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December 10 - 16, 2008

December 10

Lebanon is now "shopping" for Russian weapons, for Russia has rolled out the carpet to the tiny nation, inviting it to take heavier weapons than the U.S. has offered it (I think it's a big mistake for the U.S. to continue to sell weapons to Lebanon). I don't know whether or not to assume that Russia is selling to Lebanon because Russia is a secret partner with Iran in Israel's destruction, but if this is not the case, the sudden weapons pact between Russia and Lebanon seems inexplicable.

Here I have been for some years, expecting Gog to begin a military strike against Israel in 2010, after he invades Egypt via Lebanon, when suddenly, on the brink of 2009, Russia is courting Lebanon in such a way as to be helpful to the fall of Israel. It's possible for Russia to be providing weapons without any animosity or ill-will toward Israel, but one must wonder whether it's another sign of God's shake-down coming imminently against Israel.

One thing that would tend to discredit my view of Daniel 11:21-24, where I see Osama bin Laden as the "ruler of a covenant," is the complete defeat of al-Qaeda in Iraq, and yet, on the brink of 2009, we see (in a December 4th article) that the organization yet has an iron-will determination:

"A raid on a major al-Qaida hideout north of Baghdad has uncovered evidence of a network of child suicide bombers who have been coerced into launching terror attacks across Iraq.

A blueprint for the training and recruitment of children was stored on a computer memory stick found on the body of an emir of al-Qaida in northern Iraq after he was killed..."

This again shows the extent of wickedness that directs and fuels this organization. It shows that the organization's leaders are insane.

Aside from pressure applied on Obama from his Democrats, Russia, and Arab states, there are now calls from the UN for him to begin a new discourse with Iran...that will somehow cause the nation to resist a nuclear-weapons program. It is widely agreed that the latest UN attempt to curb Ahmadinejad's nuclear ambitions (i.e. by using sanctions) has been a failure. Nothing else has been tabled by the UN, wherefore it appears that certain UN agents (= dreamers) are putting their hope in Obama.

I got a chance to see Obama on television (I don't have one) this past weekend, and it seemed to me that the confident smile has vanished from his face...because reality is beginning to set in. As he deals with each of the major problems confronting him, and as he tries to keep campaign promises that he knows he cannot, the strain will build.

He is the puppet of those seeking to make him a wild success story, and as such he is acutely aware that he must stay the course of what his advisors plot for him. If he goes off course, he knows he'll be chastised, but if he thinks to rebel too soon against the script expected of him, so as to forge his own paths, he realizes that he'll likely fail because he's "green" (i.e. as in a novice) in all the issues that confront him. Poor Obama, his behind-the-curtain team set expectations too high, and now he is the face that must pay the price. It all spells "facade."

According to an online report, the last Bilderberg meeting (last June) decided to bring-on the skinchip method of purchasing. Is it a coincidence, therefore, that the banking "crisis" occurred immediately after that meeting?

I'm not sure if the government bail-out for the banking industry isn't a crock. Some prophecy writers have been saying for years that, in order for the Mark of the Beast to be enforced, a financial meltdown must first occur by the strings of world bankers. One thing we all know, that the deeper a government goes into debt, the more money (i.e. interest) the bankers make. Therefore, are there government agents whose tasks are to coerce governments to go continually deeper into debt? Are there corrupt methods employed by the bankers to see to it that governments spend continuously, and are the current government bail-outs one of those methods?

I don't believe that a global economic crash is being orchestrated by certain billionaires. I believe the current recession is due to high oil prices of the last year, and that the low prices we have now will ease the world back to normal. This is not to say that certain billionaires had nothing to do with creating high oil prices, but, if true, I don't think their aim was to cause a financial collapse in order to force the skincode upon the world.

It's interesting that the same co-founder of the Bilderberg meetings (in the Netherlands, 1954), Joseph Retinger, was also a co-founder of what became the European Union, or that the Bilderberg organization had as it's main goal to establish an Americo-European globalism. Unfortunately for this group, it is not the most powerful force on earth. God is. The same One who condemns those who love money. See and

December 11

Does the following article, out yesterday, sound too good to be true?

