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January 30 - 31, 2009

Things Are a Changing

January 30

Slowly, I am seeing changes that are bringing about the Gog scenario. Right now I would call it the "Muscle Stage," where the anti-Israeli axis is working hard to get the job done. The Jerusalem Post today defines the situation with a story on a wide Arab movement to replace the Abbas Palestinian leadership with Hamas' Mashaal in Damascus. Then, when I think of Jimmy Carter's input, which seems to reveal his love for Damascus-based Hamas, I start to see that the Muscle Stage is going to win the day. Of course, the Arab-wide movement to replace Abbas starts with Mashaal himself:

"Mashaal on Wednesday surprised the PA [= Palestinian Authority, of Abbas] by announcing that the current circumstances require the Palestinians to start thinking about the creation of a new leadership that would represent all Palestinians.

The PLO [= the root of the PA] was no longer the legitimate representative of the Palestinians 'because of its role in deepening divisions among the Palestinians,' he said.

His declaration has won the backing of all the Damascus-based Palestinian groups, including Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command headed by Ahmed Jibril.

Mashaal's statement has been interpreted by PA and Fatah officials in the West Bank as 'the most serious challenge to the PLO since its founding.'

The PA is responding by saying that "an Iranian-Syrian plot against the PLO....We will do our utmost to thwart it." The wider Arab support for this movement has legs because of Al Jazeera:

"A PA official said the Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera network had long served as a platform for Mashaal and Hamas. He also claimed that the station had been 'inciting' against Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas by depicting them as traitors."

It is known that, during Israel's offensive in Gaza, Hamas murdered many Fatah leaders and supporters even though they were not fighting Hamas. This has only deepened the rift between the two factions, and while I think the Obama camp will seek to reconcile the two, I'd place my bets on the PA going down with Israel when the Gog invasion takes place.

One way to gauge Obama's particular bias is to watch how Egypt treats him; if Egypt doesn't court Obama very well, it could be due to his favoritism for Hamas, for Egypt clearly favors the PA. I have seen no indication since Obama took office that he is for Hamas, but I do believe, as per a report that leaked out, that the Obama people are having secret talks with Hamas, and I would suspect that these talks are associated with Carter's efforts.

I've been keeping tabs on the Georgia front, and as things are heating up again, I should give a short update. This past week a Russian military leader in South Ossetia supposedly defected to Georgia, but Russia is claiming that Georgia brainwashed him. This and other animosities consistently fly about between the two enemies. Then there is the story coming out that a re-newed war may be in the works:

"NATO irked by Russia's reported Georgian base plan - reuters

NATO countries expressed concern on Wednesday about reports that Russia plans to set up bases in Russian-backed breakaway territories in Georgia, a NATO spokesman said.

...They have seen the press reports suggesting Russia might build bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and they view them with concern.

Georgia itself says: "Russia Plans to deploy military aircrafts in Abkhazia," and that the report was backed by an Interfax report.

"'Negotiations with Abkhaz side on deploying military aircrafts in Gudauta region, on Borbora Mountain, are being held. The issue regarding basing the ships of Black See Fleet in Ochamchire is being discussed as well. The source reports.

I'll keep watching. Meanwhile Turkey's animosity toward Israel grew by leaps as Turkish prime minister got up and walked out on the Israeli president (Peres) during a public debate on the Gaza issue. If Russia is slated to foster Gog's Israeli invasion, and if Russia needs Turkish roads at that time, it looks "good" at this point.

DEBKAfile has an update on the Iranian ship with humanitarian supplies for Gaza (not to be mistaken for the Cyprus-flagged ship known to be carrying weapons). It's now off the coast of Cyprus too, once again emphasizing the "ships of Kittim" that are a part of the Gog invasion into Israel. It is thought that Kittim refers to Cyprus. Coincidence? Although the "ships are Kittim" will oppose Gog's invasion of Israel, meaning that they'll not be the Iranian ships, it's predictable that European ships (i.e. likely the prophesied ships) will also move in if Gog has a base at Tartus.

This Iranian ship (the Iran Shahed) is the one that both Egypt and Israel refused to entertain, sending it away from Gaza. DEBKAfile is reporting that it's been found to carry "sophisticated communications equipment" that Hamas is using to make the ship a military headquarters. Moreover, Iranian military men (the reports says) have been stationed in Nicosia, the Cyprian capital. If true, Cyprus promises to become a headquarters for the anti-Israeli invasion. Russia may have opened its base at Tartus for just that cause.

DEBKAfile also reports on the other Iranian ship (the Admiral Chabanenko) carrying weapons, saying that the U.S. military requested a search of the ship by Cyprus, to unveil the details surrounding the weapons. However, if Cyprus is for the anti-Israeli axis, that request may fall on deaf ears, or at best there will be a false report. The U.S. military leader (Mullen) overseeing this affair says that the "vessel was expected in port in Syria this week." That port is Latakia.

So, you see, these things are further evidence that the king-of-the-north prophecy (of Daniel 11) is coming true at this time. The fact that the Syrian coast about Latakia represents the waters where the seven-headed Lotan dragon was once located by myth writers justifies my arduous quest in seeking the roots and identification of the Biblical dragon of Revelation. It wasn't until about two years into the research project that I learned of a direct result of first suspecting the Greek Ladon dragon. It's what led me to the Laz Georgians and the Lydio-Latins as the real-world identity of the Biblical dragon.

Ultimately, I suspect that the dragon cult of Syria came out of Biblical Laish at mount Sion. I wondered whether "Sion" was derived from "Sidon," since Laish was a Sidonian settlement, but in any case I tend to trace the Seton surname (to which Bill Clinton's blood, and other modern Sionist "Templars," are attached) to the Swiss city of Sitten, also called "Sion" (near Lausanne) and then further back to the Sitone tribe of Edones...and finally further back still to the Adonis cult in Sidon.

