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February 22 - 25, 2009

Peace Treaty in Israel?

February 22

I imagine that some readers are wondering at this time whether Israel will enter into a seven-year peace treaty with the anti-Christ. The long-awaited peace treaty between Israel and Palestinians yet proves to be illusive, and I don't expect Gog to involve himself in such a treaty. I figure that some, who believe that Obama is the anti-Christ, are going to predict that he will soon form, with Israel, the Biblical covenant of Daniel 9:27. The political situation in Israel at this time is that Netanyahu is asking the Kadima party to join his government, but with an antagonistic Kadima having the following to say:

"'We cannot be in a [Netanyahu] government that will not go for peace, because if we do so, Kadima could be deleted from the political map,' [Israel's interior minister] Sheetrit said."

This has been just one of many similar statements made by Kadima. The party seems intent on forming solid peace as an item of sheer survival as a nation, but this seems to me an exaggeration. Netanyahu has yet to say anything concrete (that I've read) in opposition to an official peace deal with Palestinians, and while he is telling Kadima not to attempt to force his will, he may find that his arm does get twisted successfully. The fact that, this morning, Netanyahu used the phrase, "arm twisting," brings the Obama team to my mind; I'm looking for signs as to whether Obama is in any substantial ways behind current Kadima plays during this negotiating period.

I'm not saying that Netanyahu is opposed to peace with Palestinians, but that he doesn't believe the right time has arrived. His concern is that Palestinians cannot at this time be trusted. He did make the following statement today that shows how he intends to start dealing with Obama:

"'I intend and expect to cooperate with the Obama administration and to try to advance the common goals of peace, security and prosperity for us and our neighbors,' the U.S.-educated Netanyahu told reporters."

This is a superficial, politically-correct statement with an open-ended platform. The underlying substance is that he's for a peace deal BUT...only if Palestinians change enough to satisfy his doubts. This leaves open his choice to oppose a peace deal for a number of Palestinian violations. With Obama trying to unite Hamas to Fatah, Netanyahu's trust level toward an official Palestinian promises sags low.

"While not ruling out a Palestinian state, [Netanyahu] has said it must have limited powers ensuring it is demilitarized." This is what I mean by his not saying anything concrete in opposition to an official peace deal, but it's clear to me that he's leaving the possibility open only as a string to lead the United States on to nowhere. Netanyahu is merely acting as though he's serious about the American peace plan, knowing all along that Palestinians themselves will be the cause for a failure simply because they won't go for demilitarization and other Netanyahu requirements. The Americans are not blind to this tack, but there's not much they can do short of arm twisting.

Where's KIllary Klinton her the NUTSIES? The last time that Netanyahu was the Israeli prime minister, he had to wrestle the Clinton administration's peace plots. Netanyahu didn't fare well, as his arm was twisted into making his first peace deal with Palestinians: the withdrawal of Israeli military from Hebron (West Bank). Bill Clinton, at the time, was working on behalf of Arafat and the Oslo Accords, and Netanyahu did what his consience told him not to. The result: Arafat proved that he could not be trusted. It will be harder to twist Netanyahu's arm this time.

After Netanyahu's demise as a result of his mistake, Ehud Barak came to power and was poised to give Palestinians virtually all of the West Bank plus valued parts of Jerusalem! The poor standing of Barak's labor party in this latest election speaks loud and clear that the current Israeli majority does not want Barak's position, which is Obama's position, but rather it wants Netanyahu's position. That's where the peace story sits now, not nearly a reality, and moving away from the sought-after peace deal.

This photo shows concisely the new political baby hatched by the Clinton NUTSIES. As you can see, the Clintons are ready for a new arm wrestle with Netanyahu.

Hillary is coming to Israel eventually, but its sheer suspense as to how she'll deal with things or change the tenor of the rising Netanyahu wave. I expect Netanyahu to sing a falsetto for her as best he can, and she'll likely come home with the same old tune: promises, promises.

I just learned that the Batumi Seal link in Iraq updates from January 31 to February 4 didn't work, but the problem has been fixed. Sorry about that.

There seems to be no other news today to speak on.

Just opened an email that had this to say: "Yorkshire which was originally Jorvik...Jorvik was The Raven...Ravens and crows look alike." I responded: "Is the raven a symbol of York. I didn't know. But now that you mention it, since I trace the raven to 'Gareb' and 'Jerev(an),' it can also apply to 'Jorv.' Crows and ravens are both of the 'corvus' genus classification, and as you can see, the term is like 'Jorv(ik)'". I then went to the Wikipedia article on Jorvik and found its Raven Banner.

This suggests that the naming of York by the Vikings was not a variation of York's earlier name, Eboracum, but was rather named after the raven. This is new to me. Thank you, Lorri. It gives hint that the Viking inhabitants of York were from Garebites, an idea that compliments my independent trace of the Rollo Vikings to the Sorb family of Garebites. Wow.

Lorri says that "There is visual similarity between Jorvik's Raven & the Fleur de Lys." She's right. And I trace the lys symbol to Lusatia, where the Sorbs lived!! Lorri was the one, about three or more years ago, who suggested that the Vere bloodline traces to Transylvania. At the time I was not very interested in the idea, and responded that, should my traces of the dragon cult lead to Transylvania, I'd look into it then. I was stunned when I later learned from a Wikipedia article (below) that the roots of the Arpad dynasty (i.e. Garebites) were in Khazars of the Mures river of Transylvania (!!), namely in Menumorat and his grandson, Morut. But that in itself didn't trace the Veres to these Khazars.

The "Norse monarchy [of Yorvik] lasted from 876 to 954," which was during the lifetime of Rollo. I had traced the father's side of Rollo to the Mures (also "Maros") river, and meanwhile had suspected that Maurice Drummond (from Hungaro-Rus royal blood) had that name because it traced back to the Hebrew Khazars whose names were linked to the Mures river. Maurice came to Britain with Leslies (e.g. Bartholomew Leslie) and became, according to one webpage I can no longer find, "Marot de Yorvik." Meanwhile, his father George came to Britain with what I claim were Lusatian Leslies in Podbrady (Bohemia).

