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January 6 - 9, 2010

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January 6

There's something contradictory about the reports of at least two Taliban spokesmen:

"However, a Taliban spokesman, quoted on the Al-Jazeera Web site, said al-Balawi misled Jordanian and U.S. intelligence services for a year. The spokesman, Al-Hajj Ya'qub, promised to release a video confirming his account of the Afghanistan attack."

But the following is also from Al-Jazeera:

"The new [Jordanian-related] details of attack on Forward Operating Base Chapman run contrary to earlier claims that the Taliban were behind the attack.

Soon after the blast Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman [not the same name as above], said in an email: 'This deadly attack was carried out by a valorous Afghan army member when the officials (Americans) were busy gaining information about the mujahideen.'"

In those two quotes alone, we have three contradictory reports fingering the Jordanian, the Taliban, and the Afghans. The latter spokesman has made Wikipedia: "Zabiullah Mujahid is one of the self proclaimed spokesmen for the Taliban in Afghanistan."

The Amsterdam airport appears to be involved in a cover-up with the FBI:

"According to Reuters, Dutch authorities have announced that Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab..., the terrorist who penetrated the Dutch security system on Christmas Day on Flight 253 to Detroit, acted alone with no accomplices at the Amsterdam airport [See claim here].

This directly contradicts the first-hand, eye-witness account from Kurt Haskell, a lawyer from Taylor, Michigan who was on board Flight 253. We have reported Mr. Haskell's account here at Big Government as well as his interview with Andrew Breitbart on The Dennis Miller Show, the nationally syndicated radio program on Westwood One.

Mr. Haskell tells us he is sticking to his story. 'I'm not surprised, we expected this. They are trying to discredit me without actually PROVING me wrong...'

When asked if the FBI or the Dutch authorities had contacted him to assist in viewing the video tape from the airport to pinpoint the moment where he saw a gentleman of Indian descent trying to usher Mr. Mutallab through the standard security procedures because he did not have proper paperwork, Mr Haskell replied, 'No, they have not asked me to help them at all. I asked the FBI to let me see the video tape, and I have heard nothing back. I only want to see a two-minute section of the tape. Until they can show me the tape, I will stick to my story.'

'I don't understand. This was an act of terrorism. I was on that plane. I was the one being terrorized; I am a victim of this act. And yet, they are trying to discredit me, but they have not shown me the evidence proving I was wrong. I know exactly when I saw what I saw. If they would just let me see the video we could get to the truth.'

The story at is this:

"A Michigan man who was aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 says he witnessed Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab trying to board the plane in Amsterdam without a passport.

Kurt Haskell of Newport, Mich., who posted an earlier comment about his experience, talked exclusively with and confirmed he was on the flight by sending a picture of his boarding pass...

Haskell said he and his wife were sitting on the ground near their boarding gate in Amsterdam, which is when they saw Mutallab approach the gate with an unidentified man.

Kurt and Lori Haskell are attorneys with Haskell Law Firm in Taylor. Their expertise includes bankruptcy, family law and estate planning.

While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. 'The guy said, "He's from Sudan and we do this all the time."'

...The ticket agent referred Mutallab and his companion to her manager down the hall, and Haskell didn't see Mutallab again until after he allegedly tried to detonate an explosive on the plane."

The fact must be that the American authorities involved know for a fact that the underwear bomber boarded in Amsterdam without a passport, and that would explain why the authorities don't want to speak with Haskell; they don't want the world to know that Amsterdam let the "terrorist" on without proper paperwork. There are two possible reasons as to why the authorities don't want this fact spilled: 1) they want to help the airport save face, or, 2) the airport is complicit along with the FBI in a West-sponsored bomb plot.

I can't quite swallow the latter option whole. But I can swallow half of it easily. While it's difficult (though perhaps not) to get FBI agents assigned to the investigation who are also a part of the plot, it's much easier to believe that airport management was in on it while the FBI, not involved, simply has the common policy of keeping security failures hushed.

The bomber's father is a Nigerian banker, and Rothschild and Rhodes globalists have been in Africa for a long time seeking diamonds and precious metals, and control of half the continent if possible. This article shares: "At the end of the Napoleonic Wars the Hopes of Amsterdam and the Barings of London were unquestionably the leading international bankers," and that the Rothschilds jumped to the banking fore at that time. The German Hope surname is also the Hood surname, while the Baring surname shows Hohen possibility.

Haskell tells his story again, adding interesting details:

"...I sat in row 27, which was 7 rows behind the terrorist. I got to see the whole thing take place and it was very scary...

...For those of you talking about airline security in this thread, I was next to the terrorist when he checked in at the Amsterdam airport early on Christmas. My wife and I were playing cards directly in front of the check in counter. This is what I saw (and I relayed this to the FBI when we were held in customs):

An Indian man in a nicely dressed suit around age 50 approached the check in counter with the terrorist and said 'This man needs to get on this flight and he has no passport.' The two of them were an odd pair as the terrorist is a short, black man that looked like he was very poor and looks around age 17 (Although I think he is 23 he doesn't look it). It did not cross my mind that they were terrorists, only that the two looked weird together. The ticket taker said 'you can't board without a passport'. The Indian man then replied, 'He is from Sudan, we do this all the time'. I can only take from this to mean that it is difficult to get passports from Sudan and this was some sort of sympathy ploy. The ticket taker then said 'You will have to talk to my manager', and sent the two down a hallway. I never saw the Indian man again as he wasn't on the flight. It was also weird that the terrorist never said a word in this exchange. Anyway, somehow, the terrorist still made it onto the plane...

Consider what a risk the Indian man was taking trying to get a poor black man on board with explosives in his crotch but without a passport, not appearing related to him nor even a peer. But if it was a fake-bomber plot involving the management of the airport, then the risk to the Indian man was greatly reduced. See what Haskell says in continuing his story:

"FBI also arrested a different Indian man while we were held in customs after a bomb sniffing dog detected a bomb in his carry on bag and he was searched after we landed. This was later confirmed while we were in customs when an FBI agent said to us 'You are being moved to another area because this area is not safe. Read between the lines. Some of you saw what just happened'...I am not sure why this hasn't made it into any news story, but I stood about 15-20 feet away from the other Indian man when he was cuffed and arrested after his search.

What also didn't make the news is that we were held on the plane for 20 minutes AFTER IT LANDED! A bomb could have gone off then. This wasn't too smart of security to not let us off the plane immediately.

THAT'S NOT STANDARD NOR LOGICAL PROCEDURE!!! With a man on board caught with explosives, the proper proceedure is to vacate that plane as soon as possible in case there is another bomb set to go off, or even another bomber trying to decide whether to set off his bomb. My explanation for the irresponsibility underlying the 20-minute delay, no matter what plausible excuse the authorities may give, is that the authorities at the scene knew of the FAKED BOMB PLOT.

What about the second bomber? Why has he not made the news? We find the answer in a related article, with hint of FBI complicity: "About an hour after landing, Haskell said he saw another man [i.e. the second Indian] being taken into custody. But a spokeswoman from the FBI in Detroit said Mutallab [= underwear bomber] was the only person taken into custody." Either Haskell was seeing and hearing things when he saw the arrest and heard the order to change locations, or the FBI is in on a cover up. I choose the latter option. Something went wrong, and it was deemed unwise by the plotters to advertise the second bomber.

The second bomber clinches for me that this was a staged event. For, how could it be that both bombers failed in their mission??? Surely, the reality is: there was no plan to explode the plane and kill the passengers, which is what could be expected from Western plotters...some of whom demanded that no explosion take place. Or, there was fear that a downed plane would do too much damage to the airline industry. Or, whatever.

Why were there two bombers in a fake-bomb attempt? A good answer is: in case one couldn't get on the plane. I assume the second bomber was arrested by the dog-sniffing unit NOT privy to the plot. But, later, someone(s) who was involved in the plot had the FBI deny that there was an order to shroud the fact that there was a second bomber.

Convinced that this was a hoax with the purpose of justifying Obama's war into 2010 and beyond, I expect more of the same to the point that the anti-war Democrats give consent, or at least a cranky nod, to his war. I'm assuming that the "confession" of the underwear bomber, that many more bombers have been prepared, is to explain a rash of downed planes in the not-to-distant future. Already, there has been a cargo plane downed in Chicago.

On television, Obama spoke to the nation last night on the failings of the CIA recently. He spared little punch, it is being said (I didn't watch him), and to that I add this: "Former and serving [military] officers are scathing about the way the operation in Afghanistan has been run and see it is part of an institutional weakness in the CIA and other intelligence-gathering agencies." Uh-oh. That sounds like a deep schism between the O-war people and the CIA. Could it be that someone(s) in the West is trying to commit CIA-cide? In the article, there is nearly the worst picture possible of the CIA: sloppy, incompetent, down-right stupid.



FE has confirmed that "keller" is the German for "cave"; example of evidence near bottom of this page. I wrote her: "It therefore appears that the Kellers and Kellners were of the Chaves/Shaw and Cuevas bloodlines. If the EU's Cathy Ashton (Mr. Kellner's wife) and Mr. Cuevas of Lebanon's UNIFIL come together at any time, I will revisit this evidence for a bloodline link."

KE caught the following, important story (that I had missed), dated December 24:

"In a luxury hotel at Suweima, on the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, the Russians held a 'Track II' conference this week designed to send a clear message to the Arab world: 'We are back.'

The conference, covered widely in the Arab world but hardly at all in Israel, took place just weeks after the re-launch - after an absence of some 18 years - of an Arabic version of the Moscow News...

