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January 1 - 5, 2010

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January 1

There's no relevant news today, except that globalist wheels are already rolling:

"Gordon Brown has called a summit in London to discuss radicalisation in Yemen...[with] support from Washington and the European Union..."

Full-body scanners are on the agenda. Wonderful. But what they are not talking about openly, that must also be on the agenda, is the tapping of phones and computers. Wonderful, just great.

I don't recall mentioning before the Harpina location of Elis mentioned yesterday, but have mentioned the Carpae or Arpii of the Black sea coast to the east of the Carpathians. I had trouble proving that a people by that name existed there, but have just found another webpage telling about them on what was the Harpis river in Bessarabia (Ukraine). The article says that "There was a peoples called the Harpii [or Arpioi] in the district about this [Harpis] river."

I would dearly like to find solid evidence of an Arpii link to the Hirpini. In seeking more clues in a Hirpini article, I found the location of Romulea. Surely, that was named after mythical Romulus, or vice-versa.

Looking deeper, this article speaks of an ancient Sub Romula 21 miles from Aeculanum of Hirpini importance. Romulea, thought to be at modern Bisaccia, was in Sub Romula. This now makes it more compelling to trace Romulus-based Romans to the Hirpini wolf peoples...a major tribe of Samnites. Though enemies of the Romans for a long period, Samnites, must therefore have contributed in large part to original Roman make-up.

In the course of this investigation, I found what might be of primary importance for tracing the Pendragon cult to Avellino. I had already traced "Avellino" forward to Arthurian Avalon, but now I've noticed an ancient Pentri peoples in Avellino, living to the immediate east of the Hirpini. The Pentri were a chief Samnite entity operating out of Molise, a region possibly named after Molossus in Epirus. The latter, I think, named Aprutium/Abruzzo (on the north side of Molise) but also the Bruttii leading to the Arthurian Brits. In fact, mythical Brutus of Arthurian importance was made a descendant of Aeneas.

As per my trace (yesterday) of Aeneas to mythical Atreus, it should be added that between Epirus and Abruzzo is the Adriatic sea, perhaps named after the entity that named Atreus. A trace of the Hirpini to the city of Arpi (near the Adriatic) suggests a trace to Greeks from Argos, for Arpi was founded by Argives. The fact is, Atreus was a ruler of Argos before "his" bloodline became Spartan. Plus, the founding of Arpi is attributed to mythical Diomedes (ruler of Argos), grandson of Adrastus, yet another term evoking the Adriatic. In other words, Adrastus may have depicted the above-mentioned Atreus entity.

Arpi was in Apulia, probably named after a branch of Apollo, though the region's alternative name, Puglia, seems named after Pollux, for he was said to be a pugilist (= a boxer). Thus, the Pelops>Atreus line that represented the golden-fleece Lydians had meandered their way to the heel of Italy, and are candidates for the proto-Latins.

The mother of Adrastus (he was likewise a ruling peoples of Argos) was a daughter of Abas of Argos, and the latter is a term that founded the Abantians. My theory has been that Abantians are responsible for Aventine hill, one of the seven hills of Rome. Now read this:

"Once Romulus and Remus arrived at the Palatine Hill, the two argued over where the exact position of the city should be. Romulus was set on building the city upon the Palatine, but Remus wanted to build the city [of Rome] on the strategic and easily fortified Aventine Hill..."

That's how the myth goes, suggesting that Remus traces in particular to the Abantians if the Aventine=Abantes equation is the reality. Study the Wikipedia page on Abas and see that the term was associated with Aeneas but also with Diomedes (founder of an Italic peoples among the Sabines). As you can see at the Abas page, the Abas of Diomedes was a swan of the Aphrodite cult, smacking of the swan which came upon Leda so as to form some of her children (i.e. Helen and Pollux were likely from the Abas swan line). Learning just now that there was also a mythical "Nemesis [who] was the mother of Helen, and was also impregnated by Zeus in the guise of a swan," it's made clear that Leda and Nemesis were one and the same entity. At the Nemesis article:

"In Greek mythology, Nemesis, also called Rhamnousia/Rhamnusia ('the goddess of Rhamnous') at her sanctuary at Rhamnous north of Marathon...She was sometimes called Adrasteia..."

Could Rhamnous have been proto-Remus...or just plain proto-Romans???

I kid you not that I was keeping an eye out for a Remus-like term on Euboea...only because the Abantians were a peoples of Euboea. And here, just minutes later, I find that Rhamnous is situated at the gate to Euboea!!

Since the swan was depicted as Zeus, it would appear that Zeus and Abas were nearly one, which is to say that Abas was a major tribe of the Taurus (= Tyro-Trojan) peoples to which Zeus belonged. This fits well because the infant Zeus of Crete was raised by Curetes, who were known in Troy as CoryBANTES. Plus, the above-mentioned Adrasteia (same as Nemesis/Leda) "was a nymph who was charged by Rhea with nurturing the infant Zeus [on Crete]." In this picture, the Atreus Argives and/or Atreus Spartans were on Crete nurturing the proto-Trojan Zeus cult (= the Kabeiri) out of Tyre.

Up to this point in this new avenue of investigation, I had known that the Pentri called their chief city, Bovianum, after the bull/ox. I didn't know to what entity that bull should trace, but seeing now that it should trace to Zeus of Abas colors, I started to roll "Pentri" in my mouth to see what it could link to in this particular discussion, and that's when it hit me: the ABANTES and/or the CoryBANTES.

Keep in mind that I had traced the ox symbol of Zeus to Joktanites, and Abantians to Punt, where Joktanites originated before coming to Europe. Punt was the ancient Ethiopia from which the Merovingian Amorites originated, who used a bull as their symbol, the symbol of Baal. The Bovianum/Pentri bull is white, as was Zeus, and in his early career of adultery, Zeus made out with Io, goddess of Argos; at least one myth writer turned her into a white cow as a result.

Romans are said to trace back to Zeus as their chief god, except that they use the term, "Jupiter." My best attempt to trace Juno, Jupiter's wife, in an effort to identify the specific Greeks of Jupiter, has been to "Ionia," which region/peoples may have been named, ultimately, after the same entity that named Io. The Roman trace to the goddess of Argos is supported with a trace of the Romulus Hirpini to the Argive city of Arpi, to the Abas term of Argos, and to Atreus of Argos.

It's interesting that the grandfather of Remus and Romulus was made, "Numitor," what could have developed from the part-Spartan, part-Cretan entity that had named "Nemesis."

Ultimately, Jupiter should link to the swan symbol that mated with Nemesis, and my traces of that swan have been to the Edones under mythical Lycurgus, father/son of Dryas whom I identify as the Odrysians (in Arda, on the Hebros), who I in turn identify with "Atreus." My trace of "Arthur" to Arda of the Odrysians is what solidified my link of Pendragon to the Atrebates. The peoples of Arda were traced to Arta of Epirus, and from there to the Aphrodite cults of Italy: the Abruzzo and Bruttii proto-Brits.

Thus, with proto-Romans being on the Hebros river (which was depicted by Cabeiro/Aphrodite, in my opinion), my suspicion that "Jupiter" and "Cupid" represented identical peoples becomes viable, for Cupid was the Romanized Eros, the son of Ares and Aphrodite...i.e. which "son" is therefore expected upon the Hebros river.

The trick is to find the real entity in particular that "Jupiter" and "Cupid" represented. One theory held by others is Jupiter=Japheth, and while Japhethites are widely pegged as Greeks, finding any historical peoples in Greece who called themselves after Japheth is not straight-forward.

Juno was made a daughter of Saturn, who was recognized as Cronus (father of Zeus) but in particular may have depicted the Satyrs...who likely named Satyrion in southern Italy. There is/was an online statement: "It was in Torre Saturo [i.e. Satyrion], almost 15 km south of Taranto, that Spartan colonists settled their first colony in Taranto zone. Later, around 706 BC, they conquered the Iapygian city of Taranto." The "Iap" in that term could be a match with Jup/Iup."

The Iapyges lived in Apulia (one can see that the alternative, "Puglia," could derive from "IaPYG"), but are said to have come from Crete before being Greeks of some sort. My guess has been that Iapyges were from Pollux Spartans that developed into Cretans, for Iapyges are widely traced most immediately to mythical Daedalus of Crete. It is known that certain Spartans had a Cretan representation, and more and more, recently, this mix seems to uncover the proto-Roman bedrock.

This plausible trace of Romans to the Iapyges seems inconsistent with a Roman trace to the Hirpini, but the Iapyges are lumped into a south-Italy peoples that clashed with Sabines. The Hirpini had been a Sabine peoples geographically near the Iapyges, and alliances could therefore have taken place in forming the first Romans. Juno could incorporate the Argos line from Atreus to the Romulea Hirpini, while Jupiter could be the Spartan line from Atreus' "sons" to the Iapyges.

January 2

It's a mini 9-11 all over again:

"U.S. President Barack Obama, for the first time, has publicly connected the suspect who tried to blow up a U.S.-bound passenger plane on Christmas Day, December 25, to al-Qaida.

...He said the U.S. government is strengthening its partnership with Yemen .to strike al-Qaida terrorists.'"

I found an article with a title linking the Baath party to the Nazis, but the article failed miserably to make the link. I was at first thrilled to see the title because, moments earlier, I had learned that the Baathist wing of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was founded (or at least first ruled) by:

"Zeid Heidar moved to Iraq in 1968 in the wake of Saddam Hussein's successful coup d'état and the ensuing establishment of a powerful Baathist regime in Baghdad. His intimate knowledge of the Beirut-based Palestinian exile and activist milieu led the new rulers of Iraq to appoint Zeid Heidar as Secretary-General of the 'Arab Liberation Front' (ALF), the nom de guerre of the right-wing (pro-Iraqi) Baath party's Palestinian branch."

Heidar. I recalled that a variation of "Hitler" is "Hiedler." No coat of arms came up when I tried "Heidar," but "Heider" brought up the Heidler (includes Heidl, Heidel) surname, what could very well be a Hiedler (includes Hiedl, Hiedel) variation. The latter page actually shows a "Hitler" variation. This is somewhat compelling evidence that ALF was founded by the Hitler surname.

