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February 13 - 15, 2009

More Roots of Zionism

February 13

There is not much news yet today as concerns prophetic events. One big story is the quitting of Judd Gregg, Obama's "choice" for secretary of commerce. This could be big, as whoever leads commerce could play a major role in allowing the skincode to popularize. Gregg said that Obama asked him to step down (Obama denied it), no doubt because Obama didn't want a Republican in the first place. The president "chose" the senator only for the purpose of gaining a much-coveted Democrat to replace his senate position. When Gregg demanded that Obama must assure another Republican to fill the seat, Obama reluctantly agreed (he had no choice) but started seeking a way to get rid of the Republican. I imagine that the president just picked a fight with him, and suggested in one way or another that he quit. It didn't help that Gregg refused to vote for Obama's "stimulus" plan.

With nothing else to do, I thought to re-read on the Atrebates, now that I have identified them (see previous update) as the peoples to which king Arthur belonged. Wikipedia says that certain historians view the root term as "Atreb," carrying the meaning of "tribe." I have viewed the term's root as "Atre" in combination with a "bates" term; I've had no idea what the bates portion could refer to, but tonight I read that their city was "Calleva Atrebatum."

Those who have been following recent updates know that the "batum" is extremely evocative of my recent topic, the Bat Georgians as they led to Bute, Arthur's island of Avalon.

Moreover, I have traced the Arthurian cult from Calabria, and before that from the Chalybes/Halybes of the Pontus and Cappadocia. I don't know where the Calleva portion of the Atrebatum city derives, but certainly Calabria is suspect, especially as I learned (just yesterday) that near Calabria, in Avellino, their was an ancient locality of Atripalda.

As further evidence that Arthur was an Atrebate people, the article above reads: "The Gaulish Atrebates lived in or around modern Artois in northern France." I had traced Arthur to Artois, where I found his wife, Guinevere (who I view as code for Guine-Vere), in the region of Guines smack in Artois. The city of the Atrebates was in what is now Arras, which the Dutch called "Atrecht" the article below says. Note that the city has no 'b' at this point, and that it well reflects "Atreus." In Artois, there is the major center of Bethun (also "Betun"), which might be the "batum" portion of "Atrebatum," though there is another possibility.

It was to Artois, which overlapped Flanders, that I traced the Scottish Setons. Artois was also the origin of the family of Godfrey de Bouillon. It was in Artois that the Lys river flowed, which should be the root of the fleur de lys symbol, thus explaining why the Merovingians were tied to the Arthurians. Merovingians were from the nearby Batavians, so that Atre-batum may in a single term describe the Arthuro-Merovingian merger. These Merovingians became the Salian Franks (not vice versa), which is conspicuous where Atrebatum was renamed Silchester. I of course identified the Lys peoples as the Laz dragon cult, and suspect that they were from Lusatia and Silesia (peoples from the latter may have named the Salians and Silchester).

The batum term can also derive from the following Baud term: "Arras [i.e. Atrecht] was founded on the hill of Baudimont by the Celtic tribe of the Atrebates..." The Batavians were at the mouth of the Rhine river (Holland), as were the Salians. Is it a coincidence that on that river was the Dutch city of Utrecht? Wasn't this an Atrebate city as well? Couldn't it now explain Atre-Batum as an Odrysian mix with Batavians from (Bedewe/Merowe in Sudan, remember).

Wikipedia says that "The name of the Utrecht fortress originally was simply Traiectum." What this shows is that the 't' on "Atrecht/Utrecht" was part of a "tum" suffix, but not a part of the root, which would have been "Atrech," close to "Odrys(ian)." But the latter may have evolved from "Thraco/Draco," thus explaining the hard-c. In other words, the Atrech peoples are rooted in "Draco," explaining why "PenDragon" was used as code to depict the Atrebates.

I'd like to mention my trace of Helen of Troy (allied to prince Paris the Trojan) to Holland. Her husband was Menelaus, son of Atreus. I had never had much support for tracing her to Holland, but here I now think I have it in Utrecht. I had identified the Menelaus code as the city of Las/Laas on the Mani ("Mane" in Greek) peninsula, and of course Las could be the deeper root of the Lys river. Could it be that Helen depicted Alans, thus explaining why Arthur is often identified as an Alan peoples? Her brother, Pollux, traces to the Polski i.e. the Poles, this supporting a trace of the Lys river to Lusatia on the Silesia/Polish border.

Leda, the mother of Pollux and Helen, mated with a swan to give them birth, and since Godfrey de Bouillon (from Boulogne roots, however) used a swan as symbol, I would suggest that he knew his roots in Leda. I recall that, prior to tracing Pollux to the Polski, I had traced him to Bologne of northern Italy, and then to the Boulogne under discussion. The Templar finger of Godfrey indeed points to Leda's Sparta-based Lydians.

AgaMemnon, the brother of Menelaus seems like a figure created only to depict the Egyptian portion of the Menelaus (i.e. Mani) peoples (Memnon was a region around Luxor). I would suggest that the Arras alternative of Atrecht was named by the peoples depicted by mythical Orestes, the son of Agamemnon whose home was in Arda of the Odrysians. It is possible that Orestes was a Horus entity, for Arthur was, in my findings, a Rus peoples. As per the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati, which is thought to have been from the ancient Eye of Horus, it seems necessary to trace Horus to the Arthurian cult.