"International Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair told the largest Palestinian newspaper this week that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas have reached a unsigned secret peace agreement.

Blair was quoted by the Jerusalem-based daily Al Quds as saying that 'continuous meetings between Abbas and Olmert...have produced an agreement,' though he said he would abide by an decision by both leaders to keep the details of the agreement secret for the time being.

The agreement remains unsigned because Israeli law forbids Olmert to make significant policy changes or decisions while he is head of a transition government.

However, anything Olmert and Abbas agreed to will be expected by the international community to form the basis for peace negotiations going forward, regardless of who wins Israel's upcoming general election."

There may have been an agreement, but the question is, is it a big deal?

Iran has ventured to park some of its soldiers beside Sudan just before I expect Egypt to be invaded by Gog and his Iranian ally:

"In a sign that Iran intends to meet the international community head on in armed conflict rather than compromise over its nuclear program, the Islamic Republic has reportedly taken up strategic positions on a major waterway and tripled its long-range missile arsenal.

According to local sources and NGOs on the ground in Africa, Iranian troops recently took up positions in the Eritrean port city of Assab, which sits on the Horn of Africa where the Red Sea meets the Gulf of Aden."

This development is definitely something to keep an eye on. From Assab, the Iranians can take the Red Sea into Egypt, and even get close to Gaza when war breaks out between Gog and Egypt. The article's heading is "Iran Preparing for War?"

Remember, Sudanese and/or Ethiopians (Ezekiel 38's "Cush") are to join Gog in the invasion of Israel, and are thus expected to join him in the invasion of Egypt. With this in mind, read this from an article out a few days ago:

"Two years after being routed from Somalia's capital, an anti-Western Islamic movement is poised for a comeback in the besieged Horn of Africa nation.

...The militant wing, Shabab, which claims affiliation to Al Qaeda, now controls 90% of southern Somalia, including parts of the capital, Mogadishu. The moderate faction signed a peace deal with Somalia's transitional government that could hand it half the seats in parliament.",0,1139540.story

Shabab was opposed two years ago by Ethiopian fighters; the latter supported a Western-backed Somali government (the "transitional government" above). What this tells us is that the Biblical Cush may not be modern Ethiopia (some Bible versions use "Ethiopia" in place of "Cush"), but rather the Sudan. The article here explains the Somali situation at present (Ethiopians are strengthening guard positions against Shabab fighters). The article says: "The Shabab declared an Islamic state in a region of southern Somalia on Sunday..."

It seems an easy prediction that Shabab will join Islamic terrorists in the Sudan when war breaks out against Egypt. Remember too that Osama bin Laden was at one time hiding out in the Sudan.

Judging by the following statement, not too many would predict the rise of the Iraqi terrorists to the point of taking Iraq's horns of power: "U.S. General David Petraeus said this week that violence in Iraq in the past few weeks had fallen to its lowest level since mid-2003 and that security gains, while still at risk of reversal, were less fragile than before." Still at risk of reversal.

Today's Jerusalem Post says nothing of a peace deal reached secretly between Abbas and Olmer, and instead says: "Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday that the only reason Israel and the Palestinians haven't reached an peace agreement is because of Jerusalem's internal problems." It sounds as though all other issues, aside from making Jerusalem (or a portion of it) the Palestinian capital, have been hammered out successfully.

In any case, the next Israeli administration, which soon takes power as per the February election, will decide all over again whether or not the issues are in agreement. If the hard-liners win power, they will effectively put a lid on maintaining the concessions that Abbas has won from Olmert, but this attitude could ignite the invasion of Israel by Gog's Arab forces.

So who's going to win the election? An informative article in the Post includes this revealing statement: "Unless there is a significant reversal of the current trend, Netanyahu is virtually certain to form the next government."