I just checked the Arpad article at Wikipedia and was surprised to see a "corvus" term as the name of an Arpad ruler of Hungary:

"Although the male line of the [Arpad] dynasty came to end in 1301, with the exception of King Matthias Corvinus, however, all of the kings of Hungary following that time were matrilineal descendants of the Arpads dynasty. This extends to 1946.

...The Croy family of Belgium and the Drummond family of Scotland claim to descend from illegitimate sons of medieval Hungarian kings" (both Podkowa Lesnas mine).

February 23

Look at the "stare-down" phrase attributed to Hillary's foreign-affairs attitude, and then note how, as soon as she slanders Bush, she's guilty of exactly the conceit that she projects on him:

"In unusual public comments, [Hillary] likened much of diplomacy to a high-stakes stare-down and dropped in a healthy dose of criticism for former president George W. Bush and his foreign policy team. She accused them of needlessly alienating much of the world with arrogance and ignorance.

Clinton, who split time in Asia between official meetings and informal group gatherings with students, civic leaders and journalists, was unrepentant. And, she unabashedly said she would use her and Obama's personal popularity to make their country's case."

There is no doubt about it, Clinton's purpose is to turn the stomachs of her political enemies, and it especially includes Bush-supporting Christians. Just think of how lacking in class it is to go around the world, in an official capacity, bashing a former president of your own country. It only reveals that she's a loser before she starts. But it's not just her; it seems the entire foreign-affairs team is doing the very same.

In the article titled, "Very Bad News: Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base Will Be Obama's Guantanamo, one gets the sense that Obama is just like Bush. This is the very matter in which Obama sought to contrast himself with Bush. We read:

"Less than a month after signing an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, President Barack Obama has quietly agreed to keep denying the right to trial to hundreds more terror suspects held at a makeshift camp in Afghanistan that human rights lawyers have dubbed 'Obama's Guantanamo.'

In a single-sentence answer filed with a Washington court, the administration dashed hopes that it would immediately rip up Bush-era policies that have kept more than 600 prisoners in legal limbo and in rudimentary conditions at the Bagram air base, north of Kabul.

Now, human rights groups say they are becoming increasingly concerned that the use of extra-judicial methods in Afghanistan could be extended rather than curtailed under the new U.S. administration."

You get it. Obama does things to create an image of himself (which is false) for public consumption, and then while bashing Bush becomes just like him. Why? Because Obama is now in charge rather than what he used to be: a typical Democrat on the sidelines throwing political abuse at the Republicans. It's like the guy who can't skate criticising the plays of professional hockey players when they are losing a game.

It wasn't Bush who became a bad image in the world so much; it was the Democrats who painted both he and America with a black brush. Now the Dems are going around trying to fix what they did. Their purpose was to make Bush lame in world affairs, which gave the enemies of America some breathing room, and now that Dems have succeeded in gaining the White House, they find themselves fighting a re-invigorated enemy. And, stupid as(s) they are, they are bragging about making friendships with the enemies. One word: bumblers.

Obama is learning very quickly that neither Russia nor Iran are going to cater to his outstretched hand. At least, not in the way that he wants his hand of friendship to be treated. Yet, Obama is essentially urging both enemies to deceive him, and under acceptable circumstances he will be deceived willingly because it's so very dear that he succeeds in making the friendships. Those who understand this have cause to be horrified, for a leader willing to be deceived by the enemy will urge his own people to be deceived along with himself.

The lie under the False Prophet will be that all the globe is secure and at peace, when, suddenly, Gog will turn mad and burn Europe with fire. If Obama is the False Prophet, or if the False Prophet is someone in his global team, then I expect that Obama will succeed in making most of the global friendships that we see him actively pursuing now. It's apparent in the words spoken by his foreign-affairs people that Obama sees the dangers in his unlike-Bush strategy, and yet, if he is the False Prophet, he should allow himself to become deceived. It's exactly what Russia and Iran want at this moment of time. Put bluntly, it's the gift of God to Russia and Iran that a fool is in the White House at this time.

So why doesn't Obama want to give the Afghan detainees trial rights? Because there is a good chance that some will go free, who would then serve to counter his war on terror. Yes, now that he's in charge of the war on terror, Obama sees need in keeping certain men in prison without trials. If the Democrats who bashed Bush don't bash Obama, then you know that the Obama team is filled with reprobates (i.e. lacking honorable integrity). If the Obama team has no backbone, how can we predict a stable globalism? The morality levels of both the Muslims and the Russians will put the Obama team to shame. They will use Obama for their own ends, and treat his people as their conniving duplicity deserves.

How can such an administration survive the American media? Simple. The media will lift Obama to the skies as it raised the adulterer, Bill Clinton, to the skies. The media, instead of concentrating on the obvious conclusion that one who's unfaithful to his wife will also be unfaithful to his country, skirted acknowledgement of the moral issues and instead focused on Bill's eloquence and intelligence. What good is an intelligent fool? The more intelligent a fool, the more dangerous he is in the White House. Have you noticed that Hillary is also being painted as an intelligent and eloquent speaker?

The weakest moral point in Obama, not including the half-unknown realities behind his scandalous friends in high places, is his willingness to tow the anti-Biblical agenda of the Democrat base. There are false preachers constantly under the watchful eyes of a congregation, who make a living by speaking the right Biblical things, while in their secret lives they're out to profit on the church members whom they hold tenaciously in their grip. How much easier is it for a national president to act in this manner, since he needs to offer lip service to Christian morality far less often than a church minister?

In other words, when you see Obama speak a super Christian message, it's not necessarily from his heart. And when you hear him speak a moral political message, it may be nothing more than a skillful speech-writer's creation. There are multiple reports, moreover, that Obama is learned in the science of oral manipulation...wherefore he's the very politician he claims not to be. I think he intended to pass himself off in that way knowing all along that he was a typical imposter. I aim to gather evidence that he is an imposter, a mere image.

I'm reading articles telling that Obama's decision on whether to pull troops earlier or later in Iraq is due for a decision "soon." He has available an excuse to keep them there longer because:

"A new war is threatening Iraq just as the world believes the country is returning to peace...

In some respects, the Arab-Kurdish war has already started. Kurdish leaders say that in Nineveh province, Sunni Arab gunmen have killed 2,000 Kurds and 127,000 Kurds have turned into refugees over the past six years."

