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March 1 - 3, 2009

The Rus versus the Rods?

March 1

Russia's splitting ways continue, and now Zhirinovsky is rebelling against Putin:

"The LDPR faction [= Zhirinovsky's party] walked out of the State Duma meeting [yesterday] in protest against 'election law violations' and alleged pressure on the opposition [= Putin's party] before the March 1 regional elections.

'These are not elections -- it is a barbarian, tough action,' the liberal democrats' leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said at the Duma meeting.

'Our faction is leaving the hall of plenary meetings in protest against the elections. It is impossible to hold elections under such conditions. Our candidate for the legislature was beaten up cruelly in Nizhny Novgorod. The issues of our newspapers are being arrested. Meetings with voters are being prevented. The prosecutor’s office, the Interior Ministry and traffic police are all cast against us,' Zhirinovsky said."

It's not just Zhirinovsky's party:

"In a rare case of joint opposition against the United Russia [= Putin's party], the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the A Just Russia Party today spoke out against United Russia and its campaign in the Russian regions.

All three parties accuse the government-loyal United Russia of severe suppression of the political opposition. The criticism is directed both against the United Russia Duma representatives and against the party's units in the regions and municipalities, reports.

March 1 is election day in 79 Russian federal subjects. Elections will be held on several levels, among them on city and town mayors, regional parliaments and town councils.

...Police is all over the place, Mr. Zhirinovsky continued, claiming that the law enforcement authorities, the courts and prosecutor offices all close their eyes for the violations."

This is a surprising development, happening just as Medvedev is showing rebellion against Putin. Has his time come and gone? Up until now, Zhiro has been more of a Putin pet. Is it a coincidence that this rebellion comes as Obama has started to roll his wheels?

Here's a snippet from Interfax this morning showing some Russian priorities:

10:45 No serious incidents reported in regional elections - electioncommission
10:25 Medvedev hopes G20 will take effective steps to form new globalfinancial system
09:48 Russia could draft new energy charter treaty for G20 summit - Medvedev(Part 2)
09:27 Medvedev expects U.S. to make new proposals on missile defense (Part 2)

It appears that Russia is on board the "new" global financial system. There is no related story to be shared here. Perhaps elsewhere.

I've been watching some Lindsey Williams videos. He's the Baptist missionary to Alaska who has made a crusade of exposing some big-oil globalists. He has been given some inside info that proved true. When oil was nearly $40 per barrel, he was told that it would go down to $10; he announced it publicly to no one's belief, and oil was soon down to $11. In 2008, he was told that the price of gas would soon go up to $4 of $5 per gallon. He announced it publicly, and as we know gas prices did reach those levels. When oil was near its peak of almost $150 per barrel, he was told that it would go down to $50, and then fluctuate at even lower levels. He announced it publicly, and as we know, it has happened.

He claims that Henry Kissinger made a deal long ago with Saudi Arabia. Americans would make Arabs rich on oil, but in return the Arabs were required to sink a portion of their oil profits toward America's national debt. He didn't say whether a portion of every nation's purchase of Arab oil would go toward the national debt of America; such a picture would be a staggering act of theft not only from Americans but from many other nations.

Williams claims that such a deal is essentially a secret gas tax for paying America's bills to international bankers. He claims that the middlemen between Arab oil purchases and America's gas refiners make the most money, and that the middlemen were those who control the National Bank and International Money Fund. Apparently, the international bankers, knowing that people would rebel if forced to pay national debts via taxes (because the amounts of interest payments would be visibly a staggering high percentage of their income), instead take the money out of gas and oil-product purchases, thus not letting the people know that they are satisfying national-debt interest payments through a secret back-door scheme. I imagine that this sort of scheme is taking place in other products besides oil.

It is known that the Rhodes and Rothschild diamond scheme was to control as many diamond mines as possible, to the point that diamonds would not flood the market so as to lower retail prices. The same is claimed by Williams in the oil industry. He claims that the oil people for whom he was chaplain in northern Alaska struck enough oil off the north coast to satisfy America for 200 years, and yet the decision was made not to pump the oil but to keep America dependent on Arab oil. In other words, the International bankers had their way with Alaska's oil people, knowing that oil flooding the market from Alaska would slow/end those huge payments from Kissinger's Arab deal.

