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August 18 - 22, 2008

What is the Putin-Medvedev Team Up to?

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August 18

I'll start this update by quoting the Herald Tribune: "President Nicolas Sarkozy of France told Russia that there would be 'serious consequences' if Russian compliance with the accord was not rapid and complete," That's the "hook" on the front page. In the article, we read of Russia setting up missile launchers in South Ossetia. Clearly, Saakashvili cannot bring "serious consequences" against Russia, and so we can only assume that he has assurances from at least one other country that military backing is "on the table." That should explain Russia's bringing in rocket launchers. No one is holding their breath for Bush to strike Ossetia antytime soon, but the Russians can use the Bush threat, and now also that of Saakashvili, to increase weaponry for "holding the fort."

And interesting inclusion in the article above is that "Turkish officials have denied the United States' request that the American Navy hospital ship, the Comfort, be allowed to travel through the Turkish straits en route to Georgia." This now reveals that Turkey is on Russia's side, unless there is a good reason for refusing the hospital ship to pass through.

The artricle also tells that Russian presence in Gori has dimished significantly, and that humanitarian aid is passing through. This development alone would suggest that Russia is not capable of taking Georgia at this time, due almost certainly to the good sense of Georgian soldiers in not firing in frustration, thus allowing the globalists to apply their pressure on Putin. Apparently, Putin has decided that world opinion would go better if he fought the remainder of this war from the separatist regions of Georgia, where the people are pro-Russia. NATO members are meeting Tuesday (the 19th) to discuss the situation.

It's 6:30 am in Georgia. Good night. By the time I awake, the pull-out promised for this day should be underway. Right?

Good morning. I've been checking various media since 2 pm Georgia time, but there's not one article telling of Russian progress thus far today. It's obvious that Russia wants to stay in Georgia to prevent it's becoming a western base of military operations, but that world opinion is doing harm. Interfax, at 1:38 pm Gergia time shares a Medvedev statement: "Russia does not want aggravation of world situation - Medvedev." Other articles are saying that Russia is losing the media war. South Ossetia's leader is considering a permanent Russian base for protection. The Ukraine has just come out to say that it's interested in U.S. missile-defense system to protect against a Russian invasion. The Western providers of Georgia's military machinery must be fuming still, at Russia's destroying them. We have yet to see whether Saakashvili will survive politically.

With little news, allow me to talk about Zhirinovsky, though I realize he may prove to be irrelevant. I had never read some of the text from his "Last [or "Final"] Dash to the South" book, where he speaks of a Middle-Eastern takeover by Russia. I just learned that he was very anti-Turkey in that book, and even anti-Iranian, saying that Kurds, for one, should be freed from the tyranny of both. However, he was attempting to provide ways in which to make a Middle-Eastern takeover sound like a gift to the various peoples with little political power. It doesn't necessarily mean that he has love for the Kurds or any other peoples he mentioned, including the Armenians. The idea would be to make alliances with these various peoples, to get them to help overthrow the main political powers.

I mention this because it goes counter to my suggestion that Gog will fight the Kurds and side with Iran and perhaps Turkey. But Zhirinovsky wrote the book before 1993, and the political climate has since changed. The main Middle-Eastern enemy now is America, and in order to unseat the Bush machine it is necessary for Russia to befriend Iran and other Muslim entities. Of note, Zhirinovsky learned the Turkish language and speaks it well, something that could go far should he need Turkey in his Mosul affairs. I should add that the article from which I just read some text hints of Zhirinovsky's secret ties to a pro-KGB military entity. We read:

"An early brush with the law in Turkey led to the first allegations of Zhirinovsky's links to the KGB, something he has consistently denied. Further, though he claims never to have been a member of the Communist Party, Zhirinovksy was a political officer in the Transcaucasian Military District...It is rare to be a political officer without being a party member, especially because, as Zhirinovsky notes, his duties involved some intelligence work.

Despite his claim to be an outsider, Zhirinovsky's career looks very much like that of someone with good political connections -- a commission in the Soviet Army..."

