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August 23 - 26, 2008

Pieces Coming Together

August 23

The basis of Gog's Sunni partners are developing more assuredly into an anti-Iraq force by the agressive attitude of Iraq itself. In yesterday's International Herlad Tribune, we see this development emphasized again:

"The [Iraqi] government's rising hostility toward the Awakening councils amounts to a bet that its military, feeling increasingly strong, can provide security in former guerrilla strongholds without the support of these former Sunni fighters who once waged devastating attacks on U.S. and Iraqi targets. It also is occurring as Awakening members are eager to translate their influence and organization on the ground into political power."

This situation seems destined to become a ready-made tool in the hands of Gog, by which he will begin forming his kingdom. Rather than being chased out or diminished, the Awakening Sunnis did more than survive by siding with general Petraeus; they gained for themselves a stronger position, so strong that they're now a target of the Iraqi government. It's ironic that Bush is now protecting, and even paying, Gog's furture army...that will dismantle all that Bush did these past five or six years. I am very confident on this point, that Gog will take to himself the Sunnis, and that Sunnis will latch onto him because they will need him.

Iraqi and U.S. negotiators have come closer to finalizing the withdrawal deal, probably because time is running out on Bush. The main point, as concerns the topic here, is still the June-2009 deadline for U.S. soldiers to be out of Iraqi cities. The deal as it now sits promises to face some opposition when law makers return from vacation for debate. Thousands of al-Sadr's Shiites demostrated again, yesterday, their opposition to the deal.

It's 1:30 am Eastern, and several major media tell that Joe Biden is Obama's VP pick. Biden, a Catholic, is by far the best choice to act as the False Prophet's right hand man (and maybe even the second lamb's horn), for he is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, while Obama chairs one of its sub-committees, one on European affairs. Together, these men promise to connect America with Europe in what's called "Atlanticism," a take in my opinion of Rosicrucianism's "New Atlantis." Rosicrucianism wishes to build a Golden Dawn or Golden Age.

This looks like it, the showdown when Christ takes the kingdoms of the world and gives them to the humble. Blessed are the poor in spirit, the poor in money, and the poor in power. Woe to the rich and powerful, and those who laugh and laugh, party and mock.

Russians have left Georgia's city of Gori completely, as well as other localities, but remain at Poti. Georgians have got their Gori back. The Georgian Times reports that Georgians found Russian documents exposing that Poti and Senaki will remain in Russian hands as "zones of responsibility," to be manned by its "peacekeepers." Bush and Sarkozy have protested. Medvedev: Hah-hah aha-haha haaah!

Good morning. The first thing I'd like to say is that I'm not happy about demonizing people in the effort to guess who the end-time dragon players are. If I'm wrong, then it's a dark mark against me. What I can say is that I remember Mr. Biden, and my disgust of him, when he was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the "trial" of Clarence Thomas. I recall discerning that Biden was willing to slime the reputation of now-Judge Thomas in order to keep a conservative from sitting on the Supreme Court. I recall the anti-Christianism of the Democrats at that time, how easily they would, as a group, lie and falsely accuse for political ends. For Biden to play politics gladly among this bunch exposes his lack of integrity as a "Christian" man.

At the time of the Thomas affair, I wasn't yet taking political wickedness in stride, as I am now. I was hoping at the time that society would not go over into the hands of those Democrats, and fortunately they were thereafter stripped of much power. I will never forget that pathetic display, with Joe Biden being the chief fiend in my mind at the time, possibly the reason that Thomas squeeked by into the Court position (i.e. as the public began to see him as ruthless). Biden was all the things for which I came to despise the Democrats of that period...who are the Democrats of this period. I have always suspected that the tribulation would arrive when Democrats regained political power.

I'm looking to see if Biden lashes out at certain Protestant believers, as this is what I would expect of the False Prophet. I don't expect the smeers to be blatant before the election, however. I fully expect Biden to re-hash Democrat hatred for the "Republican right," but I counsel Christians to stop supporting Republicans, as this is guilt by association. There is not much we can do about the end-time tide of evil, and perhaps, when it gets to the very end, we shouldn't even try.

If your church is more of a Bush supporter than one that values Biblical prophecies at this time, I would have a strong concern. If the heart of your church members are more focused on political issues than on watching the signs and hoping for the Kingdom, you need to recognize the problem. If you are made to feel like you're out in left field for bringing up prophetic topics, something is wrong. In my opinion, the Christian concerned about the times -- enough to want to know what God says about them -- is the one wanting the Kingdom. Isn't this person far more likely to enter the Kingdom?

Joe Biden said recently:

"The animating principle of my faith, as taught to me by church and home, was that the cardinal sin was abuse of power...It was not only required as a good Catholic to abhor and avoid abuse of power, but to do something to end that abuse...I get comfort from carrying my rosary, going to mass every Sunday..."

