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January 7 - 8, 2009

Does Gaza Want the Bomb?

January 7

Well, well, well. Al-Qaeda finally speaks on Gaza. We should have been waiting for this as a primary development because one of the al-Qaeda founders is from Egypt. In a recording, this founder, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has just said what we'd expect:"We will never stop...blah blah blah..." And of course he lashed out at Egypt:

"These air strikes are a gift from Obama before he takes office, and from Hosni Mubarak, the traitor who is the primary partner in your siege and murder."

I tend to think that Zawahiri was relishing the Gaza developments for two reasons: 1) because he could sense that a backlash on Egypt was developing, and, 2) he has always wished to defeat the secular Egyptian government. How could al-Qaeda stay out of the Gaza situation now? The desire to participate must have culminated in this audio recording and it's release. What next from al-Qaeda?

Arab unity is on the rise:

"Iraqis feel closer to one another, overcoming deep sectarian sentiment in the face of Israeli aggression in Gaza.

'Sunni and Shi'ite neighbourhoods are united in demonstrations with the people of Gaza,' Hatem Ali, an employee of the Ministry of Transport said.

The Mehdi Army loyal to Shi'ite leader Moqtada Al Sadr issued a joint statement with rival Sunni militias backing the resistance in Gaza."

Is this the unity that God will allow because the time for Israel's fall has come?

I found what nation the Russian foreign minister ( Alexander Sultanov) visited when he was snubbed by Israel's foreign minister: Syria. Why would Russia visit Syria, the nation openly supporting Hamas? Or, how can Russia hope to be a mediator between Israel and Hamas while visiting Syria, the nation harboring the Hamas chief? Just as it seems that Russia is trying to stick its long nose into the Gaza affair, so we read:

"During the meeting, [Syria and Sultanov] reviewed international and regional efforts, including the role that could be played by Russia to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza...

...'My country [Russia] exerts intensified efforts to find a way out of this tragedy,' [Sultanov] said, adding 'Talks held during a latest phone call between [Syrian] President al-Assad and Russian counterpart [Medvedev] were very important to activate efforts aiming at halting the Israeli aggression.'"

Russia is getting involved...on the Egyptian front, and using the phrase, "Israeli aggression," rather than "Hamas aggression." Although at this stage the involvement is a far cry from the Gogi invasion that I envision, I at least see the first signs...just in time for a 2009/2010 invasion.

Israel has Hamas desperate at this point, and is in the process of entering Gaza city. Israel has killed more Israeli soldiers than Hamas: four for Israel, three for Hamas. The latter's fighters have died in the hundreds, and damages to their communication lines and political necessities have been severe, if not total. Many weapons that Hamas had been amassing to destroy Israel have been eliminated or secured. If Arabs are going to salvage this anti-Israeli front, something needs to be done soon.

Israel has agreed to a ceasefire under the condition that Internationalists guarantee the elimination of future weapons piling by Hamas. This now pressures Hamas to stop fighting...but if it doesn't stop, then the obvious conclusion for all normal people (i.e. aside from anti-Israeli Muslims) to make is that Hamas intends/desires to re-stock weapons.

HizBullah Chit, where in tarnation are you? An Israeli tank has driven over my bad leg? It cracked my cane.

I read you now, Hamash, I read you. Go on, go on, what's happening?

An Israeli just popped out of the tank and bopped me on the noggin over and over again. I need you now!

You read me now? What? An Israeli just brought you an egg nog? Is the war over?

Hizbullah Chit, why do you call me your "brother in arms" and yet you sit there doing nothing in arms for me when I'm dying?

...reee-er-reeerrr..what...ree-er...did you...reeer-reer...say? You want to die in my arms, brother? Are you winning or losing down there?


Listen, Hamash...ree-er...try emailing me. This radio's on the blink...ree-er.

I don't have access to email anymore, clown. The tank is parked on my leg, ugh, the same one that Israeliana kicked last week. Just send your army into her northern district, and maybe this tank will go away from here.

Tell you what, dearest brother. I will continue to get the whole world putrefied with Israeliana, and you just sit tight wherever you are, and enjoy the victory that Allah has promised. Got that?

I can see the Israeli tank driver grinning at me through his machine-gun sight. It's pointed right at me...

