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February 26 - 28, 2009

Russia's Splitting Headache

February 26

My apologies for not knowing the future. I simply haven't been able to realize whether Gog, the man, will be in cahoots with the Russian leadership, or opposed. My first theory, going back many years to the Gog chapters of the book, was that Gog would be a split from the official Russian government, taking to his side some Russian military. This idea was not based in the report that Zhirinovsky had, at the time, some 70 percent of the military favoring him. Instead, it was based in Daniel 11:23, where I read that the king of the north starts small but builds a large army. Such a picture, seen also in the "little horn" symbol, does not conjure up the leader of Russia with all its military at his disposal.

Then entered into my mind the possibility that Gog could be secretly tied to the Russian government, and for that reason will act in Iraq without Russia's military; in these updates I've been entertaining this view. But yesterday I found that Putin's empire is starting to split, and that the military is turning against him to some substantial degree. So now I'm asking myself whether this schism will produce Gog as a rebel in opposition to Putin. First, lets look at the Telegraph article last updated on February 23:

"Vladimir Putin is facing an unprecedented military challenge to his authority as discontent over medieval conditions and personnel cuts mounts within the Russian armed forces.

...Resentment within the armed forces is brewing among the oversized commissioned ranks, after the government unveiled plans to trim their numbers by sacking 200,000 officers, including more than 200 generals and 15,000 colonels."

It's hard to know whether this is a move to downsize, or to cleanse unwanted elements. In any case, the trouble facing Putin does not end with this military backlash, for Medvedev is also rebelling.

It is interesting that the National Bolshevik Party is now lunging at Putin. If you've been following the updates, remember that the British Rothschilds were the ones who raised the Bolsheviks (of Lenin) to power in 1917, and subsequently lost power to Stalin. After that point, we would expect power struggles to continue to this day between pro- and anti-Rothschilds. I have not known whether Putin is for or against the Rothschilds, but with the Bolshevik party now demonstrating against him, he may not be a Rothschild "vassal."

The article above says: "...a new opposition group in the Far East [Russia] called Tiger, which is calling for Mr Putin's resignation and the restoration of democracy." Then we go to a related article that tells of further trouble:

"Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, faces signs of an unprecedented mutiny within his own government that threatens to undermine his once unassailable authority, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal. "

Further into the article, we get to the part that is root cause for Medvedev's turning on Putin:

"The protests [by auto workers], which began on Dec 14, rapidly took on a political hue and Mr Putin, who is intolerant of dissent, ordered the Kremlin's top officials in the far east to use force next time. But senior administrators refused to intervene and a week later the government was forced to send a special detachment of riot police from Moscow to break up a second protest in Valdivostok.

Furious that he had again been disobeyed, Mr Putin directed Vladislav Surkov, his top ideologue, to sack the newly appointed head of internal affairs in Primorye, the region surrounding Vladivostok.

But the official, Maj Gen Andrei Nikolayev, flatly refused to leave his post. Sources say he threatened to expose corruption linked to the Kremln in the Russian far east if Mr Putin pressed ahead.

Such a gesture of defiance is almost unheard of in Russia. Gen Nikolayev was supposed to be the man entrusted by the Kremlin to keep regional officials under control.

But he quickly found a powerful champion in the form of President Dmitry Medvedev, who is said to have countermanded his dismissal. 'The fight between Medvedev and Putin started over this issue and has been getting worse ever since,' the source close to the Kremlin said. is rumoured in Moscow that Mr Surkov has defected to [Medvedev's] side."

I haven't come across the same story in any other media. I am wondering whether the Telegram is part of the lunge against Putin.

I have not seen a statement from the United States like the one below; it's clearly from the Obama plan:

"The trial start-up of the Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran is in the realm of peaceful use of nuclear energy, a U.S. State Department spokesman said Wednesday.

Iran and Russia have an agreement for fuel supply and spent fuel return, State Department spokesman Robert Wood said during media briefing.

...Russia supplied nuclear fuel for the plant under control of the International Atomic Energy Agency in January 2008 and Iran has agreed to return spent nuclear fuel to Russia, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported."

The message to Americans is: nothing to worry about, Russia will assure that Iran's low-grade uranium will not be converted by Iran into highly-enriched nuclear-bomb material. And in this way Obama will change the world, removing the fear cloud in the world, bringing back the sunlight...and everyone spread out the picnic blankets...

I believe that, in the years before Christ returns, it will be party time for the world. There will be big building projects, the grandest weddings ever, Mardi Gras, dance nights, laughter...even while they see disaster on the world stage. It wouldn't be this way except for liberals. But liberals will assure that they continue to live life to the full no matter what they foresee. Democrats are rejoicing for being in power, for moving forward, for making great plans. They totally disregard the Day of God's visitation.

This downturn in the economy is due to the reduced spending of the peoples, for they were conditioned to stay home more often by the high price of gas. If they spent less, they saved more. In the lull, prices will go down. But there will come a time when the peoples' savings are going to flood the market, at which time prices will begin to increase again. It seems predictable from the downward conditions in early 2009 that in 2013 the world should be in an up-turning economy.

How will Israel now look as it threatens to attack the Bushehr reactor while the United States claims that the facility is harmless, fully legal, having no opportunities for carrying out sinister plots? Will the threats subside? Will Israel place its trust in the new Obama calm? Not if 2009 is the first year of the Week, for the activity of Gog in Iraq will spoil the calm. He will spew anti-Israeli statements to acquire his Muslim following, and perhaps we can now predict that Obama will try to calm Gog down. That's beginning to make sense. It seems a developing cornerstone of Obama's ministry to create world calm.

We have yet to see whether Gog comes into Iraq due to an Israeli attack on Iran. That will certainly spoil any calm that may develop, and turn Obama angrily against Israel. The other globalists, who have made it clear that they do not want Bush to help Israel attack Iran, will be very angry. Iran came out yesterday to brag that it now has 6,000 uranium-enrichment centrifuges; this was a slap in Israel's face, a taunt. Ehud Barak came out to threaten Iran once again. Under these circumstances, the state department is announcing that there is nothing to worry about in Iran. When the world is at the brink of Armageddon, the liberals will be saying: there is nothing to worry about.


Anyone who has viewed Loose Change, and then read the Wikipedia article on it, would know that Osama bin Laden did not attack America's trade buildings. The reason that the Wikipedia article is important is that it gives the main contentions in opposition of the claims made in the video, yet it does not claim that the video was doctored. This means that the spits of smoke shooting out the tower windows, seen in several instances below the crumbling portions of the buildings, were real.

It means that explosions were occurring below the crumbling floors, and as such the floors crumbled on very account of the explosions. Simple. It all explains why at every plane crash engines can be found, though no engines were found at the Pentagon nor at the Pennsylvania crash site. It's easy for plotters to bring in a few plane parts, lodge them into an explosion site, and then let them go off in an explosion to make it appear as though a plane crashed there, but it is not easy to bring in huge engines to do the same with them.

