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February 3 - 4, 2009

Giving Obama the Bute

February 3

The greatest thing about the arrival of end-time prophecy is that we get to lift our heads. To understand its great value, consider how less than brilliant you and I are as we trudge this sinful world. It rubs itself off on our clothes, and influences to the depths of our minds, where our souls reside. When life on the outside is dismal, and we do not appreciate it, the soul feels trapped in a jailhouse. But when the outer environment is appreciated, the soul spreads its wings and flies. Life is in the soul; how the soul feels determines the quality of life.

When the time comes that we see the Kingdom of freedom from a short distance, the soul gets on its toes and peers out the jailhouse window. It sees the hope and promise (that Obama has not yet mentioned), and energizes.

If the anti-Christ is revealed soon, make up your mind not to be afraid. He's a nobody. He's less than a nobody, a snake, a liar, raised only to bring down the kingdom of man...that has placed our souls in a jailhouse by polluting the social environment of this world. We won't know what freedom is until the New Environment arrives.

God has a wire, so to speak, from his heart to your soul, and when he wants a message or a surge to flow into you, you'll know what Jesus meant when he said, "The Kingdom of God is within you."

Life is in the soul, and the Life of God in your soul is your spirit. If your soul lacks the Life of God, your spirit is dark. If you see and understand the things of God, His Life is in your soul. If you look forward to His kingdom, His life is in your soul. If we welcome the arrival of the end-time prophecies, His life is in our souls. If I love God, I will not fear the Great Pimple when he comes, spouts off, and then goes away.

What will life be like with God's Life within us in clarity and joy, while the New Environment on the outside is fabulous? I don't want to miss it.

When a father has a job to do, an important job, the child doesn't expect to have his focus. In the same way, when the Father begins to do His work, to slice the Dragon to pieces, one serpent at a time, it's not the time for us to expect blessings. With one hand he will slice the Dragon, and with the other he will feed and protect his Church. Let's be as content as we can until Freedom arrives.

More news on the Cypriot-flagged ship. The president of Cyprus says that he stopped the ship only as a nicety to the United States, but I have yet to read any directive or request made by Obama himself. Shouldn't he be extremely interested in what's on board? Israel is very interested, if that shows the differences in heart. Israeli defense minister says: "the weapons that have been found so far on board were apparently not intended for Hamas, but for the Syrian army. However, he noted, there are still 30 to 40 containers yet to be checked." Meanwhile Israel foiled another Libyan attempt, today, to unload a ship at Gaza.

Hey, the following is not my criticism of Obama:

"The banner headlines greeting President Obama's decision to close Guantanamo Bay and secret CIA prisons may have concealed how he has retained one of the most controversial weapons in the War on Terror. Under executive orders signed on January 22, the CIA appears to have preserved its authority to carry out renditions - by which hundreds of terrorist suspects have been abducted and transferred to prisons in countries with questionable human rights records such as Egypt, Morocco or Jordan.

...An administration official was quoted yesterday defending rendition. 'Obviously you need to preserve some tools. You still have to go after the bad guys,' said the official. 'It is controversial in some circles. But if done within certain parameters, it is acceptable.'"

It wasn't me who called Mr. Big-O Transparency a hypOcrite, okay?

Mr. President, could you please tell us whether you were planning to inform the people about renditions?

Yes, absolutely, I was planning on it.

Could you tell us when you had planned to inform the public?

Certainly. As soon as the LA Times did a story on it.

Of course, Mr. President, of course. But why do you justify the torture of terrorist suspects in another country, but not at Gitmo?

Oh, I would like to answer that very much. But not just now.

Why not, Mr. President? Is it a top secret?

No, yes, but, no, that's not it.

Then how soon can you tell us? As soon as Rush mentions it?

You got it, Mrs. List. Now you're learning.

What about your motive for closing Gitmo?

Do you want the truth, Journa?

Complete transparency, Mr. President.

Because I want them tried in the United States.

Who, Mohammed Dirtabag and Yosef Bombaman?

No, George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Oh...well is the report true that your people want to see Bush and Cheney in prison without a trial?

Yes, the Syrians and Iranians both.

Are you going to give the Muslims their two wishes, Mr. President?

Yes, three wishes in all, in fact.

What's the last one?

The most important. To do away with the dread Zionist enemies before the next election.

But that's impossible. They can't be dislodged in such short time.

I'm not concerned. We have a plan, and the Clintons will finally fall, I assure you.

There's a decent article out today giving Obama a report card already, and it ain't good. I'm hard on him because he talked a righteous story to attract the righteous to his camp, yet he acts hypocritically:

"And so in these opening days of the administration, the Obama team finds itself being criticized by bloggers on the left and the right, mocked by television comics and questioned by reporters about whether Obama is really changing the way Washington works or just changing which political party works it."

