost radio contact (NORDO) with United Airlines Flight Number 93...A few minutes later, John Werth advised me that he had a problem with shouting on the frequency." A few minutes later is not an exact time, but could be smack at 9:38. Couldn't it? And why did he say "approximately" at 9:28? Do the records of that facility not show the exact time? Were the records not available to those giving testimonies? Was there something(s) in the records that the common employee was not supposed to see?

Aha. Stacey Taylor, a Cleveland controller overseeing multiple aircraft, is the female heard above at the 3:37 mark on the Cleveland soundtrack. Here's what she wrote after 911: "I turned [all] my aircraft[s] back to the north to avoid UAL93...I lost the primary target on UAL93 and we suspected it had gone down [did they notify NORDO of this suspicion?]. I then vectored N20VF [a plane] toward the suspected incident side and asked if he would look for smoke. I explained that we were looking for a downed aircraft that may have a bomb on board, and we didn't know if the bomb had gone off. He said he would overfly the site and he [conveniently, within seconds by the sounds of it on the soundtrack] spotted smoke and flames and gave us the position of the crash site and a description of the area."

Knowing that a plane didn't go down there, whom among the "witnesses" on the perimeter of the crash site are most-likely part with the plotters? In the timeline of events at the page below, a business plane (N20VF above) is asked to dive low to 5000 feet to look for flight 93's crash site. Whaa-ut? You're kidding. At first glance, I don't believe that story except that the business plane was part of the plotters, having the role of witnessing the downed plane nearly as it happened to confirm the Cleveland theater. If there had been no Cleveland theater, Shouldn't they have asked government jets to seek the smoke site? Surely there was a jet airborne already, within two or three minutes away.

"Up above, a fighter jet streak[s] by," just after Flight 93 crashes, according to ABC News. [ABC News, 9/15/2002] It isn't clear what evidence this ABC News claim is based on. There are other accounts of a fighter or fighters in the area before the crash, mentioned previously.

Can we trust the FBI on this case?

The FBI later says the business jet was within 20 miles of Flight 93 when it crashed, at an altitude of 37,000 feet, and on its way to Johnstown. It was asked [by who?] to descend to 5,000 feet to help locate the crash site for the benefit of the responding emergency crews. {Pittsburgh Channel, 9/15/2001} Stacey Taylor [that's who] appears to be the Cleveland Center controller who made the request. She later recalls: "I had another airplane that I was working. And I told him, I said, 'Sir,' I said, 'I think we have an aircraft down.' I said, 'This is entirely up to you, but if you'd be willing to fly over the last place that we spotted this airplane -- and see if you can see anything."...So he flew over...and then he said, 'We see a great big plume or a cloud of smoke.'" {MSNBC, 9/9/2006} The business jet belongs to VF Corp, a Greensboro, North Carolina clothing firm (webpage above).

It's no wonder that fighter jets were not wanted in this crash zone. It's no wonder that all planes were directed out of the area. It's no wonder that the area was left sterile of planes as much as possible. The crash site would have been interpreted by pilots as anything but a downed plane.

Much of Stacey's conversation that we read above is not on the soundtrack that I heard. In that soundtrack, she asks, "do you see any activity on your right side, smoke or anything like that?" Unfortunately for Stacey, she just tipped us off as to which direction the business plane was coming from, the south. Zero in on Shanksville on this Google map, 10 miles east of Somerset. There you see the plane's destination of Johnstown to the north of Shanksville. NOTE: the business plane is coming in almost perpendicular to the flight path of flight 93. That's a huge problem.

If the business plane happened to be flying in the same line as flight 93, then, yes, okay, it would fly over the smoke sooner or later. But if the plane flies perpendicular (90 degrees) to the path, then, you know, this world is a very large globe, and pilots can only see so far from their cockpits. What are the chances that the only plane in the area, and the very first plane asked to come search for the smoke, just happens to fly over the smoke while nearly perpendicular to the path of flight 93? Look on the map at how big the world is around Shanksville; see how many other directions exist from Somewhere USA to Johnstown. This is how you can be certain that the soundtrack was theater. I didn't know this little detail when pegged the soundtrack to be theater by other means, and this detail confirms it. Thank you fools and tools for that evidence.

Put it this way, that if the VF Corp was not flying toward the crash site, it would need to circle and circle and circle before finding the crash site, and likely would have failed to find the crash site simply because it had neither latitude nor longitude data on the site. It's doubtful VF Corp would offer more than a token number of circles before quitting. Here's an account of the situation:

At least six eyewitnesses say they saw a small white jet flying low over the crash area almost immediately after Flight 93 went down..."...a U.S. Customs airplane reported to have been seen near the site minutes after Flight 93 crashed." weighs in: "Witnesses to this low-flying jet ... told their story to journalists. Shortly thereafter, the FBI began to attack the witnesses with perhaps the most inane disinformation ever--alleging the witnesses actually observed a private jet at 34,000 ft. The FBI says the jet was asked to come down to 5000 ft. and try to find the crash site. This would require about 20 minutes to descend."

Half of America already has reason not to trust FBI statements when it comes to 911. If the crash site was just 20 miles, according to the FBI, from the VF Corp plane when 93 crashed, then it was about 3 minutes of flight away, in which case it could not have been at 37,000 feet. We may assume that the high altitude was fed to the public so that the sound of the business plane in the Shanksville area would not be confused with the sound that other witnesses would claim for flight 93. We can expect that the FBI's high-altitude story was changed accordingly, and indeed, let's read on where I left off in the above quote:

FACT: There was such a jet in the [crash] vicinity--a Dassault Falcon 20 business jet owned by the VF Corp...The VF plane was flying into Johnstown-Cambria airport, 20 miles north of Shanksville. According to David Newell, VF's director of aviation and travel, the FAA's Cleveland Center contacted copilot Yates Gladwell when the Falcon was at an altitude "in the neighborhood of 3000 to 4000 ft."--not 34,000 ft. "They were in a descent already going into Johnstown," Newell adds. "The FAA asked them to investigate and they did. They got down within 1500 ft. of the ground when they circled. They saw a hole in the ground with smoke coming out of it. They pinpointed the location and then continued on." Reached by PM, Gladwell confirmed this account but, concerned about ongoing harassment by conspiracy theorists, asked not to be quoted directly.

The word "circled" suggests that the business plane was not flying straight through Shanksville en route to Johnstown. But, if true, it only makes the sighting much more difficult. The business plane could not be coming from the south-east because Stacey had the co-pilot check to his right/east. If the plane was coming to Johnstown from a severe angle of south-west (= perpendicular to flight 93), which angle required a slight circling toward the crash site, how would the pilots know to check at the longitude and latitude on which the crash occurred? Neither Cleveland nor anyone else was supposed to know the longitude or latitude of the crash site. Cleveland had a vague idea only, because 93 was moving southeast that last they had it on radar, a direction that makes uncertain both the latitude and longitude of any crash site.

Besides, at least one of Cleveland's flight controllers (George Keaton) testified in writing that flight 93 was snaking (= an s-shape path) past Pittsburgh. The testimony said that:

A controller from Area IV appeared in the area and explained the aircraft was deviating from its flight path and none was receiving altitude information [yet Stacey claimed to get 93's altitude at least twice before it disappeared]...I was told to keep all aircraft away from UAL93, which was proceeding towards the Washington area approximately on J518 (highway 518 goes from West Point to Summitville, Ohio, 30-40 miles northeast of Pittsburg)...I saw it proceed almost directly over the PIT area, and the southeast of PIT it made an abrupt turn up to the northeast for about 10-15 miles. Once it turned back [southeast] to the Washington area [i.e. toward Washington, he meant] it disappeared from my scope one to two minutes later.

The same George Keaton said something very strange:

I had to vector 2 - 4 aircraft away from the flight path of UAL93, including one NWA flight and a C130 proceeding northwest on J518. I asked the pilot of the C-130 if he had observed anything off his left side. He said he observed a dark cloud of smoke off his left in the clouds...Few minutes later I questioned the C130 pilot for his reason for being in the air. He informed me his mission was noncritical and he would call for orders. A few minutes later he requested clearance to YNG, which I gave. At that point my airspace was sterile."

A puff of smoke in the clouds in Ohio along the flight path of 93??? What could be the purpose for that announcement? Was Cleveland planning to have the masses believe that a bomb exploded in the plane over 518? Wouldn't smoke in the clouds require a hole in the plane, with debris and luggage being sucked out the hole? Did the Cleveland plotters "bury" that part of their theater, deciding later that it might amount to a complication / contradiction in their story? Did any of the phone callers mention a hole in the plane?

[Insert -- EXCUSE ME FOR INTERUPTING! I almost missed this:

Cleveland Center air traffic controller Stacey Taylor has asked a nearby C-130 pilot to look at Flight 93's last position and see if he can find anything. Remarkably, this C-130 pilot, Lt. Col. Steve O'Brien [photo at page], is the same pilot who was asked by air traffic control to observe Flight 77 as it crashed into the Pentagon earlier on...O'Brien tells Taylor that he saw smoke from the crash shortly after the hijacked plane went down. [Guardian, 10/17/2001;

It sounds as though O'Brien is being confused with the flight of VF Corp, and indeed that now makes sense, because there never was a VF Corp plane there. The FBI and Stacey had to make the story up to cover for O'Brien because he was already caught at the Pentagon!!! Stacey didn't know it at the time, and perhaps O'Brien likely didn't know it either! So it must have been O'Brien whom we hear at the very end of the Cleveland the Shanksville explosion. He must be the same liar who reported a puff of smoke in the clouds back at Ohio's highway J518. He had therefore followed flight 93 all along. The man (Keaton) who asked O'Brien if he could see anything is suspect by me as part of the plotters.

Clicking to a related timeline page, it first of all relates the FBI story concerning the descent of the VF Corp plane, and then adds:

...The FBI also says there was a C-130 military cargo aircraft flying at 24,000 feet about 17 miles away [from Shanksville]...but that plane wasn't armed and had no role in the crash [baloney! it was there as part of the plotter's plots]...Note that this is the same C-130 that flies very close to Flight 77 right as that planes crashes into the Pentagon.

Stacey was lying bold faced concerning her request to VF Corp, and the latter must have been complicit in the lie. End Insert]

The co-pilot on the VF Corp jet had a Gladwell surname, using a Coat identical to the French/Norman Brix/Brice surname, what many believe is a variation of "Bruce." It just so happens that Bruces were in Yorkshire, where the Gladwells were first found.

The FBI says the business plane was 20 miles from the crash site when 93 crashed. That's 2 minutes of flight time. The plane was not only going in the right direction smack over the smoke, but was there just in the nickie of time.

If all flights had been warned to stay away from the path of 93, why not that VF Corp business plane too? After all, it was headed straight for a near collision with 93. Now we know why the business plane was chosen to come in the from the south -- out of Cleveland's air space -- to give Cleveland's plotters the excuse for not getting the plane out of the way.