The evidence is vague, I'll admit, but I do think Zhiro has a military side to him, while his political experience makes him a potential candidate for fulfilling the European-ruler aspect of Daniel 7. Anyway, perhaps I'll see the day when I'll need to admit that I wasted your time in speaking of this man. Perhaps the fact of the letters of "Zhirinofski" adding up to 666 (using the Hebrew alphabet) is mere coincidence, for obviously both he and Saakashvili cannot both be the anti-Christ, and yet both names tally to 666.

It's been over a week since I first wondered how Saakashvili could possibly enter Iraq as the Biblical Gog, but the more I entertain the idea, the less it seems likely. However, although he has been pro-West, he has lashed out at the West bitterly for failing to come to his aid. If he were to be removed from power on acount of the Russian invasion, his bitterness would be compounded greatly. Besides, he may have been pro-West only politically, but not spiritually.

Even if he desired to form an alliance with the Kurds in order to get his foot into Mosul, how would a fallen president bring the Kurds any benefits? I suppose that some Georgian soldiers might stay by his side should he lose the presidency, and any military help whatsoever would be appreciated by the Kurds, but the major problem yet remains, that a Saakashvili Gog would need to invade Israel as a non-Russian power, dependant fully on Muslim forces instead. I suppose it's possible.

It's 9 am Eastern, 5 pm in Georgia, and there is so little in the media today concerning the expected pull-out today that I think no one cares to cover the Russian "games" any longer. The Times reports in a new article that Russians are still controlling the road from T'bilisi to Gori, which essentially means that Russians are still controlling, at the very least, Georgia's recovery operations. Yawn.

Perhaps of some concern is this, out just today:

"South Ossetian leader Eduard Kokoity has signed a decree on dismissal of the breakaway region's government, the South Ossetian Press and Information Committee reported August 18.

"Boris Chochiev, who previously served as the first deputy prime minister and the chief South Ossetian negotiator, was now appointed as the acting prime minister of the breakaway region."

Hmm, Chociev and Kokoity, leaders of South Ossetia.

Can someone tell me what the above statements mean? Has Kokoity stepped down, and if so, why? Does Russia have anything to do with it? Did the Russians find Kokoity's government guilty of the Georgian invasion that killed many Russian citizens? Is Chockiev a Russian implant? The article does not elaborate.

Nancy Pelosi on Obama: "leader that God has blessed us with at this time."

It's 7 pm Eastern, the wee hours in Georgia. Russians failed to leave the country, and perhaps it due to reasons reflected by Condoleeza Rice's harsh words today, words exposing America's determination to turn Russia's military victory into a loss by the NATO card. There was a chance that Georgia might not have been able to join NATO for many years, but now NATO members might be determined to have Georgia, and others on Russia's border, join as soon as possible. This would be the Russian loss that America seeks. The question is, what will Russia do about it? To understand how Russia feels, turn it around and ask whether America would feel comfortable with Russian weapons and bases in Cuba, Mexico, and Canada. In other words, as we have just seen, Russia is very serious about the NATO threat. Some media are suggesting that Bush could step on a political land mine here if he doesn't watch his step.

If even Sarkozy is disappointed, then we know for certain that Russia is not pulling out, though Russian officials have been declaring for days that the pull out has been ongoing: "President Sarkozy of France, the EU's current chairman, said he would call an emergency summit 'to decide what consequences to draw' if Russian forces were not pulled out." This was in tomorrow's news. Apparently, the Russians would rather be known the world over as liars than to sacrifice their victory over Georgia. NATO meets tomorrow to see what can be done about this.

That's probably it for today.

August 19

Each day for the past five or so, I've been Googling Zhirinovsky plus the day's date, but so far I have found virtually nothing of what he may (or may not) be saying concerning Georgia. Put this beside the online statement by one writer that Zhirinovsky is "the Georgian leadership’s most savage critic." There can be only one reason for his failure in making some international headlines in the international PR war: he wants to be, or is already, involved in the war decisions, or in some other way has an important part to play. That is, he wants to earn the respect of his superiors in order to land a major role in Russian opposition to the West. Therefore, he's put away his clown act, and his off-the-cuff statements. He's re-building his image, more statesman-like.