So far, the Bush bashers are making mistakes at a rate never seen in the Bush camp. Obama overlooks the sins of his appointees whereas had they been Republicans, they would have been crucified for the same sins. I think God has much more in store for the purpose of exposing the hypocrisy of the Democrats as a whole. This is what the last days are all about, an expose on wicked rulers, and their downfall as a result. As a last-ditched effort to maintain power in the face of dwindling public support, wicked rulers will seek to control the situation, and the people, with lies and brute political force. The Dems have been starving for power, and now that they are getting a taste of it again, they won't let go.

There's talk today on Iran's satellite launch (yesterday or the day before). It's making the news because it signals the ability for Iran to use the technology to drop bombs from spacecraft anywhere in the world. The fifth Trumpet of Revelation 9 comes to mind, as it's almost certainly a nuclear bomb. The Revelation text gives clue that it won't be dropped by the West, for the bomb's purpose seems to be to torment mark-of-the-beast users. Iran is therefore a good candidate for dropping that bomb. I'm assuming here that the mark system will be a Western system, and that, for that reason, Iran won't use it...unless the West can convince it to use it under the current circumstances.

And that evokes the likely underlying reason for the Obama team's mission of being on talking terms with all nations, for the global skincode system requires global friendships. When it was announced last June that the Bilderberg Group was going ahead with plans to microchip the world for commercial reasons, it was also decided that Iran should not be bombed by Israel nor the United States. Meanwhile Obama came out pushing his speak-to-Iran doctrine, but of course the same doctrine would apply to the entire anti-Israeli axis. I imagine that in the globalist camp, some are prioritizing the skincode system to the point of setting the agenda for the purpose.

I have a theory in which the "Abaddon" of the "Abysso" in Revelation 9, the entity dropping the said bomb, will be a modern-day stem of the ancient Avvites that set up the Apollo cult. For I reason that the two Revelation terms are similar for the purpose of revealing a peoples by the same/similar spelling. I was in the midst of tracing the Avvites of Avidia to the Apollo cult when I realized that Revelation 9's "Apollyon" (same term used in Greece for Apollo) had to connect to Avidians. But as I had identified Abaddon and Apolluon as Revelation's "kings of the east" (see sixth Trumpet) by that time, I was led to conclude that Abaddon referred to an assumed Avvite stock that put forth the Avatar cult in the east.

The problem I had then was, the Avatar cult was not Chinese, but Iranian. And that's my point now. However, the cult spread to Hinduism, a stem of Indo-Iran, and therefore points to the Indian theater. A few words on the Avatar cult are therefore in order. The specifics about the religion seem unimportant; it's the roots of the religion that I want to stress, in order to identify which people they lead to, but also which people they stemmed from. Look at the following piece tending to trace the cult back to the Caucasian Bat stock. The piece is part of the list of 10 Avatars, which I assume are terms once linked to people groups by the same name:

9. Krishna...the source of all avatars, svayam Bhagavan...

10. Buddha, the thinker...

11. Kalki ("Eternity", or "time", or "The Destroyer of foulness"), who is expected to appear at the end of Kali Yuga, the time period in which we currently exist.

One might wish to view the resemblance between "Krishna" and "Hros," or between "Buddha" and "Bat," as coincidences, until we find that all Avatars were called after the supreme God, "Bhagavan," which smacks of the Armenian city of "Bagavand" (also "Bagravand") that housed the chief gods of Armenia.

Buddha has been traced by many to the Budii tribe of Medes, something I agree with. As we see that the 11th Avatar was "Kalki," evoking Georgia's early name, Colchis, is it a coincidence that the mythical king of Colchis (Aeetes) was given "Medea" for a witch-daughter, who in fact did represent the Medes??? Aeetes ruled from Kutaisi (still in Georgia today), a term that I root back to the Cadusii Armenians. Note that "Kalki" is the last Avatar, and defined as "The Destroyer of Foulness," for Revelation's "Abaddon" is defined as "the destroyer."

It can't be a coincidence that I had (independently) traced the Greek, "Hades," to Cadusia, for the Abaddon term is known from antiquity to be the Underworld, even as Hades was god of the Underworld. Nor can it be a coincidence that I traced Cadusians forward to Hattusa, the Hatti capital, while "Aeetes" smacks of Atti(s), the sun god of Phrygia who must surely depict the Hatti peoples. Thus, the Avatar cult traces both to the far east and to the Freemasonic circles of the far west.

I reasoned that the Avatar cult was based in Caucasia's Avars, for they too went to the far east and, as the Daphne cult, to the far west. In particular, I identified these Avars as a directional split of their Manda branch, though other branches might also have made the same split. But it was only today, as a result of writing on the topic again, that I discovered this swastika shown at Wikipedia's Avatar article! The same symbol can be found on Wikipedia's swastika article, from which article I once copied this Avar swastika...virtually the same design!!