...the two-day conference, part of the Valdai Discussion Club, put on jointly by the Ria Novosti, the Russian News and Information Agency funded by the government, and the Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, the equivalent to the Council on Foreign relations in the US.

...Some 50 Arab media outlets covered the conference, according to its organizers, and Ria Novosti quoted Al Jazeera as saying, 'This is perhaps the first large-scale conference on the Middle East that Russia has organized in recent years.'

...And it wasn't only the Arabs. Alexei Vasilyev, director of the Institute of African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the time had come for the [Middle East aka Israel] region to have a 'collective solution imposed on it.' He added that the solution he advocated was a one-state one.

...The theme was repeated when the new EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, in her maiden address to the European parliament last week, called for a much stronger role for the Quartet, made up of the US, EU,Russia and the UN.

...[Yevgeny] Primakov said that the unsettled conflicts in the Middle East produce terrorism and fundamentalism, threatening the entire world.

As a result, he said, it is incumbent for the world to get involved and break the deadlock. He called for the Quartet to work on a 'framework document' dealing with all the parameters of the issues, and then the establishment of a 'monitoring process' to monitor Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on this framework, and the implementation of their obligations under the agreements.

...'Syria must be included in the process or else Syria will move even closer to Iran,' [Primakov] added. 'Syria must be included and our Israeli colleagues must understand this.'

...The Russian-sponsored conference in Jordan was a signal that these efforts are once again picking up speed. Israel would ignore these signals at its own peril."

The emphasis that Primakov places on Syria has the ring of a strong and binding Syria-Russia partnership. The Russian goal on behalf of that partnership must therefore be the return of Golan to Syria. The Golan is in northern Israel, and likely the spot where the northern invasion of the anti-Christ becomes concentrated. Winning the war there, I imagine a filling of Israel's valleys with "insane" Muslims showing no mercy to the Israeli populations.

After that, the world will know that its time has arrived, yet the liberals will NOT repent. Onward they will roar, seeking the defeat of the Zionism of God, and urging the world army forward as their security blanket. It will be too-little, too-late for the Israelis to place their hope in God at that time, for He will not listen to their cries...until the cries come from a sorry, humiliated remnant brought down hapless into the blood-soaked dust of the "holy" land. After that, it'll be time for Empowering the remnant to wipe the Muslim scum from the land, and to bury the forces of Gog in the fiery pits of Edom's perpetual wilderness. That's the Biblical story, and I'm sticking to it.

Poor Europa, given as a witch hanging on a fiery stake. And America? I shudder to guess. While the stars of God are yet in America, I'll venture to guess that the land, especially the middle geography, will be made safe. But when the stars are risen into the skies from horizon to horizon...shudder. Sodom never had it so good as when God destroyed it with scathing fire, for it was little punishment compared to what I imagine for the United States.

The sins of Sodom have infiltrated the American churches, the minds of those who would be church leaders, and God knows that we can not take this situation much longer before permanent and chronic spiritual disease infects us. For the sake of our souls, turn off the televisions and let's find something else to do. Resist internet porn; be bored rather than infected; longsuffering rather than fulfilled on a diet of disguised satanism.

Russia is back. That's the story now. Russia is about to weigh in on the Israeli problem, and the influential Primakov, who should know Gog if Gog is a Russian, is apparently leading the way. The plans of the Quartet will change because Israel will resist them. The plans will become harder and heavier, and I think the Quartet knows that toughness is ultimately the way "forward." The situation is developing wherein the foam at the corners of the anti-Christ's mouth will be accepted by the masses, if only to stave off the Armageddon scenario...that they imagine to be Israel's fault. In reality, Armageddon comes due to the way that they will decide to treat Israel...with a tough, heavy hand.

Then, when Armageddon pours down from the skies and bursts forth from the rocks, Jacob will know that the love of God for him is faithful and strong, never-ending. And they will look upon the One they have pierced and bruised, recognizing Him then as The Bruiser, and weeping mixed with happiness and dread together will overwhelm them. Miracles will take place in the hearts of all peoples of all ages, when the Lightning flashes. It will go down into the marrow, and touching the nerves it will enlighten minds with the Light of Life which no one has yet known but a small taste, least of all the Israelites. This is what God has been living for, waiting for, suffering quietly for. He does not exist to give peoples the items on the endless list of things asked for.

If you're still reading happily, you must be a true Christian, or else you want to be. If you feel like puking, you cannot be either one. Get ready to be a world-changer, those who look forward to the Appearance of The Bruiser. He's got an iron rod for you to use against the people who feel sick at the mere mention of the Holy One. But holiness is a flame that burns away the filth, and that can't be bad. Whoever despises holiness loves human filth.

Gaza's Palestinians are attacking with stones the Egyptians building the steel wall (on Gaza's south side) to counter smuggling. Will this story become global as the Gazans hope to make it? DEBKAfile is claiming today that Gaza is the next Yemen, and frankly I expect it:

"The year 2010 will see a new Israeli military operation in Gaza - not against the Palestinian Hamas, which is not eager for more punishment, but the al Qaeda bastions spreading across the southern Gaza Strip. This prognosis is shared by intelligence circles close to the Obama administration and the CIA, DEBKAfile's intelligence and counter-terror sources report.

A senior White House terror expert warned recently that strengthened al Qaeda networks in the Gaza Strip would be as dangerous and menacing as the jihadists' strongholds in Yemen. This threat prompted Egypt to build its iron wall along the Gaza-Egyptian border. Their access to Sinai would not only directly imperil the peninsula, but might well spill over into Egypt proper, first terrorizing the cities along the Suez Canal and the vital waterway itself.

...According to current US evaluations, while al Qaeda's new headquarters in Pakistani Baluchistan is working hard to push reinforcements into Yemen, its operational planners are not neglecting the Gaza Strip, assuming that this Palestinian enclave will be the next Western-jihadist warfront after Yemen.

I think it's safe to say that the Yemen-Somali theater is connected to the Gaza plot seeking Israel's destruction. Obama's sudden emphasis on Yemen could be as noble as gold, but not necessarily successful. A BACKFIRE is in the Biblical cards. The more the West pounces and lunges, the more the Muslims learn to hide and position themselves for ultimate victory. As they await the nuclear bomb, none do they know that God has granted them one Sicko whom they will worship if only he would really wipe Israel away on their behalf.

How do we think Putin and his people feel about the latest American so-called "screw-ups"? How do these things increase Russia's confidence to take the world lead? The image had been previously been created that America's military could do anything. Will that military begin to perform in grandiose ways just to re-establish the previous image? If so, wouldn't Putin become more aggressive to equalize the situation and maintain lock-step? Could that love of self on both sides lead blindly to the brink? Will the two wake up at the brink of Horror and form the alliance that even now sits lonely on the unattended table along with a Reset button that doesn't work?

As per the Taliban group belonging to the Mehsud tribe (discussed in yesterday's update), we have this today:

"On [January 3], however, Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud said in an e-mail that his arm of the Islamic movement carried out the attack, using a Jordanian national. Mehsud's message predicted, 'This will be admitted by the CIA and the Jordanian government.'"

Everyone and his sister is taking credit for this "screw-up." Neither Jordan nor the CIA has verified that the bomber was the Jordan doctor. I learned yesterday that the anonymous person(s) who leaked that idea was both a former CIA agent and a former government advisor. Until we know who the leaker is, and what evidence he/she has, how can we take this report as seriously as the media have taken it?

It has been made to appear in the media that Jordanian royals are supporting the Jordanian-doctor claim as the bomber. If it turns out that he is not the bomber, then Jordan royals will be somewhat caught in a cover up...meaning that the true circumstances behind the bombing must be grave indeed. The fact that the Mehsud group has come out in support of the Jordanian-doctor story may then serve as evidence that the group is working with the Westerners responsible for the bombing, the Westerners who wish to cover the circumstances around the true bomber. I strongly believe the report of the Afghan eye-witness (named Arghawan) at the CIA base, who was the bomber's escort into the base, who told that the bomber was a Waziri-based Pakistani. I, therefore, now suspect that the bomber belonged to the Mehsud group.

The above-mentioned Talibani was born in Waziristan, and he's the leader (apparently undisputed) of TTP: "Hakimullah the nom de guerre of Zulfiqar Mehsud, the Amir of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). He was deputy to commander Baitullah Mehsud and one of the leaders of the militant group Fedayeen al-Islam..."

CC has tipped me off about Webster Tarpley's belief that Obama's war has always been aimed wholly against the Pakistani government while feigning a Pakistani partnership (against the Taliban). This is classic conspiracy-theory material...that isn't necessarily false. But before latching onto a high-level theory of this magnitude in the thick of the battle, one should demand sufficient evidence that for the theorist forms a large following of reasonable people sharing logical deductions. I am keeping an eye out for the evidence because the theory I've latched to, that ObamoNato globetrotters are in the Afghan theater to run and control surrounding power structures, runs parallel to Tarpley's claim.

I "lied" to CC last night because I told her I wasn't going to mention Tarpley's theory at all until the evidence materialized. Tarpley believes that Obama is attempting to splinter Pakistan with factional warfare until the nation is so weakened as to be taken and controlled by the globalists. I am not ready to jump that far, at least not yet.

January 7

Why haven't we seen Kurt Haskell on major television media? As the underwear bomber made it to the news yet again yesterday, how do we explain that Mr. Haskell has not been "hunted down" by all media outlets for to tell his eye-witness account of what he saw and heard (see yesterday's update)? It's not as though he's hard to find. Nor is he very busy, precisely because the major media are not seeking him.

