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December 17 - 20, 2008

Preparing the Ground for Gog's Entry

December 17

It wasn't too long ago when Russia promised to provide Lebanon with some military hardware, but I didn't think that the bear would deliver so soon. For a nation essentially without an air force, Russia's "gift" of 10 Mig-29 fighters will give Israel something to think about. The Lebanese defense department is "surprised," and Russia is promising more to come. Why?

I think it's clear that Putin views the Bush term as accomplishing little in America's Middle-East agenda, wherefore it's a very good time for Russia to make Middle-East inroads. The Russian leadership has shown on two occasions that it does not fear nor respect Obama. Yes, it hopes to form a partnership with Obama, if Obama keeps his promise to remove American military from Iraq. But Russia also knows that Obama is intent on remaining in the Middle East, somewhere, for which reason Russia is not likely holding its breath when it comes to forming a friendship with Obama.

Bush succeeded in sending a strong message; strong enough to keep al-Qaeda away from the United States; strong enough to keep Russia out of Middle East, and strong enough to give Syria and Iran the jitters until his final year or two. I think Russia views Obama as a military weakling, or so it hopes that he will be. Russia wants to find out what he is made of. If Gog is destined to be an agent of Putin's "club," this time wherein we find America in economic decline seems an excellent opportunity for him to enter the Iraqi theater.

A few years ago, the entry of Gog in Iraq was unthinkable because a vigorous American military had spread throughout the nation, and meanwhile the United States was healthy. But what if the God of Israel, who is the One to bring him to power, weakens the United States in multiple ways specifically to give Gog the confidence to enter the Arab world? It may even take the weakening of Obama...a thing I'm saying because it looks like he's getting into deep water as per the Illinois scandal. Russia, anyways, is probably convinced by now that Obama is a friend of political corruption.

Routinely, online Pravda maintains a war of words against the U.S., pointing out its weaknesses in dry insults. The Russian people as a whole are therefore being swayed to think along these brutish lines, which is in accordance with Gog's coming as a boastful, arrogant menace.

I agree with both Arabs and Russians that parts of America are cesspools of sin. It's ironic and hypocritical, however, that while the grossest sinners are by and large supporters of the Democratic party, both Russians and Arabs favor the party at this time.

The American economy, as well as that of Canada and Europe, have dismal forecasts according to the experts. Doesn't Gog know it?

Global warming is in the news now, and I think it's relevant to prophecy. I'm of the opinion that it's not due to the greenhouse effect from oil-product exhaust. The best evidence for "global warming" is in the reduction of Arctic ice, and while the winters seem as cold as ever to our bones, perhaps the phenomenon ought to be called "polar warming."

The point is, the Arctic surrounds the north pole, and under the north pole the planet supports an electromagnetic machine producing an output of energy. Every form of electrical energy causes heat.

My theory is that there are changes going on in the planet's interior that will ultimately fulfill the Isaiah prophecy wherein the earth is to sway and shake in its orbit, at Armageddon. At that time, the worlds mountains and islands will crumble and/or melt. In order for this to occur, something very extraordinary must take place in the planet's interior. In order for it to take place, much energy release is required. Cannot internal explosions take place? What if there is now a heat build-up directed by God so that internal explosions take place at Armageddon?

Naturally, if the poles are producing more heat than they normally do, average temperatures will increase globally. The greenhouse effect, while it will increase temperatures too, may be a drop in the bucket as compared to the polar heat source. The good news is, Christians in the tribulation will appreciate a warmer planet, especially in the north. The bad news is, global warming has increased average temperatures by just one or two degrees, which isn't much when confronted by a merciless winter. The other good news is, the tribulation hasn't yet arrived; it could be much warmer then. God bless global warming! God bring it on!! And please hurry before the globalists tax us to death to stop it.

December 18

I have just found a story in IRNA that seems huge for the preparation of Gog's rise to power:

"Deputy Head of Russian Federal Organization for Military and Technical Cooperation Alexander Foumin underlined Wednesday Russia's intention to expand joint cooperation with Iran and said such cooperation would have a positive affect on stability in the Middle East region.

...Underlining the Russian intention for expansion of joint cooperation with Iran, the official added, 'Considering international situation, Russia-Iran military and technical cooperation will be expanded.'"

What does he mean by, "considering international situation"? Why does the international situation require Russia's military to work closer with Iran?

The first thing coming to my mind when I read this article is Russia's decision that it can no longer go on with military ties to Iran in secret, for secrecy has the downside of restricting and dampening operations. In other words, it appears to me that Russia and Iran have decided to come out into the open with their military partnership so that they can do greater things and meanwhile not be caught doing things in secret...but of course Russia needs to give the Western world an excuse, at this time, for doing so. That excuse is, thus far, "considering [the] international situation."