That's the first strong piece of evidence I've found to show that Biden is strongly "Christian," but of course Biblical believers well recognize the error of the rosary (= prayer beads and repeated prayers to Mary), especially its connection to Mary worship. It's interesting that the rosary was named after the rose. It is my firm belief that Rosicrucianism (and proto-Rosicrucianism) stacked the Papacy, with its own agents, as often as it could, for it was the natural thing for the dragon cult to infiltrate every powerful institution. In fact, John Dee, a New-Atlantis Rosicrucian in cahoots with Francis Bacon, was the true 007 spy, for queen Elizabeth I. It is to be suspected that the dragon cult formed the several anti-popes of history in its effort to control the Vatican's members.

The article goes on to quote Biden extensively on his faith: "I don't think I have the right to impose my view – on something I accept as a matter of faith – on the rest of society.". We'll see, Mr. Biden, we'll see. The problem is, Catholics (including my rosary-loving mother and Mary-loving father) have become more Biblical in the last 20 years, not because they lap up the Bible, but because the Vatican has urged them in that direction. Aside from the question of whether the Vatican took this tack merely to save Catholicism from a membership-number crisis (that started in the 60s), there is the point to be made that Catholics may follow papal directives in any direction, Biblical of otherwise. That's the frightening part, and the reason that Rosicrucians wanted to infiltrate the church: for the sake of having power over so many citizens of the world. In short, the main thread of both the Vatican and political Rosicrucianism (to be differentiated from religious Rosicrucianism) have historically been, abuse of power.

Biden is not a strict Vaticano, but openly calls for the right to disagree: "'If I were an ordained priest, I'd be taking some issue with some of the more narrow interpretations of the Gospel being taken now,' Biden says. 'But my church is more than 2,000 years old. There's always been a tug of war among prelates and informed lay members.'" The statement is moreover a moral catering to the liberal -- yes, largely non-Christian -- Democrats. He also makes the common mistake of not differentiating between the first-century Church and the Roman Catholicism started centuries later. Biden's abortion position is shown well here, where he is exposed voting liberal on the issue even though he has some personal pro-life sentiments.

For Obama, this is another flip flop, as he painted himself, until now, as the a-Washington type. Biden is all Washington animal.

Sooo, the Democrat team for 2008 and possibly for 2012 are two Christians. Who ever would have thought this possible five years ago, even two years ago? It convinces me all the more that this is the False Prophet team.

Biden may be instrumental in Obama's Iraq policies. Biden opposed the troop surge, and has consistently labeled the Bush war a failed endeavor. It's a good bet that whatever these men have said, in the past, purely for countering the Bush administration, will be forgotten when they take the Iraq situation by the horns. What will be Biden's affect on Obama's withdrawal plans? Will Biden clash with Brzezinski strategy? Or was Biden chosen because he and Brzezinski see largely eye to eye on foreign policy?

The article below (June 12, 2008) tells of Biden's opposition to Russia's expansionism and oil interest's:

"Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-DE) held a hearing this afternoon entitled, 'Oil, Oligarchs, and Opportunity: Energy from Central Asia to Europe' to examine Russia's use of its enormous oil and gas reserves, and regional pipeline system, to expand its global political influence and economic leverage.

... The Committee heard testimony from Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski..."

Biden's opening statements included:

"Today we will hear from a panel of distinguished witnesses, beginning with the Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, on the Great Game being played out in the Caspian Sea region. The stakes are high. They involve hundreds of billions of dollars in oil and infrastructure, the resurgence of Russia, and the energy security of Europe."

The Georgia situation promises to explode again under the Obama team, in other words. Might Russia at that time expand further south to fulfill prophecy??? Don't start to party, yet, Democrats, for this team is about to stab America in the heart. It has its sites on minimizing Russia at a time when Russia refuses to be minimized. The words you read above are words of war against Russia. True, Biden's meeting stressed diplomacy as the key weapon in the war, and while this has the potential to form an alliance with Russia, the alliance will obviously be viewed by Russia as a fake, intended to slow Russia's oil machinery.

There is only one possible way for Gog to become a leader in Europe (in fulfilling Daniel 7): by his successful military campaigns forcing a Europe-Russia diplomatic deal...meaning that the Obama team will soon be shocked to its bones to see the military result of their duplicity. Who will they blame when Gog takes one region after another in the Middle East? It's clear that Russia would rather wait until Bush is gone (or nearly so) before it begins to implement its expansionism, and that Bush succeeded in staving off the expansionism for nearly a full eight years. The question is, how quickly under an Obama presidency will Gog act? I predict that it'll be in the first year, 2009.

I just found that Brzezinski is on the anti-Christian side, for when Wolf Blitzer interviewed him, he spoke of the Bush effort in Iraq as an effort of fanatics:

"BLITZER: When you say 'religious reasons' -- I'm pressing you, because these are strong words that you're throwing out, and you're a man of very precise language.

BRZEZINSKI: [Blah blah, he tried to duck the question]

BLITZER: Well, maybe I'm missing something. Are you talking about fundamentalist Christians? Are you talking about Jews? Specifically, what are you trying...

BRZEZINSKI: I'm talking about all of them. I'm talking about all of them: people who approach this issue with a very strong religious fervor or a kind of strategic fanaticism, the kind of fanaticism that leads some people currently, for example, to argue that we should attack Iran, that we should bomb Iran.

