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December 28 - 31, 2008

Building Unity Against Israel

December 28

Yesterday I caught wind of something startling that Colin Powell said on American television this past October:

"The problems will always be there and there's going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don't even know about right now."

As I continued to watch the online video (webpage above has it), Mr. Powell was adamant and solid when saying that it WILL happen. As for details or the location of the crisis, he said that he could think of four or five scenarios. I thought it was strange that that's all that was said.

After watching Powell, I read that Joe Biden indicated roughly the same thing except that he didn't give the exact date(s):

Interestingly, Obama’s running mate Joe Biden said something eerily similar to what Colin Powell said just a day later which also deserves some close attention.
"'Mark my words,' the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. 'It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.'"

I also found this next quote at the first website above:

"Several days before election day I caught up with Joe Biden and asked him what he meant when he said mark his words Obama's presidency will bring a 'generated crisis'. He told me it would happen regardless of who's president, he stated he was only repeating what the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was saying and there would in fact be an international crisis without a doubt he didn't even think twice when I asked him.'"

How can something so serious-sounding be ignored by the major media??? What in tarnation is going on here? The first thing that came to my mind is what I had written a day or two earlier in these updates: Pravda accusing the United States of creating a 9-11 scenario within the next six months in order to justify its war on terror. As I said in the update, perhaps it's Russia that's planning the attack, and meanwhile trying to blame the U.S. The Pravda story here.

The use of "John Kennedy" by Biden could suggest that the crisis will be created by a Russian attack on the U.S. (because "Kennedy" in this context would represent Russia's actions in the Cuban-missile crisis of the early 1960s). Assuming that this is the truth behind the mystery, I can understand why the Russian leadership would commission Pravda to issue a report to the effect that a coming crisis in the U.S. will be created by the United States itself. This explanation makes much sense because we could then expect American leaders in the Obama administration to make public their knowledge of the plot.

In other words, what Powell said was not said to Americans so much as to Russia's leaders. He was saying, "See? We know what you're up to, Putin, and just so you know we know, I'll even mention the dates you have set. But you had better change your mind about doing it because we know all about it, and can prove it to the world."

The problem with the explanation is that both Biden and Powell were absolutely certain that the crisis would take place. It's a problem because, if the two were speaking in an effort to have Russia cancel its plot, they wouldn't be adamant about the plot taking place with certainty. Therefore, Pravda comes out looking like the truth-teller, for the only way to be sure that a crisis will occur in America is for America itself to create it.

Look. If Powell and Biden know a little something about a disaster planned by Russia or the Arabs, ditto for many other American agents, wherefore the many agents would be working hard day and night behind the scenes in an effort to make the culprits fail or which case it would be a foolish miscalculation for a high-level American to publicly declare, months before the event happens, that it will take place with certainty.

The reality may be that Obama needs an excuse to become a war president even "worse" than Bush. Why would he need an excuse? For example, due to American agents knowing that Russia and/or the Arabs are about to do something major somewhere, and most likely it'll be in the Middle East and/or Caucasia. In such a hoax, the "crisis" doesn't have to occur in the United States, for it could occur elsewhere but targeting Americans there, or friends of America.

There is yet another explanation, that someone fabricated the Powell video. One of the websites shared above had this:

"On the 19th of October, 2008, retired (former) Secretary of State Colin Powell said something unusual.

For anyone interested, the interview on Meet The Press has been posted on YouTube at

Interestingly, the original video link I posted a few months back was edited, and that very sentence that Powell spoke of involving a 'crisis to come along on the 21st, 22nd of January was deleted. The rest of the interview carried on just fine. Just that sentence was gone. One must wonder what compels YouTube to delete select sentences by US government officials."

Perhaps the statement was never spoken by Powell, and someone skilled in video pasting added a fabrication into the original, and then claimed (falsely) that someone removed it from the original. One would think that if Powell had spoken those words, the media would have been all over the story the very night that he spoke them. Still, I was thinking to go out and buy a few hundred dollars of canned and dried foods, just in case.