Don't worry, Hamash. Hizbullah is on your side...I'll talk to you again at the victory celebrations. Now go kick some...reeer...

Yep, Arabs are uniting, but not behind Hamas. In reality, their unity is in opposition to Israel. Hamas is just the incidental part of the situation. "'The world's reaction is unbelievable,' Jordanian analyst Arab Al Rentawi said. 'I don't recall a similar expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people in such a way.'" Wrong again. Arabs don't care about the Palestinian plight. They just want to destroy Israel, for such is the will of the Satanic spirit moving worldwide, the spirit of lawlessness that God has allowed to fester. The Restrainer is going to allow that spirit out of the cage completely, soon (see 2 Thessalonians 2).

The talk is that Hezbolah isn't going to join the fight because it wants to keep it's nose as clean as possible until the elections of June 7 are behind them. When I first read this two days ago, it gave me the impression that Hezbolah could take over all of Lebanon this very summer. Then today I found this piece in an AFP article of yesterday:

"The election is considered important as it could well see Hezbollah and its allies win a majority of the seats in parliament.

Such an outcome would deal a major blow to the Western-backed parties which won a majority in the last elections in 2005 on the back of a wave of anti-Syrian sentiment following the assassination of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri."

This possibility makes much sense, for as Hezbolah cannot act militarily now without making the Western-backed Lebanese faction nervous, it will be able to act unilaterally if it wins a majority in June. It makes sense because it opens wide, to Gog, the Lebanese gates into Israel. You understand. When there are no longer any restraints, Satan will have his day.

Henry Kissinger is pegged by conspiracy theorists as a One-World-Government type of guy. Last year, he said:

"There is a need for a new world order. I think that at the end of this [Bush] administration, with all its turmoil, and at the beginning of the next, we might actually witness the creation of a new order."

If that's not enough, the same article has the following Kissinger statement made at a later time: "[Obama's] task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It's a great opportunity, it isn't just a crisis." The entirety of his statements are that Obama's popularity combined with many world problems is a perfect recipe for the establishment of a new world order. I say poppycock.

I say the globalists have decided that the new world order should be advanced in Obama's reign, regardless of world obstacles, and whether or not he is popular. I say he is popular because the globalists have made him so, via their endless media, and that they have made him so because he is a first-degree globalist himself. I say the globalists are tired of holding off their world order due to global problems, and so they've decided to give it a whirl in the midst of the problems. The result is going to be catastrophic, and fast, for that plot. God is raising the Muslims against them, and Gog. People of Megiddo, get out; find another place to live.

The conspiracy theorists say that Illuminati globalism in the United States resides at the Council on Foreign Relations. Having just found an article on the Gaza situation by a senior fellow (Max Boot) at the Council on Foreign Relations, I see that his is an extremely pro-Israeli article. The Bavarian Illuminati was "Jewish" from its inception, had ties to America's founders, and was the bedrock of the Socialism that led to Marxism/Communism. More and more voices are telling us that Obama's team is socialistic.

So why do I envision an Obama administration in opposition to Israel? It makes sense under one condition alone: Israeli leaders taking their own matters into their own hands but not doing what the Illuminati, which founded Israel, wants. I think the Illuminati has wanted a Palestinian state in order to avoid the global crisis now showing one of its ugliest faces.

The Illuminati must be divided on how to eliminate the quagmire. Where peace cannot be achieved, the Illuminati can attempt to weaken anti-Israelis. Some must be thinking that the time is ripe for a new plan: to oppose Israel, side with anti-Israelis, and go on with an Israel-less new world order.

Obama has said again that he will not publicize his position and plans until January 20th. The day will come.

Later today: Hamas has said that it will not agree to any permanent ceasefire under Israel's negotiating points...meaning that Hamas wants to re-arm. Hamas will likely accept a temporary ceasefire because it enables it to re-coup a little. I think Israel has been trying to scare Hamas when promising a long war, and I also think Hamas knows that it's scare tactics. If anyone makes this a long war, it'll be the Arabs. Israel is ready today to pull out.

