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December 25 - 27, 2008

The Price of Gaza is going Down

December 25

I can understand it if some readers are tiring of these long updates, and the mental toll when considering, nearly day by day, the many events coming to pass. I hate to enter into another theater, therefore, but it looks like I'm going to be covering Afghanistan too in the coming months. The last I mentioned the country, I had the Iranian president complaining about the 30,000 "monkeys" being sent by the United States from Iraq to Afghanistan. That is, Ahmadinejad considers the increased troop levels in his back yard as monkeys on his back. And so it is that Ahmadinejad has just met (yesterday, I think) with the Afghan vice-president:

"During the meeting, [vice-president] Khalili appreciated Iran's great assistance during his country's difficult time, saying Kabul is willing to boost all-out ties with Tehran."

This could come as a shot in the eye to Obama, especially as the suspicious Afghan president is asking the United States just what it is that the 30,000 troops are going to be used for. In other words, the president is saying to the United States: if you're coming here with more troops, it's my way or the highway. But with the vice-president affirming that he looks forward to "all-out ties" with Iran, it sends Obama the message: don't come here to fight your war with Iran. And so it is that the U.S. has had to promise the Afghan president that the new troops will be located along the Pakistani border (i.e. away from the Iranian border).

Putano! It looks like I am winning a major victory in Afghanistan.

Oh, how so Ahmadman?

I can't believe it. I used your tactics, and they are working!

Do you mean my methods of honesty, purity, and good will to all men?

No, Putano, no. The way you make friends with your enemies in order to get them to do your will. You are amazing.

I make friends, yes, because I am loyal to all. Just like I made fiends with you.

Putano, please, look at the way I just shone! I made friends with Afghania, and she's begging to caress my treasure chest. It's phenomenal.

Phenomenal? Uhm, you offer her money, she gives you the sexy eyes, and you call that a victory?

But Putano, she's being cold as ice to the Obamaniacs. Isn't that something to celebrate? She's telling them "Get behind me, Satan, as far back as the Pakistani border."

How long would it take the Obamaniacs to drive from the Pakistani border to the Iranian border?

A couple of days, maybe three.

And you call that a victory, Ahmadman? You want to shine? Then get them right out of Afghania's park.

You watch, Putano, you just watch.

See, I just got you to do my will, didn't I?

You're too much, just too much. I'm going to learn it good.

It's called "diplomacy," and it was invented by the West. Arabs are rather shoddy at it, but Iranians might do better. Practice makes perfect.

The world is trusting that, when Obama makes a mistake in his war efforts, wherein thousands of Americans die, Democrats will be as hard on him as they were on Bush. We know already that, if 4,200 soldiers died in Iraq under Obama, Democrats would be bragging, "We freed Iraq with just 4,200 dead." This point needs to be stressed, for in such hypocritical and dishonest hands do we now find the delicate world situation.

Consider yesterday's botched piece of propaganda from Syria's Grand Mufti, styled as "Dr.":

"Dr. Hassoun affirmed Syria's support of the Palestinian people's struggle in the face of the Israeli occupation that commits horrible crimes against humanity and desecrates Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine."

He stressed the importance of the unity of the Arab and Islamic nations and the need for them to support the Palestinians' struggle to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital."

"Horrible crimes against humanity"??? Israel is desecrating the Temple Mount??? Laughable, but many are buying into it. The point is, we see also in Syria a deceptive movement to take Jerusalem by force.

Is it just hot air, or has the Israeli defence minister come to the breaking point?

"'We will finish this [Hamas insolence] and bring about a solution to this situation,' Barak told the Channel 2 current affairs show 'Mishal Cham.'

Barak said he had instructed the IDF and security establishment to prepare for a response to the Gaza rocket fire, which he called 'unacceptable.'

Refusing to divulge the details of the operation, Barak said, 'I'm in favor of threatening less and doing more.'"

As soon as Israel strikes back, the Arab world will respond with heightened accusations against Israeli war crimes. The people of Gaza are the losers. They've got to take the brunt of Hamas' pitiful decisions.

It's going to be a slow day in the news today, obviously, and so I want to take the opportunity to say, to regular readers, that I appreciate your taking a long-term interest. It keeps me on my toes.