Obama must know the truth, therefore, and so must all the silenced men of Congress (those who speak out stand to lose their jobs for being taken as wackos). It's not that all these politicians are bad men, but that they have a good idea who was behind the disaster, plotters who may possibly kill the family members of politicians speaking out too effectively. On something this important, politicians will be killed to suppress the truth.

Loose Change has been viewed by millions of people (I regret that for the most part I have not had DSL capability for several years so that I've been essentially unable to view online videos), and while many Republican voters can't believe an inside job took place due to love of George Bush, Democrats should now begin to make deep inroads in exposing the Bush administration's participation. Note that Obama has silenced a Democrat move to expose Bush's crimes.

My point in hashing this up again is that Obama, knowing that Osama did not attack the trade towers, is yet going after him in Afghanistan. If Osama did not attack America on 9-11, all expensive efforts to go after him seem unwarranted. In yesterday's news we read:

"President Barack Obama will seek $75.5 billion more for combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through the end of this fiscal year, according to three people familiar with the request.

It will be submitted along with the fiscal 2010 budget Obama sends to Congress tomorrow. That proposal will request $130 billion for the wars in fiscal 2010 in addition to a total Defense Department budget of about $534 billion, the people said."

It now appears true that the Illuminati powers acting over both George Bush and Obama have decided to control the Middle East to some degree for at least one (debatable) agenda. Judging from the opposition to Bush's Iraq war, the Illuminati agenda was to go into Afghanistan but not Iraq. In other words, Bush was acting in Iraq apart from the blessing of the invisible powers over him, though it seems he had some fraction of those powers supporting the Iraq offensive. Obama seems obedient to the Illuminati group wanting only the Afghan invasion. The purpose may be to keep the Taliban and Osama from acquiring the Pakistani government...and control of its nuclear weaponry.

What if American Christians support Obama against Osama and company, when it is God that is allowing the terrorists to succeed for the purpose of bringing down Europe's and America's corrupt leaders? Should we, therefore, support Obama, or rejoice when Obama gets the upper hand over the terrorists? Should we fear the victory of the terrorists? We don't of course rejoice over the people murdered by the terrorists, and we recognize that they represent the armies of the anti-Christ who will also murder Christians, yet neither should we rejoice in Western victories. God is about to have one evil group destroy the other. Nothing could be better for Western Christians than the destruction of its current leadership.

Some may ask: how can Satan's house stand if it is divided against itself? It can't stand, and it will fall. One part of his house will fight the other until it all falls. Satan's sons are in a war, the Western dragon versus the Arab dragon versus the Oriental dragon, and even the Western sons are divided by European dragon versus Russian dragon. Passionate divisions everywhere, even Democrat versus Republican. On the one hand, Obama wants calm everywhere, and on the other hand he will be forced to fight, and cause international injury, to some degree.

Obama is on a roll with the American public. He has succeeded in convincing the people that his stimulus package is safe, or that the money will somehow benefit them personally. But as a sure sign that Obama is using his popularity to grasp the horns of power, we have this:

"Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), the longest-serving Democratic senator, is criticizing President Obama's appointment of White House 'czars' to oversee federal policy, saying these executive positions amount to a power grab by the executive branch."

No Democrat is going to lay himself on a sacrificial altar for no good reason. Byrd will make light of Obama's plots. The president said that he will place Joe Biden in charge of overseeing the expenditures of federal monies, but this is a self-policing policy since Biden is an extension of Obama. Byrd is making the same complaint, that Obama plans to install his own political police to oversee what the Senate as a whole should be policing.

Three major EU members came out today to oppose the U.S. state department's acceptance of the Bushehr reactor. The three, Britian, France and Germany, favor intensified sanctions. Hmm. Is this U.S. acceptance of Bushehr, which seems to originate in Obama rather than in anyone else, the foundation of the coming Obama-Gog relationship? Revelation 13 tells me that the False Prophet will lift Gog to European power, putting in place programs to make the world honor that "beast." It could be that the False Prophet's job through these programs is specific for convincing the West to accept Gog, in other words.

When one Westerner accepts the Bushehr reactor while the rest of the West objects strongly, the one has seemingly stretched out an arm to both Russia and Iran, which in my eyes is the epitome of the Little Horn's Middle-Eastern empire. But conflicts in Obama's administration must be rife, for not too many there would tend to side (not sincerely, anyway) with him on the Bushehr issue. They would instead view Russia with suspicion. But Obama promises to loose the Illuminati strings that may at first control him, especially when it comes to anything Muslim. Obama is predicted to have a Muslim muscle in his heart, and perhaps it longs to see the Iran axis succeed against Israel. If so, we should start to see that muscle in action via his divergence from the anti-Russia agenda of his advisors.

But if indeed he starts to build his ObamaNation of Desolation at variance with his anti-Russian advisors (e.g. Brezinsky), we should expect conflicting reports from his administration on the Iran issue. If the second lamb's horn is a person, one way to identify him (or her?) is to find who favors Obama's outstretched hand to Iran. It is reasonable that Obama will be torn between his allegiance to his peers/superiors and to his Muslim muscle, but already he seems to have manipulated the first foreign-affairs acts in such a way as to make room for the Muslim muscle to expand.

In an interview with Interfax, William Burns, Obama's Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, was asked: "What will be the position of the new U.S. administration toward the support of Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization?" His answer was short and strong: "We support it. This is also in our interests."

This US-Russia link, I think, is Obama's priority if he is the False Prophet, for the WTO is highly likely to enforce the skincode:

"The World Trade Organization deals with the rules of trade between nations at a near-global level; it is responsible for negotiating and implementing new trade agreements, and is in charge of policing member countries' adherence to all the WTO agreements, signed by the majority of the world's trading nations and ratified in their parliaments."

Having tied the Rodham surname (in January 29 Iraq update) to the family of Lenin and therefore to the Bolshevik movement, could it be that the current uprising against Putin, in which the National Bolshevik party has a hand, will be supported secretly by Clinton and Obama? For new readers, I had found that Lenin's "Jewish" mother was of the Blank family, and that the English Blank Coat uses just one large petal, the same petal used in the English Rodham Coat." It may even be that Lenin's mother traces to Leicester stock, therefore. In any case, I am keeping an eye out for Obama ties to the Bolsheviks of Russia, and wondering whether Gog will come from that organization. It would explain nicely an Obama-Gog relationship.

As Medvedev is simultaneously opposing Putin, while Medvedev has superior power officially, might the ObamaNation support a Medvedev overthrow of Putin's dictatorial machinery? Another scenario is that Putin's faction will, as a result of the schism now developing, enter Iraq as an angry Gog in spite of the rebellion against him.