You see, the Iraq war is viewed by Democrats as the will of American-right Christians. Everything Bush did was viewed -- by passionate anti-Christians -- as the will of American-right Christians. Hatred for Bush is hatred for Biblical Christians. Brzezinski appears to be such a one who hates fundamentalist Christians, for he was willing to use even the f-word ("fanatic") on a prime television spot, though that word has been phasing out in recent years due to its bigoted tone. This point is quite large, for it reinforces all the more that Obama is the False Prophet destined to persecute Biblical Christians.

Brzezinski's opposition to an invasion of Iran then has him speaking (in the interview above) naively when asked about the Iranian nuclear threat: "Because for one thing, [the Iranians] are not about to have it. It will take several years for them really to have it. Secondly, what can they do with it as a practical matter? This is a serious country. This is not a fly-by-night fictional country that could act in a totally reckless fashion." You see, because Brzezinski takes a position opposite to Bush and his fanatics, he also takes the position that Iran cannot be dangerous with a nuclear bomb...a position reflecting how leading Democrats have been conditioning their voters. It should of course be pointed out, and this was my main point in the first place, that Iran can pass nuclear weapons to a "fictional country that could act in a totally reckless fashion." Brzezinski doesn't want Democrats to consider this, for fear that it would undermine his opposition to the fanatics who believe Iran should be dealt with militarily.

On the Israeli controversy, Brzezinski shows a little authoritarianism:

"Because if you leave [negotiating points] wide open, the Israelis and the Palestinians distrust one another so much that they'll never move towards peace. But if we lay on the table a package -- and there are several key elements of that package which are generally known and understood -- and say, this is what the settlement will be based on, then I think we move the parties concerned toward serious negotiations."

Wolf Blitzer then responded that the statement seemed "sort of imposing a settlement," even as the Bush team is doing to this day. Can we predict that the Obama team will impose the peace deal much harder than Bush has?

In a July-25th article, where anti-Bushers thrive, Brzezinski voiced opposition to increasing the troop level in Afghanistan. Whether this is or is not Brzezinski's change of mind, I would predict that Obama will change his mind so long as Brzezinski feels this way. I have not read anything more, since Obama's trip to Europe, of Obama's Afghan plans; perhaps he is quietly tossing the idea. All in all, the political trend at this time seems to be anti-war in every regard. But this does not consider the brute forces of reality in the run-up to Armageddon.

August 24

Now that the Russian volcano has vented and subsided some, focus should be on the Mosul area. The Assyrian International News Agency is zealous in covering northern-Iraq news, and often shares articles from other media that are filled with excellent details. AINA has been covering the Awakening situation, and Iraq's opposition to it. In yesterday's AINA news (borrowed from Los Angeles Times), I learned that the various military Sunni groups paid by the United States, lumped now into "Sons of Iraq," are to be disbanded at about the same time (next summer) that Americans must be out of Iraqi cities:

The Iraqi government first challenged the U.S. military over the Sons of Iraq program in the spring [2008]...

In July, Maliki informed the Americans that he wanted the entire program handed over to him as soon as possible, said Mohammed Salman, the head of the committee. In response, the U.S. military has drafted plans to dissolve the group by next summer, integrating 20% of its members into the police and finding the rest such jobs as mechanics, electricians and carpenters. The Americans want to slash the Sons of Iraq to 60,000 by the end of the [2008] year.

'Our goal is that by June 2009, the Sons of Iraq are out of business,' said Lt. Col. Jeffrey Kulmayer, who is charged with the Sunni paramilitary file.

Now what do you suppose the result will be of notifying the Sunni fighters, one year ahead of time, that they will be out of mercenary jobs? Clue: Gog comes along just as they are about to go jobless. According to Daniel 11:24, Gog wins them over by sharing the spoils of war with them. My only (but big) point here, since I've already pegged these Sunnis as Gog's future allies, is that they are being cut lose by both the Americans and Iraqis just as the time for Gog's appearance is scheduled in northern Iraq. In other words, it doesn't seem coincidental. The "Sons of Iraq" are being prepared to strengthen Gog in Iraq, and to give him a launching pad for building his empire. The article continues:"'If the government of Iraq doesn't decide to employ all of them, you have jobless rates that skyrocket,' said a U.S. intelligence analyst who, like some others who spoke for this report, did so on condition of anonymity. 'I don't know what will happen.'

Many of the fighters are now on the run..."

Likely toward the north. Remember that Gog starts out small and becomes great, so that he will not have the Russian military with him when he initally arises. Or, at least, not much of the Russian military. Let me repeat that one scenario is Gog's entering Iraq through the coming provincial elections, wherefore note the following from the same article: "If disbanded, their leaders warn, the men could revolt, but the Sons of Iraq are holding out hope that local elections, still without a date, will improve their lot."

Good morning. There is no news of particular interest.