Some clarification on that phrase can be gleaned in the statement coming just before it: "cooperation [with Iran] would have a positive affect on stability in the Middle East region." Although "the Middle East region" is not specified, the statement begs us to look to unstable places, and of course Iraq and Israel are the two that come to mind. This approach by Russia -- the promise to fix things in the Middle East-- is exactly what I envisioned for Gog's entry into Iraq!!

Another thing that came to mind when I read the article is that Russia wants the world to believe that working more deeply with Iran is not a big deal. It occurred to me that Russia has been recently making so many partnerships the world over that making another one with Iran seems benign, routine, and perhaps even a yawn. But for prophecy watchers, the underlying reality is known, that a Russia partnership with Iran is the biggest news to hit the Middle East. The world may not recognize it yet, and indeed I did not find this story in any other media that I regularly check.

The article also reads: "Foumin told Russian News Agency 'Ria-Novosti' that the security of the region depends to a large scale on this factor." Why? Why does Middle East security depend on a Russo-Iranian partnership? What do they have in mind?

The article goes on: "The Russian officials have repeatedly said the cooperation with Iran is in the framework of Russian international obligations." Obligations? Russia has an obligation to support Iran? In the nuclear controversy that is giving the West jitters? Jitters, indeed, for the article ends with the author's/publisher's note:

"The USA and the Zionist regime, who have nuclear weapons and by attacking Islamic and Arab countries are the main threat for security in the Middle East region, are opposed to Russia and Iran technical and military cooperation and pretend that Iran's policy is a threat in the region."

This is IRNA's view of what Russia means by "obligation." It means that Russia has decided to side with Iran in the new Cold War...and the world knows, no one better than Bush, that Iran wants to take over Iraq.

The crisis that is about to begin can be laid at the feet of the Democrats, and the liberals the world over, for reducing Bush to clown status when he was seeking to undermine the threat that will now growing to monstrous proportions. While I am no "Bush lover," it seems to me that his years in office squelched the rise of Gog for a time, until the Appointed time. Just read the bit below showing the Iranian agenda for world Muslims:

"'The Islamic civilization has overtaken other cultures and is not comparable with other civilization,' [Ayatollah] Shahroudi said addressing a ceremony on the occasion of Eid al-Ghadir (Ghadir Feast)."

The feast, fell on December 17 this year, marks a historical event in which the Grand Prophet of Islam (PBUH), in a place near Mecca called Ghadir declared his cousin and son-in-law, Imam Ali, (AS) as his successor. 'Islam has found its due place among world countries even in Western states, specially in the US,' said the ayatollah stressing that Islamic movements in other countries were now strong enough to encounter world arrogance.

'Islam is now prevailing not only at the regional Muslim states but also at the entire world,' Ayatollah Shahroudi stressed.

He added that world Islamic movements were inspired by thoughts of Iran's Islamic Revolution.

'We are in a situation today that requires us to draw up an appropriate and principled plan for world Muslims, Shiites in particular,' stressed the ayatollah.

You get it. Bush was fighting this very Iranian-Revolution mentality that had spread into al-Qaeda. Bush was claiming that a withdrawal from Iraq would send these Muslims the message that they have won, and can continue their world quest like never before. Gog can use this drive, which seeks uppermost to control the Middle East, to his own advantage.

The Iranian president came out today to reinforce the ayatollah's agenda, and bragged about his defeating Bush:

"President Ahmadinejad stressed that pressures exerted by world's arrogant and oppressive powers on Iran would fail due to the resistance of the brave Iranian nation.

'Iranians have defeated enemies in all fronts and would continue defeating them in the future with God's help,' said the president.

He stressed that the Iranian nation would stay united against world's bullying powers following the instructions made by Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei."

These are words of victory over Bush. We now turn the chapter in the world saga to what Iran has in mind with Gog.

Simultaneous with Russia's support of Lebanon with 10 first-class fighter jets, Russia made a bid to purchase man-less spy craft from Israel. I didn't mention the story here because I first wanted to see what would come of it, as I expected Israel to have the wisdom not to make the sale. Russia does not need Israeli spy-plane technology...except to discover how the planes work in detail so that Israeli planes are rendered ineffective should Israel be attacked from Lebanon. That's what came to my mind: there's no better way to discover how a product works than to buy it and then get technical-support help from the seller.

