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February 20 - 21, 2009

Israel, Obama, Ad Nauseum

February 20

The Obama administration just doesn't get it:

"US Middle East Envoy George Mitchell expressed support for Egyptian efforts to forge a Palestinian national unity government, indicating that America could take a new tack on Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, during a conference call [yesterday] with Jewish leaders.

...Mitchell said that should Egypt bring the sides together it would be 'a step forward,'...

George, the Israelis must have been thinking, go home, we don't want you here; tell Obama to shove it!

The fact that Hamas was given a ticket, by Israeli sanction, to rule Gaza, only to betray Israel's trust immediately afterward, shows that Israel would be a big foooool to accept a Palestinian government that includes Hamas. Why doesn't Obama get it? Why is he sending his people to Gaza to forge this unity government? Is he absolutely an irreparable idiot?

Israel took the chance against its better judgment, under international pressure, to give Hamas a chance, and Hamas blew it. Now Obama comes along and insists that Israel do it all over again. This is the same Obama who has rushed into everything he's done so far, thereby choosing bad-apples for his team, several of which have been forced to resign due to corruption in one way or another.

Go to bed, Obama, you're sick; your ego has been inflated too large, and you think your fate is some kind of super-success story when in fact you're a dismal failure from the start. You've neglected to include the Creator in your government. You are depending on the very people whom God will shut out from the Light. Go to bed, start over in the morning; choose a new team, all who are truly devoted to God. That will be your success story.

We all want peace. It would be nice to see Hamas drop its weapons, kiss and make up with Fatah. It would be nice to see all Palestinians accept their lot like men; since they launched wars against Israel and lost, Israel has the right to rule the land. If Palestinians don't like it, they can move to another country. That's what Obama would tell any American citizen who complained about America.

God doesn't want to give Israeli land to Arabs, and especially not the piece of Jerusalem that contains the Temple Mount. What sort of Christian is Obama that he would not recognize this very simple thing?

It's becoming easy, via the article below, to spot what's going on here:

"Two French senators met with exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in Damascus at the beginning of February, according to a report [yesterday] in The Independent.

According to the British newspaper, Mashaal told the French delegation that 'the most difficult issue' facing Hamas was Palestinian unity [the West wants to make this the table-top issue at this time]...

An unnamed European diplomat was quoted by the paper as saying, 'Far more people are talking to Hamas than anyone might think... It is the beginning of something new - although we are not negotiating.'"

I get it. The article goes on to say that Quartet states (i.e. including the U.S.) are banned from holding talks with Hamas, explaining why Obama's men must be holding talks in secret. Brian Baird (D-Wash), who was also in Gaza yesterday, spilled the beans by telling CNN that "the visit marked a change in attitude and approach to Gaza under newly-elected President Barack Obama." John Kerry, realizing the danger in making that fact known, denied that there was any Obama-change in policy. Not official policy, of course, but there is developing a change in policy nonetheless.

Both Baird and Ellison have launched media statements that make Israel look extremely horrible for the devastation caused in Gaza. I wonder, why didn't the two men visit Israeli cemeteries where Israelis lie dead due to Hamas attacks? I wonder, why don't the two men imagine what Hamas would do to Israel if only it had enough power? I wonder, did the two men inquire about the innocent Palestinians murdered brutally by Hamas just because they are willing to live side by side with Israel? I wonder, do the two men accept the reality that the Gaza war was caused by Hamas, or are they veering toward lunacy too? The mainline Democrat strategy for achieving political success has always been to get the people to consider only half of the story.

The United States seems poised to shackle Israel's will, but, I would remind you, it's necessary for Israel to be betrayed by the power in which Israel had put its trust. Then, too, Obama's hands are themselves tied by the powers over him, demons and/or humans. If Obama succeeds in his mission, it will become a dismal failure on Pay Day.

International Atomic Energy inspectors have released their latest findings: "Samples taken from a Syrian site suspected of being a covert nuclear reactor have revealed new traces of processed uranium, the United Nations nuclear watchdog reported Thursday." No surprise because Syria of late has been refusing to show some sites to the inspectors. The Armageddon clock windeth down. It will be a dreadful Pay Day.