The good news is that the price of oil at/under $50 is going to remain for a long spell. Or so says Williams according to what he's been told (I'm of course scratching my head asking why he's being informed since he's supposedly an outsider). In the videos that I watched, he didn't say how long the price would remain around $50. He claimed that the price of oil was manipulated to the $150 mark in efforts to crush OPEC (mainly-Arabian oil producers) out of business. By arranging for extremely high prices, the plot was to make oil producers commit confidently to long-term financial expenditures/adventures, only to let the bottom out (i.e. reduce oil prices sharply and instantly) so that all who made commitments could not pay their debts. The bankers would then swoop down to seize the lame organizations.

It sounds like the very same happening in the mortgage industries, but, as always, their plots need to pass God's "congress." Who knows but that William's outspokenness is ruining their plans, for mere men are subject to bullets in the skull should their schemes be found out by too many people. If we wonder why Williams himself is not done away with, I suppose the answer is that it wouldn't help since his books and videos have already flooded public channels. Moreover, if he were to disappear, it would only make his messages seem truer. His videos are available at youtube. Just search "chaplain Lindsey Williams."

Williams also claims that the Bush and Cheney war in the Middle East was for oil purposes, though not necessarily for personal gain. He says that neither Iraq nor Iran entered the Kissinger deal, wherefore the two nations have had the ability to thwart the payments made by other Arab nations to America's national debt. He says that the ceasing of such payments would collapse the American dollar, wherefore it's necessary to control both Iraq and Iran, or to devastate them both. I don't know whether this is his own idea, or what he was told.

Assuming that it's true, and that Iraq has been dealt with "appropriately," how will Obama deal with the outstanding Iranian threat? Or, what will the Illuminati above his head do?

Last night I opened an email from Lorri. She has been invigorated lately to assist my dragon-line hunt. In the course of this thrust, she shared a webpage by another dragon-hunter, Barbara Aho of (her investigations take a different angle, but our separate findings agree at points; I've never spoken to her so far as I know). The website has a link to the genealogy of Barack Obama (!), just what I needed to prove a trace to Rhodes roots in ancient Bernicians. Instead of filling space here, I'll put the info up at Obama's Roots in David I of Scotland. I have not yet put this article together, and will do so starting today. You may get to the link today before it is completed.

This update here is entitled, Rus Versus Rods, because Obama's mother leads back to David's Haly Rod (or Holy Rood) bloodline. While I'm sure it leads to the Varangian Rus, his wife leads back to Bernicians. Were the children of David, therefore, a mix of Rod-worshiping Rus of Kiev with Rhodians of Britain? Apparently so. Give me a few hours this afternoon to finish the above link.

In the meantime, see a couple of videos of police brutality against women, to expose the childish and even satanic spirit that has infested modern police. The point is, don't mouth off to the police in the tribulation, for if they do this even to women not being overly rebellious, what will they do when God allows satanic spirits completely on the loose?,2933,502544,00.html

March 2

Netanyahu is going gang-busters on moving Israelite homeowners permanently into the West Bank, angering both Obama and Mitchell:

"...According to Peace Now, if all the plans are realized, the number of settlers in the West Bank will be doubled - an addition of approximately 300,000 people, based upon an average of four persons in each housing unit.

...While Army Radio reported Monday that right-wing parties applauded the planned construction, Peace Now and Meretz MK Haim Oron warned that the plans' implementation would effectively end the two-state vision."

I could swear that last night, the Jerusalem Post ran at least one article detailing the anger of both Obama and Mitchell, and yet I can find no such article this morning. Mitchell especially was pushing his weight around, a stark contrast to his first visit a few weeks ago when the Obama administration claimed he was in Israel only to listen. This time Mitchell was livid, demanding that Netanyahu cease his re-settlement plans in the West Bank. It's quite amazing to see how Obama thinks he has power over Israel's leaders. There is an article telling that Obama's future military monies to Israel is to be granted under the condition that Israel use it only for defensive weapons. The point is that the U.S. would even mention this now. It seems like a threat promising more restrictions to come.

As what I perceive to be Netanyahu's open rebellion against Obama's $900 million pledge to Gaza reconstruction, the Israeli leader-to-be said that no money should go for this purpose until Hamas ceases to fire rockets into Israel.

Hillary is in Israel today; she's been directed to use a certain tone and to speak certain words, for Obama is controlling the new roadmap. At the Gaza reconstruction conference in Sharm e-Sheikh today (in Egypt, near Gaza), she said, "The United States is committed to a comprehensive peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors, and we will pursue it on many fronts." She loves the spotlight, and she loves to push her weight around. Life just isn't fun if she can't push her weight around. She likes to be very, very heavy for the purpose. Here she is at Israel's border telling openly that she's going to pursue what Netanyahu doesn't want pursued.

