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January 17 - 20, 2009

The Night of Broken Gaza

January 17

Israel is expected to call a unilateral ceasefire (i.e. whether Hamas agrees or not) as early as tonight, under the condition that the United States plays a role in guarding the tunnels on the Egyptian-Gaza border region. The Bush administration has reportedly agreed to this task in an official capacity. This is worse than Hamas could have imagined. It promises to heighten the anger of the anti-Israeli axis.

Israel has said that it will resume the offensive if Hamas does not abide by a ceasefire. It is a perfect play by Israel at a time when world pressure is great upon it to cease from war. If Hamas does not stop firing rockets as this ceasefire is called, it will once again be seen as the one to blame for further war.

The ball could now be in the Obama court. It could be that the Obama administration has agreed to this Bush deal with Israel, and that an Obama-plan is already laid out for extended handling of the situation. I don't have much faith in the Hillary claim earlier in the week, that both she and Obama will NOT engage Hamas diplomatically, but I'll be looking for signs that secret talks are taking place.

Both Obama and Hillary will engage Hamas' two bosses, Syria and Iran, diplomatically. This could be viewed as one fat hypocritical double standard, but the Obama administration would tell us that Iran and Syria can be engaged because it is necessary to convince them not to go ahead with their nuclear-weapons programs.

Here we have the war that may be the basis for unleashing Israel's great tribulation, and no sooner does Obama, the half-Muslim, become the U.S. president that his administration is given a front-row seat in the Gaza ballpark. Providence?

The UN, only yesterday, passed a resolution ordering Israel to stop its war in Gaza. Both Israel and the United States voted against the resolution, explaining why the two countries just signed (on the same day) the agreement to stop Israeli aggression in return for American assistance in Gaza. It's quite a clever move that must have the UN somewhat miffed, but what can it do since Israel is fulfilling the UN will.

There is one consolation for the anti-Israeli axis: a softening of the blow due to the Obama team taking oversight of Gaza (instead of the harder-line Bush team).

The Turkish media, Hurriyet, has an article entitled, PM’s red hot Israel rhetoric glows white." It's about the Turkish prime minister insisting that Israel be tossed from the UN for being opposed to the UN resolution. But now that Israel is about to announce a stoppage in the fighting on it's own terms, Turkey should be happy, right? Well, there is that little issue about Turkey offering itself to oversee the Rafah region; how will the PM feel about the U.S. moving in to do the job instead?

Perhaps Turkey will yet become involved as per the Egyptian ceasefire negotiations. The Egyptian response to the Israeli-US deal has not yet (it's just after midnight now, Eastern Time) made it to the media. Something should be out within hours, and for the moment I can add this: "[Mashaal's] deputy Mussa Abu Marzuk later told Al-Jazeera television that Hamas would not make any decisions regarding a unilateral Israel ceasefire until its delegation held a fresh round of talks with Cairo [today]."

...It's morning in the Eastern time zone, dinner time in Israel, but still no word on the Israeli cabinet's decision (scheduled for today) on calling for the unilateral ceasefire. Haaretz has a line claiming that the Egyptian foreign minister does not like the Israeli-US plan to oversee the Rafah tunnels. However, Fox news claims that Israel is about to accept an Egyptian plan for a 10-day conditional ceasefire, one condition being that the tunnel area is overseen reliably.

If this area is critical to Hamas' long-term goals against Israel, it's unlikely that Hamas will support a ceasefire...except to get a much-needed breather and to re-arm. If no ceasefire takes place due to Hamas' unwillingness, Israel will likely continue its offensive, thus assuring all the more the arrival of its great tribulation. The continuation, especially if it done with a brash spirit, will turn the UN rapidly-rabidly against Israel, an important ingredient for giving the anti-Israeli axis confidence in setting up its military machine against Israel. The UN really doesn't know what it's doing, that it's current leanings are leading to Armageddon.

Israel seems to be acting brashly, hitting a UN-protected school overnight, and the UN is fuming mad. The number of hits on UN installations has many thinking that Israelis are hitting them deliberately. The reasoning behind it could be to send the Uninvited Nations a message: Israel doesn't approve of UN interference on behalf of Palestinians who wish to see the Israeli nation annihilated. If this is the case, Israel, probably frustrated with the UN to intolerable levels, really doesn't know what its doing, for it too would be contributing to the Battle of Megiddo.

I'll bet all my shekels that Obama opens the Gaza-door wide to the Uninvited Nations. Israel will then frown on Obama, and Obama will have his excuse for initiating some tough talk against Israel. Obama really doesn't know what he's doing.

