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March 15 - 19, 2009

The New Global Stupids

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March 15

About two months ago, there was an article claiming that the Obama administration was secretly talking to Hamas, which was denied. In fact, the Obama administration has been careful ever since not to admit anything of the kind. But yesterday in the Boston Globe the floodgates were opened to some of the realities that have existed since prior to Obama's taking Office:

"A top economic adviser to US President Barack Obama, along with nine former senior officials, is calling on the American leader to launch a dialogue with Hamas, the The Boston Globe reported Saturday.

According to the report, Paul A. Volcker and other members of the bipartisan group - including former national security advisers Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski - have sent a letter to Obama urging him to engage Hamas in order to coax the terrorist organization to disarm and join a peaceful Palestinian unity government. The letter was reportedly handed to Obama days before he took office."

Herein are the fundamentals that should be responsible for the secret talks. What is inherently wrong with talking to Hamas? It gives the group high-level recognition, for one. It gives it political clout. It energizes it and gives it a sense of self-largesse. It strengthens the resolve of Gazans to support it, to feed it, to depend upon it, to rejoice over it's successes against Israel. Much of what Hamas will want in a peace treaty with Israel will be catered to Israel's destruction through a peace treaty. Israel knows it, but Obama's men don't care. I'm not fooled at all by the pretence being made by the Hamas-tolerating men surrounding Obama. That pretence is that Obama is not involved whatsoever with Hamas talks to this point. But quite apparently these men are coming out of the closet now because the Hamas talks with Fatah, sponsored directly by Obama himself, have just failed in the last couple of days. Obama wants the Palestinian unity government, and because universal acceptance of Hamas is necessary for that goal, the men in the closet, the sons of the devil, are coming out passionately to have the world legitimize Hamas.

This is clearly the new direction of the Obamaton Western leaders at this time, and their tip-toeing around shows they feel guilty about what they are doing. What are they doing? It's obvious. For the sake of world peace, they want Israel to make dangerous concessions to terrorist groups on its border. The article shows Snowcroft acting oblivious to this threat:


'I see no reason not to talk to Hamas,' Scowcroft said.

'The main gist is that you need to push hard on the Palestinian peace process...' he added.

We also read that "Another member of the group, US/Middle East Project President Henry Siegman, said the White House has promised to allow the group to make its case before Obama." That is, Obama has promised the group to make it's case before Obama. That is, Obama wants to talk to Hamas and is making it appear as though it's his supporters who are initiating the idea. This is a calculated move to protect the Obama administration should the plan backfire with the American public. It will surely backfire with American Jews.

Siegman? Isn't that yet another Hebrew surname? There's a Hebrew Sieg Coat, after all, also rife in Germany. Since Republican senator, Chuck Hagel, is also found in the article supporting the Hamas talks, note that the right side of the German Hagel Coat has similarity to the right side of the German Siegman Coat. Both surnames were first found in Baden-Wurttemberg (Franconian, Hohen regions of Germany).

How deeply is Obama behind the Hamas move to form a unity government? The article below gives some reasons for the failure, but I want to stress the new atitude of Hamas:

"Hamas officials said over the weekend that the Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation talks with Fatah have failed to produce agreement over the establishment of a Palestinian 'unity government.' Salah Bardaweel, a Hamas negotiator and legislator, held Fatah responsible for the failure.

...He said that Hamas went to the talks in Cairo 'with an open heart and a strong desire to achieve national unity.'"

Strong desire? No, Hamas doesn't want unity with Fatah. It murdered Fatah agents. It competes with Fatah. It hates Fatah because Fatah is willing to let Israel live. The truth can only be that Hamas' strong desire to form a unity government is either a sham to make Obama happy for the time being, or a sincere part of the Obama plot to form a Palestinian state. In either case, Obama is the core of the move. The article continues:

"Bardaweel said that the Hamas negotiators were surprised when their Fatah counterparts told them that there would be no 'unity government' unless it accepted the Oslo Accords and recognized Israel's right to exist."

Surprise indeed, the Oslo Accords, hanging long in a dark closet, are seeing some daylight again. But isn't it well-understood that these Accords are Western-based? Shouldn't it prove true that the Illuminatists behind Obama are the same who pushed for the seven-year Oslo-Accord peace treaty starting in 1993 and ending in 2000...just in time for the glorious Age of Aquarius that hasn't been glorious at all?

I still insist that the Oslo Accords are NOT destined to be the Week-long (i.e. the 70th Week) covenant of Daniel 9:27. I believe that a seven-year peace treaty between Israel and the anti-Christ is an Illuminati plot for reasons I don't fully realize. I believe that the Daniel covenant is a war pact, likely the pacts made between Osama bin Laden (= the "ruler of a covenant") and various parties in his support.

The timing of an Osama video, aired yesterday on al-Jazeera, is conspicuously timed to support an Obama agenda. I'm suggesting that this could be the fake Osama, the Osama used by the United States whenever needed for the long-term American Middle-East program. But I'll assume that it's the real Osama:

"'It has become clear that some Arab leaders were complicit with the crusade zionist alliance against our people. These are the leaders that America calls moderate,' he said.

The Arabic satellite network did not say how it obtained the recording, and the authenticity of the tape could not be verified."

The theme is the same as in previous videos: a call to oppose Arab states in acceptance of an Israeli state. It doesn't sound as though this message cooperates with an American program to control the Middle East. I am, however, reminded that vice-president Biden predicted a major crisis early in Obama's term, a crisis that sounds orchestrated by the US but blamed on terrorists. Conspiracy writers suggest that the Biden crisis is to give Obama an excuse to enter the Middle East with a Bush-like military agenda.

Again, God has the last say on what the globalists succeed in doing. I don't view as truth-to-come what the conspiracy writers claim to come. I'm open to their predictions and warnings, but I'm more aware of globalist weaknesses than they seem to be. Fools cannot succeed but for a moment. In the second moment, their own supporters will betray them. Yes, the moment will last a few years, but even throughout the 3.5 years, their kingdom will be on shaky ground, on the brink of failure throughout.

March 16

Great news for trib survivors and everyone else:

Zion Badash, 18, from Savyon, has invented a device to reduce emissions from internal combustion engines in most vehicles by as much as 40 percent and significantly cut gasoline consumption.