The article shows that Obama is acting in Israel as a UN representative, as if to legitimize the pushing of his agenda on an unwilling Israeli leadership. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was present, and said that he is for the Obama agenda, suggesting that Israel may soon need to rebel against official UN resolutions seeking to force its hand toward the two-state solution. It appears that a fast-track to such a situation is taking place.

The hypocrisy is startling. Obama tells the Iraqi people that the United States doesn't want to violate Iraqi sovereignty, and yet in Israel he himself is creating the mad dash to over-throwing Israeli sovereignty. George Bush, who I'm convinced was involved in the plot to murder thousands of New Yorkers on 9-11, wasn't so brash with Israel as Obama is starting out to be. If Obama is the False Prophet, then he too will be a murderer...of those who rebel against his program(s).

Obama has a huge internet machine, the perfect makings for the creation of the "image of the beast." Since Revelation 13 tells that the image is an "icon" (i.e. picture) that speaks, it's likely a television and/or a computer project. If any readers here sees any such project developing, be sure to inform me. The point is, expect a dictatorial style to develop in Obama...if he's the one.

Perhaps you've read some of my writings on Egypt's acheaological sites, where I showed concern for carefully-devised hoaxes by Freemasoinic groups. Not only I, but others expect archeaolgical findings that disprove the Bible or the major personalities of Scripture. I have been wondering if some major finds in Egypt recently have been frauds. Zahi Hawass, the leader of Egypt's archaeological projects, has in the past shown signs that he's disposed to creating hoaxes. Just recently, a major find was unearthed that pertains to the very Egyptian kings of Luxor that I trace the Atreus cult to. The article below is dated yesterday:

"...In 1880 Swedish Egyptologist Karl Piehl uncovered the tomb of Amenhotep, the deputy seal-bearer of the Pharaoh King Tuthmosis III, in the city of Luxor..."

'It later disappeared under the sand and archaeologists kept looking for it to no avail until it was found by the Belgian expedition,' a statement from the Supreme Council of Antiquities quoted Hosni as saying."

It seems strange that the tomb went missing under the sand. In any case, perhaps some group around Zawi Hawass buried these new things before uncovering them. Hawass has been involved in too many new findings. Couldn't the finds have been fabricated in the modern world?

The immediate family line of Thutmose III was surrounded by Mitanni Hurrians (a white/Aryan peoples), who may have been named by the Ara cult of Armenians (I think proto-Ares) and, if so, likely led to Ra and Horus of Egypt. Ra was the personal god of Thutmose, and moreover this throne name was after "Thoth," the Egyptian Hermes. The latter term is likely a take on the chief Armenian god, Aramazd; he and Ara were coupled in the Armenian pantheon.

The point is, Freemasons likely know that Thutmose and his line were from the Armenian cult. If I find that the recent discoveries at the tomb site are suspect, I'll report it in an Iraq update. The world under the False Prophet is expected to focus the heart of the world on the dragon bloodline, and to meanwhile shun Christ. The Image of the Beast might be a program having that very purpose. I'm thinking that, at a certain time when the new world order is to be kicked in like never before, all the archaeological finds (i.e. hoaxes) will be revealed in a certain light, to glorify the dragon bloodline while thrusting the Truth to the ground.

My work on Egyptian rulers concluded that the Hyksos were the "Egyptian" rulers from the Hayk cult of Armenians, and that they were the rulers who experienced the Ten Plagues. Yes, the Hyksos eere the ones who enslaved Israelites. You may not believe this until you learn, as many others have, that Egyptologists have got their dates wrong on Egyptian history. The Exodus occurred in the 15th century BC, and that is, therefore, when the Hyksos were run out of Egypt and into pre-Israel. They were the bull cult of Baal and Anat who led to the Anat-based Heneti (namers, I think, of Anatolia).

As their Nile capital was Avaria, Hyksos may have been Avvites, but in any case the secret in America must be that the Freemasonic founders who wish to rule globalism stem from the Hyksos. They introduced the chariot into Egypt, we are told, and as such they held the horse sacred. I therefore tend to think that they were depicted in Greece as Ixion (i.e. looks like "Hyk(sos)"), father of the Centaurs. I also tend to think that "Centaur" was code for the Heneti (also "Genetes/Geneti").