It wasn't until after I wrote the above that I came across a related story from DEBKAfile, entitled, "Russian S-300 anti-air weapon already delivered to Iran":

"Despite the efforts of US and Israeli leaders, Moscow has begun delivering the highly sophisticated medium-range air defense S-300 system to Iran for securing its nuclear and strategic sites against potential attack.

The RIA news agency reported Wednesday night, Dec. 18: 'Moscow has earlier met its obligations to supply Tor-M1 (short-range) systems to Iran and is currently implementing its contract to deliver S-300 systems.'

DEBKAfile's military sources disclose the S-300 deliveries began two weeks ago.

Their installation, coinciding with the return home of members of Iranian air defense officers from training in Russia, means that air or missile attacks on Iranian sites will henceforth be extremely difficult and carry a high price.

...DEBKAfile's military and intelligence sources report that after Iran, Moscow will install the S-300 in Syria, focusing on securing the Russian naval bases going up in the Mediterranean port of Tartous."

If Israel has decided to attack Iran's facilities, it may do so as soon as possible in light of this development. The only problem is, Obama and the rest of Europe won't let it happen...apart from sorely chastising Israel. The Western world is oblivious to what's about to take place, as for example Britain is saying that it will leave Iraq by the summer. Wonderful, says Ahmadinejad; can you make that sooner? Gogi, says Putin, have you got your war boots on? Don't forget that your mother will disown you for this.

As Russia is now claiming to get more-deeply involved in the Middle East for the purpose of creating stability, so we find in today's Daily Star (Lebanon): "[Russia's] Dmitriyev said Russia could also supply ground equipment for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). 'We consider the Lebanese Army a key element of political stability,' he said, 'and we are ready to provide it with arms.'" Stability through arms???

It's beginning to appear that all the expected prophetic ducks are being lined up. But, please, this could be coincidental i.e. Gog may not arise for another half century for all I KNOW. Yet, look at a story dated yesterday, entitled: "As Iraq calms, Mosul still a battle front":

"...But in the northern city of Mosul, violence still rages. US and Iraqi forces continue to battle the latest incarnation of Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), which considers the city a key asset in its self-declared Islamic state...

So when US troops withdraw to their bases next June under an agreement with the Iraqi government, there's a good chance [Al-Qaeda] will stay put in Mosul, according to American and Iraqi officials."

The article reveals why Mosul is an excellent Al-Qaeda hideout, for it's 60 percent Sunni (the same Muslim sect as Al-Qaeda). We also read that Kurds make up just 25 that the Sunnis could certainly take the city, especially now that the Kurds are embroiled in a major rift with the Iraqi government. That is, while Kurds had enjoyed the support of the government to the point of building a quasi-state of their own, the Iraqi government has turned the tables recently.

If you're interested in reading some minor details of an Obama meeting with Iraqi commanders, and the potential conflict between them, see The commanders want to stay longer in Iraq than Obama's timetable allows.

Obama has already provided a way out of keeping his promise (by stating that he must listen to the U.S. commanders in Iraq), but I still tend to think that the rise of Gog would come in 2009 more easily if the American military is diminished significantly, either in numbers or in it's legal ability to control events. My belief that Daniel 11:21-23 reveals Gog's rise diplomatically/politically (and without war) at first allows for his entry while American soldiers are yet in Iraq.

Wow, after writing the above, I found an article (dated today) that sounds like the beginnings of Gog's move to overtake Iraq:

"Dozens of officials at the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior have been arrested in a sectarian turf war between the Prime Minister and the political opposition before next year's elections."

The arrested officials are mainly Sunni and some are said to belong to the Constitution Party, which has a growing following. The officials were accused of being Baathists and of plotting a coup, charges that the party denied."

On this story, the Assyrian News Agency says that the arrested officers had "links to the outlawed al-Awda party...successor to Saddam Hussein's Baath Party."

Remember, I've been expecting Gog to join both the Sunni Baathists and Al-Qaeda (as per Daniel 11:23), and for the (ex-Saddam) Baathists in particular to plan an overthrow of the Iraq government after the provincial elections (January 31, 2009)...wherein Gog makes for success in this regard (I'm not necessarily expecting them to successfully over-turn the government, but to successfully over-run much of Iraq, as per verse 24).

It could be, as some are accusing Maliki, that the arrests (more than 70 in number) are for the sheer purpose of weakening/tarnishing the Baathists for the elections, but such a bold move on the part of Maliki is risky at best and promises a backfire of some sort. This story should make the Western media roundly. Stay tuned, because even Saddam's eyes are bugging out in his grave.