There is little doubt in my mind that, as the Sunni Arabs are about to take official power, al-Qaeda is hoping to increase its forces in Mosul under their political protection. I predict that al-Qaeda in Iraq will shed some of their more radical religious ways in return for forming an alliance with the ruling Baathists. The Awakening Councils who betrayed al-Qaeda did so due to the latter's hard-line religious laws...which were so hard that al-Qaeda killed fellow Arabs unwilling to abide by them. Al-Qaeda probably won't make this mistake again.

This just out today:

"Prime Minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu promised the National Union faction that the guidelines of the coalition he is forging will not refer to a Palestinian state, the road map peace plan or the Annapolis diplomatic process, sources in the party revealed on Sunday."

If this sticks, it'll be a poke in Obama's eye, or better yet a kick in his pants. When we see that Netanyahu's election comes, not as part of the normal election schedule, but due to the forced eradication of prime minister Olmert, we've got to ask whether Netanyahu's election comes as a plan of God just in time to oppose Obama's plots. Is this development the start of a fast-track to Israel's great-tribulation period, in other words? In another video released today, Al-Qaeda is still promising to come to Israel:

"Al-Qaida's No. 2 warned Palestinians in Gaza against accepting a truce with Israel in an audio message posted on extremist Web sites...

Egyptian-born Ayman al-Zawahiri said...'The jihad to liberate Palestine and all the homelands of Islam mustn't cease'...

...The recording, which focused primarily on Islamic militant successes in Somalia, was the third al-Zawahri has posted this year dealing with the recent Israeli offensive in Gaza. The terror network's chief, Osama bin Laden, also issued an audio message on Gaza in January, urging Muslims to launch a jihad against Israel."

I see this emphasis on Somalia as part of the soon-coming Egyptian invasion that extends to Israel. Anti-West Islamists are expected to dig in further into Somalia power structures. It's hard to know how much progress al-Zawahiri has made in his anti-Egyptian plots, but the president of the United States might be of some help in that he just may stem from ancient Somalis.

The webpage below shows the photos of six Rhodes scholars and four Rothschild agents now a part of the Obama administration. It also gives a job description of each one. The ones to keep an eye on for skincode development are Neal Wolin, deputy counsel to the president for economic policy, and Lawrence Summers, head of the National Economic Council. We still await the appointment of the commerce secretary.

Another of the ten people shown is Elena Kagan (U.S. solicitor general). At the webpage showing the "Jewish" Kagan Coat, we read: "The surname Kagan is an occupational surname for a priest, and it comes from the Hebrew word kohen." Note that the Kagan colors are blue and white, same as the German Cohen Coat, and that when one searches for the Cohen surname, the same Kagan Coat above comes up. I haven't proven that the white stars on blue were foundational to the same on the American flag, but I am well on the way to being convinced. I don't believe for a second that the Cohen surname traces back to Israelite Levites, the best evidence being that the surname was in fact a variation of "Kagan."

The Summers Coat looks as though it consists of two rakes (one coming down from the top of the shield, and the other up from the shield's bottom). It may therefore be that the Summer surname is related to the surname of Obama's mother (see Dunham Coat). The same two-rake design may also apply to the Devaney surname; Obama is about to choose Earl Devaney as chairman of the new Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board, and in that office Devaney will oversee Obama's expenditures of the stimulus money. But if Devaney is "family," how much unbiased oversight will he be?

Another of the ten people is Mona Sutphen, deputy chief of the White House staff. The Sutphen Coat uses three gold Ishtar stars (= eight pointed) on a red shield and thus verifies that her surname ties to the Rothschild family, for when one searches the Rothschild surname, the Rothstein Coat comes up, using a red shield with two gold Ishtar stars. We read that the German Sutphen surname was first found in Holland, and then we see that the Dutch Sutphen Coat uses three gold "stars of David" on a red shield as an alternative to the three Ishtar stars...if that tells us where the Zionist star originated.

In the course of fetching the Rothschild/Rothstein Coat in the paragraph above, I at first neglected (accidentally) to leave the 's' out of "Rothschild" and thereby found, for the first time, two Rothchild Coats. I just about flipped when, on the German Rothchild Coat, I found only a raven/crow!! The "Jewish" Rothchild Coat uses three red roses.

We can know that the Rothchild (no 's') surname is indeed of the Rothschild family, for we read at the above link: "The German state of Bavaria is the ancestral home of the Rothchild family. Nickname surnames, such as Rothchild, were derived from an eke-name, or added name." This is referring to the first Rothschild (Mayer), who changed his family name of Bauer.

At the "Jewish" Rothchild link we read that "Rothchild was a surname given to a person with red hair." We know this is untrue, wherefore beware; some families don't want the true roots of their surnames to be known, and therefore devise false derivations for public consumption. The Rothschild Coat, representing the first Rothschild's five sons and five daughters, used five arrows...which convinces me that the Rothstein Coat above, using a single central arrow, is indeed a Rothschild family. See also

Another of the ten people is Susan Rice (ambassador to the UN). See the three black birds on the Rice Coat. I assured myself that they are ravens by seeing the same bird in the Raven-surname Crest. There have got to be more Rothschild-family people on the Obama team than the ten mentioned. Back in the February 6 update, I had tied the crow/raven symbol (only as a theory) to my dragon hunt only after being led to Leicester (i.e. as a result of tracing the Rodham surname to Leicester), and now I find that the Raven surname was first found in Leicester. The bird in the Raven Coat is exactly that in the German Rothchild Coat (no 's').

February 24

Last night I watched two videos showing more than enough evidence to convince me that 1) the world trade buildings were brought down by an inside job using controlled explosions; 2) no airplane struck the Pentagon; 3) the plane reportedly downed in Pennsylvania was a well-calculated hoax; and, 4) Osama bin Laden and other Arabs were not the plotters of 9-11.

I regret and am shocked that the major media in the United States have thus far refused to make any issue of the material shown on these videos. I regret not seeing them before, or even knowing that they existed. Unless the videos were altered, the evidence is overwhelming. They convinced me that George Bush and other government people were a part of the cover up, and that there is indeed an Illuminati in the United States with sufficient powers to pull 9-11 off nearly successfully. I say "nearly" because the cat is now out of the bag; it will only be a matter of time before the responsible parties are brought to justice, whether it be by God or bullets to their heads from angry Americans.