The compact contraption called Z5 has no moving parts and can be easily self-installed in cars.

After two years of research and development, it went on the market three months ago - and by all accounts is selling like hot cakes.

...While it is being marketed for automobiles, the Z5 will theoretically work with any type of engine, from huge electric turbines to home generators."

This sounds excellent. A device invented by an Israeli to make up for much of the value of Arab oil. The question is, will oil/gas prices go up due to the reduction in the amount of gasoline used? Is there really ever a benefit to such cost-saving inventions if prices can be fixed/controlled of most everything we purchase from mega-corporations?

The good news in any case is that less gasoline needs to be stored to produce x amount of work. I wonder if the invention works with pronane? I suppose so, because the device changes the condition of the air used in burning the fuel.

Thanks to an email from Cautious in the Midwest, I can lead you to some post-tribber you-tube videos on the perils of gardening. I saw only the first two yesterday, and while they are not exactly action-packed videos, they should have some excellent tips on why we all need at least five years experience in gardening before the skincode is made mandatory. It makes the point (I totally agree with) that we can't just start learning to garden in the first year of the trib. Too many things can go wrong.

I did a little gardening on my small tract in Texas. One one year the corn was fantastic, the next year some unidentified night pests ate all the leaves overnight. One year the tomatoes were great, the next year I couldn't get any plant to grow to veggie-producing stages...perhaps due to my digging into the soil fresh manure. I am no garden expert so that I would likely starve in the trib without an overseeing garden expert on site. You get it. If you don't want to starve, it would be a good idea to at least listen to these videos:

Surely God did not leave the needed prophecies out of the Bible that allow us to start preparing a few years before the skincode's mandatory period. Surely He does not desire that we start preparing in the same year that the skincode is enforced.

Those who cannot afford their own land, listen to me. Learn to veggie garden. You will be a rare jewel in the modern grocery society. You will be wanted on trib retreats if you are an expert gardner. You will be the precious one in the group.

Back to the unity government. With failure in the air, Javier Solana is taking up the issue: "On arrival [to Egypt], Javier Solana, the EU's foreign and security affairs chief, told reporters it is important for a unity government to be formed quickly 'so that the crossings will be fully opened.'" Uhh, excuse me, Solana, but if you want the border crossings opened quickly, go QUICKLY into Gaza and eradicate Hamas. Put its leaders in prison, QUICKLY. Then you shall have you wish.

Keep in mind that Javier Solana is likely the guts behind the Alliance of Civilizations, explaining why he is in a hurry to see a Palestinian solution that in the meantime eradicates Middle-East tensions. Mr. Solana, these tensions won't leave the Middle East until the causes are destroyed, and while you are unwilling or unable, there is One who will succeed in one Day. He will rule your globalism, and he will take your wealth, because you and your people are unworthy.

The inability of the two Palestinian factions to reach an agreement gets Netanyahu off the hook in the meantime. But if the Palestinians do reach agreement, the pressure will be on Netanyahu (or another Israeli leader) to set up the Palestinian state. One might think that, so long as Palestinians can't agree, the invasion into Israel of Gog's Arab forces won't take place. However, the Israeli invasion begins with an invasion on Egypt, suggesting that Egypt may become the obstacle to a unity government.

Haaretz reveals the new situation more vividly: "Ties between the European Union and Israel depend on the Israeli government's commitment to a two-state solution in the peace process with Palestinians, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said [today]." That is really laying it on the line, promising great pressure on Netanyahu.

Consider that what Avigdor Lieberman (Netanyahu's right-hand man to-be) is saying to Russia below is a message also toward the West's new-found sympathy for Hamas:

"Israeli party leader [ Lieberman] sees Russia's contacts with Hamas as legitimization of terror.

...'It appears to me that Russia must assume a far more balanced position. Clearly, its dialogue with Hamas is unacceptable to us,' Lieberman said.

...'In my opinion, the highest-level reception at the Russian Foreign Ministry, granted to Hamas representatives in Moscow, is tantamount to legitimizing terror,' Lieberman said.

'Hamas is a flagrant specimen of a terror organization. Hamas has said 'No' to all of the Quartet's demands - to recognize Israel as a state, to recognize all the previous accords between Palestine and Israel, and to repudiate terror,' the party leader said. 'I therefore think that the invitation and the very presence of the Hamas chiefs in Moscow is a big mistake,' he said."

The coming clash is easily predictable, and it's taking place just as watchmen-Christians are expecting Gog to come to his Israeli mission. Understand. It can now be seen in advance that the West -- Obama included -- is about to develop a strong anti-Israeli position...just as Gog is ripe to appear in Gaza for an Egyptian invasion. And the Hamas door is open wide for a Russian supporter to arrive...for to knock the daylights out of Egypt.

Somehow, what we will need to do as trib survivors should become clearer, as from a sign from Above, while the Egyptian event is underway, or shortly thereafter.

The new Western attitude has not changed the position of Hezbolah; the group is still promising to be at the head of the Gogi invasion:

"Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday any form of Arab rapprochement should be 'strongly endorsed' and stressed that his party will not recognize the state of Israel, 'not now and not in a thousand years.'

'Arab reconciliation gives strength to all of us,' Nasrallah told thousands of supporters.

...Touching on the issue of whether the United States might hold dialogue with Hezbollah and Hamas, Nasrallah said...'You have to know that the U.S. sees it is now forced to hold dialogue with countries such as Syria and organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas only because they realized that all their policies have failed in the region.'"

Nasrallah is absolutely correct. If you don't understand his languge, let me spell it out: "All their policies have failed in the region" means that the West's creation and sponsorship of Israel over the years has failed because Arabs have now reached a point where they can scare the daylights out of the West with nuclear disaster.

The Alliance of Civilizations was formed to deal with this threat by befriending the Muslim nations. Europa is a scared cat! Europa is a tall tycoon whose fall will be long and hard, and she doesn't want to fall just to retain her Israeli creation. The Muslims now know it. They are not so dull that they don't see the reason for the Alliance of Civilizations. The Muslims know, thanks to the Alliance, and to the new attitude, that the West is a scared cat. Boo! There is frightened Europa with all claws to the ceiling. Mohammed says, Boo! Europa shrivels up. Russia sees.