The Avar swastika is no longer shown on the article, a sad thing because it reveals the central body of European peoples to which it belonged. The proto-Nazi symbol was passed onto to the Varangian Rus...which should explain why a pre-Christian necklace, formed as a perfect Nazi-like swastika (see photo at swastika article), was unearthed to the south-east of Rasht (modern Iran, south of the Caspian) in what was Delymite Armenia at one time. Cadusia was virtually the same geography. The Rus link then explains why the Avar/Varangian symbol was hidden in the Rosicrucian cross of Johannes Andreas and family. As I showed recently, that cross was also the Templar flag of Jerusalem, meaning that the Templar flag, and the flag of Georgia then and to this day, are swastikas disguised as Christian symbols.

The swastika article tells of 27 swastikas on a shield found at Battersea Bridge; coincidence, or was that location named by Caucasian Bat elements? Remember, there are good reasons to tie the Bats to the Hros of the nearby Aras river, even as the island of Bute was first named Rothesay. Again, the island of Bute was mythical Avalon, named (by myth writers) after Apollyon = Abaddon stock.

The trace of the Stewart surname to Bute (Stewarts have monuments to their name on Bute) allows us to trace the swastika-carrying cult also to Stewarts, for as Stewarts once served rulers at Dol, Brittany (where they were named "Alan"), I trace "Dol" to Attila's House of Dulo, and meanwhile the swastika article shows the proto-Nazi swastika as the symbol of the Thule Society (the Rosicrucian organization to which leading Hitlerites belonged). In other words, "Thule" traces back to the Dol and Dulo entities, and "Attila" (sometimes "Atilla") looks like it derives from "A-Dulo." Thus, the root of Attila should be found among eastern Avars, in the stock that formed the Avatar Hindu cult.

Just as the Bats lived near the Harpasus (tributary of the Aras), which river I join to Arphaxadites and their deer symbol, so Attila must trace to the deer symbol of the Hungarian Arpad dynasty, for that dynasty linked itself to Attila's blood. The antler points even further back to the Arphaxadites of Nimrod's Assyria smack next to Cadusia.

I tend to see the explosion of the fifth Trumpet in Iraq because it occurs just before the "kings of the east" reach the Euphrates river north of Israel (as per the sixth Trumpet and sixth Bowl). This assumes that Iraq will receive the mark of the beast, and of course this makes sense where Gog, king of Babylon, is the anti-Christ. In other words, I foresee an end-time branch of the Avatar cult bombing Iraq in the fifth Trumpet so as to throw the kingdom of the beast into darkness as per the proceeding fifth Bowl.

I view the fifth Bowl as marking the end of the 1260 days, to be followed by the sixth Seal, sixth Trumpet, and sixth Bowl, all in the short post-tribulation period (just a few weeks long). I locate the rapture at the seventh Seal, immediately after the sixth Bowl. I then view Armageddon as the two stages represented by the subsequent seventh Trumpet and seventh Bowl. Then comes the time for dancing and making great don't forget to bring dancing shoes to your tribulation retreat. Actually, that soul in the prison of your body; it will be freed if you hang on in Faith until the very end. May the Wonderful take us by the hand at that time, and show us the marvels of the universe, and the extent of his Love.

So, who will be ultimately responsible for spreading the mark of the beast to Iraq? The False Prophet, likely, but who is he? Will his fire from the sky involve an attack on the incoming kings of the east? Sounds logical. The bright-falling star of the third Trumpet is often interpreted as a meteor, but why not a rocket armed with a nuclear warhead? Meteors rarely hit the ground in large impacts, and when they do they don't necessarily turn waters to wormwood, but the entire world expects a nuclear bomb to go off in the Middle East sooner or later.

well I just couldn't believe it when I did a Google search for wormwood just now. I learned that "Wormwood may refer to one of the following: In Biology: Various plants of the genus Artemisia, but commonly Absinth Wormwood." This is just too amazing. Artemis was Apollo's twin sister, and "absinth" reflects "abyss."

Wikipedia says: "the herb Artemisia absinthium, also called wormwood." After telling that the term traces back to Artemis, we then read: Absinthe is derived from the Latin absinthium, which in turn is a stylization of the Greek...apsinthion." The article doesn't know where the term derives, but as the liquor required honey to sweeten it, I would tie it to mythical Absu/Abzu/Apsu of Sumeria, which I trace to the Buzii/Busae Medes -- the bee cult in my books -- who may have been the Budii Medes at the root of the Avatar cult. Indeed, "absu" referred in myth to the waters of or off of the Persian gulf, and ocean waters were often the "deep abyss."