I view the Adonis cult as forming the Poseidon cult, explaining why the Lotan dragon was made a sea creature rather than a land creature, since Poseidon was the god of the sea. Revelation 13 tells that the seven-headed dragon comes out of the sea. Hmm. Some said that Adonis was born on Cyprus as a relative of Paphos, the birth city of Aphrodite. That Adonis was closely associated with both Paphos and Byblos suggests strongly that this was the root of the Paphlagonians...and the Babenbergs to which I traced the Paphlagonians. See Melusine in the Babel Coat (Melusine was given the tail of a fish, as well as the tail of a serpent).

Ultimately, the Adonis cult can be localized to the Adonis river in what is now Lebanon. As the Adonis cult led to Attis (father of Lydus = Lydians), we do find an Adonis connection to the Lotan dragon. What could be shocking is that the Adonis river is the "River of Abraham" to the Lebanese. It's shocking because I tend to trace the Dedanite tribe of Letushites (think mythical Ledo, mother of Apollo) to "Lydus" = Lydians, while Dedan was the grandson of Biblical Abraham and his wife, Keturah (Genesis 25).

Adonis was killed by a boar of Artemis (Apollo's Amazonian sister), the boar perhaps being a symbol of pagan (non-Israelite) Hebrews as far back as those days. Note that Dedan's other tribe, the Asshurites, smack of Syria, as does "Osiris," the cult to which Adonis was connected. In ancient times, Syria was called "Asshur." Dedan's other tribe, the Leummites, appears as a candidate for the founders of Lemnos, where Aphrodite's official husband (Hephaestus) was sacred along with Amazons and the Kabeiri cult (no doubt named after "Kypris", an alternative name of Aphrodite).

Amazingly, in Ezekiel's prophecy on Gog, we read: "Sheba and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto [Gog], have you come to take a spoil?" Amazingly, while there was another set of Biblical brothers called Sheba and Dedan, the grandson of Abraham, Dedan, also had a brother named Sheba! Note that Tarshish is Tarsus, in Cilicia, and that Cyprus is off the coast of Cilicia...meaning that Ezekiel's Gog prophecy has Gog stationed near Cyprus as well as does Daniel 11 (see verse 30).

Why did Ezekiel use the "lion" when referring to the Cyprus region, the symbol also of the Lusignan's of Cyprus??? Again, mythical Laz was given the lion god, Nergal, as a spouse, though Nergal was also a fire god seemingly synonymous with Hephaestus. As I equate "Nergal" with "Hercules," note that Heph-Aestus ("aes" meant "iron/metal) was likely Hebe, son of Zeus and Hera. Hebe married Hercules. Hebe was as symbol of young-male sex with an older man (see Hebephilia, even as Hercules was a homosexual symbol. It then becomes obvious that the Galli transvestites of the Kabeiri cult were from Hebe roots. It's also obvious that the youthful-male sex cult of Eros/Erotes, which sprang from the Aphrodite-Ares alliance, was rooted in Hebe.

I should add that king Guy Lusignan ruled both Templar Jerusalem and Cyprus, and while Lusignans did not continue on the Jerusalem throne, Lusignan blood did carry on in Cyprus. As Cyprus was the birthplace of Aphrodite, she was probably the goddess of the Laz on that island, though as yet I can't think of any mythical terms that would tie the Lotan dragon specifically to her cult. She was made to have an affair with Adonis, but more importantly an affair with Ares, a branch of which I traced back to Arados off the coast of Tartus, and meanwhile Ares was depicted with a personal dragon pet in Boeotia that I traced to mythical Ogyges, probably a Gogi peoples. Since Ogyges was early in the Athens domain, I suspect that he was also mythical Cecrops, a human with a serpent's lower body (the Cecrops bloodline ruled Athens).

Homer (after "Gomer"?) traced Ogyges to a colony of mythical Circe somewhere between the Tyrrhenian sea (west of Italy) and the mouth of the Rhodanus river. I identify Circe as Circasia, another name for Caucasia, but as she was made a direct relative of Helios, the Rhodians that settled the Rhodanus are suspect as part of her identification. Circe was tied by Homer to Ulysses, which I suspect was code for the Laz Caucasians. That Homer and others tied Ulysses to the west Italian coast suggests strongly that he was a secret dipiction of the (or a) Latin peoples.

I traced Laz stock to Lusignan's mythical dragon woman, Melusine. At Wikipedia's article on Lusignan, one can see, near the end of the page, the red lion on white that was the Lusignan symbol on Cyprus. Is this not remarkable, since the red lion on white has been a central symbol in recent Iraq updates wherein I trace the Clintons and other modern "Templars" to the Rhodes circle of bloodlines, including the Rothschild-supported Bolshevik Russians?

On this map of Cyprus, see the two UK sovereign bases on the south coast, as these might just be the origin of Daniel's "ships of Kittim." Paphos is on the extreme western end of the island. At this map (have your Java settings enabled), you can see Cyprus in relation to Tartus (if you zoom out a bit). Harbiye is also shown (just south of Antakya near the Turk-Syria border), a place to which I trace the Garebites as depicted by (proto)Hera. There you see Tarsus and Adana, the latter location identified my me as the city of the Danaans of Argos.

