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January 13 - 16, 2009

Hamas is Running Out of Gaza

January 13

Think about what's going on. Israel is prepared to flatten the remaining houses on the Gaza side of Rafah that have tunnel entrances. No one at this time can stop Israel from doing so. Egypt is not only giving Israel to nod to continue, but, according to the DEBKAfile article below, is prepared to flatten the houses in Rafah that house the other ends of the tunnels.

What does this mean to the Iranian axis that had set its hopes on destroying Israel via the activities in those tunnels? It's a catastrophe, plain and simple. And, the point is, Egypt is a major player in securing that catastrophe. Egypt is not only a political radical that has gotten away from the Muslim extremists, but is now an active player in Israel's war on Hamas and their precious tunnels. This has got to be cause for war against Egypt already, but I am convinced that Egypt's confidence in railing against the Syrio-Iranian axis has only just begun.

Obama came out with a statement on his attitude toward Iran: I will do something different, look at me, because I'm not going to be doing the same old Bush-loser approach, or that wouldn't get anyone looking at me, so here I go to do something different than Bush, talk to Iran for a change, because this is good, as it is different than what Bush did, and everyone will be looking steadfast at me for being different. So, don't forget, look at me, the one who is different than Bush. Have I lost anyone? Do you want me to explain it again?

Obama, do me a favor. Enough with your different approach, and show the world something that will work on moral and Christ-like grounds, and maybe only then brag about what you have done. Don't brag about yourself before you have even started. You're different than Bush my a whole millimeter, whoopity-doo-da-day. Tell your country what you're going to tell Iran, if it's anything to speak of.

Hey, Ahmad! This is Oblah-blah-blahma. You gonna do as I say?


Well that's too bad because now you'll have to listen to me talk to you anyway, because I promised my people for too long that I would talk to you.

Fine with me, big O. You talk to me, and I'll be the talk of the world, but I'm not your donkey.

And that's how it's going to be. Nothing to speak of in the way of progress.

The above was all written last night, and this morning when I awoke I found this a new article in the J-Post entitled, "Hamas Agrees to Turkish Force in Gaza." The article says that "[Hamas] has resisted the idea of international monitors [at Rafah] because it wants control of the Gaza border," and yet the article starts off by saying:

"Hamas is set to announce that it is willing to allow a Turkish force to deploy at Rafah crossing, despite earlier insistence that it would treat any international presence along Gaza's border as an occupying force...

Hamas would agree to a Turkish deployment of forces because it "harbors respect to Turkey as an Islamic nation..."

Think about it. Hamas and its Islamic axis badly need to control the Egyptian border in order to continue the plot to destroy Israel, wherefore if Hamas has accepted a Turkish presence at that border, one could think that Turkish leaders have become partnered with the Axis' anti-Israeli plot. There should be no way that Hamas would accept the Turkish presence aside from first talking to Turkey to discover whether they are for or against the Hamas agenda.

Hopefully, I didn't write about the ancient Turukkaeans -- what may have been deemed by some readers as off-topic -- for nothing. I wrote it because I sensed that Turkey was becoming a part of Gog's movement.

DEBKAfile sometimes seems to know or report more than the Post, or at least report it before the Post does, and today is one of those instances:

"DEBKAfile's military sources reveal a secret war waged by the US, Israel and Egypt to shut down Iran's serpentine maritime routes through the Red Sea and Suez for refilling Hamas' depleted arsenal by sea. After Hamas lost an estimated 60 percent of its weapons stocks to Israeli bombardments, Iran enlisted Somali pirates to step up the flow of smuggled hardware to Gaza. Tehran is rearming the Palestinian Islamists at top speed to persuade them to carry on the war against Israel and not surrender to Egypt's ceasefire terms."