I've just learned that the Batavians lived in a wider region called "Betuwe," very close indeed to Bedewe of the Sudan. I've also found evidence that they did merge with the Salians: "It has been assumed [the Batavians] merged with the Salii shortly before or after and, after having been expelled by another tribe (it has been proposed this were the Chamavi), shared their subsequent migration to Toxandria..." At this webpage, one can see Toxandria immediately south of Utrecht i.e. showing how Atrebates of Atrecht may have come to found Utrecht.

There is a visit of a Russian representative to Israel this Sunday.:

"While not enthused at this time about any international peace conference, Israel would prefer that - if one becomes inevitable - it be hosted by Russia, not France, senior government officials said Thursday.

The officials spoke ahead of a somewhat oddly timed visit to Israel on Sunday by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov..."

This may explain why Hamas has suddenly come out to announce its readiness, within days, to abide by a long-term ceasefire with Israel. If it does take place, remember that Hamas and Russia have a thing going. "One of the reasons for Lavrov's visit, even at a time of governmental transition in Israel, is to push Moscow's bid, the official said. Lavrov will also be going to the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Oman and Bahrain." That's Moscow's bid to host Israeli peace talks i.e. peace with Palestinians. Moscow may be trying to steal the show from both Obama and Sarkozy.


"Hamas deputy leader Moussa Abu Marzouk said [yesterday] that his organization supports an 18-month truce with Israel...

Reuters quoted Abu Marzouk as saying that the Egypt-mediated truce would be announced in the coming two or three days. 'It will be in a short period, God willing...within two days,' he said."

That's before Lavrov arrives to Israel. Hmm. Could it be that Egypt has finally succeeded in convincing Hamas to a ceasefire only because Russia has weighed in on Hamas' decision. If so, Israel has no choice but to be grateful to Russia...unless the new Israeli leader does not trust Russia's motives. Lavrov may be in Israel for yet another reason, to convey who it would like to see as the next Israeli prime minister.

The article goes on to say that Hamas' Marzouk "told Al-Jazeera that Hamas was waiting for Israel to approve the details of the emerging agreement." Apparently, the Kadima party has accepted the deal, but Russia is in Israel to convince Netanyahu to agree to it. In fact, Netanyahu will be at the Lavrov meeting along with Kadima leaders. The fact that this deal comes just as there was an expectation of a transition of power in Israel may signal that Kadima hastily/foolishly gave Hamas too much, or more than it had previously offered, in return for the ceasefire.

There's a J-Post update on the ship in Cyprus that makes it sound as though the weapons on board do in fact break international law:

"A [Cypriot] government statement said [today] the cargo, which it did not identify, would be stored on the island. State CyBC radio said containers were being transported to a naval base under police and military guard."

Meanwhile Obama unexpectedly said yesterday that Iran is still seeking to produce nuclear weapons. That, in my eyes, is one huge admission. Perhaps the evidence is on board that ship. Now that Obama has at his disposal all the top secret info that Bush had at his disposal, Obama's tune is expected to become more like his. "...US President Barack Obama mentioned Iran's 'development of a nuclear weapon' before correcting himself and saying that the Islamic Republic was merely 'pursuing' the bomb."

I cannot understand why journalists have not questioned Obama on the Cypriot situation.

Today, "Presidents of Russia and Turkey Dmitry Medvedev and Abdullah Gul signed a joint declaration to promote a new stage in relations between Russia and Turkey and broaden friendship and diversified partnership." This is from ITAR-TASS without further details. But Turkey's Hurriyet says: "...Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko said the two sides were nearing agreement on Russia winning the nuclear energy contract worth up to $20 billion." Hurriyet also has the headline, Russian president welcomes Turkish role in Caucasus, Black Sea, suggesting that Russia is stroking Turkey's ego and moving in for friendship. We've yet to see if Turkey will have a role in Gaza.

February 14

Hah! "[Afghan's] Karzai also admitted that he has not heard from the US president since Barack Obama moved into the White House last month." Don't wait by the telephone, Mr. Karzai. The dirty crook cares only for getting his billions upon billions. For that he has plenty of zeal, going all over the country to convince the nation that it's good medicine.

Here is how you can know that the "stimulus plan is the stymie plan, by the fact that Obama refused to share the money with what Republicans would have spent it on.

It hasn't entered my mind to check Iraq's viability for the skincode. But on the same page today I saw that Iraq is about to begin electronic trading in the stock market, and that smart cards will be used to pay retired bank employees.

I'm not going to bore you with details, but Mosul has started to see violence in recent days. Violence begets violence. Baghdad itself has seen violence increase sharply this week. So much for the peaceful elections.

I decided to look up the symbol of the Crocker surname because Ryan Crocker, currently the American ambassador to Iraq, has been an ambassador to other Middle Eastern nations over several years over multiple American presidents. The crow symbol has been turning up plenty lately, and here the Crocker Coat and Crest use a crow, or at least what looks like a crow to me. Recalling that Nicholas de Vere traces the crow to Transylvania's dragon cult, where he also traced the panther symbol, is it a coincidence that Ryan Crocker married the Barnes surname while the Barnes Crest uses a leopard...the same spotted leopard shown in a few other Coats in previous Iraq updates.

As the Barnes surname was first found in Shropshire (England), where the Stewarts first lived before moving to Scotland, compare the symbol in the Barnes Coat with the symbol in the English Stewart Coat, but also note the deer in the Stewart Crest...for I say it leads back to the Arpads of Transylvania (i.e. proto-Hungarians), as I think the crow does.