It's the non-involved witnesses who saw the crash site early that are to be listened to. The witnesses who came later were either victims of an expanding con job, where the site was being groomed more and more to appear like a crash site, or they simply were not allowed to see the site. But plotters could be let in to see the site, and could make the sort of claims intended to deceive.

A clothing firm with it's own plane? That's not small potatoes. In fact, VF Corp is verging on monopoly status, owning Lee Jeans, Rustler, Wrangler, and many more.

The Second Attack on Washington / Pentagon

Strap on your seat belts because we are being taken for a fiends. To understand flight-93's Plan A better, first read below on a second plane moving toward Washington a few minutes after the explosion at Shanksville:

Source #5: Arlington After-Action Report; this report confirms the CBS information about [flight 93 landing in Camp David], mentions the same sources (FAA/FBI) and adds a few details: this "United 93" was heading towards Washington at about 10:15 [some 9 minutes after the Shanksville explosion] and caused an evacuation of the crash site at the Pentagon. It proceeded on its way and dropped under radar when it was 4 minutes away from the Pentagon [i.e. it doesn't sound like it went down way back in Shanksville].

The first of these (evacuations) occurred at about 10:15 a.m. [note the approximation / uncertainty] on September 11, when Special Agent Combs told Chief Schwartz another hijacked airliner was flying on a trajectory toward Washington, DC, and was 20 minutes away. Special Agent Combs got this information from the command center at the FBI WFO, which was in direct contact with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)...Chief Schwartz issued a warning with each flight status update until the last warning when the airliner went below radar coverage in Pennsylvania, an estimated 4 minutes [the Pennsylvania border region is more like 8-10 minutes away] flying time from the Pentagon. Five minutes later, Special Agent Combs told him the airplane had crashed in Pennsylvania and the all clear was sounded. At 10:37 a.m., United Airlines Flight #93 crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA.

There are just too many events there for it all to have been mere disinformation. To be sure, it was all disinformation, but deliberately so. Camp David is 5 miles from the Pennsylvania border, and we had heard in the CBS report the cow-patties that flight 93 went down to the "north-east" of Camp David, suggesting a crash site (fake or not) planned possibly for Pennsylvania.

The time above of 10:37 for the Shanksville event can't logically be correct; I don't know where that time comes from originally, but I do see it repeated online in places. Wikipedia's article on flight 93: "At 10:37, CNN correspondent Aaron Brown...announced, 'We are getting reports and we are getting lots of reports...that a 747 is down in Pennsylvania..." Wikipedia's article also tells of a seismic recording of a Shanksville explosion at 10:06 (hard to argue with that unless there's a good reason), and the Cleveland events suggest an arrival to Shanksville about a half hour after 9:40 (when the hijacked plane was west of Cleveland, some 200 miles from Shanksville). Moreover, a fly-over at Shanksville at 10:06 is perfect for a plane event at Camp David (90 miles from Shanksville) at about 10:15 (a velocity of 550 mph is 9 miles per minute, and there's 9 minutes between 10:06 and 10:15). However, Camp David is not 20 minutes, but at most 10, from Washington.

Still, these reports that Washington was under a second attack after 10 am is convincing toward the idea that flight 93 flew low over Shanksville, explaining why witnesses heard a plane and dreamed of a crash when they heard the explosion. But, as it did not crash even in the Camp David area, the plane must have landed at an airport amounting to a plotter haven.

A line from Pittsburgh through Shanksville, and then continuing through to the north of Camp David on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border area (70 miles from Washington) is not a line straight for Washington. That's disinformation. Part of Plan A may have been to use this second-attack threat to evacuate the Pentagon, for removing witnesses. In any case, the FAA was lying about a plane headed for the Pentagon. The line through Camp David goes much closer toward Newark, where flight 93 had taken off. It's reasonable, therefore, that flight 93 went on to land quickly at Newark, and that key airport potters there had been involved, from take-off to landing, to assure success of the project?

The question is, was Shanksville Plan B, and if so, the female voice discussed earlier should have been from a soundtrack recorded, not on 911. Others at Cleveland may be excuses as those who tracked the plane into the Pittsburgh area, but that were sincere about it. But where we find a "witness" telling of a plume of smoke to mislead the public, that's where we expect murderous plotters...who despise America and what it should stand for. Stand up America, and fight back against the Babylon in your midst. Stop electing those who are suspect as servants of Babylon. Know who those servants are. Know what Babylon is. Do not elect the richest candidates, but elect the poorest, for you'll be suddenly better off for it. And never mind the accusations that non-Babylon candidates receive from pro-Babylon ads and news clips. Don't be their suckers.

The question is, did those who set up the Washington scare after 10 am fail to know that there had been a Plan B in Shanksville? Apparently, yes. They were still playing by the Plan A book. Reading further in the same article from Woody Box:

At some time between 10:10 and 10:15 [now bumped up to 10;10], a military aide told the Vice President and others that the aircraft [93] was 80 miles out [from Washington]. Vice President Cheney was asked for authority to engage the aircraft...The military aide returned a few minutes later, probably between 10:12 and 10:18, and said the aircraft was 60 miles out. He again asked for authorization to engage. The Vice President again said yes.

The time on the clock in which Cheney gave the order to shoot down the plane was not after the plane had already gone down. The plane did not go down at all. The order from Cheney was a necessary part of the plot, to justify the killing of U.S citizens. Cheney admits to it, but the question is: was he privy to the plot while willing to kill them?

There is always the possibility, you might be thinking, that the passengers of flight 13 did overtake hijackers in the cockpit, whether they be from Arabs or from Westerners, and that Cheney and the rest in Washington were not expecting it. It's a great theory, yes, except that there were no plane parts nor body parts in the Shanksville crater...aside from those brought in, hour by hour, after the "crash." It might have been a good idea to place metal parts in the hole before the explosion so that they would scatter all around and look more like a crash site, but, apparently, there wasn't enough time for it, which is why I theorize a Plan B...hastily put fools and tools. No really, fools and tools, a very accurate description.

It seems that the FAA, and even Dick Cheney, were oblivious to the Shanksville Plan B that had already been carried out. What I do know is that a fake crash site was prepared at Shanksville by someone privy to the 911 plots, and Cheney and Bush were not likely in charge of calling the important shots, even if they were complicit tools with their own roles to play.

The Camp David shoot-down was totally avoided by the official story of events of that day, which is yet another compelling reason that America needs to dredge up the courage to punish the news media. It's bad enough that "media" (no longer an apt description) are political tools, but when they're tools of murderous plots, it's where the people should draw the line:

[Secretary of Transportation under Bush, Norman Mineta] soon realizes that this shootdown is not meant to become public, so he keeps his mouth shut in his congressional testimony on September 20, but weeks later he can't resist to tell [Bob] Woodward interesting insider stories about a scary hijacked plane on its way to Washington. The existence of the plane is not part of the official story, however, so he projects his experiences onto Flight 77, not realizing that this distortion of the truth generates plenty of contradictions.
Dick Cheney begins to appear very guilty, having command of NORAD as you can plainly see. Mineta claimed in testimony that Cheney's shoot-down order was for the plane (flight 77) that supposedly struck the Pentagon, but that doesn't at all seem true, suggesting that he's covering for the botched Camp David plot. The article continues:
In contrast, controllers at the Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center had much more warning that something was wrong. Those controllers, who handled American Airlines Flight 77, which dived into the Pentagon, knew about the hijacking of the first plane to crash, even before it hit the World Trade Center, those involved said.

There can be no doubt about it, that if Washington air controllers knew about the first "attack" prior to 8:46 am, there was plenty of time to get Dick Cheney to order jet fighters into Washington air space by the time of the Pentagon "attack" at 9:38. Planes were only ten minutes away, and Dick had heard reports long before of planes crashed into buildings as part of terror campaigns. Dick Cheney was in charge of the Pentagon attack that day, but he wanted the attack. Make no mistake about it; he wanted the attack. Although no plane struck, an explosion was set off that endangered/killed lives. In the name of what devil? Which devilish thing is worth that price in human blood, if the Dicks of the world are incapable of coming clean with their deeds because their plots drool too much with satanic saliva? If only the Minetas of the world would come clean, there would be heroes once again.

The article goes on to tell that the 911 Commission downplayed the Camp David reports, and indeed the plotters tried to wipe it away:

At Camp David, there were indeed rumors going around that a plane had crashed near Thurmont, which is 3 miles away:
Early reports that an airliner had crashed on or near Camp David, the presidential retreat in Western Maryland's Catoctin Mountains, proved unfounded.

Theresa Hahn, manager of banquet and catering services for Thurmont's Cozy Restaurant, the Camp David haunt of the presidential media retinue, said at mid-morning yesterday that she heard that a plane went down about three miles from Thurmont, in the Catoctin Mountain National Park. Thurmont is located about three miles east south east of Camp David.

"Lots of fire trucks were on the road and no one can get up there," Hahn said, adding that she had not been able to get through by telephone to an aunt who lives closer to Camp David on the other side of the state park.

Are people on the streets imagining things, or did they truly hear that a plane went down in a very specific place? It seems that Plan A was rolled into heavy action, and that the devil's sons were not in inter-contact with one another enough to stop its giant wheels, once rolling. To put it another way, they bit off more than they could chew, and then came to bite their lips in nervous fear of getting caught at any moment. The case against them grows by the year.

Some knew not to carry the Plan forward, but others did not. The plot was simply too big to fix once it went wrong. The centerpiece of the plot around Jimmy Carter's Camp David deal was a bust. "J. Mel Poole, Catoctin Mountain Park superintendent, denied a crash at Camp David or Catoctin Mountain Park. An official report of the National Park Service gives no hints either. Lacking any witness accounts of smoke, noise, etc. this means there is no evidence that any accident happened there."

My my, a Poole surname appears to have been involved in the plot. Indeed, the plan must have been to at least feign a crash, on Mr. Poole's turf.

The end of the article reports a mystery plane:

So what happened to "phantom Flight 93" if it didn't crash, the interested reader might ask. Interestingly, an airliner whose identity is still not clarified made an emergency landing at Cleveland airport at 10:45. The Akron Beacon Journal reports:
Cleveland Mayor Michael White said at a news conference this morning that a Boeing 767 out of Boston made an emergency landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport because of fears a bomb was aboard. He reported that air traffic controllers could hear screaming aboard the plane. The 200 passengers were reportedly released from the plane at 11:15 a.m., though White said the pilot was still concerned that a bomb remained.

And according to someone who was at Cleveland Airport on 9/11, this airliner was the same one that was reported headed towards Camp David somewhat earlier:

I'm not very keen on identifying that plane as flight 93, at least not yet. But it's worth recording, as the 10:45 timing does seem spot-on. It's not necessarily true that it was from Boston. It turns out that the 911 Commission was at least one of the parties claiming Boston as the airport of the origin, but then who can trust the 911 Commission? In another article detailing this mystery landing in Cleveland: "[Mayor] White retracted his remarks later...But a FAA employee at Hopkins confirms White's first version..."