Taking note of the Belgian Heid Coat, and the Hiedler write-up wherein a Huttler derivation is suggested, it becomes obvious, when comparing the symbols, that the Hitler surname is in Britain via the Hutt, Hood, and Hutt variations. When I discussed this earlier (5th update of July), I had said that the German/Bavarian Heid Coat gives the impression of a Rothschild family; the German/Bavarian Hiedler Coat shows the Bauer stars.

I've just learned that these surnames link to the Odie/Odin surname mentioned in the past (most recently in the November updates) as linking back to the stork-line of the Bavarian Oettingens...of Gascony connections. For seeing the Hode variation of the Hoods/Hutts, I entered "Ode" to find a white saltire (same symbol as Oettingen) on blue, a symbol of the Hood/Hutt Coat. The Ode Coat differs from the Odie/Odin Coat, but the write-ups are identical:

"First found in Yorkshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the manor of Storkhouse, Gisburn, and Withernsea in that shire. They are conjecturally believed to be descended from Count Odo who was also ancestor of the Counts of Aumale and the Lords of Holderness."

The emphasis now is on the Holderness term, for if we go back to the Hiedler/Hitler-surname page, we read: "Alternatively, the name is derived from the personal name 'Hitt,' which is itself derived from the Old High German word 'Heldis,' meaning 'struggle.'" One can see that the two consonants in "Heldis" are reversed, but this sometimes happens, and of course evidence that Helders were Hitlers is in the definition of Heldis: "struggle." I can't find a German Helder surname, but we can ask whether Holder(ness) applies.

I had traced "Holder," on a theoretical basis, to the Colter/Colder surname, which, because it uses a wheel as symbol, was traced to Piast Kolod(ziej) the Wheelwright." That is, "Colder" derives from the root, "Kolod." In other words, it appears that the Hitler surname links to the Piast dynasty...if Holderness is a Colder and Helder variation.

As for the Hitt name, it is definitely related to both Heidler and Hiedler, as the German Hitt Coat exposes. Variations of the Hitt surname are odd: Itier, Ithe, Ith, Ithiere, Ithh, Ithhi, Iths, Hitier.

The possible common denominator between the Hitlerites and Baathists should prove to be Arab blood, for I don't think it's a coincidence that I traced Ishmaelites (Arabized Hebrews) to both Nazis and the Piast dynasty.

Although Heidar's ALF (Arab Liberation Front) is small and said to be presently insignificant to al-Qaeda-like groups, I decided to mention it here because I expect Saddam loyalists to lead the anti-Christ's invasions into Iraq. The article below tells that al-Qaeda-in-Iraq has been minimized over the years so that it's now accepting support from Baathists, something it would rather not accept:

"[Iraqi national security adviser Safa] Hussein said the group had fallen under the influence of diehard elements of the ousted Baathist regime of now executed dictator Saddam Hussein who were using it to try to undermine the credibility of the Shiite-led government ushered in by the US-led invasion of 2003.

...Hussein said that after the US-led invasion overthrew Saddam, Baathists had joined a range of insurgent groups, including Al-Qaeda...

Although initially Al-Qaeda in Iraq restricted former Baathists to lower ranks, it allowed them to gain positions of power after its most notorious leader, Jordanian volunteer Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was killed in a 2006 US air strike, Hussein said.

'So there were the right circumstances and environment for the Baath party to promote their strategy within Al-Qaeda,' he said. 'Before, the influence was on lower levels.'

...Hussein said the number of Al-Qaeda insurgents had dropped from a peak of around 10,000 to less than 2,000 now."

The next article gives further details of the present conditions, and highlights the Iraqi government's oft-repeated claim, that Baathists are trying to topple Iraq:

"Prominent Iraqi MP, Saleh al-Mutlaq, previously predicted that the Baathists would hold 40 seats in the forthcoming parliament. The Iraqi Prime Minister has warned on a number of occasions against the entry of Baathists to parliament, and he vowed to activate the "Accountability and Justice" committee to oversee the names of the electoral candidates and prevent the Baathists from running [for election].

For his part, Iraqi MP Sheikh Sabah al-Saadi said 'there are more than 30 thousand Baathists who are included in Debathification [program] who have returned via the politics of al-Maliki's government to sensitive positions in the security agencies or other important state institutes.'

Al-Saadi told Asharq Al-Awsat 'These Baathists have the power to overthrow the regime...especially as they have experience in military coups.' He also confirmed 'if this Baathist march to the joints of the state is not stopped, then they [the Baathists] will represent a major threat to the country in the future, especially if they have external support.'"

As violent Baathists are going to be on the front line (so to speak) into Israel from Lebanon, it seems predictable that ALF will become a major spearhead in that effort. But, first, we await the anti-Christ in Mosul:

"The preliminary deals signed by Angola's state oil company, Sonangol, Wednesday to develop two small fields in the most dangerous part of Iraq [= Mosul region] constituted a major breakthrough for Baghdad's high-risk drive to attract international oil companies...

...It remains to be seen whether Sonangol will become a target for the insurgents. But it says that several U.S. and European companies have shown some interest in joining it in Nineveh, where the Algerians plan to invest $2 billion in refurbishing the rundown oil infrastructure."

Is this new breakthrough the event that brings Gog rushing onto the Mosul stage? It can't be good news for him that American and European companies are eyeing Mosul-region oil. Watching, waiting...

This video warns that the sun's solar wind, in 2012 (a peak year for solar-wind force), could cause many electronic systems to fail. We've been hearing about this for years, but it never happens. The reasoning this time around is that the "hole" recently developed in the Earth's protective magnetic field will allow sufficient electrons into the planetary realm as to cause satellites, etc., to fail.

Far be it from me (to use a beloved Biblical phrase) to share this "news" just to tickle your fancy. I'm hoping that, should there be an electronic failure, it will aid our retreating during the God-ordered 1260 days. I imagine that, to counter our affairs in those days, electronic systems will be used to keep track of our locations, movements, communications and plans. Certain equipment failures immediately before the 1260 days might therefore be Catered just for us. Do not fear the 1260 days; God will use them to save us from television's satanic onslaught, including the program, "image of the beast."

I sure do hope that you are not watching television, now, as any common person does. Television programming is filled with spiritual pollution that will degrade your standing with God, and of course pollute your soul. It's not by coincidence; there are many television agendas for deliberate corruption of the masses. God is watching you watch television, and He monitors your thoughts to see what kind of Christian you really are. I am very happy that much of television programing makes me "feel sick" or even angry. If there is anything that I curse, it's Hollywood et al. Have you noticed that nature shows, ALL of them, never give glory to the Creator for the amazing qualities in animals??? It's not a coincidence. Have you noticed that family-value shows spread non-Christian values? It's not by coincidence. The devil is in your living room. Let's find something else to do, or at least keep to decent programming...though, even then, commercials tend to defile our minds and souls.

It's fair to ask whether an electronic failure in 2012 will require sudden skincode implementation. That may sound unreasonable, but merely an electronic scare, without real damage in the end, can be used, conveniently, to bring the skincode on a fast-track. I have no idea how, but the devil's sons will think of something.

In regret to repeat that it seems unlikely, at the start of 2010, that a mandatory skincode will be in effect by 2013. Only a sudden burst of human energy toward that end could make it happen by then. But, look below; corrupt plots are the reality in globalism:

"The Council of Europe member states will launch an inquiry in January 2010 on the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on the global swine flu campaign, focusing especially on extent of the pharma's industry's influence on WHO. The Health Committee of the EU Parliament has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the inquiry. The step is a long-overdue move to public transparency of a 'Golden Triangle' of drug corruption between WHO, the pharma industry and academic scientists that has permanently damaged the lives of millions and even caused death.

...The text of the resolution just passed by a sufficient number in the Council of Europe Parliament says among other things, 'In order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies influenced scientists and official agencies, responsible for public health standards to alarm governments worldwide and make them squander tight health resources for inefficient vaccine strategies and needlessly expose millions of healthy people to the risk of an unknown amount of side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines...'

The Parliamentary inquiry will look into the issue of 'falsified pandemic' that was declared by WHO in June 2009...

...'unnecessarily millions of healthy people are exposed to the risk of poorly tested vaccines,' and that, for a flu strain that is 'vastly less harmful' than all previous flu epidemics."

Totally unexpected action. I suppose it's possible (but not likely) that it's an overseen kangaroo-court action of sorts with the intended purpose of minimizing the damage to the plotters. The action comes from Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg of Germany.

Gordon Brown has scheduled a globalist meeting on January 28 to discuss the Yemen "crisis." His opponent "David Cameron...said this year's election 'could not come soon enough...'" to replace Brown. Just so you know:

"Cameron unveiled plans for creating a cross-party 'war cabinet' to oversee operations on Afghanistan...

He added: 'When a nation is at war it needs to come together and to pull together.'

...Gordon Brown can call a general election any time before June 3, but there have been reports it could be held as early as March."

We can therefore anticipate that England will continue to support "Obama's war" in and after 2010. We shall have to see how many of his remaining "marbles" will be rolled into the Yemen theater. The wheels of war are already rolling, anyway:

"Investigators of the Christmas Day attempt to bring down a U.S. airliner are increasingly focused on the role of a radical Yemeni American cleric previously linked to the Fort Hood shootings, suspecting that he may have been involved in guiding the Nigerian man charged in last week's failed plane attack, Yemeni and U.S. officials say."

The cleric's surname, Aulaq, if the 'u' is changed to a 'v', has the makings of being a variation of the Aflaq surname i.e. he could be distantly related to Michel Aflaq, one of the co-founders of the Baath party. It's of course a coincidence that I connected the Hood and Hitler surnames just before the article above mentioned Fort Hood. Or is it?

The Scottish Afleck-surname write-up: "It was a name for someone who lived in the barony of Auchinleck in Ayrshire or from Afleck in Angus." I had traced Ishmaelites to Ayrshire, AND, as you can see, "Aflech" derives from a 'u' term: Auchinleck. There is no 'f' in that term, in other words, so that the 'u' should have been a 'v' so as to ultimately provide the 'f'. Entering "Auchinleck" brings up the same Coat.