Benjamin Netanyahu is leader of the Likud party, the party that attempted to advance the Oslo Accords. A quick read of Wikipedia tells that, while Netanyahu will give some concessions to the West Bank Palestinians,

"Most current Likud members support the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and oppose Arab statehood and the disengagement from Gaza...

The 'Peace & Security' chapter of the Likud Party platform 'flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.' The chapter continues: 'The Palestinians can run their lives freely in the framework of self-rule, but not as an independent and sovereign state.'"

In a Wikipedia article on Netanyahu himself:

"Strongly against Iran's pursuit of uranium enrichment, Netanyahu said '[i]tís 1938, and Iran is Germany, and Iran is racing to arm itself with atomic bombs'...

Netanyahu repeated these remarks at a news conference in April, 2008, stating that...'This regime [Iran] is developing nuclear weapons before it embarks on a global conflict.'"

I also learned in the article above that his political success in Israel was with the help of the American Republican, Arthur Finkelstein (a homosexual), acting as campaign chief.

How will these things combined affect (prime minister) Netanyahu's dealings with Obama as the latter attempts to succeed in a Palestinian-Israeli peace deal, while taking a different tack on Iranian relations? Or suppose that the Kadima party wins the election, the leader of which has just said to the Palestinians, "your national solution lies elsewhere." In other words, they can have their own state, but not in Israel.

Iran has just called out to the portion of the UN that is anti-Israeli

"Iranian Vice President Rahim Mashaei was quoted by his own state-run media mouthpieces on Tuesday as calling for the destruction of Israel to become an official goal of the international community."

Understand that, whereas the European Union is now embracing Israel a little tighter, the UN has shown fangs instead. How will the UN tolerate, or not, the attitude of the next Israeli prime minister? Will Obama side with the UN, or with the new Israeli leader?

After the Libyan ship to Gaza was refused a docking by Israel, we now find that "Iran's Red Crescent announced on Wednesday [yesterday] that it is sending a relief ship to the Gaza Strip..." Can anyone feel malice in the air? Israel is expected to turn the Iranian ship away, and Iran is expected to make an international issue out of it. Israel is being painted as indifferent to Gaza's misfortunes...which ought to explain why the Israeli government has just (yesterday) issued a large sum of money (100 M shekels) for Gaza even though Israelis oppose the gift for fear of its ending up in Hamas' military machinery.

I sense that things are beginning to heat up and spin out of control for tiny Israel, just when an American president happens to have a Muslim middle name.

December 12

Guess what? The Iranian president (Ahmadinejad) said that he is not going to go for Obama's "carrot on a stick" approach. Surprised? Obama's message to the world is that he will use that tactic on Iran. Mr. Obama, if you're going to use the carrot and stick, the first rule is: you don't tell the donkey about it.

For the first time in months, I happened to check the Drudge Report last night, when I saw something very surprising that it shared from the Jerusalem Post. The thing is, I had missed it when checking up on the Post earlier in the day, or else the article wasn't out yet at that time. It was very surprising because I had just finished theorizing, a little nervously (as out on a limb), that Iran had parked some troops in Eritrea (beside the Sudan) for the ultimate purpose of an Arab invasion on Egypt. The article seems to support the theory beyond my expectations at this time; it starts off like so:

"Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak spoke out against Iran during a meeting with members of the Egyptian ruling party, according to a report in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida on Thursday, cited by Israel Radio.

Mubarak accused the Islamic Republic of trying to subsume its Muslim neighbors, telling the forum that 'the Persians are trying to devour the Arab states.'

Zowzers! I couldn't believe my eyes! I had been waiting for this sort of political animosity to form between Gog's forces and Egypt, in time for an invasion of Egypt before the spring of 2010, and here is, just perhaps, the start of that animosity. As I continued reading, it said: "Recent strain between Cairo and Teheran has grown as several demonstrations in Iran called for the hanging of the Egyptian leader." This is a war spirit if ever we heard one, but it's the first I ever heard of it. There was nothing in the news that I came across previously speaking on this developing situation.

