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January 9 - 12, 2009

Something's Very Wrong

January 9

Hamass, what are you doing in the dark? startled me. I didn't expect you to come.

I heard you were saddened, so I came.

This flickering candle is my last light, Islamaxis. If you breath on it to strongly with anymore of your hot air, it will go out completely.

I have gotten the whole world supporting you, Hamass. You should celebrate.

And you? Do you support me?

What question is that?

A question about the state of your mouth. It comes without action. My blood is on your head.

My brother, even my son, what more can I do for you? I am ready to call Mars and Jupiter to complain there too. I have raised the cries in all...

And it's me whose crying!! Look at me! Tattered. Bruised. Disjointed...

I have called Israeliana every name in the book of demonology...

...Humiliated. Inflicted...

I have sent you ships and convoys of food and victory cigars...

...Forsaken. Mesmerized...

I have even insulted Aegyptus and called curses upon his head, under his head, beside his head...

...Battered. Desperate. I need fighting men, lots of them, now. More rockets, bigger ones...get me a dirty nuke!!

Can't Hamass. Forget it. Israeliana is all over the tunnels. How do you say, "We're stuck"?

Then come by way of Le-Banana.

Irania can't make up her mind. One day she wants to be a suicide bomber, then a pretty face, then yes, then no, then up, then down...

She's full of Hizbullah...

That's exactly the problem, Hamass. If Hizbullah Chit attacks and goes down the way you have, everything Irania has planned for years will suffer a terrible ignominy.

A what?

An ignominy? A disgrace.

Ahh, I see. Irania has decided that I should be the only ignominy.

Better one than two, Hamass.

It's cold in here, Islamaxis.

I think it's because your candle just went out.

I think I just saw a ghost.

Yeah, yeah, I did too. It looked like Obama.

Hey look, the candle just came on again.

We have been given a glimpse at the Obama thinking machine:

"The incoming Obama administration is prepared to abandon President Bush's doctrine of isolating Hamas by establishing a channel to the Islamist organisation, sources close to the transition team say.

...The Guardian has spoken to three people with knowledge of the discussions in the Obama camp.

There is no talk of Obama approving direct diplomatic negotiations with Hamas early on in his administration, but he is being urged by advisers to initiate low-level or clandestine approaches...

There you go. The Obama team has likely been speaking secretly with some Islamic-axis administrations, and is ready to do so with Hamas...if it hasn't already. By doing so in such clandestine fashion, Obama gets the Americo-Zionist monkey off his back. The article continues to say: "A tested course would be to start contacts through Hamas and the US intelligence services - similar to the secret process through which the US engaged with the PLO in the 1970s. Israel did not become aware of the contacts until much later."

So what's with Iran, changing it's mind:

"Several days before Israel launched Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki called several of his European counterparts and warned that Israel would face additional fronts if it attacked."

Then the grand puba of Iran urged Muslims to go die for the Gaza cause, but when many enlisted days later, he pacified them and took the fire out of the chariot's wheels. What develops next in Iran is anyone's guess, but I doubt very much that there are no plots threatening world peace. Clues should be forthcoming as to what they are up to. If there is any doubt in our minds concerning Iranian weaponry in Gaza:

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy said [today] that the key to reaching a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza was the permanent cessation of arms smuggling to the Hamas-ruled coastal territory.

This falls short of verifying that weapons are coming through the tunnels, and I've noted that Israel has yet to reveal evidence of weapons found in the tunnels. I expect this evidence soon, as the IDF takes control of the tunnel regions.

It looks as though the next move will indeed come from Hezbolah:

"Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday warned that...'We have to act as though all possibilities are real and open [against Israel] and we must always be ready for any eventuality,' said Nasrallah, whose party defended Lebanon during the summer 2006 war with Israel. His comment marked the first time he has spoken so openly on the possibility of a renewed conflict with Israel...

...'Does the government in Egypt need more than 650 victims and 2,500 wounded to open the Rafah crossing once and for all to help the people of Gaza toward victory?' Nasrallah said. 'I am simply asking for the opening of a crossing and not another front.'"

When reading the rest of the article, I got the impression that Hezbolah might like to go to war at this time (before the June elections), but only in self-defence i.e. if Israel starts it.

Again, we see emphasis on the smuggling region of Rafah. The BBC has this to say on the tiopic:

"Abu Mohamed is an olive farmer. His land runs parallel to Gaza's perimeter wall. For three months he has been running a tunnel from one of his fields.

...His tunnel is about 500 metres (550 yards) long and almost 30m deep. Below the trap door there is a storeroom where the Palestinians wait for the goods.

...But from time-to-time his tunnel is used to move weapons.

The article says that fridges can be hauled through his tunnel, so why not rocket equipment? Might we wonder whether Hezbolah receives weaponry from these tunnels? To Hezbolah's chagrin, Israel rejected today's ceasefire proposal by the UN. The tunnel bombardment continues, as well as strikes in northern Gaza.

