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March 6 - 12, 2012

Who's Who in Flight-93 Theater
Michael Svonavec Owned the Crash Site
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In the last update, there was an attempt to find co-conspirators of the 911 plot, especially those involved with flight 93 in Pennsylvania. I can't go over the main details here;let's jump right in and continue after quoting one clip from the update:

Recall the surname Purbaugh, of the employee at the "crash" site who testified that the plane flew 40 feet above his head [and landed 200 or 300 yards away from him]:
...Purbaugh's second day on the job at Rollock Inc., a scrap metal company which owns the Diamond T mine, a former PBS Coals dig directly about the crash site...

Here's a Rollock webpage. The claim is that Rollock was founded in 1996 as merely a clamp-selling company, afterwhich it was suddenly into the metal industry. We read earlier that Diamond T mining company abandoned the future "crash" or explosion site in 1996. It therefore appears that Rollock owners came to the future crash site in 1996, no sooner had they registered as a corporation. Yet PBS, a huge company in relation to Rollock, owned the land around the scrap yard, suggesting that PBS (re)purchased it from Rollock. The details of this real-estate situation might prove to be very enlightening as to who owns what guilt, and how much. Which company really was in ownership of the scrap yard on September 11, 2001, and did it cover the "sacred site" otherwise called the "crash site."

Keep in mind that Chris Nagle of Rollock may not be the owner, and may not have anything to do with 911, or, if he did have something to do with flight 93, it may have been a minor role, for example planting the debris field, "decorating" the crash site.

At the Rollock homepage currently, the only name to contact for doing business is Chris Nagle. I found just three listings of Chris Nagle in Pennsylvania, one aged 45-49; a Chris P Nagle aged 46 (could be the same man); and a Christ L. Nagle aged 44. The first-mentioned Christ Nagle happens to be listed at the location of Red Lion, near the Maryland border...exactly north-east of Camp David. In the last update, it was shown that Plan A of the flight-93 scam was to crash the plain north-east of Camp David, possibly in Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, Red Lion is situated smack beside York (and Spry), some 60-70 miles west of Philadelphia. The Bush surname of England was first found in Yorkshire. Between Red Lion and Camp David, three locations, Gettysburg, new Oxford, and McSherrystown, all mean something to me in relation to Nazi-suspect entities, but I won't re-enter that topic unless there is further reason. Suffice it to say that, if Red Lion proves too far east for what I called Plan A, the Gettysburg area might do better.

I recognize "Nagle" as what I often call the German Nail/Neil Coat. Oxford has to do with Veres, who lived also at Sprowestun (i.e. from the Sprows surname, like "Spry"), Roxburghshire. The Vere/Weir motto uses "nihil" as code, I say, for the Neil/Nihill surname (lion design of Dutch Bush Coat). Both the English Vere Crest and the Rollock/Rollo Crest use the same boar design, and both surnames use blue boars. Between York and Philadelphia is a Lancaster location, and in England the Veres were avid supporters of the Lancastrian red rose. The Irish Nagle Coat (Welsh, actually) uses a blue bar/fesse, as does the Scottish Vere/Weir Coat.

I'm keeping in mind that the York / Red Lion area is due south, and not all that far, from Rochester (in neighboring New YORK state), where the ancestry of President Bush came out of.

[Insert -- Midway through this week, I had be re-reading the recent chapter on 911 and the ancestry of the presidential Bush family in Penfield NY, at Rochester. Because my mind is so cluttered with more information that it can hold as I write day after day, I didn't realize at the end if the last update that Penfold Capital might be related to the namers of Penfield. The presidential Bush family may have been related to the namers of Penfield, you see, and it could just be that Bush's and/or kin have some claim to Penfold Capital. Here's what was in the last update just before suggesting that George Bush, while president, pushed the coal industry on behalf of Penfold / PBS:

PBS also goes by the name, Severstal: "PBS Coals was established in 1963 and developed over the years by NSM of England. It was formerly owned by Penfold Capital Acquisitions. The privately held company was purchased [late 2008] by Severstal Resources, a division of OAO Severstal." Could the 'P' be for "Penfold"? The Penfold Coat uses the same format as the Arthur Coat, suggesting the PENdragon bloodline. For quite a long time, I have identified the Pendragon and Arthurian cults in Somerset, England, elements of which we can assume named Somerset county, site of the flight-93 scam.

UNBELIEVABLE! From a recent chapter (accessed from the first update in February):

As Joseph's Smith's father was a Mason in the circle of the Ontario lodge, see how near Ontario (New York) is to the PENFIELD location of George Bush's ancestry. I'll bet a couple of shin bones that someone(s) in the Bush family of Harriet-Smith relations had Masons in the Ontario lodge(s).

Just like that, we might imagine that Penfold Capital was of the same Penfield elements surrounding the presidential Bush family.

That section was added mid-week to the last update, included here in case you missed it. End Insert]

What I'm trying to discover is whether the purchase, by Rollock, of Diamond T Mines had anything to do with setting up the faked crash. Another thing to discover is how long Rollock owned the crash site after purchase in 1996? We may assume that 9-11 was a plot in the making from as early as the 1980s, in which case 1996 was drawing very near execution day, which may have been originally planned for a date significantly earlier than in 2001.

There's only four webpages currently coming up in a search for Diamond T Coal Corp. The Diamond T Coal and Realty Co. of Pennsylvania likely applies.

AHA! The address for Diamond T Coal and Realty is: 28 FRY ST PO BOX 210 MERCERSBURG PA 17236-0 Franklin PA. I can now add some of my records that are sitting below where I'm now typing, what I was not going to share unless it turned out to be potentially relevant:

Just for the record in case the names come up, Christ Nagle (45-49) is shown associated with Christine Nagle, age 49, also at Red Lion, and with Robert W. Nagle. The second-mentioned Chris Nagle (46) is listed in Whithall, Pittsburgh. The third Chris Nagle (44) is listed in MERCERSBURG (caps come lately), not far northwest of Camp David, and about 60 miles (as the bird flies) from the "crash site." Here are more Chris Nagles, showing one (age 37) in Bethlehem (about 25 miles north of Warrington), and on the 78 highway to Newark! It's only 60 miles from Newark, the location where flight 93 took off. Bethlehem is a part of the greater Allentown city.

The Mercer surname (Northumberland) uses a "Christi" motto term, and then while Newark is in New Jersey, the current governor of New Jersey is Chris Christie.

There's a Chris Nagle, owner of a steel-structure company in Warrington (PA), north of Philadelphia, with the company name of Apex Manufacturing Co Inc. The page has it founded in 1985. I also read of a Dermit Nagle (age 48) at Apex, the plant manager. As the company appears to be in metal structures, perhaps the Apex company dealing in modular homes applies. There is a Dermit surname using the blue boar, not only a Vere symbol, but more directly the Crowley symbol.

It just so happens that one address for Dermit A Nagle (48) is in Dresher, Pennsylvania, smack beside Norristown (north of Philadelphia), while there is an Apex Manufacturing with address at Norristown. Dresher is between Warrington and Norristown.

When I traced (not many updates ago) the ancestry of the Bush family to Joseph Smith, visible founder of Mormons, it was discovered that he (a diviner at the time, seeking buried treasures) married a woman from Harmony, Pennsylvania. There is a Harmony location (beside Oxford township) about 15 miles from Bethlehem. However, Wikipedia's article on Joseph's wife sends the reader to a Harmony township on the border of New York state. It turns out that the Harmony location near Bethlehem is not in Harmony township.

Of note here is that Bethlehem is not far (about 40 miles) south-east of Hazleton, and not far (about 60 miles) from Islip in New York city, where some suspected Nazi entities had been found of the kind that I linked tentatively to Bush's and Walkers. It was found in a recent update that Hazels (the surname) are a branch of the Islip surname.

Curiously, Chris Nagle of Bethlehem is shown related to "Christina A Nagle," yet her page shows the same age (37) as Chris, while the same Chris is on this other page as Chris A Nagle. It recalls that Chris Nagle, 45-49, was related to Christine Nagle, 49, as though they too were the same persons. There could be some deliberate identity-chaos happening there. Or, they might all be females.

All that had been written before coming across the Mercersburg location of Diamond T Coal and Realty. It points somewhat to Chris L Nagle of Mercersburg being, not just an the employee of, but owner of Rollock which purchased / incorporated Diamond T mine.

Diamond T Coal and Realty (company number 647557) was incorporated in August, 1977. This other page (below) for the same company name has an incorporation date in 1969, however, and an address in Somerset, Pennsylvania!

Here's a page for Diamond T Building and Loan Association, incorporation in Pennsylvania in January, 1923. There's a Diamond T Auto Body out of Maine, and Diamond T Ltd of Britain.

Here's data on a re-zoning -- after September 11, 2001 -- of what sounds like the land around the "crash site":

56693103. Diamond T Coal Company, P. O. Box 260, Friedens, PA 15541 [same basic location in Somerset as Rollock's head office], permit revision to change the land use from pastureland to industrial/commercial in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, affecting 828.8 acres [about a square mile]. Receiving streams: to unnamed tributary to Lamberts Run, to Lamberts Run; and to Grove Run and unnamed tributary to Grove Run (CWF). The first downstream potable water supply intake from the point of discharge is Hooversville Borough Municipal Authority Stonycreek Surface Water Withdrawal. Application received April 8, 2003. Permit issued June 12, 2003.

Entering "Lambert's Run, Pennsylvania" on to a Google map, a pointer shows up in a river-like valley depression on the west of Lambertsville Road, about a mile north of the short road to the Flight 93 Memorial. Entering "Grove Run, PA," the pointer is on a dark strip of low-lying greenery directly across Lambertsville Road from the Memorial. These locations are the other Strip mine shown in a topographic map at this page, not necessarily to be confused with the strip mine at the crash site. The question is, why is that land being re-zoned to commercial / industrial in 2003? It had already been mined by Diamond T Coal, at which time it should have already been zoned industrial.

The Diamond Coat uses fleur-de-lys in the colors of the fleur in the English Bush Coat. How-a-bout-that. Kissin' cousins all along. At the end of the last update, some items were featured in which president George Bush Jr. pushed America's coal industry. As you can see, the Bush coat likewise uses black boars, the color of the Rollock/Rollo boar. How-a-bout-that.

Praise God, I am more convinced now than ever that these revelations are being Directed by Him, to expose the plotters, and who knows what more. I feel Protected.

It wasn't until seconds after writing the above that I found a map showing the boundaries of the Memorial. Look at how much land the hypocrites have purchased for to make money off of the disaster. Imagine how small the Memorial complex itself would be by comparison to that huge spread of land. In case the map disappears, I'd like to record that the north-west border is very long beyond, and roughly following, Stauffers Road and Haul Road. The north-west boundary is very jagged and even goes beyond Route 30 for as much as 2,000 feet. The west boundary is also jagged, about 4,000 feet long, giving that much frontage on both sides of Route 30. Basically, the entire white-ish area that shows on a Google map has been purchased, and the east boundary is right along Lambertsville road for more than 6,000 feet. A short southern boundary takes both sides of Buckstown Road for about 5,000 feet (rough off-the cuff estimates). Then there is the southeastern boundary too. The whole of this "masterpiece" deal comprises 1,135 acres. But, fools, as years roll by, the land will not be valuable for what happened there in 2001.

The webpage states that the Rollock facility (includes smelting furnace to melt metal) beside the crash site was "established in 1999." Hmm, the land was purchased in 1996, but the business didn't start until 1999. The buildings, from the air anyway, give me the impression of being older than 1999 o 1996.

Aha. The crash of Flight 93 occurred in an area about 30 to 40 feet north of the southern highwall of the strip mine and north of an access road off Lambertsville Road on land owned by Svonavec, Inc." The way that sentence is put together, we can't be certain whether Svonavec owns the access road or the crash site, or both. It's claiming that the crash site was on the strip mine, but on a piece of land owned by Svonavec. The access road must be the one coming south across the scrap yard facility, smack to the "crash site."

I've been at this for days in a row, finding that the land was owned by Svonavec only just now. That in itself seems suspicious. Why isn't this common knowledge where the flight-93 conspiracy is discussed? "Landowner Mike Svonavec said he installed the [donation] box to cover security costs...But the cash box angered victims' families, and the National Park Service covered it with a black plastic bag." "Landowner" in that sentence may mean simply that Mike is a landowner, or that he is the owner of the sacred money-making site.

This online question is a clincher: "Should Mike Svonavec sell his land cheap just because Flight 93 crashed on it on 9/11?" As some of the answers to the question are dated June, 2007, he still hadn't sold it to the memorial by that time, and we know the memorial parasites wanted it badly. Mike knew the memorial parasites didn't want it to remember the victims, but rather to make money. So what was Mike to do?

Was Mike Svonavec a co-plotter? Or did the plotters sneak onto his land and set the fake crash site without his knowledge? Here's one entry:

At the temporary memorial, Sally Svonavec, 64, greets her husband, Jim, and their son, Jamie, when the men drive up in their pickup truck. Members of St. Peter's Parish in nearby Somerset, they explain how the family business, J & J Svonavec Excavating, became the only excavating company to work with the F.B.I. at the site.