Just as the Daniel 11 prophecy suggests, that the end-time animosity between Gog and Egypt will center around Israel, so we find that these demonstrations in Egypt are calling for "death to Israel."

The article also informs us that Teheran media "broadcast incitement against Cairo's policy allegedly preventing [Libyan] aid from reaching Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.", which well explains why Iran is sending it's own ship to Gaza: to increase the spirit of war against Egypt amongst other anti-Egyptian Arabs.

I cannot find the origin of "Teh(e)ran," but as Togarmites once (long before pre-Turk times) lived on the east side of the Tigris river, and as that river's name may have been from a form of "Togarmah," perhaps Tehran was also named after Togarmites somehow.

What we are seeing now between Iran and Egypt may not lead to war...until Gog appears and reinforces the Arabs. Or, the Arabs may begin the war, after which Gog joins in. Either scenario should be the fulfillment of Daniel's king-of-the-south and king-of-the-north-prophecy. The prophecy clearly reveals that Israel's destruction (especially Jerusalem) follows the defeat of Egypt. I would strongly suggest that you do everything possible to find a place to survive the last 1260 days of this present history, when you see Gog invading Egypt. You will have some three or four years from that time, before the 1260 days begin.

And please, please, if these things begin to happen, try to convince every Believer (or potential Believer) that Gog is the anti-Christ, and that the Biblical enforcement of the Mark could be as early as three years from the Egyptian invasion. There are few prophecy writers using this time line, and I fear that, even while Egypt is invaded, these writers will get the timing wrong, suggesting to the churches that the anti-Christ and his peace treaty with Israel must first arrive before the mark of the beast can be enforced.

I just went to an Iranian news media to see what more I could find on this Egyptian story, and saw the headline, "Iran urges Russian focus on human tragedy in Gaza." There we have it! Iran wants to raise a stink against Egypt and Israel, and is inviting Russia to help raise the stink level. The article, which doesn't add a whole lot more, is at

I'm wondering if Russia isn't behind this entire development, but trying to make it appear as though Iran is spearheading it. The same Iranian media (IRNA) has article (dated yesterday) fueling animosity against Israel's attitude toward Gaza. Yet another article dated yesterday (still in IRNA) says:

"The Islamic Propaganda Organization of Iran on Thursday strongly condemned atrocities of the Zionist regime against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

"The Palestinian land is currently faced with the biggest and the most barbaric genocide of the history. Dirty hands of criminal Zionists have turned Gaza Strip into a big prison,' the IPO said in a statement. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak spoke out against Iran during a meeting with members of the Egyptian ruling party, according to a report in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida on Thursday, cited by Israel Radio."

Again, this development is beyond my expectations at this time, and it's a war spirit if ever we heard one. I didn't expect it until later in 2009. I was under the impression that Gog would start the wheels of war rolling against Egypt, and so I figured that we wouldn't see a war spirit until he first entered Iraq. I didn't consider that some of Gog's allies might start that war, or at least start issuing the words that lead to war.

In a Jordanian media, we read: "Hundreds of Jordanians protested in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Amman demanding that the leadership there open the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip."

Today's DEBKAfile has posted this headline: "Al Qaeda operatives relocated from Iraq to Lebanon. UNIFIL, northern Israel on terror alert." The article says that the al-Qaeda operatives are lying low at this time, and that they have a branch in Gaza.

On December 10th, there was this: "Arab Islamist Clerics to Palestinians: Slaughter the Jews Like You Did in 1929; Blow Yourselves Up in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv." See these and other words of war in support for Gaza, at

In an interview with Tom Brokaw earlier this week, Obama used the "bully" word in describing Russia's tactics against Georgia. This will not be a good start to U.S.-Russia relations, as expected because Obama's foreign policy advisors are, at least in part, not exactly in love with Russia.

There's more news about Gaza in the Post, and it looks like the pre-cursor to the anti-Christ's persecution of Israeli Christians:

"Unremarked upon by the Western media, a systematic campaign of persecution is taking place in the Gaza Strip, and to a lesser extent in the West Bank...The victims are Palestinian Christians, in particular the small Christian community of Gaza.

