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December 22 - 24, 2008

Watch Your Back, Israel

December 22

If you didn't trust the DEBKAfile when it said (a few days ago) that Russia had started to ship its S-300 system to Iran, the Jerusalem Post came out with some apparent verification yesterday, saying: "Russia has begun supplying parts for the advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missile defense system, according to an Iranian National News Agency (IRNA) report on Sunday [yesterday], which quoted Iranian politician Ismail Kosari." This is now not only the opinion of an Israeli news source, but the claim of a spokesman for Iran.

The importance of this sale, especially at this time when Israel is threatening to strike Iran, is in Russia being forced to openly reveal its Russia-Iran alliance against Israel (Israel has been begging Russia not to sell this system to Iran, and Russia has been trying its best not to reveal it's bias toward Iran). A possibly implication from the sale is Russia's belief that Israel is not just blowing hot air when it says that "all options are on the table."

The Russian news source, Interfax, has an 11:58 line (but no story) for December 21 that reads: "Russia investigating reports about S-300 supplies to Iran - source." It sounds as though Russia is being pressed for it's own response to this issue. Will keep you informed.

The story made it to the International Herald Tribune this morning, and to the Drudge Report, but in Jerusalem Post we read that Israel's foreign ministry feels certain, from first-hand assurances made by the Russian leadership, that Russia has NOT sold or shipped S-300 equipment to Iran.

Hello, Ahmadman?! What the hell is going on down there? Tell your big mouths to shut up about the S-300s. I have an international reputation to maintain.

Putano, is that you? You sound different today. Are you angry? What for? Do you think you're hiding your involvement with me? The world knows, skunk. It knows.

No it doesn't! I even treat Israel nice.

But what about the sale of those MIGs to Le-Banana? Was the world asleep? It knows, it knows.

I can get away with that because the Bush-Whackers are selling tanks and copters to Le-Banana at the same time.

The Bush-Whacks have been in the Israeli theater a long time, but Russia has been too asbent. Suddenly, you're giving Le-Banana state of the art fighters? Come on, Mr. Putano, come one. Tell the world where you stand. Tell the world you're with me.

You nuts? You expect me to give up my globalist aspirations to go forward publicly with you, a small-time weasel? I'm giving you Gogi, and that's all. The two of you can say what you want publicly, but I'm keeping my distance.

Gogi bear, huh? Are you sure that's not a boo-boo?

Funny, funny, funny. You just better make good. He's risky, but you'd better make good with him.

Don't worry. It'll be a picnic.

While few in the world are officially accepting Russia's blanket facilitation of the declaration of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, though Chechnya is, Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, is in the throws of a swing through Chechnya en route to talks with the Russian president (Medvedev). One could interpret this meeting as a very important part of a Russian plot against Israel. The swing through Chechnya seems to have the intension of showing acceptance for Russia's Caucasian agenda when the rest of the world isn't giving praise. In other words, Abbas seems to be kissing Russia's feet, begging for something.

If Abbas successfully invites Russia to participate more deeply in the "peace process," will some prophecy writers declare that the long-awaited peace treaty between Israel and the anti-Christ is on the brink of fulfillment? It's a certainty that many writers are awaiting the involvement of the anti-Christ in the peace process. While I wouldn't discount that involvement, I won't expect him to so much as feign a desire for a peace treaty between Israel and Palestinians.

Yes, it is possible for Russia to become involved in the peace process because Russia has an open door via the Quartet initiative, and in fact this period in which there is a transition from Bush to Obama seems like the perfect time for Russia to get a foothold in that process if it so desires. But while Russia may feign a desire to see peace in Israel, Russia is not Gog. Gog is a man, and may be a Russian, but I'm expecting Gog to breathe murderous threats against Israel from start to end of his appearance, regardless of what the Russian leadership does for public consumption. I'm also expecting many prophecy writers to deny that he is the anti-Christ.

Recently mentioned here are the al-Shabab Islamists of Somalia that should be destined to partake in Gog's invasion of Egypt and Israel. USA Today has an article about extremist Somali-American Muslims going to Somalia to help the cause there. The Somali president is at this time calling out for help against al-Shabab, as it's poised to take over the country. The president has just said: "The al-Shabab kill anyone who speaks out. They are killers who behead innocent civilians at will."