To view the videos, go to and click the link, 911 INSIDE JOB.

For those who cannot view the videos, let me explain some things. The exterior Pentagon wall had a round hole in it as though the nose of a passenger plane penetrated it. But there were no holes where the engines would have struck. The engines are extremely solid and heavy as compared to the nose of the plane, wherefore if the nose penetrated the building, the engines should have too. But there was absolutely no damage where the wings and engines should have hit, and neither the engines nor the wing parts were found at the crash site.

There was no mark in the grass leading up to the wall supposedly struck by the plane. There were no bodies found. An engine-like part is shown that was not part of the engine or any part of the particular plane that reportedly hit the building. There were a few other plane parts at the site that, due to the lack of other parts and bodies, were clearly planted by those who planned the hoax.

The same was true of the Pennsylvania site. No bodies. No blood. No visible airplane parts. Just a deep hole in the ground littered with metal junk that could have been formed by other means other than a downed plane. The top video shows evidence that at 10 am on September 11, at roughly the time that the two planes hit the twin towers, an airport in Cleveland was shut down by government order and evacuated of people. Flight 93, the one that reportedly went down in Pennsylvania, arrived to this airport, landing safely at 10:45 am. The plane's 200 people were brought into a NASA building...and afterward murdered, I'm assuming. At best, they are detained alive somewhere, though I doubt they're alive because they represent witnesses to the hoax. The video deals with the phone calls supposedly made by passengers of the plane before it went down; I was convinced that the phone calls were a part if the hoax, for public consumption.

The videos then deal extensively with the nature of the downed twin towers, as well as another building that came down about six hours later. Perhaps the most-damning evidence is that the towers fell to the ground in some 10 seconds, about the time it would take a free-falling object to reach the ground if it were dropped from the top of the building. In other words, there was virtually no resistance to the fall of the building's crumbling parts, which can only mean that floors (perhaps each one, or at least every second floor) had been detonated by bombs before the floors above came crashing down. If each floor acted as resistance to fall, the time that it would have taken for the buildings' crumbling parts to reach the ground would have been significantly longer.

As evidence that floors below the crumbling portions had been set off by controlled explosions, the video shows close-ups of explosive plumes of smoke shooting outward from the exterior walls below (!) the crumbling portions. Moreover, we see evidence that the building had undergone secretive "construction" work in the weeks leading up to 9-11, and that the brother of George and Jeb Bush was part of the buildings' security team (i.e. he had some charge over the secret "construction" projects). Bomb-sniffing dogs were (reportedly) removed from the building five days before September 11.

I strongly recommend that you see at least one of the two videos (on a computer that has the ability to show videos), for example at your local library. If you are convinced as I am that this was an inside job, it will make you realize more than anything what government agents have become in these last days, that they think nothing of killing people if it benefits their goals. They are able to lie in front of cameras without shame, without flinching. They are the devil's sons. It indicates what we will soon be up against.

Does all this vilify the Republicans and pardon the Democrats? No way. The fact that Democrats are, as with the major media, not speaking out means that they are being controlled by the powers who committed the crime. Types like Bill Clinton seemingly would love nothing more than to see Bush go down in infamy for his part in 9-11, and yet even Clintonites do not speak out. It is very difficult to understand what the realities are, who's on who's side, etc. May the organizations of the 9-11 plotters break into pieces, and may God expose them most terribly. Keep in mind that Biden signalled that another 9-11 ought to take place in Obama's first six months.

I had given George Bush the benefit of the doubt until evidence should prove otherwise. He is in my eyes a son of the devil at this point, and for what it's worth I call on all Christians to disown him. Do I sound like Chavez, or what? I am not yet of the opinion that the 9-11 disaster was orchestrated with the war on terror as the primary purpose, for the videos suggest that there were legal cover-ups at heart i.e. to destroy computer files acting as evidence against various big orgs. However, Bush's Iraq invasion may be viewed as a by-product of the 9-11 disaster.

I'm not claiming that everything on the videos is accurate or true, and am aware that Bush bashers may be playing video tricks on us at points with only one Bush-bashing purpose. I will need to digest what I saw before making further/final conclusions. One of the two videos showed a video of Osama bin Laden taking credit for the disasters (this was publicized in the media at the time), but with a close look one can see that it's a fake Osama. I know what Osama looks like because I've seen him several times in the course of writing these updates, and the fellow behind the beard is NOT Osama. It appears that the video was created by the American plotters to pass the blame to Osama, but in this case leaders in the FBI, CIA, etc. had to be in on the cover-up, for they surely knew it wasn't Osama. Like I said, nothing like this plot exposes that the government is filled with devilish co-conspirators in many branches.

The 9-11 Commission, set up to discover exactly what happened, is also suspect. It was chaired by New Jersey governor, Thomas Kean; note that "Kean" is a variation of Cahan and Kane, Cohen-like surnames. One of the Commission's top leaders and analysts of the structural damage, W. Gene Corley, claimed that the fires melted the steel of the towers and for this reason alone they came tumbling down. Yet the videos make the very excellent point that no building ever before was brought down due to fire, and that jet fuel has NOT nearly the temperatures needed to melt the steel used in the towers. I know that Corley is an insider because he is a structural engineer...who should know better.

What this shows is that the few "insiders" on the 9-11 Commission were able to convince, by corrupt we'll-get-you methods, the non-insiders of the panel to go with the unreasonable Corley conclusions. The same control tactics will be used on non-Illuminati government officials when it comes time to persecute Christians of the anti-skincode type. The more that the insiders are exposed now, the fewer non-insider government officials there will be to persecute us as per Illuminatist demands.

Expect God to act in many ways to thwart the plans of the insiders, but don't expect pure ease and comfort in this final war. Prepare for the worst, and have Plan-B back-up systems as best you can. If you're going to have a trib property, you may also want to have a wilderness-survival kit in case you need to abandon the property...temporarily or permanently. You might be wise to abandon the property when you know they're coming in, to make it appear that you don't live there. Then, when they're gone, move back in. The trick is to find a way that alerts you beforehand that they're coming to your door. I have ideas, but I don't want to present them online for the enemies to see.

