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January 28 - 29, 2009

Rodham, Clinton: Red Jews?

January 28

I don't say much at all good about Obama, and perhaps it's because I'm intent on proving his false character. Nothing could expose it better, at this early time in his presidency, than his birth-certificate controversy...which I'm going to visit here today. We'll start with next video features a life-long-Democratic lawyer who brought a law suit against Obama just before the election. I have heard that Obama just didn't show up in court, as required. I've also heard that the Obama team had the case dismissed before it even started. Why not just show the Certificate, Obama?

The next video also discusses Obama's fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth, and makes an excellent case to prove that Hawaii does not have Obama's Birth Certificate because Hawaii issues a Certificate of Live Birth only when a Birth Certificate isn't available. It would be bad enough for Obama if Hawaii has never had a Birth Certificate for him, since he claims that he was born there, but the reality is worse.

The next video is similar but adds some revelatory information (without showing the extensive/complicated evidence) that the Certificate of Live Birth was created on top of one belonging to his half sister (Maya). My understanding is that the Obama team has removed the Certificate of Live Birth from the Obama website, naturally.

The next video shows and discusses Obama's school registration in Indonesia, where his name was entered "Barry Soetoro" and his religion entered as "Islam." A major point raised in the videos is that Indonesia does not permit a double citizenship. Since Obama had an Indonesian citizenship (as proven by the school registration form), he would have been required (by the Indonesian government) to revoke his American citizenship, if ever he had one, that is.

There are some good points raised to satisfy me on his birth taking place in Kenya, as logical as that is from the outset. As I said, nothing can expose Obama as a fraud as can this controversy. He has actually committed a crime in forging his Birth Certificate.

One thing I believe is that the judgment of God starts with the saints, and then goes to the unbelievers. I believe that God exposed hypocrites in the churches in the last couple of decades, and that before Armageddon, the sins of the media, and of the Democrats, must be revealed. You will note that had Bush or McCain been the subject of a citizenship controversy, the major liberal media would not cease to carry the story, and to having the Democrat talking heads lined up night after night, until they saw to it to burn the Republicans to a crisp. Fox News however, did carry the Certificate story.

Obama is directly involved in using the economic-stimulus money to fund abortions and other "family planning" ambitions, we are learning now, but this has got to be just the start. Expect your bail-out moneys and the stimulus packages to be used to advance specific Democrat agenda on all corners of their political map:

"House Democrats are likely to jettison family planning funds for the low-income from an $825 billion economic stimulus bill, officials said late Monday, following a personal appeal from President Barack Obama at a time the administration is courting Republican critics of the legislation.

Muslims, these are the true enemies of God. These are your Satan. I never lose sight of the fact that the end-time players will be Permitted to achieve extreme power because it pleases God to humiliate them at the height of their confidence and boasting. As you watch the powers arise that you despise, keep that in mind. Gog, attack! Make a quick end of them. Let the earth celebrate their disappearance forever. There's not much that gets me feeling this way like abortion does. Arise Gog, and abort the liberals!!

In the course of this study, I learned that Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, was an anthropologist. Hmm, this field typically involves the study of people-group and bloodline migrations, the same sort of thing delved into by myself when searching for the long tracks of the Biblical dragon's kingdoms. Do you think that Obama knows much about his own bloodline?

Israel struck the Gaza region of Rafah today with jet-fired missiles, even though Obama's envoy is in Egypt. That's big. That's like a slap in the President's face. Israel refuses to play the sheep. Obama will need to send in his arm twisters.

In her first news conference, Killary took swipes at Bush, saying that the Dems now need to fix what he broke. How do we define national leaders who, even after Bush exits gracefully and mildly, continue to bash him? Children? No, worse. Bullies? Getting warmer. Deviants? That's closer to the truth. I assure you, the liberals will not fix it. They haven't got the class nor the morality. They will eat one another up, and despise one another, and their end will be miserable. We will see these things escaping from the cracks of their facade.

The test of success will not be in securing a friendship with the fiends of the world, for any sinner can befriend a sinner. The test of success will be in whether the friendships cause the fiends to put away their destructive and totalitarian schemes. The Democrats, shallow as they are, will tend to celebrate success as soon as they make the friendships, for they know they can't find much greater success than that. And making the friendships, they will say, "See, we're not like Bush, or his fundamentalist base; we're much better." So, be prepared to hold your nose.

The far west of Europe is preparing to send naval support for Israel in the form of policing the high seas around Gaza. Could these and others yet to come be the "ships of Chittim" (Daniel 11:30) that in the future keep Gog from invading Egypt a second time?

"Egypt warned European countries on Tuesday to think carefully before sending ships to patrol Gaza's coastal waters to prevent arms smuggling, saying such a move could have significant consequences on ties with Arab states."

Although Egypt is saying now that it won't allow the ships into Egyptian waters, they can nevertheless ride the high seas away from coastal areas. Chances are, Egypt won't mind if they encroach. A shocking development is in this statement:

"The [U.S.] nation's top military officer [Mullen] said Tuesday the United States did all it could to intercept a suspected arms shipment to Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, but its hands were tied."

This is the Cypriot-flagged ship found with weapons to an unknown buyer. It was permitted to sail to Syria. I couldn't imagine the Bush administration allowing such a thing. But as Obama knows that dialogue with Ahmadinejad would be sorely compromised if he arrests the ship, or even if he demands to know the buyers of the weapons, it could explain why it was permitted to sail on. If true, it's an excellent example of how irresponsible the Obama team can be for the sake of success in making those promised friendships. This very day the New York Times has a pro-Hillary article entitled: "Clinton Sees an Opportunity for Iran to Return to Diplomacy."