The official results of Iraq's elections are in. In Salahddin province (on south-east border of Ninevah), where Tikrit (Saddam's Baathist home town) is the capital, there were 28 seats:

National Accordance Front, Sunni -- 5
National Iraqi List, former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, secular -- 5
Iraqi National Project, moderate politician Saleh al-Mutlaq, Sunni -- 3
National Project of Iraq -- 3
Group of Iraqi Intellectuals and Scientists -- 2
Coalition of the State of Law, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Shiite -- 2 ...etc

Anbar province (on south border of Ninevah); 29 seats

Awakening of Iraq and Independents, Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha, Sunni -- 8
Iraqi National Project, moderate politician Saleh al-Mutlaq, Sunni -- 6
Alliance of Intellectuals and Tribes, Iraqi Islamic Party, Sunni -- 6
National Movement for Reform and Development -- 3
National Iraqi List, former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, secular -- 2...etc

Diyala province (on east border of Salahddin); 29 seats

National Accordance Front, Sunni -- 9
Iraqi National Project, moderate Sunni -- 6
Kurdish Alliance -- 6
National Iraqi List, former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, secular -- 3
Coalition of the State of Law, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Shiite -- 2...etc

Ninevah province; 37 seats:

National Hadba Gathering, Sunni nationalist -- 19
Ninevah Brotherhood, Kurdish list -- 12
Iraqi Islamic Party, Sunni -- 3...etc

See Iraq map. Elections in the four provinces to Ninevah's east are to be held at a later time.

Obama has chosen governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius, a pro-abortionist, to head up the health department. It's known that she attended the Bilderberg meeting on 2007, and speculated that she attended in 2008 as well. I don't think it's a coincidence that this should be the case while also being Obama's choice. He continues to make the wrong choices. I think the biggest reason Democrats won this election is that the voters had forgotten how bad things can be under Democrat rule.

This is enough for tonight. Zzz...


If we read the IAEA nuclear-watchdog article last night, we got the impression that IAEA was trying to downplay Iran's nuclear program. This morning I awoke to find that:

"Iran has built up a stockpile of enough enriched uranium for one nuclear bomb, United Nations officials acknowledged on Thursday.

..Iran had produced more nuclear material than previously thought.

They said Iran had accumulated more than one tonne of low enriched uranium hexafluoride at a facility in Natanz"

Assuming that the anti-Israeli axis is waiting to produce at least one deliverable bomb before invading Israel, where would they set it off without harming Arabs in the meantime? Wouldn't the world come down on Iran like a ton of bricks should this take place? I don't think it will take place...until after the midway period of the per the 21 plagues (plus the 7 Thunders) of Revelation. However, the chemical weapons of Syria, those are another matter; they do not harm anywhere near as far from the point of detonation as a nuclear explosion. They can be set off in city blocks having high proportions of Israelis as compared to others. The axis probably believes that these weapons can bring Israel to his knees while raising the confidence levels of those who want to do away with the tiny nation.

I believe the plagues of Revelation are multi-purpose, another of which is to get worldly powers preoccupied with looming threats rather than with persecuting the tribulation Church. I believe that this current down-turn in the economic machine has pitted Bilderberger against Bilderberger, Illuminatist against Illuminatist. This is the lot of those who build their empires without the Creator in mind. The divisions in Illuminati organizations should result in less persecution against the Church when she abandons the workforce, for while trying to bash us, they will be busy bashing one another too.

I believe that gas prices went sky-high due to Bush people (who didn't so much as complain about it) and others who have fingers in big-oil. Prices would have remained high longer had other Bilderbergers, those in other types of big-business, not complained that high gas prices were putting them out of business. Result? International inter-bashing? This is the lot of those who despise Christians, that they should bring one another to ruin with no one to blame but themselves. Even the New York Times, known for its Christian bashing and Christian silencing, is down to its last dregs. The tribulation period will be far more depressing for our spiritual enemies as compared to our (temporary) pains.

Obama was in Canada yesterday, and, sure enough, he didn't try to change NAFTA, but said it should remain in place. Duh, DAFTA or what? Isn't this the same charlatan that said he would vehemently oppose NAFTA as it stands? Definition of "charlatan": one who claims to have skill that he does not possess. Bilderbergs are charlatan-makers, lifting people to high positions who are unqualified for the jobs. How can governments succeed when they are based more in bloodlines than in experience?

Why isn't Obama bringing the Iraqi troops home starting now? Isn't that what won him the election, that he, unlike Hillary, would immediately bring the troops home? He excused his NAFTA change of heart on the downturn in the economy. He makes excuses for every broken promise, but over time, as he thinks he's smart for getting away with it, he is losing the respect of those who voted for him. Soon, the Clinton machine will attack him because they would love nothing more than to see his downfall. If Obama is the False Prophet, he will survive beyond 2012, but I think the bricks of his policies will start to crumble after that. I think that he'll be directed by his bosses to initiate a dictatorial attitude in efforts to maintain integrity amid the damages.

The Obama team has suffered another loss:

"President Shimon Peres on Friday formally invited right-wing leader Netanyahu to form the next government.

Netanyahu, who was prime minister in the 1990s, has six weeks to forge a coalition cabinet."