December 19

The Daily Star has more details on the above story should you wish to know more. The story is getting around, and online opinions (search "Al-Awda" and "Baathists") are growing as to whether the coup plan is true or false. The argument that Baathists wouldn't dare attempt a coup because Americans are yet in Iraq doesn't wash, for a coup could be planned for several months from now. For an article that gives the coup theory a chance, see Arrests Show Fears of Saddam Followers.

You'll have to forgive me, but I just can't see how Gog can walk into this situation and make it a success. The only thing I can say is that high-level Baathists, soon after they were ousted from power (in 2003), had likely been in contact with high-level Russians. Vladimir Zhirinovsky was one high-level Russian who actually paid Saddam a visit shortly before Bush invaded his country, and afterward Zhiro called Saddam a "friend."

But for the life of me I can't see Zhiro entering Iraq. That is, I can't imagine on what grounds he could do so, even if he still wants Russia to conquer to the Persian gulf. There seems to be no reason/time for the UN to enter Iraq at this time, and so I'm thinking to toss out one of my theories: that Gog will enter through UN influence. It's more likely that Obama's army will be the entity to cover northern Iraq should violence escalate again.

Can Gog enter by forming a relationship with Obama? What if Obama, driven by his Party to lay his hands off of Iraq, gives the hot potato (of northern Iraq) to Gog?

As Russia is being saintly of late -- seeking so kindly to remove the instability in the Middle East -- it could "talk" to the very talk-loving Obama (upper-crusters like to talk, and talk) and maybe, just maybe, Obama will be swayed into allowing a Russian game-saving delegation into northern Iraq. In fact, the UN might actually like such a solution because it stands to make Russia good friends with the United States...the sort of peace-a-pie the world is looking to consume at this time. And the world is gearing up for an Obama love fest...and they all lived happily ever after worshiping their missiles.

If you're interested in seeing the latest E.U. proposal on the Israeli-Palestinian problem, and how it's going to clash with Netanyahu, see this AP article. The J-Post reports this morning that Netanyahu and Livni (leader of Kadima party) are "neck and neck" in the polls, though this suggests that Livni's recent hard line against the peace talks has her gaining. As the prime minister, will she keep her word to have a Palestinian state outside Israel? I have an idea: why don't the Palestinians go to Iran, bring their rockets with them, and live on Ahmadinejad's street so that he and they can all live happily ever after.

The Post has a piece this morning in which sale to Iran of the S-300 system is being denied by the Russian military official (Alexander Fomin) who said that Russia is stepping up its military relationship with Iran in order to foster Mid-East stability. Earlier on this page I had quoted this: "DEBKAfile's military sources disclose the S-300 deliveries [to Iran] began two weeks ago." Who to believe? Assuming that DEBKAfile is telling the truth, Russia is providing the S-300 system secretly. This story, and Israel's strong opposition to Russia's plans in Iran, are outlined here

The International Assyrian News Agency has been complaining and airing the persecution of Assyrians in northern Iraq for many weeks, with essentially no one in the world listening. But finally, the EU is looking into it. I've been wondering how Gog's entry into Iraq might be related, since he is called the "Assyrian" in Isaiah 14:25, in which chapter he is also called "king of Babylon" (= ruler of Iraq). Adding to the mystery, the persecuted Assyrians are mainly in and around Mosul. My present take is that Gog's future Arab forces are doing the persecuting...which suggests that Gog will not be one of the Assyrians, but rather one who comes to control the hub of ancient Assyria (which was in fact Mosul, at that time called Nineveh).

After deciding not to repeat here the Revelation-20 prophecy about the anti-Christ beheading Christians (I was going to say that northern Iraq is the likeliest place where it should begin under Gog's campaign), I came across a Reuters article, dated today, entitled: "Iraqi police discover seven severed heads." The bodies were found in Baghdad, but expect severed heads in Mosul soon, and get out if you live there.

In covering the Baathist situation, the following update should be included: "Baghdad military command spokesman Major Qassem Atta told the AFP that the arrests were made upon intelligence that some officers were opening way for terrorist activities and helping outlaws and former regime members. Atta affirmed that the 24 officers arrested from the Interior and Defense ministries are not involved in a coup plot." This corroborates an article claiming that the coup plot was in the "early stages." Surely, where Iraqi officers are secretly supporting the terrorist enemies of Iraq, those who once belonged to Saddam, it can be considered a coup plot.