DEBKAfile has an interesting revelation, if it be true, that the new FBX-T radar system from the U.S. military, to be installed in the Negev (extreme southern Israel) and capable of detecting incoming missiles as far away as 2,000 kilometers, will be fully manned by the American military and not at all by Israelis. In fact, Israel will not be privy to any intelligence received by the system, unless the Americans decide to share it. Moreover, and this would appear to be the grand motive of the "gift," the Americans can use the system to spy on nearby Middle-Eastern countries. My point is that, in the hands of an American president bent on betraying Israel, this system is excellent toward that end, for it can spy on Israel's air programs.

Can anyone see how the Obama team can end up betraying Israel, easily? All that's needed is an Israeli government untrusting of Obama, which situation already exists. The mistrust can easily turn into a concrete wall between the two administrations, and a concrete wall can easily turn into antagonism, which can finally birth betrayal.

According to Interfax, Russia seized more than five million rounds of Georgian ammunition from the Abkhaz zone alone, and refuses to give it back. It's also demanding that Georgia send back the 2,000 Georgian soldiers called in from Iraq ten days ago (see 10:41 in the time line), which suggests to me that Russian leaders are not concerned with, and therefore not planning, an entry into least not until they have secured Georgia. In the 10:56 line, we see Russia lashing out against Israel's support of Georgia.

With all the ties that Iran has been reinforcing recently, is it coincidental that Ahmadinejad is now reinforcing ties with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, just after Russia made inroads with Chavez (a few weeks ago)? Iran has just "conferred with Venezuelan Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez" in what might be the effort to pass Iran's "peaceful" nuclear technolgy to Venezuela.

In 2006,

"Iran awarded Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez its highest state medal...for supporting Tehran in its nuclear standoff with the international community, while Chavez urged the world to rise up and defeat the U.S., state-run media in both countries reported.

The leftist Venezuelan leader also condemned Israel for what he called the 'terrorism' and 'madness' of its attacks in Lebanon, Venezuelan state television reported.

'Let's save the human race, let's finish off the U.S. empire,' Chavez said. 'This (task) must be assumed with strength by the majority of the peoples of the world.'"

No one's mincing words. You get it. Immediately after calling Bush "the devil" before an important UN assembly (still in 2006), Chavez announced his interest in nuclear technology, and a year later, in November of 2007, while on his way to pro-Palestinain France, he announced his nuclear program: "The controversial Venezuelan President has announced that he plans to start a peaceful nuclear program for his nation. At the same time, President Hugo Chavez has defended Iran's nuclear program."

My point is that Russia must be involved in this global program to destroy the United States, and that it's working with Iran as one of it's chief conspiratorial partners. This is why Russia is refusing to back down in Georgia, because a sign of weakness now would disappoint Russia's conspiratorial partners, and set their global program back. The partners, all relatively weak, have no hope without the military strength of Russia, and it must be this factor that has both Ahmadinejad and Chavez speaking with such confidence on the world stage.

So, what are the Russians in Georgia doing today? Withdrawing? Nope.

"Russian soldiers in armed personnel carriers blockaded the main commercial port in the Black Sea town of Poti on Tuesday and took Georgian soldiers prisoner.

...Russian soldiers continued digging in to positions along the highway approaching the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, showing no sign of pulling back from the severest confrontation between Russia and the West since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In addition, Russian troops were building new checkpoints on Tuesday a few miles north of the central Georgian city of Gori, using backhoes to cut deep trenches at the edge of the town of Karaleti and using cranes to stack concrete blocks into barricades."

With the Georgian military stripped bare of its weaponry, and moreover with Georgian military bases ruined, there is no reason for Russia to concentrate on defensive measures between South Ossetia and Georgia...unless Russia believed that Western military would come into Georgia soon. There is only one reason that Russia would believe this: because it has been a lying stench toward the West. Although Russian activity has been reduced in the ghost-town of Gori, Georgians are no better off as long as Russian check-points are on the highways on both Gori's east and west sides.

Reuters reports that Putin is continuing to isolate Georgia:

"Stepping up pressure on Tbilisi, Moscow closed its land border with Georgia and neighbouring Azerbaijan to citizens who are not from the CIS, a grouping of former Soviet states.