To oppose those who trace Danaans to the Israelite tribe of Dan, it is said: "The name of the city [Adana] is believed to have come from a legend that Adanus and Sarus, two sons of Uranus..." Sarus looks like code for (proto)Syria, but the point is, the two were connected to Uranus ancestry, who depicted either Hurrians or Iranians (or both) so far as I can gather. "Saras" may be viewed as the root of "Tarsus," but as the Bible makes Tarsus/Tarshish the mother of Tyrus (Tyre), it supports my hunch that Syria was named after Tyrians rather than Assyrians...though Tyre (anciently Tsuru/Surru) may have developed from the Assyrian god, "Ashur." In fact, I trace "Tyrus" to the Zeus' Taurus symbol, which I independently traced further back to Ishtar's Assyrian ruled by Amorites of the Euphrates river i.e. by the bloodline of Shamshi-Adad.

How can we then expect that Tyre should not figure into the end-time drama? I believe that Tyre was mythical Tiresias, father of Daphne, and as such the Tyrian domian spread to the Litani river...where I peg Daphne's Tyrian domain, especially at Laish. The Litani, which I suspect was proto-Lotan (and proto-Lothian), flows by mount Sion/Herman, and today this site is in small area of the Golan Heights...that Syria wants to take back from a resisting Israel, the very reason that Syria is arming Hezbolah and Hamas.

To the Greeks, the Litani was the Leontes, i.e. the Lion river, so that if Laish was indeed founded by the Laz, the Leontes could have been named after the Nergal-lion cult. See the Litani on a map at Wikipedia's Litani article. Or, go to this map to see the Litani and the Golan Heights, with mount Hermon shown as well (at the northern tip of the Golan Heights).

I was amazed with my stupidity at one point, for even though I knew that I was tracing the Hebrew-Rus bloodline from the Hros Caucasians, it took me forever to realize that Horus of Egypt depicted them. Now that I see Osiris as a possibly depiction of Syria (I had traced him to Ashur of Assyria previously), Horus must also have been in the Syrian theater, for he was made the son of Osiris. The Hros finger points to Arados (the city to which I traced all Russians). For as this island was also "Arpad," and while the Hros trace to the Aras river (I don't know if anyone else makes this trace), the Harpasus was a tributary of the Aras so that it likely connected with Arpad.

In the last days, "Rosh" will be a part of the Gogi invasion, impies Ezekiel 38, and I think Rosh was the Hros. To connect the ancient Rosh with Arpad, while a Russian naval base is at that very location now, is probably not coincidental.

There's an article out today about Joe Biden's aggressive role as Mr. Fix Up, and one of his jobs is to fix America's relationship with Europe, says the article. This is not surprising, but I mention it because a cornerstone of my view of the two-horned False Prophet (Biden may be one horn) is a strong alliance between the United States and Europe. I think, though, that Europa's sweet kisses of love for the U.S. will be reserved, not for the rough and tough Mr. BiteThem, but for ObaMyDarling.

The Jerusalem Post, I just learned, also has a story on the Iranian ship now in Cyprus, carrying weaponry to unknown recipients. It claims that Cyprus has decided to stop the ship, but as yet there is no report as per the details of the weapons. I would like to know whether the weapons were intended for Hezbolah, since we can expect the king of the north to invade from Lebanon/Syria...perhaps even from the Golan Heights.

World Net Daily cointinues to cover Obama's dark side, now including an article about an anti-Israeli Palestinian who tells what Obama is truly like:

"Abunimah previously was described as close to Obama and has introduced the politician at pro-Palestinian events. Referring to a time period in the late 1990s, Abunimah said that 'Obama used to be very comfortable speaking up for and being associated with Palestinian rights and opposing the Israeli occupation.'

Abunimah was quoted stating Obama was 'quite frank that the U.S. needed to be more evenhanded, that it leaned too much toward Israel.'

...'I knew Barack Obama for many years as my state senator when he used to attend events in the Palestinian community in Chicago all the time,' stated Abuminah during an interview last year with Democracy Now!..."

It's a long article that gives many details, but to perhaps explain why Abuminah didn't quote Obama in any deeply anti-Israeli way, he knew such quotes would damage Obama too much politically. Or, of course, perhaps Obama was never deeply anti-Israeli.

Al-Qaeda weighs in again on Israel's destruction:

"'I would like to send a message to Hassan Nasrallah [Hezbolah leader] - Answer me, why have you shed all these tears for Gaza and for the people of Gaza? Didn't you say that you had warehouses full of 20,000 missiles that could reach Tel-Aviv?' said Abu Hureira Qasim al-Rimi in the 19-minute video message.

...'Is Lebanese land more valuable than the blood of the Palestinians? What is the difference between you and (Egyptian president) Hosni Mubarak who protects the Jews?,' said al-Rimi."

The speaker goes on to suggest that his al-Qaeda group in the Arabian Peninsula wants to become the leader, rather than Hezbolah, of the Israeli invasion: "Our [Arab] community must know the truth about these facts and understand who is 'selling' our cause." In other words, step down, shameful Hezbolah, and let us represent the cause. The video is entitled, "From here we begin and we will meet each other at the al-Aqsa mosque." That mosque is the one on Israel's Temple Mount; yes, the one with the Dome of the Rock, likely where Gog will be proclaimed the supreme he stands poised as the Abomination of Israel's Desolation (Matthew 24:15; Daniel 11:31).

Writers who teach that Daniel 11:21-31 refers to something other than a future event are gambling with the security of God's elect in the last days. Those are the best verses to disclose to the Church what signs we are to be looking for in the lead up to the Abomination. The king of the south of those verses is prepared, apparently, to make war with the anti-Israelis. An article out today in a Lebanese media ( is entitled: Egypt calls Hezbollah chief an 'Iran agent'. Daniel 11 implies that the king of the south will not be afraid to fight the war, and that it thinks it will win it.

Another Lebanese media ( reads: "4:05pm a 13-member U.S. Congressional delegation arrived in Lebanon for talks with Lebanese officials." That's no small U.S. representation. Israel got only Mitchell so far as I know.