I think the basis for Gog's appearance has been shared as fully as possible in the last two months of updates, and that anyone reading the bulk of the material knows what to look for. I am about (before the end of the month) to move to some raw land of about 100 acres. It will not have grid electricity, and may not yet have a telephone pole when I get there, meaning that I could be off-line for some time. For all who have been following the updates regularly, just want to give you a heads up so you don't wonder what happened to me.

The situation happens to be that the electric company wants about $7,500 just to get the power from a pole on one side of the road to a new pole on the other side, and on top there will be a $2,500 cost for bringing the wire from pole to house. For that money, I can get a propane generator, some solar panels, and a laptop computer (to cut electricty use by about half), which is what I am in the process of doing. I'm sure that not all will go well, meaning that I could be without power for three weeks or more into that even if telephone is in by then, I won't be able to get back to these updates anyway.

I sold my house last year and bought a smaller property that could serve either as a trib retreat or a money-maker in case my dating system didn't pan out. I didn't have much evidence at the time that 2009 would start the final Week, so I had to proceed as though it might not. I decided early this year to prepare this place for sale at a profit, and meanwhile to purchase the larger place (that I am now ready to move to). I have not started building a house on either property because I'm not sure whether either will be the trib retreat. I'll decide after staying at the larger place for a year or so. I'm hoping that it will grow vegetables well, and that I can use the marsh and damp flat lands to a great advantage for that purpose. Yes, it was priced low due to these conditions, which conditions provide an enormous amount of dead wood standing upright (i.e. not rotting very quickly, as wood on the ground rots), ready for making winter heat on the spur of the moment.

I am thinking to turn the place into an official campsite so that I can invite many believers, as year-round campers, during the trib. I purchased a mini-excavator to help with this project; the machine can be used to build paths through the woods, pull tree roots, create a septic system for central shower and toilet building, transport soil from place to place (planning on having a small old dump truck as well), and maybe even dig some fish ponds (four or more feet deep) in the marsh itself (which cannot sustain fish at this time due to winter freezing of shallow waters).

I'm hoping the marsh soil and peat is usable for growing foods; some such soils are not, due to high alkalinity. Some of the acreage can be turned into a farm (it was many years ago) to help feed other believers on nearby properties. My mini-excavator's bucket has a thumb so that it can carry long logs, for building small cabins. I don't need to build them, just pile the wood at the camp sites; believers who decide to live there can build their own cabins. There is a small (portable) lumber mill directly across the road which might be helpful toward this end. For all I know, it could be owned by Christians (wouldn't that be great?). I have a few years to prepare this situation, but I wouldn't do it unless I was more than half-sure that the trib is about to begin. Obviously, if Gog shows up in Iraq, I'd start moving on the project with passion.

The way I see it, if I get permission to build a campsite, it doesn't matter whether the campers pay me or not, the place will yet be legal. There are all sorts of campsites where campers rent their spots year round. If they can burn wood in summer legally, burning wood in winter should be less of a problem, as fire hazard goes down substantially, and smoke-smell problems for neighbors is not an issue when they are mainly indoors with windows shut.

I'm not going to quote them, but both the leader of Iran and of Hezbolah uttered the annihilation of Israel on the weekend. Same old same old, but an impportant piece of news comes today from Ahdaminejad's religious boss:

"Iran's Supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged hard-line Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to plan for a second four-year term, Iranian official news agency IRNA reported Sunday."

...Earlier on Sunday, Khamenei was quoted as praising Ahmadinejad for 'standing up to' the West in a dispute over the country's nuclear program..."

Ahmadinejad started his presidency in the summer of 2005, so that another four-year term gets him into 2013. Whether or not he is yet in power after 2013 doesn't probably matter much as the spiritual gurus are in charge of the nation anyway. Wikipedia puts it well: "The Supreme Leader [Khamenei, not Ahmadinejad] is Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, controls the military intelligence and security operations; and has the only power to declare war...Unlike many other states, the executive branch [i.e. Ahmadinejad] in Iran does not control the armed forces." In other words, the destruction of Israel and the arming of Hezbolah is the desire of Khamenei at this time, and either he or another spiritual leader will declare war on Israel if the Ezekiel-38 prophecy refers to the nation of Iran rather than just a loose group Iranian fighters. Iran, like Russia, may seek to distance itself publicly from the Israeli invasion.

Israel's concern with Joe Biden is as follows: "Biden has been among the more vocal of those that insist Iran does not pose a serious threat, nuclear or otherwise. He is believed to support Obama's intention to engage Iran in direct dialogue and end Tehran's isolation." You get it. It's nearly happy-hour for Khamenei.

Well, a U.S. Navy ship has finally arrived to Georgia, to Batumi to be exact, 30 miles south of Poti. Waiting to see what Russia does in this situation. Russians are suspicious: "A top Russian general on Saturday accused NATO countries of using humanitarian aid as 'cover' for a build-up of naval forces in the Black Sea, heightening tension in the aftermath of the conflict...An AFP reporter saw Russian troops holding at least six positions in an 80-kilometre area around Poti on Sunday." Two other U.S. war ships are scheduled to arrive soon.