Artemis was the Amazon goddess of the Thermodon region of Amazons, and named after Themiscyra, the Amazon capital on that river (now the Terme). Note that at least one ancient writer knew it: "Themis was there at Delos to witness the birth of Apollo" and of course the birth of Artemis as well. Might the island of Delos have been named after the root of "deluge/deluvian" i.e. having the same meaning as "absu" and "abyss"? Themis was made the daughter of Uranus (= perhaps Iranians, perhaps the Hurrians).

I don't have my Concordance with me, but I read online that the Biblical word for "wormwood" is the Greek "apsinthos." This is definitely related to the bee cult because "apis" means bee in Greek, and moreover the Apollo-Oracle cult at Delphi would use fermented honey drinks as inducements for prophesying (falsely). Apparently, they were drinking sweetened wormwood. While no one seems to know how "apis/opis" came to be the Greek bee, I would suggest a trace to the city of Opis on the Tigris. In fact, the tie of apsinthos to Apollo supports my theory made years ago wherein I traced the god to Opis...a city close to Baghdad. I'll therefore repeat that Baghdad may have been named by Bagratids of Armenia/Georgia, and that the Bagratids trace back to Bagravand/Bagavand, the term that was the chief god in the Avatar cult.

I'm half incredulous that these mythical codes, in conjunction with Revelation codes, are also leading to Baghdad...which we can view as the modern Babylon. In coming updates, I hope to make better sense of what it all means, but for now I'm certain that there is an ancient blood link between the people who placed Obama in power, and certain Iraqi powers not restricted to Baathists. I've gotten the impression (years ago) that God laced Revelation with codes and symbols well-understood by the dragon cult itself, but not understood by the rest of the world. I suppose it was Intended as a warning to those cults, and/or a "gotcha!" message. Remember, the mother of both Apollo and Artemis was Ledo, a people-group code likely tracing back to the seven-headed Lotan dragon.

The link of the Apollo cult to London, or at least to the Atrebates on the Thames river, may be in "Themis" as the root of "Thames," anciently the Tamesis of the Celts. Keep in mind that the Khaldi (I say proto-Celts) lived smack in/beside the Thermodon region (i.e. where Themiscyra was located). In my books, the Atrebates trace back to the Atreus bloodline of Sparta, which found associations with mythical Leda, probably the extention of Ledo.

I think that Christians who read Revelation in languages other than Greek are missing the codes that God laced into the text. This why Revelation itself warns against altering even one word. There is no telling what Revelation can reveal if only we looked at the Greek terms and traced them back to mythical terms and entities.

Can we now hypothisize that the bright object in the third trumpet, the falling star that causes wormwood = Greek apsinthos, will fall on modern-day Opis? At Wikipedia's article on Opis, we read concerning the proto-anti-Christ: "Seleucus I Nicator, one of Alexander's Diadochi, founded the Seleucid Empire and built his capital Seleucia on the Tigris on the western bank of the river opposite Opis." Seleucid was the first king of the north. More evidence that proto-Apollo was from Opis is that Seleucid later used for his Syrian capital (Antioch) the city of Daphne, which was somehow related to the Apollo cult.

It was the "Upija" version of "Opis" that had me linking it to the Biblical "Avviy" = Avvites.

Baghdad was founded Abbasids, tracing back to a founder named "Abbas." Coincidence?? While this doesn't necessarily suggest the city's founding by Bagratids, the city's name suggests Bagavand elements of some sort. More likely, the Abbasids were from Opis, at least on one side.

George Mitchell is hardly back from a "listening" visit to Israel but he's ready to move into his own pad in Jerusalem, and meanwhile to set up an office for all of his party pals too. "Obama, Clinton and Mitchell are expected to meet at the White House on Wednesday to plot a way forward, they said." Plot? Excellent word. Mitchell, along with wanting an "in-country staff," wants his own office in Jerusalem: "I plan to establish a regular and sustained presence in the region," [Mitchell] told reporters."

Fiends. They think Israel belongs to them. They give Israel little choice but to accommodate their intrusions because they hold the money bags and the sword that protects from the radicals. They claim that Bush was lazy and uncaring because he waited too long to get involved. The truth is, Bush had some class; he didn't push his way into Israel. The Obama team by comparison is a rhino.

And that's why his team is falling apart so soon (Daschle just quit), for Obama was like a race car out of the gate, too hasty, revving too high. He was like a hasty man not thinking things through enough because he believed that everything he touched would turn to gold. What sort of gold to we expect if Obama charges into Israel, only to meet the brick wall of Netanyahu, who swore today that he would eradicate Hamas once and for all? Fool's gold. Mitchell is slated to return to Israel soon after the election, giving the new leader no breathing room.

It's just one week before Netanyahu will be confirmed as the Israeli leader, most are predicting, and the Gaza situation has resumed a minor state of war, with darker clouds looming. The anti-Israelis have had enough time now to re-group after being taken by surprise by the Gaza invasion, and plans are being made to literally destroy Israel. The "al-Qaeda number two" today came out with another message, which I'll share as soon as I find it.