It could be worse. The ship may have been allowed to sail on because Obama is a closet Hamas supporter. I wonder if Britain and France aren't sending their ships to Gaza to make up for this lackluster U.S. effort.

Obama has chosen Dennis Ross as envoy to Iran (and probably to other Middle Eastern tasks), a semi-Hebrew with plenty of experience in the Israeli controversy. While Ross' Hebrew blood (on his mother's side) may give the impression that Obama is pro-Israel, I had formed a theory in which the Ross clan (of Scotland, beside Moray) was initially a mix of Hungarian royal blood with Varangian-Rus royals of Kiev. That is, I suspect that the Ross clan was named after the Varangians, but as the clan had an unknown Andrew as their patriarch, I also traced it to king Andrew I of Hungary (crowned 1046).

The first Drummond (George) of Scotland was just such a man who had a royal Hungarian and a royal Varangian parent, and in fact Andrew was his father. It is known that George came to Scotland in 1055. No one seems to tell what happened to him afterward, but I was led to believe that he came to support the king of Moray, Macbeth, and upon the latter's military loss soon after his arrival, George settled beside Moray and became responsible for the Ross clan. It also became my belief that George was married to a Leslie clan of Lusatia (though ruling from Podebrady, Bohemia), what I deem as the Ladon cult in Germany.
You can see the white lion on red symbol of the Ross Coat, and because it's the reverse color scheme of the Stewart Coat, a close relationship between the two surnames is evident. Note again the deer symbol in the Stewart Crest, the symbol also of the Arpad Hungarians. King Andrew was an Arpad, and king Stephen of Hungary (an Arpad reigning a half century earlier) used a red and white (Franconian-rake-like) symbol (see flag of king Stephen), this being some further evidence that the red and white colors of the Ross and Stewart Coats traced to the Hungarians.

It is known that a Rose clan lived beside the Ross clan. Recalling that I link both the deer and the lyre/harp symbol to the Arpads, see the lyre that is the Rose Crest. While this symbol may be that of Ireland, it does not necessarily dissuade me from linking it to Arpad stock, especially as much Irish blood was founded by "Heberites."

The Ring in the Ross Crest is a symbol that crops up often in Heraldry, and one theory has been to tie it bloodlines from mythical Melusine, for she was given magic rings as her symbols. I had traced Melusine both to Lusignan and to Lusatia; is it a coincidence that I traced the first Drummond to the Leslies of Lusatia independent of knowing anything about Melusine? I traced the Ross clan to the first Drummond before knowing anything about heraldry or mythology.

Javier Solana is in Israel, probably not by coincidence, on the same day, today, that Obama's man, Mitchell, is arriving. I suppose it could be said that they are spying out the possibilities for a Palestinian state, or perhaps trying to influence the Israeli election because they don't likely want Netanyahu to win.

The Solana Coat is a sun, no doubt representing the sol = sun god. The surname was first found in Catalonia, in that part of Spain that includes the mouth of the Ebro river, and that was once named Occitania after Eber's son, Joktan. I had traced the Drummonds to Adram, god of the Sepharvites (2 Kings 17:31), and it became obvious to me that the so-called Sephardic "Jews" of Spain were from Sepharvites. In fact, I traced Adram to Hadoram, son of Joktan (Genesis 10). The Heberites of Ireland trace to the Iberians of Spain so that very likely they came from the same Hebrew stock.

I was shocked at how extensively the non-Israeli Hebrews had spread themselves throughout Europe. I realized the reason to be in their participation with the Aphrodite cult. Having traced that cult to the city of Aprutium in Abruzzo, I didn't think it was a coincidence that the city was also "Teramo" at one point, reflecting "Drummond."

Not only was I convinced that this city, as per the "Abrussi" term, led to the Brusi/Bruce kings of Scotland, but such locations as Brussels and Prussia were also suspect. And Prussia is where Lusatians lived...while Melusine's mother was given the code word, "Pressina." It is roundly known that Melusine was a dragon woman of Lusignan (one Lusignan, Guy, made it to the Templar throne of Jerusalem), but with the Pressina code I was able to understand that Lusignan (France) was founded by Lusatia...where the Sorbs = (proto-Serbs) lived (that I think were Garebites = Arphaxadites using the deer and harp symbols). Hmm, Gorbachev. No, he's probably too old to be Gog, now 79.

To the Sorbs, Lusatia is "Luzika," if that helps to identify the Laz dragon cult better, and in German the place is Lausitz, evoking the "Laus Dio" written on top of the Washington Monument. If one compares the silver and blue (in heraldry, silver is also shown as white) German Drummond Coat with the Arms of Lusignan, the similarity will be discovered. Then compare to the Arms of Luxumbourg.

As for Brussels, it's now the EU capital. The Aphrodite cult in Abruzzo can be evidenced in that city because it's known that the royal Brusi/Bruce surname was first found in Bruges, Belgium, so why not in the Belgian capital, Brussels ("Bruxelles" in French)? Ignore Wikipedia's etymology of "Brussels," as historians became obssessed with seeking localized geographies as explanations for place and people names. For example, they think "Bush" was a surname named after a local bush on the property of a family that came to call itself, Bush. How simpleton. In the same way, Brussels is thought to be named after a nearby "brook."

