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January 3 - Present, 2009

Is this the Start of Great Tribulation Mayhem?

January 3

There is little news today. Israel is about to start a ground offensive, and in response Hezbolah is toying with the idea of allowing Palestinians in Lebanon to fire rockets into Israel's north. Anti-Israelis are swearing that Israel's ground offensive will lead to Israel's complete overthrow...and they could be right!

The Ethiopian peace-keeping soldiers in Somalia are in the process of withdrawing, due to which analysts are saying that Somalia will now go into the hands of the Islamics. This development seems on schedule for making a contribution to the coming Egyptian invasion.

Should I bore you with some evidence of an Egyptian invasion building steam? Or should I mention it again only when the invasion is underway? Not sure. I can see that Gog's excuse for invading Egypt is now growing on the back of the Gaza affair. This is something that prophecy does not disclose. Up until now, there was a vacuum in my mind between the envisioning of Gog in Iraq and the Egyptian invasion. It was difficult to see how the two could come together to fulfill Daniel 11:21-28.

For new readers, the Abomination of Desolation is in verse 31, meaning that Gog's excuse for invading Egypt is also his excuse for invading Israel...successfully.

Try to imagine the ecstatic celebrations in the anti-Israeli Muslim world when Gog makes their dreams come true. How will the major players in the West feel and act? Nicholas Sarkozy and Tony Blair are in the Middle East this weekend trying to find a resolution acceptable to both sides.

To underscore the fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy wherein Egyptians turn on their own government, we read:

"A 19-year-old Egyptian intern at this newspaper said something, which to me, sums up what’s at stake for the future of this country if Egypt continues doing nothing about the barbaric assault on Gaza.

'I'll hate my country forever if it's true that our government knew about this [Israeli] attack and supported it,' she said."

The Daniel prophecy starts off with the Israeli situation in the days of the Seleucid kings. At that time Egypt had control of southern Israel and was therefore called the "king of the south." The Seleucids had control of northern Israel and were therefore called "king of the north." Might modern Egypt, therefore, come to control southern Israel (i.e. Gaza) before Gog invades from Syria and Lebanon? Will the Gaza situation urge Egypt to send armies into Gaza?

Why did prophecy connect the invasion of Gog into Egypt and Israel to the ancient Seleucids? Why is modern Egypt likewise called the "king of the south"? Is it merely because Egypt is south of Israel, or is it because Egypt is once again destined to control southern Israel?

January 4

The ground invasion has begun, and Israel has caught itself in a trap thereby. Shouts from everywhere have become louder:

Israeliana. Stop it. Stop it now!

That's easy for you to say, Czar Cozy, since Hamas is not firing on France, and you can all drink your wine and wear your silk underwear in ease and comfort.

I order you in the name of the UN chiefs to stop it!

You shriek, Czar Cozy, so shrill. But tell the Uninvited Nations that we have decided to step it up.

Oh, yes, smart girl, very smart. The Arabs are coming. What then?

Let them scream; let them enlist. But I am resolved, sick and tired of peace talks. I want Hamash out, gone, finished. My people will not take this anymore.

Hamash will make you look like a murderer...

Yes, yes, I know. And Bark will come twist my arm as you do. What then? Another 60 years of Hamash and sons?

Last night I found a January one New York Post article with this opening sentence:

"AS WORLD leaders and international organizations rush to rescue Hamas, Israel faces complex battlefield challenges - while fearing a stab in the back from the incoming Obama administration."

The world is still waiting to hear how Obama's team chooses its words.

Obimbo? Have you got an opinion on the Gaza hoopla yet?

Uh...I think..."

Is that a fact? Don't you think you've worn out those words?

Like I said...

And those words too?

I agreed to this news conference...

So just tell us flat out why.

Oprah says I should stress the black issue.


And Barney says I should stress the gay issue.

And? And? Come on.

Al says I should stress global warming, Joe wants globalism, and Hillary wants the throne...

Okay-okay, that's all very meaty, but what about Gaza?

Sheesh, Media, like I said, uh, I think I should wait until January 20th at the earliest...

Why?!! Mr Bush won't mind if you give your two-cents worth now.

Well if you must know, my advisors are stuck on this one. Are you satisfied?

Satisfied? No, go on. Why are they undecided on this one?