It just can't be a coincidence that Ryan Crocker, when ambassador to Lebanon under George Bush Sr., was preceded in the job by John McCarthy while the McCarthy Coat uses only a red deer. Clearly, globalist positions are often chosen based, not on merit, but on bloodline type, exposing that a dragon-cult conspiracy does exist unto world rule.

When the Ryan Crocker article at Wikipedia said, "...Secretary of State, Colin Powell ordered Crocker and then Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, William Burns to prepare a secret memo examining the risks associated with a U.S. invasion of Iraq," I decided to look up other surnames. The Burns Coat uses black "stars of David," and the Powell Crest uses a green dragon (a common symbol of Illuminati roots in Britain).

When Crocker was given the ambassadorship to Pakistan under George Bush Jr., he succeeded Nancy Powell. When Crocker was given the ambassadorship to Syria under Bill Clinton, he succeeded Christopher Ross, a surname that I trace (explained in an earlier update) to the Varangian Rus as it merged with Hungarian royals.

When Crocker's ambassadorship to Pakistan came to a close, he was replaced by Anne Patterson; this surname was first found in Ross-shire (yes, named after the Ross surname). The Patterson Coat and Crest use swans. In her ambassadorship to the UN, Anne Patterson was preceded by John Danforth; the Danforth Coat has the diagonal bars similar to the Danish Boer Coat (using spotted leopard in Crest) and the Burgundian Arms (I trace Burgundians to Danish Boernicians due to this heraldic similarity and the similarity between "Boernic" and "Burg").

Christopher Ross was preceded in his ambassadorship to Algeria by L. Craig Johnstone, a surname that was found first among the Boernicians. Note that the Johnstone Coat uses a black saltire cross, as does the Dutch De Beer Coat (Cecil Rhodes was closely associated with the De Beers). The point is, the Beer surname likely traces to "Boer(ician)," suggesting more strongly now that Cecil Rhodes' sacred bloodline for world rule was Boernician and proto-Boernician.

Yesterday, I said that I could not recall the Boernicians in my previous work. I was wrong, way wrong. Today I recalled coming across them some years ago when I discovered queen Bebbe and her British Bebbanburgs at Bamburgh (in Berwick-upon-Tweed), no doubt related to the Babenburgs of Bamberg, Germany). This now allows me to trace the Boernicians to the Heneti Paphlagonians, for I have already rooted the German Babenburgs to Paphlagonians and to Pamphylians. I am reminded that I traced the lion king, Simba, to the Pamphylian domain, but also to the Cymbri peoples who founded Wales. Believe it or not, the Boernicians were in Cambria, yes named after the Cymbri!

Recalling also that I had traced Bamm Bamm and his club to the club symbol of Bamberg Babenburgs, is it a coincidence that the Barny surname above evokes Barnie Rubble (Bamm Bamm's father), and that "Barny" is an apparent variation of "Bernicia" (Boernicians were founders of Bernicia). As crazy as it must seem, Barnie Rubble may now reveal the root of Bernicians in the house of Brunswick, for that is how I identify the cartoon character, as per the brown skin that the cartoon producers gave him, as well as his name's similarity with "Bruno," founder of Brunswick. Amazingly, Bernicia was anciently "Bryneich/Brynaich," smacking of "Brunswick."

At the sight if "Bryneich," I decided to look at the Bryan Coat, and was shocked. It's the gold and blue rake design found in Coats associated with Bute, but the main point here is that its the design in the Dunham Coat, the surname of Obama's mother!!! Those exclamation marks are due to my trace of the Obama surname (meaning leader/god in Africa) to Pamphylians, and then of course to Bamberg, and to Bamburgh of Bernicia. If "Bryan" was formed in honor of Bryneich, then apparently the Dunham surname was related to Bernicians, thus explaining why Obama has chosen a large assortment of Rhodes Scholars for his government.

Please allow me to correct myself in yesterday's update, where I started using "Boernician" (correctly) but later changed it wrongly to "Boerician." I have corrected the problem, but also need to say that a trace of Boernicians to the Ebroicum (as I hypothesized) no longer seems as viable on the similarity of terms alone. I now tend to trace the Bernicians to the bear symbol, not just because Beer Coats use a bear, but because I found bears also on the Bjorn Coat and Crest.

As Brunswick House was a Saxony entity, it coordinates well with Bernicians because they were Anglo-Saxons. I would now consider tracing Bernicians and the Rhodes bloodline to Albert the Bear (bear symbol was used). I recall writing on him, and tying him solidly to the Wettins...who I say were represented by Barnie Rubble's wife, "Betty."

It's interesting that Albert the Bear was the first margrave of Brandenburg. It was in Brandenburg that the HohenZollerns would come forth with Frederick I (I identify Fred Flintstone as Hohens of Flanders, who, because they used a gold lion on black, were from the HohenZollerns who used gold lions on black.

What might be the connection between the Bernicians and the Atrebates, since both should connect to the Arthurian cult? Lusatia was largely in Brandenburg. I trace Lusatians to the Lys river in Artois, where they were related to the Atrebates (as per the city of Las in Sparta being depicted by Menelaus, son of Atreus), but the Lys river was a part of Flanders. "The knight, Vollant de Berneville acquired the estate of Lisbourg in 1692." Lisbourg on the Lys river was near Berneville, and that latter may have been a Bernician locality. If true, Bernicians, it would appear, had hereditary rights to Lisbourg because they were involved in its history. All this is very good evidence that Cohens/Hohens descended in-part from Bebbanburgs of Bernicia.