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Sean Hannity has a video showing Obama's latest flip-flop. In his campaign, Obama promised to make bin Laden's head a priority, but this past week the tune changed, becoming identical to the Bush attitude. That is, Obama now says that bin Laden's head is not important so long as he is confined to a remote cave somewhere. What ObamaSoarus doesn't yet know is that a deadly OsamaSoarus is coming, straight from his remote cave.

For reasons unknown, Osama's son reportedly left his refuge in Iran to go join his father in Pakistan. I would suggest that this son could carry the Osama torch in Israel's great tribulation, as Osama is likely permanently ill. The article speaks briefly on ties between the son's circle in Iran with Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

The Egyptian foreign minister has announced that the Israeli-US ceasefire deal can go ahead, but that Egypt will not necessarily be supportive (i.e. will not necessarily allow Americans on Egyptian soil). However, one could expect such a public statement even if Egypt is for it. The Egyptian president today has flatly reinforced its previous position: "No international monitors would be allowed on Egyptian soil." But this doesn't stop the Americans from monitoring the Gaza side of the border.

Indonesian Muslims held placards reading, "Wipe Israel off the World Map."

The electrifying Obama inauguration. As you must know, Obama has invited a mainline popular Christian personality:

"The Rev. Rick Warren, the megachurch pastor who became a lightning rod for controversy when he was anointed by President-elect Barack Obama to give the premier prayer at the inauguration..."

This is in line with my expectations of the False Prophet, for he could not be given that title, along with his lamb-like symbol, if he doesn't stress his Christianity throughout his term as world leader. Relevant to this development is the new poll just out showing that "Half of Americans who call themselves 'Christian' don't believe Satan exists and fully one-third are confident that Jesus sinned while on Earth, according to a new Barna Group poll."

Which type of Christian do you suppose would latch on to the False Prophet? The liberal ones or the Biblical ones? You're wrong. The truth is, the Biblical ones will also latch onto Obama, while in the process of becoming liberals. For there will be a great falling away in the end times, of Biblical Christians becoming liberal Christians. How much more will this falling away occur in the years between now and the great tribulation? How sad this will be for those who had been close to Biblical Christians gone/going bad.

There is a regularity to the incidents of Russia arming certain nations while denying it, and this week's instance could be imporant for Russia's so-called "dash to the south": "Earlier this week, Azeri ANS TV quoted Russian Defense Ministry's spokesman Alexander Petrunin as saying that 'Russia delivered military hardware to the amount of $800 million to Armenia in the framework of a transnational agreement.'" The way into Iraq, Iran or Syria is by way of Armenia.

In an article dated March of 2008, we read|:

"Despite the hard times in the political process in Armenia, Armenian-Russian [relations] are going to develop at a new level,' president of Russia Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Armenia's president-elect Serzh Sargsyan in Kremlin."

Later that month, Medvedev was also extolling relations with Armenia. "'Armenia is ready to continue developing relations with Russia in every direction,' said [brand new Armenian president] Sargsyan, who met with Medvedev Monday in the Kremlin during his visit to Moscow." The Armenian prime minister, Tigran Sargsyan (not related to the above-mentioned president Sargsyan) is likewise in favor of building relations with Putin in particular.

Russian interest in the Caucasian corridor began to intensify after the Georgian war: "Indeed, after the five-day war many political analysts began to speak about Russia’s intention to build a fundamentally new geopolitical triangle – Moscow-Ankara-Baku to replace the little effective and less promising Moscow-Yerevan-Tehran axis." I don't think it's an either/or situation, but rather Russia wants both Armenia and Azerbaijan (= Baku) on its side...along with Turkey (= Ankara).

The result of this push by Putin to engage both Sargsyans has recently blossomed to the point of engaging in nuclear talks (webpage below), Russia's biggest carrot on a stick. According to the Georgia Times (Caucasia) today, Russia offered Armenia the weapons "free of charge".

Russian natural gas to the cut-off European nations is still not flowing. January 21/22 approaches. For new readers, see the crisis that's supposed to take place on that date, at this video. See also the Biden video at the same site.

A point worth mentioning is the opposition Likud party's announcement today that it does not wish the Israeli cabinet to go the way of a ceasefire. Should the Likud party win the coming election in February, Israel would be expected to go down a hard-line path. The cabinet has reportedly convened, and the BBC claims that a decision has been reached:

"Israeli sources told the BBC's Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, that Mr Olmert would announce an end to offensive military operations from 'H-Hour', the exact timing of which is not yet clear.

In a televised address set for 2200 (2000 GMT), Mr Olmert was expected [elaborate]."

Meanwhile, Britain has offered to become a Gaza overseer as well. We await the official response of Gaza-based Hamas.

