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January 10 - 13, 2010

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January 10

See the white star on black that is a U.S. Army logo, and if you haven't read yesterday's white-star-on-black topic, you might like to. I have NOT seen this logo, in all the time I've covered the news, until now, just hours after writing on yesterday's white-star topic. Coincidence, or did God move Tim to reveal the Pulcifer star for this reason of linking the current US-army leadership to that family of bloodlines? Wikipedia shows this star as the army's "Recruiting Logo." The logo appears in a Mosul-news page (link above).

Note that the white star has a gold border, and then see the black and gold bugles, on white background, in the Traby Arms...the topic of the last paragraph in yesterday's update. Hmm. As these are Traby colors, see the Radziwill surname plastered on the Traby page above, and then see the black and white checkered floor under Jerzy Radziwill, and that he's painted in black and gold armor. Note the Traby ostrich feathers beside him. He was dubbed, "Hercules." Prince Krzysztof Radziwill is dressed in black, gold and white. Albrycht Stanislaw Radziwill is painted on a black and white checkered floor, and is dressed in black and white, and the blue seen in an alternative Traby Shield. Prince Janusz Radziwill is dressed in white, black and gold.

My suspicion has been that the black and white checks belong to the Hohens, especially the ones who used a quartered black and white Coat (two black, and two white, squares in check fashion) with nothing more. See the black and gold eagle on white background in this image of the Hohen Eagle, and then see the same eagle in this Arms shown at the webpage of Grand Duchy of Poznan; this webpage is accessed from a link on the Traby page above. Therefore, are the colors of the Hohen eagle from the Traby colors, or vice versa? Note that it's a strongman-style eagle, as is the Piast eagle (see end of article).

The J-Post has a video with story (webpage below) wherein the supposed Jordanian bomber of CIA base speaks to the world. He sits beside the current leader of TTP, Hakimullah Mehsud. The latter man, with his TTP group, was discussed in the previous update, where my conspiracy theory was outlined. That theory is that, among the TTP fold there is an Talibani organ of the Obama-NATO globetrotters, useful for controlling the greater Afghan theater on behalf of plots going back to the Brzezinski era. The video is being said to be released after the bomber's death, but my theory is that he is not dead, and not the bomber. It has been claimed by many conspiracy theorists that similar videos are created by Western globalists for the purpose of advancing NATO's ghost war on terror. As the article states:

"The release of the al-Balawi footage gives the US proof that Pakistani elements are involved in attacks on its security apparatus in Afghanistan, observers said. Already since the CIA attack, the US has accelerated its use of drone-fired missiles to take out militant targets in Pakistan's tribal regions. At least five such strikes have hit North Waziristan, where the Haqqanis have strongholds.

'I believe that (the missile strikes) will accelerate more, and they will put pressure on Pakistan's government to not only take action in South Waziristan, but also take army action in North Waziristan,' said Rahimullah Yousafzai, a Pakistani journalist."

If the video was planned by globetrotters before the bombing, then they also planned to inform the world, after the attack, that the Jordanian speaker was the bomber. This would explain why a report from the CIA base pegged a Pakistani as the bomber, while, immediately afterward, we heard leaked news from a former CIA agent(s) that it was the Jordanian. If the former CIA agents knew it, why didn't the CIA confirm the story? Of course, the CIA can now "confirm" the story, seeing that this video is the "proof" for all to see. For a BBC story of yesterday on whether bin-Laden videos/audio tapes are real or fake, see this webpage:

Everything north of Israel seems to be slipping from Obama's grasp, though he hardly had a lock on it at any time, to Putin:

"ANKARA (Hetq)-Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and up to eight cabinet ministers will travel to Russia on January 12-13 for talks involving greater Russian participation in an oil pipeline linking Turkey's southern and northern coasts and the process of rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia."

Putin is slick; Obama a disappointment. As Obama falls with his god-hood dented, Russians are gobbling things up like pacman on a blitz. And Palestinians can snub Hillary without fear of repercussions:

"The Palestinian Authority has rejected U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's call to renew Israeli-Palestinian negotiations without preconditions, French news agency AFP reported on Saturday.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat emphasized that peace talks will only resume if Israel implements a complete freeze on settlement construction, including in Jerusalem."

The Palestinians are going the whole way. Will Hillary now demand the unthinkable of Netanyahu? I think yes, because she, with the Palestinians, know that the EU is coming to town with a sack full of goodies for the country of Palace Tiny. In fact, since George Mitchell works for her, we can know that's started to get mean already; just see the photo chosen to reflect the new storyline below:

"On the eve of his visit to the Middle East, US special envoy George Mitchell threatened that his country would freeze its aid to Israel if the Jewish state failed to advance peace talks with the Palestinians and a two-state solution.",7340,L-3831661,00.html

The new storyline has begun. It's arm-twisting time. Israelis have no choice...but to resist the Western tide. They cannot allow a Palace Tiny in Jerusalem. That means that Killary has no choice...but to get mean. She'll use Mitchell at first to do her nasty work, but she can't pretend to be Mrs. Nice Guy forever. She will show her fangs. The only consolation for Israel is that the West is permitting two years to go by. Mitchell: "We think that the negotiation should last no more than two years, once begun we think it can be done within that period of time. We hope the parties agree. Personally I think it can be done in a shorter period of time." Mitchell is dreaming, and Israel just can't give him his dream because it's its nightmare.,7340,L-3830906,00.html

I liked this email enough to share it: "Most of the time I simply find the unfolding of prophecy in the world doesn't plague my soul unless I am not in His Word enough. I LONG for His return and wish we'd just get on with it and get it over with. I desire to live in His world; not this one. Just the thought of His return fills me with absolute excitement!"

Ditto from me.


This video concentrates on stages toward global government, and mentions in passing a claim by one globalist that Israel is to be the location for a world king. This conjures up the idea of a counterfeit Biblical Millennium. It's not a bad theory, as there are countless claims that Hebrews run globalism, but whether or not they will ever get to implement their king of Israel, whom evangelical prophecy writers wrongly foresee as the Biblical anti-Christ, is doubtful.

It's only possible that the current trend to give eastern Jerusalem to Arabs is thought by globalists to be a necessary stepping stone to implementing a world king from Israel or even western Jerusalem. But it's also possible that there are fighting factions in globalism, and that non-friends of Israel have gained the upper hand in the EU, whom have placed Rompuy and Ashton in power, and may even be responsible for the Lisbon treaty a means to overcome the 6-month rotating presidency that did not consistently allow smooth operations toward key goals due to pro-Israeli rotating presidents. If this picture is true, then there may never be a king of the world ruling somehow in Israel...a surreal idea at this time.

I'd like to clarify what I mean by non-Israeli Hebrews. To the furthest extreme, they were European pioneers from the Kybele cult, without a shred of Biblical colors, not a single link to Mosaic Israel. They were pagan peoples and enemies of Israel. They simply trace back to Eber and his descendants, but had not lived in Mosaic Israel. However, being Hebrews by blood, there developed some marital ties with Israelis when the Israeli nation developed. These mixed families continued throughout the generations, giving rise to Israelis/Jews who, not taking their Mosaic religion seriously, married pagan Hebrews. The families could then develop new religions, pagan soup with a Mosaic broth, and out of this mess I see the development of Kabalistic or, at best, liberal Jews.

Also, as per old Kybele Hebrews of Aphrodite lines to the Abreu/Abruzzo Italians or Eburovices Celts of Normandy, Catholicism was eventually injected into their families, giving rise to Hebrew lines without any Judaism but instead a paganized Christianity. Catholicism has the effect of creating anti-Israeli Christians, in fact.

There was yet a third type of Hebrew-Israeli mix, one leaning heavily pagan, as for example Rosicrucianism. Within that group, there were anti-Israelis leaning even-more pagan, but also families who started to lean pro-Israel. And there were Rosicrucians who became anti-Catholic and anti-Jew, who started the Enlightenment movement, whose purpose was to advance atheism and communism, and everything anti-Bible. This was the Illuminati. One can then imagine Illuminatists mixing with religious Kabalists to produce what I call "religious Rosicrucianism," as opposed to "political Rosicrucians" seeking to place themselves atop a socialist global government.

Illuminatists had to decide whether to be democratic or communist, so why not form liberal social democrats...a total contradiction, but then Illuminatists are a hopeless lot from the start, fuel for the fires of Armageddon and destined for the blackest parts of Hell. That's not anyone fault's but their own. They will be responsible for the end of this present world, not because Christians or Israelis oppose them, but because they seek to place their own bloodlines, and their own circles, above all peoples. Which one of their factions will rule above all? Won't internal divisions weaken the entire house? Won't their Russian, Arab, and Asian enemies capitalize on their internal divisions?