Whaa-ut?? It goes on:

Jim [Svonavec], 65, and Jamie, 34, have refused all previous requests for interviews: They wanted to tell their story to a Catholic publication. Men of few words, they admit it's difficult returning to this site, where they dug through soil that contained pieces of the aircraft, personal items that belonged to those on board and human remains: No whole bodies were recovered.

Sally explains that she and Jim were in Hilton Head, South Carolina, on September 11, 2001, just beginning an overdue vacation. Jim had assured Jamie that he could handle business matters while they were gone.

...Later Jamie phoned them that the fourth plane had just crashed near Shanksville (about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh) on reclaimed strip-mined land where they had worked.

...'We hired some extra people and worked one long shift, seven days a week," says Jim, a former federal mining inspector [FEDERAL????].

The plane "went in the ground so fast it didn't have a chance to burn," says Jim [that's how you know he's lying].

...Bibles that had been on the plane were found aboveground, unburned [another lie to win Christians to the lie] and opened to passages that seemed prophetic.

The purpose of this write-up seems to be for making the American people fall in love with villains. They even use the Word of God to sanctify their image. What's not so easy is to take Svonavec to court if he's guilty because the FBI group involved was protecting him, and in on the scam with him. In my opinion, Jim seems to be one of the plotters because he of all people would have known that there was no plane in that hole. He was allowed to dig the hole where few other people were allowed in.

Somewhere in the pyramid there was one man at the very top. In every group, in every Mafia, in every gang, there is always one who is viewed supreme. And that man needs to worry that his pawns don't rat on his tail when they are brought to justice. As more and more info leaks, the story unfolds, and light shines higher and higher onto the pyramid.

Where did they get the body parts? Wallace Miller's name crops up from time to time in my investigations, and a Miller surname is likely near the top of the pyramid:

Unlike the Svonavecs, the coroner of Somerset County has been interviewed by reporters from around the world. "I found out what it is to be a public figure," says Wallace Miller, who succeeded his father in running Miller Funeral Home and getting elected as coroner.

...The Millers manage a second funeral home in nearby Rockwood.

...Wally says that his experience as mortician and coroner...

That's one theory to answer the question, and quite a few people have wondering the same about him. Where it says, "Identification [of the victims] was made by using dental and medical records, fingerprints and DNA," the testing was either completely faked, or the murdered victims' bodies were cut into pieces from another location -- from where they were truly murdered and/or taken afterward -- and trucked to the property of Mike Svonavec, and from there Jim Svonavec excavation company assured that the pieces would be "found," while Miller assured they would be categorized, while the FBI assured they would be DNA'd. They may never have placed the pieces of body parts into the dirt when feigning their finding...because there was no one at the site with his nose in the hole who wasn't supposed to be, no one there around the clock that wasn't a plotter. That situation would be been assured with strict rigor if need be:

...When I first met Miller at his funeral home, I learned that the FBI had asked him to go along with their demand that they take control of the crash scene, as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on October 15, 2001...

...The FBI took complete control of the real crash scene, which was in the woods beyond the crater. There were no remains in the reclaimed mine, where the crater had been blasted, because nothing really crashed there, except an air-to-ground missile. The debris that was seen in the crater was junk that had been buried in the reclaimed mine, reportedly old Coca-Cola machines. The aircraft debris field was located several hundred meters in the woods, especially around the property of the Hoover family. This was the closed area in which only FBI personnel was allowed.

The FBI was using heavy equipment lent to them by Jim Svonavec, the owner of the reclaimed mine, who told me in 2004 that even his company personnel were not allowed to be in the debris recovery area...These reports indicate that the real debris field extended over a very large area of the woods in which only FBI personnel was allowed. Even the people who owned the property and lived there, such as Barry Hoover, were not allowed to enter the area. Meanwhile, Wallace Miller, the coroner, was kept busy six miles away manning the provisional morgue. How much oversight could Wally Miller have of the recovery of human remains if he was 6 miles away?

Suddenly, we have, "Jim Svonavec, the owner of the reclaimed mine." But I thought Rollock bought the mine??? Is Jim Svonavec the owner of Rollock? Could be. After asking that question, a Jim Svonavec was found as a brother to the late Elizabeth, a resident of Listie, the location north of Somerset where PBS Coal has an office. Then there's the late Steve Svonavec (born Czechoslovakia), also of Listie, "Retired farmer and coal miner." He might just have been one of the farmers who farmed to coal mine after it was filled, and he may have been one reason for the agricultural zoning of the mine.

Then we have the late Helen Svonavec of Friedens (not far from Listie, and near Rollock's head office), another sister of Jim Svonavec. Helen's daughter: Joyce Walker! As president George Bush Jr. married a Welch surname, what about Helen's grandson, Bruce Welsh (= son of Helen's daughter who married a Welsh). Helen was buried in Listie, a location possibly of Leslies....who use gold-on-blue symbols, the heraldic colors that crop up consistently in the surnames of people relevant to the flight-93 scam.

Googling "Jim Svonavec" together with PBS: "Several years ago, The Conservation Fund purchased the draglines [mining equipment) from PBS Coals Inc. and Svonavec Inc. on behalf of the National Park Service...The [two] draglines were very visible landmarks at the site...That dragline was on PBS property and the smaller one was on Svonavec Inc.'s property." I recall that Diamond T abandoned the mine in 1996, and so it must have left the machines there too. But why were they comfortable leaving one machine on the land of Svonavec Inc? Later on: "[Paul Bomboy] remembers that Doug Baeckel climbed the [drag line] boom. Bill Wittmer, Chuck Wagner and John Weir [!], PBS employees, Jack Humberson, a friend of Bomboy's, and Jim Svonavec and Jamie Svonavec, Svonavec Inc., were also there when the first flag was raised."

Did you notice the Weir surname in that quote? here's another one: "John Weir, a spokesman for PBS Coals, said that years ago the mine was not properly mapped." The article is about legal action on the accidental flooding of Quecreek mine...near Rollock's head office. I didn't know this John Weir connection to PBS when I wrote above on the Weir surname in relation to Chris Nagle of Rollock. Weirs became a topic only when seeking info on Chris Nagle. Another surname using "nihil" in a motto is that of Deins.

So, Svonavec is owned by Mike, and Jim with his son were employees. The two machines were left in the open fields of the mine, and the property line between Svonavec and PBS ran right between the machines. Okay. The picture is becoming tighter, though it doesn't tell whether the property line is 90 degrees to Lambertsville Road. If it is, Svonavec owned the land where Rollock operated its scrap yard. Here's the map again (page 3) showing the position of the two drag line machines.

How large was Mike Svonavec's plot of ground?

Michael Svonavec of Svonavec Inc. is the owner of the 300-acre tract of land that became the crash site. His uncle, James Svonavec of J & J Svonavec Excavating, worked closely with the FBI during the crash investigation. They are also members of St. Peter's [Catholic church].

...He saw nothing resembling a plane until he excavated down about 10 feet. Slowly, he began to dredge up bits and pieces of the plane and some of the personal belongings of the passengers. They retrieved items buried 50 feet into the earth.

..."Pieces of plastic from the main body of the plane hung eerily in the trees burning and melting...

...Miller's major task was identifying the passengers and categorizing their belongings. "We made a pledge to ourselves that every person on board that plane would be identified," he said.

Until more info can be found on Miller's activities, I'm not venturing an opinion on whether he was a co-plotter. The chances seem moderate. One page: "...Miller, a 45-year-old undertaker who's known to pepper his language with profanity..."

Even if Svonavec had found metal parts that deep in the earth, they could have been buried there by the scrap yard right next door. He himself may have buried them. Some plotter "decorated" the trees with various items, some of it clothing. Keep your head and know that no plane landed there. The more they portray themselves like saints, the harder it is for us to accuse them. But we must not shrink back. The best way to defeat this beast is to catch the FBI plotters first. Once the FBI has been discredited, judges won't hold their testimony very heavily when other plotters land in court under suspicions.

At the 1:30 point of the video below, we see a photo of the explosion site, with a good shot of the adjacent trees...that look wholly unburnt and healthy. Was this part of the forest burned later for a reason, and blamed on the plane's explosion? Was it burned because it was easier than marking up the trunks and branches to feign contact by flying debris? Where was the tree(s) struck by the engine?

In the webpage below, scroll down to see the size of the engine that should have been on Flight 93 (flight 175 had an engine even larger), shown taller than a person standing. Compare with the tiny engine photographed at the explosion site. Now you know that Jim Svonavec is a liar, because the engine that he found (top of webpage) is not much larger than the small bucket on his excavator. That bucket seems no more than 20 inches across. Also note the webpage's argument that no photo was taken/released of a piece of the engine taken from a drained pond. Do the math; it spells LIARS + CRIMINALS = DISGUSTING BEASTS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT...who would murder / jail AVERAGE AMERICAN to keep the secret of the TOP DOGS:

We now know that Mike Svonavec owned about 300 acres. Why? When did he purchase, and was it relation to the purchase for mining purposes? I'm now guessing that Svonavec's acreage covered the Rollock scrap-yard facility, for a reason below. Svonavec land may have at one time covered the Hoover stone cottage. One question is whether the 300 acres covered the woods where the engine and other items were found, and/or the dirt roads in that area (see last update for details) fronting on Lambertsville Road. It's likely that the Svonavec acreage has road frontage somewhere. Another page tells of less acreage than 300, which may have resulted after severing land for the Hoover property:

Svonavec has asked for $10 million for the land. He owns 273 acres in Somerset County, and his asking price is quite more per-acre than that paid for nearby land. He has rejected three offers so far, the latest being for more than $500,000...

60 of the 1,300 acres that will be needed for not only the memorial, but for the national park [ahh, a national park too, I see], has already been bought. Svonavec owns the second-largest piece of the land in the area. PBS Coals, Inc. owns the largest, at 864 acres [it's a June 6, 2007 article]

...The memorial is to reportedly cost $58 million to build [whose money?]. It was established in 2002 by an act of Congress.

This is confusing, for in the last update there were found reports that the crash site occurred on land belonging to PBS / Diamond T mining. It's hard to know at this point who to finger most of all. The plotters can no longer sue us should we report this information publicly because the judge will be handed this information you are now reading, and much more, wherefore in a counter suit it may be those suing us who end up in jail. Their alternative is to shut us up by other means, though that would increase the risk of their life imprisonments.

By what coincidence did it come about that the one company and land owner is into mining while the other company and landowner is into quarries? Moreover: "Svonavec Inc in Somerset, PA is a private company categorized under Mining Services..." Ahh, I see.

Then there is a new company formed in 2011, Svonavec Inc. trucking company...that trucks coal (and petroleum).

There is no reason to believe at this point that the two companies/landowners couldn't have worked together on the faked crash. As we read that Rollock owned the Diamond T mine on September 11, 2001, it suggests that the property line between Rollock and Svonavec is roughly at the crash site. The problem is, as it was from the last update, PBS seems somehow to have owned the land after 9-11. Did Rollock run away from the scene fast because it had blood on its hands? Did Rollock sell the land to PBS? If someone in the Somerset area could look into the registration data of Rollock, and similar information available to the public, I'd appreciate sharing it here.

In a January 17, 2009 article, it sounds like president Bush sided against the Svonavecs less than a week before he left Office, and that Bush pushed the sale through (for his coal buddies?):

...the park service and the organization, Families of Flight 93, reached an accord late Friday with Svonavec Inc., the quarry company that owns the 274-acre parcel at the heart of the site...

...Tension was heightened last month [after a seven-year fight] when the Flight 93 families group sent Mr. Bush a letter asking him to order the Interior Department to use condemnation to force the Svonavecs to sell quickly.

We even find a Patrick Svonavec, the Svonavec-company lawyer on the case. The article tells that Mike Svonavec rented some/all of his acreage. To farmers?

It sounds as though the Memorial was to be built on Svonavec's 274 acres. However, that may not have been the case, as going forward with construction of the Memorial may have been stalled for another reason...just because the "sacred ground" had not yet seen the light of day for purchase. On the other hand, a line from the southern-most drag line (visible in Google maps) to Lambertsville Road, where the line is perpendicular (90 degrees) to that road, has the entire Memorial site [i.e. what was the scrap yard] on Svonavec's tract. Here's an operable Google map showing the same huge Memorial boundary lines and more.

By the way, I've only just noticed that the complex I thought was the Memorial is showing the Rollock scrap yard in the current view of the site as shared by Google maps. See the map above. It means that the Google map we have now (as of March 2012) does not yet show the Memorial built. On Google maps, the memorial is stamped precisely at that scrap yard.

The map above is excellent for identifying the Memorial's landmarks. Just place your mouse pointer over any designated area on the map, and a line of description appears. Of concern is the triangular area said to be "United 93 Burned Trees Area." In my opinion, this was a scam. See the trees unburned and healthy at the 1:22 mark of the video below. Witness for yourself that the gash of the explosion site is no more distant from the tip of that dark area on the road's shoulder than the length of the gash, itself no more than about 30 feet long. Yet the burned tree area at the map above is located 200 feet or more from the tip of that dark area. How can we solve this inconsistency?