Forgive me for being impatient, but I want to identify Gog before readers yawn too loudly. They're waiting forever, it seems, for him to appear. The Church is tiring of hearing about the anti-Christ, year after year, without so much as a decent clue to his identity. I assume that the few readers here are here because they believe that 2009 could be the year.

In a 24-hour period, the update of the day receives an average of 40-60 computers checking in, almost all regular readers. I don't know who they are, nor their email addresses, just the city/state/country that their servers are in, and the names of the servers. I don't care to know the servers' names. If you email me, I have no way of knowing which viewer you are. Just so you know. I keep the stat counter so that I'll know whether readership spikes. It hasn't yet.

There are probably 100-150 regular readers that check in less than once per day, and perhaps a few hundred more Christians who have read chunks but afterward stopped due to the lengthiness. There are then thousands of pre-tribbers who have visited at least once but opted not to read further due to the post-trib nature.

While the number of regular readers is small compared to the millions of believers worldwide, the number can announce Gog to tens of thousands very quickly, but only when Gog appears in Iraq. One easy way to announce Gog to so many so quickly is to bring them here. As time goes on, it should become evident even to mainstream pre-tribbers that Gog in Iraq looks like the anti-Christ, and these will bring even more here. The better I have a handle on events at that time, the better the new readers will be convinced that Gog is indeed the anti-Christ. I'll let you know when there is a spike in readership. Let's be in this together.

I like the regular international readers for how they might spread the message in their counties. Every once in a while, I like to see where these are. Today there is one in Haiti, two in Spain (hello Santiago, my friend, I am not spying on you), one in Hungary, one in Australia, one in Indonesia, one in the Philippines, and one in the UK. Don't give up on me just yet; you are all gems.

To lose readers for one reason or another is sometimes a good thing, as when the daily hits (for all Iraq-related chapters) went down from over 300 to less than 250 immediately after I mentioned abortion. These updates have the potential to attract Freemasons and news gatherers that perhaps don't belong here, and one way to shed them is to offend them with truths; Jesus used that tactic. Liberals are shed regularly. I'm happy to report that the mention of the World-Trade towers a couple of days ago has not lost readership by any noticeable amount.

One reader about to contribute to this book's trib-prep topic has said that I probably have a "serious" look. I now assume that I come across that way to everyone, and I just didn't know it. I was thinking to show my photo temporarily one of these days to show that I am not serious-looking, at least I don't think so, nor want to, but it's probably best not to show it.

George Mitchell is in Israel again today, this time talking to Netanyahu on behalf of Obama:

"Netanyahu also is committed to expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank, while Mitchell has urged a settlement freeze since 2001...

...Mitchell arrived in Israel [today] from Turkey and headed straight into a meeting with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni before sitting down with Netanyahu."

We can only imagine how it ruffles Obama's feathers to have Netanyahu Jewicize the West Bank. Surely, this, more than the Gaza affair, will bring Gog's Arabs pounding into Israel. For those expecting Israel to make a peace deal with the anti-Christ, think about how such a scenario will evaporate Gog's excuse for invading Jerusalem. But if Israel refuses to make a deal with West Bank Arabs, Gog's invasion will be welcome by at least some of the Palestinians.

In another Haaretz article, we read: "Netanyahu has said any Palestinian state must have only limited sovereignty and be demilitarized." That sounds more like a province than a country, but I agree it's the better approach. It gives the Palestinians more than what Jesus is likely to give them. The King of Israel is watching you, Obama. Hurry, you who dip the bread into the same bowl, do what you must. This is your dark hour.

Do you get the impression that I'm working overtime denouncing Obama? If all you had to go on was the daily news' reports, you would be more apt to honoring Obama. I can't let that happen so far as I am able.

Here's a report that may interest some:

"...After a record shattering year, U.S. farm exports could shrink by $20 billion in fiscal year 2009 to $95.5 billion as global economic growth posts its worst performance in the post World War Two era.

'What a difference 12 months makes,' said Joseph Glauber, chief economist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, on Thursday.

'We have seen prices for most commodities fall 40-50 percent from their mid-year peeks,' Glauber told the USDA annual agriculture outlook conference.

Last year, as growing ranks of the poor worried about soaring food prices, American farmers flourished with exports rising $33 billion to a record $115.5 billion.

But this year with margins and farm income under pressure, farmers are expected to slash planting of major crops by 5.2 million acres to some 247.6 million acres.

And the world is awash in wheat after last year's bumper crop, putting further pressure on prices, Glauber said."

Not good news for farmers, but good news for trib survivors if we need to purchase foods in the next year. As soon as I'm convinced that I have identified Gog at the start of the Week, I will seriously consider the purchase of some (not all) survival foods and seeds. I will want to assure food for myself and my direct family in the first year of the Week. Then, in the next year, well before the Week's midway point, I'll want to purchase more as extra, and of better quality. The later we buy flour, for example, the fresher it will be. If we are not prohibited by law to purchase large amounts of emergency foods in the third year of the Week, I would like to purchase still more. The point is, I don't want to risk all purchases in the third or fourth years of the Week. My main purpose in revealing Gog at the start of the Week is precisely this.

As further evidence that Putin is completely in bed with Iran and cold as ice to Europe:

"Russia and Iran are discussing the question of whether they should create a joint venture to operate the Bushehr nuclear power plant...

According to the official, Russia and Iran may conclude a ten-year nuclear fuel supply contract."

It will be extremely costly if Israel were to bomb the reactor while Russia Incorporated is a partner. The partnership may be feigned only to keep Israel from striking it.

Take it with a grain of salt, but Hamas and Fatah are reportedly so close to a deal that they have agreed to join by April Fool's Day:

"CAIRO (AFP) - - Rival Palestinian groups agreed on Thursday to form a national unity government by the end of March, faction officials said after reconciliation talks in Cairo.

...Mohammed al-Hindi, deputy leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, confirmed the factions had agreed to establish the government by the end of next month."

We shall have to see whether Obama will be their fool on April 1. There is little doubt that, suddenly, the two enemies are willing to form a unity government because Obama gave the order. Both enemies are seeking to please Obama the most. Israel's problem is that Fatah is about to lean toward the Hamas war-with-Israel policy rather than Hamas leaning toward the Fatah peace-with-Israel policy, for Netanyahu's hard-line against a Palestinian state is causing a return of Fatah to the old PLO mindset. No matter. These are two children who are behaved when ObaMama is present, but when absent, they take out the clubs and bash one another.

When George Mitchell was in Turkey before reaching Israel today, he gave Turkey Obama's message:

"The new U.S. administration broke its silence over the Davos crisis urging Turkey to fix its strained relations with Israel, while Turkey reiterated its position that a solution to the Middle East issue is impossible without including Hamas."

The Turkey's statement is tantamount to saying that it'll establish relations with Israel only if Hamas is allowed to remain in place to destroy Israel. What's Obama to say? We'll see.

