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February 1 - 2, 2009

What's Obama Up To?

February 1

The ship in Cyprus has become a rather interesting story. One media called it a Russian ship named, MT Monchegorsk, while DEBKAfile said it was the Iran Hedayt. A third media says: "The arms-smuggling vessel started its voyage as the Iran-Hedayat and changed its name in mid sea to Famagustus registered to Panama.'

The bottom line is:

"Jerusalem is watching tensely now to see what the Cypriots do next. If they let the arms ship go without confiscating the missiles aboard, Tehran will be encouraged to send more arms ships to Hamas and the entire international effort to stop Hamas rearming, which was implicit in Israel's unilateral ceasefire, will cave in before it ever took off."

We have yet to hear from Obama. Is he allowing the deal to cave in? For all we know, it's Mullen that's now overseeing the entire affair at Cyprus...because Obama doesn't want to be involved, as he would be expected by the West to push for the details of the shipment, something that will spoil his going to Tehranasaurus Rex' cesspool for a nice novel chat. If left up to Mullen to call the shots, Obama might yet be able to slip into that cesspool for a nice warm bath with the madman.

The "international effort to stop Hamas rearming" is the Livni deal with Condeleezza Rice; a Bush baby. Obama might like to ignore the deal as it stands, therefore, opting to make his own terms with Israel. But sooner or later (probably sooner) he's going to be forced to issue a statement, at which time he'll have no choice but to appear resolutely opposed to the ship going free without an extensive search for weapons. Iran, according to the article above, is screaming to the Cypriot leader to let the ship go free immediately. What will Obama do in the face of that screaming?

DEBKAfile reports that Hamas has fired a type of projectile not used in the war: "the Iranian shore-to-ship Nur C-802 missile, which is based on the Chinese 'Silkworm.'" The article says that it doesn't know when Hamas obtained these, whether before or after the war, though I think the answer is obvious. The Tehranosaurus Rex has succeeded in arming Hamas with something more than dodo eggs, and Hamas has perhaps fired one to let the world know that Iran succeeded in sneeking them in.

The identification of the missiles as surface-to-sea may suggest that the anti-Israeli axis is planning a seaside assault, and/or that Hamas is to use them against the anti-smuggling activities of the Israeli axis. The point in mentioning these things is, I still don't know who's side Obama is on. Haretz also has the story, and says:

"Livni emphasized to [the Cypriot foreign minister] that the passage of the weapons is in contravention of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747 that prohibits trade in weapons with Iran because of its ongoing nuclear program."

In other words, Iran, a member of the UN, is not permitted to trade in weapons, meaning that the United States could legally have stopped the ship when Americans were on board. Like I said, I am sure Bush would have stopped it as a priority. Haartez tells that the Cypriot authorities "then backed away from previous assertions that [the Monchegorsk] was violating United Nations resolutions. Authorities will now conduct a second search, the Cypriot foreign minister said. [Yesterday], Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias had said without qualification that the ship had violated U.N. resolutions. " Israel hopes that it wasn't Obama who changed the minds of the Cypriots. Better the Russians.

[Later in the day] "Cypriot officials said [today] that an Iranian ship its navy had stopped on Thursday was carrying hundreds of tons of explosives." It now seems certain that the ship is the Monchegorsk. This is all the new information that the J-Post is giving for now. Meanwhile Mashaal is in the Rex's cesspool today, talking things through. I wonder what they're saying. Talking about the ship, without a doubt. The same article reveals that Egypt is cruisin' for a bruisin':

"Egypt began installing advanced cameras and sensors last week to help combat smuggling along the Philadelphi Corridor, Egyptian officials confirmed Saturday.

'They started being installed two days ago,' and Egyptian official told The Jerusalem Post. 'We are installing them with the help of American, French and German experts.'"

What ever happened to the strike on Iran's nuclear facilities: "In an interview [today] with Channel 2 TV, Netanyahu said if elected [Israeli] prime minister his first mission will be to thwart the Iranian nuclear threat." Doesn't that mean an air-force strike on Iran? Doesn't a strike go counter to Obama's will?

An Obama spokesman came out and categorically denied that the Guardian was in error when claiming that a draft of a letter by Obama to Ahmadinejad were in the works and about to be released. The Telegram reported on January 29 that "Deliberations within the Obama administration over whether to offer an olive branch to Iran by sending a letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been thrown into turmoil by [Ahmadinejad's] belligerent demand for an apology [from the United States]." If this change of heart is true, Obama's spokesman was lying; in reality, the letter was being drafted, but the team decided that it wasn't the right approach at this time.