One way: they "moved" the burned trees 200 feet from the tip of the dark area because WITNESSES AMERICAN PEOPLE can plainly see in videos / photos that trees right next to the explosion site are unburned. So, they lit a match to the forest 200 feet away and lied, saying that this was the part of the forest next to the plane crash. In that case, they must have moved the "sacred" spot from the small gash to another location opposite their burned trees.

We can even see what looks like a gash in the current Google satellite image, directly opposite the trees that are gone, suggesting that someone dug a fake crevice and crater at that location. (I wish I could save the image but I can't; if you can, do so because it will likely disappear as soon as Google maps updates the site. I suggest you save it with the legend fixed to 100 feet.) To support my suggestion that they dug a fake crash site, just measure it with the Google legend; it's about 125-150 feet long, exactly the length expected for a 125-foot wing span of a 757 plane. YET photos and videos of the gash on 911 (and shortly thereafter) show a gash no more than about 30 feet long, or less than two widths of the dirt road. The gash is not much longer than the electric-line and/or telephone post seen at the 1:22 mark of the video above. Someone please send me some saved versions of that Google image in case an updated view causes it to disappear.

If you look on a Google map to the woods where I say the explosion occurred, you can see another area on the roadside appearing mainly devoid of trees, suggesting that this spot was the original part of the burned forest...that may itself have been burned by the plotters. Another thing, there are long tree shadows over the explosion site on the Tuesday that the video above was taken (9-11 was on a Tuesday), but there's no sign of smoke-shadow on the ground from burning trees.

On a satellite image now available, one can see a gash-like marking about 25 feet from the dark tip (mentioned above) on the road's shoulder. There's a second dark tip beside the first one, but it's not as dark in this shot. That second tip can be seen at the 1:22 point in the video, where shadows upon it are those of three or four tree tops. See the same three or fours tree tops in the shadows at the 1:27 point. You can thereby verify that the explosion site was about 175 feet away from where they are now feigning the site as the triangular "United 93 Burned Trees Area."

In the map above showing the boundary lines of the memorial and its "park," see the square (around the triangle) marked, "United 93 'Crater' Security Enclosure." We can ask why the square is not perfectly square. The north-west boundary of that square follows the line of the dirt road at the square's left corner, suggesting that this may have been an old boundary line. There's a jag in the square's boundary line just where I locate the explosion site, with the explosion site being within the square, but barely. Might that jag have been part of the original boundary line belonging to Michael Svonavec's 274 acres? Important question: why create or keep the jag when all the property around the square belongs to the Memorial anyway?

Just found: a realtor photo of the Hoover stone cottage (address 795 Skyline Road), up for sale at $160,000 (doesn't at all seem over-priced, perhaps because demand at that location is very low, contrary to the expectations of some). It's a beautiful little place (click arrows on photo to see interior) on 21 acres. It was built 1940 and still sits on a non-zoned property. 273 plus 21 = almost 300 acres.

The triangular-shaped treed section in which the Hoover cottage sits is not much more than 2 acres. Where are the rest of Hoover's 19 acres? Assuming that the buildings on the far left side of the treed area are NOT part of the property (or the realty page would have mentioned them), perhaps the buildings were/are owned by Michael Svonavec. We might imagine a 21-acre rectangle fronting on Skyline Road, which should not be more than about 1,000 feet in from Skyline. A 1,000 x 900 foot rectangle is about 21 acres. There's a good chance that the dirt road or "driveway" is one Hoover property line, and if so, it's the south property line.

The back/west property line of the Hoover place should (I'm guessing) go north from that driveway line, parallel with Lambertsville Road. Land between that property line and Lambertsville Road should have been Michael Svonavec's, and the houses at the back of the treed section may have been owned, at least at one time, by Svonavec...which could bring his total acreage up to 300.

The entire Hoover property is included in the Memorial's square called, "United 93 'Crater' Security Enclosure." The problem is, I was at the realtor page when it said, "refreshed 3 hours ago," suggesting that the cottage is for sale now, in 2012. Is it the Memorial that's selling it??? Are the Memorial people having a hard time selling it? Are they selling because they're not making as much money as they hoped, and because the future forecast for making money looks bleak? I hope so. Who in their right mind would want to go live there, but a witch who doesn't mind the thought of terrifying ghosts haunting her in her midnight hours? If Mr. Hoover was ever a suspect, he should perhaps fade away as such. But one never knows.

The pond seen 1,000 feet from the Hoover cottage, and 2,000 feet from the explosion site, is where a part of the plane engine was buried. It could suggest that Michael Svonavec owned that pond. I'm assuming that his 274 acres backed on to Hoovers 21 acres, suggesting strongly that Svonavec's property fronts onto Lambertsville Road. That means the plotters were likely onto his property when planting the engine and other fake-crash items. Is Svonavec severed and sold land to Hoover, why? Was Hoover a relative or Masonic friend involved in the scam? Just asking, just wondering.

If one draws a straight line continuing from the road / driveway beside Hoover's cottage, it seems to head straight into the left corner of the United 93 'Crater' Security Enclosure. It suggests that this was the extreme southern property line of Svonavec's acreage, and that the acreage turns at that left corner and follows the line of the dirt road there (parallel with Lambertsville Road). But I'm guessing. Possibly, where there's a dirt road headed to the turn/corner in Lambertsville Road, it (the dirt road) represents the rest of the southern property line of Svonavec's acreage. Svonavec may have owned both dirt roads, however, and it's those roads exactly that are highly suspect for use in planting the plane engine, etc. I'm trying to figure out how a Czech background may apply to the whole of the 911 plot, but thus far nothing comes to mind aside from Bohemia and Moravia being the major constituents of Czechoslovakia.

The drag lines are about a mile from Lambertsville Road. An assumed rectangular shape for the 274 acres, if it were one mile long, would be about 2,250 feet wide. If one draws a line southward 2,250 long along Lambertsville road, starting from the point where an assumed perpendicular property line meets Lambertsville, it comes past the Rollock facility but doesn't quite reach the "sacred" explosion site. It should therefore prove true that the 274 acres is not perfectly rectangular.

As it's just been found that Michael Svonavec (56) lived on Skyline Lane to the southwest of the town of Somerset, by what coincidence is Skyline Road where his 274 acres are located? Did he name one or both of those roads? Skyline Road did not exist in the 1994 satellite image. Did Michael know that the area would soon be worth more so as to apply for permission to build Skyline Road. As it's about 2 miles long very near the explosion site, are homes planned on that road, and will Diamond T Coal and Realty get the contracts for selling them?

Skyline Road doesn't show in the 19994 map image, wherefore it's a new road as of 2001. Chances are, the Svonavec acreage did not front on Skyline initially, more reason to suppose that it fronted on Lambertsville. The land between Skyline and Lambertsville is far more than 274 acres, however. The permit to build the road, if applied for by private citizens, had to include permission from Diamond T / PBS because the road crosses their property too. In such a scenario, there would likely have been a partnership deal on the road's creation. Why was it called SKY-line? Was it code for the falling of money from the skies in the shape of a plane?

Who in their right minds would spend the money to build Skyline Road merely to cross through an old mine field, and in front of a scrap yard? The road is less than three miles long, and is totally unnecessary as a short-cut (from Lambertsville to Buckstown roads) because it saves less than a mile of driving. According to the testimony of a Susan McElwain, Skyline Road existed in 2001. Why was it built before the "plane crash"? Did the ones who built the road know that the area would be developed? Did they know the plane crash was coming? If so, then I would have to guess that the crash on the mine field was Plan A to some plotters, perhaps even before a Camp David crash was conceived.

In an article without a date, we read that Michael has quit Svonavec Inc. to become the president of Wilson Creek Energy, a coal-related company. Michael is/was also a director of Corsa Coal...because it had merged with Wilson Creek in August of 2010. Perhaps these changes reflect the need to abandon Svonavec so they its records can be destroyed / buried.

But wait. We don't have evidence that Michael was in on the plot. We just have large reason for suspecting him. Possibly, Jim was the one who gave the plotters the go-ahead to use Michael's land, knowing that Michael didn't live at the property. It's now important to find who rented the land (i.e. fellow connivers?), and whether the Rollock complex was on or off the Svonavec property. Who owned Rollock? Was it Chris Nagle from Mercersburg, where Diamond T Coal and Realty had an office? Can anyone check the land registry office for the properties of concern and get back to AMERICANS with the information. I'll gladly post any pertinent data.

Earlier we saw Jim (James J. Svonavec) and son, Jamie, of "J and J Excavating." But that company name is now said to be owned by John and wife, Sally. The website below says, "J & J SVONAVEC EXCAVATING, INC. 618 SAMUELS ROAD SOMERSET , PA 15501 814-445-6492." But this webpage gives an address on Eddyville Road, New Bethlehem, PA. Didn't we come across a Bethlehem location in Pennsylvania in regards to a Chris Nagle? New Bethlehem is in mid-western Pennsylvania, however.

Just in case, here's a Chris Nagle Facebook page, of one who looks about the right age, and who's into deathly and satanic themes.

In the video below of the first and perhaps only video to surface showing the puff of smoke at the crash site. The puff is faint, and singularly (not continuous). Why was it a puff at all? A puff occurs in a single explosion, but if a plane crashes, the fuel ignites and unleashes thick and continuous smoke, a continuous streak, not a puff. Doesn't it?

Second problem, the man at the video recorder already knows that it was the terrorists who done it. He even knows that it's in Lambertsville (a very small blip on a map), which he can't know, really, because it could have been more distant. Judging from the shadows on the window jamb, the video points almost due north; the plume is just slightly to the east of due north. The webpage, for a reason I don't yet know, tells that Dave is just 2 1/2 miles (as the bird flies) from the explosion site, and eight miles by car. That's not possible because 2 1/2 miles south is Shanksville, which is 2 1/2 miles by car. Who made this mistake, and was it deliberate to correct for inconsistencies in the account?

I can deduce that his camera is pointed north because the side of his house (showing in the video) is facing south-east. The FBI said the smoke was being taken by the wind east-south-east toward Bedford, and that jibes somewhat with the direction of smoke in Dave's video. The problem is, Dave says in the video that the crash site is 15 miles away, which is quite accurate a distance (as the bird flies) from Berlin (it's a 20-mile drive). Why then do others say he was just eight miles by car and 2 1/2 as the bird flies?

How did Dave know so instantly that the site was exactly 15 miles? Was his statement(s) rehearsed, in other words? Was he a co-plotter? If so, why wasn't his video released immediately? Did the plotters deem their explosion-smoke unfit for broadcast? It's no wonder. It doesn't look like a plane-fuel fire. Perhaps Dave was not directed to take the video by leaders of the plot, but he did anyway for personal reasons, knowing beforehand of the plot. Before we go on with Dave:

"I never saw that smoke" Paula Long, an eyewitness, told AFP. Long ran "immediately" after hearing the crash but did not see the cloud of smoke caught in the now-famous photograph by Valencia McClatchey, she said.

As McClatchey's plume was huge while she was only 3 miles away from the explosion site, Dave's plume, or what was left of it, should have been of an appropriate size according to his position in Berlin. Perhaps the reason that some webpages even locate Dave's house only 2 1/2 miles away from the source of the smoke is because people have complained that the video doesn't look 15 miles away. Dave seems to have made the effort of including his house in the video. Why would he do that if it were not truly his house?

A CBS newscast has him on the screen as a "Shanksville resident" when doing a story on his video. Was it just a mistake/misunderstanding by CBS? Or did the plotters deem that they had best change Dave's tune by locating him and his camera just 2 1/2 miles away? If so, it easily explains why the video wasn't released in 2001. Perhaps Dave screwed up; he wasn't supposed to mention the 15 miles.

I made my smoke argument above moments before finding the video below, making the same argument. I'm reading that the man taking the video, Dave Berkebile, is a Freemason living in Berlin (south of Shanksville). In the video below, we learn that Dave's video wasn't released until 2011, after his death. There is simply no logical explanation as to why the video would have been kept unpublicized for a decade if the owner of the video was a normal, innocent American. It tends to indicate that a group of Freemasons in the area met together to help create the fake event.

Val McClatch(e)y (not sure which spelling is correct), who took the photo of the smoke plume even earlier than Dave's video, was of Indian Lake. Her photo is taken from the east, according to the sun as it shines almost equally on both the front and side of the barn (i.e. the barn front faces south). At the page in the link above, it says "A smoke plume from a jet fuel fire is usually very dark in color and usually has a thick continuous column of smoke..." It even shows a photo of such smoke.

There are some shadows from trees in the McClatchey photo to show that the sun is definitely to the left of the photo. The plume of smoke does seem to be moving toward the camera, as it should be, and a little to the south too, as it should be according to prevailing wind direction that day. But, listen to Val ask for $20 per each photo copy. Is that normal? The man speaking to Val on the phone asks why she (a real-estate agent that knows how to take multiple shots) didn't take more photos, a very good question that has not any good answer. She says she dropped the camera, but that's no good because she could have picked it up to continue. The question is, did she work alone to photo-shop the photo, or was it the plotters who did it?

The video shows a television clip saying that United Airlines verified the flight crash. The conspiracy is thus revealed to be larger than most people are able to believe. If there was the question of why Dave Berkebile didn't give his video to America, why did Val also fail to reveal that video when in her possession? Was she and he involved with the same Masonic outfit in the area?