Got this email this morning:

"I am shocked that you did not know the 'rumors' of 9/11. I have become a believer in that also. I work with a wonderful lady who started telling me bits and pieces about the elite and the 9/11 thing and lots of other stuff about 2 yrs ago. She and her husband, good believers, have been planning for almost 20 yrs for the end times.

Please go to youtube and type in chaplain Lindsey Williams. You need to see what this man talks about concerning working on the Alaska Pipeline and working with the elite."

Thank you, K. I was just listening to an Alex Jones program with Lindsey Williams as his guest. The program is dated July of 2008, and Lindsey claims that insiders told him then that Oil would rise a little more, then fall to $50. Moreover, the American dollar would crash and the U.S. economy would go into a tailspin that takes several years to come out of. So far, so great for trib survivors who need cheap land and merchandise.

But Lindsey also says that the insiders are going to use the controlled U.S. collapse, in conjunction with empowering Russia, in an effort to scare the U.S. into creating a North American economic union. Fine, go ahead and join Canada to the U.S.; it matters little to trib survivors and may even be a blessing for cross-border travel.

The problem is, the insider was, apparently, a Republican, but now that Democrats are in power, the agenda may change slightly. The predictions made in July of 2008 about oil prices, the U.S. dollar, and the crumbling of the economy, have come true, and it appears that Obama is en route to being a willing facilitator of the North American Union.

The Williams video verifies first-hand that insiders threaten the lives of family members of those who abandon inner-circle agendai, and who dare speak out too much about what they may know. Williams also says that the insiders he was paneled with have as their plan to crush the Middle East, bringing it to its knees. But this was the Bush>McCain plan, and perhaps under Obama different insiders with a different agenda are pulling Obama's strings more strongly than the pull of the Bush circle.

It's time to cease being patriotic. God does not regard borders. Loyalty to the Israel of God is what's important. Our fight against the globalists is not as Americans, Canadians, or Europeans. It's as Christians versus the dragon. The best way to destroy the serpent is to expose it to the light. Globalists know that their high wave is limited so long as the internet remains free. That they are unable to black-out internet websites is thus far a fortunate thing, but the day may come when, all at once, they will shut most of us down. The day of the mandatory skincode will do so effectively, but that would be great timing so far as I'm concerned.

Am I scared? I have a little fear run through my blood at times, but I also have fear-fighters in my blood. I was almost jailed on a heavy-duty false charge because I spoke out too harshly, too fearlessly. In a moment of passion, I violated my own advice. An emailer asked me whether it's moral to be low-key with a trib retreat. Why not be fully open, braving whatever the wicked can throw at us? Why not toss fear behind us and be hard-nosed and resolute?

First, being low-key does not necessarily mean to be afraid or cowardly. The children. There will be children among us. If nothing more, be low key for them. Be low-key for those who are afraid. Be low-key because the longer it takes for them to find your place, the longer it will be before they get to the next believers. Be peaceful so that when they get to the next believers, those believers are less likely to be mistreated on account of your resistance/violence. Hide if you can, but don't fight. That's my advice.

Believe you me when I tell you, I can become very passionate for Christ, and I cannot trust myself to be at peace with those who might come to do me harm. But that's my advice because I know its the best way to do this. It's my advice even more knowing how ignorant the dragon cult is. One wrong word and they would love to shoot you. No regrets. Do you hear me, men? If they shoot you in a moment of passion, they might require to shoot your family too. They won't even have trouble sleeping that night.

If they ask you to do something about your property situation, say "yes sir," and only after they've left decide on what to do. Just say, "yes, sir, we'll do our best to do as you say," and wait for them to leave. Just say, "yes sir," if they want to arrest you. When you get to court, say, "yes, sir," but also speak whatever God gives you at the time.

I now need to get back to W. Gene Corley, the structural engineer who argued in favor of the insiders on the reasons for the downing of the World-Trade towers. I saw that the Corley Coat uses the same petals used in the Rodham Coat, but also that "Corley" is a perfect reflection of Leicester's early name, Ratae Corieltauvorum, the name to which I also traced the Rodham surname. Remember, the Leicester Arms also uses the same petal. Likely, therefore, the wyvern dragon in the Leicester Crest is the green dragon in the Corley Crest. See also the English Cory Coats, having the dragon in the Crest and the same petals.

Now as Mr. Corley was working under Thomas Kean (chairman of the 9-11 Commission), is it a coincidence that the six-pointed jellyfish star is seen both on the Irish Cory Coat and the Irish Kane Coat? The Kane surname is a variation of "Kean," as can be verified by reading the write up at the Kane- and Kean-Coat pages (i.e. both first found in Derry, and both related to the old "O Cathain"), and in fact one can make out the jellyfish symbol in the Irish Kean Coat (when one searches the McCain Coat, the Kean Coat comes up).

In other words, the Corley and Kane families share symbols because the families were fused at one point, which supports that the 9-11 Commission was led by allied Illuminati families. I was shocked as I went to the Wikipedia article on the 9-11 Commission just now to find that along with chairman Mr. Kean (a Republican appointed by Bush when Henry Kissinger had to refuse the job), the vice-chairman was the Democrat, Lee H. Hamilton; gawk at the same three petals in the Hamilton Coat!! I hope this convinces the reader that the 9-11 Commission was "All in the Family."

Of the ten members of the Commission, we find the three surnames, Gorelick, Gorton, and Kerrey all evoking the Cory surname and/or Corieltauvorum location (to which the Cory surname traces).

Then look at the English Roemer Coat, for another member (Democrat) was Timothy J. Roemer. As the article tells that "George Mitchell was originally appointed as the vice-chairman," it can't be a coincidence that the hollow gold diamonds in the Roemer Coat are exactly like the gold diamonds in the Scottish Mitchell Coat.

The Wikipedia article above states:

"The commission members were appointed by George W. Bush as well as Congress, which led to the criticism that it was not a commission truly independent from the U.S. government whose actions it was supposed to review.

...In addition, commissioners believed that key agencies of the U.S. government, including The Pentagon, the FAA and NORAD were deliberately deceiving them,[13] and that the CIA was deliberately impeding the work of the commission."

The article quotes statements from the chairman and vice-chairman showing anger toward Pentagon duplicity. This suggests that the two Commission leaders were painting themselves as outsiders, but this would be expected in a grand scheme of deception.