...Islamist organizations, empowered by the indifference of the authorities, have begun to target Christian institutions and individuals in Gaza with increasing impunity. Intimidation, assault and the threat of kidnapping are now part of daily reality for Christians.

The trend became noticeable with a series of attacks on the Palestinian Bible Society's 'Teacher's Bookshop' in Gaza City last year. The shop was the subject of a bomb attack in April 2007. Its owner, Rami Khader Ayyad, was abducted in broad daylight, and found dead on October 7, 2007.

Over the following year, a series of bomb attacks on Christian institutions in Gaza took place....

Who is carrying out these attacks? The perpetrators are thought to be Salafi Islamist groups like Jaish al-Islam, Jaish al-Uma and similar organizations. The larger Popular Resistance Committees terror group has also stated that the Christian presence in Gaza should be eradicated, since it exposes Gazans to a pro-Western, anti-Islamic influence.

Where are the Hamas authorities in all this?

Hamas is officially committed to tolerance toward the Christian community, and spokesmen for the authorities have criticized the attacks...

As Hamas has the political head to leave Christians alone, while the persecution is coming from Salafi elements (that now lead various portions of the Hamas organization), one might predict correctly that the Salafists will be prime allies of the anti-Christ. Or, since the Salafists in Gaza are linked to al-Qaeda, one can perhaps assume that the sudden persecution of Christians is the idea of al-Qaeda in Gaza, especially as the persecution started only last year. It may even be that Gog will not be an anti-Christ of his own bent, but that he will be bent that way by his al-Qaeda allies. I am assuming that the persecution of Christians/Catholics in the Mosul area is at the hands of al-Qaeda in Iraq. In any case, we have a development here of what we all expect: the persecution of Christians by forces slated to conquer Israel.

Jesus said that Christians should flee Judea when they see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, but the implication seems to be that they should get away sooner.

December 15

Former U.S. president Carter rebuked Israel (see article below) during his very-friendly visit to Lebanon this past week, and meanwhile called on Obama to prioritize peace between Israel and its neighbors. Can we see the U.S. tide turning here? Either Carter is not minding his own business when telling Obama what he needs to do, or he went to Lebanon with the blessings of the Obama administration as a front-runner of things yet to come: Obama rebuking Israel and being budsy-budsy with Lebanon. The article continues to say: "According to sources in Damascus, Carter has also scheduled a meeting with the exiled leadership of Palestinian resistance group Hamas."

In another article, Carter is quoted as saying: "Almost steadily since that time [1979], Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have seen their basic human rights lost." That's a slap in Israel's face if ever we heard one. But he was just warming up, for he then said: "the Israelis have not been willing to negotiate in good faith with the Palestinians...The stranglehold on the Palestinians is increasing." Then we read: "Carter called Israeli policies in the Occupied West Bank an international crime."

Ouch-Ouch-Ouch! It's always the fault of Israel so far as Carter is concerned. He even gives Hamas legitimacy by saying that "the parliamentary polls in 2006, which Hamas won, [were] 'a completely open, honest and fair contest.'" This kind of talk from a high-level American in a politico-public forum is out of the ordinary; I would very much like to know whether this is going to be the attitude of the Obama administration as a whole. Did the Obama administration know that Carter would say these things that clearly set an anti-Israeli tone?

What we should be expecting in these times is a betrayal of Israel by many Western powers, and perhaps Carter's verbal attacks will start that ball rolling. Ultimately, however, Israel's hard liners are expected to be the root cause, or shall we say the root excuse, for souring Western sentiments.

Tony Blair is now complaining to Israel about its treatment of Gaza. Israel has been minimizing the economy of Gaza in a political effort to have Gaza's Palestinians turn against their Hamas leadership, and while this amounts to sanctions, we see that Tony Blair and much of Europe are for the same sort of sanctions tactics against Iran and other terrorist regimes. Iran must be rejoicing because a letter has been delivered to Israel by Western powers asking, or even demanding, that Israel allow more money into Gaza at this time:

"The letter, obtained by AP, was signed by World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn and international Mideast envoy Tony Blair. It marked the highest-level intervention on the [Gaza] issue yet, following a growing cash crunch in Gaza."