I think the team realizes now that it needs to deal with the low-down concerning the ship in Cyprus, as the West would expect it to, so that its definitely not the right time to send a love letter to Ahmadinejad. I would like to know how the Putin team will respond if true that it's a Russian ship/corporation that set off from Bandar Abbas in Iran.

As Australia is an arm of Britain, perhaps the New World Order can best be summarized with Autsralia's claim today for the need of "new era of 'social capitalism' in which government intervention and regulation feature heavily." There you have the very definition of socialism, government control.

In order to have such a system accepted by a peoples conditioned to esteem democracy, a string of crises are needed, or at least the impression that a string of crises are occurring and/or on the near horizon. For example, the jobless rate in America has dropped only a couple of percentage points, and already it's being called a crisis. By having the media cry "crsis," a recession is more likely to develop deeper. And who controls the media? We know it.

Socialism is a form of mild but perpetual martial law. It's touted as a happy dictatorship where the peoples gladly allow their rulers to steer the ship of their destiny. Canada has already buried itself in socialism, with the people not complaining or realizing. In reality, the international bankers and corporations involved in the New-Order scheme want to become utterly drunk on attaining God status. It's not enough that the Rothschilds have hundreds of trillions because they still do not have full control over the planet. The Australian prime minister is now saying: "The time has come, off the back of the current crisis, to proclaim that the great neo-liberal experiment of the past 30 years has failed."

It is my impression, and that of many others, that the Obama team is infested with socialists...explaining why Obama is intent, as a first priority, to make America believe that a crisis is growing to very dangerous levels. It is also being reported that Obama is about to choose a Republican (Judd Gregg) for the commerce-secretary position (a very undesirable move for Dems) because it would open that Republican's senate seat to a Democrat. The move would thus help the Dems attain a 60-seat majority in the Senate so as to have potentially complete control of future legislation. The Dems are so close to having 60 seats that this agenda must be their priority, especially as they already hold nearly a trillion dollars to spend as they choose. Therefore, they must not lose seats to Republicans in 2010...meaning that Republican bashing must continue unabated.

One can imagine a war between capitalist bankers and socialist bankers, even as there must be a war between capitalist and socialist Illuminatists. It is predictable that God will expose the Beast before he destroys it, and my impression from prophecy is that God intends to let all of His enemies betray one another...simply by allowing them an orgiastic flow of power where all major players do combat to control the hose.

Just found an article that led to a surprising surname. The article is about Obama's secret talks with Iranian leaders, talks that have been going on for some months, and includes the talks of aforementioned William Perry. I came across the Boutwell surname, which looks very much like Bothwell, which I know is a surname from the island of Bute. On my browser (which I keep open at all times), the Lynch name was the last name checked (a couple of hours earlier) because John Lynch is involved with the gaining of the extra Senate seat from Judd Gregg. When I typed "Boutwell" over "Lynch" in the search box, and clicked the search button, I couldn't believe it. The two surnames had exactly the same Coat; see Lynch Coat as compared to Boutwell Coat.

I ignore the etymology of the Bothwell surname that's given at the link above, as I often find etymologies to sound simpleton/contrived. Compare the Boutwell Coat to the Butt/Bute Coat, and see the same colors as well as the same chevron.

I'm not making any implications above what I am showing, for I really don't know what the Lynch surname means apart from the Merril and Lynch banking indusrty being a globalist corporation. Wikipedia says: "On September 5, 2008 Goldman Sachs downgraded Merrill Lynch's stock to 'conviction sell' and warned of further losses from the company...On September 14, 2008, Bank of America announced it was in talks to purchase Merrill Lynch for $38.25 billion in stock" Gulp, gulp, gulp.

In the article on Obama's secret talks with Iran, Jeffrey Boutwell revealed William Perry's participation, but "declined to name the other participants, except to say they had considerable clout."

For new readers, the Bute connection to Batumi must be in this Wikipedia statement: "in the 9th century [Batumi] formed part of the Bagratid monarchy of Tao-Klarjeti..." It is known that these Georgian Bagratids were somehow a major part of the first Templars and this link to Bute and/or the Stewarts must somehow explain it. Likely, the Bagratids originate in ancient Bagravand, in the Ararat province which was at one time called Arata, if that help to make the Arthur link between Bute (= Avalon) and Batumi. In fact, I was able to connect Urartu (same as "Ararat") to the neighboring Khaldi peoples among the Halybes; long before, I was able to identify the Khaldi as the proto-Celts, and Arthur either depicted a Celt people, or became meshed with them.