Something occurred to me this morning that I have not yet mentioned. It concerns the Revelation chapters in and around the anti-Christ's beheading of the saints, for which reason it just came to mind again. In the chapter, Nationality of the Anti-Christ, I argued that the birds of Ezekiel 39, sent by God to feast on the dead soldiers of Gog, are the same birds sent by God in Revelation 19, to feast on the dead soldiers of the "beast." I argued this point to show that Gog was the anti-Christ, and that Gog would be destroyed after the tribulation, even as it's certain that the beast of Revelation 19 is killed after the tribulation (i.e. at Armageddon).

What I didn't say in that chapter, nor anywhere else, is that "Gog and Magog" are stressed only once in the Old Testament, in the same place where the birds feast of Gog's soldiers, while "Gog and Magog" are only mentioned once in the New Testament, in Revelation 20, the very chapter after the birds are seen feasting on the beast. In other words, it appears that the latter chapters of Revelation are linked to the Ezekiel prophecy on Gog...because Gog will be the Revelation beast.

One can then realize that, what is not revealed in Ezekiel as per Gog's end-time activities, is revealed in Revelation. Therefore, Gog will have the mouth of a lion (= Iraq), the feet of a bear (= Iran), and the appearance of a leopard (= Greece); see Revelation 13:2 in conjunction with Daniel 7. I interpret this symbolism as Gog's political mouthpiece in Iraq/Iraqis; his main army from Iranians; and his European/Western style/ties.

I must admit that, when checking (some months ago) to see whether the New Testament has any quotes from Ezekiel, I could not find one in the footnotes of my Bible. The question therefore needs to be asked: Are the prophecies of Ezekiel Inspired? If not, then is Revelation Inspired? How do we know for certain that the John who claimed to write Revelation was the Apostle by that name? Could the writers of Ezekiel have been a cult within Israel that later wrote the Revelation? (I am of the opinion that the four horses of Revelation are linked to the end-time Jerusalem invasion prophesied in the first several chapters of Ezekiel).

If either Ezekiel or Revelation are not Inspired, then obviously I have a huge problem, for I base my prophetic expectations largely on both books. If Ezekiel was not a true prophet, then Gog is not likely the anti-Christ of Daniel's prophecies. This could certainly explain why there is no Gog (the man) in the Middle East picture to this point. There are compelling reasons to trust Ezekiel's Gog prophecy as an Inspired one, and perhaps the greatest reason to trust Revelation is that the global skincode of chapter 13 seems to be a virtual reality at this time...when Iran, Russia, Libya, and Sudan seem like natural allies.

Gaza and Israel are on the brink of war this morning. Israel is acting with restraint but planning an attack to counter the firing of missiles from Hamas. If Gog is Daniel's anti-Christ destined to invade Egypt, we might expect Russia to become involved in the Gaza situation as a means for Russia to get a foothold in Israeli affairs. Israel is courting the UN on the Gaza issue (explaining why Israel is showing restraint), but Abbas could be courting Russia.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama is accused by World Net Daily of choosing a socialist to head the labour department:

"President-elect Barack Obama's choice to head the Labor Department has close ties to U.S. communist and socialist organizations...

The pick of Rep. Hilda L. Solis, D-Calif., a Congressional Hispanic Caucus leader considered to be one of the most reliably pro-union voices in the House, was hailed as a victory by communist and socialist leaders.

...Among other personalities, the Communist paper quoted former Rep. David Bonior, D-Mich., a top economic adviser to Obama, calling Solis a 'terrific leader who I know first-hand will work tirelessly on behalf of America's working families.'

? WND previously reported Bonior is listed as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA, an organization dedicated to transforming America into a socialist society...

Solis herself has close ties to both socialist and communist organizations in the U.S.

Also, this past June, Solis sent Elana Henry, a caseworker from Solis's East Los Angeles office, to represent her at a forum on worker's rights organized by Socialists International.

Could the Democratic Socialists of America be a branch of the Rhodes socialists, or at least working in conjunction with Rhodes socialism? How can a socialist vein in Obama's government affect relations with Moscow?

Hello, Obamanation, this is Gogi Bear.

Hey, man, how's it going?

Couldn't be better. Just calling to congratulate you on your choice of that enchilada for Labour.

Ahw, well thanks Gogi. So nice of you to say. But I gotta run, got some talking to do.

