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January 25 - 27, 2009

The Dark Dance of Obamarionette

January 25

Both the Jerusalem Post and DEBKAfile report the "capture" of the weapons-carrying Iranian ship by the American navy, and both confirm that the ship must be released due to legal prohibitions on retaining it:

"DEBKAfile's military sources report that a US Navy Coast Guard team this week boarded an Iranian arms ship flying a Cypriot flag in the Red Sea and found weapons in its hold.

The Iranian ship's captain showed the US boarding team documents recording the Syrian port of Latakia as its cargo's destination...But according to international law, the US Navy's Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, set up last week to combat piracy, was not authorized to confiscate the cargo or stop the ship because no enforcement mechanism was yet in place.

After a few hours, therefore, the US force released the Iranian vessel and two warships escorted it out of Red Sea waters. The ship and its escort are due to enter the Suez Canal heading north Saturday night, Jan. 23..."

I don't know the significance of the Cyprus flag, or the Latakia ("Lazkiye" to the Turks) destination to the east of Cyprus (see map of Syria; click to enlarge). This Mediterranean city was named by Seleucid I, the first "king of the north" in the anti-Christ prophecy. The city was also directly off the coast where the seven-headed Lotan dragon was located by myth writers. Wikipedia says that Latakia was named after Seleucid's mother (Laodice), but, if true, it could also have been named after whatever she had been named after, perhaps the local Lotan/Ladon stock of peoples.

On Seleucid's birth: "It was pretended, in consequence of a dream which [Laodice] had, that Apollo was the real father of her child." The implication is that Seleucid was from a bloodline that worshiped Apollo...who was essentially "married" to the Ladon-Daphne cult in that region, even as one Greek myth writer had Apollo fall in love with Daphne as she bathed in the Ladon river (Greece).

Apollo, then, seems the common denominator in both the Roman dragon and the king-of-the-north line to Gog, for the first Roman emperors, of the Julius-Caesar bloodline, worshiped Apollo. This commonality is reinfiorced by the fact that Latins were at the root of the Romans. Many years ago, as I attempted to understand the link between the Seleucids and the Romans -- i.e. the link implied by Daniel 7 in conjunction with Daniel 8 -- I was flatly unable. Neither did anyone in prophecy-land seem to understand it, though attempts were made to explain the mystery. As a result of writing a massive book (may never be finished) on the origins of the Biblical dragon (see Tracking Laden Gog and the Hebrew Rose), I can now report (praise be to God) that the link was in the seven-headed Lotan dragon of the Latakia region.

My trace of Obama to the Lydian fold makes these findings all the more intriguing. I took the time yesterday to develop some more thoughts on the topic, as a follow-up to the end of the previous update, but as the work is too long to enter here, I made it a separate piece for interested readers. See Obama Stock.

My stomach turns now as I relate Obama's fast move to overturn a Bush ban on funding out-of-country abortions. I am reminded that Bill Clinton supported partial-birth abortion, and suddenly the darkness that now rules America...I loath the thought of covering the Obama's administration in covering the lead-up to Armageddon.

Israel struck gas. Off the coast of Haifa:

"Analysts told Reuters the natural gas find at Tamar No. 1 was worth an estimated $26 billion and would be available for market starting in 2013.

I was going to mention this story a couple of days ago as a possible lure for Gog, since Ezekiel 38 tells that Gog will come to Israel to steal a prize. I wrote the piece and then removed it from the update because it was too theoretical. But now that I found the above, that the gas will be made available in the marketplace in 2013, the same year that I foresee for Gog's invasion of Jerusalem, I thought I should mention it. Lebanon wants a share of the natural gas, claiming that it's buried partly under Lebanese territory.

I was a little surprised to hear that Hamas is willing to make peace with the West Bank Palestinians. But today I learn that it's under the condition that the West Bank cancels its peace talks with Israel. In other words, Hamas is willing to make peace with its Palestinian enemies if they, like Hamas, call for the destruction of Israel. A very brash Hamas is openly claiming that it will re-arm, though this is likely more of a face-saving attitude than a true spirit of courage.

A new development in northern Iraq:

"A trilateral committee comprised of the U.S., Iraq and Turkey will be established in the northern Iraqi city Irbil to coordinate efforts by the participating countries in the fight against the Kurdish terrorist group, the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK)."

