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March 12 - 14, 2009

The New Global Eke-onomy

March 12

There is an internet rumor that Paulson, George Bush's treasury secretary, had been shot and killed this past January, but that the Bush administration didn't want this publicized because Paulson was involved in Bush's massive bail-out monies for certain banks. In light of the fact that the "International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization that oversees the global financial system,' note that Paulson is also:

"a member of the International Monetary Fund Board of Governors. He previously served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs.

...Working with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, he influenced the decision to create a credit facility (bridge loan & warrants) of US$85 billion to American International Group so it would avoid filing bankruptcy.

In late September 2008, Paulson, along with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, led the effort to help financial firms by agreeing to use US$700 billion dollars to purchase bad debt they had incurred."

I've said on a couple of occasions that globalist banking people are at high risk for being shot when attempting to manipulate money systems for their own ends. It's predictable due to wealthy business people, affected adversely by these manipulations, who know exactly what's going on. The rest of us can only guess, but one thing is for sure, Ben Bernanke is at the center of it all. We know the latter is "Jewish," and some Internet articles claim that Paulson was/is likewise. The same is suspect for Robert Zoellick ("Zoel" looks Hebrew), who appears to be towing the Bernanke (and Obama) line:

"'This global crisis needs a global solution and preventing an economic catastrophe in developing countries is important for global efforts to overcome this crisis,' said Robert Zoellick, the World Bank president...

World bank president, huh? What are the chances, in light of the tiny fraction of Hebrews in the world, that both the U.S. Fed bank and the World Bank are led by "Jews"? Note that early Templar-supporting kings of Scotland were named, Robert Bruce:

Robert Bruce the eleventh president of the World Bank...He was previously a managing director of Goldman Sachs [Hebrew-founded bank], United States Deputy Secretary of State...

...President George W. Bush nominated Zoellick on May 30, 2007 to replace Paul Wolfowitz as President of the World Bank."

It is thought that "Wolfowitz" is another Hebrew name.

It seems that Obama has so-far led the world in creating the impression that the world will barely eke out of the recession. Keep in mind what cannot be coincidental, what must be rooted in some private meeting(s), that in the same week both Hillary and Obama described the economic crisis as an "opportunity" for making progress. The question is not only, whose progress, but whether the skincode is part of this progress? Since the world's big banks are central in the advertised crisis, and since the skincode promises to revolve around the will of big banks, should we expect the world eke-onomy to turn opportunistic for establishing the skincode?

While Obama and his leading Democrats may have other concerns at heart, Obama definitely appears to be towing the agenda of international bankers as well. I sense a Bilderberg plot. I sense that Obama and his secretary of state have both derived their opportunistic attitude from a Bilderberg meeting. The president of the United States appears to be involved in a form of treason against his own country, to place the strings of power into the hands of globalist bankers.

The speed by which Obama is moving, the favoritism that he enjoys, and the backing that he has in congress, promises to get a lot done by 2013. While up to a month ago I lamented that a mandatory skincode by 2013 seemed too difficult, I no longer take that attitude. I now see that world powers are shaking things up drastically toward some plot that cannot be secured otherwise.

Criticism of Timothy Geithner's one-man show last week has caused him to bring three or four other players onto his team:

"The department made its own news Sunday, filling three of the top positions under Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Alan Krueger was named assistant secretary for economic policy; Davis Cohen was chosen as assistant secretary in the office of terrorism and financial intelligence, and Kim Wallace was named assistant secretary for legislative affairs.

...The position of deputy treasurer remains open.

...From 1989 to 1994 he served as a legislative aide to George Mitchell, who was then Senate majority leader."

We know that Davis Cohen is "Jewish," but "Krueger" likewise sounds Hebrew. Interestingly, the British Wallace surname has a "Wallis" variation , which is the spelling of the Swiss canton wherein Sion is located. As you must know, it is suspected that corrupt international bankers keep their deposits in Swiss accounts. There is even a Swiss Krueg Coat (Swiss Coats are rare at

See yet another Cohen, this one promising to become Geithner's right-hand man:

"H. Rodgin Cohen, a partner in the New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, is likely to be officially nominated for Deputy Secretary of Treasury this week."

The next few weeks is devoted to finding a supervisory group over the world's banking system:

"Chief executives of leading banks from Japan, Europe and the United States will meet in London to discuss regulation of the financial sector, according to a report.