Read the following knowing that Richard Haass is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations (= America's "holy spirit" of globalism):

"The article mentions advisors to Obama who are reportedly in favor of talks with Hamas, including Richard Haass, a diplomat who served under both Bush presidents and who a number of news outlets have named as Obama's choice for Middle East envoy."

Haass was the "principal adviser to Secretary of State Colin Powell...Dr. Haass also served as U.S. coordinator for policy toward the future of Afghanistan...A Rhodes Scholar [!!], Dr. Haass holds a...Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Oxford University." I have lost count of how many Rhodes scholars are on the Obama team, but I can't possibly have come across them all.

Keep in mind that Joe Biden has been in the Afghan zone this past week, not as vice-president-elect, but in his capacity as a foreign relations chief. He is on that mission secretly of course, likely co-ordinating affairs for Obama's coming engagements. In other words, it would appear that Obama is insistent on raising smoke in Afghanistan. Is the main purpose to fight al-Qaeda, or to be a monkey on Iran's back?

"Former Pentagon Chief William Perry, who headed the U.S. body during a 1994 nuclear standoff with North Korea, predicted [today] that President-elect Barack Obama will soon face a nuclear crisis with Iran.

...'It seems clear that Israel will not sit by idle while Iran takes the final steps toward becoming a nuclear power,' Perry told a conference on foreign policy challenges facing the incoming Obama administration."

The question must be asked: why would Israel expend itself in Gaza when it needs badly to strike Iran with the result of great political fall-out? In other words, why would Israel risk bad press now, for the sake of minimizing merely Hamas, when Israel knows it will face extremely bad press for its strike on Iran? The only answer must be: Israel thinks a Bomb is coming to Israel via Hamas.

Recall what Biden said a couple of months ago, that Obama would face a terrorist crisis in his first six months, and then read this quote from the article above: "President Obama will almost certainly face a serious crisis with Iran, Perry said. 'Indeed, I believe the crisis point will be reached in his first year in office.'"

The day will come when Democrats will look back and say, "Bush was right. We were idiots."

In an article today from Haaretz, we see the axis urging Hamas to fight on:

"Syria has advised Hamas not to accept Egypt's cease-fire proposal, arguing it is too vague, particularly regarding the issue of Israel's withdrawal from the Strip." In Syria's opinion, which is coordinated with Iran, the Egyptian proposal may undermine Hamas' position in the Gaza Strip and present Israel with an advantage."

It would appear, then, that while the axis is yet unwilling to send fighters to Gaza, it wants Hamas to fight on, alone. Why would the Axis want this, when it is evident that with each passing day the cost to Hamas is significant? The Axis must have something up its sleeve. Perhaps it's just a card away from a "full house." Perhaps it awaits the Gogi ace.

Interfax, at line 13:38 today, says: "Russia, Turkey hold joint naval drills - Russian Navy."

Unexpectedly, Pravda today has a pro-Israeli article. In it we find a good reason given for the closing of the Egyptian border crossings: to keep Hamas leaders from escaping. This seems like a good theory. DEBKAfile says that Hamas leaders came out of their underground hideouts today, for the first time in days, to witness the devestation. Might not these leaders, if they could, cross into Egypt to save their lives? Could it be that they're such cowards as to abandon the Palestinian people they claim to love so much? But of course. If they were not cowards, they'd be out fighting.

Something's cooking in Georgia's kitchen, and it ain't good lookin. As it appears that Russia is looking for an excuse to re-invade from South Ossetia and perhapos also Abkhazia, Putin closed the natural-gas taps on much of eastern Europe in association with closing the tap on the Ukraine. Putin raised the gas price from about $180 to over $400, causing the Ukraine to reject the price and therefore the gas. The suspected reasoning behind Putin's actions, via Russia's gas provider, Gazprom, is that the Ukraine wants to join Nato.

In apparent response, Georgia has closed the Russian gas lines to Armenia, suggesting that Armenia is a Russian friend. This speaks loudly to me because the path of Russian military (in Ossetia) into Turkey or Iran is via Armenia. The Georgian Times is claiming that the pipes have been closed due to damages in four different sections. Hard to believe that this would happen just as Russia closed taps on Europeans. Interfax says it doesn't know why Georgia closed them. Europeans have frozen to death as a result of these "cold war" events.

I also read in today's Georian Times the headline: "New Russian Military Base Opened by Roki Tunnel." That tunnel is in South Ossetia. The article claims that this news is from Reuters, though I can't find it at Reuters online. The same media says that the South Ossetian capital continues to accuse Georgia of military provocations...perhaps as an excuse to re-invade Georgia.

IN an article detailing Russia's known Gaza initiatives, we read concerning the spy drones that Russia aspires to purchase from Israel: "Israel has previously sold these unmanned aircraft to Georgia..." I had said previously that Russia wants to purchase these to know exactly how they work, but I don't think I suspected at the time that Russians wanted to know for the purpose of re-invading Georgia. The article (which genuinely believes that Russia and Israel are friends) goes on to show Russia's insidious treachery of Israel:

"Israel has stopped cooperation with Georgia and promised to sell modern drones to Russia, while Moscow has halted the shipment of Iskander ballistic missiles to Syria and S-300 missiles to Iran"[tt_news]=34316&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=31da9bee1f

Not true, Russia is reportedly in the process of arming Iran with the S-300 system.