Now the United States is entering the Turko effort to fight the Kurds. Watching. Meanwhile Joe Biden is admitting to Americans that US deaths are about to escalate in Afghanistan, but rather than admitting that Obama is a continuation of Bush in this regard, he's trying to make it appear as though Obama has no choice due to "inheriting" the problem from Bush. No way. Obama has the choice of removing troops from Afghanistan just as he has the choice of leaving Iraq.

Obama was willing to pull out of Iraq when Iraq was still in jeopardy because, for a man seeking the White House, the lives of American soldiers had to be made to appear as though more important than Iraq's future. Now that he's the President, American lives don't matter as much as his successful record as a foreign-affairs leader. Where Obama succeeds, he will distance the issue from Bush and take credit, but where Obama fails, he will blame Bush. Everybody already knows this about Obama.

DEBKAfile has another update on the Iranian ship caught with weapons headed for Latakia, and claims that Obama's hands may be tied so as not to be able to search the ship for fear of offending Iran. The update denies that the ship has left the Suez canal. It claims that the US seeks a viable port for making the saerch. Watching.

I wasn't going to mention, because it was implied, that the Iranian ship headed for Latakia was somehow connected to the Russian base at Tartak, but today the ship appears in a Times calling the ship the "Russian cargo vessel Monchegorsk, which is registered in Limassol and flying a Cypriot flag."

The article also says, "In recent weeks at least two Iranian destroyers have been sent to the Gulf of Aden on the pretext of fighting piracy. The Israelis suspect that the destroyers, which are currently in port in Aseb in Eritrea, may have had some role in the shipments."

January 26

The following goes counter to what I've been expecting of Obama:

"President Barack Obama's pledge to seek a worldwide ban on weapons in space marks a dramatic shift in U.S. policy while posing the tricky issue of defining whether a satellite can be a weapon."

I think this attitude is based in the fears that Democrat leaders feel. They sense the shadows of the Armageddon clouds, and they seek to curb the world away from such a scenario. But ultimately, they will be pulled into the Armageddon wave, for God wants them in the wave, where they will be drowned by it. I still expect Obama to use missiles for his own purposes in bringing the world on-side his global agenda in conjunction with the Revelation it the Illuminati or by some other term.

You might be interested in some online videos of Leo Zagami, an ex-Illuminatist of some high standing who opted to remove himself and then expose what he knew. The videos are long and Leo likes to talk in details that produce some impatience for the listener, but he seems to know what he's talking about and at times can be quite interesting...though I think he is himself a victim to some degree of disinformation, as for example his belief that the Revelation dragon will be Vatican based. He was arrested and nearly jailed on false charges for his work in exposing the beast online. I too was nearly jailed on a trumped charge (I have decided not to reveal the charge because it more easily identifies me to those in Homeland Security that may want to know). Understand that Homeland Security may see anti-globalists and Armageddon-believing Christians as an enemy.

Leo mentions such things as Vatican control of apostolic gnostic Christian churches, the Freemasonic-Christian facade, and describes his views of various Satanic organizations. His claim that atomic bombs are slated for 2012 and set off by Illuminati powers are interesting to me, but I am cautious because Leo also believes that the Illuminati set off the 9-11 incident, a conspiracy I don't believe. One gets a good sense of the deception involved in Freemasonry, and Illuminati Zionists are discussed as well. See

Leo is speaking before Obama's election victory and ckaims that Obama is a 32-degree Freemason. In Part Three, Leo is aksed what events can be exopected in the next few years. He says there is a financial crisis slated for 2010 along with an oil crisis for 2012. But, as always, I say that God is in control of whether or not any evil plots succeed. We just saw the oil prices shoot up, but, I think, when the Illuminatists not in the oil business saw their businesses go sour as a result of high gas prices, they complained to the leadership so that oil prices shot back down again. The plot failed, in other words.

Some might say that the high oil prices were part of a calculated plan to harm the economy for the purpose of creating the financial crisis, and that Illuminati businesses which lost money were then given tax dollar bail-outs as compensation.

Leo says that the Jesuits are planning a "seven-year tribulation" starting in 2012 to usher in a messianic personality for their globalist purpose, with the false Jesus coming to Jerusalem in 2015. This reflects the idea of certain prophecy buffs wrongly perceiving the anti-Christ as a messianic figure of the Israeli state. This tends to confirm my realization that the ideas of an anti-Christ peace treaty with Israel and the associated false messiah, are rooted in disinformation put forward by the Illuminati.