Now wai-wai-wait. I know how you love to talk, but I also wanted to ask you what you thought about Israel.

I already made it plain how I feel.

I guess I wasn't listening. Wha-jew say?

I said that I believed in a Jerusalem that belonged only to Israel, and then I stabbed Israel in the back the next day by saying I didn't mean it. Isn't that plain enough?

So it's true what the Arabs are saying about you. This is funtastic. Mr. President, you and me got to get together to cause some Obamanation in Israel. Wha-jew say about that?

First, I've got lots of talks to do, then I've got lots of back-stabbing to do. Plain enough?

Ho-ho-ho, it is Christmas, Mr. red President. It is Christmas. Bring it on! Bring it On!

December 23

A few months ago, when Russian president Medvedev came out with the idea to extend Russia's presidency from four to six years, my first thought was that he was attempting to stab Putin in the back. It is generally understood that Putin gave Medvedev the presidency (earlier this year) so that Medvedev would give it back to Putin in 2012. As time went by, and there was no conflict between Putin and Medvedev, it became clear that Putin was at the root of the extension.

In fact, the legislation has been passing all hurdles very quickly, and in today's Moscow Times we read: "All 142 senators present voted to endorse a decision by regional legislatures to support a longer presidency, the last legislative step in the approval process." In other words, it's a done deal now, and there's not one senator crying wolf...meaning that Putin rules Magog with an iron hand.

A Russian media a few weeks ago suggested that Putin was after two six-year terms starting in 2012. I wasn't going to add the story to these updates because it didn't matter, on my 2009-2016 calendar, whether Putin ruled as president for four or six years starting in 2012. But in yesterday's Herald Tribune, we find this: "The speculation is that Medvedev would resign in the coming months and cede the post to Putin, who could then serve for six years." Am I right to call him a skunk???

Suddenly, Putin could be the Russian president for the entire duration of the 70th Week. I don't know how this could change the dynamics of the Week, as opposed to his ruling Russia through Medvedev his puppet, but time should tell.

The Herald Tribune also has an update on the arrests of Iraqi officers last week. It says that the interior ministry has publicized the reason for the arrests of the two dozen officers (who were released by a judge due to a lack of evidence that they were working for Baathists). The reasons are stated like so:

"The officials were making fake badges and identification cards, the statement said, in order to gain access to the ministry building, which the statement described as a 'target.'"

The article does not elaborate on the purposes of these insidious plots, and if true that the 24 officers were not associated with Baathists, the question still remains as to whether the several others who were arrested/detained were linked to Baathists.

The Moscow Times has released a story on the S-300 missile system that may or may not have gone to Iran. We learn in the article that the Russian company supplying Iran with the announced increase in "defensive" weaponry is Rosoboronexport.

"Rosoboronexport said in a statement that 'only weapons of a defensive nature are being supplied to Iran, including anti-aircraft weaponry.'

" ...An official who answered the phone at Rosoboronexport headquarters said he could not answer whether Moscow had supplied S-300 missiles to Tehran."

The Associated Press has nearly the same story, but adds the following:

"But the Interfax news agency quoted an unnamed Russian military official as saying the S-300 missiles would be delivered soon from Russian Defense Ministry warehouses.

'The S-300 systems are now being prepared for transfer to Rosoboronexport and their further shipment to the customer,' Interfax quoted the official as saying.",0,2976117.story

The logic in supplying the system is certainly there, for Moscow has promised Iran that Russian workers will finish Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant by this coming summer. Israel would like to destroy this plant, and therefore it is this plant that Russia would like to protect with the S-300 system.

One can gather that Iranian workers at the Bushehr location had quit one after the other as they heard reports of strikes planned against it. New employees would have became hard to obtain...which could explain why Russians were sent in to finish the job. has a headline: "Gaza violence: Israel at it again." It goes on to make Israel appear like the aggressor: "Just one day after the six-month truce between Hamas and Israel ended, a Palestinian was killed in an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip. When Hamas responded with a rocket volley of its own..." This is laughable. Every other media I have read tells that Hamas refused to re-start the ceasefire, and instead fired many rockets into Israel, while Israel was more than big about it by restraining itself. The restraint made Hamas look bad, so Hamas opted for a 24-hour ceasefire.