The term appears to have derived from "Avkin/Afkin." To this I will add that, yesterday, while out for a drive in the countryside, I noted the Hough surname on a front-yard sign. I didn't know why that surname impressed me. But today, I find that the Hood surname uses a symbol called "A cornish chough holding an anchor." I don't know why the bird is called a chough, but the Hough surname (pronounced "Hoff") seems to apply. I knows this sounds hokey, but I'll record it here in case it's true: not only is it possible for "Afkin" to be understood as Hough-kin, but both the Aflecks and Houghs use black on white.

The Houghs were first found in Cheshire, where the Meschins ruled. The Hood symbol looks like a mascle (hollow diamond), a symbol depicting the Masculyn surname, which is itself a shown variation of the Meschin surname. Possibly, the Hose variation of the Hough surname links to the Hode variation of the Hoods.

You may have read one of my first treatments on the Nazis when I pointed out the black bull symbol of the German Hoff(er) surname (same colors as the Hough Coat). The Hough sign that I saw yesterday had a black cow underneath the surname! On June 12, I shared this quote: "Haushofer, Hitler, and Hess had long conversations together. [Haushofer] became Hitler's second 'esoteric mentor', replacing Dietrich Eckart." "Houshofer" could be a Hose-Hoff combination, for a Hose variation shown is "Ouse."

January 3

I knew I had seen a Hough-like surname yesterday, but I couldn't find it. It turns out to be "Hoogh," a variation of the German Hoop surname that includes "hood" as well, not to mention "Hopfer," showing, apparently, that "Hood" evolved into "Hoff/Hough." Note that the Hoop family of variations use an anchor, the symbol in the Hood Crest. Remember, if you read late yesterday, the bird holding the anchor in its mouth is a "Cornish Chough," apparently a code for the Hough surname...that the Hoods belong to.

I went on seeking more information on (the late) Zeid Heidar's ALF organization, and found one article that spelled his surname, "Haydar." I then found a Hayder Coat using bulls (the Hoff variation uses a bull; see late yesterday). It gets more intriguing because the Heyders were first in Devon, Cornwall (as were the Hoods). Seeing the Haiter variation, I entered "Hait" to get familiar symbols in the English Hait Coat...and the Rockefeller rock in the Crest (proto-Rockefellers were Roquefeuils; see August 7). Plus, the Germain Hait Coat is the Heid Coat (shown yesterday) that I think uses the Rothschild arrow.

Looking at the variations of the English Hait surname, we find most of them to be 'g' versions: Haig, Haigh, Hague, and Haga. This should explain why the German Hait/Heid Coat has one Hagel(sheimer) variation. BUT, the point is, the English Haits use white on blue, as is the single, large Zionist star in the Hagar(t) Coat.

For the time being, I'm assuming that the Hagars were named in honor of Hagar, mother of Ishmael. If true, then the Haits with many 'g' versions would be Ishmaelites as well, and as such, ditto for the Hitler surname. I started making a case for this in the fifth and sixth updates of July, but now there are yet further details coming in. See yesterday's update for the apparent link of the Hitler surname to the Hoods et al.

The Hague is in Belgium. We see the Hague variation of Hait above, and we see the Hait\Hague Coat using white crescents on blue. Then, the BELGIAN Heid Coat uses white crescents on blue!! Most of the surnames in the latter are Heed/Hede-like, but "Hague" is not included. Just the same, we now have several surnames that were a part of the Belgian Hague family, and they all link to the Hitler surname.

The English Haits also use their crescents amid a white saltire on blue; we saw that saltire yesterday in the Ode(y) Coat, but the Hoods also use one. There is a good chance that it's the German Oettingen saltire, even though the latter is on a red background.

Therefore, I checked the Otis surname just now and found not only that the English Otis/Odes surname was first in Cornwall so as to link with the Hoods et al, but that "Occasionally, the name Odes is a local surname derived from the settlement of Ott in Belgium." The symbol is a bridled bear, a symbol used by the present pope as well as the Forbes surname. On the other English Otis page we find that this is a Flemish surname.

Obama's general in Iraq has an Odierno surname. I looked into it to find the root of the term, whether it be "Odie." I didn't find the answer, but discovered that it's an Italian surname. Two forums seeking info on the family trace it back to the immediate west of Avellino! This finding might not be coincidental, since I was on the Avellino topic just days ago.

One theory is that "erno" is the suffix so that "Odi" is the root. In fact, Sarno is in the province of SalERNO, and the city of Salerno was anciently, Irno. There is a Salerno surname using three gold Zionist stars (!) on blue; a variation shown is "Salierno," suggesting that "Oderno (i.e. an i-less Odierno) should exist...where the name could then evolve into "Oder." There is an English Oder Coat. The Oder write-up:

"First found in Huntingdon where they were seated from very ancient times, and are believed to be descended from the celebrated Castellan of Windsor, William FitzOther, son of Otherus, the Duke of Lombardy."

Now look at the Windsor Coat; a white saltire on red, the Arms of Oettingen (also "Ottinger"). And reading the Windsor write-up: "...they were descended from William FitzOtho, who was son of Adalbert the second Duke of Lombardy." In other words, the Windsors are of the Oettingen fold that included the Oder/Other surname and its many variations, and, because the Lombards conquered Salerno, perhaps even the Odierno variation.

Back to the Arab Liberation Front. Alf was founded as a fighting/terrorist force. In the above-mentioned article, we learn that it was intended, not as a Palestinian organ, but as a pan-Arab one. Still, it joined the PLO in an official capacity to act as middleman between it and Saddam. When the world wanted peace in the Israeli theater, ALF wanted war:

"In the 1970s, the ALF played an important role in the Rejection Front, a loose affiliation of groups that vocally opposed the PLO's peace efforts. The ALF was opposed to Oslo [peace accords], but maintained participation in PLO (eg in 1984 Amman PNC), and participates in NIF. It shares an office floor in Ramallah with the PLF, and also has offices in Lebanon & Iraq.

...An archive consisting of documents, video cassettes and computer disks was captured by the IDF (= Israeli military] in the 'Arab Liberation Front' (an organization under Iraqi patronage) and the Iraqi Ba'ath organization HQ in Ramallah. Other documents and videocassettes were captured during Operation Defensive Shield. The captured materials shed light on the Iraqi aid to the Palestinian confrontation in the PA, with emphasis on the encouragement of terrorist attacks."

Quite apparently, with an office in Ramallah (Jerusalem's northern border region), Saddam's Baathists had plans for Israel. ALF was the Baathist money bag with money transferred from Saddam's government to the Palestinian cause: "With open financial and political assistance from Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime, the ALF disbursed millions of dollars to the families of Palestinian 'martyrs' who attacked Israeli targets. With the removal of the Iraqi Ba'athist regime, it remains unclear what role the ALF will play in the broader Palestinian conflict." In consideration of ALF's creation as pan-Arabic, I doubt that the Baathist money was to be used for the Palestinian cause so much as for Israel's destruction.

Ramallah is near ancient Ai, where the anti-Christ begins his invasion on Jerusalem as per Isaiah 10. Some of the info at the article above was taken from the (long) report below, giving many more details on the money transfers and suicide-bomber inside information:

"According to the captured documents, the central figure in the Iraqi leadership, who directs the Iraqi aid to the Palestinian terror in the PA is Taha Yassin Ramadan, President Saddam Hussein's deputy, a member of the 'Revolutionary Leadership Council' (the supreme governing body in Iraq) and Saddam Hussein's confidant. Taha Yassin Ramadan is described in a captured document as responsible for the Palestine Office in the all-Arab leadership of the Ba'ath party in Iraq. In a secret handwritten letter, signed by him, Taha Yassin Ramadan transfers instructions for building the Ba'ath party infrastructure in the PA areas, exploiting the Intifada events for achieving 'the complete liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea'.

... In the framework of the systematic Iraqi financial aid to the families of Palestinians killed in the violent confrontation (including the families of Israeli Arabs killed in the October 2000 events), the families of suicide terrorists receive enlarged grants from Saddam Hussein ($25,000 for such a family, in contrast with $10,000 for the family of an 'ordinary' killed Palestinian terrorist). The captured documents demonstrate that the intentional 'gap' in favor of the suicide terrorists' families continued growing as the Intifada went on. The fact that such large sums of money, in Palestinian terms, are distributed to the families of suicide terrorists (about nine years of work, from all the aid bodies) encourages the suicide phenomenon. It is an important (but not the only) consideration in the suicide terrorist's decision. "

Then, as Saddam was destroyed, the suicide bombers turned on if it were God flipping the tables. The Baathists should be warned: Jerusalem will be a house of prayer for all nations. Accept it, or have your tables turned. Isaiah 13 tells that Iraq will be destroyed in the end times for violence done to Israel. The report, as per the captured documents, makes it very plain that suicide bombers do not blow themselves up for 72 virgins in Heaven, but for tens of thousands of dollars (that to Palestinians seems like a million dollars). The money goes to the families of the murderers (ALF oversees the payments). What does this say about these types of Arabs? A cursed abomination. Saddam was directly responsible for the murders of many Israelis, and Hell was Prepared for his kind.

Who now leads ALF? Is it the official Secretary General, Rakad Salem, or an unknown Baathist behind the scenes? My understanding is that Salem was arrested by Israel (in 2001)...probably as a result of the evidence against him in the captured documents. He is apparently still out of commission. Could ALF, by some other person(s), be in touch with the anti-Christ at this time? The reason given for ALF's minority position is it's secularized Baath base: "In the land of Salafi Islam, a Fascist-Socialist-Muslim terror group [like ALF] cannot successfully compete for jihadists with the likes of HAMAS, Hizballah, and Islamic Jihad."

The anti-Christ, an atheist, might just prefer to work with ALF, however, especially as he rises with Iraqi Baathists. Salem is an Iraqi citizen, and, apparently, living in the West Bank. Might God be holding him on a shelf for That Day when He allows Israel to be desolated?



It's been months since I've started a day's update the night before. I have time now. I've "quit" my full time job for an unknown number of weeks, and moved into a normal home with a normal shower like all of you normal folks. Sweet is the word.