I just watched Obama in an interview with Anderson Cooper. The president said that it was better to have Daschle quit because it otherwise sends a double-standard message. But up until yesterday, Obama was fighting to have Daschle confirmed! Obama is a sham; he talks whatever is politically expedient at the time. It's a sick joke. George Bush must be laughing, though.

Mr. President. Could you tell us when you plan to ask Tom Daschle to step down?

Why, certainly, Mrs. List. As soon as he steps down.

February 4

George Bush was wrong when he said that removing the troops from Iraq would embolden the terrorists. The Obama implosion will embolded the terrorists. And the Russians.

"President Obama will convene the most ambitious arms reduction talks with Russia for a generation, aiming to slash each country's stockpile of nuclear weapons by 80 per cent.

...Mr Obama is to establish a non-proliferation office at the White House to oversee the talks, expected to be headed by Gary Samore, a non-proliferation negotiator in the Clinton Administration. The talks will be driven by Hillary Clinton's State Department.

This is a hard one to comment on. The idea is to reduce the potential damage in the event of a nuclear war between the super-powers. But I've always wondered how any U.S. leader could know whether Russia is abiding by a nuclear-reductions promise? Then there is the problem of China's nuclear stock piles. Yes, Jesus wants all nations to throw out their bombs, but what happens if the West does and Russia doesn't? Horrible betrayal...just what God might want, just what Revelation 17:16 prophesies.

There's a photo of Hillary Clinton circulating, showing a rather upset face just after a journalist nabbed her on the topic of Obama's refusal to send her to action-packed Israel, sending her to Japan instead. The Hillary photo is promising to make Time Mag. She relented when Obama allowed her to have a role in the nuclear-reduction talks with Russia.

The way I see it, Bush wouldn't have spent so much in his missile-defence system, nor risked much bad blood with Putin, had his people not had good reason to be suspicious for something big and bad enough to warrant it. The Obama team, if it's assuming that Bush was working on a knee-jerk reaction, is promising to give Russia exactly what it wants. Soon, we will see Hillary in action, and get some clue as to what's going on.

In northern Iraq's Anbar province, the riotous attitude of the Awakening Sunni has been quelled by the Maliki government's promise to look into the possibility of foul play at the polls. In Mosul and Nineveh, the Hadba party is still claiming victory, and the rival Kurds are keeping non-violent for the time being, at least until the official results are announced.

Did I tell you that I'm living normally for a while? I have flush toilets, running water, furnace heat, soft couches, normal electricity, very nice home...all's good. Been here for almost three weeks. Goodnight, wherever you are, and thank you for putting up with the mythstory. I keep advising myself to back off a little, but for days in a row now, new findings kept cropping up.


Good morning. I was worried that there would be little news today. Without news, I'd probably pile on more mythstory. Then I found an interesting development in Iraq:

"In Salahuddin province, north of Baghdad, by contrast, there seemed little doubt that the [election] results would be accepted. Allawi appears to have won because he has been a strong critic of U.S. post-invasion policies that hurt former Baathists and others who worked in Saddam Hussein's government. 'Ever since 2004, Dr. Allawi called for the reverse of Bremer's order to disband the Iraqi Army and security services and to have de-Baathification,' said Hamad Hamood al-Qaysi...Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army and issued a sweeping order barring former Baathists from government service, moves that several political analysts say helped strengthen the insurgency."

I stared at Ayad Allawi's photo and wondered if he could be Gog. I wondered if Gog could be a Baathist if indeed the term traces back to Bathys, now Batumi. After all, Batumi is in Georgia, where the ancient Gogi lived. I entertained Allawi as a possible Gog because he is set to win the Salahuddin province and thus become a rival of Maliki, for Allawi had been the first Iraqi prime minister after Bush conquered Baghdad. But finally I decided that he will not be Gog, not likely anyway, though he should support Gog when he rises with Baathists. Allawi should support the overthrow of Maliki by Gog.

The video message of Ayman al-Zawahri (al-Qaeda number two) released yesterday is a directive to enter Gaza: "Bring weapons into Gaza... Punish everyone who stands against Gaza and the rest of the Muslim world." And he repeated al-Qaeda's opposition to Egypt, the "enemy." Ignoring the message (a mere repeat of recent messages), the point is the increasing number of back-to-back messages. It appears that al-Qaedad malice is turning toward Israel in a staunch way, and it's all-too possible that Iran might secure permanent concert with the terror group now that both have the objective of smuggling weapons into Gaza.

