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January 21 - 23, 2009

The After Hamath

January 21

For the last several months especially, we have seen Israel strengthening it's ties with the EU while seeing its ties to the UN wither further away. The UN degradation has been no better emphasized than in what has just transpired. The UN Secretary General was in Israel yesterday, with plans to witness the devastation of Gaza afterward. He was snubbed by the same foreign minister that snubbed Russia's foreign minister not long ago:

"Israeli's foreign minister Tzipi Livni refrained from receiving UN secretary Ban Ki-moon in Jerusalem Tuesday, Jan 20, over his decision to visit Gaza."

Pass. Busy. Go away. Puke.

The Korean, Ban Ki-moon, has been slandering Israel over the devastation done in Gaza. He has been playing to the Muslim nations. Already, the UN has betrayed Israel. Ki-moon will begin his second term on January 1, 2012, just 20 days before Obama will start, I'm assuming, his second term. I'm assuming for the time being that the two will both oppose Israel on those second terms.

Interestingly, "The official residence of the Secretary-General is a five-story townhouse in the Sutton Place neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. The townhouse was built for Anne Morgan in 1921, and donated to the United Nations in 1972." Anne was the daughter of J.P. Morgan.

At his "auguration," wherein Obama starts to auger his own hole, he said:

"'For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers.'"

He went on to say that "our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace." Certainly, he is not a prophecy watcher, and in fact he is not the kind of Christian that Jesus will save:

"During a June 2007 speech available on Youtube, Obama stated, 'Whatever we once were, we're no longer a Christian nation. At least not just...

In that speech, Obama took aim at the 'Christian Right' for 'hijacking' religion and using it to divide the nation:

'Somehow, somewhere along the way, faith stopped being used to bring us together and started being used to drive us apart. It got hijacked. Part of it's because of the so-called leaders of the Christian Right, who've been all too eager to exploit what divides us,' he said."

Obama, at his "auguration," was calling all faiths to his agenda, and indeed his entire speech was the rallying call of a coach whose team was losing. He promised that he would win the game through determination and long-suffering....but the Dow industrial dropped more than any other inauguration day, probably because of Obama's pessimism. He even flubbed his oath, at which point the camera directly on his face was turned off (to minimize the historical moment's bad moment) and replaced by one showing his profile. He's not a god, after all, the world learned, especially as there was disapointment in the inspiration that they were expecting. Democrats want "highs," not "bummers." Tell me sweet little lies...

The point is, he went on to clarify the above statement by claiming that some Christians advance "hate" for other religions, and of course I would fall into that category for claiming that the Muslim, Hindu, and Jewish faiths are unacceptable in the eyes of God, and deceptively devilish.

Obama is the kind of Christian that Jesus would be ashamed of. Jesus does not appear to be the only way to God in his eyes. He teaches that Christians who do believe that He's the only Way have hijacked Christianity... as if Jesus had never taught, nor intended himself to become, the only Way. That brings me to Oprah, with whom he slipped out for a bite after the speech. If you haven't heard about her view of Jesus, you should see the video at She flatly denies that Jesus is the only Way.

If Obama is the False Prophet, we can expect him to actively conflict with Christian hijackers of the faith, and in the end to punish Christian hijackers like myself for rebelling against the mark of the beast. This is why I do not reveal my surname on, because my opponents will be government agents of America who report directly to the False Prophet.

Obama said yesterday: "Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America." If this were being said by a true Christian, we would hear him continue by showing preparedness to undermine pornography, sideline the political powers of homosexuals, denounce abortion movements, clean up Hollywood, and praise Biblical Christianity. I have heard none of this, and don't expect to.

Just today, the Supreme Court refused to keep alive "A 13-year legal drive to shield children from pornography on the Internet." I tell you that the anger of the Lord is fuming against America, and that this is just how core-Democrats want the country, especially if it troubles Christians. Again, the Muslims may be guilty of over-dressing their women, but America shows its women with things in their mouths that ought not to be shown. I ask you, which peoples are the most evil???

As Obama begins his foreign-affairs programs, the world is far too trusting of his abilities and his agenda. Picture a soldier walking too confidently into an unknown mine field. The Obama team will attempt to hide all of its mistakes because the Obama image is itself a weapon to be used for forging ahead with the Obama agenda. The Obamatons are about to be sent out, and they are far too trusting of their master. The great fear of making mistakes will see the Obama team do what proved acceptable/successful for the Bush team, and all the pre-election rhetoric will soon be a deception of the past. I'll be seeking to understand the Obama agenda, in its various spheres, not solely in the words he speaks openly, but in combination with other clues.

Obama together with the UN are already responsible for pushing Israel out of Gaza prematurely. Smuggling is already taking place, and attempts to re-arm Hamas are being reported. If Israel had its way, it would remain in Gaza, assure the death of political Hamas, and show a hard line against a mere hint of terrorism. The West simply will not allow this, which results in Muslim confidence to carry on its anti-Israeli programs. The West, not Egypt, is responsible for the current ceasefire, and Obama already has Israel under his finger. It will take some time before world entities start to operate free of the Obama factor, as soon as they can gauge what he's all about. Already Obama has appointed Arab blood to be his Middle Eastern envoy:

"U.S. President Barack Obama is reportedly planning to name former Northern Ireland peacemaker George Mitchell as his Middle East envoy to deal immediately with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

...He is the son of a Lebanese immigrant mother and of an Irish father who when orphaned was adopted by a Lebanese family."

There we have it. No matter how Obama speaks on this appointment, it is in my eyes yet another sign that he has bias toward the Palestinians. In fact, "Obama told [Palestinian president] Abbas that the president was the first foreign leader he called since taking office, [Abbas spokesman] Rudeina said." What message is in this? That Obama considers Palestinians more important than Israelis? On the Mitchell appointment, various media emphasize that it was one of the first things Obama has done as President.