My advisors are asking their advisors what to say to you, Media, so, uh, I think this takes a long while.

The advisors of the advisors???

If you must know, the advisors of the advisors are asking their advisors, and, you know, like I said, not until after the 20th.

But Obimbo, this mincing is becoming a story in itself. Why can't you just come down on Hamash like every other normal American?

Oh for the sake of nanny's buck tooth, Media, are you stupid? I'm trying to make the Arabs like me. I want to be liked by everyone -- if you haven't noticed -- but if I lash out at Hamash, someone in this world will hate me, and that will make it very hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. Plus, the Muzzle-ums are counting on me not to say the wrong thing, or else such great hatred...[flinch], are you satisfied now?

Israel's Gaza operation has become quite a killing machine today, and for this reason Muslims everywhere are predicted to go just plain nuts. I just read in the Syrian news that "Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalily [yesterday] discussed with Head of Hamas Politburo Khaled Meshaal and Secretary General of Islamic Jihad Ramadan Abdullah Shallah the serious situations in Gaza Strip..." The meeting was in Syria, and it was indeed serious as we can imagine, but it was held before Israel's killing machine went forward today. If Iran has wanted to build an armed force against Israel, the ground war should be the excuse needed...meaning that the Hamas chief (Mashaal) will not likely agree to a truce no matter how sharply the Uninvited Nations demands one.

If it's not a coincidence, it could be by the will of God that the current UN president, Jiri Potuznik (Czechoslovakia), supports Israel's war on Hamas (Sarkozy was the previous UN rotating president). This is not necessarily to say that God is being supportive of Israel at this time, for Israel's actions in Gaza may be the great-tribulation death knell. Plus, yesterday, the United States (in its capacity to veto UN resolutions) actually foiled a ceasefire document prepared and supported by the UN Security Council. The DEBKAfile reports that Bush ordered this latest veto.

In other words, there seems to be sufficient steam in Israel's war engines to continue the Gaza operation...and in turn this could start the wheels of the great-tribulation chariot rolling in from Lebanon. Assuming that Israel is in Gaza with Bush-power under its wings, we can know that God despises the alliance with a plan of having the U.S. betray Israel. With most members of the Security Council now in a huff with Bush for the veto, it pressures Obama to side with those members who want the truce i.e. with those who give Hamas a fair shake.

Amazing, isn't it, how a relatively small war in a very small Strip can cause critical global vibrations. The Wrath of God is coming to Center Stage; we can see the skirt of the world curtain trembling. This is the Bitter Plate for the whole world to eat. God will be Irony to all who have failed the test in this generation; to all who have spoken lies about his good character, and his good people. One last hurrah from his enemies, and then The End, Lights Out, Eat This. There is still time to side with Him if you've been duped to side against him by your friends.

As evidence that Israel is not bluffing with its ground invasion (a possibility that Hamas had been kicking around until now), the DEBKAfile article above says: "Israeli warplanes dropped leaflets from Friday night advising people living in the northern and eastern neighborhoods of Gaza City to leave their homes. Defiance of this curfew directive carried the risk of being shot."

Have Arabs noted that Hamas, even though Israeli soldiers are now in Gaza, continues to fire rockets at innocent Israelis in nearby towns? Why do Muslims, in condemnation of Israel, not condemn Hamas for this cowardly method of fighting a war? Hamas fighters should come out from hiding among Gaza's civilians, into battlefields on the edges of population centers, if Hamas is anything worthy of respect.

In both Israel and Egypt, pro-Hamas demonstrations reached 10,000 strong, the largest gatherings in recent history. The Egyptian president was forced to scream outrage against Israel this weekend due to pressure from Egypt's pro-Hamas sectors. The heat is building upon pharaoh's forehead. How will politics leverage his actions?

The war details can be followed at the Jerusalem Post.

Just found another story of great interest:

"New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, tapped in December by President-elect Barack Obama to serve as secretary of Commerce, has withdrawn his name for the position, citing a pending investigation into a company that has done business with his state."

Hmm, another scandal? Whatever the case may be, the secretary of Commerce is in charge of economic machines in both the nation and abroad, making it very likely that the skincode will be overseen by him/her. Who will fill the void? Not Mr. Cling-On, we hope. Please no.