The British government will host the talks on March 24...

Invitations have been sent to the chiefs of leading institutions including US-based JPMorgan Chase and Co. and British bank HSBC, it said.

...Leaders of the Group of 20 developed and developing nations are to get together in London on April 2.

Supervision of financial institutions is expected to be high on the agenda."

"Monkey business" is implied by the following quote:

"The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that about $50 billion of more than $173 billion that the U.S. government has poured into American International Group Inc since last fall has been paid to at least two dozen U.S. and foreign financial institutions.

The newspaper reported that some of the banks paid by AIG since the insurer started getting taxpayer funds were: Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Deutsche Bank AG, Merrill Lynch, Societe Generale, Calyon, Barclays Plc, Rabobank, Danske, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Banco Santander, Morgan Stanley, Wachovia, Bank of America, and Lloyds Banking Group.

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs declined to comment when contacted by Reuters. Bank of America, Calyon, and Wells Fargo, which has absorbed Wachovia, could not be reached for comment.

The U.S. Federal Reserve has refused to publicize a list of AIG's derivative counterparties and what they have been paid since the bailout, riling the U.S. Senate Banking Committee."

Government groups opposed to the bankers may be in bed with them. The idea, for example, is to oppose the banks at first, in order to acquire the trust of both the public and outsider politicians, but in the end the groups will support the bankers' agenda...for the purpose of creating the impression that the bankers are not acting corruptly. In other words, false-front opposition groups have as their mission to bring all-opposed to all-in-favor.

Just so you know it's not my idea only where I see Britain's currently moves toward friendship with the evil axis as Obama-oriented:

Britain, for instance, recently announced that it was going to begin talking with Hizbullah in Lebanon, a move that some observers felt was a gambit to get the Obama administration to begin engaging with Hizbullah and, down the line, with Hamas."

What's wrong with the West talking to evil-axis terrorist groups? It's been done, ad nauseum, for decades, and all that's been accomplished is the political justification of the groups, which has in turn given them clout for climbing political ladders until they merged with existing, or formed their own, government. Israel is saying enough talk, and feels that the West is gambling with its very existence. Obama is going to say, "We are going to talk some more, and you, Israel, are not allowed to attack your enemies while I am talking to them."

Charles Freeman was Obama's choice to lead the National Intelligence Council:

"Secondly, no analyst in his right mind would consider Freeman a fan of Israel. In criticizing Israeli policy, he has used harsh language that some pro-Israel activists say reveals hostility to the Jewish state. He seems oblivious to the things that drive Israeli policy, starting with terrorism. He believes U.S. policy is enabling a destructive Israeli occupation. He has been a lobbyist for the Saudis and is widely seen as an apologist for that government. If this post was one requiring Senate confirmation, that fact alone would disqualify him."

This week, Freeman removed himself from Obama's Intelligence list due to pressure from pro-Israeli groups. But, the point is, Obama wanted him! I suppose what Obama wanted in the Intelligence post was a like-minded anti-Israeli to give him the scoop on Israel's top-most military secrets. I have confidence that Obama will yet successfully betray his invisible Zionist heads. "Freeman" sounds like a Jewish name, and indeed "Friedmann" has a Jewish Coat at It uses the same symbol as in the German Friedmann Coat, where we see "Freedman" as a variation.

France is back into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization:

"President Nicolas Sarkozy announced Wednesday that France would return to the NATO military command and seek a larger role as a full partner of the United States and its other Atlantic allies.

'Nothing today justifies returning to NATO military command. There's no hurry, no fundamental need, except for this Atlanticism that's becoming an ideology,' opposition Socialist leader Martine Aubry said.

...'A state alone, a solitary nation, is a nation without influence and if we want to count for something we have to know how to bind ourselves to allies and friendships,' Sarkozy told a defence seminar in Paris.

"France wants peace, France wants freedom and France also knows who our friends are and who our enemies are. I'm not afraid to say it, our friends and allies are first and foremost the Western family,' he said."

I view Atlanticism as the False Prophet's kingdom...under which he will attempt (unsuccessfully) to build his globalism. Russia must be despising Sarkozy's move, for the re-entry of France into a leading position only reinforces the organization's importance. However, Sarkozy's move opens the door for the three frogs of Armageddon (Revelation 16), which are to support, not only the False Prophet, but Gog, in their coming war against the Kings of the East.