Can an iron house with clay welds stand? The clay represents those European member nations not part of the EU's Roman spine. The clay depicts the European nations who have many gripes on the way "forward." Moreover, much of Europe opposes globalism; much of Europe voted against EU inclusion. Enemies of the Europeans see the internal welds, that they are not strong, that a small shot to the wall will bring the entire house tumbling down.

Are you afraid of globalism, therefore? Some of the worst it can do is steal more of our money with all of the inconveniences and exploitations involved. BUT, what we must elude are globalists who wish to destroy Christians. They must exist. They must have a death-wish for us. The message of Revelation is that they are destined to rule the EU with anti-Christian ACTION. It will be an OFFENSIVE, but only because the system will become desperate for success as Christians quit the workforce in the final 1260 days.

In other words, there may not be any need for concern about Christian persecution until our rejection of their Mark provides their satanic kind the excuses to come down upon us. The satanic kind will lead the way, and their non-satanic partners will support Christian persecution for fear of a crash in the fragile economic system. It will be a mix of "we need them" and "we hate them." Revelation 12 and 13 doesn't say that the anti-Christ makes war against the saints to kill us, but to keep us from escaping into the wilderness. He and the False Prophet are expected to persecute some to the death as an example of what could happen to those who reject their programs, but the purpose will be to keep economic stability by reducing the numbers of people quitting the workforce.

One can't paint the entire scenario in a couple of paragraphs; possible situations and circumstances are endless. The time to prepare is beforehand, when persecution is nearly non-existent, when globalists are yet unable to keep us from preparing our needs. The closer their mandatory skincode system approaches, the more they will make means to keep us from preparing in advance. They want us to be helpless at the start of the mandatory skincode system, or, failing that, they want us unable to acquire more needs during the mandatory period.

One way to make Christians helpless is to make the entire workforce helpless, which scenario could be facilitated by a controlled financial downspin just before the skincode is implemented, and/or high prices that puts the workforce into a poor house. BUT, the Controller in the Sky has the last say on whether their plots succeed, and He can turn their financial collapse into a financial unexpected lower prices, for example, or by forcing unexpected political threats/downspins upon globalist puppets.

My view differs from classic conspiracy theorists. The Bible tells me that the world (or at least the rulers of the many nations) will support the beast system headed by the anti-Christ, which does NOT suggest a radical marshal-law society, or a heavy-handed dictatorship as a result of planned social upheavals, financial collapses, etc. It suggests a world more like the one Obama seeks to build, one with global friendships all seeking mutual prosperity and oneness.

Nor do I accept the claims of conspiracy theorists that all major world events are calculated parts of globalist plans. It's got to be more complicated and uncertain. Internationalist money is like a slippery fish in a compartmentalized sea; global organizations seek to get it into their own tanks, each company competing with the other, or making alliances and forming money circles, some betraying their circles and moving to others, some moving to God, some to booze, others to porn. The situation is mud, not clear glass. The police can no longer be trusted, neither by the people nor by the globalists. The crystal is are unable to show with certainty what tomorrow will bring, nor the financial wizards, nor the "prophets."

Having a property supplying all my needs would make me feel more comfortable, but as yet I don't have such a property all prepared. And neither do most. This may be indication that the mandatory skincode is yet several years off, further away than the 2009-16 calendar would suggest. Yet, out of the mud the globalists might succeed in a string of plots so as to bring it on in a hurry. Already we see Obama allied to the bankers, and logic tells us that bankers are going to bring the skincode to us in conjunction with governments. The writing is on the wall for coinage and paper money, and the EU has a 2020 agenda to advance a so-called "digital economy" (= computer shopping).

The NewEU must be fuming this morning as "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [today] reminded coalition members that Israel's freeze on construction in West Bank settlements was only temporary, saying: 'In another eight months, we'll start building again.'" Then he threw in his trick: "We want to renew negotiations [as soon as possible with Palestinians] without negotiations."

He is able to forward that statement because he knows Palestinians won't talk until settlements freeze, BUT there has got to be another reason. I think he gave the 10-month freeze in the first place due to a Western threat that he was afraid of. It would now appear that he and his advisors have found a way to elude that threat, otherwise I don't think he would have used the assertive words above that are surely to anger the West.

January 11

If you're interested in the current Pakistani situation, the page below has access to several articles. Pakistan is upset with the Americans as they continue drone strikes in North Waziristan against government orders to cease and desist. The drone strikes are controlled by the CIA, and the recent bombing of the CIA base is being used to justify the violation of Pakistani concerns. This could be a terrible mistake for the Americans. Pakistan is telling them to turn back to Afghanistan.

It IS the CIA who operates drones:

"The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency operates the missile-firing Predator and Reaper drones...

...There have been five strikes in northwest Pakistan since the Dec. 30 bomb attack on the CIA, all in North Waziristan where Afghan Taliban factions, including one run by veteran Islamist commander Jalaluddin Haqqani, have strongholds."

Is it possible that the CIA has been bombing targets that are in secret cahoots with some Western globalists? Is it possible that these globalists warned the CIA to back off, especially after the first leader of the Mehsud Taliban was killed in a drone attack? Apparently, judging by the video just released, the Mehsud Taliban bombed the CIA base because of Mehsud's death...and even after that the CIA refused to back off. Could it be that the globalists wish to use the Mehsud Taliban as an excuse to fulfill an unpublicized agenda, while the CIA thinks differently? Bush's priority in Afghanistan was to check Iran's anti-Western progress, I think it's safe to say, but the O-Brzezinski circle might want more, and might even de-prioritize Iran for that agenda, might even be playing with fire for that agenda by conflicting with the CIA.

It is John McCain (i.e. a Republican) who's come out to openly lead the support for the CIA drone attacks in violation of Pakistan's will. Might it also be in violation of Obama's will? Is the CIA undermining Obama's program in Pakistan with the O-administration helpless to disagree lest it appears anti-American? Yet, note that the O essentially bashed the CIA for the Detroit-bomber affair?

I'm watching NBC's Dateline as I write; it's on the underwear bomber. I'm waiting to see whether Kurt Haskell's claim will be mentioned. One witness on the show says that the bomber was text-messaging while in line to be screened. This means he had at least one friend; he/she may have been the recipient of the financial reward he was to receive for the bombing. I've ruled out that his father was in on the plot. But the bomber, assuming it's correct that he was being paid by a Western globetrotter(s), may have recruited him just because the globetrotter(s) knew him through contacts with his father.

Witnesses have just described the fire, reaching about three feet high from the bomber's legs, reaching above the tops of the seats. Schuringa was in the same row at the opposite side of the plane (above the other wing). Another witness saw the burns down his legs when stripped, that they were "severe," yet he made no sound. He was "disturbingly" calm during the cuffing and the strip search. Perhaps he was on drugs. "Pain killers"? There was a child singing "Jesus loves me" when the bomber was discovered.

The passengers feared for their lives as they flew into the airport landing strip, thinking there could be another bomb on board. Yet authorities left them on the plane for 15-20 minutes longer after landing. After they had unboarded and detained in a waiting area, a bomb-sniffing dog sat beside a passenger's bag (sitting is the dog's signal that it smells bomb material). The owner of the bag was arrested, but the FBI denied the arrest, then admitted it but denied there was bomb material as the reason for arrest.

Kurt Haskell, a passenger, has claimed all over the Internet, and repeatedly to the FBI, that he heard the bomber's conversation with the airline screener in Amsterdam, yet this passenger, or his testimony, did not make it to NBC's Dateline show. Why not? So far as I can find online, or see on television, we have yet to hear why almost all major media are refusing to hear Haskell. BUT, Haskell made it to Fox News on December 29, I've just learned. I don't know how many times this Fox piece was aired, or whether there was FOX discussion on his testimony.

Why didn't Dateline mention the passenger claiming that another passenger video-taped the flight and the bombing attempt? Who was the cameraman? Not a fellow suicide-victim/terrorist, for the videotape, should it even survive the plane's crash, could serve no terrorist purposes. Therefore, the cameraman knew the bomb would not go off. Possibly, the video was a live feed so that the plotters could watch the flight's events, perhaps with the purpose of calling off the bomber's mission (with a pre-determined method) should it have been required.

The second bomber tells a story, that both bombers were given duds by Western plotters, though the Westerners may have used friendly-Arab partners to act like terrorists in order to convince the two bombers to commit suicide. Why does the media discuss everything on one bomber that Obama wants discussed, yet doesn't mention the second bomber? Assuming that the FBI does not know this to be a Western plot, they might like to keep the second bomber hush, for if they identify his name, then his friends and family will expect American questioners, and prepare for it. But if the FBI does not reveal his name, friends and family won't know, and their phones/computers can be secretly tapped, etc., in order to discover the bomber's inner circle.