Although I have used some fabricated conversations in a light way to express my views in a basic style, this topic is extremely serious, as you must well understand. Yet, I recall that when Jesus was in a boat with a violent storm all around, he stayed asleep, and probably enjoyed the rocking motion if ever he became half-awake. For in his inner life, he knew he was safe, for he kept close to God, and knew that if danger was present, the Spirit would alert him of it. I hope that all of us have that defence mechanism in these last days.

When I moved here in September, to raw land with nothing but a grass trail to my trailer, I heard a voice in my head that said, "Watch out for wolves." I knew it was Him, and yet I had heard no wolves, seen no wolves, and no such warning was given to me at the other property that I had been working at, all alone. Then, about six weeks later, I could hear them faintly about a mile away, howling each night at about midnight or later, but then they came closer. Then they were smack beside my trailer, say about 500 feet away, maybe 1,000. But it was around midnight, and I was (safe) in bed. A few nights later they were on the other side of the trailer, again about 500 feet away. But I was asleep and therefore safe.

The next evening, or the one after that, I came home at 8 pm, and I walked to the solar panels to see how they were doing. It was dark. I was wondering whether the wolves were nearby so early in the night. As soon as I walked back to the trailer and opened the door, I heard an animal (that didn't seem like a wolf) making a dire sound I had not heard before. Then the leader of the pack started to howl, and the rest started yelping and carrying on in a chaotic way. I knew they must have been watching me as I walked to the solar panels. The wolves were in the same place exactly as the last time, just 500 feet to my south.

The next day, I was working on the house as dusk approached. Suddenly a huge wind came out of nowhere, just one gust on a completely windless day, blowing down from the trees onto my house site, and sweeping to the south. It also started to rain, and so I decided to pack it in for the day. As soon as I got to the trailer door, the wolves started up in the same way, in exactly the same spot...exactly where the gust had blown into the trees!! Plus, the rain lasted only a minute, just enough to get me to pack it in.

So here is what happened, I figure, that while I was working, the wolves in the trees started to approach me quietly to investigate, and when they got too close, the Lord sent a gust of wind in their direction, and meanwhile the rain made me pack it in for the day. Although it's my belief that wolves are harmless to humans, this pack was different, or else the Lord would not have warned me. The first time I heard them carry on 500 feet to my south, I reckoned there were a dozen of them. It scared me, because a pack that large has more confidence, and a greater chance of having some "bad blood."

The next day, I ventured down toward the trees where the wolves had been hanging out. As my septic system was not finished, it was still covered in sand...which is why I could easily make out the tracks of a wolf. Just one. The sand was exactly where the wind had blown. The tracks came as close to the house site as 30 feet. Yes, a wolf was within 30 feet of where I had been working. Whether it had been there when I was working, I don't know for sure, but apparently this is what happened. Others may have been lagging behind him.

A few days later, a friend in the area dropped in to say that my next door neighbor had counted 15 wolves just outside her house. I had said nothing to him before about the wolves. In the conversation, he said something that made me think that hunters had shot them, or at least some of them. After that day, I no longer heard the wolves.

I have heard the Lord's voice just once since. It was a bad day. My gloves were soaked, it was cold, and I had nailed a wall to the floor joists off-line so that I had to pull all the nails out. The lumber was merciless in keeping the nails in, the worst I had ever worked with in all my life, and the nails were all the way in. I started to curse that mistake while pulling nails, during which the Voice said: "Please help him." I kid you not. So I immediately thought that the nail I was in the process of pulling should come out easily. I kid you not, that nail just came out smooth, by far the easiest I had ever pulled all job long.

What's the moral of this story? He didn't make every nail easy, not even the next nails after the one coming out easily. He didn't make the project easy. My hands were regularly cold; the snow has not stopped to this day; I am plagued by troubles all over the place, and yet He made me hear His voice to say, I'm here. When you really need me, I'm here. Hardship is a thing I won't remove completely, but when you really need me, here I am, even when you're cursing like an idiot.

So here is what I figure, that when the tribulation comes, hardship will be there, and he'll let it come on to the point that I will complain out loud, but at some point he will save, as when wolves come along to eat me for dinner. I also figure that he will make his voice heard as to what I should do, and what you should do, for a shelter, food, etc. To be sure, difficulties are not necessarily from God. Did he nail the wall off-line? No. I did. I created my own difficulty.