If I told you that I had a further theory, that the suicide bomber who killed some CIA agents on the Pakistan-Afghan border was really working for the Americans, you'd probably say something like, "Uh, John, this is a bit too much. Maybe just report the news and keep the theories to yourself."

Yesterday on CNN and another television news channel, it was reported that the suicide bomber was an informant for the CIA. I kid you not. BUT, this morning in the internet news, after checking several world-news sites, not one mention of that story. How can we explain this absence since the story easily makes for front-page status?

Here's what I think as per CNN's report that the CIA confessed to the bomber's being a "double agent." I don't think he was a double agent. I think he worked only for the Americans/globetrotters. But when it was discovered by a news media that he was a CIA informant, the CIA, in the only way to save its own skin, claimed that he acted as a traitorous double agent.

This morning, the Yemeni affair is larger than life in the news, and people are starting to ask whether the story is becoming way over-blown...just like the swine-flu and global-warming scares.

On yesterday's Aulaqi topic, it turns out that this surname (of a Muslim cleric said to be behind/involved with the underwear bomber) is spelled alternatively, "Awlaki," which more-easily modifies to "Aflaq" (or even "Afleck"). Awlaki was born in the United States.

The news this morning is that both Obama and Britain are pouring money into the Yemeni government to battle al-Qaeda. BUT, the globetrotters may in reality be trying to buy their wormy way into the Yemen and Somali theaters for their typical ulterior motives. General Odierno put out a statement yesterday, saying that the Iraqi draw-down is on track i.e. that troops there will NOT be kept past the agreed-to August-2010 deadline.

In the past week, just as this worming plot has been rolling its wheels, Somali "pirates" have captured no less than four ships. One could deem this increased activity as globalist-ordered to get the public on-side of the intrusive plot. Even so, we should expect anti-American forces in both Yemen and Somalia to raise a little war dust to combat the intrusions. It's expected that, as the West calls for increased action on Yemen as though it were a wider war, anti-American forces (and not only Muslims) will crystallize on a wider scale. Is this the start of fulfilled prophecy??? I hope so, partly because the letters on my new keyboard are starting to disappear.

Here's why Israel's great tribulation is coming: "'God gave the US the power and influence to affect the rest of the world and supporting Israel is the key to America's success,'" said Rabbi Lior." How many Christians say the very same? In reality, God despises the fact that Israel has looked to other nations -- and their war machines -- for its security and very existence. This piece appears in the Christian-Israeli media, Israel Today.

I think it's important to point out that Armageddon, while it's God's will, is going to come about by acts of satan and his sons, for 2 Thessalonians 2 says that God will remove His powers from the midst of the devil's kingdom, which act alone will cause calamity upon calamity resulting nearly in the complete annihilation of the planet. In fact, if not for God coming back into the midst of the situation, no flesh would be saved (Matthew 24). So, if God deems it necessary to remove Himself so that utter destruction takes place, I'm for it.

I'm not for destruction and killing...unless it removes the weeds of the world who keep repressing the Good Society. The weeds wish to eradicate the wheat, and to create the Evil Society. We should be thankful that the only Creator is not like the devil, who would instead torment his creation just for laughs. I do not look forward to the destruction; it will be hard to handle. But I look forward to the New Beginning ruled by the Renewed Israel.

The apostle Paul was concerned about the faith of the Thessalonian church. When he was satisfied that the saints there had not lost its faith in Jesus, he wrote the church twice to stress the return of Jesus, that the saints should look forward to it and not be overly dismayed by the damned weeds who persecuted them. It has been one long time since then, and still no dazzling appearance of Jesus.

One would expect no one in the world today to believe what Paul promised, and yet there are millions alive who look forward to the Day. The only explanation for this is that God's Spirit is able to make Christians no matter what, providing sufficient personal proofs of His faithfulness toward us that we maintain faith in Him. Even the growing darkness, to satan's irony, acts as evidence of God's existence. How much longer can the Church handle the darkness? We would like to know when He will say of the weeds, "Enough!"? Therefore, when the evidence finally arrives that the world is passing into the short period of fulfilled prophecy, it will be a great relief for me.

I've just checked CNN online. The report seen on television yesterday concerning the CIA "double agent" does not appear. Why not??? One might say that CNN had the report wrong and is therefore quietly withdrawing it, but the evidence below suggests otherwise. I've found the story only by Googling "Pakistani news":

"The suicide bomber who killed at least six Central Intelligence Agency officers in a base along the Afghan-Pakistan border on Wednesday was a regular CIA informant who had visited the same base multiple times in the past, according to someone close to the base's security director.

...The base security director, an Afghan named Arghawan, would pick up the informant at the Ghulam Khan border crossing and drive him about two hours into Forward Operating Base Chapman, from where the CIA operates.

...The story seems to corroborate a claim by the Taliban on the Pakistani side of the border that they had turned a CIA asset into a double agent...

...The Taliban in Pakistan claimed in a call to The Associated Press that the informant had called them and offered to become a turncoat. They said the attack was revenge for the drone attacks that have killed multiple senior Taliban leaders."

This story is large enough to justify the long article above, and large enough to make it to CNN's talking-heads shows. Which Taliban group has claimed to have recruited the turn-coat bomber, the anti-American Taliban, or the Taliban that president Karzai claims is secretly working with Amero-Westerners with helicopters? The next question is: what part of the Western presence in Afghanistan is working with the Taliban? Assuming that the bomber was working for that particular group with black helicopters, he and they must be opposed to the CIA presence, or at least an aspect of its influence, in Afghanistan. If I recall correctly, Obama has been sparring with the CIA...which some view as a Bush-Republican-leaning organ of America.

The particular Taliban group that took responsibility for the bomber's attack was at one time (when the Soviet's invaded Afghanistan) working with the CIA but under Brzezinski's umbrella (Brzezinski now works for Obama). The article continues:

"The most likely Taliban group to have perpetrated the attack is the one led by Sirajuddin Haqqani, the son of Jalaluddin Haqqani, one of the CIA's most important assets when the agency was helping fund the Afghan mujahedeen fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan."

Possibly, a part of this Taliban "asset" is still working for Brzezinski...and the Obama circle. If we discover a serious disagreement taking place at this time between the Obama circle and the CIA, it could be the motive behind the O-circle's bombing of the CIA agents. Simultaneous with this event, Karzai's choices for new-government workers have been mainly (17 out of 24 picks) rejected by the Afghan parliament, and I think it's safe to say that the O-circle likes that outcome if only for its dislike of Karzai. I'd like to know how the CIA feels about it.

The article above is by ABC news, and is accessible online from today's ABC World-News section. There's an interesting tidbit at that page on the underwear bomber, telling that he made a phone call to his father indicating that it would be his last call. It was this call that prompted the father to alert Nigerian Intelligence, who in turn escorted him immediately to a meeting with the CIA in Nigeria, and they had already reckoned that a suicide mission was under way:

"The accused 'underwear bomber' made a dramatic final call to his father that so alarmed Nigerian officials that they took the father directly to CIA officials in Nigeria because they feared a suicide mission was underway, officials told ABC News."

At that point, the CIA should have contacted and alerted Yemeni officials because the bomber had said to his father (in the phone call): "the people he was with in Yemen were about to destroy his SIM card, rendering his phone unusable."

The fact that the CIA did not alert Yemeni intelligence officials nor the Yemeni government, in conjunction with multiple other security breaches that got the bomber in a plane as far as Detroit, could suggest U.S. complicity in the bombing attempt. The article tells: "Abdulmutallab [the would-be bomber] told federal officials after his capture that he spent a month at the home of an al Qaeda official in Yemen while he was trained for jihad, officials have told ABC News." This fast "confession" sounds odd. It might rather be part of the globalist plot to raise a globalist stink in Yemen. Note that the bomber mentioned his presence in Yemen during his phone call. It's as if his main mission was, not so much to blow up the plain, but to point a large red arrow at the terrorists in Yemen:

"The United States and Britain have agreed to finance a special counterterrorism unit in Yemen as the two allies closed their embassies in the country [today] in the face of al-Qaeda threats.

...Yemen, the ancestral homeland of Osama bin Laden, was the scene of the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, and in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States, the Yemeni government worked with Washington to crack down on al-Qaida figures on its soil. But the terror group has rallied, announcing in January 2009 the creation of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, grouping fighters from Yemen and neighboring Saudi Arabia. The leader of the group, Naser Abdel Karim al-Wahishi, is a Yemeni who was once close to bin Laden, and two Saudis who were released from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in 2007 and 2006 have taken up senior roles - Said al-Shihri, the group's deputy leader, and Ibrahim Suleiman al-Rubaish, seen as its theological adviser."

There is no doubt a war taking place, but why the emphasis on Yemen now...that the Iraq draw-down is about to take place? Are the globetrotters looking for an excuse to keep Obama's troops in the Middle East after his election promise to bring them home?

January 4

Got this email from K:

Hi John! I recently found a book called 'The Empire of 'The City'" by E.C. Knuth in which I found this passage:
"Although Mr. Disraeli [a "Jew"] had been baptized in the Church of England, he amazed and shocked one of his friends after coming out of a sitting in which he had defended the Church, by murmuring: 'It is curious, Walpole, that you and I have just been voting for a defunct mythology ...'...Then he explained that the only pedigree of long civilization was that of the House of Israel and that his family was far older than theirs." (Disraeli by Andre Maurois, Ch. IV) D. Appleton & Co. 1929).

I wrote back:

Hi K: What an interesting statement, older than the house of Israel. I suppose he traces some "Jews" to bloodlines prior to Abraham. Other than that, I have no idea. I wouldn't be surprised to find that some Kabalistic Jews trace themselves -- whether true of not doesn't matter -- to men such as Aram, Elam, Arphaxad, etc.

Wikipedia: "Disraeli's biographers believe he was descended from Italian Sephardic Jews. He claimed Spanish ancestry, possibly referring to the ultimate origin of his family heritage in Spain prior to the expulsion of Jews in 1492, after which many Jews emigrated temporarily to northern Italy before moving to the Netherlands and then England."