Consider this comment: "...M.J. Rosenberg, a critic of Israel who is also critical of many Israel supporters in America, was happy to hear the rumor that Mitchell would be appointed the Middle East envoy." The article goes on to discuss Mitchell's Israeli role under president Clinton, wherein Mitchell called for Israel to cease settlement activity in Palestinian neighborhoods. At the end, we read:

"Given that the Likud party now is leading in the polls in the face of February elections in Israel, a wrinkle may be in the process of developing between the policies of Israel and America. Barack Obama expressed some discomfort on the campaign trail with Americans who judged candidates by how closely they hewed to Likud positions."

This is because Likud is for settlement growth, and because Likud is predicted to clash with Obama in various ways.

Mitchell's report on the Israeli controversy did not report on a Palestinian state because such a thing was not popularized until after the Clinton years. We are wondering whether Obama will push that state, and how hard.

Mitchell's Lebanese mother is of Marionite (not named after Mary) Catholic background, as is Mitchell himself. It seems that Obama has chosen many Catholics, and of course the Democrat party has no shortage of them. It has been stated for many years that Catholic leaders will play a role on side with the end-time beast.

The EU representative with a Rosicrucian mother, Javier Solana, will be in Rafah to assess the situation and once again offer EU oversight over the area. Remember, Rosicrucianism is a Hebrew (non-Israelitish) organization, likely explaining why Israel finds itself in good standing with the EU as compared to its standing with the UN. Although I feel that the UN was founded by Rosicrucian tentacles, UN membership now spills well beyond European borders into anti-Israeli domains.

It's interesting that Lebanese Marionites may trace back to Marduk-worshiping Amorites (in fact I have traced Templar-based Zionists to Amorites of both Jerusalem/Zion and the Lebanese-Israeli border region of mount Sion). Marionites were a group of peoples in Lebanon called, "Mardaites," a term that evokes Marduk. Moreover, the Amorite capital in the ancient Hebrew realm of Babylon was Mari (on the Euphrates). This was the proto-Aphrodite cult, and in fact the Aphrodite cult was "born" on Cyprus opposite the Syrian land mass. Marionites came out of Antioch, the proto-AntiChrist capital of the Seleucids, and the home of the Ladon dragon cult before that. I am therefore wondering whether Marionites are distantly linked to Rosicrucian Christians.

I have read that Obama chose Mitchell to counter Hillary's tack on the Israeli controversy. Mitchell can act as Obama's tool to assure that Hillary keeps to the Obamaton agenda. Hillary, of course, is the least likely to be an Obamaton. She's the most likely to cause problems for his world agenda. Remember, Obama likely chose her as foreign affairs chief out of political unite the otherwise splintered Obamacratic Party. Waiting for the first Obamatomic explosion.

In Mosul, Kurds are suspected behind a rash of bombings this month; the one yesterday killed a leader of a Sunni political party. The day before that a campagin manager of a Sunni party was killed. It's possible that this violence is Sunni-upon-Sunni...for increasing the chances of electoral victory.

January 22

For a good background article regarding the rise of the ex-Saddam loyalists, see below:

"DAMASCUS, Syria, Oct. 6 [2007] — Syria is encouraging Sunni Arab insurgent groups and former Iraqi Baathists with ties to the leaders of Saddam Hussein’s government to organize here, diplomats and Syrian political analysts say. By building strong ties to those groups, they say, Syria hopes to gain influence in Iraq before what it sees as the inevitable waning of the American presence there.

...In July, former Baathists opposed to the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki scheduled a conference for insurgent groups...

The meeting followed two others in Syria in January that aimed to form an opposition front to the government of Iraq, and an announcement in Damascus in July of the formation of a coalition of seven Sunni Arab insurgent groups with the goal of coordinating and intensifying attacks in Iraq to force an American withdrawal. That coalition has since expanded to incorporate other groups.

The July conference was canceled at the last minute, however...It was called off by the government of President Bashar al-Assad...primarily because of pressure from Iran.

Iran is Syria’s chief ally and a staunch supporter of Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government. The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, visited Damascus just days before the conference was to have taken place.

Still, hundreds turned up for the event, including Harith al-Dari, the leader of the Association of Muslim Scholars, a major Sunni opposition group, and other high-profile figures wanted by the Iraqi government. Several said they hoped to reschedule the conference in Syria in the near future.

Now just because the short Tehranosaurus Rex didn't want Sunni sects to gain power in Iraq doesn't mean that they all shrivelled up and went dormant. You can be sure that these Sunni are as active as can possibly be just 10 days before the elections. The article goes on: "'The American project in Iraq is collapsing, and we decided it was important to reach out to fellow Iraqis now,' said Nizar Samari, the spokesman for the conference and a former media director for Mr. [Saddam] Hussein." This was said over two years ago. How much more is the current American presence in Iraq collapsed?

The article may even reveal why Gog and his Sunni allies will attack Syria: "So Syria is walking a fine line, forging an 'enemy of my enemy' relationship with the Iraqi Baathists and insurgents while still maintaining an alliance with Tehran. It is a risky strategy that carries the added danger of possibly incurring the wrath of Al Qaeda."

Now because "Syria became a haven for a number of high-ranking Baathists from Mr. Hussein’s government," it could be possible for Gog to be on speaking terms with Baathist leaders inside Syria. Certainly it would be safer for Gog to contact those in Syria rather than those in Iraq, and who knows but that Assad is opening his arms wide to Gog's visits.

The article reveals a leading Iraqi-Baathist inside Syria:[In January, Muhammad] Younis al-Ahmed...held a conference in the northern Syrian city of Homs to try to revive the Iraqi Baath Party...His rival, [Izzat Ibrahim al-] Douri, who is suspected of having stronger ties with insurgent groups, rejected the conference. 'Douri deeply distrusts working with the Syrians because he distrusts the Iranians...'" Al-Douri has a friend in Syria by the name of Abu Muhammad.