So take this as a warning: living life without the ordinary things we take for granted, is tough, and you'll be tried to your bones. Winters are nasty, very nasty, and I would suggest now that you not take the chance, if you can help it, to spend the trib in extreme cold (reaching well below freezing). It can kill in a matter of hours. My fingers have been so cold that, had I not any propane to warm them over the stove, and no warm place to turn to, I would have suffered unbearable agony as fingers and toes froze to death, followed by the death of the rest of me. Cold is merciless. If you must spend the tribulation period in the cold, make sure you have lots of heat. Make sure.

The Jerusalem Post is working today, and reporting on Gaza. Aside from the unrestrained arrogance by which Hamas is conducting it's provocation, I would like to share how a Hamas official has just portrayed Egypt's view of Hamas. This is exactly the sort of thing needed to get the Gogi-Arab forces to invade Egypt as well as Israel, for in fact Hamas and other Arabs will interpret Egypt's animosity against Hamas as an alliance with Israel:

"The allegation by the Hamas official [against Egypt] followed a report in the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, in which [Egyptian Intelligence Chief] Suleiman was quoted as saying that the time has come to 'teach the Hamas leaders a good lesson.'

Citing 'informed' Palestinian sources, the report added that Suleiman made it clear to Gilad that Egypt was not opposed to a limited operation that would bring down the Hamas regime.

...According to the newspaper, Suleiman referred to Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal as the head of a 'gang' and said told Gilad that Cairo would like to see the movement's leaders punished.

'The Hamas leaders have become very arrogant,' the report quoted the Egyptian official as saying. 'It's time to teach these leaders a lesson so that they would wake up from their dreams.'"

Assuming that these words were put into the Egyptian's mouth (i.e. they are fabricated), they should be interpreted as a stir to war against Egypt. Especially damning are the words calling for the total collapse of Hamas. On the other hand, if the Egyptian did make the statements, they are words of war that in turn should weld a host of anti-Israeli Arabs against Egypt.

If this situation was not developing at this time, and if something like it didn't develop by the fall of 2009, I would have a hard time hanging on to the 2009-16 period (for the 70th Week).

It just occurred to me just now, after writing the above on the wolves and nail, that I should repeat here the words that I heard in my head many years ago: "He will be a Russian." At the time, I wasn't wondering if Gog would be a Russian. I was fed up seeking, through the many prophecies, the nationality of the anti-Christ. I told God that I was abandoning the task. Some time later, I heard those words above...and came to realize that Gog will be the anti-Christ.

Just as I didn't know with certainty that the words, "watch out for wolves," was the voice of God until the wolves came very close to me, so I will not know for certain that, "he will be a Russian," was the voice of God until I see for myself that the successful invader of Jerusalem will be a Russian.

There is an article in today's Post that well explains the current dynamics, in the Arab world, of the Egypt-versus-Iran war of words. As an example of the growing animosity between the two, we read: "This past May, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said that the meaning of Hamas rule in Gaza was that Egypt now has a 'border with Iran.'"

That's an insult, by the way. I recommend the article above for your general understanding of the situation if it's still foggy in your mind. It's written clear and simple, and makes only one mistake: when claiming that the war of words will not likely become a war. The article also says that the current firing of missiles into Israel is connected to the pro-Iran segment in Hamas...meaning that Iran could be behind it, seeking to stir a pan-Arabian war spirit.

Pravda (not to be respected for telling the truth) has had a conspiracy story this past week, implying that the United States leadership (Obama) might explode a nuclear bomb inside the U.S., in return for public support in the continuation of the war on terror. The thought coming to mind is that Russia might be planning a nuclear blast in the U.S., or elsewhere, with the recourse of blaming it on the American government. We know already that some liberal Americans view 9-11 as a Bush plot (in association with Osama bin Laden) for his administration's effort in gaining public support on the war on terror.

I'm treating the Pravda story as fiction until I see it, but thought I should pass it on to you, anyway. It's entitled, "USA needs nuclear explosion to turn the world into dictatorship."
It claims that the nuclear blast will come in 2009, and implies within the first six months.