February 27

It's time, to the chagrin of some readers I'm sure, to investigate Leicester a little deeper. In the Draco-Ladon book, I traced the Veres/Fers to Montferrat (north Italy), and in that vein I also found that the Montfort surname was important. The Montforts came to Leicester as earls as a result of marriage to the descendants of Robert de Beaumont (died 1118), count of Meulan...and first earl of Leicester. I say this because I've just discovered that the dragon on the Leicester Crest belonged to this Robert: "The [dragon] crest is based on earlier motifs of the first Earl of Leicester, Robert De Bellomonte."

I discovered at the webpage above that the five-petaled flower used by the Leicester Arms (and Rodham Coat) is called a "cinquefoil," meaning "five leaves."

You can verify at that the Bellemonte surname is a variation of Beaumont. I didn't know that the Beaumonts had a wyvern dragon (a Vere symbol) as their symbol when making a Beaumont connection to the Vere fold. As the Beaumont Coat uses a gold lion on blue, it would seem that they are a stock of the Fer/Ferrari clan, for the Italian Fer/FerrariCoat uses a gold lion on blue. Remember, I had traced the Ferraris to the horseshoe symbol of Rutland, the locality beside Leicester that I'm tracing the Rodham surname to.

In an earlier update I had assumed that the red lions of the Leicester Arms were the Stewart and/or Rhodian lion, but I now recall from my writings in the Ladon book that I had traced the Wells to the Beaumonts, and that the Wells symbol of ages past was a red lion on gold; see Wells Coat.

Note the gold star on red that was also a Wells symbol, and that it is also the symbol of the Scottish Vaux Coat, for a variation of the Vaux surname, as you can verify at the link, was Vallibus/Valibus, which was itself said by a Wells webpage to be a variation of the Wells surname. Now if we compare the English Vaux Coat to the French Fer Coat we shall see that the two families were related. In fact, as the English Vere Coat became gold and red, it can be ascertained that the French Fers became the red and gold Veres of Normandy (red and gold were colors of Normandy and England).

This is all important for proving that the dragon on the Leicester Crest is a Vere dragon. I believe that the Vere Illuminati, by various surnames, is in charge today of a whack of global entities. Apparently, the Stewarts and the Rhodes surnames trace back to the Wells surname -- which I traced to the Dane, Humphrey de Vielles, grandfather of the above-mentioned Robert Beaumont -- and earlier to the Veres. I couldn't have known earlier, but I think I know now, that the Danish house of Vielles was Bernician, the house that Cecil Rhodes belonged to. As it seems that the Beaumont wyvern goes back to the Harcourt Danes, it could be that the wyvern was the Varangian dragon.

For new readers, the Arms of Angus (Scotland) uses the cinquefoil, the red lion on white, the Stewart/Fer checks, horseshoes, and the red heart of the Danes, thus suggesting a strong connection to Leicester.

Now for the roots of the cinquefoil: "'Gules a cinquefoil Ermine' was the paternal coat-of-arms of the de Bellamonts, the old Earls of Leicester (this was alledgedly also borne by their ancestors, the Counts of Mellent in Normandy)" (brackets not mine). That is, Meulan. See the Arms of Meulan at the Wikipedia website on Meulan; it's the Vaux Coat, of the Cohen family of shields. It's from the Khazar Hebrews, in other words.

The Meulan was in the Vexin (Normandy), the place ruled by the Nebelungs (!!), and the place that I suspect formed the term, "Viking" (it would now seem that Vexin and Vaux were the same terms, and possibly root to the Vikings). This is amazing, for I had no idea that the cinquefoil would lead to Nebelung territory. I had found that the first Varangians were Nebelungs in part.

I should now add that a cinquefoil is a plant species related to the rose (also five petaled), suggesting connection with the Varangian Rus. Zowie, like I said, the Rodham surname should trace back to the Varangian Rus. I would have been able to make this trace earlier if only I had known what the petal was called in heraldry. I now see online that the cinquefoil trace to the Beaumonts is common knowledge.

We may be able to zero in more acutely to the root of the cinquefoil:

" is common knowledge here, these [cinquefoils] were the arms of the Beaumont earls of Leicester. Of course, as G.H. White showed, the general belief is not quite correct - if the earlier earls used any coat it was a [gold and red] checky one, and it was only the last Beaumont earl, Robert FitzPernell, who changed the checky coat to the cinquefoil one."

I checked the Pernell Coat, and sure enough, three cinquefoils. But it also uses three hollow diamonds that I had mentioned recently, as for example in the Irish and Scottish Mitchell Coats.

It's possible, if not likely, that the cinquefoil entered the family of Robert Pernell of Leicester from his wife. I found one wife: "King William the Conqueror gave the barony of Barnstaple to Joel de Totnes. William de Braose, his great grandson, had a daughter married to Robert Fitzpernell, Earl of Leicester, to whom he gave part of the barony." Hmm, Barnstaple. Could that have been named after Bernicians?

William de Braose was "Bruce," says at least one website. But we can go further back if we can trust the next quote, and it leads to the Templar Zionists (!): "Guermond de Picquigny, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, mentioned in your posting had a sister who married Juhel (or Joel) de Totnes, of Devonshire in England. Through his daughter and heiress, Juhel is ancestor of the well known baronial Braose (or Brewes) family of England."

I checked the Quig Coat using three dragon heads, and found that the surname was first found in Devonshire; so it fits well with Picquigny and the Totnes family of Devonshire. I could go on and on, but I'll stop here...except that I'll say "Quigny" reflects "Kikon" and may therefore be the Leicester link to the Cygnus Ligurians. Oh, Picquigny was in red-lion Picardie, next to Artois, the red lions being another reason for a Leicester tie. Leicester was at the southern end of the Pennines, the mountain range to which I trace PenDragon, Arthur's father. And recall that Ratae Corieltauvorum (Leicester's old name) that evolved into Rutland may trace to the Rutulians of Ardea (south of Rome).


I awoke this morning to find that Worcester wants to twin with Gaza City. I kid you not, that the topic of last night included Worcester, though I decided not to go there. Here's how:

"The county of Meulan, in Normandy, France, appeared as an entity within the region of the Vexin when the otherwise unknown Count Waleran established an independent power base on a fortified island in the Seine, around the year 1020. Waleran's origins are subject to several genealogical myths, not least that he had predecessors in his office."

It's possible that the Waleran name indicates a branch of Wells, but in any case I didn't want to get into this last night. A Waleran married into the Beaumonts of Leicester, explaining how the latter got involved in Meulan. The point is, the first Beaumont earl of Leicester had for a son, Waleran de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, and first Earl of Worcester! I knew this last night, but it wasn't until this morning that, in the Jerusalem Post, I found this heading: "Officials: Worcester wants to twin with Gaza City"

When I read in the article that councilor Alan Amos of Worcester was involved in this sympathetic move for the Gaza Palestinians, I checked the Amos Coat and found a "quadrofoil" i.e. a four-petaled version of the cinquefoil! Then I saw that a variation of the Amos surname (given at the link above) was "Hames," almost exactly "Hamas." What in tarnation is going on here???