These names are mentioned here because my focus is about to turn to Baathists of northern Iraq. Al-Douri is in charge of anti-Iraqi Baathists, and the most likely candidate to join Gog. However, it could be that al-Douri's rival in Syria is slated to join Gog too, and thus be a prime cause of Syria's fall to Gog. It has been said that Baathists in Syria took billions of Iraqi dollars with them as they fled the Bush invasion:

"Mr Allawi [= Iraq's ambassador to Syria] claimed [in 2004] there was an 'Iraqi Baathist invasion of Syria' which was a real danger to the Syrian Government. 'It is overwhelming,' he said. 'They stole gold and robbed banks and came here. They have enough funds to keep fighting for 30 years.'"

It seems reasonable to predict that, after Sunni Arabs gain power in northern Iraq 10 days from now, Baathists from Syria will begin to roll back into Iraq to partake of that new political entity. The old article above ends by saying: "...there are many more Baathists, including senior figures of the old Iraqi regime, living in Jordan."

The Middle East Times reported about two weeks ago that al-Douri released an audio message condemning Israel's Gaza offensive. The message has importance in two ways, one by the very release of the message, and one by the message:

"'We say to the people of Gaza, give more resistance and we will be with you in the field, and know that our victory in kicking out the invaders is your victory as well, because the main assailant on the nation and on Palestine is the American imperialism,' CNN's translation of the recording said."

The audio release itself shows that al-Douri is concerned about an invasion on Israel, and secondly, the words above say as much: "We will be with you in the field." This to me speaks of Gog's coming abomination of desolation. Al-Douri's message came a day after the Egyptian al-Qaeda leader, al-Zawahiri, released his message on behalf of Hamas. I didn't know until today about al-Douri's message.

What could possess al-Douri that he would come to the support of Hamas? We can understand al-Zawahiri's passion since the Gaza situation involves Egypt, but how could the Baathists, who are concerned with seizing power in Iraq, possibly be concerned about Hamas? Could it be that al-Zawahiri and he are working together on a plot to visit the Gaza Station soon, for a pit stop en route to Egypt? Hard to believe that Baathists would go out of their way like this. If it's the reality, some grand scheme has been devised.

On seeking info on al-Douri, I learned that he too wants to talk to O-blah-blah-bama. He said it in his audio message:

"'If you [Obama] withdraw fully from Iraq and leave it to its people, free and independent, we will enter a dialogue with you immediately to set up the widest strategic relations with America."

That's it. He's been waiting for the Americans to withdraw. That's his obstacle to seeking a wider power base in Iraq. Will Obama give him his need?

Yesterday I was saying that Obama's pick for Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, had not mentioned a Palestinian state in his official report for the Clinton administration some years back. Now I have learned that Mitchell was in Israel last month for a conference on US-Israeli relations:

"At his INSS lecture, Mitchell made clear what he thought was the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

...'The Palestinians don't have a state and they want one, an independent, economically viable and geographically integral state; that is their overriding objective,' he said.

...Israelis are not likely to have sustainable security if the Palestinians don't have a state...'"

Have you asked what Israel would like, Mr. Mitchell? Are you the leader of Israel, Mr. Mitchell? And what about Obama? Is he going to dictate to Israel what it shall choose on this issue? Is there going to be a form of blackmail? Obama hates to lose, because losing will tarnish his image. Obama wants success in Israel badly. The fact is, Israelis feel that they will not likely have sustainable security if the Palestinians do have a state. Take Gaza as an example of what Palestinians will try to do if they have their own government free of Israeli controls.

Obama re-took the oath of office last night because the wording wasn't exactly correct. Instead of saying "I will faithfully execute the Office...", he first went blank and froze, and after some long seconds was led by judge Roberts to place the word "faithfully" at the end of the sentence: "I will execute the Office of the President of the United States faithfully."

My take is that he froze as he focused on the word "faithfully," because he knew he was going to be anything but faithful to the United States. Roberts, who perhaps realized, even if only subconsciously, that the word "faithfully" was the trouble spot, went on to place the word at the end of the oath so that Obama could take a running jump at saying it. And that's the version that Obama chose to use, followed with, "so help me God." Read the oath's full wording at

The Drudge Report has a headline this morning: "No Bible Used at Obama Re-Swear." Hmm, since the first swearing in doesn't now count, the second without the Bible does (or does it?). The God in the oath can now be anyone (e.g. Lucifer, Allah) instead of the God of Israel.

World Net Daily has the following quote suggesting that Obama showed up deliberately without a Bible: "The Associated Press reports, 'The president said he did not have his Bible with him, but that the oath was binding anyway.'" It sounds as though Obama checked to see whether the Bible was necessary, and finding that it wasn't, he didn't bring it along. Is he afraid of God because he knows that he deplores the United States, and/or because he knows his agenda is as an unfaithful president? Or is he simply a false Christian deploring the Christian Bible?

One of Obama's first missions is to give leading Democrats a good hard look at Bush's secret doings:

"President Barack Obama, in his first full day in office, revoked a controversial executive order signed by President Bush in 2001 that limited release of former presidents' records.

The new order could expand public access to records of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in the years to come as well as other past leaders...

'It's extraordinary that a new president would address this issue on his first full day in office,' Aftergood said. 'It signifies the great importance he attaches to open, accountable government.'"

Poppicock. What it truly signifies is that Democrats want to put Bush and/or Cheney in prison, if possible, and at the very least humiliate Republicans on the Democrat ammunition for the 2012 federal election.

There's too insignificant news on the Israeli and Iraqi fronts to mention at this time. This could be all for today. May the Lord Jesus shower us with his love, and remove from the world all that troubles and upsets.