For the last several days, I have not been able to load any news from IRNA, the Iranian news source. Is this by design? Has IRNA blacked out to the Western and/or American community? Or did it just block me? I can get older news by round-about ways, from the end of December and back, but nothing in January on either the world page or the headlines page.

We of course know that the same Muslim voices calling the Israelis murderers for killing hundreds of Gazans would rejoice if millions of Jews were killed by breakfast tomorrow. On this opinion I am not going to repent. While there must be some very evil fighters among the IDF, even some murderers of innocents and tormentors seeking vengeance on Palestinians, they are saints when compared to the mad leaders of the anti-Israeli axis. Liars, they fail to inform us that Hamas fighters fight among their own women and children. As a certainty, Israelis under the same circumstances would not do such a thing. We shall soon see, when the Axis gets the upper hand in the land of YHWH.

Egypt, today, is again attempting to have Israel and Hamas at the bargaining table, but with each passing day this appears to the Axis as Egypt's betrayal of Arabs. A Cairo article re-emphasizes that the Egyptian leadership "worries that the Palestinian Islamists could strengthen domestic opposition through ties to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, that country's main opposition group."

I predict that the king of the south will be betrayed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Daniel 11:25 tells that Egypt will wage a war against Gog with "a great and very mighty army" ...which should end up being deployed on the Gaza front. Onto verse 26, we find that the trusted men of Egypt's leader will "devise plots against him" and eventually "break him," culminating in the loss of the war.

Verse 27 then tells that he with Gog will have lying talks at a table prior to Gog's taking an action against Israel. If this action is Gog's first against Israel, then the defeat of Egypt should take place at the start of the 70th Week.

This looks like all the news for the day. I'd like to add a little to yesterday's Kassite topic. I had suggested that Kassites, from Iran's Zagros mountains, had moved to the shores of pre-Israel to found Gath and Gaza, but also Khazzi in Cilicia. I had said that Samson was a myth idea repeated in Hercules because the two represented the same peoples but in two different locations. Hercules was a Greek Danaan, and Samson a Hebrew Daniy. I neglected to say two important things. [Note: the Samson story and the book of Esther are the only two texts in the Bible that I feel are unInspired; I am not a liberal Christian who denies miraculous Biblical events.]

One. The first ruling Greek Danaan was mythical Perseus. For various reasons he can be identified as a Persian peoples, as his name implies, and that coincides with the Kassi(tes). Greek myth placed him in Joppa, what is now northern Mediterranean Israel, once the realm of the Israelite tribe of Dan. Perseus was placed in Joppa with Andromeda, a term seeming to mean "men of Medea, for "andros" is the Greek for "man." The Medes and Persians were one and the same stock of peoples, you see, meaning that both Medes and Persians were once on the pre-Israeli shores.

It can't be a coincidence that Andromeda's mother was given the myth code, "Cassiopeia," for the term seems certainly to undress as, "Kassi-Joppa." In fact, "Ioppa" is a commonly used variation of "Joppa." Therefore, "Cassiopeia" is an excellent example of a myth code (i.e. she never lived, but rather she was just a code used in a fanciful story of an historical event).

Before I came to realize that someone slipped the Samson myth into the book of Judges, I had found reason to believe that certain "Tel" terms/prefixes in Greek myth referred to the Telchine stock of peoples, a Satanic peoples on the island of Rhodes. I thought to trace them to Dilmun, also called Telmon, likely named after a Delymite stock who created Ishtar as their Mother Goddess. Not only did Greek history reveal that the Danaans, en route to becoming Greeks, built a city (Lindos) on Rhodes, but the myth code given for Samson's woman was Delilah.

The second thing that I neglected to say was that the Kassites had a tribe called "Habiri," a near match with the Chaldean "Habiru/Abiru" (also "Apiru"). I felt that the Kassites were the Guti from the Hebrew realm in Assyria, between the Zab rivers, where Arrapha was located. In fact, the Guti had won that city (of Ishtar worshipers) in war when it was re-named, Kurkura," now Kirkik. This adds to the evidence that the Arphaxadites (who named Arrapha) were at Arpad (Syrian coast) as the epitome of Syria's (proto-Ares) dragon cult.

Interestingly, in the myth, Andromeda was being attacked by a sea monster, and this picture could very well have been intended to describe a war between the dragonic Arphaxadites of Arpad and the Kassites of Joppa. In the myth, Perseus saved Andromeda from the monster...on the way home to Greece from destroying the Medusa Gorgon. Note that "Medusa" is likely code for yet another branch of Medes, especially as it's known that the Gorgon peoples derived from Parthians.