The Sunni faction called "Sons of Iraq" were officially handed over by the United States to the Iraqi government. We (or I, anyway) are still waiting to see if they will rebel against that government...while siding with the incoming Gog. In todays news we still read:

"The government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has been suspicious that the Sons of Iraq is a ploy by Sunni insurgents to gain time and money to regroup.,0,1368655.story

A verry scarry thought just occured to me. Since the Sons of Iraq are being coddled by the U.S. military, might Gog be planted in Iraq, by the Obama administration, to protect the Sons from the Iraqi government's expected betrayals? It could well explain why Revelation 13 has the False Prophet strongly unified with Gog, and allows a sensible means for Gog to enter northern Iraq even though U.S soldiers are expected to remain in the region.

As Obama will not reveal his position yet, I have been looking for a piece telling how Democrats as a whole feel about the Gaza operation, and today I found one:

"Sixty-two percent (62%) of Republicans back Israel's decision to take military action against the Palestinians, but only half as many Democrats (31%) agree. A majority of Democrats (55%) say Israel should have tried to find a diplomatic solution first, a view shared by just 27% of Republicans.

That Republicans are generally more supportive of Israel is not new. But these numbers reflect exactly what Israel was worried about..."

From this information, we can expect Obama's advisors of the advisors of the advisors to advise Obama to tell Israel to get back. Israel will then say, "[a little metal nail with threads] you, you [a little metal nail with threads)-ball!" Obama will then to Israel: "no, [a little metal nail with threads] you!! I'm going to make sure that you're bolted to the wall." Can we, at least, see that such animosity is in the making up to this time?

Obama may surprise us with steadfast support for Israel, so I'm threading lightly on this one until I hear for myself which wagon he jumps on.

There are voices coming from Iran to cut off some oil supply to Israel's friends, and of course that voice is intended to reach the ears of America. We know what Bush would do if Iran were to stop selling to Americans, but we don't know what Obama's team would do...or could do with its anti-war crowds. Since the anti-war Democrats didn't let Bush amputate Iran's leg, a feisty, problematic Iran is now becoming their nightmare.

This should be all for today. May God contain your fears.

January 5

I have been impressed lately by the zeal underlying Turkey's opposition to Israel's Gaza operation. I was going to ignore Turkey, more or less, as a minor player in the anti-Israeli axis, but this morning I decided to read an article on Turkey's prime minister. The article didn't disappoint me, as for example the last sentence reads: "From that moment on, [the Turkish prime minister] began taking the lead of the anti-Israel Arab front taking shape."

The "from that moment on" refers to Israel's Olmert betraying the Turkish prime minister (Erdogan] when misleading him on Israel's Gaza intension's. However, the fact has been that Turkey led some Israeli-Syria peace talks in 2008, and as such Turkey was pretending to be an unbiased friend of Israel. Now we see the reality, that Turkey is a major part of the anti-Israeli axis.

This is worthy of remarks here because many prophecy writers claim that Ezekiel 38's Togarmah -- a Gogi ally in end-time Israel's invasion -- is modern Turkey. I have not been so certain that Togarmites today represent Turks, or at least Turks alone, but in any case, the leadership that the Turkish prime minister is now taking in turning Arabs against Israel seems a natural part of these updates...if only for the reason that an anti-Israeli Turkey promises to be of great benefit to Gog as he comes to Israel via Syria.

In today's AP news, we find:

"Turkey's foreign minister said [today] his country favors a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas ensured by international monitors...

The statement came during a news conference with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, who arrived in Turkey to discuss ways to establish a cease-fire."

There is nothing sinister about wanting a ceasefire, but the point above is that Turkey is working closely with Syria to salvage Gaza. That is, since Syria is heavily pro-Hamas (i.e. not merely pro-Gaza's Palestinians), any nation willing to work with Syria to save Gaza is thereby revealed as a supporter of Hamas terrorism, and therefore a supporter for Israel's total destruction. We may not hear Turkish politicians say as much, but we can suspect it as the underlying reality (Turkey walks a balancing act because it is desires a relationship with Europe).

The article continues: "Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan telephoned the prime ministers of Russia, Britain and Italy requesting support to 'mobilize the international community' for an urgent truce." Russia's prime minister? That's Putin.