The video, taken by the late Dave Berkebile, of Berlin, shows a cloud of smoke rising from the crash site. [Val] McClatchey herself had known about the video, and even had a copy, since the 5th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001.

"I had a message from my husband saying, 'you're not going to believe this," McClatchey said. She said Berkebile gave her the video when he heard the authenticity of her photo was being criticized.

... The video was kept private until McClatchey gave it to the National Park Service for an oral history leading into the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. She donated it on behalf of Berkebile who died in February [2011].

Val kept it for 5 years??? Did she betray her local plotters (who didn't want it revealed) just to keep her dream alive of making a hefty profit on her photo? I hope so. We like it when plotters betray one another, especially when we hear some details.

I hadn't checked the McClatchey Coat until now. It uses three gold diamonds on a blue fesse, JUST LIKE THE NAGLE COAT!!!! How-about-that. The McClatchey Coat also uses the three red small shields of the Hay/Hey Coat, and the Hays/Heys were first found in Perthshire, where the Rollocks/Rollos were first found!!!! Chris Nagle works for Rollock inc!!!!! WOOOOWWWIE!

There's some heraldry evidence that she may have been kin-blood to other suspected plotters. Plus, read on.

Someone in a recorded phone call, claiming to be the daughter of Kelly Leverknight (though it sounds more like someone Kelly's age), said that Val McClatchey's photo is a fake. Kelly (age 36 at the time) happens to have seen a plane fly very low over her house. The "daughter" is on a phone call below with unofficial 911 investigator, Jeff Hill:

The daughter's statement, "It was a fake photo, because it didn't have a mushroom cloud," is, I think, easily misunderstood. I don't think she was saying that Val's photo had no mushroom cloud, for it obviously did. What she could have meant is that the real explosion had no mushroom cloud, wherefore Val's photo was fake. The daughter was at school when Kelly saw the plane and smoke, meaning that the daughter didn't see it. I've heard that there is a school to the south of the explosion site. Here's Kelly's testimony:

"I heard the plane going over and I went out the front door and I saw the plane going down," said Leverknight, 36. "It was headed toward the school, which panicked me, because all three of my kids were there.

"Then you heard the explosion and felt the blast and saw the fire and smoke."

I don't necessarily doubt that flight 175, or another plane for the purpose, flew over that school. I don't doubt that there were flames and smoke and an explosion. At this point, Kelly Leverknight sounds like a true witness (i.e. not an insider), especially as she bad-mouthed McClatchey's photo. (For readers jumping into this page or section, yes, I meant flight 175. The last update explains why I think flight 175 is the one that came over the explosion site.)

I don't know as yet what the aftermath of that phone call had been, or how Kelly and daughter are handling it. Note that Kelly, so far as I know anyway, doesn't refer to a jet on it's back, or on its side, or swerving, or tottering, or tumbling chaotically. She says she saw the "belly" (underside) of a plane. It sounds normal.

Finding her address in 2001 is important. Kelly Leverknight, age 46 now (that's definitely her), has three address listings at Intelius, one being in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. That place, again. Another listing is in Stoystown. Another webpage: "Kelly Leverknight, whose home is a couple of miles from the Flight 93 crash site, adds that planes going overhead are nothing unusual here because the area is a 'military flight corridor.'"

According to Intelius, a Robert Leverknight, age 49, is Kelly's relative. It's likely her husband. The below we find her husband, a sergeant, son of a Mason:

Robert G. Leverknight Sr., 68, of Lambertsville Rd., Stoystown died Nov. 23, 2000...Born June 5, 1932 in Stoystown, son of Lowman and Kathryn (Kimmel) Leverknight...Survived by a son: SSgt Robert G. Jr. married to the former Kelly McAllister, Stoystown, and grandchildren, Robert III, Matthew, and Kathryn...Korean War Air Force Veteran. Retired from Bethlehem Steel, Johnstown. Member of Mostoller United Methodist Church, Somerset Lodge 358 F.&A.M., Jaffa Temple Shrine, and Harrisburg Consistory...Masonic service at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Interment, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Stoystown.

There are some interesting finds here starting with a look at the Kimmel Coat, much like the Buckston Coat, of a surname that could have named Buckstown Road (south side of the explosion site). Kimmels/Kimbals were first found in BUCKingham, and then the Buckingham Coat is gold-on-blue too. Later, we'll read of a Glessner surname that came to the aid of Val McClatchey, and so let me show the three gold symbols on blue fesse belonging to Glessners. Leslies likewise use three gold symbols on a blue fesse, and then Irish Leslies are also "Lusty/Losty/Lasty," very close to "Listie," the location in Somerset where PBS Coals is/was located, and where Svonavec's lived who are suspect somehow in PBS.

As PBS was formerly Penfold Capital, it's also interesting that Penfolds were first found in Bedfordshire while there is a Bedford location less than 20 miles east of the explosion site. But what's IMPORTANT is that both the Bedford and Kimmel Coats use a white-on-black Shield-on-Shield (see also the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat).

There are several black-and-white Coats used by Buck-like surnames, including Bucks, Buchans (Aberdeen, where Leslies lived), and the Buckles. The Leslie Coat uses...buckles.

I should add:

Shanksville is the kind of place where everyone is somehow related and the names of people you meet sound awfully familiar after you've driven around a bit -- like sometime farmer Nevin Lambert, whose family settled the Lambertsville Road area in the 1800s. And community organizer Donna Glessner, whose husband is distantly related to the namesake of the 121-year-old Glessner covered bridge that spans the Stonycreek River.

Lucky. I was able to find the Leverknight family at 417 Lambertsville Road at a translated page with some translated inaccuracies:

R. Kelly Lever Knight is born in 1922, the Age of Kelly Knight Lever is given as 36. So it's only a guess that Kelly and Bob Knight Lever also live in the 417 Lambert Rd to Kelly R. and Robert G. Knight Lever.

The Lambertsville Road goes down to Shanksville, so Kelly and Bob Knight Lever could theoretically live closer to Shanksville, right?

...It crashed in Shanksville, a mile or so where my car was being worked on at a garage (my car was in Stoystown). Its flight path took it over the town I was in (Windber), and class mates of mine on their smoke break saw it flying over trees near my hometown of Johnstown's airport...

Robert G Leverknight is listed at 417 Lambertsville Road also at the page below. When that address is entered on a Google map, it shows a pointer about .2 mile north of Cemetery Rd, and on the west side of Lambertsville Rd. Or, to put it another way, it's less than a mile south of Route 30 / Lincoln's Highway. That now gets Kelly about two miles from the explosion site. But, the burning question is: is her husband a Mason too?

By the way, Viola Saylor lived at the corner of Pompey Hill Rd and Lambertsville Rd, just .2 miles south of the Leverknights. If you're interested in further conclusions on this topic, see my 2nd update in April, 2015.

The way Kelly worded it, the school should be located after the plane flew over her house. Upon checking with street view up and down Lambertsville Rd., something resembling a typical public school between 417 Lambertsville Road and the explosion site could not be found. [Later, in the testimony of Susan McElwain, we learn of a school to the south of the explosion site.]

Look at this:

Technical Sergeant Robert Leverknight, combat camera photographer...

I can't copy and paste from the article. It's Leverknight's story on 911. But what about that "combat camera photographer" bit, found right here in the smack middle of a discussion of a faked photograph and/or video? The website says that he's worked in the Air National Guard. He goes by "Bob Leverknight" too, and at a Bob Leverknight's facebook page, his first of four interests is "rocketry." His second interest is photography. That's got to be him.

There is a great photo below I've not yet seen of the explosion site." It shows terrain excellently by comparison to satellite views I've shown previously. The shot is from the north, and exposes the explosion site atop a ring of high ground, with the adjacent dead-end road cutting along the bottom of the high ground. The gash is visible, cutting right onto the road. LOOK! There's no evidence of burnt trees beside the gash (!), and tree shadows are covering the gash and road.

How many thousands of aerial photographs should there be in the world from pilots visiting this place? Yet, why aren't those photos all over the Internet? How many do you see at this webpage of flight-93 photos?

Let's read from a skeptic with every reason to be:

...Several of [Somerset locals] apologized and told me that they had been told by the F.B.I. or other agents of the U.S. government not to talk. From others I got the clear impression that they had been warned not to talk about what they knew. Then there are those who had obviously been told to tell lies. I would consider Bob Leverknight to be a member of the latter group. As I reported from Somerset:
I spoke with Bob Leverknight, correspondent with Somerset's Daily American, at the newspaper's office about how Flight 93 disappeared into the crater without leaving a trace. Leverknight, an active member of the Air National Guard, was assigned by the editor to handle my [= Christopher Bollyn] questions. His answers were quite incredible. About the disappearance of the plane, Leverknight said, "It {the ground} liquefied." One of the plane's massive engines, he said, "bounced" off the ground and was found at a very considerable distance -- in the woods.

The ground did not liquefy and swallow the plane as Bob Leverknight told me...These are lies...

Unfortunately, there is some disinformation on that page. For example, the black gash of earlier years, about ten times wider than the dirt road, is mistaken for the explosion-site gash. There is also talk of a scene later in days / weeks that was not the original scene. Christopher had been to the site many times, he says. The 5th photo on the page (at least at this time) shows that the crater was excavated to a huge size to better reflect the width of a plane. Always remember, the original gash was at most three times wider than the road, and the road appears to be no wider than a two-lane dirt path. The excavation has also grown south by many feet, closer to where they burned the trees later on.

Hmm, new info on Barry Hoover that makes him look like one of the plotters, or else one who has decided to fake going along with the official line:

But one Lambertsville resident, Barry Hoover, who lives a half-mile [975 feet, really] from the site, said he saw debris scattered at least a mile wide.

...Larry Hoover (Barry's father, Lutheran minister] owns the two houses on his property that begins with the treeline at the edge of the reclaimed mine.

"There was stuff everywhere back there. It made you want to drop to your knees and cry for those people," Hoover said.

So much for the idea that the two houses might be owned by Michael Svonavec. "The Hoover property is about 7 to 9 acres, [Barry] said." But Barry's is 21 acres according to the Remax real estate company that has it up for sale. Recall that Svonavec was said to own 300 acres, then 273, and then 274. Add the 21 acres to 273, then add seven more, for a total of 301 acres.

On now to the Saylors:

Viola Saylor saw Flight 93 pass very low over her house in Lambertsville, which is a mile north of the official crash site. She was in her backyard when she heard a very loud noise and looked up to find herself "nose to nose" with Flight 93 [or what she thought was 93], which she says was flying "upside down" as it passed overhead. It was blue and silver, she said, and glistened in the sunlight.

It was so low that it rustled the leaves of her 100-foot maple tree in her yard. It flew southeastwards for about three more seconds and even gained elevation before it crashed over the hill with a "thud," she said. "It was real still for a second," she said. "Then all of a sudden" she saw a "very quiet" and low-flying white "military" plane coming from the area of the crash site, flying towards the northwest. "It was flying very fast, like it was trying to get out of here," she said. "A second or two" behind the "military" plane were two other planes, which Saylor described as "normal" planes.<

Yet, a mile north of Viola's house, over Kelly's, the plane was not said to be upside down, and Kelly watched the plane go straight down from her place.

Yet again, how can anyone suggest that Viola is a co-plotter if she snitches on that military jet (not that she necessarily thought she was snitching)? I simply refuse to believe that a passenger plane was upside down, however. Later on the webpage, another woman says she saw a military jet, 40 feet above her face, roar past. Possibly, it was upside down. Then there are missiles with wings. Does the winged missile here look like a plane upside down?

It's time to elect a new government. Elect Jesus. You can trust Him. Wait for His government. He's not a thing of the past; he predicted the world that you now live in. The fact that your human body is a machine making the finest military computer a toy by comparison is proof enough that a Creator watches mankind. Don't let them reduce you to a number.

AHA! The Saylor Coat is yet another version of the blue-on-white fesse with gold symbols, just like the McClatchey and Nagle fesse. All of them appear to use a version of the Scottish Weir/Vere fesse, the one with white on blue stars, the symbol of the American flag, and of Douglas Aircraft.

She's possibly Viola E. Saylor (age 75) of Stoystown, Windber and Lancaster, all in Pennsylvania. Her only listed relative is John E Saylor, age 76, of Stoystown and Lancaster.

At the website below, there's a developed theory on the path and conclusion of the passing plane(s). It tells something I've not heard before, that Tim Lensbouer, who worked at the Rollock scrap facility beside the gash site, said the he heard a plane for 10-15 seconds.

I could not find Viola's address. There is a map in the page above showing the plane path from Viola's place to that of another witness. Viola is on the same side of Lambertsville Rd as the Leverknights, meaning that the plane, if it was the same plane at all, flew straight down the Lambertsville Rd for at least one mile. The map does not show a flight path in that fashion.

Recall Tim Purbaugh, who likewise worked for Rollock, but only on his second day. I'm now reading: "Note that although Lee Purbaugh believes [I think he deliberately claimed falsely] that he saw the plane crashing in a fireball into the 'crater'[,] due to the terrain it's absolute impossible to overlook the scene from the scrap yard as shown here." I think what that statement means is that Tim could not see the gash site from his position in the scrap yard. The drawing has him positioned outdoors in the scrap yard, where there are no buildings.