I'm not disputing that the Illuminati wants to put forward a messiah-like personality or that he will be involved in Israel, but that Illuminati ideas put forward from "Christian" circles have been picked up by Protestant/evangelical prophecy writers, and then spread to the churches. He mentions that people who oppose the Illuminati will be jailed instantly.

As per my arrest by Homeland Security, I was driven to a jailhouse (before facing a judge the next day, who released me), the unmarked police car parked on top of a bridge with a river flowing underneath. I was made to believe that the driver was waiting for another officer to arrive by car, who was to come with us to the jailhouse. This sounded unnecessary, and in fact he never showed up. In my head the entire 20-30 minutes that we were parked there, I thought they were going to dump me into the river...a common method of murder for Illuminati powers.

Assuming that the false Jesus is to arrive publicly/politically in 2015, or thereabouts, could it be that the pre-tribulation rapture is also part of the Illuminati make many Christians "disappear"??? Where will they be placed? In undergorund bunkers? It is known that the U.S. military has secret underground facilities that no one seems to know the use of. Let's hope that none of this will take place.

I've listened to Leo in full and conclude that what he says has been said by others before. At the article below, one can read a little of what he's about: "The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives you 6 years to prepare... So its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God."

I'm mentioning this because it coincides with my calendar. However, note that his end-time calendar might be purely based in stellar observations (i.e. astrology), which I give no merit for any purpose let alone predicting end-time events. On the other hand, Leo may have heard/read some things that tipped him off to 2012 as the first year of percecution, though that year is also the one predicted as the last one in history by the Mayan calendar (or so we are told today), yet another theory that give no merit.

For all I know, Leo could be deceiving us, trying to blame the coming events on Jesuits and the Vatican, a natural quest by Satanists. Leo is a Muslim, as his his wife. Be cautious in what you believe. Having said that, I'll share Leo's Illuminat Confessions website...but do not join his organization, for he could be an Illuminati plant to befriend post-tribulationists, and keep records on them. As soon as he has your email address, it might be enough for him to spy on your computer. Beware post-tribulation websites that feel suspcious, ask for money, or include signs of the occult such as astrolgy.

Leo's claim that America is about to be Nazified agrees with my assessment of the Obama team as puppets of the Aryan organization of Cecil Rhodes. It's perhaps ironic to the Rhodes club that Obama happens to be a non-Aryan, but I'm not going to throw out the theory that this is part of the conspired plan (or did I just throw it out?). Is Obama chosen to be the false messiah of Israel who is supposed to betray Israel in the middle of the seven-year period (not by fulfilling prophecy but by fulfilling the will of the Rhodes club)? Was 2012 chosen as the year for the start of the seven years because Obama wasn't supposed to be the President until that time? Does his election in 2008 draw the Illuminati plans back four years so that the seven years start now? Whatever the case, God has a big surprise for these deceivers: Gog, as the monkey wrench in their machine.

Leo said that one of his jobs as an Illuminatist was to infiltrate his wife's Muslim organization in Turkey, saying also that Turkey was important to Illuminatists in that it's middle ground between the West and the Middle East. That sounds correct. Speaking of Turkey, we read in today's news: "When Hamas asked [the Egyptian negotiators] for Turkish monitors to be posted at the Rafah crossing, Suleiman said: Here's the Turkish prime minister's phone number. Call him yourselves."

We may yet see Turks in Rafah, and I'm convinced that Obama wants his people there too, but look at what else is developing:

"Five Iranian parliament members intend to visit the Gaza Strip to congratulate the Palestinians on their resistance against the "Zionist offensive."

Official Iranian leaders in Gaza? How often will this take place? Doesn't it amount to war strategy that no one can intercept because talks are going on apart from electronic means?

I thought that I'd be focusing more on northermn Iraq by now, but the news there is always the same. The importance is in the election winners in the Mosul region. Kirkuk, by the way, is not undergoing these elections as that region's elections have been postponed.

Democrats are repeating their gloomy economic scenario, which only serves to make the recession worse. Dare we view their pessimism as part of the claim by Leo and others that a global recession is being orchestrated? You be the judge of their words:

"'There's been no good news,' said Vice President Joe Biden on CBS' 'Face the Nation,' 'and there's no good news on the immediate horizon.'