I fiddled a little more just now and found that the Welsh Bude Coat shows the same design as found in the Batumi Seal, the main evidence for this link being in the Butler Coat (that I suspect is a surname out of the Bute Stewarts). For new readers, let me re-mention the Dunham Coat, surname of Obama's mother, that it too uses the same design.

The Bude link above claims that the surname is from "budda," meaning a beetle, but, please, the Bude Crest shows a six-pointed star (or perhaps a jellyfish) identical to the ones on the English Butt/Bute Coat; even the colors are identical.

It's interesting that the Arms of Burgundy (France) use blue and gold colors while Avallon is a city in Burgundy. I suspect that "Burg" is a variation of "Ebroicum," same as how Eboracum became "York." It is known that Burgundy used a gold lion on blue as early as the 13th century, though previously it was the Templar symbol. On the map of the earliest kingdom of Burgundy (on the Rhodanus river), we see the city of Eburodunum.

This early realm of Burgundy was also Languedoc (= language d'oc), named after the language of Occitania...that occupied the same region and beyond into the Ebro river of north-eastern Spain. As I contend, Occitania was named after Joktan, son of Eber (Biblical founder of the Hebrews). Now behold the Arms of Occitania (as seen at the Wikipedia article on Occitania); it used the same six-pointed stars that are seen on the Butt/Bute Coat and the Bude Coat!!

This doesn't necessarily trace the Avalonian Hebrews to Joktanites, for there may have been an influx of other Hebrews as they came to join the Joktanites, yet we can assume Joktan blood occurring throughout France and beyond.

The Bagratids of Georgia used a harp symbol purportedly linking back to king David of Israel, but as I am now tracing them to Apollo-symbolized Avalon, Apollo's harp symbol is the more-likely connection. Perhaps, in an effort to hide the pagan roots in Apollo, this cult and others using the harp claimed connection to the Biblical David (who played the harp). Rosicrucians have been re-known for claiming many Christian connections of their pagan symbols. Disinformation is everywhere to keep the world from knowing the realities.

So, as I traced (independent of any Bagratid considerations) the mythical harp symbol to the Harpasus river on the Georgia-Armenia border region, which river was near Jerevan, it would appear correct to tie the symbol to Garebites. Believing that Grabfeld/Crepfeld (Germany) was a Garebite settlement (Babenburgs were there), I searched the Crab Coat just now to see what Gareb-like surname might bring up. The surname is said to derive from "crabbe," meaning "apple." This is quite evocative of Avalon, since it is said to be named after "apple," though one can now suspect that Apollo was also symbolized by the sacred apple. The mythical apples of Hesperides now comes to mind most forcefully, for they were the apples of Hera...while I traced Hera to "Jere(van)" ("van" is a common Armenian suffix, as in "Bagravand").

At the Wikipedia article on the mythical apples, we find that they were associated with Atalanta, a myth code for western Atlantis, but that Hera was the owner of the Hesperides garden and its apples. It's obvious that Hesperides is witchcraft's Garden of Eden honoring the sinful apple and the Ladon dragon (you get it) that protected the apple tree.

An emailer this past week gave me a tip on some ancient Armenian gods that I don't recall coming across before, Ara being one that I am sure was Ares, for Ara had an unsuccessful affair with Semiramis (Shem-Aram?)...who is known to have evolved into the Aphrodite cult of Cyprus. Tir was another Armenian god that I am sure leades to Tyr/Thor of the Germanics because I trace Hermes-worshiping Armenians to mount Hermon, and then contend that Germans were named after "Hermon." The German-ancester god, Zio/Sio, must have been named after the Sion summit of Hermon. There can be no doubt about this trace since the first Germanics were called "Herminones." Interesting enough, Hermon was near Tyre, not only suggesting that Tyre was named after the Tir cult (Armenia), but that Tir was root to the Zeus Taurus.

The ancient Armenian god of Aramazd is one I had forgotten, which term smacks of "Hermes." The term evokes Aram, the Biblical son of Shem who is thought by some (including Josephus) to be the founder of Armenia. Now look: "The most prominent sanctuaries of Aramazd were in the ancient city of Ani in Daranali, the burial-place of the Armenian kings, as well as in the village of Bagavan in Bagravand."