The coincidences that Tim and two other witnesses used the distance of 40 or 50 feet above their heads is suspicious, as though a conspiratorial meeting did take place where they were directed to give that particular information. I've noted that while one Rollock employee has a PurBOUGH surname, and the other a LensBOUER surname. Compare the Boughy/Boffey Coat to the Buck Coat (stag heads in the same colors). Then, the Buckton Coat (very much like "Bucktown" Road) uses the same stag head as Boughys/Boffeys, as well as (almost) the Bush Crest goat head! Bucktons (no 's') and Bush's were both first found in Yorkshire. The Buckston (with 's') surname uses the same stag head.

I recall tracing the goat-depicted Boofima > Baphomet cult to Boughy/Boffey-like surnames! At that time, the Boof term was traced suggestively to "BAVar(ia)" and therefore to "Bauer" / "Bayer(n)." Therefore, see that the Buckton Chief is green, the color of the Bauer Coat and Bower Shields. The Bauer wing looks like a version of the Buches Crest wing. If you haven't realized yet, "Bauer" or "Bogen" (means "bower" in German) may have derived from Boof > Bough(y) so that Bauers and Buchs are branches of one another.

The Buches Crest wings are also the Here and Herzog wings, and the latter two surnames were traced to "Herzegovina," that being Sava/Save-river area where Leslies traced, which should explain why the Bauer stars are used by Glessners who in turn use the Leslie and Save "bend" (= the heraldic bar in a diagonal direction). It's even possible that "Glessner" originates from a Leslie-like term.

As "Saylor" evokes "Taylor," I recalled by trace of "Taylor" to "Talbot" and German Talls/Thals, both of who use gold-on-blue bends. I'm noting that the English Talbot Shield is of the design used by Knights (there was no Leverknight Coat coming up), a design that I've known to be that of Sellicks too, whom I've ventured to trace to Sales and therefore to Sailors/Saylors.

It just so happens that the Danish Bauer leopard design is used by the Scottish Taylor Crest, and that the "Jewish" Levi lion design is used in colors reversed by the Taylor Coat. English Taylors were first found in Somerset, the name of the county surrounding the gash site. Another surname first found in Somerset is the Bridge surname, and then due south of the gash site there is the corner of Bridge St. and Buckstown Rd.

The commonality between the Talbot and Knight Coats is that they have the same type Shield-on-Shield. Briggs (said to derive in "bridge") use the same type Shield-on-Shield as Bedfords and Kimmels, and it just so happens that Kimmel was the surname of the mother of Sergeant LeverKNIGHT, the wife of the Freemason. Briggs were first found in Yorkshire, home also to Cravens who were traced (by me) to "Krvati" (= Croats) in the Sava / Herzegovina theater.

Levers use the Sinclair rooster and the Kay/Key Shield, and I trace the latter surname strongly to the Laevi Ligurians and the Levi surname. I relate the Laevi Ligurians to the Salyes Ligurians and trace them to the Sales, Sellicks, and Sailors/Saylors to mention a few. While Viola and John Saylor also lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Levers were first found in Lancaster, England. But then also recall, from the top of this update, that a Chris Nagle, suspect as yet another Rollock employee, lived at Red Lion, between York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The Kays/Keys were first found in Yorkshire, England, beside Lancaster. It's the rose-loving Rosicrucians, whom have promised in their proud times that the world will soon be their "imperial" empire, with no one to rescue from their grasp. Yes, Rosicrucians boast an "emperor."

Do we see a pattern in the Stoystown theater? It's what Masons do, stick together as per their historical bloodline relations, seeking to further their centuries-old quest of world conquer. It was a viking quest then, and it's still the same old pirates today, often as the international banking "Jews."

But they are not Jews, but rather Pharisees like Pharisees of old. And they lie. And they have an image. They put on a religious image. They love self-honor, and to be first, to be superior. Jesus spoke of them. It was even told that they would come as a lamb with fire from the sky, to deceive the ungodly masses.

I've mentioned so many times that Veres and Masseys were identical that's it probably nausea to some readers. But now is the time to mention Massey Energy, a company I came across several months ago in the news. Keep in mind that I trace Pharisees to the Ferrari / Fergus / Ferguson surname, which I say developed into "Fer" and "Vere" too. I'm referring to the coincidence of "Massey-Ferguson." On Massey Energy:

Massey Energy Company (NYSE: MEE) was a coal extractor in the United States with substantial operations in West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia. By revenue, it was the fourth largest producer of coal in the United States and the largest coal producer in Central Appalachia.

We should be on the look-out for links between Massey Energy and elements of PBS Coal. However, for all I know at present, the companies may have become rivals. Masseys of the Meschin kind were married into to Taillebois' ((probably proto-Talbots), and the Sales were known as "Sales-of-Massey" or "Sales-of-Mascy." We read further: "St. Joe Minerals acquired a majority interest in A.T. Massey in 1974. Six years later, St. Joe Minerals formed the Massey Coal Partnership, along with Royal Dutch Shell." The shells or scallops used as the Shell logo are used in white in the Meschin Coat, but then white scallops are used also by one English Taylor Coat.

Thus, we have reason already to link coal-related Massey bloodlines (which formed the term, "Masonry," as per the Massin/Mason surname) to Taylor-like Saylors. Note that the Taylors above were first found in Somerset and Kent, for Massins/Masons were first found in Kent.

I had realized that "Freemason" was code for the Freie/Freise (Bavaria) and Mason surnames combined because they use the same Coat, but it also had merit to trace Freise-like surnames to "Pharisee."

Reminder: the Bush's and Masseys were closely related, and Bush's, like Rollocks, use black boars. There are Illuminatists with stocks in green energy that wish to slay the Coal Beast, and the Green Beast is wanted dead by the Coal Beast. Watch them slay one another.

The direction of dragons is always toward monopoly: "On June 1, shareholders of Alpha Natural Resources agreed to buy Massey Energy for $7.1 billion, making it the nation's largest metallurgical coal company." In the list of top coal competitors for Massey Energy, PBS is not mentioned. Peabody Energy is mentioned as a competitor, which name has the makings of "PB."

Reminder: Penfold Capital Acquisitions changed their name to, PBS Coal, and Penfolds were a branch of Pendragons who were in turn in the Somerset area of England, but linked by myth to Carlyle. The Bush-Walker family are linked to the Carlyle Group. I traced "Carlyle" to the proto-Carol surname amongst Merovingian kings, who sought world control with the Vatican as partner. Today, the Bavarian pope uses a shell/scallop in his personal Arms in the colors of the scallop used by Shell Oil.

The heraldic crown used by Carolingian Franks (who followed Merovingians on the throne of France) is used by the Martel and Capet surnames because Carolingians were descended from king Charles Martel, and because the Capetian dynasty of France was a shoot from Carolingians. It just so happens that I've just found the same crown design in the Blanken Coat because: "In 1992 Don Blankenship was appointed President, Chairman and CEO of A.T. Massey Coal Company; he served as the Chairman and CEO of Massey for 18 years."

I've claimed in the past year that Masseys were from the bloodline of Pharisees, as with Ferraris and Veres. I can add that the German Blank Coat uses the Ferrari lion, while the Dutch Blank Coat uses the hammers/martels used by Martels.

Dutch heraldry has largely got to be based in Dutch Templarism / Rosicrucianism, as well as in the many international "Jewish" bankers in Holland over centuries, many of whom founded America. Think the Ferrari sport scar (horse logo) and the Maserati sport scar, and ask why "Maser" gets the Massey Coat with Vere Shield. "In 2005 Maserati were split off from Ferrari and merged with Alfa Romeo under Fiat Auto"

In Cheshire, Meschins were close to the Fiat-like Foot surname, which I linked strongly to Manche-related Ligurians of a Foetes (also "Fussen") location on Bavaria's Lech river. The Foots Coat is the makings of the French Levi Coat, suggesting that these Levis were Laevi Ligurians...the dread Levi bloodline of Caiaphas and Ananias, the chief imposters of Israel who loved to be supreme, and who conspired with false witnesses to kill God.

Lechs were some sort of proto-Poles, and I trace the heraldic pelican to Poles. The Lech/Letch Coat not only uses pelicans, but a Shield like that of Blankenships. These Coats, as with the Penfold Coat, are clearly variations of the Arthur Coat, which uses a pelican in Crest. (The Brigg Crest is yet another pelican).

By what coincidence does the Night Coat use the same lion design, in the same color, as in the McClatchey/McLetchie Crest? I traced a similar surname (Letch) to Polish Lechs, who smack of Ligurians. Meschins trace to Polish Mieszkos / Mieskes, and Masons and Veres to "Masovia" of Poland. By what coincidences did a Val McClatchey (surname also "Letchy") and a Kelly LeverKNIGHT both have involvement in the gash-site plots? Reminder: McClatchys use the Hey/Hay Shields-on-Shield, and Heys/Hays were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Rollocks/Rollos, who in turn use a blue boar as do Veres, who in turn claim to be protectors of the Drakenberg dragon cult.

The Irish Arthur Coat is linked to the Wayne Coat, which surname (branch of Maceys / Mackays / Vains/Vanes) likewise uses a pelican. Yet another eye witness to the flight 93 scam was Susan McElwain, and it just so happens that the Elwain/ElWAINE Coat is in Wayne colors. The McElwains use grails as symbols, important as per the "holy grail" of Arthurianism.

The Lord Jesus Christ has a bone to pick with the sons of the devil under discussion, and it's not going to be pretty. Stand back and don't get caught with dragon guts on your clothes. If you think 911 was horrific, prophecy calls for the crumbling of cities in all nations...on the day that dragon slays dragon.

Did I ruin my credibility on 911 themes by mentioning Biblical themes? Too bad. First is first. First God, then what He wants to do about 911 through what I say. If a person can't come to terms with God, I say leave the 911 theme aside and first beg God to be a part of your life. You can beg quietly / softly because He hears that too. This is no scare tactic in an effort to take something from you. I can't take anything from you, nor am I asking for your money. My advice, beg God quietly but sincerely to be in your life. If He doesn't respond with a sense of "stirring" in your insides, do it again from time to time until He does stir. You'll know the effect is not something you fabricated on your own. But, if you're not prepared to make a good stab at living your life as would please Him, he may not respond. Put it this way, that even though I sin by being less than pleasing in His sight, and even though I feel helpless in trying to be like Jesus, yet He stirs within me when I beg for forgiveness and speak to Him in love. Can you conceive of speaking to God in love? What a beautiful concept. Not speaking rote as Catholics are taught to do, but speaking as you, just the naked you. God can move with one who submits. Submission is a beautiful thing. There is no such thing as musical accompaniment without submission. If you're not ready now, remember my advice later.

There's a Susan Marie McElwain of Stoystown (also listed in Berlin), age 60, and another Susan McElwain (95) of York, Pennsylvania. How-a-bout that.

I kid you not. All the above was written before finding what I'm about to share. I kid you not that the very last thing entered above was the bit on the McElwain surname. After that, I googled for info on Michael James McElwain (age 41, see age 38 below in 2008), the relative mentioned with Susan, and here's what was found: "'Michael Mcelwain' Stoystown West Virginia Southern West Virginia Coal Management." Where did we just hear Virginia before? See the left margin of the page:

Tags: coal processing, Processing Plant, southern West Virginia, Massey Energy, coal plant, West Virginia coal, raw coal, clean coal, Massey Energy Co, West Virginia

The page that brought up Susan has her address in Central City, Pennsylvania, smack at Lambert Road, also called State Route 1018. Lambertsville Road is called State Route 1007. Central City is about 10 miles to the northeast of the gash site.

In the Google search result page that gets one to the webpage above, there shows an address: 3070 Stoystown Rd Stoystown PA. I can't be sure whose address that is, however. In a 2008 article:

A Central City man was charged with sexually assaulting an underage girl several times between September and January, state police in Somerset said.

Michael James McElwain, 38, of Huckleberry Highway [= highway 160, east side of Indian Lake], assaulted the girl at a Stonycreek Township home, troopers said.

McElwain was charged Thursday with rape, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and indecent exposure.

Charges were filed with District Judge Arthur Cook of Somerset.

Surprise big time. As he's almost 20 years younger than Susan, he could be her son (none of what Michael did necessarily reflects on Susan). Her maiden name is, Hicks. Her current address is uncertain, but it's not needed. Below is Susan on a multiple-minute video telling her story to truthers, a story of what sounds like a computer-controlled glider plane carrying an explosive payload that went over some trees just before she heard, but couldn't see, an explosion. Apparently, if what she says is true, the plane was programmed to stay as low as possible, and to go under electrical lines where possible. She said it was about as wide as her vehicle. The way she tells the story, it seems impossible to believe that she's a co-plotter, though other considerations on her testimony are problematic.