A Syrian media (SANA) has just published this statement: "The Syrian Communist Party has called the Arab countries and the world to exert efforts for lifting the unjust siege imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities on the Palestinian people in Gaza."

I have found an article detailing Abbas' trip to Moscow. Al Jazeera verifies that the trip is to get Russia's support in the "peace process." The article makes it clear that Russia's problem with the process is Israel's settlements in the West Bank. In fact, we read that "Saeb Erekat, a Palestinian negotiator, also speaking before the talks, said that Abbas would be seeking to enlist Russia's support in opposing illegal Israeli settlement building in the West Bank."

This seems extremely important, especially as we read further that "Both [Abbas] and [Russian foreign minister] Lavrov said they were looking forward to a Middle East conference that Moscow plans to host next year." In short, it would appear that Russia, and other enemies of Israel, are going to discredit Israel based on the settlements...which just happen to be very close to Old Jerusalem, the place that Daniel's "king of the north" (i.e. the anti-Christ, for those new to this topic) is prophesied to invade.

In other words, Russia needs an excuse for making Israel look like the bad guy, and the settlement issue is that excuse. But with the Arab world weighing in on the Gaza situation, Russia has yet another excuse.

Israeliana, let my people go now.

No, not until you stop firing rockets at me.

Israeliana, open the streets and let some more food come in to us.

No, not until you stop firing rockets at me.

I am firing the rockets because you won't allow food to come through, and because you won't let Gaza come out to buy it.

And I am not allowing Gaza to buy food in order to urge her to get you to stop firing rockets at me. You started this.

I'm firing rockets at you because you'll fire them at me in return, and then I can tell the world that you're firing rockets at me. You can't win this game no matter what you do. Give up.

I will never give up. If you don't stop it, I'll come in and remove you once and for all.

Then see what happens to you, Israeliana. I am making many friends recently, not because they like me, but because they hate you and wish to use me as the excuse to destroy you.

You make me sick, Hamash. Aegyptus commands you: stop playing with fire.

You have Aegyptus, but I have Irania. And you don't even know if you have any other friends at this time, not even Yimmie Carter. Watch your back. There's a boy coming to your place who likes to talk and talk. Watch your back. I heard Gogi is coming to town. Watch your back. I heard that even your own God is paying you a special visit. Watch your back.

World Net Daily is a good source for obtaining the real scoops on Obama that the major media typically play down. Today we find an article starting off like so: "Hamas is putting all its eggs in the basket of President-elect Barack Obama, according to former president Jimmy Carter, who met with the chiefs of the terror group in Syria last week." Shouldn't this be a major story in the American press???

The article goes on to state a Hamas claim that the Obama team had talks with Hamas before the U.S. election but was told to keep the talks hushed. Could be true.

"'We were in contact with a number of Obama's aides through the Internet, and later met with some of them in Gaza, but they advised us not to come out with any statements, as they may have a negative effect on his election campaign and be used by Republican candidate John McCain (to attack Obama),' Yousuf [Hamas' chief political adviser in Gaza] told Al-Hayat."

One theory I am entertaining as per the identity of Gog is the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov. Read what the Al Jazeera article continues to say on the Abbas trip to Moscow:

"Over the weekend, Abbas visited Grozny, the capital of Russia's war-ravaged region of Chechnya, and met Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader, in a trip that the Russian newspaper Kommersant said would 'undoubtedly' please the Kremlin.

Steven, are you reading here? Steven is the one who introduced to me the idea that Kadyrov, an ardent Muslim and a dictator type, could be the end-time Biblical Gog. I'm open.

Russia could be taking a leading role in the peace process, and by some event not foreseeable at this time, Kadyrov could start to weigh in. Remember, Kadyrov loves Putin, and Putin loves Kadyrov; perhaps Abbas is playing on this relationship. I haven't been checking what Kadyrov has been saying about the Palestinian issue; perhaps I should. But having just checked, I can't find him spouting off against I expect Gog to. A few details of Abbas meeting with Kadyrov can be found here.

Just as we're expecting the skincode to start showing its ugly head, "The governor of the Bank of Spain on Sunday issued a bleak assessment of the economic crisis, warning that the world faced a 'total' financial meltdown unseen since the Great Depression." I've got to admit, this sure does sound like the conspiracy theory (that I have routinely rejected) in which a financial crash is to be orchestrated by globalists in an effort to force the skincode on all the world.