You may recall that Iran had landed some fighters in Eritrea (in the Sudanese/Somali region). The article goes on to say: "Western intelligence informants report that in the past week, Iranian agents hired Somali pirates to...offload the weapons and carry them in small Somali craft to Eritrea. The pirates have strong ties with Eritrea." From there, the weapons would be slipped to Hamas by various methods.

The question now is whether Iran will agree to the Turkish presence at Rafah. If it does agree, then one could assume that Turkey is indeed a part of the Irano-Hamas agenda. We might even here Iran support a ceasefire as long as Turkey is in the thick of the aftermath.

Is it a coincidence that a ship just freed by Somali pirates was a Turkish one?
"The Karagol, with 14 Turkish crew on board, had been transporting more than 4,000 tonnes of chemicals to the port of Mumbai when it was seized on November 12.

'The ship was released last night and everyone on board is fine ... The pirates were persuaded to let them go,' the source from YDC Maritime Co told media, declining to specify whether a ransom was paid."

One might imagine that the ship was the "victim" of a planned that the ship could transfer something of importance for Hamas to the "pirates."

Again, I have got to stress that most of the players in Ezekiel 38 seem to be lining up on this cause. The only missing entities are Gog and Gomer. The latter is often identified as Germany; I'm not decided. In ancient times, Gomerians may have been Cimmerians, and these peoples spread to places besides Germany, including Pannonia, Denmark, and Wales (the latter uses a red dragon as a main flag symbol to this day). The current leader of Germany is pro-Bush, but one can easily argue that, in the very last times, Germany will once again, as it did with Hitler era, seek to wipe Jews off the face of the earth.

I am satisfied that both the Tigris river and the Zagros mountains of Iran were named after Togarmites (a 'Z' was sometimes formed from a 'D', and a 'D' from a 'T'). As Togarmah was a son of Gomer (Genesis 10), we'd expect Gomerians in the Tigris and Zagros domains. Many believe that Cimmerians stemmed into Caucasia from Iran, and I have read that "Gug-Cimmerians" existed as a tribe. I also read that "Chomarians" lived in Bactriana not far from "Comarians." Therefore, I am not at all convinced that Germany must enter the Gog alliance of Ezekiel.

Today's DEBKAfile has, probably not coincidentally, an article entitled, "A Russian naval task force led by aircraft carrier docks at Syrian port." We read:

"The [three-ship] force...was due to call in at the Syrian port of Tartus Monday, Jan. 12 after carrying out joint exercises with the Turkish navy last week.

...Our sources believe Moscow may be signaling its disapproval of Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip."

Recall the American ship docked in Greece, that according to the Guardian was shipping untold weapons to the Israeli shore near Gaza. The Pentegon denied that the weapons were going to Israel, instead claiming that they were American weapons to be kept by the Israelis in safe-keeping. A likely story. The problem with this claim is that journalists and others will now be able to track where the weapons go for safe-keeping, and so because they are really intended for Gaza, the ship's delivery to Israel has been cancelled altogether.

I wonder who it was that snithced to the Gaurdian about the ship in the first place. This could have ramifications if something very important for the Gaza operation was on that ship. The amount of weaponry slated for delivery was enormous enough to suggest that both the US and Israel know of greater coming threats besides that of tiny Hamas.

I wasn't going to cover the Russian-Ukraine gas crisis in depth unless I saw evidence of Russia's deliberate stalling. I was surprised in the past day or two when Russia announced that it would re-open the gas taps to Europe, for I was expecting Putin to come up with an excuse not to open them. Today, we read:

"A deal to restore Russian gas shipments to Europe via Ukraine appeared to be unraveling amid recriminations [today], just hours after it took effect. Aleksandr Medvedev, Gazprom's deputy chief executive...blamed the Ukrainian side for blocking the export route by using the pipeline to meet domestic demand.

Medvedev said gas was not being shipped to Europe. 'We informed the European Commission that we have tried our best but what we have faced goes beyond anything which we could imagine,' he said."