I am aware of what appears to be a nuclear blast in Revelation's third Trumpet (Revelation 8:10), though I time this plague in the second half of the Week and locate it in the Middle East. I suppose it's possible for a blast, not found in Revelation, to come earlier, at an unknown location.

Pravda is heavily involved, at this time, in anti-American propaganda, this being a possible sign that war is in the planning at Moscow. The Russian people are being made to believe that the American war on terror is a ruse for the true goal of Middle-East control and world dictatorship. This accusation gives the Russian leadership the excuse to turn the tables on the Americans i.e. to itself seek control of the Middle East.

The Russian leadership has announced that 70 new nuclear warheads will be fitted in the next three years, and at Interfax this morning we read: "Second state-of-the-art radar to be commissioned in early 2009 - Russian Defense Ministry."

The DEBKAfile has a Gaza article claiming that "Cairo has broken the embargo on the Gaza Strip by inviting any government wishing to send aid to the Palestinian population to send it via Egyptian territory." I'm not sure how to interpret this, whether bowing to Arab pressure, or a sincere humaitarian gift.

I'm going to close with one more topic, the skincode. First, I define the term as the optional purcahsing method leading up to the mandatory "mark of the beast," but in no way would I take any skincode, or suggest that anyone can get away with it.

My main point here is that unless a skincode is popular by the end of 2011, I can't envision a mark of the beast by 2013. With 2011 just around the corner, we haven't yet seen any skincode system take hold of a population, in any world location. I'm therefore very open to admitting error for the 2009-16 dating, and you should be alerted now (the earlier the better) in case you have taken my dating seriously as the benchmark for your trib preparations. There was always a good chance that I would, like so many others, prove wrong. But there's still a little time left before I'll need to make an admission on that issue.

December 26

In Iraq, the Sunni move to oust Maliki is raging; by coup or by political process, the Sunni will take it anyway they can:

"'Maliki is monopolizing all the political, security and economic decisions,' said Omar Abdul Sattar, a Sunni member of Parliament...It's simply the story of the transformation from a democratic prime minister into a dictator,' he said."

So what we may have here is the quitting of some Sunni parliamentarians because they want to join a military coup effort, and the remaining Sunni parliamentarians who want to work within the government to bring Maliki (a Shi'ite) down. This movement is ripe for the arrival of Gog, and perhaps, just perhaps, the Chechens of Mosul are going to be instrumental in setting him up in Mosul. This idea is new to me.

I was in email exchange with Steve last night. He believes that president Ramzan Kadyrov of Chechnya could become Gog. To well explain how Gog could enter Mosul, Steve, in his latest email, enlightened me to the fact that Lt. Gen. Muhammad Abdul Qadir, a former governor of Mosul, is an Iraqi-Chechen (see webpage below).§ion=0&article=77149&d=1&m=2&y=2006&pix=community.jpg&category=Features

If that's not interesting enough, Steve provided some online quotes showing that Kadyrov is anti-American as well as pro-Saddam. This is a perfect fit for a scenario wherein Gog is expected to side with ex-Saddam loyalist Sunni. But what floored me is Steve's revelation that Kadyrov and Zhirinovsky could be buddies! The first clue came when he shared the following piece:

"Mike Tyson has a new friend -- Deputy Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov, the brutal strongman of Chechnya who wields an army of equally brutal lackeys. By visiting Chechnya and hanging out with Mr. Kadyrov, 'Iron Mike,' whose existence proves isolated instances of human devolution, ended up promoting violence, terrorism, torture and a Ukrainian vodka label. Mr. Tyson has another strange acquaintance -- Russia's flamboyant ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky...Mr. Zhirinovsky planned to offer the boxing champion asylum to escape the 'looming demise' of the entire U.S. West Coast. A scheduled dinner meeting between the two never took place...
(I couldn't access the above webpage)

Tyson showed up for the meeting in Moscow, though Zhiro did not (reason not known to me), but can it be a coincidence that both Kadyrov and Zhirinovsky befriended Tyson? Isn't it more likely that, after Tyson's visit to Kadyrov, Zhirinovsky sought to befriend Tyson as well because Kadyrov and Zhirinovsky were in mutual contact? After all, both Kadyrov and Zhirinovsky want to see Georgia go down. Zhirinovsky has publicly revealed as much, and Steve shared a webpage with the following snippet:

"Through the journalists [Kadyrov] also issued an appeal to the Kremlin requesting that Chechens be sent to Georgia so they could demonstrate the might of Russian arms and the fortitude of Chechen warriors.

