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February 21 - 27, 2012

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What a sorry thing it would be if readers wrongly got the impression that certain persons mentioned in my Hitler-of-Montana hunt are neo-Nazis, when it's not true. Right up front, I want to say: I'm not claiming that Max Baucus, nor Jim Messina, nor Cathian Covert, nor any other name mentioned, is necessarily a Nazi operative in disguise. However, some political figures may be working with Nazi operatives without knowing it.

I don't know what's going on in Secret Nazitown USA, and am simply following the leads as I have explained them, pointing out the suspicious areas. I have no idea how WW2 Nazism has evolved since the removal of Hitler, and imagine that it has become somewhat Americanized in the U.S. That is, Nazi operatives living in North America are apt over long periods to conform somewhat to the cultures around them.

As I begin this update, I have no plan on what to write. I have nothing to say at the moment. Often, my topics are directed by emails as I open them, and so let me go to my email box right now to see if some further Direction seems apparent...

...I happened to get back to some old emails before they slipped off the page. One was from GD on the topic of "the tanner" of Falaise. After finding a few more things in the past hour which add to things in the last update, it was decided to start this update on the tanner topic, to see where it might lead. It happens to add to the Powell-Bridge topic of the last update...that seemed to me to be the right Direction that the Spirit bumped us toward.

In my first email this morning to GD, the Sparre surname was at the heart of the discussion, as it linked to Henry Sinclair of Orkney. We were working off of the article below, where we learn that "Malise Sparre was a cousin of the Henry Sinclair." Centuries earlier, the daughter of Fulbert of Falaise "the tanner" married into the Rollo-Sinclair line, and he may have been the father of Fulbert, father of the Pollock surname (details last update). The suspicion was that, not only "the tanner," but Speers -- now Sparre suspects -- were Roquefeuil bloodliners because Sprouts were found possibly linked to the Tanner surname.

In my last email to GD this morning, it was suggested that Sparres were from "Sephar" (home of Joktanites), or the Sepharvite human-sacrifice cult of very ancient times, which I've traced to Occitania, and to Sephardic "Jews" of Spain...along the Ebro river (Joktan was a son of Eber, founder of Hebrews). Occitania -- which smacks of "Joktan" -- included the Ebro river (northern Spain) but spread also to southern France...where Roquefeuils lived.

There is some evidence in Greek myth that human sacrifice cults were also pelters. For example, Apollo skinned the Marsyas goat-man alive. The idea in that myth was to show the close relationship between peoples represented by both Apollo and Marsyas. I just happened to trace "Marsyas" to "Marseilles," smack in the Occitania theater to the east side of Languedoc. But I also traced Marsyas to the Marsi Italians amongst Sabines, said by at least one ancient writer to have been SPARTans, a term like "Sepharvite."

The LACYdon location at Marseilles smacks of "LACEdaemonia," the alternative name for Sparta. The Eurotas river flowing through downtown Sparta may even have been named as "EBRotas." Moreover, "I trace "Apollo" to "Pollux," the Spartan line, in my opinion, to Poles...and therefore to the Pollocks. The Spree river in the Polish theater, therefore, is suspect as a Spartan and/or Sepharvite one.

Marsyas, a Phrygian entity, was a symbol of the golden fleece (i.e. a pelt) cult, though the golden fleece was a ram, owned by Hermes and flown by "Phrixus/Phryxes," symbol of Phrygians. In heraldry, the Hermes line is depicted with ermine "fur." The other heraldic fur, "vair," is bell-shaped for the Bell bloodline, likely, from "Apollo/Abello." Just think the Baal line to Western Bel, and the Western goddess, Brigid, wife of Bres (e might spot "Eber" in these terms). It's widely known that Phrygians were also "Brigians / Bryges." Hermes was made born in Arcadia, the north side of Sparta.

We can't neglect ancient PELASgians of Greece in this pelt topic. "Beginning with Hesiod, he calls the oracular Dodona...the "seat of Pelasgians"...He mentions also that Pelasgus...was the father of King Lycaon of Arcadia." It just so happens that Joktan's brother was, Peleg, though it's uncertain whether his descendants named the Pelasgians. However, it just so happens that Dodona was in Epirus, and Eber-like place that I trace to "Aprutium" the old Abruzzo capital near the Marsi peoples.

In the Pelasgian article above, we find: "...Walter Pohl and other modern students of ethnogenesis." Why a Pohl surname in a PELasgian article?

It's reasonable that "tanner" was a term committed to by descendants of Fulbert, and that afterward the Tanner surname developed from the same. In the last update, Tanners happen enter a discussion amongst tree-stump lines, suggesting the Esus human sacrificers (France, north of Occitania). Here's the quote from the last update:

...REMARKABLE, that the "broken" code should pop up here, for while the Briggs ["broken spear" in Crest] use "A gold pelican VULNing herself on the gold stump of a tree, sprouting,"" the Broke/Brock motto uses "VULNere," while German Brocks/Brockens use tree stumps. Might "Vilnius" be at the root of those motto terms?

YES! The Villin surname -- same Shield as Tanners -- was traced to "Vilnius,"...

But as it is the Briggs [said to derive in "bridge"] who use "sprout," it suggests that Tanners and TonBRIDGES were kin together with the Briggs.

By what coincidence does the Skinner motto use "vulnera"???

The full motto, "Sanguis et vulnera" may be part-code for the Sangarius river of Phrygia. In the Lacydon-founding myth, there was a Nann character, king of the SegoBRIGES, father of a daughter, Gyptis, wife of Protis...whom I traced to ThessPROTians of Epirus. THEN, "In Greek mythology, Nana was a daughter of the Phrygian river-god Sangarius...Nana abandoned [her] baby boy, who was tended by a he-goat [must be a reference to the Marsyas cult]. The baby, Attis, grew up to become Cybele's consort and lover."

In my opinion, Kabala Hebrews come from "Cybele," goddess of the Kabeiri cult, named after the Cabelees. "Apollo" and "Cabelees" may have been related terms, an idea that would then trace the Apollo skinning / pelt cult to the Bell bloodline and bell fur pattern (Bells and Bellamys share the same Shield). [Wait until you discover below who the Villins were, for after that it will be discovered that they were merged with the Belli / Carpenter surnames.]

Let's assume that the VULN-using terms above are code for the Villin bloodline. Villins were first found in Norfolk, where Fulkes/Folks were first found, said in their write-up to derive in Fulk Nera of Anjou...who may be encoded in the "vulNERA" motto term of Skinners. In that picture, FULbert "the tanner" might just have been a FULk, explaining the Polk variation of Pollocks.

There are Sparham and Sprowston locations in Norfolk. The Sprows/Spruces use Villin colors, moreover, and the Sprowston town sign is nearly identical to the Sprows/Spruce Coat. On Sparham, "For the purposes of local government, it falls within the district of BRECKland." Spars were first found in Norfolk, no surprise. Have we found the Spartan sacrificers huddled in Norfolk?

By what further coincidence does the Skin/Skene Coat use wolves (Apollo symbol) and a "merces" motto term smacking of Marsyas / Marsi elements? The Skinner Shield is almost the Mars/Marres Shield, and the latter are said to derive in "a ram" (not really, but we get the golden-fleece clue). The Mars/Marres are in the colors of the Dingells, who use a gold fleece as well as "spurs."

Why spurs? The Spurr(ier) Shield looks to be a version of the Italian Botter Shield, a surname that I link to Butteri cowboys on both sides of Rome...who herded sheep and goats. The Spurr Shield is used roughly by the Close/Clovse Coat, and the latter even shows another spur. This webpage says that Spurrs/Spurriers were a maker of Spurs, which tends to trace the golden-fleece cult to the Butteri. In fact, I claimed that Butteri were from a human-sacrifice cult of Boofima (later Baphomet), the same goat-cult to which I had traced Marsyas.

The best way to discover the Boofima cult in Africa is to follow Apollo to Cyrene (mythical Cyrene was the north-African Artemis = Amazons). Apollo was chief of the Muses, and Cyrene was home to the Meshwesh/Mazyes Amazons. The Close/Clovse Shield is also the Macey / Mackay Shield, and Maceys came forth from the house of Bellamy. Apollo's dark-skinned branches were given a black raven symbol, otherwise called Coronis, daughter of Peleg-like Phlegyas. "Pollock" smacks of "Phlegyas," and there are even "Jewish" Pollocks. Pollocks are said to have ancestry in Clovis, who smacks of the Close/Clovse surname. Both Pollocks and Close's/Clovse's use "hunting horns" (= goat horns), an apt symbol of the Artemis > Cyrene line (depicted in myth as female hunters). Pollocks are said to be a sept of MAXwells, and Meshwesh were also, "Maxyes." Maxwells were Kilpatricks, and the latter lived in CLOSEburn.

Pollocks lived at first beside Ayrshire. Macey-suspect Mackies/Mackeys use a raven symbol, and were first found in Ayrshire, facing Bute = Avalon, named after Butteri and Apollo respectively, and home of Muses encoded as nine witches, or as Melusine, the Lusatian woman from the Spree river but re-settled in Lusignan / Anjou. Speers (Spree-surname relatives) were first found in Renfrew, where Pollocks were first found.

The Sprout Crest just happens to be a PELICan, smacking of "pelliciarius," the term from which "the tanner" is said to be taken (see last update for some details). Pelicans and "pelliciarius" is where Fulbert of Pollok tends to link to Fulbert the tanner.

As the above can identify Fulbert the tanner with Sprouts, I wrote GD telling that Sprouts should be the Sprows/Spruces, Speers, and/or Sparres because Sprouts use crossed spears, as do Speers. What I didn't know when emailing her, and not until just now, is that the Ogston Shield-and-Chief combination is likewise that of the Tanners and Briggs. It just so happens that Ogstons are mentioned in the article that GD was working off of, in the earlier email I opened this morning. Here's what that article says:

By coincidence the Stag's Head was the badge of Rollo (a son of Rognvald). Niven Sinclair, a family historian tells me that the [Laird] Chevron was part of the crest of the Sparre Family from Sweden (Malise Sparre was a cousin of the Henry Sinclair, made Jarl of Orkney in 1379), and the boar's head forms part of at least one Sinclair Crest: the Norman French for boar "sanglier" is a synonym for "Sinclair". A greater coincidence is that the [Laird] motto "Spero Meliora" appears on the memorial stone of Andrew OGSTON, a Minister of Canisbay Kirk in Caithness who died in 1650.

By what coincidence do we find a sanglier term smacking of the Sangarius river that possessed the golden-fleece cult? As that river is also "Sakarius," by what further coincidence is the Sakar/Seager/Sugar surname first found in Norfolk, where the Spars-et-al were settled?

If Andrew Ogston used the Laird motto with "spero" term, while the Laird chevron was that of the Sparres, then the Sparres must have been Speers, and indeed the latter use gold boars and red crescents, Laird symbols too. The Speer boars are even colors reversed from the Rollo boars.

The black boar in the Rollo Crest should be code for Esau elements, which I'll link confidently to the Esus cult so that both Sparres and Sinclairs link to human-sacrifice cults..i.e. Sepharvites versus the Esus-ites (probably, the one morphed into the other). "Ogston" may then link to elements from "JOKtan," "OCCitan," or even "Langue d'OC."