The article goes on to quote Nasrallah: "We will not recognize Israel, not today, not tomorrow, not in a thousand years." Clearly, Hezbollah, though desiring to see the unity government become reality, is taking the side of Hamas rather than Fatah. For the West to continue to push the unity government with these explosive ingredients mixed in is sheer desperation and downright stupidity. I'm therefore not ruling out the possibility of the West abandoning this new and blockheaded attitude, and turning instead against the evil-Axis, for it could be this final reversal that brings the Gogi-Arabic invasion to the Gaza-Egyptian front.

Today we find a story that emphasizes all the more the Western fright:

"A group of British politicians is trying to force the government in London to talk to Hamas, the Palestinian resistance movement, one of the politicians told CNN.

Baroness Jenny Tonge, a member of the House of Lords, met the political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, in Syria along with other British politicians on Saturday, she said.

...CNN's Beirut Correspondent Cal Perry revealed earlier this month that another group of British lawmakers had secretly been meeting for two years with both Hamas and the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah. "

It's hard to say whether these Hamas-toting individuals are pro- or anti-Zionist. I checked the Snowcroft surname yesterday (as he is one avid supporter of Hamas dialogue) but found no Coat. So I checked the Croft Coat but saw nothing in its design for linking to designs of bloodlines surrounding Obama. But, zowie, I opened an email just hours later from F.E. and read this:

"Hi John, just wanted to let you know two names that has cinquefoils Jolie and Kroft. I found Kroft in one of your article Steve Kroft, correspondent February 17."

Thank you, F.E., I didn't check the Kroft Coat back in February 17's update, but wow your email came just as I was searching "Snowcroft." True, at the English Kroft-Coat link the surname is more commonly "Kraft," and the same is true of the German Kroft-Coat search. But as these Kraft Coats come up when searching "Kroft," I assume that the latter is listed in the Kraft data bank as a genuine variation.

If Nicholas de Vere has his elves, I've got mine too. Thank you all in advance for all the tips that have yet to come in.

Brent Snowcroft, a Mormon, was the American national security advisor between the terms of Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski, and again later under George Bush:

"[Snowcroft] is the founder and president of The Forum for International Policy, a think tank. Scowcroft is also president of The Scowcroft Group, Inc., an international business consulting firm. He is a member of the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, a board member of The Center for Strategic and International Studies and The Atlantic Council of the United States.'

Yes, the latter is an Atlanticism organization. Immediately after Snowcroft, Anthony Lake was the security advisor. As Lake was chosen by president Clinton, note the similarity between the Lake Coat and Clinton Coat (both use the same 6 cross types in reversed colors, black and white).

As evidence that the Obama administration is securing, as we speak, strong relations with Turkey, we find Hillary Rodham involved in a rebuke to the Greek Cypriots for their abuse of Turkish Cypriots:

"A joint Turkish-U.S. declaration sent a strong message to the Greek Cypriot administration, the Turkish Cypriot foreign minister said [today].

'This declaration is a response to the Greek Cypriot administration which thinks that it could keep Turkish Cypriots in peril forever under its cruel oppression and international economic isolations,' Turgay Avci told the AA.

The joint declaration issued during U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Turkey earlier this month..."

Learned just now:

"Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party has signed a coalition agreement with the right-wing Yisrael Beitenu faction, naming its leader, Avigdor Lieberman, as the incoming foreign minister, Israeli media reported early Monday."

Zowie, Lieberman, the foreign minister. It must be giving Obama a crashing depression of a different sort. Lieberman is going to make Obama the donkey, hanging a carrot before his eyes, giving the president the belief that he's for a Palestinian state when in fact he will never agree to it.

You may have heard about the Russian, Alexander Litvinenko, murdered in London with radiation poisoning...thought to be administered by a fellow Russian. Litvinenko had accused Putin of various murder plots in his attempts to rule Russia, and perhaps for more than this role he was silenced. The point here is that the suspected murderer, KGBer and now a Russian MP, Andrei Lugovoi, got into cahoots with Zhirinovsky's LDPR party: "Lugovoi, 42, was elected to parliament from the LDPR in 2007. Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky named Lugovoi as number two on the party list two months before the parliamentary elections. This brash political move came after Britain announced that Lugovoi was a suspect in the murder.

Lugovoi is in the news now because he may run for the mayoral position in Sochi. I want to point this out to show that Zhirinovsky -- or at least his party -- may have been behind the murder and, as such, it shows again that Zhirinovsky had/has Putin loyalties, or, call them lap-dog ambitions if you will.

March 17

It's as if fate would play brand-new Obama the worst possible card from Israel's brand-new government:

"The coalition agreement that the Likud signed with Israel Beiteinu at 1 a.m. on Monday not only makes party leader Avigdor Lieberman foreign minister, it also puts him in charge of Israel's strategic dialogue with the United States on issues such as Iran, according to a draft of the deal obtained by The Jerusalem Post.

...Lieberman will, however, head a new committee to be be formed for strategic dialogue between the US and Russia.

Besides Lieberman as foreign minister, Israel Beiteinu received the positions of deputy foreign minister for MK Danny Ayalon...

The foreign affairs team is stacked by party members not wanting to see the phrase, Palestinian state, let alone talk about it.

I haven't had email from K and D for a while, and I suspect that it's due to my recent hard stand against George Bush lately. I lived in a conservative belt of Texas where Christians and non-Christians honored Bush, and I understand that I can offend them by expressing how I feel. It is my firm belief that Jesus does not want Jerusalem, not one iota, to go to the Palestinians. It's not merely that Bush was for this, but that it was his very own project. Moreover, he was in bed with the Quartet on the project -- i.e with the EU and UN -- and meanwhile said that Islam is "a great religion."

There seems to be no difference between Bush's Israeli policy and that of Obama's Democrats. To me, these things combined give the impression that Bush was linked to the Muslim-appeasing movers of the Alliance of Civilizations...which, if true, is not at all surprising since his own father publicly advanced the "new world order." If you don't see a problem with a Christian supporting a Palestinian state in Jerusalem, I worry for you. You are acting as Christ's enemy without realizing it. If you have supported Bush's Iraqi policy, you are acting as Christ's enemy without realizing it. Christ wishes to crush Iraq, not to allow a successful Muslim or secular society.