As a symbol of Egypt's position in the Gaza affair, the nation has just refused entry of al-Jazeera journalists into Gaza while allowing other journalists to enter. Obviously, this is going to be reported widely in the Arab world, making Egypt look extremely on Israel's side. The article below also shares a report that Egypt intends to close the Rafah crossing tomorrow as an effort to twist the arm of Hamas for a hard ceasefire agreement. The closure would likely stop Gaza aid from entering through Egypt, the article says, and this would not only anger Muslims, but dismay the UN. The UN leader is looking to Turkey to mediate the situation, and meanwhile the Turkish leader still wants a role at Rafah.

Obama is floundering still more. In his effort to create a senate with a Democrat dictatorship, he finds himself stubbing his toe, for he must now allow a Republican to be his secretary of commerce without having the returns of a Democrat taking that Republican's senate seat...Republicans still have 41 Senate seats, enough to filibuster Democratic legislation" "In an unusual arrangement, Republican Sen. Judd Gregg agreed Tuesday to join the Obama administration as Commerce secretary after the Democratic governor of New Hampshire agreed to appoint another Republican to replace him in the Senate."

Ouch, that must hurt. Once Obama had chosen Gregg, you see, he couldn't turn his back on him no matter what Gregg's conditions were, because Obama can't afford to look anymore hypocritical at this time. Nor could Obama say to Gregg, "No, either I install a Democrat to take your place, or you don't get the commerce job," as that would reveal his true motives for choosing Gregg. Ouch, Obama must be at the drug store asking for some anti-depression pills. "Honey," his wife must be saying, "the kids thought you were superman. Now what do I tell them?"

When Obama had chosen Bill Richardson for this job, I thought, perfect, a globalist to oversee the skincode system in the U.S. But now how do I see the situation with a Republican overseeing American commerce? So far I haven't been able to find that Gregg is an Illuminatist, nor even a globalist. Anything can happen though. He might lose his job in the next couple of years, or step down. Or, the skincode can yet arrive on a massive scale while the commerce department has nothing/little to about it but to accommodate it.

The Republican (Bonnie Newman) slated to replace Gregg, as part of the deal, must not run for the senate seat in 2010, at which time the Democrats hope to have a dictatorial senate majority...perhaps just in time for the skincode's escalation. That is, the skincode may be enforced in America via a Democrat majority in both legislative bodies. I fully expect the skincode to arise in America due to both street and celebrity Democrats popularizing it. This generation has been primed by Illuminati media to accept Satanism, which is a necessity if the masses are going to accept and extol Revelation's "mark of the beast."

Interestingly, "In 1995, Gregg voted to abolish the very Commerce Department he now plans to lead." Something seems wishy-washy here. Gregg has the job only because Bill Richardson was forced to step down due to involvement in a scandal having similarities with the scandal that rocked Obama's Illinios senate seat. The talk today is about the corruption of Obama's government picks, when in truth the talk should be about Obama's corruption background.

He still hasn't forwarded his birth certificate, and there are still some legal moves to acquire/expose it by force of the courts. Had not Obama chosen Hillary for a top post in his administration, she and Bill would likely have funded a move or two to expose his alien citizenship. No one might like to see it exposed more than the vice-president, however, and who knows but that the legal moves might be from pro-Biden Democrats. The Republicans might rather have Obama as president than Biden, especially if Obama continues to bring more Republicans to his government. Is the back-stabbing about to begin? It usually begins when the leader becomes weak or shamed.

There's a USA article out today that laments the bad effects of television: loss of sleep and lower marks in school. What about the satanic values and personality traits? What about the spread of the very sinfulness for which Armageddon intends to eradicate? If satanism isn't on TV, or if the wicked of this world are not involved in television productions, then where else are they? No, they are on TV, and Christians had better nip it before God decides that they should be counted as part of Satan's camp.

I watch TV, but I shun and guard against its satanic programs for fear that God will disown me. There is always the risk that we will displease Him, and in fact we all do at times with what we watch. Once the sinful ideas enter the mind, they work their way to the soul to contribute to the personality and to one's goals. The "power of television advertising" proves that this statement is true. I can think of no greater means by which Satan's forces can corrupt the end-time Church other than television, and don't the satanic globalists know it?

There's talk in the West of increased sanctions against Iran as per its successful launch of a spy satellite this week. But Interfax reports Russian opposition: "Iran sanctions untimely - Russian diplomat" (today's 14:50 line). Line 14:33 says, "Medvedev hails Obama admin's moves on Afghanistan," but I don't know what those moves refer to.

The U.S. just closed an army base in Russia's republic of Kyrgyzstan. It was closed due to opposition by the Kyrgyz president. The base had been opened some years back as part of the U.S. effort in Afghanistan, and U.S. general Petraeus had hoped to increase it's influence. Is its sudden forced-closure the start of some Russian back-stabbing into Obama's back?