I think I can now trace the Danish Boers to Nuremberg, a city that was adopted by the HohenStaufens. The Nuremberg Arms use the Hohen eagle on one side, but the red and white diagonal bars used also (in the same colors) by the Danish Boer Coat. It's possible that the Hohens adopted the red and white bars from the bloodline of Albert the Bear (i.e. when HohenStaufens took Brandenburg over), and if true, the bars should indeed go back to the Danish Boers...and to the Bernicians before them. Note that the red and white Hohen checks were modified from the blue and white Cohen checks, by which I mean to suggest that Hohens possibly chose red and white checks as per the adoption of the red and white bars.

This connection to Cohens is important because I think I had found good evidence to trace the surname, not to Israelite priests as many Cohens to this day claim, but to the Khazars of Transylvania. Albert the Bear was of the House of Ascania, evoking the Askenazi "Jews"...that many today are tracing to Khazars. For new readers, I (and Arthur Koestler) have found that "Cohen" is a variation of the Kagan surname, while a kagan was a priest-king of the Khazars. While it's true that "cohen" is the Biblical term for Old Testament priests (of Israel or otherwise), it doesn't necessarily follow that the creators of the Cohen surname were descended from Levite priests of Israel. Anyone can adopt that surname if they so wish.

I am now confident that the Veres were named after the Berncians. I had traced Avars, Veres and/or Varangians to the Varni mother-earth worshipers, who lived beside the Angles in southern Denmark, but I would now trace the Barn surname to the Varni. What clinches a Vere trace to Bernicians is Nicholas de Vere's trace of dragon-cult Veres to Milouziana of Scotland. It seems certain now, as per Melusine appearing as the symbol of the German Babe/Bebel Coat, that Milouziana was from the bloodline of Bebbe, queen of Bernicia. Note that both Barnie Rubble and Melusine were made blondes.

In the course of writing the paragraph above, I stumbled on the English Bebe/Coat, using bees. The description reads:

"The name Bebe was derived from a place name in Leicestershire called Beeby. The place name is derived from the Old English 'beo,' meaning 'bee,' and 'byr,' or 'settlement.' That is, it was 'the place where they kept bees.'

Spelling variations of this family name include: Beeby, Beebee, Beebe, Bebe, Beebey and others."

In Greece, a bee cult was named "Melia" (of Boetia), for that term means honey. It therefore seems reasonable that "Milouziana/Melusine" was connected to a bee/honey symbol, this serving as evidence that the English Beebe/Bebe surname was tied to the German Bebe/Bebel surname. The fact that the first Merovingians, as well as Napoleon Bonaparte, used golden bees as symbol may just connect to the queen-Bebbe bloodline, for Bernicians (e.g. Bernville) are expected at/near the Lys river.

That's all for tonight.


It came as a surprise that even Mashaal (Hamas leader in Syria) was willing to sign on to an 18-month ceasefire that begins tomorrow. Last night, however, the J-Post said that Mashaal had a complaint (unknown details) that could jeopardize the deal. This morning the J-Post reports a snag in that Israel wants the ceasefire permanent i.e. Mashaal does not want more than 18 months. This is not surprising, as it suggests that Hamas wants a lull merely to re-group and re-arm.


An 18-month ceasefire would end in July of 2010. My 2009-16 calendar has the first Gogi strike against Israel, as per Daniel 11:28, beginning with 2300 days to go to Week's end. That is, (assuming that everyone is correct with a 2520-day Week), the strike will be 220 days after Week's start...on October 11, 2009. The start of the 2300 days would then be May 20, 2010. I could be wrong, of course, about the strike in Daniel 11:28 acting as the start of the 2300 days. I'm assuming this for the time being.

On the Cypriot situation:

"[Cyprus'] Defense Minister Costas Papacostas said more than 90 containers loaded with 'raw material that could be used in the manufacture of munitions' would be stored at a [Cypriot] naval base."

There is something wrong with this report. It doesn't seem to tell the whole story, for some two weeks ago Cyprus authorities refused to divulge the details of the ship's weapons, due to the stir that it would cause in the world media. As this public report of mere munitions is hardly causing a stir, there must have been something else on board. Before I read this article, I figured that, rather than nuclear weapons, the ship was carrying products for making and firing nuclear weapons. As the ship was headed to Latakia in Syria, one could suspect that the products were intended for Syria's UN-outlawed nuclear programs.

There is a good chance that, not only Russia, but the Biblical Gog (the man) himself, has a role in this shipment. For the "own land" to which he returns in Daniel 11:28 could be the Syrian coast, if indeed the ship that oppose him in verse 29 are from Cyprus (the Brits have naval bases there, and I figure that Greece does too). This argues for what I have rejected, a Syrian Gog. In fact, it is more likely that a Syrian will enter Mosul at this time than a Russian. It is far more likely that a Syrian will support the Baathists of Iraq, since Baathism was founded in Syria.

However, I'm not changing my mind yet. The fact that Russia has been lately in the mood to build a naval base at Tartus (Syria) argues for a Russian Gog. I have not read any articles giving updates on the Tartar operation, but will do so, I assure you, as I find them. Remember, the arrested ship has now been roundly identified as a Russian one (the Monchegorsk).