Deception is everywhere in this war. Take for example today's Jerusalem Post:

"After several of the decisions from Wednesday's cabinet meeting were leaked to the press, (Israeli defence minister) Barak decided on a strategy of deception - to deceive Hamas into believing that Israel was not planning to strike back.

Barak took two actions to achieve this - the decision to open the Gaza crossings on Friday (which was announced on Thursday) and leaking to the press that there would be another cabinet meeting on Sunday to decide whether to attack. This created the perception that Israel was holding off on an operation when in reality it was fueling and arming its aircraft."

Look at what else we find developing that could not possibly be making the Iran-Syria axis very happy, and perhaps also Russia"

"Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah said Saturday that they were prepared to assume control over the Gaza Strip if Israel succeeds in overthrowing the Hamas government.

'Yes, we are fully prepared to return to the Gaza Strip,' a top PA official told The Jerusalem Post. 'We believe the people there are fed up with Hamas and want to see a new government.'

Another PA official said Fatah had instructed all its members in the Gaza Strip to be prepared for the possibility of returning to power."

How do you say, oye? How can the anti-Israelis allow for this, since in their eyes it spells peace with Israel from both Palestinian fronts? It's no wonder that Syria's Assad was so concerned yesterday. I sensed it in the article, that Assad was very grave over what was happening, as though one of his legs was being amputated. It's all even harder to take because the Israelis are walking tall right now, and proud. At the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), there are a slew of articles pointing out the shock among various Syrian groups, including the Syrian Baathists.

I was just about to say that yesterday's condemnation of Israel's strike by PA president Abbas was a fake...because in reality he wanted Israel to wipe Hamas away. I decided not to print it (for lack of evidence)...until, a few minutes later, I found this:

"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his office today slammed as 'barbaric' and 'unnecessary' Israel's air strikes in Gaza, but according to top diplomatic sources in Jerusalem, Abbas for months now has been petitioning Israel to launch a massive military raid against his Hamas rivals in Gaza."

I don't know what the prophetic significance of this point could be, which is another reason I wasn't keen on squeezing it in here. If the anti-Israeli axis comes to believe this about Abbas, he will become their enemy too, but there is no telling what the PA situation will be by 2013, when Gog and the said axis come through the West Bank (if my calendar is correct).

As Egypt must be invaded near the beginning of the Week, the following point should add to the burning sensation that the anti-Israeli axis feels toward Egypt:

"Egypt misled Hamas, reporting reliable information that Israeli would not strike on Saturday, its Sabbath Day.

Some Hamas commanders and operatives felt safe enough to come out of their hideouts in the tunnels and bunkers under Gaza – estimated at 80 km long - and hold a graduation ceremony on the parade ground at their command headquarters in Gaza City. The Israeli air strike there accounted for the largest number of casualties."

Yes, the Egyptian president condemned the Israeli strike too, but was it a sincere condemnation?

My understanding is that Hamas was holding a ceremony to honor new recruits, and then they were killed suddenly along with many commanders. The Post has another article claiming that "Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip...accused the Palestinian Authority and Egypt of 'collusion' with Israel."

That's a heavy charge in the Arab world. There is no way, 30 years ago, or even one year ago, anyone could have known that Israel and Egypt were together going to become the enemies of the anti-Israeli movement...except by Biblical prophecy. I get a good percentage of readers who do not stay very long because they see the underlying belief in Biblical prophecy, but, hopefully, some of the more-understanding skeptics will read on and see that God is in all this.

Regrettably, I do not think I have one regular reader from Israel. Someone in Israel needs to warn the people, especially the believers. I wrote to the Assyrian International News Agency yesterday, warning them that Mosul could become a Christian massacre at any time (AINA supports re-settling of Christians in Mosul). Perhaps I should contact Israel Today, a Messianic news media. This animosity toward Egypt is helping to convince me more firmly that 2009 is the first year of the Week. Egypt is the "king of the south" in Daniel 11.