The Bagratids of Armenia and Georgia stem from the god, Angle-Thork, the "tutelary god" of the Yervand dynasty, says Wikipedia. Thus, Bagratids trace to Tir, to his master, Aramazd, and to Hera, Tir's wife. Understand. As Tyr in the Germanic cult was also Thor, the Armenians Tir and Thork must have been one, and they were the Taurus cult, even as I had traced the Zeus' Taurus symbol to Turukkaeans/Turukku (Assyria). That's why I say here that Hera (not known to early Armenians) was the wife (= major ally) of Tir. Somehow, these cults became involved at Zion of Jerusalem, and boy-oh-boy would I ever like to know the details. This is something I pray God will reveal soon.

The point is, Zionists of the modern era trace back to Armenia-founding gods. It then explains why Bute elements connect with the Bat Georgians, and supports my theory that Ladon in Avalon traces back to Lazica, the land that was later Bat territory. Since mythical Batea was made the mother of the Teucer side of the Trojans, the Trojans must have been a Bat-Turukkaean mix. But note that Aramazd was in the city of Daranali (can't find info on this), which may just have become mythical Dardanus, the Kabeiri side of the Trojans.

Quite apparently, then, the harp symbol of Hermes was the move of Arphaxadites from Harpasus to the Assyrian city of Arrapha (Assyria), the vicinity of Turukkaeans. As Turukkaeans lived on the Zagros mountains, Teucer is identifiable as the Tocharians/Togarmites who named the Zagros. This explains why Zeus was a Trojan god. Aramazd was described much like the Biblical God, and was probably the image of the God of Noah, except that he was corrupted by the Semite line of Aramaeans into a Semiramis and Aramazd pagan religion.

I should add that, just as the Hros of Armenia trace to such western terms as Hirota, Rothesay, and Erethlyn, so the Armenians had a month, "Hrotik." As unlikely as it might seem at first, the Hros and the harp-depicted Arphaxadites were one. For, as we can see, these peoples easily name "Arpad," while a city by that name became "Arados" to the that "Harpasus" in Armenia could similarly have modified to "Hrotik/Hros." As Lazica was either in or beside the Harpasus valley, we can see how Ares developed his dragon symbol. This Rus stock is what will rule the world via the Obama administration, I predict.

February 2

An emailer wanted me to define what I mean by mythical term, whether it is a real or fantastical term. Others may be having the same problem. A myth is not a fantasy, but real history told in codes and symbols, with some creative license thrown in, the original aim of which, I assume, was to keep the historical facts from the uninitiated. However, it's highly likely that some mythic stories were later written by popular writers such that the general public could understand with a little concentration. It is my belief that the codes and story lines in Arthurian myths are NOT to be understood by the general public.

Here's an example. When Hercules stole the girdle of an Amazon queen, either the girdle is the code word, or the stealing thereof, or both. It doesn't refer to a real girdle, and Hercules was not a real man. It may be that the populations of the time knew what the girdle meant, as well as the stealing thereof, or it could be that the girdle was understood only by the initiated. One theory that comes to mind is that the story depicted a war in which the Amazons were embarrassed by the Danaans. Something about the circumstances in the war allowed it to be described as a stealing of a girdle.

Another example is that a peoples who valued or worshiped horses could be depicted as half horse, half human. You get it. But then there has to be a calculated reason why these peoples would be called "Centaurs," or why half-goat creatures were "Satyrs." My findings were that these terms reflected people groups or geographies. Satyrs depicted the city of Satyrion (heel of Italy) and other similarly-named places in which the goat-depicted peoples lived.

Pan, a Satyr, depicted the city of Panias at the foot of mount Hermon, explaining why he was made the son of Hermes. The possibility then exists that Panias traces to Van in Armenia, and to its Biaini founders, because Hermes himself depicted Armenian stock, which one can fathom as per his caduceus symbol, representing the Cadusii Armenians. The harp that was given to Hermes (by a writer) for a symbol must refer to something specific. When another writer created the story of Hermes giving the harp/lyre to Apollo, the picture is meant to describe a Hermes-Apollo connection/merger...with whatever the harp depicts representing the reason for the connection. The harp may or may not represent the same entity as "Hermes."

Some of my "fictionals" might be regarded as myth in the distant future, for while you know what I mean by "Tehranosaurus Rex" and his cesspool, others may not know when Tehran is no longer a city, and when they have no idea that the cesspool is my personal description of Ahmadinejad's domain, but used as a special term because dinosaurs fritter away their days in pools/ponds (or so we are taught). My "fictionals" strive to tell the true story, but with free license rather than scholarly.