If you support democratic government at all, you are acting as Christ's enemy, for democracy gives the devil's sons votes as well as God's sons. We are not to govern ourselves under democratic principles. We have an iron-rod Dictator. His Laws have already been made, and are not subject to amendments. God's government is not progressive, not subject to betterments or any other changes. Christians are to close doors to organizations such as the Alliance of Civilizations. We are rebels in the face of such things. We are not to form peace with others at the expense of God's governing principles. We are not to tolerate other religions, not even in the least.

We are to speak the truth about Mohammed, that he was a false prophet, a wicked man, and that Muslims are delusional for following his ways. We are to speak the truth about Israel, that Israelis are wicked for rejecting their Messiah, that they are about to be punished for that rejection, and betrayed by their worldly allies. We are to speak the truth about the Illuminati, that there is only one Illuminati with a secret Church, an invisible Church, with an invisible Leader.

Yes, we are the Illuminati, and God will use us to bring about his Theocracy, what the false illuminati dreads. But we are NOT to bring about His Theocracy on our own, but by God's powers in corporation with the Return of the Illuminated One. The Creator of Heaven and Earth is the eye in the sky; he watches all, and he controls the final outcomes. The false illuminati will think itself great because it is able to build a semblance of globalism, and to effect many things, not realizing that God is allowing this globalism, for the purpose of creating a dramatic end to the sons of the devil...who have empowered themselves through democracy and yet seek to form a socialist -- i.e. dictatorial and self-serving -- world entity.

The true Illuminati operates on different principles than the false illuminati. We don't lie; we don't kill our enemies; we don't thirst for political power; we don't give our souls to financial fortunes; we don't operate in secret societies; the message of our Inner Circle is open to all; we are not homosexuals; we don't invite prostitutes to our gatherings; our doors are open to all bloodlines, all nations; our Leader does not show favoritism to family members for the mere sake of "special" bloodlines; we don't have a spy agency.

Who will bring a charge against us? Who in their right minds would persecute us and yet support globalism? Almost everyone that isn't one of us. That's the irony, for the false illuminati is busy spreading lies about us and our God...but no better than the anti-Christ when he arrives. He will come and not be as timid as the UN; he will come and speak boldly, callously, with blasphemies in daylight, to turn the world against God and His elect. Selah, the time then arrives to finish these miserable dogs off.

I would like to clarify what I mean by "Dictator." An understanding, lovable, super-intelligent, insurmountably wise Ruler who thinks for the benefits of others in accordance with the will of his splendid Father. He will dictate good things, healthy things, and flood our souls with what life is all about. Pity the false illuminatists who build their kingdom on a foundation of weaponry, their lives on a foundation of materialism, and their spirituality in the cesspool of pluralism.

Javier Solana (the EU foreign minister) didn't waste much time after finding that Lieberman is going to be the foreign minister of Israel. Today, we read:

"...The [EU] bloc 'will be ready to do business as usual, normally, with a government in Israel that will continue talking for a two-state solution,' Solana told reporters in Brussels before a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

'If that's not the case, the situation will be different,' Solana said.

...In an unusually harsh statement, Solana warned: 'Let me say very clearly that the way the European Union will relate to an [Israeli] government that is not committed to a two-state solution will be very, very different."

Betrayal, Israel, betrayal is in the air. You loved the West more than you do your own Messiah, more than you do the Law of Moses. Now watch. Solana and the Alliance of Civilizations are about to get dictatorial.

Do you want me to start twisting Israeliana's arm now, Bark?

Arrange for torture racks, Killary, and a meat hook with Ned Yahoo's name on it.

I've got a couple of whips from my masochism days...

Excellent. What else?

A noosed rope that I was going to use on Bill when he...

Put Leperman's name on that!

What if we get caught? Who put you up to this, Bark?

Savior Solana. He says it's time.

You gonna appreciate me for once, Bark?

I wouldn't go that far. Let's see what you can do first.

Do you still want me to wear makeup, or do you want me to scare the b'jerkies out of Ned?

Nothing's to ugly for that rat. Do it!

I also have this machete that I was going to use on Bill when he...

Can't blame Bill totally; he saw you without makeup, didn't he?

C'mon, Bark. Only when I was talking down to him, when I'm at my best.

Palaza Tiny awaits; we've got some major talking-down to do there.

Russia is not happy with NATO's newest advancements, and by the way Solana started his rise to power by heading NATO:

President Medvedev ordered a major military rearmament today, warning that Russia faced the risk of 'significant conflict'.

In a stark assessment, Mr Medvedev said that Nato was still intent on expanding closer to Russia's borders and told military chiefs to raise the combat readiness of the country's armed forces.

Russia's Defence Minister also lashed out at the United States, accusing it of plotting to take control of energy and mineral resources in states bordering Russia.

Mr Medvedev called for modernisation of Russia's nuclear forces and said that 'large-scale rearmament' of the army and navy would commence in 2011."

These statements seem to come out of the blue. Perhaps Russia knows something that the public doesn't about NATO's ambitions. Or, Russia has plans for future invasions and wishes to begin laying down the excuses now. That is, by accusing NATO of threatening Russia, the latter can later invade NATO-supported Georgia. The battle-readiness for 2011 is in time for a 2013 invasion of Jerusalem at the earliest. The nuclear readiness should prove to be used in a destruction of Europa. Woe unto Solana.

In this week's news we find that Obama has a confidant in politico-spiritualist, Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners Magazine. A socialist Christian, Wallis was also the president of Students for a Democratic Society. In an article defending Obama, he said: "So let's set the record straight. I have known Barack Obama for more than 10 years, and we have been talking about his Christian faith for a decade. Like me and many other Christians, he agrees with the need to reach out to Muslims around the world, especially if we are ever to defeat Islamic fundamentalism."

This and other factors could give one the impression that Obama was put on the political map by the movers of the Alliance of Civilizations, for the express purpose of reaching out to Muslims...while fighting Muslims who refused to be embraced into globalism. After reading Wikipedia, "Contributing editors [of Sojourners] include Richard Rohr, Daniel Berrigan, and Cornel West," I found that the Rohr Coat uses a rake design that very much appears to be a version of the official Franconian Rake (symbol used by the Bavarian Arms to this day). I then found that the Berrigan Coat page showed a "Bergen" variation, and that the English Bergen Coat uses the familiar scallop shells on a rake shield (though officially the name of this design may not be "rake")! If that wasn't enough, the West Coat uses what could be, not a squiggly bar through the shield's center, but a double rake. For new readers, I have been on this rake design before, showing other surnames that use it because the Dunham bloodline of Obama (i.e. his mother's) also uses the "rake."