At one critical point in her testimony, she says she didn't really hear the explosion until two days later. She immediately got too dramatic (teary-eyed) as though trying to cover up what I think she knew to be a mistake. That is, she realized she should not have said she didn't hear the explosion until two days later. Hearing the explosion must have been a major part of her false testimony. Was she lying about hearing the explosion at all? Was she even at that location at the time? Why do I think she was lying and working for the plotters? Because her testimony rules out flight 175 flying over the gash site. The plotters wanted to kill that idea by feigning an eye-witness to the south of the gash sight. She says nothing about neither a passenger jet nor military jet flying low over the explosion site, leading her listeners to believe that flight 93 did crash...regardless of what the glider was there to do (if it existed at all, which I now doubt).

The below is the longer version of the same video below. Near the middle, Susan and her interviewer drive down Buckstown Road to a location where she and her husband were living at the time, from which the camera focuses in on the Rollock scrap yard. She says that she and her husband measured the small plane that flew a few feet over her vehicle, and then underneath the electric wires strapped over the corner of Bridge St. and Buckstown Rd.

Susan claims to have been at the Bridge St. stop sign at the time, about a mile south of the gash site. She turns right on Buckstown and drives past Skyline Road before reaching her house on the south side of Buckstown Rd.

Her testimony is that the FBI visited her place the evening of 9-11, with a local policeman (whom she doesn't identify). When asked what went on at that FBI visit (in the video above), she seems taken by surprise, and offered no substance whatsoever, saying, basically, "they just left and that was that." It indicates that she could have been making the visit up. Then she says that the FBI never ever came back to question her, easily explained if they knew her story to be false. One could say that the FBI showed up at her place to make an appearance of an investigation.

Below is her testimony on Pittsburgh television on what I think is September 11, 2001. At that time the plane was sort of a Lear jet, she says, with a fin on the back side like that of a spoiler on the back of a sporty car. But, it's hard to believe a Lear jet could go under the electrical wires...and then not rustle up the trees when curving above them. The fact that she gave the testimony on 9-11 suggests to me that it was part of the original conspiratorial huddles, even if it sounds as though she's on the side of truthers.

...Fearful of retribution from federal agents, many eyewitnesses who spoke with American Free Press asked that their names not be published.

...Shown a photograph of a Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II, a low-flying combat aircraft commonly referred to as a "Warthog," [Viola] Saylor identified it as the military plane she had seen [not the one that flew over her house]. She said she recognized the two engines on the rear and the distinctive shape of the cockpit and nose of the plane.

...Susan McElwain, a local teacher, also reported seeing a white "military" plane at the scene of the crash before witnessing an explosion. Ms. Mcelwain told The Daily Mirror what she saw:

"It came right over me, I reckon just 40 or 50 feet above my mini-van," she recalled. "It was so low I ducked instinctively. It was traveling real fast, but hardly made any sound.

"Then it disappeared behind some trees. A few seconds later I heard this great explosion and saw this fireball rise up over the trees, so I figured the jet had crashed..."

That height she reported there is at least two times higher than the electrical lines. Unless it was an electric-powered glider, it could not rise above the trees, I don't think, without noise. Besides, gliders are easily identifiable, though Susan did not identify it as such, and said it had engines. That's the part that convinces me it wasn't a glider; that's the contradictory thing convincing me she's made the whole thing up. That she presented a plane with little noise could have been for the purpose of not contradicting the people living beside the stop sign, who, if her story was made up, were predicted to have heard no such plane swooping down that low.

The idea in the presentation above (of American Free Press) is to suggest that the white plane flying north-west toward Viola's house was the one northwestward one seen by Susan. Viola likewise said that the white military jet was quiet. About a second after the crash/explosion, Viola "saw a 'very quiet' and low-flying white 'military' plane coming from the area of the crash site, flying toward the northwest." Were the two woman coached on what to say by plotters? Why would plotters want to reveal a military jet coming from the "crash site"? For one possibility, it had been planned from the start that flight 93 would be shot down at the order of Dick Cheney, and for that story it would have been good if "evidence" was propagated.

The American Free Press reported: "The plane Ms. McElwain describes is similar to the Warthog seen by Saylor over Lambertsville." But later, in the video above, she is shown a picture of that plane, where she denies that it was the one.

From the same article, we read: "The U.S. media has only reported what Bill Crowley, FBI spokesman from Pittsburgh, said about other planes in the area... Now you know the surname in charge of the FBI side of the fake crash, and it just so happens that, like the Rollock/Rollo Coat, Crowleys use a blue boar.

It may be a coincidence, but Kelly Leverknight was formerly a McAllister surname, evoking the globalist satanist, Aleister Crowley. The latter was partner with a John Parsons character (member of Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis,) who was into rocketry (he was co-founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratory). The Parson surname was first found in Buckingham, where Kimmels were first found. By what coincidence was Kimmel the surname of the mother of Kelly's husband?

Also: "Paul Muro was in his yard in Lambertsville when Flight 93 passed overhead. Muro, who lives a half-mile closer to the crash site than Saylor, said the plane was flying rightside up and normally, although it was very low." It's not likely that everyone who heard a low plane is part of the plotters. I'm very open to believing those who reported a low plane in normal position. "Muro told AFP that he also saw a large silver plane approaching from the south, the opposite direction of Flight 93, above the crash site at the time of the explosion." The silver plane then turned and headed back in the direction from which it had come, he said. It makes no sense to me, unless Paul was a false witness on behalf of seeing the VH Corp business plane concocted by the FBI and Cleveland control.

The sun was in the southeast sky. The passenger plane over Lambertsville Rd was flying southeast, right into the sun? Was that direction calculated? I think so:

John Fleegle, manager, Indian Lake Marina -"Like I said, probably within, within 45 seconds or a minute of impact, we were there. We were there before any fireman, any paramedics, or anybody; we were on site. When we got there, there was a plane flying up above and he was smart, he flew straight for the sun, so you couldn't, you couldn't look at it and see exactly what type of plane, or if it was a fighter or what it was. But we caught a glimpse of it and as he was swinging, he was basically traveling in the same direction as the plane."

Perhaps the military plane flying in the opposite direction was to divert the attention of homeowners away from flight 175.

Why is it that many times we find lies and/or inconsistencies and/or cover-ups? Back now to Dave Berkebile's inconsistencies:

David E. Berkebile, 80, Berlin, died unexpectedly on Feb. 23, after heart surgery in Birmingham, Ala....He was a member of the Shanksville United Methodist Church. He was a lifetime member of the Somerset American Legion and VFW Post 554; and the Mason's Grand Lodge, Crescent City, Fla....

Not only a Mason, but a Methodist. Remember this as I enter a discussion on the Church of God Holiness movement below, itself a Methodist movement.

In the last update, I introduced the Over surname when getting to the Hoover surname. How many people do you know with an Over surname? It appears that the sister of Dave Berkebile was/is an Over surname. A Nellie Over is listed as a relative of David Berkebile (age 81, if he were still alive) of Berlin (and Hahira, Georgia). Her page has her at age 93 (she might not be alive) with a Somerset address. The only relative listed with Nellie is David E. Berkebile.

From the first update of February: "AHA. Checking the Over surname as per "Auvers" [home of Davers/Davors], they were first found in Cheshire, use the French-Talbot bend..." For what it might be worth.

The sister of Dave Berkebile said that she and Dave's house are the only two on Blue Bird Lane. Then Donna Glessner (surname in the colors of the McClatcheys and Nagles) says, "At the time of the crash, [Dave] Berkebile and his wife, Cathy, lived on Blue Bird Road." The problem is, Blue Bird is to the east of an imaginary north-south line run down from the explosion site through Shanksville. The smoke in Dave's videos should be toward the east of due north, but with a house on Blue Bird, the smoke should have been to the west of due north. There's a good drawing at the webpage below.

Skip this paragraph and the next if you don't want to get technical. In the drawing, the line from Dave's house to the explosion site is nearly in a direction that sun shone at about 10:06 am that morning. On September 21 of any year, sunrise is about 6 am, and the sun is due south very near noon time). The line from Dave's place corresponds to the direction of sunlight at about 11 am, therefore. It means that the sun should have been almost directly behind his head while his video camera is pointing to the origin of the smoke. If that were the case, the window jamb on his house would be bright white like the window's exterior casing. But the jamb is a dark shade in comparison to the exterior casing...because the sun is not shining upon it very directly at all. The dark lines visible on the house's siding suggest the same, that the sun has not yet come around enough to brighten the edges of the wood/vinyl siding. True, the sun is definitely shining on the jamb, otherwise it would appear black-ish like the top of the jamb receiving no direct light.

Unfortunately, the bush on the lawn is a good distance away for it's shadow to be scrutinized, but I can make out that the shadow is significantly to the left of the bush, sufficient to verify that the sun is not very directly behind Dave. Put it this way, that if a line directly behind Dave were considered 11 o'clock, as it should be from Blue Bird Lane, the sun appears (to my instincts) to be significantly less than 10 o'clock. But if Dave were due south of the smoke stack, then the sun would be more like at the 10 o'clock position, where it should have been at the explosion. The smoke stack (it's not really a plume) appears to be a certain number of minutes old, however, suggesting that Dave might even be more to the west of due south.

Again, Dave's sister said that she and Dave's house are the only two on Blue Bird Lane, and Donna Glessner said that Dave lived on that road during the crash. There is talk that the video camera was at Dave's house; there can be no doubt that they painted the picture that the video was from Dave's house. Yet on the Google map below, where you can zoom in, and even navigate all along Blue Bird Lane with a good shot of the houses, there's the problem of only one house visible on that road. Was the sister lying? Where's the second house? The only house is modern, and does not appear to have siding, as does the house in Dave's video. It gives no impression of being Dave's house.

Cathian Covert Revisited

For those who had followed the hunt for Nazi elements of the Hitler family in Montana and Idaho, one of the curiosities was that Jeffrey A. Dein and/or his kin seemed to be "everywhere" that white supremacists operated. I've just opened angry emails from Jeffrey M. Dein and his mother (I think), Cathian Covert Maness. I've invited them to share their side of the story for publication here. Let's wait to see if they wish to take that route. Jeffrey M. Dein is, I think, son of Jeffrey A. Dein.

As I recall the story laid out in February updates, neo-Nazis operated out of the Post Falls (Idaho) and Riverside (California) areas, while Cathian, of Post Falls at one point, and Jeffrey A. Dein were married in Riverside. Jeffrey M. Dein has listings in several places scattered broadly throughout the United States, and one happens to be in Idaho Falls, at an address identical to one registered for Cathian C. Maness.

I didn't know previously that Jeffrey M. Dein had been married, but I now find that he married a woman listed in Missoula, Montana. It raises my suspicions yet higher because it was this same Jeffrey M. Dein who was found listed in Warsaw, Indiana, where WAR operated, a Nazi group from Charles Mangels. The latter is/was a leader of a Nazi group in Montana, of a group splintered from the "international headquarters" of Aryan Nation beside Post Falls. Missoula is near Polson, where Mangels lived/lives.

All these things could be coincidences. I'll even share on behalf of both Jeffrey and Cathian that they do claim these things to be coincidences. However, it should be added that Jeffrey A. Dein is from Islip, roughly the location that Adolf Hitler's nephew settled, where that nephew (William Hitler) gave birth to at least three sons, all of whom took on a alias surname, Stuart-Houston. Jeffrey A. Dein was formerly married in Riverside to an Allen surname, which was the proto-Stuart bloodline.

The emails from Jeffrey and Cathian only prompted me to look deeper into what I had ceased to look into. I either wanted confirmation that Jeffrey was a Christian, as he claims in his email, or involved with supremacists. One thing that was not done in February was to find what sort of churches were planted by Burch and Zoe Surbrook, Cathian's other parents-in-law (I think). I therefore came across a history of church planting in Spokane, Washington, here Burch and Zoe lived. The first statement on the page:

A very powerful church planter worked in the eastern half of Washington in the early days of the Stone-Campbell Movement in the state. Cyrus Jefferson Wright from Kansas established 13 churches with 781 members.

It just so happens that, a few minutes after finding this page, I was led to believe that Burch and Zoe operated Church of God Holiness churches, the doctrines of which seem Biblical to me as per Wikipedia's article. The Church of God Holiness was based largely in Kansas, where Cyrus Wright was from. Plus, I would also find a Mark Surbrook of Kansas, whom I'll get back to below. Wright lived in Spangle (named after a German / Bavarian surname) of Spokane county.

The article then goes on to speak on a branch of the church in Cheney (named after a railroad man with that surname), on the southwest side of Spokane. "The congregation in Cheney, near Spokane, was launched by the newly arrived evangelist A. W. Dean in March of 1886... The moving force to get Dean to the northwest was Mrs. J. A. C. Merriman. She and her husband had arrived in Cheney in 1880 from Walla Walla [Washington], where they were instrumental in getting that group to meeting again. " The Merrimann surname was first found in Warwickshire, where Sheriffs were first found. Merrimanns, who use "vair" fur, are also "Marmion."

I traced both the Cheney surname and Vere-related Warwick elements to Poland's royals. Earlier in this update, in the hunt for the guilty persons of the 911 crime in Pennsylvania, we come across surnames first found in Buckingham, which is where the Cheney surname was first found. One of the Buckingham surnames was Parson, using gold leopard heads, a symbol of the Covert Crest. In my February discussions, I pointed out that the Maness surname's motto, "Pour y parvenir," was code for Parisii bloodlines and Par-like surnames. It's as though the Covert, Parson and Maness surnames are closely related.