If one goes to Pravda's World page today, it can be readily seen in multiple featured articles that Pravda supports Hamas over Israel. In fact, Pravda is bitter toward, not just Israel, but its supporters in both the Western "far right" and the Western media. For example, we read:

"In the Middle East it is always the Arabs who attack first and always Israel that is defending themselves. This defense is called a reprisal. The Arabs, Palestinian or Lebanese have no right to kill civilians. That is called 'terrorism.' Israel has the right to kill civilians. That is called 'legitimate defense'...

In another article, Pravda asks and answers its own question: "Why, then, is Hamas still firing missiles at Israel? Because Israel continues to build Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Hamas is not satisfied with Israel only leaving Gaza. They want Israel to leave the West Bank also."

Not true. Hamas wants Israel totally destroyed so that Palestinians alone can live and rule in Palestine. Israel builds Jewish settlements in "Palestinian territory" because it is Israeli territory, won fair and square in a war started by Arabs; I believe God gave Israel the victory in six days (1967) as part of His plan to grant Jerusalem forever to Israel. I more than half-believe that 1967 was a Jubilee year, and that the next Jubilee year will be in 2016, when all of "Palestine" is forever restored to a re-newed Israel, renewed by great tribulation and the seething fires of Armageddon.

Another article accessed from Pravda's World page has the heading, "The Star of David Has Become the Swastika," and says: "What is happening in Gaza is an exercise in barbarism demonstrating all the practices of the Hitlerites."

I'm glad I was at the Pravda page because I happened across something that looks as though it could be what I had been waiting to see: a renewal of the Russia-Georgia war:

"South Ossetia Press Ministry warns that Georgia and foreign advisors are planning a large-scale operation in South Ossetia.

The South Ossetian Press and Social Communication Ministry declared on Monday [Jan 5] that a major offensive is being planned by Georgian and foreign forces to strike at Russian servicemen in South Ossetia and this Republic´s security, defence and law enforcement authorities.

...In its turn, the Russian Ministry of Defense was quoted as saying 'If Georgian special services try to conduct an armed provocation against South Ossetia and Russian servicemen, deployed in its territory, they will meet with a hard rebuff with the use of all arsenal of the forces and resources our military base possesses'"

On the other hand, Russia could be the provocator, which is exactly what the Georgian Times is suggesting:

"Georgia has assessed the statement by the Russian Defense Ministry as yet another provocation. Russian defense office says another military intervention is quite possible unless Georgia stops provocations in Tskhinvali [= Ossetian capital] region.

Georgian officials say it is a threat from the Kremlin and an attempt to justify future military aggression and the provocations by the separatists."

It is doubtful that Georgia would start a war with South Ossetia again, so soon anyway. I would say Putin wants to finish president Saakashvili off, and extend the Russian throne to ancient Gogiland. If Putin does this, then he is clearly a man who starts wars by trickery. Remember, Hamas is one of the only entities the world over to accept Russia's will for South Ossetia.

C'mon, Hamash, let's dance.

No, I don't feel like dancing, Israeliana.

Why? You don't want anyone to see you dance?

No, tart, because I have a broken leg.

C'mon, let's do the two state. How about the three state? Two states forward, three states backward??? Like this.

Israeliana, if I could, I would strangle you.

Oh no. Russario Putano is coming across the dance floor...

Hamash, Israeliana, are you two together now? This is so nice to see.

No, Russario, he was just telling me off. I'm leaving, so long.

Hamasso, how in the hell-fire are you? I was wondering whether you were still kicking. You still have one leg, I see. Not bad, not bad.

Pee-uter bay-bay, come give me a nice big hug. Hey-hey, I've been waiting for you. Wanna dance? How 'bout the hippy hippy shake? I can do it, bay-bay, on one leg, okay?

Love to, Hamasso, but not in public. Can't be seen dancing with you, or hugging. Take this, though.

What? A lousy hand shake?

Hamasso, you've got to shape up! Man. You're on the brink. This is no time to party. Things are so bad...I've decided to send Gogi Bear to bail you out.

Huh? Oh, yeah, Gogi. I get it. A loud-mouthed drunk to be my savior. Thanks a lot, Russo.

He'll dance with you, Hamasso. He will...him and all his friends.

Make sure he brings Irania. She's one sweet firecracker.

Loves to tango while swinging a machete.

And she's got a not-bad cresent. Bring it on, bring it on! I'll just keep hamassing her weapons.