The thing sticking in my mind in the Gaza situation is Hamas' speediness for sending missiles into Israel as soon as the long truce ended in mid-December. It just seems sensible that Hamas had outside supporters urging it to start a war with Israel. If this is the truth, the plan would have been for the outside support base to enter the war against Israel, though such development could not take shape too quickly or the scheme would be realized by international powers. Rather, engagement in the war would be made to appear as an after-thought...due to Israel's aggressions. Moreover, before the engagement, the secret backers of Hamas would scream loudly at Israel's aggressions, which is the stage the players now find themselves in.

All I can report at this stage is that "[Turkey's] Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek told reporters following a cabinet meeting [that] Turkey would be prepared to send troops to Gaza if this move contributes to peace efforts." Hmm.

Russia, its part, has sent deputy foreign minister Alexander Saltanov to the Middle East. He was turned down yesterday by Israel's foreign minister when asking her to communicate with Hamas through Russian agency. The article below states that Russia wanted to be a middle man between Israel and the Hamas chief (Mashaal) hiding out in Syria (with Syrian support).

Hmm. Russia's first speakable attempt to solve the Gaza crisis, and we find that it wants to be a mediator. Meanwhile, on the same day (yesterday), Medvedev (= Russian president) tells Israel to get out of Gaza. Russia can now react to the snub of Israel's foreign minister; might Russia become more angry in tone as it continues to play mediator (= meddler)? I'm watching like a hawk.

The Haaretz article below gives a good overview of the Gaza players, and adds: "...Saudi Arabia and Egypt are opposing a special Arab League summit to discuss the Gaza crisis, as such a meeting would likely obligate Egypt to open the Rafah crossing, thus releasing Israel from its responsibility over the situation in the Strip, Egyptian leaders fear."

I'm interpreting this statement as Egypt's unwillingness to oversee the crossing (at the Egypt-Gaza border), and indeed Egypt wants Palestinians in conjunction with internatioanl powers to oversee it. Is this why Turkey has put it's drumstick forward, letting the world know that it will send it troops to Gaza? Does Turkey want to control Rafah as a starting point? Is this plot Russia's ticket to the Gaza theater, and will Russian presence there lay Gog's war path to the Egyptian front?

Remember, in Daniel 11 we find the ships of Kittim (interpreted by most as European ships off the Syrian coast) opposing Gog after his military victory in Egypt, and so far as I know Russia still has plans to form a naval base off the coast of Tartus in Syria. In other words, Daniel 11:30 foretells that Gog will be in Syria after his Egyptian victory, which up to this point in time suggests (to me) that he will be at the said naval base. It can then be predicted that verse 31, the fall of Jerusalem to Gog, will be an invasion stemming from the same naval base.

I must repeat here that I traced the Hebrew-Rus dragon cult of ancient times to Lotan, a mythical dragon portrayed as living in the Mediterranean off the shores of Syria. This dragon can then be interpreted as a depiction of the Hebrew-Rus people living on the island of Arvad/Arpad, immediately off the coast of Tartus! As Arvad was "Arados" to the Greeks, and as I identified the mythical dragon of Ares (in Thrace) as Arphaxadites mixed with the Hros/Rus whom "Ares" depicted, I ventured to draw the conclusion that modern Russians trace back to Arados.

By the time I had discovered Arados, I had for years traced Russians back to the Rodez (or "Ruthene" or "Rusi") of southern France, off the Rhodanus river (now the Rhone), and then back further to the Greek island of Rhodes. I therefore ventured a Rhodes connection to Arados, but only because Arados' earlier name, "Arpad," was so similar to "Arphaxad" (the grandfather of Eber, founder of the Hebrews). At this theory, I realized that Russians are innately Arphaxadites, though mixed with Caucasian scythians, especially the Meshech.

There is much more to all this, but the point here is that Gog, symbolized by a dragon in Revelation, is about to, or so it would seem, create a headquarters at Arpad...whether or not he realizes that the Rus dragon (a symbol used also by the Varangian Rus, who were co-founders of Moscow) traces back to these very Syrian seas.

On top of this, the Arphaxadites of Arpad must trace back to Arrapha, for the city was also "Arrapachitis," the Assyrian capital that is Kirkuk today...just a giant's stone throw away from Mosul. It's as though the ancient boundary lines are being re-drawn (by God, I assume) for the Final Act. Again, since Arrapha was also "Arabkha," it struck me that "Arab" may trace to Arrapha while the "Moslem" term could trace to "Mosul." In other words, Russians and Arabs are, at their deepest roots, two branches of the same peoples: Arphaxadites.

