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February 10 - 12, 2009

Israel's New Government

February 10

For months in northern Iraq, Americans have not been targeted as has just happened when four died in a single attack by a suicide car bombing. This is a marker of what may come again. Someone is not happy with Americans in Mosul, where the blast occurred. It may be that al-Qaeda has new-found confidence now that Nineveh is solidly in Sunni hands. It may be that a central-command decision has been made to "persuade" Obama to remove the troops sooner rather than later.

Let's see now. One trillion dollars divided by, um, say 10 million Christians. That's $100,000 each. Mmm, not bad. Just to let you know how much Obama is stealing for Democrat purposes. Lots. But, like the Bible says, man makes his plans, and God decides the outcome.

It's election day in Israel, and it's already dinner time there, so results should be in soon.

There is almost no news at this time to speak of. Iranian president has announced today that he'll have talks with Obama, which may mean that Obama has bought his friendly attitude in some way. Really, Obama's carrot approach is really a purchase. He offers Ahmadinejad something of monetary value to make him pliable, and the Iranian leader takes the carat fool's gold but has no intention of being malleable. Israel has already learned its lesson on this, and has warned Obama, but he thinks he's different, more intelligent, more blessed in some way. He thinks he can convince Ahmadinejad to put away his fight against Zionism. He makes his plans, but God wants to raise Muslims against Zionism. Zionism will not rule His Israel.

The Obamachine seems to be grinding to a halt on all fronts as the steely chips of reality jam its cogs. Obama wants trillions. Without money, Democrats are no-nothings. With money, they're evil-doers. The Federal Reserve, I read yesterday, is offering the U.S. government more than five trillion more dollars in loans. Is this the Obama agenda, to get its hands on an incredible amount of money in order?

On the Gaza front, Egypt continues attempts to influence Hamas into accepting their West-Bank counterparts. No news there. Israel and Hamas continue to launch minor attacks on one another. No news there.

My focus is on northern Iraq. I daily read articles on terrorist threats lingering there. I imagine that the ex-Saddam Baathists are counting their political chips. Who will come to control Nineveh now, they must be wondering, the Sunni who favor the Iraqi government, or the Sunni who wish to replace it? We can be sure that those who oppose the government are making secret plots to overcome it; seeing that Maliki has become stronger in this election, the method of overcoming him will probably be violence based. I imagine that, now, pro-Baathist Russian leaders will want to engage in some heavier talks with the ex-Saddamers. I read Russian news almost daily.

Syria, like Russia, is strengthening its ties to Cuba. Has anyone asked whether Castro succeeded as Cuba's leader in the face of many assassination attempts because God is reserving Cuba to act as launching pad for America's nuclear disaster at Armageddon? Let's face it; if God is angry at the sins of Israel sufficient to bring Armageddon to Megiddo, God will not spare America the New Atlantis, land of the Immoralites. Russia, instead of discarding its nuclear weapons, may have piled them up in Cuba over the years. If true, it would be no wonder that Russia wants Obama to begin another mutual nuclear de-armament program. We read today:

"While US president Barack Obama told the media early Tuesday, Feb. 10, that the US would pursue direct talks with Iran, an official Russian spokesman said his government would complete Iran's nuclear reactor at Bushehr within three months."

Iran and Russia must both be feeling very comfortable lately, ever since January 20th. What's to stop the smuggling of nuclear weapons into Cuba? If Iran and Syria were able to smuggle weaponry into Israel on merchant ships while both Israel and the U.S. kept careful watch, how much easier would it be for the two nations to smuggle into Cuba? Would it be any harder to smuggle nuclear weapons as opposed to conventional weapons? No, not at all. Surely, the global fight against the United States has Cuba onside. The interest in Cuba by Russia and Syria lately must have to do with affirming ties to Cuba's new president, Castro's brother, Raul.

"A ship detained off Cyprus has breached a UN ban on Iranian arms exports, Cypriot Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou said [today].

But Kyprianou refused to specify what had been found on the Cypriot-flagged [Russian ship] Monchegorsk...

Kyprianou said Cyprus will decide what to do with the cargo once the search of all containers aboard the ship is completed."

No wonder Ahmadinejad is being nice to Obama starting today. Yesterday he was the tough guy. Today he's smoothy peanut butter. I get it. Obama has got to have been informed as to what's on that ship, yet he has not made any comment publicly (otherwise it would instantly make it to the major media).

Obama's money-bag, Timothy Geithner, has made the official Obama plan known today. In the following quote, assume that the money bag in the Federal Reserve bank is owned by Rothschild bankers, and then ask if Obama is hot-and-steamy in bed with Rothschilds. Got to get it now, he says, got to get the money now, can't wait:

"Geithner said the Treasury was creating a public-private investment fund, jointly run with the Federal Reserve with financing from private investors, to buy up hard-to-sell assets that have bogged down banks and financial institutions for the past year. He said the new fund, often described as a 'bad bank' for holding toxic assets, would start with $500 billion, with a goal of eventually buying up to $1 trillion in assets."

Many banks threaten to fail all at once. Private investors (who? I wonder) buy their problem accounts at low prices. Obama gets money (probably printed) from the Federal Reserve to bring those "toxic assets" back to health, and Americans pay for it. Supposing that the private investors include Rothschild corporations, Rothschilds make undeserved money from three directions: 1) from buying accounts cheap, 2) from interest on the money loaned by Obama, and, 3) from the loan itself since it's expected to be much more than needed to bring the accounts back to health. The reason that it's expected to be more than needed is because Obama is in on the scam, i.e. his very role is to direct money to the Rothschild empire. I'm assuming this, of course.