It should be frightening. Things are far worse than they appear.

The only explanation I can think of for the smoke and fire caused by the bomber's chemical igniter is that the plotters knowingly provided him with an igniter that would not set off the explosives, but rather provided a device that would merely make a pop sound and then give off smoke so as to alert the passengers of foul play.

Do you read me? The bomber was indicted yesterday on six counts, sufficient to put him away for life without the chance for even one virgin; this cannot be what he agreed to. Instead, the bomber agreed to something far easier and "better." Saddam Hussein was able to buy suicide bombers for $25,000 (paid to their families/friends); globalists can do much better than that amount.

The only story that makes sense is that the bomber agreed to kill himself and down the plane for some handsome payment in return, but that the plotters did not want the plane downed; it was sufficient for their purpose(s) to have him caught in the attempt to down the plane. So they supplied explosives with a chemical igniter that would burn his butt rather than set off the bomb...and/or the explosive material was faulty by design. Other globalists who perpetrate such plots in the future might not be so "kind" to the passengers.

CNN shared the testimony of least one eye-witness; but why not Haskell's testimony, the one with an intriguing story that could forever change the way the world views the snakes who control us:

"...There was a lady who was shouting 'What are you doing, what are you doing? And then we looked back there was some fumes there was some flames,' passenger Elias Sawaz said in a video posted by CNN."

The Associated Press shared the testimony (article above) of a witness: "'[The loud pop] sounded like a firecracker in a pillowcase,' said Peter Smith, a passenger from the Netherlands..." The pop must have been in his underwear. But why not have Haskell tell his story about what he heard, that no one else heard? Haskell's story is the most interesting by far, and the most important: the Amsterdam airport allowed the bomber on the plane without a passport, contradicting what the airport claimed, which thing makes it appear as though the airport supervisor(s) was involved in the plot.

A CNN article that includes a news video (below) from Romulus, Michigan, tells that "A man, sitting three or four rows behind Jafry jumped over a group of seats, tackled the suspect and put him in a headlock." If this tackler man, said by another witness to be "sturdy," does not make it to the national news, it would seem strange enough to suggest his involvement in the plot: that it was his job to subdue the bomber to help assure all went as planned. Truly, how could it be that the media would not want to interview the hero of the event? Only one answer: if the "hero" refused to be interviewed when contacted, which refusal we would expect if he was part of the plot.

The bomber was stripped naked at the front of the plane, at which point someone had to grasp and control the explosives. Was this the "hero's" job?

Haskell's wife (Lori) has written: "We were in the glass cubicle area right next to where you board the plane. THIS is where [my husband] saw the incident, and I 100% guarantee that we were sitting about 10 feet away from there." Many more details accessible at this page:

Here's another point: "[Haskell] indicated that he informed law enforcement that a man videotaped the entire terrorist incident and he gave the following possible seat numbers for the 'camera man', seats 31A, 31B, 32A or 32B." Others saw the cameraman too. He was said to be positioned toward the front of the plane from where the bomber sat, and was consistently pointing his camera backward...toward the bomber. He was moreover "filming" in that direction long before the bomber was known to the passengers. Where is he, who is he? Has he refused to be interviewed? Has the media tried to interview him? Why hasn't he submitted his video either to the media or to the public? Was he spying for the plotters so that they might later know exactly what went on, who was sitting where, etc.

I found an interesting question followed by an interesting comment and an interesting conclusion. What if the Indian man was a Pakistani? They look alike. That could explain everything a lot better.

Haskell can be heard on Alex Jones. Haskell now tells that the FBI has admitted that the second "Indian" man (now dubbed the "man in orange") exists, and that the man was arrested at the airport. The FBI cannot deny this any longer, not only because others saw him in hand cuffs, but because Haskell's story has exploded on the Internet. He might just make it to major national media after all.


If you haven't understood the great significance of the Haskell gripe, it's this: when a would-be bomber like this one is caught boarding a plane with the assistance of a mystery man, the airport video should be IMMEDIATELY shown to as many people as possible on as many major news media as possibly, with the intent of identifying the mystery man. It's as simple as that. The idea that many major media are controlled by certain wealthy mafia-type men is conspiracy-theory idea, but it's obviously true.

It's as if there is some efficient form of signal or communicado between the global mafia and media managers/controllers for informing the latter on what NOT to publicize, and what to concentrate on instead. The major media are talking daily about the bomber story, but only in the ways that the O-globalists would like, as though tighter world-wide security and Intelligence is needed, and as though greater war efforts are needed in the Middle East.

But media control by human slime is not the whole of the great significance; what about the apparent fact that the same slimes have created a fake bomb plot? How many such "false flag" events have they created in the past, and is the murder of peoples a part of some of them? YES, of course, for 9-11 was once such event (there was a time when I never thought I'd say that, but to say it openly in the Iraq updates means I'm wholly convinced).

It was only a few weeks ago that the Taliban announced they would carry out attacks in the United States. We can now not know whether that was a true threat from the enemy, or a fake report from the other enemy, worse by far, the Western mafia. The latter enemy is what will bring the world to Armageddon by their intrusions into sensitive parts of the world, especially when they trample the apple of God's eye, the most sensitive part of all. As you are seeing, they have begun to impose themselves upon that Apple. There is only one Giant in the universe, and he can't be fooled by a fleece, nor made drunk so that wicked men can escape His anger. The global mafia cannot steal from God and get away with it.

The way in which the global controllers get away with keeping their partners-in-crime hush are many; one way is to convince their partners that the purposes of their controls/schemes are for the good of mankind. But if that doesn't work, they do as the Muslims do, threaten kill the family members of those who betray globalist secrets. They long-ago established that threat as a real murdering people. Thus, it's a mafia. People who step inside their inner circles know the score from the outset.

The underwear-bomber event is an opportunity for the people to fight back against the global mafia, if only to hold the feet of the media to the fire. Today's news includes a message from Obama's National Security advisor, James Jones, who "says Americans will feel 'a certain shock' when they read an account being released [today] of the missed clues that could have prevented the alleged Christmas Day bomber from ever boarding the plane."

Full-body scans in airports lead to full-body scans elsewhere for to reduce populations to cattle. Invasion of privacy by governments can then become overwhelming by law; we see this trend everywhere. The irony is that Bush-supporting Christians supported it in the first place, because they trusted Bush. I gave Bush the benefit of the doubt until evidence should come in to prove that he too was a part of a global mafia; that evidence was Bush's involvement in 9-11. There is no way that the president of the United States, given the evidence that is available in online videos, could not know that 9-11 was an inside job. AND, it was Bush -- most of all- who carried the insider agenda to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I realize I'm sounding like a Democrat, but of course I'm not in any way in favor of Democrat rule, for Democrats support a sector of the global mafia that I despise, and moreover they support satan in every way possible, whether they realize it or not.

There is another push coming from Obama against the apple of God's eye (i.e. Jerusalem):

"The Obama administration is gearing up for a fresh attempt to relaunch stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks...

In a flurry of meetings in Washington and in European capitals this week and next, senior administration officials will explore new approaches to bringing the two sides together.

...Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered no details [yesterday] about the renewed US commitment, but she and Mideast envoy George Mitchell will see Egyptian and Jordanian officials in Washington this week...

...'"We're going to be even more committed this year...Clinton told reporters after the meeting.

...Mitchell will travel on Sunday to Paris and Brussels for meetings with his counterparts from the so-called Quartet of Mideast peacemakers...and European diplomats before a trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories later in the month, US officials said.

...One aim of Mitchell's European stops is to prepare for a higher-level meeting of foreign ministers from the Quartet that France has expressed an interest in hosting, possibly toward the end of January around international conferences on Afghanistan and Yemen that are to be held in London on Jan. 28, the officials said.

...UN chief Ban Ki-moon met with Mitchell at the world body's headquarters in New York [two days ago] and said planning for a Quartet principals meeting was under way."

In other words, the gears of the Quartet are beginning to turn in what is supposed to be a fateful year for Israel, leading to a compromise on Jerusalem in the following year. We already know that certain EU and UN leaders are adamant, angry, frustrated, tired of the same-old. And the Israeli government at this time has never been so slippery in its opposition to the global "solution." The situation is ripe for a major clash.

Ashton is preparing her warriors in the midst of which will appear a loud-mouthed Goliath on the front lines. But Israel will not have a David this time. In this coming battle, they will be ruled by Saul, the king that they have appointed for themselves in place of their true God. Therefore, we are about to see how the battle of David and Goliath would have ended if Saul had to fight the Philistines without God's appointed man.

CNN is featuring a story today suggesting that daily sex is healthy/invigorating. One anchor woman said of the story, "I love it." Does CNN forget that sex in this evil generation is rampant among unmarried peoples, some as young as 12, and that the same porn responsible for fornication has made reckless adulterers among the married? Is this a good environment to be publicizing sex-everyday-is-good-for-you? Has CNN no news to publicize that should spend time (= millions of dollars globally) catering an obsession with sex? My personal belief on the topic: anything overdone isn't enjoyed as much, and ceases to become special.

Daily sex can only be the idea of the porno-fiends, for they have become slaves to multiple sex acts daily, often masturbation for lack of real partners. I once saw a television program advocating masturbation five times daily. Did I mention that the world of television is filled with fools on both the transmission and receiving ends? From five, the number ten is not too far away.