I then discovered from the Bible that Nebelungs depicted by Ixion's wife (Nephele) were at a hill near Gareb. I was more convinced by my detailed measurements that Gareb lay before the hill upon which the Knesset parliament now sits, wherefore I identify Gareb as the hill to the Knesset's immediate east. This leaves open the possibility that the hill upon which the Knesset sits was the hill of the Nebelungs.

For anyone interesting in more on this topic, see my work, The Rest of This Book; as it's so long, use the find feature to find instances of "Nebelung." I regret that the Iraq updates have prevented me from publishing more of that work. I don't think I've yet published the part on a "Nebel"-like hill located, by the Bible, near Gareb.

Neballat, a city (now Beit Nebala) some five miles from Tel Aviv, is conspicuous. It's interesting, since Nebelungs should trace to the ancient Lydians under Pelops (mythical ruler of the Heneti), that four miles south-west of Neballat was ancient Lydda (now Lod). One could even get the impression that the Nebelung capital of Avaria was in the minds of those who named the "Aviv" region of Israel's capital today.

The Bible records another Neballat in conjunction with Nob. The latter is thought to be moderd Shu'fat some two miles north of the walled Old Jerusalem. In another work, I wrote:

In Isaiah 10, Nob is the city where 'the Assyrian' anti-Christ will make his headquaters in the future, after he stems forth from Mosul. Just before the 42-month tribulation, he will 'shake his fist' at Jerusalemites held up behind the walls of Old Jerusalem. Immediately beside mount Gareb there was a hill called Nephtoah that may have belonged to Nebelungs, but in any case keep the 'Neph' root of that term in mind as I bring mythical Nephele into the picture, the alternative wife of Zeus."

The Dragon Cult

The location of Nephtoah is unknown except for some clues in Joshua 15. In verse 8, the text is outlining the border of Judah, westward from the Hinnom valley at the south side of Jerusalem, which the text calls the Jebusite side. We find that the border goes across the hill immediately to the west of the Hinnom valley (if you have Google Earth, this would be a good time to use it (free installation here). Or, see my image here. The top of the said hill, as seen in the image, is just above the 'm' in "Jerusalem." The Hinnom Valley is the dark patch to the right of the 'm'.

In verse 9, the border goes from the top of the said hill to "the fountain of the water of Nephtoah." No direction from the hill, whether south-west, due west, or north-west, is given.

Gareb is due west of the tack at Old Jerusalem, for it's known from Jeremiah 31:39 that Gareb was in a straight line with one wall of Old city; in the above image, the tack is on the city's north wall, and I say Gareb was in a westward straight line with that wall. As you can see, Knesset hill is due west of the wall. The Knesset is the large white building just below the tack.

Straight up from the 'J' of "Jerusalem," and to the immediate right of Knesset hill, there is another hill that I think should be Gareb due to measurements found in Ezekiel's final chapters, where the Millennial City's dimensions are given. Gareb will be the north-west corner of the Millennial City, according to Jeremiah's statement, and the distance to Gareb from the centerline of the Millennial City will be 2,500 cubits. My measurements concluded that this distance fell short of Knesset hill.

By the way, to the right of the red line is Arabic East Jerusalem of modern times, part of the West Bank. As you can see, Old Jerusalem is in East Jerusalem.

The point here is that Nephtoah is west of the hill above the 'm' of "Jerusalem", and as such could be either on Gareb or Knesset hill. In this next image, you can see Gareb in relation to Knesset hill.

Some news just in:

"GORDON BROWN hopes to forge a partnership with President Barack Obama in Washington this week, to call for a 'global new deal' to lift the world out of recession.

...Brown will argue for a renewal of the transatlantic relationship, with the two powers working together to solve global economic problems."

Here we have the beginnings of a public display of the Freemasonic union that is known to exist by insiders. Brown's choice of words in "new global deal" indicates that the insiders feel ready to go public with the union's global agenda. The Image of the Beast should reflect just this globalism, and will be an attempt to force the world to accept the agenda. The article goes on to say that the global dea "will also require public spending on a huge world-wide scale" (italics mine). Then there's the following to suggest that Obama will likely agree to Brown's program since it looks just like Obama's program in America:

"Writing in The Sunday Times today, Brown calls for 'universal action to prevent the crisis spreading, to stimulate the global economy and to help reduce the severity and length of the global recession'."