[I just did a spell check on the last three updates and found the typos numerous. I've always had a little problem hitting the keys square, and the fact that the spell-checker in my HTMl's program hasn't worked in years hasn't helped; it's working now since I downloaded the HTML program again last week, but I didn't discover the working spell-checker until this morning. But last year I developed "white finger," where my fingers turn ghost white in cold-damp conditions, and become numb; this problem is getting the best of me now because my trailer is below freezing temperature when I awake. I wear gloves at times when online, but that of course makes typing atrocious. I am constantly fixing the spelling, paragraph by paragraph, and at times I miss a few errors. By now I was hoping to be in an insulated section of the house I'm building, but looks like I might have to abandon the project for the winter.

Last summer, a house had been made available to me temporarily, just for this winter, for nearly a third of the going rent rate, but I have been resisting the opportunity as best I can because I want to stay here instead, to build throughout the winter. A little later, in the fall, when little was happening in prophecy fulfillment, I got the "feeling" that this rental opportunity was provided to me from Above because prophecy fulfillment was going to get "hot" over the winter (and/or perhaps because an Arab had discovered my property's location), but only this past week can I say that this feeling is starting to prove true. In other words, it may be that He wants me to concentrate only on the updates, and forget the building project.

I have sensed many times that things are going wrong all over the place at this job site because He wants me to move there for the winter. I resisted this over and over again, but now the white finger problem is promising to force me to make the move. I have decided to pay a roofer to shingle the place (the rafters are almost completely up), and after that I can feel comfortable abandoning the place until spring. I have been shoveling snow off the floors almost every day for three or four weeks, and chipping ice off the lumber. My gloves are continually wet and cold because it snows an inch or so just about every day, just enough to make the lumber wet. I have cursed out loud because of this and other problems the likes of which I have never experienced before; the neighbors might think that I'm someone to worry about. It's like a mini-trib, or lessons in trib preparation. When I awake and it's 30 degrees F in the trailer, I now say, "Ahh, it's warm this morning." Hope you appreciate these updates, but in any case I am happy to spend the time rather than do something far less important.]

I think that's all for today. Stay close to God, even if you have complaints. He's heard it all.

December 20

Good day. It's almost the longest day of the year, meaning that the sun is about to rise higher on my solar panels from this point on. The (cheap) generator already fried two of my computers, just last week, to add to my miseries. It was below 20 degrees F in the trailer when I awoke this morning, but I'm not shivering or cold. I am actually very comfortable, because I've gotten used to it. I can change clothes, subjecting skin directly to the air, with tolerable discomfort. Three gas burners on the propane stove heat the small trailer, to a balmy 40 degrees, in an hour. I need to open the fridge to heat it. You know I'm rubbing my hands over the burners often, don't you?

My breath freezes on the sleeping bags all night long because I tuck my head in under a bit (and of course I wear a head cover), and I awake to a film of ice at my face. Bed is the warmest time of all; I wouldn't have it any other way, but if I had only one sleeping bag over me, I would have shivered to death last night. It made me think to warn you: make sure you have enough bed covers (in the trib) to endure the northern cold.

I place the kettle on the mouse pad for a few minutes to help my fingers cope, and away I go online to see if Gog has stuck his ugly head out yet, somewhere. The report from Iraq this morning is that a judge released the arrested officers due to lack of evidence that they had been involved in a coup plot. His implication was that that arrests were politically motivated. The interior ministry says that it will soon publicize the reasons for making the arrests. This issue is where I expect Gog to show his face first of all.

In 2005, the Sunnis of Mosul did not vote due to their opposition to Bush's invasion (thus giving the Kurds the election victory), but in the provincial elections next month, the Sunnis are expected to vote...and win because they far outnumber the Mosul Kurds. If Kurds thereafter cause violence, which some are predicting, a remedy will be needed. If non-Baathist Sunnis can't see eye to eye with Baathist Sunnis after the win, violence on that front can also be expected.

Iraqi prime minister (Maliki) claimed today that the press went overboard when reporting a coup attempt, but he did give this statement: "The interior ministry has recently arrested a number of officers and personnel charging them with complicity in a plot to carry out sabotage action. They were freed and acquitted of charges of plotting to stage a military coup." Ah, yes, they were acquitted of staging a "military" coup, but such can be the long-term goals of those plotting sabotage.

Gogi, please come to my rescue.

Don't worry, Baath-sheepa, I saw you naked on the terrace and I intend to come warm your bones.

I am trying so hard not to be seen, but there you are in your private place peeping at me. Have you no shame, Gogi?

Shame? What is this my little black sheep is saying to me? What does it mean? I know only insidious plots and nerve-crunching war. Shame is a bad quality I do not know.

Oh Gogi, if only you could hurry. Curtis and Stan are at my footsteps, sniffing like hungry dogs.