It is an historical truth that the Varangian Rus (of Sweden) mixed with the Slav Rus (of Kiev) in forming the Moscovite rulers. But having traced the "Slav/Slab" to a soft-c version of "Chalyb," they should also trace to the Syrian city of Halab (nowe Aleppo), which I assume was named after the Chalybes in that they were also the "Halybes." After it dawned on me that Slavs were named most immediately after TransSylvania, I was struck by the Arad region of Transylvania, for it mirrored "Arados."

In other words, it seems that Arphaxadite Rus of Arados migrated to Arad and named it, while the Halybe proto-Slavs migrated from Halab to name Transylvania. Moreover, the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania were named as a hard-c version of "Arpad."

But there's more, for Hungarians (beside Transylvania) trace themselves to the Arpad dynasty. When I found that the Bahrain flag was an identical symbol to the flag of Hungary's king Stephen, an early Arpad, it was shocking to find that "It is also believed that Arados was an old name for Bahrain. Today, the "Arados" spelling must still find itself in the Bahrain city of Arad (!), and in older times it was also "Arvad"!!

The minor point here is that there does seem to be a link between proto-Hungarian Arad in Transylvania and Arados in Syria and Bahrain...and whoever it was that formed the Bahrain flag knows it. The major point is that Moscovites very likely do trace to Arados and Halab in Syria. The Halybes lived on the Halys river, and I've noted that in that region was the domain of Mazaca, what I interpret as a version of "Meshech," what some view as the bases of "Moscow." Today, the Halys river is central Turkey. In ancient times, it was the domain of the Amazons, named after Mazaca (or vice versa) I am sure.

So, when Ezekiel was telling the world that end-time Gog would invade Israel with Meshech, was he referring to Moscow, or to the Meshech realm of his day in what is now Turkey? While I would agree that some Meshech (also "Mushki") went on to found Muskovi/Moscow, wouldn't some Meshech have remained in Turkey to this day? Are they destined to unite for the Final Act?

January 6

In concentrating on Turkey yesterday, I should have repeated by belief that Turks stem from the Turukkaeans (search also Tur(r)uk(k)u) of the Arrapha region. It became my "enlightenment" that the Zeus Taurus was a symbol of the Turukku, and that these peoples were root to Tyrus (= Tyre), Tros (= Troy; Zeus was chief of the Trojans), and the Tyrrhenians. However, myth had two families contribute to the Trojans: one from Dardanus, and one from Teucer. While Dardanus may have been a symbol of Tartus, Teucer certainly seems like a symbol of the Tocharians (in far-north Russia) and therefore likely the Togarmites (said by Ezekiel 38 to live in the far north).

There is no doubt about it, for even as Tyrrhenians founded Rome, so myth traced Romans (who used a dragon symbol) to Trojans, and Tyrrhenians to Lydians (= Trojan cousins)...while it's then a no-brainer to trace Latins to the Lydians. The similarity between "Tarchon" (= a major Tyrrhenian tribe) and "Turruku" is evident, but even "Tyrrhenian" is a similar term when its 'h' is hardened to a 'k'. All of this is the Biblical dragon, once the Zeus cult and its offshoots (just look for "sons" and "daughters" of Zeus, and you'll find offshoots; look for his many mates and you'll find what peoples his cult became meshed with).

I'm repeating this because the Turks apply to the Biblical dragon if indeed they were named most-directly after Trojans. It is an historical fact that Turks descended from Kok-Turks/Gok-Turks, which in my mind suggests that they were in part a Gogi people. Turks are in fact traced further back by historians to the Bulgars, while it's known that Bulgaria was ancient Thrace, likely named after the Turukku as well...and in fact I think "Thraco" meant "draco." If I'm correct, the term "dragon" derives from the Turukku. Since Ares was the god of Thracian and Trojan realms, and since Ares was depicted with a dragon, it seems that the Hebrew-Rus peoples (i.e. the Arphaxadites and Aphrodite) were meshed with the Turukku.