Hey Hamasso, tanks for the thumbs-up on Ossetia. It'll come back to you. In an article detailing the Chechen involvement of the last Georgian war, we read this: "We were practically all on the brink of extermination, if not for the 'Kadyrovsky' regiment, who came to our aid,' [the Chechen soldier] said unexpectedly. 'They stopped the Georgian attack and saved us from certain death.'"

This is to show that the Chechen president (Kadyrov) was involved in the Georgian war, and that any further escalations on that front now might expect Kadyrov's further involvement, especially as he is rabidly anti-Sakaashvili. Then we have this from another article:

"The unannounced and surprising arrival of pro-Russian Chechen military units as 'peacekeepers' in Georgia’s separatist provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia has sparked widespread speculation as to the reason behind their deployment...

After his first-hand encounter with the Chechens, President Saakashvili issued a press release:

'I think it is incorrect and strange that a large number of ethnic Chechens have been brought to Abkhazia as peacekeepers. I met these people today. We do not have (a dispute) with the Chechens. However, to say the truth, all this has a smell of a provocation… It was absolutely beyond my understanding today that a significant part of the (peacekeeping) contingent were ethnic Chechens…'"[tt_news]=4595

That was said in late 2007, before the Georgian war. I would view the said Chechen presence in Georgia's two states as Kadyrov's quest to overthrow Georgia, with Putin gladly behind him. You know why I'm taking the time to say this: Kadyrov would make quite an excellent Gog...if only he would start to show animosity toward Israel.

In Iran, the movement has risen to new levels:

"More than 70,000 Iranian students have volunteered to carry out suicide bombings against Israel, Iran's state news agency reported Monday...

...Five hard-line student groups and a conservative clerical group launched the registration drive for suicide bombers last week and asked the government to allow them to stage the attacks.

In an open letter to Ahmadinejad, the students said 'volunteer student suicide groups ... are determined to go to Gaza. You are expected to issue orders to the relevant authorities to pave the way for such action.' A copy of the letter was made available to The Associated Press last week."

Assuming what we'de expect, that not all of the 70,000 would actually blow themselves up, we can at least see that a large army of unregistered fighters is building steam. If Israel can barely chew away at Hamas' 20,000 fighters, imagine what 70,000 more can do to the situation. Ezekiel 38 says that they're coming like a cloud to cover the mountains...but Isaiah 14:25 says that God will kill the Assyrian ruler of Iraq on those mountains, his fighters included.

Over days of reading on this topic, I have seen a re-occurring theme that isn't reasonable on the surface: the anti-Israeli axis is emphasizing the wide-scale opening of the Rafah border crossing. Why is this crossing (or others between Egypt and Gaza) so important, I started to ask myself? And then it hit me. The axis, probably Iran in conjunction with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, was prepared to slip some heavy-duty weapons to Gaza, perhaps even a nuclear bomb(s), until the Israeli offensive foiled the plans by weakening Hamas and promising to re-occupy Gaza. Consider the hypocrisy of Hamas in this piece:

"In the event, Egypt nevertheless made clear that it was prepared for the [Rafah] crossing to be opened to allow wounded Palestinians to leave for treatment and medical personnel to enter. Hamas demonstratively declined this offer. Egyptian sources have reported that a convoy of trucks and medical supplies was not allowed by Hamas to enter the Strip. Hamas personnel also prevented wounded Gazan civilians from crossing the border.

What do you make of this? Hamas argues on the world stage that it wants Rafah opened for goods and services from Egypt, and yet the above statement would lead us to believe that it wants it open, wide open, for other reasons.

Could it be? Could it be, that the potential crisis of January 21 or 22, as per Colin Powell's unexplained statements, was going to revolve around the Gaza affair? To bomb Israel -- with a big bomb(s) -- on the day after the stepping down of Bush seems logical. Plus, if Powell and Biden know about it, so must Obama.

Bush, too, would have known about it, perhaps explaining his wholesale support for Israel's Gaza intrusion to foil the plot. Israeli jets have been frantically bombing the tunnels under the Gaza-Egyptian border area because they are reportedly filled with weapons and related equipment. Are they hoping to find the big one(s)? Is Russia taking an active interest in Israel's offensive because it ultimately supplied the big one(s) to the evil axis? With the world looking intently to Iran and Syria for the big ones, it is logical for the axis to use the back door of Egypt to slip it/them into Israeli domain.