At the Fed-bank website itself, we are told that the bank is a non-profit org owned by no one, and yet the admission is made that there are stock-holding members who earn a guaranteed six percent annually on dividends. Plus, the webpage says:

"The twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by Congress as the operating arms of the nation's central banking system, are organized much like private corporations..."

As the share-holding members are other banks, how easy would it be for Rothschilds and other "Jewish" bankers to make money through the Federal Reserve? Why are there twelve regional Fed banks (each with its own member-banks, I assume) that make up the central Fed? Are they the "twelve apostles" of the Illuminati? Are there twelve because it allows many more banks to become members?

Let's say that the banks now going under are members of the Fed. Let's assume they're going down as part of a calculated plot. They then get money from the Fed as per the bail-out program, but then make interest (paid through their dividends) when they pay the interest on the loan, for the borrower is also the lender. If the bail-out money (= the principal) is printed, it's extremely lucrative for the borrowing banks because the principal that they repay was a gift out of thin air in the first place that goes to the lenders, which were the borrowing banks themselves.

The Fed must give an annual report of its activities to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, currently Nancy Pelosi. If Fed-bank leaders can control this person, they can act more corruptly than is otherwise likely. The seven-member board of governors (nine members for each of the twelve regional banks) are appointed by U.S. presidents, this being an incentive for corruption i.e. the Fed stock holders would like to have their own people in the White House. The current chairman over the board is Ben Shalom Bernanke; a Hebrew quite obviously. Wikipedia says that Bernanke is ranked 4th most powerful person in the world in an annual ranking by Newsweek."

Of the six members(one vacancy) now on the board, I find just one surname that brings up a Coat of Arms; the Duke Crest, using a dragon holding a ring. Coincidence? No, I don't think so. The ring, remember leads to Melusine, mythical dragon of Lusatia. Look at the Fed hierarchy or "family tree" at the webpage below, showing the Lazard banking family as a high-standing member. The French Lezard Coat is a variation, perhaps of the Arms of Lusignan. Variations of the surname evoke the dragon-depicted Leslies of Scotland.

Now behold. The Lezard Coat is exactly the shield of the English Babel Coat while the German Babel Coat has Melusine (!!) herself as symbol (she was depicted often with a fish tail).

The bank shown beside the Lazard Brothers is Morgan, Grenfell and Company; the Grenfell Crest also (i.e. as does the Duke Crest) uses a gold (griffin-type) dragon. The Morgan Coat uses a gold lion, but as the J.P. Morgan bank is shown evolving/merging into Drexel and Company, see the gold griffin in the Drexel Crest! It's All in the Family. Note that the Drexel Coat uses three gold fleur de lys on blue, used also by the English and Scottish Brown Coats, for at the top of the hierarchy, we see Brown, Shipley and Company.

I should add that, when I came across the Schiff article cited earlier (about the first Rothschild living with, and then purchasing a house owned by, the Schiff family, I learned that the surname was from "ship." This may explain why the Shipley surname appears one level down from the Rothschild London branch (founded by the first Rothschild's son, Nathan)

The Brown Brothers bank is shown merging with Lehman Brothers NY, wherefore note that the three dolphins in the Lehman Coat are identical to the three dolphins in the Reagan Coat, and used by the Kennedy Crest.

We find in the Fed-bank family tree that the Loeb bankers merged with Jacob Schiff. Not only is the Schiff shield but the English Loeb Crest and Coat uses the familiar red lion on white. Then, as per the Schiff bank merging with Thomas Fortune Ryan, we see a red griffin in Irish Ryan Crest and three griffin heads in the Ryan Coat...the same griffin head used by the Scottish Leslie Crest.

Other bankers shown are Baker and Harriman, both surnames using a black cross, a typical Illuminati symbol, we might assume. Another surname, Stillman, uses three white roses on a black shield, the same as the German and Jewish Sachs Coat (i.e. Goldman-Sachs shareholder of the Fed). As Chase Manhatten is a part of the Fed system, note the Leslie-Crest griffin in the Chase Crest, and its Bouillon crosses.

The first few pages of this article shares the major stock-holding banks of the Federal Reserve, and begins to explain the Rothschild control over it/them. I haven't read past that. For further reading from someone who nicely explains why she (Ellen Brown) thinks the Federal Reserve is a corrupt scam, see

The Israeli polls are closed:

"With voting stations officially closed, exit polls at 10 p.m. suggested that Kadima would win the general elections on Tuesday.

However, due to the dramatic rise in support of the Likud and Israel Beiteinu, it seemed that Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu would have a better chance than Kadima head Tzipi Livni of forming the next coalition.

The Channel 1 poll showed Kadima winning 30 mandates, and Likud trailing closely behind with 28 seat. Israel Beiteinu was predicted to earn 14 mandates, and Labor was slated to get 13 seats.

Once the final results of the election are known, President Shimon Peres will begin a round of consultations with party leaders, to hear who they are recommending for prime minister."

More as it comes in.

February 11

It wasn't my imagination when I saw Hillary being sidelined by Obama. There is a headline today, "Hillary's incredible, shrinking role" by Dick Moris. In it, he says: "Samantha Power, Obama's former campaign aide, who once called Hillary a 'monster,' has been appointed to the National Security Council (NSC) as director of 'multilateral affairs.'" I checked the Power Coat to find yet another rake; in fact, the Coat is nothing but the rake design. As evidence that the rake links back to the Arpad Hungarians (king Stephen used the rake), the English Power Coat and Crest use a deer, the symbol of the Arpads.