A Wikipedia article on 9-11 conspiracy theories treats one of the videos I've shared above, the one called "Loose Change" (this link is the "final cut"). The article does a good job in smearing the video and it's producers (Alex Jones produced at least one edition), but in no way does the article convince me that the main arguments of Loose Change are faulty. There may have been some inaccuracies, even some stretches (which is normal when theorizing), but so long as the video was not doctored, I'm easily convinced that the towers were brought down by expert explosives teams, that there was no downing of flight 93 in Pennsylvania, and that no passenger jet hit the Pentagon.

[UPDATE February 2011 -- The "Loose Change" video(s) at the link above is now at a very suspicious page. It's strange that the page-top says the page is no longer available, and yet archived videos are still available there. However, Loose Change's Final Cut is 130 minutes long, yet the videos made available at this page are all the same, and very short, leaving out the best details and most-damning evidence. It appears that the creators of Loose Change have been threatened and/or manipulated to take the video off the Internet, and moreover, the page now available makes new viewers believe that this short video version is all there ever was. Not even the Wikipedia article on the video has a link to it.

] February 25

When I learned just now that Obama is appointing a commerce secretary, Washington state governor, Gary Locke, the first thing I did was check out the Locke Coat; the Scottish one uses a saltire version of what should be the Sinclair Cross. This is amazing enough because these black crosses keep cropping up in the Obama team. But I was floored when I checked the French Locke Coat: the same petals discussed above.

I assure you, the percentage of Arms using these petals are extremely small, yet they are showing up in high proportions in the surnames I am led to check out. I did not know anyone's surname in the 9-11 Commission when I discovered for the first time, just this month, that Obama-team members go back to Leicester and its Cory-like surnames. To then follow up that discovery with the additional discovery that multiple members of the 9-11 Commission also link to Cory surname has just got to be evidence of an evil pattern. I now find that Obama's pick for commerce secretary has a surname with symbols smacking of the English Cory Coat (both the petals and a black saltire cross are also on this Cory Coat)!!

I challenge you to check 30, even 40 surnames, at random; you will not likely come across even one of these petals, nor one black cross. It is very very obvious that the power circle around Obama is largely from Leicester roots. The Locke surname is conspicuous because I traced Leicester to Ligurians who in turn are traced to Lycians...who were depicted by the lycos = wolf. In Scandinavia, the wolf line was in Loki, a chief Vanir god. Then remember, if you've been following me for a few weeks, that I traced Obama's African Luo tribe to Lydian roots while the Luo's neighbors, the Luyia/Luhya tribe, was traced to Lycians (Lydia's neighbors).

If you've been following me, you know I did not make these connections all at once. I first made a Lycian tie to Ligurians years ago. I then made the Luyia connection to Lycians independent of anything else, albeit on a theoretical basis. I then made the Rodham connection to Leicester. After looking into the Ligur founders of Leicester, I saw their root in Ligurians. Then, and only then, did I find that other people around Obama, besides Hillary Rodham Clinton, led back to Leicester. Does all this serve as evidence that others, besides me/us, know that Obama leads back through Leicester to the Luo and Luyia tribes?

Actually, I don't expect too many readers to believe me on this trace to north Africa, except perhaps for those who understand that the Freemasonic founders of America used the pyramid as symbol because their bloodlines were from Egypt. Since the eye at the top of the pyramid is the Eye of Horus, the bloodline leads back to the Hros of Egypt, a white peoples who came to rule the land. The falcon symbol that was sacred to Horus should trace to the falcon (i.e. the tural hawk, symbolizing Hungarian ancestry) of the Arpad Hungarians, for I've already traced the Rus stock of Arpad (Syria) to the Hungarians.

The Horus line from the Hros of Armenia to Egypt should be in the proto-Hera line to Jerusalem. Wikipedia says: "Horus is a god of the Ancient Egyptian religion, most commonly known by the Greek version Horus, of the Egyptian Heru/Har. Since I identify Hera (and the Hungarian Arpads) with the Garebites of Jerusalem, I expect Garebites to have been in the parts of Egypt that are sacred to American and French Freemasons. The link between Egyptian Horus and Syrian Arpad (or "Arados") may be evident if "Osiris" (Horus' father) is a term based in "Syria."

The wife/mother of Horus, "Hathor," is said by Wikipedia to be broken down as "Hwt-Hor," wherefore she was simply another depiction of the Armenian Hros (I would suggest that Hathor and Horus were two distinct branches/waves of the Hros. Hathor was called the "eye of Ra," which should connect to proto-Ares of Armenian...which I only discovered recently as the early Armenian god, Ara. That is, Ra, the great Egyptian sun god, was none other than a branch of the Ara cult. Hathor, depicted as a bull, should connect to the Zeus cult of Phoenicia, and as such the Zeus-Hera marriage of Greece was roughly identical (in the bloodlines that they depicted) to the Horus-Hathor marriage of Egypt.

We have, therefore, branches of the Hermes-Ares cult in Egypt, but also in Greece, and these are the roots of Rosicrucians. You will hear reports that Jesus and Horus were tied together, and no doubt this silly idea comes from Rosy-Cross cultists among Rosicrucians...who to this day mix Satan with Christ. This mix should become a mark of the end-time "Christians" under the False Prophet, and of course it's known that the Vatican was just such a mix, and is so to this day, explaining why Catholicism is strong in Obama's leadership.

I have traced French Freemsonry to the Aten-worshiping king of Egypt, Akenaten, and his "wife" Nefertiti (whom some say was his homosexual lover). I trace Nefertiti to the naming of the Nevers region of France, and Aten/Atun to the naming of Autun (these places were near Avallon). Akenaten had an ally (i.e. a vassal) in the Jerusalem king called, Abdi-Heba; he lived in the period of the Israeli Judges, and was likely an Amorite king of Jerusalem. The first term in "Abdi-Heba" evokes Abydos (ancieht name of Ethiopia), and the second term smacks of Hera's daughter, Hebe. This is more reason to suspect that the Hera cult of Jerusalem was in Upper Egypt, which was beside the Ethiopia of the day.