If this theory is true, the last thing that the axis would want is all-out war with Israel in Gaza. Instead, the axis would simply want Israel to go away as soon as possible, and for Gaza to return to normalcy. This seems to be the goal of the axis as we speak. One might argue that, if this theory were true, Hamas would just give up, to hasten Israel's retreat. But, no, for if Hamas gives up now, Israel will stay for a long while to assure the peace. Therefore, before Hamas gives up, it wants to assure that Rafah, or any other Egyptian crossing point, is wide open and controlled by Palestinians of Gaza.

If Mr. Bush thinks that he has won a great victory in Iraq, think again:

"Iraq’s Prime Minister [today] called on all Arab and Muslim countries 'to cancel their diplomatic relations and stop all contacts - private and public - with this murderous [Israeli] regime, which continues its painful aggression against peaceful, unarmed civilians'."

Remember, the Iraqi government is Shi'ite, like Iran's leadership. Moreover, the Shi'ite "cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called on the Iraqi resistance [today] to stage 'revenge operations' against American forces to protest Israel's Gaza offensive." Is it a coincidence that both announcements have come from Shi'ite leaders, today? The Iraqi prime minister (Maliki) just visited Iran before announcing the above quote. Clearly, a new war is underway that has, not al-Qaeda at the lead, but Iran.

January 8

When Israel learned that Hamas might accept a ceasefire, it bombed the "smuggling tunnels running under the Philadelphi route along the Egyptian border and adjoining houses in Rafah." We can see here why Rafah could be important to the anti-Israeli axis, for the tunnels come right to that spot. The Jerusalem Post, at one recent point, claimed that 100 of the 200 tunnels have been damaged. I also read about an "underground city." Another article numbers the tunnel at 300, and has an Egyptian official denying that they are used to smuggle weapons. See satellite view of Gaza and Rafah.

The problem is, tunnels can be repaired if Hamas is allowed to rule Gaza in the future. This is Israel's dilemma. One option is for Israelis to monitor the tunnels in the future. Egypt suggested that Palestinians of the West Bank do so, but Hamas has rejected that offer. "[Egypt's] Suleiman reportedly told the Hamas delegation...that Egypt would not reopen the Rafah border crossing unless Abbas's [West Bank] forces were allowed to return to the terminal." Hamas has also rejected an international monitor, totally expected if Hamas uses the tunnels to smuggle weapons.

It appears that there are only two outlooks: 1) Israel fights on and Hamas gets creamed all the more, or, 2) Hamas manages to get a temporary truce but then afterward Israel fights on and creams Hamas all the more. Either way, outside Muslim fighters are going to come help Hamas, sooner or later. Now that Israel has over-run the tunnels, the Muslims may as well come sooner. The blame for this situation continues to go to Egypt, and passions are runing higher:

"Egypt is demanding Iran bring to justice the authors of an advertisement calling on Iranians to assassinate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The advertisement was published by the Iranian Fars News agency on Sunday by a student group.

The announcement was in Persian and offered a reward of $1 million to whoever would carry out the deed..."

Later in the day, Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a statement that no Iranian be permitted to leave the country to go fight Israel in Gaza. The same Khamenei issued statements some days ago that seemed to urge fighters to Gaza. Clearly, the entire anti-Israeli axis has taken a non-combative strategy, for while all of the axis condemns Israel with passion, not one has decided to send fighters (not officially, anyway) to help Hamas in its dire straights.

Knowing that Iran has sent weapons to Hamas, what can we make of Iran's military pacivity? A political wise-move in the face of globalists, so as not to be targeted as the guts behind Hamas' latest violations? An unwillingness to pay the high costs in helping Hamas? Or a fear of prolonging the Gaza war? I think the latter has some good basis. Some are saying that Iran miscalculated when backing Hamas' violations of the ceasefire, not thinking that Israel would react by drastic invasion of Gaza.

In other words, assuming that Iran gave Hamas the green light to violate the ceasefire, the plan must have been to escalate friction with Israel and get some Israeli reprisals in order to justify an escalation in rocket attacks until Hezbolah could enter the war after the Lebanese elections this spring/summer. But Israel was not supposed to fight back as hard as it has (so soon, anyway), to the point of making it difficult for Iran and Syria, if not impossible, to get highly-potent weaponry to Hamas. The axis was depending on international pressure to keep Israel from invading large scale.