I opened an email last night from a reader who passed along a quote on Nicholas de Vere. It led me to discover that his book is free online. When I first learned of Nicholas' claims that he and his family was guardian over an ancient dragon bloodline, I had no idea that my tracing of the dragon cult would include the Veres so centrally. I knew little of anything that Nicholas has said, not even that his book, The Dragon Legacy, was at first entitled, From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells.

In other words, I did not know that Nicholas traced his dragon family either to Transylvania or the Wells surname, and yet I ended up tracing the Vere surname to the Wells surname and the Vere bloodline to the Arpad root in Transylvania. Last night, when I started to read a couple of his online chapters, I learned of this statement he made: "The word Rose in Germanic means Horse, from Hros." I had traced the rose symbol of Rosicrucians to the Hros Caucasians...though I'm not sure if Nicholas traces to those Caucasians or just the Hros term among the Celts.

In the next chapter that I started to read, "Scythians and Druids," he started talking on the Hungarian Arpas. He claims that a Ubaid peoples who lived in Transylvania long before the Hungarians came along founded Mesopotamia and especially Sumeria, and that the Ubaids had moreover founded the Indian region of "Harrapa where Ishtar reigned as Queen." I think he misspelled the term, as it should be "Harappa," a domain in the Indus valley. I knew nothing of this place until last night, but clearly Nicholas was making an Harappa link to the Arpad Hungarians...which is exactly what I do with the Arappha of Assyria where indeed Ishtar ruled supreme (for a while).

I do trace Hungarian Arpads to Sumeria, but only with the Ugarit region of Syria as the middle ground. Ugarit was known to house the gods of Sumeria. It's known that the Hungarian language was similar to the Finno-Ugrian, thus making a link between the Finno-Ugrians of the far north Russia to Ugarit of Syria. I was pleasantly surprised last nigh to learn (from the Scythians and Druids chapter) that " archaeologists working in Tartaria in the Ubaid territory of Transylvania..." Perfect! A place called Tartaria in Transylvania that I had not known before. It should support my trace of the Hungarian Arpads back to the Syrian island of Arpad offshore of Syrian Tartus....very close to Ugarit I don't know if anyone else traces the first Hungarians to these Syrian shores).

I caution my readers on the writings of Nicholas, as they must surely be steeped in Satano-mystic ideas and falsehoods particularly aimed at times at weak Christians. Moreover, I don't think he knows the tracks of the dragon cult across Europe in any solid way (as I now believe I do), so he takes pot-shots that may or may not be accurate.

I did a bit of research on Harappa of the Indus (now Pakistan) last night, and found one claim that the Indian god, Rudra, was one and the same with mythical Harappa, a goddess. This agrees with my finding that Ares of the Aras river and the Arphaxadites of the Harpasus river were joined as one people. Since I trace the Armenian Ares cult to Arados (= Syrian Arpad), and then to Rhodes, it seems that the same Aras-Harpasus peoples also went east into India to name their gods, Rudra and Harappa. As I tend to identify these two-directional peoples of the dragon as Avars, it supports my growing belief that Veres trace from European Avars...who were centered in proto-Hungary.

Nicholas traces his bloodline to Dracula of Transylvania. It occurs to me just now, as per my assessment that proto-Hungarians in Transylvania had links with Georgian Bagratids, that the bat symbol of Dracula may trace to the Georgian Bat peoples. It certainly makes sense now.

In the same chapter, Nicholas attempts to unveil Druid origins in Draco/Dracula, but does not seem to know that Druids originate in Thraco = Thracians. The Odrysians (mythical Dryas) of Thrace is where I found the proto-Druids, and one can see that "0Drysia" is a soft-c version of "Thraco." Just as myth identifies mythical Dryas (= "oak") as Edones, so the Druids of Britain had Aedon as their goddess in the Edinburgh region of Lothian. I get it, that the dragonian Edones founded Edinburgh, explaining why the Setons/Seaton surname ended up in Lothian if Setons were named after the Sithone tribe of Edones.

I hate to break it to Nicholas, but his dragon cult was the pathetic Aphrodite-Kabeiri-Eros cult on the Hebros river. Rhodope on that river's environs was likely the western Rudra. The western Harappa is then identifiable as the Arpii/Carpae founders of Carpathia. At first glancer, I would disagree with Nicholas and others who trace the Ubaids to Sumeria rather than vice versa. I should also add that the Ubaids look like the Avvites of the Apollo cult that I trace to the dog-worshiping Dacians of the Carpathians. "Ubaid" is very close to "Avidia." Here's what I wrote in my and Edom and Ava chapter:

"There is also the opinion of several online Encycopedia that the Dehava were the Dai/Dahi Persians mentioned by Herodotus, which seems to be exactly the wolf peoples mentioned above. But now read this as sent to me by Kathleen, quoting from Clarke's Commentary:
'It is uncertain who these Avites were. The most probable opinion seems to be that which Grotius has suggested by observing that there are a people in Bactriana, mentioned by Ptolemy, under the name of Avidia...'"

Bactria was definitely east of the Caspian. 'Avidia' feels right, for in the Bible the Avvites are said to have had a city in Edom called, 'Avith.'"

The point there was to trace Avars of Dahae-based Daghestan (they still live there today) into India as the Avatar cult that I identify as Biblical Abaddon (Revelation 9). Yet I also trace the Dahae to a proto-Roman Apollo cult in Dacia...that became the Hirpini of Abellinus/Avellino (Italy). What this line of discovery to the Hirpini (meaning "wolf people") does is to identify the wolf peoples among the Apollo cult as the Arpii (i.e. Arphaxadites). It looks as though two wolf-line peoples merged, therefore, the Arpii with the Dacians.