German Tanners/Taners use pine cones in Coat and Crest, and then the Cone Coat uses antlers in colors reversed from the antlers of English Contes/Comitissas, who must be a branch of Languedoc's Contes/Comites, suggesting the Contevilles...that I identify partly as Languedoc's Villes (lion design of Italian Contes), who are therefore very likely related to the Villins that use the English Tanner Shield-and-Chief combo. It's all too neat for the suggested links not to be true, and French Contes/Comites not only use the Rollo Shield in colors reversed, but Sinclairs use a "Commit" motto term.

[INSERT -- Days after writing the above, GD sends a webpage on Pelkey family history. Before starting to read it, as soon as I saw the author's name, Andrew Peltier, the Peltier Coat was checked, to find pine cones! Just like that, Tanners are linked to a pelt term, but lets not forget that Attis (sungod of Phrygia) worked into the pelt bloodline, for his symbol was the pine. GD's emails continue to floor me. By what coincidence does "Pelkey" smack of "pelliciarius." Entering "Pelkey" gets the French Peltier surname that lived in-part in Houssaye, a term that gets the House/Hause surname emphasized in the last update.

A Pilkington surname (a MOWER in Crest) also comes up showing ancient "Pylk" variations. A Pelkey/Peltier motto term: "MOVERi." The Mower Coat uses the same two chevrons as the Perche Coat, which could suggest that these Pel-like surnames are branches of Bellamys (from Perche).

I didn't have the evidence of the Mower Crest OLIVE leaf when tracing the Perche chevrons to the Scottish OLIVER chevrons. End Insert]

THUS, thanks to GD once again, who may work harder than even I do on these topics (though she reminds me that her central tasks are not mine), we have excellent reason for tracing Tanners to Languedoc, where Roquefeuils lived. It supports the theory that Fulbert the Tanner was from Roquefeuils. As further evidence, the Languedoc Conte Coat is also the Valais Coat, a term much like "Falaise." The two Coats are not a bad reflection of the Skinner Coat with "Sanguis et vulnera" motto. The Skinner Coat is also a good reflection of the Meschin Coat, while Contevilles were ancestral to Meschins. The Skinner write-up uses "hides," and then the Hide Coat is yet another gold-on-blue chevron, the Conte and Valais symbol. [The eagle in the Hide Crest suggests what is discovered later below, that the Hitler surname was of the Heid = Hagel = eagle bloodline.]

[Insert -- some days after this, I opened another email from GD, with some material that taught me what I should have known on my own, but didn't, that Dol is in the department of Ile-de-Vilane/Vilaine. I did NOT know this in all the time that I spent tracing Stewarts to the Astikas of Vilnius, and in all the time spent tracing "Vilnius" to the Villin surname, which I now see is also "Vilain / Villane." Thus, all three Vuln terms that linked to the pelt bloodline are now tracing to the Vilane theater, and so let's not forget that Dol's Alans had merged very closely with Fulbert of Pollok.

Her email is on the Boyd family, from the Dol family of proto-Stewarts. An introduction to the Boyd topic has the following bit. Note the Dinan location that could apply to the Tanners / Danners and related Deins, Danes, and Diens:

Ewarin seems to have been the immediate successor of Salomon as Count of Dol, 950 AD...Two of Ewarin's sons, Alan and Gotsclien de Dinan...Alan succeeded his father as Count of Dol, and was in turn succeeded by his brother Hamo [probably related to Hamo de Mascy], another son of Ewarin.

Hamo I, succeeded his brother Alan about 980, and was known as Viscount of Dinan.

The Boyd Shield is like the "Jewish" Mark/Marx Shield, and then the Voir Crest description uses "MARCE EVANGELISTA." The Voirs were first found in Brittany, and a red-on-blue rose is used by both the German Angel/Angle and Jewish Mark/Marx Coats. As two Mark Coats use the Cohen and Hohen checks respectively, I'm thinking that Boyds were Byzantines of the Melissena Rangabe kind...who I traced to Rennes of Brittany.

But I traced Rangabes to Anjou / Angers too, and identified that branch as mythical Melusine, husband of INGER who may apply to Angles/Angels. However, I traced Melusine of the Anjou area to Lusatians, and it just so happens that one Mark Coat uses the Shakespeare spear while I trace Spears/Speers to Lusatia's Spree river. Then, the Fulkes/Folks, from Anjou, use the Shakespeare spear too, and it just so happens that the Villins/Villanes were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Fulkes/Folks, Spars and Sparrows. Spars even use a red stag while the Arms of Spree-Neisse uses a red antler.

French Marks were first found in Languedoc, where Villes were first found (which tends to support my trace of Villes to Vilnius / Villin elements). We might therefore ask whether the "CONfido" motto of Mark-related Boyds applies to the Conte relatives of Villes.

Cunninghams and Boyds were both first found in Ayrshire. Cunninghams ("fork" motto term) were linked to Forkers/Farquhars that were a Pharisee line through Cohen-Shielded Ferrats/Fers, Cohens are named after a kagan priesthood.

From the same book on Boyds: "The first mention of the surname Boyd in Scotland is when Robert is witness to a contract between Boyce de Eglinton and the town of Irvine in 1205. He is designated as 'Dominus'." On the Irvine location: " North Ayrshire...Irvine was the site of Scotland's 12th century Military Capital and former headquarters of the Lord High Constable of Scotland, Hugh de Morville. It also served as the Capital of Cunninghame.",_North_Ayrshire

Keep your eyes on the look-out for Irvingites later in the update.

As this insert was written after the paragraphs below, it's remarkable. When the insert was started, I did not know that the Boyd motto term would lead to Cunninghams. "Confido" may also suggest the Con Coat bringing up the Conns / Conys and/or the Con surname bringing up the German Cohen Coat. End Insert]

Speaking of the Cones and Contes, it just so happens that Cunninghams entered the last update, where they linked to Conns, Conys, and Coens/Cohens. As Cones were just entered as per the Tanner/Taner pine cones, see that "Cone" gets the Coens/Cohens. To support a Cunningham link to Cones and Tanners, Scottish Danners ("sperno" motto term) use a white unicorn in Crest, symbol in the Cunningham Crest.

There are a slew of Dan(e) like surnames (e.g. Dien, Dein, Dean) first found in Sussex, where Danners were first found. Possibly, therefore, Tanners were a development from these surnames, especially as Sussex is smack in the Cinqueport theater that the Conqueror (Danish to some degree) first won in his English invasion. German Danners even use a split shield similar to Sprows'/Spruces, and were first found in Wurttemberg, which uses the Spree-river antler symbol to this day. Deins/Deans use Speer-colored crescents, red on white, typical Rhodes colors.

Possibly, "the tanner" was a phrase referring to, or was code for, Danaans from Rhodes and into Languedoc's Rodez theater, where they merged with Roques of Languedoc who came to use "Roquefeuil."

I've exhausted the first part of this investigation, and am looking for clues as to why this might be Direction toward what we are to discover further on the Hitler-of-Montana topic. The Chief of the Ogston surname looks interesting, for it's the white-on-black lion met in the last update in the Chief of the Baker Coat. There is a Baker location in Montana that I tended to link to Max "Baucus." He had a Sieben bloodline while the Sieben Coat leaf was found to be the same leaf design, and in the same colors, as per the House Coat leaves [houseofnames removed those House leaves shortly afterward in April, and replaced them with "cabbage leaves" on a red Shield]. It was then found that the Cabbage/Cobell Chief likewise uses a white-on-black lion.

If Ogstons were Joktanite Hebrews, dread foes of Israelite's God, we can understand their dragon-importance. The Ogston Coat uses black mascles that I don't at the moment know where to link. The Hogston variation may suggest the Hoggs/Hogues ("vires" motto term), who use black boar heads, the Rollo-Crest symbol. That works because Ogstons had been found to be Sinclair kin. The Hogg-crest oak tree is that of the Sprows/Spruce Coat, while Ogstons had been found to be Sparres.

I had traced the "oak" to "JOKtan" because the oak was an ancient symbol of Zeus, who was a Taurus human-sacrifice cult while I suspect that "Joktan" evolved into the "ox" term and symbol. The Veres of OXford are traced in the Weir write-up to Sprowestun (ROXburghshire), a term like Sprowston to which the Sprows/Spruces were obviously linked. The Arms of Oxford, as with Lower Lusatia, use a red bulls/ox, colors of the Speer crescents and of the Spree-area antler.

Ogdens/Okdens even use acorns and other oak symbols. Zeus's oak symbol was used in Dodona, of Hebrew-suspect Epirus, where Peleg-like Pelasgians had a capital.

Wow, after suggesting an Ogston link to Baker of Montana, it was found that Hoggs/Hogues and Bakers were first found in the same place (Durham). Apparently, Ogstons were Hoggs/Hogues. William Hitler lived with his sons in PatchHOGUE, beside ISLIP that was traced with certainty (in the last update) to Hazels (use the House leaves called "hazel SLIPs" by Hazels) and related Houses / Hauss'. (Karl HAUShofer may apply.)

By what coincidence do the Ogstons thus trace to this very important topic of the last update. I didn't know of Ogstons until finding them in an email from GD this morning? It's not like I find white lions in a black Chief everyday.

It can be expected that the Hogg variation was formed in honor of the Rollo / Speer boar line as per the article above, where we read: "the Norman French for boar 'sanglier' is a synonym for 'Sinclair'. A greater coincidence is that the motto 'Spero Meliora' appears on the memorial stone of Andrew Ogston..." The Scottish Rat/Rait Coat uses the same motto. In the Rat/Rait Crest, a white anchor, symbol of the Heidlers and others (e.g. Hoods) of the Hiedler/Hitler line. Even the English Houses use a white anchor. Can the Rats help us to identify Ogstons?

My point in beginning the paragraph above was at first to introduce the Sang/Singer Coat, as per "sanglier," but as I was writing on the Rats, "RatZINGER" came to mind. The present pope was born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger!! The father of William Hitler was Alois.

The present pope is from Bavaria, and uses a saddled bear on his personal Arms that is known to be taken from a bear of Bavaria, and then German Hogen(steen)s/Hogers (Bavaria) use a quartered Shield with the quarters in colors reversed to the Sang/Singer Shield. Unbelievably, Sangs/Singers were first found in Bavaria and use the Bayer/Baier bears!!! (The rams in the Hogen/Hoger Coat could suggest Hermes elements that formed Herminones Germanics.)

The Astikas of Vilnius were RADZivilles, suggesting a Rad and/or Arad element merged with the Villes of Languedoc. ASTOUNDING! The Rats/Raits use the Sinclair Cross, as do Conans. Later in this update, the "Confido" motto term of Boyds will be linked to "Conan." The owl-using Taggs/Taggarts use "Ratione" in their motto, and they were brought up as per the "tagged" term in the Point write-up. Both Points and Boyds use two fingers pointing upward.

I'm not going to venture a link of the present pope to neo-Nazis, but have no problem tracing his bear and/or surname(s) to the same Bavarian stock as leading Nazis. Mengels, using an owl, were first found in Bavaria, and owls are suspect as symbol of the owl cult of Kos, a chief god of Edom. A further point is that Ogdens/Okdens use an "ostendo" motto term, suggesting that "Osten" is a variation of "Ogden," wherefore we'd want to know that the Osten/Oster Shield (in Ogden colors) is in the format of the Heidler Shield. I'm thinking Oster = Austria.