The Wallis surname is interesting here, for it is likely that the Sionist bloodline leading back to old Leicester (topic of earlier Iraq updates) connects with Sion in the Swiss canton of Wallis. I had traced the Montforts of Leicester to northern Italy (Montferrat) on the southern edge of the Alps, at which time I learned that the old Montforts used a two-tailed white lion on red shield (and still do). The Wallis Coat is a white lion on red. The Wells Coat now shown at is a two-tailed lion (black on gold, just like the symbol of Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France), where Lisbourg and the Lyus river are found). To this, add the fact that the Montforts of Leicester were the result of the Beaumonts who were from Humphrey de Vielles. The canton of Wallis is "Valais" to the French.

Remember, if you've been reading earlier, that the Obama bloodline is likely connected to Bernicians, and that the bear-symbolized canton of Bern is smack beside Wallis, not far from Sion. On this map of Bern, one can also see Luzern to its north-east, a locality that I expect to be related to Lusatia and the Laz peoples. An emailer, FE, pointed out to me last week that in Bern there is the locality of Lyss. Hmm, I've yet to look into that place. On the map, see also Liechtenstein...that may be linked to Leicester.

It turns out that the Arms of Lyss use a single fleur de lys. Coincidence? It's white (on blue). The Lys-family Coat uses a white fleur de lys as well (on red).

Now read this: "Lisbourg is located at the source of the River Lys [north-western France]...The knight, Vollant de Berneville acquired the estate of Lisbourg in 1692..." Coincidence, or was Lisbourg a settlement of Lyss of Berne, Switzerland???

Good one FE! Thank you. This Lisbourg and nearby Berneville were in the region of the Atrebates to whom I have recently traced the cinquefoil symbol. Earlier in this update, I mentioned FE for the first time regarding a tip on the English Kroft-Coat; it uses a single black cinquefoil (Leicester uses a single white cinquefoil). Remember, I trace the namers of the Lys river to the Atrebates as per the city of La(a)s on the Mani peninsula (Sparta) being depicted by mythical Menelaus, son of Atreus. It could even be that "Liec(ester)" was a form of "Lyss." Indeed, although I had traced Leicester's founders, the Ligors, to Liguria, myth had Ligurians founded at a "Lacydon" location (off the Rhone).

I also received a pertinent email from my sparring partner, CC:

"You [me] said 'I was just over at the Dune page and the first thing I saw was fictional name, Duke Leto Atreides....' and 'Is it a coincidence that I just stressed the Atrebates of Atrecht in the updates, and that I trace them back to the Atreus Spartan, Menelaus, who married the daughter of Leda (of Sparta), who in turn was the same stock as Leto of the Apollo Amazons? There are people in witchcraft who know these traces. It's not new to them. In Greek myth, the line of Atreus was called "Atreidai," or Atreides."'

No, no coincidence it coincidence that I [CC] brought up the Dune series just as you stressed the Atrebates of Atrecht? Dare I hint that maybe you should use that awesome research system you have there to take a look at the sons of Ishmael and trace them? LOL! I am just kidding; I'll do the research. CC

I think it was CC who wrote in and warned that I might lose credibility when using the Flintstones and Morc from Orc for tracing special Illuminati bloodlines. It was in that very email that CC suggested I look into the fictional Dune Series written by Frank Herbert. Having not heard of these fictionals, I looked at them for the first time that day, and saw one of the main characters as Duke Leto Atreides. We don't think it's a coincidence anymore. Right CC??? Leicester was anciently "Ledecestre." Hmm, from Leda? Yes, she was the mythical swan line, and Ligurians were symbolized by swans!

Remember too (from the March 7th Iraq update) that the Meschin surname of Dunhill Masci (Cheshire) should trace to the Meschins of Durham; the latter place was anciently Dunholme and mythically "Dena Gau." I'm suggesting a possible link of the Dunham (and Randolph) surnames to the fictional Dune title...something CC didn't catch.

I was fairly sure that God called me from my miserable birth to seek the tracks of the dragon cult, such a miserable topic it has been. I am certain that he caused me to live in an Abreu home some years ago to realize that it was a central key in my work (the surname traces even to Dunham Masci). For those who don't yet know, my mother's mother's surname is Masci. So, you see, I have good reason to dig deeper into the Meschin fold, whereas another writer on this miserable topic wouldn't. I don't yet think I've found all that I am supposed to; my feelers tell me that I am supposed to find more on Obama roots in the Meschin family (the Masci surname was anglicized to "Massey.").

I tend to think that the surname honored the Mushki i.e. the Meshech, a perfect fit in that the Abreu surname leads back to Aphrodite of the Thraco-Mysian fold. I am sure that the Massey Coat is a Vere shield, for the Masci/Massey surname derives from the locality of Macie in Manche (Normandy), while the Veres also lived in Manche.

I had no idea, when I first realized that "Abreu/Abrussi" would lead to the Bruce/Brusi kings of Scotland that the Bruce lineage, some centuries before the Bruce kings, merged with the Meschines.

This is all (probably enough) for today.

Wait. Just found that "Fergus" (to be broken down as Fer-Gus) is also "Ferris," suggesting connection with the Fer/Vere surname. I say this because of Massey-Ferguson...which is more evidence of a Massey-Vere connection.

The connection to northern Italy and Switzerland is that the Eburovices, which founded Evreux in Normandy, were previously in northern Italy. The Italian Masci surname was first found in northern Italy (Piedmont). If nothing more, just get my gist, that British Freemasonry, and therefore Zionism, links back to Eburovices Hebrews.

March 18

You owe it to LG that I'm using the date indexing. I don't like it much; lots of extra work, but then it makes it easier for you. No one has written more to me than LG. A pile as high as the sky, I tell you. Let's not everyone be like that, though (wink).