Nicholas admits that various animal symbols were used to identify different but specific people groups (if only he thought the same of mythical terms). He then writes: ...the Stregoi or female Stregoica, a being that manifests itself as either a wolf or a raven." I have only recently traced Arphaxadites to the crow/raven. I know little of the Stregoi family, but suspect that it was an Arpii entity.

I don't think readers here can follow well all that I say on these topics, but do follow the main points that the Arpad entity seems central to the Illuminati. I recall when an email revealed to me what the mark of the beast would be a six-spoked pinwheel. I still don't know what a pinwheel is -- whether it has a rim or no rim -- but the rimless one is used in scanners today at check-out lines of retail stores. Last night I found a webpage showing several ancient designs, some relating to Harappa of India. One design included the six-spoked wheel, with rim, but then I came across a perfect swastika! It appears on the "Harappian seals." Then I knew that Harappa was from the Avar root of the Varangian Rus, you see, for the swastika traces independently to both Avars and to Varangians. I can't copy the images because they are on an Adobe-format page...but see for yourself about one-third the way down at

As Avidia was in Bactria, while Harappa was in what is now Pakistan, perhaps Pakistan was named after Bactria. In any case, could the Abaddon destroyer of Revelation's fifth Trumpet, wherein we see a huge furnace and smoke rising as a result of a falling star, be a nuclear explosion from the Pakistani? Certainly, al-Qaeda is working hard to secure control of the Pakistani government. As I said, the fifth Trumpet should come from a peoples who despise the western skincode system, for the plague is aimed at those who receive the mark of the beast.

I had traced the Sindh province of Pakistan to the Sintians of Thrace because it is said that the Sindh province derives from a Sindi peoples of northern Caucasia. And just now I discovered this eye-opening statement from Wikipedia (italics mine):

"The Assyrians (as early as the seventh century BCE) knew the [Pakistani] region as Sinda. The Persians as Abisind, the Greeks as Sinthus..."

Should Abisind relate to ancient Avidia?? Remember, Abaddon is an entity that the Revelation text places in "Abyssos." More interesting yet is that the Sintians (probably a scythian branch) were a peoples of Lemnos, the island that was home to the Kabeiri. There were a sub-group of Sinti Gypsies called "Cigani," evoking the Kikons (and mythical Cygnus), but if that's not enough, the symbol of the Gypsies to this day is a spoked wheel, with a rim just like the wheel symbol of the Harappa peoples!

As these peoples were of the Rudra cult, I now know that I was correct (years ago) when tracing Rudra stock to the Redones of France, for Greek myth portrayed the coming of the Redones (of the Rhodanus river) as the son (sometimes Apollo) of Helios (or "Sol") crashing his chariot in Eridanus. You get it. The Harappa wheel is known to have been a symbol of the sun, as was Helios' chariot wheel.

Who, then, were the Harappa of the Frank realm? I would suggest Arpii stock of the Rhodope realm, the same stock that provided the Hungarian Arpads, perhaps explaining why king Stephen (of Hungary, an Arpad) used what in France came to be called the Franconian Rake. As it looks as though "Sindi" derived from "Abisind" stock, the Sindi of Caucasia and Lemnos should have been Avars. It could be that in those days the Caucasian Avars were the Iberi, so that the Kabeiri of Lemnos were named a hard-c version of "Iberi"...probably exemplified in the "Kaprus" river of Arappha realms (Assyria).

I have already traced the Lemnians and their Sintian inhabitants to the Lemovices and their neighboring Santone Celts of western France. They both lived beside the Pictones, which starts to explain how the proto-Veres ended up amongst Pict royalty. It's also interesting that the so-called "Vere star" is a white pentagram, as is the star on the Pakistani flag to this day. In fact, I had traced the Picts to the Pashto (also "Pakhto") speakers of Afghanistan, though they are also in north-west Pakistan to this day (and probably named Pakistan). Since Dionysus was placed by myth in Bactria (immediately west of India), I might link his "Bacchus" variation to "Pakistan" and/or "Bactria."

As I had traced the Veres to the Aphrodite cult (as per Abreu/Abruzzo), I should mention here that I traced Aphrodite, not only to "Euphrates," but to the "Afridi" peoples of the Khyber Pass in Afghanistan and north-west Pakistan. It can't be a coincidence that "Khyber" reflects "Kabeiri" and "Kyprus" (= Aphrodite on Cyprus) so well.

The middle ground between the Pashto peoples and the Picts was very likely the Pyxites river on the Pontus, close to the Prytanis river, in/near lands where the Khaldi called home. It can't be a coincidence that the Picts had a Calydoinia tribe (reflcting "Khaldi"), and that the Brit Celts were early the "Pretani," a perfect reflection of the Prytanis river. We also find the Bradanus river in south Italy near Pyxus(Buxentium).

The Kyber Pass is in the daily news these days, as is Pakistan, as per Obama's agenda there. The flag of Pakistan uses a cresent, the Seton symbol, and meanwhile I was suggesting (some years ago) that the Sithones of Thrace were connected to the Sintians of Thrace. Today, immediately after writing the above paragraphs, I decided to get back to the news, and found at DEBKAfile that admiral Michael Mullen is tring to work out an Afghan plan. I then remembered that the Irish Mullen Coat uses three red crescents...just like the three on the Seton Coat! The Mullin Crest is also a red resent.

