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February 7 - 9, 2009

The Skincode's Intrusion

February 7

I've been up most of the night watching videeos on Gog and the anti-Christ to find what's out there. I was extremely disappointed with so many nutcases preaching garbage. But it wasn't a total waste of time. See the two videos below, about a charismatic-like movement in which the preacher claims to be both the anti-Christ and Jesus. This is not the big news; I doubt very much that he believes he's either one; I suspect he's an Illuminati plant. The big news is that he has his congregation happily accepting a 666 on their bodies.

For those who are unable to see the videos easily (because they have dial-up internet), let me explain a little. There's a Latino "preacher" in south Florida teaching that there is no Jesus, no Satan, and no hell. He has what I thought were attractive women accepting his message with enthusiasm, but he also urges that people who do believe in Jesus should be persecuted. He and his followers wear a 666 tattoo in various places on the body. He preaches the prosperity gospel identical to Pentecostal preachers, and in fact his church services resemble a Christian-charismatic one.

I mention the attractive people because they may be planned plants in the church with the express purpose of attracting all Americans (and all the world) into accepting the 666 and diabolical false-Christian teachings as a fashionable thing. If I'm correct that many of the church-goers are plants, we should expect other groups to arise in various parts of the world. This Florida "church" may be a pilot project to see what does and does not work in attracting the masses. Not all are attractive since most are not the plants but the deceived. While the real 666 commercial system may not use a vivid 666 outright, it makes it even easier for the masses to accept it once they see that people receiving a literal 666 tattoo are happy and fashion-smart as opposed to down-and-outers, weirdos, goons and geeks, so to speak.

He has 300 centers in South/Central America, Cuba, and the United States, and claims to be global. His group has Bible-burning gatherings, and, sometimes violent protests at Christian churches. He claims to be God, and thus he makes a perfect fit for what most Christians are expecting in the real anti-Christ. I don't go for this view.

I view this "preacher" as merely one of the false Christs whom Jesus said (see Matthew 24) would come in multiple numbers along with the "abomination that causes [Israel's] desolation" (verse 15). He's exactly what I think the Illuminati has been conditioning the Elect to believe about the anti-Christ for many years. In fact, the many men who are to come claiming to be Jesus may all, by and large, be plants in a global scheme to popularize a satanic movement catering to a secular world. I have always found it too hard to believe that men would come claiming to be God or Jesus while actually believing it themselves. It's more likely a calculated scheme.

He says just what Christians are expecting, that he is the ruler of a global system of God, to which he working toward, but this may be what his Illuminati sponsors are paying him to become...yet he is not the Biblical anti-Christ. It could be that his movement will grow and thereby keep the masses from realizing who the real Revelation beasts are. At this point, it's hard to see how this man will be the Biblical invader of Israel, for example.

If I am correct in my view that the Illuminati has been conditioning the Elect, via false-Christian speakers and writers, to view the anti-Christ as a false Jesus/messiah, then it's also possible that the pre-tribulation rapture was an Illuminati plot working in conjunction with a plot to make Christians "disappear."

I saw last night a video (I didn't record the address) telling that companies who sell computers and fax machines are knowingly/willingly imbedding spy-wares into their machines intended for government agencies. How easy would it be for someone at a remote computer to turn on the camera and microphone built into your computer, to watch and listen to you (I keep a piece of tape over my laptop's camera)? I have no doubt that everything faxed or printed on fax-printers is recorded somewhere outside of those machines.

The good news is that the arrival of the skincode will cause stark divisions between those fence-sitters who, at that time, will opt for Satan and those who will opt for Jesus. It will be Decision Time, time for all of us to become distant from worldliness, and to become purified in fear of what God will do to those who side with "the system." There will be enough to fear, which is why we should try not to fear, to be brave. Start talking to others about a tribulation plan, be low-key, careful, and be ready to turn the plan into action on the turn of a dime.

I read that some foods intended as long-term security foods were tainted with bacteria. Could some of these reports be deliberate schemes (i.e. false reports) to keep us from making long-term food purchases? You can imagine the many ways in which the war against skincode rejectors will unfold.

Wikipedia has an article on the false Jesus, named Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda:

Obama gave a speech recently as per his faith-based program. He lumped Christians in with Jews and Muslims as having good religions. We know that Jesus would not say such a thing. We know that Jesus would tell Jews and Muslims that they will die in their sins unless they accept Jesus as their Guide and Salvation, not just His teachings, but his standing as God literally in the flesh. Can you see where secularists can view us as a cult no better than the cult of Jose Luis?

The "stimulus plan" looks like it's going to be successful. It will pour nearly a trillion dollars into the American economy, raising the price of goods and land. Now seems like a good time to purchase our tribulation needs, though perhaps not the purchase of a great quantity of food just yet. I'll let you know when I make food purchases; my concern is not to waste any money. I want to make sure that Gog has arrived before I purchase food.

The stimulus money may not cause price increases for some time, for it needs to trickle down, or flow sideways, into the bank accounts of the common people before the economy can begin to move up again. In my opinion, Obama has made the economy worse with his fear-mongering, as that attitude only causes the nation to stay home, as did the high price of gasoline, rather than be out and about spending money. As soon as Gog appears, it will be time for us to start liquifying assets, and to save as much money as possible for use on trib needs.