YET, the FBI reported that the underwear bomber did have a passport, even as the Amsterdam airport reported. We can understand why Amsterdam was lying (to cover a gross mistake), but if its also a lie on the part of the FBI, I can't think of any reason important enough aside from protecting Amsterdam. But would the FBI put its rear on the line to cover Amsterdam's rear? Only if the FBI is contacted by the plotters, and convinced to do their will: to evade and ignore haskell, and to report that there was a passport on board.

The Nigerian passport does exist, and it's shown online. It's not a surprise that a passport should exist, but there are good reasons as to why the plotters might not like to use it. To find the correct reason, we've got to realize the truth. The Indian escort was either crazy to risk an attempt to get a Sudanese on board a plane without a passport, since Sudan is crawling with terrorists, or he knew that airport management was complicit in the plot. The latter seems the better choice.

The passport was in the possession of the bomber, but he and/or the Indian escort decided not show it to the screener (assuming he wasn't part of the plot) because the bomber's father had recently reported the bomber as a possible terrorist, and the screener may have learned of it. The escort knew he'd be refused by the screener if no passport was shown, but he also knew he could appeal to management. The bomber with his passport were then allowed to board by management. If the media would only seek out the screener, to verify that the Indian man had claimed no passport was with the bomber, this case might be blown wide open. The question is, why hasn't the screener come forward with that information? Has he been threatened?

Was the screener part of the plot? No, for he would then not have directed the bomber to see management. The Indian man would then have shown the passport to the screener, who would have winked the bomber on to the plane without further ado.



With Egypt making itself a skunk by helping Israel in its war against Hamas smuggling, Hamas is actually boasting what the West should be condemning: "...Hamas on [January 8] boasted that it had managed to smuggle new types of weapons into the Gaza Strip despite the blockade, and published photographs of some of the arms it allegedly obtained." Clearly, Hamas wants another war, and is confident that modern Philistine voters won't put it out of political power. Hamas has lately been escalating the number of missiles shot into Israeli zones.

If Hamas were to send missiles into an American zone, no matter how remote or ineffective, Obama would send in zero-tolerance, heavy-handed fighters to put the lights of Hamas out completely before one more missile were shot, and all the West would applaud the defensive move. If Israel does the same, it's reprimanded by the West. In fact, it was Obama who urged Israel to abruptly end its war against Hamas just as Israel had the sword to the throat, allowing Hamas to survive. The West knows that over 300 rockets from Gaza have been fired since Obama stopped that war, and Israel is not to the name of a secure world. Would the Obama government allow Palestinian Americans, living in America, to do the following:

"Last week, [Palestinian leader] Abbas used the term 'martyrs' to describe three terrorists killed by the IDF after they murdered a rabbi in Samaria.

The [Israeli] Prime Minister also noted that the PA named a public square for a terrorist involved in a lethal 1978 bus attack in Israel.

'Incitement continues in the Palestinian media and education system, in its official media outlets and in the schools under its supervision,' he said. 'These serious actions represent a harsh violation of the Palestinians' international obligations. This is not how peace is made.'"

This Palestinian leader is the same one that Obama wants to work with in creating a Palace Tiny right in and around Jerusalem. Abbas is a leader that refuses to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. How can we explain this Western attitude, therefore? "Double standard" is a great understatement. It seems more like a blood-brother pact, to support the cause no matter how hypocritical the Palestinians are. The situation is perfectly ripe for the West to tolerate or even admire an invasion of Israel, to do nothing as it takes place, and, then, when the invasion is unexpectedly successful, to stay out of it militarily for the sake of world security. This was unthinkable a decade or less ago. The situation started under Bush, however, let us not loose sight of that. He must have caved in to globalist threats against him.

Over 300 rockets from Gaza alone, not including threats from the West Bank and Hezbolah, yet Jimmy Carter plays the donkey with blinders on, claiming for all the world to hear, that there has been no terrorism against Israel since the war ended:

"However, the [Zionist Organization of America] charged that on virtually the same day Carter delivered his apology [to Israel], he wrote in the London Guardian that the Hamas terrorist organization should be accepted. Carter also declared, 'Israel has long argued that it cannot negotiate with terrorists, yet has had an entire year without terrorism and still could not negotiate.'"

It's mind-boggling stupidity on the part of Carter, but such has the West resorted to. His "apology" went like this: "We must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel. As I would have noted at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but which is appropriate at any time of the year, I offer an Al Het (the Jewish prayer in which worshippers remind themselves of sins) for any words or deeds of mine that may have done so." In other words, "I'm mindful that I stigmatized Israel in my zeal to improve things, but, really, I'm not apologizing for my belief that Israel does need improvement, which fact justified stigmatizing Israel in my mind at the time, because Israel is, after all, a hard-headed brute in the way it treats Hamas. From now on, I'm going to support Hamas without insulting Israel."

Yimmy! You just insulted Israel by supporting Hamas. Don't you get it???

Speaking of stupidity:

"I think that one only has to step outside here or visit where I used to work in Chicago [where it's very cold] to understand that climate change, and the record temperature that climate change is likely causing, is with us....I would say that eve[n] in places that are used to getting very cold weather, record cold...our weather patterns have been affected by change in our climate."

That was Obama's press secretary, Robert Gibbs. He's desperately trying to make an argument stick that allows other global-warmers to continue their fight in spite of the near-record cold that the planet is now undergoing, but rather than use "global warming," he uses "climate change" so that either hot or cold extremes can be blamed on the greenhouse effect. It's asinine. The news today is still the same: we are unfortunately led by donkeys the world over. Donkeys shouldn't rule; they should carry our bags. God will make them subservient to the wise; the asses will come with bags of wealth to the Israel of God, and will learn what they don't yet understand...if they survive Armageddon.

I have just found Kurt and Lori Haskell on CNN, December 28th, yet since I've been watching CNN, since December 31st, there has been no word on anything surrounding Haskell's claims: no report on the screener, no report on the Amsterdam video that the Haskells wish to see, no report on the second bomber, no fuss nor emphasis whatsoever on these topics. Ditto for the online media that I regularly check, many of them daily.

The CNN video revealed to me for the first time that the screener is a "she." It couldn't be too hard for CNN to make a phone call to inquire about her name, to contact her for her side of the story; it would be asinine for CNN not to have made such a call. It appears that some major media began to cover the Haskell story in the beginning, but that all the media were asked to keep the story hush after about December 28th. At the same time, however, knowing that two "Indian" men were reportedly a part of the plot, the major media have been blaming Yemeni-based al-Qaeda, just as the O-circle wants. So much for the idea that only communists and fascists control nation's media. Donkeys do the same.

My trace of what I call the "donkey bloodline" that created the Democrat party (of the U.S.) is to asino-like terms such as Asner, Hessen, and Eisen. The German Asner/Eisen Coat uses horseshoes, in fact, which might just be donkey symbols for all we know. There is an Irish Hessen/Hassen Coat using the same blue and white colors in a shield-on-shield design, and using diamonds as symbols.

The "Jewish" Hesse Coat also uses white on blue. The German Hesse surname, using only the "Jewish" Cohen sun on blue, was originally from Austria, as was the German Asner/Eisen surname. All three Cohen Coats shown are blue and white. When one enters "Ess," the English Esse/Ash Coat pops up. I focused on the Ash surname at the end of the previous update, this Ash Coat was shown then, but the write-up was not shared. Now look: "The first person to settle in the locality [of Devon] was D'Esse Court, a companion of King William, Duke of Normandy who landed in England in 1066 A.D....: The English Court surname (Anglo-Saxon) must be related because it uses two white chevron on black (see verification), colors reversed from the chevrons in the Esse/Ash Coat.

A variation of the Courts is "Covert." I don't think it's a coincidence that the Covert/Coffert Coat uses horizontal martlets, the birds used in the Chief of the Cobbs Coat (I've previously suggested that the two surnames are variations; both are Anglo-Saxon). The point now is, the Cobbs Crest is an elephant, thus possibly providing the secret behind the Republican elephant versus the Democrat donkey: both are from the same Esse>Court>Covert family out of D'esse Court (a person) of Cornwall. The English Coffer surname (Anglo-Saxon once again) is from Cornwall too.

The Hobbs/Hopps surname (also Anglo-Saxon) was first in Somerset, as was the Cobbs surname, and the Hobbs symbol is a black eagle on gold, perhaps linked to the same in the Court Coat. "Hobbs" might just be the reason behind Tolkien's Hobbit term. Tolkien located an evil peoples, represented by Orcs loyal to Melkor, in the Inverness-Shetland-Orkney regions.