In northern Iraq, bombs, bombs and more bombs. Three Sunni candidates killed today. See a northern Iraq map showing the Kurdish areas and the Mosul electoral territory. Kurds will have political power in the Nineveh province until tomorrow. They are expected to be mad, very mad, after tomorrow.

"Taking the reins of Nineveh's government [tomorrow] would allow Arabs to appoint a governor and use their political power to roll back Kurdish expansion, which is being bitterly contested in villages across the 300-mile swath of disputed territories, as well as in Baghdad and in Irbil, the capital of the Kurdish autonomous region.

The long article gives a description of Mosul just before Gog appears there. It's largely in disrepair, and dangerous. It's a perfect setting for a renegade military such as that of al-Qaeda's. The Kurds want Mosul to be a part of their official Kurdish region, and for this reason a Kurdish Gog seems logical, especially as the Georgians (home of ancient Gog) are called "Kartli," a term that seems equivalent to "Kurd." Yet I reject a Kurd Gog. I may be proved wrong. As one emailer said to me recently, "I'm all over the map on identifying end-time Gog." I'm doing my best.

It would be a lot easier to see a Kurd Gog in Mosul that a Russian one, of course, but a Kurd Gog would more likely go unnoticed by prophecy writers, and consequently wouldn't be identified as readily as the anti-Christ. I could allow for a Kurd Gog only if he joins the Baathists and al-Qaeda (as I interpret the two broken armies of Daniel 11:22 as Saddam's Baathists and Osama's al-Qaeda). This seems impossible because Kurds and Sunni are at each others throats.

However, there is the PKK that is a Kurd military group, involved in terrorist acts, opposed even by the Kurdistan Regional Government. Although it seems impossible at this time for the PKK to become allied with Iraq's anti-Israeli groups, especially as even Iran opposes it, it's poissible that a tricky-dicky Kurd could rise up and form the Biblical alliance somehow. While this tends to marginalize the importance of the Russian naval base in Syria, what if the Putin backs the Kurd Gog?

What if the Saddam Bathists lose the election tomorrow to a rival Sunni group, with the result that the Baathists rise up with violence, with a PKK Gog? Why a PKK Gog? Because the Baathists may not be strong enough by their own powers to take the Mosul region, and because the PKK also wants Mosul. Then, as a consequence of the Russian alliance with Saddam's Bathists, Putin would also support the Kurd Gog in his effort to get a foothold in northern Iraq. I'm doing my best, to include all possible scenarios.

January 31

Warning. If you don't read this update until you reach Obama's mother, you will miss the biggest discovery in Templarism ever.

Don't know quite what it's worth for truth, but thought I'd share a video defining the Baathist party by an Arab. When he claimed that Saddam's Baathists were Marxists, it birthed in me the idea that perhaps Saddam was supported by the Rhodes Illuminati, which could explain why the Democratic party went ballistic when Bush invaded. I'm not going to keep that idea seriously, but will keep it in mind.

I hold a theory in which "Baath" traces to the Georgian Bats, who lived alongside, or among, the Laz Georgians. I have wondered if "Iraq" itself" evolved from "Arak/Araxes," the alternative name of the Aras river (= the origin of the Russians). This could explain a Russian-Iraqi friendship, but as the Rhodes Illuminati also traces to the Rosh of the Aras river, zowie, maybe the Dems did go ballistic because Baathists were distant cousins.

I've considered a trace of the Stewarts to the Georgian Bats as per the Stewart emphasis on the island of Bute, from which the Both(well) surname originated. This is supported by a trace of Stewarts (by others and myself) to the Alans, who carved out the Caucasian nation of Alania, now Circasia or North Ossetia...just to the east of the Bat Georgians. Remember what I said about mythical Circe, that she was associated with the Laz and with Helios (who I identify as a Gorgon=Georgian people) on his sacred island of Rhodes. The German Bute/Butt/Bote Coat uses two sets of three red roses on white, the color scheme of the Stewart and Rhodes lions.

The Bats named Batumi, for example. I startled myself when I went to the Batumi website just now; compare the English Rhodes Coat to the Batumi Seal. As per the discussion below, note that the colors of the Rhodes and Batumi symbols are the same red and gold seen in the Clare Coat, and of course I will remind you that the Rhodes cross is the Sinclair cross, who were named after the Clares.

I'm into this discussion because I've known for some time that "Batumi is located on the site of the ancient Greek colony in Colchis called Bathus or Bathys..." How's that for a connection to the Baath party? The article goes on to say that Batumi ""was formally a possession of the kingdom of Lazica until being occupied briefly by the Arabs who did not hold it; in the 9th century it formed part of the Bagratid monarchy of Tao-Klarjeti..." (italics mine).

I've considered that the Klarjeti region was the basis of the Claro/Clare surname known first of all in the Rollo Vikings that named Normandy...yes, the Templars (it then became "Sinclair" when Anglicized). I have caught several glimpses in my research that Stewarts traced back to the Claros. Remember, the Bagratid Georgians traced themselves to king David of Israel and were moreover a part of the Templars, sharing even the flag of Templar Jerusalem...suggesting very strongly that the Clares of Normandy trace back to the Bagratids of Klarjeti. Moreover, I had thought reasonably toward a trace of the Bagratid name to the founders of Baghdad.

Wikipedia's article on Alania reveals an Alani peoples in modern Iraq, and says: "it is not uncommon to find red or blond hair among them." This is interesting for a connection to the Budini, for Herodotus said they were blue eyed blondes (I trace Bute to the Budini). The merit in tracing the Budini to the Bat Georgians is that they shared a domain with the Neuri, who are thought by some to have been the Nairi of Armenia (Armenia and Georgia share a border).