January 18

It's 2 am Israeli time (7 pm on the 17th, Eastern), the hour that the official, unilateral ceasefire is to go into effect. Except for one thing. It's totally conditional on Hamas ceasing its war activity, but that isn't going to happen, apparently. One more thing: Israeli media are saying that the ceasefire is backed by Egypt. That's important. It tends to superimpose Egypt square on the Israeli agenda in spite of Egypt's attempts to distinguish itself. Not much more needs to be said for now. I'll get you the developments as they come in.

I've had to move off my property for some days, and as I'm able to download videos where I'm living now, I can share some with you. Take a look at the following where Obama stands beside Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton while the national anthem is being sung. Obama refuses to place his hand on his heart:;//

One can see his internal dilemma. He's battling with his two options, knowing that it's obvious to everyone watching, and yet he cannot bring himself to separating his hands to do what a politician is expected to do during an anthem. He so detests America that he down-right refuses to honor it. Don't get me wrong; I do not think that Jesus would honor America -- largely due to Democrat liberalism -- but Obama isn't likely rejecting America for the same reasons. The evidence was amply exposed to Democrats before the election, in the anti-Israeli, anti-white, anti-America, pro-Farrakhan radical Chicago church that Obama attended for many years. Yet Democrats not only elected him, not only increased the powers of his fellow Democrats, but they worship the man.

Haaretz has this quote on line 2:52 today: "Muslim chosen to speak at Obama inaugural prayer allegedly tied to Hamas (AP)." In the article, we read:

"Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America since 2006, is one of many religious leaders scheduled to speak at the prayer service at Washington's National Cathedral.

Mattson has been the guest of honor at State Department dinners and has met with senior Pentagon officials during the Bush administration. She also spoke at a prayer service at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. But in 2007 and as recently as last July, federal prosecutors in Dallas filed court documents linking the Hartford, Conn.-based Islamic society to the group Hamas..."

Any contacts/links of this group with Bush people can be excused if it wasn't yet realized at the time that it had Hamas ties, but where Obama's own foreign advisor is pro-Hamas, the underlying story may be quite different. At worst, the Obama team got Ingrid the speaker job to send Hamas a secret message. Remember, Obama's Chicago church sponsored pro-Palestinian activities and groups.

There are quite a few videos online claiming that Obama is the anti-Christ, and in fact CNN had a piece on it. This error comes from prophecy writers who mistakenly expect a "beast" that's at first a popular, peace-toting replacement of Jesus. I've come across some videos (see example here) claiming that Obama was connected to the Lucifer-respecting Saul Alinsky. I'm not familiar with Alinsky's socialistic and tactical "community organizing," but Wikipedia verified for me that a young Obama became connected to him: "Alinsky's teachings influenced Barack Obama in his early career as a community organizer on the far South Side of Chicago."

I am familiarizing myself on Alinsky only now, and wish to share another article (below) wherein we read: "Alinsky taught these people [including Obama and Hillary] how to appear angelic while working demonic." How evocative of a man appearing lamb-like but speaking like dragon! In fact, I have always interpreted Revelation 13's "speak like a dragon" as a political attitude, and indeed Alinsky taught political warfare. In fact, I am quickly realizing that Alinsky's "community organizing" is laced with political warfare having false perception (a form of deception) at its root. I've also learned that he said, "act globally, think locally," a phrase complimentary to Hillary's "global village." I think, in short, Alinsky was connected to Rhodes socialism and/or the Bavarian Illuminati's modern tentacles.

Alinsky was "Jewish," but probably part of the Marxist fold of Satanistic "Jews" who went on to succeed in the Bolshevic Revolution. I wouldn't view capitalism as the good guy and socialism as the bad guy, but rather two bad boys from opposing branches of Freemasonry. Christians have the mistaken idea that America was founded by Christians (the reality is that the founding fathers were often Freemasonic Christians). In Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, the opening respects to Lucifer praise the fact that he was able, through his rebellion, to win a kingdom. Freemasonry is all about building an empire, Satan's empire. This is why globalism, no matter how receptively it's offered to the peoples, is a thing that Jesus will destroy with pleasure.

Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire, on its own terms, and this change in tune comes from Mashaal himself. This shows how well Israel calculated in announcing its ceasefire; Hamas has little choice but to call it's own. Hamas is making its ceasefire conditional on an Israeli pull-out, and Israel is making its pull-out conditional on Hamas' stoppage in military activity. Either side can easily claim that the other side violated the conditions.

This is not over by any means. Further developments hinge on pressures applied by world powers, some of which are meeting again today in Egypt to discuss the next step. Egypt has invited them, and it includes the Turkish president, the UN Secretary General, the West Bank's president, France's president, Germany's chancellor, Spain's prime minister, the British prime minister, and representatives of Russia, the United States, and the EU. This is no small event.