The unemployment rate rose only to 7.6 percent this month, hardly the point at which to call the economic situation a "catastrophe" (Obama's word). I had said that the economy will recover soon because it actually would if Obama and his team would shut up about the "catastrophe." The cause of the recession was merely the high price of gas; now that it's back down to very low levels, the economy would get back to normal in about as much time as it took the recession to take hold.

The UN secretary-general paid Iraq a visit yesterday to bring a gift: the lifting of UN sanctions brought years ago against Saddam's government. I'm assuming that this gift was not given previously because the UN wanted to first assure that Iraq will be stable under a West-supported government. In other words, not that Maliki is known to be the biggest winner of the elections, promising further wins in the national elections later this year, the UN is promptly ready to end the sanctions and to thereby increase Iraqi income.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is signalling an in-your-face role in Iraq:

"Vice President Joe Biden said [yesterday] that the United States would have to be 'more aggressive' in prodding Iraq's government on forging political reform.

...He said Iraq's leaders had not 'gotten their political arrangements together yet.'

'Our administration is going to have to be very deeply involved not only keeping the commitment that we've made drawing down our troops in an orderly fashion consistent with what we said.'"

What? Biden promises a deep and aggressive political involvement at the time that American troops are slated to leave for the very purpose of handing government decisions to the Iraqis? What could the Obama team be up to in Iraq? I would like to answer this question correctly as a priority, so I won't attempt an answer now. I need more information first.

Hillary has decided her first trip:

"New US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has chosen to visit Indonesia on her first overseas trip because she wants to 'reach out' to the Muslim world, a spokesman said on Thursday."

Indonesia is where Obama was registered as a student, as Barry Soetoro. It can't be a coincidence that Hillary is going there first of all. I do believe, however, that the mission has the priority of hardening Obama ties to Muslims...globally. It would not only get the skincode into the Muslim world more easily, but it would give Obama some extra diplomatic cards as he seeks to create a Palestinian state. Biden has announced that Obama has the official task of creating a Palestinian state.

I think that I have just stumbled on a good reason for Obama's election. That is, if Obama has been an Illuminati choice, the underlying reason may be the decision of globalists for the need of a Muslim-friendly President to spread the skincode more efficiently in the Muslim world. Moreover, Biden is working hard right now to make a friendly face with both Russia and Iran...perhaps for the same underlying reason. It's true that the Obama team has some anti-Russian players, but the quest to install a global skincode may trump those players.

The article continues: "Clinton, who will also visit Japan, South Korea and China, will meet senior Indonesian officials in Jakarta to discuss 'the close and growing partnership with Indonesia and prospectives on common interests in southeast Asia,' he said." Might this trip be likewise a laying of the groundwork for the skincode system throughout Asia?

Assuming that the answer is yes, what will happen when Israel refuses his skincode system? Will he not want to oust the Israeli leader who rejects him on that basis? This could be, therefore, the issue that causes the False Prophet to turn a blind eye to Israel's demise by the King of the North. What evidence do I have that Israel will reject the skincode? None. I'm painting the scenario as food for your thought. Will Israel accept it? How could the predicted Obama-Netanyahu conflict affect the skincode's intrusion into Israel?

Will Netanyahu be an Illuminati plant? I read that he abandoned the American globalists and opted to side with the "European Illuminati," but I give these reports no value until I find the same for myself. Who does the European Illuminati include? The article pointed to Spain, for starters. This may suggest Javier Solana, a Spaniard at the helm of the EU. What could be the difference between the American and European Illuminatii? I suppose the same as Bush's Republicans versus the EU. But are not the Democrats on side with the EU? Won't the EU also play a role in pushing the skincode, and won't the EU therefore want to get it into Israel? If Israel is happily in bed with the EU Tart, how can Gog simultaneously succeed in invading Israel? We shall see.

Recall the scare that Biden gave back in October?

"In the midst of the presidential campaign last October, Barack Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, warned that within six months of Obama's election, 'We're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.'

The prediction hasn't come true yet, but unfriendly nations and international competitors already are stepping up their efforts to challenge the new president or at the very least get his attention."

The article goes on to show that world aggression has been building during the Bush transition to Obama. Why? Because the evil axis was afraid of Bush, as was his plan, but Obama's nice face is expected to build the confidence of the evil axis, and Biden knew it. The Democrats know it. But they have a plan, to implement a one world unity government, in spite of the fact that there are some who want to destroy it with nuclear might. Obama cannot balance; he will fall from his wire. If he's the False Prophet, he too will use his military to keep the world on side his plots. He will succumb to the Bush method of securing the global order, but too little too late.

The Biden Coat link shows many variations of the surname, almost all having a Bout, But(t), or Bud(d) root. There is also a "Bitten" variation shown, thus assuring that the Biden name is included in that family. It was first found in Hampshire (south England), but later in Gloucester (south Wales) and Somerset (Cornwall). Between the latter two locations, in northern Cornwall, there is the town of Bude.

For some updates on the mark of the beast, see Google Video (beware the errors/garbage in home-made video land). Here's a soft video on the topic:

The next video ties the current microchip system to IBM's purported involvement in Nazi Germany. I don't know if this link was true, wherefore it may be cause for undue fear. It's not my place to make these decisions for you, so I'll share the video anyway. I haven't ruled out that Obama's bosses are of the Norse Rosicrucians that brought Hitler to power:

If you have unlimited dial-up internet, you can allow the video to download completely (takes a long time), and then play it normally. The next video is by a post-tribber. I just want to say that I am not absolutely sure that the mark of the beast will be a microchip. "Mark" suggests not a microchip as much as it does a tattoo. It may be that the system will need to be rushed; if the masses are not ready for a chip implant by the time that they (probably the banks) want the system running, a simplified, non-tracking tattoo will need to be implemented first. Tracking is irrelevant, anyway, if we don't use the chip.