Enter Phantom Flight 175...that we're not supposed to know about

After writing all the above, another Woody Box page was found that seemed to obliterate the theory which I presented above:

So it's possible to establish a rough flight path for United 93:

9:22 PIT (Pittsburgh)
9:36 CLE (Cleveland)
9:47 TOL (Toledo)
9:51 FWY (Fort Wayne, IN)
10:10 CMI (Champaign, IL)

Whaa-ut? This shows that 93 traveled far more west than Cleveland (and, by the way, flew over Warsaw, Indiana, or at least close to it). The problem with this flight path is that it wouldn't be able to reach Shanksville (or Camp David) in time for the feigned crash at 10:06. But Woody saved my theory with evidence that 93 and other 911 planes were "duplicated" on that day:

As I've shown in the last blog entry, the ACARS radio messages sent from United Airlines dispatchers to Flight 93 are clear evidence that the plane was over Fort Wayne, Indiana and later Champaign, Illinois when it received its last messages. This doesn't mean that the "official" Flight 93 which turned around over Cleveland didn't exist; there is plenty of FAA material showing that it did exist. Hence the conclusion that United Airlines tracked a different Flight 93 than the FAA is inevitable - a case for duplicated planes and 9/11 being an Operation Northwoods-like maneuver.

Likewise, United dispatchers sent ACARS messages to Flight 175 locating it near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania just when the South Tower was hit (by whatever plane) and near Pittsburgh 20 minutes later. Hence the Flight 175 that was tracked by United Airlines was not identical to the plane that hit the South Tower.

...The existence of the "official" Flight 175 is undoubtedly substantiated by FAA documents (ATC/pilot transcripts etc.) So like Flight 93, United Airlines tracked a different Flight 175 than the FAA. Another case of plane duplication. And for Flight 175 there is strong additional evidence that the plane was duplicated from start:

-two planes identifiable as United 175 took off from Logan; one at 8:14 (the official one) and one at 8:23 (this one with tail number N612UA). [ for details/reasoning, see ]

... It is not clear yet what happened to this United 175 afterwards.

Isn't that something? But why duplicate planes? Isn't that dangerous for the plotters? If so, it must have been awfully necessary. But while Woody has good evidence that there were two flights 175, he doesn't have evidence that there were two flights 93. He's assuming, logically but not necessarily correctly, that the plane engaged by Cleveland was a second flight 93. But wait a minute. Where would one of the flights 175 have been at roughly 9:30, when Cleveland engaged their hijacked plane that they thought was, or that they conveyed as, flight 93?

The "official" flight 175 -- the one we all read about -- was the one that took off first, at 8:14, headed for the west coast. I'm reading right now that a flight from Newark to Cleveland is on average 67 minutes, which gets the plane to Cleveland at about 9:20. The plane engaged by Cleveland was passing Cleveland about 10 minutes before it turned around beyond Cleveland, meaning that the timing of the other flight 175, which took off at 8:23, seems better timed (arrival to Cleveland at about 9:30) for the Cleveland sound track.

Woody Box reported on one of his pages that bus drivers at Cleveland's airport were threatened with death if they drove any people away. There were at least two planes (one was Delta 1989) landed in Cleveland with suspicions of carrying hijackers / bombs, but these accusations may have been a ruse to effect "martial law" at the airport..for the purpose of corralling, and then murdering, passengers and crew who were chosen to die on that day to keep the plot from being foiled. Imagine you were one of them.

The other flight 175 took off closer to 8:30. I can't come to terms as per why the plotters would use a number for their own "official" flight 175 that was being used of another plane on that same morning in the same airport. It's an issue that someone should tackle, create some hypothesis, think a few scenarios through, expect God to grant the answers where your heart is His heart. It seems to me that if United Airlines (owned both flights 93 and 175) was willing to create a fake flight 175 and call it the official version, the company had to be complicit at some high-level employee circle. That being true, if could also create passenger lists which included the names of Arab terrorists but without having them on-board. But why assign the fake flight the same number as another plane going out that morning?

One theory has come to mind, born of the idea that it would have been risky / complicated to actually hijack passengers, with fake terrorists whose primary jobs were to carry out a co-ordinated and well-timed plot. In this scenario, the official or publicized 175 had no passengers aboard whatsoever, but was used solely as flying theater to create the impressions of a hijacking, with actors alone on board. The real flight 175 was then taken to the slaughter house by pilots willingly involved in the plot. No one on the outside knew the identity of those pilots (they could fly again and live normal lives if they were allowed to live) because it was the pilots of the official flight that were publicized. This idea is so fresh on my mind that it may be published on Monday too hastily, but there you have it for what it could be worth.

My new conclusion at this point is that the Cleveland transmission heard in a video above was staged with the deliberate purpose of confusing flight 175 with flight 93. If this is true, then there must have been a reason that flight 93 had to be compromised / condemned i.e. its passengers were given to murder. That's easy, simply because there were four crashes planned so that at least four planes had to be compromised. Even though flight 93 may not have partaken in the official flight-93 path, and even though it flew without incident to Indiana, yet the passengers had to be compromised. The fifth plane, the second flight 175, was also condemned.

The following statement is one of a kind so far as I've come across: "The Associated Press [reported] that an airplane in distress had passed through Cleveland-area airspace before being handed off to Toledo, although it was not clear that the plane was Flight 93." In other words, Cleveland must have indicated to Toledo (to the west of Cleveland) that the flight number was not certain. It's hard to say whether the flight 93 handed to Toledo was the true 93 with no incidents, or the 175 with the "hijacker." The true flight 93 flew past Toledo to Illinois.

It could be that Cleveland may have known about the true flight 93 coming through, but said nothing to it, or about it, to anyone because Cleveland was involved with the plotters. If the fake 93 (= 175) was also handed off to Toledo, I haven't read anything of the kind regarding how Toledo handled the turn around. We would expect that the plane turned around while Toledo was handling the case, yet we heard, in the soundtrack, that Cleveland was handling the case when the false 93 was turning around.

The ACARS recordings verify that the true flight 93 was closest to the Cleveland ACARS tower (than to any other towers) at 9:36, then closest to the Toledo ACARS tower at 9:47, then closest to the ACARS tower for Fort Wayne (further west yet) at 9:51 (this could not have been the plane blamed for the crash at Shanksville). There are some key conclusions one can make here: 1) the timing of the take-offs of flight 175 from Boston at 8:23, and that of the true flight 93 at 8:48 from Newark, would create near-identical timing past Cleveland, because Boston is about 200 miles (= about 20 minutes) further from Cleveland than Newark. If the velocities of both planes was identical, flight 93 would have arrived first by about five minutes. Once past Cleveland and Toledo without incident, the plot could begin to take place with the faked 93.

My conclusion is that the pilot of the true 93 was a plotter whose job was to fall silent, or not respond to transmissions at 9:26. Let the below be repeated, while keeping in mind that 9:26 was the time of a message received by the Cleveland ACAR tower:

...As Ballinger was responsible for multiple flights, he did not send the message to Flight 93 until 09:23...Ballinger received a routine ACARS message from Flight 93 at 09:21. At 09:22...At 09:24, Flight 93 received Ballinger's ACARS warning, "Beware any cockpit intrusion -- two a/c {aircraft} hit World Trade Center"... At 09:26, the pilot sent an ACARS message back, "Ed, confirm latest mssg plz -- Jason". At 09:27:25, the flight crew responded to routine radio traffic from air traffic controllers. This was the last communication made by the flight crew before the hijacking...

Clearly, the hijack hoax started just as true flight 93 was passing Cleveland, and the silence from the pilot at that time suggests that he was, not killed or removed from the cockpit by hijackers, but a fellow plotter whose job was not to respond. It may be that he was directed to fall silent at a certain pre-determined time, and/or as he was crossing Cleveland, or perhaps a certain amount of time after he received a certain, pre-determined message from a Cleveland controller, or Ballinger.

As I'm under the impression that ACARS messages identify the aircraft involved, I'd say that the faint screams heard (by Cleveland controllers) came from true 93 (or, the screams were added into the soundtrack). The idea in having 93 cross Cleveland at the same time as 175 filled with actors making phone calls (some say they were victims forced at the pain of death to send pre-determined phone messages) was to create the impression that the hijacked plane was 93. If screams could be recorded by the ACARS system, with flight 93 identified as the party where the screams occurred, it would do the trick.

In order for the plotters to get away with claiming that 175 slammed into the south tower, they must have had a pact with the people flying one of the two flight 175s. By what coincidence was it that one of the 175s recorded a transmission in the very minute that the south tower exploded? Shouldn't that transmission have had a secret code indicating to the pilot that the explosion had just occurred? Four minutes before the crash, "Jerry Tsen sent an ACARS message to Flight 175 via the radio ground station MDT (Harrisburg)," which gives the first impression that his plane was to be hijacked; the message was, "I HEARD OF A REPORTED INCIDENT ABOARD YOUR ACFT. PLZ VERIFY ALL IS NORMAL....THX 777SAM." Note that Jeff signed off, 777SAM (in some Illuminati circles, 777 is code for 666).

The next message comes four minutes later from the same transmission tower, from Ed Ballinger: "HOW IS THE RIDE. ANY THING DISPATCH CAN DO FOR YOU..." (others report wrongly online (e.g. see near top of this page) that this message was to flight 93). There's not much codework evident there, but there could have been meanings behind any statement made. Then: "Also at 9:03, United flight dispatcher Sandy Rogers sent another ACARS message to Flight 175..."NY APROACH LOOKIN FOR YA ON [frequency] 127.4." That message, at supposedly the last moment of 175's existence, appears to suggest that people at "NY approach" are looking to hear from the pilots. But why? Both flights 175 took off from Boston, and this flight 175 was in Pennsylvania at the time. Was Sandy's message (17 minutes after the first tower was hit) tailored for public consumption, to give the impression that New York had suspicions on 175? If so, why was 175 suspect? It was NOT flying toward New York at the time!

In other words, one could get the impression that we the public were not to know the position of this flight flying over Harrisburg; we were only to know that flight 175 was suspect. One article on the timeline says: "Although United Airlines has suspected Flight 175 as being hijacked since around 9:00 a.m..." But why / how? According to the page below, a flight attendant on 175 San Francisco to alert the controllers there that her plane had been hijacked, though this sounds as though dreamed up to cover for Sandy Rogers and/or Ed Ballinger...because the plane was in no way flying to New York at the moment of the south-tower explosion.

Moreover, I'm reading that Ed Ballinger was already notified of the hijack when he sent his message to 175 at 9:03. The problem is, regardless of how he learned of the hijack by that time, his message went to Harrisburg, proving that this 175 flight -- the official one -- did NOT crash in New York.

NOW THE GRAND SURPRISE, thanks to Woody Box. At 9:23, twenty minutes after 175 supposedly crashed into the south tower, Ballinger sends the same 175 aircraft the message, "BEWARE ANY COCKPIT INTROUSION: TWO AIRCAFT IN NY . HIT TRADE CNTER BUILDS..."