The color of Egypt at this point is emphasized by its open demand that Israel pull out of Gaza. That even the Egyptian leader, who wishes for the downfall of Hamas, has snubbed Israel is witness to how extensively Israel has over-reached in its military adventure. But while Egypt makes the snub, it invites many Western powers to settle the affair, this being yet another major insult toward anti-Israeli Muslims. Jordan's king Abdullah is attending the Egyptian affair today, but Jordan, like Saudi Arabia, is somewhat at peace with Israel's existence. The best candidate for overseeing Rafah is Turkey, for the following evidence:

"Mussa Abu Marzuq, the exiled number two of the Islamist Hamas movement which controls Gaza, announced a one-week truce to allow Israeli troops to withdraw, in a speech on Syrian state television.

...'We are ready to accept all efforts, particularly those of the Egyptians, Turks, Syrians and Qataris, to reach an agreement that meets our known demands, namely the lifting once and for all of the blockade and the opening of all the crossing points, including the Rafah crossing' between Gaza and Egypt."

By "number two," it is meant that Marzug is under number one, Mashaal. It can be clearly seen in his statement that Turkey is united with Syria and Hamas. The statement's inclusion of "the Egyptians" refers merely to Egypt's role as chief negotiator for all sides, not that Egypt is on side with the Syria-Hamas axis.

What we have developing here in the two opposing sides is nothing less than the West's war on terror developing on Israeli soil. This war would develop in spite of Bush's invasion of Iraq, for it is in God's will. Ultimately, I foresee Gog stepping in to represent the Hamas axis, and the False Prophet stepping in to represent the West, with both personalities merging to some degree for the sake of staving off an Armageddon-like scenario.

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Barrack's wife "occasionally chides him for neglecting his fatherly duties and insists that whenever he is home he reads Harry Potter to his children..." Is this another piece of evidence that the Obama home is infested with the spirit of Satan instead of the Holy Spirit?

The Syrian president stressed that his coming talks with Obama will not steer him away from the Iran-Sryain axis

"Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stressed his country would not sacrifice its traditionally 'very good relations' with Iran to have better ties with the West, notably the US.

He made clear that improving Syrian relations with the US should in no way be linked to 'dictating' Damascus what kind of ties to have with Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran."

The same page, from an Iranian media, also says: "Russia maintains close ties to Tehran and Damascus and has official contacts with Hamas." However, as part of the Quartet, Russia needs to maintain a public show of neutrality. And the point is, Obama is also a part of the Quartet...i.e. so that we must expect his public oratory to be neutral.

January 19

It's early morning in Jerusalem, with not much to report. The ceasefire is holding on both sides. Israel is swearing that it doesn't want to be in Gaza a minute longer than need be. Egypt still maintains that it will not tolerate any of the several Western nations who have offered to play a role at Rafah. Nothing seems to have come forth from the meeting of many national leaders in Egypt yesterday. There appears to be no sign of any anti-Israeli group launching a military reaction to Israel. Russia and Ukraine have come to a gas deal. There is no heated friction at the Ossetia-Georgia border. Everything has become quiet, and there can be only one explanation: everyone is about to focus on the Obama theater in Washington.

Everyone wants to know if this Obama character is really something, or just a card. The Supreme Court is about to consider (on January 23) the merit of a case against Obama as per the question of his citizenship. On this quiet controversy, we read:

"Some allege [Obama's] birth took place in Kenya, and his mother was a minor at the time of his birth – too young to confer American citizenship. They argue Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr., was a Kenyan citizen subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time and would have handed down British citizenship.

There also are questions raised about Obama's move to Indonesia when he was a child and his attendance at school there when only Indonesian citizens were allowed and his travel to Pakistan in the '80s when such travel was forbidden to American citizens.

Apparently, Obama has never exposed his birth certificate, and, apparently, he wasn't born an American, a detail that prohibits him from becoming the President. The Supreme Court has already rejected multiple cases, and I expect that it will reject the one at its attention later this week. My point is that Obama may be a British citizen, as per the above quote.

zzz...Good morning. By the way, if you haven't noticed, I don't add daily updates all at once. If you come early to an update page, chances are there will be more updates for that day.

The news this morning (Eastern time) in the J-Post is that journalists, who were able to get into Gaza, report over-done damage. Saudi Arabia is now showing its dislike over the over-reach, and has shown solidarity with Palestinians by pledging a billion dollars to re-build Gaza. Egypt is complaining that Israel acted unilaterally rather than commit to what Egypt would like to see (mainly the West Bank authority at Rafah). And, "Israel hopes to pull all its troops out of the Gaza Strip by the time Barack Obama is inaugurated as president of the United States on Tuesday, Israeli officials said."