I'm Back. I've spent some time this morning concentrating on the mark of the beast. It troubles me that 2013 is almost here and still we do not see a commercial mandate for a skin-based purchasing system. I was thinking that the system may not be mandatory by 2013, as previously assumed, but that the year 2013 could see a call for a mandatory be a reflection of the Revelation beast's name. Nothing could make us happier at that time if this were to prove true, by which I mean to say that there could be some significant time after the midway point of the 70th Week to make purchases apart from the Mark.

I have viewed Revelation 12 as one of two Biblical texts acting as indicators for the specific duration and starting point of the Mark. I reasoned that since the Woman/Church is seen in the wilderness for 1260 days, the Mark should be in effect from first to last of that period. I also pointed out that the five wise virgins in the Matthew-25 parable used their stored jars of "oil" after the "middle of the night," a phrase which I view as the Lord's code for the middle of the 70th Week.

But, in re-reading the end of Revelation 13 early this afternoon, I could see nothing to conflict with the False Prophet's mark being optional in the first stages of his push to enforce it. Assuming that the False Prophet will call the world to a mandatory Mark in 2013 but not enforce it until, say 2015, we would still see the Church running out to wilderness locations starting in 2013...especially if the king of the north is assaulting Jerusalem in 2013, and even more especially if the False Prophet's connects his mark system to the king of the north (= the anti-Christ) at that time.

As I said, some prophecy buffs have been saying for years that globalists were planning a financial meltdown as a diabolical method of forcing a skincode upon the world. For years, I rejected that picture because end-time prophecy seemed to deny it, and yet here we are facing a global recession...that Obama is utilizing to scare Americans.

I was in favor of another method for pushing the skincode: by making it popular through its reception by Hollywood types and other societal idols. Now we see Obama becoming just such an idol, and we must ask how easy it would be for him to convince his Obamatons to receive the skincode if he himself were to implant one while elaborating on its desirable qualities. Perhaps the globalists will deem the best approach to be Obama's continued good-image making, and perhaps, as a result, they won't need a financial collapse after all.

In the course of seeking online info just now to see how far the skinchips have progressed, I learned that they were a plot dating back to at least 1975 (brackets not mine):

"Amazingly, on page 42 of Saved by the Light, Dannion Brinkley alluded to this chip (and this was in 1975) that it would be developed in the 1990's to be inserted uder one's skin. On page 43 it states:

'Everyone in the world was mandated by law to have one of his computer chips inserted underneath his or her skin.'"

In 1975, the idea of a skinchip was still "prehistoric," but here in the 2008-2012 period, this innovation is expected to make its wide debut.

Keep in mind that the beast of Revelation 13, after which the Mark will be patterned/reflected, is most likely the EU, not Gog. We read that the Mark will be connected to the beast with a fatal head wound. Since the wound was to one of seven heads, and since the seven heads depict seven Roman emperors of the first century, the revival of the seven heads (i.e. with the eighth head = Gog) will be the revival of Rome.

So, while Gog may lead end-time Rome, the Mark should be the baby of the European Union. This makes sense in light of the Bilderbergs having recently given the green light for a chipping on a global scale, for Bilderbergs were at the foundation of the EU. Moreover, when we read in Revelation 13:12 that the False Prophet will act on behalf of the beast with the revived head, it speaks to me of Obama acting more on the EU's behalf than on Gog's behalf. Therefore, expect a solid relationship to develop between Obama and the EU, even as the Obama administration is promising just such a relationship.

As the Obama team seeks revenge on the Bush team, another Al Qaeda Leader Calls For Gaza Retaliation" today. This time, the western capitals are the subjects of terrorism. Rather than this message release acting merely as a call for small-time bombings in various cities, it could be notice that something big has already been planned and about to be carried out in major cities. Note that the message comes out on January 22, the day that Colin Powell cited as a day of unidentified crisis.

January 23

"President Barack Obama [yesterday] called on Israel to open its borders with Gaza," writes the Financial Times. Mr. Obama, who made you the leader of Israel that you should make such a statement? Tell you what. Leave your own front door unlocked and open so that neighborhood crooks can just walk in. But if you're not that irresponsible, don't expect Israel to be. The border there is closed for a good reason, because worse than crooks want to enter Israel.

Obama's official methods of dealing with the Israeli problem were spelled out at the State Department, and shared in the webpage above. First he says, "The United States and our partners will support a credible anti-smuggling and interdiction regime so that Hamas cannot rearm," and then followed by: "As part of a lasting cease-fire, Gaza’s border crossings should be open to allow the flow of aid and commerce, with an appropriate monitoring regime, with the international (community) and Palestinian Authority participating."

The problem is, Mr. Obama, that allowing trucks into Israel to carry food will also allow trucks to carry bombs. Allowing trucks from Egypt into Gaza will also allow trucks to carry heavy-weapons equipment.

The way to solve this problem is to make it illegal for Hamas to operate in Gaza. No political party allowed; no political action allowed; no freedom of expression toward Hamas support; no mercy if it fires rockets. Hamas has had its chance to operate politically, but it's been found guilty of hate crimes so that its freedoms ought to be a thing of the past. As the Gaza Palestinians elected Hamas, they must take responsibility before the borders are re-opened. They must nullify Hamas themselves, and only after doing so can they be given freedom to enter Israel. This is Israel's position, and I quite frankly agree with it.

The West wants a quick fix because it wants peaceful globalism yesterday. It therefore wants Israel to be a pacifist while those who swear to destroy it are all around her borders. No. First eliminate the threats, and then make peace with the rest. Why is it, Mr. Obama, that you said nothing in your solution on eradicating Hamas? Since Hamas is the problem, why not work to eradicate it? Is it any plan at all to let it lay dormant until it arises again? If this is your plan, you fail Israel. Prolonging the life of a disease only prolongs the suffering. The quality of life in Gaza, with the disease still festering, is a robbing of Gazans as well.