The American military has just been responsible for the death's of dozens of Afghan civilians, this not boding well for the immunity clause that Bush seeks from Iraqi law makers.

August 25

I only want to mention the following from DEBKAfile in case there is truth to it:

"DEBKAfile’s intelligence and counter-terror sources disclose that Egypt’s interior ministry’s security forces, airports, harbors, and border terminals were placed on the highest terror alert Sunday [yesterday] afternoon, Aug. 24, in response to information that an al Qaeda team or teams were heading for major strikes against specific targets."

If this is true, the question is: why has Egypt become the target all of a sudden? I am expecting Gog to invade Egypt in 2009, perhaps even as early as late 2008. Interesting indeed, but I don't see this report in any other media.

I just learned that Joe Biden has had, since at least 2006, an interest in the north-Iraqi problem:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Senator Joe Biden may be one of the only U.S. politicians that can get Iraq's feuding Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurdish politicians to agree. But not in a good way.

Across racial and religious boundaries, Iraqi politicians on Saturday bemoaned Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama's choice of running mate, known in Iraq as the author of a 2006 plan to divide the country into ethnic and sectarian enclaves.

...'We [the Iraqis] rejected his proposal when he announced it, and we still reject it.'...

...Delaware senator Biden unveiled his plan to divide Iraq into a federation of autonomous Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurdish zones at a time when sectarian killing in Iraq was out of control and getting worse.

The only point being made with this, thus far anyway, is that Biden was very interested in northern Iraq, the region that is about to explode. I believe that Gog will come announcing his own way of dealing with the problem, but I have no idea how Biden will feel about it, or how he'll become involved with it. I can imagine that Gog will sit down with the Obama team to talk things through for a solution...afterwhich Gog will act ruthlessly and start taking all to himself.

How do we suppose Iran feels about the Russian "victory" in Georgia? Experts in Iranian politics would know, but maybe also those who expect Biblical prophecy to come true. Here's what's shaking in Iran on the topic:

"...Iran has refrained from taking sides in the Caucasus conflict.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry adopted a decidedly neutral tone when addressing the Russian-Georgian conflict...

...Iranian officials have uttered nary a word about the conflict. The low-profile approach..."

I've left out much because I don't think the writer has got the reasons right. My take is that Iran and Russia are up to something secretly, wherefore Iran doesn't want to show itself to be on Russia's side. My only basis for this position is Biblical prophecy. I'm no expert on Iranian politics, and have very little knowledge on Russia-Iran relations.

The Democrat convention:

"At the first official event Sunday of the Democratic National Convention, a choir belted out a gospel song and was followed by a rabbi reciting a Torah reading about forgiveness and the future.

...Young Muslim women in headscarves sat near older African-American women in their finest Sunday hats.

Four years ago, such a scene would have been unthinkable at a Democratic National Convention."

Four years ago, I was guessing that the president in 2008 and/or 2012 would be the Christian False Prophet. I was claiming that he would likely be a Democrat catering to American Christians to get their votes. Voila, I am seeing this with my own eyes. A few weeks ago in these updates I was pointing out that Joe Biden would make a fitting vice-president if Obama was the False Prophet. Voila! If you think I'm psychic, think again. If you think I'm intelligent, think again. I "guessed" these things correctly because the Bible led me there. Now, if Gog would just arise in northern Iraq, you will know that there is a God who tells the future from thousands of years away. You will know that he spoke through His prophets, and that His Word is reliable where He talks about eternal life and the forgiveness of sins. Am I preaching? Maybe it's about time.

Hillary Clinton is not out of the White House race yet, for there is now a law suit against Obama claiming that he is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, and is therefore not legally permitted to run for the presidency. The suit has been launched and supported by, you guessed it, Clinton backers. Will Hillary and Bill together become the two-horned False Prophet? One could predict that they will contunue the "Christian" trend, now that it has begun to show fruit for the Democratic campaign.

News was spilled that the Bilderberger meeting this past June decided to lower oil prices due to the harm it was doing to other businesses. Not that the globalists care about the businesses of others, but that they themselves own shares in companies unrelated to oil. The point is, oil has been steadily dropping since the Bilderberger meeting. Oil peaked from June to mid July, hitting over $143 on June 30th, and over $144 on July 2nd. In the article below, you can read that, about a decade ago, Obama "Osama bin Laden stated that his target price for oil is $144 a barrel and that the American people, who allegedly robbed the Muslim people of their oil, owe each Muslim man, woman, and child $30,000 in back payments." There are many online articles on this topic.

By mid-July, oil peaked at $145. I have always disregarded the stock-market and supply-and-demand excuses for rising oil prices; I've always believed that certain persons have a good handle on the oil industry and that they manipulated the oil prices at will. George Bush and some of his fellow Republicans are some of the suspects, but politicians are on the lower end of globalist ladders, the pawns if you will. It appears clear now that the Bilderberger membership, and perhaps other organizations involved, want the public blame Osama for the oil-price increase, to help take the focus off of themselves.