As you might know, CNN is no longer on my daily list of news media checked for news. But CNN is not the only news media in bed daily with the devil. I watch CNN, yes, with regrets. I see repeatedly that its mode of operation is dependence on liberals, and therefore caters to them, for its financial existence. Have you never noticed that polls conducted (= the perfect word) on CNN viewers lean heavily toward liberals? That's because liberals represent the majority of its viewers. Everyone knows it, but catering to a political group turns the company into a political acrobat rather than a news organization. Daily, CNN poisons minds with false impressions propagated by its liberal talking heads. If we must watch, let's not be victims of the tricks interwoven among the news reports.

ObamaNATO fingers are heavily studded in Kirkuk, stroking the sensitive zones:

"Washington, US ( -- Dr Fuad Hussein, Chief of Staff to President Barzani of the Kurdistan Region and Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir, Head of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), concluded their week long visit to Washington DC and Detroit, Michigan.

The delegation, accompanied by the KRG's Representative to the US Qubad Talabany, met US Administration officials, Congressional Members, members of the American business communities, think tanks and the media to discuss the latest developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

Topics discussed during the meetings included...

...Dr Hussein said, 'We are pleased the US has reaffirmed its commitment towards long-term relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region....

...Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir said, 'Great economic opportunities exist in the Kurdistan Region. We want the US business community to partner with us...'

During the visit, the delegation travelled to Detroit, Michigan, where they met with members of the Chaldean and broader Iraqi community. The Detroit area hosts the largest population of Chaldean-Assyrian-Syriacs outside of Iraq.

'Meeting Iraq's diverse Diaspora...

Hmm. The underwear-bomber plot was chosen to take place in Detroit, home to an important Muslim population. The Detroit airport is in the town of Romulus. Hmm. Although I stressed mythical Romulus on December 31, I introduced him on December 24, the day before the bombing attempt. Coincidence? Romulus, Michigan, was named after the Township of Romulus. There is no Wikipedia article on the Township, but on the "city" we find roots in the following surname:

"The first white settler in Romulus was Samuel Polyne, a French-Canadian...Solomon Whitaker, Charles and Joseph Pulcifer located in the area in 1830, and in 1833, Jenks Pullen and his six sons settled at what became known as 'Pullen's Corners'...",_Michigan

Pullen's Corners was later renamed, Romulus. The English Pullen Coat shows signs of Mieszko (= Polish-royal) descent, as per the footless martins traced (my me) to the Maccus/Maxton/Maxwell family of Roxburghshire, which family was special kin to the Pollock surname of Britain.

The natural thing to do with this finding was to check for a Pollen surname, and an English one popped up. Both the Pollen and Pullen Coats use scallop shells, as well as the same colors. AND, the Pollens use the same pelican in the Crest (see verification) as used by the Pullen Crest. I had identified "pelican" as code for the Pollock surname, but now note the similarity between "pelican" and the Pulcifer variation mentioned in the Romulus quote above (a Pollock variation is "Polk'). The Polyne surname in the same quote is shown on the Pollen-Coat page. There may be another clue in the Pullen motto's use of the "pallescere" code (

I entered "Pallas," therefore, and found it registered under the Pallota/Pallone Coat...very interesting because its said to have been "First found in Rome [!!] where the Palloti di Roma were located." The Pallota Coat uses a single white star on blue, the symbol of the French Bes/Bez surname...that I solidly traced to Bezprym of Poland, brother of Mieszko II.

A variation of the Bes surname is "Baise," a form that I traced to "Paisley Abbey," an important facet of the Renfrew Pollock family. My first inklings of Pollock ties to a Paisley family was seen in the Pollock colors of the Spanish Baez Coat, which page showed Pelaez and Pelaiz variations. At the time, while tracing "Baez" to, both, the namers of Paisley Abbey, and to the Bezprym bloodline, I didn't know how to trace the Pelaez/Pelaiz peculiarity to the Pollocks; today, I do!

There is a Palles variation registered under the English Paul Coat, which may explain why the Pollen surname is said to be from "Paul" as well. But I sense that the Paul surname is NOT related to the Pollens nor Pollocks, whereas the Pallas variation seems to be. The Pelaez/Pelaiz peculiarity above was traced to the Austrian Bils surname because both use black and gold checks, wherefore the black and gold of the Pullen and Pollen Coats may apply. There is also an Austrian Bes/Baez/Bazz Coat that's black and gold. So far, I don't see links to the Bath-family terms discussed recently.

Just learned that CNN has "tracked down" the family of the Jordanian doctor reported to have bombed the CIA base. But, so far today, not a word from CNN on tracking down Kurt Haskell, who has information capable of discovering the "Indian" man behind the would-be underwear bomber. CNN is repeatedly using the SHOCK word when on the underwear-bomber story, a term passed on from the O-administration.

I searched to find the logo of Romulus, Michigan, and found a gold star on blue, which is also the symbol of the Italian Paulo Coat. However, the Paul variation of this family may have been an after-effect of love for the apostle, for other variations, as for example "Poloni," is found on another Italian Coat, that of the Polon surname said to be a variation of "Apollo." Another Paulo variation is "Polazzi," very similar to the Pelaez/Pelaiz variation of the Baez family.

The Poloni variation of the Paulo family smacks of the English Pullen and Pollen surnames, founders of the city of Romulus, Michigan. To support a link between these English and Italian families, both the Paulo and Pollen Shields are gold on blue, and moreover the Pollen family is the one with Paulin and Paulyn variations.

The Italian Pollus surname seems obviously related to the Polon surname, for both use a green tree on white. The Pollus surname was also first found in Rome (as was the Pallas surname). This allows us to trace the family to Burgundy, France, where the Pallus family was first found, for it also uses a green (palm) tree on white. Perhaps you didn't notice, but there are nine fruits (acorns, I think) on the tree of the Apollo/Pollon Coat, wherefore it represents the nine mythical witches of mythical Avalon, which island I claim (quite alone, apparently) was named after Apollo elements from Avellino (not too far from Rome). Apart from any Pollock considerations, I identified Avalon as Rothesay, now Bute, just offshore of where Pollocks first lived in Scotland.

By the way, the Bath surname was traced, just on January 5, to the black boar heads of the Bait Coat and Beaton/Beth Coat, not realizing then that the same symbol is also in the Booth Coat, which fact I re-discovered only now because I have known for years that a surname named after the island of Bute is Both(well). It's not known by myself whether Booths are related to Both(well)s. The English Bush Coat, using black boars, should be shown for obvious reasons.

January 8

There is absolute evidence that the Pullen and Pollen surnames of Britain settled Romulus, Michigan (see yesterday morning for discussion), for the pelicans used in both their Crests is used also in the Crest of the English Wayne Coat. Romulus is in Wayne County! Therefore, the Waynes of Britain named the County, and their Pollen/Pullen relatives either followed, or were there first.

The Wayne motto includes a Temple-like term, wherefore I checked the Temple Coat to find the footless martins/sparrows used also by the Pullens. When I learned that the Temples were first in Cheshire, I knew I had them pegged as relatives of the Meschins of Cheshire, for I had linked Meschins to the Maxtons/Maxwells of the footless-sparrow-using Rutherfords of Maxton, AND, their Wayne relatives (I'm assuming kinship, anyway) use an armored glove/gauntlet, the symbol of the Macey clan (see also "Massey/Massie) of Cheshire. I know for a fact that the latter surnames are Meschin variations.

Just found that Waynes are related to the Vanes/Fanes, for the Vane Coat uses the Wayne gauntlets. In fact, the Vane motto, Ne vile fano," is translated: "Bring nothing base to the template," thus serving as evidence that the Temple surname is being honored due to kinship. This is no small verification that motto terms are often codes of kinship. So far as I know, no one online openly reveals that motto terms can be such codes. Why not? Why the secrecy? Also, as the Wayne and Vane surnames are traced to different terms of origin, know that derivations, as stated by the families themselves, are often wrong, perhaps deliberately misleading. Wayne connection is further seen in the Veynes variation of the Vanes, and entering "Vayne" brings up the Vane Coat.

Beside Wayne county is Tuscola county, and regardless of what is said on the roots of that term, it's conspicuous that Tusculum was an ancient region between Latins and Etruscans among whom Rome was founded. I had traced Tusculum to mythical Dascylus, father of Gugu/Gyges of Lydia (= thought be some ancients to have been Ezekiel's Gog, but perhaps only a western branch).

There is another Romulus in Seneca county, New York state. This Romulus has a Sampson state park and may therefore trace to the same royal Poles that the Pullens of Romulus trace to.

"On the 1820 census for Romulus [New York], Henry is living with his family in Romulus, but I wonder where he was in 1830...his son Randolph is living in Varick with his family. By 1831 Randolph migrated to Washtenaw County, Michigan."

Wondering whether Washtenaw county might be beside Wayne county; it turned out to be.

I once had a Poulan chainsaw, giving the tip to check the Poulan/Pullien Coat: two red lions on white, quite possibly connected to the Magdalene cult's red lions on white. In fact, the MagDALENE cult was traced to the Allens/D'Allens of Brittany, while the Poulans were first found in Brittany. As the Pullens and Pollens use the pelican-on-nest symbol, so do the Scottish Stewarts (the same pelican design), AND the Allens of Brittany are widely known to have been the Scottish proto-Stewarts via Shropshire! (English Stewarts use a red lion on white).