Good news on the re-chargeable battery front. A new physics key has been discovered allowing the recharging of batteries in far less time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it means that charging batteries by generator should require less gas, and, for those cloudy days, less sun is needed for re-charging by solar panels (or less wind for charging by wind turbine). The new batteries could be out on the market in a few years, just in time for a tribulation period.

March 13

The Libyan president is blaming Israel, in-part, for Darfur's problems. While the accusation has no basis, it speaks of an anti-Israeli movement developing in Libya but spreading throughout Africa, for president Gaddafi is also the leader of the African Union at present. Note to that:

"Libya has freed 136 members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group - an Islamist group close to al-Qaeda - in the past two years, the Gaddafi Foundation headed by the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Wednesday.",,2-11-1447_2484011,00.html

Qaddafi supports the Sudanese president (al-Bashir) while the UN is in the throws of bringing charges against him for genocide. One can see that Sudan will be very appreciative for Gaddafi's support at this time, and surely an anti-Israeli spirit exists in both leaders.

In Somalia, the new president, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, has bowed down to the will of al-Qaeda-like Muslims demanding government-sponsored sharia (= extremist-Muslim) law. This move is akin to that of _Pakistan, with the aim of pacifying the terrorist violence. I predict that the president's gift to the extremist won't be enough. When the invasion of Gog takes place, they should join the Sudan-Libyan anti-Israeli effort.,,2-11-1447_2477822,00.html

The United States has the jitters over the worsening Pakistani situation:

"US lawmakers [yesterday] introduced legislation aiming to cut off military aid to Pakistan unless US officials are able to question alleged nuclear proliferator Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Khan, released from house arrest in early February, 'is again a loose nuke scientist with proven ability to sell the worst weapons to the worst people,' said Democratic Representative Jane Harman, a lead author of the bill.

...[Khan] publicly confessed to sending nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea, although he later retracted his remarks."

The arrival of Iran's nuclear era is a very frightening thing when the nukes are placed in the care of al-Qaeda rats. Although al-Qaeda does not possess the missiles to launch a nuclear weapon, it does have suicide drivers willing to deliver nukes to any location. It's of course not necessary that the driver deliver the bomb to an exact location of choice for maximum results, for such a bomb can be detonated anywhere in any city and have far-more "success" than a typical suicide bombing. Moreover, pieces of a nuclear bomb cannot be recovered to discover who made/sold it, and no one will be able to identify who the suicide rat is because there will be not one piece of him anywhere.

I'll quote the entire article below because it's short and very interesting to me:

Egyptian Daily Reports On Secret Program To Revive Ba'th In Iraq

The Egyptian opposition daily Al-Sharouq reported on an alleged secret program to reshape the region in preparation for the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and to prevent Iran's expansion into these areas.

The plan's initiators allegedly include the U.S., Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, and it involves the reestablishment of the Iraqi Ba'th movement by former Iraqi vice president 'Izzat Al-Douri and its merging with the movement in Syria.

According to the paper, this plan is the reason for the removal of Syria's international isolation.

My head is spinning. A US-backed Baathist government in Iraq under ex-Saddamist al-Douri??? Am I reading this correctly? Apparently, the United States doesn't trust the (Shi'ite) Maliki government to keep (Shi'ite) Iran at a distance, and wants (Sunni) Baathists in charge instead. Does this secret plot explain Obama' choice to visit Turkey in his first Middle-East visit? This is the story to keep watch for. The problem: it's a secret movement. Maliki's not supposed to know about it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Syria (ruled by a Baath party) is being asked to betray Iran in return for running Iraq in a partnership with the Iraqi Baathist, al-Douri. Bold, very bold. But I thought Gog was going to do something like this? Is it possible that Obama is working with Gog in this secret plot??? Or is Obama working to take Baathist loyalties away from Gog? Watching.


In the past few days, a small clue surfaced to indicate Syria's contemplation of a betrayal of sorts of Iran, in favor of siding with the far-more-favorable positions on Israel held by Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Then I woke this morning to find yet another indication in the following article, making Syria's decision sound quite concrete:

"Dr. Bouthaina Sha'aban, Syria's Minister of Expatriates and a close adviser to President Bashar Assad, said [today] there will soon be a 'real positive change' in ties between Arab countries and Iran.