The question now is whether the Hamas war will fizzle out before the Egyptian invasion takes place, or whether the war will continue...and evolve naturally into a war on Egypt. For the latter to take place, we need to see other Arabs sending their forces to Gaza. This makes sense because it allows Gog to enter the picture while not being the root of the Egyptian offensive.

I find it hard to believe that Gog in Iraq will be the root of a war against Egypt. It's easier to believe that others will start the war, and that he will come to make victory a reality...which will instantly make him the hero of the anti-Israeli axis. That event in Egypt should roughly be the start of the Daniel 9:27 war pact, and in fact that pact is exactly what I am referring to by "anti-Israeli axis."

AINA has this to share in recent days:

"Attacks throughout Iraq have dropped by 80 percent since March...But troops will likely stay near the northern city of Mosul where U.S. and Iraqi forces continue to battle the remnants of Al Qaida forces.

...'In this climate we can't do without American forces,' Mosul Mayor Zuhair al-Aaraji told the newspaper. 'Our government is still too weak to fully support the Iraqi forces.'

The Mosul mayor has stated his belief that Christian persecution in his city is at the hands of al-Qaeda. While he is pro-American, what happens if the Mosul leadership changes suddenly, to one that supports the anti-West Sunnis? We should see polls soon on how the January 31st elections are proceeding.

December 29

Major demonstrations in the Muslim world have many calling out for a unified force against Israel. The anger should defuse, as it always does...unless Israel carries on with its stated plans of doing more damage to Hamas' interests. It is surprising that a conflict to unseat merely tiny Hamas has spread so wide and with such passion. Even Iraq is coming on board:

"After more than five years of Iraqi silence on Palestine...Iraqi President Jalal Al Talabani met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki to discuss Gaza. Also, Iraqi Vice-President Tariq Al Hashemi, suspended his travelling schedule because of the events in Gaza...

..."Iraqi resistance groups have to retaliate against the Israeli aggression on Gaza by escalating their operations against the US military in Iraq...", Omar Al Kubaisi, an activist of the Sunni Muslim Clerics Association (an anti-occupation group) told Gulf News."

The fact is, Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel today; so fair is fair in war. Muslims are nutty to complain about Israel's offensive, as if Israel should have only one choice: to take Hamas' offensive laying down. Had Hamas killed 300 Israelis in two days, the Muslims wouldn't be calling it a crime against humanity, nor a massacre, but a great cause for celebration. Hypocrites. Liars. Fools. Fiends. Murderers. They will succeed over Israel.

Even though Israel is, in worldly terms anyway, justified to fight back, there seems to be a spirit going far and wide, bonding violent Arabs together. I believe this attitude is a projection of Arab hatred for Bush; in one eye, violent Arabs see Bush, and in the other eye they see Israel. The hatred is extreme because both Bush and Israel have embarrassed and tormented certain "Muslims." The day is coming when God himself will torment them.

I haven't come across statements made by the Obama administration. It'll probably be: "You two, stop it. Stop it, you two. Let's talk. "

But Bark, all I wanted to do is kill Israeliana. What wrong have I done?

Hamash, Israeliana is a human being like the rest of us.

No she isn't. She's a devil.

Hamash, the only she-devil is Hillary. Israeliana is a nice girl by comparison, and after all she showed restraint while you kept shooting at her.

But Bark, I thought you were for the Muslims. What's this you're saying? You like Israeliana or sumthin?

My job is to look good in the world, Hamash...

Ya, I...

I've got to mediate, look professional, make more friends, be popular...

Ya, I tried...

The time is coming when I'll do whatever I want, when the world trusts me...

Ya, I wanna try...

Until then, chill out, Hamash. Here, a photograph of Hillary just for you, and some darts. Trying shooting those.

Gosh, Bark, I might like this...

She's paying you a visit soon. If anyone can turn Israeliana to stone, she can.