The financial meltdown predicted by the Spaniard may be an idea he picked up from someone else, for it just so happens that Ordonez is a governing council member of the European Central Bank; so says the article. In other words, the Bilderbergs could be sending their media troops out to spread the false impression that the recession is nearly as bad as the 1929 depression. Even the banking meltdown could be a winning situation for the banks, as they are granted hundreds of billions for their salvation. Once we are convinced that a meltdown is imminent, the skincode could be advanced as a miracle cure...though I don't see how.

December 24

Well, well, who would have thought? Mrs. Clinton is wanting to be on the world stage like no one in the Bush administration was, a sure sign that the Obama team is going to expend itself, like most other big-nation leaders, on seeking the globalist limelight. But look at what Clinton wants to specialize in:

"Even before taking office, Hillary Rodham Clinton is seeking to build a more powerful State Department, with a bigger budget, high-profile special envoys to trouble spots and an expanded role in dealing with global economic issues at a time of crisis.

...'There's no question that there is a reinvention of the wheel here,' said Aaron David Miller, a public policy analyst at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars...

Clinton's push for a more vigorous economic team, one of her advisers said, stems from her conviction that the State Department needs to play a part in the recovery from the global financial crisis."

If the skincode is going to be ushered in due to the world economic "crisis" that we are being led to believe already exists, and if Hillary is leading the United States on fixing the global economy, there's a good chance that she will spearhead the mark of the beast system on Obama's behalf. Wouldn't she love to persecute the Christians who do not like her? It is still possible for Bill to become the False Prophet.

In fact, when I first made the suggestion (before the year 2000), I had to envision how Bill could end up fulfilling the role while not being the American president, but I didn't envision that he could end up being as close to the possibility as he now is, with his own wife bucking to take charge of global-economy issues.

On the S-300 system, there is more news (today) to suggest that it's being sold to Iran even now:

"[U.S.] State department spokesman Robert Wood said Monday, Dec. 22: 'We have repeatedly made clear that we would strongly oppose the sale of S-300.' US officials warned the missiles installed within Iran's borders could reach American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and shift the Middle East military balance of power...

DEBKAfile's military sources point to the confusion contrived by Moscow about the state of the consignment. Nonetheless, an American source said Tuesday: 'The US believes it is taking place.'"

There is no maybe about the statement: "The US believes [the sale/consignment] is taking place." If it is taking place, Moscow is lying, and the capital is therefore in the act of getting caught passing weapons in secret to Iran. Moscow probably knew it had been caught, which explains why it came out last week announcing the invigoration its military partnership with Iran, i.e. to minimize the fall-out from its secret dealings.

The important Bulava missile test failed yesterday, and Putin is responding as though he's going mad: "Russia has thrown down a new gauntlet to Barack Obama with an announcement that it will sharply increase production of strategic nuclear missiles."

Vice-president Bite-Them, what should we do about Pepe le Putin? Should we sick Hillary the Hound on him?

Bark, I'd say you should send her to Moscow, to talk.

But Russians don't respect women, especially when they talk.

Ahh, Bark, that's where she has the advantage. She's not really a woman.

She's not?

No, Mr. President. She's the devil, a witch with a capital B, which is why she has the job she now has, because if you didn't give it, her groupies would make you miserable the entire term of your presidency.

You said it, Joe. So what are you saying, that we should send her to put a hex on Putin?

No, sir. Her job will be to build his ego, get him to believe that you like him, so that he'll stop playing the cold-war game. He's about to unleash Gogi Bear, which is all the more reason for you to put on your mild manners. The Russians have gone mad. They're really suicidal.

They can't stand to be number two to the United States, Joe, I hear you.

It's "take all or die trying" at this point. It calls for some sharp maneuvering on your part. Europa is counting on you. When she saw your tight stomach in the paper, she fell in love with you even more. Don't let her down.

Joe. She's a hooker.

Yeah, but she's one hot babe lately, dressed to the hilt, glittering, the talk of the world.

Joe? Do you think I could get her to ride Gogi's back?

For a price, she'll do anything.

If 60 missiles fired from the Gaza strip into Israel rises to the level of war, then the war with Gaza has begun today. These renewed attacks come immediately after Israel succumbed to outside pressure, deciding to allow food and other aid into Gaza (but the missiles went off before the food arrived, wherefore Israel is reversing its humanitarian decision).