...She said that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Saudi King Abdullah and Syria's Assad summit in Riyadh earlier this week focused on Iran's role in the Middle East."

It's hard to know at this point what the "real positive change" is, but the article struck me because I left off last night with an article on secret meetings held by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, the purpose of which is to incorporate Syria with the Iraqi Baath party...a move intended to be a sheer slight of Iran.

It was only yesterday that the J-Post had an unexpected article on the importance of an Israeli-Turkey partnership. The article starts off with: "The relationship between Israel and Turkey is of 'regional and global importance,' according to Turkish Ambassador to Israel Namik Tan." The piece continues along the same lines as if there had never been Turkish animosity against Israel during the Gaza offensive.

I didn't understand yesterday where this new-found Turkish love for Israel came from, but it suggests that the secret meetings are in fact being attended by Turkey. The latter nation has recently acted as middleman to Syria-Israeli peace talks which had at their heart the Syrian betrayal of Iran. I would suggest that Syria is willing to make the Baathist deal in return for a concession from Israel, which concession may be a done deal, or nearly so, as per closed-door meetings with the Obama camp...which camp had just visited Syria not many days ago.

The Israel-loving article goes on to say:

"[Namik Tan] stressed that the unique bond between the two countries was 'of utmost importance to Turkey,' and added, 'only with Israel and the US do we have such relations.'"

How do you say, "butter up"? Turkey wants the secret Obama deal as it sits now, this seems certain. Israel may be the only nation standing in his way. Yoo-hoo, Netanyahu, where are you? He's having problems forming a coalition government, and time is running out.

The betrayal of Iran by Syria makes sense in light of expectations that Gog is to side with Iran but invade Syria. Indeed, how does Russia feel about these secret talks to form a Syrio-Iraqi-wide Baathist party? I recall suggesting that the Baath party represents the end-time neo-Seleucid kingdom, an idea based simply on the fact that the Baath party covers both Syria and Iraq, the two principal regions of the ancient Seleucids.

How will Russia react with Obama's intrusion into Syria's business, what Russia may consider it's own turf? Predictably, Gog has been looking to Syria to reinforce the Russia-Iran alliance. If Turkey and Syria both betray Iran's anti-Israeli stance, it will be a solid blow to Gog.

The Hamas-Fatah talks are going sour (see article below). Hamas is the stickler, asking for too much power in a proposed unity government (that is to form the new Palestinian state). If Syria and Turkey both distance themselves from Russia, the Russia-Hamas alliance becomes much more important to Gog than it is now (Hamas is expected to remain anti-Israeli). Indeed, it seems not coincidental that there should even exist a Russia-Hamas alliance. I can view it as part of the "hook" of God (Ezekiel 38) that brings Gog to Israel.

Assuming that Russia goes ballistic with the secret Obama deal, Gog's coming to Gaza may be sooner than might now seem likely. This is what I'm looking for, a sudden change in the slow creep that now exists in Israeli events, a change toward a speedy string of prophetic events that kicks off the 70th Week.

What can we expect if it's true that the Syrio-Iraq Baath deal is in the works with Turkey as a major supporter? Firstly, the Kurds need to be dealt with, for they mortally oppose the Baath party. "Turkish warplanes struck Kurdish guerrilla targets in northern Iraq [yesterday], state-run news agency Anatolian reported a military official as saying [today]." These attacks have been on-going for years, but we can expect increased activity so long as Turkey remains part of the Baath deal. The article continues by saying: "Military sources previously told Reuters that the army was building up troops along the border with Iraq to prevent the entry of guerrillas into Turkish territory."

The Associated Press had an article out on March 10 on possible Baath-deal discussions:

"The leaders of the U.S.-allied Arab powerhouses, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, will meet this week with Syria's president in an effort to end a yearslong rift among Arab countries and blunt Iran's influence in the region.

...Saudi King Abdullah's meeting with the Syrian and Egyptian leaders also comes at a time when the United States is making new overtures to Damascus as part of the Obama administration's effort to engage with America's foes and encourage Syria to move away from Iran."