Recall that I tied these Hebrew peoples to the Kabeiri cult of Thraco-Phrygia, and especially to Dionysus, a major god of that cult. Nuzi was in the Arrapha realm, and as "Dionysus" is well-known to be intended as Dio-Nysus, I traced the peoples that he represented to Nuzi. Dionysus is easily connected to the Cadmus code representing the Cati of Khazzi as they evolved into the Ares dragon, "Sparti." When the visible founder of the (Hebrew) Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, gave himself the alias, "Sparticus," he was likely linking himself back to the Sparti dragon.

I should also clarify a third point, about my trace of Samson to Samos, god of Samosata. This was an Armenian domain, and as the dragon cult is basic to Armenians depicted by both Hermes and Harmonia (Ares' daughter), it's likely that Samson depicted such. The Cadi/Cati of Tyre/Cilicia were likely from the Cadusii Armenians, a sacred branch of Hermes.

Much of this dragon cult was in north Africa in ancient times, and I expect those portions to be revived for the Final Act. Cassiopeia, for example, was queen of Ethiopia (not having the same boundaries as today). Dionysus' mother, Semele, I suspect depicted the Somali as they moved to found Tmolus at Lydia (there was a mount Nysus in Ethiopia as well, to which I root Obama's father's religion).

Mythical Danaus, the symbol of the Greek Danaans, was given "Belus" as a father, and he is identifiable as the Pelusius branch of the Nile Delta, especially as Danaus' brother was made "Aegyptus." I traced Belus forward to mythical Pelops (very important code) and his father (Tantalus) to Tmolus, and as the two were kings of Eneti, I realized that the Heneti peoples (= proto-Veneti) were named after Anat of Egypt, wife of Baal at mount Cassius. I also realized that Anatolia was named after the same goddess. The first Franks claimed to stem from the Veneti/Heneti.

I eventually discovered the hub of ancient Ethiopia after tracing the first Franks, the Merovingians, to mythical Merops, king of Ethiopia. Much later, I discovered a city called Meroe, and not long after that my hunch was verified when I found its alternative spelling, "Merowe," a match with Merovee, the mythical/legendary founder of Merovingians. Meroe is in modern Sudan, meaning that Sudanese should arise for the Final Showdown.

Since I was able to link Merovingians to the Nebelungs of France and the Netherlands, I suspect that Meroe was also a Nubian entity. Nubians conquered Cush, and Cush is one of Gog's allies according to Ezekiel 38. Wikipedia says that Meroe "was the capital of the Kingdom of Kush for several centuries." The article below gives "Meruwah" as an alternative spelling.

In the process of writing the above, I realized something never before realized. I had traced the Salian-Frank side of Merovingians to the Batavians (mouth of the Rhine), who happened to be a tribe of the Catti that named Hesse. But not until now have I realized that Batavians were named after Meroe, for the Wikipedia article above gives "Bedewi" as an alternative name of that city. It's a perfect match with "Batavi." I had traced Batavians to the Stewart island of Bute (Scotland), and behold, "The city of Meroe was on the edge of Butana." Don't tell me that "Putin"...

I traced the Nebelungs of Nevers (France) back to Nefertiti of Egypt but also to non-Israelite (i.e. Amorite) Jerusalem, explaining why Templar and Freemasonic Zionism has wanted Jerusalem back as its own; this is too long a story for here. Nebelungs were dragon-cult Hebrews connected to the first Varangian Rus (of Wieringen, Netherlands), the latter using a dragon as their symbol, and to the Weir/Wier/Vere dragon cult as per (the living) Nicholas de Vere...who claims to descend from Merovingians.

De Vere is also a supporter of the royal Stewart bloodline, and so we should find that the modern Illuminati of Britain -- to which Obama's team seems connected -- should show signs of Stewart-ness. The first royal Stewart married into the Bruce (technically "Brusi") dynasty of Scotland, a surname that I traced to Aphrodite's cult in eastern Italy, called by the Abrussi/Abruzzo.

I was confident in making this connection for various reasons, not least of which is in the fact that Abruzzo was earlier "Aprutium." Moreover, the Abruzzo realm was named after the Abreu surname, which was easily traced to Evreux, Normandy, the city named after the Eburovices Celts, the co-founders of York (England). I realized that these Eburo peoples were Hebrews, and indeed the Bruce surname was first in York (as you can verify at House of Names) before it made it to the Scottish throne. I realized that the Eburovices named York because they were also "Ebroicum" while York was "Eboracum" in ancient times.

So, there you have it, Scottish Freemasonry traces back to the Hebrew Aphrodite cult of Kabeiri Satanists. Again, in Abruzzo there was the Marsi Satanists (using a serpent as symbol) who must surely have been the root of the god, Mars, which in Greece was Ares, the mate of Aphrodite.

Therefore, in these last days, when you see Freemasonic/Rosicrucian cults attempting to pass themselves off as Israelitish or Christian, beware the Serpent.

January 10

Democrats will say that Iran is a threat today because Bush invaded the Middle East and aggravated the nation. Democrats will then say that the better strategy would have been to befriend Iran, and that this would make Iran the friend of America. Obama ran on that platform. Yet we read: "President-elect Barack Obama [yesterday] repeated his campaign assertion that Teheran 'is a genuine threat to US national security.'"