My personal bloodline traces back to the early Bruce family of Belgium, to a stock of peoples (I think Amazons) that afterward lived in Cheshire. I can't explain here, but I discovered the importance of the Abruzzo line to the European dragon lines due to being a part of it (by blood only, not by Spirit), a thing that egged me on to making the discoveries. In fact, my mother was born in Abruzzo, in a town named after a major Mars sect (depicted by Mars' woodpecker symbol), the Rus side of the Aphrodite cult.

So what do we have today? We have a man with Sol as his last name, with a Rosicrucian mother, acting as the EU's leader out of Brussels, and in Jerusalem this very day to dinker around with its prophetic future. We have another man in Israel at the same time, with a Maronite mother from Lebanon, who traces to a "Maron" personality, the same term that was mythically, "Maron, priest of Dionysos in Kikonia":

"In the Dionysian tribe there are distinct families ... [each of these] families have their names [from a founding son of Dionysos] ... the Maronian, from Maron, son of Ariadne and Dionysos."

The Kikons, remember, were given "Hebros" as a brother, both sons of Rhod(ope), a term smacking of the Rhodians and Redones, even as "Ariadne" smacks of the same. The Irish line to the Scots was significant in the kingdom of Dal Riata (around Bute/Avalon), suggesting that the mythical Irish patriarch, Heber, links back to Hebros, but also to Ariadne. She was depicted in Dionysus myth as a peoples from his sacred island, Naxos (no doubt named after "Nysus"), but removed to the Amazonian island of Lemnos, the island sacred to Hephaestus, official husband of Aphrodite and the founder of the Kabeiri cult. Lemnos was just offshore of the mouth of the Hebros river.

Ariadne, made the wife of Dionysus, was the daughter of mythical Minos, but because he represented the Minoans, who were mythically made the sons of Zeus and the Tyrian princess, Europa, we see that the Ariadne entity -- and the Maron that was made her son -- traces back to Tyre, now Lebanon. This is too neat to be coincidental.

The Mitchell surname comes from Mitcham (Surrey, England); the Mitchell Coat is a variation of the Merton and Morton Arms (two districts beside Mitcham), as can be verified in the webpage below. Merton is a part of London; I trace the latter back to Lindos on Rhodes, founded by Danaans. In fact, I suspect that Lindos was the root of "Atlantis." I'm suggesting a tie of the Merton entity to the Rhodian entity depicted by Ariadne, and this supports my trace of "Rhodes" back to Arados (also Arpad) of Syria.

In other words, Ariadne depicted the Arphaxadite namers of Arados, but then spread out to Tyre so as to become involved in the Tyrian migration to Crete, where the Minoans were rulers. They then ended up on Lemnos and partook in the Kabeiri cult there, and moving up the Hebros river where the Kabeiri lived, they named Rhodope. From there it was a short jump to Arad in Transylvania, where they must have founded the Slav Rus.

Quite likely, the Mures (also "Maros") river, from which the Hungarian Arpads originated, was named after her Maron entity...which can be suspect as the basis of the Marsi peoples in Abruzzo, for the Romans were from a combination of the god, Mars, and a mythical code, Silva Rhea, which I trace to (Tran)Sylvania. Remember too that Romans were also from the Hirpini wolf cult, a term smacking of "Arpi/Arpad." Likely, the Maros was named after the Maritsa, the alternative name of the Hebros.

Indeed, later, Transylvania was renamed Romania by the Romans (i.e. probably because they knew they had originated there). At the Mures webpage below, one can see the Drummond symbol in the Arms of Mures County. This explains why the Aphrodite city of Aprutium (Abruzzo) was also "Teramo." Remember, "Sylv" and "Slab" were likely named after the Halybes/Chalybes, who also named Calabria (south Italy), which place was also Bruttium, likely named after Aprutium and penned by the Arthurian myth writer (Geoffrey of Monmouth) as mythical Brutus, the founder of Britain's which Arthur (and the Welsh) belonged.

Is it a coincidence that since Ariadne traces to Tyre, anciently "Surro," that Mitcham and Merton are in the county of Surrey??? Surrey was inhabited by the Atrebate Celts, whom I trace to mythical Atreus, a depiction of his father's (Pelops) Heneti peoples who founded Gwynedd, Wales (Gwynedd was named by a Venedotia peoples). Now mythical Merlin was associated closely with Gwynedd (Gwynedd was made his wife, i.e. Merlin's ally), and "Merton" has a distinct similarity to Merlin's alternative name, "Myrrdin" (this is what the Wesh called him).

Now do we realize who is in Israel today with the coming of Mitchell and Solana? The Hebros-Rus dragon cult!! I should add that Ariadne was the granddaughter of Helios, who was also "Sol." The Mitchell Coat uses the diaomonds used also by the Kyles, which a Kyle website claims to depict "coal." That's Masonic double-speak, for Kyle symbols include black Illuminati candles (i.e. indicating dark illumination), and Kyles claim to trace back to king Cole, the ruler of Camulodunum (not very far from Mitcham/Merton). The Kyle diamond, seen also on the Merton Arms, must therefore be code for king Cole, even as Camulodunum (Camelot?) today is Colchester. For further reading, see my work, Veins of Black Cole.

Where I give evidence, in the chapter above, that the naming of Lemnos and the Lemnos-related Lydians trace back to Abraham's grandson, Dedan, it needs to be said that Dedan was from Abraham's other wife (Keturah), not Sarah from whom the Israelites descended. Europe descended not from Israelites, but from Assyro-Babylonian Hebrews, though some God-less Israelites naturally merged with them to some degree in various places and times.