I have no idea why this clean-up-our-act-before-Obama-comes is being made so important to what is supposed to be an important mission for protecting Israeli citizens. It promises to compromise Israel for harkening to the Obamessiah spirit. Perhaps it's a tactic to get the United States on Israel's side as much as possible under the broken-Gaza circumstances. Hamas, stupid as ever, has already promised to re-arm: "A day after Hamas announced a truce with Israel, a spokesman for Izzadin Kassam, the group's military wing, stressed that Hamas will continue to rearm despite efforts to stop the weapon smuggling into the Gaza Strip."

The article claims that Hamas reports 80 dead Israeli soldiers to about half as many dead Hamas soldiers, if that helps to expose their lying ways. And, of course, Hamas is claiming victory. And "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Hamas leader in Syria Khaled Mashaal and congratulated him on the 'great victory' the Palestinians had achieved over the IDF." To me, these lying Muslims are like the Democrat media in the United States, who, if Obama had been a Republican, would have painted a poor picture of him. It looks as though Obama's future record will be exaggerated so that the media may keep in line with the great expectations now being reported.

On the first day that I take office, I will deal with Gaza, Iraq, the economy, the Russians, the Iranians, the Chinese, the Koreans, and, take Michele out to dinner while holding a press conference. On the second day...

But also, I think Obama is going to make a problem look bigger than it really is so that he can look better when the problem is fixed. This is a tactic used by deceptive politicians, used most-especially when they know the problem is on the verge of being rectified.

Another point of interest is that "The [Hamas] minister [of justice] also called for [president] Abbas to be brought before a Palestinian court, or any other legal forum, on charges of committing 'atrocities' against the Palestinians." That is, the damages done by the Israeli military are being projected onto Abbas because he didn't do enough to stop them. The purpose in this animosity is to set up the grounds for rejecting the Egyptian proposal for Abbas-Palestinians to oversee Rafah.

As we can see, there will continue to be animosity toward "the king of the south." In fact, I read yesterday that Israel is toying with a plan to allow more Egyptian soldiers at the Gaza border. The European Union believes that Gaza cannot be rebuilt so long as Hamas holds the reins of power, and opts instead to see the West Bank Palestinians in power. This EU meddling can only infuriate the anti-Israeli axis all the more.

Britain has already donated 40 million dollars to Gaza, and in this way the destruction caused by Israel will be paid in part by Westerners. In return for the financial support, the West wants to meddle in Gaza's affairs. Israel is saying today that it will control Gaza's re-building project, regardless, we may assume, of who donates the reconstruction money. The EU wants to see the two Palestinian factions united, and a Palestinian state created beside Israel. The anti-Israeli axis sees blood-red for all the reasons above, expecting Israel to stall reconstruction so long as Hamas remains in power. The post-war will of Gaza's majority, whether to side with Hamas or Fatah, has not been reported as far as I have found.

Under all of these circumstances, what is Obama's agenda going to be? I think it will be directly in line with the EU will: Palestinians united and in their own country, with their own weapons and free from Israeli controls. These dreams are likely premature, as fighting is very likely to re-ignite...unless Obama can convince Israel to become the long-suffering victim once again.

I repeat: the next Israeli government is likely going to be hard-line, thus clashing with the Obama agenda. "A poll commissioned by Israel's Channel 2 News on Sunday revealed that 50 percent of Israelis oppose the unilateral ceasefire in Gaza, while only 36 percent support it." If Israel suffers for this ceasefire due to a Hamas resurgence, history may record that Obama was at fault. Assuming that some Obama players have been speaking with the Israeli administration this past week, we can guess the message: get out of Gaza.

If another Israeli invasion takes place, Egypt's frustration may cause it to send its army to Gaza to check Israel's army, thus setting up a king-of-the-south situation. If Egypt sends its troops to Gaza with its mind to undermine Hamas, the anti-Israeli axis will feel justified in sending their fighters to fight Egypt. If anyone arises in Iraq at that time that even remotely fits the Gog role, I would say that all the Middle-Eastern cards are on the table to begin the 70th Week.

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The EU Tart is ganging up on Israel:

"The EU's 27 foreign ministers will meet with Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Wednesday, and meet with the other countries on Sunday, the EU presidency said in a statement.

...Nevertheless, the Foreign Ministry said it was still not certain that Livni would attend the meeting.

Earlier Monday, a senior European Union official said that she...signaled that reconstruction of buildings and infrastructure would only begin when the EU has an acceptable Palestinian partner.