I should quote a piece in an Israel Today article of November 10:

Report: Obama lied about firing anti-Israel advisor

Robert Malley, a top Middle East advisor that US President-elect Barack Obama promised months ago would play no role in his administration due to ties to Hamas, has reportedly been sent out on the next administration's first diplomatic mission.

According to a report in Middle East Newsline, Obama dispatched Malley to Egypt and Syria late last week with a message that he intends to mend and bolster relations with both nations, and to give greater weight to their concerns regarding regional conflicts than did President George W. Bush.

This looks like simple math. Malley is pro-Hamas + Syria is pro-Hamas + Egypt is not pro-Hamas = Malley expected by Obama to get Egypt to become more pro-Hamas. I'm looking for signs, therefore, that Obama intends to come down on Israel, but before he himself does it, he'll have his foreign affairs people start the ball rolling.

Mrs. Cling-on, would you please come into my office?

What now, I'm busy.

I need to talk to you about a serious matter. Hamas.

I'm busy, Barrack. Call me when you have someone important to discuss.

If you fix Hamas's problem, you'll be the most important person in the world.

Bill and I tried. It's hopeless.

Maybe you-first and Bill-second can do better.

Can I be President in 012 if I succeed?

If I'm assassinated, you could get your chance.

Bill says, "What do you want me to tell Hamas?"

It's your job to unite the Palestinians, make them kiss up.

How do we do that?

Talk cold to Israel. The Palestinians will see it, and know that I, the most amazing man in the world right now, am on their side. They'll all hug and make merry, thinking that I'll stab Israel in the back.

Will you?

Hang in there, Cling-On, and you'll see.

Just got the following email:

Hi John,

Haven't emailed you for a long time so probably don't remember me. I read your book last year and I thank you very much...I am currently in Iraq serving the military as a contractor. Three more months and I'm debt free and can start saving up for my trib retreat.

Just recently found your updates...Was intrigued with the name of Ramzan Kadyrov so I played around with it as I had learned a method of putting a numerical value for each letter and adding them up. Found it very interesting that if I use his Russian name of Ramzano Kadyrovo and use the English letters and numbering system that:

K- 66
a- 6
d- 24
o- 90
o- 90

adds up to 666 for whatever that is worth. Also on October 5, 2009 he will be 33 years old when he starts his "ministry".

To use the system start with giving the letter a the value of 6 and then adding 6 to each additional letter in the alphabet (b-12, c-18, etc). Pretty cool huh?

Just wanted to say hi and God bless you and I really appreciate your efforts.

John from Babylon

I replied like so:

Wonders never cease. I checked your numbers and they are correct. I have a couple of problems, though. I find it hard to believe that the Writer of Revelation would use the English alphabet, or the A = 6 system. I have heard of this system before, but never latched onto it, especially not for the purpose of discovering the anti-Christ. Yet I'm still shocked that 666 is the sum total.

Stay with the updates, John, and let's see what happens. I'll share what you've shown on the Dec. 29 update, for what it might be worth.

John, thankfully not from Babylon

If the Arab nations succeed in turning Egypt against Israel, then I would say the 70th Week does not begin in 2009. I am surprised that Egypt has maintained, so strongly, what appears to be an anti-Arab position. Today we read:

"In a press conference held on Monday afternoon in Ankara with his Turkish counterpart, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit responded to criticism by Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday, saying that 'They have practically declared war on Egypt via several satellite stations. The Egyptian people reject and opposes this declaration.

'They want for there to be chaos in Egypt as there is in their country,' Gheit said of Hizbullah.

'I tell this man [Nasrallah]: No, no! Our armed forces can defend our homeland from people like you. Your interest in creating chaos is not in the best interest of the area,' he added.

In other words, although there is a spirit of war against Egypt among Arab nations, Egypt remains defiant, exactly what is needed to bring on the war of Daniel 11:25-28. Note that the "chaos" is referring to a stirring up of Egyptians against the Egyptian leadership, the very situation reflected in verse 27.

Up until now, Iran wasn't showing signs of sending fighters to Gaza:

"An influential Iranian group of conservative clerics began registering volunteers Monday to fight against Israel...