When an individual is subject to mythology, as Waleran of Meulan, one may suspect connection to the dragon cult. I'll let you know if ever I find the myths associated with him. I can tell you this, that the two mythical fathers of Ingelger, founder of the Fulks of Anjou, traced back, according to my findings, to the Harcourts (of Torville). There was an obvious cover-up of these families, and I'd like to know why.

As per my trace of the main Hebrew vein of the dragon bloodline to Evreux (Normandy), I should add that the Vexin was just across the Seine river from Evreux. Wikipedia writes: "Late in 1122 Waleran was drawn into a conspiracy with Amaury de Montfort, count of Evreux [in an attempt to secure the British throne for Robert Curthose, son of William the Conqueror]." This suggests that Waleran ties back to the Rollo Danes...who are Garebites from Transylvania in my findings. However, I traced the Wells surname to the Wallis canton of Switzerland, where the city of Sion/Sitten was/is located.,_1st_Earl_of_Worcester

The heraldic color of Switzerland was/is white. As per the white lion of Montfort (view Montfort as Veres from northern Italy, probably from the Eburovices of that realm) and my finding that white-rose York was founded by Eburovices/Ebroicum of Evreux (leading importantly to the blue and white Bruces of York), so note that the cinquefoil (= a rose species) of the Beaumonts is white. The ermine spots on the cinquefoil indicate roots in Brittany, but I think "ermine" is code for the Hermes cult of Germanics i.e. the so-called "Herminone" sect of Germanics.

Now at the Amos/Hames surname link, we find that the Amos family was first found in Northumberland (where the Bebba/Bebbanburgs ruled), and that they were granted lands there by William the Conqueror. We also see that the Amos Coat (aside from the white rose and white quadrofoil) uses the ring symbol that I trace to mythical Melusine (mother = "Pressina"), who depicted Lusatians of the Prussian fold (i.e. probably of the Brusi/Bruce stock of Abruzzo). Keep in mind that Sorbs (proto-Serbs) were in Lusatia, who I trace to Garebites and further back to Arrapha of Assyria.

Things are starting to make some sense. I had traced the Hebrew dragon cult way back to Gaza in the first place, to the Avvites there. I had also suspected that Arabs were proto-Garebite Hebrews from Arrapha, which was also "Arabkha." I'm suggesting that Hamas is a Hebrew entity from the Arab fold. I'm suggesting that God wants Hamas Hebrews involved in the end-time drama.

As I wondered whether "Amos/Hames" was a variation of the god, Camulos (ancestry of Camelot), I recalled that I view the Hamil(ton) (also "Hamelton") surname as a variation of "Camel." The Hamilton surname, due to its use of the cinquefoil with ermines (see Hamilton Coat) is thought to have been a branch of the Leicester Beaumonts!

Try as I might to stay off of this topic, I keep coming back to it. I had identified the Camels of Camelot fold as branches of Kemuel, third son of Nahor, pagan brother of Abraham (Israelite patriarch), even as I suspect that the island of Bute (Avalon) was named after Buz, second son of Nahor (Genesis 22:21). Kemuel was the father of one Aram, and he may have been the namer of "Armenia" rather than Aram, son of Shem.

The Arphaxadites are to be distinguished from Nahorites, though they moved together across Europe. The Arphaxadites are to be seen within the Ares-Aphrodite cult to Transylvania, then to Abruzzo, and finally to Evreux and York. The Nahorites should be viewed as the wolf-line Apollo cult from Lycia to Leicester and the Arthurian cult. I have the sense that Derbyshire, on the northern border of Leicester, was founded by Garebites of the Sorb/Serb fold. An 's' modifies to a 't' or 'd' commonly, so as to form a hypothetical Serb > Derb modification.

But if we look at the Arms of Derbyshire, we see a deer, the symbol of Arpad-branch Arphaxadites (Transylvania), and a black dragon as the Derbyshire Crest. The kings of Mercia were buried in Derbyshire, and as I trace Mercia to the Marsi of Italy, who were the Ares cult from the Mures/Maros river (Transylvania), it fits rather well with the theoretical trace of Derbyshire to the Ares-Aphrodite cult. The Mercian kings were buried in the city of Repton (ignore the suffix), a name that may have lost it's hard-c i.e. it may have been Gareb-like at first. Derbyshire is smack on the Pennines, and should trace back to the Hirpini of the Apennines (Avellino, Italy).

The topic is not unrelated to the end-times story, for I am claiming that Zionists, and therefore the founders and leaders of Israel, have largely been from dragon-line Garebites. But to find evidence this morning that Hamas may have chosen that name to reflect the Amos stock of surnames is quite surprising. I believe in coincidences, but my update led last night to Worcester, on the night before the story came out that a Mr. Amos Worcester wants to twin with Gaza...there just has to be something of blood link to this.

Remember, Bebbanburgs of Britain were rulers over Bernicians and Mercians, and they were linked to Babenbergs of Grabfeld (Germany).

Well, even while I'm on the topic of Rodham roots in Leicester, I find in the news, as I went just now to the Drudge Report, the huge headline: "JEWISH LEADERS: SHE'S NOT THE HILLARY WE KNEW" The article reads: "In a swift about face from her views as New York's senator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now hammering Israel over its treatment of Palestinians in Gaza."

Obama has changed her tack, and she doesn't mind being a hypocrite for the sake of holding her powerful position. But does any reader recall when I did a little fictional, where Hillary threatened to kiss Hamas in order to twist Israel's arm? Well the very next sentence in the above article reads: "As First Lady, Clinton raised eyebrows when she kissed Suha Arafat." I didn't know she had done this when I wrote the fictional.

I'm not sure what to make of all this. I recall that the founders of the Baath party trace back to black-cross family stock with branches found first in Angus, a place that by its symbolism seems related to Leicester roots. "Bath/Beth/Bet" is the Hebrew for "house," and I recall defining "Bute" in the same way. It could be that in these British localities, powerful Hebrews loyal to their Arab roots may still exist and hold tight to their roots with honor. The Muslim color is green, and the Vere dragon is likewise. It's also interesting that I trace "Muslim" to "Mosul," very near to ancient Arabkha (now Kirkuk). I also recall finding that Arabs were made by Greek myth writers the sons of Hermes (Arabus was made son of Hermes), who himself depicted ancient Aram blood of Armenia that was invested in the Ara/Ares cult. This fits because Arphaxadites merged with the Ares cult.