...Air, rail and sea links between Russia and its former Soviet vassal Georgia have already been cut."

CIS stands for "Commonwealth of Independent States," a military and economic alliance that includes Russia and, until recently, nine other ex-Soviet nations (including Armenia). It's very interesting in light of the ten horns of Revelation 17, that there were ten nations in the CIS, until Georgia withdrew a few days ago (on the 14th). The ten horns of Revelation 17 will hate the Harlot, Europe, and burn her with fire in the end (see verse 16). This Biblical text also tells that all ten will act on the anti-Christ's (= Gog's) behalf, at Armageddon. I'm not claiming that the ten horns are definitely the CIS nations, but pointing them out as "interesting" for that view.

I have disagreed with the mainline prophecy claim that the ten horns will be European nations. Those who take such a position contradict the fact that the Harlot (of Revelation 17) depicts Europe. How can ten European nations burn Europe with fire? No way. But when the beast of Revelation 17 is recognized as Gog, his ten horns are more likely to be pro-Russian powers. The error occurs due to the anti-Christ's ten horns of Daniel 7; writers assume that they are the same ten horns in Revelation 17. I have understood Daniel's ten horns, minus three, as ancient Roman emperors, the same as depict the beast's seven heads, with emperor Domitian (died 98 AD) being the sixth per Revelation 17:10 telling that the sixth head was reigning during the unveiling of the Revelation to John.

The Moscow Times: "Russian forces occupying central Georgia made no signs of leaving Monday." The arrest of Georgian soldiers probably has the purpose of provoking Georgians to start firing weapons in frustration. It would be greatly to Russia's advantage for Putin to arrange the murder of a few of his soldiers, while sunning on their tanks, in return for taking Georgia permanently. If Russia fails in provoking Georgian soldiers to fire, Russia can set something up to make it appear that Georgians fired. Indeed, Pravda reported the following just yesterday:

"...Russian defense officials said that Georgia was conducting subversive military activities in the Caucasus. To crown it all it was said that Georgia was developing a massive provocation against Russia in the town of Gori.

'An armed group consisting of Georgian and Ukrainian nationalists and Georgia-based Chechen terrorists is being urgently formed on the outskirts of Gori. They plan to make their way to Gori and wear Russian military informs to pillage and torment the local population,' an official of the Russian Defense Ministry said.

'We officially proclaim that the Georgian authorities will be wholly responsibly for the provocation in case it becomes impossible to avoid it,' a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry said."

Amazing, isn't it, to what extent Russia is willing to go to obtain an excuse to keep Georgia. The article goes on to claim that an "independent" observer has already seen "a group of Ukrainian and Baltic mercenaries...formed in Kutaisi...wearing the uniform of the Russian army and wielding Russian weapons." Perhaps Russia's plan is to use pro-Russian Caucasians to feign an attack on the Russian "peacekeepers" at Gori. How easy would it be for them to arrange missing the Russian soldiers with thier bullets, in front of eye witnesses who don't realize that it's a trick? The mere accusation that Georgians are attempting to stage a revolt at Gori provides an excuse to remain in Georgia. The Russian Courier offers the same accusations:

"Georgian units are attempting to increase their combat readiness and have intensified 'subversive' operations against Russian servicemen, according to the Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff.

On the Iraqi front, we find that the Iraqi government (mainly Shiite) is targeting the Sunni groups that helped the United States fight al-Qaeda.

"Iraq's government is suspicious of such groups, fearing their decision to break with the insurgency was a short-term tactic to gain U.S. money and support. The government fears they will eventually turn their guns against Iraq's majority Shiites.

...A top Iraqi security official with access to classified information said authorities were especially suspicious of the Diyala groups because many of their estimated 14,000 fighters had been members of al-Qaida in Iraq.

...Since the rise of the allied Sunni movement, America has spent some $200 million on salaries, equipment and training for the fighters, which now number nearly 100,000. The U.S. goal is for many of them to be integrated into the Iraqi army or police, providing the fighters with long-term incomes.

...U.S. officers worry that disbanding the Sunni groups without providing alternate incomes could push the fighters back into the insurgency."