One could get the impression that Obama's stimulus bill for America was hatched in Britain, and seeing success in the U.S., the British Freemasons are ready to take it to global avenues. Let's see who readily joins this program, and who rebels. Another article telling of Brown's glad embrace of "Atlanticism" shows his Rhodian spirit more vividly:

"'There is no international partnership in recent history that has served the world better than the special relationship between Britain and the United States,' Brown said in The Sunday Times of London. 'I believe that there is no challenge so great or so difficult that it cannot be overcome by America, Britain and the world working together. That is why President Obama and I will discuss this week a global new deal, whose impact can stretch from the villages of Africa to reforming the financial institutions of London and New York.'"

The elections in Russia have re-inforced Putin's party. The Communists came in a distant second. Zhirinovsky's party got 10 percent, and he's accusing:

"'We are not happy and we disagree with the election results, we think our results have been understated,' Zhirinovsky said. 'These elections were skewed, just like the December 2007 [Duma] elections. There were a vast number of violations. We absolutely disagree with the view of the Central Election Commission that there were no serious violations.'"

The time has come for me to go make a vegetable salad. This is probably not related to world events. If you didn't read yestereday's update, you might be interested in Obama's ancestry leading back to Bernicians and the mysterious bloodline of queen Margaret's mother (possibly the Haly Rod bloodline); see Obama's Roots in David I of Scotland.

March 3

From the start of Obama's rising wave, he had promised to become bi-partisan. Then, suddenly, we no longer heard anything about it. Instead, he seemed to be insulting Republicans. Only on one occassion did he decide to move across the floor and reach out a hand to entertain one Republican shaker; see Obama Slithers Across the Floor.

The Russian schism has made it to a Western media:

"Russia's financial crisis is beginning to destabilise the delicate Kremlin power balance, with a struggle between rival clans eroding Vladimir Putin's authority and aggravating his relationship with his protege, President Dmitry Medvedev.

There are growing signs that a powerful group of military and security officials grouped around Putin are locking horns with economic liberals headed by Medvedev as the two groups fight for control of rapidly evaporating state finances."

The article makes it sound serious. It prompts me to say what I imagined some years ago: a major split in Russia that leads one faction, Gog, to leave Russia for Iraq. It was just a thought, but with further consideration the idea becomes dead in the water where conditions are non-existent for an Iraqi entry. Can it be said that such conditions exist now? Not really...unless Gog has been in touch with Iraqi Baathists over the years. I'm not going to put much stock in this, but it's worth a mention.



If you've been following the traces of the Obama-globalists to Leicester, you might be amazed, as I am, at what just happened this morning. My coffee water had not yet come to a boil, and bango! I was a Jerusalem Post article on Sarkozy's new pick, Pierre Lellouche, for envoy to Afghanistan. I read that Sarkozy was insistently in favor of upping French troops in Obama's Afghan war, indicating a possible link to Obama's Illuminati; after all, Sarkozy is part "Jewish" himself.

I realized that the "Lallouche" surname was a good reflection of the Lailoken character (not necessarily a mythical name) that was mythicized as Myrddin, the Welsh version of Merlin the magician. What's part of my amazement is that I just included Lailoken recently, in the February 28 Iraq update.

I sought for a Lallouche Coat but didn't find one. So I tried "Lalloche," but no luck again. I then tried Loche, and bango! The French Loche Coat uses three green cinquefoils on white. The page verifies that "Louche" is a version of the surname, but also includes Delouche.. There is also Deloke, evoking "Lailoken" even more, and finally there are Delocke and Locke to reveal that it's the British Locke surname.

I had mentioned the Locke surname in the February 25 update, saying:

"When I learned just now that Obama is appointing a commerce secretary, Washington state governor, Gary Locke, the first thing I did was check out the Locke Coat; the Scottish one uses a saltire version of what should be the Sinclair Cross

This is amazing because, after tracing the cinquefoil symbol to Atrebates, I found that the Regni entity of Atrebates lived in the midst of the so-called Cinque Ports. I discovered this while in the course of finding that the Regni peoples were likely a part of the Sinclair vikings of More who named Rollo's father, Ragnvald (for details see Obama's Roots in David I of Scotland). I am therefore very suspicious that Sarkozy is an insider on the Globama team, and moreover have the first pieces of evidence for tying the peoples depicted by Merlin to Rollo-viking blood.