Why did I suspect that Putin was going to find an excuse, if only he could get away with it? Because I suspect that Russia is toying with an evil plot involving invasions. Another theory is that Russia is once again showing a confidence-muscle, to nations of Russia's former empire that are now becoming too cozy with the EU, NATO, etc. I apologize for mentioning this if it turns out that the gas situation is quickly and permanently brought back to normal, but I thought I had better include it now as part of the developing Middle-Eastern picture. There could be a military-wise reason for cutting off the supply in the dead of winter.

On Interfax's 15:01 line today, we read: "Ukraine not transmitting gas to Europe - Putin." That's an accusation. It suggests that the Ukraine is stealing the gas that is intended for Europe. If it's not true, it's likely a deliberately-false accusation. To deliberately withhold gas from much of Europe at this time is no small thing. Many have been accusing Putin of halting gas flow deliberately in the first place.

Well, well, Mr. Biden has ventured up to Kirkuk to say:

"'Solving the main issues of Kirkuk is a major issue for the United States government in Iraq,' Biden told a group of journalists at the airport.

'The new administration is very concerned about the conflict in Kirkuk and I call on all political parties in Iraq to find a consensus that will resolve this conflict.'"

Joe BiteThem, who do you think you are going into Kirkuk and telling its leaders what they need to do? They know all by themselves what they would like to do.

Clearly, Obama is going to become embroiled in northern Iraq's divisions. Hokey-Gogi is he ever!

One more news story for today:

"According to Sun-Times columnist and long-time Chicago journalist, Carol Marin, journalists at Barack Obama news conferences have come to realize that Obama has pre-picked those journalists whom he will allow to ask him questions at the conference...

One wonders why journalists are allowing this corralling of the press? Would they have allowed George W. Bush to pre-pick journalists like that?...

...'The press corps, most of us, don't even bother raising our hands any more to ask questions because Obama always has before him a list of correspondents who've been advised they will be called upon that day.'

...One has a sinking suspicion that the press is allowing itself to become Obama's lapdog extraordinaire."

Another sign that democracy is giving in to socialism, and that truth is giving in to falsehood. Wikipedia's article on Rhodes Scolars is tame compared to what one may find elsewhere on the web, but it does share this insightful statement that all Americans should understand throughout Obama's leadership (or lack thereof):

"There has been some controversy over the original aim of the [Rhodes] scholarships, as it is clear from Rhodes' writings that he held views, which at that time had some currency, about the superiority of the Anglo race, and it has been postulated that his intention was to use the scholarships to educate future foreign leaders in Britain so that they could help spread British influence when they returned to their home countries."

Not everything at Wikipedia is true, obviously, but the claim above is a typical one, and is believed by me. There must be a lot more to a Rhodes Scholarship than courses at Oxford University. There must be some behind-the-scenes learning as well. One day, it will all be laid bare. Cecil Rhodes didn't donate his will to the Scholarships just to give some young people some extended education. I invite you to read Cecil's will to see that he wished America to be British. If you read past the half-way point, you see an opinion that Rhodes-connected "Jews" of Germany (i.e. the Askenazi) had control of the press. Interestingly, Ashkenaz was a son of Gomer (and therefore a brother of Togarmah).

It was my finding that the leading royal "Jews" of Germany, the Hohens (variation of "Cohen"), were strongly connected to Paphlagonian/Pamphylian Heneti in Bamberg, a family called Babenburg. This was, in my opinion, the German Illuminati. But having found that they traced to the Heneti made me realize that they were not Jews at all, but rather Hebrews of the dragon cult of Kabeiri, whose mother goddess, Kybele, was surely the foundation of the modern Kabala cult among "Jews."

Perhaps you have heard that one Freemasonic/Illuminati symbol is a checkerboard pattern of squares (typically black and white); see the red and white Hohen squares as well as the blue and white Cohen squares, and then see the same Cohen squares on the royal-Stewart coat of arms. The black and white checkered pattern on the police hats of Britain were inspired by the Stewarts; the police department knew this but may not have known that it was a symbol in witchcraft.