Assuming that the Revelation-16 frogs are in the French fold, the following rates as pertinent news: ...France's national assembly voted by 329 votes to 238 in favour of Mr Sarkozy's government." The vote was from a resolution for to disallow Sarkozy's joining of NATO. Apparently, the way is now clear for France to once again act militarily with the U.S., the latter being the leader of NATO.

In my picture, the three frogs -- the Dragon of Revelation 12, the first Beast of Revelation 13, and the second Beast of Revelation 13 -- are Rome, Gog, and Obama's U.S. administration (tentatively), in that order. It is known that American Freemasons extend from the Bavaro-Franconian Illuminati. It's much harder to trace Gog to the Frank fold, however, unless he is a Syrian, for Franks and Syrians are somehow related, possibly through the Baath party. Recall in pre-Bush invasion times that France was especially fond of Saddam of the Iraqi Baath party.

There is another possibility in that France's Illuminati cult go back to Trojans, who were Mysians, and as such they were Meshech to a large degree. You get it, that both Obama and Moscovites are being painted here as Meshechi; note too that the Masci Coat uses fleur de Lys. It's also interesting that I traced the frog term to Phrygians (and mythical Frigg, therefore), who lived exactly beside the Mysians, and may have included Mysians in their kingdom. It's not inconceivable that the Varangian Rus, co-founders of Moscow, were from the Frigg-cult Scandinavians.

I don't know why it took me so long to try the Bath Coat. A Welsh one comes up with a cross identical to the one in the Aflech Coat and the Bitar/Butter Coat (the Syrian Baath party was co-founded by the Aflaq surname and a Bitar surname). Note that while the Bath Coat is red and white, the surname is said to derive from "ab-Atha," while the English Atha Coat uses the red and white checks used also by the Hohens (known to be in-part from the Franconians...yes, of the red and white Franconian-Rake fold).

I suppose I should mention Zhirinovsky, since it well reflects "Syria." But that's as far as I want to go with this...because the Revelation frogs may not be the Frank fold at all. But wait, Zhirinovsky was born in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), perhaps related to the ab-Atha term that formed the Welsh "Bath." I think there is linkage in the Buttar/Bitar surname to the island of Bute, formerly Rothesay and therefore a Rus entity. The English Bat Coat, also using a black (Sinclair-like) cross, was first recorded in Rutland (the place to which I trace Hillary Rodham).

In the news, Obama's troubles persist, and he's making America look bad worldwide. This update is now even more-aptly titled, "The New Global Stupids," for Obama's bail-outs to fat-cat organizations. Out of the many billions given by this president to AIG, one million each (or more) was gifted to dozens of executives (latest number was 73 individuals). The Times, in an article, "Armed guards at AIG offices after death threats over bonuses," says that "AIG declined to comment" on why it gave the bonuses.

Obama's treasury secretary was working on another multi-billion dollar grant to AIG when the news broke that AIG was lavishing its execs with golden showers. Both he and Obama came out outraged, but time may tell whether this is a mere act by men guilty of squandering tax dollars to Democrat support groups. There's already a write up today that Obama received over $100,000 in campaign contributions from AIG. Obama is protecting his treasury secretary (Geithner) while others are considering calling for his head.

AIG's chief (Edward Liddy) will be before a congressional panel today to answer questions. I'm hoping that Obama is discovered to be the thief that I think he is. It doesn't matter much to him where in particular his bail-out monies go so long as they are spent, for this creates tax dollars that Obama can then use for his pet programs. The Democrats, instead of demanding that the executives give the money back to the government, are inclined instead to tax the bonus packages in the range of 90 or even 100 percent. That way, the money goes immediately to Democrat causes, you see.

There is no Gog-pertinent news to be found today. Russia has leaked a message of going forward with its deal to supply Iran with the S-300 missile system, just after Israel leaked again that it needs to bomb Iran's facilities. Over and over again, I'm tired of this game.

I thought by now that some important events would start to occur in Mosul, but there too its the same old news...that Mosul is a powder keg about to blow, though so far it hasn't. As America's enemies watch the Obama scandals, and his socialite circles, they lose respect for America all the more. They get the impression that America is falling under the wrath of God, and indeed that could be true. The writing is on the wall. An emailer suggested that I not be impatient, because a delay in Gog's rise means more preparation time, badly needed, for Christians. But until Gog appears, I figure that most won't prepare much.

In the introduction to this trib book, it was said that I won't have daily updates merely to keep readers' ongoing interest. I'm having daily updates, yes, but not to share news that can be made to appear as fulfilled prophecy when in fact it isn't. That is what I meant. If there is no pertinent news, I will leave it at that, and discuss something else instead. There are some grey areas that may or may not be relevant, but I never know for sure.

An interesting piece appears today in the J-Post:

"Former Fatah security commander Muhammad Dahlan on Tuesday called on Hamas not to recognize Israel's right to exist, pointing out that Fatah had never recognized it.

This was the first time since the beginning of the peace process 15 years ago that a senior Fatah official has said that his faction does not recognize Israel's right to exist."

This is interesting because it was suspected 15 years ago that the West Bank peace treaty was made as a dirty scheme. It came from Arafat, the dirty terrorist, and as such no one then trusted that the West Bankers would keep the peace forever, but, as soon as they were capable, would use their West Bank position/state to overcome Israel for good. Although the West seems oblivious to this, Israel is not. I have no idea why Jordan should talk to way-off Portugal on this issue, but here you have it: "His Majesty King Abdullah met with Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates [yesterday] to discuss bilateral cooperation and efforts to launch serious negotiations to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."

There's an article out claiming that Bernanke and Obama are partnered in a stock-market manipulation scheme, if you're interested. There is nothing wrong with working or manipulating things to increase stock-market numbers, unless ones caused the stock market to go down in the first place for personal gains. One sentence gives this impression when it reads: "'Last week, the Obama administration engaged in a dramatic transformation of rhetoric, abruptly halting the gloom and doom Obama articulated when he warned the U.S. economy might suffer an irreversible catastrophe if Congress did not immediately pass the administration's proposed $787 billion economic stimulus program,' Corsi wrote."