Believe you me that the government will not be upset with post-tribbers for rejecting the skincode so much, but for leaving their jobs and ceasing to be a positive part of the Society. That anger will target those who are seeking to survive on government property much more than those living peacefully on their own properties (i.e. not being a negative effect). This personal view does not address whether there will be an automatic persecution, based in a satanic spirit, for those who abandon the Society. I can't comment because I can't yet be sure of what the future will bring in any one place or country.

The next long-winded video is a waste of time, but an example of garbage, from a Pentecostal-like talker (typical flowers in the pulpit area) who thinks evil of post-tribbers who expect/teach a literal mark in the skin. This could be an Illuminati plant in the churches; surely, they must have many. His only purpose in this video is to make the listener doubt in the coming skincode, something that the globalists must be deeply interested in. It could be that he is a sincere believer who picked up his views from Illuminati plants. In any case, the man's arguments make him look like mentally challenged. He claims that the mark of the beast MUST be reciprocal to the "seal of God," and since the seal of God cannot be a microchip or a tattoo, neither can the mark of the beast be such. He argues that since believers are sealed with the Holy Spirit, the mark of the beast must be the spirit of Satan. This idea is not new, but has been online for years. I don't know where it originates. Frankly, this video is a waste of time.

The following video is U.S. Illuminati 101:

This is an overview of Cecil Rhodes globalist endeavors that reportedly passed to the Rothschilds:

I don't know what main roles the Rothschilds played in the Rhodes globalism, but the following video places Rothschilds in and out of the center of American control:

The next video is again on the Rothschilds, outlining their rise in Europe. Tjis is 101 Rothschilds:

Why not a video on the Bilderbergs and Skull and Bones to boot? But don't fear; if ever there was a definition for an idiot, a super-wealthy Illuminatist fits the best. While he may have smarts in one way, he's a complete idiot in another way. You know what I mean, you who are of the True Light:

For anyone who tried to use the video links but couldn't get through, I apologize for not correctly labelling the links. You can try again now and they should all work.

February 8

Surprise. The Kurds accepted defeat. No violence:

"The Kurdish list conceded defeat to the Sunni bloc.

'We well accept the results...

...Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani also called on all sides to respect the will of the people, saying Kurds have no intention to control Mosul provincial councils."

Let's see what happens next.

In Kirkuk (to Mosul's east), where Kurds are seeking to dominate, Iraqi troops have moved in to the displeasure of the Kurds. The next elections will be in Kirkuk domains. This is an oil-rich area that Gog will want to possess. I suppose that, should Mosul remain quiet from here on in, Gog can seek to take Kirkuk from a political base in Mosul. Certainly, the Sunni want Kirkuk as much as the Kurds, and may be willing to draw military plans to win it.

Not only have Biden and Holbrooke criticized Karzai's Afghan government, but now Obama is doing likewise. In fact, there is talk that Obama wants to replace Karzai. This comes as Obama has frozen his Afghan escalation for the time being...until his military commanders can persuade him that there is a safe mission for the troops. In other words, he is publicly accusing his military commanders for doing a poor job, thus trying to shift the real problem in himself for ordering an escalation in the first place. In fact, in order to shift the blame, he is trying to make it appear that the escalation was in the first place the idea of his military commanders.

This government team, while on the one hand portraying itself as friend-makers, is on the other hand ruining relationships. This is more evident in the way that Democrat are talking to Iran and Russia. Yes, they are "talking," but not as friends. So why talk at all? Why boast that they're talking? To this day, Biden has not ceased stressing that he and Obama are much better than Republicans because they are talkers. It's clear to the objects of their talking that talking is not for sake of making friendships, but for the sake of securing the Obama agenda. So why bother stressing this high virtue of talking when in reality it's based on selfish motives? A virtue by definition is a self-less tying, but no one believes that Obama diplomats are striving to help their "friends."

I still don't know what the Obama people want to do in Afghanistan. I had suspected that Obama stressed the Afghan war in the first place only for laying the ground for a future excuse to break his promise of bringing the troops home, but to blame his own military commanders, as well as Karzai, in efforts to cancel/downsize his Afghan operation is going to haunt him. There is a pattern developing of trying to keep to his pre-election words while simultaneously crossing them, which can only send a confusing message. The price to pay for pre-election deception is governmental failure.

Revelation 13 makes it clear that the False Prophet's fire from the sky is based both in his deception and in his desperation. Let's not imagine that he is such a great man that he is to be greatly feared. While he may hold a high position in the world, he is a pee-wee by Biblical standards. There is reason to fear because the False Prophet orders or supports the killing of those who reject the "image of the beast" (if that tells you how small/polluted his mind really is), and yet the text appears to imply that the murders are not the rule, but only a part of the persecutions.

The murders are revealed in Revelation for a reason, that we may know beforehand what we are up against in the mandatory period of the mark. Until we know what sort of system the image of the beast will be, I can't comment on whether or not we should actively oppose it, or just let it slide unopposed until Jesus comes to wipe it out. It's possible that murders will take place only for those actively opposing the Image program. The Revelation text may be a warning to us not to actively oppose it. If not for that warning, Christians (especially zealous ones) would without doubt actively oppose the system with fiery words of condemnation, but Revelation may be saying, "watch it, because the False Prophet will actually kill some of you for that."