A couple of days ago, DEBKAfile had this to say:

"US Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, visits Damascus next week. A senior foreign affairs adviser to president Barack Obama, Kerry will be the first representative of the new US administration to meet president Bashar Assad.

Like his predecessors, the senator will ask Assad if he is prepared to sever his strategic ties with Tehran, withdraw backing for terrorist organizations and halt the passage of terrorists, arms and cash from Syria to Iraq and Lebanon. He will also question the Syrian ruler on his intentions with regard to peace talks with Israel. Senator Kerry will also visit Jerusalem."

Note that Hillary got snubbed again for a job in the Middle-East situation. She has been scheduled for Egypt, and yet for only a low-level task: to assess Gaza's re-building programs.

What if Kerry is going to Syria because Obama now knows that some heavy-duty weaponry was on the Monchegorsk? No sooner did I discuss the bee symbol of the queen-Bebbe Bernicians last night that I can show the beehive in the Welsh Kerry Crest. It was the English Bebe Crest that also uses a beehive. The latter surname was first found in Leicester, a place that was early called, Ratae Corieltauvorum, and what I said in the February-5th update can now tie the Kerry surname to the founding of Leicester! I said:

"I have just made another relevant discovery as a result of finding that Leicester was Ratae Corieltauvorum in Roman times. The discovery proves that the petal symbol in the Rodham Coat was the symbol of Ratae Corieltauvorum. At the sight of that old name, I decided to see what the Cory surname would bring up, and voila! The English Cory Coat uses the same petals in the shield's so-called 'chief' (= upper one third of the shield). Plus, this Coat uses a black inverted/saltire cross that may represent kinship to the Sinclair Rus."

February 3rd update

To verify, see Arms of Leicester City Council

Certainly, "Cory" and "Kerry" can be variations of the same surname. Just as queen Bebbe was a Bernician, so the De Beer surname (for arguments laid out previous) is expected to trace to Bernicians. The Dutch De Beer Coat uses, as does the Cory Coat, a black saltire cross. Remember too, that the surnames (Aflaq and Bitar) of the founders of the Baath party use black crosses. Let me remind you that both the Aflach and Bitar surnames were both found in the Angus region (Scotland), where the Rodham symbol was also used in the Arms of Angus.

It therefore seems evident that Kerry and Clinton come from the same stock of peoples. In the February-9th update, I show reasons for tracing Leicester to the Pamphylian fold that was itself from the Luxor domain of the Nile. In fact, I had traced the bee symbol of the Merovingians to Ethiopia because it has been a honey producing region...where the bee was a sacred symbol of royalty. Merowe was not far from Luxor, but as the city was also "Bedewe," the bee symbol must have come forth from the Betuwe region of the Batavians.

A connection can now be made between the Batavians and the Bebbe/Bebbanburg Bernicians, and in turn with Leicester's founders (called Ligurs). The Batavian connection with Leicester argues for a Leicester origin in Luxor. This now allows us to identify the white versus red dragon of Arthurian myth. The white was known as the Saxons, and would point to the Bernicians. The red dragon is known among the Brits and their Welsh cousins, but can more specifically be identified as the Ethiopian migration (through red Phoenicia). Recall that the Simba cartoon (Lion King) gave me cause to trace the Cymbri-branch Cimmerians to the Luxor domain. Although the Welsh trace themselves to the "Cymru," it is generally accepted that these were the same as the Cymbri (namers of Cumbria).

I failed earlier to mention king Arthur's number one knight of the Roundtable, Bedivere, which should be code for Betuwe and it's Bedewe (same as the city of Merowe) counterpart in ancient Ethiopia. Bedivere's brother was made Lucan, Arthur's butler. That sounds to me as thought the founders of Bute, and the Stewarts, were descended from a Lucan-like term. Luxor and Leicester definitely come to mind!

Not only were Bedivere and Lucan one of the principal knights of the Roundtable, but Kay/Cai was likewise, and he was made a seneschal, which evokes the proto-Stewarts of Dol (Brittany) because they were seneschal's of Dol. "Seneschal" carries the same meaning as "steward" or "butler." "The most basic function of a seneschal was to supervise feasts and domestic ceremonies," writes Wikipedia. But they were also a ruler's trusted confidant and advisor. As yet, I can't think of what British peoples to identify Kay. He was given a father, "Ector."

The identity is important because it can identify Arthur more completely. Wikipedia says that Kay was "Gaius" to the Latins, and this term happens to be the name of the first of Revelation's seven heads: the insane Roman emperor, Gaius (started rule in 37 AD). He was of the bloodline of Julius and Augustus...who trace to the Apollo-cult Trojans and Lydians. A trace of Arthur to Avellinum is justified, remember, and the Hirpini of Avellinum were the wolf-depicted founders of Romans. The bloodline from Aeneas of Troy to Julius Caesar does in fact pass through mythical Remus and Romulus (founders of Rome), who were depicted as the sons of a wolf.

It was only as I wrote the above on Aeneas (not necessarily to be confused with mythical Aeneus) that I recalled his associations with prince Hector (i.e. reflecting "Ector") of the Trojans: "In the Iliad, Aeneas is the leader of the Dardanians (allies of the Trojans), and a principal lieutenant of Hector, son of the Trojan king Priam." That would seem to clinch codeword, "Kay/Cai," as a part of the Roman bloodline.

Add to this that, south of Rome, there was a locality something like "Ardes," though I can't quite recall the spelling. I remember writing that this city was the first place to house the Aphrodite/Venus cult, which is conspicuous because Aphrodite was made the mother of Aeneas. Possibly, therefore, the Aeneas Trojans settled at Ardes.