Many of these 100,000 Sunni fighters are expected to join Gog in opposition to the Iraqi government. Thousands of them are now involved directly in the Iraqi security forces, and these could turn into Gog's agents for aiding the overthrow of the Shiite government. There is also the backdrop of Iraqi-government support for the Kurds over the last few years, who are enemies of the Sunnis. It all promises a revolt against Iraq, but not until Gog rises to the effort.

Obama is about to reveal his vice-president, and I'll be looking to see if he's "like" a Christian lamb while speaking like a political dragon.

NATO had it's "emergency meeting" today, and so far as I can tell, accomplished nothing. It decided to inform Russia that business between them will not be as usual, but no military strategy or even a threat has been revealed. Did you ever see the movie, Godzilla Versus Bambi"? It was one minute long. Bambi appears in lush a forest, birds singing away, and then the foot of Godzilla comes down from the top of the screen, and the last scene, which is just the second scene, is four deer legs protruding from the bottom of the stomped foot. This is what Georgia is like, and yet NATO decides to be lame on retribution. Godzilla is partying today!

August 20

Talking just yesterday about the Russian global alliance being shored up by all partners, look at what the Daily Star (Lebanon) has in today's headlines: "Syria's Assad to Visit Russia"! The article tells that Medvedev invited him, but doesn't give a reason. There can be nothing more important on Medvedev's mind at this time than his war against the West, for which reason his inviting Syria's boss for talks is a gross mistake, alerting all that Syria is an integral partner with Russia's anti-West expansionism.

The DEBKAfile says that Syria is visiting Russia for arms sales of a new and special kind that up until now have been denied (or so we are to believe) even to Iran.

Just an added comment on Obama's VP pick. There are now two ways in my mind on how to interpret the two horns like a lamb: 1) as Christian-like men, or, 2) the Lazoni>Lasonii>Laas bloodline from mythical Pelops. The bloodline was traced (by me) from Laas (Sparta) to Sybaris (north of Sparta and still in the Peloponnese -- yes, which Pelops depicted), then to Sybaris in Bruttium of southern Italy and to nearby Laus, another Sybaris colony. From Bruttium, named after Aprutium/Abruzzo, it went to the founding of the dragon-depicted Brits (the Welsh retain the red dragon symbol to this day on the Welsh flag). This was the Pendragon-Arthurian cult, a branch of which evolved into the writers of "Laus Dio" atop the Washington Monument.

Joe Biden said yesterday that he was not the Obama pick.

It's after midnight. Zzzz.

Good morning. It's 4 pm Georgian time, 8 am Eastern, 1 pm Greenwich. I haven't said much lately about Obama because he has not been making any news, and to show for it he is now behind McCain in the polls. He's attacking McCain on his war positions, which suggests that these are important to the voters. Joe Biden visited Georgia a few days ago, if that tells you what position the Democrats are going to take i.e strongly Georgian, as would be expected of Brzezinski (Obama's foreign affairs advisor). The Associated Press said: "[Obama] also praised Joe Biden, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman thought to be among the top contenders to be Obama's running mate, for calling for an additional $1 billion for reconstruction projects in Georgia." I point this out to show that the current opposition to Russia should continue under an Obama presidency, and moreso under a McCain presidency.

The Times (UK) reports this morning that Abkhazia is formally declaring its independence, and requesting to Russia for that statehood. The West denies that Russia has the authority to grant the request:

"The Abkhaz parliament said that it would send a formal request for recognition to President Dmitri Medvedev in Moscow tomorrow.

...Mr Medvedev has already pledged to 'make the decision which unambiguously supports the will of these two Caucasus peoples'. But any Kremlin move to recognise the breakaway regions would trigger condemnation in the United States and Europe, which have repeatedly insisted on respect for Georgia's territorial integity.

It would almost certainly lead to a fresh confrontation, as President Mikheil Saakashvili appeals for international aid..."

That's the latest shot back at the Western alliance by the Russian alliance. It all promises to drag out without agreement until Gog arises and seals the final divisions. The False Prophet then comes to the rescue by securing an agreement, somehow. I don't expect a False Prophet alliance with Russia or Gog in the first half of the Week, but one never knows. We don't possess the entire Script. I assume disagreement between the two only because I am viewing the False Prophet as an American leader.