The head of Chechnya promised to bring down innumerable misfortunes upon the Georgians’ heads. What misfortunes exactly, he did not specify. 'This crime we shall not leave without punishment – we shall devise a punishment, and it will be a very cruel punishment,' Kadyrov said.

In support of these threats, Kadyrov ordered all members of the Chechen law enforcement agencies to immediately write applications requesting that they be sent to fight in the war."

The war in Georgia is now over...or is it??? Will Kadyrov keep his promise to show off his love of Putin (and Putin's weapons) by punishing Georgia? Is Zhirinovsky egging Kadyrov on? Is Putin egging Kadyrov on? Since Russia failed at toppling Georgia due to international pressure, might Putin send Kadyrov in...with promise of a great reward for success? Kadyrov knows he would be well rewarded, even without the promise. The point is, Kadyrov is eager to fight for Putin.

Kadyrov is named after the powerful tribe of the very same name, so note "Qadir," the surname of the said former Chechen governor of Mosul.

I'm now asking Steve to notify me if he finds that Kadyrov has spoken out against Israel. This is the biggest test in attempting to identify the anti-Christ.

There are a number of articles stating that Zhirinovsky supported Kadyrov when he came out with the idea of legalizing polygamy in Chechnya. This alone may show that animosity between the two does not exist, or, if it does, politics has demanded that their differences be swept aside. I think what I'm trying to say is, Putin insists that Zhiro not speak badly of Putin's valuable Chechen pet. Then we have this enlightening online statement:

"Anna Politkovskaya of Novaya gazeta likened Kadyrov to Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Either one, she wrote, 'opens his mouth on whatever theme is ordered by [Putin's] administration, helping smooth the way for the public to accept this or that secret plan. She noted that for the last month Zhirinovsky has been proclaiming that autocracy is the only natural path for Russia; Kadyrov has now joined him."

In Gaza, Hamas continues to send rockets into Israel even though they can sense Israel's anger and readiness to invade Gaza. Clearly, Hamas wants Israel to invade. Whether Hamas leaders want all-out war, or merely some political concessions, remains to be seen. As a thrust against Israel now from Lebanon would appear to make a compelling case that Iran has ordered a war, I should share this from yesterday's Post:

"The Lebanese army [yesterday] discovered and defused eight Katyusha rockets [DEBKAfile says eight rocket "launchers"] that had been placed near the southern town of Nakoura and were about to be fired at Israel.

...A spokeswoman for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) confirmed that eight rockets with rocket launchers pointed southward and located east of Nakoura were found by the Lebanese Armed Forces."

DEBKAfile adds some information that the Post couldn't:

"The cluster was made up completely of the latest Iranian launchers...Israeli military sources are certain that Hizballah handed the rockets to Hamas terrorists at the Ain Hilwa camp in south Lebanon and guided them to the exact launching site for hitting the two Israeli towns. Their point was to demonstrate that Hamas could hit Israel with rockets not just from Gaza but also from a second front in Lebanon in the event of an Israeli military operation against Hamas."

This is a very important development if all the information is correct, for it shows war unity between Hamas and Hezbolah. The DEBKAfile claims to have obtained some further, privy information:

"Hamas appealed to Tehran and Hizballah Thursday, Dec. 25, asking for Iran's support by threatening to intervene if Israel launched an attack on the Gaza Strip, DEBKAfile's Iranian sources report. Hamas' Damascus-based politburo chief Khalad Meshaal phoned an official called Abolfazl at the Iranian embassy and asked urgently for a statement from Tehran that would daunt Israel from attacking. Using their special telephone line, Meshaal also reached Hizballah's leader Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut to demand a declaration of support for the people of Gaza, including a veiled threat to open a second front against Israel by launching a rocket attack from Lebanon."