In the same way that media do not speak against core Bilderberger membership, to expose it's clandestine activities, hardly a newspaper in the world, to get at the true reason for insane oil prices, would dare oppose these people for fear of reprisals, or because they are practically controlled by the globalists. CNN had an article out three days ago suggesting that oil prices are rigged by the oil sellers as they themselves purchase oil stock (to set a trend, I'm supposing), but this article could be viewed as a lashing out against Republicans, for it is they who are considered, by and large, to be supporters of big oil.,8599,1834888,00.html

When I sold my two houses more than a year ago, and was placing the money in a term deposit, a conversation with the bank officer developed about the value of the U.S. dollar. I said that the dollar will go up with the decrease in the price of oil, and that I expected the dollar value, which was then going for a nose-dive (it was about 90 cents to the Canadian dollar), to become strong again in the lead-up to the national election this November. I shared that oil prices went down in 2004 a few months before Bush ran for the second time because (certain) Republicans had a handle on oil prices. I said the same would happen in 2008, but that this time around prices would start to fall a couple of months earlier than in 2004 because the prices then didn't start falling soon enough to give the Republicans a political victory (they lost both Houses).

I recall that, as soon as oil prices began to fall in 2004, the polls started to show an increase toward Republicans, though it turned out to be too little too late. I expected the oil prices to start falling in about June of this year, and, indeed, with the falling prices, the American dollar has strengthened. This oil-price chart shows a signifcant drop just before the 2004 election; I recall prices remaining down for a couple of months afterward, expected in order to not give away too easily that Republicans held the price strings. Oil then shot up profusely after those couple of months, but one can then see a neat temporary drop again just before and after the 2006 elections. Since Republicans had by far the most to lose due to high oil prices, I suspect that their invisible leaders hold the price strings.

My point here is not to brag about an understanding of globalist plots. My point is that the Bilderberger meeting did not only decide to drop oil prices, but to create a skincode system of purchasing that would span the globe. As surely as the oil prices have tumbled, I expect the skincode to appear soon. I expect Obama and Biden to push this thing with passion, not only in America and Europe, but in the Russo-Arab world. There is only one way to start succeeding in advancing it among Russians and Arabs: to create peace with them as much as possible. This explains why Democrats wish to go the way of diplomatic talks rather than Bush's hard-line methods. Indeed, the Bilderberger meeting also frowned on Bush's plans to strike Iran.

You watch. Making peace with Russia and Arabs will be the priority of the Obama administration...but Gog and his Arab supporters will exploit it. It's becoming clearer now that they will exploit by taking chunks of the Middle East practically unopposed by American military, even if Americans are in Iraq and able to act. Let me put it this way, that since the advancement of the skincode will be uppermost in the Obama agenda, he will not fight Gog and his Arabs when they take various regions of the Middle East. That's my new realization, fresh this morning.

There is some insight on the Poti suituation this morning; DEBKAfile: "Then on Monday [today], the Russian general staff took the further step of announcing regular searches of all cargoes transiting the Georgian port of Poti." If this can be verified, we now know what the Russians had been planning in Poti, though surely they knew that the American ships wouldn't take kindly to this search demand, explaining why Russians dug in for a possible conflict.

The DEBKAfile alone (in all my media list) announced that Russians were making Poti an "zone of responsibility," meaning that Russia was not planning to pull out of Poti, and meanwhile planning to declare a full withdrawal from Georgia. This is exactly what has happened. The full withdrawal was announced on the weekend, and yet Russians remain literally entrenched in Poti to this day. In an article dated yesterday, we read: "There was compelling evidence yesterday, however, that Russia is planning a long-term occupation of Georgia. The Observer witnessed Russian soldiers digging trenches seven kilometres outside the port of Poti next to the Rioni river and the main highway to Tbilisi."

Are the trenches to stop an invasion of American land troops, or to protect from a naval bombardment? I'd say the latter, though I'm not suggesting it will happen, only that Russians are preparing for it. I'd say the trenches are evidence that Russians expect to create a confrontation with the West's ships, and the DEBKAfile report of this morning therefore has teeth. The Russians want to check the American ships for weapons, especially due to Saakashvili's statement yesterday that he intends to rebuild his military and to keep South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the Georgian fold (Saakashvili's mouth is the best thing that could happen to Russia's Georgian goals at this time). Al jazeera reports today that:

"Russia's parliament is voting on recognising the independence of two breakaway Georgian regions, just days after the bulk of Russian forces pulled back from Georgia.

The two houses convened emergency sessions on [today]...

The upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, voted unanimously for a resolution which calls on Dmitry Medvedev to recognise the independence of the two regions."

It's clear that Russian troops remain in Georgia for the purpose of protecting this separatist movement. The question is, how will the West react to the formation of two new Russia-backed nations?