It may not be publicly evident that the False Prophet will be persecuting Christians. It may be done in secret. It's therefore a good thing for us if the False Prophet wants to portray himself as highly ethical. It may be a good thing that a Christian False Prophet is slated to become the anti-Christ's partner. While we may not hear of calls from the False Prophet to persecute Christians, the very opposite will be true of the anti-Christ.

Biden spoke at Munich yesterday on behalf of Obama's foreign policies, and said that Obama is still unopposed to the missile defense system slated for Russia's border:

"The US, Biden added, will 'continue to develop missile defences to counter a growing Iranian capability, provided the technology is proven and it is cost effective.'

...Biden also vowed that the US would work to achieve a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians. 'It is past time for a secure and just two-state solution. We will work to achieve it, and to defeat the extremists who would perpetuate the conflict,' he said.

What's that? Obama is to "defeat the extremists" who plan to perpetuate the downfall of the two-state solution? Isn't Netanyahu's Likud party zealously opposed to a two-state solution? Is Biden, therefore, aiming at the Likud, or whoever wins the election in two days, with those words?

The Kadima party (now in power) has been making a comeback in the polls recently, promising to make the election a close call. After writing on the Ligurians and the Luyia tribe of Kenya, I noticed "Likud." Knowing that Freemasons use terms for their organizations that have double meanings, I also note that "Kadima" smacks of Cadmus, the Tyrian line that merged with the Kabeiri cult of Kybele...the root of the Kabala cult among Rosicrucian Zionists to this day. It's known that Cadmus came from north Africa as per his Poseidon ancestry, and so recall that Lycians (i.e. proto-Ligurians) lived smack beside Pisidians (named after Poseidon, I assume). In other words, the Luyia tribe (may have been lighter than negroid at that time) and the Cadmus cult may have moved to the Greek theater together.

Keep in mind that Dionysus was from Cadmus' daughter, Semele, and that she likely incorporated the Luyia tribe because its god, proto-Dionysus, landed at Tmolus (i.e. looks like it was named by "Semele" elements)...smack beside the Lycians. As evidence that the Tmolus Lydians moved to the Ligurian theater, mythical Tmolus was made the husband of Omphale, the mother of Tyrsenus (a variant of "Tyrrhenus"), the depiction of the Etruscans...who lived to the immediate south of Ligurians. As evidence that Lycians were from the Lycos river that was otherwise the Great Zab in Assyria:

"Herodotus asserts that the first of the Heraclids to reign in Sardis [Lydian capital] was Agron, the son of Ninus...But later writers know a Ninus who is the primordial king of Assyria...Their Ninus is the legendary founder and eponym of the city of Ninus, referring to Ninevah..."

I was amazed as I came upon this information today, because yesterday I recorded the Coats of surnames of some top Israelis, one of which was the Likud chairman, Danny Danon. If you look at the link showing the Danon Coat, you'll see that most variations of the surname are variations of "Jordan." This is now conspicuous because mythical "Omphale was a daughter of Iardanus," king of Lydia. Moreover, Ninus was made son of Belus, a term that was also the father of Danaus...and the Phoenix line in Tyre.

I was pleasantly shocked when, in the course of trying to identify the peoples depicted by "Omphale," I found them in this statement: "Omphale even wore the skin of the Nemean Lion and carried Heracles' olive-wood club." Had I not known by this time that the club symbol of Hercules was the club symbol of the Babenbergs, but in particular of the Babenbergs of Bamberg (Germany), I would never have guessed that "Omphale" depicted the Pamphylians, for I had traced Bamberg back to Pamphylians.

This is quite enormous, for Babenbergs of Bamberg had previously been counts of Grabfeld, which location I had traced back to Hera in Jerusalem = the Garebites. Just as Hera's daughter, Hebe, was made the wife of Heracles (Greek version), so Omphale became the wife of Hercules, suggesting a Gareb link to Pamphylians and thus explaining the Garebite link to Grabfeld. Quite apparently, the lion symbol of Jerusalem (on the Jerusalem flag) must trace to the lion symbol of Omphale and Heracles, which was also the Lydian lion. That is, the lion symbol (Nergal/Hercules) of the Laz dragon cult now decorates the Jerusalem flag.

I repeat. "Obama"! Were the Pamphylians named after "Obama," a term that meant "god/leader" among the Luo tribe (that I say named the Luwians of the Lydian domain). If the Luo term meant "lion," as per "lew" meaning lion, then quite apparently the lion symbol of Jerusalem traces to president-Obama stock in the Lydo-Pamphylian alliance!

My trace of "Heracles" back to "Kirkuk" (previously the Arphaxadite city of Arrapha) is now supported well, for if the Lycians came from the Zab=Lycos river (near Kirkuk), so the Hercules peoples of Kirkuk can be expected in the Lycian theater (Lydia was beside Lycia). I would like to ask, therefore, who wants modern Kirkuk more, Gog or Obama?

Remember, Lydians under king Gugu/Gyges were fathered by mythical Dascylus, who traces to the Latin-Etruscan border, at Tusculum. Tom Daschle comes to mind, whom Obama chose for his secretary of health.