In short, a large war was not to be started until after the spring of 2009. It may be that the Israeli offensive has significantly set those war plans back in time. I have suggested (a few years ago before all of this had happened) that Gog and his Muslims will "act" militarily against Israel, as per Daniel 11:28, after the summer of 2009, but not likely later than the spring of 2010. Thus far, these dates look sound, especially as the "act" against Israel must come after Gog's invasion of Egypt.

So, you see, this is the wrong time for Iran to start the war on Israel, with Israel inside Gaza. Therefore, the Iranian emphasis is turning to an application of political pressure to get Israel out. But what will Iran's strategy be if the globalists can't get Israel out, and if Israel goes ahead with a massive offensive...that it's soldiers are just waiting to start at the sound of the command? Says one writer: "If Israel doesn't stop fighting before January 20, I believe that on that day, new President Barack Obama will demand that Israel call a halt to Operation Cast Lead and seek a freedom-for-security deal with Gaza."

...pull in the ropes, let down the masts...lower the anchor...

Mrs Cling-On, Mr. Cling-On, a squall. A nasty squall has just blown in. The ship is in distress...

Where's captain EmBark Hussein?

Sleeping, ma'am, in the hull.

Have Mr. BiteThem awaken him.

Captain! Captain? Are you asleep. There's a storm about to swallow the ship!

Huh...wha??? Oh, a storm. Mr. Vice-President, is that all? I was dreaming such a nice one. The whole world was clapping their hands and so very happy...

Captain EmBark, get a hold of yourself! Don't you care if we all die???

Oh ye of little faith. "Winds! Cool it. Clouds! Let the sunshine in."

Aye-aye-aye...can't believe it. The seas! The seas! Everybody look!! The seas, they did calm down, as soon as the captain raised his hands to the winds and spoke to the clouds...

Mr. BiteThem, tell Mrs. Cling-On that salvation is arriving to Hamas on January 20th, at 0.01hours. Won't you?

Obama is attempting to steal as much money from Americans as possible while he is riding the political high seas. He wants to print a whack of money, spread it around in the economy (to his support base of course), and thereby solve the economic crisis. A child could have made such a plan, a child who doesn't understand what's right or wrong. Why not just grow money on trees, a child might ask?

But Obama is not stupid; he's just corrupt. He wants to create new money for his own purposes, and then charge the Americans in general interest as well as having them pay the money back. This is the "victory" that the Democrat voters have won for themselves: a government that makes the people pay through the nose in support of Democrat corruption. It's the Democrat voters who are the children, who can't see through their "messiah."

It appears that other Western powers are about to do as Obama is trying to do this moment. Nothing else has a hold of his agenda like this money tree that he's after. The good news is that the end of this world should arrive before the debts need to be paid back. So, let Obama and the rest create as much money as they can, and let it find its way to Christians in their tribulation circumstances. Jesus said that people would be buying and selling just before he comes back, indicating, at the least, a typical/acceptable economy.

We're going to need a good economy when crunch time comes, because we're going to buy more food than we normally would, more land, and more heating fuel. And doesn't our Lord know it? But a "good economy" for those who need to purchase these needs is one that is on a downturn (i.e. a recession), for that's when prices go down. As there is a global recession supposedly upon us as of now, and into the next few years, perhaps its from Him to allow us to buy more for what money we are leaving behind in this world.

This is not to say that people who are planning to reject the skincode are going to do well. I had a terrible sensation in my gut over-night at what we are going to have to endure...mainly because of pre-tribulationists in our midst who won't prepare anything so that we will need to share what we prepare. Obviously, countless pre-tribbers are going to be turned away by those who have made some, but not enough, preparations. The very purpose of these updates is my attempt to time your purchases as perfectly as they can be. Not too soon, and not too late.

I'm trying to include as much evidence as I can for roundly indicating exactly when the last seven years begin, for that point would be a good time to purchase dried and freeze-dried foods.

I am not ready or able to announce yet that 2009 is the first year of the last seven. I need more evidence. Nor can I say that 2009 is definitely not the first year. It looks not-bad from the events thus far, but I'm not making any purchases yet. We are about to become a great and positive effect on the economy, for a few years, anyway.