The Cold War can be viewed as a club upraised in the hand of God. It wasn't merely a warning to the human race of an impending Armageddon. It was the Armageddon package itself, with a timer and fuse. This generation that passed through the Cold War Part One, when I was growing up, became far more sinful while the club was upraised. Now, in Cold War Part Two, I think the club will come down on the evil generation as reward for it's rebellion. My voicing this opinion places me, according to the evil/liberal generation, on par with Osama, Putin, and Hitler. That is, liberals will use our preaching of Armageddon as reason to lump us into a war- monger list. As Christians, we have no choice but to welcome Armageddon (though not to gloat over it's destruction), and we have no directive from God to oppose Armageddon. His plan should be our love. Armageddon is the cutting away of the weeds, which is His love for the wheat. Expect the False Prophet to pour water onto the new flames of the Cold War, and to preach a safe, if not glorious future, for mankind.

The International Herald Tribune has an interesting article out today, on the admission by the Swiss government that corrupt Swiss scientists provided Pakistan's nuclear secrets to Libya and Iran. My concern is the timing of this admission, last May, and the nature of the leak. As the Swiss scientists were eventually arm-twisted by the Bush administation to betray Libya (explaining now why Libya renounced its nuclear ambitions at that time), I'd say the leak was for the purpose of implicating Iran, and thereby to prepare/incite the American people, and Europeans, for Bush's attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Some still believe that Bush will attack Iran himself (i.e. apart from Israel doing it all) after the November election. I don't know what God's will is on that matter.

It's 10 am Eastern, 6 pm Moscow time. The Times reports:

"The Federation Council voted 130-0 to ask President Dmitri Medvedev to recognise South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states. Russia's lower house of parliament, the Duma, followed shortly after with a 447-0 vote in favour of recognition."

Just when we thought the volcano was subsiding, new eruptions.

August 26

It's 5 am Eastern. Up early this morning, a nice time to be alive. Found this that may or may not become relative to end-time prophecy: "North Korea said Tuesday it has stopped disabling its nuclear reactor and will consider restoring the plutonium-producing facility in anger over Washington's failure to remove it from the U.S. list of terror sponsors." Translation: If you don't stop calling me a thief, I'm going out to rob a bank!

Do evil powers thrive on playing tricks? Russia: We have pulled out of Georgia completely, except that we have converted the soldiers to peacemakers in Poti; they're digging trenches. Translation: Mom and dad, I'm moving out of the house for good, except that I'm sleeping in the bedroom, and locking the door.

Hezbolah: If Israel keeps flying over our land searching for weapons that are figments of their imaginations, we will bomb Israelites to oblivion. No translation needed.

Iran: Europeans want to come and check out our nuclear power plants for possible weapons programs, but we won't let them because they don't believe our claims to peaceful purposes. We just don't like to be called liars. We are building nuclear power plants because we are going to run out of oil in 300 years. Don't you believe us?

The United States: South Ossetia, you can't separate from Georgia because you're within Georgia's borders, and Israel, you're not allowed to build houses just anywhere within Israel's borders. South Ossetia, you can't have your own state; israel, give the Palestinians their own state.

The West is saying that the issue of South Ossetia's and Abkhazia's separation is to be decided by debate in the international community. Translation: Russia, come to the unbiased international table to discuss whether or not we will let you get away with this.

Russia to Israel: If you stop selling weapons to Georgia, we will not sell big weapons to Iran and Syria for your destruction, but will continue to sell only small weapons for your destruction. Deal, friend?

The Assyrian International News Agency regularly opposes Barrack Obama. Today it shares a New York Times article on Obama's money raising from abroad. It points out that the inabilities of tracking online donators allows for America's president to be elected by non-Americans:

"Small contributions [to the Obama campaign] came in from these sources and the internet campaign staff were more than pleased by the results.

Then, about two months into the campaign the daily contribution intake multiplied. Where was it coming from? One of the web site security monitors began to notice the bulk of the contributions were clearly coming in from overseas internet service providers and at the rate and frequency of transmission it was clear these donations were programmed by a very sophisticated user.

While the security people were not able to track most of the sources due to firewalls and other blocking devices put on these contributions they were able to collate the number of contributions that were coming in seemingly from individuals but the funds were from only a few credit card accounts and bank electronic funds transfers. The internet service providers (ISP) they were able to trace were from Saudi Arabia , Iran , and other Middle Eastern countries. One of the banks used for fund transfers was also located in Saudi Arabia.

Another concentrated group of donations was traced to a Chinese ISP with a similar pattern of limited credit card charges."

The race is so tight at this time that Obama might beat McCain only for the difference made by contributions from Islamic and other anti-American sources. The very unlikely success of Obama is about to come true. Why? How can I be so confident that Obama will win? Because I know the odds of someone like him arising at this time. The odds are so low that I can only conclude he's the False Prophet. God is not bringing him to power in America to persecute Christians, but to empower Gog, the destroyer of the planet's wicked powers: the lovers of money, the thieves in business suits, the billionaires who never have enough. Israel's leaders are sleeping with these types, and so Gog will also destroy Israel by a Decree of Heaven.

The sign of the False Prophet's wickedness will be in his promotion of the skincode, which will be a monument to the super-rich, Bilderberger types. Ironic, is it not, that Democrats, who continually cry out against the super-rich, are about to elect a man serving the super-rich.