Personally, I trace Sephardics to Joktanites, and Joktan was indeed earlier than Abraham. Joktan was the great grandson of Arphaxad.

I would like to mention your email in an update to show that some "Jews" do trace themselves to houses earlier than Israelites. Thank you.

The next email startled me. It was from an emailer who has me on his/her mailing list. I stopped writing back when I learned that he/she was into the Jesus-Magdalene theory. He/she wrote to me initially to ask my help in tracing his/her Clare bloodline in Germany, which he said was Klaar. When opening his/her email now, something I haven't done for quite some time, I saw a Cloer variation. Not only is there a Cloer Coat, but, I was startled.

I keep my browser open at nearly all times so it's ready when I need it. When I went to it to check for a Cloer Coat, the browser happened to be at the Salerno-Coat page (because it was yesterday's topic). I immediately noticed that "Cloer" was similar to "Salerno," but thought nothing of it...until the Cloer Coat (Dutch) loaded. Zowie, the two surnames have nearly identical Coats!

Yesterday, the Odierno surname of Salerno was linked to Lombards of Lombardy (northern Italy), who use a green and white quatrefoil, a near-reflection of the green and white trefoils in the Chief of the Cloer Coat.

Looking deeper, I have just discovered that the Italian Lombard-surname Coat uses gold stars on blue, the symbol in the Cloer Coat. Since I trace the (Sin)Clares to Moray, compare the Cloer Coat to the Moray/Murray Coat. Also, compare the Cloer Coat with the Irish Clare Coat.

For further evidence that the Cloer surname is a Clare variation, "Clore" brings up the English Clare Coat. What's more, entering "Clor" brings a German Clarr/Klaar Coat that is different than the Coat one gets when entering "Klaar" (the latter brings a triple-chevron Coat similar to the English Clare Coat). And the Clor/Klaar Coat uses gold trefoils on blue, the colors of the trefoil-using Cloer Coat. All of this may sound insignificant, but I find it hard to believe that the Salerno Coat was open just as I went to check out the Cloer surname. Perhaps in time the significance will come out.

I don't think that "Salerno" is a variation in any way of "Clare/Cloer." The similarity in Coats must mean that the Salerno surname came into contact with Clares. I did find evidence of the Rollo bloodline in northern Italy, between Liguria and Switzerland to be exact, and that's how they may have met the Salernos, as Lombards from northern Italy conquered Salerno. On the other hand, the Salerno write-up says:

"The variations of Salerno ending in "i" are from the northern part of Italy, but the family remained in the south for the most part. The family took their name from the city of Salerno where they originated..."

As there is a Cler variation, it led to finding the French LeClere Coat; compare it with the Rhodes Coat, and know that the Rhodes family (as Rodez) was in southern France (Languedoc) merged with proto-Rockefellers = Roquefeuils).

Sometimes these email coincidences shock me. Another emailer wrote back on December 13 (that's how far I'm behind, forgive me). I opened the email tonight, minutes after opening the Cloer email. Her surname is Haidl. It's virtually the Heidl/Heidler/Hitler surname discussed days ago (i.e. before she knew I would be on that topic), but also like the Hait surname discussed just last night...which I considered linking to Ishmaelites. The Hait Crest uses the Roque(fueil) rock symbol!

Feeling that there had to be some significance in the Haidl surname, I checked many similar variations without luck until I tried "Haydel." I was shocked to get the symbol (fat black cross on white) belonging to the two surnames, Aflaq and Bitar; these two founded the Baath party. Perhaps it's coincidental, for the surname is more properly Haydock/Haddock, but there you have it.

Now look at the Welsh (Cornish, really) Bath Coat; it's the same fat cross (white on red, colors of Wales), with four lions positioned all around as in the Rhodes Coat...which also uses the same fat cross. I've shown many times that the Rhodes cross is the Sinclair cross, but let me repeat that the latter is black on white i.e. like the founding surnames of the Baath party. The Bath motto includes "Habere," possibly code for "Hebrew."

The write-up tells that the Bath surname was originally "ab-Atha" (smacking of the Otho/Oder/Other surname mentioned yesterday that formed the House of Windsor from the Lombards). I suppose it's possible, therefore, for Baathists to trace to the Atha surname. There is an Atha Coat (red and white like the Bath Coat) using the Hohen Shield (Hohens were, and must still be, Hebrew rulers of Germany).

For the record, there is a Welsh Batha/Bathoe surname also said to derive from ab-Atha. That led to finding the English Athoe Coat that is obviously related to the Bathoe family (both use the same wolf-head symbol).

This gets very very interesting because there is also a German Badoe Coat first found in Baden...where the Hohens ruled long ago. It's interesting because the surname, and therefore the Baathist founders, may originate in "Baden." The natural thing to do is check the Baden Coat; the English surname shows Batton and Batin variations said to derive from "Batte," supposedly a pet form of "Bartholomew" (sounds wrong, but it could be asserted because there is a family link to the Bart surname). The problem is, it's hard to know at this point if this latter surname has anything to do with Baden, Germany. The other problem is, there is no German Baden Coat.

There is an English Batte Coat with a wolf (!) in the Crest, thus linking to the Baths and Bathoes. Also, the Batte Coat uses what could be a Sinclair saltire. I became convinced (months ago) that this Coat links to the Obama line of Moray Randolphs...who also use a fat cross.

This becomes more interesting still, for as it appears solid that the English Battons and Battes are from the Welsh Baths, I recall discussing the Biden surname, also "Bitten/Button," and telling that it was from a locality of Bath! The Bitton/Button/Biden write-up:

"William Button was a medieval Bishop of Bath and Wells. His nephews included another William of Bitton (d. 1274,) was also Bishop of Bath and Wells..."

See what Wikipedia says, that could tie Bath to "Baden": "The diocese of Bath and Wells proper (Badoniensis et Wellensis)..." (brackets not mine). I have shared this quote before (in the first update in July), where I mention Biden and Baden several times in conjunction with the Bode region of Germany. It's a long and twisted riddle.

Since Bathoes and Badoes link to the Welsh "ab-Atha" family, then the English Bideau surname, said to be "derived from the Welsh name ap-Eddow," should be related, especially as a shown Bideau variation is "Beddoe/Bedoe." "Oe" endings are not common. Thus, we now have another clue in the combined Atha AND Eddow terms.

The British Eddie/Addie Coat uses the same colors as Bideau/Beddoe, and while the latter uses the symbol (an upright gold lion on red) used also by the Rodez of France, the Eddie/Addie Coat uses a leopard used also by the English Rhodes'. The Eddies/Addies were first in the Englo-Scottish Borderlands. The tentative conclusion is that the Baathists are rooted in Baden of the Hohens who were related to the Babenbergs that had a Bebbanburg branch in the Borderlands.

In support, we have the following quote from Wikipedia's article on the city of Baden-Baden (in Baden-Wurttemberg):

"The German word 'Baden' translates as 'to bath/bathe'."

I don't think I have ever recorded that ("bath/bathe" is nowhere found in all my files). I found the quote AFTER writing everything above the quote. It was very satisfying to find I probably didn't waste your time.



Immediately after ending last night, I turned on the news but having enough of that, the friend sitting next to me scrolled until finding the Flintstone movie. During a commercial, I loaded both the Barnier and Betty Coats to explain to this friend that both use the key symbol. When the movie was over, I saw that the Betty/Beaty surname was first found in the Borderlands. Hmm, see last night's conclusion, where my hunt for the Bath surname led finally to the Borderlands, and to the Hohens of Baden.

Since "Beddoe" is a branch of the Bath family, why not also the Betty/Beaty surname? That question made me try for a Bettoe surname, and up popped the Beddoe Coat. Convinced that the Beaty surname is to be included in the Bath family, I figured from its Betay and Bety variations that the Beth surname should also apply. The first Beth Coat to load was the Scottish one, using a sword in the same position as the Beaty sword. A Beth variation is MacBeth, but also "Beaton," reflecting "Beaty" very well. The German Beth surname includes a Bathe variation; also "Beathe."

I had (years ago) traced Fred Flintstone to the Hohens, who were early named "Frederick," and theorized that Baden was "Bedrock." The Hohens also ruled in Flanders (i.e. like "Flint"), and Wilma, who wears a white dress in the movie, as in the cartoon, and red hair, as in the cartoon, has the colors of the Flemings, founders of Flanders; "Wilma" reflects "Fleming," who in their homeland are "Vlaams".

There's more to it to make it all very compelling that the creators of the cartoon characters had Hohen elements in mind. Bamm-Bamm has been identified as Bamberg (Germany), home of the Babenbergs, but also Bamburgh (Britain), home of the Bebbanburgs. The Zahringers of Baden used buffalo horns as symbols, and were the root of the Varangian Rus (in my findings), while Fred and Barney wore Russian-type hats to a Masonic lodge attended by their fellow "Water Buffalo" members. Barney wears brown in the movie, as in the cartoon, and was pegged as representing Bruno, founder of Brunswick; the Bebbanburgs of Bamburgh were Bernicians, anciently "Bryneich" (i.e. a form of "Brunswick," apparently).

God forbid that we should have the dirty word, "censorship":

"Chinese police arrested thousands in a drive against Internet pornography throughout 2009, officials said, vowing a deepening crackdown that critics say is being used to tighten overall censorship."

When was the last time that America arrested common pornographers? Instead, America allows porn in the name of "freedom." Even though the leaders of Western countries know that the hardest forms of porn, ever, are accessible online, virtually nothing has been done about it. Hard porn is being accepted as standard society fare.

China is concerned about the "the emotional health of children," due to porn, but what about the emotional health of adults? Can adults really take porn? No, they cannot, at least not in regular "doses." It's raw satanism. It degrades the peoples of a land until their every thought is corrupted, leading to poor, irresponsible, and then dangerous, behavior. The pornographers would have all of us addicted, and they are targeting your hook them while they are young and vulnerable.