In adding to my hunch that the anti-Israeli axis is trying to smuggle something of military importance to Gaza, I dredged up the following December 20th article from Al Jazeera. What's with the aid ship from Qatar (on the Persian gulf), though headed for Gaza, doing way north of Gaza, on Cyprus, an island (that some say is Daniel 11''s Kittim) opposite Tartus where the Russians want to have a naval base?

"Activists from Qatar and Lebanon have defied Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip by docking an aid boat in the territory. The ship delivered medical aid to the Hamas-controlled territory on Saturday, a day after leaving from Larnaca port in Cyprus. It is the first boat to reach Gaza's shores since the end of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas on Friday.

The article goes on to say that Israel permitted the ship to dock in Gaza because of assurances from Qatar, and no doubt the ship was investigated by Israeli agents before it reached Gaza. But what could it have picked up at Cyprus, and what reason did the ship's senders give for its first docking three countries north of Gaza?

The first of at least three Iranian ships is scheduled to arrive soon. Meanwhile today is one that Israeli war machines are being devoted to the tunnels. Palestinians are clearing the area in anticipation of the assault.

When I was tracing the dragon bloodline from the ancient Guti of Iran's Zagros mountains, I concluded that the Guti were the later Kassi(tes) of the Zagros. I then ventured to assert that these peoples formed the Gaza and nearby Gath communities. Biblically, the peoples of Gath were "Gittites." But I also suspected that the Cati peoples of Cilicia's Khazzi region were the same stock, even the people after which the god, Kothar-wa-Khasis, was named.

Cilicia was beside Syria, and was mythically, Cilix, the brother of Cadmus ("mushus" meant "dragon" in the Guti realm of Mesopotamia), if that helps to make the Khazzi connection to the Tyrians. Note "Tarsus" (capital of Cilicia) as compared to "Tyrus," and know that Isaiah makes Tarsus (or "Tarshish") the mother of Tyre. Plus, as Tyre was anciently, "Tsurru/Surru," Tyrians could have become Syrians.

I therefore link both Tarsus and Tyre to the Zeus Turukkaeans, and indeed I reasoned that Biblical Baal (depicted with bull horns) was the proto-Zeus cult (remember, Zeus as a white bull carried off on his back the Tyrian sister of Cilix and Cadmus so that we can expect Gog to come from this Cati cult as per Revelation 17 wherein Europe sits on Gog's back). The Cati of the Khazzi region likely named mount Cassius, the Syrian mountain sacred to Baal.

As the same mountain was also "Saphon," it was at that time likely named after the Daphne dragon cult of Syria. It can't be a coincidence that the seven-headed Lotan dragon was portayed living in the sea off the coast of mount Saphon, while one of Daphne's three fathers was identified as "Ladon." We can know that Lotan (also called "Yam") was off the coast of Saphon because he was the enemy of Baal. Clearly, the mountain that Baal the bull ruled was eventually ruled by his enemy, the dragon peoples (no doubt the Lasonii) depicted by Daphne.

Note that another of her fathers was Tiresias, however, evoking the Tyrus family of peoples. Her third father was made Peneus, who I think got named after Panias, a city at mount Hermon (near Tyre off the Litani river) that was smack next to Laish, the city that I think named the Lasonii. Laish was later renamed Dan after the Daniy belonging to Samson.

I then decided all the more to tie the Gittites of Gath to the Cati dragon cult because David slew Goliath, a Gittite. I reasoned that David's victory over Goliath was a copy of the end time slaying of Gog by the Lord of Lords. I knew that the Cati cult meshed with the Aphrodite cult, and this would be a good place to say that Aphrodite, who never existed apart from being a representation of a certain metal-inventing Hebrews (i.e. the Halybes) on Cyprus, was made by myth writers to be born on Cyprus. In fact, "Cyprus" derived from "cuprus" after its copper mining. Therefore, Aphrodite was also "Kyprus," a term smacking of a hard-c version of "Habiru," as for example "Kabeiri."