I admit that I engage in Obama bashing and Democrat bashing. I wouldn't hide it. I openly denounce them. There is a difference between bashing Christ and bashing Satan. One deserves it and needs to be exposed; the other doesn't deserve it but is the target of false accusations. One needs to be exposed because he paints Christians black and meanwhile paints himself white. We don't fight the spiritual enemy with lies or half-truths, or we would be no better than they. The spiritual enemy is a projector of his own sins onto others.

We await the time that Obama starts to lash out at Christians who do not take his tack. Have you noticed how many Catholics he has chosen for his team? Watch out for modernist Catholics, for these number themselves as beneficent parts of this world rather than seeking the Kingdom to come. What Godly good is it to add grease to the chariot of the devil? But Obama has Catholics happily driving his chariot.

There are Catholics yet to come into salvation, and may God have mercy on my own parents. My mother's house is filled with small icons and statuettes of Mary, and my father supports her. Nothing I have said has changed their minds, and often I was tossed out of their home for speaking up against their religion. When I was saved, they wanted to bring me to a de-brainwasher. I have honored them nonetheless, and we get along fine otherwise.


Now Fox News has confirmed United Nations representatives in the Gaza Strip passed on a letter from Hamas to Kerry during the politician's quick visit to U.N. installations in the coastal territory earlier [yesterday]."

I think I get it. Hamas has been talking with Obama through various means including letters. Obama doesn't want anyone to know that he has been receiving the letters gladly, so he sends Kerry to Gaza to intercept a letter in order that its contents can be publicized without looking as though the United States is in on it. Of course, the letter has praise for Obama. The message to the world is clear, that Hamas loves Obama. This comes as Hillary secures ties with the very-Muslim nation of Obama's childhood, Indonesia. One Hamas leadership group has claimed that it was not its letter, but we won't know for sure what group offered it until it's opened and unveiled.

The article goes on to say that a Hamas leader admitted, "Yes, we have been talking with [England's Tony] Blair for at least five months." How could the contents of such talks not get to Obama? How could Obama not also become involved? The article ends by saying:

"Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum confirmed to WND that Hamas this year 'met a delegation from the European Parliament, from France, and from Italy, and Norway, and from the EU parliament and from Carter.'

'All of these are supporting Hamas, and they have a plan to support Palestinian rights and interests,' Barhoum said, speaking from Gaza."

Is Obama -- the one with a Muslim middle name -- the only one not having back-channel talks with Hamas? I think I get why both Kerry and the Ellison team were in Gaza on the same day: Kerry's job was to take the position of Israel in its offensive on Gaza, while Ellison would sympathize with Gaza.

World Net Daily (run by pre-tribulationists, I think) is offering an article on survival seeds that last for many years. While I can't give the seeds or the seller a score of any kind (i.e. it could be a scam or an effort to sell old/bad seeds), I thought I should pass the webpage on to you, as it might not be a bad idea to try some the seeds (they're asking a whopping but affordable $129) this coming spring:

I have just found an excellent photo of Obama, with a beard (!!), sitting next to Ellison. He looks as hopeful as always.

In the article below, a good point or two are made to show that certain factions of the Pakistani government are secretly in cahoots with al-Qaeda. It first suggests that Pakistan claimed falsely (as a ruse) to have killed the al-Qaeda leader, Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (also "Sheikh Saeed"), and then speaks on Yazid's video on this month:

Yazid's video message, which surfaced on Tuesday, is a serious development. He pointedly warned India of future Mumbai-style attacks. Referring to India's 'humiliation' in Mumbai, he threatened, 'India should know that it will have to pay a heavy price if it attacks Pakistan'...Yazid also called on the Pakistani people to overthrow their civilian government and President Asif Ali Zardari."

The point is that the al-Qaeda leader speaks as though Pakistan belongs to them, not to Zardari. The author (M K Bhadrakumar) again quotes Yazid messaging to India, and then himself comments: "'Don't ever think of undertaking any military adventure against Pakistan, as we too have the capability to hit you hard within India.' This is probably the first time that Al Qaeda has publicly assumed this role -- as the defender of Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity against an Indian threat." We finally find that Yazid is located in the Khyber Pass, where he promises to be a major headache for Holbrooke and Obama.

Liberals want freedom from God. Therefore, God will make them the slaves to the world's dragon cult. The cameras that record every public move are already building in number. Your own computer may have a camera and microphone that records what you say and do as you type away, and the powers that be would have a program to retrieve that data with the click of a mouse. The world is about to be taxed to death for exaggerated "needs," the human workforce has been made robotic already (aside from the literal robots), and even your vehicle's tracks will be recorded by satellite. The eye in the sky has become a reality. Zeus looks down from heaven, and controls all things. The quality of life becomes exactly as the world deserves for following the voice of the Dragon. I gave up fighting against the tide years ago, realizing that God wants this to take place as a testimony to the coming destruction by His hand.