A quick check online will show that Arabus was made the father of Cassiopeia, and she depicted Kassi(tes) of Joppa (Israeli coast). I knew it! The Brit god, Camulos, was the god of the Catuvellauni (origin of "Wells"?), a peoples that I trace back to mythical Cadmus and therefore to the Kassi of the Israeli coast including locations such as Gath and Gaza. Therefore, the Cati peoples were Arphaxadites as per mythical Arabus i.e. the Cati were some of the first and most important Arabs. Square that with al-Qaeda.

If you don't fully understand, Arabs lived at, and named, Gareb. Mythical Hera was a Rus- Arab peoples. These are the dread enemies of Israel. The reason that Arabs want Jerusalem is that they had it in the first place, before Israel arrived from Egypt. But the primary reason that they want Jerusalem is because God gave it to Israel. They despise the God of Israel for this transfer of the city. The Templars, or at least the Rosicrucians among the Templars, were Gareb-Arab stock.

Has God arranged, therefore, as per the Obama administration, for the United States to be ruled by Garebite branches of the Zionists...where in other times the U.S. was ruled more by non-Garebite branches of Zionists? Is this Purpose to align the Unites States with Arabs in the time of Israel's great tribulation?

The current fact is that, even if Arabs are distantly related to Western Zionists, both want Jerusalem to be their own. I'm assuming that the current move to give Palestinians part of Jerusalem for their state capital is a compromise by certain Zionists.

I'm not going to get into it again here, but after doing long and careful studies on Google Earth for the purpose of finding the location of Ezekiel's millennial Temple, I located Gareb as the hill either to the immediate east of where the Knesset now sits, or the hill upon which the Knesset now sits. I did not think it was a coincidence i.e. the Zionists chose the hill that they thought was Gareb because they knew they were from that hill anciently.

There is disinformation on Gareb, websites claiming that it was in a straight line northward of the north-west corner of the Old-Jerusalem wall. Instead, it was in a straight line west of that corner. Gareb is going to be the south-west corner of the Millennial City of Jerusalem as described by Ezekiel 45 and related chapters.

You must be thinking that it's not likely for one man alone to unveil so many secrets as I am claiming. But there is not likely any man who has spent as much time during the internet era on this topic as I have, who was meanwhile made devoted to God's Word and to his Kingdom. I have sought, and, thank God, I have found. I probably sought because He wanted me to, as the things I'm now reporting are fully relevant to the end-time topic that had already been started. Let me tell you, I am not special, not even close. And spending so much time online is not my first choice in life. God took a lively spirit and tamed it far beyond my liking. I can think of much better ways to spend out my life, in other words, but this won't last forever. If ever you meet me you will know that I am all-too common, nothing to speak of, a desperado whom God took and had mercy upon. You and I have hope in his words: "the last shall be first."

About two years ago, an emailer named Julie, who hopes to convert me to the idea of Jesus and Mary Magdalene (I keep rebuking her for this), had suggested that Merovingian-based Templars are rooted in Arabs. I didn't believe her and passed the idea off as nonsense. I say this so that you know I didn't have any agenda to make the Arab connection. I don't know how Julie knew, or thought she knew, but I would agree with her now. Arabs of long ago were not likely as they are today.

That Cassiopeia, a Phoenoician cult, came to rule Abydos (Ethiopia), where peoples were Abyssinians (in/around modern Eritrea/Tigray), makes Palestinian president Abbas conspicuous. I suppose what I'm thinking, without evidence, is that certain West Bank Palestinians are somehow connected to ancient Abyssinia. As my trace of Cassiopeia's earliest Canaanite roots are to Gaza and Gath, the current move to unite Abbas' Arabs with Hamas' Arabs seems like the resurrection of the Cassiopeia cult for the coming Day of the Great Showdown. Javier Solana, the representative of another Phoenician entity, Europa, is in Gaza today trying to make that alliance happen.

Evidence that Rothschilds were from Transylvania Khazars is in the founding of Zikhron Ya'aqov, "one of the first Jewish settlements in the country, founded in 1882 by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild and named in honor of his father.' That father was the banker son of the first Rothschild. We then read that "Zikhron Ya'akov was founded in December 1882 when 100 Jewish pioneers from Romania, members of the Hovevei Zion movement, purchased land in Zammarin." Romania had earlier been Transylvania.

It should be said that the ruling "Jews" among the Khazars used Biblical names, but the reasons for this are debated. Some say that they were not Jews, but Turks/Bulgars converted to Judaism. I don't quite take that position. I view them as non-Israelite Hebrews who, due to an influx of some Israelites, converted to Judaism. It is known that the bulk of Khazar Hebrews, when routed by the Varangian Rus just before the Templar era, escaped to Hungary and Germany. Known as Askenazi Jews, they likely formed the basis of Albert the Bear's Ascanian House...and from there they led to the De Beers of Bernicia, later associated with the Rothschild/Rhodian Illuminati. In the meantime, these Khazars merged with other non-Israelite Hebrews...of Rosicrucianism. Out of this mix came modern Zionism. It's an evil thing, to be exposed, soon. The people of the world will be shocked.

I'm sure that the three-fingered cross types in the Holbrooke Coat are common (seen also in the Gore Coat), but as they're are also found in the chief of the Arms of Warwickshire, I'll mention it here because the Warwick shield uses a bear. Others have connected Warwick to the Veres of Oxford, and since the Oxford Arms uses a blue-green beaver, see the blue beaver in the Brook Crest (this surname is from Broc, in Anjou). Note that the Brook shield is identical to the English Mitchell Coat. Holbrooke and Mitchell (and Hillary) represent Obama's team to the Middle East. Coincidence?

Warwick is beside Leicester and Oxfordshire. It was named after the Weir river. "Weir" is a known variation of "Vere." Compare the three white stars on blue in the Scottish Weir Coat to the "Jewish" Cohen Coat.

Now listen. I've suspected that Cohens derive from Transylvanian Khazars on the Mures river, and because I trace the Mures river to Moray (Scotland), see the same white stars on blue in the Scottish Murray Coat (Murrays are known to be named after Moray)!

Richard Holbrooke is involved at this time with the new move of the West, especially fostered by Britain and Obama, to get the Taliban (or parts of it) to form a part of the Afghan government. It's the same strategy as in Israel where they seek to get Hamas to form a part of the Palestinian government. This is lunacy, in my opinion. The terrorist organizations, if their foot is permitted in, will seek to control the governments. It's a temporary fix that is extremely dangerous. If the present pact between Pakistan and the Taliban is an Obama/British concoction, then he/they have truly cracked, losing the will to carry on down the difficult road.

The EU has pledged only two-thirds (556 billion) of what Obama is trying to get to Gaza. This is not because the EU is cheap, but because Obamoneybags is extra-generous to Palestinians.

February 28

The United States is not going to the second Durban conference this year (April). In the first one (2001), "The US and Israel walked out midway through...over a draft resolution that singled out Israel for criticism and likened Zionism to racism.