It just so happens that the "nihil" term used by Veres is also used by the Dean/Dein motto. Deans/Deins and Coverts were both first found in Sussex. It's things like this, regardless of whether Jeffrey and Cathian Covert Maness are true believers, that keeps me suspicious. Cathian shared with me that she thinks her surname was from a Coffert-like surname in relation to, or association with, the Hohenzollern sector of Germany, in Swabia (= Bavaria / Baden area). The checks filling the Hohen Coat are suspect by me as the Illuminati-check symbol.

The way the picture is looking now, elements that may have come to constitute Nazi-related elements (not necessarily Nazi operatives) in Spokane were there long before Cathian and Jeffrey were born. I'm not at all saying that the church planters under discussion were Bavarian-Illuminati agents. I'm seeking to find whether such agents crept into the churches under discussion, for to evolve into some bad elements in our time that might be actively anti-Christian spies toward the coming tribulation.

"In January of 1888, the Central church [of A. W. Dean] called Samuel Brisbin Letson as minister " The Letson Coat shows more leopard heads, and a "Fac et spero" motto, shared by Mathies. I recognize the black and white quartered Letson Shield as that used also by Hohenzollerns out of Swabia but into the Prussia / Lusatia theater. When the paragraph above was fully written, I had not yet viewed the Letson Coat. Another coincidence? The raven in the Letson/Ledsum Crest could suggest the Leto > Apollo bloodline from north Africa / Cyrene.

"Successive preachers were George W. Ross, Dr. J. M. Allen and B. E. Utz." Again, Jeffrey Dein would marry an Allen, and Allens went on to use Cohen-colored checks in their Stewart / Stuart Coats.

"Charles Reign Scoville was tremendously successful at mass evangelism at the turn of the century and he brought his team to Spokane in 1910." The Scoville surname reminds of the Scofield surname at the root of modern pre-tribulationism. The Scoville/Scofield/SCHOLEfield Coat is a white-on-red fesse, the symbol of the Covert Coat. The red bull in the Scoville/Scofield Crest suggests Lower Lusatia to me.

Inverted checks in the black and white colors of the Illuminati checks are used by the Schole surname, first found in Yorkshire where the Letson surname was first found (the Letson / Hohen Shield may be considered black and white checks, and in Hohen-ruled Germany there had been "illuminated despots" that carried the Illuminati torch forward). As Bush's were also first found in Yorkshire, it should be added that I tend to link Scholes to SKULL and Bones elements. To that picture, add the Cheney location at Spokane with Dick Cheney in mind. By now you may have realized that we're dealing with Mieszko bloodlines out of the Mouse Tower, Goplo, Poland, way back before the Templar era.

I had discovered at Wikipedia that "staufer" meant "grail handler," or something to that effect, even before finding the cup-in-hand in the Staufer/Stover Coat. I imagined that HohenSTAUFERS were named in that grail regard. We are about to see more grails/cups shortly. I traced the Staufers/Stovers for some good reasons to the Stevens surname (pelicans), but now find that "We began the meeting in Spokane at the Central Christian Church [founded by Dean and carried forward by Letson], where C. F. Stevens has a large downtown congregation, and a large auditorium, and all the problems of a downtown church."

Reminder: Stauffers Road on the north side of the flighty-93 "crash site."

Reminder: Mieszko II Lambert, the bloodline of which may have named Lambertsville at the Stauffers Road. The English Lambert Coat is a chevron in the colors of the Hebron and Bone chevrons. Scottish Stevensons use three white-on-blue stars, as do French Lamberts.

The English Stevenson/Steinson Coat uses more leopard heads on a Coat in the colors of the Covert Coat, and both Stevensons and Maness' were first found in Northumberland. The Stevenson Shield could be the Skull Shield.

I had wondered whether Staffords had been named after Staufer elements. While Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire, Stubbings are said to be named after tree stubs. Then, the German Scofield/Schoenfeld Coat uses the cut trunk section of a tree. In the Stafford write-up: "First found in Staffordshire where they were descended from Roger de Toeni, founder of the Abbey of Conches...and from the senior line of this noble family descended the Dukes of Buckingham." The Tony/Toner Coat uses a "maunch," otherwise called a "sleeve," used sideways my the Mangels Coat.

Scoville said: "My evangelistic company consisted of W. J. Minges and wife, Bro. M. having charge of the personal work..." Why Minges? Am I to believe that the Minges family was a branch of the family of Charles Mangels to which Josef Mengele would run to when Adolf Hitler lost WW2? Entering "Minge" gets the Mens/Mengzies surname that I've often applied to this Nazi topic, the one with "I zal" motto code for "Islip / Hazel" elements. The Italian Minge/Meneghel surname uses the same Coat exactly as the Bavarian Weis/Wise Coat.

Cathian Covert Maness was writing to me when she and her "captain," as she called Michael Maness, were in Haiti as missionary helpers in the earthquake. Keeping in mind that she also goes (or went) by, Cathian Surbrook, what about Mark Surbrook from Kansas, who was in Haiti before the quake began. For a time, Mark Surbrook was reported lost in Haiti with other missionaries:

Members of Church of God Holiness said they have received word that a local missionary in Haiti is OK.

Silas McGehee arrived in Haiti on Monday, just one day before the devastating earthquake hit.

Also traveling with McGehee was the Rev. Mark Surbrook, minister of a church in Miltonvale, Kan.; William Hatcher from Mississippi and Paul Confer from Pennsylvania. All are said to be OK.

They made the television news in places while lost in Haiti. I was surprised to find that these missionaries belonged to the Church of God Holiness immediately after reading on that church's history in Spokane. It seemed reasonable, therefore, that Zoe and Burch Surbrook were in involved in planting Church of God Holiness churches.

Aside from Paul Confer above evoking the Covert surname (Confers are also "Conver"), it floored me to find that entering "McGehee" got the Coffey Coat cups in gold-on-green colors, for I had just viewed the gold-on-green cup of the Snyder Coat. Then, entering "Convert," what pops up but another maunch / sleeve, the Mangels symbol.

We readily see how "Coffey" could relate to "Coffert / Covert," and so to find cups in the Snyder and Coffey/Gehee Coats is suspicious coming just after showing Covert links to the Staufer > grail topic. On the page below, 72-year-old a Wayne L. Surbrook (not the Wayne Surbrook below) is shown related to Tammy Snider, possibly his wife (because she is shown with age 69 on her page). I'm simply trying to show that Surbrooks and Sniders may have had blood ties.

The Snyder Coat had been viewed only due to finding a blog by pastor "johnisnyder," where a Jeff Dein gives a Bible-loving comment. But the comment, with at least one other, is dated after my February updates in which Jeffrey and other Deins were a major topic. My question, therefore, was: is Jeffrey Dein putting out online info that portrays / disguises him as a Christian? I know that Wayne Surbrook (formerly of Spokane) disguises himself as one; he's a son of Zoe and Burch Surbrook. Wayne is a satanist of the divination-loving kind, friend of a diviner with LightWALKER surname.

The problem is, I don't know that the Jeff Dein above is the Jeffrey M. Dein that emailed me, but I can tell you this, he emailed March 3, the day before we find the Bible-loving comment from Jeff Dein above. However, Jeff Dein has a message dated in mid-January at this page. I don't know why that website is called, "", but I do know that Skull and Bones reveres the number 322. Note that the page above features talk on the movie, Warrior, evoking the WAR of Charles Mangels. The director of the movie, Gavin O'Connor, is said to be of...Long Island, the place of his birth. Deincidence? (Long Island is where Islip is located, where Jeffrey A. Dein was living).

The O'Connor Coat (Munster) is, like the Coffey and Snyder Coats, gold on green. The Cauners variation of O'Connors looks like it may be from the Convers/Convert surname shown above. O'Connors also show "Connairs," almost identical with the "Coniers" of the Convers/Converts. The O'Connor write-up speaks of an ancestor, chief O'Connor Kerry, and then both George Bush and John Kerry were Skull-and-Boners.

O'Connor's Warrior stars Nick Nolte, and then the Nolte Coat looks to be a version of the Stewart Coat of the Boyd kind. The "Confido" motto of the Boyds now looks like code for the Confer surname. O'Connor's page at Wikipedia says that he's now working on a stage-version of the film, The HUSTLER. It might be coincidental, maybe not, that while O'Connor was born on Long Island, so we find Islip on Long Island, the place named after the relations of the House / Hazel/HAUSSEL bloodline. See the Hus(t)ler surname, first found in Oxfordshire (no Coat shown).

As William Hitler lived on Long Island, and as his grandmother was a Glassl surname, by what coincidence did Jackie GLEASon star in The Hustler? The Gleason Coat uses the stars of the Glass Coat. Does it appear as though Gavin O'Connor (born 1964) should have linked to the Hitlers of Long Island, if only by a friendship with the Hitler / Stuart-Houston family?

Another star of The Hustler was George C. Scott, and then both the Scott and Glass Coats use a white-on-Red Shield-on-Shield. Scottish Scotts (whom I identify as Talbots) were first found in Roxburghshire, where Maxwells were found who use the same stag-and-holly theme as the Islip surname. Maxwells use a holly BUSH. Adolf Hitler's mother, a Polzl, was traced to Pollocks, a known sept of Maxwells. Pollocks lived in GLASgow.

Just like that, thanks to the email from Jeffrey Dein, I have found a Jeff Dein online who seems to link to the Hitlers of Long Island themselves by the fact that Jeff Dein has commented on the Warrior by Gavin O'Connor.

Again, William Hitler Stuart-Houston lived in Patchogue of Long Island, and the Patchie variation of Irish Kilpatricks must apply to "Patchogue" because Scottish Kilpatricks use a "make" motto term as code for Maxwells/Makeswells. The Patch Coat even uses the oak leaves of the proto-Stuart Alans.

In the article below, we find that the missionary team in Haiti included a Jack MUNOS, and a Dr. Snyder. The Spanish Munos Coat compares well to the Italian Minge/Meneghel/Menis Coat. Again, it looks like Mangels-related family was on the Haiti team of missionaries. Imply what you wish; I just do the reporting until a conclusion can be drawn.

Jeffrey M. Dein emailed information to me on March 3 that threatened to do me harm by notifying me of what he thinks is/was my street address. There's no other way to take that part of his email but as a threat. If I or anyone associated with me is harmed in a suspicious way, the police finger could point to Jeffrey and Cathian. That will be the case even if they are not involved in doing the harm. By the fact that they are egging people to go find me, they would be the first liable in any threats or crimes against me or my family members.

Yes, Cathian has herself engaged in an online campaign to reveal my address, if she can find it. It's one thing for me to reveal names and locations in a hunt for supremacists, and quite another thing for anyone to reveal my address at large that will undoubtedly get into the hands of anti-Christians / neo-Nazis. The people to which I'm writing -- those who follow the updates -- are lambs generally, not into evil deeds, nor do they give way to murder, as neo-Nazis could. My topics engage even the 911 plotters, whom we know are murderers. For Jeffrey and Cathian to engage in an attempt to disclose my home address makes either one of them liable for a police investigation should any strange harm come to me from any source.

I may prove to be wrong in the way I went about my neo-Nazi and 911 investigations, but it doesn't make me a maniac or the false Christian that Cathian is now portraying me as. I would like nothing more than to remove the neo-Nazi material if it causes Cathian and Jeff to stumble, except that I was convinced it to be a work of God through me and others. I of course have made mistakes in that investigation, but frankly I don't know where the mistakes lie. The whole of the investigation, though based largely on speculation, is proving fruitful in so many ways that I don't feel it should be removed...until I feel that God should have me do so.

It shouldn't be hard for Jeffrey to prove to me that he's a Christian if indeed he truly is. I would like to find nothing more. As for Cathian, she refused to remove my tribwatch chapters which she shared on her website, though I asked her repeatedly to remove them. She indicated on two occasions that she uses a tracking device on her website, meaning that, for all I know, she could be tracking post-tribbers that go to my chapters on her website. Tracking systems show what sort of browser people use, and knowing the browser type is one step toward hacking into a computer. For the time being, I suggest you not go to her webpage. Even I refused to go there when finding last night that she is portraying me in her blog(s) as a maniac. Prior to my February investigations, she had no such words for me.

Family members from the same womb can become angelic white, manly grey, or satanic black. Innocent individuals can lead by their surnames, and the surnames of their relations, to dangerous neo-Nazi groups because they, like Masons, worship their own bloodlines. Again, whenever we find Christians involved in what seems to be Illuminati-favored surnames, it doesn't necessarily mean that the Christians are part of Illuminati plots. All I can do is follow the clues to see where they lead, and to state the areas that are suspicious to me. I wouldn't have started on the family of Cathian had I not seen something of importance.

JS emailed me to say that the US flag in Spokane (Washington state) was recently at half mast for Whitney Houston, though I cannot find evidence for that anywhere online. Should I have put two and two together because her death was at about the time that I wrote on William Hitler Stuart-Houston? Whitney died February 11, and the topics above started in the February 7-13 update, without Whitney on my mind at all. What am I to conclude about this?