The article goes on to share Livni's argument that there's no use in re-constructing Gaza only to see Israel go back in to destroy it when Hamas provokes another invasion. It would therefore appear that Gaza will lie in ruins for the time being.

On the Russian gas crisis, I did not know until now that it was the worst the EU has ever experienced:

Russia and Ukraine were set to finalise a deal on Monday to get natural gas flowing again, but the European Union remained sceptical about an imminent end to its worst-ever gas crisis.

...In a joint appearance Sunday to announce their agreement after marathon late-night talks, Putin said gas flows to Europe would resume 'shortly'..."

I've got to say that the picture of Babylon the Tart riding on the back of the seven-headed dragon (Revelation 17) may or may not be a depiction of Europe's future alliance with Gog. I hold an alternative view of the dragon as a depiction of Europe itself, namely the end-times Roman empire seen in both Daniel 2 and 7. In such a view, the woman riding the back of the dragon would be interpreted as the Tyrian Phoenicians removed to the seven-hilled city of Rome, and of course the finger points to the Tyrrhenian founders of Rome and their Latin/Ladon cousins. Mythical Dascylus, father of mythical king Gugu of Lydia, was probably a myth code for the Myso-Lydian peoples who went on to name the Tusculum region on the Tyrrhenian-Latin border.

On the other hand, we find that the seven-headed dragon of Revelation 17 rapes and destroys the end-time European Tart successfully, which is better viewed as a Russian war on Europe than a Tyrian war on Europe. Tyre today is merely a part of Lebanon.

As some ancient writers believe that Gugu/Gyges was an historical ruler, and that he was the Biblical Gog that Ezekiel 38 was addressing, should we expect end-time Gog to be from the Lydia>Latin bloodline? Or should we expect Gog to come from the Lydian geography...which is far-western Turkey today? Or, as Lydians were a branch of the Laz Caucasians in what is today Georgia, should we expect Gog to come from the Lazona region of Georgia? Is it a coincidence that the Lazi of Lazona became depicted as Greek's Ladon dragon, while Osama has "Laden" as a surname?

Or, since mythical Daphne (daughter of the Greek Ladon dragon) was named after the Syrian city by that name, should we expect Gog to come from there, which today is Antioch? After all, both Daniel 8 and 11 traces end-time Gog through the Seleucid founders of Antioch.

I came to find evidence that ancient Gorgons (proto-Georgians?) of Verkana (modern Gorgan) became the Lithuanian god, Perkun(as). Lithuania also developed a great-mother goddess, Lada, also "Lado" and "Ladon," and we can assume that Lithuania was named after whatever entity she was named after. I'm thinking a Lydian branch of some sort. I'm adding this in case Gog comes from Lithuania.

The evidence is made better for a Lithuania tie to Lydia, for Apollo's mother, mythcode Ledo, must have depicted the Amazons (of Lydia) in that Apollo's twin sister, Artemis, was a goddess of the Thermodon-river Amazons (beside Georgia). Thermodon Amazons in particular had married Gargarians, according to Herodotus, and we can see that Gargarians were the Georgians, but as both Apollo and Artemis were depicted by the wolf, it's a good bet that Gargarians were from Verkana, since the term, rooted in "verk" (= "wolf"), means Wolf Land.

Now it's known that ancient Hyperboreans (the term means "far-northerners) worshiped Apollo, by which we can realize a blood connection, and we may even infer that Hyperboreans were the root stock of Lithuanians and/or their Latvian neighbors, for Biblical Gog was said (by Ezekiel) to be in the "far north," and Lithuania is almost as north as one can get in the Rus domain.

January 20

I have found why Hamas only had pea-shooters:

"The Israel air force demolished two key Hamas war systems in the first 4 minutes of its massive offensive...The bombers destroyed six mosques in Gaza City which held the terrorists' biggest weapons arsenals and scores of "beehives" containing launchers primed for the simultaneous, automatic release of hundreds of powerful rockets against Israeli cities.

These launchers were rigged for precision-targeting in Israeli town centers...

The aerial offensive knocked out 80 percent of the rockets Hamas had prepared to launch and saved Israel's southern cities. The Palestinian Islamists were left only with inferior projectiles. Therefore, 98 percent of the hundreds of missiles they managed to fire in the 22-day war missed their targets and exploded in open ground."

More information on the Muslim presence at Obama's inauguration:

"Barack Obama isn’t wasting any time making an impression: he has selected the leader of a group that has been named an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case to present a prayer during his inauguration festivities...