For it's part, the Western alliance signed the missile defense deal, today, between Poland and NATO. This development is directly connected to Russia's menacing attitude in Georgia. "The site in Poland hosting 10 interceptor rockets and a giant radar in neighboring Czech Republic will form the European part of a global system." These systems might only be the beginning.

Remember, the "fire from the sky" that is to be the end-time performing of "miracles" by the False Prophet can certainly be explained logically by modern missiles. While Revelation 13 makes it clear that the missiles will be used during his alliance with Gog, as the fire is brought to earth on behalf of "the beast," we can conclude that missiles and/or aircraft-carried bombs will be ordered by the False Prophet against Gog's emeny or enemies. At this time I have no idea, in particular, which enemy it will be, but I see it's timing midway into the Week when the time comes for making the FP-Gog agreement/alliance. Therefore, the False Prophet may act militarily against Israel or Israel's ally, perhaps even Egypt. Although this picture would suggest a Muslim False Prophet, an Iranian leader being an excellent example, I'm sticking to my American theory just because Obama happens to have a Muslim background.

It's 2 pm Eastern. If you thought I was over-doing the Syria trip to Russia today, let the following speak for the same: "Today's rapprochement [= Syria's weapons deal with Russia], in the middle of the crisis in Georgia, raised the possibility that Moscow intends to recreate a global anti-Western alliance with former Soviet bloc allies from Latin America, to Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Middle East." Syria is now saying that it's considering Russian-operated military systems on its soil, an obvious counter-measure to the US-Polish deal. The problem is, these developments are not just words; they're filled with passion. Russia is angry, very angry.

August 21

I don't know where DEBKAfile gets its information, and most others don't either. It's supposedly informed by military-related sources in Israel. It feautured an article yesterday claiming that the "Deputy chief of the Russian army general staff Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn told reporters Aug. 20: 'The president ordered us to stop where we were. We are not pulling out or pulling back troops behind this administrative border into South Ossetia,' he said." Okay, that sounds like Russia has ordered all troops to remain in Georgia. It's almost to be expected by now, and it's what the West has feared. Let's see if DEBKAfile's claim comes true. See "Moscow plans18 long-term checkpoints Inside Georgia" at

Yesterday, at the World Mosque Week, in Tehran, Ahmadinejad said: "We will witness dismantling of the corrupt regime [= Israel] in a very near future." He's not talking to friends around a camp fire. He's at a big event, sounding confident, as though he knows The Plan. He knows the timing, he knows the players; it's The Plan. And it will dismantle Israel. Why did he choose to use "dismantle"? Are not the Russians dismantling Georgia?

Bush re-affirmed today that none of Georgia would go the way of separatist aspirations, but just how does he intend to keep it from happening? Russia is flaunting itself in his face, and he has been words and words and words to the point that the Russian tanks themselves are beginning to snore. Medvedev is saying, "Hey, Bush, and you fat NATO pigs, we're pulling out of Georgia on Friday, and this time I mean it...hah-hah aha haah hah, haaah! oh that felt good. Now listen to me you rinky dinks, what goes down must come up, and Russia has been down long enough. That's what Putin said, and that's what I'm saying, except that I'm putting it a little differently."

That's my assessment without exaggeration. The Georgian president puts it more mildly: "...he does not believe Russia will soon withdraw from most of the country...'What we're seeing now is a clear regrouping and also, again, some kind of deception campaign, saying, "Look, we're moving out"' Saakashvili told The Associated Press in an interview at his office in the capital, Tbilisi. The Russians, he said, 'are making fun of the world.'"

Actually, the Americans have been able to turn Russia's smiles into angry tones and threats of retribution, but the Americans can only play chess for so long; sooner or later they'll need to show a military muscle if Russia's boldness continues in Saakashvili's face.

Saakashvili: I want to be a NATO child.

NATO: We love you Georgia. Come on board.

Saakashvili: Please come help me, NATO, my father. The Russians are being bad.

NATO: Can't.