Trying the 'B' version of "Poulan," we find a red lion on white in the Irish Boulan/Bolan Coat. The Poulans and Boulans use the same lion design exactly! (There are also German and Belgian Bollen/Boleyn Coats that might apply.) Entering "Poulan" brings up the English Pullen Coat using the pallescere motto term, suggesting that the French Poul(et) surname of Burgundy is likely a branch of the Pallut surname of Burgundy. Then there is an English Pull/Pool surname using "Pollet" in the motto.

As the latter was first in Cheshire, the surname might represent the Pollock link to the Cheshire Meschins (that I've been seeking). In any case, it now seems evident that the Pulls/Pools of Cheshire were connected to Hamo de Masci of Dunham Masci (Cheshire), for the Pull/Pool Coat uses gold fleur-de-lys on blue, the same as in the Italian Masci Coat. It then appears solid that the wings in the Masci Coat link to the wings in the Poul(et) Coat, for the wings appear identical. I don't buy the "chicken" derivation for the Poulet surname...with Poullot, Poulard, Poulas, Poulteaux, and Poulain variations (i.e. not chicken-like at all).

We can assume that the Bollan variation of "Bollen" is the Pollan counterpart. Since the Bullens/Bollans use three bull heads, they should be a branch of the Bollock family that also uses three bull heads. The latter term is said to derive from "bullok," a bull. BUT, one might argue differently, that the surname is first a variation of the Pollock surname, later thought to be derived from a bullock. As the Pollens/Pullens were solidly connected to the Waynes, note that the Bullock Shield is identical to the Wayne Shield. The Bullocks were first found in Roxburghshire, and may therefore be the proto-Pollocks of Maxton (Roxburghshire) affiliation.

The Poulard variation of "Pollet" caused a check of the Pollard/Poullard Coat, and bang-on! It uses the red scallops on white used by English Pullens...who founded Romulus, Michigan as "Pullen's Corners." (Pollards, from Cornwall, use the stag of the Power surname, also from Cornwall).

Amazing. The destination of the underwear bomber has opened up a string of new discoveries on the Pollock topic. Are we to think that the Pollocks, a major topic in recent months, is connected to the mythical Romulus bloodline (out of Rome)? The best I could do so far was a trace to Romney (Rumellenum) in Kent; and/or Norman locations such as Rouen, or Romily and its Romely surname. BUT, I had shared a Rome/Room surname (when seeking the roots of "Rompuy"), but now it seems much more important that it uses a red lion on white while using "placit" in the motto. That term smacks of the Pulcifer surname of Pullen's Corner's founding days, and the Polk/Pollock surname itself. The Rome lion design is an exact match with that of the Boulans and Poulans.

Lookie here. The placit code suggested a check for a Place surname, which found a demi-red lion but more importantly surname variations, such as Plaiz and Plaise, smacking of the Pelaez/Pelaiz variation of the Baez surname...which was (earlier in this update) connected to the Palles and/or Pallas families. The placit code immediately evokes the Pallas surname, and we saw that its white star on blue is used also by the Bez/Baez surname...BUT the big question now is, since "placit" is found on the Rome-family motto, are the two white-on-blue stars in the Romily Coat related (to the Pallas')?

If so, what am I to conclude? That all the exercises done on these topics in recent months and weeks were Tailored (by God) to find further, important expressions, as well as wild corroboration, via the Romulus destination of the underwear bomber? Is God revealing what sort of families are behind the underwear fake-bomb plot?? Who? Perhaps the near future will explain.

The future is already here! I threw my arm into the air three or four times crying, "Bingo, Bingo, Ahh, ha-ha, bingo!!" I had forgotten what the Romney Coat looked like, and when it loaded (after writing the above paragraph): three red scallops on white!!!!!!!!!! Let me re-write a piece above:

"The Poulard variation of "Pollet" caused a check of the Pollard/Poullard Coat, and bang-on! It uses the [three] red scallops on white used by English Pullens...who founded Romulus, Michigan as "Pullen's Corners."

IN FACT, the Pullen Shield is a perfect match with the Romney Shield (when the gold Pullen Chief is ignored).

The topic may have lost you. All I can say is, you've got to me to understand what this feels like right now. I did a separate research project on Rome/Romulus terms, and a separate research project on Pollocks, and via focus on the underwear bomber this past week, both Pollocks and Romulus entities were found to come together at the geography surrounding the Detroit airport. How does one explain this? What shall I say?. Thank you, Lord God of Heaven and Earth. You are fantastic. How do you do it? You are amazing. I had no idea. You move the planets so heavy, so why not things so light as human thoughts? Especially as light as mine.

For Kurt Haskell's elongated story, see below. His story has not changed; he sounds sincere, and frustrated. It's apparent that people working for the plotters are weighing-in on blogs to discredit him. Others discredit him because one theorist who believes him has claimed that the plotters are Israeli Intelligence, thus allowing some to link Haskell to anti-Zionist bigots. I don't think Israel is behind the bomber, even if the baggage of the story is helpful to Israel by increasing the volume of the war effort.

Here's some clips from the article above, as argued by Haskell:

"...several of my fellow passengers have come over the past few days, backed up my claim, and put pressure on FBI/Customs to tell the truth. Early today, I heard from two different reporters that a federal agency (FBI or Customs) was now admitting that another man has been held (and will be held indefinitely) since our flight landed for 'immigration reasons.'...

However, a few hours later, Customs changed its story again. This time, Mr. Ron Smith of Customs, says the man that was detained 'had been taken into custody, but today tells the news the person was a passenger on a different flight.' Mr. Ron Smith, you are playing the American public for a fool...For the story to be true, you have to believe, that:

1. FBI/Customs let passengers from another flight co-mingle with the passengers of flight 253 while the most important investigation in 8 years was pending...

2. FBI/Customs...despite not letting any flight 253 passenger drink, eat, make a call, or use the bathroom, let those of other flights trample through the area and possibly contaminate evidence.

3. You have to believe the above (1 and 2) despite the fact that no flights during this time allowed passengers to exit off of the planes at all and were detained on the runway during at least the first hour of our detention period.

...Seriously Mr. Ron Smith, how stupid do you think the American public is?...I ask, isn't this the more plausible story:

1. Customs/FBI realized that they screwed up and don’t want to admit that they left flight 253 passengers on a flight with a live bomb on the runway for 20 minutes.

2. Customs/FBI realized that they screwed up and don’t want to admit that they left flight 253 passengers in customs for 1 hour with a live bomb in a carry on bag.

3. ...

Ron's Smith had these words to speak to a newspaper: "There was a second person taken into custody, but it had nothing to do with Flight 253. They did see dogs, but again, it was a totally different incident." I think Haskell is right; Smith is lying and taking the world for fools. It shouldn't be impossible to find out what happens to this "man in orange," though another passenger reportedly said, albeit on Huffington, "an Indian guy off to the side, an older gentleman wearing a gray suit" was cuffed by authorities and taken away. It's possible that this was the first Indian man, or that the claimant/witness (on Huffington) is a plant attempting to discredit Haskell's orange suit and younger (30ish) age with a contradictory account. It should be possible to get the "Indian" man's name, reason for arrest/detainment, and his status.


CNN is still on the message, "THE SYSTEM FAILED," featuring a male speaker with the Pillar surname. Hmm. A quick check shows that it's registered under such variations as Pillet, Pillot, Pillon, and Pillard, reflecting the Pullen and Pollard surnames. The Pillar Coat doesn't offer any particular clues at this time, but the family was first found in Normandy.

If 9-11, the shoe bomber, and the underwear bomber were not al-Qaeda plots, then the world of flyers are being greatly inconvenienced for virtually no reason, for virtually no terrorist threat. One thing coming to mind with the troubling of flyers with long waits and body-touching searches is a decrease in burned airplane fuel, what global warmists would hail. I don't think the fake plot was conducted for the global warmers, however.

I'm not alone in the belief that the purpose is to increase the volume of the war effort. CNN is already flashing, since last night, the message that Sudan needs help to avoid a war calamity. Could Sudan be part of the intended new war front? The situation is serious for the globetrotters. A new place to temporarily shelf the troops in Iraq needs to be found. Yemen is closing the door on Obama regardless of the underwear-bomber fallout. That leaves them Somalia and the Sudan, for the Pakistan theater is also closed to a large U.S. presence...and the Afghan effort looks like political suicide for Obama. You can imagine how the globetrotters are arguing back and forth with Obama on the way to go "forward."

I started looking into "i' versions of terms investigated last night, and when I landed on the English Pillet Coat, I found it to be virtually identical to the Scottish Shaw Coat. The Pillet write-up traces the family to the Pilotts of Burgundy; compare the Pilott write-up to the Pillet write-up: "The name was firstly noble house of Pilotte of Chantrans in Bourgoyne."

This is amazing, keeping in mind what I wrote last night: "the Poul(et) surname of Burgundy is likely a branch of the Pallut surname of Burgundy." How can be coincidental that a speaker with the French Pillar surname, a variation of the Pillet surname, should be on CNN this morning...discussing the security failures of the Romulus-bound bomber affair?

I had traced the English Bole surname to the Pollocks, and in fact I had called the Bole family a "holy grail" family because the English Bole Coat uses three gold bowls (i.e. play on words with "Bole") on blue instead of the three gold cups on blue used by the Shaw and Pillet Coats!! IN FACT, the Boles were first found in Lincolnshire, as were the Pillets. It therefore appears solid that Boles, Pillets/Pillots and Shaws were linked/related.