A Mitchell article claims that the surname is from "Michael," adding that "The name Michael is considered Hebraic in origin." I verified this link to "Michael" in that a search of that name at brings up the Mitchell Coat. A look at the German Michael Coat then shows three hexagrams (= "stars of David"), a Satanic symbol that Israel has adopted as its flag symbol. Note that the hexagrams are white on blue, likely the pre-cursors to the stars on the American flag, which themselves trace back to the Murray-Douglas clan...and further back to the Mures river Kabars/Khazars.

Then remember that I trace the Cohen-branch Khazars to the blue and white Rangabe family...that made it to the Byzantine throne with Michael I (!!!). As Melissena Rangabe married a Varangian Rus, it would seem that modern Israel was put on the map by both Khazar and Varangian Hebrews disguised as Rothschild "Jews" (Rothschild means "red shield" and might just link to the Varangian Rus, possibly explaining why Rothschilds were behind the overthrow of Russia in the Bolshevik Revolution, then setting up red-colored Communism as per his "Red Jews").

Having found that the Mitchell surname is a part of the Innes fold, I checked the Innes surname just now (this is cutting-edge revelation) to find three blue hexagrams on white, a reversal of the Micheal symbol. The above link says that Innes is a Flemish surname, what I suspected in the gold and black colors of the British Michael Coat (black and gold are colors of Flanders, founded by Flemings).

As per my theory that the boar symbol (very unkosher = anti-Israeli) is that of the Eburo Hebrews, we find at the Michael webpage above that the Innes surname uses a boar. We also find that Innes was related to the Russell surname...which uses the red lion on white (symbols also of the Stewart and Rhodes surnames) and the three shells/scallops used by the English Mitchell/Michael Coat. Found this definition of scallop: "Heraldry. a representation of a scallop shell, traditionally associated with pilgrimages and crusades."

More cutting-edge discoveries as I write (sorry if this is getting long): I had traced Bruce relatives to Podebrady (Bohemia), and therefore to the Bradd/Bratt surnames, wherefore I found it suspicious that yet another branch of the Michael surname is Galbraith, the root being Braith. When I checked the Braith surname, I found a white lion on blue, the reverse of the early Bruce symbol in York! In fact, Braith is a version of both Bradd and Bratt. This means that the Mitchell bloodline traces to Bohemia, in which case it should be related to the Ross clan of George Drummond, since it was he (via his wife) who brought the Podebrady clan to Scotland.

This should explain why the Russell clan is a branch of the Mitchell surname, especially as the Russell Coat uses a red lion on white while the Ross surname uses white lions on red. This now tends to verify that the ring in the Ross Crest traces to mythical Melusine's mother, Pressina, a depiction of Lusations in Prussia. For, I found that the Podebrady clan under discussion was a clan of Lusatians. I identified the Lusatians of Podebrady as Leslies from Podkowa Lesna (Poland), and thus discovered the Leslie roots in the Hungarian theater that no one yet seems to know.

Podkowa Lesna explains why the Scottish Leslie Coat uses the horseshoe and nail symbol, for "podkowa" is Polish for "horseshoe." In fact, Podkowa Lesna uses a horseshoe as a symbol, as can be verified at the Wikipedia webpage below.

The Podkowa Lesna Arms also uses an evergreen tree, as does Lothian (Scotland), which itself I trace to Leslie (i.e. Laz) stock. Recall that I tend to trace the Lothian evergreen to the evergreen of Lebanon, and that George Mitchell has a Lebanese mother. It can't be a coincidence that while the Micheal surname has a Braith sept/branch, the Bradd/Bratt surnames were first found in Edinburgh, which is in Lothian, or that while the Micheal surname has a Russell/Ross sept, Lothian is the site of Rosicrucian-heavy Roslin and Rosslyn Chapel.

I don't recall whether I published it (I have much material yet unpublished), but I found proto-Leslies passing through Padova in Venetia, which was the origin of the Abreu/Abruzzo (= Bruce) surname, thus explaining PodeBrady's connection to the Bruce surname. But, did you miss it? Wouldn't Padova (Venetia) be the origin of "Podkowa" in Poland??? It blew my mind when I fell upon this, for I wouldn't have known it unless I had traced a proto-Leslie surname to Padova (also "Padua"). "Bratt" and "Bruce" can be related in that we get the first from "Aprutium," and the second from the Abruzzi version.

Consider "Rodham," Hillary's maiden name. It must simply mean red, as can be evidenced by the red shield of the Rodham Coat. I can't prove it yet, but the surname should somehow play into these same Zionist families. In Roslin, king David I (a messianic Hebrew name), built Haly Rod (or "Holyrood") for his mother. That mother, queen Margaret, was previously in exile in the courts of both king Andrew of Hungary and king Yaroslav of the Kiev Varangians. Margaret's blood made it to King Henry II of England (these kings of England, from Norman blood, were Templar-absorbed). My conclusions were the Haly Rod was named after the ancestral god, Rod, of the Kiev Rus, and/or after "Red Rus" Galicia to the west of Kiev.

If you check out the sun in the Solana, Brady, and Jewish Cohen Coats, you will see the similarity. The Jewish Cohen Coat uses three white stars on blue, the same as the Murray and Douglas symbol leading to the U.S. flag. And the proto-Washington surname, Wassa, uses a "star of David." The stripes on the American flag are known to come from the Washington Coat.

Note that to hide the Hebrew roots, the star of David was changed into a five-pointed star in the Washington Coat, a tactic we can suspect in other surnames. Since the Innes surname uses the three blue stars of David on white, they should connect to the Murray clan (out of Moray), and indeed they do (underscore mine):

"Innes was a barony consisting of all the land along the shore between the River Lossie and the River Spey in Morayshire. A charter for these lands was given to Berowald, described as Flandrensis [i.e. from Flanders], by Malcolm IV in 1154. Berowald’s grandson, Sir Walter, took Innes as his name and the charter was confirmed by Alexander II in 1226."