Saakashvili: Please, please, come help me.

NATO: Not today.

Saakashvili: I have no one but NATO, so big and strong.

NATO: You're on your own, kid.

Saakashvili: But they're not leaving.

NATO: Hope it works out for you.

Saakashvili: Do you still want me, NATO my one and only?

NATO: We'll discuss it, without you.

Saakashvili: Again? How many times?

The fact is, NATO is using Georgia to inhibit Russia's expansionism. It cares nothing for Saakashvili. Russia knows it. Saakashvili wishes to betray the West, but can't right now for lack of others to support him. He must resign himself to NATO's grueling political machinery. It's a recipe for insanity. Russia could be planning a coup.

Good morning. It's 7 am Eastern. Little news so far today, but thought I should mention the following in today's DEBKAfile for all who are following my ancient trace of the Biblical dragon: "Assad is reported by our sources as having given the nod for Tartus port’s conversion into a permanent Middle East base for Russia’s nuclear-armed warships." Daniel 11 indicates some sort of military opposition to Gog at Kittim, which is said to be on the island of Cyprus (= birth place of the Aphrodite sector of the the dragon cult, mistress of Ares the proto-Russians).

Tartus is direcly onshore of Cyprus, and moreover the island of Arvad/Arpad ("Arados" in Greek) is much closer to Tartus; I suspect Arpad to have been inhabited by proto-Russians...from which they migrated to and named the island of Rhodes to become the proto-Varangian Rus on the one hand, but also to name Arad of Transylvania to become the Slav Rus on the other. These migrations were theoretical on my part, but I don't form, and then publish, theories lightly. The Ares cult at Arpad explains why Aphrodite in Cyprus had an affair (i.e. alliance) with "him" (i.e. there never was an Ares, but he became the god-term, or "myth code" as I call it, depicting the Aras-river based Roshi peoples.

We can then assume that Tartus was also inhabited by proto-Russians, wherefore one can theorize that Tartars, now in northern and eastern Russia, were depicted by mythical Tartarus, at Tartus. I had the gumption to identify mythical Tartarus as mythical Dardanus, co-founder of the Kabeiri cult of Aphrodite and her husband, Hephaestus (this evolved into the Dionysus cult of Lydians, one clue being Dionysus' limp from birth, which myth writers had also given to Hephaestus). Also, I figured that Tartus was named after Ishtar, for in Syria she was Ashtart(e). Ishtar, called "the Great Mother" goddess, is, in my view, "Babylon the Great Mother of Abominations" who sits on the back of Gog in Revelation 17.

Therefore, it would be very fitting that Gog should operate from Tartus, you see. That is, after launching out from Mosul, Gog will use Tartus as a base to invade Egypt and/or Israel. That's where I expect the False Prophet to make a necessary alliance with him...when he's being opposed by the war ships of Kittim between his Egyptian and Israeli invasions (= nearing mid-Week).

It's 9 pm Eastern, almost dawn in Georgia on the day Medvedev promised a pull-out for sure, after he promised a pull out for sure for Monday earlier in the week. Now lookie here; Interfax had this line at noon today: "Russia to finish pullout from Georgia in 10 days." Medvedev: Hah-hah aha haah hah, haaah!

Meanwhile Russian troops were spotted digging trenches again today inside Georgia. But, again, since Georgia can't fight, and obviously won't fight, what does Russia know about the West's intentions to bring military equipment into Georgia? Or, is Russia just banking on the arrival of Western military? Either way, Russia seems to be preparing to fight the weaponry of the West, whether in the hands of Westerners or of Georgians or both. Or, Russia is making a big show of its courage and resolve knowing that the West won't send in weapons at this time.

I've been waiting for an article on the whereabouts of al-Qaeda in Iraq after they were chased out of Mosul. I just came across one dated today: "'We know that al Qa'eda still has a meaningful presence in the Mosul area and parts of western Ninevah and the Tigris River Valley,' Gen David Petraeus said last month." One point of interest is this: "Having driven many of them underground or out of Mosul, the military is now trying to go after them in the rural, desert areas where they are believed to be regrouping. In the vast expanse of Iraq's western Jazeera desert, they are less effective but harder to find." The Al-Jazeera desert is in western Iraq, south-west of Mosul. Although al-Qaeda has easy access to Syria from that region, I don't know what sort of relationship Syria has with it. The article gives a few more details, but nothing of major concern. The bottom line is, al-Qaeda is quietly re-preparing. Everyone that's part of the "axis of evil" is preparing for war. North Korea also has lashed out at America lately, as if to indicate whose side it's taking.