How does one profit big time from doom and gloom in high places? People sell their stocks out of fear, and manipulators buy them up just then, when the markets reach their lowest levels, knowing that shares are then bound to rise because they will make sure of it, first by cutting off the gloom, and second by advertising upswings in various sectors. Plus, when investors see big players (i.e. the manipulators) starting to buy big time, there is more confidence for all to buy, making for a sharp up-swing. Bear markets are used, in other words, to make hefty profits for doing no worldly or heavenly good for anyone. It's a form of theft, and God will expose them.

The only reason I cover this issue is because I think Obama is the False Prophet. The False Prophet is not ending up in the Lake of Fire because he's thinking good about the American people. I believe that the False Prophet will succeed at deceiving the people, wherefore I want to point out as often as I can that he is not what he portrays himself to be, nor the good man that others portray him to be. I'm expecting him the launch a program for attracting Christians to his causes. The sooner we realize that he's a phony, the better.

March 19

I'm not the only one to suspect that Obama's anger over the AIG scandal is fake. Some congressmen do too:

"White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Geithner reached out to AIG Chief Executive Officer Edward Liddy last week 'to communicate what we thought were outrageous and unacceptable bonuses.' Congress shouldn't 'doubt the genuineness' of the [Obama] administration's outrage, Gibbs said."

Christopher Dodd is taking the heat in an effort to save Obama and Geithner. CNN reports that he denied on Tuesday anything to do with the language of a bill that on Wednesday he took credit for. AIG and the Obama administration are wanting the world to believe that AIG was legally required to give the bonuses because they were promised to executives before the tax-payer bail-out money was granted. That sounds like a cart full of crapolla to me.

Oops, "Bank of America will have to reveal the names of the executives at Merrill Lynch who received last minute bonuses on the eve of the merger of the two companies at the end of last year." This is by court order, and therefore promises to undo Bernanke's withholding of similar information. The exposure continues. The court challenge was won by New York's attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, who is in the process of asking a court to unveil to whom the AIG bonuses went.


There is a push by Osama to take Somalia for the anti-Israeli cause:

"Al-Qaida's chief Osama bin Laden denounced Somalia's new a new audio recording [today] on the Internet for Somali militants to topple him.

...Focused entirely on Somalia and entitled 'Fight on, champions of Somalia'..."

While it's predictable from Isaiah 10 that the Syrian government will not join Gog's invasion of Israel, it appears that even the non-Hezbollah sector of the Lebanese government will:

"Lebanese President Michel Suleiman on Wednesday ruled out the possibility that his country would hold direct talks with Israel...

'We have always refused to hold direct talks with the Israelis," Suleiman was quoted by Reuters as saying at the end of a three-day visit to France.

...In July last year, Suleiman said that should diplomacy fail to return 'Israeli-occupied land' to Lebanon, the Lebanese army (LAF) would take it by force."

This attitude is what will give Hezbollah the full freedom to invade Israel's north with passion. Hezbollah is being reserved for that day. One would think that, with all the anti-Israeli passions in so many countries, a solid plan has been in the works for a united invasion. What are they waiting for? I think the plan was thwarted by the Gaza invasion. The plan was to stack Gaza with the types and numbers of weapons that would bring success. I suppose it wasn't God's time.

Syria has a major decision to make. It was caught red-handed in a nuclear program that had the West frowning on it. But even that wasn't enough to turn Syria away from the anti-Israeli axis. The ship from Iran, however, stacked with as-yet-unknown weapons material and with a Syrian port for its destination, may cause Syria to abandon the axis in return for keeping partnerships with the West. We can be sure that the United States has demanded to know what was on board, and other details, yet we hear nothing on the matter. I think Obama is saving face for Syria in return for Syria's agreement toward his plan: the formation of a pro-West Baathist kingdom that includes Iraq.

The last I heard, Cyprus had unloaded 90 containers of weapons material, parking them in a naval base. The fact that the type of material is not being revealed is of obvious concern. Obama should want to know. If the material was simply gun powder, it would have been revealed. What motive would Cyprus have in not identifying the material. Is the motive pro-Iran or pro-Russia, or did Obama ask Cyprus not to reveal it. The Americans were the ones who caught the ship, probably not by a stroke of luck at sea, but by its Intelligence program. Where is media curiosity? Where is media responsibility? It doesn't even appear that media are banging on Cyprus' door asking questions.

In the most-revealing article that I've found, we read that Cyprus asked Japan for advice on how to handle the situation. Odd. Then we read: "The ship was ordered [by the U.S.] to port in Cyprus, where authorities there found 1,980 wooden cases of powder for 130mm guns and 1,320 cases of powder and powder pellets for 125mm guns, according to a Cypriot government report." However, "Three of the 98 containers onboard were too heavy to move and still haven't been searched."

If I were a smuggler of chemical/nuclear weapons material, and seeking to arm my friends in Syria, I would hide it buried at the bottom of crates but filled to the top with gun powder. The Cypriots may indeed have found the number of crates filled with gunpowder that they have reportedly disclosed, but are they telling the entire truth? What else did they find that they are not revealing? The article, which I found this morning only after writing the above, echoes my perceptions: "[the U.s. and Israel] have been remarkably low key in handling the shipment in public. Hence very little Press coverage until Yukio Takasu, chairman of the Iran sanctions committee decided to go public on [March 10]."

Ahh, Yukio Takasu, a Japanese ambassador to the UN and a Security Council leader. I get it. He tipped off that Cyprus asked his organization for advice. Amazing, none of the Israeli media has reported on this man. He gave me a good lead for digging deeper into the latest Cypriot circumstances, but unfortunately, an AP article says that he "provided few details." However, we also read that "[Takasu] told the council [Security Council, I assume] that [his] committee sent letters 'to concerned member states' on March 9 asking for 'any relevant information regarding this transaction' within 10 days." Zowie, those 10 days end today, and we can assume that letters were sent to both Syria and Iran!

Picture a murderer questioned in a small dim-lit cubicle with nothing but a chair, a table, and two skilled inquisitors breathing down his throat. That's where Syria finds itself. It's either got to stick with Iran, or abandon it for keeping ties to the West. Obama is guilty, in a sense, because he is willing to let Syria completely off the hook if Syria promises to be a good boy from now on. Obama owes Israel and Israel's allies the complete truth. If he isn't giving it, it will come out once again that he's a liar.