Your footsteps, my darling, are the most bloodied I have seen in a long time, so beautiful to me. This is how I knew where you were. I followed them myself to your Mausoleum. If you would help me to be the master of your Mausoleum, I will smack the heck out of those dogs for you.

Gogi, Gogi, Gogi, you are asking too much. This grave is all I have, and do you want it for yourself?

Non, non, Baathie-bebe, we can share it together, so romantic we will be together in this place, eating Assyrians for breakfast and sicking the Al-Cooties on Curt and Stan. The world will be amazed with your resurrection.

Uh? Do you think? Won't Iraqina be jealous? Won't she want to be the talk of the world? What will become of us when Iraqina asks the Obamaniacs to make a bitter end of us?

The Obamaniacs? Oh, hah-ha-ha. Darling, have you ever known a people who tie their own hands behind their backs? Empty are their threats because of it.

Hmm. Well...I am alone here, and with so many enemies about this place, maybe you could come sit with me a bit, talk things through a little more.

Now you're talking sweet Sheepa, and in return for your confidence in me, I will see to it that Israeliana is devastated properly and with finality.

Take my weapons and do the best you can, warrior. Here are three pipe bombs, two hatchets, and five clubs. Go forward in the name of Saddam, my father, and wreck their forts.

Small potatoes grow to be big potatoes. You just watch and see. Call all your acquaintances to Mausoleum, and tell them the mighty Gogar is in town for a visit. You just go back to taking your bath, I'll take it from there. And, oh, tell your husband that he's going to the front lines.

The minister (Jawad al-Bolan) of the Interior Ministry has just condemned the arrests made by his own organization. Although he is blaming persons under his oversight, he is not naming names. Moreover, he has admitted that the arrests were politically motivated, which of course is a blight on prime minister Maliki. Something is amiss here. Will keep you informed.

Needless to say, Hamas is firing rockets into Israel as part of a refusal to re-sign the ceasefire. Some say that Hamas leaders are acting this way to get more out of the Israelis before they agree to another "calm," but perhaps this time a long war is in the Calendar (of God) that will not stop until Israel is crushed. Already the West is weighing in on Hamas to get it to halt its violence...but, sad for Israel, these sorts cannot be talked to with any rationale.

After Russia opened its arsenal to Lebanon this month, the United States, just late this week, announced the sale of tanks and helicopters to Lebanon. Russia must not be amused. It looks like it is playing a little cold-war chicken with the United States, but where the latter is not backing down at all. The request just now, from the American military in the Middle East, to shift 30,000 soldiers in Iraq to Afghanistan, is going to make Putin's blood boil over. As far as Iran is concerned, the shift of Iraq's military to Afghanistan is too close for comfort.

What are we going to do about this, Putano you skunk?

Don't worry, Ahmadman. We have the next knife throw, and we plan to hit Obama in the little toe just to show that we're a little careless these days.

But how's that going to get the Americans out of my back yard?

Better in your backyard than on my front yard, Ahmadman. They say they're putting missiles just outside my front gate because of you.

Yeah, don't you love it, Putano? You scared or something? You know I'm not going to bomb Europe, and they know it too. You know those missiles are heading for your living room if I should have the audacity to bomb Israeliana. But now how am I going to do that with 30,000 monkeys more in my back yard?

I don't know, Ahmadman. All I can say is that this is getting to be too much; I'm at the breaking point. No matter what I do, the Americans out-do me, and with the price of oil so low, you and me both are as good as sunk. We better start kissing up to them, tell them we were just horsing around.

Putano, give your head a shake. Don't give up on me now. Make a list of your craziest supporters, then choose the chief lunatic, and have him give me call.

Gogi is the only one that comes to mind, Ahmadman. He and you would get along fine. Do you want to try it? It's risky.

Nothing scares Gogi. I can lure him away from Baath-Sheepa because she's only offering three pipe bombs, two hatchets, and five clubs. I am the talk of the world now with three atom bombs, two hydrogen bombs, and five missiles that will shoot them as far as Israeliana's grape vine.

Why don't you call him; his number is (666) 666-6666. He's not afraid of even 300,000 Obamaniacs. He says that the leader of their pack, Bark Obama, will be all teeth and no bite in his first years holding the Dog House. Some are even saying that his priority in his first year will be to paint it black.

I hear you, Putano. I hear you! You're saying, "Do it with Gogi now, before Bark learns how to bite us, while he still feels the obligation to paint the U.S. black." I hear you, skunk. You're a skunk.