Some of you know that I trace the donkey symbol to the Samson cult many more reasons than for Samson's use of the jawbone of an ass. Here's what I wrote on the Gibbs surname in the first update of May:

Going back to the Gibbs surname where this segment all started, we find that it was derived (or at least linked to) the Gilbert name, so I checked the latter surname to find a red squirrel in the English Gilbert Crest. I came across three red squirrels yesterday but cannot recall the surname, but I did record that a red squirrel was the symbol in the English Samuel Coat!!

Those exclamation marks are for what I wrote above: "I checked the [Scottish] Gibbs Coat to find three axes, a symbol discussed in yesterday's update. Another coincidence? The symbol belongs to the Sam-Jones fold of Hebrews." Both the Samuel and Gilbert surnames were first found in Cornwall."

Cornwall. That's where I am today by a different route. I'm wondering whether "Gibbs" is a form of "Cobbs/Hobbs." You'll note that the Gilbert Coat is red and white, the colors in the Gibbs Coat. BUT, the Gibbs Coat uses, in reversed colors, the red and white Romney band!

I discussed the Coverts and Cobbs in that May update, telling that both were first in Sussex. I can now add that Sussex was between the Cinqueports (where Romney is) and Hampshire. I began to see glimpses, in the May update, that the Coverts and Cobbs, and perhaps even the Gibbs', were from (red and white) Hohens of Goppingen, the origin of the HohenZollerns. I had also written: "Note the axe in the Cove crest; it's the symbol in the Gibbs Coat, suggesting that it's a variation of "Cobbs/Cove." The Cove surname (also Anglo-Saxon) was from a Cove locality in Sussex, but descended from "Count Alan of Brettagny," i.e. a proto-Stewart of Dol, apparently. Moreover, the Cove Coat, I've just realized, uses a version of the Romney (and Pullen) bar!!

For further research, see the Covens/Gowens of Inverness-shire, where the Gibbs were first found, who had a Gibbon variation. See also the Gowens of Cavan, Ireland. There was/is an Asse/Assi surname in the Shetlands. I don't think it's coincidental that the Court surname uses a grand-like term while both the Grant/Grand surname (of Inverness-shire) and the Cortes/Curtis surname use three crowns.

The fact that the Coves/Covers (and Romneys) trace to Alans of Dol, who then moved to Shropshire before becoming the Scottish Stewarts proper, coupled with the apparent fact that the same Alans merged with the Romneys, caused me to take another look at the Meschins, for they use scallops as do the Romneys, and meanwhile the Romney Shield is identical to Shield used by the Pullens of Cheshire, where the Meschins ruled. Yet, the Meschins were first found in Shropshire, and were therefore likely linked to the Alans of Dol at that time, for in fact the Pollocks were also first in Shropshire before moving to Scotland (Ayrshire region) with the Stewarts.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that a donkey in the Italian Capi/Capo Coat??? Well, someone says it's a "mules head." Plus, I've already discussed (first update of this January) that the Meschin Coat well-reflects the Samson Coat. The blue lion in the Samson Crest could link to the Bruces of Yorkshire/Skipton, for the Scottish Bruce Crest is a purple lion, if I'm not mistaken.

I've noted the three fish in the Cabot Coat, and that the Cabot Crest is a scallop!! When I saw the fish, I had forgotten where I had seen three fish earlier today. It turned out to be in the Cobb Coat !!! It's the Cobbs Crest that uses an elephant.

Finding the Miskelly variation of the Shropshire Meschins, I checked to see if the Kelly family was related. The Kelly surname uses a castle and "Turris Fortis" in their motto, VERY REFLECTIVE of the Turrin-Fort topic of two days ago (= the root of the Pollocks). And seeing that the motto means, "God is a strong tower to me," I suspected that the Tower surname should be related to the Turin surname, and, ZOWIE, the Tower Coat is the base of the Moreno castle (!!!), discovered just two days ago as a symbol of the Turin>Pollock family. In fact, I had found the castle as symbol for the Tour family, which I now see has the Tower variation.

The Kelly Crest uses an "enfield." Looking that up, I found: "The Enfield is a fictitious creature sometimes used in heraldry, having the head of a fox, the chest of a greyhound, the body of a lion, the hindquarters and tail of a wolf, and forelegs like an eagle's talons." The Samson story uses foxes. The Kellog/Kelloch surname, which has been previously discussed (by me) in conjunction with the Kellys, uses greyhounds.

For whatever reason, the Kiley surname (also Irish, like Kelly) popped into my head, and that brought up black stars on white, the Ashton symbol. Then I went to the update of two days ago, and retrieved this: "Interestingly, the Barroso Coat uses a greyhound, the symbol in the Tache/Tash Crest, wherefore if the Tasche surname is truly from the Ash family (as the write-up suggests), there would indeed be an Ashton link to the Barrosos." The Barosso/Barro Coat uses two greyhounds on either side of the Moreno Castle! The Barr Coat uses white stars on black.

At first, because "Capite" is capitalized in the Meschin write-up, I thought it was the name of a location in Shropshire. Then I learned that it's to be interpreted as "in capite," meaning a land grant by a ruler. Just the same, the investigation into capite-like terms has proven to be important. It turns out that "capite" is a from of the Latin term, capere, the "present active infinitive of capio ('I take in, understand')" "Capi" is a part of that family of terms. The Italian term for "understand," as many may know, is "capish," and meanwhile entering "Capis" gets the Italian Capi/Capo Coat (using the mule/donkey). And as the Capi surname was just tied to the scallop symbols of the Meschin and Samson Coats, look at the English Cape Coat: scallops in the colors of the Capis and Romneys! The Cape Coat also uses a white lion on red, the Stewart and Magdalene symbol previously traced to the Dol Alans/Allens. The Capi topic a few paragraphs above started when tracing the Alans of Brittany to the English locality of Cove.

Don't give up on me now, because this leads to the Biden surname without a doubt. As I entered Caper (using caps for the head, I think), I found that such a family was "descended from Le Cappere of Ayncourt, in the bailiwick of Caux [Normandy], and became Tenants in Chief in Lincolnshire, Northampton, and Cheshire. They assumed the name of Ballivia Domini Gaufridi de Capella." Entering "Capella," I actually got an Italian Capella/Capelli Coat...using a cap (technically, a "chapeau") nearly identical but obviously related to the chapeau in Button/Biden Crest!!

I don't know if the coincidence of tracing the capelli term just days ago (on January 5) to the Kybele cult of Cabellees Lydians has significance in these surnames, but here is what I wrote:

"I did trace the Samson cult forward from Israel to the Dionysus, long-haired transvestites. For example, on August 19: 'It dawns on me now that 'Cabelee' smacks of 'capelli,' the Italian for 'hair.' Dionysus, a Kybele cult god, was portrayed as a transvestite, and I've already traced him to the Samson cult for reasons other than his mythical mother, Semele."

I have just learned that "hair" in Portuguese, is "cabelo." The proto-Latin language was in Lydia and surrounding region, the domain of Dionysus' female "Maenads."

Samson's father was Manoah, perhaps the term that named the Maeander river after which the Maenads were named. I do trace the Kybele cult back to the god, Manes, because Kybele was made married to Attis, the Lydo-Phrygian sun god descended from Manes.

January 12

The CNN topic is turning toward the American-born cleric with the Awlaki surname; meanwhile, the topic here is the Meschin relationship with the Samson surname, wherein both families use the scallops...that appear related to the Fleck Coat. The latter coat was found only because the Samson surname uses "flagitium" as a motto term, and entering "Flag" brings the Fleck Coat...the scallops of which are (not likely coincidentally) in the white-on-black colors of both the Meschins and the Samsons. Assuming that the Fleck surname links to Afleck/Aflack, could Awlaki be an Arab line back to the Samson cult?

I ended yesterday on branches of the Capi clan (mule symbol), then finding the English Cape surname using scallops in the colors of Romney. After ending the update, I continued digging, seeing the searches coming back to the Pullens of Cheshire...the founders of the American Romney i.e. Romulus, Michigan. Here's how it happened.

In line with the cabelo and capelli terms of late yesterday, "Chappel/Chapple Coat" was found, also using scallops (!) the Muslim color of green. In fact, the colors are green and white, what I've tentatively assumed to be the colors of European Ishmaelites. I then entered "Gabell" to find the English Gable/Gabell Coat, also green and white. I immediately entered "Cable" to find yet the Cable/Cabell Coat...once again, green and white.