As Obama's mother's blood has been shown (above link) to go back to the Dunkeld dynasty of Scottish kings, who were named after Caledonians, so Lailoken was a prophet of the Caledon hills! Merlin lamented the loss of his people (to war) in Caledonia!! These were those who carried the "Celt" name forward. They were the Calydonian boar line from mythical Atalanta and her husband, Meleager (Greek myth), and so compare "Loche" to "Leager."

The French Loche surname was first found in Burgundy, where Avallon was located. Tolkien placed "Avallone" on the Scottish island of Rothesay, and meanwhile Tolkien has a major character called Melkor that I identified as code for Meleager. Ignore the definitions and derivations that Tolkien and the Tolkien cult gives to his special terms, as they are intended to lead astray from the realities. Tolkien was writing the true history of the Arthurian cult in myth code.

Wikipedia says: "Morgoth Bauglir (originally Melkor)..." This sounds like a link to the Welsh Morgan surname and/or Morgannwg (= Glamorgan) in south Wales. Merlin was from south Wales. On the other hand, "Morgoth" may be "Mor-Goth, perhaps indicating More and/or Moray.

The article also says of Tolkien's story: "Melkor was the most powerful of the Ainur, but turning to darkness, became Morgoth, the 'great enemy', the ultimate antagonist of Arda..." That latter code (paramount in Tolkien's affections) must be the world of Arthurian Celts...who I say were Atrebates according to myth code, Uther PenDragon. But I say this branch of Atrebates moved to the Pennines, and there at the head of the mountain range were the cinquefoil-using Leicesters...from swan-depicted Ligurians. See the swans on the Scottish Locke Coat, for it would seem that "Locke" is a surname in honor of the Ligur founders of Leicester.

Loche was probably a wolf-line surname connected to the Scandinavian Loki, god of the Vanir pantheon. Recall that the Odre surname was the root of the Windsors, and that "Odre" smacks of "Atre(bate)" while it's variation, "Other," smacks of "Uther." The Oder surname was first found in Huntingdon, the place to which the Obama bloodline traces!! There in early Huntingdon the Hastings (Cinque-Port-important Normans) were found, though they merged with Leicester too (I've yet to find the root of "Hasting").

Why did Tolkien use "Morgoth Bauglir" as a code? I had found that the Vexin (Normandy locality where Nebelungs ruled as counts) was likely named after "Vaux," and moreover that the Vexin region of Baugy was conspicuous since "Baux" is a known variation of "Vaux." There is also a Baugy region in Picardie. Yet another Baugy lay between Autun and the city of Nevers (the latter two I trace back to Nefertiti of Egypt and his/her Atun cult to). It is thought that the Baux/Vaux entity in southern France came as the Goths, thus suggesting that "Morgoth" was Tolkien-intentional as a representation of the Vaux Goths. In other words, the Calydonians of mythical Meleager merged with the Vaux Goths, and Tolkien (an obvious insider) knew it.

I figure that "Tolkien" is in honour of the Telchines of Rhodes. I of course trace Cecil Rhodes to Rhodes (without documented evidence). On Rothesay (Tolkien's "Eressea" code), the "Teleri" elves ruled, no doubt code for a branch of Telchines. On Rhodes, Telchines were a devilish peoples. Telchines originated, according to Greek myth, among a peoples of Argos.

I had traced Melkor to the Orkneys because Meleager was on the mythical Argos ship, which was filled with characters from Orchomenos (a real Greek locality). Moreover, Melkor was in charge of Orcs/Orks, according to Tolkien, wherefore it's obvious to me that the Orcs depicted peoples of Orkney, and that they in turn descended from Orchomenos Greeks. The Sinclairs of Roslin ruled somewhat in the Orkney islands.

Morc from Orc was played by Robin Williams. The phrase is too evocative of Morgoth and the Orcs to be ignored. Knowing that the Sinclair vikings were from Danes, is it a coincidence that the German Williams Coat uses a large red heart as a central symbol, the symbol on the Danish flag? Possibly, the surname goes back to William-the-Conqueror Sinclair. If interested, see the chapter, Tolkien Tels All, for my first attempts to unravel Tolkien codes.

I found that the Irish Logan/Loughan Coat also uses the red heart. The surname is said to derive from "the sept whose chiefs were lords of Gailenga Mor, now Morgallion." It sure does reflect "Morc" and "Morgoth."

Back to the Sarkozy article, we find that "Sarkozy said [today] that Lellouche will be expected to work closely with Richard Holbrooke, the newly named US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan." The Holbrooke surname was first found in Sussex before the invasion (1066) of the Conqueror, meaning that it could have been connected to the Regni/Atrebates.