Have you noticed how many banking scandals are appearing now, as if its judgment day for corrupt bankers? The latest: the United States has cracked the secret codes of corrupt private bankers in Switzerland, and as a result the IRS is on the verge of gothcha-ing thousands of wealthy Americans who became a part of an illegal USB tax haven (I wonder if that list will be made public). USB, the largest Swiss bank, claims to be one of the largest global asset managers." Not anymore.

One way to ease the fears of what seems to be coming down is to move into the country and set up a self-sufficient place to live. But not everyone should. I would not suggest this to those without means of making an income on the country property, unless they have sufficient cash/assets for long-term support of self/family. I can't blame you for making the move permanently since I myself have already done so.

What I've done over the years is to purchase property suitable for survival, then design my own house for building, and, if need be, I can sell it for income and start all over again. This may not be a bad way to arrive to the tribulation. If you have the skills to build a good-quality house (or most of it), and if you have a mediocre occupation that you don't mind sacrificing, you could do it too. Both land and building materials are low-priced at this time, and thanks to Obama's harping on how bad things are, low prices may continue for considerably more than a year. But, again, I very much dislike the thought of influencing anyone only to find in the end that the "signs" that we're now seeing are not the end-time signs.

Well Obama was in Canada yesterday, and he probably didn't have the crass to ask prime minister Harper to sacrifice more Canadian troops in Afghanistan, but Harper knows Obama wants them, and that this is Obama's reason for visiting and becoming friendly. Obama is using Robert Gates today to be the crass that Obama can save face:

"The Obama administration expects 'significant new commitments' from allies on troops or civilian assistance for Afghanistan before an April summit, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday."

Gates actually used the word, "expect." Crass, is it not? Is this the administration boasting to build a world effort, unlike Bush, against terrorism? How will he get the nations to fight his war if he says he "expects" them to? Does he think he's God? Should the nations snap a heel and follow blindly into his mountain pass?

Mr. HarpMeATune, I just dropped by to thank you so much for the sacrifices made by Canadians in Afcannibis...

The pleasure is all yours, Mr. Obligation. We're out of there!

And that's why I came Mr. prime minister, not to ask you for anything more, but to thank you...

You're entirely welcome Mr. president, but just don't give me that beggarly look.

If you could just, this once, just do me a nice tune so that I can go back to my own land with a bag of goodies...

"Ooh yes-we-Canadaaahh, my home and native landah..."

Very nice, Mr. prime minister, very nice. You have a wonderful voice, but...

Mr. Obligatory, or whatever your name is, we've got enough Arabs coming out the ears of Toronto alone. We don't want more trouble by stirring things up with the TaliBanned Substance.

Is that a no, then, Mr. Harp...?

No need to look so phobic. Just tell your people you didn't ask. Like you just said, you're not asking. Right?

I made it a special point not to ask, of course, but you know me...

I sure do. You're the mental case who told your people you oppose NAFTA when in fact you like it. You like it, don't you?

But of course, Mr. BlastMeATune, don't say it ain't true.

Do you know the way out of Canada?

As soon as I can, sir, as soon as I can. I'm sorry for coming.

February 21

Here's a new twist that needs some contemplation:

"[U.S. defense secretary] Gates echoed an overture from Vice President Joe Biden.

'This administration does believe the time has come to reset the relationship with Russia and move forward,' Gates said.";_ylt=Aj9kpjGdn9h.30P7x.SYt0StOrgF;_ylu=X3oDMTE5b2YyZmNzBHBvcwM1BHNlYwN5bi1tb3N0LXZpZXdlZARzbGsDcnVzc2lhdGhvdWdo

But Biden had just said that Obama was going to press the re-set button with Russia. Obama has been saying that a new dance is about to start with Russia. Who suddenly changed the song? It was going to be an affectionate slow dance. The O-team was going to show the world how romantic and artisan they are, unlike that Bush clod.

I know the reality. The Democrats were so busy bashing Bush for eight years that, for the purpose, they developed a false view of the world. Now that Democrats are in charge, they are slowly seeing the reality, but, to keep the voters from knowing that they are charlatans, Democrats are changing their music slowly...becoming more like the Bush song with each passing week. This week's song: Not Rushing with Russia No More. Next week's song: I Ran Too Fast with Iran.

Obama's failures are the best thing that could happen to America at this time. Obama just put thumbs down on the fairness doctrine, nationalization of bad banks, and the per-mile tax. I think he's disregarding these movements (made by other Democrats) because he's already lost too much popularity from his failures and his duplicity. The stock market is way down due to his "stymie" plan, and if the truth be told, Dems don't like the plan. If the stock market were to crash soon, the burden would be on his shoulders. The more successful Obama is, the more it will cost all Americans. The best thing that could happen is complete failure...but that's not going to happen, yet. Sorry Hillary.