...'These problems weren't made in a day or a week or a month or even a year, and they're not going to get solved that fast,' Summers said. 'The next few months are, no question, going to be very, very difficult and it may be longer than that.'"

Again, a recession just before the midway point of the 70th Week is good for the Church, for prices will come down in a recession.

You can see Obama riding on a donkey here. I just learned from World Net Daily that Obama did not pray the Lord's Prayer when Rick Warren recited it at the inauguration. Plus, unlike Jesus as he rode a donkey to Jerusalem, Obama is unwilling to die for his people, and unwilling even to confess the sins of his fellow Democrats. No, Obama is not a messiah, not even close.

Just found this:

"Leo Zagami has in May 2008 announced that he is back in the Illuminati ranks, or rather, that he now personally controls major parts of the Illuminati, and his agenda while being in exile and a defector has not changed."

If this is true, it's a good lesson for us: watch who you entrust yourself to online. I would suggest that he never defected, accept as a game that he was playing, meaning that whatever he said while "defected" is suspect as truth interspersed with lies. It turns out that, in 2008, he was recruiting people to fight a major war against the Illuminati, and claiming that he had some very high lights on board with him. What better way to discover the enemies of the Illuminati. The video I shared above, by Project Camelot, admits that "since [making the video] many of those watching Leo's personal saga play out will have noticed that there is something terribly wrong."

In the spy game, one never knows who the turncoats of the turncoats of the turncoats are. We as post-tribbers will need to be mindful of what post-trib organizations we will join, and perhaps we ought not to join any but the unorganized groups. On his homepage, Leo says: "I urge you to email me personally, tell me how you might be able to help in this great endeavor before us..." On this page, he claims that he is starting true Freemasonry devoid of Satanism, and as such he is targeting Christians.

The following article perhaps reveals in no uncertain terms what Illuminati circle in particular put Obama on the political map in the first place:

"Just a little over one year after being elected as a junior senator, in 2006 Obama was the featured guest before a private gathering of the Goldman Sachs executives in Chicago, an honor unheard of for someone that politically insignificant, speaking before the most powerful financial firm on Wall Street and one of the most powerful in the world. This was quietly reported in Bloomberg News.

It was the launch of his presidential campaign and Goldman executives soon gave over $800,000 to jump start the Obama presidential bid along with collecting millions of dollars from their fellow Wall Street firms and clients. Oh yes, Robert Rubin became the Obama economic expert, a former CEO of Goldman Sachs. Billionaire Warren Buffet became his most trusted economic advisor, a man who was to invest $5 billion in Goldman Sachs in the height of the economic meltdown. Yet Buffet was also a personal guest of Lord Rothschild at a private conference at his English estate.

The story only gets better...."

"Better" here means "darker." The article goes on to cite a couple of new laws enacted on behalf of the big players, and then zeroes in on "InterContinental Exchange, or ICE, founded by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and a few other big brokerages in 2000. ICE soon opened a trading platform in London, allowing its founders to trade vast quantities of U.S. oil overseas without being subject to regulation. This opened the floodgates to oil price speculation."

And there we have the underlying cause of the oil boom and subsequent recession. The article wants to pin Obama to the wall on this, saying: "Obama never questioned the role of Goldman in the sub-prime fiasco nor in manipulating the oil futures prices. When Goldman specialists tried to drive the price of oil up to $200 a barrel this year Obama never said a word." Then we learn that the crisis mentioned by Colin Powell may be related to Goldman Sachs, for:

"Long before this time the Goldman Sachs Foundation had quietly channeled funds to Colin Powell's new group, America's Promise and Powell himself was collecting honorariums from $50,000 to $100,000 for speaking to various groups including Goldman sponsored events."

The article goes on to suggest that Powell, then a Republican, was converted to the Obama camp by a Rothschild fronthouse, and that Rothschild fronthouses, including J.P. Morgan, greatly benefited from the banking collapse in the United States by buying dying firms cheap. If you go to the webpage, be sure to read the first page of this four-page article, written before Obama was elected. What would Democrats think of Obama if they knew he was supporting foreign bankers in Britain with the money he's about to charge Americans for? He'll save the banks with your money, the banks that Rothschilds will buy cheap, in which case the Rothschilds get your money that Obama took.