Israel has just proved that it's well capable of eradicating Hamas if only the West will allow it some time, but you, Obama, along with the West, are acting as the impediment to Israel's Gaza operation, and moreover your plan will not work. Monitoring the border areas while allowing vehicles free passage will not work. You cannot check every truck, and especially not every item/crate on every truck. Ironically, I believe that God will cause the West to deceive and betray Israel, and so this is what must be happening at this time. The Obamacrats surely wish to lead the way.

Syria and Iran are, to this day, overly preoccupied with calling for the opening of borders, making me suspect that they are attempting to smuggle something large/extensive to Hamas. I had suspected that "dirty bombs" (i.e. laden with radioactive materials) were in the works, and to corroborate this theory I soon found an online story about an Iranian ship reportedly carrying radioactive materials to Israel. Some readers recall my mention of DEBKAfile being the only media (to my knowledge) reporting on another Iranian ship loaded with weapons. DEBKAfile said that the U.S. and Egyptian navies were searching for that ship, but now Fox News has verified the story:

"U.S. defense officials say a Navy vessel that is part of the new piracy task force intercepted and searched an Iranian-owned ship that officials feared was carrying arms to Hamas...

...The search turned up ammunition that included artillery shells. But one official said that since Hamas is not known to use artillery, officials are now uncertain who the intended recipient was. They're asking Egypt to do another search when the ship arrives in port.

Israeli officials said they believe the ship was headed for Hezbollah, not Hamas, FOX News has learned.",2933,481483,00.html

If this is true, then Iran must have decided, midway through Israel's Gaza offensive, to call Hezbollah into the war. I am happy to report that my theory in which Iran's ships pass weaponry to "pirates" (so that the pirates may deliver weapons to the end user) is verified by DEBKAfile: "These are the very waterways plied by Iranian arms smugglers for Hamas, often in conjunction with Somali pirates and Sinai Bedouin militias." These things speak of Iran's active plans to destroy Israel, and what is Obama's plan? To open up the borders so that weapons can find their way more easily down Israel's throat. Great, Obama, great.

Has anyone considered that Obama has rushed to close Guantanamo Bay as a gift to Muslims? How he arranges for the prisoners to be dealt with may bare this out. Really, he could have waited a little longer to close that prison, as more pressing issues are on his plate. But if he needed to send overseas Muslims a message, I think they got it faster than they expected. Obama also promises to close overseas prisons overseen by the CIA. He then wants his team to inspect trial transcripts to see if more dirt on Bush can be found and publicized, something that will make terrorist groups very, very happy.

Obama is a sham! Mark my words. He's working not for America, but for the Bilderberg Group:

"[George] Mitchell sits on the steering committee of the American Friends of Bilderberg along with such luminaries as Conrad Black, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller..."

Ditto Richard Holbrooke. He is on the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations. A dedicated Clintonite..."

The webpage above features a video with the description: "Alex Jones confronts globalist minion Richard Holbrooke at the Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa." Holbrooke has been appointed to be Obama's envoy to the Afghan theater. This theater promises to be one of Obama's most important ones. The article continues: "Holbrooke is a consummate insider and global elite operative. Along with Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Paul Allaire, Holbrooke directs the American Friends of Bilderberg..."

Obama's pick to oversee his vice-presidential search committee was James A. Johnson, the vice-chairman of a bank called "Perseus." I read at various webpages, but have not been able to verify it, that "On their [Perseus] web site they have images of Perseus holding the severed head of Medusa." I spoke about mythical Perseus in a recent Iraq update (Jan. 9 - 12), telling that he was the a Greek Danaan entity (the first mentioned by mythology) that had fought a war at Joppa (Israeli shore) to save mythical Andromeda, herself depicting a Kassite tribe of Persians/Medes as per her mother, Cassiopeia (= myth code for Kassi-Joppa). This war was immediately after Perseus had cut the head off of the Medusa Gorgon.

I had traced the modern "Jewish" Illuminati back to the Cati/Kassi, realizing that it was not Jewish, but rather from the Habiri tribe of Kassites...Hebrews from the proto-Aphrodite cult on the Euphrates river, in Cutha of Babylon. I recognized these ancients of Joppa/Ioppa as the Biblical Avvites (mixed with the said Hebrews), stationed at one time at Avith/Avidia (near Gaza), their capital, but going forward in time to become rulers of Argos (e.g. mythical Abas) and other Greek regions (e.g. Euboea, Boetia, and Bythinia, I suspect).

I had surmised that the Biblical Abaddon (Apollyon to the Greeks), the destroyer of Revelation 9 that sets off what appears to be an atomic explosion in the fifth Trumpet (of Revelation), was named after a stock of Avidia-based Avvites, and indeed I connected the wolf symbol of Apollo to the dog deity of the Avvites...not to mention that I had traced the dog/wolf symbol to Buz, son of Nahor (Abraham's brother) as per the Budini peoples tied to the wolf-worshiping Neuri peoples (in such a theory, the Buzites look like the root of the Avvites). In Revelation 9, the Abaddon destroyer is from the abyss (Greek = "abussou"), a term that may have been used (by God) as code for the founders of Avith...which I connected further back to mythical Absu/Abzu of Sumeria (= the Eden cult, Enki, Tammuz, etc).

This Kassite link to Buz works well with the fact that Medes had a tribe called Buzi/Busae. I might even come to realize that myth-code AndroMeda was the Buzite tribe of Medes. I actually traced Buzites and Nahorites to western Atlantis and to the dog-worshiping Stewart bloodline, especially on the Scottish island of Bute, which island I discovered was Arthurian myth code, Avalon, named after Apollyon. Remember, Avalon traced back to the Hirpini (= "Wolf People") of Abellino, Italy.

In fact, I surmised that Italy was named Aetolia (in Greece), in turn named after Atlas, and we find that the Abruzzo mountain range called "Maiella" was named after a goddess, Maja, probably the Greek Maia, daughterr of Atlas. The Magi Medes come to mind as the deepest root, especially as the Marsi peoples (= Mars/Ares) of Abruzzo (= Aphrodite) were magicians. The Romans were mythically made sons of Mars and a wolf-depicted peoples (probably the Hirpini).