As Fred Flintstone (the Water Buffalo Mason) depicted the Hohens of Flanders (also named Frederick) while his red and white wife, Wilma, depicted the Vlaams (early name of the red and white Fleming founders of Flanders), I was able to clinch the Babenberg-club link to Bamberg, as per the club of Bamm Bamm...the Herculean son of brown-dressed Barnie Rubble, who himself depicted the Brunswick House (named after Bruno = brown), while his blue-dressed wife, Betty, depicted the blue-colored Wettins. I found other cartoons to be code-studded themes. In the Lion King, the mother of the main character, Simba, was made "Sarabi," evoking the Garebites. Coincidence?

A major character in Lion King is the warthog = boar, Pumbaa. Hmm. Pumbaa's sidekick is Timon. Hmm. The boar traces from the Khaldi on the Pontus to the Calydonian Boar of Artemis, and meanwhile Artemis was an Amazon goddess named after the city of Themiscyra (smack beside the Khaldi), close enough to "Timon" to make the connection sound. Assuming that Pumbaa depicted the Pamphylians, the daughter of Simba, Kiara, might depict the Carians (beside Lycia). Simba (the lion king) might himself depict Cimmerians in their "Cymbri" version. It may be that the Cymbri-branch Cimmerians were those who went into Africa with Amazons, but then returned to Asia. I have often seen glimpses that Hercules was a Cimmerian people, and moreover I identified the Chimera dragon (with lion's body) of Lycia as a Cimmerian people removed to Etruscan realms.

There's your Sunday entertainment.

Back to Danny Danon of the Likud party. Note that the red bar in the Danon Coat is identical in color, location, and position with the red bar in the Biden Coat, a sign possibly of kinship. Note that the Danon surname was first found in Brittany, and that the spots on the Biden Coat are a symbol of Brittany. Note that the Biden surname was first known in Hampshire, a term that may trace to the Cymbri that named ancient Cambria (a Brito-Welsh domain).

The spots on the Biden Coat are known in heraldry as ermine spots (of the ermine fur). Compare an ermine with a meercat, for the Timon character that was the sidekick of Pumbaa was a meercat. If Pumbaa depicted Pamphylians, who were Paphlagonians, I don't think it's a coincidence that dragon-line Paphlagonians were the Heneti in particular, who evolved into the Veneti, who founded Vannes, capital of Brittany, while the ermine was a symbol of Vannes in particular! The producers of the Lion King may have chosen a meercat to depict this line as the next-best thing to an ermine, since meercats are native to Africa.

It therefore suggests that the Venedotia founders of Gwynedd (Wales) trace back to the Obama-fold Pamphylians. See the red dragons in the Arms of Gwynedd. The Rodham Coat also uses ermine spots, thus linking the name to Brittany.

Gwynedd was the location of Erethlyn (the red Erytheia conquered by Hercules), which then founded red Rothesay, later inhabited and renamed by a Bude/Bute entity...which likely formed the Bute-like variations of the Biden surname.

More on the cartoon. I could only think of one term reflecting "Mufasa," father of the lion king. Mopsus. I couldn't recall anything about him, but when I checked, I found that he related to Lydia and Caria! Mopsus "was the son of Manto, daughter of the mythic seer Tiresias, and of Rhacius of Caria..." That should explain why the lion king's daughter was made "Kiara," but the main point is that Tiresias was father to Daphne and as such was also Ladon, the symbol of Lydians. Moreover, it was "Manto" that tipped me off to the identification of the Ladon > Daphne line as Manda-branch Avars (the father of Tiresias was made Everes in depiction of Avars). Manto has been traced by ancient writers to northern Italy, if that helps to make a Lycian connection to Ligurians.

You probably think I'm crazy. I'm not. Look at how Mopsus connects to the same Omphale term as discussed above, for Mopsus "was held in particular veneration at the court of Amphilochus at Colophon on the Ionian coast of Asia Minor, adjacent to Caria." The Amphilochus code is more evocative of the Pamphylians than "Omphale," and moreover Amphilochus was given "Eriphyle" (root term "Phyle") for a mother, a code quite obviously for Pamphylian stock. Amphilochus was made the brother of Alcmaeon, a perfect reflection of Hercules and his wife, Omphale, because the code for Hercules' mother was Alcmene.

I had traced the Phyl term to the Bilis river of Paphlagonia (evoking the Blythe/Blyith surname of Bill Clinton's father). Pliny:

"Beyond this river Bilis, is the countrey Paphlagonia, which some have named Pylaemeniam, and it is enclosed with Galatia behind it...In this quarter the Heneti inhabite, as Cornelius Nepos saith. Moreover, from thence the Venetians in Italie, who beare their name, are descended, as he would have us beleeve."

The same writer goes on to give a good geographical picture of the Caucasus: "Behind the [Caucasus] mountains of that quarter, you meet with the region Iberia: but in the coast thereof of the Heniochi, Apreutaea and Lazi. The rivers Campseonysis, Nogrus, Bathys." There we have the roots of the Italian Aprutium (Abruzzo) and Lazio (Latinus). Note that Apreutaea is spelled just like "Abreu," the root of "Abruzzo."

Much further down the page, Pliny discusses Ethiopia, saying that it was previously "Atlantia." Look at the following terms, smacking of Simba (the lion king) and the Cymbri:

"Now betweene the mountaines and the river Nilus, are the Symbarians and the Phalanges...As for the Island within Nilus, of the Semberrites, it is subject to a queen...Beyond the Nubians, you enter upon the countrey of the Sambri...