He isn't the president yet, and Obama is already making enemies with Iran. I mean, how will America be Iran's friend by saying the words above? Hey darlin. I really want to be your friend, but the fact is, I think you're a genuine threat to me.

In other words, Democrats know deep in their hearts that Iran is going to be a threat even if its befriended. Therefore, they know that they will need to treat the nation as Bush did, but in needing to be different than Bush due to all the Bush bashing dished out to win presidential power, they highlight how they are going to be "talking" to Iran, "unlike Bush."

Hey darlin. I'm talking to you. I don't really like you much at all, and I'm telling you straight, but hey, I'm not like George over there because I'm talking to you. If you would just bite this carrot, I would become an even greater man.

If Bush were never born, and Obama were never born, and even if there were no carrots, Iran would yet rise up, for God is in Armageddon. If Obama wants to befriend the power that leads the world to Armageddon, how does that make him better than the One to crush the nation that leads to Armageddon? If Bush has been a fiend in Democrat eyes for not talking to Iran, then God must be 100 times a fiend for wanting to utterly destroy Iran.

If it's not true that God is a fiend, then there is something drastically wrong with Democrat thinking. Life is a gift, says God, but if you abuse it, you lose it. For the sake of those around you, you lose it. For the sake of Israel, Iran will lose it. For the sake of Christians, the Democrat base will lose it. For the sake of Jesus, most Israelites will lose it. I'm not making many friends by saying these things, but I want to keep it. For the sake of God's truth. Light cannot be friends with darkness.

America would be blessed for supporting Israel, if only the Israel that it supported were loved by God. Alas, God hates modern Israel, and is about to bring her to the dust. Why does God hate Israel? Because she is like America. She flaunts her sin in His face, as do the Democrat liberals. Neither America nor Israel will escape. But woe to the nation that wants to wipe Israel completely away, disregarding His Holy Covenant with Abraham, and the New Covenant in Y'Shua.

God called Abraham out from the dragon-cult Hebrews of Chaldea, and from him He grew the Israeli branch as a father raises a child, but Israel gravitated repeatedly to the gods of the dragon cult. To Baal, and Ishtar, and Tammuz. To Molech, the darkest of all gods. Out from this paganism came Zionism, first the Templars, then the Rosicrucians, then the Freemasons, then the Illuminati, and finally their Western globalism. Israel has become a friend of Western globalism, the entity that would rule the universe apart from the Creator, the entity that named the stars and planets after their ancient gods, the entity that named the north-polar stars, Draco...the god of war, of killing, of stealing the booty, of destroying in a day what hard work made over many years.

"The U.S. is seeking to hire a merchant ship to deliver hundreds of tonnes of arms to Israel from Greece later this month, tender documents seen by Reuters show.

The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command (MSC) said the ship was to carry 325 standard 20-foot containers of what is listed as 'ammunition' on two separate journeys from the Greek port of Astakos to the Israeli port of Ashdod in mid-to-late January.

...'Shipping 3,000-odd tonnes of ammunition in one go is a lot,' one broker said, on condition of anonymity.

'This (kind of request) is pretty rare and we haven't seen much of it quoted in the market over the years,' he added.

The weapons are going to Ashdod, just to Gaza's north. Israel must fear that other Arabs will enter the Gaza war. Israel is correct. The king of the north is coming to Gaza, and America's weapons will NOT save Israel. Look at how huge the demonstrations are becoming in Egypt:

"More than 50,000 Egyptians rallied after Friday prayers to condemn the assault against Hamas...Legislators affiliated with the opposition Muslim Brotherhood led the demonstration in the ancient Mediterranean port city of Alexandria..."

January 11

If you think you might be interested, I wrote a chapter in the last two days on my in-trailer experiences of the past six months, at If You Must Stay in a Trailer.

January 12

Islamaxis, I could swear I saw that ghost of Obama at the darkest moment.

Hamass, I saw it too. It couldn't have been a coincidence.

And the candle went back on just as we saw him.

Very strange.

Maybe he was the one who put the flickering candle right out, not the one who made it come back on.

I dunno. Maybe.

After the Guardian claimed to speak with an Obama insider who suggested that Obama's foreign team might hold secret talks with Hamas, an Obama spokesman came out with a denial meant to be immediately convincing, even calling Hamas a terrorist organization. But we would expect the Obama team to deny the report whether or not it were true, and I would again repeat what Obama did in the campaign: informed the Canadian embassy to disregard his public denouncement of NAFTA, that in reality he would support it when President.

The idea of saying one thing in public and another to world leaders in private is to be expected these days. Its a common practice half-expected of all rulers with a globalist plate, to satisfy one nation or another since not all nations can be pleased with any particular position. But Christian leaders are supposed to be different, truthful.