The grand surprise is that others suggest this message was sent to flight 93. There seems to be only one reason to claim the message for 93: to cover Ballinger's rear for sending it to 175. However, we the public are given the come-back that Ballinger sent the same message to both planes...because he didn't know at the time that 175 had crashed into the tower. Yet, if Ballinger's message to 175 was at a time when the aircraft did not exist, the message would have been rejected, and possibly, therefore, not recorded. Here's from the end of a Woody Box page in which he details all 24 messages sent to flight 93:

Messages #20 to #24 were sent to the aircraft from CHIDD [Chicago]. However, all of the [five] messages were rejected indicating the aircraft did not receive them

As Woody offered nothing at the webpage to describe the contents of the last five messages, I can't tell whether the messages were recorded even while rejected. In any case, Woody does not tell that Ballinger's message to flight 175 was rejected, which is what we would expect if the plane were already crashed at that time.

But why would Ed Ballinger send a message to flight 175 at 9:23 if he knew it wouldn't be rejected, thus risking the plan? Hmm, good question. Perhaps he was not a plotter. Or, perhaps it was mighty necessary message. It was that "two" planes hit the "builds" (plural, indicating both towers), which alerts the pilots (= plotters) that their plane has already been faked as one of the two crashes. It may therefore have been a message with the meaning: "all is going well, continue forward as planned."

Interestingly, Ballinger's message comes exactly 20 minutes after his last one, suggesting the possibility that the pilots were provided the idea beforehand that the time of the faked hit would be 20 minutes prior to the message given at 9:23. His first message seems totally unnecessary, and may have been out-of-nature for him (only his fellow workers know for sure): "HOW IS THE RIDE. ANY THING DISPATCH CAN DO FOR YOU..." Remember, this no-content friendly message came at the very minute that the south tower exploded, which makes the message appear as code indicating 1) that the go-ahead for the faked crash was scheduled for that minute, or 2) that the faked crash had taken place that minute.

Here's the ACARS recording for 1323 (= 9:23 am); note that "175" is included in the recording:


As you can see, "CHIDD" is where Ed Ballinger was at. If flight 93 had five messages rejected from CHIDD, shouldn't CHIDD's message to flight 175 also have been rejected at 9:23 if the plane didn't exist at that time? The question then becomes: why were the last five messages rejected by flight 93? What does it mean, exactly, where Woody Box writes, "all of the messages were rejected indicating the aircraft did not receive them"? I don't think it means that the pilots just ignored them. I assume the message would be registered whether the pilots hear it or not. I assume the messages would register so long as the equipment receiving the messages is working.

The rejection of the messages seems to imply that the plane did not exist at the time.

Earlier on the page above, we find that the true flight 93 had received or sent a transmission from the ACARS tower closest to Champaigne, Illinois, at 10:10 am!!! That's exactly the time of the Shanksville crash according to some. It seems that some are wrongly pushing 10:10 as the proper time of the "crash" because that was the plan. We were not supposed to have the ACARS information that tells of the plane's location in Illinois at the time of the Shanksville explosion. We were only supposed to have the information that Ed Ballinger sent five or more messages to Flight 93 to which he received no responses.

The same page tells that messages 16 and 17 to flight 93 were sent by CHIDD through the tower at Forte Wayne. Messages 18 and 19 were sent by CHIDD through the tower at Champaigne, but, unlike the five messages, 20-24, they were not rejected. It gives the impression that flight 93 was not yet crashed during messages 18 and 19. We can assume that message 19 was sent at 10:10, because "After Champaigne [at 10:10], no message was received by United 93 anymore."

The plot and some plotters are thereby uncovered for anyone with eyes to see and a mind to accept it. Flight 93's equipment must have been ruined (probably by plotters on board) by the time of message 20, but the plane was not destroyed at that time, nor did it ever crash in Shanksville.

None of the 24 messages involved Cleveland; most were from Chicago / Ballinger. Message nine recorded latitude and longitude about eight miles east of central Cleveland, an almost over lake Erie's coastal waters, and the flight's path at that point is definitely over the lake to Toledo. Message ten was sent from the aircraft to Chicago, meaning the hijack plot had not yet started when the plane was at Cleveland...i.e. the plot had to start with flight 175 after flight 93 was west of Cleveland. No other message thereafter came from flight 93 (though Chicago repeatedly attempted contact), yet that flight could not have been the one crashing at Shanksville. The suggestion is strong toward a plot starting as soon as flight 93 had crossed past Cleveland. I assume flight 175 was a short distance (I estimate five minutes = 50 miles) behind, preparing for it's theater and U-turn.

Unfortunately, no times are given for the messages at the page where I got the messages. However, the page indicates one message to/from the Cleveland tower at 9:36, while there were only three dispatch messages, 10, 11 and 12, involving the Cleveland tower. Woody says: "The actual content of the messages is already known and hardly interesting ('beware cockpit intrusion' etc.), but what makes them toxic for the official story is the plane's approximate position that is attached to each message..."

My purpose is never to demonize any person wrongly in this matter. But the reader must understand that all persons involved must be suspect if the bottom of what truly happened is to be discovered. View these writings of mine in the same way as how police people operate in a crime, to place all peoples involved on a list of suspects until they can be ruled out as suspects. Watch your backs anyone who places these ACARS messages online, until there are enough online instances to make vain any murders or death threats.

Ed Ballinger sent messages also to flight 93 because it was likewise under his watch that morning...because his job description was to watch all flights specifically from east to west coast. This may indicate the reason that the 911 planes were flights from the east coast to California i.e. so that they could be under Ballinger's (i.e. a fellow plotter's) controls.

The question now is: which of the two flights 175 was the one that Ballinger and others had contacted as discussed above? Thus far, I'm pegging it as the one taking off at 8:23. Why was the other flight 175, the one taking off at 8:14 which must have been compromised too, required by plotters? One might wonder if that was the one used on the south tower. I say, no.

Which was the real / original 175? Hard to say at this point, though the finger points to the 8:14 take off because Woody implies that officials do not acknowledge the 175 that took off at 8:23. However, that doesn't necessarily suggest that the earlier one was the true 175, as United Airlines may have been complicit in the plot, wanting us to have the impression that the faked 175 was the one and only 175. Woody writes on the one he views as a duplicate:

United 175, tail number N612UA, took off from Boston at 8:23. Peter Hanson [on board] talked with his father from 9:00 to 9:03 when the plane was in the skies over Harrisburg [near and north of Camp David]. It continued to fly westbound and was near Pittsburgh when it received its last message [from Ballinger] at 9:23. It is not clear yet what happened to this United 175 afterwards...

Clearly, Ballinger either stopped sending messages to 175, or the messages he sent were rejected after 9:23. As Ballinger couldn't (i.e. wasn't supposed to) know as yet whether 175 was the one that crashed into the south tower, we must expect him to continue contact attempts with the pilots. The situation should strongly suggest that all messages after 9:23 were rejected due broken equipment on board.

On the phone call, Woody writes:

- the impossible phone call out of United 175: Peter Hanson, who was aboard the plane, called his father Lee Hanson at 9:00:03 through a satellite-based GTE airphone. The call lasted 192 seconds, hence ending at 9:03:15, 4 seconds after a plane later believed to be Flight 175 hit the South Tower (9:03:11, according to seismic data). With the detection of a second Flight 175, the phone call suddenly makes sense.

It's only four seconds off, yet Woody is sure that it's enough to condemn the call as part of the hoax. I'm not sure, but I think he's claiming that one 175 crashed into the second tower, while the phone call was made from the 175 in the Harrisburg area. One way to explain how the call ended so close to the NY explosion is to have the person responsible for pressing the buttons for the explosions linked communicatively with a party of that phone call. Part Peter's conversation went like this: "I think they intend to go to Chicago or someplace and fly into a building -- Don't worry, Dad -- If it happens, it'll be very fast..." How could plain-Peter-passenger have known that they intended to fly into a building? Wasn't that just theater for pubic dissemination?

It's not necessary that the father was part of the plot. There's other ways to be a third party to the call. He lost other relatives on that flight, but I say they were promised rewards for their roles, though I don't know whether they were allowed to go free in some other country with new identities, or whether they were betrayed and killed. Apparently, Dick Cheney was prepared to shoot down the plane. The plotters in the plane may have been directed prior to take-off to do only a fly-by over Shanksville, and then over Camp David too.

My theory that Cleveland was following flight 175 while confusing it deliberately with flight 93 is support-able by this testimony of Mike Zeintarski: "We continued tracking what we believed to be UAL93 and I continued to have aircraft moved away. This continued until the target we believed to be UAL93 was out of the airspace." In other words, they had no way to know with certainty what aircraft flight it was.

Examining the Shanksville Explosion Site

Find Shanksville on a Google map near the south-west corner of Pennsylvania. Shanksville is less than ten miles east of Somerset. Follow up the Lambertsville road from Shanksville two miles due north. Click the map to satellite view if it's not already on. Zoom into the white area to the right of the Lambertsville road. The plane crash site is at the south-western edge of the white area.

Next, compare the white patch above to large light patch in this video's 2:10 mark. The patch in the video is in the center but closer to the bottom than to the top. The two patch's are the same landscape, but the one in the video is not oriented with the normal north-at-the-top. Let the video play until "1994" appears at the 2:12 point; the crash site will be faked seven years later above the second '9', right next to the dirt road. The explosion sight in the video is NOT the large dark line, as the video is suggesting.

By the way, the video at the 55-second point was from NBC, though I don't know on what day it was taken or aired. There is not as much debris in that clip as in others.

The wing-shape crevice at the reported crash site touches the dirt road that you can view in two shots at the 2:19 mark (there's a nicer shot at the 1:23 point; note there the unburned trees on the opposite side of the dirt road, because in other shots the trees are burnt / absent). At the 2:18 point, find the black dot on the side of the road closest to you, the viewer, to the right of the curve in the dirt road (which is no longer there today). Then look to the right of the black dot, on the same side of the road, to a distance of about six or seven diameters of the black dot, and you'll see a small white patch perpendicular to the road and touching the road at one end.

IMPORTANT FOR LATER USE BELOW: the small white patch is at the left end of a dark strip along the shoulder of the road, what appears to be a neat strip of grass. The wing-shape crevice, which I cannot see, is located between that small white patch and the black dot. From image to image on satellite maps, colors of the same features can change drastically. I suggest that the small white patch of the 1994 image is barely visible in the lower-left shot of the 2:19 mark. It's not the crash-site gash itself, but rather touches the tip of the dark-green strip. If you're going to study these matters yourself using current satellite images in which you can zoom in and out, always remember that the crash-site gash is just ten or twenty feet beyond (to the south) of the tip of that dark area.