It's almost time to disengage ourselves from the West, time to let it fall hard; just step out of the way so that it doesn't crush us on the way down. Although I feel sorrow for the sinful condition of humanity, I'll rejoice at humanity's fall because it refuses to repent, a refusal that destroys the human condition in every way. Those of you who understand these things, start learning how to sing with power, for we are to sing as the world falls. It's bitter-sweet, but note that the sweet part comes last. Do you at least feel like humming? I don't want to write on this topic in such a way that makes readers afraid of the False Prophet and anti-Christ. These are the worst of humanity, representatives of liars and theives, adulterers and con-artists. But they'll have political power, and the power of their courts and police forces.

The trend of Western governments, right down to municipal controllers, is toward something like a heartless, iron hand that cares not for people, but uses people for their taxes. Through taxes we are all being forced to enrich an evil empire. God is about to give Caesar what is his: a single punch to the face, a knockout. He won't even get a burial because, while God instructed his people to give him taxes so as to be law-abiding, Caesar did not give to God what is God's.

There is no pertinent news at this time, so I'll quote more of Zhirinovsky (in 2003), this time to show that he fits my view of a big-mouth and deplorable Gog coming to support the ex-Saddam loyalists:

"[Zhirinosvsky] professes to be close to Saddam Hussein, and his Liberal Democratic Party promotes Mr. Hussein -- and Russian oil interests in Iraq. The NTV television network broadcast a grainy video of Mr. Zhirinovsky...

...Forget that the deputy speaker may have been somewhat under the influence. Mr. Zhirinovsky's scatological description of Mr. Bush as an ''(expletive deleted) cowboy''...

Moreover, his portrayal of President Bill Clinton as one of America's 'damned (expletive deleted), (expletive deleted), (expletive deleted), (expletive deleted) pederasts'..."

Zhirinovsky is a motorcylce gangster in a political suit. It's likely that there were other dark men alongside him who had associations with Saddam. I can only guess that these men maintained contact with Saddam after his demise, and then with his Baathists after his execution. But I have not found even one report to substantiate such contact. I am looking for the day that some political tool of Russia openly befriends the Baathists. On that day, I'll ignore the reasons given for the friendship, because I'll assume that the friendship had already existed for years in secret. I'll assume that the reasons given for the friendship are bogus, mere political trickery, for world consumption only. I'm struggling to understand how he could excuse himself into northern-Iraqi affairs, but nothing concrete comes to mind. I ask myself, how could a Russian tool come to the aid of the Sunni Baathists in such a way as to be accepted by the world. Then I remember: oh yeah, he's supposed to be rejected as he comes (Daniel 11:21).

In other words, there is no good excuse for entering northern Iraq. He'll try his best, but it won't fly. Perhaps he'll (or they'll) try to make the Kurds look like villains requiring opposition, yet the world would consider this none of Russia's business. Perhaps he'll come claiming to protect Sunnis from the Iraqi government, but this would be an act of war essentially, against the Americans as well as the Iraqis. Better to oppose the Kurds, especially as they are now being chastized by the Iraqi goverment, which is a situation promising to become a disaster for the New Iraq.

It's enough that Kurds wish to incorporate Kirkuk for their official domain, but if and when they seek to take Mosul for the same end, the Gog group might step in and draw the line there. Why would the Gog Group of Russia step in? Not for reasons given for world consumption, but because they have long been hoping to use the Baathists for their own Iraq interests. The sight of seeing Baathists lose northern Iraq to Kurdistan will require Sunni backing. There is no way the Sunnis could handle a war with the Kurds. Enter Iran, who will fight against the Kurds as well, and there we have the Gogo-Iranian alliance primed for the Israeli invasion a few years later. I'm telling this before it happens, before there is a shred of evidence that Russians and Baathists are still talking. I feel sure that, soon, we will read the first signs of a Russian friendship with Sunnis of northern Iraq.

Zhirinovsky was verbally supportive of Saddam when his death sentence was handed to him, and even led a protest at the Iraqi embassy. Saddam was executed in late December of 2006, not long ago. Assuming the Gog Group of Russia for the Oversight of World Leadership (GRROWL) was still in touch with his Baathists at that time, plots to raise the Baathists back into power may linger to this day.

Baathists didn't fall lame after the execution: "These executions and that of Saddam Hussein himself have, according to the Iraqi newspaper al-Zaman, breathed new life into the Iraqi Baath Party and its successors, such as the `Awdah [= "The Return"] Party." Baathists proceeded to murder innocent people as their response.

It's official. Medvedev okayed the separation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia today.

Two American naval ships are scheduled to arrive to Poti in the next day or so, while Russia has dispatched another naval ship, presumably to the Black-sea caost of Georgia. I believe that Russia will demand to search the American ships. Could be tense.

After all that surprise emphasis on Obama's VP pick, guess what? The surprise is that McCain just took a lead in the polls. Could the Democrats regain the lead with the convention strategy? Could be tense. More bad news: there is an ad out connecting Obama with an anti-American ex-terrorist, William Ayers. As it's late in the evening, I'm going to give some details first thing in tomorrow's update.


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