It is simply non-sensical for Obama to be on side with the Bush position (of viewing Hamas as a terrorist org and therefore not holding talks with it) while implying on the other hand that a public voicing of his Hamas-Israeli position would conflict with Bush's foreign policy. The only sensible reason for not speaking out is to hush a position not in agreement with Bush. Or put it this way, that if Obama truly holds the same position as Bush, he should be voicing it now to reinforce Bush's push for the good purpose of laying more pressure on Hamas to give up.

DEBKAfile says that Hamas is in deep grief to the point that its Gaza bosses are up to see the big boss (Mashaal) in Damascus to press him to agree to a ceasefire. If this is true, it's a u-turn for Hamas. Mashaal seems to be standing strongly opposed:

"In an edgy, emotional speech over Damascus TV, Hamas' Damascus leader Khaled Meshaal dropped a bomb on the Cairo ceasefire talks attended Saturday, Jan. 10, by the heads of Gaza's embattled Hamas faction, just when they were on the point of unconditionally accepting a ceasefire based on Egyptian and European proposals. He declared Hamas must fight on until Israel ended its 15-day military offensive and lifted its blockade against the Gaza Strip. DEBKAfile reports concern in Jerusalem that Meshaal may have received pledges from Iran and Hizballah to rescue Hamas from its straits in Gaza."

That last part is important all the more, not only because Hamas leaders in Gaza are beginning to cower and desert (according to multiple media), but because the bad Gaza situation is apparently changing Iran's position on whether or not to send fighters to help:

Iranian officials on Saturday strongly disputed media reports that Iran's top leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini has banned volunteers from leaving the country to carry out suicide bombings against...

...The Iranian officials said Khamenei's words should not have been interpreted as a ban on such volunteers, but meant that any Iranians would have great practical difficulty in reaching Gaza because of Israel's offensive."

In other words, Iran is now FOR a military build up in Gaza. Another Israeli media says:

"Defense officials have noticed heightened Iranian involvement in Hamas' activity in the Strip. It appears the group's leadership has received promises from Tehran to 'fill up the warehouses,' possibly even with longer-range rockets, if it continues hostilities with Israel."

It could be that Iran is offering big talk knowing that a ceasefire is imminent.

Until this week-end, I hadn't heard any more leaks by the U.S. military to the effect that Bush is opposed to an Israeli strike on Iran. Now the New York Times is claiming to have more inside information to that same effect...making me suspect that Israel is about to strike Iran but that Bush is doing all he can to appear distanced from it. The article is long and frightening, but I'm not going to quote any of it here.

Is Israel only pretending to be involved in a long war with Gaza, the purpose of which is to have Iran put down its guard at this time? Is the quick and decisive Gaza operation meant to subdue Hamas to the point that it cannot do much damage to Israel after the strike on Iran? Wouldn't Iran have prompted Hamas to cancel the ceasefire last December in order to pre-occupy Israel with a minor conflict so it might not strike Iran during Bush's last days? A read of the New York Times article above makes one feel that Iran is an inch from having the Bomb.

Well if you think I have been over-doing my complaints and negativity on Obama, you should read an article by Mark S. McGrew, "Obama: Deceiver, Cheat, Swindler, Liar, Fraudster, Con Artist." Here are some excerpts:

"But sticking to the facts, what we actually do know, what is documented and verifiable, is enough to convince the American public and World leaders that a major mistake has been made in voting for Obama.

158 of Obama's lies are documented, on record.

...Many people have speculated that Obama may be a 'Manchurian Candidate' a planted enemy, masquerading as an American, for the purpose of taking over the United States..."

Note that the article appears in Pravda online...probably because Russians are being influenced to hate Obama. The writer goes on to ask who or what Obama is working for that could be opposed to the United States, but fails to answer correctly enough. He resolves that the culprits are "one organization starts with the letter 'D' and rhymes with Emocrat and the other starts with 'R' and rhymes with Epublican." He is perhaps correct to a degree, and yet I'll point the finger at the Rhodes Illuminati and the up-to-date Fabian societies, whatever they may be.

These had infested themselves into American politics long ago and learned to act American, though more strictly they have changed what an American should be and therefore they go forward being that sort of American -- a Satanic one -- urging all peoples and groups to become as they are. Like a lamb outwardly but a dragon inwardly.

If you're interested in possible Sunni uprisings as per the soon-to-be Iraqi elections, you might like to read, "Dispute Weakens Iraqi Sunni Coalition". Another article gives more evidence that Sunnis in the Iraqi government are seeking a toppling of the Maliki government:

"Iraqi forces captured the leader of a Sunni Arab militant group blamed for a string of deadly bomb attacks, a Baghdad security spokesman said on Sunday, adding that he also had links to Iraqi politicians.

Baghdad forces spokesman Qassim al-Moussawi...said Suraiwi had confessed receiving support from some politicians, but couldn't name any, pending investigation.

'We have the names of those helping this terrorist. They work inside Iraq and unfortunately some of them are part of the political process,' he said. 'Their aim is to shake stability.'"

I dare say that's putting it lightly. Closer to the truth, the Sunni politicians shaking instability are going for Maliki's jugular.