August 22

Turkey has finally allowed the US Navy to pass through its waters to Georgia, and, correct me if I'm wrong, the ships, filled with people-needs, are headed for Poti...where Russians dug trenches and laid mines yesterday, and probably for days previous. I've got to say, the Russians seem to be too strange on these matters. Are they expecting American soldiers to pop out of the boxes filled with humanitarian aid? Do they expect rifles to be packed under bags of rice? Putin, you behind-the-scenes troll, Bush doesn't need to sneek in the weapons; if he wants them there, he'll just ship them fearless of what you'd want to do about it.

Is Bush so dull that he'd urge Georgians to fight Russia, now, with new weapons, only to give Russia the excuse it needs to take the country? Surely he realizes that a few arms isn't going to make Georgians victorious over Russia. Yet in today's news I read:

"The United States expects to help Georgia rebuild its military, a top U.S. general said Thursday...Craddock said he would assess Georgia's needs during his visit, due to end Friday, and report back to the Pentagon. 'I think that [assistance] is probably going to happen. It's a matter of how much and how fast,' he said."

You don't suppose that the United States wants the Georgians to fight the Russians -- i.e. wants to give Russians their excuse to start another war -- so that the U.S. then has its own excuse to enter the war. Nah.


Good morning. It's 11 am Eastern. Speaking of making excuses for war, look at this one, fresh in the Jerusalem Post:

"'Hizbullah will soon avenge the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh,' said Sheikh Ahmad Morad, a member of the Hizbullah leadership in southern Lebanon.

'The revenge will be shocking and huge surprises are in store,' he added. 'We will not allow Israel and its generals to enjoy stability.'

...Mughniyeh was killed in February in a car bomb in the heart of Damascus. Israel has denied involvement."

I imagine that the timing of their strike on Israel will be co-ordinated by Iran and/or Russia if Russia is behind the Iranian effort. Earlier this week, the Russian leader called Israel for a friendly chat, but the purpose may have been to persuade the world that Russia is not involved in any imminent attack on Israel. It's very much like Bush trying to distance himself from Israel's imminent attack on Iran. The DEBKAfile, speaking on Israel's effort to destroy Iranian nuclear sites, says:

"The operation against Syria’s plutonium reactor last year was one of the most complex operations ever performed by the Mossad.

...[Mossad director, Meir] Dagan, a hands-on spymaster, demonstrated this skill earlier in the operation to eliminate one of the longest-running and most dangerous enemies of Israel and America, the head of Hizballah’s special security apparatus, Imad Mughniyeh."

Meir Dagon has just been granted an extention of his directorship, by the Israeli prime minister, until the end of 2009, no doubt to give him time to plan and execute a successful strike on Iran.

The situation that's now arising makes it more likely that Iran will simply receive nuclear weapons from Russia, as this would be win-win for Russia...because it doesn't want Iran to have nuclear weapons. That is, by giving Iran a few weapons, Iran will have only a few rather than unlimited capability. Such a situation could arise if the West continues to press Russia with missiles on its doorstep, and moreso if Russians believe that Americans are backing an Israeli strike on Iran's facilities. Who knows, Iran may be boasting a nuclear program to be on the verge of success only to hide the fact that it will acquire Russian nukes. The secret plan may be to have Iran test a successful bomb in the near future only to scare Israel and America away.

Consider that, during the Georgian affair, about a week ago, Iran tested a (publicized) rocket for lifting a satellite into orbit, which system could be used to carry a nuclear weapon. My take is that Russia, angry at the West, called Ahmadinejad and said, "Okay, Ahmadman, let's hurry the plan along now. Lift the satellite up tomorrow as prelude to the nuke testing soon after, and have the press cover the lift."

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