Secret talks were going on between Hamas and Britain:

"According to a top official from Hamas speaking to WND, the terrorist organization has been in direct contact for months with Tony Blair, the former British prime minister..."

I'm not ready to state categorically that Blair is an Illuminati agent, but as he sounds (in the article) just like Obama, it would appear so. It's reasonable that, in most cases, all agents are directed to accomplish the same ends by the same means. The article gives evidence that Hamas was having secret talks with Obama. We are being told, by Blair, that talking with terrorists groups is now the way to go. Now that both Blair and Carter are blazing the new trail, how long before Obama stops lying to us and admits that he's talking?

There are two possible scenarios for ushering Gog into northern Iraq: 1) by the pro-Gog Sunni winning the election and then giving Gog a political platform, or, 2) by the pro-Gog Sunni losing the election and then fighting their way to power. It's unlikely they will fight their way to power, and moreover that scenario seems to contradict Daniel 11:21 which suggests a political entrance. I am therefore happy to report that:

"In the last major urban battlefield in the fight between U.S. troops and Sunni insurgents, a Sunni party opposed to both Kurdish influence and the American military presence has emerged as the likely big winner in provincial voting."

It sounds as though the pro-American Sunni are not going to win. I don't know as yet whether the projected winners are Baathists. The report suggests that the "National Hadba Gathering was leading with about 370,000 votes of the 900,000 ballots cast -- or about 40 percent...If those results are confirmed, the party would gain a major role in the government of province which includes Mosul, the country's third largest city."

The National Hadba Gathering is the only Arab party that stands a chance, according to the article below. It's a "pan-Arab" party. The Nineveh deputy governor accuses the party of including Baathists. the article above has the Kurds complaining that ex-Saddam Baathists are in the Hadba party. The other party predicted to have significant winnings is a Kurdish one:

"It is expected that the Ninawa Brotherly list, which is dominated by the two major Kurdish parties...will win most of the votes in the northern and western parts of Ninawa, as well as northern Mosul, all heavily populated by Kurds.

The Hadba list is expected to win the support of southern Ninawa and most of Mosul city which are inhibited by an Arab majority."

The AP article above by adds: "U.S. military officials believe al-Qaida and other insurgent groups have exploited Sunni bitterness over the Kurds to build a support base in Mosul." Perfect. Perfect situation to allow the ex-Saddam Baathists to arise with al-Qaeda fiends to form the Gog platform.

Wikipedia says that the Hadba party "has the backing of Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki." No explanation is given for this support, though we then read that one of the party's leaders is an "advisor" to Maliki's government. However, the main leader, Atheel al-Najafi, is "a horse breeder in Mosul that once supplied horses to Uday and Qusay Hussein" i.e. Saddam's sons. Another leader mentioned was "a former Army commander [of Saddam] who led the invasion of Kuwait in 1990."

I wonder what the devil looks like in a human face. I have always wondered. How will he speak; what will his manners be like? Will he really be like an angel? Like a wonderful man? I doubt it very much. I picture a very clever seducer, unloving, self-important, boastful, determined.

A development caught my eye this morning: the Libyan leader becoming the head of the African Union just as I'm expecting an invasion on Egypt:

"AU spokeswoman Habiba Mejri-Sheikh said Col Gaddafi was elected 'by the heads of state in a closed-door session, for a one-year period'."

This appears as some confirmation that Libya (I only learned just now that this is the proper spelling, not "Lybia" as many use) will be involved in Egypt's downfall to Gog, though I don't know of any prophecy wherein Libya will be involved. It can perhaps be assumed because "Put" (thought to be Libya) will be one of Gog's allies (as per Ezekiel 38) in his Israeli invasion. The fact that Libya now heads the African Union for just one year may have something special to do with the Egyptian invasion, which I expect to begin before 2010. Wikipedia shares Josephus' words "Phut also was the founder of Libya, and called the inhabitants Phutites (Phoutes)." The term has similarity with Poti, which was also "Phasis," the ancient name of a Bat-region city not fat north of Batumi.

In Greek myth, Libya was half Greek from the Argos bloodline of Io. The article above gives evidence of a Phut link to the Georgian Bats: "The Persian historian Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (c. 915) recounts a tradition [sounds like a myth] that the wife of Put was named Bakht, a daughter of Batawil son of Tiras, and that she bore him the 'Copts.'" Tiras is a white peoples thought to be from the Trojan theater, but it's the "Batawil" term mixed with Phut that tends to verify the identification of Phasis/Poti as a Phut/Put-named city. The importance in this statement is that the Bats may now be identified as sons of Tiras.