...It said it decided to sign up volunteers after Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued a religious decree to world Muslims Sunday, saying anybody getting killed while defending Palestinians in Gaza against Israeli attacks would be considered a martyr."

The DEBKAfile has the same report but adds, "Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari told the Iranian news agency IRNA that it was time for Iran and Arab nations to go to war with Israel."

Finally, a word, or not, from the Obama team. "A top adviser [David Axelrod] to Barack Obama said the US president-elect is monitoring Israel's intense air offensive again Gaza rocket squads and Hamas members but declined comment on the fresh Mideast crisis, deferring to the Bush administration."

When the Obama team doesn't want to issue comments to the press, it says, as it is now saying, that Bush speaks until January 20. I've noted in the above statement that Obama is monitoring the "intense" war effort by Israel, as if to imply that Obama thinks it's gone too far already and is expected to stifle the offensive.

In case you thought that pro-Hamas Robert Malley (Obama's Mid-East advisor) was not relevant to the Gaza crisis, we find his voice in today's USA Today:

"Robert Malley, Middle East director for the International Crisis Group, says the operation...'allows Hamas to mobilize Palestinian and Arab public opinion on its behalf, prove that it is not fearful of confrontation and put itself in a position to negotiate a truce on better terms.'"

By this statement, Malley might be putting ideas, as per the hopes that he knows Obama secretly holds, into the heads of Hamas leaders and Arab supporters. Rather than speak as other western powers have -- i.e. for Hamas to simply stop shooting missiles -- he instead lays down a war strategy for Hamas, the very strategy that it is taking to right now.

The article goes on to say

"During the Bush administration, 'what has been sorely lacking is an effective mediator,' says Malley, of the International Crisis Group and an adviser to Obama during the campaign. 'The events merely reinforce … the need to think hard about our policy toward Gaza and toward Hamas.'"

In other words, Obama, rather than lean pro-Israel as Bush did, will trend more sympathetically toward order to be a fair and proper mediator.

Had I been asked a week ago whether the Gaza situation was ever going to become a major war, I would have been skeptical. Hamas is taking a pounding and yet, either out of a pride founded on blockheadedness, or because it knows it has military backing in other Arabs, it continues to give Israel every reason to start its ground invasion.

December 30

Pravda tells of a wide movement among Fatah Palestinians to arrest Hamas Palestinians (especially leaders) in various cities of the West Bank. It is clearly a move to defeat Hamas in league with the Israeli offensive. It should bring the anti-Israeli axis down upon them.

This development is critical for anti-Israelis like Syria. If West Bank Palestinains (who are content with co-existing with Israel) take over the vacuum left by a defeated Hamas, and if they maintain a lid on Hamas, Syria and other anti-Israeli leaders will not have the excuse they need to invade Israel, nor the Gaza front from which to launch the attack. In such an event, the only remaining attack front would be on Israel's north. You get it. But when Gog starts to get the upper hand over Israel from that north border, the Hamas rats are predicted to come out of their Gaza holes and contribute.

It's interesting that Palestine was named after the Philistines, and that Gaza was "downtown" ancient Philistia. Might God have left a remnant of Philistines for the end-time drama? Why does the end of Isaiah 14 (after verse 26), in the midst of an end-time prophecy against Iraq, prophesy against Philistines? Who else could they be, in the end times, but the Palestinians, especially as the prophecy implies that they will be associated with Jerusalem (= Zion) in verse 32, and that they will be starved...which is exactly what will kill Israelites of Jerusalem according to other prophecies.

In other words, both the Israeli and Palestinian Jerusalemites will suffer idea I introduced many years ago in Part Two of this book. See, it looks as though it will come to pass just as I said...not because I'm smart enough to figure out the future, but because I believed in Bibical prophecy, and wanted to understand it enough to grapple enough. This is not about me. It's about Reality. Him. If prophecy comes true, then He is there, and He is Coming. It's about opportunity, eternal life, and going where man has ever gone before. It's about decision, making the wise choice, either the Creator forever, or worse than nothing forever.