...Ingrid Mattson is a Canadian convert to Islam who has carefully cultivated the image of a moderate spokesperson. Yet her organization’s record is not entirely clean. Federal prosecutors last summer rejected claims that ISNA was unfairly named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror funding case. And ISNA has even admitted ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, complaining only that the government’s evidence for those ties came from old documents, but offering no proof that the organization had reversed course...

What’s more, in a CNN chat room on October 18, 2001, Mattson offered a subtle defense of Osama bin Laden...[the writer goes on to give several examples].

...Mattson has also tried to set Jews and Christians against once another...'Right-wing Christians are very risky allies for American Jews, because they [the Christians] are really anti-Semitic. They do not like Jews'...

...If Ingrid Mattson truly intends to be a voice for reform and moderation within the Islamic community in North America...She should also explain ISNA’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, and confront honestly the elements of Islamic teaching that jihadists use to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims. Unless and until she does these things and others that would conclusively demonstrate her moderation, non-Muslims are justified in being appalled at Obama’s choice.

By Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is a scholar of Islamic history, theology, and law and the director of Jihad Watch...

Is it not interesting that the Muslim Brotherhood is in Egypt about to undo the Egyptian ruler on behalf of the Hamas situation? One could certainly get the idea that someone on the Obama team -- the one(s) responsible for choosing Mattson -- is for the anti-Israeli axis. If Obama is himself of this mentality, America should brace to experience a nightmare.

Does Obama's administration speak secretly and unofficially to national leaders?

"Representatives from the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama informed Israel they would like to see the Jewish state's offensive against Hamas scaled back before tomorrow's inauguration, according to a top defense official who spoke to WND.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media, said he was not aware of any official demand from Obama or his team. But he said members of Obama's team made it clear to the Israeli government it would be better for them if Israel's three-week offensive came to an end as Obama assumes office."

I don't believe that this story was manufactured out of thin air. Israel wants to dance to Obama's tune. Israel could feel very insecure without America's backing, very alone in the world, especially if Obama's foreign-affairs team has sway over European leaders. I don't know if you're reading me right, but I'm suggesting that a form of blackmail is taking place, where Obama players are demanding that Israel jump in return for America's protection.

While this form of political leverage has been used by past administrations, they didn't demand that Israel vault too high...until Bush "asked" Israel to create a Palestinian state within Israel. Obama is going to do the same, but likely raise the bar to a newer height. I think Israel's Kadima party acted a good act under Bush's terms -- getting away without creating the state -- but the next Israeli administration may forego the act and outright rebel against Obama. I predict that Obama will be a black nail in Israel's coffin. I'm looking for coercion from Hillary.

The Herald Tribune says: "Israel accelerated its troop withdrawal from Gaza [yesterday] with the aim of finishing by the inauguration of Barack Obama [today]." Yep, Israel is jumping to Obama's will, who, while telling the American people that he can't act in the Gaza affair until Bush's days are over, has been talking to Israel before that time and recommending a pull out.

The same media has the headline, "Russia and Ukraine formally seal gas deal [yesterday], and Putin orders valves opened." Is Putin also becoming a good boy just in time for Obama's first day?

There has been little important news in Israel today, and the following story was found only at DEBKAfile:

"US and Egyptian warships were scouring the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea Tuesday, Jan. 20 to waylay an Iranian freighter carrying scores of heavy rockets for delivery to Hamas. DEBKAfile's exclusive sources report they were acting on intelligence that a ship loaded with an estimated 60 tons of arms to replenish Hamas' depleted war stocks had set out from the Iranian Persian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas on Jan. 17.

[List of weapons on board here].

Our sources reveal that the arms-smuggling vessel started its voyage as the Iran-Hedayat and changed its name in mid sea to Famagustus registered to Panama. The captain was ordered by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to unload its cargo at a smugglers cove on the southeastern coast of Sinai opposite the Gulf of Suez, to be picked up by armed Bedouin gangs and moved to El Arish in northern Sinai. From there the contraband rockets were to be slipped gradually into the Gaza Strip.

I'm having trouble knowing how DEBKAfile knew the types of weapons on board, since the ship hasn't yet been found. I assume that DEBKAfile is the voice of the Israeli military, but how did the military know what was on board? Might the military wish to create a false report for PR reasons, now more than ever to justify the extent of devastation in Gaza?

On Interfax's 12:49 line today, we read: "Russia to 'take an extremely active part' in Gaza rehab forum." There's no story, but the "extremely" term is the emphasis here. Watching.

If you're interested in the Egyptian president's right-hand man, the Intelligence chief who despises the Muslim Brotherhood, see here.