How beneficial is it to have men among us who ask their wives to perform threesomes, or with whips, who take every opportunity to commit adultery with any bar-room tramp possible. And what about porn increasing the number of female "tramps," so to speak, who gladly give themselves to virtually any man so that they, the females, might experience all of what they see in porn? The worst offenders, by far, are the teens. How sad is this situation, leaders of America? You will find out how bad it has been on the Day. His fierce Presence will make you realize all that has been rotten in your life, and in the world.

Consider how society-engineers in the West aim to fix the woman problems among Muslims and Hindus, by urging their teens to wear glossy lipstick and skimpy swim suits Western style, and after that to liberate their sexuality in rock and roll. Muslim men would rather annihilate the West than see this taking place with their daughters. But for the West's current trend of "gay" marriage, God will take up the torch on the leaders of the nations. It can't be too long now.

Do you love America? Then God has a problem with you. The America of today has no cure because it mocks God as it moves "forward." In reality, it is regression, not progression. It is they who are backward, but we Christians are moving forward. They will see the Way Forward when He comes with his Weed-Whacker. He will remove their blind spot -- the tall weeds all around -- and they will see their own nakedness, and the spiritual diseases rotting their very bones. It will be a Day for exposure.

American liberalism goes "forward" now in its agenda with some caution because the writing is on the wall, but when the devil-incarnate appears, the momentum will build recklessly. The decisions will be made to abandon all fear of God, to plow deeply ahead and sow every kind of sinful plant, to heavily water the fields of immorality, and to eat the muddy fruit thereof, dirt and all. Even the dogs will be ashamed of their masters. The first decade of this millennium was for introducing gay sex to the mainstream; the next decade is for finding the courage to abandon God with recklessness in all areas of common sin.

Yemen is rejecting Obama's intrusions:

"Yemen's foreign minister has ruled out direct US military intervention to tackle the al-Qaeda group operating in his country."

If America is so wonderful, why do many Muslims reject it? Why is Yemen announcing a closed door to Obama? Whether it's true or not that the Yemeni government rejects Obama's recent intrusions is not the point; it's what Yemen announces that counts, for it comes due to Muslim dislike for America. Obama will say that it's only the religious radicals who hate America. Wrong. God hates it too, and he's not a "Muslim fundamentalist" whatsoever.

The aim of globalists is to make the whole world secular, then humanist, and then atheistic, to turn peoples as far from the true God as possible, and to set up a "Utopia" without the "cancer" of religious/Biblical fundamentalism. False Christianity will be permitted, and a Westernized form of Islam too. Money, and its pursuit, shall be the chief global god, and the main purpose of money will be to enjoy all that is seen in porn, with many partners of the highest grade possible which their money will buy. Ask Tiger if this is true or not.

This is what the West offers the Muslim world. Russia blushes. Chavez throws up. Bin-Laden squints. North-Korea slams its doors to the stench. But Obama embraces it, spreads it afar, and kills to make it the global religion. The Money-and-Sex god, in a theater near you, and sitting in your living room day after day, accessed by the touch of a tiny power button.

There's only one way that America and its Western allies can beat the growing tide of Islamic radicalism: change American lifestyles. Outlaw porn and put a tight rein on television nudity; shut the proud mouths of homosexuals; make adultery illegal with a stiff sentence; curb movie violence; honor God AND all of His principals for life. Otherwise, America fights against God, and punishes its own sons and daughters.

It's an embarrassment:

"France has joined other European countries in selling off millions of its emergency H1N1 vaccines after buying far more than needed to fight the outbreak.

...The 94 million doses were equivalent to almost one and a half for everyone in France but so far only about five million people are recorded as having been vaccinated since the programmes launch in October.

The health ministry said Qatar had already bought 300,000 doses and Egypt was negotiating to buy two million.

...The Netherlands announced in November that it would sell 19 million of the 34 million vaccines it ordered to countries with a shortage of them, judging its own flu scare had passed." "

WHO has given the world a hoot of a scam. Now it's time to take the owl by the neck and twist it good. But who has been behind WHO? WE would like to know. May WE ask whether the vaccines sold to Egypt and Qatar are for the purpose of doing deliberate damage to Muslims? If Western globalists wish to reduce world populations by inventing clever ways to murder in poor masses of the world, wouldn't they be keen on Muslim masses?

The rejection, or apparent rejection, of Obama by the Yemeni government comes as General David Petraeus visited Yemen. The new war-front is being called against "Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula." Will Russia join this fight? Watching...but NOT expected.

DEBKAfile claims that the Yemeni government is protecting al-Qaeda while offering the West lip-service opposition to the terror groups. If that's the truth, the Obama strategy should be to highlight this problem, publicly, to apply pressure on the Yemen government. France has closed its Yemen embassy too.

The Muslim cleric, Awlaki/Aulaqi, has made it, as I speak, to a longish CNN news piece. He's being touted as the new bin-Laden, as the words, "RADICAL YEMENI PREACHER," are plastered on the screen.

If you've been wondering what ever happened to the Kurd-oil freeze, Maliki, now on an oil "high," is finally getting around to dealing with the Kurds...who are deliberately stalling:

"Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called for an end to a bitter row over oil contracts brokered by Iraqi Kurdistan, which has fuelled investor questions about the risks of doing business in war-torn Iraq.

...'We said it is time to look at this file and settle it with flexibility and realism, in order to preserve rights and interests in these contracts,' Maliki was quoted saying on the government's national media centre website. 'We hope to end this crisis.'"

In other words, Maliki seems to be caving to Kurd pressure. The Kurds were hoping that he would not wait forever to give them what they want: more oil money. With Russia's South Steam pipeline in competition with the Nabucco pipeline, where the length of the competing pipelines will be a significant advantage/disadvantage, Russian rights to Kurdish fields, as opposed to fields in southern Iraq, should be coveted by Putin. The South Stream begins north of Georgia's Abkhazia, and cuts westward across the Black-sea floor.

The Nabucco line has the problem of acquiring its gas"

"...'In the short term, Nabucco needs supplies to make it economically viable,' says Andrew Neff. 'It needs the infrastructure in place so that later on they might be able to transport Iraqi or Iranian gas through the pipes."

The article goes on to say that, if it can't get enough gas from Iran and Iraq, Nabucco might need to pump Russian gas. Shudders. These are good reasons for Russia to gobble up as much Iraqi oil and gas as possible, on the one hand leaving less for the Nabucco people, and on the other having more in case Russian gas is needed through Nabucco. Iraqi fields gobbled up by Russia would be especially hard on Nabucco because relations are not going very well between Iran and the West.

Thus far, we have seen Western interests in the Kurdish fields, but not much interest from Russia has been revealed. At least, if that interest exists, I haven't seen it in the news. One would expect Putin to be very quiet about it should the interest exist, however.

I don't have details behind the following development:

"NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: U.S. forces closed the Mosul airport late [December 31] after the end of the security company's contract, which protect the airport and its staff, a source from the airport said [January 1].

'U.S. forces closed the airport and brought out all the staff after the end of the security company's contract,' the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, noting that the contract ended on Dec. 31, 2009.

'They refused to give the responsibility of protecting the airport to the Iraqi forces,' he added.

'Several flights to Dubai and Amman this week were cancelled,' he said."

That's the entire article. My impression is that the U.S. army is applying a strong arm in Mosul. No sooner does a contract expire that they are using drastic, predetermined action to secure another one that the Iraqis don't want to give. The article doesn't tell what level of Iraqi government the contract was signed with, or what level the present dispute is with. If this is a sign of things to come, that American forces will refuse to leave Mosul without kicking up some dust, it's something to watch. With Mosul being the anti-Christ's launch pad, its airport should become significant.

This does not bode well for the Americans in Iraq. On top of this situation, Maliki is publicizing his anger over Blackwater:

"Iraq's prime minister vowed [today] to seek punishment for the Blackwater guards accused of killing 17 people at a busy Baghdad intersection after U.S. courts dropped the case in a decision that outraged many Iraqis.

The guards were accused of an unprovoked attack that left 17 dead. The killings inflamed anti-American sentiment and solidified many Iraqis' image of U.S. security contractors as above the law."

Just found this:

"...'The Ministry of Transportation has renewed its contract with the foreign security firm assigned to protect the Mosul Airport for another two months,' Governor Athil al-Nujaifi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

Earlier, a source from the airport told Aswat al-Iraq news agency that U.S. forces had closed the airport and sacked its employees after the termination of the contract with the security company."

The U.S. plan "worked" for a mere two-month extension. That will get the security company a job until at the airport to the brink of Iraqi election day, slated for March 7.

When considering the Iraq entry of the anti-Christ, the 1.5 million Iraqi-Baathist refugees still living in Syria should be included. About 400,000 of the refugees were in Saddam's party, and a sizable number of them safely plot Maliki's overthrow under the solid protection of the Syrian government. There are two possible reasons that the Shi'ite Syrian government would protect the Sunni Baathists of another country: 1) to keep favor with the Sunni majority population in Syria, and/or, 2) to overthrow the West-sponsored Iraqi government.

Clearly, amid Maliki's loud protests aimed directly at the Syrian government for protecting the Baathists, the Syrian leader has come down squarely on the side of the Baathists. If you don't know the story, the article below explains. Syria, at first glance, has little to gain by protecting the Baathists, but an abundance of business deals to gain by siding with Maliki. Therefore, it is suspect that Syria does in reality has the most to gain by supporting the Baathists. But only if Iraq is replaced by a new government that the Syria leader(s) can stomach.

Syria is a tight-lipped government because it's involved in secret plots knowing that the CIA and many other Intelligence people are trying to listen in. Surely, if the purpose of the Syrians is to see Maliki toppled, some Russian agency would only be too happy to contribute. Syria, at best, could be winking at Russian dialogue with the Baathist refugees, but that dialogue should be tightly channeled apart from Syrian channels (i.e. if the dialogue is discovered, Syria can claim no part in it).

Another article shares the words of General Petraeus:

"...Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri, was 'living freely in Syria.... [Al-Duri and Muhammad Younis Ahmad] are now allowed to openly call for the toppling of the government of Iraq,' Petraeus observed."

That is, the Syria leader allows such statements to be aired by Baathists in his country. The article has made a correct assessment in this: "As the United States, through its ongoing withdrawal, creates the perception of a growing vacuum, regional states are stepping in to grab a piece of the Iraqi pie." Can Russia be considered a "regional state"?