Well you're notgoing to believe this. After writing the last sentence, I looked up the town that Aeneus founded south of Rome. I read that the daughter of mythical Latinus was engaged to the king of the Rutini before she was given in marriage to Aeneas. I looked up the Rutuli as it sounded interesting as per Rutland next to Leicester (the origin of "Rodham," I'm sure), and found this:

"The Rutuli or Rutulians were members of a legendary Italic tribe. Thought to have been descended from the Umbri and the Pelasgians, the Rutuli were located in territory whose capital was the ancient town of Ardea, located about 20 miles southeast of Rome."

Zowie! Ardea was the city that I couldn't recall the spelling of! It means that Arthur, who I identified as a Rus peoples, was from the Rutuli!! Surely, this was the root of the Rhodes and Rothschild Illuminati. It can perhaps be hypothesized that the Rutili were from a Redone stock not far north in southern France. It's interesting that Aeneus (not "Aeneas") was from the mouth of the Hebros river, for Arda was up that river and is expected to be the root of Ardea.

As Ares had been the mate of Aphrodite, I would suggest that his Rus cult, on the west side of Italy, developed into the Roussillon locality (also "Rosellon," evoking Roslin in Lothian), for just as the Ruthene/Rodez peoples were also called, "Rusi," so the Rutuli may have become the founders of Roussillon (Rodez was a part of the wider Roussillon). Note what may be an "Alan" ending in "Roussillon," or at least what may connect to "Avalon" since the island was at first Rothesay.

Aeneas was given the son, Ascanius, evoking Albert the Bear of the house of Ascania. Recalling that Bernicians were depicted as blondes (or red heads), note that Trojans (or at least some of them) were said to be blonde and blue eyed.

The other side of the Romans was Mars, which I identify as the Aphrodite-Ares cult from TranSylvania, even as Aeneas gave birth to another son (code), Silivus, that was made part of Roman origins. I figure that Mars, who depicted the Marsi warlocks of Abruzzo, was named after the Maros/Mures river in TranSylvania.

Where are the Muses of Avalon? I have identified the nine witches of Avalon as the nine Muses of Greek myth. The Muses, which held Eros/Cupid as their leading figure, were from mount Parnassus (Greece), a locality that I once thought to tie to (the blonde) Barnie Rubble. If I am correct in identifying Barnie with Brunswick and Bryneich (i.e. the Berncians), perhaps the Bernicians were rooted in "Parnassus." I had traced Parnassus back to the Pari Mysians of Parion, and meanwhile I identified the Trojan kings, Priam and Paris, as representing the Pari peoples...known to have been Gorgons. Thus, the blonde hair is explained in the Gorgons, and in the Meshech (i.e. Caucasoids) that the Mysians were.

A problem arises when identifying the red color of Rhodes and Rothschilds. Does the red apply to the red dragon that I think stemmed from the Egypto-Phoenicians, or from the red/blonde Aryan element in the Bernicians? If the answer is one or the other, I would chose the latter, for Cecil Rhodes was an Aryan racist. The Budini (proto-Bute, I think) were said to have blue eyes and light hair.

An inconsistency arises when Bute is linked (by me) to Batavians, for I say they were from Ethiopia. It should be said that some Egyptian mummies have been found with blonde hair, but moreover that the Phoenicians had plenty of time to mate with Aryans as they crossed Europe, thus losing their black skin. Both Amazons (= Meshech) and Spartans (where the AgaMemnon Africans landed) had drawings where their people were painted pure black. This may explain why Cecil Rhodes was obsessed with Africa.

The Kerry surname was first found in Montgomery (Wales), which, because the Welsh were from Cimmerians (= ancient Gomerians, many say), it seems a no-brainer to trace MontGomery to Gomarians. It may come as a surprise that, strewn across north Africa, mainly to the west of Libya, the Berbers and their offshoots had blue eyes and light hair.

When I realized that "Bedewe" (Ethiopia) evokes Beduins (usually Arabic), I looked them up (just now) and stumbled upon an article (November 2008) linking Obama to Beduins:

"Now Barack Obama is being claimed by not one but as many as 8,000 Beduin tribesmen in northern Israel.

Although the spokesman for the lost tribe of Obama has yet to reveal the documentary evidence that he says he possesses to support his claim, people are flocking from across the region to pay their respects to the 'Bedu Obama', whose social standing has gone through the roof.

'We knew about it years ago but we were afraid to talk about it because we didn't want to influence the election,' Abdul Rahman Sheikh Abdullah, a 53-year-old local council member, told The Times in the small Beduin village of Bir al-Maksour in the Israeli region of Galilee. 'We wrote a letter to [Obama] explaining the family connection.'"

The story is growing steam on the Internet.

February 15

I opened an email last night in which I was asked whether I was aware of Radio Frequency (RFID) ink for tattoos. I was aware of such ink used on surfaces of commercial products, and that even the dot of an 'i' can be imbedded with data communicable with a scanning device, but a tattoo is different because the ink needs to be inside the skin. This would be an ideal mark of the beast, in my opinion, more palatable to the masses than a skin chip. So I went searching tonight and immediately found a headline: Invisible RFID Ink Safe For Cattle And People, Company Says

I don't think the product is viable for human skin, however, if it's not invisible. Here are some pieces of the article:

The process developed by Somark involves a geometric array of micro-needles and an ink capsule, which is used to 'tattoo' an animal. The ink can be detected from 4 feet away.