Yeah, Ahmad, his black agenda is called, "fixing the American economy," and he says it's going to take a long time.

Today, Obama said: "Today, more than ever before, science holds the key to our survival as a planet and our security and prosperity as a nation." Are these words appropriate for a Christian to make? Would Jesus say them? Is this man not a lamb who speaks as a dragon? The key to survival and to security is, always, service to God. When a people decide to make God happy, happiness is showered on them in return.

I recall, when writing on Stanford Research Institute several years ago -- specifically on its scientific cutting edge -- that it wanted to foster "peace" and "prosperity." This is what I wrote:

"The SRI homepage states: "We are committed to discovery and to the application of science and technology for knowledge, commerce, prosperity, and peace."

Science and technology to usher in a commercial world dressed with peace and prosperity is Globalist Utopia and Osiris in your face, a counterfeit Heavenly kingdom based now on tech-miracles in the form of such things as genetic modifications, computer-driven controls, and microchip-facilitated brain enhancements!


The words used by Obama today seem to echo Stanford's agenda. In fact, the above article on Obama says that he underscored the importance of genetic research. We all know where the Democrats (and those who pull their strings) want to take humanity with their genetic research. Playing God. In the Aquarian Mind Control chapter, I had also written:

"In the early days, the Fabian [socialist] movement [of England] desired an attack on the United States, though knowing better; Cecil Rhodes had openly promoted that desire in his will. But world conquest had to come about by different means, it was realized, slowly and patiently. Cecil was willing to form a partnership with the United States, and this, the "Anglo-American Alliance," may in the end be the final solution as per the two horns of the False Prophet."

Is it not very interesting that Cecil Rhodes was at the root of the Rhodes Scholarship program, and that Obama has some of its members and supporters on his governmental and advisory teams?

I've just read the most vitriolic list, ever, of statements made by Iran against Israel. The list is too long to quote here, but be my guest and see for yourself at These are words filled with the spirit of war, spoken to the UN, to turn the UN against Israel. It's part of Iran's crusade wherein it's using the Gaza situation to raise a stink worldwide.

The cold war continues. This week Pravda writes:

"The commander of Russia’s strategic missile troops, Colonel-General Nikolai Solovtsov, said that Russian specialists were working on a new heavy strategic missile, which would be similar to the RS-20 Voevoda missile (Satan according to NATO’s classification). Russia will decline the modernization of strategic arms only if the United States gives up its missile defense plans. It was the RS-20 missile that the USSR developed in response to the American Strategic Defense Initiative Program."

Details of the "Satan missile complex" are found at the article above. It can carry "ten nuclear warheads at a distance of up to 11,000 kilometers...[and] weighs 211 tons." That's one daddy of a bomb, and it speaks to the Obama team: don't fool around with Putin; get your missiles off Russia's front gate, or else.

The Hezbolah, as promised, held their demonstration in Beirut yesterday, in support not only of Gaza, but of the Palestinians as a whole. "Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Shiekh Na'im Qassem...called on Arab countries to shoulder responsibilities and support the Palestinian cause in the face of the Israeli oppression." From this we can glean the formation of a strong unity between Hezbolah and Hamas, though founded upon their mutual desire to destroy Israel.

Look out, for when "many" Arab forces unite in that desire, the Appointed time should arrive quickly to fulfill the war pact (or "covenant") of Daniel 9:27. A movement for Arab unification has definitely started this month, and caught some fire this past week, but whether or not it will maintain it's heat needs to be seen. Syria has also called on the UN to come intervene in Israel's crimes against Gaza.

Keep watch, therefore, anyone who is engrossed in worldly venture(s), for this may be the time to abandon progress in this present world, and to turn heads up toward the Son's Program? It's bad enough that some have been losing Heavenly rewards while engrossed in worldly schemes; they should not go all the way by shunning the signs of the times for love of those schemes. Save at least your tail.

Just found an article telling crisp and cleanly the election situation in Mosul:

"The Kurdish Alliance, an umbrella of major Kurdish factions, is seeking to put off provincial elections in the city of Mosul.

The elections scheduled for January 31 are expected to rid the Kurds of the current majority they have...

...The Arabs, who are mostly Sunnis, are determined to actively take part in the forthcoming provincial elections to win back the provincial council.

The Arabs make up 84% of the city and the result of the elections for them is a foregone conclusion.

An Arab majority in the council will put an end to the Kurdish dominance of the city and several adjacent towns. It will also mean the end for the presence of Kurdish militias in Mosul.

But it is not clear whether the Kurds will agree for the elections to go ahead and would willingly relinquish their control of the city.