Malcolm IV and Alexander were Scot kings of the line of David I, the one who got the messianic "Jewish" name at roughly the time that king David IV of Georgia was merging with the Templar Crusaders; the latter David (and his fathers) claimed to descend from king David of Biblical Israel, though I do not believe he was telling the reality. In reality, they were from the Bagratid dynasty of Armenians, tracing back to the Yervand dynasty named after Jerevan/Gareb elements.

Possibly, the Georgians traced back to Jebusites (of Zion) who merged with king David's blood after he defeated the Jebusites, but this bloodline would not have been anything holy to the God of Israel. Sorry, Illuminatists, you'll lose out and get nothing from Him; the special line goes through Jesus.

When I found that "Innes" was from "Eanes," I checked the English Eanes Coat to find a similarity with the English Rodham Coat, perhaps helping to reveal that Rodham did come from the Scot line of king David I. The similarity is not only in the petals, but in both surnames being found first in Northumberland (near the Scot-English borrder).

I don't believe that "Innes" was the word for "meadow," as claimed by one Innes webpage. At the Bero Coat page we read that this surname is from "beorg" = hill, but as the two rings of the Eanes Coat are likely the two rings of the Bero Coat, the Bero surname is likely from Berowald, the patriarch (mentioned in the above quote) of the Innes clan. I find it hard to believe that the Bero clan does not know this, by which I mean to say that clans deliberately deceive the public concerning the origins of their names.

Since the Bero surname is included among several 'u' versions, such as "Burrows" or "Burgh," my hunch is that Berowald was from the Eburo Hebrews. Indeed, as I trace the Eburoicum (also "Eburovices") to York, which was later represented by the white rose, so we see two white roses in the Eanes Coat.

I can now mention that the two rings trace to Melusine by yet another method, keeping in mind that by Melusine here I mean the George Drummond marriage to a princess of Podebrady (online evidence is sparse on this marriage, and I can't find it at this time, though I got hold of it in the past). I once read that George's son, Maurice Drummond, who came to Scotland with queen Margaret, was "Marot de Yorvik," an apparent link to the rulership of York...the white-rose city. See that the English Bery/Berry Coat, very similar to the Scottish Drummond Coat.

But behold the Irish Barry Coat, bery, bery similar to the proto-Washington Wassa surname (see also the Scottish Barrie Coat). This supports my trace of the Wassa name to the Kwisa river in Lusatia. Compare the German Wise Coat, especially its Crest, with the German Beri/Bari Crest. I had traced the namers of the Kwisa river to Gewisse, the ancient name of Sussex (England). For further reading see the rather complicated chapter, THE ANGLO SAXON CHRONIC-LAUS.

January 29

Well, well, I thought Obama said that George Mitchell was in Israel merely to "listen," meaning that he's not there to tell Israel how to run it's business, so what is Mitchell doing telling Israel what to do?

"As the Israeli Cabinet met to consider how far to go in its response to Tuesday's [Gaza] bombing, U.S. envoy George Mitchell said it was 'critical' that the cease-fire be extended and consolidated.

'The United States is committed to vigorously pursuing lasting peace and stability in the region,' Mitchell said after talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo..."

Well, Mr. Mitchell, Israel is also interested in lasting peace, but would like to go about it the way it thinks is best, so why don't you and Obama bud out? Oh, I see, because Obama wants the glory of finally establishing a lasting peace, so it's got to be done his way, otherwise he won't get the credit. Tell Israel to put it's faith in its God, not in Obama, if you're worth anything, Mr. Mitchell. And tell Israel that without works for God, faith is dead. The work that God wants to see is for Israel to send all the foreign diplomats home, then to contemplate the good will of God in all avenues of life.

Mark this: Obama has been granted 800 billion apart from Republican support, meaning that Obama will spend it as the Democrats who gave the money see fit. Mark this: God will repay the Democrats as He sees fit.

DEBKAfile reports that the Iranian ship carrying weapons through the Mediterranean to Syria was flanked by the ships of three nations: Israel, the U.S., and Russia. The media claims that the Russian ship is the same one that was stationed off the coast of Syria near to where the Iranian ship was headed. If I were asked why the Russian ship came south into the Gaza theater to move alongside the Iranian ship, I wouldn't answer that its agenda was similar to that of the American and Israeli ships, but that Russia's ship is acting as an escort for the Iranian ship, and some deterrent against trouble from the other ships.

I still think that the U.S. navy was persuaded by Obama that the best action at this time is to let the ship move on to Syria, though Obama has not disclosed the real reason to the military officers: because he doesn't want Iran to become angry with him while he's trying to show the world how remarkable he is for attaining rich dialogue with Ahmadinejad.

Russia yesterday dangled a carrot in Obama's face by saying it won't go ahead with its missile threat on eastern Europe. The goal of this very friendly face should be to assure all the more that Obama not trouble the Russian ship that's acting as the escort for the Iranian ship. So, you see, the enemies of the Israeli axis know that Obama doesn't want waves at this time, giving them the ability to get their dark business done with efficiency. To put it another way, which is what Bush wanted to avoid, the enemies are taking Obama for a fool, so naturally they will show a friendly face.

The report that the ship's weapons were intended for Hezbolah rather than Hamas has evaporated. I haven't read what has convinced the media that the weapons were for Hamas after all.

Hamagaza, what are you doing?