You must see a video called "Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout Bill". Obama and Biden and other Democrats are featured. Listen to the lies, knowing the statements are being made to support the international bankers. Check out the related videos on the same page. The video here begins to make a case for the 9-11 disaster being a plot by the Pentagon.

The Sachs surname is "Jewish, and uses three white roses as symbol, a possible clue to a Rosicrucian link. The German Goldman surname, also "Jewish," uses a red deer as symbol, a possible clue to an Arphaxadite link. As the English Goldman surname is Flemish (says the link), there is a high possibility that it was linked to the post-Templar Freemasonry, for the Flemings were at the root of the Templars.

Hillary Clinton just chose Todd Stern as an envoy, and the Stern Coat of Arms uses three black crosses with three fingers per arm, which is the symbol of the Bouillon surname (Godfrey de Bouillon was the first Templar ruler of Jerusalem). Note the huge "star of David" in the German Stern Coat, and the same plus a black dragon in the Jewish Stern Coat.

I had discovered that the Bouillon cross was a symbol used by European Avars (see Avar cross)...who had certain Hebrew markers, even as "Avar" resembles "Hebrew." Now look at the Clinton cross with three arms and three fingers on each arm, and tell me that it's not the Avar cross!!! This could explain why Hillary chose a Stern, to get family blood on board. Flemings of Flanders flooded Scotland just before the Templar era so that Flemings are suspect at the root of Scottish Freemasonry. In fact, the Flemings who came to Scotland were led by Godfrey's father (Eustace II). The Clinton name is Scottish, so that this should explain his link to Godfrey's bloodline.

Now behold the Holbrooke Coat of Arms. It's the Templar cross of Jerusalem (Richard Holbrooke was chosen by Obama to be his Afghan envoy). These things can't be coincidences. America is led by modern Templars!

It can now be proven that the bloodline goes back to the Khazars by showing the Rangabe Cross, exactly the Bouillon cross but in the colors of Michael I Rangabe, Byzantine emperor, son of Theophylactus Rangabe, who was himself the father of Melissena of Byzantium. The Rangabes were of royal Khazar blood on one side! Both Michael II and Michael III were Amorian emperors, from Amorium (western Turkey), a term that I think honors Amorites.

Melissena married a Varangian Rus (one of the first, if not the first), the co-founders of Moscovite Russia. Not only might the Varangians have been named after Avars, but there is some evidence that her mother was a Vere, later the "owners" of Oxford and the caretakers of an ancient dragon cult. This theory can explain that Varangians were named after Veres (or vice versa), and why Varangians used a dragon symbol (Veres use a green dragon as symbol). In Vere legend/mythology, Veres came from a "Milouziana" witch. Coincidence? The story (as told by Nicholas de Vere) also claims that Milouziana had a son, Milo de Ver, count of Anjou. It could therefore be that Melissena married a Vere that was called a Varangian (Var-Angabe?).

As the Rangabes lived before the Templars, it seems that Templars were from Khazar-branch Avars. A version of the surname was Rhangavis, evoking "Angevin" (= inhabitant of Anjou), an important point because the colors of Anjou were also blue (as was the color of Rangabe), while Anjou's symbol was the fleur de lys, the symbol that seems to be at the tips of the Ranbgabe cross. The Avars were known to have some Khazars, explaining why the cross was also among the Avars.

In the Goldman-Sachs video above where various Democrats were convincing the people that the bail outs for the banks were a good thing for the people, Harry Reid was among them. Look at the Reid Coat and see the same cross, and the two pentagrams, used in the Clinton Coat, and moreover the Reid Coat uses the red deer used by the German Goldman Coat, indicating that Reid is from the Goldman bloodline. Therefore, when politicians vote on issues, sometimes their votes are determined by loyalty to their own bloodlines rather than what's good for the nation. states today: "Sales of previously owned homes in the U.S. unexpectedly rose from a record low, propelled by the biggest slump in prices since the Great Depression as foreclosures surged." For trib survivalists, this is not a mere silver lining. It's the big sun itself. If the slump continues, vacant land might just become, not only cheap, but more available as landowners severe and sell off small lots from their large tracks (to create a little extra income to make up for lost income elsewise).