It was a little surprising to find that the Turkish president (Abdullah Gul) decided to side with the anti-Israeli axis. In fact, he's talking friendly with Iran about the matter. Assuming that Gog will be a Russian, or that Russian soldiers must eventually come down to Israel, having both Turkey and Syria as Russian allies paves an easy road to Israel. Recently, South Ossetians have increased their forces on the Georgian border, and Russian forces are also there with the excuse of keeping the Georgian military s out of Ossetia.

Not only the Turkish president, but Turkish prime minister (Erdogan) is soldily against Israel and out to raise a stink, for he "is scheduled to begin a tour in the region on Wednesday in a number of countries in the region including Syria , to discuss the Israeli aggression on Gaza. Erdogan yesterday condemned the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people in Gaza describing it a dangerous crime being committed against humanity." (SANA).

Yesterday I touched on the prophecy of Daniel 11:25-28 wherein Egyptians who "eat" with the Egyptian president will bring him association with Gog's Egyptian invasion. The implication of "eat" is that the president's own advisors or government members will be the ones. Today I found an article that may reveal who those back-stabbing Egyptians are:

"Hussein Megawir, a pro-government Egyptian member of parliament, said in a debate on Gaza on Saturday: 'There is an Iranian plan, with Hamas and some of the (Muslim) Brotherhood, to stir up trouble in Palestine and Egypt.'

The Muslim Brotherhood, [Egypt's] largest opposition group with one fifth of the seats in parliament, is in close alliance with Hamas, which began as a Brotherhood offshoot.

In its turn, the Brotherhood says Arabs and Muslims should rise up against 'the despicable silence and connivance on the part of most Arab and Islamic regimes and governments.'"

Note that the Egyptian parliamentarian believes that Iran is behind the spirit of war against Egypt.

Thank you, Steve, for passing along the following article (dated February 2006):

"[Israeli] Government officials are circulating a document showing Hamas's links to Chechen terrorists in an attempt to influence Russian public opinion against President Vladimir Putin's overtures to Hamas.

This is a double whammy, for it also reveals Chechen ties to Hamas. The rest of the article goes deeper into those ties...that included/s Osama bin Laden.

I have been waiting for a statement showing Russian concerns for Hamas, but was just reminded about the "overtures to Hamas," the Putin invitation for Hamas to visit Moscow no sooner had it won the Gaza elections. Hamas had no political record at the time, but was an underground terrorist group plain and simple. The world was shocked with Putin over that event.

Hamas has previously despised Putin...but only because Hamas was sympathetic to the Chechen rebels at the time (who were at war with Putin). After the Chechen leader, Kadyrov, humbled himself before Putin, Hamas may have warmed up to Putin too. In fact, Steve shared another piece that caught his attention: "...Moscow’s tame political analysts write texts about how [Kadyrov] is going to build bridges between the Kremlin and the Arab world." Not that Russia is new to the Arab world, but that Kadyrov could be making Putin acceptable to the violent/terrorist Arab sector.

In the past few days, Steve has searched for anti-Israeli statements from Kadyrov, but so far has not found one. I developed a theory just now, that Kadyrov has not slurred Israel because he is following Putin's lead not to slur Israel. Even Zhirinovsky has ceased to insult Jews for quite a long period.

For Kadyrov (who portrays himself as an avid Muslim) to be a friend of Hamas but not to come out to voice outrage against Israel at this critical time seems suspicious. Perhaps its best not to tread on the unknown, but to wait for some slip-up to reveal the underlying truths.

We fully expect Kadyrov to side with Hamas because he is a Muslim. But what's Obama's excuse for saying nothing at this time as to who's right and who's wrong? We as Christians easily realize and voice our positions: Israel has a right to defend itself, and even Russia has to allow Israel to do so since Russia has justified a war on Georgia in defence of its Ossetian region. So, if Obama is a Christian, as he declares, why can't he come out with the right? Why hold it back? Why not call the evil of Hamas for what it is? Is it because he has Muslim sympathies?