None of the article mentions the Baath-deal, but there is logic for the deal to be, at least, at the proposition stage, and at the core of urging Syria's betrayal of Iran. I should perhaps not stress this any longer until confirmation comes in that the proposition/deal is in fact the reality. The problem is, it's a secret deal that Iran and Russia are not likely to know about, wherefore any confirmation in the short term will be mere circumstantial evidence.

In today's Syria news, we find this:

"Assistant Secretary General of Baath Arab Socialist Party, Abdullah al-Ahmar, discussed yesterday with Chairman of the Iranian National Trust Party, the standing bilateral partisan relations and ways of boosting them.

Al-Ahmar reviewed during the meeting the Baath Party stances with regard to the overall developments and events in the region stressing the importance of the standing bilateral relations of friendship between the two countries."

It doesn't sound as though a betrayal of Iran is in the works, but then the Baath party wouldn't want Iran to view it in that way. The meeting may have had as central purpose the urging of Iran to understand -- as in accepting -- Syria's new direction. In order to do this, Syria must make Iran believe that the Baath deal is good for Iran, but Iran might not be so gullible. As some possible evidence of the new secret pact between Syria and Turkey, SANA (Syrian news) also has this article out today:

"Turkish Minister of State for Foreign Trade Affairs Kursat Tuzmen stressed that the volume of trade exchange between Turkey and Syria amounts to USD2 billion, expressing the desire of both countries to raise the figure to USD10 billion."

Obama's troubles at home continue:

"Prominent Wall Street lawyer H. Rodgin Cohen has withdrawn from consideration to become deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary, Democratic sources said [yesterday], dealing another setback to the department's efforts to fill critical positions.

...Cohen is the second person to withdraw from consideration for the No. 2 job at Treasury after former Securities and Exchange Commissioner Annette Nazareth decided to drop out last week."

Oye, do we think that "Nazareth" is yet another Hebrew name??? How can I espouse such a contradiction wherein Obama's picks seem heavily toward Hebrews while I (and others) say that he's secretly plotting the downfall of Israel? First, he's not likely plotting the collapse of Israel (at least not yet), but is merely plotting to weaken Israel to the point that it adopts a Palestinian globalist Zionists want it adopted. Secondly, his particular choice of Hebrews may only be among those who are open to a Palestinian state.

The article goes on to mention the ghostly situation of office of U.S. Treasury, adding the consolation that: "Edwin Truman, a former Treasury assistant secretary and Federal Reserve economist, has returned to the department for a six-week stint." I mention this because any surname ending with "man" is possibly a Hebrew name, and in fact U.S president Harry Truman was thought to be part Hebrew; he was president when Israel became a nation (1948), and in that capacity he was instrumental in the formation of the Zionist state. As for Edwin Truman, "He directed the Division of International Finance of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from 1977 to 1998." That's a long-haul connection to the Federal Reserve.

See the crowned Douglas hearts and the green wyvern dragon in the Truman Coat and Crest. The crowned red heart is also on the Arms of Angus, while Angus was the area to which I had traced the surnames (Aflaq and Bitan) of two Baath-party founders. Interesting, is it not??? Why should a red-heart surname (Truman) be chosen suddenly for the U.S. treasury department, just when Obama should be poised for sending large amounts of pay-offs to certain Muslim nations (e.g. Syria, Turkey) that do his will on the Baathist deal?

Please allow me to repeat what I found in the February 5th Iraq update:

"Before looking further into [Baath founder, Michael Aflaq's] background, I checked to see if his Aflaq surname would turn up at, and I just couldn't believe what I saw and read when I tried "Aflack." Only the Scottish Aflack/Afleck Coat came up, which was exactly what was needed. I gawked at a waveless version of the Sinclair cross, which was used in the Rhodes Coat. But in the description, it says that the Aflech surname was from Angus!!

...I was just about to give up this topic for the night, when I decided to check for any info on the Bitar name. I found that it was featured on Western surname sites, so I rushed to, typed in the surname, and reacted loudly with amazement a few times when I saw the same black cross as on the Afleck Coat! Plus, the Bitar surname was first found in Fife and Perth, very close to Angus."