January 27

I have not much idea whether regular readers appreciate or tolerate inclusions of my research on the dragon cult of history. I find the above very interesting, and would like to add a bit here while the news is short on pertinence. I showed above that the Clintons are from Templar blood and likely from the Hebrew blood of the Varangian Rus. During my research into Rosicrucianism, I came to learn that Hitler's Nazi cult was from a Scandinavian (i.e. Thule) branch of Rosicrucianism. Then, on the same day that I discovered the similarities between the Avar and Rangabe crosses, I found this statement:

"According to chronicles, Rus' prince Oleg, who in the 9th century had captured Constantinople, had nailed his shield (which had a large red swastika painted on it) to the city's gates" (brackets not mine!!).

That's Oleg, a Varangian Rus, using a swastika. It verifies what I have been claiming (what no one else has claimed so far as I have read), that Rosicrucians stem from the Rus, and especially the Varangians. But as the Varangians were from the French, it explains why the French were front and center in Templarism. And of course it should explain why the French were joined by the Normans in their Templar quest for Jerusalem (i.e. because Normans, Vikings from Norway, must have been of the Varangian family).

In the swastika article (above) at Wikipedia, I also saw, on that same day, an Avar swastika. I kid you not (but it's no longer shown at that article), and one Avar version shown very much resembled the Rosicrucian cross of Johannes Andreas (using four roses), and of course the Templar flag of Jerusalem. This clinched the Avar-Varangian relationship, and justified the title of my book, Draco Laden and the Hebrew Rose. That is, the Ladon dragon cult was a Hebrew-Rus peoples. Prior to using this title, and prior to entering any Hebrew elements whatsoever in the book, I had tied Rosicrucians only to the Rus and Gog.

Now as the Norman kings had Sinclair as a surname, see the Sinclair Cross, and then, keeping in mind that Cecil Rhodes had Nazi-like tendencies in his favoritism for the Brito-Aryan race, compare the Sinclair cross with the English Rhodes Coat. You see the same cross exactly, verifying that the Rhodes surname was at some point joined to the Sinclairs. The Stewarts, which are also a part of the dragon bloodline, are represented on the Rhodes Coat by the red lions on white; see the English Stewart Coat, and note the deer in the Crest.

The Sinclairs were at first (11th century) given Roslin (Rose Line?) in Scotland as their domain, exactly where the Flemings of Flanders came when they became a part of the Scottish cult. Roslin is in Lothian (mythical founder = "Lot"), a term smacking of the Lotan dragon in Syria, and moreover the symbol of the Lothian surname is an evergreen, just like Lebanon.

When I learned that the Flemings came to Scotland with the Biggar surname, it led me to discover that the Hebrews among them were from Kabars of Biharia, on the Mures river in Transylvania. These Kabars/Khazars were also the direct ancestry the Hungarian Arpads, explaining why some of the Hungarians, including the green-dragon-symbolized Leslies and the half-Varangian Drummonds, came to Scotland (just before the Templar era). Eventually, I discovered that the father of Rollo Sinclair (founder of Normandy) was also from the Mures river region, explaining why he ruled in Scandinavia at a place called More. I then was able to locate the Sinclairs at Aviemore near Moray. See how nice this Mures > Moray > More migration fits? And the Moray region was smack beside the Ross shire.

This is your leadership today, America.

Try to understand my joy. I spent many months on double shifts daily writing the Ladon book, with friends thinking I was crazy, asking what the purpose could possibly be, and always I suspected that what I would find would connect to the end-time False Prophet system, and here it is proving true in the Obama administration.

I have joy because, always, the way it all unfolded was as though God was giving key after key after key to support hunches that no one imagined could be true. I have joy because, if God is in it, then there will be fruit, for I have no joy unless others read what has been dredged from the rocks of time, buried under dragon mud for so long: Abraham's brothers and fathers and sisters are destined to be the enemies of God at Armageddon. They became the Rus, tied to Gog.

It is utterly astounding whenever I think about it. I have said it before but will again: the Templar flag of Jerusalem was also the flag of Georgia (Gogi-land) then, and is to this day. The Zionists come from Hebro-Amorites of Jerusalem. Astounding, is it not? They are the end-time enemies of God for the Armageddon showdown. Who could have thought?

America is in-part from Moray, namely from the Murray surname, and the related Douglas clan, both of which used three white stars on blue, the fore-runner to the stars on the American flag. The Douglas Coat uses a red heart, the symbol of the Danes, and therefore likely traces once again to the Rollo Vikings, for they were Danes. One can then sense that the Rollo line traces to the Greek Danaans, explaining why the America-founding symbols smack of Egypt.