Obama, you have seen how Israel tries to avoid killing civilians in its war on Hamas, and you have seen Hamas deliberately target civilians for death. Yet you don't have the good bone in your body to rebuke Hamas immediately when asked for your opinion on this war??? You are like a worm squirming into a hole that is too small for your fatness, and you're going to get stuck there, looking very foolish.

An American president with secret Muslim sympathies at this time will, when asked for his position, accuse both parties equally of doing their share of wrong. It's the best one can do apart from hanging his Muslim sympathies for all to see. If Obama has a loyal faith in the King of Israel, how could he even think of siding with Hamas, to any extent, since Hamas seeks the end of Israel forever, and moreover despises the God of Israel? While Israel does have a gross sin problem that God is about to deal with harshly, a Christian must not entertain the Hamas spirit against Israel. Any Christian which does is suspect as a false Christian.

Do as Jesus would do. Do we imagine Jesus sitting down to negotiate with Hamas? Do we imagine the King of Israel giving any part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians? What has ailed George Bush that he would attempt such a wicked thing, and why is Obama on the very same track? What spirit carries the Western world that it should forsake The Plan. Israel will rule the world, forever. That's THE PLAN.

Sorry if it doesn't fit in with the agenda of some, but that's the coming reality that we may as well admire and latch on to. Personally, I don't need to urge myself to admire this Plan, for I look forward to it as one in a cesspool looks forward to a fresh breeze. But I have the gift of faith, while some do not. Faith is required first of all before anyone can throw themselves upon the Plan of God. You can either risk waiting for faith to come upon you, or you can hurry it up by begging God for it (are you big enough to beg for it?)...who doesn't give it cheaply; it requires a devotion to an acceptable degree.

I have read a report that Hamas has hidden it's "best" rockets under a hospital. How can Obama even think to hold talks with such fiends? It requires Israel to, at best, close the hospital in order to get at the missiles. It goes without saying that a hospital is vital at this time of many injuries, and that Hamas is not concerned even for the injuries of it's own people. Yet Obama can't find it within himself to utter a single word against Hamas.

In Iran's IRNA at this time, there are eleven articles on it's home page in opposition to Israel's "war crimes." There is no story on anything else but Israel's war crimes. Iran is screaming Israeli war crimes. In one article: "President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said [today] that Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza which will lead to definite annihilation of the regime."

While this type of statement is a broken record, how will it look when Iran has nuclear-weapons capablity? And what of Israel's strike on Iran's facilities? Is it on hold now? Imagine Israel making that strike during it's Gaza operation of the coming weeks. It would set to boiling over the radical Muslims.

Although the supreme Iranian religionist called out for military intervention, the best prospect (I've found to date) for Ahmadinejad's call to arms comes in the following quote:

"Ahmadinejad and [Turkish president] Gul underlined on a phone call yesterday the importance of holding an emergency meeting for the Organization of Islamic conference with the aim of lifting the siege on Gaza, and reopening the crossings.

For his part Sudanese President , Omar al-Bashir, condemned the Israeli brutal massacres..."

"Lifting the siege" struck me as a planned military effort, and Sudan's involvement speaks to the Cush of Ezekiel 38. I don't think Iran wants a halt to the war because it cares about Gazans. It only makes sense that Ahmadinejad would follow his guru's lead.

Not only Iran and Syria, but now Russia too is sending a humanitarian ship to Gaza, scheduled to arrive in the first half of January.. at the same time that the Iranian ship is to arrive. What sort of political waves will these ships bring with them? Israel is still refusing to allow the Libyan ship into Gaza, although it has allowed other nations to pass on goods.