Feb. 5 Iraq Update

I was impressed at the time because I was in the throws of a Rhodes-Angus connection on the one hand, and a Rhodes-Bute-Baath connection on the other. Now, just because the Truman surname uses the Douglas heart doesn't necessarily make for a link between Edwin Truman and Baathist elements in Britain, but I thought this was a good time to remind you that Baathist stock does appear to go back to Rhodian elements of the Sinclair/Danish kind (the Douglas heart was a Danish symbol) at Moray.

President Hary Truman was "business partner and close friend" of Edwartd Jacobson:

"Thus, when [president] Truman agreed to meet with [Israeli-president-to-be] Chaim Weizmann, at the request of Edward Jacobson he found himself overruling his own Secretary of State...Truman recognized the State of Israel on May 14, 1948, eleven minutes after it declared itself a nation" (underscore mine).

There is a Danish Jacobson Coat (Danish Coats are rare at, perhaps serving as evidence that "Truman" was itself a Dano-Hebrew surname. The colors of the Jacobson symbol (a large single scallop shell) are in the Douglas-heart colors, red and white.

As you know by now, I trace the Sinclair Danes from the Mures/Maros river to More of Denmark and Moray of Scotland, the latter being where the Douglas clan lived at first. The Murray (named after Moray) and Douglas white stars on blue were so important to America's Freemason founders that the symbol was used on the American flag.

The red and white stripes of the American flag may then connect to the red and white Douglas entity...which I think (as I explained elsewhere) are the Fleming colors (also red and white) of the Biggar surname, tracing back to Biharia on the Mures river (Transylvania). This should explain why the Scottish Biggar Coat uses three red stars on white as variation of the Douglas/Murray symbol, for indeed the Biggars and Douglas' did merge.

I stress that the Sinclair Danes do not trace back to the Israeli tribe of Dan, but to Marot Khazars/Kabars who apparently named (or vice versa) the Mures river. These were very likely some of the Kabars known to have made up close to one-third of Hungary's founders. Although Hungary's founders, the Arpads, are typically traced by others to Magyars, one can fathom that Magyars merged royally with the three Kabar tribes that founded Hungary (the other seven tribes were Magyars).

It can be suggested that "Magyar" developed from "Magog," but I have another theory, that "mag" is the prefix, "great," so that "yar" is the root of the term. I see "Ugar" in "yar." It is known that Hungary was founded by Ugars, and in fact the Hungarian language is traced back by historians to Finno-Ugrics. It is thought that "Hungary" was at first "On-Ogur" ("Ogur" is also "Ugar"). If I am correct in tracing Ugars to Gugar (= Gogarene, Armenia), then Hungarians were a Gogi tribe merged with Hebrew Kabars. It is thought that these Kabars (from the north Caucasus) were a break-away branch from Khazars. Therefore, until one can trace the tribe of Dan to Khazars, I wouldn't trace the Sinclair Danes to Dan.

Evidence that the Danish vikings connected to Gog is the fact that they were Rus, for Gog and Rosh were joined as far back as Ezekiel's day.

I repeat, that while I traced the Scottish Leslies back to Hungarian/Moravian/Lusatian domains, they lived in Aberdeen, a term smacking of Kabardino, the land of the Caucasian Kabars. Aberdeen is in northern Scotland adjacent to the Angus region. I'm pointing out that northern Scotland was filled with Kabars highly suspect as the Hebrews joined to the Sinclair Rus in the formation of Scottish Rose Lines and Rosicrucianism (explaining why Rosicrucianism has Zionist stars as symbols, and Kabala as a base religion).

This may be all for today, but you can be sure that I'm thinking/working hard for a better picture of what's really going on in the Obama-riddled Middle East.

March 14

For a read on Obama's Turkey visit in April, which you'll hear a lot more about, see Turkish article below. It suggests that Obama is using Turkey to leverage Iran into complying with the Western will. The Iranian president has said, flatly, "his country did not need Turkish mediation." This is worded as a blunt rejection, giving the impression that Turkey is on the American side of things, and that Ahmadinejad feels threatened by it, or at best that he doesn't see any Iranian benefits that outweigh its desire for Israel's destruction.

One must truly wonder where Iran's determination comes from to seek Israel's end. Obama no doubt doesn't realize how strong the drive is, that it comes ultimately from God. I don't pretend to know how God is driving this tribulation machine among Muslims, but the Bible gives examples of demons used directly by God for His purposes.