It could be that this information from DEBKA was deliberately leaked by Iran in order to make it appear that Iran is not the shots-caller of the Gaza offensive, nor behind any Hezbolah participation that might arise. The article continues:

"In Tehran, Iran's national security council convened soon after receiving the Hamas SOS. According to our sources, the forum decided not to reject it out of hand but to inform Meshaal that Iran was awaiting developments and closely following Israel's military operation to see how it developed.

Iran then ordered Nasrallah to refrain from making public threats until Tehran decides on its response to the Hamas appeal..."

Assuming that everything reported is true, we see that Iran controls even Hezbolah's PR campaign. But war, and the build up to it, constitutes the "art of deception," making it difficult to know what's true and what's not. It's not likely a coincidence that both Lebanon and Iran are in the process of sending ships to Gaza, filled not only with humanitarian aid, but with a political message. We shall have to wait and see (scheduled 12 days from now) if Israel lets the Iranian ship in.

Since Russia is in the midst of building new nuclear missiles, and as Armageddon is the direct result of the anti-Christ's suicidal decision that brings the world down with him (see last few verses of Daniel 11), I should share two quotes from Zhirinovsky:

"Georgia is in the zone of the fourth world war when nuclear weapons will be used."

"We are adopting new missiles, we have a new strategic defense concept, we have assumed the right to be first to use nuclear weapons in any spot on the planet, and soon we will resume nuclear tests. Therefore the relations between Moscow and Tbilisi must be settled as soon as possible, so that Georgia does not end up in a bad situation."

There's simply no one in the political world who talks openly as this man does. Or is it a man talking at all?

In the past, I have not supplied many statements to show Zhirinovsky's support of Putin, and so here is another: "Zhirinovsky is more openly critical of the Kremlin, but in parliament his nationalist party votes consistently to support Kremlin initiatives — turning the votes of Russia's disgruntled voters into support for Putin's policies." This is important if we're looking for a Gog that will be supported by Putin.

December 27

I see you wet your pants, Hamash. Didn't think I'd do it, huh?

Israeliana, please, help me. Get this beam off of my leg. It smarts.

Suffer, dastardly Hamash. Soak in the pool of your urine. Here, let me kick your leg a few times

N-no, please.

Then give up now.


Hamash? See this heavy war boot?

Israel did it: "the bloodiest one-day death toll in 60 years of conflict with the Palestinians" (Reuters). But its enemies now have the excuse they might have been looking for:

"Representative of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Iran Abu Sharif said that since Palestine faces a huge crime by the Zionist regime, the movement and other groups have ordered their military wings to respond to the attacks at the earliest.

Abu Sharif made the remarks following attacks by Israeli helicopters in Gaza Strip which killed 155 and wounded 200 Palestinians.

...Commenting on the role of Arab countries, especially Egypt, in the recent invasions on Gaza Strip, he added, 'We believe that Arab countries, Egypt in particular, have given the go-ahead for such attacks.'

...Unfortunately, [Egypt's] Abul Gheith did not react to the Israeli] threats to inavde Gaza], Abu Sharif noted, contending that this indicates an endorsement of the invasions."Georgia is in the zone of the fourth world war when nuclear weapons will be used."

We now await the Arab response. If it depends on what Hamas wants, we find that Hamas leader (Maashal) in Damascas is calling for more war. Hamas leaders in Gaza say the same: "We won't raise the white flag, we won't give anything up, we won't retreat." When I read the following, I sensed that Syria's president Assad was outraged, perhaps even ready to retaliate. Note the countries that Assad called by phone, how they include Lybia and Sudan:

"President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday made a number of phone calls with Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi and Presidents Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan, Ali Abdulah Saleh of Yemen and Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria.

During the phone calls, president al-Assad called for holding an emergency Arab summit to discuss the grave situation in the Gaza Strip and ways to repel the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people.

Later, President received a phone call from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in which they discussed the crime committed by the Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip."

It is known that Israeli ground forces are poised to attack, and if they do, the Arab nations who up until now have been all mouth will need to decide if the time has come to send soldiers to Israel's border.

The UN is out to lunch and has left it's taped message on: "You two, stop it. You two, stop it..." The Russians have done the same but with a different message: "Stop it, you two. Stop it."


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