There is a patch of trees to the side of the crash site, and your google map allows us to spot buildings in those trees, and even marks a "driveway" to the buildings. In the video's 1994 shot, both the driveway, to the extreme left at the 2:18 mark, and the buildings to the right of the driveway, are visible. They look like homes. Find out who owned that property in 2001, and you will likely have one or more of the 911 plotters (I doubt very much that an elaborate hoax involving murder charges and multiple lifetime sentences would be planned there so close to non-plotters). Or, find the owners of the white patch upon which the crash site is located, and one could have at least one more plotter.

The dirt road appearing in the both 1994 and the 2001 shots can no longer be seen now (2012), as expected because they don't want anyone driving to the crash/explosion site.

For some reason, google map has "666" stamped on the right/east side of Skyline Road immediately across the end of the "driveway" mentioned above. There is another "666" (where trees and clearing meet) on the left/west side of Skyline Road about 650 feet to the south of the "driveway" (it could be a short street). These 666s could be interpreted as elevation in meters because the explosion site has an elevation (in another map shown below) of about 2365 feet. However, there is also a "400" stamped on the roadside about 300 feet north of one 666, and there's just no way the roadside can drop 266 meters in just 300 feet. In any case, someone at Google know that Illuminatists were/are involved at that location?

Further questions: 1) Are the people who own the houses along the "driveway" on their own properties, or are they on a property that includes the explosion site? 2) Was the land along the driveway severed by a friend / relative of those who purchased it, and were the people all involved together with Illuminatists? As you can see, there are no other homes around, aside for the complex to the near-north of the explosion site.

There is more evidence here of a hoax, because the reported engine of the reported plane was found just off of a deserted road in the woods, a road that looks to be a very private one with zero homes, zero buildings...a perfect place for plotters to drive the engine to, and dump it. See the debris-field map at the end of the following webpage, and note that the engine was found almost due south of the explosion site, though a slight bit to the left of due south. Other webpages state that the engine was found 2,000 feet from the crash site, and the red dot that marks the engine is bang on 2000 feet away. To locate the place where the engine was found, see that the two red dots are roughly parallel with the adjacent Lambertsville road.

Back on your satellite-image Google map (use a second browser so you can read here and view the map at the same time), zoom in to the explosion site (with the info provided above) until the legend reads 50 feet per inch of ground. The explosion site is at the very tip of the dark-green strip of what looks like grass on the dirt road that is now a dead-end road. That dark tip is beyond the end of the road by about 250 feet.

Now zoom out until the legend indicates 1,000 feet per 1 1/4 inch of ground. "Draw" your 2,000-foot line from the crash site, parallel with Lambertsville road, for a distance of 2 1/2 inches. You should find yourself smack on, or nearly on, a white dirt road in the middle of the trees. It's the third dirt road in from Lambertsville after one turns two 90-degree turns. The engine spot is on/off the third road not very far past that second corner. It's an easy and safe place for plotters to dump an engine...and other plane parts. Can you just imagine what goons did this, what dark minds they had, how utterly shameful and worthy of severe punishment?

Zoom in to 50 feet per inch (trees are clearly definable), and see that no buildings are visible (as of March 2012, anyway) on any of the dirt roads of the area. Not one of the several roads has a home or garage...until one gets to the lower-left of the white patch, where a home and/or business has a paved parking lot, and driveway onto Lambertsville Road (also called State Route 1007). There's no certainty that the owner of that property also owned/owns all the roads beside it. Fence posts and a closed gate can be spotted along the road dividing the woods from the front fields. Anyone in the vicinity can go to the town's property records to see who owned what when.

The fools and tools in the mid 1990s may not have realized how powerful we would be armed with Google maps and internet sharing of information. Otherwise, they would have gotten away with their plot much better.

Questions: who found the engine; how was it found; how long after the "crash" was it found; and was it planted before or after the "crash"? If after the crash, then Plan B was hastily produced, and should have required the permission/knowledge, very likely, of the house and/or business above, especially if it was a home occupied permanently day and night. The house / business is about 3,600 feet (2/3rd mile) from the explosion site. It's hard to believe that anyone snuck onto those dirt roads at anytime -- day or night -- after the supposed crash, to dump and spread airplane parts, without either the wink / suspicions of the owner of this house / business.

The engine was dumped about 1,000 feet from this house / business. Trucks and even fainter noises can be heard easily in the country to a distance of 1000 feet. There is almost all field (= little to shield noises or vision) between the house/business and the location of the engine. Only 200-300 feet of trees act as cover from that direction. However much there is a good chance that the plane parts were placed there before 911, the same problem applies of getting into the wooded area apart from the knowledge of this home / business. The building in the island of the driveway definitely looks like a house.

I can't believe what just happened. I reached for my sandwich after writing the last sentence, and smudged the google map accidentally at the same time with the mouse, and there before my eyes was the house I was just writing about, in normal street view! I was instantly staring at a house, and a business sign on the front law!! I had no idea until now that Google had this street-view capability from a satellite map. The lawn sign reads, "Harmon," with writing under not readable to my eyes.

I can't show you the street view because it has the same URL address as the satellite-map page, so it won't get you there. Below are directions on how to get street view from a satellite map (its news to me). Just drag the little orange-man icon to the front of the house on any street, and if street view is available at that spot, the satellite map switches to it. We can even circle around 360 degrees by clicking the arrows.

Here is the business is case someone wants to check into it: Harmon Contractors Incorporated, addressed at 1358 Lambertsville Road, officially in "Stoystown." This information suggests that the owner(s) lives at the house (presently, anyway) but works out of the large garage / barn in the back. The job description is largely "roofer," but it even says they do garage doors. Hmm.

The question is: who was the owner in September, 2001? When "1358 Lambertsville Road, Pennsylvania" is entered in a Google map, the pointer points to the Harmon' property. As I've just found that there is a white number, 1300, along the road to the north of Harmon's directly at the pond, it means that the road complex is not all owned by the same person. It also means that the white 666 along the road is a house number; that is, 666 Skyline Road. I was questioning why there were so few of those numbers, otherwise I would have been able to peg them easily as house numbers.

The small town of Stoysville is several miles away, and features an historic site called, Hite House, a name too close to "Hitler" to ignore in this case. A variation of the Hite surname is "Height"...much like "Haught," what I trace to the daughter of Mieszko I. Mieszko II was called, "Lambert, you see.

In the webpage above showing the debris field, ask how debris could be at a small point-location circled in red eight miles away. The spot (in New Baltimore) is in line with the plane's flight path, as is the debris in Indian Lake, and the debris is in front of the plane crash, not behind it. How did debris get to a specific point-location eight miles past the crash site??? Doesn't that seem like another dump by plotters? At Indian Lake, the debris field is where minor roads are located, fully expected where the debris was trucked in and scattered.

If you zoom in on New Baltimore, you'll see that it consists of only six streets making up one neighborhood. The red circle in the debris-field map is smack on that neighborhood. What are the chances of significant debris landing there, especially if its paper blown by wind? Maybe one piece of paper, maybe two, but a "debris field"???

The crevice in the ground at the crash site, supposedly made by the plane's wings, determines the direction of the plane when it crashed. The debris field is not only perpendicular to the supposed wing line / crevice, but it's in a line toward Camp David! Thus, we are to believe that the bomb(s) allowed debris out of and/or off of the plane while it was flying to Camp David. In other words, those debris fields appear to be part of Plan A, a crash in Camp David, NOT part of a fake crash in Shanksville.

The only difference between Plan A and B may have been the press of a button to create the Shanksville event. Had it not been necessary, the Shanksville explosion would not have taken place, and the site would have been cleared quietly, in the days after 91, of jet fuel, explosives, and whatever else was used to fake a crash.

At the start of the video below, some shots of the explosion site have very little debris visible during the time in which smoke is yet visible, while other shots are littered hugely with debris, as though tracked in after 911 for effect on the public's mind. Know thine sticky enemy, America; your government. It's your parasite that doesn't want to let go. The Senators and Congressmen are entrenched, and those who run for office are usually bought by the same parasitic people. Pray that Christ comes to heal you of the diseases transferred to you by these blood suckers.

On the debris-field page, let's discuss the topographic map showing "Reclaimed Strip Mine" at the location of the crash site. That strip mine area is highlighted in a light color, and is in a shape like that of the same area shown on a Google map. You don't need to go to a Google map because there's one shown right beside the topographic map. You can see the pale-colored soil there for the reclaimed mine. The meaning of "Reclaimed" is that the mine had been filled in with dirt so as to reclaim the land that once was (i.e. "reclaimed" has not to do with reclaiming title to the land). The refill took place before 1996, though between 1994 and 2001, a huge crevice (see short video below) existed in the landscape immediately north of the explosion site that's since disappeared.

The following video is erroneous where it claims that a huge crevice in the ground, in a 1994 satellite view, was used by plotters as part of the crash gash. The shot shows that the mine was already filled in, in 1994.

Note: the topographic map shows elevations (e.g. 2320) in feet. If any local areas off the map to its right side are as low as 2185 feet, they would be equal to 666 meters.

Two or three days after writing above on the buildings near the crash site and their owners, the following page was found:

The point of [flight 93] impact is a reclaimed coal mine, known locally as the Diamond T Mine, that was reportedly abandoned in 1996. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/12/2001; St. Petersburg Times, 9/12/2001; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/11/2002] Being "reclaimed" means the earth had been excavated down to the coal seam, the coal removed, and then the earth replaced and planted over. [Kashurba, 2002, pp. 121] A US Army authorized seismic study times the crash at five seconds after 10:06 a.m. [Kim and Baum, 2002 pdf file; San Francisco Chronicle, 12/9/2002]...

The local structure most severely damaged when Flight 93 crashes in rural Pennsylvania is a stone cottage, an estimated 1,000 feet from the crash site. Located within thick trees, the cottage belongs to Barry Hoover who is away at work at the time of the crash. Reportedly, "every window and door" has been "blown off and obliterated..." Hoover describes it as "like what you see after a tornado or hurricane goes through -- a total ruin." The garage adjacent to it has its door blown off by the shockwave from the crash... ]]

We now have the task of finding Barry Hoover's stone cottage. The building shown (on the Google map and on the debris website) closest to the crash site is only about 500 feet away. The only one that measures nearly 1000 feet is the building to the far right, the one closest to the "666" markings (at Skyline Rd) on the Google map. My measurement on Google map has it at 975 feet from the crash site.

Here's the Hoover/Huber Coat, by the way, using a single bird leg in colors reversed to the Over surname of Cheshire. It just so happens that the Hixons/Hicksons, whom I am sure were said (a few years ago) to have been first found in Cheshire, use similar bird legs.

The Hoover Institute at Stanford University has always been suspect by me to be an Illuminati organization of the Republican-Illuminati kind. Stanford was founded by late-19th century British Illuminatists of the Rothschild / Rhodes kind. It just so happens that the Hoover surname was first found in Bavaria, home of the Bavarian Illuminati. As Overs are said to be from "ofer," see also the Overtons (Macey Shield, Massey horse) and HAUGHTs/Houghtons (mentioned shortly above with Hites/Heights), both first found in Cheshire, the home of Mieszko blood. German Hoffers use what should be the Mieske bull, symbol of Mieszko I of Poland, father of Sigrid the HAUGHTy.