I traced the Avvites forward to the Ops/Opis cult among the Sabini/Safini Italians (Abruzzo arose in the Sabini realm), who themselves trace back to the Greek Taphians on the Ladon river (Greece), and earlier still to mythical Daphne at mount Saphon, Syria. The Taphians (pirates) were central to western Atlantis, especially at Cadiz (Mediterranean Spain). Taphians lived opposite the waters from Aetolia. To make this shorter, Avvites connected to Danaans (from the Nile delta), and Danaans connected to the Daphne cult, the connections taking place in Phoenicia before the peoples reached Greece.

I am suspicious that mythical Iapetos/Japetos was root to "Avith" (a 'v' and a 'b/p' are interchangeable), and that it named Ioppa/Joppa. It's somewhat corroborative that Iapetos was made the father of Prometheus and Epimetheus, two codes that have "Meth(eus) as their roots, a term that may link to the Medes.

More interesting yet, Iapetos was made the father of Atlas, known myth code for Atlantis. It's interesting because, long before I tied Avith to Iapetos, I identified Poseidon (read as Pos-Eden or Pos-Adonis) as code for a major tribe of Buzite Medes (= mythical Abzu). It can't be a coincidence that Plato made Poseidon the father of Atlas, suggesting that Poseidon and Iapetos represented the same group of peoples. I should add that I used to think Iapetos/Japetos was code for Japheth, and later the Roman Jupiter, but I cannot reconcile that view with a Buz/Nahorite connection to Iapetos.

Iapetos was made son of Uranus, and while I had identified him as code for Iranians (ancient Eran), I have lately been contemplating a Uranus connection to Haran, city that may have named the Hurrians. Nahor, brother of Abraham, is thought to have been a citizen of Haran! Nahor should not be confused with Israelites. There were no Israelites in his day, only Hebrews, and Nahor was such a Hebrew, from Babylon/Sumeria. Israelites came from the blood of God called a Hebrew branch out of the Sumerian dragon cult to become His own people.

My point is simply this, that the modern Illuminati, Zionist founders of Israel, trace back to Gaza and Gath, and to Kassites all along the Mediterranean shores into Syria and Cilicia, and in fact they were the Phoenicians (Poseidon was made the father of Phoenix, symbol of Phoenicia). Consider that modern "Tel Aviv" (on the Israeli shore) reflects the Biblical "Abbiy" (= Avvites) very well.

Going back now to the modern bank called Perseus, we find that the founder and chairman is Frank Pearl, "a participating member of the American Friends of Bilderberg."

As Obama chose a vice-chairman of this bank to secure his vice-president (turned out to be the EU globalist, Joe Biden), it's a certainty that Obama was made great, not by his own powers, but by the confidence invested in him by Bilderberg powers. The Perseus webpage above says: "Richard Holbrooke is a Vice Chairman of Perseus."

I've got to wonder if Illuminatists are now torn between their Zionist agenda and their roots in Gaza (the Biblical book of Joshua places Avvites in Gath and surrounding regions). I am certain that American Illuminatists know of their roots in these particular Avvites. Even Mormons trace themselves to Samos-based Avvites (can't explain here).

I must add that "New Atlantis" was the Rosicrucian entity in Europe that formed the United States. It was a phrase used by the leading Rosicrucian, Francis Bacon, as the title of his book. The mother of Javier Solana, current foreign-affairs minister for the EU, and a big boss in many things European, wrote a book of over 600 pages on Francis Bacon, if that tells you anything.

In the news, Israel seems favorably disposed to tripling the number of Egyptian forces at Rafah, to over 2,200 men. This will allow Egypt to keep an eye on things in three shifts i.e. 24 hours per day. You know that the anti-Israeli axis will be fuming mad at Egypt for this latest "betrayal."

The Jerusalem Post writes today morning: "Hamas has seized control of all the smuggling tunnels under the Philadelphi Corridor in southern Gaza and has been moving additional arms into the Strip..." The UN is to be blamed for this, for Israel wanted to move into the tunnel area and complete the destruction, when the United Nations voted for Israel to cancel its offensive. The Hamas disease now lingers on.

The Obama team has come out using phrases that amount to dogged in-your-facism. Joe Biden said: "We have come to the State Department today to send a very clear message that we will reinvigorate American diplomacy," to be interpreted as "We are going to be in Israel's face because Bush wasn't enough."

George Mitchell said that the Israeli controversy "demands our maximum effort no matter the difficulties, no matter the setbacks. The key is the mutual commitment of the parties and the active participation of the United States government." Again, the message is that the U.S. is going to aggressively ram through a peace deal no matter what Israel thinks. The key word is "maximum."

Hillary said: "Nowhere is a robust diplomatic approach needed more," the key word being "robust," a nicey version of "in your face." The J-Post reports today that Likud is ahead in the polls by four seats, 29 to 25, or 28 to 24. The article emphasizes that the Likud is not going to get along with Obama. The Likud leader, Netanyahu, is saying differently because he doesn't want to lose the election over the appearance of being closed-minded to the Obamessiah.

Look at northern Iraq, Obama. Sunni contenders for political office are being killed almost daily now, and it is a certainty that, when the Sunnis regain political power on the 31st, they will seek to repay the Kurds, while the Kurds fight back. Out of northern Iraq, the nightmare of the world is about to unleash...because Democrats would not empower Bush when he wanted to finish the terrorists off. In the same way, by allowing Hamas to survive now, it will play a key role in leading the world to Armageddon, for any foothold for the terrorists on Israeli soil will partake in leading to Armageddon.

I could be wrong about the anti-Christ's rise in Iraq for 2009, but it can't be much longer. What I imagined years ago, that the False Prophet would be the one to raise the "king of Babylon" to a European leadership role, is something I keep in mind with Obama in view. I also keep in mind that the American militay in Iraq has befriended the Sunni Baathists, for this could facilitate the love affair between Obama and the anti-Christ.