The green mermaid in the Murray Crest is mythical Melusine, the same as the Vere Milouziana. She is the Babel Coat, to be connected to the Hohens of Baden, Prussia and Lusatia. The latter location is where the Saxons of England originated, as well as the green-dragon Leslies, and frankly I traced the Laz to that place. The Washington surname was also from this Saxon fold, I believe. I trace Babels to Babenburgs and they in turn to Paphlagonian Heneti, wherefore Melusine's mirror may be a symbol, not so much of vanity, but of the Veneti.

In the news, the Iranian ship loaded in-part with weapons has been prohibited from entering the Suez canal in order to get into the Mediterranean. The ones prohibiting the entry are the Egyptians. This is going to make Iran very angry. I don't expect a vocal conflict because Iran must be a little embarrassed for having been caught with the shipment. If Egypt makes light of the weapons (very tempting because Egypt's reason for opposing Hamas is directly linked to opposition of Iranian influence on its border), Iran will be all the more vengeful.

It is said that Iran uses Somalia to house its weapons slated for the Israeli theater. Is it a coincidence that we read the following in today's news:

"Fighters from the al-Shabab group have captured the Somali town of Baidoa and seized the parliament building just hours after Ethiopian troops pulled out of the country, witnesses said."

The al-Shabab group are radical Muslims who will predictably support Iran in the prophetic invasion of Egypt by the Gog block.

Days in a row now we've had to tolerate reports that Obama is about to have dialogue with Iran. So what? What does this make him? Different than Bush? Is this going to be Obama's legacy, to be different than Bush? Day after day he takes swipes at the Bush administration and its agenda. On his tombstone, he should write: "I was not like Bush." Woopity doopity, Obama. How's about showing something truly worth celebrating?

He's now telling his Israeli envoy not to dictate to the Israelis, but to listen to the two sides first, and not to go to Israel just for photo opportunities. He needs to leak these things to the press because the people are starting to clue in to what his team is really like. It's out to set a great image for itself. To do so, however, the team needs to succeed in its missions (God forbid that it should fail miserably). We can expect some low-down tactics for the purpose of success.

Israeliana, jump over this bar.

No, Killary, I won't.

Do it, or I'll pull out your nails.

Go ahead, start pulling.

I'll take away your razor.

I'll go hairy.

I'll toxify your skin cream.

I'll de-toxify.

I'll pose for a photograph with Ahmadman.

You wouldn't? You would! Witch!!

O yes we can put you between a Barrack and a hard place.

She-devil you!

Jump, or I'll caress Hamash in front of news cameras...

Aaoh, sick...

...and cuddle the Hezbullah Dog...

Not going to do it, Killary. This time, for you it's nyet, and yahoo for me.

Netanyahu is further ahead in the polls than the four points reported recently.

Obama has already started to kiss the Muslims on camera in his first formal news session, done with Al-Arabiya TV. In the article/video below, he says that he's not going to arm-twist Israel, but then says he's "absolutely certain that significant progress can be made." How can he be "certain" knowing that no progress has been made thus far, except for some antics by both Israel and Palestine intended to make a good show of things. No one can be certain on a controversy like this unless there are some special tactics in the plan. As you can see, Obama is promising some success because he has set the bar very high for a success story. But the people are going to tire of hope and promise if some hard-core results don't come streaming in soon. The Republican charge is that his administration has done nothing so far.

When Obama tells on the video above that, for the Middle East peace deal, "the most important thing is for the United States to get engaged right away," I view him as a puppet of the Illuminati as it strives for a peace deal NOW. No, YESTERDAY. Obama continues to say that "Israeli security is paramount," this being a defense mechanism against what many think is the reality: his favoritism toward the Palestinian side. He says that "it's possible for us to see a Palestinian state." That's the Illuminati goal. He admits that Mitchell has "extraordinary skill" for the purpose, thus contradicting his own farce that there will be no arm-twisting. "Skill" in this controversy can only mean "manipulation."

He uses the word "respect" as the attitude to be shown toward the Muslim world, and meanwhile he swipes the Republican right every day. Whose trying to destroy the United States, the Republican right, or the Muslims? Who really deserves respect, people who believe that Jesus is the only Son of God, or Muslims who view Jesus as a lunatic? He then calls the Iranians a "great civilization" as the start of his hand-reaching toward Ahmadinejad. I assure you, this comment did not come from the Holy Spirit.