This is being reported by some that Obama is really on Israel's side when it comes down to it, but note in the sentence that there's animosity against Zionism too, for Obama is surrounded by Zionists. I have yet to read Obama's position on whether to attend the conference.

It wasn't until after I wrote the above, as I read the article further and found that a Betty White was overseeing the matter, that I checked the White Coat to find two sets of quadrafoils!! One set are white on black, used by the Amos/Hames surname that in Worcester wants to twin the city with Gaza City. Remember, the cinquefoils and other symbols of related families of ancient times were white. The Rodham cinquefoils are black on white, which are the second set on the White Coat. The Rodham coat uses the ermines used by the Leicester Arms and the Hamil/Hamel(ton) surname, a possible variation of "Hames."

Isn't there a special name to describe it, when an organization chooses family blood for employees and representatives? Yes, more than one term, and one is "Illuminati."

Betty White was sent to Geneva (Switzerland) to oversee this matter, and the white color, I think, is that of Switzerland. The city is at the mouth of the Rhone river not far from Sion. Switzerland uses a white cross (on red) as symbol. It's capital, Bern, uses a black bear, which might just link to the De Beer bear...and to Bernicians.

Hillary Rodham will be in Gaza early this coming week with the job of deciding how to spend the near-billion that Obama is offering for Gaza reconstruction. As Hamas is the official government of Gaza, the money should in one way or another be at the fingertips of that terrorist organization. She has just said: ""I will be announcing a commitment to a significant aid package, but it will only be spent if we determine that our goals can be furthered rather than undermined or subverted." Killary might fast become a dread enemy of Israel.

Meetings between Livni and Netanyahu have not resulted is a unity agreement, meaning that Israel's next government is looking more potentially antagonistic toward Obama than otherwise. Joe Biden sits in the background ready to throw an insult at Israel the moment it shows a problematic face. This may be an issue where the Vatican weighs in openly with its anti-Israeli sectors, though the pope is attempting to quash all such moves at the moment.

As there is no news today, I thought to do more checking of surnames to see where it may lead. There's a couple of interesting things. First, the Bebe/Babel surname, showing Melusine in green, was first found in Basil (Switzerland), not far from Bern. This is interesting because I tend to tie the surname to German Babenbergs, while the Bebbanburgs of Northumberland ruled Bernicians. This very much makes a Bernician connection to Bern.

Seeing that Melusine is in green, I'll add for what it may be worth that the Swiss canton of Vaud (capital = Lausanne) uses green. Might this be the root of the green dragon of the Veres and others? I trace Lausanne to the Laz Caucasians, of Circasia, and who knows but that the ring symbol (often seen in green in British heraldry) represents Circasia or mythical Circe; she was traced by myth writers as far as western Italy, and this may include the city of Laus in south-western Italy.

I trace Laus to Sparta, but this had nothing to do with an idea entering my mind a few minutes ago, that I should check for surnames that might lead back to the Atrebate Celts of Hampshire (south England). It just so happens that Atrebates are traced by me to Sparta i.e. the Atreus bloodline that included mythical Menelaus depicting the city of Las/Laas. The idea entered my mind as I checked the (ermine-studed) Biden Coat, for the surname was first found in Hampshire.

I first Atreus-like surname I tried was "Audrey," and zowie, the Audrey Coat uses cinquefoils!! There are three of them arranged on a diagonal bar just like on the Rodham Coat. The Audrey cinquefoils are gold on blue, which may begin to suggest a new thing, that Atrebate families used blue and gold. Note the blue and gold Cohen-type checks in the Adrian Coat.

Black and white cinquefoils may link to the canton of Freiberg, between the cantons of Vaud and Bern. Hohens used a black and white quartered shield. Interestingly, since I'm tracing the Marot surname of Transylvania to Moray-branch Cohens in Scotland, Freiberg is at lake Marot, also called "Murten," smacking of Myrddin, the earlier, Welsh version of mythical "Merlin" (the latter version was a Geoffery-of-Monmouth creation). In myth, he was made to lament the destruction of certain "Scots" of Caledonia, which may now reveal them as the Morays. As he was a magician, he is commonly tied to Druids...who trace back to Odrysians...who I identify with mythical Atreus.

Myrddin has been identified by others as a similar character/code called Lailoken, who smacks of the Greek Leleges, especially as the root of the term, "loken," means "wolf." This is important to Leicester (founded by Ligurs) if true that Leleges, and their Caucone allies (in Mysia), formed the Cycnus-depicted Ligurians. Keep in mind that I traced Leleges to the Lullu peoples of the Lykos river (= the Great Zab) in Arphaxad Assyria.

I would have to say that Myrddin depicted 1) the Arpads (= proto-Cohens) of the Marot river, Transylvania, 2) the Maritsa (also "Hebros") river upon which the Odrysians lived, and, 3) the Marsi warlocks of Italy that led to the god, Mars, and to the Mercians of England. When Geoffrey changed his name to Merlin, I expect that it was code for "Mer Line" i.e. the Mercians in particular. Merlin was made to be part-ancestor to Arthur. The link of Myrddin to the Atrebates places proto-Mercians in Hampshire, a term tracing to Campania, where Avellina and the Hirpini wolf peoples were located.

The Campania connection that I envision to the Campbell surname may also enjoin the older name, "Abellinum." Since "Cammell" is a variation of the Campbell/Cambell name, a connection to Camelot (and Camulos) is suggested, but also to the cinquefoil Hameltons. The point is that, suddenly, the cinquefoil looks like a possible Atrebate symbol if indeed Campanians led to the naming of Hampshire.

Recall that the Leicester cinquefoil leads back (according to others) to PicQuigly of PicArdie (beside Artois, which I view as Arthur proper), which I trace back to Ardea near Abellinum, where the Rutili lived that likely founded the (Rodham-like) Rutland portion of Leicester.

As the Picquigly family married a Totnes family of Devon (Cornwall), is it a coincidence that "Myrddin" is said to be a take on the city of Carmarthen, also called Dyfed? I recall identifying, early in my dragon-line studies, Merlin's wife as mythical Daphne, but only later traced her to the naming of Devon with some good evidence. In Greece, Daphne depicted the Taphians on and around the Ladon river. I have just learned, from Wikipedia, that "Another tradition holds that Taphius [myth-code for Taphians] was one of the Leleges, and grandson of Lelex"!!

If you're confused because I never make the links totally complete, it's because I don't know the links completely. I can only add pieces as I go along (one day the story may be complete). If the Leleges do lead to proto-Myrddin i.e. Lailoken, then indeed I was correct to trace Daphne to Merlin's wife, and because he was the Marsi line, her finger points to the wife of Mars: Abruzzo. This should explain why a member of the Totnes family that carried the cinquefoil to Leicester was Braose/Bruce, for I trace Bruces to Abruzzo. William de Braose, [Totnes'] great grandson, had a daughter married to Robert Fitzpernell [Beaumont], Earl of Leicester."