I had traced the red-hand symbol of Ulster (Ireland) to Abkhazia, for it too used a red-hand symbol. As that red hand was placed in conjunction with a "star of David" upon the Ulster flag, I figured that the Iberi of Abkhazia were the root of the Ulster domain, as per Heber, mythical founder of Ireland. Now I see a red hand on the English and Irish Mullin Coats, and am reminded that the Sindi (also "Sindae/Sindoni")of Caucasia were in Abkhazia (now northern Georgia, remember). It seems I just can't get back to the news.

One website claims that Abkhazia is linked to an "Apsua" term...smacking of "Apsu/Absu," the Sumerian god to which Veres trace themselves, and the god that I think depicted the Buzzi and/or Budae Medes as depicted by mythical Medea, witch daughter of Aeetes (whose city Aea/Kutaisi was in what is now Abkhazia). In other words, it looks as though the Bats of Caucasia, to which president Putin may have belonged, were of the Abkhaz fold.

The Abkhazi are traced by others to an Abasges-branch of Georgians, but to better link them to the Bats, I found this online (translated) phrase: ..."the country Lazcs of Apsiles and Abasges..." The Bats lived where the Laz lived, you see, thus explaining why the Setons link to the Leslie clan by there common use of the green dragon symbol as family Crests.

It looks as though the Western Bats -- the False Prophet and the Illuminati -- are on a collision course with the Russian Bats and the Pakistani Bats, the latter being an Abasages-to-Abisind migration. But include the Iraqi Bats too if indeed the Baathists were founded by families of western Bats. Now that I think of it, the Aflaq co-founder of the Baathists may have been from "Ablaq."

I felt that I'd probably be wasting my time to look up the English Black surname (from "Ablaq I thought), but, zowie, it uses a red crescent! The Scottish Black Coat uses a black cross to not much surprise, but so do the Aflech Coat and the Bitar Coat (Salah ad-Din al-Bitar was a Baathist co-founder with Michael Aflaq). The Black Crest is a red lion, which is conspicuous in that I linked the Baath co-founders to the red-lion Rhodes and Stewart surnames.

Conrad Black (now in prison) was the publisher of the Jerusalem Post. His father was George Montagu Black. I can add the following for anyone wanting to do the digging further, that since the first earl of Montagu was the son of the 2nd Baron Montagu of Boughton, it should be Black-pertinent that the Boughton Coat used three (gold) crescents. The "...1st Baron Montagu of Boughton (1562-1644), who was imprisoned in the Tower by the Parliament on account of his loyalty to Charles I.' Charles I was son of James I and therefore a Stewart king.,_1st_Duke_of_Montagu

The Telegraph (UK) was also owned by Conrad Black, and today it reports, as though out of the blue: "A bail-out of the toxic assets held by European banks' could plunge the European Union into crisis, according to a confidential Brussels document." The article claims that this report comes from "secret" documentation. How did the Telegraph get it so as to leak the fear-mongering story?

What in Obamatonia is going on!? We also read: "Ireland moved toward greater government control of its financial system Wednesday by bailing out its two largest lenders..." Is this not part of a global-socialism scheme with the purpose of installing national-wide controls?

Meanwhile the Taliban has launched suicide and gunmen attacks today on three Kabul government buildings...with Mike Mullen screaming at Obama for more troops. The attacks were co-ordinated with Pakistani terrorists. It's going to be the western crescent versus the eastern crescent. Is this the beginning of Abaddon's rise against the founders of the coming skincode? Come on, Atlantis and Europia, make the economy drab in order to install your skincode, but God has a response that you will never believe.

My understanding is that terrorists have wiped out a bridge in the Khyber Pass, used for supplying American/NATO fighters. It is this, I think, that has Obama thinking twice about sending more troops in harm's way. Mullen must convince Obama that escalating the Afghan fight will not make him a worse war president than he accused Bush of being.

Obama's spokesperson has declared that Obama doesn't care who wins the Israeli premiership. However, Haaretz has a flash telling that Obama has congratulated president Shimon Peres on "successful Democratic elections." This means that Obama has contacted Peres, the one who will decide the next prime minister! Obama must have made known to Peres, even if very subtly, who he wants to work with in the future. Keep in mind that Peres comes from Labor-party background. Usually, labor parties are socialist:

"The Israeli Labor Party (Hebrew...Mifleget HaAvoda HaYisraelit), generally known in Israel as a center-left political party in Israel. It is a social democratic and Zionist party, a member of the Socialist International and an observer member of the Party of European Socialists."

My, does not "Avoda" evoke Avidia? Probably coincidental. Right? Then again, I think Tel Aviv was named by/after an Avvite element. The labor party traces back to the Ahdut HaAvoda party "founded in Palestine in 1919 out of the right wing of the Poale Zion party, which had been founded in Ottoman ruled Palestine in 1906, and was headed by David Ben-Gurion," the first prime minister of Israel. The Wikipedia article on the subsequent Mapai party adds that HaAvoda was "founded in 1919 from the right, more moderate, wing of the Marxist Zionist socialist Russian party Poale Zion led by David Ben-Gurion." Marxism was based in the Bavarian Illuminati.

The Mapai party was a merger (in 1930) of HaAvoda with a party founded by Aaron Gordon, a Zionist Russian Hebrew. The date 1930 is interesting in that at Lenin's death, his pro-Rothschild Bolshevik party was carried forward by Alexei Rykov until 1930...when he was replaced by an anti-Rothschild Stalinist. Rykov was executed by Stalin on charges of supporting Trotsky, the Bolshevik and Marxist "Jew" that carried the Illuminati agenda forward until that time.