I was asking whether Whitney came from a white parent linking to Nazi elements in the Montana to Washington stretch. The idea in my mind was that Whitney, as crazy at it may sound because she's the black that neo-Nazis hate, may have been from the same Houston bloodline to which William Hitler was related / associated. It boggled my mind to find out who Whitney's white ancestry was.

Did you read where I linked Pollocks to Hitlers, and Pollock ancestry to Fullers? Fullers use a beacon in Crest, as does the German Belli Coat. The Italian Belli surname links with certainty to Carpenters with "belli" motto term (same motto as English Carpenters). Hiedlers/Hitlers are said to be named after "carpenter," and Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire, where Houstons were first found. All that was written on, and Fullers were stressed, in the 3rd update of February. Now I find:

[Emily] Houston [Whitney's mother] was born in Newark, New Jersey to Nitcholas and Delia Mae Drinkard (nee McCaskill)...Houston's father Nitcholas Drinkard was born to a part Dutch, part African-American, mother Susan Bell Drinkard (nee Fuller) and a Native American father John Drinkard, Jr.

The Fuller topic was in the update starting February 14, three days after Whitney's death. What is God trying to tell us? Or is this yet more coincidence?

There are several points one can make in all this. Note the black / Negroid Moor heads in the Belli Coat, for Bellis were first found in Moray and use the Moray star. Weirs/Veres use the Moray stars too. The first thing coming to mind with "Nitcholas" Drinkard was Nicholas de Vere; that idea was underscored when the Drink/Dreng Coat showed the Oxford-surname lion (for new readers jumping in here, Veres ruled Oxford for several centuries). I recall suggesting a Drink/Dreng link to Drakes / Drakenberg; Nicholas de Vere is currently the head cheese warlock of the Drakenberg Christian-satanic group of Aryans.

It just so happens that while Nitcholas Drinkard married a half-Dutch woman, the Drinkard/Drinkwater Coat (Cheshire) uses the same fesse as the Dutch Gant/Ghent Coat. The same Coat exactly used by Dutch Gants is the Confer/Convers Coat. This would be a good place to repeat that Gants likely link to the metal "gauntet" gloves used by the Maceys of Cheshire, for the Drinkards use the Cheshire garbs and were first found in Cheshire.

As "Bell" is not a female name so far as I know, the phrase above, "Susan Bell Drinkard (nee Fuller)," suggests that she had also married a Bell. It makes perfect sense where her maiden name, Fuller, was a branch of Bellis, though the larger point is that bloodline worship seems to be in definite play here.

The re-occurring trace, topic after topic, to Nicholas de Vere, makes me want to write here that, should something sudden and unexpected happens to me, the police should be notified by readers who value my work, those who know where I live, and the finger should point to Nicholas de Vere as well. Ask police to check my tracking system.

Dionne WARWICK was a cousin to Whitney Houston. They shared the same Drinkard - Fuller ancestry. WARincidence? I've shown many reasons to link Coverts to Veres, and Veres to a Warsaw-of-Poland > Warwickshire. Dionne was born a Warrick surname, shown as a variation of the Warwick surname. I think the Warwick lions are those of the Rains and Randalls, two surnames that I traced to "Rennes" and "Renfrew."

"Dionne's paternal grandfather Elzae Warrick was the preacher at St. Luke's AME, the church attended by the Drinkard family." There's a St. Luke's African Methodist Episcopalian church in Newark. In the Wikipedia article for Church of God Holiness under "Polity": "Mixed. Elements of Congregationalist, Presbyterian and non-sacramental Episcopalian polities." More coincidence? I traced the first German Rothschilds to alliances with the Anglican church, which in the United States was called the Episcopal church. The Anglican Church was founded by royal Stewarts.

The Covert Coat shows the same martins as the Franklin Coat (Buckingham again), perhaps important because Aretha Franklin was Whitney Houston's godmother. It turns out that Aretha was a Walker surname by birth, for her father: "was born Clarence LaVaughn Walker in Sunflower County, Mississippi, to sharecroppers Willie Walker and Rachel Walker née Pittman...Rachel married Henry Franklin, whose surname the family adopted."

If you read my link of Walkers (of the presidential Bush bloodline) to Scherf(f)s, by what coincidence were Sheriffs first found in Warwickshire?

I note that German and Scottish Walkers use the two Zionists stars of Minges and Munos,' and that English Walkers (Yorkshire, as with Bush's) use a "Magna" motto term. Both the Maness' and the Drink/Dreng surnames were first found in the same place (Northumberland).

I don't know why Aretha Franklin became Whitney's godmother. BUT RECALL that the address for Diamond T Coal and Realty is online at Mercerburg in Franklin county. That's got to have been named after the Freemason, Benjamin Franklin. It just so happens that the Gleason and Glass red-on-white stars are used by the Branch surname, important because Franklins use a "gold Eel's head erased perfesse, between two branches." Moreover, Gleasons were first found in Tipperary while Tippers use a dolphin, as do Franklins (and Coffeys). If that's not enough, the anchor in hand in the Tipper Crest is virtually the McAskil Crest, important because Nitcholas Drinkard (of Newark) married Delia Mae McCaskill (Whitney Houston's grandmother). The Tipper motto uses "spe" (translated as "hope") while the entire McAskil motto is "Spea," meaning code for the Hope surname and its anchor.

NOW WATCH. Scottish Kenndys/Kendals use dolphins around the Branch chevron, and were, like Branch's, first found in Westmorland (suspect as home of dark Moors). Scottish Kennedys use a dolphin too, and Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary as with Gleasons. But freak-out of freak-outs, the German Kenndey surname (scythes / sickles) is registered under the Hausler/Haus(en) surname! What are the chances of that Islipidence???

I recall many articles claiming that the Haiti quake was the product of a man-made quake from technology first discovered by Nikola Tesla. I tended to agree with that assessment, surprisingly enough, when finding evidence for the idea. What's frightening here is the claim that Nazis under the father of president George Herbert Walker Bush helped to secure Tesla's secrets, afterwhich Tesla was murdered. This claim was made by Hitler's bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny. It was Skorzeny who claimed that the president Bush above was born, George Herbert Scherff, son of George Herbert Scherff Sr. I start to investigate that topic in the 4th update of last April. You can find the theory amply online.

Did the Nazis in America know that the Haiti quake was coming because they caused it? Do we recall that president George Bush Jr. went money-collecting for the quake victims? There were some questions with what was done with the money. I sent Cathian $200 as she raised funds too. I now read: "Silas McGehee Arrived In Haiti Day Before Earthquake." Hmm. He was the Haiti missionary for...the Church of God Holiness that had a Mark Surbrook possibly related to the churches planted by Zoe and Burch Surbrook. (Zoe is listed in her online obituary as the grandmother of Cathian's daughter.)

Another granddaughter of Zoe is listed as Lisa Hinds, and then the Hinds surname (Buckinghamshire) uses the same-colored fesse as Gants, Drinkwaters, and Confers/Convers. It just so happens that one of the Haiti Missionaries with Silas McGehee was Paul Confer.

Here's more scary, that one Nazi-related surname, Hupfauer, was traced several updates ago (4th of January) to the Hup/Harp/Harper surname, and then the modernized Tesla technology that was pegged for the mechanism that caused the Haiti quake is called, "HARP." I wrote:

...I finally found a Coat with "Cobbet," and it's a blue-on-white lion, the colors of the Cappeo lion. It tends to link Coffeys directly to Hitlers. I might add that senator Prescott Bush was succeeded by a RibiCOFF surname in Connecticut.

There is a Dutch Kupfer Coat (comes up also as "Kupper") with no write-up or variations shown. Compare it with the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, which could explain why Josef Mengele married a Hupfauer. The Kupfer Coat is colors reversed to the Cooper/Copper Coat...

AHA!!! The Kupfer Coat is very much like the Italian Minge/Meneghel Coat!!!

Didn't we see Coffees come up in this very update??? Yes, and low and behold that while missionary McGehee was in Haiti the day before the quake, it's his surname that gets the Coffee Coat!!! I had argued that "HUPfauer" was related to the "cups" used in the Coffey Coat. McGees/McGahees could apply, as they use leopard heads, as do Coverts/COFFERts.

I hate to accuse any missionary as a false Christian Nazi spy of the murderous kind. But I'm not making the accusation. I leave the info here for anyone to dissect and investigate further. Please let me know if you find anything suspicious. The Hupfauer topic in the 4th update of January is recommended for further enlightenment on this Nazi bloodline.

This past week, Canada's prime minister with Harper surname met with his Calgary friend, Preston Manning. The two of them were treated on the Nazi-of-Montana topic in the 4th update of February.

Hmm, the Holiness Movement entered Ontario with a Coffey-like surname: "Representative [of the Holiness Movement] was the revivalism of Rev. James Caughey, an American missionary sent by the Wesleyan Methodist Church to work in Ontario, Canada from the 1840s through 1864" Yes, entering "Caughey" gets the Coffey/McGehee Coat.

I had traced the Coffey Crest to the Arms of Taranto (Apulia, Italy), as well as to the blue and white colors of Bavaria and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Toronto is in Ontario, a city that was at first called, York, where blue-on-white Bruces were important. (The Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1, the day that witches celebrate their may pole to Bel, which was a pole made from a maple tree. "Maple" = "may pole").

I hate to wrongly blacken any church organization. Church of God Holiness (does not seem at all to be a part of the Wideworld Church of God otherwise known as Armstrongism) was related to some of Pentecostalism's Holy-Spirit experiences, but rejected the tongues movement. I would guess that a church is not proven true merely by its official doctrines. Something besides true sheep could devise true doctrines to get at the money of true sheep. Alive-ism makes more money than boring church services. Money-bagging has always been my concern with Pentecostal preachers. My other concern with Pentecostalism is that preachers seem to be of the types seeking recognition, up-frontism, or even stardom. Plus, we know that neo-Nazis of the Post Falls area call themselves a Christian church. Masons and Illuminatists are studded with humanitarian organizations / foundations.

By the way: "In 1896, Tesla had been in the United States for 11 years after emigrating from his native Croatia. After a disastrous fire in his former laboratory, he moved to more amenable quarters at 46 Houston St. in Manhattan" Why Houston street? After which Houston family was it named?

I figure that "Tesla" was from a suffixed Tesl term, as for example Hitler's mother had a Polzl surname probably rooted in "Polz." I had found that Islip elements traced to the leaf in the Hazels/Hassels Coat. The same leaf design was found (see 3rd and 4th updates February) in the Coat of the House/Hause surname, which Hazels call a "hazel SLIP," obvious code for "Islip." I now find the same leaf design in the Tess Coat just as I'm seeking what "Tesla" might have been related to. Although the Leaf surname uses the colors of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the leaf design shown at does not match.

Last week, I was writing on Boyd relations with Stewarts. I wasn't able to squeeze that in the last update, and once again it's not in this update. Perhaps the next one. But here's what was said in that investigation: "Today, for the first time, I've noticed that the English Alan/Allen Coat at has changed." I wrote to houseofnames requesting they not remove / replace Coats as it would be havoc to all my work on heraldry. They fixed the problem by returning the Alan Coat to what it was previously. But it was the new Alan Coat that had me saying the below:

How amazing is it that I wrote on the Carpenters ("belli" motto code) and their Belli kin just two updates ago, linking them to the Hitler surname? The new English Alan Shield [only the old one is shown, regretably] is identical to the Italian Belli Shield, itself a reversed version of the Carpenter Shield. As German Belli use a "beacon," the Fuller-Crest symbol, we can now identify Fullers more solidly as the FULbert of Pollock line. Note that Fullers use bars in Belli and Carpenter colors.

What was meant there is that, because proto-Pollocks and Alans of Shropshire moved together to Renfrew, while Alans had been Bellis, it tends to prove that Fullers were indeed rooted in Fulbert, founder of Pollocks, who was a friend of the Shropshire Alans. Therefore, all my previous traces going back years of Stewarts to Nazis was explained in a nutshell in the new Alan Coat (now gone from houseofnames). I also said the following:

Lest the Carpenter Coat disappear, it's described like so: "A shield divided paly of six silver and red with three gold..." That is, three white, and three red, vertical bars. The Alan and Belli Shields are likewise, except that the left side starts with a red bar while the right side ends with a white bar (Carpenters do vice-versa).

...Lest the new Alan Coat disappear...I should add that the new Alan Crest is a red flower (possibly a rose) on a STEM!!! The heraldic stem code was dealt with recently...The Scheres/Scherfs and Walkers use roses on stems. The new Alan Coat shows the motto, "Je le tiendrai," perhaps part code for the Tiens/Thames of Oxfordshire.

As Alans use leaves, it's conspicuous that the Stem/Stein and Leaf/Leif surnames were both first found in Norfolk. Stems/Steins use the Covert-colored leopard head, used also by Pears/Perles, first found in Oxfordshire, where same-colored Tiens were first found who use martlets in Covert-martin colors. As Olivers are said to be from "Oleifr," see the rose on stems of the Italian Oliver Coat. This has got to be the line of Israel's chief priesthood, God's target at Armageddon.


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