Democrat senator Carl Leven wants to scrap Bush's missile-defence program on Russia's borders. Plus, Levin wants to cooperate with Russia, the likely agenda also of Obama. Recognizing that his surname is Hebrew, I checked the surname's Arms and found that the English Leven Coat uses the same rake design as does the the Batumi Seal, the Welsh Bude Coat, the German and Irish Butler Coats, and the Dunham Coat (Obama's mother's surname).

I tend to trace the Rhodes Illuminati to the island of Bute, which makes me suspect that the Rhodes surname is from the island's early name, Rothesay. As I linked Rothesay to Erethlyn, note that in Erethlyn contains the region of Rhos. It's possible that Roslin (also "Rosslyn") in Lothian was linked to Rhos and Erethlyn. The similarity between the Rhodes Coat and the Batumi Seal startled me, for I had long traced the Rus to the Aras river beside the Bat(umi) region of Georgia. The gold "roundels" in both coats are sometimes said to represent gold coins, if that helps to make a connection to international bankers...where the Rothschild surname comes irresistibly to mind. The wave or rake design in the Batumi Seal matches the waves in the Rhodes cross (which was the Sinclair cross orginally, meaning that the Rhodes surname merged at some point with Sinclairs).

I now want to remind you that the leopard in the Rhodes Crest shows kinship with the leopard in the English Blank Crest. I had shown this in the January 29th update, where also I started to find evidence of a Clinton-family link to the Blank surname that was mother to first-Communist president of the Rothschild-founded (1917) Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin...yes, the one and only Lenin. I was shocked to find that the main symbol on the English Blank Coat was used by the English Rodham Coat, thus showing kinship between the two families.

Now we find that Hillary Rodham Clinton is being made, by the Globama team, the overseer of US-Russian relations as one of her first missions. Coincidence??? While it's obvious that Stalin (coming after Lenin) slashed the reigns of Rothschild influence in Communist Russia, it's predictable that a future Russian leader would re-install that influence. Now, I have wondered for years whether "Putin" could possibly link back to Bute blood. Amazing, is it not? I am getting the impression that God's arch enemy was in the Bat Georgians, or better yet, in their ancestors.

I should add that the leopard was myth symbol to Dionysus; he was made (by myth writers) to wear a leopard fur when going into battle. He was located in battle as far east as India, which smacks of Alexander the Great's battles into Bactria (west of India). I mention this similarity because Daniel 7 depicts Alexander the Great as a leopard, and moreover the anti-Christ in Revelation 13:2 is "like a leopard."

Dionysus traces to the Hros of Armenia, as per his mother's mother, Harmonia, being made the daughter of Ares. His mother, Semele, traces to the Somali tribe of ancient Ethiopia, where there was a mount Nysa (see this Wikipedia article), but other writers located another mount Nysa in Armenia: ""After this tragedy Zeus placed the child [Dionysus] in the care of the nymphs of Mount Nysa, which was often claimed to be upper Armenia..."

I truly wish I knew where that Armenian mountain was. Herodotus had written: "...the Greek story has it that no sooner was Dionysus born than Zeus sewed him up in his thigh and carried him away to Nysa in Ethiopia." Thus, Dionysus represented a people mix of Somalians and Armenians of the Ares and Hermes fold. He was given the thigh as a symbol to depict Mero and the Amero peoples of Africa:

"These [western Indians] were in ancient times subject to the Assyrians, afterwards to the Medes and finally they submitted to the Persians, and paid tribute to Cyrus the son of Cambyses as ruler of their land. The Nysaeans are not an Indian race, but descended from the men who came into India with Dionysus...Dionysus named the city itself Nysa, and the land Nysaea, in honour of his nurse Nysa. The mountain near the city, at whose base Nysa was built, is called Meros (thigh) after the misfortune he experienced as soon as he was born."

This quote is by the biographer of Alexander the Great, and moreover one begins to see that Dionysus in western India was quite possibly code for Alexander himself, thus explaining the leopard symbol shared by both. The thigh symbol of Dionysus is herein revealed as Meros (i.e. because "meros" means "thigh," therefore Dionysus was symbolized by it). Is it a coincidence that there was this city, Meros, at the foot of mount Nysa in Asia, while there was (and still is) a Meroe/Merowe location in Ethiopia (now Sudan), and a mount Nysa in Ethiopia?

I had traced Obama's Luo tribe (Kenya), and its neighboring Luhya tribe, to the Dionysus cult in the Lydio-Lycia theater (there developed a Mero/Meroe in Kenya too). By just now I found that the latter tribe's alternative name, "Luyia," was also "Luluyia." This is stunning. For I had traced this tribe to Lycian stock, which itself traces to the great Zab river in ancient Assyria, because that river was called the Lykos. It was between the two Zab river that the Ares dragon cult lived at one time as the rulers of Arrapha. I had known that the Lullu(bum) peoples lived between the two Zab rivers (at/around modern Sulaimaniyah), but I didn't have the evidence to connect them to the Luyia tribe now in Kenya (where they were millennia ago, I do not know). I had found a variation of "Leleg" in Wikipedia that was near-identical to "Lullu," but here today I find the Luluyia variation of that African tribe.