Official Russia is not permitted to topple and take Iraq. The most that Putin can offer is some Russian agencies to assist Baathists in the plot. Perhaps the best evidence that Putin himself is having secret dialogue with Syria's Assad is Russia's open acceptance of Hamas, for the Hamas leader lives in the Syrian capital, protected by the Syrian government. In other words, if Russia wants to maintain its Baathist connections in Syria, Putin must show himself to be Hamas-friendly. Why else would Putin become Hamas-friendly in the face of suffering rejection from the West for doing so?

January 5

In the Jerusalem Post yesterday, this reminder:

"In December, German energy giant Siemens AG was reported to have delivered sophisticated technology to Iran for its atomic weapons program."

That could be construed as quite the anti-Israeli claim, wherefore, having plenty of time, I checked out the Siemens Coat to see if there would be links to surnames that I've assumed belong to Ishmaelites, for I have pegged the Piast dynasty as Ishmaelitish, and the son of Piast the Wheelwright himself was Siemowit, whose son carried the name to his son, Siemomysl (= father of Mieszko I).

The Siemens Crest uses the buffalo horns of the Zahringers mentioned yesterday; I know that as a fact, though they double as elephant trunks.

I recall linking the Seimo(mysl) term to the Samson surname, but I now find that a variation of Siemens is "Siemsen." Hmm. The natural thing to do is to load the Samson Coat for possible links, but there are none (that I can see). However, checking out the Samson motto term, "flagitium," I entered "Flag" and got the English Fleck Coat!!! (Those exclamation marks are for the Afleck surname that well reflects "Aflaq," the surname of a Baath-party co-founder.)

The flagitium term is clearly code for a Samson family tie with the Flecks (also "Fleggs") because the Fleck Coat uses white scallop shells on black (!), the symbols on the Samson Coat.

The Fleck Shield is in black and white only, the only colors of the Afleck Shield. This suggests that the Piast dynasty came into contact with the surname that co-founded the Baath party. Checking the Flack variation of "Fleck," another black and white Shield pops up in the Dutch Flack/Vlack Coat. Entering "Aflack" brings up the Afleck Coat.

Did someone just hear a white duck???

To prove that the Samson surname linked to Siemowit/Siemomysl, I once or twice showed that the Meschin surname -- which links solidly to Mieszko -- uses the same scallops and colors in the Samson Coat. Plus, the Samson Coat uses the Eaton symbol while Eatons were first found in Cheshire, where Meschins ruled.

It may be coincidental, but I'll record it anyway, that the ap-Eddow surname discussed yesterday (that became "Beddoe") was first found in Shropshire, where the Meschin surname was first found. I mention this because "Eddow" and "Eaton" are similar, and because "Beddoe" led me to find the Beaton (also "Beth") surname (Scotland). Entering "Badin" brings up the French Badet Coat using what appears to be the same drago-beast in the Beaton/Beth Coat.

"Bait" just popped into my head. It was a little "fortuitous," therefore, to find the same basic design in the Scottish Bait Coat as in the Beaton/Beth Coat (also Scottish), only this time a black boar head is pierced by the sword instead of the drago-beast. It is more fortuitous still that this surname popped into my head just after writing on the Eddo/Beddoe surname because the Eddo/Beddoe family uses a black boar head (!) in both the Coat and Crest. Both the Baits and Beths use "fortuna" in their mottos. They are an obvious match.

A Bait variation is Baith. PLUS, the Baits/Baiths were first in Fifeshire, which is a super finding because the co-founders of the two Baath party had been traced (by me) to the Fife region: the Aflecks were first found in Angus, beside Fife, and the Bitars/Buttars were first found in Fife and Perthshire. Perthshire is where I have traced Ishmaelites in the past.

If we're convinced that the Baits and Beths (both of Scotland) were part of the Baath party's co-founding bloodlines, then we not only have evidence of Hebrew roots for Baathists in that both "bait/beit" and "beth" mean "house" in Hebrew, but Baden, Germany, the Hohen city said to be derived in "bath," and the city to which my previous Bath-trace ended up (see earlier in this update), probably has a truer derivation in the Hebrew for "house."

The Bait-Coat page says that the family was named after Beath in Fifeshire. An article claims, probably wrongly since Hebrews have consistently disguised their roots: "The name of the [Beath] parish was anciently spelt Baith, and sigifies [sic], in Gaelic, birchwood---of which there is not a vestice [sic] now to justify the etymology." My point is, the early Baith spelling; it can provide "Bitar" where the "ar" is a mere suffix.,_Fife,_Scotland

It may be a leap to suggest that these surnames belong to anti-Israeli Hebrews such as Ishmaelite cults would naturally be. But I feel like leaping. As for Siemens AG, there has been corruption of the sort that is standard in high circles:

"In January 2007 Siemens was fined 396 million [Euros] by the European Commission for price fixing in EU electricity markets through a cartel involving 11 companies, among which ABB, Alstom, Fuji, Hitachi Japan, AE Power Systems, Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Schneider, Areva, Toshiba and VA Tech...Siemens was given the highest fine...for its alleged leadership role in the incident."

Typical Hebro-mafiosa globalist company. You may have heard of the Bushehr nuclear power plant slated for Iran's nuclear program. It's supposed to be finished NOW. But look at who was involved in the beginning:

"Bushehr is twelve kilometres from the site of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant being built in cooperation with Russia. The work was begun by the Bonn firm Kraftwerk-Union A.G., a unit of Siemens AG..."

I kid you not, after writing the above, where I suggested that Seimens AG was anti-Israel without evidence whatsoever, I went seeking for evidence of anti-Israeli stripes, and found this statement: "During World War II, Siemens [AG] employed gypsy slave labour and ran its own concentration camp near Auschwitz."

Up to that point, I had failed to read deeply into the Wikipedia article of Siemens AG, which says:

"Preceding World War II Siemens was involved in funding the rise of the Nazi Party and the secret rearmament of Germany. During the Second World War, Siemens supported the Hitler regime, contributed to the war effort and participated in the 'Nazification' of the economy. Siemens had many factories in and around notorious concentration camps...In one example, almost 100,000 men and women from Auschwitz worked in a Siemens factory inside the camp, supplying the electricity to the camp. The Siemens logo is still visible above the gas chambers at Buchenwald concentration camp."

Anti-Israeli Hebrews of the Nazi kind!! It's known that the Simon surname is Hebrew, so why not Seimens?

Hitler was a Rothschild, I have proven that to myself to satisfaction. Now I find that the Siemens Coat uses an eight-pointed star in the colors of one Rothschild/RothStein Coat, which is also the symbol of the Dutch Stein/Steen Coat. I'm not suggesting that all Rothschilds are anti-Israel, of course, but there were some, quite apparently, in the Nazi party.

Siemens AG must be common knowledge among Jews; it's not something I've known, but then I've never had the stomach to delve deeply into Nazi details. I would claim that the Seimen pro-Nazis were from the Piast Poles. This is not the first time that I've found a Nazi link to those royal Poles.

As there was Siemens involvement at Buchenwald concentration camp, it must be added that the Hebro-Germanic Goeth/Goth surname was linked to Buchenwald (see June 6), and that the Goth/Goeth Coat is identical to the Hagar(t) Coat, except that the Goth surname uses what I think is the Polish shield-on-shield peculiarity called "Janina."

My conclusion is as before, that there is a Samson cult in Freemasonry, made up to some unknown degree of Polish "Jews" who contributed specially to, among other groups, the Nazi and Thule societies. But as the royal Samsonite Poles (= Rosicrucianism) were linked by marriage to the Marot-clan Moravians on the Mures/Maros river, Nazis were also from elements of Khazar Hebrews (= the Askenazi Hebrews who ruled the Khazars but moved mainly into Hungary and Germany when the Rus conquered Khazaria).

The type of Hebrews among the Khazars has yet to be determined.

Since the Samson surname includes "Sampson," the Simson and Simpson surnames are suspect. I say this, because upon ending the above piece, I went to check the news, and found this: "President Obama recently named Amanda Simpson to be a Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department. While Simpson is clearly one of the first transgender presidential appointees, Democratic officials say they're unsure if she is the very first one." Amanda was birn a man.

I did trace the Samson cult forward from Israel to the Dionysus, long-haired transvestites. For example, on August 19: "It dawns on me now that 'Cabelee' smacks of 'capelli,' the Italian for 'hair.' Dionysus, a Kybele cult god, was portrayed as a transvestite, and I've already traced him to the Samson cult for reasons other than his mythical mother, Semele."

I have just learned that "hair" in Portuguese, is "cabelo." The proto-Latin language was in Lydia and surrounding region, the domain of Dionysus' female "Maenads."



The CIA-bomber "double agent" story has found its way to some mainline media:

"The suicide bomber who killed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan was an al-Qaeda double agent, US media reports say.

He is said to have been a doctor from Jordan, arrested there a year ago.

He was then reportedly recruited by the Jordanians and CIA..."

This story comes from "two former US government officials" who 'named [the bomber] as Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, a 36-year-old al-Qaeda sympathiser from Zarqa, Jordan, arrested by Jordanian intelligence over a year ago." But when it comes to anything having to do with the CIA, especially something like this, we expect a leaking of false information to cover the truth. Afghanistan has become critical because everyone is criticising the mission, and under such conditions, members of the leadership will argue over the best way forward. "Backfires" are then to be expected due to frantic incompetence, but in some cases, backlashes between parties.

In other words, this bombing could have been due to an internal dispute. One of the men killed was from Jordanian Intelligence; the article tells that he was the "handler" of the spy who blew himself up.

There are already contradictions in this story. The Washington Post has the story coming from "two former US government officials," while MSNBC has it coming from "Western intelligence officials." After telling the bomber was the Jordanian doctor arrested a year ago, MSNBC admits: "Initial reports said that the attack, which killed seven CIA officers, was carried out by a member of the Afghan National Army." Perhaps the CIA wants to disguise that version by leaking a false story about the Jordanian.