January 14

The Clinton Global Initiative is something to discuss now that Hillary will be all over the world. I've got to say that I was mainly kidding when suggesting (some years ago) that she with her husband could become the two-horned False Prophet. Now it's got to be taken seriously. I naturally suspect that this Initiative is part of Bill Clinton's Rhodian agenda.

I tried to envision how Bill would manage to find a global role after his two terms as President. See what we find on a page of the organization's website: "The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) was established in 2005 to bring together global leaders to take action to address some of the world's biggest challenges."

Biggest challenges in the world? Bill still wants to be Boss. But now he's going to compete against Obama (mark my words) on certain issues.

Osama bin Laden has spoken again; note the seven year time frame that he mentions:

"'[God has bestowed us with the patience to continue the path of jihad for another seven years, and seven and seven years,' Bin Laden said in the tape that was dated in the current Islamic month."

For new readers, I identify Osama as the "ruler of the covenant" in Daniel 11:22. In my opinion, that's the same covenant as in Daniel 9:27, the latter being seven years long. Could it be that Osama has just signed a seven-year war-pact with many anti-Israeli forces?

The Times online adds this from Osama: "We are with you [Gaza] and we will not let you down. Our fate is tied to yours in fighting the Crusader-Zionist coalition, in fighting until victory or martyrdom." The article also mentions Osama's "deputy, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri," an important point if Osama is going to be chiefly involved in Gog's Egyptian invasion.

The Herald Tribune adds: "If you [pro-Israeli Arabs] are not convinced to fight, then open the way to those who are convinced," [Osama] said." In the background of the video visual is a picture of the Muslim Temple Mount at Jerusalem, a wing/extremity of which Gog will desecrate just before he tramples Jerusalem for 42 months. I view that extremity, mentioned in Daniel 9:27, as the Israeli-beloved Western Wall. In light of prophecy telling that Jerusalem is to be surrounded, note what more Osama has just said:

"'We are on the way to opening new fronts,' he said, urging Muslims to 'join hands with the mujahedeen to continue the jihad against the enemy, to continue bleeding them on these two fronts and on the others that are open to you.'"

Al Jazeera adds that Osama's "22-minute audio statement said jihad was necessary to restore 'Jerusalem and Palestine'", once again indicating that Jerusalem is the basis of his plans.

Russia is still not pumping natural gas to Europe today, still claiming that the Ukraine is stealing it. It seems to strange that the Ukraine would do such a thing, becoming a villain in the eyes of all Europe and Russia as a result. Meanwhile:

"For a second day Ukraine's national energy company Naftogaz refused to accept Russian gas due to be transited to Europe, Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom said [today]."

The Ukraine denies stealing the gas. The article goes on to say that the Ukraine accuses Russia/Gazprom of pumping too little gas for sufficient pipe pressure to carry it as far as European taps. Angry European nations are tending to blame Russia, and they ought to know what's going on better than me before they start unleashing accusations.

As some circumstantial evidence at best for a Russo-Turkey mediation attempt in Gaza, we find in today's Turkish media: "Turkey's energy minister, currently holding talks in Moscow, said [today] that his country has maintained mediation efforts to resolve the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine and that they wanted to be the part of the solution." If the gas dispute is connected to Gog's agenda for the Middle East, it's stands to reason that there may also be a Russian-Turkish military alliance developing as per the Gaza situation. This would be important if Turkey does succeed in worming its way to become a mediator in Gaza.

Meanwhile, today, Iran has sent rockets into Iraq's Kirkuk environs in its on-going effort, in alliance with Turkey, to minimize the PKK (Kurdish rebels). Can we see a squeeze happening between the Iraq-Iran border and the Iraq-Turkey border that ultimately seizes northern Iraq? Is Gog the behind-the-scenes orchestrator of the Irani-Turkish effort?