Then next name entered was Kebbell; there were two signs of Pullen/Pulsipher links. The white stars on black in the Kebbell/Kibbel Chief, used also in the Pulsipher Coat, and a red, engrailed chevron used also by the Irish White Coat (the latter is identical in shape and size with the Shaw chevron, and Shaws are suspect as major Ishmaelites). The Whites were shown (previous update) to be Whitakers, and Whitakers were solidly linked to the Pulcifer and Pullen founders of Romulus, Michigan. The very next thing done was amazing. Wondering what to do next, I wondered whether I should enter a Lydia-like term since the theory is that these surnames trace back to the Cabellees Lydians. So I entered "Ladon," a surname the symbol of which I had forgotten, The Ladon/Ladd Coat is near-identical with the Meschin Coat, with scallops, all colors reversed. Amazing, for the Cabelees-like surnames also use scallops.

Next up was "Lyd" to get the Lyd/Leyde/Layde Coat. When finding it, I was poised to point out something about the Vince/Vinch Coat: it uses the griffin used also in the Chester Coat. Both surnames are from Anglo-Saxons, and to clinch the link, the Chester motto uses "Vincit (which is what caused me to find the link). Assuming that the Chester surname founded Chester of Cheshire, the Chesters were linked to what could have been the Da Vinci sector of the Magdalene cult. Then I learned that the Lyds and Vinces both use "sibi" as motto terms. I could find only the Sibelle/Sibald surname that may apply (due to similarity with "Cabelle").

At first I didn't see any other Sibelle link to the Vince surname (meaning "victor") except the victorious term in the write-up: "The name Sibell is derived from the Old English personal names Saebeald or Sigebeald, which meant "victorius"... But then, lucky, I happened to check the explanation for the Cheshire Crest: a purple hawk's lure, and three more hawk's lures appearing in the Coat. I recalled from moments earlier something about a hawk concerning the Seabald Crest, having read it only because "Seabald" is the derivation of the Sibelle/Sibald surname. I went back to see, and bingo: "A green eagle close, holding in the beak a hawk's lure, lined and ringed of red." Therefore the Chesters/Cheshires link to the Vinces and they to the Sibelle family, explaining why the Vinces use "sibi" in the motto. The Lyds use the same motto term possibly because they link to the Ladons/Ladds, who in turn used the Meschin symbol.

Now listen. We can assume that the Samson cult was heavy in Cheshire. Asking myself why the Ladon and Lyd/Layde surnames were linked, the Laish location of the book of Judges came to mind, for Samson's Hebrews attacked the city and took it over. I recalled at that point the Laisk variation of the Lask surname mentioned at the end of the previous update. The Lask/Laisk Coat uses three white stars on black, the Pulsipher (first in Cheshire!) symbol. Then the "Lash" term was tried, bringing up the Leach/Leech Coat of Cheshire!! Then I recalled the Lasonii tribe of Cabelees Lydians, and entered "Lason" to get the Lawson/Lason Coat, using the same cap/chapeau in the Italian Capella Coat (and the Button/Biden Crest).

I went to the news, but still the bloodline topic persisted upon coming across the Rohmer surname (Eric Rohmer dies at 89). Taking another look at the Rohmer/Romer surname, I was reminded about its pine cone...the symbol of Attis, father of mythical Lydus! Coincidence? I then recalled a Masci-like surname of Rimini (Italy) using a pine cone, but couldn't find it immediately. Searching, I first tried "Mascal," and got the Mascall Coat using an elephant in the Crest. I noted that the Mascalls were first in Sussex, where the Cobbs were from, where the Coves were from. The Cobbs Crest also uses an elephant, you see, and the Cove surname uses the Romney design. Then I found it, the Maschi surname of Rimini, using the pine cone and having a Maskaly variation, not only close to "Mascall" but to the Miskelly variation of the Shropshire Meschins.

It appears rather stark that some Freemasons trace(d) themselves to Samson Danites and/or Danaans and/or other branches of ancient Samson cults within the Kybele/Kabeiri sphere. Whether their traces are real or not isn't important. What's important is that the modern cult seems to be at the heart of the anti-Israeli Illuminati of end-time importance.

Back to the news. The following article is acutely interesting and, in my current opinion, will have some bearing on the anti-Christ's rise in Iraq:

"The Central Intelligence Agency is reported to have recently conducted secret contacts in Yemen with Iraqi Baathist leader Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Saddam Hussein's former vice president, in a bid to negotiate a political accord between Sunni insurgents and the Shiite-led Baghdad government.

The Paris-based Intelligence Online Web site said other meetings were held with Baathist leaders in Damascus, the Syrian capital where Douri and his associates reportedly live.

...There was no official confirmation of the Intelligence Online report by Washington or Baghdad. But it coincided with reports that U.S. counter-terrorism agents were working with former Saddam-era Iraqi intelligence officers in Yemen to counter the growing al-Qaida threat there.

The regime of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was close to Saddam and has long employed Iraqi army officers to lead its 67,000-strong armed forces.

Since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, hundreds of former military and intelligence officers who served Saddam have flooded into Sanaa.

The Americans, with whom Saddam was allied until 1990, reportedly want to create a special anti-jihadist unit. They no longer trust Saleh's Political Security Organization, which they say has been heavily penetrated by al-Qaida.

...If the CIA's strategy fails, Intelligence Online warned, 'The American military could well leave behind a country in the midst of a civil war.'

...Douri, the last high-ranking fugitive from Saddam's rule still at large with a $10 million U.S. bounty on his head, regularly exhorts Iraqis to topple the Baghdad government and restore the Baath to power."

After waiting about seven years, the time is finally near for the American exit from Iraq. The process has already begun. The curiosity is that the CIA has been on speaking terms with al-Douri, the one thought to be the primary leader of Saddam loyalists. What is going on? Why have we not known this before? How long have the two been speaking? What have they agreed to, if anything? Or is Intelligence Online feeding a false report?


The Jerusalem Post has another article boasting, almost, of Israel's unity with Egypt in building walls to eliminate what Hamas dearly wants, smuggling. "The decision [by Israel] to build the fence [in Gaza], however, is not merely a move against infiltrations. It also is part of a larger Israeli-Egyptian strategy to turn the screws on Hamas and up the pressure on the terror group and its Gaza-based government.' Egypt has also forbidden convoys to enter Gaza, even convoys from Britain.

Complaints from the West are expected, but the main point is: the anti-Christ's forces need some reason for attacking Egypt in the first half of Daniel's Week. Egypt is right-on cue at this time, making itself an enemy of the anti-Israeli forces. I'm expecting the invasion on Egypt early in the Week -- i.e. in the first half of 2010 -- though, unfortunately, it's not possible to determine with certainty, from Daniel 11:25-30, when in the first half of the Week the invasion occurs. All we can know is that verse 31 is the midway point, and that the invasion is in verse 25.

I am of course on the edge of my seat because, recently, the situation in Egypt didn't look as though verse 25 would be fulfilled in the first half of 2010. Suddenly, however, Egypt announced the building of a steel wall across the Gaza front, 100 feet into the ground. It then did not complain about Israel's fence on the Gaza side of the Egypt-Gaza border. It then snubbed a Western convoy headed for Gaza. These are the makings for a war on Egypt to kick off the rest of Week-related prophecy.

I've been expecting that anti-Israeli forces in the Sudan, and south into Somalia, should enter that war against Egypt. At least, it seems logical. In the article above (last night), we learn that a large number of Saddam loyalists escaped Bush's invasion into Yemen because the Yemeni leader was at that time Saddam-friendly (he was a UN member who officially voted against Bush's war). This means that Baathist plots have been hatched in Yemen for the past seven years, and who knows but that there have been alliances made across the sea into Sudan and Somalia.

There is no doubt that Yemen has become a great threat suddenly to the ObamaNATO globetrotters. Media emphasis on that front should reveal more details in the near future. Apparently, Obama ordered a cruise-missile attack on Yemeni targets in the week before the underwear bomber flew his mission. If that bomb attempt was indeed a Western plot to increase world support for Western action in Yemen, then truly the globetrotters are worried about what's going on there.

How many times have prophecy writers blown Middle Eastern developments so large that they appear as prophecy-related stepping stones? Perhaps I'm overdoing it, but only because I'm expecting a drastic event in the first half of 2010. I also know that al-Qaeda-related forces have struck Somalia harder in recent days. This takes place as the world expects Iraq to fragment into war. Just today we see more rats dug into Baghdad: "Iraqi security forces [today] arrested 25 people suspected of plotting attacks and imposed a temporary curfew on parts of the capital as they conducted raids and seized explosives."

The chronology of events in Daniel 11 seem certain: first, the anti-Christ will appear/arise in Iraq, then he will invade Egypt. That is quite a lot for merely the next six or seven months, but suddenly the conditions appear appropriate for both events, and there is momentum on both fronts even while the leader of the "free world" is bumbling along, trying to get his act right. There has got to be a reason why "Yemen's most influential Islamic scholar warned foreign governments against sending troops to his country to battle al Qaeda...he said his support [against al-Qaeda] was conditional, as long as U.S. or other foreign combat troops refrain from setting foot on the ground here...'if someone occupies your country ... a Muslim has a duty to defend' against such invaders, he said." That's in today's news.