The problem for Israel is that some Hamas leaders are threatening not to extend the ceasefire that ends in a few days (December 19th), but even if they do extend it, Israel has no confidence that the "calm" will be used for peaceful purposes. What would Tony Blair do/say in that situation if England was experiencing it?

The question is, is this Gaza situation just another temporary flare-up, or will this be the event that turns the West solidly against Israel, and Israel solidly against the West? In the past, Israeli leaders have bent far down to the will of high-level Western powers, but perhaps this time, Israel will begin to take matters into its own hands. We read that "President-elect Barack Obama said in the US media that his administration would pursue a carrot-and-stick approach with Iran, offering Teheran economic incentives to discontinue its nuclear program, but if that failed, would focus on economic sanctions as sticks."

Why then, can't Israel use economic sticks with Hamas? The fact is, Iran is a direct threat to the United States, while Hamas is not. Israelis do suspect that the United States is a "friend" of Israel for the purposes of the United States, but this should soon become coldly conspicuous even to those who believe that the friendship is sincere. As even the majority of American Jews just voted for Obama rather than for a secure Israel, how can we expect non-Jewish Americans to side with Israel if the security of the United States is jeopardized too much?

Or, with the American Democrats deeply concerned with forming a friendship with Europe in an effort to contrast themselves with Bush, will the Democrats take a hard line against Israel if Europe does so? How much more should we expect this when the American president is a Democrat with an anti-Israeli Muslim father, who moreover has/had anti-Israeli friends in high places? We know that when Obama had contact with pro-Palestinian societies, he did not know that he would be America's president...during a world-focused controversy between Israelis and Palestinians. Is this a coincidence, or is God bringing Obama on? How else do we explain that Obama is deflecting, like few others could, every hint/charge of corruption that comes against him?

Nit only Tony Blair, but the British leadership, is throwing mean words out against Israel:

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown held talks with Palestinian Authority prime minister Salam Fayyed in London Monday [today], emphasizing that illegal Israeli settlements were a barrier to peace in the Middle East.

"Illegal" Israeli settlements? Since when do Westerners consider it illegal for any nation to build houses within its own territory? Would it be illegal for England to build houses in London if certain Muslims there opposed it? By what reasonable argument should Israel cease to build in Eastern Jerusalem and its environs? The article goes on to quote Brown as he shares his aspirations:

"'...establishing a viable Palestinian state with a stable economy and flourishing private sector is a crucial part' of the peace process....'it will show the considerable opportunities for partnerships with the United Kingdom.'"

What? Brown wants a Palestinian State so that Britain can do good business with it? This is an ignorant attitude on its surface (that ignores the security threat to Israelis), but its true motivation must be that the West, seeing what world crisis could lie ahead if Israel is not subdued, is turning against her suddenly. I should add that, at one time, I theorized that the two horns of the False Prophet were the American and British leaderships combined.

In another article we read that "On Wednesday [last week], the top UN human rights envoy to Palestine said Israeli policies [in Gaza] amounted to a 'crime against humanity.'" But Hamas is saying that it will not renew the ceasefire, which means that it wants to go back to war with Israel. How can Western powers, therefore, fault Israel for attempting to protect its people?

The Israeli reasoning is very reasonable and is like so: if Gaza's Palestinians continue to support and elect Hamas, the entire Gaza Strip will be treated as at war with Israel. I am certain that, if Muslims on the Thames river started shooting rockets at London, the British government would bite down hard on the whole community of Muslims on the Thames if a majority supported the missile-throwers.

The Hamas leader exiled to Damascus, Khaled Mashaal, is stating that the ceasefire will NOT continue, and yet we read in today's headline: "Former US President Jimmy Carter met with the exiled leader of the Palestinian resistance group Hamas for the second time this year on Sunday [yesterday]."