What are you doing there, HamaSore?

Firing rockets into the open fields, Iranosaurus Rex.

Why into the fields, idiot? Why not into the city square where the Hebrontos all shake the earth with their victory dance?

Because I keep missing. All that's left is this pre-historic rocket launcher.

The one you said you gave your son for his 5th birthday? Where are all the modern missiles I gave you?

The Hebrontos, Rex, the Hebrontos. I'm using dodo eggs instead...

Get yourself in order, man, because I've just signed a seven-year pact with all our horned friends. They will be coming soon to Jerustic Park.

You don't say, Irani? They gonna wipe out the Fatah Palestapus while they're at it?

Lots of dirty work to do now that the Bush Sticklesaurus' are becoming extinct. First, we're coming to put Aegyptipus down. You gonna be ready, or should we find someone else to run the Gaza Station? Got my eye on TriTurkotops.

Hey, hey, TriTurkotops...

We're coming by way of Dinosyrius. Make friends with all your neighbors in the African fossil fields, 'cept Aegyptipus. Don't try to kill him. Leave his bones for me.

I've been praying to Allahgator for this day, you beautiful lizard you. You can count on me.

Allahgator is sending his son, Crockogi, to you. Make sure you feed him well and treat him like a rex of rexes.

I'll let him swim in the Sacred Marsh, and throw in seven rabbis, one for each head.

You just might buy your life back, HamaSore. You just might.

Both Egypt and Israel combined forces yesterday and today to frustrate the first Iranian ship to reach Gaza. Egypt would not allow the ship to unload its contents at an Egyptian port, and the Israeli navy chased the ship as it afterward sought to dock at Gaza. Apparently, both countries are suspicious that weapons may be on board...and of course neither wants the hassle of checking every crate/package. Story here.

The next day, today, the Egyptian navy prevented the Iranian ship from docking at a Sinai port. This may be the last slap in Iranosaurus' face...that causes some military teeth to show. Remember, Iran has likely had a Plan B based on the rejection of these goods: to cause a greater stink than it already has. If Iran has entered into some sort of covenant with Al Qaeda, it show start to show soon.

January 15

There was so little speakable news today that I was about to add nothing here, when I came across a very important article verifying what I am expecting in Iraq:

"Iran is likely to use this year's elections in Iraq to try and extend its influence over the country even as it trains, funds and arms militant groups intent on destabilizing Iraq, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

...'In the months ahead, Tehran will likely seek to influence Iraq by identifying and supporting pro-Iranian individuals and parties in their bids to win upcoming elections,' the report said.

'Iran continues to pose a significant threat to Iraq's long-term stability, territorial integrity, and political independence,' it said.

These points speak volumes. The first predicts that Iran will support a Gogi political presence when it arrives to Iraq (if it isn't there already). The second point is related and complimentary to the first, since Gog is going to seize Iraq. While it's true that Iran is engaging the Iraq government in a friendly manner, the article adds what many expect to be the underlying reality, that: "Despite persistent promises to the contrary, Iranian behavior continues to reflect a fundamental desire to oppose the development of a fully secure and stable Iraq."

Then we come to a third point (in the article) that's interesting to me: "Iran has since renewed its focus on developing political and economic clout with Iraq's Shiite parties. At the same time, it also has sought to strengthen ties with smaller, more effective militant groups, the report said." In other words, Iran is supporting militant groups aside from the mainline Shi'ites, speaking to the Biblical covenant that is to come to pass. The article ends by saying: "'Some militants who had sought refuge [from the Bush machine] in Iran are now attempting to return to Iraq, where they would be capable of resuming attacks on Iraqi and coalition forces,' the report said."