If one wishes to follow the Batea cult forward in time, one must follow mythical Arisbe (another name for Batea) to the Paris Trojans, and then to the founding of Paris, France, by the Parisii Celts...descended from the Pari Gorgons of Mysia (at Parion and probably also at Percote).

Some believe that Thrace was named after Tiras' fold, an idea working well because, as Thrace was Thraco = Draco, it suggests that the Ares dragon was Thrace itself, for Ares was a god of Thrace. This does not conflict with a Laz identity of the dragon, for Lazica evolved into Lydia smack beside Thrace. There is now reason to suspect terms like Tros, Tyrus, Tarsus, and Taurus as variations of "Tiras," son of Japheth. If correct, the Semite proto-Zeus cult out of mount Hermon must have mixed with Tirasians, and these in combination then identify the Zeus-Europa mix into Crete...known to form the Trojans thereafter from the wicked Curetes. The same dragon peoples went on to be the Lydians and Tyrrhenians (= Romans) and now rule the European Union. Wikipedia has the myth-code genealogy of Trojans developing into the Romans.

In Greek myth, the Ladon cult was also "Tiresias," for both Ladon and Tiresias were made fathers of Daphne. I get it, that the Daphne cult was a combination of Laz and Tiras. One code given to Tiresias was blindness, thought to depict his mysticism/witchcraft. His other symbol was the caduceus rod of Hermes, using two serpents (= two peoples] coiled around a rod, the rod depicting the male organ = bloodline. One of the serpents depicted the Cadusii Armenians, obviously, and as Laz' spouse was made Nergal, whose cult centers included Cutha (Mesopotamia), one has reason to make a "Cutha" link to "Cadusia." This is clue that Tiras tribes were involved in the Laz and Nergal cults.

There is an obvious difference between cases in which a real man's name names a peoples, as is the case in Genesis 10, and where myth writers created a name after the fact, to represent a peoples already in existence. Yes, this muddies the waters of history, but fortunately, in the latter case, fantastic stories are often included to alert where myth code is being used. I suspect the Samson story as myth code because he killed 1,000 men with the jawbone of a donkey. That can't be true. The Avvite god, Tartak, was given the donkey symbol, and Samson was located close enough to Avvites to explain the use of the jawbone symbol.

Moreover, as we can suspect that the Tartak cult named Tartus (where the Russian naval base it), is it a coincidence that Dardanus, mythical co-founder of Troy with Batea, formed the Kabeiri cult with his brother while the two were on Samothrace?? Nay, but Samson was code for a peoples of the Armenian god, Samos (probably Semites), out of Armenia's Sophene domain that was likely the root of Daphne, and out of Armenia's domain of Samosata (named after Samos). I want to add that I do not view any part of the book of Judges as myth if it comes before the Samson story. I suspect that the Samson story and everything after it was slipped into Judges after the book was written in normal, non-myth historical form.

So, what I can now add to the Freemason story developing these days, as I write the updates, is that the Bats of Georgia, and consequently the island of Bute, were from mythical "Batawil" of the Tiras dragon bloodline. But I am fascinated with this story because I suspect that the same Bats led to the Baathists now on the rise. See Poti versus Batumi on this map of Abkhazia and coastal Georgia, and note Sukhumi, showing that the root of Batumi is simply, Bat.

What of the Poti/Phasis location (Georgia) next to the Bats? Was it founded by Put elements? I have already traced Poti to the re-naming of the Rhodanus to "Rhone," for Poti was at the mouth of the Rione. In fact, I identified (some years ago) mythical Phaet(h)on of the mythical Eridanus (= Rhodanus) as Phasis elements, keeping in mind that Phaethon was made a son of Helios (= Gorgons) via his associations with mythical Merops (= proto-Merovingians) of Ethiopia. It works like a charm, and that's how I know I have got that piece of history correctly unveiled. It is thought by some that some Put tribes were in Punt, a realm that was superimposed on ancient Ethiopia.