At this time I can imagine that the Americans along with the Sunni winners of the election will side against the Kurds. Assuming that the Shi'ite (Maliki) government of Iraq will begin to oppose the Sunnis, Obama will need to chose between the Sunni and the Maliki government. Might Obama get an evil thought, to rule Iraq covertly, by underhandedly supporting its overthrow by supporting the Gog-Sunni alliance?

Already we find Russia catering to Obama in Afghanistan. Today there is the Newsday headline, "Russian president says Moscow can help US efforts in Afghanistan." I get it. Russia doesn't trust the Obama team, but has decided to form an anti-terrorist alliance with it in order to initiate some major involvement in the Middle East ballgame. Shouldn't this spirit of false alliance also crop up in Iraq? Isn't it time now for Putin to make his first at-bat in Iraq?

Some days ago, the Unites States announced that Russia would allow some Russian land to be used for Obama's anti-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan. I eyed that development with suspicion, and have just found an article that speaks to it. The key phrase in the first sentence below is "military supplies":

"Russia did not permit the United States and NATO to transit military supplies across the country to Afghanistan, Russian Military Representative to NATO General of the Army Alexei Maslov told Itar-Tass [yesterday].

...Russia has concluded with NATO and two NATO states the agreements on transit of non-military supplies in Afghanistan....

...According to Russian expert Lieutenant-General Leonid Sazhin in order to provide logistic supplies for its military contingent in Afghanistan the U.S. will have to ask Russia to provide the ground transit of U.S. military supplies across the country or withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

In the part of the last sentence, we can see how desperate the American military is for using Russian roads to keep the anti-Taliban war alive. The main point is, why would Russia not allow the US to transport military supplies if indeed Russia wants to see Afghanistan's terrorism put down? I think Russia is trying to appear agreeable to the U.S. request, but doing all it can to see to it that the U.S. does not succeed in controlling the country.

The supply routes are needed to increase the number of American soldiers, as per Obama's plan. The article puts it flatly: "'Whether or not Barack Obama’s administration wants it the U.S. cannot do without Russia. The new U.S. administration has two options: withdraw the U.S. troops from Afghanistan and recognize its next defeat after Iraq or ask Russia to provide the ground transit of non-military and military supplies across its territory,' the Russian expert said." There is a related article on the Afghan struggle if anyone is interested in details.

The problem of a 42-month term for the anti-Christ, if I'm correct in assuming that it will be a term in the EU or UN, may find a solution as per the following statement just made by France’s ambassador to Armenia: "He also remarked that rotating presidency doesn’t justify itself and that the European Union needs a President."

Armenia is looking to Russia for assistance at this time, and Russia continues to make excuses for its military stations in South Ossetia. Today, Russia demanded to know about Georgia's military secrets, as if to suggest that Georgia is up to something insidious. In other words, the Caucasian front is still to be watched for a spur-of-the-moment burst of war. Keep in mind that Gogarene/Gugar was a province on the Georgia-Armenia border, near T'bilisi, the city named by ancient Tubal. The adjacent Meshech were Amazon stock out of which came the Daphne and Apollo cults in Mysia and Lydia.

The dragon cult was ultimately from the Semite founders of Armenia. Josephus thought they were sons of Aram, son of Shem, but other sons of Shem must have participated; I think Elam, son of Shem, was prominent in forming the proto-Zeus cult. I have also pointed to Arphaxad, son of Shem, as the "Hebrews" who formed an alliance with the proto-Rus on Armenia's Aras river, these no doubt evolving into Ezekiel's Rosh. Ezekiel makes it very difficult to ascertain whether the end-time Gog will come from the Gogarene region, or from Gogarene stock as it spread further north or even throughout the globe.

I haven't forgotten Saakashvili as a potential candidate for end-time Gog; his position as leader of Georgia is right now being challenged. His name evokes the Saka scythians of Caucasia and pre-Russia. My problem is, I can't see how he could possibly become involved with anti-Israeli Arabs even if he does lose his job.

I would like to reinforce the particular mentality of Obama at this time:

"It is of enormous significance that President Barack Obama’s first foreign policy move on his first full day in office was on the Middle East..

...Even more astounding was that the first call was to the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, not to the Israeli prime minister, not the Egyptian president, let alone Vladimir Putin or Nicolas Sarkozy or Gordon Brown. A short while ago that would have been unthinkable.

It is all because of Gaza...§ion=0&article=118439&d=23&m=1&y=2009

Rafah-Rafah-Rafah, Bark's hounds want to go to Rafah. Likely, he will want Abbas' Palestinians at Rafah. Hmm, "Abbas". His name wouldn't be connected to the ancient "Avviy" of Philistine regions, now would it? Could God arrange such a thing? Could not the Palestinians be ancient Philistines? The Avvite god was Nibhaz, thought by some to be Anubis, the Egyptian dog god. Anubis is featured in Temple of Abydos of Rameses II; note "Abydos," how it reflects "Abaddon" and the Avvite city, Avidia.

"Abydos" developed as the city's name as Greeks called it after a Trojan city of the same name in Mysia. This suggests that the two cities were related, by which I mean to infer that Avvites of the Egyptian city moved to the Trojo-Mysian city. I am also suggesting that end-time Abaddon may be an extension of the latter Abydos. This city was in the Dardanus realm, mythical king of Mysia, and where myth had Dardanus marrying into a nearby "Teucer" (Togarmites, I think) entity, Dardanus was made to marry mythical Batea (= Teucer's daughter), a possible code for Abydos.

In this picture, Avvites were Togarmites (who did live in Iran east of the Tigris), and it occured to me that the Aryan "dog" derived from "Togermah." Dardanus, remember, represents the Habiri tribe of Kassites who formed the Kabeiri cult (yes, Dardanus on SamoThrace was a co-founder of the Kabeiri cult).