We were fed the idea that the plane bounced its parts into the woods where the engine was found. From a September 12 article:

Two Somerset County men rushed to the scene of Tuesdays plane crash hoping to help with the rescue effort. They found a scene of devastation [not really, that's overkill and typical media twist].

"You couldn't see nothing," [that's more like it] said Nick Tweardy, 20, of Stonycreek Township. "We couldn't tell what we were looking at. There's just a huge crater in the woods."

Little remained of United Airlines Flight 93...

"The tail was a short distance from the rest of the wreckage," said would-be rescuer Brad Reiman, 19, who lives near Berlin in Somerset County. "It looked like the plane hit once and flopped down into the woods."

The largest piece of wreckage he could identify looked like a section of the plane's tail, he said.

The crash site is a former strip mine owned by PBS Coal Co. and is known locally as the Diamond T. Mine....

Paula Pluta [much like "Polzl," surname of Hitler's mother] of Stonycreek Township was watching a television rerun of "Little House on the Prairie" when the plane went down about 1,500 yards from her home along Lambertsville Road at Little Prairie Lane.

"I looked out the window and saw the plane nose-dive right into the ground," she said [she's very suspect as a co-plotter witness...

The explosion buckled her garage doors and blasted open a latched window on her home, she said [Hoover's garage door was taken right off, the question by what / whom].

..."There was no way anything was left" Pluta added [sounds scripted to explain why there was little debris]..."The plane didn't slide into the crash. It went straight into the ground. Wings out. Nose down" [it saved a lot of risky work that would have been needed to feign a sliding, rolling plane].

...Hours after the crash, teams of crime scene analysts from the FBI...cordoned off the area within a 4-mile radius of the crash and began the painstaking [very private] task of collecting evidence.

..."Over 100 state troopers secured the area. Our job is not to let anybody in here until the federal accident reconstruction teams from the FBI and (Federal Aviation Administration) can get in here and examine the shreds of evidence left," said Capt. Frank Monaco, commander of Troop A.

...FBI Agent Bill Crowley in Pittsburgh...[one Aleister Crowley of a satanic nature was a Bavarian Illuminatist of sorts]

...As the investigation began, police and federal agents began utilizing abandoned buildings at the strip mine..

...The American Red Cross began assembling a team of volunteers from across the nation to help. Kristina DuklaSHAW...

Just as we'd expect, total privacy as the site was dug up and the "evidence" found. How convenient that the plane should crash on an abandoned property...right at the end of a road to access the spot easily (i.e. it made it easier to plant parts and set up the hoax in other ways). "Most of the plane's debris kept traveling after the plane hit and landed in the woods past the mine." We should find who owns those woods. They could be part of Diamond T Mine company. This website tells of another eye-witness (Lee Purbaugh) of the plane going down just 200 yards from him, suggesting to me now that this Plan B was rather well planned out, and not so hasty as I might have assumed earlier. "'I happened to hear this noise and looked up,' said Purbaugh, who indicated the plane was about 40 to 50 feet above him. ' didn't know if I should duck or what because this plane was so low but then in a split second it hit.'" Was he indoors or out? Can a man outdoors survive a plane at 500 mph hour just 40 feet above his head, and crashing just 600 feet away? Mr. Hoover's garage doors were blown off into the air 1,000 feet away? Did Purbaugh screw up in his testimony?

Later on the same page, we find him working merely on his second day, suggesting the possibility of a plotter sent to the area simply to give false testimony. His boss, a local man I assume, could either have been in cahoots with the owners of the land on which the crash site was staged, or the owner himself:

Lee Purbaugh, 32, working just his second day at Rollock Inc., a scrap yard next to the reclaimed strip-mine land, looked up from operating a burning torch to see the jetliner just 40 feet above him. "I heard it for 10 or 15 seconds and it sounded like it was going full bore," said Tim Lensbouer, 35, Purbaugh's coworker. The ground shook and the air thundered as the jetliner slammed into the ground about 300 yards away, Purbaugh said. A mushroom of flame rose 200 feet and disappeared [that doesn't sound right, the flame should have burned for a while]..."My instinct was to run toward it, to try to help" said Nina Lensbouer, Tim's Lensbouer's wife and a former volunteer firefighter. "But I got there and there was nothing, nothing there but charcoal. Instantly, it was charcoal.

According to Purbaugh, the shop or outdoor section of the scrap yard was 200 or 300 yards from the crash site. The plane went over their heads, which easily identifies Rollock Inc with the building(s) visible, on Google satellite maps, to the north of the crash site. I measure 1,000 feet from the crash site to the nearest building shown on Google map. Can anyone imagine that metal pieces from that scrap yard were used to feign plane parts? Does the owner of that scrap yard have blood on his hands?

If you zoom in on that building nearest the crash site in the north direction, it's the one with red central area, and white end closest to what looks like a cliff face. In other words, the crash site doesn't seem visible from that building. It looks like the entire area on which the scrap business is located is lower down in a dug-out area. Note that neither employee spoke of damage to their buildings like the damage done to Hoover's place...that was likewise 1,000 feet from the explosion site. That could be explained by the scrap yard's position in a "hole."

The topographic map shows a steady rise of the land northward from the explosion site. The latter is situated at about 2365 feet, but the land goes up quickly to more than 2400 feet, easily high enough to conceal a building from the explosion's power...if the building were in a hole or sudden drop. The point is, is it really true that the men in the scrap yard saw the explosion? Where's the owner's testimony? I'll bet a pair of bloody hands he didn't want his name out. The webpage above continues"

Later in the afternoon, state police allowed reporters to enter the crash area....Under a bright sun, the site where all 45 aboard the plane were killed was most remarkable for how unremarkable [i.e. normal] it appeared. The apparent point of impact was a dark gash, not more than 30 feet wide, at the base of a gentle slope just before a line of trees.

There were few recognizable remnants of the plane or the passengers and crew. The trees beyond were still faintly smoldering but largely intact. "If you would go down there, it would look like a trash heap," said state police Capt. Frank Monaco. "There's nothing but tiny pieces of debris. It's just littered with small pieces."

A "trash heap," huh? Who in the area knows how to make trash heaps out of metal?

Others reported a crater much wider than the 30 feet given above for the length of entire gash. Could it be true that the crevice or gash was only 30 feet long? The wing span on flight 93 was 124 feet, and even longer on flight 175. If you want proof that the gash was only about 30 feet long, see the shot of the explosion site at the 55-second mark of the video below. The dirt road is easily calculated as a one-lane road about 10-12 feet wide. The gash is not much wider than two road widths. The leaders of the fools and tools were probably of the old school, not realizing that ANYBODY USA could have these shots available to today in their own homes.


...The impact left a blackened crater at least 45 feet in diameter, said Mark Stahl of Somerset, who arrived at the scene carrying a digital camera just minutes after the plane crashed.

See the paper, about two-thirds down the webpage below, that supposedly survived the explosion that incinerated the entire plane instantly, leaving nothing but the look of charcoal. The paper appears to be burned through with a match, and scrunched up slightly by human hands. The top piece of paper doesn't even have a sizable wrinkle. The fools and tools never thought the paper would make it to the news for the whole world to witness. About one-third down the page, the burnt trees can be seen.

The page adds: "A handful of people working near or driving through a rural area of Somerset County watched as the plane flipped over and disappeared with a smoky boom at 10:06 a.m..." "Disappeared" means they didn't see it hit the ground. The statement above is very general and crafted, not indicating, though implying, that multiple people saw the plane flip over upside down while in the air. It may have been only one eye-witness, however, who saw the plane behave that way. Such a false statement was necessary to "prove" that the plane was not merely a low-altitude fly-over. Same applies to Purbaugh's testimony with it just 50 feet off the ground. The fact must be, there was a low fly-over by flight 175 planned for the area, and so there had to be "witnesses" claiming to see more than a low fly-over. There must be millions of Masons, at every level of the social ladder, and thousands of high-level Illuminatists, in America alone.

One man who said the plane flipped while in flight has a Butler surnane, a surname that I cite often in my Illuminati bloodline topics. Butlers use the same design as English Randolphs and Dunhams, and Obama's mother, a Dunham, descends from the Randolphs.

The page above: "The plane came down on farmland reclaimed from a coal-mining operation." If it's farmland, there must be a farmer on it.

PBS Coal appears to be heavily related to Walkers Bush's

(When the following investigation was started, I had no idea how remarkable it would turn out. I found things in the order and manner reported.)

I realize that there are plenty of people with Walker surname, but the following may be worth sharing:

Orlo E. Swank, 72, of Somerset RD 5 died April 19, 1994, in Somerset Hospital....Survived by his wife, Beula Walker, and these children...David, married to the former Judy Landis [that surname could be related to "Lambert"]...Retired from PBS Coal Co.

That is, the man who died (with Swank surname) had worked for PBS Coal, as had hundreds of others, I should add. That's the company that abandoned the coal mine area at the explosion/crash site. Compare the English Swank Shield to the English Bush Shield, and one has reason to surmise a relationship. Swanks were first found in Derbyshire, where Hites were first found. Then:

Glenn E. Walker, 50, Friedens RD 2, died Nov. 15, 1985, at Memorial Hospital, Johnstown...Born Feb. 20, 1935, in Stonycreek Township, son of late Richard and Maggie (Miller) Walker...Formerly employed by PBS Coal Co

Next up gives us an idea of family ties in this particular coal industry:

Wayne E. Stutzman, 76, Glades Pike, Somerset, went to be with the Lord, Aug. 26, 2004...sisters, Esther Shank...grandchildren...Eric Glessner...a sister, his only living sibling, Hazel Swank, Somerset. He was a life long resident of Somerset County. He retired in 1990 from PBS Coal Co.

That is, Wayne STUTZMAN of PBS Coal had two sisters with Swank surname, suggesting two Stutzman sisters married to two Swanks. Then, elsewhere we read: "Curiosity got the best of me tonight and I made a trip to see the Shanksville [rail] line. The rails at the STUTZMANtown (Shanksville) Road RR crossing...I have e-mailed a friend of mine out in that area...that has been in that business over many years and if he ever looks at his e-mail, maybe he can indicate if he has any info on what we're talking about. {Swank Coal Co.}." (brackets not mine).

CHECK THIS OUT!!! Not until after writing the above did I check for the Stutzman surname. Not only a white-on-blue fleur de-lys, the only symbol in the German Bush Coat, but red roses on stems, the symbol of German Walkers!!!! That is INCREDIBLE.

AHA! In a local article three weeks after 911:

Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller...said he's not sure when he'll relinquish control of the [crash] site, although it likely won't happen until spring...When all the work is done, PBS Coal of nearby Freidens, Pa., will get back the site where it had been doing mine reclamation work when the crash occurred.

...Colleen Walker and her mother, LaVerne Walker, both of Johnstown, laid purple gladiolas and chrysanthemums at the site.