I'm shooting at Israel, Hamascus.


I won the last war, so why not get clobbered again and win another war?

Ah, er, but might you do better to wait for some better rockets? You keep hitting the open fields?

I can't wait. It's in my blood. And Israeliana is starting up again. She even hit Globama in the eye.

That's delightful, Hamagaza. It can only mean one thing: Killary the death angel.

Do you mean Killary Klinker and her Douchbag Reich?

And her ruthless Nutsies. Israeliana hasn't got long to enjoy her life now.

I see, I see, Hamascus. Israeliana is getting in her last shots before...

She'd do better to end her own life than to be in the same room with Killary's Democritics. you think I should make a move on her? Does she have hormones, or is she all machine?

She's a fuhrer, wants to be Queen of the Universe. You're a little beneath her, Hamagaza.

But if I kiss her in front of the news cameras, I'll help her climb to the top. She'll get the credit for humiliating Israeliana instead of Globama. She won't be able to resist me, Hamascus.

The Jerusalem Post has an article entitled: "Solana softens policy towards Hamas," It speaks on some European members trending toward dialogue with Hamas, even if Hamas refuses to accept Israel's existence. Gee willikers, I wonder who put this idea into their heads. It wouldn't be the Globama Trotters, now would it? Jimmy Carter continues to dribble on behalf of dialogue with Hamas; he likes to go for the long shots. Israel cries foul. The clock is ticking...

What do you think of this story:

"Greek authorities plan to build a statue to Alexander the Great in northern Iraq to mark the site of a key 331 BC battle that led to the fall of the Persian Empire, Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis said yesterday.

Bakoyannis...said [Iraq] has welcomed the erection of the statue near the oil-rich city of Mosul. According to Bakoyannis, Zebari, who is a Kurd, said of the proposed project, 'It’s a great idea and we back it.'

The Battle of Gaugamela took place between Alexander and Darius III of Achaemenid Persia near present-day Mosul. It resulted in a massive victory for the Alexander’s army of Macedonians and led to the fall of the Persian Empire.

Alexander is the goat in Daniel 8, and the leopard in Daniel 7. When he defeated the Persians, he defeated the ram of Daniel 7 and the bear of Daniel 8. He then placed Seleucid I as his satrap in Babylon (near Baghdad), who is the first king of the north in Daniel 11. I have not been able to find whether or not Seleucid was related to Alexander, but the latter is said to trace back to major mythical lines, to Hercules (i.e. the Danaans) on one side and to Epirus (north of Greece) on the other.

One webpage says: "The story goes that Philip [= Alexander's father] was initiated into the mysteries at Samothrace..." The article goes on to say that Philip had "spent his boyhood in Thebes," this being the only continental locality on Greece where the Kabeiri cult (by that name, anyway) was extensive.

The Kabeiri cult was on Samothrace. Remember, that cult belonged to the namers of the Hebros river, and I say they went on to name Epirus before crossing to Italy as the Aphrodite-Ares cult at Aprutium (compare "Epirus" with "Aprutium"). Alexander was from the Molossians of Epirus, and on the southern end of Abruzzo there is to this day the Molise region.

I'm wondering what the significance of this statue could be, since it's being erected in the Mosul region just as I'm expecting the final king of the north to appear there. If you're interested in reading about the shaky security situation set up in northern Iraq for the election this weekend, help yourself to a read at I'm going to forego comment until I hear the election results.

If you would like to read on how Egypt continues to build its own coffin, see

If Mitchell was sent to Israel to prop up the Kadima party, now in power but about to lose power to the Likud party, the words just spoken by Kadima's foreign minister must be ironic for Obama: "The IDF will respond to any terror attacks in accordance with decisions made by the Israeli government." The words were not spoken directly at Obama, but we can understand their being aimed straight at Mitchell and the White House. What is going on behind the public eye to cause this rejection of Obama has not yet become known. The defense minister (Barak) may just have canceled his trip to Washington due to the same underlying issue. Could it be that Israel sees the European trend toward Hamas dialogue rooted in Obama?

It may be that the root of this trend is in the Illuminati circle ruling over Obama. It may be that this circle has directed Obama to have dialogue with anti-Israeli groups in an effort to secure peace treaties as soon as possible for New World Order purposes. Terrorism is spoiling the New World Order. Nuclear weapons in the hands of nations like Iran threaten a horrible collapse of the global financial systems, a collapse that the Illuminati can't control.

It's what the Illuminati deserves, of course, since they are thieves, stealing from the people they claim to serve, but God knows the economy must continue until the last day, for the sake of the elect. The day will come, says the Bible, when the people will be saying, right up until the sudden destruction, "peace and safety," suggesting that the collapse of all things will not take place until Armageddon. Perhaps peace will be achieved between the West and the anti-Israeli the expense of Israel. Is this the corner that's being turned at this very time by the West? Wouldn't Barrack Hussein Obama be the one American president to seek this new avenue?

There is a bright future, as soon as Armageddon is done with. It will go quickly so as not to prolonge the new Kingdom. All the wealth amassed by trillionaires (the House of Rothschild alone is said to be worth 100s of trillions) will go to the King of kings, and he will share it with all who are invited to the Kingdom.

This is not a time to fear, but to maintain righteousness while keeping distance from the things of the world. Do you keep your television on without restraint, allowing it to spew the spirit of Satan into your home? God sees, and He's not very happy about it. Why not spend your time on a computer instead, by starting your own website that can be some positive influence for the Kingdom of God? By all means, join me in my project. There is so much that we need to say as direction for His elect.