Another problem with talking to terrorist regimes is that they become worse in efforts to get more out of suckers like Obama. In other words, the regimes threaten to become more dangerous to increase the carrot size. In reality, the ones who dangle the carrot are the fools chasing an unattainable goal. Yes, the carrot dangler becomes an ass chasing another carrot he cannot grasp. The only reason that Obama pursues the Iranian carrot is that he thinks he's special, gifted to succeed in this impossible mission.

I have just discovered the reason for Obama's visit to Turkey. He is scheduled for a two-day visit starting on April 6. The next day, in Istanbul, there is a gathering of the "Alliance of Civilization," a group founded in 2005 by proddings of the United Nations. Obama is scheduled to attend that meeting.

At one of the organization's pages, we read: "The Alliance of Civilization (AoC) was established in 2005, at the initiative of the Governments of Spain and Turkey, under the auspices of the United Nations." Mark that, that Turkey was central in its founding. As yet, I don't know what Spain's centrality is due to, but Turkey's role is easily understood when one reads the organizations aims:

"The High-level Group met five times from November 2005 to November 2006, at the conclusion of which it produced a report which takes a multi-polar approach within which it prioritizes relations between Muslim and Western societies...The report was then presented at a final meeting in Istanbul, Turkey (12-13 November 2006)",english/

The organization was founded to bring Muslims and Westerners together in some sort of cultural body, or, at best, to some agreeable/positive understandings. One could get the impression that the UN thought it wise to attempt a staving off of global calamity by seeking peace with Muslims rather than war. In a long list of nations (webpage below) that have joined the AoC's so-called "Group of Friends," Israel is absent. Iran and Syria are included, however, as are the major (and minor) European nations. Several other Muslim nations have joined.,english/

The organization has a "High Representative." The first one (elected 2007) was Jorge Sampaio, former president of Portugal. Jorge who??? "In 1978, he joined the Socialist Party...He later became the president of the parliamentary bench of the Socialist Party. From 1989 to 1991, he was president of this political group.,english/

In the "What We Do" page, we see a typical Obama attitude: "...the Alliance works to establish platforms for dialogue among political, religious, media and civil society personalities who are prepared to use their influence in advancing the Alliance of Civilizations' objectives." I stress the word, "dialogue." It's Obama all over; and he wants to talk to form alliances everywhere. The Alliance of Civilizations must be rooted in a globalist wave opting to counter the Bush types who think best to beat Muslim extremists by warfare.

At the webpage below is a letter signed by the EU's Javier Solana, stating that the EU will cooperate with the goals of the Alliance of Civilizations.

As Solana is a Spaniard, it's conspicuous that "José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, President of the Government of Spain, called for the creation of the Alliance of Civilizations during the 59th Session [2004] of the General Assembly of the United Nations, New York, USA." The following year, the current prime minister (Erdogan) of Turkey joined the Spanish leader in forming the foundation of the organization. Just months later (still in 2005), the UN joined and formed the High Level Group from among UN members.

A quick scan online reveals that Obama's presence at the annual Alliance meeting in Turkey was unknown to most until a couple of days ago. However, an article on the organization appeared on Obama's website over a year ago (January 22, 2008); it was entitled, "Friends Waiting to Be Made in an Alliance of Civilizations." It was not written by Obama, but in it we read: "The Alliance of Civilizations fits hand-in-glove with Barack Obama's goals to fundamentally change the approach of American foreign policy."

Golly-polly, Obama has been dreaming of this Muslim-loving organization all along...without telling the American people. He was invited to the annual event by Turkish leaders about five weeks ago, and has since been asked to speak to the Turkish parliament when he arrives.

Where is the UN effort to bring respect to Jesus Christ...the Peacemaker who opposes war and yet will bring a Scorching War to Muslim nations until they are purged clean of wickedness? Europa, thou tramp, what is this I see, the Muslim nation lifting thy skirt? There will be no other way out for the West; either it submits to Jesus Christ, or the Muslims will come by the Desire of God to open the Armageddon door. Europa, for the sake of your global-economic schemes you are doing what you know is wrong, lifting your skirt to the Muslim nation.