It's clear to analysts that Obama is angry with Russia for its role in the Kyrgyzstan-base closure, occurring 1) just as Pakistan set Abdul Khan free, the under-the-table seller of nuclear technology to multiple evil-axis regimes, and, 2) just before Pakistan gave a swath of northern territory to the Taliban. Suddenly, Obama's war-baby in Afghanistan looks dismally sick with jaundice, and all the nurses are holding their breath watching the baby not breathing very well, while a huge rumble of wicked laughter rolls across the way from Ahmadinejad's house...because Russia is his ticket to building Iran's first nuclear bomb.

Soon and very soon, the Dems are going to see the truth, soon and very soon...

If you're interested in reading up on the Pakistani situation, and how Holbrooke is reacting to it, the article is below. Here's one clip:

"Asked about the risk of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of extremists, Holbrooke said it was 'a legitimate concern.' He said the new US administration had only taken office last month but had been briefed about the issue by intelligence agencies."

Translation: Obama barely knows what he's doing, but he's taking a crash course morning by morning briefing, and he's finally learning that he can't trust the Muslims, nor their friends. Holbrooke is being extra careful to say from the outset that his team has inherited the atrocious Afghan mess from Bush.

The way to win in Afghanistan is to keep the current stalemate. Few lives are lost, the terrorists are caught in the middle of nowhere and unable to muster an attack on the West, and that's grand, just grand. That was Bush's strategy, simply to keep the rats in their caves, and meanwhile to make sure the Pakistani government was on side with the West. But for Obama, there is no glory in keeping a mere stalemate. He wants to go in and do something glorious...knowing that if he fails, he can blame it on Bush. Therefore, he will lose the Pakistani government's support because, instead of wanting what's right, he wants to go in to flare things up (though he has cold feet at this moment).

On the letter received from Hamas by John Kerry:

"A Palestinian official familiar with the matter said the letter was authored by Ahmed Youssef, a Hamas foreign ministry adviser, and that he acted on his own behalf, rather than as a representative of the Islamist group which rules the Gaza Strip."

Youssef is the one quoted in yesterday's Iraq update, who informed World Net Daily that talks between Hamas and Western officials have been ongoing for months. Hamas has come out to deny that it authored the letter. The above article adds: "Hamas has long sought to distance itself from Youssef, describing him as a fringe player and academic whose positions are not necessarily in line with the group."

Youssef was an advisor to the prime minister (Ismail Haniyah) of Hamas, and while some Hamas leaders may differ with him now, it seems he is desired by the West because he advocates a unity government with the West-Bank Fatah. This contact with Youssef should explain why the West is coming out now with a resolute toot to form a unity government.

Well, well, after writing the above, I went to read up on Ismail Haniyay, and found this: "He resigned on 15 February 2007 as part of the process to allow a unity government between Hamas and Fatah." (Haniyah went on, anyway, as the prime minister in Gaza, and holds the position to this day.) This quote, coupled with Youssef's letter and his statements, lends to the theory that the West is hoping to topple hard-line anti-Fatah factions in favor of the Youssef type.

Youssef was the Hamas spokesman who endorsed Obama when the latter was still vying for Top Spot. Obama had to reject Youssef at the time due to the Jewish vote. It would explain why Obama cannot befriend him openly at this critical the president intends to do a balancing act. Look at what Youssef wrote in September of 2007:

"On August 13, the Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) of the British House of Commons urged all parties to exercise maximum efforts to form a national unity government in the occupied Palestinian territories that will include Hamas. The report further recommended that the British government engage moderate elements within the movement.

...Former secretary of state Colin Powell recognized this when he called, in a recent interview with National Public Radio, for the need to find a way to engage with Hamas."

Why bother telling all this? Because it shows the coming clash. On the one side there is a Western movement thinking that the only way to save the global order is via Hamas inclusion, be it as the black sheep in the family, and on the other side is a passionate Israel that from the bottom of its soul has re-discovered intolerance for Hamas upon its border. I say, let Britain take Hamas into its country, and let Britain form a unity government with Hamas, or else stay out of Israel's affairs.

The rising situation seems like the death of Israel, for as Muslims see this new tack from both Britain and Obama, and still other Western leaders, they will be aroused to invasions of both Egypt and Israel based on the duo's animosity toward Hamas. In the last Gaza skirmish, the West was not onside with Hamas, but things are a-changing fast now with a pro-Palestinian U.S. president on center stage.

It only makes sense that certain pro-Obama voices in the West are coming out of the woodwork simply because the Obama team is calling them out. Time will only multiply the voices until their message becomes the common-place idiom. The message will be: Israel is the bad guy. Already, media machinery is blackening the character of Netanyahu.