The question coming to mind now is what the Bats might fall under in the Ezekiel list of Gog's allies? Meshech comes to mind, as these lived on the Pontus (from "Punt"?) as far into Caucasia as Batumi. This is also interesting because Iraq, as Babylon, is not listed as a Gog ally. One may suspect the reason to be in Gog's position as Isaiah 14's "king of Babylon," but this explanation doesn't satisfy me; I don't think Gog will be Iraqi blood. Moreover, Daniel 11:21 says that Gog will be rejected by Iraqis. The only Iraqi allies of Gog mentioned are the ones "broken" (by the unidentified large army of verse 22) in verse 23, which are the Baathists of Saddam. How could the Baathists not be mentioned in Ezekiel 38 if they are a fundamental part of Gog's army?

Batea, Troy, and Arisbe of Percote, were in Mysia, a hub of the pre-Ezekiel Meshech.

Again, may we ask if American Democrats were stirred to wild opposition of Bush's Iraqi invasion because the Illuminati leaders of the Democrat party are themselves from Baathist stock? Did this Illuminati help set up the Baathists in the first place? Remember, Obama's mother's Dunham blood may trace back to Dunham Masci, an English town very likely named after a family/cult intent on carrying/wearing the Mushki/Meshech name into eternity. It's also very possible that Obama's father's blood was of Amazon stock in Africa, for it's known that Amazons were in Africa. In a chapter, "Gog, the Ancient Gorgons," I wrote:

"A major center inhabited by the Moschi [= Meshech] was further to the west, in Mazaca (in central Asia). It was in that term, "Mazaca," that I was able to see clearly Meshech's identity as the Amazons, for in northern Africa the Amazons were called "Mazices." Having arrived to that equation, I could see that in "Amazon" itself there is the root of "Meshech." And while "mushus" meant "dragon, while the Amazons were routinely depicted as serpents/dragons, the Meshech-Amazon equation is supported all the more."

Having traced Obama's Kenyan tribe, the Luo, to Dionysus, is it a coincidence that Dionysus (in Lydia and Mysia) was given wild and wicked females (the Maenads) as his symbol, which symbol typically depicts Amazons? With myth code, Ariadne, Dionysus was on Lemnos, an island known to be inhabited by Amazons.

Could this Meshech background, coupled with the Rhodes-Illuminati tie to Baathists, explain why the False Prophet will be allied to Gog? It's a diabolical possibility. I'll keep an eye out for more evidence to support these things

Today, the likely prime minister of Israel after the February 10th election, is promising to be a thorn in the side of the Obama globalists:

"'We did not return to Jerusalem after praying for it to be rebuilt for 2000 years in order to give it up,' Netanyahu told a throng of reporters from around the world at the City of David. 'We did not unite the city in order to divide it, and my government will maintain a united Jerusalem. A sane country does not give its capital to its enemies.'"

Hurrah! shout the Christian people. But Netanyahu is precisely a symbol for the reason that the God of Israel is about to drown Israel in the coming flood of rabid soldiers. He's non-religious. As it's predictable that the Gog invasion of Israel will be supported by the False-Prophet American leader, is the Obama-v.-Netanyahu conflict, now being predicted by major media, the beginning of Israel's Great Tribulation?

Another development that I'm ultimately expecting as part of the Gogi-Baathist rise to power is a military take-over of the West-sponsored Iraqi government. Today, Reuters begins to expose that movement, I think:

"Tribal sheikhs who helped drive al Qaeda militants out of Western Iraq threatened on Monday to take up arms against the provincial government because of what they said was fraud in Saturday's provincial polls.

...'We threatened the electoral commission not to allow fraud. We said we will transform from a political entity to an armed wing against the electoral commission and the IIP because we discovered fraud,' Awakening movement head Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha told Reuters."

There is little doubt that the Awakening Sunni include those who quit the Maliki government recently, as well as those individuals (some Baathists) arrested by Maliki...who were accused of plotting a coup. The political groups supported by Maliki are predicted to score big in some electoral areas desired by the Awakening movements. The IIP in the quote is the Iraqi Islamic Party, a Sunni part of the Maliki government, and object of the Awakening wrath that we're reading about.

The prediction is the Awakening Sunni will now side with al-Qaeda, as they were once allied to al-Qaeda. I am totally surprised by the fire in these Sunni so soon; I didn't expect their military attitude to come out so soon after the election:

"Hamid al-Hais, head of the Anbar Tribes list in the election, traveled to Baghdad to lodge a protest.