I wondered whether this AofC was formed for the sheer purpose of creating world friendships for skincode purposes. No friendship with Muslims, no global skincode; it's as simple as that. Constance Cumbey traces the Alliance to Lucis Trust, formerly "Lucifer Publishing," a well-known Illuminati member because it once had a New York office at 666 United Nations Plaza. She also writes:

"This AOC agenda was obviously not immaculately conceived. It has clearly traceable roots to another person on whom I have placed much focus over the past 11 years: Javier Solana. Nor was it originated by the two given public credit for same, the prime ministers of Spain and Turkey respectively, Tayyip Erdogan and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Both of them, deeply indebted to Javier Solana, obviously received their sponsorship mantles from him as he seeks to keep a lowered profile on this potentially explosive issue..."

Note that the Italian Lucis-like surnames use nothing but what could be the Vere shield. My belief has been that the white Vere Star is the white star of Italy, seen in the Arms of Italy.

No sooner did I hear (yesterday) of the Baathist scheme to set al-Douri up as an Iraqi leader in place of Maliki, that I find an article (of yesterday) wherein Maliki reaches out to Baathists:

"A senior Iraqi official has praised Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's message encouraging former Baathists -- the ruling party of former leader Saddam Hussein -- to join the country's political process.

Saad al-Muttalibi, adviser to the National Dialogue Ministry...said the statement was not meant for people like Hussein's former deputy, Izzet al-Duri, who is in hiding and is suspected of organizing insurgents against the government."

Maliki's aim must be a reduction in al-Douri's intake of loyal Baathists in his bid to topple Maliki.

The Dow Jones is well above 7,000 again, and Obama is changing his tune because retail sales were not as bad as forecasted. Suddenly, after getting his near-trillion, the recession is no longer a looming nightmare to the big boss. It never was.

Some banks and other corporations are giving some bail-out monies back to the USofA...probably because it is bad for business to take it. But no one has been hurt over these monies like Obama. The people are perhaps giving him the benefit of the doubt that he's a straight-shooting loyal leader, but if he screws up a second time, they will have his head on a Republican platter. Obama knows it, and the bail-out schemers know it. Obama's money is now bad money.

In a video, the Hezbollah leader came out with some venom:

"'We are strong and we are capable. If we will stand on our feet, we can destroy this entity. As long as this rapacious entity exists, then resistance is our honor and our lives,' Nasrallah added, imploring all Arabs and Muslims to adhere to the same path."

The "entity" is Israel. The scathing statement is being made while Britain prepares a carrot intended for Hezbollah's teeth. I'm supposing that Hezbollah is spouting off merely to increase the size of the carrot. Britain, fool, put away thy carrot. Mind thine own business and it shalt go better for thee.

I'm going to call it the night. But before I go, I'd like to remind you that this is a topic devoid of good things. I hope that you're filling up with good things as well. The greatest good is to regard the things of God. I don't need to tell you what those things are. You know.

Does he want respect only? Respecting your elders is good, and God is certainly an elder, but he's also the God of joy and of boundless creation. Look at how many personalities he has created, each species having a distinct personality. Each human with a different face has a different interior too. This is not the work of a severe Person.

He has ordered us to utilize kindness, which is not the directive of a severe God. He gave the voice laughter and singing, different pitches and different sounds of emotions. This is the work of a Master Creator, one we can depend on for happiness if only we regard the things he has given us. If he is severe, it's only with those who do not respect him, those who are about to do evil and to call it good.

Don't chase the money that you may never have. Enjoy the things that God has freely made in the body. Hands, eyes, legs, ears, taste buds, vocals, the genuine smile. What are these things, evidence of a cruel God?

I am sorry for many realities, and regret that things are not always joyful in life. Some have terrible laughter. Some have ugly eyes. Some have big ears that stick out. Not all legs are wonderful. I have knobby knees, and fingers too short to play a guitar well. I have an unmanageable cow lick in my hair right at my forehead. Some people have much worse. If we praise God for the good things, shouldn't we also criticize for the bad things? No, because the difference between the one who's saved and the one who is not saved is the extent by which he/she blames God for the evil in the world. Jesus did not die for the sins of God; the evil in the world is always the fault of mankind. The person accepting Jesus also accepts that all evil in the world is the fault of man. If you think about it hard enough, you'll realize that even bodily malfunctions are rooted in the sin of mankind as a whole.

The joyful news is that, in the Kingdom of God, there shall be no more big ears that stick out.

Zzzz...(I don't snore, thank God).


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