Herodotus wrote: "Above the Sauromatae (Sarmatians), possessing the second region, dwell the Budini..." The Sauromatae were essentially the Alans. They connect with the Hungarian Arpads as follows:

"The 1911 Britannica surmises that [the Budini] were Fenno-Ugric [= same stock as Hungarians]...Later writers add nothing to our knowledge of the Budini, and are more interested in the tarandus, an animal that dwelt in the woods of the Budini, possibly the reindeer."

That animal was the symbol of Hungary's ancestry!!

Now behold this statement that I found only just now, having never known about the tarandus: "This Rangifer tarandus reindeer also known as a Caribou..." I also found that a deer species was "cervus," a term similar to "caribou. What's amazing is that I traced the deer symbol to the Garebites in the first place by similarity to "caribou" and that animal's name in another language (can't recall just now what language or term it was), but do compare "Gareb" and "Jerevan" with "cervus." That's how myth worked; if a peoples were named, Frecali, they could be symbolized with freckles.

After theorizing that the deer symbolized Garebites, and knowing by then that Garebites were likely the Arphaxadite founders of Arpad, it struck me that the Hungarian Arpads used the deer symbol, and that clinched the deer link to Arphaxadites.

I did not previously know, so far as I can recall, that the Budini were from Finno-Ugric stock. This is huge, for I had traced the Hungarian city of Budapest (originally just "Buda") to the Budini!! It's true. I was correct, and I now remind you of two things I said in the previous Iraq update, that the red-lion-on-white Stewarts appear linked to the white-lion-on-red Ross surname that was from Hungary's Arpad royals, and that the English Stewart Crest uses a deer!!!

There's now more evidence for a Stewart link to the Budini, for I and others trace the Geloni peoples, whom Herodotus located among the Budini, to the Alans.

Having made a fair case for tracing Stewarts to Georgian Bats, and seeing the similarity between the Rhodes Coat and the Batumi Seal, I now show a shocker discovered as I wrote the above: the English Bat(t) Coat, it's a variation of the Rhodes/Sinclair cross!!

I realize that this is supposed to be an Iraq update, but the revelations are pouring in as I write so that I've just got to share them. Here is another one: I had theorized that the Stewart name was somehow associated with "butler," for they got their name from "steward," a term similar in meaning to a butler. But, also, a "butler" seems to be rooted in "Bute." I now find that the Butler Coat is a variation, quite apparently, of the flag of king Stephen (an Arpad king of Hungary).

What does all this mean??? Did God allow for all these links for the last-day Show Down? Will Gog be an Illuminatist of the Rhodes bloodline, or a Hungarian?? I have already shown that Stephen's flag was essentially the Franconian Rake, a symbol of Bavaria, so that it should connect with the Bavarian Illuminati.

But what I just did is one of the most unbelievable things I have ever done in seeking heraldry links. I recall seeing the blue and gold symbol above of the Butlers. I had seen it just a few days ago, but when I searched for it about two days ago I could not find it. I just let the search go. When I came across the Butler Coat just now, I could swear that I had not seen the symbol a few days ago under that surname; it must have been owned by yet another surname, I thought. Then, just as I finished writing the last sentence in the paragraph above, when reading it over and wondering where to go from there, I wondered if Obama could connect to that paragraph's topic. It must have been God who put that idea into my head, for as a result, knowing that the Obama surname has no heraldry symbol on, I checked his mother's surname instead (knowing I had checked it a few days ago though not recalling what its symbol was). I shouted out loud more than once. You guessed it. Look at the Dunham Coat. It's exactly the Butler Coat, in reverse!!!

But there is more, even more astounding, for when I had seen the Batumi Seal as I wrote on it earlier on today's update, I had not yet noticed that it too had the very same design as the Butler and Dunham Coats!!! I kid you not; see the Batumi Seal seen also at the Batumi Wikipedia article.

Now I know why Obama has chosen many Rhodes Scholars for his team. And now I know why the Rhodes Illuminati chose him to run as President, for he was from their bloodline through Ann Dunham.

So, the Dunhams and the Butlers were related. Interesting, for the Irish Butler Coat uses what appears to me to be the holy grail symbol. I had traced the term, "Arthur," to the Ardon river in Alania, and perhaps now you'll believe me more that the Stewarts have traced to Alania with sime good evidence. Let me add that the Arthurian cult is also thought to stem from Alans. Well, as per the Butlers proving just now to be at the root of the Stewart bloodline, it clinches in my mind that the Stewarts were the holy grail cult in Arthrian myth. They (and the British Royals) trace to king David of Israel only if the Bagratids were correct in making that claim. I do not think their claim was true.

Note in the link above that the Irish Butlers stem from Strongbow's invasion, who was a Clare!

My hunch is that Obama's mother traces to Dunham Masci (later Dunham Massey), a town very near Manchester, for Nathan Rothschild, the first Rothschild to come to Britain, settled at Manchester. But that's not the biggest reason. I had found evidence that the Meschin surname at the root of the Bruces of Belgium moved to Cheshire, so that it's a certainty they named Dunham Masci, for it's a town in Cheshire. The Bruce-Meschines bloodline went on to become the kings of Scotland, the first being Robert Bruce I. Robert Bruce II was a Stewart!

The Wikipedia article on him shows him wearing the Stewart red lion on white surrounded by what looks like a variation of the Scot-Flemish border used also by the which Bill Clinton's Blyth surname traces. Bruce II married a Ross, likely explaining why Ross' also used red lions on white. It's hard to say who had the lion symbol first, the Ross' or Stewarts, but if I'm correct in tracing Ross' to Hungary, the red and white of the Ross' and Stewarts could have been the colors of king Stephen's flag.