Now Akenaten's family was involved by marriages to the Mitanni Hurrians, if that helps to underscore the white/Aryan elements in the Egyptian rulers important to (Western) Rosicrucianism. The webpage below says:

"Say to Nimmureya (ie: Amenhotep III), the king of Egypt, my brother, my son-in-law, whom I love and who loves me: Thus Tusratta, the king of Mitanni, who loves you, your father-in-law. For me all goes well. For you may all go well. For your household for Tadu-Heba (ie: Tadukhepa), my daughter, your wife, who you love, may all go well."

As you can see, the Mittani king calls the Egyptian king by a name honoring Nimrod, the character to which the Hungarian Arpads trace themselves. The name of the Mitanni king's daughter smacks of Hera's daughter and the name of Abdi-Heba. I'm not going to explore at this time why her name, Tadu-Heba, may connect with Sadducee stock, but I will say that I trace Sadducees to the Soducena region of Armenia, which was off the Aras river roughly where the Harpasus river flowed, at/near Jerevan (the latter city is where I trace the Hera-branch Garebites). One can see Soducena to the right of "Asia Minor" on this old map of Caucasia.

I trace Zeus to the Assyrian region of Sittacene simply because it makes sense for a Zeus-Hera marriage to depict two branches of the same peoples. In the same way that I link the Harpasus river to Arrapha of Assyria, so I would connect Sittacene to Soducena. "Pliny in his Natural History...places Sittacene between...Arbelitis and Palestine." "Arbel" smacks of "Gareb." As Arrapha was situated between the two Zab rivers, whom some say was short for "Sabata," so note that Sabata was a city of Sittacene. I tend to identify Set of Egypt as this people, and of course "Satan" comes to mind.

Nefertiti (a real person) was named after a mythical Nefer entity that was associated with the Horus cult. There was also queen Nefertari (mother of Amenhotep III) shortly before Nefertiti. The webpage below reads: [Nefertari] was also shown on a stela found in the Luxor Temple and was mentioned on a scarab found in Gurob. Gurob???

Nefertari was married to Thutmose IV (granfather of Akenaten), and he had for a wife (and daughter), Tiaa, which is conspicuous for connecting to Dia of Greek myth, the mother of Ixion. This is important because I tend to identify the Nebelungs of France as the peoples of Nevers (an 'l' often converts to an 'r'), and therefore I trace Nebelungs to the Nefer entity of Egypt. It cannot, therefore, be a coincidence that Ixion was made married to Nephele...whom I identify as the Nebelungs of Egypt.

You get it. Nefertari was a Nebelung. She married a man (Thutmose) who had Tiaa as a mother, and therefore the Thutmose bloodline represented the Dia-Ixion line to Greece. If correct to identify Ixion with "Sion," then there we have in the Thutmose line the basis of Rosicrucian Zionism. Thutmose was named after the Egyptian "Thoth," possibly the derivation of "Zeus/Deus," for in Greek myth, Ixion was made an alternative code for Zeus (even as Nephele was made an alternative for Hera).

I'm still a long ways from proving a Ligur (of Leicester) trace to Luxor, but with these other connections I'll be sure to keep an eye out. Luxor is important to Freemasons for a reason, and as Obama-team members trace conspicuously to old Leicester, that's reason enough to be suspicious of a Luxor connection. Akenaten, or "Akhenaten," was probably named after the god of the upper Nile (origin in Ethiopia), Khnum/Khenmu, the god that I trace to the mouth of the Rhodanus river (as per the Gyptis myth), where I see the origin of the Ligurians. Wikipedia writes:

"Protis was invited inland to a banquet held by the chief of the local Ligurian tribe for suitors seeking the hand of his daughter Gyptis in marriage."

This is a late-myth of origins. "Protis" would suggest "the first man." He is alternatively made (by a myth writer), "Euxenos." Gyptis' father was made Nannos, probably Nun, the frog god of Egypt that likely contributed to the "frog" term used in describing Franks to this day. "When Khnum was merged with Ra to form the composite deity Khnum-Ra this deity was associated with Nun (who represented the primeaval waters), and given the epithet Hap-ur..." The latter evokes the Apiru (Hebrews) of Babylon, who had moved into Israel as the Amorite dragon cult among the Israelites. You can make your own connections, but for me, it's clear that the myth writers on Ligurian origins traced Ligurian stock at the mouth of the Rhodanus to the upper Nile.

I don't know for sure if the following connection to Republicans is justified, but here goes anyway: "[Khnum's] cult was centered on the island of Abu (Elephantine 1st nome of Upper Egypt)" (brackets not mine). I don't know if the Republican elephant connects to Elephantine, but if you haven't seen this yet, gawk at the symbol of Liguria on the Ligurian flag, and tell me that it doesn't evoke the Republican logo.

Sooner or later, those who've thought me to be wacho are going to say, "John, you know, I really think you have something there." I've always believed that God has showered me with blessings on my dragon hunt. I've always believed that He was not sparing anything in having me uncover this beast. The dragon cult has wound its way into the hearts of American Christians, those who support the Republican party in these last days. Get out of that party. That's my advice. Support the Kingdom of God with your money, time, and passions, not America. If you must be involved in poilitics, push for morals, respect of Christ, anything that will please God, but recognize that neither political party is of God.

Stand at attention, Israeliana, Killary is coming to town:

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has relayed messages to Israel in the past week expressing anger at obstacles Israel is placing to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. A leading political source in Jerusalem noted that senior Clinton aides have made it clear that the matter will be central to Clinton's planned visit to Israel next Tuesday.

Ahead of Clinton's visit, special U.S. envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is expected to issue a sharply worded protest on the same matter when he arrives here Thursday. "

Let the arm twisting begin. Israel argues that Gaza aid would flow much better if only Hamas would release one prisoner. But instead of getting on Hamas' case so that it would release just one man, the Obama team is on Israel's case. The Israelis are worried this week that the United States might cut off their military aid moneys. We shall have to see how the new Israeli government treats this new threat. If Israel bows down to Obama, then the Obamachine will use the same tactic again and again, so long as Israel bows down. It's no different than paying a ransom for hostages taken even though Israel knows that making the payment leads to more hostage-taking.