Then we get to what may have been the Luo tribe's domains in those days, for he says: "...upon the sea coast certaine Aethyopians called Nisicastes and Nisites," perhaps the peoples of Nysa = proto-Dionysus Somali (the Luo tribe call their god today, Nyasaye. In the next sentence there is the mention of the "Syrtes" river, smacking of Sardis, the capital of Lydia!! Those exclamation marks are for my trace of the Luo tribe to proto-Lydia. Is it a coincidence that Tmolus (i.e. smacking of "Semele/Somali") was the mountain at the foot of which was Sardis???

There was a Syrtes river in Libya, in association with the Ladon dragon and an African Hesperides domain...which was for a time the Atlantean domain of Atlas. Was Syrtes and Ladon an extension of Lydia, or was it the other way around?? This north-African region was the mythical apple garden, yes, but as Avalon (Bute) was later made the apple garden, the Lydians of Libya must have ended up at Bute. To the east of the Syrtes was Tunisia, probably depicted by mythical Danaus, for although I trace him to Tanis on the Nile, he was known as a peoples in Libya. That is, Tunisia (part of old Libya) and Tanis were likely named by the same peoples, and then went on to become the ancient Danann of Britain.

Remember, "Herodotus asserts that the first of the Heraclids to reign in Sardis was Agron, the son of Ninus, son of Belus, [grandson of Hercules]." Belus was made the father of Danaus, suggesting that Tunisia was a Hercules-Danaan domain. Suddenly, the Luwians start to look like the root of the Libyans, or vice-versa. If true, the branch of the Luo tribe which formed the Luwians were also Libyans...explaining why Io, of Argos, was root to mythical Libya, for the Hercules Danaans were rulers of Argos.

Io's son in north Africa was Epaphus, smacking of the Paphlagonians. As proof that Luwians were Libyans, mythical Libya was made the daughter of Epaphus. Poseidon with Libya then produced the Phoenicians, where the Libyans joined the Cadmus cult and thereafter migrated to the Greek theater. Was this migration the formation of the Luwians, or had the Luwians formed the Libyans in the first place?

Tunisia was mythical Tanit, and, zowie, Wikipedia says that her shrine was in Sarepta in Phoencia, yet another Gareb-like term. Sarepta is a very old city. The article says: "The origins of Tanit are to be found in the pantheon of Ugarit (Syria), especially in the Ugaritic goddess Anat." I had traced Anat to the Heneti (Paphlagonians). You get my point.

Another Wikipedia article tells that, "Harpocrates is the god of silence. Harpocrates was adapted by the Greeks from the Egyptian child god Horus." Those two gods together, in light of Horus being the Hros of Caucasia, evoke the Harpasus tributary of the Aras. Possibly, therefore, the Harpo-Hros wave from Caucasia to Egypt produced the Garebites of Jerusalem, and the city of Sarepta. It now seems evident that Sarpedon, son of Zeus and Europa, depicted Garebites from the city of Sarepta. How I ever managed to miss coming across that city until now I just don't know.

Later in history, there arose the Egyptian god, Serapis/Sarapis, who was associated with Osiris, father of Horus. Serapis was associated with the dog, Cerberus. Coincidence, or are these terms representative of Garebite stock? The association of Jerevanites/Garebites with the Osiro-Horus cult raises their pagan importance to the chief levels. There is no doubt in my mind that wherever the proto-Rus went, there went also the Arphaxadites, for the two were one people eventually. The Hercules wave out of Assyria was after the Arphaxadite wave, and half-expectedly it merged with the Arphaxadites as depicted by Hera, for a myth writer thought to make Hercules married to Hera's daughter. It's my tendency to trace both Hercules and Ares back to Erech/Uruk, a city once ruled by the Guti. I'm suggesting that these two gods were Guti.

February 9

There's no speak-worthy news this morning, so I'll continue where I left off last night.

I am zeroing in on some major realizations today. You can skip it if it's not interesting to you, but as it seems connected to the Bute topic, I would like to add it here. I was led last night to the Luxor region of the Nile, in southern Egypt, which in ancient times was northern Ethiopia. I wondered if Luxor was named by Luyia stock as it migrated from Egypt to where it is found today, in Kenya. I arrived to the Luxor topic only because I was searching for the origin of the Ladon dragon in Libya's Syrtes region, when I found a location on the Nile called "Laton" or "Lato," the modern Esna (I'll ignore Wikipedia where it says that Laton was named after a fish/perch in the Nile). I read:

"The Egyptian city of Esna...Greek: Latopolis...or Laton...55 km south of Luxor, in the modern Qena Governorate."

I recalled that "Qena" was roughly the mythical term placed at the mouth of the Rhodanus river (south France) with mythical "Gyptis," which account seemed to involve the origin of the Ligurians from a mix of Greeks and Egyptians. The spouse of Gyptis was made Euxenes, whom I suspected traced through Egypto-Spartans (i.e. Polyxena and Iphigenia) back to Khnum, the Nile god. I didn't know until now that Khnum was the god of the upper Nile...where we find Qena and Luxor! Luxor was previously Thebes, if that helps to show that Greeks came to live there. The chief god of Latopolis was Khnum, which may then identify the Egyptian roots of Lacydon, the place central to princess Gyptis (of southern France).

You recall my suggestion that Leicester's Legro river, also the "Ligore" of the Ligor peoples may trace to Ligurians. This is important because the symbol on the Rodham Coat was used by both the Arms of Leicester City Council and Arms of Angus. Both Arms use the red lion of the Rhodes surname, while Cecil Rhodes was so involved in Africa that one wonders whether his stock of people had ancestry there.