Likely, Stewarts were from the Buda(pest) bloodline, since Robert Bruce II seized the island of Bute as soon as he could. This supports my theory that Stewarts were associated/related to Attila the Hun, for he was from the House of Dulo, while Stewarts were first known as stewards of Dol, Brittany. The evidence is in the Hungarians, for they claimed to be from the bloodline of Attila the Hun! Attila is known to have joined with Alan Huns when conquering into western Europe, if that helps to make the connection further. The Stewarts of Dol came from men called "Alan." Attila came conquering in the name of Jesus Christ, as a false Jesus.

The Arpads made a blood oath by spilling their blood into the same cup, and swearing allegiance, they all drank from it. That's the holy grail!! I've suspected that this type of oath was the essence of the holy grail ever since I read about it as per the Arpads. I had traced the holy grail much further back, to Cilix, mythical symbol of Cilicia, and Cadmus his Tyrian brother, so that Arphaxadites of Cilicia and Tyre are now suspect. Arpad, also known as Arados, must have been ground zero for the holy grail, therefore, and indeed does not "Arados" smack of the Ardon river in Alania? In my research, I had identified Arthur as a Rus peoples, so that he does fit in as a peoples of Arados, since I trace all Russians back there.

In the Klarjeti region, there are three Arthur-like terms to this day: the provinces of Erzurum (anciently "Arzen"), Artvin and Ardahan. Ararat, it is said by many, was also "Arata," and on the Aras river itself there was Artaxata. It can't be a coincidence that the dragon cult passed though several Art-like terms, including Arda on the Hebros, Arzawa kingdom of Lydia, Ardea in Latium, Arta in Ambracia (probably from "Imbros"), Ardos on mount Hermon near the Litani, Arados near the Lotan dragon, Arad in Transylvania, Oradea to the north of Arad, near where Hungarian Arpads originated, Artois where the Lys symbol/river traces, Aereda of the Redones, and Ereth(lyn) at red-dragon Wales, what furnished Rothesay, what later became Bute and was mythically Avalon.

I have always felt that the False Prophet would derive from the Arthurian cult, simply because the Illuminati traces to it. Believing that Obama's bloodline goes back to Dunham Massey, I followed the leads. says the surname came from the locality of Macey, Normandy. Can it be a coincidence that, while Obama has chosen many Clintonites, the English Macey Coat uses the same pentagram-types as does the Clinton Coat, both stars gold on blue background??

As per a trace of Dunham Massey to Bute, I recall finding that a surname connecting to Bute was Bothwell, or Both for short. Is it another coincidence that, after the Masci surname came to an end in Dunham Masci, the place was taken over by the Booths (see webpage below)? The Dutch Both Coat shares the symbols of both the German Bute Coat and the Massey and Masci Coat.

The Booth Coat uses three black boar heads, and the Bush Coat uses three black boars. Both surnames were first found in Yorkshire, the capital of which was named after the boar. This is important, for as the Masci surname comes from the Meschines root in the Bruce line, while the Bruces were from the Abreu surname that named Evreux (in my opinion), home of the Ebroicum, founders of York, in my opinion.

In fact, the wings on the Masci Coat appear to have relationship with wings on the Portuguese Abreu Coat. The Meschines married into the Avranches family, a term smacking of Evreux. Avranches was in Manche, Normandy, and the Masci surname was from the locality of Macey, Avranches. Avranches was named after its Abrincatui tribe, if that helps to make a connection to Abreu...which was the Aphrodite cult.

This now gives me reason to believe that the dragon-depicted Veres were named after Avranches and Evreux stock. Indeed, for the Veres founded the locality of Ver(e) in Manche. This means that Obama's mother may trace to the same stock, and to the lys-depicted Merovingian stock of the Veres, which is the stock of the Freemasonic founders of the United States. The Massey and Masci Coats use fleur de lys...a symbol I attach to the Laz = Ladon dragon. To further support a Vere connection to Evreux, the Vere Crest uses a (blue) boar.

I had always believed that the Masci/Meschines surname represented the Meshech, or "Mushki." I view the surname as a major carrier of Amazon blood, therefore. The boar symbol in myth belonged to Artemis, the Amazon goddess of war, and yet it depicted a Hebrew (i.e. non-Meshech) people leading to the Abreu surname (in Abruzzo). The Aphrodite cult was the boar of Artemis, that is, and together it was a Hebrew-Meshech alliance in the Myso-Lydian theater, carried through Italy into Normandy, explaining why the Italian Abreu surname uses two gold lions on red, the symbol also of Normandy (and later England added a lion to Normandy's two). The Vere Coat comes in the same colors, making it evident that Normandy was in essence ruled by the Abreu > Vere bloodline at the time that Normandy got its heraldic symbols. It may also explain why the Norman Claros used red and gold, and why the Normans had an Italian name.

These are the dread Zionists, who rule much of Israel, and who wish to make peace with Palestinians for the sake of the survival of their global plots. God will destroy them.

January 31

It seems that Obama doesn't want Hillary in Israel or anywhere in the Middle East, a point that's obvious in an article's title: "Debut trip for Hillary Clinton is likely to be in Asia":

"While no final decision has been made - and travel schedules are fickle - Clinton is leaning toward a trip that could include Japan and China, officials said...

Asia is not an obvious choice: Her two predecessors, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, started off in Europe and the Middle East."

I don't think Hillary is "leaning toward" anything but the central focus, the Middle East, but that Obama doesn't think she's the right material for that task.

Uh-oh, the headline: "Obama prepares to unveil plan to rescue US banking industry from $2 trillion hole" As he's in power because the international bankers put him there, that story should mean trouble for the people and big bonus for the bankers.