If you feel flat as a child of God, it could be because you are neglecting to make this choice of switching from television etc., to Kingdom-support. The internet permits us all to become our own publishers. Pick a theme that you think you're skilled at and interested in, and build your fruit tree for Christ. Try to speak as though speaking for God...say things as accurately for Him as He would want you to. I just said, "righteousness and distancing ourselves from the things of the world." How simple is that? And it's exactly what (we know) God would want to say to us. Pick your topic, pick your theme, and become fulfilled by your own message to the world. God will shine on you at times to let you know He's pleased.

In the opening paragraph of an interesting story today, we read:

"Officials of Barack Obama's administration have drafted a letter to Iran from the president aimed at unfreezing US-Iranian relations and opening the way for face-to-face talks, the Guardian has learned."

If you read the rest of the article, you will see how critically important it is for the Obama team to form a spirit of dialogue with Iran. The underlying motive is the belief that friendship with Iran can cause it to change its dirty ways. No, Iran will not change its dirty ways because it's God who raises the enemies of Israel for His purposes of preparing an Israeli Remnant for the Kingdom. The best thing that Obama and his ilk can do at this time is to let the project of God alone, and to give back the money that they have stolen from the peoples. Obama's bill is 800 billion and counting, plus interest that's going to international bankers.

If I know Obama, success is more important to him at this time than the end-result of his projects. Since success can be measured in how deep a relationship he will create with Iran, he will be willing to give Iran more of what it wants than is good for Israel. Iran is demanding sincerity, not two-faced lip service, from Obama. The problem is, the letter(s) now being drafted will be for public consumption, meaning that the ties that Obama will establish with Iran will be deeper than is made parent in the letter. We will be able to gauge, perhaps, how deep those secret ties will become by the satisfaction that Iran responds openly with.

The problem is that the Illuminati does not want Iran to possess the Bomb, while Iran insists on enrichening uranium. I will therefore be looking for any signs that Obama is about to trust Iran's statement that it's enrichening uranium for peaceful purposes. If Obama takes that tack, he should direct his Democrats to trust Iran also.

Israel of course will loath such a thing because it wants to attack Iran's facilities before it's too late. The man (Benjamin Netanyahu) likely to be the Israeli prime minister in February said to the World Economic Forum today that: "preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons ranks far above the global economy among the challenges facing leaders of the 21st century."

He's correct, and because the Illuminati knows it, I expect Obama and Europe to play the sudden nice guy with Iran, in a bid to assure that no Iranian Bombs are set off in the West. It's like the murderous fighter on top making a threat to the fighter on the bottom, who later says that he was just kidding when the fighter on the bottom finds himself on top. Netanyahu is going counter this new "just kidding" direction, and the West views his contuinuing threats against Iran as the one small domino to collapse the West. This is why we can expect some strong arm-twisting by Killary and Kompany. This is why we can expect the Armageddon scenario to develop that Obama will need to deal lip service to Gog and his Iranian ally.

In an article yesterday (by George Soros) about the current potential for economic collapse, we have this opening paragraph:

"In the past, whenever the financial system came close to a breakdown, the authorities rode to the rescue and prevented it from going over the brink. That is what I expected in 2008 but that is not what happened. On Monday September 15, Lehman Brothers, the US investment bank, was allowed to go into bankruptcy without proper preparation. It was a game-changing event with catastrophic consequences."

The German Lehman Coat uses a single red rose as symbol; the surname is "Jewish." The article continues to claim that the authorities just allowed Lehman Brothers to go broke, for no apparent reason, so that "panic then spread to the stock market. The financial system suffered cardiac arrest and had to be put on artificial life support." This tends to support those who claim that certain international bankers are plotting a financial collapse.

The question is, can we trust what George Soros is claiming, who supports bailing out the banks? As he was born George Schwartz, according to Wikipedia, note that the Schwartz Coat is identical to the Lehman Coat, except for the color!! Here we have grounds for a conspiracy that orchestrates the bankruptcy of Lehman while Lehman family allies come out lobbying for a bail out to prevent the company from going under. Meanwhile, Lehman went broke because it used much of its assets to purchase other corporations (and who knows what else). Therefore, upon claiming bankruptcy, Lehman will actually be ahead financially when the bail outs come streaming through. Note that both the Schwartz and Lehman surnames were both found first in Thuringia.

Wikipedia says "Soros is famously known for 'breaking the Bank of England' on Black Wednesday in 1992. With an estimated current net worth of around $9 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 99th-richest person in the world." It also says, "His funding and organization of Georgia's Rose Revolution..." The article mentions plainly how the stock market can be played to win a massive fortune, a thing that was accomplished long ago (early 19th century) by Nathan Rothschild (of London) to get the money-ball rolling for the House of Rothschild. It is believed that Rothschilds manipulated banks and markets ever thereafter.

George was born to a Hungarian "Jew," Tivadar Soros, although Wikipedia says that he was really Teodoro Svarc, this explainimng the "Schwartz" surname. My first impression when I read the Svarc and Soros names together with a Thuringian homeland was the city of Sybaris in southern Italy (Bruttium border area) as it was re-named Thurii...which city I traced to Thuringia. Interesting enough, Herodotus was included in the Thurii wave to the city. Now Sybaris was founded by the nearby people of Laus (!), the city to which I trace the "Laus Dio" written atop the Washington Monument. For further reading, see my chapter, The Arthurian Sole of Italy.