...Co-founder Mark Pydynowski said during an interview Wednesday that the ink doesn't contain any metals and can be either invisible or colored. He declined to say what is in the ink, but said he's certain that it is 100% biocompatible and chemically inert. He also said it is safe for people and animals.

...Pydynowski said it takes five to 10 seconds to 'stamp or tattoo' an animal, and there is no need to remove the fur. The ink remains in the dermal layer, and a reader can detect it from 4 feet away.

I picked up some further information at another article that likewise expresses viability for human-skincode development:

"The tattoo is applied using a micro-needle, which is actually a geometric array of many tiny needles, and each tattoo is made up of a unique pattern.

Once an animal is tattooed, the ID is permanent"

Invisible. Quick to tattoo. Permanent. Cheap. Safe. No batteries needed (the scanning device activates it). And society is already familiar with tattoos.

I also found an apt picture of a crowd of Obamatons that seems to say it all. We are definitely at the threshold of the skincode. The masses will see it for themselves very soon. The question is, why won't they see it as the mark in Revelation? Or will they?

Thanks to another emailer (keep the leads coming in), I learned that Tommy Thompson, secretary of Health and Human Services under George Bush Jr., was asked (and accepted) to be on the Board of the Verichip corporation (subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions). In a 2005 article we read: "Thompson plans to promote a product made by his new company - a medical info chip - by having one implanted in his arm." Other articles then tell that Tommy never did receive one.

What liars the Obamites are. I can never know when to trust what they say:

"The U.S. official position is that it looks forward to 'working with any [Israeli] government,' but in back-channel messages the Obama administration has made it clear it would like to see a unity government in Jerusalem over a narrow right-wing government which would in all likelihood result in a freeze in peace talks with the Palestinians.

Aides to Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Friday that Washington officials did indeed relay the message while associates of Kadima chief Tzipi Livni denied receiving such a message.

Officially, the [U.S.] State Department said the coalitional line-up is an internal Israeli matter with which Washington does not involve itself."

The Obama team is working in secret with all of its global commitments, and in the meantime conveying a message to the people that is false. The reason that the Obamites are urging a unity government with Kadima in the picture is, not because they believe in a fairness doctrine, but because Netanyahu is in the drivers seat at this time so that any inclusion of Kadima is the best the U.S. can hope to achieve...for Obama's purposes of creating a Palestinian state.

In the same way, Bill Clinton and other top-dog Democrats want a fairness doctrine on the Radio waves, not because they believe in fairness, but because Republicans have built a solid radio talk-show empire that threatens to remove Democrats from it did in Clinton's second year! Modern Democrats are anything but democratic, or good sports when they lose. They are not fit to be in power, and this is what God aims to expose.

They will be exposed. The thieves who steal your money via taxes and many other methods will be exposed. Dead they will be. Utterly dead, forever gone. This is a reason to rejoice. Only wait for the Fury to pass by. Raise a smile as you watch Mr. Global plant his foot into the trap of God. Just as they think they have succeeded, terror will come and loom and finally fall to put out their lights. The looming terror will cause them to make mistakes, fatal erros. will be good, a great relief, and a good light will once again shine on this world.

Good night.


For readers who start reading a particular update the night before (I often start late in the evening), I'll be using this large GOOD MORNING sign to make it easy to find where I've started to continue.

There seems to be little in the news today. DEBKAfile verifies that Obama's nose is long and sticking into the Israeli election affair even while the Obama team tries to appear righteously aloof:

"For its execution, Washington is in favor of Netanyahu forming a unity government in partnership with Kadima's Tzipi Livni and Labor's Ehud Barak.

Messages to this effect reached the three Israeli leaders over the weekend. It was picked up on by the outgoing prime minister Ehud Olmert, who invited Netanyahu to join his next consultation with Livni and Barak on handling the Hamas truce talks in Cairo. Making it a foursome effectively starts the transition between the Jerusalem administrations."

"Making it a foursome" (Netanyahu, Livni, Barak, and Olmert) means that there are no right/nationalist parties included aside from Netanyahu, meaning that, if Obama could, he would eradicate Netanyahu as well. The inclusion of Ehud Barak is intended to make the government lean left away from Biblo-Pharisaic Zionism and (as I see it) toward liberal, Illuminati-controlled Zionism.

This intrusiveness is Democratic democracy in action. It's why much of the world despises the United States, charging that America always sticks it nose in the political affairs of other nations in attempts to influence the end-game. Obama won't talk to Karzai of Afghanistan because the Obama team desires to see him replaced in the next election. To de-throne who they don't want in power, Democrats become ruthless slanders. You've seen their slander in action against Republicans.

The article above goes on to say:

"Special Middle East envoy George Mitchell was therefore instructed [by Obama] to focus on plans for establishing a firm economy on the West Bank with several hundred million dollars of US aid...

Mitchell was also directed to expedite the creation and training of a Palestinian security force to sustain a pro-Western administration on the West Bank."

A "security force"? Isn't that an armed wing? Hundreds of millions of dollars for the West-Bank Palestinians? Aren't they the ones who want Jerusalem for their capital? Do we think that God wants this? The Democrats are fast becoming the fuel of Armageddon.