Next, I opened an article on Hillary Rodham's visit to Israel, and there I found that "The US Embassy in Damascus named one of the envoys as Jeffrey Feltman, the State Department's top diplomat for the Middle East." Top diplomat, hum? I checked the Feltman Coat to find three spotted leopard heads, the symbol on the Rhodes Crest. The Rhodes Coat, by the way, is a red version of the Sinclair Cross.

I then found that the German Feld Coat uses the stump of a cut trunk issuing short branches, which seems to be the same symbol on the Rodham Crest!! Nothing, I mean nothing, could have helped me to find the links between modern Illuminatists and ancient Rosicrician entities like news articles on the Obama team. I ask myself: Did God, knowing that I would be doing these news updates eventually, prepare me beforehand to know Rosicrucian roots in Hebro-Rus vikings for the purpose of exposing the Obama team's ties to those entities? The Feld surname is "Jewish."

Mrs. Rotten Ham, please step into my office.


Before you go claiming that you ducked sniper fire in Gaza.

What's wrong now, Bark, you ornery again?

I don't want you in Israel sounding like the boss. We're losing this battle with Ned Yahoo, so I need you to be sheer pleasantry to get the Israeli public liking you.

But you said to twist Israeliana's arm until her eyes bugged out...

Yes, but it's not working with Yahoo. So go smile nice to the country, and make sure you have your make-up on.

What if I do get fired at by Hamasso?

Catch the bullets in your teeth for all I care. Just be the darling until I get Mr. Yahoo scared.

Scared'a what, Bark?

I don't know yet. Gotta figure something out.

How-bout I kiss Hamasso in front of the cameras?

It's risky.

I'll lead up to it slowly, and that'll save me from his bullets in the meantime.

Just say you have love-hate feelings for him, and can't decide whether to...

I'll do it!

Obama is using the missile issue on Russia's border to get Russia to cease it's support of Iran's weapons programs:

"US President Barack Obama has written to his Russian counterpart suggesting US plans for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe might be unnecessary if Moscow helped in blocking Iran's progress toward building long-range missiles, senior administration officials said on Tuesday. "

There is no assertion made in this statement that Obama has decided to capitulate on the missile-defence system. He is giving himself an excuse to install it so long as Russia continues to support Iran. It's a time-water. Russia will drag this out until Iran gets Israel. There's a related article out today in which the opinions of Russian president (Medvedev) were leaked (deliberately, I think) wherein he said a letter of Obama to himself had nothing concrete on the abandonment of the missile-defence system. You get it. Medvedev throws the empty ball back to Obama. In the article, we read:

"'There's a broad agenda to discuss with the Russians. We're going to be starting that on Friday,' [H. Rodham] said of her planned meeting with [Russia's] Lavrov in Geneva.

William Burns, the State Department's political director and a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, went to Moscow in February to help prepare for that meeting and to broach ideas to improve ties"

The Scottish Burns Coat? Two Zionist "stars of David." The surname goes back to pre-Conqueror times, to the Boernicians (!!), says the link. Quite apparently, "Burns" is a variation of "Bern/Boern." I checked for a Boern Coat and found a bear. It's a German surname first found in Berne, Switzerland, which uses the very same Arms. The canton of Berne is on the north border of Wallis (or "Valais), where sits Sion. The city of Berne was founded by Berchtold V of Zahringen, who claimed to root the name to a bear he had hunted.

The Zahringers (Baden/Wuertemmberg) used three blue deer antlers, while their Veringen counterparts used three red antlers; these families could certainly trace to Varangians. Likely, the Veringens were the root of the bear, but "Verin" also reflects "Bern." Therefore, the city of Berne (or "Bern") was likely a settlement of the Bernicians.

Just in case I'm losing you, I tend to trace Rodham to the roots of Rhodes in the Beers of the Bernician fold, wherefore we are not surprised that a William Burns was placed (by Obama) in charge of Russian affairs on behalf of Hillary Rodham's agenda...remembering that the Rodham surname was of the "Jewish" Blank family to which Lenin belonged. Since the German Plank surname is a variation of "Blanc," see the single white cinquefoil (a Rodham symbol) in the English Blanche/Blank Coat, with the spotted leopard (a Rhodes-Crest symbol) in the Blank Crest.