This is good verifying news, for I had traced both the Shaws and Boles to the royal Piast Poles. The Bole surname was traced to "Boleslaw," the name of two kings related closely by blood, one a Polish Piast and the other a Bohemian. In fact, the Polish Boleslaw was the father of Bezprym, and the latter was traced to the Bez/Bes surname first found in Languedoc (not far from Burgundy). As I've shown before, the single white star on blue in the French Bes/Bez Coat is found in the Belgian Bole Coat...shown last night as the Boleyn/Bollen Coat and linked to the Pollens/Pullens of Romulus (Michigan) importance.

Recent months has also seen my research projects stressing the Shaw bloodline, especially when it was discovered to be primary in the new leaders of the EU (Rompuy and Ashton). Could it be that the Shaw bloodline, too, connects to the Romulus topic at hand? That was the theory when discussing Rompuy and Ashton. But now I re-discover what I had not the ability to record in mind: that the Bes/Bez surname is related to the Shaws, for the German Bes/Bez Coat uses a black eagle on gold, used also by the Irish Shaw Coat (Irish Shaws are obviously from the Scottish Shaws; see write ups). This re-inforces the surfacing fact above, that holy-grail Shaws are linked to holy-grail Pillets/Pilots (and PILLARS)...which then gives reason to equate the latter with the "holy-bowl" Boles/Bollens.

It's so obvious to me that the holy-grail cult stems from, or at least links into, the Piast royal Poles. It's so obvious now that I understand why God had me (unknowingly) introduce mythical Romulus the day before the underwear bomber came to Romulus, Michigan, a place thereafter founded by families tracing back to those Poles. Was Romulus chosen as the bomber's destination because the holy-grail cult has an abundance of willing cultists there who could help shroud the secrets of the bomber mission while propagating the mission's secret purposes? Makes sense.

Of course, these "holy grail" bloodlines do not trace back to Jesus and Mary Magdalene's sexual affair, for that affair did not happen, and the peoples who invented the idea wish us to believe their false report that they stem from the blood of Jesus. This idea was invented, no doubt, as part of their quest to rule the world, when Catholicism had control of much of it already. I think the same plot is alive and active to this day, and it could certainly provide the Biblical "false prophet," especially if "Bole" and it's other Pollock-like terms lead back to mythical "Pel(ops)," father of two (mythical) golden lambs (i.e. to which Revelation 13 may be alluding).

The Pillar/Pillet write-up traces the surname to a "pelon" term, and regardless of what meaning this term is given officially or unofficially, it smacks of the Pollens/Pullens, (the founders of Romulus).

My giving credit to God assures that many readers who wish to spread these ideas will NOT lead people to my website. Rather, they will more likely take the ideas as their own, which is fine by long as the cult(s) is exposed. It is hard to believe that I have been taken through this twisted job over several years while God does not intend to expose them through "my" findings.

Wikipedia has an article on the bomber, and reveals the name of a man who subdued him:

"A passenger seated on the far side of the same row [as the bomber], Jasper Schuringa from the Netherlands, tackled and overpowered Abdulmutallab. Schuringa saw the suspect's trousers were open, and that he was holding a burning object between his legs. 'I pulled the object from him and tried to extinguish the fire with my hands and threw it away,' said Schuringa, who suffered burns to his hands. Meanwhile, flight attendants extinguished the fire [was it the explosive material that was thrown away??] with a fire extinguisher and blankets, and a passenger removed the partially melted, smoking syringe from Abdulmutallab's hand.

Schuringa grabbed the suspect, and pulled him to the front of the plane. A passenger reported that Abdulmutallab, though burned 'quite severely' on his leg, seemed 'very calm,' and like a 'normal individual.' Schuringa stripped off the suspect's clothes to check for other explosives, and a crew member helped handcuff Abdulmutallab. 'He was staring into nothing,' Schuringa said. Passengers applauded as Schuringa walked back to his seat."

I'll assume that Schuringa was in on the plot to see if it's a logical theory. He was provided (by the plotters) with a seat in the bomber's row for the reason of containing him and controlling the events after the failed bomb attempt. It sounds as though he's claiming to have thrown the explosive away (frantically, somewhere on the plane near the seat), which is what we would expect if it was his special job to retrieve it. Perhaps he threw something else away that was burning, but pocketed the faulty explosive...which is said to be about six inches long. It was Schuringa who undressed the bomber, as though this guy knows how to handle the situation, and everything was calm and controlled immediately, and he became the star of the scene. Has he been on television? Have the media plied him with questions?

How could the bomber suffer "severe burns" and not make a screeching sound, not even a peep??? There is no report that his body was writhing or in any way moving in pain, though we could expect Schuringa to make such a claim in the future if he's one of the plotters. Is it really true that he was burned on the plane, therefore? Was the burn nothing but Hollywood make-up, so to speak? Why would it be important for the plotters to make-out as though he were burned? Or had he suffered burns to the leg before the flight?

We note that Schuringa's claim does not address where the explosive package ended up. Who obtained it? How did it get from the bomber's seat to the front of the plane? Why wouldn't Schuringa address such an important point of interest? It's hard to say at this point whether Schuringa was the same man reported on CNN affiliate WXYZ-TV, who "took matters into his own hands...jumped over a group of seats, tackled the suspect and put him in a headlock...Passengers, including Jafry, said they could see the suspect was burned on different parts of his body, but he didn't seem to say much or act as if he were in pain."

Why did the bomber choose to strike just ten or twenty minutes before scheduled landing? That's fairly expected in a fake attempt requiring one plotter to contain the surprised bomber (surprised because his bomb didn't go off as he expected, nor was he expecting to be tackled and arrested). Schor Coat uses a Romanish pillar/column. Hmm. There is also a German Schuren(berg) surname, using a red square in the top-left corner of the Shield, as does the Merry/Mary Coat! I had traced the Mary-Magdalene cult primarily to the Merry surname; before finding this surname, I had traced red lions on white to the Magdalene cult...wherefore I was "happy" to see the same lions in the Merry Coat. The Schuren surname uses a white lion on red. Coincidence? Probably not, for the mutual red square in the Shield's corner is the clue to the link, AND the Merry Crest shares the very same white-lion design (though spotted and crowned).

While the English Schur/Shirley surname uses "praemium" in the motto, the English Shore Coat uses "Perimus" in its motto. Both surnames were first found in Derbyshire, wherefore it seems like a match. Perhaps the Primeau surname (borrows the red lion on white) is being honored by the motto terms. The Marot/Marriot surname, to which I trace the Mary term as though the two were synonymous, was first in Liecestershire, beside Derbyshire.

Zowie! The Shar Coat is the Shaw Coat (Scotland/Perthshire) that uses the gold cups. AND, double-zowie, entering "Scharr" found another German Schor Coat showing a Schaw variation!! The surname is primarily "Schauer," which easily modifies to/from "Schaw" and "Shaver," similar to the Shaves variation of the Shaw surname. Perhaps the Chevers/Cheevers and the Shavers/Schafers, who use similar symbols, apply.

So, the question now is: is the passenger by the surname of Schuringa a Shaw-bloodline globalist plotter lying to the world?

Let me repeat: the Cuevas surname is in charge on Lebanon's UN military operation. The surname is for-certain linked to a Shaw family branch. The Cuevas Coat also uses red lions on white.

Of course, just because someone has any of these surnames doesn't mean that they are involved with globalist plotters. I've shown the Haskell surname before and traced it to "Euskal"(= what the Basques call themselves). There is obvious reason to suspect that the Basque goddess, Mari, is at the root of the Mary-Magdalene cult. How intriguing: was Kurt Haskell also involved in the plot? Is that why he and his wife were sitting so close to the airport screener that they heard the conversation? But instead of protecting the plot as they might have been hired to do, did the Haskells betray the plotters? Or, are we supposed to believe that the plot derives from Indian entities when it may be wholly misleading by design?

The Haskell Crest uses the apple tree with nine apples representing Avalon, a tree used also by the Italian Apollo/Poloni Coat. Might the so-called bell design in the Haskell Coat be code for Abellinum, the ancient Avellino?

The bomber's father is more elitist than we may have thought:

"Alhaji Umaru Abdul a Nigerian business and banking leader, and former government minister. He played a major role in introducing Islamic banking into Nigeria.

He was described by The Times in 2009 as being 'one of the richest men in Africa' The Telegraph as being 'one of Nigeria's most prominent bankers'...

...reportedly the family owns homes in London...

...Mutallab attended...the South West London College...

...He is the former Chairman of Nigeria's oldest and largest bank, First Bank of Nigeria Plc (1999-2009).

...He is chairman of the Nigeria's first Islamic bank, Jaiz Bank International Plc, which was established in 2003.

...Mutallab was awarded the title of...Italian Commander of the Order of Merit."

January 9

All the Coats shared here cannot possibly be kept in human memory. I remember the Kellner/Keller key symbol because it is key to linkage with the Shaves/Chaves key, but what I failed to say yesterday, due to a faulty memory, is that the Scottish Cellar/Seller Coat uses three cups in similar fashion to the Shaws. This is significant in further proving a Kelner tie to Shaws due to the Kellner/Keller's write-up suggesting derivation in "cellarer."

I've mentioned the above before, but now I can add to it. It looks as though the Kellers/Cellars are from the Clares/Klars/Klaars. The evidence is in yet another key symbol, which I would not have found had it not been for the email alerting to the "discovery" some days ago of the Cloer variation (Dutch) of the Klaars. However, the Cloer page shows all variations being Claver-like, one being "Cleaver." That was odd enough to investigate, so, what the hay, I entered "Cleaver" to see if other Coats would pop up. The English Cleaver Crest uses a (black) key! Therefore, it looks as though the Claver/Cleaver family, a branch of Clares, has another branch in the Kellners/Kellers.