There is no Gurion Coat, but the surname might be connected to the Gordon surname. The only Gordon Coat shown is Scottish, and this surname stems from the ancient Boernicians, using a boar for a symbol. The Boernicians, says the article below, were a cross between Vikings, Angles and Picts of Scotland. As this mix was also that of the Veres, I now very much suspect that the blue boar symbol in the Vere Crest was representation of Boernicians. I would suggest that these had links to the boar-depicted Eburs of Evreux.

As I trace Veres to the first Varangians, it may be that the Gordon surname went to Russia amid the Russian Varangians. After all, just before Lenin was installed as the first Communist leader, the first Russian prime minister (George Lvov, filled the void of the downed Russian czar) was of Rurikid i.e. Varangian blood. It's not unreasonable that "Ger" variations of "Ver" cropped up, by which I mean to suggest that the first Israeli leader, Gurion, may have been a Vere.

Obama, acting like his phone call to Peres was meant innocently, planted a message in Peres' mind:

"Also [this] evening, President Shimon Peres gave Obama a crash course in the intricacies of putting together a coalition, when the US president called Peres to congratulate Israel on its elections.

According to a statement put out by Peres' office, Obama - who has stayed completely out of the Israeli election campaign - asked Peres about what happens next in the coalition building process.

...According to Peres' statement, Obama said that the process seemed complicated, but that he was sure that Israel would benefit from Peres' 'experience and wisdom.' He also said he was looking forward to meeting Peres in the near future, and that 'we are all still on our way to the Promised Land.'"

Peres is not so dumb that he doesn't recognize a butter-up job. Obama was stroking Peres' ego, moving in on his psyche, planting a directive. Earlier today, an Obama spokesman clearly indicated to Israel that Obama wants Livni, not Netanyahu: "The hope is that there is a government [in Israel] that is really committed to peace with the Palestinians," the spookman said.

It's going to be difficult for Peres to anoint Livni because Netanyahu's Likud has a commanding 65 to 55 edge (approx) in seats when all the political factions are figured in. Moreover, a handful of seats in Livni's 55 are Arab parties. Yet, because Peres is a socialist, he might just give Obama what he wants.

Mr. Peres, as you know, I do not have a very long nose.

Ha ha, Mr. Prez, I know, I know, you wish only the best for Israel. What can I do for you?

Well, Shimon Ami, I was thinking that today is a very good time to call you my friend, a day in which I am reminded of your eloquence and every good virtue worn so dignified upon your handsome demeanor.

We are identical, Mr. Prez, we can agree on it. What can I do for you today, my friend?

Not that I would disagree with your choice for prime minister but have you noticed how lovely Livni looks lately?

Is that a tongue-twister, Mr. Prez? Or an arm-twister?

Far be it from me to make your decision, sir, as all I do is hold the money bags of poor defenseless Israel. And I have a rather large bag coming to me soon, as you must have heard.

I thank you for the call, Prez. I will inform my people of it, and tell them that you have no leanings in either direction.

What can I do to repay you, Simony?

Just keep me in mind when you rule Israel.

Is it a deal, then? We'll see.

February 12 Yesterday I came across the Boernicians. Believing that the Vere Illuminati had been rooted in them, I decided to look into them a little more, and quickly found this:

"The family name Milnes is believed to be descended originally from the Boernicians...

The Boernicians, an ancient clan of people of the north of Britain, were a mixture of Picts and Angles, dating from about the year 400 A.D., and considered to be the founding peoples of that area...

Following a battle in which the Milnes rallied all they could to the larger Clan Gordon (and were largely wiped out), that clan made Milnes a sept."

Zikers! I had just mentioned the Gordon surname as the founder of a socialist political party (Hapoel Hatzair) in Israel, and meanwhile an Alfred Milner of Britain had co-founded the Rhodes-Milner Roundtable Group, or just Roundtable for short, a globalist effort to form a socialist ruling entity. It's no wonder that the Gordon surname is also from Boernicians. If I'm correct that the boar symbol (as for example the Gordon Coat displays) depicts non-Israelite, Celtic Hebrews, then Israel may have been founded by such in conjunction with the Rothschild/Khazar Hebrews. There is a deer in the Gordon Crest, symbol of the Khazar side of the Hungarians.

The Veres are traced (by me) to both Hebrew groups, starting from the Boernicians and then to the Cohen/Kagan surname when in France. I may now need to admit a mistake, where I viewed "Milo" (de Vere) of Anjou as a mythical code. Nicholas de Vere claimed that Milo was the son of Milouziana of Scotland. As there was the historical "Milon" version of "Milo," it seems that it was a name in honor of the Milne surname in Scotland (if true, Nicholas might not even know it).

By the way, as the Gordon surname was first found in Berwick(shire) (south-eastern Scotland), it looks as though it was named by Boernicians. "Ber" looks like a variation of "Ver," but this should be a coincidence.

When Nicholas mentioned (in his Druids chapter) the Illuminatist, Alister Crowley, I checked the surname and found a blue boar in the Crowley Coat. It's known that Crowley was a part of the Golden Dawn Illuminati of London. Crowley's name was mentioned with Jack Parsons, his accomplice, and as Nicholas had mentioned the names after stating that the Ubaids of Transylvania used a panther symbol as did Dionysus, and in fact that they wore leopard skins as did Dionysus. Perfect, for Dionysus was venerated by mythical Dryas (proto-Druids) on the Hebros river, just a small migrational jump from Transylvania. The point here is that the Parson Coat uses three gold panthers/ does the Rhodes Crest.

Nicholas says, "The amazing Jack Parsons, OTO., attempted it in the 1940's and joined [Oscar] Wilde..." I checked the Wild Coat and Crest: deer!