There's been a terrorist attack in Sri Lanka. As I read that "all 14 masked men got away after assaulting the Sri Lankan cricket team on its way to Lahore stadium with rocket launchers and grenades testifies...", I saw that the Lahare surname needed to be checked for possible ties to the Ligurs/Leicester. It verifies that the Locke surname could be a wolf line, for the Scottish Lahore Crest uses a (red) wolf; given variations of "Lahore" are: Lochor, Loucher, Lokuhor.

I'm watching British prime minister Brown on CNN with Obama. They're talking about rebuilding the banks of the world on the pattern used by Obama's stimulus package. I'm wondering if I'm looking at the two horns of the False Profit as they sit next to one another sharing affinities. Obama is asking the people to be patient, to trust, that this is the right way to dig the world out of the global recession. I think I can sense that Obama is conscious (in a guilty way) that he is involved in a scam dictated by his invisible bosses. I think that he's deciding to like it, rather than choosing to reject his involvement. He now said "benefits of globalization." Brown then says ya-ya, cooperation, that's where it's at, ya-ya, "we've got to act" together.

I decided to check the Brown Coat. The Scottish one uses three gold fleur de lys on blue, while the English one uses three white fleur de Lys (on black). Now see three white fleur de Lys on blue in the Burns Coat. The Brown surname comes from "brun" (= brown), but these things together are not quite enough evidence to make the link to the Burn surname. Then I noted that both Burns and Brown surnames were first found in Cumberland, and that seems to clinch it. Cumberland was on the west border of Northumberland, and Bernciians ruled the latter.

If true, Mr. Brown of Britain has Bernician blood, and is therefore in all likeliness a Rhodes agent/puppet.

Remember, I trace Barney Rubble to the Bruno-founded House of Brunswick, while Bernicians were first found in Bryneich. Although the English Bear/Beer Coat uses a black bear, as does Berne (Switzerland), the German Bear/Beer Coat uses a brown bear.

I decided to check the Cumberland Arms, and ZOWIE three white cinquefoils on green!! This is the opposite color scheme of the French Loche Coat. The Cumber surname? The Sinclair Cross in white! I fear I'm using exclamation marks because this story is becoming so connective at every turn that it might be on the brink of boring. After writing that, I checked the Berney/Burney Coat; another white Sinclair Cross (!!) studded with ermines. This surname derives from a locality of Bernay in Eure, Normandy. Evreux is in Eure, wherefore Eure was likely derived from "Evre," meaning that it derived from Abreu, or the Eburoicum pagan Hebrews.

As soon as I went back to the news, after writing the above, I chose to open Reuters, and there before my eyes was: "Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told irate lawmakers that he too was angry about the bailout of AIG, but argued that failure to act could have triggered an economic disaster." In other words, he's acting mad, but he really likes it. The article shows that he's talking pessimistic on the economy just like prime minister Brown.

This all seems like a scam from the Fed(eral Reserve):

"Maurice Greenberg, former CEO of AIG [= American International Group], on September 17, 2008, characterized the bailout as a nationalization of AIG. He also stated: he was 'bewildered' by the situation and was at a loss over how the entire situation got out of control as it did. On September 17, 2008, Federal Reserve Bank chair Ben Bernanke asked Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson join him, to call on members of Congress, to describe the need for case for a congressionally authorized bailout of the nation's banking system. Weeks later, Congress approved the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008."

The Emergency Act is on the backs of tax payers. The Fed chairman is wanting the people to "save" the bankers. The bear bloodline is controlling the Fed, I would now suggest. How long has this been the case?. Is the bear bloodline the reason that the stock market is interpreted as either bear or bull?

It's known that Rhodians and Rothschilds are international bankers, and that they have the money to bail out their own "children." I suspect that they "bury" much gold to horde it (thus contributing to cyclic recessions), selling it when prices are high, and buying it back as they themselves drop its price. I suspected that the push on Conservative radio over the last couple of years, to have consumers buy gold at high prices, was their scheme. Gold prices then dropped sharply, at which time they had opportunity to buy the gold back. Gold prices are now up again because people are once again buying it in fear, as a result of the banking crisis and the falling currencies. I'll bet one entire package of beef bullion that prices will fall sharply again. We know that these bankers are "Jewish," and so it is with Ben Bernanke, whose middle name is "Shalom."

The time has come for me to go for a drive in the sun. This too does not likely have to do with world events. But one never knows what will come to mind on a drive to nowhere. If I don't get some sun, I will turn pale as a ghost. I'll be back for tomorrow's news developments. Thank you for putting up with these matters, or skip them if you wish.


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