Netanyahu is screaming, wanting to end Israel's defensive policy, and instead go in to crush Hamas once and for all. He says (today) that Hamas is an Iranian-based entity, but this can be only partly true. The big question is when Iran will order the start of a war on Israel; has that time come now, or not? I am looking for clues to answer this question, though it may be wrong to think that, unless Hezbolah attacks simultaneous with Iran's factions in Gaza, Iran has not yet given the order. It could be that Gaza's Shi'ites have been ordered to raise a stink as part of the plan to invade in larger measure later. But Iran does not have total influence in Gaza, anyway.

Just so you know the wider background to this situation, let me share a piece from the Jerusalem Post this morning:

"Similar protests [like the one at the Syrian embassy] against Egypt have taken place in Lebanon, Jordan and Iran.

There is already tension between Damascus and Cairo over Egypt's involvement in the internal Palestinian crisis.

Egypt has been playing role of mediator in order to bring about reconciliation between Fatah (= West Bank Palestinians] and Hamas.

But Syria alleges that Egypt is not taking a balanced approach and is siding with Fatah.

Syria, it should be noted, hosts several key Hamas leaders in exile and Arab critics accuse Syria of siding with Hamas in the conflict."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there can only be one reason for the opposition of the Iran-Hezbolah-Hamas axis to the West-Bank leadership and to Egypt: the latter two are in favor of Israel's right to exist, under certain conditions.

How shall we then view the Abbas trip to Moscow, wherein the Fatah leader (Abbas) asked Russia for help against Hamas, as well as facilitation for an acceptable peace deal with Israel? Does it mean that Gog, or Daniel-11's "king of the north," will side against the Iran axis? Not if Ezekiel was a true prophet. I would rather think that Russia will betray Abbas, and side with the Iran axis. Perhaps Abbas caught wind of Russia's being on side with Iran-Hamas plots, and so scurried on up to Moscow begging reconsideration from its leadership.

It may be that we will shortly see signs of all Ezekiel-38 Gogi allies favoring the Iran-Hamas initiative (to destroy Israel completely) while opposing the Fatah quest to secure a Palestinian state through a peace deal. This would amount to some excellent evidence for the Inspiration of Ezekiel 38-39.

But before the prophetic emphasis in the Egypto-Gaza theater can be fulfilled, the king of the north must arise in Sunni-dominated Mosul. I mention this again because Reuters has a story today (below) that is very interesting to me. Ten of forty Iraqi parliamentarians who are part of the Sunni block in Maliki's government have just quit their Accordance Front party. As per my expectation that Mosul Sunnis are poised to overthrow Maliki as part of Gog's early mission, so I've been expecting that some Sunnis in the Iraqi government should be part of the coup.

Perhaps the ten, following the recent arrests, quit for fear of being caught while still active in government. The article does not provide much detail for deep analysis, though one can skim off a few facts. The foundation of the Accordance Front was created to voice Sunni resistance to the Bush-sponsored Iraqi government, but some of the members decided at the last minute to run in the 2005 national election, and by that move they (as the Accordance Front party) won 44 seats and a role in the Maliki government. We can easily imagine that some of these Sunni had joined the government in hopes of bringing it down one day, and the ten who just quit ought to be some of those.

The article says: "'Due to the Accordance Front's failure to achieve its mission and the Islamic Party's unilateral actions, we [the ten] declare ... the Accordance Front has been dissolved.'" The Accordance Front was part of the said Iraqi Islamic Party, but it would appear that the latter is in favor of loyal service to the Iraqi government, or at least staying the democratic course to somehow gain power fair-and-square...I don't know for sure.

Connection to Saddam's Baathists is easily recognizable in my italics below:

"The [Iraqi Islamic] party's platform for the elections included demanding a timetable for the withdrawal of the Multinational force in Iraq, opposition to federalism in Iraq, opposition to de-Baathification and promotion of Islamic values.

The thing is, the Iraqi Islamist Party was outlawed by Saddam, probably because (correct me if I'm wrong) it was Islamist while Saddam and his Baathists were secularist. But then why do we read above that the Islamist Party opposed the de-Baathification movement of the Iraqi government? The logical answer seems to be in a significant number of pro-Baathists who joined the party, and the finger points to members of the Accordance Front, for the Front is pro-Baathist. I think the quitting of the ten at this time is evidence of a coup plot that will show its marks soon.