As an indication of how Israel continues to bend to the West's will, it is releasing an additional 200 Palestinian prisoners. Until Britain releases 200 of its Muslim terrorists, it should frankly shut up concerning the situation in Israel.

December 16

As another sign of the new direction that Russia is on, the DEBKAfile reports that "Russia is sending a group of warships to Cuba. The warships will visit Havana on December 19-23, the Russian navy said." Does this give Americans the jitters? Where did this new-found confidence come from? Is it a slap in Bush's face, as if to say, "Loser, what are you going to do about it?"

Or is it a message to Obama that Russia isn't intimidated? Perhaps it's a trial balloon to see how Obama will react? It comes just days after Obama's pick (Robert Gates) for defense secretary gave "a warning that US adversaries would be 'sorely mistaken' to test the new administration in its early days."

In case you were still wondering what Obama's official position will be on Israel: "Robert Gates [on Dec. 13] promised the incoming administration would continue to back a two-state solution of the Middle East dispute." Just before we read that line, we find: "America and European leaders will no doubt do their utmost to breathe life into the two-state solution." This means that Israel really has no choice but to tolerate the West as it pesters the tiny nation into succumbing, as prime minister Olmert succumbed. But Israel's foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, in her bid to win the Israeli election (to replace Olmert), has recently announced dogged opposition to a Palestinian state within Israel...even though she is in Olmert's Kadima party. It would appear that, no matter who the next Israeli prime minister is, a clash with the West is inevitable. What do we think that God will be thinking when he sees Hillary in Israel???

I failed to mention yesterday that Jimmy Carter's visit to Lebanon will re-hash the Camp David agreement in the Arab world. It is this agreement in particular that will be the underlying motivation for Gog's invasion of Egypt, wherefore we can expect anti-Israeli Arabs to foment upon it. I got the idea as I read an article today in Lebanon's Daily Star:

"After 30 years of Egyptian-Israeli peace, I cannot help but look back and ask myself: What has the Camp David peace done for the Palestinians in Gaza or their compatriots scattered around the Middle East living as nameless nobodies? What has the Camp David Peace Agreement done for the Middle East region as a whole? Even more specifically, what has this peace done for the ordinary people of Egypt? The answer is a resounding triple nothing."

I'm wondering whether other Arab media will pick up on this diatribe and push it until it becomes the key in bringing war to Egypt's doorstep. The Gaza situation is less the motivation and more the excuse to invade Egypt. Yesterday, Hezbolah's secretary general (Hasan Nasrallah) weighed in on the Gaza situation, calling for a demonstration in Beirut.

Yesterday's Jerusalem Post discloses that "Iran's influence over Hamas has increased in recent months and Teheran is playing a key role in the terror group's decision-making process regarding whether to extend the cease-fire with Israel that will expire on Friday, defense officials said Monday." Likewise we read: "'Egyptian influence over Hamas has dropped,' a senior defense official said Monday. 'Iran's influence, on the other hand, is on the rise.'" This well explains why Iran is suddenly taking a key interest in Gaza's woes.

I'd say that Iran is seeking to co-ordinate Hezbolah (which everyone knows is controlled by Iran) with Hamas for the great tribulation of Israel.

I now want to bring back to the fore the "fire from the sky" that I'm half expecting Obama to fulfill. Recall that I also suspect Stanford Research Institute to play a major role in designing/engineering the missile fire. Therefore, after reading that Obama's pick for energy secretary, Steven Chu, is a "real rocket scientist," I read up on the man to discover that he was twice the chairman of Stanford University's physics department. Moreover, while I had connected Stanford's origins to an elite socialist cult(s) associated with Oxford (England), Wikipedia reports that "Chu married his wife Jean, an Oxford-trained physicist."

I'm not accusing anyone here; just adding these ideas for any reader-writer to expound upon in case there's any meat to it. If Obama is connected to Rhodes socialist elements, we should expect him to pick others connected to it.