What I'm envisioning is that the Greco-Egyptians who passed through the mythical AgaMemnon line of Spartans to Leda and then the Ligurians had first to pass through Lycia. In other words, the Luxor peoples who I'm assuming were from the Luyia tribe (that furnished the Luo tribe of Obama) were distant kin to the Lycians from the Lycos river in Assyria, and thus came to live (by way of Phoenicia) with the Lycians as Luwians and as mythical Lycurgus of the Kikon-related Edones. Meanwhile neighboring Lydia was named after Laton on the Nile!

I now turn to Karnak, a locality of Luxor environs that had its temple on an island in the Nile. The name of the island, Philae, smacks of PamPhylia. Was this the island that Pliny the Elder called, Semberritarum, where lived the Sembarrites? Recall above in yesterday's update how the cartoon lion king, Simba, traced to Pamphylians. Recall how I traced Simba's father, Mufasa, to mythical Mopsus and the Amphilochus code. In light of Mopsus being made the son of Manto of the Ladon cult, note mythical Montu (ancient Egyptian = "mntw" and therefore could have been "Mantu").

Montu was the god of Karnak, though he originated at Luxor when the city was still named Thebes. The lion king's daughter, Kiara, by the way, might just have been a code for Karnak, or the peoples who named Karnak. It's known that Carians (associated with Mopsus) of continental Rhodes were related to Phoenicians, and Mopsus' mother (Manto) was in Phoenicia because she was made a daughter of Tiresias, symbol of the Ladon cult in the Tyre domain. Actually, the Ladon cult was at mount Hermon, more specifically on the Litani river flowing through the Bekaa Valley (now Lebanon). Is the following a coincidence:

"Monthu was also said to manifest himself in a white bull with a black face, which was referred to as the Bakha. Egypt's greatest general-kings called themselves Mighty Bulls, the sons of Monthu."

This may support my theory that "Bacchus," a common alternative name for Dionysus, meant "cow" (a clue I received from the Italian, "vacca" = "cow"). I had traced Bacchus to the Bekaa Valley, but at the time I knew nothing of this Bakha bull cult of Philae and its Luxor domain. The Bakha cult seems to depict the white bull of proto-Zeus in Tyre, but with a black-skin element thrown in, thus evoking the Poseidon cult of Ethiopia that founded the Phoenicians. In other words, it looks as though proto-Phoenician Poseidon traces to the Luxor domain in particular, though it could have been more widespread.

I have always viewed Pos(eidon) as originating in mythical Absu of Sumeria, a term that I trace to dog-worshiping Buzites, who I in turn trace to Bute elements and the dog-worshiping pagan Stewarts who were somehow connected to Merovingians. Since Absu/Abzu was of the Anu cult, I suspect that Anubis (i.e. like "Absu"), the dog-god of Egypt, applies. Plus, as Anubis is thought to be a variation of "Nibhaz," the Avvite god, the Absu term should also be root to the Avvites. Knowing already that Merovingians stemmed from Meroe/Merowe of ancient Ethiopia (upstream of Luxor), and that Merovingians were related to Bute elements via the Stewarts, read this:

"Near the [Meroe] site are a group of villages called Bagrawiyah. This city was the capital of the Kingdom of Kush for several centuries. The Kushitic Kingdom of Meroe gave its name to the Island of Meroe, which was the modern region of Butana..."

Recall that the Bats of Caucasia were related to Bagravand (Armenia), so that Bagrawiyah and Butana should be related to the same. I found an interesting recording by Pliny (italics mine):

"Upon the coast of Affricke inhabite the Ptoeambati and Ptoeamphanae: who have a dog for their king, and him they obey, according to the signs which he maketh by moving the parts of his bodie, which they take to be his commaundements, and religiously they doe observe them."

Exaggerated or not, we herein have dog worshipers by names reflecting Ptah, Egypt's creator god. I wonder, therefore, whether Ptah was of Bute/Butana elements, thus explaining the dog-worshiping Stewarts. In Athens, mythical Butes entered as priest of Poseidon, and in the meantime Butes was a bull cult.

Ethiopia was also known as "Abyssinia," and Wikipedia says that the term denoted "land of the Habesha people," who I wouldn't hesitate to link with mythical Abas of Argos, as per Io (the white-cow goddess of Argos) venturing down into Africa. The Habesha peoples (I'm assuming Avvites) were meshed with the Amhara domain; Wikipedia says: "The derivation of the name 'Amhara' is debated; according to some it comes from the word amari..." Why not "Ameru" the people of Meroe, and/or the Amurru = Amorites? Merovingians claimed to be from a bull cult, the Quinotaur, smacking of the bull cult of Qena (near Luxor).

I had traced proto-Zeus of Phoenicia from Semite Amorites of Assyria (as per Amorite king, Shamshi-Adad) in conjunction with the Turukkaeans...who I claim were the root of the Zeus-Taurus cult. As Assyria was on the Tigris river, and as Turukkaeans were from the nearby Zagros mountains (likely named after Tigris elements), is it a coincidence that the Habesha Ethiopians were associated not only with Amhara in particular, but with the "Tigray" peoples??? Remember also that I traced Avvites to Opis on the Tigris...which should connect with Pisidians = Poseidon worshipers.