The article mentions the "so-called American Taliban, John Walker Lindh," which is interesting because I suspect that Rhodians are involved in Taliban affairs in no straight-forward role. Without repeating all the reasons, I link the Rhodes surname (first found in Lin Colony/Lindsey) to Lindos-like surnames using the linden leaf as symbol, as does the Swedish Lindh/Linden Coat, for example. John Linde was involved with the Pakistani group, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, "a Pakistani group formed in 1980 to fight the Soviet military in Afghanistan."

The article mentions that Osama bin-Laden is from a Yemeni family. This comes just as I traced the Laden/Ladd surname to the Meschins/Samsons, and asking whether the surname of the Yemen-affiliated American, Anwar al Awlaki, traces to an Arab branch of the Meschin-Samson bloodline/group. Some years ago I thought to trace the proto-Laden dragon (of Greece), called Lotan (Syria) but also Yam(m), to Hebrews from Yemen but linked to Hebrews of Allepo (Syria), anciently Halab. The Halybes and their Khaldi cousins have been envisaged by me to be the root of the Cabelees and Lasonii peoples. Since I trace the Khaldi to the Celts, I should mention that, after finding good evidence (see yesterday) that the Kelly surname to be from the Miskelly variation of the Meschins, I took another look at Kelly-like surnames, including the Scottish Kelt/Kelty Coat...using three black stars on white. In fact, the Kelt Coat is identical with the Irish Kiley Coat shown yesterday. I was led to the Kelt surname (first found in Perthshire) only because I had seen the "Callide" motto term of the (black-and-white) Caily/Calley Coat when entering "Cauly." Some readers may recall my former discussion on Cauly/Collie-like surnames, and that I had then discussed the Kelt surname, linking it to the Kyles (Ayrshire) and in turn to Colter-related families tracing back to the first Piast king, Kolodziej. I had entered "Kaly" when finding the Caily/Calley Coat because Miskelly variations should include "Mascaly." I should mention that the other Mascal surname shows a Macskall variation (i.e. with consonants reversed) so as to form "Maccus," the derivation of the Maxton and Maxwell surnames.

When I entered "Skall" just now to check for a Macskall link to another family, the MacColl/MacCole Coat (!) popped up, using two red stars on white...VERY LIKELY linked to the single red star on white of the Kyles, for the Kyles claim to trace to king Cole. Never did I think that Kyles would trace to Meschins, but there we have it. Never did I think, a year or more ago, that Meschins would prove to be so central in Illuminati roots.

I neglected to mention, last night, when on the Meschin/Samson trace to the Cabellees/Lasonii Lydians, that it served as evidence of the Meschin surname being in honor of the Mysian-branch Meshech (who morphed into "Amazons"). The Mysians (north side of Lydia) were said (by Herodotus, I think) to have been ruled by the Hercules bloodline for over 500 years after the Trojan war...until the Lydians proper developed from those Mysians. This is very conspicuous because there is good evidence that the Samson cult of Daniy (in Israel) developed into the Hercules Danaan.

Thus, a Samson merger occurred with the Mysian-branch Meshech, whom together in Britain used white-on-black scallops, the same scallops (i.e. same colors) used by the Flecks. These scallops should trace to "Euskals" (= Basques) because the Bajocasses of the Bessin (Normandy), where Cheshire Meschins originated, were traced (by me) to Basques. There is no doubt in my mind that the Flecks named the Aflecks because the latter use a black-on-white cross, similar enough to the Maxwell saltire. AND, it seems obvious to me now that the Meschin scallops are alternatives to the white-on-black Pulsipher and Kelt stars. One question is, how did the Meschin scallops become red on white in the Pullen Coat, as they are likewise in the Romney Coat? From the Cole/Kyle stars?

Todays news is Awlaki's father telling the world that his son is no Osama bin-Laden. But could the two terrorists trace to the same Lydo-Mysian family as the Meschins, though more likely to still-earlier roots in the Israeli theater that saw a pagan cult develop around "Samson" and "Manoah"? This is an intriguing idea. If so, all the years of "senseless work" on bloodline topics may have the purpose of exposing the battlelines to come in the lead-up to Armageddon, and who knows what more.

I am more convinced now than ever that, alone, the work here would never have materialized. I would never have found the links so smoothly and regularly, but would have given up long ago, had there not been, countless times, "coincidental" findings prodding me onward in wild successes. I would have given up long ago in frustration had there not been timely tips from various readers, and from scores of other situations ending up in my face.

There are many Illuminati families, but something is convincing me that Meschin-related families are central to end-time players. I had suspected that these families might form the False Prophet cult, but the idea that they could also link to the two founders of the Baathists AND the leader(s) of al-Qaeda together seemed beyond possibility...until now. Is this "coincidence" from God's Plan, because He wants to punish, in particular, all branches of the Samson>Hercules cult at Armageddon? Or, is the Western branch in-reality working in cahoots with the Arab branch as some conspiracy theorists claim?

Put it this way, that when I used "Ladon" in the title of my dragonline book, and gave the book the online address of, I had no idea that the Ladon/Ladd surname would use the same symbol as the Meschins who provided my mother's Masci surname. Nor was bin-Laden on my mind at that time; I hadn't even realized the similarity of terms. And when I discovered the Western roots of the Baath founders, Aflaq and Bitar, did I dream that Scottish Aflacks would stem from Meschins? I am conscious that readers don't want me to steer the topic to the Meschins just because it's one of my mother's bloodlines, but as you can see, the Meschins do sit at the fore of the Ladon cult...keeping in mind that it was Hercules who killed 100-headed Ladon in western Atlantis, and replaced that kingdom's ruler, mythical Geryon.

I am conscious that Christian readers don't want me to discuss the phrase, "Samson cult," for which reason I at first refused to mention it, yet it was deemed a necessity for the obvious link to Hercules, and his link to Western Europeans. Now I find that the Samson cult, in the West, links solidly in many ways to Meschins and the Lys-using Mascis/Masseys.

I don't think it's a coincidence, in light of the proposed Miskelly > Kelly modification, or in light of the proposed Mascaly > Caly > Scaly modification (both Caly and Scaly use white stars on red), that one of the earliest-recorded versions of the Meschin surname in Shropshire, Mescelin, evokes "Skel(ton): 1) the surname to which I had traced the scallop symbol, and 2) the surname using fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Masci fleur-de-lys. I mentioned the Skelton link to Meschins months ago but had no idea how the two surnames were related; I now see that Skeltons were Meschins.

The Skeltons (from Skelton, Yorkshire) merged with the Bruces of Yorkshire, the latter being from the Ebroicum Hebrew Celts (pagan, non-Israelite) of Normandy that named York as "Eboracum/Eburacum." Look at the York Crest, a chapeau!! It's the same cap as the one in the Biden/Button Coat, the Capella/Capelli Coat, and the Lawson/Lason Coat. It's not likely coincidental that the York motto includes the phrase, "Banner of York," for in the Meschin-Coat page we read that the first known Mescelin "descended from William de Meschines...who held the honor of Skipton, in Yorkshire, from Richard Banistre..." See "Skelton Castle was built in 12th century by the de Brus (Bruce) family."

As you can see in the article above that Skelton was in the Yorkshire region of Cleveland, note that the Dutch Cleave Coat uses three red fish on white. Earlier in this update, I showed the three red fish of the Cabot Coat (scallop in Crest) and Cobb Coat (elephant in Crest), two surnames linked, I explained, to the Capi(s) mule symbol and the Capella chapeau. I don't think it's a coincidence that entering both "Capot" and "Chapeau" brings up the Chaput Coat's white roses, the age-old symbol of York. However, the Copps Coat uses red roses...and the Skelton/Masci fleur-de-lys. The Copps surname was first found in Lancashire (!), named after Lancaster.

I have long been seeking the reason for the red versus white colors in the War of the Roses fought between Lancaster and York. I suspected that the kings on both sides, being from the same Norman bloodlines, likely had varied -- i.e. red rose versus white rose -- bloodlines on their mothers' sides. But never did I have a good clue as to where those rose colors led back, except that the white rose led back to the Eburovices Celts (but the red rose could likewise). It may just be that the red versus white conflict was internal in the Copps/Cobbs/Capot/Cabot/Capi/Capelli-related families, a conflict persisting to this day in the donkey versus elephant battle in everyday American politics. The Cobbs uses the elephant, and the Capis use the donkey. Copps use a red rose, and Capots use a white rose.