Four more Sunni parliamentarians quit, likely lending themselves to the underground Sunni movement that (I envision) wants to topple Maliki by hook or by crook. Ten others had quit some days ago.

In Syria, SANA is still emphasizing the Gaza invasion. In Iran, Ahmadinejad attacks the Egyptian president in a way to surely vilify him:

"'Today it has been heard in some of the West's political meetings that the Egyptian government is a[n Israeli] partner in crimes in Gaza and they are after breaking Hamas as part of the resistance and bring it under their own influence,' the semi-official Mehr News Agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying."

He goes on to call Egypt Israel's partner yet again. While this is a yawn for us Westerners, for anti-Israeli Muslims it's a call to arms against Egypt.

In London, 20,000 Muslims demonstrated this weekend as anti-Israelis. How many in that crowd would betray the West for the sake of the Muslim brotherhood? What sorts of betrayals can we expect? How many in that crowd would help to secure a large bomb explosion in London? As Hamas is humiliated, will Muslims in Western countries lie down or react toward the violent side? What if Iran and its axis engages Israel in war, how will western Muslims celebrate, and how great will their zeal then become?

Do we imagine Gog and his Muslims becoming victorious over Israel and Jerusalem while Muslims in the West become docile and indifferent? Time to let go of the West; if we're going to be salt, let's not be Lot's wife. It wasn't a minute after wrotong the above that I encountered the following from World Net Daily:

"Radical Muslims in Somalia are promising Islamic rule from Alaska and Chile to South Africa and from Japan to Russia, issuing the warning 'Beware, we are coming,' according to a media monitor.

...A report on Al-Arabiya TV shortly said Somali Islamists resemble al-Qaida 'in everything, except for swearing allegiance to al-Qaida's leader, Osama bin Laden.'"

The Somali Muslims claim to be loving peoples who just want to bring God back into their lives, and they will love to blast bullets into the heads of their enemies, says the article. Such a wonderful bunch, are they not? Praise be to Jesus Christ whom has truly made lambs without dragon breath, whose Saints really do not kill, nor fight to obtain political power, nor strive for it with deceptions. Praise Jesus who said it, that he will build His Body so that it loves even its enemies. Now, that is a goal worthy of honor.

This just in at Jerusalem Post:

"Iran is exerting heavy pressure on Hamas not to accept the Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire with Israel, an Egyptian government official said on Sunday.

...'As soon as the Iranians heard about the Egyptian cease-fire initiative, they dispatched the two officials to Damascus [to see Mashaal] on an urgent mission to warn the Palestinians against accepting it,' the Egyptian government official told the Post.

'The Iranians threatened to stop weapons supplies and funding to the Palestinian factions if they agreed to a cease-fire with Israel. The Iranians want to fight Israel and the US indirectly. They are doing this through Hamas in Palestine and Hizbullah in Lebanon.'

'This conflict serves the interests of the Iranians,' he said. 'They are satisfied because the violence in the Gaza Strip has diverted attention from their nuclear ambitions.'"

The above threat should explain why Iran has promised to fill the Hamas warehouses with weapons.

The Israelis make this statement today:

"Since the [Gaza] operation began, Hamas has made attempts to smuggle weapons into Gaza through the remaining [unbombed] tunnels, officials said. Iran, they added, was trying to get explosives and weaponry - including long-range rockets - to the Sinai, from where supplies are transferred into the Gaza Strip."

The Egyptian plan is being roundly refused because it involves internationals as part of the Rafah guard. But another option (as part of the Egyptian proposals) has been to use Turks as the Rafah guard. I find this option interesting and perhaps prophetically inclined. Since Turkey has come out to criticize Israel badly, Hamas may accept a Turkish "middleman" in Rafah. I got the impression a few days ago that Turkey was becoming an open bad boy for the specific purpose of getting the Rafah job. In an article published yesterday, we read:

"'Hamas officials have full confidence in Turkey,' Erdogan [= Turkish prime minister] said last Sunday on Al Jazeera television. Turkey became a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council on Jan. 1, and Erdogan said his country could use its new role to 'bring Hamas's conditions for a cease-fire to the attention of the United Nations.'"

Do the two not sound like brand new friends? Turkey might be the internationalists best option for the Rafah-guard job.

World Net Daily features a scare about heightened solar activity that I've read elsewhere a couple of days ago. The question I'm having is: why would NASA warn of possible catastrophe in the United States from heightened sunspot activity in 2012??? I've never trusted NASA. I feel that it's part of the new world order, a willing partner in the False Prophet's fire from the sky, and a partner also with Stanford Research Institute. Are the globalists plotting a communications crisis in 2012, in other words, to be blamed on the solar wind, in order to usher in a mandatory skincode in 2013? Just a thought.

The Gaza-based Hamas leaders are in Syria:

Well well, Hamashaal, you have such a nice place here in Damascus, so much better than our holes in the ground.

Welcome Gazamas, to your lord's world. I am well looked after here, yes...

So far from the fighting, eh, boss? Who irons your clothes, boss? And is that a silk shirt?