The Jerusalem Post has issued an article sharing the long-nosed views of Daniel Kurtzer, U.S. ambassador to Israel under George Bush and ambassador to Egypt under Bill Clinton. Kurtzer has slandered Avigdor Leiberman, leader of the rightist Israel Beiteinu party.

"Former administration officials and American Jewish leaders are warning that the rise of Avigdor Lieberman could hurt Israel's image in the US, particularly if he is given a top portfolio or his positions on Israeli Arabs become government policy.

Daniel Kurtzer...said Lieberman's prominence has already weakened Israel's case internationally."

Just as I suspected, that Kurtzer was speaking out on Obama's behalf, so Wikipedia says that:

"He has endorsed Senator Barack Obama's candidacy for the presidency. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kurtzer along with James Steinberg and Dennis Ross are among the principal authors of Barack Obama's address on the Middle East to AIPAC in June 2008..."

Kurtzer is Obama's advisor, in fact. Says one piece:

"[Quoting Joseph Farah of WND] "It was Kurtzer who, as a speechwriter for former Secretary of State James Baker, coined the term 'land for peace.' Kurtzer has never been a popular figure in Israel. Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir referred to Kurtzer and two colleagues as 'Baker's little Jews' [end Farah quote].

Kurtzer was also a key figure in the decisions that led to the recognition of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Yasser Arafat as the legitimate and sole representative of the Palestinian people."

I don't know what kind of man Lieberman is, whether good or bad, but regardless, Obama's mates, no matter how Zionist, have no right to demonize those chosen by Israeli citizens. Armageddon must be largely targeted at those Zionists who live outside Israel and yet attempt to run Israeli society in opposition to God's will. The offense is all the more grievous if these Hebrews are not Israelites so much as they are dragon-line Hebrews.

We can always count on WND (World Net Daily) to catch Obama's hypocrisies:

"In campaign comments captured on the popular [YouTube] Internet video site, Obama promised that as president, 'When there's a tax bill being debated in Congress, you will know the names of the corporations that would benefit and how much money they would get, and we will put every corporate tax break and every pork barrel project online for every American to see; you will know who asked for them and you can decide whether your representative is actually representing you.'

The president's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as H.R. 1 or the nearly $800 billion stimulus package, however, contains massive amounts of funding widely viewed as pork barrel spending, without any account of who will benefit or who proposed it."

To whom do we think the money will go, to those who supported John McCain in the election, or those who supported Obama?

Mr. Obysmal, do you think you will ever be satisfied with the money you're seeking?

Not yet, Mr. Eecey.

But, sir, if you can have so much money printed, why is it against the law for Americans to print money in their garages?

That's a good question, Abe...

It should be even better than your proposal if every American were sold a money making machine and allowed to go hog wild toward "fixing the economy."

Yes, but you're forgetting your A-B-C's of governing, Abe. We don't want Republicans to have a dime.

Oh yes, well I almost forgot that part because you portrayed yourself a fair man. When will you be satisfied, Mr. Obysmal?

I hate to break it to you, but I'm bottomless. I can never be filled.

Why did I bother asking? Who will be the greatest beneficiaries of your, er, kindesses, do you think?

Not anyone who voted for a woman.

The current situation between Georgia and Russia is one of bickering, not military escalation. Egypt the do-nothing is still spinning its wheels on its Israeli agenda; there is no talk of a ceasefire starting today. Iraq's main headline is still BOMB. Christians are falling asleep, tired of hearing about the re-coming of the Lord, soon. Homosexuality continues to soar and infect society. Churches are mainly voice-less on rampant evils. Only Democrats are aroused at this time, with endless agenda. God has lifted his feet onto his footstool, watching on his large-screen TV everything happening everywhere. He's watching the I-spy-eye of the Illuminati as it watches over its world empire. Extremist Muslims are in need of more hate-fuel in order to re-arise in a world-shocking limelight. God has his finger on the trigger.

I think it would be wrong to expect high-level global action/chaos in the first half of the Week, for the simple reason that the parable of the ten virgins exposes a sleepy church until the middle of the night. The global recession that's being facilitated may tend to make the all the world a lot less active for some time. As I said, this lull may be from God to make land and necessary purchases less expensive.

Although I don't think the time has yet come to purchase long-term foods, I can't advise you to be unconcerned about a piece of land, for I myself would feel uncomfortable without a trib property at this time. I can understand your anxiety. On the one hand, I loath the thought of being directly responsible for costing Christians money and time toward their trib retreats at the wrong time, but on the other hand I should not allow to make you feel that you have plenty of time. For some, there is "plenty" of time if the Week begins in 2009; for others, it's not enough time.

I would advise that you at least have a property in mind. Go out and at least look at some properties. Let your mind assess what the most suitable place might be. Then, if Gog appears this year, you will be further ahead. My experience has been that seeking a property is adventurous and important all at once. By starting in this way, good planning ideas will come to your mind vividly.

This just in from Haaretz:

"Russia's foreign minister on Sunday called for Israel to not let last week's election results freeze the peace process, if a government dominated by the right-wing takes over.

...Lavrov also said that Russia is planning a Mideast peace conference for the first half of this year. Lavrov said that Moscow has diplomatic channels with Hamas and is pressing on the militant group to engage in peace talks with Israel, but that their leaders are not all of the same opinion."

There's no telling what Russia's involvement in Gaza can lead to. It's unusual for Russia to be involved in this way. Might Putin's crew become offended if Israel snubs them? What happens if Hamas once again starts a war while Russia bosses are angry with Israel?

This should be all for today.


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