Surfing for more news, I found an article giving a frightening behind-the-scenes look at what Iran is trying to do near Gaza. It has to do with an Iranian ship having false documentation, for corrupt purposes, falling into the hands of Somali pirates. Many pirates died when coming into contact with the mysterious contents of certain containers on board. Their hair fell out before they died, etc. The Americans intercepted the situation and discovered what was on board, and while they are not telling, an unidentified Russian said this:

"She [the ship] was an enormous floating dirty bomb, intended to detonate after exiting the Suez Canal at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and in proximity to the coastal cities of Israel. The entire cargo of radioactive sand, obtained by Iran from China (the latter buys desperately needed oil from the former) and sealed in containers which, when the charges on the ship are set off after the crew took to the boats, will be blasted high into the air where prevailing winds will push the highly dangerous and radioactive cloud ashore.

...This ship was nothing more nor less than the long-anticipated Iranian attack on Israel.

I am trying at this moment to discover where the article originated. The ship was abducted (near the horn of Africa) by pirates not long before, on August 21. The ship's owner is "a state-owned company run by the Iranian military." It could be that the ship was, by Iranian plot, intended to fall into the hands of certain pirates, who were supposed to "deliver" it as close as possible to an Israeli shore. However, something may have gone wrong in the negotiations between the Iran military and conspiring pirates, leading to a foul ending that revealed the plot.

Surely, the seizure of the Iranian cargo explains the refusal this week from both Israel and Egypt to allow an Iranian humanitarian ship into/near Gaza. Egypt must also know about the Iranian plot to send up a dirty radiation-filled bomb, explaining why Egypt is acting as an Israeli partner against the Irano-Hamas axis. This story also explains Iran's anger with the Israeli invasion into Gaza, as similar Iranian plots must be waiting in the shadows in conjunction with Hamas connivance. The article also adds this:

"The exact nature of the cargo remains officially a mystery but officials in Puntland and Baidoa are convinced the ship was carrying weapons to Eritrea for Islamist insurgents."

Eretria. This now definitely seems to be Iran's main support base between itself and Gaza.

The article's origin I think comes from Wikipedia, in which we read: "In all, 16 pirates died from the ship's contents. Differing analyses have claimed that the ship's contents were planned to be delivered to Hezbollah or to al-Qaida groups in the Horn of Africa..." The article has affinity with the one below (September 30, 2008) by Fox News' Joesph Abrams, in which we read this:

"'It's baffling,' said Jonathan Tucker, a senior fellow at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. 'I'm not aware of any chemical agent that produces loss of hair within a few days. That's more suggestive of high levels of radioactive waste.'",2933,430681,00.html

Iran would not explode the Iranian ship off the Israeli shores because it would become known that Iran was behind it. This is why Iran would hire "pirates" to do it in their own ship, providing that the pirates picked up the radioactive material from the Iranian ship in complete secrecy. It would be fine for the West to know of the ship's abduction, as this would furthermore screen the reality that pirates and Iranians were working together, but what the West is not supposed to know is the transfer of the dirty cargo to the pirate ship, and then a further transfer yet to an unknown ship that would act as the detonated dirty bomb.

Reasonably, the pirates don't mind smuggling standard Iranian weapons to Gaza, but when they discovered that their men were dying due to this cargo, they complicated the transaction to the point that it was discovered by the West. That's my theory, anyway.

January 16

It's a significant development, so it'll be mentioned here but not discussed, that the Turkish prime minister, leader of a semi-Western state, has publicly announced that Israel has acted so wrongly in Gaza that it does not deserve to be a part of the United |Nations. This statement places Turkey squarely on the anti-Israeli axis.