I had traced the Republican elephant logo to the flag of Liguria. Interior Liguria is Piedmont, where we find it capital, Turin. Since the Pollocks have just been traced to Turin (to both the Turin surname and the location), the Meschins must likewise trace to that location, and indeed the Italian Masci surname was first found in Piedmont.

January 13

There seems to be nothing amiss about Judges 13, where Samson is introduced as a member of the Nazirites. There are no strong-man stories, and the emphasis is on not touching wine nor eating unclean things. But when we get to the last remaining three chapters (14-16) on Samson, the topics become contradictory, unreal, and filled with symbolism much like Greek mythology. Note that DioNYSUS smacks of "Nazir(ite)" and that he was the Greek god of wine. Coincidence? Or was Dionysus the god of a Nazirite sect that turned against God's laws? Did that evil branch write chapters 14 to 16, and insert it into the book of Judges?

In chapter 14, Samson eats an unclean thing, honey from a dead animal, and gives some to his parents without telling them where it was from (the Law of Moses does forbids Israelites to touch a dead animal, let alone eat from what's inside it's carcass). What Samson reportedly does with the honey is something that ordinarily angers God, something that pagans would like to write.

Chapter 14 starts off with Samson demanding a non-Israelite wife, yet another thing that usually angers God. His parents suggest that he take a wife among the Israelites, but he refuses. He wants a Philistine. Yet we are to believe that the Spirit of God came upon him, at that time, to make him unusually strong, enough to kill the lion with his bare hands. The lion came out against him while he was headed toward a vineyard. The symbol of Kybele, the great mother goddess of the Dionysus cult, was a lion.

Still in chapter 14, we find emphasis on the number 30 in relation to Ashkelon (Gaza). Then Samson's wife deceives him in much the same way that Delilah deceives him in chapter 16; both stories read like tales. And Delilah is another Philistine, apparently. But before meeting her, he visits a prostitute in Gaza, breaking the law of God again, but, just the same, God gives him unusual strength in the middle of the night while sleeping with her.

In chapter 15, Samson catches 300 foxes, something that his muscles could not in themselves accomplish. It sounds too wild to be true. Note the number 300 is much like 30. He ties the tails of all these foxes, in pairs, and lights them all on fire. Not realistic. Then he hides out in a cave in a hill called "jawbone" (Hebrew = "Lehi"), and 3,000 (look familiar?) men come to the cave from Judah to cause him trouble...that requires his great strength to overcome. Very myth-like plot. As he approaches Lehi, he gets out of his bonds, and jumps the Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey, killing 1,000 men with it. Really? The Lehy/Leahy Coat uses a lion, just like the Sammes Coat and the Samson Crest.

Samson then gets caught by the Philistines. He hasn't yet overcome them as a nation or an army by any means, yet his eyes are gouged out, and soon after he dies while killing only a few more Philistines when bringing down two pillars in Dagon's temple, the two pillars being a symbol of both Hercules and Freemasons.

My senses tell me that Dagon-worshiping Philistines were allied to a godless Timnite peoples (from Timnah) represented by the mighty, lawless Samson of chapters 14-16. Perhaps some were called after Manoah, Samson's father, a branch that could have developed into the Maeonians, ancestors of Lydians along with the Mysians. The Maeonians likely lived on the Maeander river that I think named the mythical Maenads (said to be wild women, but I think depicting long-haired effeminate men in the beginning) of Dionysus. "Timnah' may have named the LaceDaemonians of Sparta as Lydians evolved into the Atreus Spartans (as Dionysus merged with Dryas' Odrysians). In Wikipedia's Maenad article, we find foxes as one of Dionysus' symbols: "The maenads were also known as Bassarids (or Bacchae or Bacchantes) in Roman mythology, after the penchant of the equivalent Roman god, Bacchus, to wear a fox-skin, a bassaris." Proof that Dionysus originated in Samsonite Israel is in his mother, Semele, daughter of the Tyrian peoples depicted as "Cadmus."

"The [Dionysus] rite climaxed in a performance of frenzied feats of strength and madness, such as uprooting trees, tearing a bull (the symbol of Dionysus) apart with their bare hands, an act called sparagmos, and eating its flesh raw, an act called omophagia. This latter rite was a sacrament akin to communion in which the participants assumed the strength and character of the god by symbolically eating the raw flesh and drinking the blood of his symbolic incarnation."

The article goes on to claim what I have never read before (I've read much on Dionysus), that "Having symbolically eaten his body and drunk his blood, the celebrants became possessed by Dionysus." We of course pay no attention to the clever phrasing of that statement, nor the "communion" term above it, as there are many anti-Christian writers these days trying to link Dionysus to Jesus; it's an attempt to undermine Christianity, obviously.

You realize the point in the quote above: the tearing of an animal with bare hands, and the mighty strength to do so, well reflecting the Samson story. The Maenads were given the "symbol" of tearing people apart with their bare hands.

The Maenads carried a staff (a thyrsos) tipped with a pine cone: thus, Attis, husband of Kybele. "Euripides wrote that honey dripped from the thyrsos staves that the Bacchic maenads carried." In the opinion of many, the thyrsos was the male organ carried by the wild women; thus, transvestites. The cult was sheer SIN.

It took a BBC headline this morning to knock home the significance of the Meschin and Polish link to the Romney clan. I caught it out of the corner of my eye just as I was leaving the page. The headline is: Czech schools 'still fail Roma' I had known that Roma/Romani "Gypsies" use a wheel/cart symbol to this day, and I've known that they live heavily in the Moravian/Romanian domain, yet I didn't entertain them as the root of the Romney and related clans. I had Rome in mind instead. The theory now is that Piast the Wheelwright, and other families using a cartwheel, trace to Gypsy clans. Wikipedia:

"The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) states that a gypsy is a
member of a wandering race (by themselves called Romany), of Hindu origin, which first appeared in England about the beginning of the 16th c. (by hotchkiss) and was then believed to have come from Egypt."

The article has a link to an article on the "Anglo-Romany" language and the "Romanichal" people who speak it. However, the claim is that these Romani peoples arrived to Britain (from Hungary and surrounding regions) in the 15th century. I would insist that they arrived earlier as the Leslies et al in the 11th century, and still earlier as the Saxons -- e.g. the Wessex Saxons from Lusatia's Kwisa river.

The timing of seeing this headline, the first thing this morning after writing the above on Dionysus last night, isn't coincidental. A branch of Gypsies is called "Sinti," to be traced to the Sintians of Lemnos, the home of Dionysus. The Sintians are traced by others (and me) to a peoples of a similar name in the northern Caucasus, but then further back to the "Hindu" term of Pakistan/India. Dionysus of Lemnos was essentially the same as Hephaestus (sacred island was Lemnos), for both gods were given the symbol of a limp from birth. Therefore, Dionysus has Aphrodite as a "wife," which is to say that Sintians were allied on Lemnos with the Kabeiri cult from the Hebros/Maritsa river. It is a fact that at least one myth writer had Dionysus in India. I have spoken on the topic before, and have traced Dionysus to the crux of Rosicrucian Kabala.

I have just gone searching for the Sinti-like term of the northern Caucasus, and at first searched "Sindi." That led to the Sindi of who live at Pulli. Hmm, doesn't that look conspicuous after concentrating for some days now on the Pullens...who use the Romney Shield??? Have we got it? I think we do. The Sindi flag is shown, just blue and red, the two most-used colors by far in Polish heraldry. AND, the colors of the Romney Coat.,_Estonia

As I read the Pulli article, learning that it's thought to be the earliest human settlement in Estonia, and reading on the flint and other stone-age items of archaeological digs, the Flintstones came to mind again... especially because they wore Russian hats to their Water Buffalo lodge. I mention this because Sindi and Pulli are in Parna county, a term smacking of "Barney." His surname, "Rubble," has always reminded me of the Russian ruble.

Going to the Parnu-County article, I saw that its Arms use a black bear on gold. I was shocked, for I had, just a couple of minutes earlier, checked out the two Barn Coats for links to Parnu. I had just seen that the German/Swiss Barn/Bern Coat uses a black bear on gold!! The English Barn Crest uses a spotted leopard, the symbol of Dionysus in India!! The Barn family was at the battle of Hastings (!), the general locale of Romney.

The German Bern Coat above has already been traced (by me) to the Zahringers of Berne (where Berns/Barns were from), and then to the Bernicians of the Borderlands of Anglo-Scotland, and then to the Rhodes surname using a spotted leopard in their Crest. I can now add that both the Barns and Rhodes use gold roundels. It fits, for Zahringer-related Berne was shown to be the Bamm-Bamm cult, so to speak, of Babenberg Bamberg, founders or descendants of the Bebbanburg Bernicians.