By the way, Iran's single ton of enriched uranium, if it were in the solid-metal form, is between one and two cubic feet in size. Only a select portion of that amount is used for a nuclear bomb. The explosion occurs as electrons are released from the attractive pull of uranium atoms. Once released, electrons spread out under their inherent inter-repulsion forces; this is the basis of the explosion.

Uranium is so dense with atoms, while enriched uranium atoms are so "unstable" (i.e. they hold their electrons so weakly) that electrons are freed easily as compared to other materials. So efficiently are the particles freed from atoms that their sheer numbers compound inter-repulsion force to the point of "splitting" neighboring uranium atoms, releasing their electrons, and so on in a chain reaction. The explosion is so violent that significant electron-release occurs also in other materials adjacent to the explosion. The claim that uranium atoms release neutrons is disinformation.

The electron is the only energy particle in the universe. All energy is from the electron. All energy (heat, electricity, light, magnetism) is based in the repulsion force of the electron. The claim that energy resides in the motion of the electron is disinformation from those who require the theory of evolution. If all energy were based in the repulsion force of the electron, galactic evolution as evolutionists imagine it would be impossible. The Big Bang is the mother of all motion, say the evolutionists, and this motion they perceive as the basis of stellar light and heat.

Before evolutionists controlled science, it was understood that all gas atoms inter-repelled, thus forming/explaining gas pressure. But if all gas atoms repel, then stars and galaxies could never have formed by the Big Bang. Thus, it was reasoned by the coming of the evolutionists that all gas atoms must that stars and galaxies could form from the scattered debris of the Big Bang. If all that debris inter-repelled, it would continually spread out forever, unable to form clusters.

To explain how gas pressure can exist (e.g. how your tire holds up the car) while atoms attract one another, it was theorized that gas atoms fly past one another with sufficient velocity to nullify their inter-attractive forces, and banging on the sides of tires, the tires do not sag even while the weight of a car is upon them. This motion-based model of the atom is disinformation. The laws of physics clearly reveal that some momentum is canceled with every atom-to-atom contact so that atomic velocity must decrease with every contact point until all motion ceases.

Evolutionists claim that the total velocity of gas atoms can never diminish (i.e. if one atoms slows down, another picks up speed by the same amount) because they travel in a perfect vacuum that cannot absorb the energy of the atoms' velocities. But they are mistaken, for it can be demonstrated in the visible world that two billiard balls in motion in a vacuum, when contacting one another dead-on and at the same velocity, will cancel each others motion completely.

The fact is, the vacuum that evolutionists have created for their own theories is not a vacuum at all. Space is filled with free electrons constituting the "aether" that Einstein and evolutionists did away with about one century ago. Both the aether and the heat substance called "caloric" were done away with because no one was able to detect the weight of either one; consequently, these entities were said to be non-existent. I was able to prove by experiment, however, that the weight of electrons cannot be detected because they are weightless. I reasoned that this unique situation could be by only one means: gravity repels electrons. In such a case, it is yet possible that the aether and caloric do exist, but only if they are defined as electrons in the free state.

In such a scenario, the light wave is a wave through a cosmos filled with free electrons. Where do they come from? Cosmologists know full well that stars release them constantly.

If you believe that an electron orbits an atom millions of times per second, as claimed, then you are not thinking straight. An electron on an atom has no motion unless one disturbs either the electron or the atom. I know this because its an established law of physics.

Long day. Have a nice weekend. And may the Creator repel all his enemies with all His energy. Zzzz...


I don't know what drove me, over a period of about ten years, to seek the true natures of the atom, of heat, etc. As these years coincided with the writing of this trib book, I began to wonder whether I would discover (as per God's will) some new fact on energy or atomic workings that scientists had missed, something that could make our trib survival easier. Unfortunately, nothing has come to mind yet. I was thinking last night that by sharing my view of atomic structure, someone out there might be able to make more efficient energy somehow.

My prayer over the years has been for a home-made method (that anyone can do at home) of creating more heat/electricity without the need to be on the world's grid. This would be a fantasy if it were attempted for one's own purposes (of getting rich on the discovery), but if God needs this discovery for trib purposes, then suddenly it's a reasonable expectation for anyone willing to forego the money side of it. I'm willing.

The key is this: heat is the release of electrons from atoms. Find a way to have atoms release their captured electrons more easily, and in higher quantities, and one shall have more heat more easily. When atoms bond/merge, heat (i.e. freed electrons) is produced in the air. When atoms unmerge, heat is re-absorbed by the atoms in the exact quantity that is released upon mergers (this results in refrigeration). Heat released from atoms rises because gravity repels electrons. Electrons, while having no weight on account of gravitational repulsion, do have mass.