Hitler-Suspect elements in Canada's Leadership

I caught wind a couple of weeks ago of a David Menzies journalist in the Toronto area who is featured by Sun news, and at times by Charles Adler. I'd hate to wrongly imply Nazi colors on these right-wingers, but a few points can be made on a potential trace to Mengeles / Mangels in Montana. First, the Menzies surname is also MENGzies. Second, at times Charles Adler affectionately calls his news program, "Adler Nation," perhaps a play on "Aryan Nation." He currently works for the new 24-hours Canadian Sun news program, in the same style as Fox news because both companies are owned by the same person/people. Wikipedia says that Adler filled in for Sean Hannity (of Fox), and the latter married a Rhodes surname.

Reading up on Adler, he worked in Alberta, beside Montana. I'm guessing that Montana's Nazi elements had infiltrated into Alberta, which is where the present Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, is from. Harper was a member of parliament on behalf of Calgary, the Alberta city in which Adler worked. Harper helped to found a new federal party of Canada, the Reform Party, led by a Preston MANNing. He was a member of parliament for Calgary too, and was preceded in that capacity by Bobbie SPARROW! The Sparrow surname (white unicorn head in Crest), as with the Spars/Sparehams (probably the Rollo stag head), was first found in Norfolk (location of Sparham and Sprowston).

How about that! And then Adlers -- Hitler suspect -- were first found in Norfolk.

The Harper Crest is a gold boar with a crown, and Lairds (related to Sparres) and Speers also use gold boars. As Harper smacks of "Arpad," the son of Almos, he should trace to Hungary's founders/kings.

I say that because Charles Adler was born a Hungarian Canadian. Below, the Stocks and Stacks pop up, who were traced to the same Almos line of Hungarians as Yonges, and then the Yonge rings had been identified with the Hogen rings. By what coincidence is it that black-on-white piles, used by Yonges, are in the Lard Coat? By what further coincidence do both Yonges and Hannitys use "Toujour" in their mottos?

Canadian Liberals did not welcome the Reform Party, and they likewise despise Sun and Fox due to a Conservatism "tainted" with Christian colors. The question is whether the Christian colors of the Reform Party were those of white supremacists. Aryan activists have plotted to get Christians on side as part of building their political prowess. Harper claimed to be a Christian when getting elected, but like the Bush presidents, did little after being elected on behalf of Christians social values. Harper even spent a billion dollars to throw "a splash" for the G-20 globalists when they visited Canada about two years ago. It clearly indicated that he wanted into the global scene, what a Christian should shun.

Yes, the Bush's and Harpers appear to be friends of Israel, and yet it was president George Bush Jr. who advanced the Palestinian state as something good for Israel. Really? How Christian is a will to give Jerusalem to Palestinians as their capital city? Things are not as they seem. Politics is imagery.

Preston Manning, with a first name reflecting Prescott Bush, was the son of the leader of the Social Credit Party of Alberta. The father ruled the party between 1943 and 1963, which were the years in which Adolph Hitler, Josef Mengele, and other secret survivors lived, as goes the theory, in the Montana theater. The Social Credit Party was formed by an ABERhart surname, very German indeed, and it just so happens that the Aberhart/Eberhart Coat uses a black boar, the symbol of the Bush Coat too.

The Aberhart boar is in the two colors of the Pohl buffalo, important where Hitler's mother (Klara Polzl) may have been a Pohl bloodliner. Germo-Austrian Ebers also use a black boar. This is of obvious importance if we are inclined to view Nazis as Esau-ites, who can be expected to be chief enemies of the state of Israel. As per "Klara," here's a Klare/Claar Coat that I hardly show. It uses trefoils in the colors of the Dowling trefoils. William Hitler, whose grandfather was Klara's husband, married a Dowling surname. The Dowling Chief shows the lion design of the Ogston Chief.

In my shot-in-the-dark, the Rollo boar is not rooted in "sanglier." I'd rather guess that the latter term developed from, "boar," what Germans call, "ebor." I trace the Eburovices of Evreux and Brescia/Brixia to the Abreu/Abruzzo surname, which uses two gold-on-red lions, the symbol, essentially, of Rollo's Normandy. Are you with me? The Rollo-Rus boar is code for the Abreu/Abruzzo bloodline, a Hebrew bloodline not of Israelites, but of Aphrodite and proto-Rus Ares. Aphrodite was a goddess of Heneti and a representative of the Kabeiri cult on and around the Sangarius river.

I'm repeating the above because the Abreu lions and tower were found in the Priestly/PRESley Coat ("broken spear shaft"), which suddenly evokes "Prescott" and "Preston." The red Presley "cockatrice" is a version of the red Drake wyvern dragon, and then the Drake motto term, "Aquila," is code for the current capital of Abruzzo. The Manning Coat is even in Abreu / Presley colors, and uses the Samson symbol, suggesting elements of Manoah, father of "Biblical" Samson.

What are the chances that the Manning motto is identical to that of the Sheriff surname???

I retort, you decide. That was found just as a Bush link to Mannings / Prestons was being suggested (for readers jumping in at this page, the president Bush's are suspect as Nazi-related Scherffs by birth, and protected by the family of Prescott Bush).

Drakes got their wyvern from Masovia's dukes, and Warsaw, Masovia's capital, traces to Warwick, where Sheriffs were first found. Max Baucus was a Sheriff on his mother's side.

To make the Manning link even harder to Priestlys/Presleys, Kerricks (of Prestbury), who use the Presley symbol by another name, show a "quam" buried in their motto. Both Mannings and Prestbury are of Cheshire.

What priesthood was at the root of these lines?

The Prestwick Coat not only uses Melusine, but the motto includes "domine speravi." When we find Speers and Melusine together, we should probably think of the "Spero meliora" that Ogstons adopted. The "domine" term is code likely for Edomite elements, because the Prestwick Crest is a black PORCupine," suggestive of the black hog / boar of Esau...used by Aberhards/Eberharts and Ebers of the Priestly/Presley bloodline, and by Ogstons.

The "vires" motto term of Hoggs gets the Verona surname first found in Ile-de-France (Paris), where Levis were first found. THEN, the Vire/Verona trefoils are in the colors of the Dowling and Klare trefoils.

Yet, I'm torn between identifying these lines with the Israeli chief priesthood, and the Kabeiri priesthood. York (early named, Eboracum) was co-founded by the Pharisee-suspect Parisii, as well as by the Eburovices, also called, Ebroicum. Priestlys/Presleys were first found in Yorkshire, where the Abreu-related Brusi/Bruces had their blue-on-white lion...used also to this day by Brescia/Brixia, city of Eburovices in northern Italy. The same lion is used by the Adel surname, suspect as a variation of "Adler" and "Hiedler/Hitler." In this picture, the temptation is to trace Eburovices to the Israeli priesthood. What does that suggest for the Aber/EberHART surname?

BINGO!!! The Adel write-up: "First found in Swabia...Chronicles mention this family as early as 878, though the first individual to be recorded was Seyfried von AdelMANNfelden in 1236." THEN, the Mansfield Coat shows "maunches" or "sleeve's" in the colors of the Mangel maunches!!! WOOOOOOOWIE! I didn't see it coming.

Again, the Reform Party was led by Preston Manning of Calgary, to the north side of Montana. Checking the English Preston Coat (Lincolnshire), a white tower, the Priestly/Presley symbol too. AND ZOWIE, while the Mangel motto includes "vult valde vult," the Prestons above use, "veult." We therefore have a solid link developing between Preston Manning and elements of Josef Mengele...and/or CHARLES Mangel, contemporary leader of Aryan-Nation elements in Montana.

The Preston tower is said to be "ruined," while "Ruin" gets the Rowan/Rohan/Rome Coat traced long ago to "Rouen," Rollo's Normandy capital...beside Evreux. The Coat uses the design of the Aler Coat, and the latter surname may be an Adler variation.

The Scottish Preston surname, three unicorn heads in the same position as in the English Paris Coat. Might "Pres" and "Paris" be related terms?

The Spanish Paris Coat has a version of the Roque rock, while Belgian Paris'/Parys use the red squirrel of Squires/Squirrels...which was traced suggestively in the last update to "Scorailles," a location related to "Hugh IV (Occitan: Uc), of the House of Millau...He was the son of Henry I of Rodez and Algayette of Scorailles.". That Henry IV had married Roquefeuils. Belgian Paris'/Parys are also shown as "Paaryses," while French Paris are also "Pariseau." Could these have been named in honor of Pharisees? Where did Pharisees flee to in 70 AD?

I didn't know that "Hugh" in Occitan was "Uc," a term smacking of "Occitania" and "Langue-d'OC" itself. But the Ogdens / Ogstons suddenly come to mind. Ogstons were shown above to use the Laird motto term, and then zowie, Layers/Lyers (Lincolnshire, where Rodes' are expected) use the unicorn-head design of Prestons! I didn't know that when this paragraph was started.

AHA! The Layer/Leyr split Shield is like that of Sprows/Spruce.

Aha! German Layers/Leirs were first found in Ulm, the city that I traced to "Almos" (mythical/legendary Hungarian founder) and Ulmans. The latter use the English-Stewart lion design too, as well as white bars on red, perhaps synonymous with the red and white bars in the Hungarian flag to this day.

When Jesus said, "On this rock I shall build my church," I think he was speaking the rock symbolism of the chief priests, who considered themselves fathers, or rocks, of the Israeli nation. Note how "petra" = rock is like "padre/pater" = father. But then the Greek "Cephas" means rock, while Israel's chief priest in Jesus' day was, Caiaphas. Might Roques and Roquefeuils have been from Caiaphas' bloodline? One Herod of Israel was banished to a Vienne in France, nor far from the Roquefeuil theater.

I had traced the Doris-Orris surname to the Arms of Vienne, and then the Doris/Orris Coat is identical to the German Baker Coat. Why? Doris was the name of a wife of Herod the Great.

I had traced Leirs of many spellings to Lures, and then the Herods/Hurls, who are related to Lures via McLeods, use a "hawk's lure." The Lure Coat (another white tower in Crest, as with Priestlys) is not only comparable to the Layer/Leir Coat, but uses the same motto as Augers. Augers may have been from the pagan-Roman priesthood called, "augur." One of my theories had been that the Pharisee / Sadducee priesthood had been patterned after the augur priesthood because Herods had ties to Rome. That wouldn't sound as far-fetched if Maccabees can be traced to northern Italy, and indeed they have already been traced there.

The Auger and Layer/Leir motto uses "Spectomur," traced solidly recently to the Speaks/Spokes that I say named Spokane, Washington, beside Post Falls, the international hub of Aryan-Nation elements. The Speak/Spoke Crest is another porcupine, the one above used by Prestwicks. The PorcuPINE might just be part-code for the pine cones and pine tree used by Tanners/Taners. As Prestons had a Preston location in Lothian, the pine tree in the Lothian Coat may apply...which happens to be identical to the Tanner/Taner pine. This is a good time to remind that Tonns/Toneys/Toners use the maunche sleeve too.