Remember, these Hebrews were from Chaldea, on the Habur and Euphrates (= Aphrodite) rivers. They were the major Hebrew stock out of which the Israelites came forth...i.e. they were NOT Israelites. They were in pre-Israel before the Israelites arrived, and they were permitted by Joshua to stay in Gath and nearby towns after the Israeli conquest of Canaan. They were no longer known as Hebrews at that time, but were called "Avviy." In Chaldea -- or more precisely, in Cutha -- they had been Hebrews, I believe, a part of what were called "Abiru/Apiru." In time, they were incorporated into the Canaanites and Philistines (latter originating from Crete), and Gath was itself a Philistine city by the time of Goliath (he himself is called a Philistine in the Bible).

I believe that Avviy/Avvites went on to become the rulers of Argos in that city's early history, as Abas, mythical king of Argos. It is known that Argos was founded by peoples of Tarsus, and in fact the goddess of Argos (Io) was depicted with the same symbol as Zeus: a white cow. I suspect that the Avvites of the Gath region united with a Daniy entity (see the book of Judges) under mythical Samson, and together these peoples became the Danaan rulers of Argos. One of those Danaans was Hercules, and of course his imagery in myth is identical to Samson's.

Yes, I believe that Samson was slipped into the near back of the historical book of Judges (he was the book's last Judge of Israel) by a myth writer in Israel, and he even used the jawbone of a donkey to kill too many men to be reality, but know that Avvites worshiped the donkey god so that this explains why the myth writer used a donkey bone in his myth story. Samson also used foxes to fight Philistines, and that corresponds to the canine god of the Avvites.

I concluded that "Samson" was myth code for the Shemesh region of Israel, itself named after the god of Samosata: Samos. The Kabeiri cult, no doubt the Hebrews of the Kybele/Kabala cult in Phrygia, was founded by Aphrodite and her metal-forging husband (Hephaestus) on Samo-Thrace. In fact, the Kabeiri cult was said to be founded by the brother of Dardanus (founder of Tros/Troy)...suggesting a link back to Tartus.

I'm saying all this to suggest that Gog may be of the Cati fold from which Goliath stemmed, which may explain why Gog is destined to come to Gaza, and nearby Gath. That's why I found it extremely interesting that the ruler of Chechnya today is surnamed after the tribe by the same name: Kadyrov. Yet Steve has sent me another email to say that he has thrown his hands up, not being able to find one anti-Israeli word coming from Ramzam Kadyrov.

Zhirinovski is half Hebrew and half Rus, evoking the Hebrew-Rus dragon cult in a nutshell.

My link of Obama to the Dionysus cult of ancient Somalis (explained in a previous update) is connected to the Kabeiri cult in that Hephaestus and Dionysus were the same peoples. I realized this learning that both gods were given limps from birth as special symbols. Then I found that both gods were on Lemnos, and both were made sons of Zeus. Onshore of Lemnos in the north direction was the mouth of the Hebros river, a clear sign that the Kabeiri cult, depicted by Hephaestus' wife, Cabeiro, lived on the Hebros.

Onshore of Lemnos in the east direction was Lydia, where Dionysus was large, especially on the Maeander river that named his wild and sinful Maenads. But Dionysus was also up the Hebros river in that he was loved by mythical Dryas, a depiction of the Odrysians (at Arda, on the river). It is the latter Dionysus entity that must have been tagged, Hephaestus, by another myth writer, and that name stuck.

It is a fact in my mind that the Satanic Druids came from the Odrysians, and that the Arthurian cult came from the Odrysian region as a semi-Hebrew branch of the Hebrew-Rus cult of Ares. In other words, the Arthurian cult traces back to Aphrodite, the goddesss of Aprutium that named the Brits. Hard to believe, but "Brit" is an evolved form of "Euphrates." There's much more to this than I can add here. The point is, expect British Freemasons to play a large role in the coming globalism.

These entities evolved into the modern Illuminati, and in fact the socialist Bavarian Illuminati was connected to Hesse, Germany, a place named after the Catti Celts. God has permitted these forces to survive as major world rulers to this day for the Big Showdown.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems in my 2009-2016 calendar, aside from the skincode becoming mandatory by 2013, is Europa riding on Gog's back by about 2014/15. It could happen, but it doesn't look good now. But Obama and his British/Rhodes-based socialists might create a sound relationship with Gog, perhaps as early as 2009, in which case I'd be pressed to announce that the Week has begun.


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