Obama and his choice of financial wizards now get to spend hundreds of billions on what they choose to spend it on:

"Barack Obama said today his administration would outline a new strategy in the coming days for spending billions of federal dollars to pull the United States out of an economic crisis he described as "devastating.

...The treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, has met with the administration's top officials and advisers in recent days, trying to finish a plan to overhaul the $700bn bailout programme that is already half gone."

That's Timothy Geither, president of the Federal Bank. How likely is it that he got that position because the international bankers got it for him? The Gaither Crest (not quite "Geithner" but close) uses a griffo-dragon as symbol.

I've just found an article dated telling that "Former U.S. Defense Secretary William J. Perry held a series of previously undisclosed meetings with a senior aide to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, according to a report published on Friday in The Washington Times." The article goes on to say that it wasn't certain whether Perry was in Iran with the blessings of Bush or apart from them. It's possible that he was commissioned to speak with Ahmadinejad by the same Illuminatists who are in charge of Obama's Iranian agenda, for the Perry Shield is exactky the Vere Shield, and indeed "Perry" could be a variation of "Vere." Note that the Perry Crest is a deer.

Perry was a Clintonite -- the defense secretary under Clinton. I wondered whether he was from Vere-infested Oxford, and sure enough I learned from Wikipedia that Perry was a Stanford-university product (Stanford was a stem of the Oxford Illuminati). Perry was succeeded by William Cohen, which is conspicuous because I traced the Cohen surname to the Veres for more than one good reason, as for example the French Fer Coat (compare with the German Cohen Coat). It's no surprise that the American defense department should be run by the "Jewish" Illuminati.

I typically trace the Illuminati to the Veres. I traced the Veres back from Normandy to the white-star symbol of Italy (i.e. explaining why the Vere Coat uses the white star). I traced "Fer" surname to "Friuli" elements, as per Friuli royals under Charlemagne joining forces with Avars. I assumed that Friuli was named after Avars somehow. As Friuli was beside Venetia, it should explain why the Italian Fer Coat was first found in Venice. That place was represented in the goddess, Venus, the Italian version of Aphrodite, which compliments a trace of Abreu=Aphrodite to the Evreux-Vere fold of Normandy. In fact, the Abreu/Abruzzo surname was first found in Padova, Venetia, according to This suggests a Leslie connection to the Veres, since I had traced the proto-Leslie surname to Padova, and indeed both the Leslies and the Veres use a green dragon on their Crest (see the Vere dragon).

The gold and red colored Seton Arms also use the green dragon in the Crest. In the previous update, I linked the Seton Coat to the Blythe Coat, which surname was the bloodline of Bill Clinton (he was born William Blythe).

After a Russian ship escorted the Cypriot-flagged ship from Iran to its near-destination yesterday, we hear the report in yesterday's news: "Russia says its threat to deploy missiles near Poland still stands..." During the ship's trip, Russia sounded very inclined in canceling the missile program.,0,3740698.story

Haaretz has a headline today: "Report: Gaza Hamas heads furious with Meshal decision to end lull." That's referring to the six-month truce that ended last December. It implies that the pre-war animosity toward Israel was planned from Damascus, suggesting that the weapons on the ship were a part of a Damascus plot. It could be that Hezbolah was waiting for those weapons before helping Gaza out, to more-likely assure a victory against Israel on the north border. It could be that the Russian naval base was opened in the Cyprus area to secure the turf i.e. to keep Western ships at a distance.

The Iranian ship is owned/operated by Russia (or a Russian corporation), according to the article below: "Press reports indicated that the ship was the MT Monchegorsk, operated by a Russian company and headed from Iran to Syria." Something is very fishy there. The article says that Cyprus has been checking the ship's contents but won't reveal details because it doesn't want a media frenzy over it. I'd say there is evidence on that ship that the weapons were Russian ones, and/or headed for an anti-Israel destination(s) supported by the Russian naval base at Syria.

Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV, bombed recently, is being moved to Beirut, revealing that Lebanon is in acceptance of the terrorist organization. Couple this development with the so-called "floating communications headquarters" on an Iranian ship now in Syrian waters.

Just found a Pravda article on Obama's plan to create a state-run "bad bank" to "fix" the banking crisis. The article states that the tactic was tried before, in Switzerland. That raises a red flag, suggesting that the international bankers, who have long use Switzerland to launder/hide money, did a trial run of a scheme in Switzerland before trying the same on a global scale.

The webpage above shows a human-like dog. I believe that Rosicrucians in the cutting-edge gene-twisting "game" are attempting to make viable "monster" that reflect their pagan symbols, such as a goat-man (i.e. Satyr), a wolf-man, etc. There can be no doubt that several groups are striving to be the first to create such creatures successfully, and then waiting for the day that society will accept the revelation of them.

I mispoke yesterday when I said that power today in northern Iraq would pass from Kurds to Sunni Arabs. The fact is, while polls have closed already, the results won't be in for several days. It's not as fast as the American system. Sorry.

Some readers of today's update may have missed additions that I just placed above on the Veres. I had traced William Perry, U.S. defense secretary under Clinton, to the Veres, and then, when sharing that William Cohen was the defense secretary after Perry, I exposed my findings held for some years that Fers of France were Cohens. And just now, I checked the Aspin Coat because Les Aspin was the defence secretary before Perry, and, zowie, it's the same design as on the Dunham Coat, surname of Obama's mother!!

Moreover, it's the same design as on the Butler Coat...which I think connected to Stewarts (explained yesterday). Indeed, the Veres of today are seeking Stewart rule in England!