As Herod bloodliners may be where AberHARDS/HARTS/HURTS come in, one Hard Coat (English Stewart lion in colors reversed) uses a combination of the Stoke/Stock and Stake/Stack lions that were already traced to Montfort elements of MontFERRAT, a bloodline that I tend to link to Ferraris and therefore to Pharisees.

The red-on-white Stewart lion is used by Brocks/Brokes because they and Scottish Stewarts (pelican) use the same motto, "VIREScit VULNere virtus." For the first time ever (by me), the "Virescit" term has been identified with the Vires/Verona surname. But the fact that Stewarts themselves use a vuln term suggests very strongly that it's code for Vilane, the region surrounding Dol.

I did not at all expect that the Harper-and-Manning topics out of Canada would use up so much space in linking to previous elements in Montana. Not until now did I know that Preston Mannings father married a Preston SURNAME. She was "Muriel Aileen Preston, the pianist at the Prophetic Bible Institute..." It's possible that Hitler and Mengele retreated to the Montana area because they had kin the form of Mannings, for example. It doesn't necessarily mean that the political family under discussion leaned Nazi.

An investigation on the Prophecy Bible Institute in Calgary might tell a story, however. It was started by William Aberhart, the same man dealt with above (leader of the Social Credit Party of Alberta). We find that Preston Manning's father was Aberhart's first convert at 17 years of age. Manning became the Institute's right-hand man, a position that catapulted him to the premiership within the Social Credit Party. In a 1093 photo of the Institute's nine staff (webpage above), one of them happens to be a "Mrs. Baker." How about that.

WOW! Another staff member in the photo is Dr. Harvey, and then the Harvey Crest is exactly the same boar head, in the same black color, as in the Aberhart Coat!!! What a stunning surprise. This was a "family affair," you see, and not by chance. It's what we expect of bloodline worshipers. "Harvey" may even link to "Harper" and "Arpad."

Another staff member in the photo was "Dr. Imrie," and then the Imrie Coat uses a plow in Crest, excellent because I had been wondering why both the Seal of Montana and the Illuminati-smacking Seal of Wisconsin use a plow...with their crossed shovel-and-pick symbol. Since last that these Seals were mentioned, the Shovel surname (see last update) worked into the Hitler-family of surnames.

There is a Plow(den) surname using a DANCette. It's the Mander Crest that uses a "PLOVER." It suggests that Mannings and Manders trace to Dionysus-based Maeonians (or Maenads). One theory I have is that "dancette" is used in heraldry as part-code for the mythical Maenads, whose symbol had been dancing. Moreover, the "Laus Deo" motto term of Manders could suggest the Lys bloodline, and Plow(den)s use two side-by-side white-on-blue fleur-de-lys, the Bosch symbol, though the Bush/Busch Coat uses one of the same-colored fleur. REMINDER: English Bush's use black boars too.

Another in the same photo is a "Miss MacIntosh," and then the Dutch Busc/Bosch lion, in the same colors, is in the MacIntosh Coat. There is Coatincidence after Coatincidence here of a bloodline affair, not what we expect of true Christians. In the colors of the Aberharts, the lion above is used by Harpers.

This is a good place to mention what made the news not many days ago, that waves (some articles use "flood") of Hungarian immigrants -- mainly amongst the Roma gypsies -- had been allowed to enter Canada refugees. This was a recent development. There is no reason that Hungarians require refugee status at this time. But if "Harper" traces to "Arpad," that situation could be explained (i.e. it could potentially implicate prime minister Harper). Remember too, Charles Adler is the son of a Hungarian Canadian, and it was the Adel surname that was shown above to link to the Mangel and Mansfield "maunche."

Here's what was in the 4th update of January:

As the Nazi, [Otto] Skorzeny, claimed in his deathbed confession that Hitler was hiding in Montana, might Mengele and his people/family have been in the same general area? Mengele was born in Gunzburg (Huns?), Bavaria, to a mother with Hupfauer maiden name, and it just so happens that entering "Hup" or "Haper" gets the Harper surname with "suavis" motto term!!! Those exclamatons are for the Sauvie Island at Portland (Oregon)...

"Hupfer" gets the Hoop/Hood/Hope and Hood/Hutt anchor, suggesting a strong possibility that Hupfauers were part of the Hiedler/Hitler/Hutter and/or Adler bloodline. We'd expect Hupfauer and Hupfer links to Hoops, and then we find Hopps using the same bird design that holds the Hood/Hutt anchor.

In the page above showing the photo of the Prophetic Bible Institute, there is a photo of the "Holt Renfrew" store that replaced the Institute after it's demolition. How coincidental, since I have been tracing Hitlers from the Renfrew area of Scotland. Forgive the lack of professionalism, but WOOOOOOOOWWWWWIE!! The Holt Crest is that Squire/Squirrel squirrel, but now it's holding a "hazel branch"!!! PLUS, I have just finished tracing Hazels to House's, and House's to Homers / Humans / Humes, wherefore the "humil" motto term of Holts is suspect.

WOOOOOOWWWWIE!!! It was AFTER writing the last sentence above that the Homer surname was loaded, to find the same crosslet, in the same colors, as the Holt-Coat crosslet! It's as though the Montana topic has taken a sudden turn straight for the Prophetic Bible College...and the helm of Canada itself at the present time. What is going on?

The mother of Preston Manning is shown online as both "Dixon" and "Dickson," and then the red squirrel is found also in a Dutch Dyke Coat. THEN, the Dickens/Diggons use the Manning symbol!!!

It was all bloodline lust.

The "ExALTAvit" motto term of Holts suggests the Alter/COLTter surname (like "Holt") that I had seen moments ago as per the "alteri" motto term of Plow(er)s. (A plow had been used by the surname (Imrie) of one of the first staff members of the Prophetic Bible Institute.)

WOOOOOOWWWWWIE! AFTER writing that, the Hummer surname was checked because it just came to mind as per "humile," and there popped up essentially the Imrie Shield!!!

The "EVERtendo" motto term of Imries could be code for the Eber bloodline. WOOOOOWWWWWIE!!! After writing that, not only was there an Everton surname found, but it uses the same symbol as Samsons and...Mannings!!! It's raining HARP signals.

The Evertons use theirs in the colors of the same symbol (double axes?) of the Dickens/Diggons and Eatons, and both Eatons and Mannings were first found in Cheshire. Ask why Mannings use "Esse" in their motto???

Compare the Manning Crest to the Pohl Crest.

Still at the same page, it suggests that the teachings of Prophetic Bible Institute progressed at a Westbourne Baptist church, and then the Westbourne Coat (seven mascles) is similar to the Romer Coat (seven mascles). Roma gypsies? German Romers use a pine cone, and possibly the Hiedler/Hitler sun. The cone design looks identical to that of the German Tanners/Taners.

It's Thursday morning already. All the above came forth after GD's email on "the tanner," when I had nothing to write on until then.

Tons More Rutten Stuff

Yesterday, Mark Toner was on the news. He's Hillary's spokesman in her capacity as secretary of state. There has been some evidence that Toners and Tanners may be branches. In any case, the Toeni surname is suspect from Toners because Toners come up as "Ton(e)y." Toners use the maunches / sleeves too, apparently obtained from the Hastings when the daughter of Alice de Toeni (or Warwick) married "John, Lord Hastings, by whom she had issue, secondly [married] Thomas le Blount, and thirdly, William Clinton." President William Clinton (yes Bill of Hillary) was made Lord Cinqueport, and it just so happens that Hastings was one of the Cinqueport cities.,_Countess_of_Warwick

Isn't that amazing that Mangels use the maunches in the colors of the Owen lion while Charles Mangels was leader of an Aryan WAR organization in Warwick, Indiana. The Toner write-up traces the clan to Owens, and it just so happens that the Owen lion is identical, even in colors, with the Harper lion. It could be the black Flanders lion because Toenis of Warwick were descended from Toenis of FLAMsted. The Flamsted/FLANstead surname uses a gold-on-black lion, colors reversed to the FLANders lion. As the Flamsted/Flanstead lion is in a Chief, it looks like a version of the Baker and Cabbage Chiefs.

The Flamsteds are also "FlamSTEED," and then Steeds/Steads use three bears, as does the Alis/Alice Coat. A couple of hundred years before Alice de Toeni of Flamstead, there had been another Alice de Toeni, whose first name was also "ADELise." Might Adlers and Hitlers have derived from this Toeni source? Couldn't it explain Josef Mengele, related to the maunche-using Mangels?

I had even traced the Alis/Alice surname to Alice of Skipton-Meschin in Yorkshire, where Steeds/Steads were first found. In the Meschin write-up, you'll find that Rutlands/RATlands ("Post" motto term) are somehow involved in this. Rutlands/RATlands use the Massey horse design, and Masseys were from Manche while Hitlers were first found in Munich (Bavarian capital). The Rutland/Ratland horse head is used also by Pepins, while Landons (= Pepin ancestry in Flanders), use three bears once again, in the colors of the bears of the Fleming/Flanders-suspect Steeds/Steads! The present Bavarian Pope with RATzinger surname uses a saddled bear.

The earlier Alice de Toeni was sister to Ralph de Toeni de Conches (Spanish) who was married to a Montfort, the children of which included Ralph de Toeni of Flamsted (HERTfordshire). The Spanish Conches Coat uses yet another black boar. The first Ralph had a BORRelle (Sinclair-like cross) as his mother's surname.

The Conches' are easily linked to the black boar in the Rollo Crest, for the Conches boar is said to be a "black boar PASSANT" while "passe" is one Rollo motto term. Remember too that the "tout" motto term of Rollos finds linkage to OLIPHANTs, assuring that the black boar in these cases is that of Biblical Esau, father of ELIPHAS.

Also in the news yesterday was the second instance of Obama SINGING, this time about his home, Chicago...which isn't far from Warsaw, Indiana. I rarely touch on the Singer surname, but did so yesterday, hours, if not minutes, before I saw Obama singing. It just so happens that Obama's Dunham mother was from Jonathan SINGletary, who changed his surname to Dunham. The Singletarys/Singletons look like the Singular variation of Sinclairs, and Singers came up yesterday as per the "sanglier" = boar term that is suspect by some as the very creation of "Sinclair."

It just so happens that I was on the RatZINGER topic immediately after introducing Sangs/Singers. I had written to GD earlier that Rats/Raits look like the Rodham- and Davis-suspect Ruths/Rothers of Moray who come up as "Randolph." Obama's Dunham line had merged with Randolphs of Moray, where I say some Sinclairs (or proto-Sinclairs) had ruled prior to the Conqueror. Obama's mother was, apparently, sexually involved with Frank Marshall Davis, a communist...just like the Social Credit Party of William Aberhart (the latter surname also uses a black boar).

While the Rodham tree trunk suggests Esus, the Rodham motto even includes "alter," the term seen twice in the discussion on William' Aberhart's Prophetic Bible Institute. I've long portrayed from my gut, so to speak, Hillary Rodham Clinton as an agent of Nazi elements. Yes, it's hard to imagine a black man in that sort of circle, but it's Obama's mother who had been working for Rockefellers.