This is very important for leading to Bute. The Leleges were in the Troy region, where the Turukkaeans (also "Turukkum"), also from the Zab-river region, had became the Trojans and Thracians. The Leleges were in Padasa: ""According to Strabon the other seven were Lelegian cities: Termera, Side, Madnasa, Padasa..." Homer: "...who rules over the warlike Lelegans, possessing lofty Padasus..."

Padasus smacks of the Padus river (now the Po) in Venetia, and therefore should prove to be the root of the Veneti city of Padua, also "Padova," where the Aphrodite cult (virtually the same as the Ares cult) moved to. I have already traced Padova to the Batavians of the Rhine-river mouth, and shown that "Betewi" was a variation (given by Wikipedia) of the Sudanese city, Merowe, and thus concluded that Merowe is the origin of mythical Merovee (that named the Merovingian Franks). Add to this that Franks traced themselves to the Veneti (not to mention the Trojans) and one can be sure that Padova named the Batavians.

Thus, the Batavian portion of the Merovingians traces back to Luyia stock, which was probably related to Obama's Luo tribe. But as Bute traces back to mythical Batea, mother of the Trojans, it's highly likely that Batea depicted the founders of Padasus. Thus the Leleges must have joined with the Bats of Caucasia before moving on to found the various western hubs of Rosicrucianism. Compare "Padas" with "Bathys," the early name of Batumi.

In the following quote, we see evidence of a Lullu trace to Leleges, but also evidence that Obama's Luo tribe traces to the Luwians:

"It is thought that the name Leleges is not an autonym, or a name these people applied to themselves, in a long-submerged tongue. Instead, during the Bronze Age the term lulahi was in use in the Luwian language of the Hittites in Anatolia, referring to barbarian peoples of what would become classical Caria and Lycia, also in Anatolia. According to the suggestion of Vitalij V. Sevoroskin, 'Leleges' would then be an attempt to transliterate lulahi into Greek."

Although "Lullubum" (or "Lullubi") sounds like an African term, the peoples lived in Assyria. As the African tribe of Luluyia was also called, "Luyia," the latter lost its "Lu." When taking the "Lu" from Wikipedia's term, "lulahi," we are left with "lahi" (as the root of "Leleg"), which is identical to the more-common alternative of the African tribe, "Luhya."

The Leleges were allied to the Caucones, which smacks with my trace (see Obama Stock) of the Kikons (of Thrace) to the neighbors of the Luhya, the Kikuyu tribe. I am convinced that these similarities are not coincidental, even as the pagan god of both the Luo and Luhya tribes was (and still is), Nyasaye, similar enough to "Nysa" to be a match.

The following quote is some evidence that Putin's surname traces back to the same Batumi>Bute stock as the Rhodes and Rothschild names, and might be construed as supportive of my hunch that Putin is for, not against, the London Rothschilds thought to be at the foundation of Communist Russia. Keep in mind as you read that the House of Rothschild is traditionally led by the London Rothschilds:

"More recently, a small item appeared in The Washington Times indicating that following Putin's arrest of Yukos President Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Jacob Rothschild of the English Rothschilds was the recipient of voting rights on $13.5 billion in stock in Yukos, a Russian oil giant. Henry Kissinger reportedly accompanied Lord Rothschild on his visit to Putin. It turned out that Jacob Rothschild and Mikhail Khodorkovsky have been close friends for a long time."

It should be said that "Lord" Rothschild and Putin may not have been friends, and that Rothschild got a good chunk of Yukos from Putin only because he had been Khodorkovsky's friend (Putin stole the oil giant, as one of the first signs of his attaining dictator levels). Also, if Putin does trace to Bute elements, it may not be due to the will or actions of the Hebrew globalists, but of God. One can also fathom that Putin was installed by the Hebrew Illuminati, but afterward he rebelled. Putin was born, after all, in Leningrad (= St. Petersburg), the city re-named briefly after Lenin, the suspected plant of the Rothschilds. Hmm, "[Putin] became acting President on 31 December 1999, when president Boris Yeltsin resigned in a surprising move..."

I had ruled Putin out as the anti-Christ because his two terms were over in 2008. But he can now become the Russian president again in 2012, or anytime that Medvedev steps down. However, I do not think that Putin needs to become the Russian president in order to fill the role of Gog.

I just found an article online stating that a Georgian (!!) woman, Vera Putina, thinks that Putin is the son she gave away at 10 years of age, also named Vladimir Putin. I am reading the article now and will report on it for tomorrow's update.


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