I had traced the Butler surname to Batumi (a major city in Caucasian Georgia) because the same "rake" design is on the Batumi Seal, and meanwhile I am becoming certain that the Georgia's Bat peoples led to the Baath party (see yesterday's update for details), as can be deduced from Batumi's alternative names, Bathus or Bathys.

I am stirred to the bottom of my gut because I am discovering these things just as I expect Baathists to arise in Iraq...under an Obama leadership role in the U.S. But I do not think it is a coincidence that I am making these discoveries now, as I write. They not only show that leaders in America are not always chosen on merit, but on bloodline type, but suggest a distant "Jewish" Illuminati blood link to the Baathists, including Obama's blood. How incredible is this?

Les Aspin was an Oxford product!! Moreover, I had long ago traced the Aspen surname to mythical Hesperides. The aspen tree can be a symbol of that place. Hesperides was the far-western garden protected by the Ladon dragon of Greece, and I traced it to the Erethlyn, Wales, from the "Erytheia" code given in the Hercules-and-Geryon myth...and from Geryon's two headed dog, Orthos, which I realized were the Ordovices of Wales. Geryon himself I figured was code for Gorgons.

Hercules I interpreted as the invasion of a Rhodian holy-grail cult, namely the Greek Danaans as they evolved into the British Danann. This fits, for the Danaans were at Adana of Cilicia, while I traced the holy grail cult to Cilicia's Cati peoples, at/near Adana. Hercules invaded in a ship that was portrayed as a golden cup of Helios, if that helps to make a connection to Rhodes. I realized that this invasion was the setting up of the western Atlantis sacred to Rosicrucians, and the idea was verified when I realized that Lindos, the city built by Danaans of Rhodes, was root to "Atlantis. Realizing that Erethlyn was a capital of Atlantis, I reasoned that Rothesay (later Bute/Avalon) was the Hesperides garden of the Rus invasion from Rhodes.

If there seems to be a discrepancy between my trace of the holy grail cult to the Arthurian Alans on the one hand and also to the Danaans, let me say that Alans of northern Caucasia lived off the Tanais river, almost identical to the city of Tanis (Egypt) to which I trace the Danaans of Argos. One can now be certain that the holy grail cult of the Merovingians was in the Redones, from Rhodes, having nothing to do with the grail of Jesus. The holy grail cult among the Hungarians was in the Geloni (= Alans of Greece), one can gather (as explained earlier), but also in the Arpad dynasty's root at Arados/Arpad, which I say was proto-Rhodes.

This Rus holy grail is the Rhodes Illuminati today, that rules through Obama! The Rosh in the Obama Illuminati will merge with Gog and ruin the the utter shame of the Democratic party, and all who love and support Obama. I am now sure.

The discrepancy between the Poseidon founder of Atlantis and the Herculean wave can be solved wherein Hesperides belonged to Poseidon but with an influx of Danaans. What I did was to trace Nahor's sons to the Hesperides, with Poseidon representing his second son, Buz (becoming the Bute entity, possibly), his third son, Kemuel, becoming the Camel god and Camelot, and perhaps his first son, Uts, being the "At" prefix on "Lindos" to create "Atlantis."

In any case, the Hesperides Atlanteans survived the Hercules invasion and then went on as a distinct peoples of Britain, keeping their own symbols all the while. When I found evidence that Buzite-like terms in Europe used a dog/wolf symbol, as did the Neuri (i.e. think "Nahor"), I naturally tied Buz to the dog deity of the Stewarts, and concluded that Stewarts proper of Brittany, from the Alan Huns, had as distant kin the Buzites and other Nahorites of Britain.

It can't be a coincidence that Avalon was the Bute isle and code for "Apollo," the wolf-people Hirpini from Avellino (Italy). It tends to trace Buz to Bute. Nor can it be a coincidence that while I traced Arthur to the Slav-Rus stock in the Halybes, the Slavs worshiped the wolf. Thus, I identified the Arthurian cult, and the Stewarts, as Nahorites from Neuri-Budini-Geloni stock. Remember, Nahor was a Hebrew (like his brother, Abraham), but was not an Israelite, for Israelites had not yet been born.

I also suggested that "Woden" (= Odin) was after "Budini," but there are other ways to net that god's name. The Washingtons are said to derive from the Odin cult. I suspected that mythical Nor, depiction of Norway, was a Nahorite peoples, which makes sense in that Erethlyn (Wales) had a sister city in Norway called Haeredaland (1970 Britannica spelling), or more-commonly now, Hordaland. Brittanica (1970), page 12, says that Danish Vikings from Haeredaland settled Erethlyn, but I would argue that they had been from Erethlyn in the first place, and of course from the Danann of Erethlyn = the Hercules wave. This should then clear up the fog wherein Danes originated on Norway, the Norwegians being from older Hesperado-Nahorites. The article makes it clear (still on page 12) that the Rus Vikings developed from the old name of Sweden, "Ruotsi," a term smacking of "Hiruath/Hirota," the Irish form of "Haeredaland."

The tribes of Dedan (e.g. Asshurites) I mentioned, and his brother Sheba (both non-Israelite grandsons of Abraham), which were the epitome of the Lemnos cult of Kabeiri, trace to the Suebi, the Aesir, and the Vanir Scandinavians. One can then view these groups as the Aphrodite cult as distinguished from her lover, the Ares cult, the latter being the epitome of the Rus and therefore made up of Nahorites, coupled with Arphaxadites and Joktanites acting as Ares' dragon. The Goths/Geats trace to Hades (brother of Poseidon) as he developed into the Getae Thracians.

The point is, with a trace of the British Ladon cult to Abraham's brother(s) and grandsons, it may explain why Templarite Freemasons muddied up the waters with a false trace to Israel.


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