As per the Borrells above, from the mother of Ralph de Toeni, "Borr" was checked to find the pot design of German Potters. But English Potters use cinquefoils in colors reversed to the single, large Dover cinquefoil (Dover and Hastings were two Cinqueport cities). The Dover Crest is a green wyvern in a white tower, and then green wyverns are in the Crests of both Baldwins (= major Templar line of Flemings / Flanders) and Waldwins. The latter use their wyvern likewise in a white tower, but in their Coat we find the same bend as per the cinquefoil-studded Rodham Coat.

It's known that Obama's mother traces back to a mayor in southern Germany (Besigheim) with a Wolflin surname (that was changed to "Wolfley"), while "Wolfin" gets the Waldwins above (i.e. suggesting that Hillary Rodham and Obama are related in those particular bloodlines, though the same relationship is again apparent in the Ruth/Rother/Randolph surname). It seems very apparent that Waldwins and Baldwins were the same term, and then the Bald/Beldewyn surname was first found in Baden, the German area where Besigheim is located. Besighjeim is in STUTTgart, and then the Arms of Stuttgart, like the Steeds/Steads, uses a the colors of the Flanders lion.

Baldwins are no small matter, for they were the first kings of Templar Jerusalem.

I had traced the three antlers of the Zahringers and Veringens of Baden-Wurttemberg to the red antler in the Arms of Spree-Neisse (Spree river, Lusatia), and it just so happens that the Balds/Beldewyns/BALDERSheima of Baden use the same Shield as Sprees. That's a new discovery this moment.

While Scottish Balds were first found in Peebles, Balders were first found in neighboring Lothian and even use a version of the Sinclair cross. That explains concisely why Sinclairs and Flemings together were at the heart of Jerusalem Templarism (you can guess correctly that it was a satanic entity, not Blessed). But the Balder cross is shared by Bitars/Butars and Aflacks, two surnames reflecting "Bitar" and "Aflaq," the co-founders of the Syrian Baath party. Scottish Randolphs use a bat as well as the Bath-Coat cross, the same cross as used by Bitars, Aflacks and Balders. The Baths were first found in the same place (Somerset) as the Baden/Battin surname. Are we seeing a pattern??? Do we see Obama involved in Syria.

It was just yesterday in the news when I heard that Obama has changed his mind, that he will now send weapons to the Syrian rebels to combat the weapons sent to the Syrian president by Russia / Putin. We can assume that Obama's weapons are going to Sunni Baathists (the Syrian president is a Shi'ite Baathist), and we can assume that Joe Biden (his surname is registered with Buttons!), whom Obama had placed in charge of Iraq, is on friendly terms with Iraqi mixed into the Syrian revolt.

The "gward" motto term of Wolfins/Waldwins gets the Gards (Menzies/MENGzies Shield) who use the same wolf, in the same color, as the Bats/Baats, and the latter use the same bat as the Bath-related Randolphs. The Gard wolf design is even in the Wolfley/Wooley Coat. This is simply the Obama bloodline all over. The boat in the Bald Coat may even be that of the Scandinavian Baats, suspect for being named after "boat." Scandinavians had a god, Balder.

I've been searching for Masonic clues to the Prophetic Bible Institute. The article below on Malta is written by that Institute, though Malta is a known Masonic entity. On the Institute page itself, we read: "The Christian Testimony of British Governor of Malta Lt.-Gen. Sir W.G. S. Dobbie." Why Dobbie? Dobys/Dobbies were first found in Renfrew, and then the Institute was replaced eventually by "Holt Renfrew."

After William Aberhart became the Alberta premier, he was replaced as head of the Institute by Cyril Hutchinson, and it just so happens that the Hutchison Coat uses a black boar, the Aberhart symbol! Does that picture look Christian to you? Isn't is a bloodline affair? Is it Esau in disguise? The False Prophet cult? The Hutchison Crest is an arrow, and the Arrow/Arras Coat uses that fat black cross once again seen in the Balder and Baathist topic. The white-on-green pheons in the Hutchison Coat are used in the Blade Coat, who are said to be from "Burseblade," and then the Burse surname (probably related to the Purses/Pierces/Pears) was first found in Somerset, where Badens/Battins and Baths were first found.

Didn't George Herbert Scherff marry a Pierce, and wasn't it that man who first invaded the Iraqi Baathists, to be followed by his son? Didn't they disguise themselves as black-boar Bush's? Might we expect Esau to invade end-time Israel with the anti-Christ? Isn't it true that the anti-Christ is thrown alive into a lake of fire in Edom? Isn't the anti-Christ going to be a Massey bloodliner, and were not Masseys from Ferte-Mace, where they married Baal-suspect Bellamys from Perche, which location I trace to mythical Percival/Parzeval, and to the Percival surname (muzzled bear, Mengzies Shield) first found in the same place (Somerset) as Purses/Pierces, Baths, and Badens/Battins? Isn't Parzeval the Pharisee line? Are not all the ancient enemies of God predicted to congregate in Jerusalem as one force...when God squeezes them in his Winepress?

General Mattis, the chief of Central Command, is nicknamed the "warrior monk." Monks (another wyvern) were first found in Devon, smack beside Somerset. Monks use the Dutch Bone Shield and the Skull lions. Bushincidence? There is a Warrior/Wharrer surname that strikes me as Wears/Wheres, first found in Devon, but it's hard to say whether "warrior monk" is double code for that line too. I tend to see Monks, Munichs, and Mengs as one family stock.

A quick skimming of some writings of the Prophetic Bible Institute reveal its Dispensational theology, which post-tribbers disagree with. There was a scholastic approach to Bible study. But I see no signs of European-Israelism. "In Ontario [William Aberhart] became an active lay preacher and Bible-class teacher and was highly influenced by the Scofield Reference Bible and its dispensational system of interpretation." He developed a charismatic approach within Baptist churches, for which he was rejected to some degree. He strove for radio evangelism (keep in mind that charismatics generally desire limelight or self-respective ministries), but it's his sudden and surprising rise to Alberta politics that has me asking whether Masonic hands were behind him.

At this point, I was wondering whether Aberhart's theology descended from Henry Drummond's Irvingite church, originating as the Catholic Apostolic Church (now the New Apostolic Church) , with an Irving surname for a pastor, but with a wealthy Drummond banking family as the finances behind it. Henry Drummond was a European-Israelist, and may of his church's offshoots became prophetically-minded Adventists. Pre-tribulationism and the charismatic movement were both founded in this Irvingite church. The point is, the Irving Coat was just checked to find the holly design of the Cabbage Coat. Irvings were first found in DUMfries. (There'd a Drum term in the Irving write-up.)

William Hitler had a mother with Dowling surname (holly tree), which uses holly tree and what might be a version of the Baker Chief. The Baker saltire must be that of the Kilpatricks -- first found in DUMfries -- though Maxwells (the mother-stock of Pollocks) use the Kilpatrick saltire as well as holly.

It was the Cabbages who were linked to Bakers (there was a Mrs. Baker in the early staff of Aberharts Prophetic Bible Institute). We may recall one Jim Bakker charismatic who pillaged Christians and went to prison for his activities.

German Bakers use the Doris/Orris Coat, and then the Seal of Montana use the motto, "Oro y plata." The Orrs were first found in Renfrew, and there is a Baker location in Montana. Reminder: Holts (brought up as per Holt Renfrew) use a squirrel holding "hazel branches."

I had traced the Doris/Orris Coat to the "Jewish" Pollock Coat, all the more reason to suspect Hitlers in the Baker area of Montana. (I now see that the Shield-and-Chief combination of Orrs is also that of Warriors/Wherrers.) But what about Holt Renfrew (510 8th Ave. SW), built on the ruins of the Prophetic Bible Institute (516 8th Ave. SW)? Should we expect Hitler elements there too? "Contributions for the [Prophetic Bible Institute] facility that was a combined temple and 'fundamental' Bible School, were sent from all parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Montana." Why Montana too? Earlier in this update, it was suggested that you compare the Manning Crest to the Pohl Crest.

We also read in the webpage above: "In 1974, the building which had been home to the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute was demolished to make way for commercial development...The former site of the Institute is currently occupied by the T. Eaton Company store...." Don't Eatons/ETONs the Manning and Samson symbol??? Didn't I link "Biblical" Samson to Esau-ites of Hebron? Why do Mannings use "Esse" in their motto? Preston Manning's father was buried at EDEN Brook Memorial Gardens, Calgary.

I'm definitely on a which-way-did-they-go hunt. But I got EXTREMELY EXCITED when reloading the Manning Coat just now, because I thought I had seen its gold-on-red cinquefoils moments ago. I think I deleted the Coat, however. Yet, seconds later, the Nemo/Newmarch Coat was loaded because Irish Irvings use "Nemo" in their motto, and what showed up but four gold-on-red cinquefoils!!! ASTOUNDING, that what started as a rather wild theory -- an Irvingite link to the Prophetic Bible Institute -- proves somewhat true (i.e. so far as bloodlines are concerned, anyway), just like that.

Bull's Eye

Preston Manning's father (first convert to the Prophetic Bible Institute) became a board member of Canada West Foundation. In a liberal article:

The Canada West Foundation think tank helped organize the Reform Party... It was supposed to be non-partisan, but became a rallying point for those angry enough with the Liberals and Conservatives...Financial backing for the foundation came from some of western Canada's wealthiest tycoons: Fred Mannix (Calgary billionaire construction, coal and energy magnate); James Richardson (Winnipeg stockbrokerage business, seed and fertilizer, grain elevators, oil and gas); Max Bell (newspapers, oil and gas); and Arthur Child (chair of Burns Food, left a million dollars to the Reform Party on his death).

Mannix? And why do Richardsons use "bonos" in their motto, while Childs/Chills are easily traced to Hebrons (they share the Chill/Child and Bone chevron) of CHILLingham? Entering "Munich" gets the Mannix Coat.


Throughout the war years, William Aberhart became a Christian soldier, engaging in battles with church leaders, while drawing an army of devout followers to his own brand of dispensationalism.

His Bible classes were extremely popular and it was about this time that he came in contact with Professor William Tucker Broad, a dispensationalist and follower of reverend Ethelbert William Bullinger (1837-1913).

...But while Broad may have departed, William Aberhart became obsessed with the teachings of Bullinger, described as an ultradispensationalist.

...Bullinger's teachings bordered on the occult and he was a strong promoter of numerology. In his book Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance, he writes "The number nine is a most remarkable number in many respects...

...Aberhart's private obsessions were behind some of Social Credit's unusual qualities. For all his piety, Bible Bill [Aberhart] was an avid student of the occult. Numerology, palmistry and astrology fascinated him, especially their prophetic applications...

This find was beyond my expectations, for until then, Aberhart's church seemed Biblically sound aside from its Dispensationalism. I had been wondering whether he may have been a British-Israelist when reading his warning to his students, that they should not mistaken Israel for the Christian Church. He warned that the Church was a separate entity because Jesus said, in a future tense, "I will build my church." Yes, but Jesus was re-building Israel, so to speak, from the ruins. The Christian Church was the continuation of Israel, simple, but Dispensationalists have the curious interest of completely dissecting the two groups. To my shock, the article above continued:

...[Aberhart] was a student of British Israelism, an anti-Semitic sect that claimed Britons as a lost tribe of ancient Israel who possessed a divine mission in world affairs. Despite Aberhart's public disavowal of anti-Semitism, hate-mongering abounded in Social Credit culture, which included teachings imported straight from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an early classic of proto Nazi race propaganda. Historian David Elliott noted that much of the intellectual legacy of Social Credit, including the work of its founder, Major Douglas, was built upon anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

There seems to be grave difficulty in labeling a Christian Zionist group with Nazi colors, but where true Israel is thought to be the white European race, much of the difficulty vaporizes. Henry Drummond had set up 12 "apostles" Europe-wide to rule the European Israel. In the footnotes of the article: "Another famous graduate of the [Prophetic Bible Institute] school was James Keegstra, the Alberta schoolteacher who told his students that the Holocaust was a hoax. He was also a member of the Social Credit Party at the same time as Stockwell Day's Father. The Sr. Day's good friend Doug Christie, represented Keegstra at his trial."