If you haven't picked up on it already, the hell-fire god, Hephaestus, was another representation of the Greek Avvites, for he was made the founder of the Kabeiri. I identified him as a Hatti peoples (depicted by the sun god, Atti(s)), as they founded Attica and its capital, Athens. I suspect that Abydos passed on into Athens as mythical Butes, king of Athens, himself from the fantastical Cecr(ops) bloodline, a term evoking Gugar.

Yes, I trace Butes to the Scottish isle of Bute, known in Arthurian myth code as "Avalon," a term smacking of Apollo-based Avvites. In Arthurian myth, Avalon was founded by nine sister-witches, which I trace to the nine Muses of Greek myth, whom I identify as nine Mysian entities. The head witch of Avalon was named, "Morgan," and I do think that J.P. Morgan was connected to that Welsh entity, the region of which was named Morgannwg or Glamorgan. verifies that the Morgan surname was Welsh, and my findings were that Avalon was a North-Wales domain rather than a Scottish one.

The red dragon was a major symbol of both Wales and its Gwynedd kingdom, the latter named after Veneti stock in Gwenea, Brittany, the same stock that co-produced the Merovingian Franks; mythical Merlin the magician was likely code for a (proto)Merovingian branch in Wales. America's Freemasonic founders were from this stock of peoples.

The red dragon of Revelation is a symbol of Roman power, and we can now connect the red dragon more in particular to Venus, the Roman goddess that surely depicted the Veneti. Venus was the Greek Aphrodite, wherefore the dragon symbol traces to her "birthplace" at Paphos (on Cyprus), likely explaining why the Veneti evolved from the Heneti Paphlagonians. Paphlagonians were also Pamphylians, using a root term that I traced forward to Bam(berg) Germany, itself evoking "Obama."

I am therefore seeking a connection between Pamphylia's founders and the Obama surname, knowing that Merovingians originate in-part in Sudan's Merowe region (anciently Ethiopia). Pamphylia was beside Pisidia, and the latter, if indeed named after Poseidon, is yet another clue that Pamphylians may have originated in north Africa, for Poseidon was in Ethiopia before founding Phoenicia. Beside Pisidia was Lycaonia, named after the wolf, "lycos," as for example Zeus turned mythical Lycaon into a wolf. I reasoned that the Opis cult in Italy, which I trace backward in time to Avvites, was named after the Pisidians. I suspect that they founded Pisa.

Poseidon sent a "Cetus" monstor to destroy the Ethiopia ruled by mythical Cassiopeia. This suggests that Poseidon was intimately tied to whatever "Cetus" was meant by a myth writer to depict. It may certainly represent a Cati branch, from Cadmus, son of Phoenix, perhaps even the Hatti capital of Hattusa as depicted, in my opinion, by mythical Cotys, father of Atti(s), father of the Lydians. The Hatti lived not far from Pisidians. I hope that you are beginning to learn how to trace myth codes to people groups.

As explained in previous updates, "Obama" should connect with Lydians under the Dionysus umbrella, who was a variant of Hephaestus. I'm writing on these matters as I go along in these updates because I expect to uncover the end-time mysteries as they pertain to the ancient dragon cult. The "Jewish" Illuminati is prolific in the Cohen and Kagan surnames, closely related to the Katz surname, nearly a perfect match with "Cotys/Cetus."

I believe that modern Illuminatists research ancient bloodlines and stress them in various low-key ways, including cartoons. It is possible, in other words, that the Bambi term chosen to depict a young deer was connected to the mythical deer adopted by many including the Babenberg founders of Bamberg (Wurttemburg used three deer anters as symbols) and the Hungarian Arpads. The Arpads were rooted in Khazars/Kabars (out of which I feel the Cohen and Hohen surnames originated), and I feel confident in tracing them much further back to the isle of Arpad off the Syrian coast.

Possible connection of Arpad to the Avvites is in the Hirpini wolf peoples of Italy, who lived in Abellino = proto-Avalon (intermediate between Avalon and Abellino in Campania was Avallon in Champagne, France). You get it, that Avvites on the Syrian coast merged with the Arpad-to-Hirpini line. Below is the proof.

You can see in 2 Kings 17:30-31 that the Avvites are named beside Nergal-worshiping men of Cutha, and also beside the Sepharvites; the latter are known to have been in Yemen, directly across the Red sea from Ethiopia. Note too that a second god is mentioned for the Avvites: Tartak. Does this god not smack of Tartus (Syria), onshore of the isle of Arpad? Therein is the proof. Remember, I trace Tartus to Dardanus in the Mysio-Lydia realm.

Remember, too, if you had been reading a while back, Obama is from the Luo tribe in Africa, smacking of the Luwians at the root of the Lydians. I had found that "lew" was an Aryan word for "lion," and so it was that the Lazi root of the Lydians were married to mythical Nergal (god of Cutha), depicted by a lion that became the Lydian lion. To the east side of Lydia, the Pamphylians were settled. There is a Bambi village in Eritrea that I can't find information on.

The Babenburgs are first seen at Grabfeld (ignore ther "feld" suffix), Germany, a place that I am convinced was named, as were the Serbs and Croats (= "Krv"-ites), after mount Gareb in Amorite Jerusalem. I trace "Gareb" to "Jerevan" (Armenia), and it can't be a coincidence that the Harpasus river was near Jerevan. That is, Arphaxadites named the Harpasus, and from this term's first syllable came the harder versions, "Jerev" and "Gareb." Grabfeld is beside Hesse, known to be named after the Catti.

All this to say that Obama may be from the deer symbol, the Arphaxadites. You might spend your weekend researching all that I have said in today's update, but don't expect too much corroboration, as this is cutting-edge history based almost exclusively on myth-code clues...that I am convinced tell some very real truths.


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