The next Israeli government is behaving like a fly prancing around on a Venus flytrap:

"In an unusual interview with the Russian Interfax news agency, the leader of the right-of-center Israel Beitenu said Wednesday, March 18: 'However paradoxical it may seem, the global economic crisis gives Israel new opportunities to reach the Russian market after many Western companies abandoned it.'

" He added: 'The same refers to military-technical cooperation. Israel has quite a few things to offer Russia in this sector -- from electronic systems for fighter jets to drones.'

...'We see Russia as a very important factor, especially in the Middle East,' he said, voicing the hope that Moscow would adopt a balanced position in the region."

I fail to see how Israel cannot understand that Russia is in bed with Iran, Syria and Hamas for the purpose of destroying Israel. Lieberman and Netanyahu must either be in denial, or they are faking love for Russia as part of a scheme to survive the up-coming April peace talks in Russia. Israel wants to come away with justified excuses for not forming the Palestinian state just yet. The Quartet, however, is not going to accept excuse after excuse forever. Obama will be sure to push for an end to the excuses.

In an article appearing earlier this week, however, Syria portrayed itself as defiant:

"Syria's foreign minister on [March 16] said his country's relations with Iran will remain strong.

Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem's comments appear to be directed at moderate Sunni Arab countries hoping to peal Syria away from its Shi'ite Persian ally.

...His comments came a week after Saudi Arabia hosted the leaders of Syria, Egypt and Kuwait in a move aimed at persuading Damascus to distance itself from Tehran. Syria has been Iran's closest ally in the Arab world for three decades."

I don't know whether Obama had any influence in the Saudi talks. But Obama ties to Syria may go back a long ways, and in fact his friend, Tony Rezko, was working alongside an Iraqi billionaire in that, perhaps, Obama has been toying with Baathist agents in Britain and America:

"...there are several items popping up on my radar this weekend [Feb. 2008] relating to Obama and some of his campaign contributors and advisers, and ties back to Syria, Islamic fundamentalism, and the Nation of Islam, that are puzzling enough to put out there for discussion.

Item #1: Long-time Barack Obama supporter and campaign insider Tony Rezko was born in Syria and raised among Muslims.

Rezko traveled the world for five years putting together business and real estate deals for famed-boxer Muhammed Ali.

'My role model in life is my father and Muhammad Ali,' Rezko says.

Item #2: Muhammed Ali [aka Cassius Clay] is a Muslim."

Note that Mount Cassius is in Syria, the mountain of Baal and Anat (= root of Eneti/Heneti Paphlogonians in my opinion) that was also named "Saphon" in honor of Daphne and her Taphian-Ladon cult. The piece goes on to tell that Malcolm X renamed Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali, in honor of Muslims. I get it. Rezko was Obama's friend because Rezko was a lover of Muslims, and of black Muslims, just like Obama's Chicago pastor. The piece also goes on to highlight Rezko's involvement in an Iraqi nuclear power plant scheme of 2005...which may have had the involvement of the London billionaire.

Daphne and Apollo were related cults who settled Britain together, Apollo's cult resting at Avalon, later Bute, possible Baathist root. Daphne named Devon (Cornwall), which is interesting where the Ladd Coat page has the surname first recorded in Somerset, smack beside Devonshire. My findings were that the Greek cults of British Atlantis arrived in Cornwall first, where Bude is still a locality, then moved up into Wales to form the Atlantean kingdom at Erethlyn, which I think also named Rothesay, later Bute. I have shown that Obama's mother likely links back to Bute's Hebrew-Rus elements, of Arthurian importance, but won't repeat myself here.

In the course of seeking Obama ties to Syria that won't appear in the media, I found the following Christian webpage on the author of "Purpose Driven Life," Rick Warren, who, as you must know, has been in cahoots with Obama for unknown reasons:

"Last November, I heard about Rick Warren's visit to Syria and the comments he made there in support of the Syrian government, which he called 'moderate.'

...Joseph Farah of World Net Daily was a guest speaking about Rick Warren’s trip to Syria. Evidently, Farah was one of the first bloggers to criticize Warren’s comments about the Syrian government.

...Then a reader sent Farah a link to a YouTube video of Rick Warren in Syria saying exactly what the Syrian government had claimed he had said (what Warren had just told Farah he didn't really say). And when Farah let Warren know about the YouTube video, it was soon removed from YouTube completely.

I decided to look up the Warren Coat, and, jumpin' kagens of Kazaro, a shield of gold and blue Cohen checks, with a dragon as the Crest. The French version, "Warin," has a Varin variation.

Why was Warren in Syria in the first place? To preach, he claims. Farah, on his page on this issue, is adamant:

"By praising Syria as a 'moderate' country and by giving aid and comfort to murdering dictator Bashar Assad, Warren is not offending me. Instead, he is betraying our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria who are restricted by law from evangelizing Muslims. He is betraying our Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted by Assad in Lebanon.

For heaven's sake, immediately following Warren's goodwill mission, Assad assassinated Lebanese Christian leader Pierre Gemayel."

It can be argued that the Apostle Paul, in order to escape persecution from the Caesars, had some nice things to say of the Roman empire. But Warren's motives for praising Syria may not be for the same purpose, an idea that arrives to me due to his involvement with Obama. Farah says: "I'm unaware of any effort by [Warren] to preach the Gospel in Syria."

I wrote and then removed the following sentence from the end of the paragraph above: "I'm always suspect that world-renowned evangelicals are propped up by the illuminati to get Christians into a certain mindset for political action." I removed it because I didn't have evidence that this is true of Rick Warren; it was just a thought. Then, when I went to the next Farah article just a minute after deleting the sentence, I found Farah writing this:

"Among several interesting revelations of that dialogue [between Farah and Warren] was Warren's admission -- a boast, really -- that he is a member in good standing of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization specifically founded to attack national sovereignty, to promote world government and to enlist U.S. church leaders in those goals.

...Warren explained, somewhat condescendingly, that he had counseled with the National Security Council and the White House, as well as the State Department, before his little pilgrimage to Damascus.

'In fact,' Warren added, 'as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Oxford Analytica, I might know as much about the Middle East as you.'

I hadn't asked about the CFR. I didn't use thumbscrews to pry this information out of him. He volunteered this bombshell in a written communication."

Bombshell is right!


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