Wikipedia says that the Dutch Boers of south Africa were named after "farmer." I haven't been able to find a link between the Boers and Boernicians, even though Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner fought and conquered the Boers. Then we have the De Beer diamond company founded by Cecil Rhodes. The Dutch De Beer Coat shows a black saltire cross, perhaps connected to the black cross of the Claro Vikings (Danes), and then the Danish Boer Coat shows a gold leopard! This convinces me that the Rhodes leopard symbol is connected to the Boer surname among the Danes, which then suggests that the Boernicians trace to the Danes, at least in part.

I am reminded by the mistake repeated by everyone wherein the Bauer surname -- the true name of the first Rothschild -- is likewise defined as "farmer." I found that, as per the arrow symbol of the Rothschild Arms, that "Bauer" was a variation of "Bower," as in the bow that shoots an arrow. I showed evidence for this idea, including the fact that the German Bauer surname has a Bower variation at In fact, the is five arrows bunched together at the center just like the Scottish Bower Coat. The point is, "Boer" looks like an apt Bower variation.

I'm reminded that I traced the Claro Vikings to northern Scotland near Moray, at Aviemore to be exact. It begins to look as though proto-Rothschilds were in Scotland, and intermarried with the ancestors of the Rollo Vikings, which can be explained if both the Rollo Vikings (on one side) and the Rothschilds trace to Transylvanian Khazars. It is said that some American Indians stemmed from Picts, and of course when we think Indians, we think bow and arrow.

Is it a coincidence that the mythical Calydonian Boar (Greece) was killed by an arrow, and that Picts had a Caledonian tribe? You see, the Greek Calydons trace back to the Khaldi of Artemis regions (she was the boar-depicted peoples), and the Khaldi trace to the Chaldean Hebrews of heathen Mesopotamia. From this angle, the Boernicians may have been those Hebrews.

The importance here is that I can finally make the Rothschild blood connection to Cecil Rhodes. In fact, as the Rhodes surname used red, it should explain why Mayer Bauer (18th century) changed his name to Rothschild. Assuming that the leopard symbol of the Boer Danes traces to the Ubaids of Transylvania, isn't it conspicuous that I traced the Danish ancestors (on Norway) of Rollo to Aviemore (but consequently also to a Norwegian location called "Evie," or something like that)?

I am now of the strong opinion that "Boernic" of the Danes evolved into "Borg(hand)," modern Bornholm, an origin of the Burgundians. Compare the diagonal bars of the Burgundian Arms with the diagonal bars in the Danish Boer Coat. Only the colors are different, and yet you see the Boer colors (red and white) elsewhere in the Burgundian Arms.

Why did Burgundians of Bornholm (an island off the Swedish coast) move to France in the Avallon region of Champagne? Because their kin, the Apollo cult from Avellino (Campania), had come through there en route to Rothesay (Avalon). They had been from the Arpii of Transylvania, and quite possibly the Boernicians had been from that very migration.

The Rollo-Claros bloodline became the Templar bloodline. The first official king of Templar Jerusalem, after Godfrey de Bouillon, is sometimes styled, Baldwin de Bourg. Note that the Dutch Burgh Coat is identical (showing kinship) to the English (i.e. Norman) Clare Coat.

Is all this irrelevant to end-times prophecy? No, for it reveals that Israel must be stacked with leaders from non-Israelite Hebrew groups who are moreover linked to globalist socialistic plots and, literally, the empire of Satan. Granted, Ehud Barak's labor party did not do well in this election, but Israel at all levels must have many agents loyal to Rhodian and/or Rothschild families. The labor party is lumped in with the leftist block led by Livni's Kadima party. I would expect Obama's people to badly want her as the next Israeli leader, therefore. Today we read:

"Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has conducted an international campaign in recent weeks aimed at the diplomatic isolation of a right-wing government headed by Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu. Abbas has been trying to convince the international community that such an Israeli government must face conditions similar to those faced by the Hamas government."

If even Abbas opposes the Likud to such an extent, Obama must likewise. The problem for the left is that, even if Livni becomes the prime minister, the Likud and the other rightist parties will have command of results in any agenda. However, DEBKAfile has this to say:

"The country shifted to right awarding Netanyahu the support of a bloc of at least 64. President Shimon Peres must therefore assign him the task of forming a new government some time next week.

...But rather than leaning on right-wing support, our sources report Netanyahu hopes to coax both Livni and Labor leader Ehud Barak to join his administration...If he responded to Netanyahu's invitation, it would be in defiance of his party which prefers the opposition benches to a Likud-led government."

This ball is way up in the air. The right wing is nationalistic i.e. opposed to globalist intrusions such as the peace accords. Orthodox Jews (= modern Pharisses) are by and large on the right; I expect that Kabalists (= agents of the Hebrew dragon cult) are on the left. Keep in mind that if the 70th Week begins in 2009, a right win in this election may be to stave off the great tribulation until 2013, at which time there may be a leftist government.

There is a story out today that possibly concerns the three frogs of Armageddon (Revelation 16), the frogs that come to fight, on behalf of the anti-Christ, the kings of the east. To most people, the term, "frog," when used for Franks, is a rather meaningless term. I sensed that the frog became a symbol of pagan Franks for a reason, and even read that the three fleur de lys representing the first Franks (Merovingians) were at first three frogs. I thought that the frog symbol represented Phrygians, for indeed Franks trace to the Heneti Phrygians.