But we were told that PBS had abandoned the site. Now we find they still have interests in coming back. Is the company planning some financial scheme there? How much sense does it make, if PBS was complicit in the crime, that it would abandon the site before the faked crash to keep from appearing complicit? It's a question that any investigator would ask, and I'm hoping to increase the number of investigators with this page. As the FBI and CIA are not doing the job, the people must.

Colleen and Laverne Walker together had this to say: "It's wonderful, it's very, very moving. It's a beautiful place for a resting ground. It's God's country." Do not those statements seem a little too flowery, as people might offer when insincere, removed, callous. Could these Walkers have been in on the plot? Is there any chance that the Bush-family Walkers can be discovered in these parts of Pennsylvania?

Now a Hittie surname with yet another Walker, found just moments after asking the above:

Robert L. Bittner, 81, Berlin, died April 4, 2008...Survived by his wife of 58 years, the former Dorothy Hittie, whom he married on Aug. 27, 1949 [weren't Nazis from Berlin at about that time?]; daughter, Patty Walker, married to John, Berlin [apparently a Berlin near Shanksville]...[Robert Bittner was] Brother-in-law of William and Flo Hittie, Poland, Ohio...[Robert] was a Navy veteran of World War II...He also worked for PBS Coal Co. and Fogle Engineering. Member of Glencoe United Church of Christ and Elks Lodge [Masonic, I gather]...

The head office of PBS Coal is now located on the Stoystown town road north of Somerset. In consideration that Zimmermans (meaning "carpenter" in German) are suspect as a branch of Hiedlers/Hitlers, see the following:

The history of the Stoystown Volunteer [Fireman] Company has never been extensively researched and is somewhat vague....

Some of the historical contributors include...Wilma MANGES [!], Margaret MONG [!]...Elaine Zimmerman.

...The original charter lists the names below as directors, which, according to the charter, is fixed at five members...: W.K. Walker, Homer Schwartz [German], Daniel Swank, Joseph "Bucky" Metzgar, Herbert Zimmerman

When learning above that PBS is coming back to remedy the land at the crash site, I was going to ask whether PBS was seeking to make money on the land now famous. I was going to ask whether the company would try to severe the reclaimed strip mine into parcels and sell higher than usual just because of what it's become? I was even wondering whether the Walker women above were painting a flowery picture of the land because they had dollar signs in their eyes. I had even wondered whether Plan B was a George-Bush-family triumph over Plan A in order to enrich the local friends of the family by making the site sadistically famous.

Then I discovered the minutes of a Meeting in Somerset County Courthouse, discussing the severance of that very land! The Meeting is dated April 16, 2005. Page five even uses "sacred ground area" when discussing the ambitious rigors of the land deal. SPIT!

There has been much preparation already by that time to complete the plan, Unfortunately, I can't copy and paste the best clips here for you because it's a PDF file. To verify that they are referring to the land where 93 crashed, see page four, or just the title of the organization, "Flight 93 Advisory Commission." Recalling that William Hitler (Adolph's nephew) had a Glassl surname in his grandmother, we now find on this Commission a Glass and a Glessner surname, the latter being the vice-Chair. The Commission also includes a Mark Walker (the page was found only because I was Googling "Greg Walker" and "Pbs Coal"). It suggests that the Commission is working in-touch with Washington, and in 2005, George Bush was the president there. Page five even uses "sacred ground area" when discussing the ambitious rigors of the land deal. SPIT!

It says that as soon as PBS Coal finishes its work in rectifying / improving the landscape, the company is prepared to sell parcels for the Commission's purposes, along with the sale of mineral rights (see page 3). Can we imagine a handsome token of moneys going to PBS Coal?

Page three says that PBS Coal owns land from Route 30 (Lincoln's Highway) ""all the way down to the drag lines and a little beyond." A perpendicular line from Route 30 to the crash site is about three miles. It appears that the entire white area on a satellite map, from Route 30 to the crash site, is white precisely due to PBS' activities over the years.

Just found a Mesko surname (i.e. like "Mieszko") on page six, in charge (or partly so) of the Commissions online activity. The name of the Commission's private website is in the Minutes, but of course may be entered only with the password(s).

To be sure, the Commission at this point in 2005 seems to be engrossed in building the Memorial, but one can suppose that there will be tangents onto larger tracts of adjacent land just as soon as someone can figure on how to profit with it. At the top of page seven, the phrase "We did visitation projections...," is to guess whether the memorial will make money, and how much. "Blood money." SPIT! Pharisees. They kill the prophets and then decorate their tombs to make money. The end of page eight: ""I would also like to say that Commissioner Greg Walker has done a fantastic job keeping this thing going, and this summer promises much activity." Read: much money.

On page nine, a jury of 15 members to vote on issues: seven members from the families of flight 93, seven members from the local community. On page 11, we find that at least one member is a "federal employee." No guff. Who chooses those eight members on the side of the families??? On page nine, the argument is made that Pennsylvania tax payers should "support" the cause (especially if the project is a bust, huh?). But of course, what else do parasites do but suck the blood of the people, from this side and from that side. Their advertising program they call, "awareness and cultivation." They then say they've got to "build awareness and educate our prospects," meaning that they've got to convey to Americans in a substantial way the sacredness of that place.

In the article below, we can learn that the Flight 93 memorial opened on September 11, 2011:

In March of 2008 an agreement between PBS Coals and Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection provided for the permanent treatment of mine water from a sediment pond from the reclaimed PBS mine. The agreement accelerated the process of transferring a 932 acre property to The Families of Flight 93, a nonprofit organization working with the National Park Service to make the memorial a reality.

The memorial did not require 932 acres, not even near. I estimate that the memorial uses less than 20 acres, though it could be as much as 30 if the adjoining land that is frontage property on Skyline Road is included. Someday, that frontage on Skyline could be very valuable, for obvious reasons. I estimate (quickly, approximately) that the entire area called PBS' "Reclaimed Strip Mine" is 186 acres. It appears that the Somerset people have gobbled up about half of that huge white area (about 2 square miles) seen on a satellite map. A square mile is less than 932 acres.

The purchase has got to be a business venture, therefore, for, likely, no one would have been wanting to buy a reclaimed mine field (pun not intended) prior to the "crash."

Who are the owners of the so-called Families of Flight 13," and what sort of a scam is it? Why do I find no articles online dealing with PBS's possible guilt in the faked crash, or info that clears the company of guilt? How much money did they make on the land? The sale was not finalized until 2009, long after the hopefuls had hoped for. Perhaps PBS put them through a battle for the highest dollar.

But there would have been a moral battle too from the families who didn't want to see the land used for profiteering: In the end, "All proceeds from the sale which was completed in May of 2009 were placed in a trust fund to operate and maintain the mine water treatment system in perpetuity. The PBS Coals property represents about 75% of the land needed for the memorial." (We can ask who the other 25 percent was purchased from?) We can guess that the people looking to profit on the land made the perpetuity deal because they knew few dollars from the sale would be used up to maintain the mine water treatment system. I can't even understand what that refers to aside from merely using a filter to remove unwanted metals from the memorial's well water, which is so low in cost that it's no wonder the deal was for "perpetuity". But who gets to use the money for investments while it sits in a bank account? Or, whose bank will the money sit in (a friend of PBS?), and have the purchasers made a back room deal with the banker on loan details? Loans to whom?

After some years, they can have a vote on whether to alter their perpetuity deal because the mine water system will be ruled free from threat.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get to more of the article below than what you read:

HARRISBURG, Pa., March 18 [2008]-- The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection issued the following news release:

An agreement announced today by the Department of Environmental Protection, PBS Coal Inc. and the Families of Flight 93 answers the question of how to permanently treat water that is draining from the Flight 93 crash site in Somerset County.

PBS Coal will sell the land to the Families of Flight 93 for a price not to exceed the amount DEP determines is needed in a trust to...

" Recall the surname Purbaugh, of the employee at the "crash" site who testified that the plane flew 40 feet above his head:

...Purbaugh's second day on the job at Rollock Inc., a scrap metal company which owns the Diamond T mine, a former PBS Coals dig directly about the crash site...

Here's a Rollock webpage. The company claims to have been founded in 1996 as merely a clamp-selling company, afterwhich it was suddenly into the metal industry. We read earlier that Diamond T mining company abandoned the future "crash site" in 1996. It therefore appears that Rollock owners came to the future crash site in 1996, no sooner had they registered as a corporation. Yet PBS, a huge company in relation to Rollock, owned the land (or at least some of it) at some point after the crash, suggesting...confusion.

Some of the permits issued to PBS Coal and RoxCoal in late 1995 are listed in the webpage below, where we read of "transfer of the Diamond T Mine's permit to RoxCoal, Inc."

RoxCoal has a post-office box address in Friedens, PA 15541, the same address exactly (not including box number) as PBS Coal.

Here's someone's map showing coal mines owned/operated by PBS. Three of them are at New Baltimore, and the rest are all around Indian Lake but spreading nearly as far as Hooversville, near to where Rollick has an office...just a 15-mile drive (roughly) from the crash site.

Please don't assume guilt and harass anyone. We're simply building information and sharing in case reason for guilt arises. If you feel you have information tending to prove guilt, one piece of advice is to report it to the authorities. Another piece of advice is, don't report it to the authorities if you value your life. In this game, the authorities can be on their side. Make sure the people you report it to are sympathetic to the position we take on 911. There is testimony below that the plotters wouldn't want you to hear:

Several local people believe they hear a missile overhead just before Flight 93 goes down. Barry Lichty, a US Navy veteran and mayor of Indian Lake Borough [it sounds like he's no plotter]...says he hears "a loud roar above the house that sounded like a missile" [Indian Lake is three miles from the crash site, so that if a missile came over his head, it went east to west, a direction opposite that of flight 175]. Shortly thereafter, we heard an explosion and a tremor. My first reaction, as a former utility employee, was that maybe someone shot a missile into the substation." He says Flight 93 "did not come over my house. I don't know what we heard." {Kashurba, 2002, pp. 158-159} Joe Wilt, who lives a quarter-mile from the crash site, hears a "whistling like a missile, then a loud boom." He says, "The first thing I thought it was, was a missile." {Boston Globe, 9/12/2001; Washington Post, 9/12/2001} And Ernie Stuhl, the mayor of Shanksville, later says, "I know of two people - I will not mention names - that heard a missile. They both live very close, within a couple of hundred yards." This one fellow's served in Vietnam and he says he's heard them, and he heard one that day." {Philadelphia Daily News, 11/18/2001}... (square brackets mine)

Missiles can either shoot down an aircraft, or create a crater in the dirt. As there was no airplane at the site, which of the two scenario's do we go for? As we are told that flight 93 was moving fast enough to disintegrate its metal, what about the much-faster speeds of a missile, or the fact that missiles don't have as much metal as planes (i.e. don't form as much debris as planes), or that missiles don't have thick-metal spars and spines, or that missiles have much smaller engines????