Keep in mind that when I wrote the chapters of the Ladon book, I was no expert on the topic, but was seeking to understand it while jotting things down as I went along in the research. That's why the book is so long. It needs to have much fat cut out. If you can't catch my drift at times, it's not because you're dumb; it's because the story line is complicated on a first read, and at times scatter-brain because the content in each chapter is not formed in my mind before I set out to write it.

George Soros' father was an Esperantist, defined as one associated with the goals of the Esperanto one-world language devised by a "Jew." Quite apparently, the one-world-order "Jews" of the 19th century wanted a one-world language. In the article below, we find that Esperanto was used in Communist Russia until Stalin opposed it, suggesting, perhaps, that the language was fostered by Red Jews under Rothschild founders of Communist Russia. It is known that Hitler opposed both Esperanto and the Rothschilds, and that he was correct in his charge that "Jews" wanted to rule the world...except that they were Jews lumped in with Hebrews of other stripes.

One may expect that, as time went on from Communist Russia's inception in 1917, the Rothschilds could lose power to new rulers, and it would appear that Stalin (ruled 1922-53) opposed Esperanto because he opposed Rothschilds. Stalin, a Georgian on both sides (real surname, Jughashvili), re-structured the entire nation and deported many nationalities, including Jews.

Lenin, on the other hand, who had ruled before Stalin, had Jewish blood in his mother, as per the Blank surname. The English Blank Coat uses just one large petal, the same petal used in the English Rodham Coat. Hmm, coincidences do occur, but in this case, since "Rod" ought to trace to a Russian entity (e.g. Rod, Slav-Russian god), I'm suspicious of a connection. The question is, does the Russian Blank surname connect to the English one? Says the Blank webpage at Wikipedia:

"Lenin's Jewish heritage [in the Blanks] tends to be spotlighted by authors who subscribe to the Jewish Bolshevism conspiracy theory linking Zionism and Communism..."

That Zionism is of course translated as the Rothschilds of London, so that indeed the Blanks of Russia could have been Blanks of England...since the conspiracy theory is based on Red Jews of European connection raised up to kick off the new Russian state. One Red Jew was Leon Trotsky, and so see that the Russian Trotsky Coat uses a gold pentagram on blue, a symbol also on the Clinton Coat!

Note the red lion on white in the Trotsky Coat, a symbol of the English Rhodes (not to mention the English Stewarts). Now look at the gold leopard in the English Rhodes Coat and compare with the gold leopard in the English Blank Crest!!! Keep in mind that the Rhodes Coat connects to the Sinclair Normans (i.e. Varangian Rus in my opinion) as per its use of the (wavy) Sinclair-cross symbol.

This is cutting-edge discovery; I haven't known of these links until this hour. I think we now know why they were called Red Jews. They were Rhodians, explaining while Bill Clinton is a Rhodes scholar. Zowie, Cecil Rhodes was a part of Red-Jew Russia.

On Trotsky we read that he "was a Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist theorist. He was one of the leaders of the Russian October [= Bolshevik] Revolution, second only to Lenin." It's conspicuous that the true spelling of "Lenin" was Ulyanov, a term that seems rooted in a version of "lion." Since Leon Trotsky supported Lenin, and since Trotsky was a Marxist, it would seem, because Marxism was rooted in Adam Weishaupt (the visible founder of the Bavarian Illuminati), that the Lenin-Trotsy movement (= the Bolshevik movement) was connected to the Bavarian Illuminti.

What may be shocking is that, while the the Bavarian Illuminati was formed officially in 1776, the Year of America, the "Weis" root of the founder's name may be connected to the proto-Washington "Wassa" surname. You recall my mention of the Wise Coat; a search for "Weis" brings up the same Coat; surname first found in Bavaria.

This would be off-topic if not for the possibility that the Rodham surname connects with the Rhodes and Blank (= Lenin's mother) surnames both using the gold leopard, but also because the Clinton Coat connects with the pentagram of the Trotsky Coat that itself uses the red lions of the Rhodes Coat. Suddenly I am beginning to understand, and meanwhile it dawned on me where the term "Esperanto" derives, from the mythical garden of the Ladon dragon: Hesperides. It was the symbol of western Atlantis.

Bill Clinton was born William Blythe, and when checking the Blythe Coat, I found symbols (crescents) belonging to the Setons of Flanders. The Scottish Seton Coat proves Flemish/Flanders ancestry because it uses the unique border used also by the Scottish Fleming Coat. We note that Setons were first in Lothian, as were the Flemings when they arrived from Flanders. Note the green dragon that is the Seton Crest (probably linked to the Leslies).

In the Januray 26th Iraq Update, I confidently traced the Clinton surname to Flemish Templars, and here we now have his birth name tracing to the same Fleming Templars. The cresents in the Blythe Coat are red on white, the colors of the Templars and of the Scottish Flemings. The Irish Fleming Coat shows the (red and gold) checkerboard pattern that I typical connect to the Cohen surname.

Can it be that while Bill Clinton's mother had Cassidy for a surname, the Cassidy Coat also uses red lions on white??? I would suggest to you that Bill was from the Rhodes bloodline on his mothers side, and that Cecil Rhodes (a racist sort who valued bloodlines) probably held to a secret rule that Rhodes scholars trace back to his bloodline...and perhaps marry into the same bloodline. By the way, Bill's mother married a Clinton and thus Bill got that name.

Russia's banks are failing one at a time, it seems, if we believe the reports, and they too are asking for bail outs. Could it be that Rothschilds are behind those bail outs too? And there's the article entitled, "Global banks join clamour for bailouts." How can this be going on all at the same time everywhere and not be the result of a global trick by the dark Illuminati? Note that the article is in a British media, The Times.


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