The Hebrew-Rus can be traced to Lydians, as per the mythical harp symbol that Hermes gave to Apollo. Hermes depicted Armenia, as did Ares' daughter, Harmonia, and the harp depicted the Arphaxadites. The picture of the harp being granted to Apollo means that Arphaxadites trace from Armenia to Lydia, for Apollo's mother was made "Ledo" in depicting Lydians. Both Hermes and Apollo were made sons of Zeus because both were a people stemming from Turukkaeans of Troy.

This explains why the Hermus river was central to Lydia. The Lydian capital, Sardis/Sardes, may be a take from "Tartus" (in Syria). Wikipedia says that Sardis was "Sparda" to the Persians, which is very interesting in that the Ares dragon was said to produce the "Sparti" (when that dragon joined the Cadmus-branch Tyrians, whom I identify as the Cadusii Armenians, symbolized by Hermes' caduceus rod...with two serpents entwined.)

If mythical Dardanus (Trojan founder) depicted peoples who named Tartus, then it makes sense that the Arphaxadites of Troy were from Arpad, offshore of Tartus. Indeed, I have traced Ladon, the Greek dragon, to Lotan, the Syrian dragon (that lived off-shore of Syria). Moreover, Ladon was made father of Daphne, and she depicted the Syrian city of Daphne/Daphnis, later Antioch. This is all very tidy, and can be backed up by many other arguments. Wikipedia says that Tartus was founded by a colony of Arpad.

Now in a fanciful rendition of history, Zeus the white Taurus was made to rape Europa, the princess of Tyre. And the result was the Europeans, obviously, or the myth writer would not have named her such. Yet one clues into the fact that the Romans in particular were the precise extension of Europa, for as the phoenix was the symbol of Rome, so it was the ancestral symbol of Phoenicians, and in fact mythical Pheonix was made the father of Europa.

Hence, Romo-Europe is a dragon-line entity (I'm referring to the royal lines of Europe, not the masses in general). Daniel 2 tells that a divided Roman empire -- i.e. Europe -- will rule the globe when Jesus comes at Armageddon. Daniel 7 tells that Gog, "different" from the Romans, will rule end-time Europe.

This Gog of Daniel 7 is the little power of Daniel 11:23 who becomes great. He will be a little power in Iraq, but then become great. This is the mystery yet to unfold, and woe to the world when it comes to pass. He will seek to destroy Europa, and he will succeed.

Tyre, as well as the Hermes cult of mount Hermon, are Lebanese entities. We expect, therefore, that Lebanon will join in Israel's desolation, so that in the end Tyre, and Hermon's summit, Sion, can be destroyed with great finality. It is my opinion that Zionists proper are non-Israelite Hebrews of the dragon cult tracing back to Hermon and Sion (= Hermes and Zeus). It is interesting along these lines that mount Hermon is technically in Israel today, and guarded by Israeli troops. I'm suggesting that not all of Israel is of Israelite-Hebrew blood, for the Zionist founders of modern Israel are more likely other types of Hebrews...stemming from the dark-cult Templars and Rosicrucians, the first Sionists.

Speaking of Rosicrucians, Javier Solana (EU's foreign minister) was in Israel yesterday trying to curb Israel's anger, but it was a failure. We await the results of Hamas' talks with Egypt yesterday, which coincided with Sarkozy's visit to Cairo. The talks are expected to produce no resolutions. Voices are coming from Scandinavian leaders now, and demonstrations are occurring in far-east Asia. Israel continues the assault.

Interfax has a line at 19:48 yesterday which reads: "Putin, Erdogan discuss Russian-Turkish trade-economic relations, Mideast." Economic trade? No, they are discussing the Gaza affair in private. In fact, "Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas had a telephone conversation [yesterday] to discuss 'the worsening situation in Gaza...'" In short, Russia is getting involved.

I have been failing to mention the Turkish skirmishes in far-northern Iraq against the Kurds. I figured that they would be unrelated to Gog's Iraqi entry. But come to think about it, I do believe that the Gog-Sunni alliance will be opposed to the Kurds, and so why shouldn't Turks support that Gogi-Sunni alliance...for that purpose anyway. In yesterday's news, we read:

"ARBIL, Iraq (Reuters) -- Turkish warplanes bombed targets in northern Iraq on Monday in Ankara's latest offensive against suspected Kurdish guerrilla positions, an Iraqi local official said."