But why three frogs in Revelation? Is it merely a reference to the Franks alone, as per their three-frog symbol, or are there three specific peoples, the Franks and two others, who are to lead the charge against the kings of the east? I am reminded of mythical Frigg, Odin wife, who I view as myth code for a stem of Phrygians. Today's article starts off like so:

"Nato's chief has reassured France that it would lose no sovereignty if it returned to the alliance's military command, and promised it would be awarded key posts within the organisation."

France opted out of NATO a half century ago in order to protect its national military interests. "Czar" Sarkozy wants back in because he can't accept the thought of relinquishing power over the EU. He is addicted to the taste of power; he believes his vision for Europe is paramount. The point is, if France is to lead the charge against the kings of the east, this NATO development can be seen as the build up to that prophecy's fulfillment. The article says that the "French president is expected to formally announce a greater role for France in Nato in coming weeks, a move the country's leaders have traditionally rejected."

France is a good fit for the frogs for another reason: the three come out of the mouth of the False Prophet, of the anti-Christ, and of the Dragon. Meanwhile, the dragon cult leads to the Franks, but also to American Freemasons via the Franks. But what does the frog from the anti-Christ's mouth mean? That he will be part of the Frank fold? Let me tell you that, if not for Ezekiel telling that Gog will be from the "far north," I would be seriously entertaining "the king of the north" as the leader of the Americans in Iraq, for Americans can very likely arise in Mosul at this time.

However, I noticed that "Varangi" could be a variation of "Frank," and meanwhile not even Britannica knows where "Varangian" derives. As Varangians founded Moscow, the Moscovites descended from Varangians may be regarded as one of the three frogs. The problem is, time is ticking and I don't see any move from Moscow that might signal an entry into Mosul by a Russian.

In grade eight, I was secretly in love with Cathy Froggat (best-looking girl in the school, but I was too chicken to make a move). I therefore recall the surname to this day. I checked it just now to find that the Froggat Coat uses three frogs on blue shield, the color also of the fleur-de-lys shield of France. I wouldn't have mentioned this if not for what we read, that the Froggat surname was in Derbyshire before the Norman invasion (11th century), wherefore the family name may have had a role in the Arthurian-Merovingian brotherhood in Britain. A quick check at Wikipedia's Derbyshire article gave this: "The northern part of Derbyshire overlaps with the Pennines, a famous chain of hills and mountains."

I had pegged the Pennines as the locale of the early Arthurian cult, as per the code, PenDragon, used for Arthur's father. I had known that the proto-Arthurian cult was in Avellino (Italy), in the midst of the Apeninnes, you see. As I typically view the Arthurian cult as an extension of the dragon-cult Franks, I would identify the Arthurian leg of the Illuminati as a Biblical frog, the one coming out of the mouth of the False Prophet.

Note the staff with flag (= red Templar cross) placed at an angle in the Avellino Arms. Why is a lamb holding the flag? Did Revelation give the False Prophet horns like a lamb because he traces to a pagan cult using the lamb as symbol? If so, then perhaps I was wrong when suggesting that the Revelation lamb is code for a Christian personality. On the other hand, writers on the Arthurian cult did develop a Christian facade, even linking Arthur back to Jesus' bloodline; many Freemasonic groups use that same facade to this day.

For new readers, I trace the two golden lambs of mythical Atreus to the Atrebates of southern England. I also trace the Atreus term to the Odrysians i.e. the proto-Druids at Arda, you see. Pendragon was definitely a Druid entity. Atreus was the father of Agamemnon, and "According to Greek mythology, Orestes, son of king Agamemnon, built [Edirne] as Orestias..." Edirne was in Arda at the junction of the Hebros and Arda rivers. You get it. The Atreus bloodline was indeed at Arda and was therefore code for the Odrysians.

It is generally agreed that Arthur was portrayed as a bear, which may then link to the Boers. The Beer surname uses a black bear as symbol, and moreover I identify Arthur as a Rus/Rothes peoples...suggesting that Cecil Rhodes and the Golden-Dawn Rothschilds carried the cult into modern times, explaining why they use Arthur's roundtable as symbol for their Illuminati circle. Remember, the Roundtable was founded by a Milner-Rhodes partnership, and the Milner surname is known to trace to the Boers. I should mention, though, that a bore was sometimes substituted for a bear, which should not be more expected than in the case of "Boer."

To put this more plainly, the Arthurian cult rules much of Israel today, not by sheer numbers of Israeli citizens, but by the overwhelming money and political power that they wield.

I have just found the following support for the Atreus theory: "Some ruins of the ancient Abellinum can be seen near the modern village of Atripalda, 4 km (2.5 mi) East of modern Avellino." I can now be more sure that the Campania domain around Avellino was the root of "Hamp(shire)," where the Atrebates were first known to live.

This could be all for today.

Well, I was just in the shower when an enormous realization occurred, that Pendragon's first name, Uther ("Uter" in French), was code for the Atrebates. This clinches that Arthur was code for the Arda region and that Atrebates stem from Odrysians.

I should mention that Uther was made to sleep with the wife of Gorlois in producing Arthur. Gorlois looks like code for "Carolingian" (successors of Merovingians) and moreover it smacks of the city of the end of the Eden valley coming out of the Pennines. The Eden river and the Caldew meet at Carlisle, the latter river evoking the Khaldi > Caledonian line. The Eden river should be associated with the Druid goddess, Aedon.

There are two localities in the Pennines that could make an Arthur link to Rhodes: Penrith, which Wikipedia says should be read as Pen-Roth/Pen-Red, and nearby Penruddock which in fact means Pen-Red. In other words, one can see how these localities, having the Pen name of Arthur's father, may have evolved into Rothesay, the Avalon of the cult.


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