I can see the lips of Arabs everywhere curving an evil smirk, for alongside the threat to cut off Israel's money, the Obama team is trying to get a 900 million dollar payment to Gaza as we speak. This is way too much, for as the total reconstruction cost in Gaza is 2 billion, while Saudi Arabia alone has promised 1 billion, the Unites States needs only to give a small portion of a billion. But Obama wants to be loved by Arabs, we can bank on this. Or can we bank anything anymore?

Obama is reportedly going to announce the draw of most Americans out from Iraq by August of 2010, but this talk may be nothing more than another hollow promise (he made many last night). In fact, I'm not even going to discuss it, for I expect that he will break this promise as soon as needs be.

This from the DEBKAfile this week:

"Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad signed a series of accords with Djibouti president...establishing technical and vocational centers in the East African state...Tehran continues its expansionist drive beyond the Middle East to the Horn of Africa, including Somalia and Eritrea."

Watch your back, Egypt. Do we wonder how Obama will treat Egypt? I can't wait to see his attitude there.

DEBKAfile has an article about Israeli drones that can counter the Russian S-300 missile system thought to be in Iran as we speak. Look at the Gareb/Harpasus-like names of the drones:

"DEBKAfile's military sources report that while Iran has contracted to buy from Russia five S-300 batteries worth $800 m to defend its nuclear sites against potential aerial attack, India and Turkey are interested in Israel's Harop killer-drone...

The Harop is an upgraded version of the Harpy with more advanced features for taking out radar installations and anti-air missile installations."

In Greek myth, Harpies were depicted as evil female birds. They had Thaumas as a father, who was the son of mythical Pontus, thereby evoking Themis on the Pontus, the origin of Artemis of the Amazons. We get it. The region was very close to the Harpasus. Wikipedia enters: "In the Middle Ages, the harpy, often called the 'virgin eagle', became a popular charge in heraldry, particularly in East Frisia, seen on, among others, the coats-of-arms of Rietburg, Liechtenstein, and the Cirksenas." Liechtenstein? Possibly connected with Leicester???

Possibly, for we read: "At one time, [Liechtenstein] formed a part of the ancient Roman province of Raetia." Compare this with Leicester's old name, Ratae Corieltauvorum, the place in England to which I have lately been tracing Garebites!

I am totally unfamiliar with the Liechtenstein bloodline, but have just read that they bought their territory (between Austria and Switzerland) from the Hohenems; I suspect that Hohens are at the root of Rosicrucio-Illuminatism.

One of the Liechtenstein princes was Johann Adam Andreas, smacking of the leading Rosicrucian (and leading Lutheran), Johann Andreas. See

In scientific classifications, there is a harpy genus of eagles. One can investigate not only whether the mythical harpy was the stem of the Horus falcon, but whether the heraldic eagle of Rosicrucianism isn't in reality the harpy eagle depicting Garebites of the Harpasus. But what is the Israeli defense department doing naming its drones after the Harpies of Greek myth if indeed the Israeli leaders today are Israelites. I simply don't think that they are Israelites of ancient Israeli blood, though they must have some Israelite blood via inter-marriages with true Israelites.

You may have noticed in a quote above that the harpy eagle is used also in a Frisian arms. Frisia was the birthplace of the Varangian Rus (!), the peoples to which I trace the Rosicrucians. Varangians trace to Wieringen (Netherlands), founded by Frisians and Nebelung blood. The first Varangian ruler, Rorik/Rurik of Kiev, ruled first at Wieringen. As this is what I consider to be Vere stock, perhaps Nicholas de Vere knew his trace to the Mitanni only by way of knowing what Freemasons know in general: their ancestry in the Mitanni blood of Upper Egypt.

The elves that Nicholas claims to trace to is revealed by his ilk as an Alba entity, and while the old name of Britain (Alba) comes to mind, that region had to be named from other Albani sources. In the past, I've considered the Helveti region (founded by Helvetii Celts) of Switzerland because it's near Sitten/Sion. Assuming that Leicester (and the Rodham surname) traces back to the ancient Raetians, note yet another Gareb-like term: "Raetia was the name of a canton of the Helvetic Republic from 1798 to 1803, corresponding to modern Graubunden."

The article on Helvetic Republic then mentions Frederic-Cesar de La Harpe.

Iran has begun to test it's Bushehr reactor, causing Israel to once again start with "all options are on the table." The Harpy and Harop drones are said to be capable of shutting down the S-300 system easily. So, here we are again in the war of words, or the Israeli-Iran "bold war." Netanyahu is going to forego the current defense minister, Ehud Barak, and choose a new one. There's no telling what happens in this department in Netanyahu's first years. His choice for foreign minister, who will be rubbing shoulders with globalists, is Nathan Sharansky, "a respected world figure whom the Soviet government sentenced to hard labor as a human rights activist and founder of the Jewish Refusenik movement in Moscow..."

Sharansky quit the Ariel Sharon government due to opposition to Sharon's "disengagement plan," wherein the Israeli policy was to disengage with Palestinians i.e. give them land for peace. Sharon said:

The purpose of the 'Disengagement Plan' is to reduce terror as much as possible, and grant Israeli citizens the maximum level of security. The process of disengagement will lead to an improvement in the quality of life, and will help strengthen the Israeli economy. The unilateral steps which Israel will take in the framework of the 'Disengagement Plan' will be fully coordinated with the United States. We must not harm our strategic coordination with the United States.

Now you know why Netanyahu has chosen Sharansky, to oppose strategic coordination with the United States. It's unavoidable. At best, he'll feign submission to Obama when it comes to the Palestinian issue. Sharansky founded Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies; at its webpage the logo is the same sort of checks belonging to Cohens and Hohens that I attribute to the Russo-"Jewish" Illuminati.

Remember, the Netanyahu party is Likud, possibly given that name because the founders were connected to Ligur stock. It's a wild theory at this point, but with so much pointing to that stock, I wouldn't be surprised to find Netanyahu also tied to it. Likud was founded by prime minister Menachem Begin; see again that the French Begin Coat has potential affinity with the English Mitchell Coat. The shell symbols have always struck me as a symbol for cover-up, secrecy.

Sharansky, a Russian Jew (born in the Ukraine), also founded the Zionist Forum. His ties to Republicans can be gleaned wherein "In 2006 US President George W. Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom [and] On 17 September 2008, Sharansky was awarded the 2008 Ronald Reagan Freedom Award..."

This should be all for today.


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