I couldn't have envisioned better grounds, a year or more ago, by which Gog could arise in Mosul in league with Sunnis. I would like to know whether the bulk of Sunnis in Mosul and Ninewa province are controlled by pro-Baathists or anti-Baathists.

In any case, certain Kurds may be ready to fight with violence rather than give up power to Arabs. In a powder-keg explosion, the result is not always clear through the smoke...meaning that I can't even venture a guess on the outcome of this situation. But the dynamics are vigorous enough to allow a drastic solution...such as the entry of Gog.

Where is this Gog that you keep speaking about, I hear the readers demand? Week after week, Gog-this and Gog-that, but no Gog can be seen in Iraq.

I've prayed about it, that God would allow me to see this man before the time. But who am I that I should be Given this exception?

During the Bush invasion, Russia had a military-intelligence network in Iraq known online as GRU (Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye; search "gru" and "Iraq" for online specifics, and/or see here). This unit, along with Russian spies imbedded in American military operations, passed America's war plan to Saddam, before the war took place, and during. There is nothing insidious about this, as Russia was a known supporter of the Baathists, but one wonders if Gog, the man, was part of GRU, and whether he, for his hatred of America, will return to raise the ghost of Saddam to the horror of the Iraqi government.

The article below claims that GRU was fully responsible for clearing out Saddam's weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear equipment/materials) to Syria and Lebanon. The article claims that Bush did not want the world to know this, which I fully believe because Bush was wise at the time to keep such matters to himself rather than stir a dead-end controversy (i.e. with Russia in full denial). It was enough that Russia knew that he knew, for this put Russia on a shelf, as one fears blackmail.

If you're asking why the Russians would go to the trouble of clearing Saddam's weapons over many years and much expense, the answer can only be that the weapons technology was in large part Russian. But what became of those weapons after entering Syria and Lebanon? And why Lebanon? Certainly, if it's true that some got to Lebanon, they wouldn't have been given to the Christian government, but more likely to Hezbolah.

Another article wherein the author -- who posed as an international weapons trader -- reveals first-hand information of GRU weapons transfers, has the following to say that would not only support my case for a Russian-Gog alignment with all of the anti-Israeli players of the day, but a Russian Gog in support of Baathists:

Not able to discuss this matter in full now, let me focus on the Russian WMD-cleaning operations in Iraq and its consequences:
* Russia lost ground in Iraq, after the collapse of the Saddam Hussain regime, caused by the 2nd Gulf War, but it gained new strongholds in Syria and Iran.

* Russia is able to destabilize the situation in Iraq by secretly supporting and arming post-Saddam guerillas and terrorist groups, to oppose the American policy and the American interests in Iraq and in the Middle East Region.

* Russia can exert political and military pressure on Israel by supporting the Syrian regime, the Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Hamas in the Palestinian Autonomy.

* Russia is helping the regime in Iran to become a regional political and military power (with an ever stronger influence in Iraq, too), and eventually a nuclear power threatening Israel, a large part of Europe and the American military bases in the entire Middle East Region and in Central Asia.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the writer is a Christian bent on supporting Biblical prophecy, and yet most every point above aligns with my views of Gog based wholly on prophecy. The point I'd like to stress now is that someone else, in the know, is addressing the special relationship that Russians had with Baathists after the fall of Saddam. This is important, for as long ago as 1980, Daniel 11:23 revealed to me that Gog will arise with Iraq's fallen army (Saddam was in his second year of power in 1980).

I mention 1980, not to boast of a prophecy-interpreting ability that I may or may not have, but to say that the interpretation was not something I came to believe after the Baathists fell (in 2003). Here I am, almost 30 years later, waiting for Gog to join the Baathists. Will it, or will it not, happen???

One would think that, if Baathists in Iraq still had ties with Russia over the past five or six years, it would have leaked out by now. The compelling conclusion from the silence is that Russia has retreated from the Baathists, leaving them to their own machinations. I think not. I think that the ties were placed on sleep mode until Bush should exit the scene. I think that Russia's current thrust to expand her international reach will include Iraq, and for this purpose the Russians will again have come into close contact with the Baathists.

But so far, not an iota of evidence, and for this I am glad, for I wouldn't want anyone to think that I'm making predictions based wholly on what I see happening in real time. Yes, I make (right or wrong) predictions based on what I see in the news, but for the prediction that Gog will arise with a small band of Baathists in becoming a great power, credit goes solely to prophecy. A fulfillment now possesses the force of proving that God spoke to Daniel, that God exists, and that the Appointed Time has arrived for a new thing in this world.


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