World Net Daily has an article on the arising Salafists (= a Sunni sect) in Gaza and elsewhere. Chechnya has this brand of Islam too. The article reveals that the Salafists oppose Shi'ite-ruled Syria, and honor al-Qaeda. In fact, the al-Qaeda-affiliated group, Fatah-al-Islam (not to be confused with the Palestiaian group, Fatah), is a Salafist group now working on the Israeli border. As Isaiah 10 reveals that the Assyrian Gog will invade Syria just prior to invading Jerusalem, there must be a reason for his opposition to Syria. Perhaps the Syrian leadership will by that time become Israeli friendly, or perhaps Gog's allegiance to al-Qaeda, the Salafists, and other Sunni will turn Syria off so much that it won't entertain Gog's advance through it's land (from Iraq).

As per Gog's Egyptian invasion in which a coup is predicted by Daniel 11:26, I found this:

[Hezbolah's] Nasrallah even reportedly urged the Egyptian military to act independently of the political leadership and help 'secure what is needed of the Gaza resistance.'

...'The Egyptian armed forces are tasked with defending Egypt. If need be, they will also protect Egypt against people like you,' Gheit said in direct reference to the Hizballah leader, whom he accused of 'practically declaring war on Egypt.'"

If someone had predicted an Arab-Iranian war against Egypt two or three weeks ago, no one would have believed it. Even now, amid this verbal scuffle, the idea seems over the top. But I trust in prophecy. Egypt is now laying a heavy on Hamas by refusing to open its Egypt-Gaza border crossing UNLESS the Palestinian Authority (i.e. West Bank enemies of Hamas) is placed in charge of the crossing with UN oversight.

Zowie, that's a big hit because the pressure is now on Hamas. That is, if Hamas opposes Egypt's plan, Hamas is the one (rather than Israel) which shows no concern for the needs of Gaza's troubled people. Plus, by inviting other Palestinians to control the crossing, Egypt does not look pro-Israel but rather anti-Hamas.

December 31

Although the current war may fizzle out, wherefore the spirit of war against Egypt may subside somewhat, the event can yet be understood as a stepping stone toward prophetic fulfillment. In other words, the anger of the anti-Israeli block toward Egypt today will not be cured, but will (if indeed the Egyptian invasion is put off) remain in place for the Appointed Time. Iran's madman today is still calling on Arabs to do something about Gaza, and while he's not coming right out to suggest a military response, I think that this is how I am reading his words:

"...Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not suggest any specific action by Arab states...

'If the Arab League does not want to do anything today, when does it want to act?' the president told a rally in Zahedan in southeast Iran.

'...The Arab League should act quickly,' he said in a speech broadcast on state television.

He added that setting up a committee and making speeches was not adequate and would allow Israel to continue its actions."

The reason that Ahmadinejad is not suggesting to Arabs a military response is probably due to Iran's decision, thus far, not to go to war against Israel. This doesn't mean that Iranian leaders don't want to, but that various factors make the prospect undesirable. So, if Iran is not willing to start a war with Israel, neither can Iran ask the Arabs to start one, and yet that is what he seems to be implying under his urgings to them.

Therefore, the Gaza war may not develop into the Egyptian invasion at this time, though for the meantime a build-up of terrorist activities against Egypt can be expected. On the other hand, one of the reasons that the anti-Israeli nations do not want to start a war with Israel is Bush, for he is expected to enter such a war with military assistance to Israel. Obama could change that, leaving Israel and Egypt isolated.

Learn from the public statements made by both the Egyptian and West Bank presidents, for while they call for an end to the Israeli invasion, in reality they want Hamas crushed. In the same way, I half-expect the False Prophet to be pro-Israeli publicly (only to satisfy American Jews), but anti-Israeli secretly. I would not have been able to so much as venture a guess in that regard about Obama, had he not had an anti-Israeli, Muslim father, and a Mid-East advisor (Malley) who's father was an activist anti-Israel.

Again, for new readers, prior to about a year ago when I was expecting a Christian American president to become the False Prophet, I could not have imagined that the U.S. president in 2009 would be such a good fit for the role as is Obama.

There's little else to report this morning. I'll be out the rest of the day, tomorrow, and possibly January 2nd as well. May God keep you warm.


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