While these strikes are not so deep as Mosul, they nonetheless hold promise of being such. Could Biblical Gog turn out to be a Gok-Turk? Right now I'm so dim on his identity that I'll leave that possibility open too.

Obama has appointed yet another Clintonite, Leon Panetta, as CIA chief. We keep in mind that, in the American tribulation period, Intelligence may be used against Christians, and Panetta might just be the man to authorize an illegal form fashioned just for us. I have always believed that the Clintons will seek vengeance against the "fundamentalist right," and I think it is more sure to come in heavy doses as the political right wrestles with the Democrats in the political arena.

While it seems more than acceptable to inform the world on the truth of what is taking place in these last days, perhaps we should tailor our words more gently, so as to receive less persecution when the hour of darkness arrives.

. Let's assume the worst, that none of Ezekiel is Inspired. We still have the words of Daniel and Isaiah to trust, as Jesus quoted them both. Daniel 11's "king of the north" may not be related to any Gogi entity in such a case. Isaiah 14 tells that the anti-Christ will be a king of Babylon and an Assyrian, and Daniel 11 agrees with it when connecting the king of the north to the Seleucids, for the first king, Seleucid I, was Alexander the Great's satrap of Babylon.

In other words, I'm still looking for the anti-Christ's rise in Iraq, and if we can trust Nahum, I'm still looking to Mosul (= ancient Assyrian capital) in particular. In ignoring Ezekiel, the king of the north could conceivably be a Muslim and perhaps even an Arab. Revelation 13:2 ties him to Babylon and Iran, but also reveals that he (or his kingdom) is "like Greece." This phrase seems to rule out Greece itself, and point to a people that are/were similar to Greeks. Perhaps Turkey, especially if Turks were named after a Trojan/Thracian entity (Greeks and Thracians lived in western Turkey).

In that Revelation connects him to a seven-headed dragon, it may be have been Intended as a clue to a Lotan connection, for in myth Lotan was indeed a seven-headed dragon. Coincidence, or will the king of the north come to the Syrian seas where Lotan once lived? Indeed, can it be a coincidence that the peoples depicted by the Greek Ladon dragon, and Ladon's "daughter," mythical Daphne, lived in the city (Daphne) that Seleucid I renamed, Antioch (after his son, Antiochus)?

The Selieucid kings went on to reign at Antioch...a city close to the Turkish border. If we were confused about the anti-Christ's national identity, all this may or may not help. If you like logic problems, here's the "best" one the world has ever seen, especially as the answer is nowhere written down for a quick peek.

I'm going to continue with the belief that Ezekiel was a true prophet. Interfax (= Russian news) has a line today (at 11:49) that's interesting: "Israel making mistake by rejecting Russia's mediation - Duma figure." It sounds like a threat. It sounds like the Duma figure is angry for Israel's (i.e. Livni's) snub yesterday. It sounds as though the Duma figure badly wants to mediate between Hamas and Israel. Why? And who is the Duma figure, I would like to know. Zhiriniovsky, per chance?

Well, well, DEBKAfile has released some details of the Hamas-Egypt talks of yesterday, and claims that, in one ceasefire scenario being kicked around, Egypt and Jordan are to send troops to Gaza. I'll keep you posted on that point, as this may be the "king of the south" entering southern Israel.

But, zowie, if Russians are badly wanting to mediate between Hamas and Israel, might these particular Russians be offended by Egypt's roll in doing so? Zowie, assuming that the Duma figure is Zhrinovsky, or even if Zhirinovsy (= deputy speaker of the Duma) agrees with the mystery Duma figure, could we have here the political elements that start the prophesied Egyptian war?

Meanwhile Ahmadinejad has offered renewed cesspool language against Israel. In Today's Reuters, we read: "Analysts say it is not clear whether Iran encouraged Hamas not to renew its truce with Israel in December or pushed it to fire the rockets that Israel says it is trying to stop." If analysts aren't sure, then the possibility is there; many do think that Iran is behind Hamas' present defiance and confidence. If the question is whether or not Ahmadinejad's confidence is Russian-backed, read this from yesterday's Iran News:

"'We have repeatedly made clear at senior levels of the Russian government that we [Americans] would strongly oppose the sale of the S-300,' State Department spokesman Robert Wood said [yestedday].