With the Biblical invasion of Israel expected to come from its north, I note that the Lebanese people had already been trending toward Hezbolah mentality, with the Gaza war reinforcing it. Even before the war, Lebanon refused to have peace talks with Israel. We may suspect that, ideally, Hezbolah was plotting the timing of its offensive at a point when Hamas would be strong enough to divide the Israeli military into two spheres of combat. For all we know, the plan may have been for Hezbolah to enter the war as soon as Hamas effected some major successes against Israel. Those successes never came.

Whatever the Iranian plot was, we might best conclude that His Time was not yet. Assuming that Hezbolah was placed in Lebanon by His will, the question needs to be asked, why so soon? Why so many years before the Appointed Time? Apparently, the goal is to have Hezbolah in full charge of Lebanon, for this is the direction that we now see. The previous Lebanese government may be viewed as a Restraint against the success of Hezbolah befiore the Appointed Time. The goal of having Hezbolah in charge of the nation -- or at least in charge of southern Lebanon -- may have been Deemed necessary to assure Gog's unfettered path to northern Israel through Syria.

In Isaiah 10, we see Gog coming through Damascus to Samaria (= the West Bank's northern end). See on this map of Syria that Damascus is situated immedeiately before an entry into Israel's northern border. You can also see Iraq's long border with Syria. On this alternative map of Syria (click to enlarge), one can guess that Gog's military will take the highway through Ar Rutbah, and then skirt the Jordanian border to Damascus.

I imagine that his forces will be sufficiently large by that time as to warrant a check by the Syrian military, which will lose. It is hard to imagine that Gog will defeat Syria with merely the terrorists of Iraq, wherefore it is likely that Russian soldiers (probably from Caucasia) will meet him in Syria for the purpose of opening the way to Israel.

However, the first passage of Gog through Syria is likely to be for the purpose of invading Egypt (not Israel), and it may be that Syria will allow Gog's passage at that time, when Gog's forces will be small enough not to be a threat to Syria. I imagine Gog's fighters passing through Israel's Mediterranean coast, perhaps by ship, and likely finding a welcome (and base) at Gaza. After defeating Egypt, he goes home, and only after that does he return south to invade Israel from its north. Ezekiel 38:13 tells that Tarshish (Tarsus, Cilicia) will inquire of Gog's invasion at that time.

Will Russian soldiers join him for the Egyptian war? I have no idea. I haven't given this enough consideration, and developments have not materialized enough to take a stab at the question. I tend to doubt it. Will Iranian fighters be with Gog in his Egyptian war? Probably, since the Iranians are now at the head of the war spirit against Egypt, and because Gog should need them to find success against Egypt.

As Gaza smolders, my attention is toward northern Iraq's elections in 11 days time. A poll has given some clue:

"The public opinion poll of 4,570 Iraqis conducted by the government-sponsored National Media Center said that 42 percent of the poll's respondents preferred secular candidates, whereas 31 percent support religious parties, the center said Tuesday."

Saddam's government was secular, and he therefore likely chose a large fraction of secular government leaders. This is important because Saddam's broken party is prophesied (Daniel 11:22-23) to arise in helping to make a weak Gog strong. The numbers above may be clue of a victory for Saddam's Sunni Arabs on the 31st. That's what I'm expecting. How Gog enters that picture, I have little idea, but feel that it'll be based on low-level ties between Russians and Saddam loyalists that have existed, perhaps on sleep mode, over the Bush years.

As Obama seems intent on shoring up in Afghanistan, the following is perhaps expected of Russia:

"President Hamid Karzai's office said Monday that Russia is ready to cooperate on defense matters with Afghanistan. The announcement coincides with an increasingly public tussle between Afghan and Western officials.

...'As a friendly government to Afghanistan, Russia is ready to offer its cooperation to an independent and a democratic Afghanistan,' the statement quoted Medvedev as saying."

Remember, the Obama administration is dead-set against Russian involvement in Afghanistan, so that what Medvedev is now doing is an in-your-face move. I view this as Russia's attempt to wrestle Karzai's favor away from the Americans, as part of Russia's bid to capture some Middle East controls.

President Obama, could you please tell us what you will do on your second day after fixing the whole world on your first day?

Why, certainly, Mr. CNN. The second day is devoted to all things black.

Ah, I see. And for your third day?

All things African.

Ahh. On the fourth?

Jailing Mr. K.K. Klan.

When do you think you will get around to growing the economy?

On the second, third and fourth days; good jobs are going to go to all things black, African, and hated by Mr. Klan. Hope you don't mind, Mr. CNN. Thank you so much for helping me to be elected to this Office.

Dare I ask what the sixth day is reserved for?

I've got nothing planned for anything white.

I see. And you will rest on the seventh?

Yes. I'll be watching Bill Cosby re-runs.

What else, Mr. President, of course, what else?


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