Atoms attract heat (i.e. electrons) but cannot hold some of them when atoms merge, because the density of electrons increases in the merged sections of the atoms (atoms have a limit as to how many electrons they can hold). There are countless more electrons covering an atom than evolution-minded physicists claim; they conveniently but falsely claim that a single tiny electron has an electrical charge equal to a relatively massive proton, wherefore they view a hydrogen atom as one proton and one (orbiting) electron. In my model, the hydrogen atom is packed with electrons more than any other atom, and is the atom of first-choice for finding a better heat source. Hydrogen is everywhere, in water.

Captured electrons hover over the protonic core of atoms, each electron repelling the other to seek equa-distance. Therefore, the electrons form a cloud or atmosphere above the atomic surface...which is what allows atoms to merge, for their atmospheres are "gaseous" rather than "rock solid." It is the merger process itself that causes atomic bonding (i.e. the liquid or solid state of a material). Work/energy must be applied to merged atoms in order to get them to separate.

The process of combustion always involves the merger of oxygen atoms with the atoms of the fuel. The released electrons form the rising flames (light is always produced when electrons are freed from atoms, and in fact there can be no light aside from electron emission). Anyone interested in discussing further for the purpose of finding a trib-beneficent process, contact me.

Evidence that the Hamas-captured soldier, Schalit, is dead, has just come in today:

"Abu Abir, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, said captive IDF soldier Gilad Schalit was wounded during Israel's Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, but would not give details regarding the captive IDF soldier's condition."

Jerusalem Post

If you're interested in reading more about Youssef's letter to John Kerry, see see here

If you're interested in familiarizing yourself with the new Iraq in the aftermath of the election results, see here. Just about the only group wanting the Americans to stay longer are the Kurds, for they were put out of power by the Sunni. The Kurds are frightened, in other words, and are asking the Americans for protection. The Iraqi people as a whole are soon to vote in a referendum as to whether the Americans should stay much longer.

I'm not sure I emphasized enough the importance of the souring Obama-Russia relationship. When Russia sees that the Americans are hurling nasties their way, Putin will be more likely to get the wheels of his Middle East invasion rolling. I have not much evidence that he has such plan, aside from the ways in which I view prophecy. I'm watching the souring relationship and will report on how I feel Putin is feeling.

I'm not up to the following exercise much, but I'll do it for what it could be worth. Having found an article today wherein George Soros sounds much like Obama in forecasting financial doom, I noticed that Obama has a financial advisor with the Volcker surname. I recalled that the Soros surname was formed as an alias, and that his true family name was Schmidt...which name derived from "metal smith" and is therefore suspect by me as part of the Fer/Ferrari (= "iron") family. As evidence, I showed that the Portuguese Fer/Ferrari Coat uses three blue horseshoes on gold, the opposite color scheme of the Dutch Schmidt Coat. Moreover, the German Schmidt Coat is a gold lion on blue, the same as the Italian Fer/Ferrari Coat.

Since I had traced the Vere surname of Normandy to the French Fer surname, it appears that the Soros family should be of Vere stock, wherefore George Soros may be an active part of the Vere dragon cult. My purpose in re-mentioning this is due to the similarity of "Volcker" to "Fulk," for I found that the legendary dragon-cult Veres of Anjou were none other than the Fulk counts of Anjou, or, at least, the two families merged. As you can see, the shield of the French Fer Coat is identical to that of the Italian Fulk Coat. On the page showing the English Fulk Coat, you can read that a variation of the surname is "Folk," and that this page comes up when searching "Volk." I therefore conclude that, based on a George-Soros article in which Paul Volcker is cited, that he and Soros are related to Vere-Illuminati stock. I don't make this assertion flippantly without sufficient basis, but precisely because I am convinced that Obama is in bed with the Illuminati. The article dated yesterday expresses the following fear-mongering as a sign of worse things yet to come in the way of ripping the American people off:

"'We witnessed the collapse of the financial system,' Soros said at a Columbia University dinner. 'It was placed on life support, and it's still on life support. There's no sign that we are anywhere near a bottom.'

" His comments echoed those made earlier at the same conference by Paul Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman who is now a top adviser to President Barack Obama.

...'I don't remember any time, maybe even in the Great Depression, when things went down quite so fast, quite so uniformly around the world,' Volcker said."

One could get the impression that the Illuminati is on course to cause some sort of mean depression (whether it will work or backfire on them has yet to be seen). It has been said that the Great Depression had for its purpose or byproduct the take-over of corporations at wildly reduced prices. I am considering taking my money out of the bank, but gold has shot up to over $1,000 per ounce due to people doing just that. I don't want to use it to purchase another property, but if I had no property at all, this would seem like a good time to get one if only to assure that the money won't get hung up in a bad bank. How many fallen banks can the government insure, anyway?