However, a look at the crater suggests that a missile came in from the same direction as flight 175, not from Indian Lake. Possibly, the plotters had no choice but to shoot the missile from that direction, and then have it turn around. Other in the area just mistook the noise for a plane, and so we see why the false eye-witnesses were required who claim seeing a plane dive and crash. The idea of explaining the crash site with a missile creates the problem of risk, unless the shooters knew they could get it to the center of the wing-shaped gash with complete certainty. But even if it failed, they could keep silent about that Plan B and go with Plan A at Camp David. Perhaps a piece of wave- or heat-emitting equipment could have been laid down on the ground (by the shooters) that directed the missile directly to it with certainty. Heat-seeking missiles are nothing new, and are built to strike jets while flying in midair. A heat source lying on the ground would then be like child's play.

One of the eye-witness had a Butler surname, and yet another a Sturtz surname, much like "Stutzl(man)." "Charles Sturtz, a half-mile from the crash site: The plane is heading southeast and has its engines running. No smoke can be seen [in the air?]. "It was really roaring, you know. Like it was trying to go someplace, I guess" "Sturtz" is much like "Stuart."

Homes a half mile from the crash site sit on Skyline Road as well on Lambertsville Road in what I think is officially the location of Lambertsville. Homes 3/4 or more of a mile from the explosion site sit on Buckstone Road. The only homes a quarter of a mile are at Mr. Hoover's area (I'm assuming, perhaps wrongly, that there's no resident at the scrap yard to the north of the explosion site). It suggests that Joe Wilt, who doesn't sound like a plotter, lived/lives beside Mr. Hoover's stone house. Then, "Tom Fritz, about a quarter-mile from the crash site: He hears a sound that 'wasn't quite right' and looks up in the sky. 'It dropped all of a sudden, like a stone,' going 'so fast that you couldn't even make out what color it was.'" Could some missiles have short wings so as to reflect the shape of a create the 30-foot gash in the ground? The problem is, the gash doesn't look fresh. It appears to me (from aerial views) that merely a grass fire took place in the gash.

The conspirators have this going for them: too many Americans are apt to trust statements of government officials before they trust statements from lowly citizens. But there were government officials who questioned the plane theory. What about that? They questioned it at the risk of their jobs. What about that?

There's a list of quite a few eye-witnesses of a plane at the webpage above. The testimony to follow sounds false: "Linda Shepley: She hears a loud bang and sees the plane bank to the side. {ABC News, 9/11/2001} She sees the plane wobbling right and left, at a low altitude of roughly 2,500 feet, when suddenly the right wing dips straight down, and the plane plunges into the earth. She says she has an unobstructed view of Flight 93's final two minutes." Two minutes is too long not to notice that it's a missile, and missiles travel too far in two minutes for her visual capabilities. According to her testimony, the right wing went down, meaning that the plane had to turn from the west toward the east before crashing with nose pointing south. That is, the plane had to come across, or at from the direction of, Lambertsville road. If other testimony contradicts that, Shepley's suspect as a co-conspirator.

Shepleys, who don't show a Coat, were first found in Yorkshire, where English Bush's were first found. It's also where Skiptons were first found whom I traced to Shiptons (said to derive in "scip"). Skiptons were related early to Meschins and to Cravens (Yorkshire), and it just so happens that Cravens use a red-on-white fesse, the colors of the Bush fesse, and of the Swank/Swancock fesse. The Shank fesse is in colors reversed. "Shanksville was founded as a mill town by Christian Shank in 1798 and missed its chance for bigger things when the plans for a train station fell through around the turn of the century."

Terry Butler of Stoystown and Rob Kimmel also say the "plane" turned right before crashing. However, Kimmel says he saw the top of the plane, i.e. it was upside down. Eric Peterson of Lambertsville says the plane was "turning end over end," a very unlikely scenario, especially if we're looking for the plane to land on its nose. Besides, others saw it nose dive at va 45-degree angle. Eric Peterson is suspect as a co-conspirator. I recall that the Peters surnames were all traced (recently) to "Peter" Pollok, a father of the Pollock family that provided, in my opinion, the mother of Adolph Hitler.

"Valencia (Val) McClatchey, a real estate agent who lives about 1.6 miles east from the Shanksville crash scene." She's the one who took the photo of the plume of smoke, and it may even be that the plotters wouldn't have wanted a photo taken. Yet, her testimony makes her look like an insider.

"According to Barry Lichty, the mayor of Indian Lake Borough, the town's electricity goes out around this time" [that a missile was heard over Indian Lake]. He later learns that the plane crash had disrupted service to the borough." How could a plane crash disrupt the electricity in the area three miles in front of the "plane's" path? The plane didn't get that far? On the other hand, at the 1:22 point of the video below, there is visible an electricity-line and/or telephone-line post smack beside the explosion site. The question is whether this line supplied Indian Lake. Not likely.

Recall the C-130 that was at the explosion scene, though he didn't likely want to be caught there. The pilot of that plane is the one who told Cleveland's controller's that he saw a puff of smoke at the site. Now:

John Fleegle and two work colleagues arrive at the crash site "before any fireman or paramedics or anybody" [why weren't Purbaugh and his co-worker there before anyone else, since they were just 200-300 yards from the explosion site?]. According to Fleegle [whom I trust], 'When we got there, there was a plane flying up above and he was smart, he flew straight for the sun so you couldn't look at it and see exactly what type of plane, if it was a fighter or what it was.'...

Dennis Decker and/or Rick Chaney, say: 'As soon as we looked up {after hearing the Flight 93 crash}, we saw a midsized jet flying low and fast. It appeared to make a loop or part of a circle, and then it turned fast and headed out.' Decker and Chaney described the plane as a Learjet type, with engines mounted near the tail and painted white with no identifying markings. 'It was a jet plane, and it had to be flying real close when that 757 went down. If I was the FBI, I'd find out who was driving that plane.' [Bergen Record, 9/14/2001]

The latter testimony from Decker and Chaney might be false to help the falsified FBI story that the plane was that of VF Corp. Note that the two "witnesses" saw the plane "circle" before leaving the area, exactly the report of the FBI story on VF Corp's mid-size plane. A Learjet is often a business plane, moreover. Therefore, Rick Chaney character might just be not-too-distantly related to Dick Cheney.

The sun was not fully up in the south-east sky, wherefore we know that the plane flying into the sun was not headed north to Johnstown. Therefore, that was possibly the C-130 trying to get away. That's the plane that was caught at the Pentagon exactly when flight 77 reportedly "crashed" there.

Online: "...Their letter also noted that PBS or its subsidiaries have been involved with two other mines--Diamond T mine and RoxCoal's Longview mine..."

I was wondering whether "PBS" was named after three surnames, one being "Swank." The below suggests the Severstal company. Wouldn't it be nice and easy if the 'B' turned out to be a Bush? It's doubtful we'd be that lucky. I've just found this: "PBS Coal - Federal Railroad Administration identification code." It sounds like a stock-market term, but maybe not.

PBS also goes by the name, Severstal: "PBS Coals was established in 1963 and developed over the years by NSM of England. It was formerly owned by Penfold Capital Acquisitions. The privately held company was purchased [late 2008] by Severstal Resources, a division of OAO Severstal." Could the 'P' be for "Penfold"? The Penfold Coat uses the same format as the Arthur Coat, suggesting the PENdragon bloodline. For quite a long time, I have identified the Pendragon and Arthurian cults in Somerset England, elements of which we can assume named Somerset county, site of the flight-93 scam.

UNBELIEVABLE! From a recent chapter (accessed from the first update in February):

As Joseph's Smith's father was a Mason in the circle of the Ontario lodge, see how near Ontario (New York) is to the PENFIELD location of George Bush's ancestry. I'll bet a couple of shin bones that someone(s) in the Bush family of Harriet-Smith relations had Masons in the Ontario lodge(s).

Just like that, we might imagine that Penfold Capital was of the same Penfield elements surrounding the presidential Bush family.

"SeverSTALl" may hint at the Stahl surname, in the three colors of the Sever Coat. Reminder: "...'The impact left a blackened crater at least 45 feet in diameter, said Mark Stahl of Somerset, who arrived at the scene carrying a digital camera just minutes after the plane crashed.'" The gash itself is less than 30 feet wide, wherefore Mark Stahl must have been directed to lie to the world. Yes, the crater was probably enlarged after the "plane crash." Here's the Severstal website:

Check to see whether Mark Stahl has connections to PBS.

Here's the Penfold Capital website, accessible only by password. The company has a Toronto office, another in Vancouver, and another in Dublin. In a Toronto piece:

PBS Coals Corporation and Penfold Capital Acquisition Corporation Announce a Proposed C$1.3 Billion Acquisition by Severstal Resources

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 22, 2008) -


PBS Coals Corporation ("PBS"), a private British Columbia corporation, and Penfold Capital Acquisition Corporation (TSX VENTURE:PNA.P) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a Support and Purchase Agreement with Severstal Resources, the mining division of OAO Severstal ("Severstal"), through which Severstal Resources has agreed to make a takeover bid (the "Offer") to purchase all of the outstanding shares of PBS Coals Limited, being the new name of Penfold Capital Acquisition Corporation following its previously announced business combination with PBS Coals Corporation.

...As a result of the proposed business combination, Penfold Capital Acquisition Corporation will change its name to "PBS Coals Limited" and will own all of the shares of PBS Coals Corporation..."

...PBS is a private British Columbia Corporation which owns 87% of the equity of the PBS Coals Group of Companies, a privately held group of companies engaged in the mining, processing and sale of primarily metallurgical coal from their properties in West-Central Pennsylvania (the "PBS Group"). The PBS Group consists of PBS Coals, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and Rox Coal, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation, and their subsidiaries and holding companies...

Severstal Resources is a leading feedstock supplier in Russia to the iron-and-steel industry which manages the mining assets of Severstal...

The sale was in the same year -- just months after -- PBS agreed to sell over 900 acres to Families of Flight 93. Could there be any relationship between the two sales?

My question is how Diamond T. Mine -- the name of the people who owned land at the flight-93 crash site -- might possibly have been related to the Penfold company in 2001, if at all. Is it possible that we've found the dragon hiding out in a coal mine?

Hmm, here's a video of George Bush suggesting less dependence on oil, and yet urging America to use more coal:

Online: "...Monroe, Michigan coal-burning plant -- the plant where George Bush chose to give a speech touting his new energy policy giving high priority to building new coal-burning power plants"

Online: "Coal will be used to generate ethanol, a plant-based petroleum substitute that has been hyped by President George Bush as the green fuel of the future. ADM is the largest U.S. producer of ethanol."

PBS Coal was/is somehow synonymous with Mincorp Inc. The latter company operates out of Toronto and has/had a location in Somerset, Pennsylvania. PBS can be seen on the 2012 webpage below where Russian interests are emphasized.

There may be no use tracking PBS or Penfold as they may have had nothing to do with Pennsylvania in 2010. I may have an update in the next Update.


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