Bullingers are also "Pullinger," and they, as with Pullens, use footless martins. Yes, Bullingers appear Polish.

One of my theories on the creation of Dispensationlism, which is groundwork for the pre-tribulation rapture theory, is that certain globalists were planning to make Christians disappear in the way Nazis made Hebrews disappear, and then announce that disappearance as the Biblical rapture in order to cover their murders. Yes, it was a wild theory, but back in the 19th century, such a thing might have been feasible in the mind of a lunatic Illuminatist.

As I sometimes include Darbys in my 666 topics, I should add that a John Darby (a reject from the Brethren movement) took the pre-tribulationism of the Irvingites, and advanced it wildly in the world. It then got to Scofield, and he passed it on to Aberhart. Although we might expect Bullingers to use bulls, it's the Scofield Coat that does so, in Traby/Sadowski colors. The Scofield write-up: "Their name, however, is a reference to Escoville, Normandy..." Might we imagine Eschol of Hebron??? Yes, I now recall talking about that very idea as per the SCHOLEfield variation. See the Scholes for further investigation.

Aha! German Scofields use a tree trunk, and just as I was thinking that its in the colors of the Mieske bull head, the Trunk Coat was loaded to find bull heads in the colors of the Scofield bull heads.

This exercise is suggesting that the 666 bloodline out of Poland is also the line that advanced pre-tribulationism. In another article related to the one above:

The fact that Ernest Manning and William Aberhart wrote a play based on a novel by Sydney Watson, shows that they were into some pretty weird stuff. Watson's novels became a framework for the Left Behind series [pre-tribulational fear mongering] that now fuels the Religious Right...

...Did secret societies have anything to do with Stephen Harper's success? That's coming up next.

One click later, and we find some very hard political language that's typical from liberals, though the writer (who clearly despises far right "extremists") says she was a member of the Conservative party disappointed by its take-over by Reform party elements. Be assured, her talk is political-fight language intended to weaken the Harper government, and while she may be swinging her weaponry too mischievously in political zeal, her words may not be necessarily erroneous at the bottom line. I'm entertaining her Nazi links to Aberhart's people for the time being:

Just as the Thule Society played a significant role in the success of the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, secret societies also became part of the infrastructure for the Reform [Party of Canada] movement in all of it's manifestations.

...When the Reform Party was first being established by William Aberhart's Godson, Preston Manning (son of Ernest); they passed a motion to allow extremists into the party.

Someone actually stood up and asked "What about Doug Christie?" to which someone else responded "Ah, leave him in. We may need to use him later."

Doug Christie [smacks of "Kreis"] was the pal of Stockwell Day's father who pushed for western separation [from Canada]. He also made a name for himself as a lawyer defending Neo-Nazis, including James Keegstra, Ernst Zundel, Terry Long, etc...

...Wolfgang Droege, who was the Ontario Policy chair for the Reform Party when Harper was their chief policy wonk.

Droege was a well known white supremacist long before he joined the Reform Party. In fact he was once the head of British Columbia's KKK. As early as 1981...[he said]:

"Let us offer a prayer of thanks to God for creating us in his image, for giving us white skin and superior intelligent."

At his Wikipedia article, Droege is listed with an associate of the Burdi surname, and then Burds/Birds (more footless martins) of Cheshire use a reflection of the English Bush Coat. Another associate is listed with OVERfield surname (this is the Over surname too), likewise first found in Cheshire. The split German Overfield Shield is that of German Danners/Danes.

Yet another associate, listed on the same, list is a Lemire surname, which gets the holly of the Mire/Mireux surname (Anjou) that I identify with Melusine's GREEN "mirror." Although there is no Droge/Droege/Drug surname coming up, or anything of the sort, the Anjou clan above could indicate that they are a branch of Drakes, especially as Troges were first found in Bavaria, where "Bavaria" is symbolized (I think) by the GREEN Oxford "beaver." I'm guessing that Troges use the Arms of Baden and/or the bend of the Lorraines, because Trigges use a green-on-gold lion, symbol of Lorraines too.

A green lion alone on a gold Shield is used by Bures/Buretts, who may be of the Burds/Birds. French (Normandy) Bures use "potenty counter potenty" in the description of their chevron, and then the Potten/Potinger Shield is GREEN.

Another name of the list has the French surname (Paine motto), using a GREEN dolphin that should link to the laurel (both Daphne/Dauphine symbols) of the Lorraines. The British Franks use GREEN Shields, and one Frank Coat (Shropshire) even uses what should be an engrailed version of the Pollock Coat. The green shields in these cases could be from the Roquefeuils. therefore. Yet another Droege associate has a Fromm surname, using a trefoil in colors reversed from the Arms of Roquefeuil.

Entering "Fram" (as per "Fromme) gets the Frames, with the Shield-and-Chief combination of MENS/Mengzies. I have a webpage on file claiming that Frames were gold-on-green-Shield Fresnels, who are shown also with Fren-using terms smacking of "French." The top of the page shows dedication to a, A.D. Weld French, a member of the Committee on Heraldry of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. The Ellis surname is also honored at that place, and Ellis' use mythical Holle (witch) in their Crest (I've seen an Ellis Crest with a red Melusine), while I say Holle is represented by holly.

The first paragraph in the work above: "The powerful families which ruled early Normandy were closely related, a relationship compounded by marriages within their kinship network. It is often the case, as within the family of Ferte-Fresnel, that people donated to a variety of religious foundations, representative of their general common ancestry. Thus, when members of the Ferte-Fresnel family donated to the foundations of the FitzOsberns, Giffards, Toenis, and Gois, they were affirming common bonds of ancestry..." Immediately, the Ferte-Masseys are implied, and then the Gois family led to Hugh D'Avranches and Ranulf le Meschin of Cheshire. The Toenis are likely the Toners/Toneys using the maunche.

It just so happens that Giffords use the same motto as the French's and Paines. I trace the motto, "Malo mori quam foedari," to Malahule of More, ancestor of both the Meschin line, and of Balso D'Espaines whom I trace to "Paine." Malahule was the brother of Ragnvald, father of Rollo, and then the idea that the Rain/Ragin surname (motto is code for Judicael of Rennes) traces to this particular Ragnvald is supported here where the French-surname Shield is ermined (Rennes/Brittany symbol) and topped with a chevron in colors reversed from the Rain chevron. Giffords use ermined lozenges in Rain-chevron colors. Rains use "leges" while Giffords use "foedari," two terms that I trace to the leg-using Arms of Foetes/Fussen and Isle of MAN.

Do you think that Gabby Giffords survived a bullet to her head as a sign of Revelation 13? It's an insensitive question, to be sure, but one that comes to mind because I predict an anti-Christ and/or False Prophet of the Massey bloodline. Giffords use "Giverd," but the Giver/Iver Shield is also the Massey / Vere Shield. The latter surname even uses "MunQUAM," reflecting the "quam" of the Giffords. The Sinclair bloodline, from which the Giffords (and Meschins) are obviously from, were rooted in an Iver. There was also an Iver at the root of the Sinclair-related Halls whom I trace to mythical Holle.

The holly used by the surname, Dowling (trefoils), to which William Hitler was married, shows a "Doolin" variation suspect as "Dol" elements because he changed his surname to Stuart-Houston.

The Iver/Giver surname is also "Eure," suggesting linkage to Eure in Normandy, which term I've tended to link to "Abreu/Abruzzo." As the capital of Abruzzo is now L'Aquila, and as Drakes use that term in their motto, consider the following from the webpage above: "William Fresnel possessed the castle of La Ferte-Fresnel (near L'Aigle and Gauville), in Perche, in 1071..." "GAUVille" may have to do with Givers / Giverds, but in any case the Bellamys of Perche must be in code in the Osbern motto, "Pax in bello." Possibly, "Os" is a variation of "Goz" or "Gois."

Gog Cometh

Keeping in mind that Masseys and others of the Masonic groupings were from Troy's Gorgons, and therefore from the Teucer > Batia line to Troyes and Paris. Osberns use a tiger in Crest that could be code for Togarmites, especially as the Gomez surname is found heavily where the quoted sentence above is found. The Portuguese Gomez Coat even uses a pelican-on-nest in the pelican design of Pells and Pullens. There is a Portuguese Abreu Coat, by the way.

In the following paragraph of the Frame work: "THE ANCESTOR OF WILLIAM GOMETZ (seigneur de La Ferte-Alais, Bures, Gometz, senechal de France)..." The Norman Bures use "potenty counter potenty," and Pottens/Potingers use another pelican-on-nest. "Counter" smacks of the Conte/Comtes/Comites surname (identified with Sinclair motto), and then the Gomez surname shows "Comiz."

The L'Aigle location mentioned above is found in the Aigle-surname write-up, and then the Aigle Coat uses the lion design of the Italian Contes and French Villes. One gets the impression that L'Aquila of Abruzzo traces to that clan. But then we find in the MontGOMERy write-up: "First found in Renfrewshire...The manor of Eaglesham became the Clan seat of the family for many centuries." THEN, Montgomerys use fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the Spanish Gomez/Comiz Coat.

Interestingly, the five Gomerz/Comiz fleur are in the blue color of the four Gingrich fleur, and the Rich Crest uses the wyvern, as do Drakes, while both Drakes and Rich's were first found in Hampshire. Gingrich's are also "Gaingras," and Gains were first found in Ile-de-France, home of the chief fleur line (the Lys') of the Parisii Gorgons...who founded York with the Abreu-line Eburovices.

The Gants of Gaunt/Ghent are implied by the Gain bars and colors, and English Gents were likewise first found in Hampshire. THEN, the Conte / Aigle lion design is used by French Gents/Geons/Gens/Jeans (Languedoc, where Contes and Villes were first found). The latter Gents even use a bell.

We find linkage again to Veres in the write-up of English Gains: "Richard was of Engen near Boulogne and accompanied the Conqueror at Hastings. Vitalis, his son, married the daughter of the Earl of Oxford, Alberic de Ver." These Gains use the gold and red Vere colors, but then so do the Drake-related Rich's with their cross much like that of the Bouillon cross (Godfrey de Bouillon was from Boulogne). The Bouillon motto: "A vero bello Christi." The Cheshire Birds/Burds use the Bouillon cross in colors reversed.

The Christie motto uses "VIRESco," and Vires are also "Verona" of Ile-de-France (Vires/Veronas use trefoils in the trefoil colors of Dowlings/Doolins.) Doug Christie, remember, the lawyer who defends white supremacists and neo-Nazis, who was mentioned above amongst the Reform-party people. The most-infamous one defended was school-teacher with Keegstra surname. It seems telling that "Keege" gets the Teague surname using the same wolf design, in the same gold color, as Gants.