A clue to how the Clares morphed a "Claver/Cleaver" branch may be in the Clearvor variation of the English Cleavers. Entering "Clear" brings up the French Clair/Clere Coat smacking of the Rhodes Coat. The point is, the Kellners were Clares, and therefore possibly from the Rollo Clares. The alternative is that Clares were from the Keller family of surnames. If so, I'd like to know which Keller branch.

The English Collar surname uses "beatus" as a motto term. Sound familiar? The Beaty/Betty Coat uses the key in the Keller and Chaves color (blue). For the researchers, see also Kohler/Collar, the possible origin of the Douglas-of-Moray heart.

Geithner is in trouble, unless the inquiry being set up against him is a friendly attack with the intent of vindicating the parties:

"A House committee is planning to grill Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner about his role in the massive bailout of failed insurer American International Group Inc.

The House Oversight Committee is responding to news that key details about AIG's bailout were suppressed by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York while Geithner was its president.

A growing chorus of lawmakers says Geithner must explain his involvement in deals that diverted billions from AIG's bailout to Goldman Sachs and other big banks.

The people want to know the identities of the banks that Geithner continues to keep under cover. The inquiry is to deal with this aberration. Obama's "transparent government" is going to be in-focus even more than it is now, as it hides it health-care agenda behind closed doors. The O thinks it's fine to reveal CIA tactics in the name of transparency, but when it comes to his own programs, he's opaque. I don't think the CIA likes him. When I first heard about the Geithner inquiry, the thought came to mind that, with Obama calling for intrusive remedies of the country's security situation, he shouldn't mind if his treasury secretary should show his "private parts."

The people would also like to see how badly shrivelled the teets of his economic cow have become since he started "stimulating" them. The promise of milk fat hasn't materialized because the milkman's still on unemployment insurance. He keeps insisting that the cow needs a health-care revamp in order to whip up cream, but the people don't see the connection between higher taxes and more jobs. He's embarrassing the cow as well as his own advisors. In reality, his health-care bull is going mad with heat, and as soon as it finds its way out of the labyrinth of Congress, it will kill the poor economic cow with its over-sized, uh, er, screw-up.

Speaking of shading a sick cause, Zionism's "channel 7" reports the possibility that Putin is protecting Ahmadinejad's Co-Maniac:

"...The Iranian Students Solidarity organization, representing tens of thousands of students in Tehran and other major cities, claims that contacts within the regime leaked the information to them. According to these sources, members of Khamenei's family, including his daughter-in-law and grandson, have been evacuated to Russia in a private plane...

The pro-democracy organization further claims, quoting the same alleged regime contacts, that Khamenei dispatched a close confidante to Russia to explore the possibility of the Russians hosting the Khamenei family...The source added that Putin's wife offered the Supreme Leader's relatives an estate near Moscow to 'accommodate [them] for as long as it is necessary,' according to an Iranian Students Solidarity statement.

The trip to Russia allegedly took place in the wake of violent clashes between regime forces and protesters on December 28."

It's little secrets like this concerning Putin's ties to Iran that need to come out. The problem is, we don't know if the report is true.

Hey, did you hear the one about:

"A new media initiative by a group of citizen-journalists reports Rep. Nathan Deal, R-Ga., has written to President Obama asking him to prove his eligibility to hold the office of president.

...'What does this mean?' the site asks. 'This is probably the first time in 233 years of American history that a sitting member of the House of Representatives has officially challenged the legitimacy of a sitting full year into his term.'

..."Even if the putative president ignores the challenge, he cannot hide from it, because by doing so he admits his guilt through silence. The question has to be asked near and far, why would a president who has promised greater transparency than any previous administration pay upwards of $2,000,000 of taxpayer money to hide documents that could resolve the matter once and for all time for the cost of $20.00."

Could you imagine what would happen should Obama give up his birth certificate, where-upon it reveals his father, Frank Marshall Davis? The Muslims would hang him on a stake for lying to them, for making them believe he had a Muslim father. Furthermore, the Republicans would have a glorious riot because Davis is an American communist, justifying the Republican charge thus far that Obama is likewise. And Democrats would then know that holy Obama is capable of committing a lie. Imagine if this were George Bush hiding his certificate.

It's both election and hunting season in Iraq:

"BAGHDAD -- At least 15 parties will be banned from upcoming parliamentary elections because they have been linked to Saddam Hussein's Baath Party or have promoted Baathist ideals, Iraqi officials said [January 7].

...Saleh al-Mutlak, a popular Sunni lawmaker who joined forces with Ayad Allawi, a secular Shiite and former Baathist with links to the CIA, called the move 'foolish' and warned that it may lead to a popular uprising in the streets. Mutlak, an agriculturist, has long been a defender of former Baathists...

...'The reaction from the street will be very strong,' said Mutlak, whose party, the Iraqi National Dialogue Front, was barred from fielding candidates...

Last winter saw me hoping that the provincial elections would bring the anti-Christ to the Mosul stage, but this winter I won't raise hopes too high. The conditions for his appearance in this election, or in the wake of the election, are far better, however. There's just one thing to do: wait and see.

Rompuy has revealed his brand of democracy, and it's as bad as the type that put the Lisbon treaty in the map:

"Europe will be unable to afford its extensive social programs without economic change, the European Union's new permanent president, Herman Van Rompuy, warned [yesterday], supporting calls for sanctions against countries that fail to honor pledges to reform their economies."

If the dog doesn't play tricks willingly, we'll take the cookie away, then the bowl, then the dog house. Let's call it the Lisbon Treatment. The article continues, telling that all 27 economic cows must agree to enslave themselves to a binding agreement:

"But on [January 7] Mr. Zapatero [of Spain] set the political agenda by calling for a new European economic reform plan, which is about to be drawn up, to be made binding on national governments.

[Yesterday], all three [EU] leaders agreed on the need for a more strictly enforced reform program -- an idea that would need the support of all 27 governments and that will probably be viewed with suspicion in Germany and Britain.

Those governments will be watching closely to see if the plan suggests a significant expansion of economic governance in the E.U., removing power from national governments.

...none of the three E.U. leaders would give any detail on what would be proposed or what sanctions could be applied. But Mr. Van Rompuy made the clearest case for such a change."

The article tells that a "digital economy" is part of the 2020 program. The father of the underwear bomber is "chairman of the Business Working Group of the Vision 20:2020 Committee in Nigeria," this being a group to build the Nigerian economy to a certain shape and size by 2020. It seems so EUish, does it not?


Thank you Tim for taking the time to find the Pulcifer surname, even though it doesn't appear in that spelling. He found it as "Pulsipher," with variations such as Pulleston and Polesdon. As the family was first found in Cheshire, it's got to be a branch of the Pull/Pole surname mentioned yesterday, for they too were first in Cheshire. This is very important, given that the Romulus location in Michigan has become very important, because the Pulcifer surname was in Romulus township along with the town's founding Pullens.

The first thing to be noted is that the Pulsipher surname is said to be Saxon, as was the Pollock surname. If there is anything from Providence for Tim's find, this Pollock link could be the most important part, because it was just yesterday that the Pulls/Poles were advanced as the evasive Pollock link to Cheshire Meschins/Mascis that I've claimed repeatedly...though solid evidence eluded me until now. It's important also because I've suspected repeatedly that God led me to do this bloodline task due to my mother's Masci surname, because He wants someone to focus at this time in history on that surname's roots. I have since suspected that Obama's mother's surname, Dunham, traces to Dunham Masci (Cheshire) as well as the previous home of the Meschins in Dunholme, while the Dunham-related Randolphs (both use the same symbol) trace to Ranulf de Meschin.

I also claimed in my writings that God brought a woman into my email life (some ten years ago) with a Pollock bloodline, and that I felt compelled from the very beginning, years before I started the bloodline hunts and the dragonline book, to find that surname's roots in Polland. I had no success whatsoever...until this past year when the Polish link was clinched to my great satisfaction.

So, here I am on the discovery of Pole-descended Saxons in Cheshire who moved to Romulus. And suspecting that "king Rompuy" links to this Romulus entity, is it a coincidence that his foreign secretary (Cathy Ashton) has a surname tracing to the Astons...who were first found in Cheshire??? In fact, it's very conspicuous that the Ashton Coat uses a black star on white while Pulsiphers/Pullestons use white stars on black (colors reversed in heraldry are often indication of kinship). The Ashtons are likewise from Anglo-Saxons.

I've always been keen in finding Pollock-family links. I've always wanted to understand this surname. Why? Thanks to Tim, I think I've found another surname closely related to the Renfrew (= Scottish) Pollocks. Searching my files for others using white stars on black: the Scottish Bar/Barr surname plasters them over an Adler (an eagle of the Saxon Adler surname. Not only were the Barrs first found in Ayrshire (next to Renfrew), but the German Barrs/Baers use Pollock colors and what should be a version of the Pollock bugle! The German Barrs are from Saxony!!