"Parnu" itself smacks of the Persians, Aryans, but the Dionysus cult traces to Parnassus in Greece, primary home of the so-called Muses, nine females that very likely evolved from the Maenad concept. The point is, I trace Muses to the Meshech Mysians i.e. and to the Meschin family. But with this new information, I've learned still more:

"In Greek mythology, Kleodora (or Cleodora) was one of the prophetic Thriai, nymphs who divined the future by throwing stones or pebbles. She and her sisters (Melaina and Daphnis) lived on Mount Parnassus in Phocis and was loved by Poseidon. With Poseidon (or Kleopompos), she became the mother of Parnassus."

Pebbles? You get it. But I shared the quote for "Kleodora," because it smacks of Kolod(ziej), the name of Piast the wheelwright. In fact, I traced the Piast term to the Pisidians, founded by "Poseidon," quite apparently. However, the term may be rooted in Kle-o-Dora, for the Dorians lived at Parnassus. I trace Dorians to Dor of northern Israel...where the tribe of Dan came to control, probably with the proto-Danaan of Greece, for Perseus, the first Danaan king, was placed by one myth in Joppa, not far from Dor. The "Gorgo(phones) were born from Perseus of Joppa, and moreover I suspect that the Macedonian relatives of the Dorians were named after "Megiddo," a Gog's pebble-throw from Dor, and the term used by Revelation to represent the Last Battle (ArMageddon). It may just be that "Armageddon" was so named because a Gogi peoples lived at Megiddo, wherefore the armies of end-time Gog will be destroyed largely at Megiddo.

I had traced the "Aegyptus" brother of mythical Danaus to Gypsies of Methoni in Messene (Greece), but had also traced the wine-cult of Dionysus there. It's therefore possible, inasmuch as the Dionysus wine cult traces to a corrupt Samsonite peoples of perhaps some Danite blood but with definite Danaan blood (from Tanis, Nile river, but also from Tanais, north Caucasus), that the Muses/Mysians were the namers of Messene though also of Mycenae, the city said to be founded by Perseus. The latter seems very solidly to depict Parthian Gorgon peoples (who developed into the Georgians/Gogi), and it's not likely a coincidence that "Nysus," the root of Dionysus, was from Nuzi, a city in Parthian/Persian domains to the east of the Tigris. In fact, Nuzi was in the Zagros region, the latter smacking of "Zagreus," an alternative name of Dionysus.

Clearly, Nuzi smacks of the root of "Nazirite," and from this one is tempted to make a connection to Nazareth, but, even so, it doesn't mean that Jesus was linked to the Dionysus cult. Quite the contrary, the teachings of the Son of God are distant from the SIN cult of Greece, and He was sent to destroy the winepress of God at Megiddo. The Almighty may have had the dragon of Greece his sights when sending Y'Shua through Nazareth, a city that rejected Him when he came.

A major mythical character of Messene was "Pylos/Pilos," which is conspicuous with "Pullen" and "Pole." With the link of Aegyptus to nearby Methoni, "Pylos" is likely from "Belus," mythical father of Aegyptus and Danaus and likely depicting the PELUSiac river (named after Pelusium) on which Tanis was found. Ramesses took over that region, a term that could possibly have formed the Romans and/or Romani. "In the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tanis was said to be the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant..."

It is my claim that the Hyksos rulers of Egypt were responsible for the Danaans. The Hyksos ruled at Avaris, neat Tanis, and moreover "In the Middle Ages, Pylos was named Avarino, probably after a body of Avars who settled there..." While Avaris may have been named by Avars (they lived in Gogi territory of the Caucasus), it's fundamental to me that Pylos was founded by whatever peoples did found or live at Avaris.

There is little doubt that Pylos was named after "Pelep(ponese)," for Pelops married the daughter of Oenomaus ("wine man") when the proto-Pelopians first arrived to Greece, and Methoni was the daughter of Oeneus ("wine man)." Oenomaus was ruler of Pisa, remember, which I trace to Pisidians, and meanwhile the symbol of Oenomaus was a wheel. It looks like perfect mythical fodder for a trace to Piast Kolodziej and his fellow Poles.

When seeking info on Oeneus just now, I ran into a blog on Templar roots, a very nice one at that with many images shared. Therein, a "Sanders" has been spreading ideas in the Ladon book while also sharing his/her own. I am wondering if Sanders is reading these updates. If so, thank you, and we're hoping that the world picks up on these ideas. Sanders takes closely to some Ladon-book ideas, but says that my writings are hard to follow. Forgive me, I wrote while learning, while knowing but a drop in the bucket, and without knowing what direction I would be on in the next unwritten chapter. I tried my best to make a connected story out of it, but it got disorganized much of the time. If I could re-write it now, I'd cut out a lot of fat and wild guesses that didn't prove to be relevant nor true.

Sanders adds much to what the Ladon book reveals (this is what I have been hoping for the world over, but not if my writings are used to "prove" wrong things about Jesus), and I would like to share a few of those things. For one, on the third page of the blog, Melusena (who has recently been revealed here as Mari with the disheveled hair) is shown to be on the Star Bucks logo.

I felt it necessary to rebuke an emailer in recent days (within the last week) for linking Jesus to Parthian Scythians. I hope that today's update paints the proper picture of Jesus versus Dionysus in his/her mind. Just after the showing of the Star Bucks logo, Sanders gets into the Parthians, then the Jesus-Magdalene cult. Hmm, could Sanders be the person I have just rebuked? Sanders claims to be non-religious.

"Nazoraioi were mentioned by Theodoretus (Century V) as Jews who believed that the Jewish messiah was nothing more nor less than a Tzadik. According to him they later came to adopt a Hebrew Gospel of Matthias..."

This is good, very good, if the Nazars were Christian gnostics, for one can suspect that the birth-of-Jesus piece in Matthew 2 was an insertion, not Inspired, and written by a pago-Christian group honoring magi (= satanists), astrology, and mythical stories. Mark's Gospel is often a perfect repeat of Matthew, but Mark does not include Matthew's birth account, if that helps.

How can anyone follow a star to a particular house? How low would the star need to hang over one house versus another house? Why were there no throngs following this low-flying star, since the magi are said to have followed it for some two years? Comets cannot indicate one house versus another, so forget that theory.

The same Matthew account links wrongly two times to Old Testament texts. In 2:15, the writer(s) says that Hosea's prophecy, "Out of Egypt I called my son," which in Hosea refers to Jacob/Israel, is in reality speaking on the trek made by Mary and Joseph to Egypt, then back again to Israel. That link had never seemed correct in our eyes, did it? Then, in 2:18, the Jeremiah-31 prophecy about Rachel weeping in Ramah, which cannot be linked to Jesus, is linked to Jesus by the writer(s) of Matthew 2. It's all so mystical, just like the gnostic/kabalistic "Christians" who read into Scripture things that are not there.

There doesn't appear to be anything particularly gnostic about Matthew's chapter 1 and 3, so that only chapter 2 appears inserted at some point in history. The finger points to the Nazars. I do not suspect anything else in Matthew, nor any other Gospel, to be inserted by non-Christian groups. But the book of Hebrews, which I have always loved, is suspect in some places, especially on the link of Jesus to Melchizadek (chapters 5-7) of pre-Israelite/Amorite Jerusalem, a man said to have no beginning of days. Furthermore, Hebrews is the only epistle to mention Samson. There is no sound evidence that Paul wrote Hebrews. I don't think a gnostic wrote Hebrews, as the ideas presented are sound, especially on the Deiety of Chsit. But some gnostic ideas may have gotten into the mind of the writer.

There is little doubt that Galilee was paganized by pago-Hebrew elements of the same dragon cult I have been tracing to Sepharvites. Jesus said so, anyway, that He would be a light arising in the spiritual darkness of Galilee. Later, Jesus sent Paul to the thrones of satan, in Greece and Rome. Jesus was no Dionysus; Jesus was no Apollo. Rather, He is the death of them.

I know that what I have just said on Matthew 2 is upsetting. It was not an idea I held, nor even conceived, until the end of December a few weeks ago, and here in this update it found it's way naturally. Apparently, or so I believe, not all of what is considered Inspired text is Inspired. Just don't give up on the Scripture; I trust that Jesus, who quoted Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses, David/Psalms, Daniel, Malachi, and defined Scripture as the "Law and the Prophets," was a Man of Truth among a world of snakes. Note "PHARIsee."

One could be led to conclude that Jesus himself was from the myth-writing cults, but, surely, Isaiah 53 wrote on Jesus when fore-telling that one masterful servant of God would die for the sins of Israel, and then be resurrected to become the king of all nations.


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