Details (if you want to go deeper) on curtailing the de-Baathification process can be found here, in which you will find that various pro-Baathist parties actually opposed the legislation to curtail de-Baathification because, while it gave Baathists some freedoms, one stipulation was that Baathists could never hold power in Iraq. In other words, those in opposition didn't want the freedoms so much as to rule Iraq, and soon.

I should also say here that the Accordance Front won an important concession recently to have a referendum (within the next six months) on whether the Iraqi people want the American forces in Iraq until 2011 (as per the SOFA deal). We may yet find that this Sunni block is responsible for ousting the bulk of American soldiers in 2009, or shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, as I wrote the above, a new article appeared in the Jerusalem Post about the Israeli air force successfully striking a rocket launcher in Gaza, this being one of few strikes amid the defense minister's show of restraint. As expected, Hamas is justifying it's missile launches in typical fashion: "'The increasing stupidity of Israel is forcing us to intensify the rocket fire, and put thousands more Zionists in the line of fire in order to protect the Palestinian people,' a spokesperson for [Hamas'] military wing said."

Hamash, what are you doing?

I'm taking a leak, Israeliana, can't you see?

Upon what are you piddling?

The flag of Gaza.

Why for, madman?

To blame it on you.

But then why should I send the money you keep asking for?

So that I can buy more rockets, of course

Then get your own money.

I am.

How so?

By leaking on this flag and blaming it on you. Every time I blame my actions on you, I get a bit of money even though you say you won't give any, so why not leak on the flag and blame it on you too?

I hate you, Hamash! Hate you! Do you hear me? Do you?!

I was thinking, Israeliana, that I might maybe go to Bush's farewell speech, and make lots of money and new Arab friends.

How so, villain?

Care to donate your shoes?

By the way, I won't be wishing you a merry Christmas, not just because Jesus was born in February/March, but because I've read that December 25th was the birthday of the dragon-cult's sun god, Attis. I don't think Jesus would want us to celebrate his birthday on that symbol's special day. By the way, the symbol of Attis, which can be verified online, was the pine tree.

Attis and his father, Cotys, likely depicted the city of Hattusa and the Hatti who founded it. Attis, with his wife Kybele, was made (by the myth writers) to give birth to Lydus, the symbol of the Lydians/Lasonii (meaning that Lydians descended from the Hatti and Cabelees). Kybele (representing the Cabelees, a fellow tribe with the Lasonii) was the Great Mother goddess of Phrygia but evolving into the Latins/Romans of Lazio province (Italy), and therefore evolving into the end-time Harlot of Revelation.

Another fellow tribe with the Lasonii, the Solymi, were the foundation of the Zeus cult (Kybele was his mother), and yet another fellow tribe were the Pisidians, which must have been depicted by Zeus' brother, Poseidon. It can then be ascertained that the Zeus-Solymi cult (this was it's true name long ago) evolved into the Getae god, Salmoxis/Zalmoxis. Since this god spent time in Hades before becoming the god of the Getae Thracians, one can peg Hades, Zeus's other brother, as a form of "Getae."

It is also possible that "Hades" is a form of "Cotys," meaning that the Getae evolved from whatever "Cotys" depicted. This is sensible because Cotys was the god/goddess of Thracian tribes, especially the Edones and Sithones...whom I root back to Adonis = proto-Poseidon of Sidon (Phoenicia). Adonis was essentially the husband of Ishtar (the Great Mother cult while yet in Babylon), for he was a branch of the Tammuz cult. So, you see, Kybele was an extension of the Adonis-Ishtar cult in Phoenicia and spilling into Israel (seen vividly in the Bible), and it evolved into the Zeus-Poseidon-Hades trio when finding its way into Greece.

Ishtar became meshed with the Guti of Assyria, this being a good argument for rooting the Getae back to the Guti. Thrace ("Thraco") must have been named after "Draco," for Ishtar was known as the Great Heavenly Mother of the Dragon (or Heavenly Mother of the Great Dragon). Tammuz was the dragon-depicted sun god.

We don't want to celebrate the birthday of Jesus tomorrow when in ancient times the date was special to the dragon cult...which cult the true God has permitted to rule (the world) until the Day of the LORD.


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