Last night I found an article sharing a few comments from jihadist internet-land, in which I learned that al-Qaeda's number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri "released a speech entitled 'The Gaza Massacre and the Traitors’ Siege...Al-Zawahiri promised to avenge the killed Palestinians... As expected, he called the Egyptian president (Mubarak) a "traitor," and promised to come with military tactics to the salvation of Gaza as soon as what restrains them is removed:

"My Muslim and mujahid brothers in Gaza and the rest of Palestine; We are with you in the battle, striking the Zionistic-Crusader alliance wherever we can, and we are proceeding to you promptly, and soon we will – by Allah's might - destroy the borders and constraints that prevent us from reaching you. The withdrawal of Americans from Iraq is a good omen for approaching you by Allah's might (, January 6)."[tt_news]=34351&tx_ttnews[backPid]=26&cHash=0440a51362

It seems from this and other statements that plans are in the works to attack Israel and Egypt after the Gaza situation has subsided. But a rise in Iraq is also expected in the works:

"The mujahideen in Gaza have called upon the Iraqi mujahideen to support them by uniting their ranks and intensifying attacks on the U.S. occupiers in Iraq (, January 2). Although jihadis of various religious convictions put aside their ideological differences to voice support in internet forums for Hamas in Gaza, the Salafi-Jihadis made clear they do not fully support Hamas, urging Salafis to unite and engage the Israeli forces in the whole of Palestine (, January 3).

The article includes an Osama quote: "I assure our people in Palestine...I swear to God, we will come to help you even if we have to be cruel” ( December 12, 2008)." As you can see, the article also tells that Salafists are intend on coming to the aid of all Palestinians (i.e. not just the Hamas faction), explained in such a way as to reveal that Jerusalem, not Gaza, is the core of Salafist strategy.

Just picked up this piece that promises to have Iraq ready for the skincode by 2014:

"The first ATMs have opened in Iraq since the invasion five years ago...

...The details about the ATMs and what is hailed as Iraq's move 'into the electronic banking age' is tucked into a 58-page quarterly report the Defense Department submitted to Congress this week.

The electrical-grid problem of Iraq was mentioned: "Most observers don't see a significant improvement in the country's [electrical-grid] situation until 2014." In other words, the black outs that have characterized the new Iraqi should no longer be a problem by 2014, thus allowing electronic banking to proceed smoothly. With the beast of Revelation rising in Iraq, we could expect the number of the beast to be a sacred thing there.

By the way, bombings in Iraq, and northern Iraq, are up this month, but I have not bored you with the details. I'll keep an eye on election developments as they lay the groundwork for Gog's entry (or such is what I expect). The provicial elections, in which the Sunnis win power in northern Iraq, are just 15 days away.

Major talks on the Gaza offensive are beginning today in Qatar, with Egypt in attendance after it had threatened not to take part. Mashaal was there, and his position on the ceasefire can be summed up by this: "'I assure you, despite all the destruction in Gaza, we will not accept Israel's conditions for a ceasefire'...adding that only Egyptian and Palestinian forces are to supervise the [Rafah] border." I don't hear anything about Turkey there, and I don't yet understand why he wants Egypt to be a part of it instead, except that he views Turkey as a Western entity. Other Hamas leaders, in Gaza, want Turkey.

We now find the anti-Israeli axis calling merely for a stoppage of all ties between Muslims and Israelis. What exactly causes them to refrain from initiating military action is not something that major media are speculating often upon. Israel has pushed ahead with its offensive, not only killing Said Siam, "the third most senior Hamas leader in the charge of all Hamas armed forces in Gaza," but "Also eliminated was Hamas' so-called 'Iranian Unit,' a battalion of some 100 supposedly 'elite" fighters who had been trained by Iran's Revolutionary Guard at Hizballah bases in Lebanon.'" Israel has been effective to the point of turning brash, and perhaps the nation's terrible desolation will be a direct result of this forwardness in the face of many calls to desist.

In an article dated today, we find that "Russia, which is one of the few world powers to have dealings with Hamas, has urged the group's chief backers Iran and Syria to pressure it to accept the Egyptian-brokered truce plan." I'm not sure which Egyptian plan this refers to, as there is more than one variant, but am wondering if Russia's hopes are in a Turkish presence at Gaza.


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