If Obama feels that this television show succeeds at maintaining his high wave, I predict that he'll try to befriend Hamas openly. It is unthinkable that the Obama administration would allow Jimmy Carter to speak at this sensitive time, by which I mean to say that Jimmy now represents the true spirit of the Obama team:

"Former US President Jimmy Carter insisted [yesterday] that the Hamas terrorist organization is a group of trustworthy and respectable individuals that cannot possibly be blamed for the recent violence in and around the Gaza Strip.

Speaking on NBC's 'Today' show, Carter said that Hamas can be trusted, and that the terror group had adhered fully to the terms of an unofficial six-month ceasefire prior to the outbreak of the Gaza war.

...Carter tried to qualify his remarks by acknowledging Hamas had done some bad things, but remained adamant that the terror group must be engaged diplomatically and made part of the 'peace' process."

At the same webpage above, we find that "Louis Michel, European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, toured Gaza on Monday and told reporters that Hamas bears full responsibility for the death and destruction he was shown there......Michel denounced Hamas as a terrorist organization..." Once again, we see EU powers siding with Israel. My prediction therefore is that Obama, who seeks a super alliance with the EU, will urge high EU powers to accept Hamas as a meritorious entity. This seems to be the game plan.

I kid you not, that some 10 minutes after writing the above, I found this headline in Haaretz: "Israel stymies French push to lift European boycott of Hamas":

"Jerusalem views the French move [at the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels last night] as an attempt to get the Quartet for Middle East soften its conditions for international recognition of Hamas...

Israeli diplomats in Europe have been reporting a new willingness in various European capitals to reevaluate international policy toward Gaza...

Israeli officials are particular perturbed about recent comments by French diplomats, in off-the-record meetings, which claim Hamas cannot be ignored.

'We cannot return to the status quo that existed in Gaza before the Israel Defense Forces operation, and we must come up with creative solutions,' one diplomat said."

Sounds like Obama. In fact, the article says that the new French trend started at the time that Israel withdrew from Gaza, which was the time that the Obama team started to figure into the Israeli picture.

Conditioning Americans to become friendly with Muslims carries the risk of advancing the powers of organizations posing as America-friendly Muslims. There is always the risk that the tide of American-Muslim sentiments will turn on white America. Imagine Muslims, Mexicans, and Afros all tuning into that spirit simultaneously. Imagine all three groups plus the Democrats all ganging up on Biblical fundamentalists. But Obama is not just an American influence. Whatever he now feeds the peoples is potentially capable of influencing all of Europe as well, and beyond. Let me re-emphasize:

"ISNA had recently been named by the U.S. Justice Department as a co-conspirator for a federal trial dealing with the financing of millions of dollars to the terror group. During the trial, proof was presented of ISNA’s relationship to a Brotherhood document calling for the destruction of the West."

ISNA is the Islamic Society of North America, the representative of which was asked to represent Muslims at Obama's "auguration," the event wherein the unorthodox Democratic president started to dig into America with his carefully plotted agenda. Again, ISNA is suspected of being pro-Hamas.

There is a fear among Republican radio show hosts that the Democrats will now silence them. Republicans arose to power during Clinton's first two years due in large part to their gaining an American audience on radio. Much of what Democrats will do in the immediate future is aimed at keeping Republicans from re-gaining the Congress two years from now, otherwise the Obamatons can kiss their virtual dictatorship goodbye.

The Lebanese front has been very quiet lately. In brief, it is involved in a love fest with Syria. Nothing more to report for now.

The news in Iraq is bombs, bombs, and more bombs. Nothing else to report for now.

Turkey is changing its anti-Israeli gobblety-gook now that the EU has been cold towards her. It is willing to send a non-military overseer to Gaza. Nothing else to report for now.

Egypt is entertaining Obama's Mid-East envoy today. Will fill you in as word comes in.

Despite what the current diplomatic efforts would imply, Obama says that Afghanistan is his top priority. I say poppycock. I say Afghanistan is merely his shelf upon which to place the troops in Iraq because he never intended to bring them home as promised. Obama can't afford a quagmire in Afghanistan now; it would be political suicide. The worse the Afghanistan situation is reported to be, the better it will go for Obama when he gets around to shelving the troops there.


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