As evidence that the Audrey surname was in honor of Atrebates, it was first found in Wiltshire (says, on the Hampshire border (where Atrebates resided). Says one webpage: "The tribal territory [of the Atrebate capital, Calleva] administered from here lay south of the Thames in Berkshire and the adjacent parts of Wiltshire, Hampshire, and Surrey." This capital was, surely, a Halybe/Chalybe capital leading to Arthur's ExCalibur sword symbol.

The webpage above claims that the Atrebates originated from Gaul via one pro-Roman king, Commius, and this Gaulish people can only be those of Atrecht (modern Arras) in Artois. So I checked for an Adrich surname and got the Etridge/Attridge Coat; this surname was first found in Berkshire (a locality of the Atrebates, see quote above). Then I checked for an Atrey surname, and bango: a cinquefoil (gold on green) on the Atrey Coat. The green tree in the Atrey Coat keeps cropping up, but as yet I don't know its significance or its root. Perhaps the tree used by Scandinavians to depict their pantheon of gods.

My conclusions are that PicQuigly surname of PicArdie was an Atrebate family of Atrecht in Artois domains, and that the Rodham surname traces back to that place, and then further back to the Rutulians of Ardea. As this city was close to Rome, it should explain why the Atrebate king, Commius, sided with Romans in their invasion of Britain.

The gold and blue colors that I suspected of Atrebate families may trace to Berkshire, for the Berkshire Arms uses two gold lions on blue. As Berkshire is the home of Windsor, note that Oder/Otre surname (!!) is the root of the Windors. I have only learned this now from the description at the Oder Coat page, where it says that Oders are descended from Windor's "William FitzOther, son of Otherus, the Duke of Lombardy."

On the page showing the Windsor Coat,, we fond that the Windsor surname itself derives from the same "William FitzOtho, son of Adalbert the second duke of Lombardy."

I now re-show the Blythe Coat because this was Bill Clinton's true surname at birth. It uses three crescents, used also by the Oder Coat. The Oder surname was first found in Huntingdon. The gold wheat sheaves on the Blythe Coat may link to the wheat sheaves in the Arms of Huntingdon. These alternative Arms of Huntingdon show the green tree centrally.

Windsor is of course the sacred royal line of the British throne, but never before have I read that it stems from Lombards. Assuming that the Other/Oder surname was Atrebate in origin, we'd expect them among the Lombards. I knew that the Lombardy symbol was green, but I could never figure out what the object was...until now. The Lombardy flag uses a white "quadrafoil" (this is my own coined term) on green, though the Lombardy Arms uses the reverse, a green quadrafoil on white!!

This is amazing to me. I'm theorizing that the cinquefoil leads back to Atrebates, and just as I find a possible Atrebate link to Lombards, I find a quadrafoil among Lombards. The Lombards are thought to be of the Suebi family of "Swedes," who I trace back very confidently to the Sviones of Liguria (i.e. in Savona) and earlier still to the Sabines of Italy; the latter were traced by others back to Spartans...wherefore this fits with an Atreus of Sparta trace to Lombards.

In fact, Lombardy was on the Swiss border not far from the green Vaud canton where we find Lausanne (the extension of Spartan Laas). Lausanne was also close to Sion/Sitten, wherefore my theory is supported that Sitten was named by the Sitones of Sweden, whom Tacitus placed beside the Sviones (the Swiss were likely the Sviones prior to reaching Sweden). Moreover, the Sitones were depicted, in my opinion, by the mythical father of Cygnus, Sthenel(a)us king of Liguria. A mythical Sthenelus was also made a son of Andromeda, daughter of Cassiopeia...which goes back to the parts of Upper Egypt sacred to America's Freemasonic founders.

The Lombardy area of Bergamo probably links to Berkshire/Berwickshire: "From the 6th century Bergamo was the seat of one of the most important Lombard duchies of northern Italy, together with Brescia, Trento and Cividale del Friuli: its first Lombard duke was Wallaris." Where have we seen a Wallar-like name? Oh, yes, Waleran de Beaumont of Leicester! We now have reason to trace the Leicester cinquefoil to the Lombards. Keep in mind here that Sion/Sitten was in the Wallis canton.

For my friend with a Pollock surname, who has been writing to me for years, and who I have bored to death with theories on the origins of her surname, I just want to say that I now have proof that Pollo(c)k traces to Lombards, for I just found that the English Lombardy surname, like the Pollock surname, was first found in Renfrewshire. The green shield of the Pollock Coat, therefore, should be a Lombardy color. I've also traced the surname to mythical Pollux of Sparta, yes the Spartans who ended up as Ligurians (near the Lombards). I have for a long time undressed "Pollux" as a cross between the Po (or "Padus") river and the Lelegians of Padasa/Padasus (Mysia). The Po leads up to Ligurian realms through Lombardy.

As you can see, the black and white diamonds in the English Lombardy Coat (link above) are equivalent to the red and white Grimaldi diamonds. The Grimaldis were rulers, and still are, in the Ligurian regions of Genoa and Monaco. So what does this mean to find that the House of Windsor connects to the very dragon bloodline leading back to the Greek theater? It's known that the Po was settled by the Veneti, whose capital was at Padua/Padova, and it's also known that they put forth a Venethi branch up in Poland (i.e. of the Polski = Pollux) realm that became the Wends. This makes it very likely that Windsor is a stem of the Wends, who, like the Veneti and the Babenbergs, go back to Heneti Paphlagonians.

In fact, as I found Babenbergs to use black and white heraldry colors, I would suggest that the white and black cinquefoils also go back to Heneti Paphlagonians...ruled by mythical Pelops, father of Atreus. See how nicely that works. It works because it's real, not just my imagination or my manipulations.

For new readers, two golden lambs were found in the pen of Atreus, and I've had a suspicion that Revelation 13's two horns like a lamb (of the False Prophet) connect with those lambs. At first the suspicion was only a theory, but recently I've been finding that key players in the Obama administration are tracing back to and Atreus > Atrebate line.

It's no wonder that Lombards in myth were called "Vinili," as this must refer to the Veneti fold. In other articles, I've read that Windsors stem from Wettins (of Germany), and while it is said that the latter surname means "white," it may do so only as play on words, whereas the deeper reality may be a variation of "Wend." This trace to the British crown should include a trace to the British Illuminati, wherefore the theory is supported that the two horns like a lamb refer to a Brit-American Illuminati team. It is not me so much who creates such a team, but the Illuminati itself, especially the Rhodes Illuminati, has made the team the centerpiece of its globalism. But Rhodian elements inside the United States are hijacking the country for the sake of that global project.

The end (of February). But not the end of Russia's headache. Hillary is coming on March 6.


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