His remarks came after Russia's state arms exporter said Monday that it is supplying Iran with defensive weapons, including surface-to-air missiles. The exporter, however, stopped short of confirming whether sophisticated S-300 missiles would be sent to the country.

An unnamed Russian military source later claimed that the S-300 missiles as well as S-300PMU1 systems -- which has a longer range than that of older versions -- are both being prepared for delivery to Iran."

The underscore is mine to emphasize that this is not the Russian who admitted the same in December. The Russian above admitted (according to Interfax) that the S-300 system is to protect Iran against an Israeli strike when he said: "This is a purely defensive weapon, intended to protect especially important sites from aerial attack." Read between the lines.

In other words, Russia and Iran, together (i.e. = support for Ezekiel 38), are in opposition to Israel's plans against Iran, and of course Israel believes that Hamas' actions these days is an Iranian plot. Unless Israeli leaders are stupid, they snubbed Russia yesterday because they know Russia is behind Iran. Unless Russian leaders are stupid, they know Israel knows and so that explains why the Duma figure is lashing out against Israel. Can we expect Russia's tune to change from this point on? When will Putin's strategy in appearing as a friend of Israel start to show cracks? Will he get the Biblical Gog to speak on his behalf while denying that Gog speaks on his behalf?

The same Iran News has another pertinent revelation: according to a Kurd official, "Turkish planes and Iranian artillery bombarded Aquwan and the Iranians bombarded Maradu." In other words, the Turkish attack yesterday was in conjunction with Iran (the article I had quoted yesterday didn't include the Iranian participation)! It is my belief that Gog will enter northern Iraq when the Kurds are weakened sufficiently. The January-31 elections are slated to weaken Kurds enormously, especially in Mosul, and a civil war is being predicted...that Turkey and Iran could participate in. Yes, to facilitate Gog's entry.

In another article on the same topic, the above official (Ahmed Denis) lamented that the Iraqi government didn't lash out against the attacks on Iraqi soil. We also read:

"The fresh bombardment of the remote mountains where the borders of Iraq, Iran and Turkey meet follows talks in Ankara on December 24 between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Iraqi counterpart Nuri al-Maliki."

In those talks, the two governments agreed to step up cooperation against PKK [= Kurdish militia] rebels operating rear-bases in northern Iraq."

This explains why the Iraqi government hasn't lashed out; it's part of the fight against PKK. There is a necessary distinction to be made between the anti-Iraqi PKK and the Kurds who are willing to work with Iraq. Still, it is possible that both Turks and Iranians will enlarge their enemy domain to include the pro-Iraq Kurds of Mosul. The Iraqi government has shown recent signs of opposing, or at least slighting, even those Kurds.

Iran's problem now is that the West wants Hamas de-weaponized (this is Israel's condition for leaving Gaza). The West's problem is that Iran has no respect for what the West wants. Russia's problem is that it is in bed with both Iran and the West's Quartet initiative. Obama's problem is that he wants to be loved by all of the above, or, if that's worded politically incorrect, he wants to be THE ONE who solves everything. SOLVE THIS, Iran will say. Ya-ya, SOLVE THIS Putin will say. And while you're at it, SOLVE THIS, Israel will say.

I must admit, Zhirinovsky does not like Turkey nor Iran. I should also point out that Hamas is one of the only entities the world over to accept the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. As a result, Israel must suspect that Russia and Hamas have a thing/fling going.

So what's with Lebanon? If Iran is behind the Hamas outbreak, why isn't Iran-backed Hezbolah also attacking Israel. In fact, just today, Lebanon's majority leader "Hariri said that Saeed Jalili, the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, told him that Hezbollah, an Iran-backed militant organization, would not attack Israel from Lebanon." But assuming that this is Iran's plan, we wouldn't expect Jalili to snitch on his country's plot, even if he knows about it. The article goes on to say:

"That Hezbollah has been increasing its forces' preparedness in recent weeks is no secret: The organization's leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, announced it publicly the day Israel's operation in Gaza began, and Sheikh Nabil Kauk, the Hezbollah official in charge of south Lebanon, reiterated it [yesterday].

...The prevailing view, however, is that if Hamas appears to be weakening, pressure on Hezbollah to intervene would intensify greatly."

The Reality must be that the Hezbolah offensive will start at the Appointed Time. Waiting.

This should be all for today.


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