This mud, in short, suggests that Merovingians (a main root of the Illuminati) were tied to what I believe became Bute elements. The fact that Meroe was smack in the wider region of Butana (reaching to the southern realm of Luxor) would tend to suggest that Butana was related to the Bedewe alternative of Meroe...wherefore I would trace Batavians, on the Rhine exactly where Merovingians originated, to Bedewe and Butana. Thus, what I've thought for years, that Batavians were related to Bute (Scotland) looks like a logical link.

It can't be a coincidence that the Habesha peoples were in Eritria of Ethiopia while "Eretria was a polis in Ancient Greece, located on the western coast of the island of Euboea (modern Evvoia or Evia)..." Euboea was where the Abantians, founded by mythical Abas, lived...thus proving the Abas connection to the Habesha (not discovered today; I've known it for a few years). The point is that, just as I connect Merovingians and their Arthurian cousins to Bute, so I trace the cult to Rothesay, the early name of Bute, and to Erethlyn (Wales), terms smacking of "Eretria." Perhaps related more centrally than I can now imagine, there is on the border of modern Eritria the locality of Dijbouti/Jibuti, smack beside "Arta."

It is very clear to me that Punt was named after Abantians, you see, or vice versa, even as Eritria is often cited as a hub of Punt.

When I began to wonder just now whether the Habesha were mythical Hebe, daughter of Hera, I noted first that Eritrea might apply, followed by Amhara (the Habesha were central to both Eritrea and Amhara). This fit with my view of Hera as a an Amorite people of Jerusalem giving birth to Jebusites. Habesha = Jebusites? Possibly. Although "Eritria" is said to mean "red land," the term can also be viewed as red-people terms such as Rhodes and Rothes...who I root to Ares, Hera, and Heracles terms depicting different branches of the (real) Hros peoples. "Habesha" also evokes "Hephaestus." In short, Hera may have depicted the Eritrians as well as the Habesha who came afterward.

The gold lion on the flag of Ethiopia is said (by Ethiopians) to be the "Lion of Judah," whereas in fact it cannot be anything but a pagan lion to those who know the realities. The staff that is also a cross, held by the lion, is planted on an angle, this positioning seen in many Templar icons...meaning that the Ethiopian lion is a Templar lion. Therefore, the lion traces to Amorite Jerusalem.

Remember, "Zion" is first found in the Bible when David conquered the Jebusites. David (of the tribe of Judah) then took the Zion district of the city for himself, re-built his own city there, and likely his Israelites inter-married with Jebusites. Modern "Templars" (i.e. Freemasons) would have the public believe that they trace to a sacred line of David and Solomon, but, as per their secret god, Lucifer, they in fact value the Jebusites, wherefore their "Zionism" title refers to Jebusite Zion...who I think was Hera's husband, Dion, otherwise known as Ixion (husband of Dia), or Zeus himself.

Armageddon will be faught with the modern Templars in Israel. I realized this all the more when I started looking up the Coats of surnames belonging to Israeli leaders. For example, as per the Zionist prime minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, the French Begin Coat uses white scallop shells on black (there is no Jewish Begin Coat shown). As I've pointed out from two online quotes, scallop shells were a symbol of the Templar Crusades...that took Jerusalem for the Dragon.

The per the assassinated Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin (who preceeded Begin), we find the English Rabin Coat uses what could be rotated Nassau checks. At one time, the Nassau Coat at used blue and gold checks as background, exactly the pattern of Cohen Coat. One can yet see the Nassau checks on the Arms of Orange Nassau. Note the gold lion that is the Nassau symbol.

Why does the Rabin Coat use a crow? I came to identify the crow and raven as a symbol of Garebites before seeing that Coat, or the crow in the Schiff Coat. The first Rothschild purchased his "Green Shield home from David Tevell Schiff. The first recorded Schiff (1370) was Jacob Kohen Zedek Schiff.

It is said that Jacob Schiff, grandson of the above-mentioned David, plotted with the Rothschilds to control the American banking system. You may have watched the Rothschild video that I provided a link to in the February 7th update, but if not it's here. Their purpose is to keep nations in debt to their loans in order to make fantastic amounts of tax dollars from all citizens, and the loans come from the U.S. Federal Reserve which they control. The more m oney they borrow, the more money the Americans will owe in interest. Obama knows this, of course.

After the Begin term, the next prime minister was Yitzhak Shamir (no Coat found); Wikipedia says of him: "When the Irgun split in 1940, Shamir sided with the most militant faction, Lehi, headed by Avraham Stern." The nickname, the Stern Gang, was given to Avraham's militant Zionist group, Lehi. The Templar cross used by the Bouillon surname (= the surname of the first Templar ruler of Jerusalem) is used also by the Stern Coat.

After Shamir, the next Israeli prime minister was Yitzhak Rabin again, followed by Shimon Peres. The Spanish Perez Coat is the only one to come up at under that name, and it uses the same Bouillon cross seen above, only in gold (a step up from the silver one).

During Perez' term, the president of Israel was Ezer Weisman, the same surname essentially as Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. Weisman was preceeded as president by Chaim Herzog; in Germany, the Herzog surname was first found in Bavaria. Perez was succeeded by Netanyahu (no Coat shown), who was succeeded by Ehud Barak, born "Ehud Brog" (no Coat shown), presently the defense minister. Barak was succeeded by prime minister Ariel Sharon, though his Belarus father's surname was Sheinerman; the German Shiener Coat used a sinle fleur de lys, a strange thing for a "Jewish" family. Sharon founded the Kadima party.


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