Aside from the Palestinian and Hezbolah problems, Israel faces an enemy in Syria as it demands to have the Golan Heights (extreme northern Israel) back. The Jerusalem Post is now reporting for the first time that present-day Syria considers the Golan Heights to reach as far south into Israel as the north shore of the sea of Galilee. Israel will of course disagree so that this issue promises to increase the insecurity of Israelis as Syria threatens and assists both Hamas and Hezbolah.

The article goes on to say that Syria doesn't want to bargain with Israel on this matter until Obama is in that Obama's position of this matter, too, will be pressed for public display.

A thing that has been conspicuously absent during the Bush term in which he gave birth to the two-state solution, as per the Quartet mediation scheme, is Russia's input (Russia is one of the four quartet groups). My implication of course is that Russia will eventually respond, with the Gog Solution...though I also hold a theory in which Gog acts apart from Russia's official leadership.

As per the expectations that the UN will turn on Israel, a major rift is now in progress between Israel and the president of the UN's General Assembly, Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann. The president's part in this dispute comes with harsh words that are ultimately founded on Israel's treatment of the Palestinian problem. The question are: is D'Escoto acting alone, or is he being coached to speak against Israel by other UN leaders? Is this a setting of a trend that will continue after his one-year term (as president) expires? Responding to Israel's opposition to him, D'Escoto (the Nicaraguan) has said that "in any court of law this [slander] is a criminal act."

Speaking now to the Bush-loving Christian American, I've got to emphasize a couple of things. First, World Net Daily had at least one article in which it claimed that Bush said "probably not" about whether the Bible was literally the word of God. Secondly, the current push to create a Palestinian state is Bush's baby. Surely you realize that a true Christian would not attempt to create a Palestinian state at Jerusalem. Here is what secretary of state Rice has just said (yesterday) on the issue:

"Rice spoke to reporters after a meeting of the diplomatic Quartet of Mideast peacemakers, the US, the UN, the European Union and Russia, which said the Israeli-Palestinian negotiating process launched by Bush at Annapolis, Maryland 'is irreversible' and should be intensified to 'establish as soon as possible the state of Palestine.'

Why would Obama go along with something that's a Bush initiative? Because the bulk of the world also wants it, and perhaps even the "Jewish" Illuminati (= Britain's Rothschild empire) wants it for what it believes to be the only solution for Israel's woes. With the failure of the Quartet's "solution" at the end of 2008, the four sides are going to weigh in as per the failure's reason, and we could predict that blame and pressure on Israel will be the natural outcome if the great tribulation is about to take place.

I should repeat here that I do not know whether the Rothschild empire is currently in cahoots with Rhodes globalists. I hold a theory in which the Rothschilds are associated mainly with Republicans while Rhodes globalists are infiltrated mainly within the Democratic party. Both groups are British based, however, so that a tie between an American False Prophet and Masonic Brits is fairly predictable.

Today's Iranian media (IRNA) reveals an angry Iranian leader bent on activating Israel's destruction: "President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that Iran will never recognize Israel and is ready to hold talks with those urging an end to Israeli crimes, occupation..." Another article in IRNA says: "Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani here on Tuesday criticized the Islamic states for their silence and indifferent attitude towards crimes being committed by Israel and US in Gaza Strip and the West Bank."

This speak is a part of the stink that Iran has lately decided to raise. It's beginning to look like a planned thrust of activism, a crusade of sorts. But with all of these developments, the sight of Gog, the man, remains elusive.

Yet I'll repeat that, in 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul's implication is that the Abomination (i.e. Gog) doesn't appear until a certain time that the text calls his "revelation." We're looking for a man covered in blasphemies, a God-curser, strong in face, confident, wildly successful in war and its deceptive qualities, and one who engages in a war pact against Israel. It would be hard to miss this man once his revelation takes place...though the pre-cursor to his revelation -- i.e. his rise in northern Iraq -- may come with the above qualities subdued.


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