Keeges/Teagues were traced (by me) to Togarmites (chief Aryan enemies of God) of the Toker/Tucker kind. It evokes the Droeges and Troges. Note that Troges, Keeges/Teagues, and Tokers all use tooth-like symbols. Keeges/Teagues use the same crosslets as Gains/GAGnes, possibly derived from "Gog" elements. Hmm, this could trace Gog elements to the Gaunt location. French Gagnes are in the colors of the Gains/Gagnes.

I've traced Togarmites to MacinTOCHs, who use "glove" in their motto. Maceys (whom I identify with Meshech, brother of Gomer the father of Togarmah) then use a metal glove called a "gauntlet" that should be code for Gants of Gaunt.

Earlier we touched on William Gometz (of Ferte-mace) of Bures and Gometz, finding that the Bures use "potenty counter potenty," a phrase that bumped us to the Contes and Villes of Languedoc, where also we found Gents/Geons/Gens. As Herluin de Conteville was a Burgo, there's a good chance he traces to Burgundy, where French Gagnes were first found. But I've read that Burgundians trace to Nibelungs of Borneholm / Bornholme, which place could be linked to Bures.

ZOWIE!!! Just found now, that French Gagnes use a "cogo" motto term!!! The motto in its entirety is "ReCALCitrantem cogo," suggesting, perhaps, Colchis = Georgia, where Gogarene / Guger was located. ZOWIE again. The Chalk Crest is a swan, and I trace the Ligurian swan, "CYCNus (i.e. much like "Gagne") to lake SEVAN, smack beside Gogarene!!!

Aha! It's the Hoggs who use "vires" as motto. It's been years since first suspecting that Hoggs were Gogi. Note that the Iberi lived next to lake Sevan too, for my books title, "Tracking Ladon Gog and the Hebrew Rose," refers to my fundamental trace the Thracian /Draco dragon cult of Rosicrucianism to an Iberi-Hebrew merger with Gog in the Georgian land of the Aras = Rosh = Hros peoples. Ultimately, the Iberi trace to the "Kabeiri" of sinful Aphrodite, the partner of war-loving Ares from "Aras," and she (as Venus of Venetio) traces -- or should I say her Iberi or "Avar" entity traces - to proto-Veres / Vires of the Abreu/Abruzzo entity, first found in Padova of Venetio. "Padova" likely traced back to Padasus in the Trojan theater, where the Caucones lived that were likely the Caucasian line to Kikon, mythical brother of Hebros, and to Cygnus/Cygnus, the mythical swan of Savona in Liguria.

As William Gometz was of Ferte-Mace, I suggest that French Bures' use the Macey chevron, especially as Italian Bures (first found in Verona!) use a bear, symbol of Maceys. Scottish Bures are the Bowers/Beauers using a motto term ("metam") like one in the Keege/Teague motto. The Oxford green beaver could trace most-directly to the green Shield of these Bowers/Beauers. The Bayer/Baier surname from "BAVARia" uses the same bear design, almost anyway, as the Italian Bures.

I had traced Tokers to the Puttens partly because Dutch Puttens likewise use a tooth-like symbol. In fact, I now see that the Putten teeth (for lack of a better term) are in the colors of the Troge teeth, and then while Troges are suspect as Drakes, English Buttens/Bidens were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Drakes! English Puttens were first found immediately next door of Hampshire, in Sussex. The latter Puttens use stars in Christie-star colors, and it was Christies who use "vires" buried in their motto...that brought the Vires/Verona surname to bear.

Let me repeat: "A green lion alone on a gold Shield is used by Bures/Buretts...French (Normandy) Bures use "potenty counter potenty" in the description of their chevron, and then the Potten/Potinger Shield is GREEN." I now find another green lion in the Touch Coat, Putten-important because the MacinTOCH motto does not only use "glove," but "Touch." The Touch's are suspect as Putten-related Tokers/Tuckers and therefore Togarmites, important where Morgens/MorGAINs use a lion in colors reversed from the Bures/Burett lion, for mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon (chief witch over nine witches) represented the same as the nine Muses, in my opinion, from the Mysian stock of Meshech, in the Gorgon city of Parion/Parium, where the mythical Priam and Paris Trojans came forth. These Trojans of Thracian / THRACO elements ought to be the DRAKE line in MASovia, you see, as well as Troges and Tokers. Trojans were a bunch of drug addicts, hellish-bent destroyers, and proud if it.

WOOOOOOWWWIE! I have been seeking the griffin design of the Hiedler/Hitler Crest for ever, and only now find it because I took the time to enter "Gaine," as per the MorGaine variation. The Gaines do not come up when entering "Gain." The Gaine Crest is the Hitler lion-like griffin GREEN (!), the Morgaine Shield color. At her Wikipedia article, Morgan le Fey is painted with gold and green robes, colors of the Morgan lion.

Aha! When writing two paragraphs lower, I accidentally typed "Gains" when re-loading the Gaine Coat, and there was a gold-on-green lion (Morgan lion colors) of the Irish Gains/Gayner Crest! The Morgan lion is used by Irish Duffs/Doweys/Dooheys, and then the green-lion Touch's are also "Tough" and "Tuff." The holly-using Dowlins/Doolins come to mind. (This paragraph was written after the one below re-found the holly of the Jacks.)

William Hitler settled in PatcHOGUE of Long Island, suggesting a Gogi location in New York of the Hogg and Hogue kind. The Hogue boars are blue, the color of Gog, and the color of the Rollo boars. The Rollo Crest uses a black boar, color of the Hogg boars. Both Hogues and Hoggs use the oak tree of Ogdens. The "jacto" term of Ogdens could be for the holly-using Jacks of Renfrew.

It's remarkable that Hitlers were found linked fundamentally to Gaines just after the Gain/Gagne = Gog theory had developed some teeth. It just so happens that the Hitler-suspect Pollocks are brought up when investigation the Gaines. For example, their "fortis" motto term suggests the Forts (the Bessin bee design), who use the motto, "Fortis et audax," the latter term bring like the "Audacter" of Pollocks. Italian Forts are clearly related to Ferraris. German Forts use a white-on-blue lion, the color of the Keven lion, important because Gaines, using lions in the same colors again, are also shown as "Kaeveney/Keveney."

By the way, the Pollock- / FulBERT-suspect Burts/Berts are in the colors of the Bouillon-related Burds/Birds.

[Insert -- As Hitler's mother, a Polzl, was traced to Pollocks of Renfrew, and as William Hitler chose the Stuart surname as his own, what about the following (from a book on Boyds passed along to me by GD):

Alan Fitz-Flahald [or "Flaad], who was Baron of Oswaldestre (now Oswestry), in Salop (now Shropshire)...granted the church of Gugnan, in Bretagne, to the Abbey of Combourne (or Combourg), where the Castle of the Viscounts of Dinan was located from about the year 1000. He was sheriff of Shropshire...

Those were the proto-Stewarts who removed to Renfrew. See Stewart Coat in Arms of Renfrew). It is very tempting to link Gagnes to Gugnan. "Guinan" gets the Conans with the Sinclair cross, but the "Conad" variation suggests Conrads, whom I identify as "Red Cohens," or red-checkered Hohens. Both Hohens and Boyds use red and white checks, you see, as opposed to the blue and white checks of Stewarts and Cohens. Thus, the "CONfido" motto of Boyds suggests the Conans/Conads as well as Cohens.

After writing that, I opened yet another GD email that told of "CONAN 'MERIADOC', reckoned 'first' King of Armorica [Vannetais], which then was a *Roman province..." Not long afterward, Armorica became Brittany.

The following is interesting too, dragging Boyds into the 666-suspect Traby bloodline:

Robertus Boyt nephew of Walter, High Steward of Paisley, and Lord High Steward of Scotland. The Boyds bear the same arms as the Stuarts, denoting their descent....In design these arms are the same as the Stuarts, denoting their kin, and the "tartan" or plaid worn by the Boyds is known as "Hunting Stuart".

My links of the Traby hunting horns to Huntingdon comes to mind. End Insert]

Thus, Hitlers were merged with Vere-and-Pollock elements from Ferraris of the Veneti theater. While the Hitler Crest is simply called a "griffin," the Gaines Crest is an "enfield," defined by Wikipedia as "a fictitious creature sometimes used in heraldry, having the head of a fox, forelegs like an eagle's talons, the chest of a greyhound, the body of a lion, the hindquarters and tail of a wolf.[citation needed]." Although the asking for a citation may doubt that definition, the Gaine enfield appears to match the definition.

AHA! The enfield webpage above shows the green Kelly enfield, explaining the green Kelly greyhound. You can see that the Kelly Coat and motto are identical to those of the Gaines.

It's the greyhound part that would tend to have me trace the green color of the Gaine enfield to north Africa (I trace GREYhounds to the mythical Graeae Amazons / Gorgons of Aryan north-Africa). Although I trace heraldic green to Cyrene's Meshwesh Amazons, the Meshwesh had some ties to Tuareg Amazons who I traced to the heraldic tower symbol. The Gaines not only use a tower, but they show a "Turris" motto term, which means "tower."

AHA! The Tower Crest is another enfield griffin! The Tower tower if the very Moratin tower that I traced to Tuaregs, for Tuaregs lived in the Mauritanian theater. These were Moors, and then the Turris Coat uses the motto, "Amore," while the Turris' (also "Tarras / Terrace") were first found in MORay.

We'd like to know and understand the Enfield surname, therefore, which uses eight footless martins, a symbol that I've gleaned (years ago) to be of Rockefellers in the Rochdale / Manchester / Lancashire theater. From this page one can click to the Arms of Enfield (Middlesex, London area) to find that some of its symbols "recalled the association with the Duchy of Lancaster."

The last time I saw eight white footless martins (earlier in this update) was in the Bullinger/Pullinger Coat, but years ago, I had spotted the eight footless martins, in the same two colors as the Bullinger martins, in the Arms of Rochdale.

In the explanation of the Arms of Rochdale, we find: "The martlets are from the arms of the Rashdale and Derden families." When we find ROCHs links to RASH's, we have cause for Biblical Rosh suspicions. The Rash/Rasch Coat uses what should be a single-headed Roman eagle, and then the description of the other Arms of Rochdale (same page): "The supporter on the left is the golden eagle of Rome..." On the latter Arms, a fish called a "roach," as with the Roach/Roch Coat (Crest is an eagle on a roach). The Rochdale roach is on a wave like the one in the Deas Coat (from Muskerry Desmonds).

On the other side of the Arms of Rochdale: "...the falcon from the crest of Heywood, adapted from the crest of the Heywood family." It just so happens that the Enfields, who got us to the eight martins of Rochdale, use a small Shield (an "escutcheon"), symbol also of Hays/Heys...who show "a falcon" in the Crest.

Why is the Roque rock in the Haigh/Hague Crest??? Why is that surname also "Hait," much like "Heid" and "Heidt," the potential makings of the Hiedlers and Heidlers? The Heidler/Hitler and Heidler Coats are not bad reflections of the Hague Coat.