Now look at this. I also found that the Lask surname (Picts of Aberdeenshire, likely a branch of Leslies there) uses white stars on black, but also white mascles (hollow diamonds) on black. I'm mentioning this at this minute because this minute has just found the white diamonds on black of the Whitaker Coat:

"The first white settler in Romulus was Samuel Polyne, a French-Canadian...Solomon Whitaker, Charles and Joseph Pulcifer located in the area in 1830, and in 1833, Jenks Pullen and his six sons settled at what became known as 'Pullen's Corners'...",_Michigan

Thus, the Whitakers were related to the Pulcifers, explaining why both surnames were involved in Romulus' founding. It's not likely a coincidence that the Cheshire Astons use black diamonds on white with a Shield in colors reversed from the Whitakers. In fact, the Whitaker write-up tells of a High Whitaker location in Lancashire, where the black-star-on-white Ashtons were first found. The Whitakers are also said to be from Anglo-Saxon origin.

The White surname uses both white on black and black on white. I think it's a Whitaker match for the following reasons. One White symbol used is the black eagle found in the Irish Shaw Coat, and MOREOVER the English Shaw Coat uses black diamonds on white! PLUS, the Shaws are said to be Anglo-Saxon.

The Shaws are suspect in Ayrshire lands because of the Ayrshire motto, "God Shaw the Richt." I now find that the Whitakers use a quatrefoil used also by the black and white Ayers surname of Ayrshire. PLUS, the thin-and-engrailed Shaw chevron, whereon upon trefoils are placed (in Ayers-quatrefoil colors), is identical to the chevron in the Irish White Coat. Thus, Whitakers were a part of the Shaw family...which then tends to create the suspicion that Shaws of some sort were in Romulus with Whitakers and/or related to the Romulus entity. The Blancs use the White-style eagle in the colors of the Irish Shaws.

Insofar as the Shaws prove important in the future, the discovery just now that they were of the White/Whitaker clan, who were in turn linked to Pulcifers, may prove key. Whitaker linkage to the Pulcifers is further apparent in the (French) Blanc lion, white on blue, in the colors and design of the Pull lion. Noting "tache," a term in the Blanc motto, we find a Tache/Tash Coat using cinquefoils, the symbol of the English Blanks. The write-up: "This name is derived from the Middle English phrase 'at asche,' meaning at, or near the ash tree." Ignoring the ash tree, I'd link to the Ash(tons) family (see black and white Asche/Ash Coat, said to be named after an ash tree). In fact, I had traced the single, large black-on-white Ashton star to the single, large, black-on-white cinquefoil of the Dovers (Anglo-Saxons) of Dover (Kent). Recalling that both Dover and Romney (anciently "Rumellenum") were two of five Cinqueport cities, note the red scallop in the Tache/Tash Crest, the Romney symbol! Lest you've forgotten the reason for my celebration last night, the Romney Shield is identical to that of the Pullen Shield, showing that the Romneys founded Pullen's Corners = Romulus, Michigan.

The Pullens use the footless martins used by the Rutherfords of Maxton, and meanwhile the Pollocks of Renfrew were nearly identical to the Rothes there. But Pollocks were nearly identical with Maxwells too. So look at this: the black-on-white diamond Shaws use "patitur" in their motto, while the black-on-white diamond Astons use "patriae asto." The Patrick surname (first in Kent) is suspect, as the Patrick Coat uses a black-on-white saltire, the symbol of the Roxburgh Maxwells (also Anglo-Saxons). The Rutherfords of Maxton (Roxburghshire) are likewise black and white.

Thank you Tim for taking the time to hunt for "Pulsipher." Look at what that little (or was it large?) exercise has wrought. I assume that "ifer" is a suffix on "Pulcifer, leaving "Pulc" as the root, virtually identical to "Polk." I have the sense that the "placit" motto term of the Rome surname represents the Polk/Pollock clan. The Rome Coat is in the colors of the Rumble/Rumple chevron. Does anyone recall my dealing with the Rumple surname when seeking the roots of king Rompuy?

The Rumple red chevron has white cinquefoils, the colors of the Blank cinquefoil (Blancs are the same as Whites/Whitakers, relatives of the Pulcifers and co-founders with them of Romulus). I had traced (on November 26) its "actio" motto term to the Actons/Axtons (also red and white), and assumed them to be an Ashton branch...because both Astons and Actons were first found in Cheshire (both Rumples and Actons are from Anglo-Saxons).

In the November 26 update, I introduced the Bar/Barr Coat into the Rompuy-Ashton topic because the third-most important person in the Lisbonized Europe, at the choosing of Rompuy and Ashton, seemed to be the European Commission chief, Jose Manuel Barroso...who nominated France's Michel Barnier. My suspicious was that Barrasos and Barniers were Bars/Barrs. Below there is some good evidence.

Interestingly, the Barroso Coat uses a greyhound, the symbol in the Tache/Tash Crest, wherefore if the Tasche surname is truly from the Ash family (as the write-up suggests), there would indeed be an Ashton link to the Barrosos. But as the Tache/Tash greyhound is holding the Romney scallop, there may also be linkage to the Rompuys.

The greyhound is used also in the Caves Crest, and recalling that the Caves surname has a Kaves variation which is more-properly, "Chavot/Chavo" (and therefore smacking of the key-using Chaves), note that the Barnier Coat uses a key in the colors (blue and white) of the Caves and Kaves. The Kaves were first found in Picardy, France. The Picard surname from Picardy is likewise blue and white, and uses a red square in the top-left corner, as does the Rumple Coat.

About the only thing I have left to share on this morning's topic just happens to do with a trace of the Pulcifers to Picardy. Coincidence? The Pull/Pole surname (= Cheshire variant of "Pulcifer") uses the motto term, "pollet," while there is a Pollet/Paulet Coat that I have not yet shown, that I wasn't going to show at all at this time due to lack of special relevance (which is why it's being shown at the tail of this morning's discussion). I had no idea that I would be on the Picardy topic in the paragraph above until I got to it unexpectedly. The Pollet/Pawlett write-up: "First found in Hampshire where they were seated from very early times. They were descended from Hercules, Lord of Tournon, of Picardy in Normandy who arrived in England soon after the Norman Conquest about the year 1100, and settled on the Lordship of Paulet, assuming his surname from those lands." This clue can trace the Pollock clan of Britain wholly to Picardy.

ZIKERS! It's not the end of this morning's discussion after all. The above has finally led to unveiling what the "Audacter" code of the Pollock surname links to. Seeing that the Paulets were from the bloodline of Hercules of Tournon, "Turin" came to mind: the SCOTTISH Turin surname uses "Audentes" for a motto term, and gold boars as symbols, the symbol in the Scottish Pollock Crest!

THEN, seeing the "fortuna" motto term of the Turins, I checked the Fort Coat (English) to find an "Audax" motto term. This cannot be coincidental; the Pollocks are from the Turins/Turings, possibly in turn from the German Turing/Thuringer surname of Thuringia...which uses an ostrich, symbol also of the Traby Poles. AND, I can barely believe this "luck," the Fort Chief uses black stars on white, the Ashton symbol, AND SOME MORE, the Ashtons were first in Lancashire, where the Forts were first found!!!

The German Forts use a white lion on blue, the symbol of the Pulls...who use "pollet" as a motto term, the term that led to the Pollets/Paulet from Tournon in the first place!! THUS, the Pulls/Pulcifers of Cheshire (and Romulus) were from the German Forts, or at least linked to them by marriage(s). The Fort lion is "armed" red (= red tongue and claws) as is the identical Blanc lion.

If my Pollock friend wishes to investigate why the Murtons and Pollocks were at times close, see the Italian Blanc Coat. And remember, the Blancs were Whites and they were in turn the Whitakers of Pull/Pulcifer-relations in Cheshire.

Also something to investigate: the French Tour Coat is the base of the Moreno castle, while the latter surname was also "Moratin." Recalling that I have just traced Pollocks to the Barrs, see that the Barroso Coat uses the base of the Moreno castle.

I was going to say earlier, but decided not to, that the Barr link to the Pollocks involved the Bert surname. I have for a long time suspected that the Bert bugles (another Traby (and Brzezinski) symbol) were the Pollock bugles. Now I think I can prove it via the Fort link to Pollocks. For the Voort Coat uses rings, as does the Bert Crest (both share a red chevron), and "Voort" matches the Foort variation of the English Forts. In other words, the English Bert surname may have been a variation of a Voort-like surname(s) of Holland, itself from the Foorts.

IN FACT, I have just tried for a BOORT surname to prove it, and not finding it I had the audacity to try "Bort" instead, and what popped up? The Moreno castle (!!!!) in front of Murton colors. MOREOVER (this is a very good day), the Bort write-up traces to Turin!!!

"The Bort family lived in the city of Susa, west of Turin. The records date back to the 12th century, when the Bartolomei family were governors of San Giorgio."

I have been suggesting to my Pollock friend that the Berts (also said to be from "Bartholomew") were Barts and/or Bards of the Leslie clan. The Bards, like the Turins, use golds boars. The Fords use the footless martins of earliest Pollock-clan kin, and Fords were first in Devon, where Berts were first found.

The question is: will the prophetic 666, which seems to be the symbol of the ">Traby Arms, be introduced from the deceptive-satanic-lying-controlling O-globalists tracing to the Poles/Moravians/Bohemians of Romulus-linked entities? On the Traby page, one sees the Boleslawski surname beside the Brzezinski surname, which gives opportunity to re-mention that the boar in both the Bole and Pollock Crests are shot through with an arrow, serving as further evidence that Pollocks trace to king Boleslaw of Poland.

Yet the embassy was re-opened. It feels as though this Yemeni charade is already over, possibly because Yemen has not given the O's intrusive plot a green light.


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