The Jordanian version is easy to swallow since the bomber was born in the same city as the infamous Musab al-Zarqawi, and was "actually an administrator on the now-defunct Al-Hesbah forum, previously al-Qaida's main chat forum" (though under another name). If the Jordanian version is false, then, I assume, certain high-level Jordanians are insiders in the false report. "[The bomber's] handler...was not just a Jordanian intelligence officer; he was also a member of the Jordanian royal family and was a first cousin of the king and grandnephew of the first king Abdullah."

The story includes a certain "Taliban spokesman" (Al-Hajj Ya'qub) corroborating the Jordanian doctor as the bomber: "a Taliban spokesman, quoted on the Al-Jazeera Web site, said al-Balawi misled Jordanian and U.S. intelligence services for a year." But on whose side is this "spokesman", the pro-West or anti-West Taliban?

What if the Jordanian "handler" had discovered that Americans were working with the very Taliban that they are supposed to be hunting down? That sort of news in the ears of the wrong people would not be very welcome. Such a situation would demand nothing short of his murder, which may have been required so speedily as to be killed at the cost of killing CIA agents who happened to be with him at the opportune time for the bomber. In this picture, the bomber would be from the pro-West Taliban...bought with American cash.

The related ABC article shared earlier in this update says: "...according to someone close to the [CIA's] security director" the "informant was a Pakistani and a member of the Wazir tribe from the Pakistani tribal area North Waziristan."

A Wazir Pakistani from Waziristan (see location)? That doesn't sound like a Jordanian. In the last update of November, the story below was highlighted, telling of Western helicopters rescuing enemy Taliban in Waziristan:

"For several weeks now, Afghanistan has been consumed by stories of mysterious 'foreign helicopters' ferrying Taliban fighters to a new front in northern Afghanistan. These helicopters are alleged by no less than President Karzai to belong to 'foreign powers' such as the United States and its allies...

Without mentioning guilty parties or offering evidence, President Karzai suggested the reports of helicopters delivering terrorists to north Afghanistan were true, saying, 'We have received reliable reports from our intelligence service. We have received reliable reports from our people, and today I received a report that these efforts...are also being made mysteriously in the northwest. The issue of helicopters has also been proved...

...Kunduz governor Muhammad Omar claimed the fighters being brought to his province at night were members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan...The governor of Baghlan province, Muhammad Akbar Barakzai, also claims to have received intelligence that unidentified military helicopters are making midnight landings in remote areas of his province (Tolo TV, October 21)."

...It was not long before the 'mystery helicopters' were seen in Pakistan, where the 'foreign allies' of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were alleged to be rescuing Taliban militants from the government offensive in South Waziristan. An Islamabad daily reported the belief of 'some experts' that the airlift was part of a deal between the Western nations and the so-called 'good Taliban' (Pakistan Observer [Islamabad], October 19)."[tt_news]=35706&tx_ttnews[backPid]=381&cHash=808367660d

If I told that story, you wouldn't take me seriously. The Americans were rescuing the very Taliban that they are supposed to be fighting, the very Taliban that the Pakistani military was in the act of fighting. Out of this Waziristan region comes a Taliban suicide bomber who bombs a Jordanian Intelligence official, and the next thing we find is a concocted story about the bomber being a Jordanian-doctor jihadist.

Pakistan had been fighting the Taliban successfully in South Waziristan for several weeks:

"...Quoting American officials, LA Times and AP reported last week that the Obama administration is frustrated with Pakistan military's strategy of going after Taliban in only selective areas.

Americans wanted the Pakistan army to expand operations into North Waziristan to dismantle the Haqqani network. [As a result] The Pakistan military was gearing up to drive militants from the surrounding tribal regions of Kurram, Orakzai and Khyber -- areas [in North Waziristan] that Taliban are using to assemble and re-launch.

Pakistan has been reluctant to open multiple fronts because of the lack of manpower and equipment. Approximately 30,000 soldiers were engaged in South Waziristan..."

The realities may not be reflected perfectly by the particular "syllables" used in that and similar reports. The reality may be that Pakistan is not reluctant to open new fronts due to a lack of anything, but may be "selecting" to fight against what it knows to be the West-sponsored Taliban. One could understand Obama's frustration under such a scenario.

I'd like to clarify. Pakistan recognizes a "good Taliban" that reportedly does not wage war against the Pakistani military (according to a mutual deal made last year), but only against Western and Afghan military seeking the heads of jihadists. Obama wants the Pakistani government to go after the good Taliban too. Under that scenario, the report in Islamabad, that the mysterious Western helicopters were airlifting members of the good Taliban, doesn't fly. I would guess that the helicopters are aiding sectors of the bad Taliban, perhaps Petraeus-style (i.e. trying to create Talibani turncoats in return for cold cash), something that must not leak out to the Pakistani government (or any part of the world).

The reasons for siding with some sectors of the Taliban may not be as benign/beneficent as the Petraeus-style strategy in Iraq that bought the Awakening Movement. I'll leave it at that...until further information comes in that gives more clues to what is really going on.

Wait. One article above suggests that the Western helicopters are in cahoots with the pro-Taliban group, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistanfe (TTP). I was struck by that group's first leader, Baitullah Mehsud, for it was just last night that I was led to stress the Bait surname. I realize that Baitullah is a first name, but the timing seems conspicuous. Might the timing have been Planned (by "Providence") to serve as evidence that the Western bloodlines who put forth the Baathists are today in cahoots with TTP???

His surname is from the tribe and region of Mehsud in North Waziristan. It's a Pashtun tribe. I recall tracing Pashtuns (lightly, not very convincingly) to the proto-Pict Amazons (in and around the land of the proto-Celts, the Khaldi). The region where the Aflack and Bitar surnames were first found, in Fife and neighboring Angus, was Pictland central. I was then perked by what I continued to read:

"The Mahsud tribe lives in the very centre of Waziristan, surrounded on three sides by the Darwesh Khel Waziris, and being shut off by the Bhittanis on the east from the Derajat and Bannu districts."

I was comparing "Wazir" to "Bath" when I came to the "Bhittanis" term, what could be the makings of the Bitar surname. The article then tells that the Mehsud "inhabit and dominate South Waziristan"...which could explain why Obama urged Pakistan to concentrate on North Waziristan instead.

As I read on, I found that John Ayde writing on the Mehsuds. That surname evoked the Hayd/Heid surname linked to "Hiedler/Hitler," and of course the Nazi Aryans are traced to a "sacred" Afghanistan as are "sacred" Aryans on the whole. Just before coming to the John Ayde point in the article, we read: "Historically, the Wazirs and Mahsuds have always looked toward Afghanistan as their real home..."

The Ayde surname also evokes the ab-Atha family (= the Welsh Bath surname), not to mention the ap-Eddow (= English Beddoe family). These surnames, along with the Atha surname and the Hyde above, all use red and white and would appear solidly traced to the German Hohens (see earlier in this update). I checked for an Ayde Coat; there was none, but there is a red and white Aide Coat. The latter surname was mentioned in the Bath trace earlier in this update, as the Addie/Eddie surname. I wrote:

"The British Eddie/Addie Coat uses the same colors as Bideau/Beddoe, and while the latter uses the symbol (an upright gold lion on red) used also by the Rodez of France, the Eddie/Addie Coat uses a leopard used also by the English Rhodes'. The Eddies/Addies were first in the Englo-Scottish Borderlands. The tentative conclusion is that the Baathists are rooted in Baden of the Hohens who were related to the Babenbergs that had a Bebbanburg branch in the Borderlands.

I neglected to say that I had introduced the Bernicians of Britain only as a result of tracing the Rhodes family to them. Afterward, I learned that the Bebbanburgs were Bernicians.

I'm not at all suggesting that "Bath" derives from Waziri elements. But I'm keeping an eye out for the possibility because:

"Like most other Pashtun tribes, the Waziris maybe the descendants of Aryans or the later migrant Scythians with some Hephthalite and Kushan admixture. Others claim that the Wazir resided in the mountainous region for several thousand years in a similar fashion to the Afridis."

Afridis? I (long ago) traced Aphrodite (also "Kypris") to the Afridis of the Khyber Pass (Afghanistan). I traced them to the Chaldee of Babylon, who moved into the Khabur tributary of the Euphrates (which they named), and from there the Chaldees became the Khaldi Amazons, next to the Pyxites river. And that's partly how I traced ancient Pashtuns to the proto-Picts (i.e. at the Pyxites).

The next news story that I got to today led to a Nazi Heyd(rich) surname: "Barack Obama signed an Executive Order giving express permission for Interpol to supersede the laws and police authorities of the USA."

Interpol is the global police:

"Interpol was founded in Austria in 1923 as the International Criminal Police (ICP). Following the Anschluss (Austria's annexation by Nazi Germany) in 1938, the organization fell under the control of Nazi Germany and the Commission's headquarters were eventually moved to Berlin in 1942. It is unclear, however, if and to what extent the ICPC files were used to further the goals of the Nazi regime. However, from 1938 to 1945, the presidents of Interpol included Otto Steinhäusl (a general in the SS), Reinhard Heydrich (a general in the SS..."

There's a world mafia. And it's not Italian. It apparently includes one loyal Kenyan with roots in the German roots of that mafia. This Kenyan is an illusionist.

If Yemen is so dangerous that embassies had to be closed two days ago, why has the US embassy been re-opened already? Was the Yemeni danger meant to be an illusion? Two al-Qaeda men were killed yesterday in Yemen by Yemeni forces, and suddenly the danger has passed? I don't get it.

Apparently, Yemen is creating appearances of fighting terrorists to appease Obama:

"...Local residents have said the victims of the [Yemeni] government attacks, including Monday's, have been mostly innocent civilians, or disgruntled members of tribes with no affiliation to al Qaeda.

"...The people killed today are not al Qaeda,' said Abdulela Hider Shaea, a journalist who is a member of the Arhab tribe and has interviewed the al Qaeda leadership in Yemen. 'The government is exaggerating its operations against al Qaeda in order to convince the West to give the government more aid money.'

Yet the embassy was re-opened. It feels as though this Yemeni charade is already over, possibly because Yemen has not given the O's intrusive plot a green light.


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