'We will set the streets of Ramadi ablaze if the Islamic Party [of Maliki] is declared the winners of the election,' he told Reuters, referring to Anbar's provincial capital. 'We will make Anbar a grave for the Islamic Party and its agents. We will start a tribal war against them and those who cooperate with them'" (article above)

If you had followed the news when al-Qaeada was strong in Iraq, you know it's muscle was in Falluja (Anbar province) before fleeing to to Mosul. Suddenly, just as the world media is praising the tranquility of election day (no doubt due to a wait-and-see attitude amongst all the rival parties), tremors are being felt of the volcanic eruption half-expected by the West for many months:

"'We are convinced that we will be the first in Anbar and we will make a coalition with any entity that wants to work with us,' said Khalid Mohammed al-Alwani, IIP head in Falluja, the Anbar town that saw fierce battles between U.S. forces and insurgents in 2004."

"Coalition with any entity that wants to side with us" sounds like a threat to side with al-Qaeda and its grandmother, if necessary.

Meanwhile, "The Abkhazian administration of Gali has transmitted to the Russian militants 5 hectares of land plot for a military base."

I would like to quite the following because it has potential to become an explosion in Obama's face later on:

"NATO would not oppose individual member nations [e.g. the U.S.] making deals with Iran to supply their forces in Afghanistan as an alternative to using increasingly risky routes from Pakistan, the alliance's top military commander said Monday.

Gen. John Craddock's comments came just days after NATO's secretary general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, urged the U.S. [i.e. Obama] and other members of the Western military alliance to engage with Iran [exactly what Obama wants to do] to combat Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

...Craddock, an American who is NATO's supreme allied commander...",0,874294.story

I think I get it. The globalists under-riding Globama want him to have friendly dialogue with Iran so that NATO can secure Iranian land roots to America's soldiers in Afghanistan. Recently, Obama's Afghan project, which was supposed to be his priority, has slipped away into the background because the U.S. military in Afghanistan is having problems finding ways to top up the gas tanks and the soldier's stomachs. What would happen if the U.S. succeeds in acquiring Iranian land routes for bringing in supplies, only to see Iran close those routes just when the American military is vulnerable? What if Lord Obama is thereby responsible for the torment of tens of thousands of soldiers? That's what he must be thinking. Do I, or do I not, make friends with Rex?

The recent statement by Obama, that most of the Iraqi troops will be home, in the U.S., by the end of 2009, may be a signal that he has changed his mind about going into Afghanistan. I have even read that the 30,000 troops promised for the Afghan mission are to be deployed over 18 long months! That does no longer sound like a priority, or a mission, of any sort. It sounds like back-tracking. Bush was smarter, knowing from the start not to go in risking too much.

Haaretz also has an article, today, on the secret talks between Iranian officials and William Perry, which an Ahmadinejad agent is denying. Perhaps ObamaSoarus and Rex are already in the cesspool enjoying a dodo-egg nog, and meanwhile, to hide it, are tossing some hard fossilized poop at one another for public consumption.

I have just found an article dated today exposing why the Afghan mission is souring, telling that Afghan leader Karzai simply deplores Obama's pick for Afghan envoy, Richard Holbrooke "the bulldozer." Not only that, but Joe BiteThem has recently spoken some tough, unappreciated words against Afghanistan. Promising to make Obama's pet project even clumsier we find this statement:

"Holbrooke was Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief foreign policy advisor during the 2008 presidential primary campaign, before switching over to advise Obama in the general election campaign. Holbrooke was perennially mentioned as a potential secretary of State."

Well, if Holbrooke isn't appreciated by Afghan leaders, and meanwhile Hillary has some major bones to pick off his skin, while he himself perhaps despises her secretly for filling the secretary-of-state position that he was hoping to acquire, how's the Afghan foreign mission ever to smooth out in the face of logistical military problems amid a huge wasteland where Osama bin Laden is a mere needle in a haystack? This bad situation is superimposed on a sagging U.S. economy that brings Democrats little of what they cherish most: tax money. How will the job get done without the proper tools, Mr. Dope-ama? For someone who wants to be the idealistic Mr. NiceGuy to all nations, why did you choose Go BiteThem, Wreckard Bulldozer, and Killary ClangClang to head your team?

American weapons have been distributed by general Petraeus to Afghan groups whose mission it is to kill the Taliban. It's the Awakening Councils all over again. For the moment, this seems a safe approach so far as American lives are concerned. But, as Proverbs says, man makes his plans, but God decides the outcome, and what better outcome could be justified for the Democritics than a record so poor that Bush comes out shining by comparison. Ouch, what could hurt them more?

That's all for today.


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