Awe-willikers, look what the Jerusalem Post just came out with:

"The new US Administration has given the Palestinian Authority a 'green light' to talk to Hamas about the possibility of forming a Palestinian unity government, a PA official in Ramallah said over the weekend.

The official said that Washington has also given Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak the go-ahead to resume his efforts to achieve reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah."

Since when does the Palestinian Authority, or Egypt, wait for Washington to give the green light for such matters? I'm really laughing as I write this. The Obama administration must be nuts, completely nuts. They dream that somehow they are in charge of these issues. This attitude is likely permanent; they truly are about to enter as a rhino enters a room: move over, we're here! You do that, you do this, smack-smack-smack, and hurry it up already!!

The green light means that Obama has agreed to enter talks with Hamas so long as Hamas talks to the PA. Once the Palestinians make an agreement, things will be better for destroying Israel. Watch your back, Netanyahu. The rhino has one sharp nasal bone.

To gain better acceptance of this new U.S. move, the Obama representatve made sure to add that Obama is doing what Bush didn't do, for Democrat leaders know that anything anti-Bush gets more support from the Democrat base. But this tactic will not work forever, and the day is coming when it will become lame.

At this early point, the Obama team wants to know how nicely the Palestinians will dance to the Obama tune as Obama enters the negotiating room. Both Palestinian factions will compete for Obama's approval until one begins to feel that Obama favors the other. The article exposes three Fatah leaders willing to unite with Hamas for no other reason than to fight against the new Netanyahu government. I would suggest that Obama will let them know even straighter than he has already that he too opposes Netanyahu. The two Palestinian factions will not be able to resist doing Obama's will if they see he is strongly opposed to Netanyahu.

John Kerry left Israel for Lebanon and Syria, and had this to say:

"'But unlike the Bush administration that believed you could simply tell people what to do and walk away and wait for them to do it, we believe we have to engage in a discussion,' Kerry said in Beirut."

It never ends. It must be a calculated part of the Obama strategy to Bush-bash at every turn in order to justify befriending Muslim enemies who cannot be trusted.

The tide is turning on Israel at exactly the time that Obama is in charge: a J-Post headline today is, "Israel drops from 72% to 63% favorability in the US." How many Americans (and other Westerners) will follow Obama at Israel's expense? The answer is the message that Obama wants to send Netanyahu in order to handcuff his will, in order that Netanyahu dance to his tune.

Finally (not gloating, but it's encouraging), there is important action in Mosul:

"Iraqi security forces said [today] they had arrested dozens of 'terrorists' in a daylong operation targeting suspects in Mosul, seen as Al-Qaida's last stronghold in the country.

'The operation started yesterday and ended today and led to the arrest of 74 terrorists wanted by the Iraqi forces,' defense ministry spokesman Major General Mohammed al-Askari told AFP.

'They are from various terrorist groups, especially from Al-Qaida,' he said.

Police and troops carried out 'a military operation targeting terrorists and criminals in Mosul,' he said, indicating that the operation had prevented the suspects from carrying out planned attacks.

'We did the raids according to intelligence information and before they could implement their plans. The forces also freed a person and defused two car bombs,' he added.

The U.S. army says that the northern city of Mosul is the last bastion of Al-Qaida in Iraq.(AFP)"

When I read Nahum 1:11 some years ago, I had to decide whether the prophecy was of old times, or end times. I decided it was end times. I decided it foretold that the anti-Christ would launch out of Mosul. I had no idea then that Mosul would become the last al-Qaeda bastion, but I had already concluded by then that the anti-Christ would arise with al-Qaeda and other Sunni in Iraq. The fact that an al-Qaeda plot has been underfoot in Mosul this month is encouraging...because I want the great tribulation to arrive now; the sooner the better, before the world becomes too crazy; the sooner the Kingdom arrives, the better.

One who devises evil against YHWH has come forth from [Nineveh, now Mosul], one counseling worthlessness. So says YHWH, though secure, and so many, yet they will be cut off, and will vanish, and though I have afflicted [Israel], I will afflict you no more"

Nahum 1:11-12

It's verse 5, a turning of the ancient topic to Armageddon, that convinces me the verses above are a last-days message. As you can see, the rise of anti-Christ in Mosul is coupled with God's temporary, cleansing wrath upon Israel. It can't be the wrath of God in ancient times, for it comes with a promise of no more wrath, which is always a textual sign that end-time Israel is in view.

I see I have a ton of email to do; I'll try to get to it tomorrow. One never knows what help I could get from readers. I just want you to know that if I send you a short email, it's not that I don't appreciate what you've said or the fact that you've taken the time to write. I sometimes feel swamped with writing. If the truth be told, I would rather read than write.


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