Nice stuff, isn't it, Gazamas? Well enough of formalities. Let's get down to business. You're here to ask me to accept a ceasefire, and I'm here to tell you to die for the cause.

How would you like us to die, boss? I can think of so many ways. Tell you what. You come down and live in our holes with us, and we might consider this splendid plan of yours.

If you stop fighting, Gazamas, my boss will be very upset.

Tell Assad that we would love to see his plots against Israeliana work out, but not for the price of our humiliating deaths by Israeli bullets.

Perhaps you don't understand, Gazamas. Assad has bent over backwards for this cause, and he's not going to stop for something so insignificant as your painful deaths. Now go back to Gaza and tell her to scream bloody murder, and make sure she dies with Shakespearean drama.

Feh! We'll do as we think best for our own sakes. We quit, Hamashaal. We quit!

Wait. Let's see what happens when Turko comes.

And that's exactly the situation today:

"A Turkish delegation led by Ahmet Davutoglu, chief advisor to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, will meet Syrian and Hamas authorities in the capital city of Damascus [today] in search of a ceasefire in Gaza."

Turkey has expressed its readiness to put together an international force that would monitor the ceasefire in Gaza."

The UN's human rights branch condemned Israel's offensive today by an official vote, if that tells you where much of the UN membership stands on this issue. Expect this tide to grow taller until it comes crashing down on Israel. Already, top Israeli leaders are talking a new tune: a quick cessation to the war...but not before we give Hamas our best shots. It is possible that Israel will trump all Egyptian plans, and occupy the Rafah region itself.

I don't know how Egypt will react to this. Already, Israel has bombed tunnels on the Egyptian side of the border, and meanwhile Israel has forbidden Egyptians to build troops in that border area. I don't know if an Egyptian invasion of Gaza is a prophetic expectation, but an Israeli occupation there, or perhaps even a Turkish presence gone bad, could create such an event.

"Cairo is proposing that it deploys more forces along its border with Gaza, a move which would require amending the 1979 Israel-Egypt peace deal which limits the number of Egyptian troops in the Sinai peninsula.

...'We want an international presence in the Gaza Strip and not on the Egyptian border,' [Syria's Assad] said in Cairo on Saturday.

It seems a given that Syria's "international force" refers to Turkey. Israel could snub that option, and thus anger the Syrian axis, which may include the evil Russian eye. In the same article we learn that Israel may be looking very favorably upon an Egyptian presence in Gaza: "Israeli Defense Ministry official Amos Gilad told Israeli radio...'There’s no doubt Egypt has a superb military and security forces which can tackle all the undesirable phenomena from a security standpoint. No one can compete with this,' he said, while an international force would be 'devoid of intelligence...'" Nice choice of words, there, Gilad.

As Israel is too opposed to having the Uninvited Nations do in Gaza what they have done (or "not done" would be better) in Lebanon, the potential winner of the Rafah ticket looks more Muslim than Western, and yet I haven't read anywhere that Israel finds Turkey's "music" desirable. This is definitely a story to watch at this time, as it should be the magnet that draws Gog to Egypt. I'm still wondering if Gog will be a Turk.

American VP Biden has made a surprise visit to Baghdad.

Just checking out the possibilities of moving some of our troops out, Mr. Irocky, that's all.

Where to? Afghania?

Yep. Don't know where else to shelf them, so why not there?

Why not keep them here for a while longer? Let them hang out in the country, maybe check out some of the Iraqi widows.

Not a bad idea, Mr. prime minister, but my boss has to keep at least one of his promises, so to Afghanie it'll have to be.

But Mr. USuvAye has just seen Mohammed Ali Cooties chased out of here, to Afghania. If he sends his troops from here to there, the Al-Cooties will just come back here. No?

I suppose that's possible, Mr. Irocky, but you've been winning every round lately, so Mr. USuvAye has confidence in your knock-out punch. Let's start by moving out 30,000, shall we?

Mohammed is a tricky fighter; he breaks all the rules; hits low and dirty. You sure I can deliver?

Oh sure, sure, no probs. Tell you what. If the Al-Cooties arise in Irocky and make for a sequel, my boss is a false prophet.

The Washington Times has an article entitled, "Obama climate czar has socialist ties." The article implies that someone(s) in the Obama team has tried to cover up this fact up:

"Until last week, Carol M. Browner, President-elect Barack Obama's pick as global warming czar, was listed as one of 14 leaders of a socialist group's Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for 'global governance' and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change.

By Thursday, Mrs. Browner's name and biography had been removed from Socialist International's Web page...

Socialist International, an umbrella group for many of the world's social democratic political parties such as Britain's Labor Party, says it supports socialism and is harshly critical of U.S. policies.

..."The Commission for a Sustainable World Society includes world leaders from a variety of political parties, including British Prime Minister Gordon Brown...," Obama transition spokesman Nick Shapiro said."

This appears like good evidence to reveal that Obama's socialist team is fueled by the Rhodes Illuminati.

This should be all for today, but one never knows for sure.


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