Suddenly, we have cause for a Hitler trace to the Hague-colored Hagar(d)s, of Perthshire, where Heys were first found!!! And as we saw the Roman eagle above, the birth of Pontius Pilate to a Pict woman of Perthshire comes to mind! IN FACT, I had traced that woman firstly to Yonges, and secondly to Duffs, both of them traced (by their motto terms, for one) to Juno and Jupiter respectively. We just saw Duff links to Hitler's enfield elements! Moreover, the Yonge rings are those of Hogens/Hogers (Hagen kin), and we just saw Hitler links to Hogues and Hoggs. The Hays/Heys use "jugum," while Yonges were likely Jungs too.

If it wasn't enough that Hitler's Nazis traced to Esau, we now have cause for a trace to Biblical Hagar, mother of Ishmael. Esau himself married Mahalath, a daughter of Ishmael.

It's interesting that "Mahalath" ought to break down into two terms, Mah and Lath. The Lath was immediately linked in my mind to the Lotan > Ladon line, and only after that idea did I check for a Lath/Leith surname...first found in LOTHIAN. The Laths/Leiths even use red crescents, expected of Saracens...whom I trace to Seir, where Lotan belonged. The Laths/Leiths even use red LOZENges.

As for "Mah," it was the Hitler-related Gaines/Keaveneys that use "mihi" in their motto. I tend to trace Kiev and Kiev-like elements to the "Keep" motto term of Hebrons, and then I see Esau-ites settled at Biblical Hebron. By what coincidence does the Lath/Leith motto use "Trustie," while the Hebron motto is "Keep Tryst"???

Did we see that the Gaines/Keaveneys use a "Turris"? Did we see the Terrace variation of the Turris surname? Couldn't the Triss/Tryst surname apply? Didn't I trace "Seir," said to mean :"shaggy," to mythical Satyrs? What's that Tarras variation of the Turris'? A mythical Taras is the symbol in the Arms of Taranto, and Taras / Taranto was mythically married to Satyrion. I traced Satyrion to Saturnia in the Butteri theater south of Rome, but Butteri were also in Velch, where Turan was a witch cult. I tend to trace "Butteri' to "Buz," the one after whom I image Bozrah and Bozcath (in Hebron) was named, but I also identify Buz (pronounced "booz") with "POS(eidon)," father of Taras with Satyrion.

It's been a long time in this update since mentioning David Menzies of the Canadian political right. The question is whether the Menzies/MENGzies surname links to Mengeles or Mangels of the Montana Nazis. What we do know is that William Hitler re-named himself Stuart-Houston and moved to Long Island in the area where some Scheriff-related Deins lived who got involved, apparently, with Charles Mangels. The Deins were in Islip, and the Menzies motto term has been traced (here) satisfactorily to Islip elements. At a Menzies-family webpage:

The family of Menzies obtained a footing in Athole [Perth and Kinross] at a very early period, as appears from a charter granted by Robert de Meyners in the reign of Alexander II. This Robert de Meyners, knight, on the accession of Alexander III (1249) was appointed lord high chamberlain of Scotland. His son, Alexander de Meyners...[from whom] is descended the family of Menzies of Castle Menzies, but that of Menzies of Fortingal terminated in an heiress, by whose marriage with James Stewart, a natural son of the Wolf of Badenoch, the property was transferred to the Stewarts.

I'm assuming that "high chamberlain of Scotland" was somewhat on par with "high steward of Scotland" held by Stewarts. There is a clue as to where the Meynards / Menzies / Menyesses were from: "The valley of the Tay, however, seems always to have been the headquarters of the [Menzies] race..." For me, this smacks of mythical Menelaus, symbol of the Mani peninsula that was the southern point of the TAYgeti mountains of Sparta. In the latter part of his life, Menelaus was in Messene, where a Pylos location sat that I traced confidently to the surname of Pontius Pilate...whom was supposedly born of a Perthshire woman. Castle Menzies is in Weem, Perthshire.

From an old file: "Apollodorus said that Caucon (eponym of the Caucones) was one of the fifty sons of Lycaon (3.8.1). And, 'It is during the reign of PoLYCAON that Caucon brought the [secret] rites of the Great Goddesses from Eleusis to Messenia.'" Lycaon was the mythical wolf, code for Lycaonia east of Lycia, where a second Laodicea was located. Pollux, whom I view as the Spartan Apollo, was "Polydeuces" to the Greeks, perhaps code for Apollo and Laodicea together. If true that "Caucasia" was a form of Gog-Asia, then Caucones were Gogi. It makes sense because the Apollo wolf line can be traced to Gorgons of Verkana, and then Gorgons named Georgia too, which is where the Laz Georgians lived whom I trace confidently to the "Laus" of "MeneLAUS," and to a city ("Las") of roughly that term in Sparta. There's even a Tyndaris region (Colchis) on this map to the north-east of the Lazi. The Hyrcanian sea to the right was named after Verkana.

In the write-up of the Menzies surname at "However, with growing dissatisfaction under the Conqueror's rule, one branch of the family (it is not certain whether this was the most senior branch) moved north, probably with Margaret, King Malcolm Ceanmore's second wife, where they were granted lands in Lothian." It just so happens that a Henry Sinclair was Margaret's cup-bearer, with an office, that is, quite parallel to "high chamberlain of Scotland." Henry Sinclair lived in Roslin of Midlothian, and Scottish Menzies were first found in Midlothian, the write-up says.

What relationship the Menzies had with Sinclairs in Lothian I don't yet know, but I trace them both to Lemnos; the Menzies to Dionysus Maenads (= Maeonians) on Lemnos, and the Sinclairs to the Sintians of Lemnos. The Santones of France lived, not only beside Lemovices, but beside the Pict-suspect Pictones. Here's the Picton write-up: "First found in Flintshire...Picton was held by Robert of Rhuddlan, a Norman noble."

Now the Menzies write-up again: "One branch of the family remained in England to eventually become the Dukes of Rutland with the surname of Manners..." Why does the Rutland Coat use the Massey horse and a "praemia" motto term indicating Parium/Parion in Mysia, home of mythical Paris who stole Helen, wife of Menelaus?

It can be argued that Menelaus migrated to Pylos with Pollux, the brother of Helen. That is, we might expect Pollux as the founding entity of Pylos, even though the city was ruled by mythical Nestor...which is why I trace the Stewart pelican-on-nest (Pollux-on-nest, so to speak) to Nestor at Pylos.

The Rutland horse head is used also by Pepins, and I traced Pepins to two places: Fife, beside Perthshire, and to the Ticino/Tessen river flowing by Pavia/Papia. It just so happens that, in the Ticino/Tessen investigation, I traced the Tess/Tease and Texas/Tejus surnames to it. The Tay surname above also shows as "Teyas."

This is the time to repeat that the German Manners Coat uses the Levi-lion design (on the Massey Shield), for the Laevi Gauls/Ligurians lived on the Ticino river.

How thankful I am that I am coming to this now, because the Tess/Tease Coat uses the same leaves as the Hazels! Astounding, for it traces Hazels and Hazel-respecting Menzies indeed to Sparta. It was recently (the last update) when the Hazel leaf (called a "slip" as code for "Islip") was stressed in the Sieben Coat, and Siebens are also "Sieper / Sieppert," smacking indeed of "Sparta."

It's been many years since I've traced Leda the swan, mother of Helen and Pollux, to Ligurians at Sieben-like Savona. I even traced Ligurians to Rutland because it's beside Leicester, named after the Legro river, and because of the swan in the Leicester Crest. (The Taggert Coat uses a "Ratione" term and could apply to "Taygeti" elements).

Sparta was also called, LACEdaemonia, or Lacona, and then the Lock Crest shows a swan while the Lock Coat shows what could be the engrailed Sinclair cross. Locks are in the colors of the Leaders (i.e. Leda-suspect) who use plates as possible code for the Pontius-Pilate line. Entering "Lack" gets the Leitch/LECH surname, and as you may know, the Lech river in Bavaria is home to Ligurians of Fussen, who are related to Ligurians in the Isle of Man.

It not only suggests that the Isle of Man was filled with Menelaus-related Spartans, but Munich (Bavaria / Nazi capital) is not far from the mouth of the Lech river. The Mengel surname, remember, was first found in Bavaria, and the Hitler surname was first found in Munich. Thus, when I see the MENGzies variation of Sinclair-related Menzies, I sense that Mengels were involved, especially when Mangels use a "maunche" while Sinclairs were first found in Manche.

It just so happens that the Mengel Coat uses an owl, as does the Taggart Coat. The Taggart motto term, "Ratione," recalls the Rat/Rait surname that came up as I was on the "sanglier" term (meaning "boar) that some see at the root of "Sinclair." That topic brought to bear the RatZINGER surname of the Bavarian pope because I was also on the Sang/Singer surname (Bavaria) at the time. I now find this in the Taggart write-up: "The Gaelic form of the name is Mac-an-t-sagairt, which means son of the priest." "Sagairt" is not a far cry from "sanglier," and we all know how Gaels had the disposition to mangle Anglian words.

Recently, the "trader" and "peddler" terms in the Mengel write-up were found to be codes for the Trader (triangle) and Peddle/Pedler surname. Earlier in this update, the Tokers and Puttens using tooth-like symbols were linked to the same of Troges, but now I find that Traders are also "Trage" and "Drage." AND ZOWIE, the Peddle/Peddler Coat uses the same tooth design as Dutch Puttens.

I had nothing in the paragraph above in mind when linking the Troge topic to Thrace / Thraco and my book title, "TRACKing Ladon Gog..." The Trader/Trage/Drage triANGLE is likely code for Angles, represented no doubt by the Angles/Angels, whose motto is translated: "I stand in the track of my ancestors." Evidence that the Angles/Angels trace to Parion's Trojo-Gorgons is the Massey Pegasus in their Crest. German Angles were first found in TYRol.

Therefore, Mengels are trace-able to Paris-branch Trojans, where the Menelaus-based Menzies/MENGzies were just traced. And we can't forget the "Laus Deo" motto phrase of Manders (plover), for "MeneLAUS" surely represented the city of Las/Laas on the Mani peninsula...that evolved into Laus entities. The last time that I saw the house in the German Mander Coat, it didn't mean anything, but since then the Hazels have been discovered as a branch of the House/Haussal surname.

An email from Tim was opened yesterday. He first showed the Rowling/Rawlins Coat, in the colors of the white Pendragon fleur-de-lys (Lys' of Ile-de-France use white fleur too). The Rowling motto: "CogNOSCE TEIPSUM et disce pati" (Duncans use "Disce pati"). The Pendragon motto: "Nosce Teipsum." Checking "Cog" (in Rowlings/Rawlings colors), there were the Hazel / Sieben / House leaves once again. This find once again traced Pendragons to Gog, does it not?

The topic in the paragraph above will be expounded upon in the next update. Tim also sent a webpage mentioning Edward I "the hammer" of England. One line of Edward was followed back while I checked for hints of Maccabee blood, and found it beyond my wildest expectations in the first count of Savoy. That topic is probably best kept for the next update. For those who read my last major push to identify Maccabee blood in northern Italy -- at Modena -- let me just say here how absolutely surprising it was to first find that the counts of Savoy, in the realm of Maccabee-suspect Mascis, started off in Maurienne (Savoy capital), and that "The principal town [of Haute-Maurienne] is Modane..." It looks very promising; I'll explain next update.


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