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August 27 - 30, 2008

Pieces Coming Together

August 27

There's a pro-Republican ad out, paid by Texas billionaire Harold Simmons, attacking Obama's patriotism and character. I personally have been convinced for some time that the content of the ad is true. It concerns Obama's friendship and activities with the anti-American, Bill Ayers, "a founder of the Weather Underground organization that took credit for a series of bombings, including nonfatal explosions at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol four decades ago."

There's a mountain of information online about this and other Obama friendships that all point to the same thing: Obama is not a loyal American, and might even be an anti-American agent for one or more anti-American groups. The article above explains further:

"Ayers is now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He and Obama live in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood and served together on the board of the Woods Fund, a Chicago-based charity that develops community groups to help the poor. Obama left the board in December 2002.

Obama also was the first chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a school reform group of which Ayers was a founder. Ayers also held a meet-the-candidate event at his home for Obama when Obama first ran for office in the mid-1990s.

Obama has denounced Ayers' past activities."

Ahh, well, yeah, if you're running for President, you're expected to denounce Ayers as a matter of priority, but it doesn't mean the two were not friends in the past, and of course the burning question is, why wouild Obama associate with him so closely?

"Barack Obama is friends with Ayers, defending him as, quote, 'Respectable' and 'Mainstream,'" the group's ad states. 'Obama's political career was launched in Ayers' home. And the two served together on a left-wing board. Why would Barack Obama be friends with someone who bombed the Capitol and is proud of it? Do you know enough to elect Barack Obama?'"

Truly, these questions ought to be raised by the American media. Certainly, if Bush had been this close to Ayers, CNN would have made it a top story for days if not weeks, and yet CNN is refusing to carry the Ayes story! The Obama campaign and its/his lawyers are attempting to block the ad in every way possible. McCain doesn't think that the ad is out of bounds:

"'The fact that Barack Obama chose to launch his political career at the home of an unrepentant terrorist raises more questions about Senator Obama's judgment than any TV ad ever could,' said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers."

The real scoop here is that Democrats hate Republicans so much that they will yet seek to elect Obama under these and other uncertain circumstances.

Miss Rice was in Israel yesterday, and apparently World Net Daily got some inside information on the details. It's a last-ditch effort to split Jerusalem before the end of Bush's term. I suppose he wants to go down in history as the president who got Old Jerusalem out of Israeli hands. In my chapter, The Jerusalem War, I show the path that the anti-Christ will take from ancient Ai, now about 11 miles north of Old Jerusalem, to Nob, just two miles north of Old Jerusalem. The path, revealed in Isaiah 10, exposes his coming down though the West Bank, which makes sense in that this region belongs mainly to Palestinians. With Israel willing to give this stretch up, it can only make the anti-Christ's Jerusalem invasion easier. With Obama having pro-Palestinian sentiments, it can only make the anti-Christ's Jerusalem invasion all the easier.

On the Georgia front, president Medvedev, who doesn't at all believe that Bush wants to start a new Cold War, is now talking bravado, even saying that Russia must attack America's missile-defence systems (to be installed near the Russian border). My take for the timing of this aggressive statement is that Russia has planned to seriously deteriorate its relations with the U.S. further in the Poti confrontation...which hasn't happened yet but is imminent. In other words, it doesn't look good on the Poti front, where it's dawn (as I write) on the day that U.S. war ships are to arrive. I'm reading Medvedev as nervous -- and perhaps gagging at the same time -- nervous and sickened enough to go on the offensive:

"President Medvedev set tensions soaring when he recognised the independence of two breakaway republics inside Georgia. 'We are not afraid of anything, including the prospect of a Cold War,' he said."

Bush hasn't flinched. He's got his whip out and is snapping it at Russia's heels:

"Russia will face increased Western pressure on Wednesday when a senior British official flies to Ukraine to build a coalition to counter Russia's conflict with ex-Soviet Georgia."

Russia announced yesterday that "Georgia plans to attack Abkhazia." This has just got to be pure fabrication for maintaining excuses to remain in Georgia. I can't imagine that the West would, at this time, re-arm Georgian fighters for taking the separatist states back from Russian control. Crazier things have happened, but in this case, I don't think so. All indications point to the desire of Russia to take all of Georgia somehow, by crook or by hook.

Al-Qaeda is slowly strenghtening. Bombings in Dayala province yesterday were to their credit, and just as DEBKAfile predicted al-Qaeda attacks on Egypt, a major government building in Egypt was set on fire (though Egyptian authorities said it wasn't terrorism). Watch your back, Egypt:

"Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak during talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Tuesday hailed Cairo's attempts to stem weapons smuggling into the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. Barak praised Egyptian efforts along the border which 'have visibly been effective,' said a statement from the Israeli defence ministry after the talks in Alexandria."

Praise from Israel to Egypt, and their united opposition to the militerization of Hamas, will make Egypt a red-hot terrorist target. Perfectly in line with the Daniel-11 prophecy.

As Bush has said and said, terrorists will be emboldened when they see Americans leaving Iraq. While they haven't yet left, the fact that they're on their last legs can only re-invigorate the enemy. The strategy will now take a new course, however, the purpose of which is to take down the Iraqi government...and the Kurds.

It's midnight, the start of the 27th, on North America's east coast. It's been a long day. I'll be busy from morning to night i.e. no updates until the evening, or maybe not at all until tomorrow, if I can still get online. May God give us all the things we'll need to conform our minds to that of Christ. Good night.

Good morning, it's 4 pm in Georgia, 8 am Eastern. I have a half hour. Just learned that the U.S. changed its mind on docking its war ships at Poti today, and will dock in Batumi instead. Reasons are not known, though three possibilities come to mind. Either it was decided freely not to unsettle the Russians at Poti (I doubt this one), or Americans do have weapons on board which they don't want to be discovered, or Russia made a threat that scared Bush off. This could be serious; the Russians may be willing to fight with metal. If Bush remains afraid and backed off, Russia's confidence could be basis for taking all of Georgia, or at least replacing Saakashvili.

AFP gives some added details:

"Russia's ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, warned that any attack by the alliance on the Moscow-backed regions would 'mean a declaration of war on Russia,' in an interview with Russian newspaper Vremya Novostei."

This could explain why Russia made up the bogus report that Georgia is intending to attack Abkhazia, for Abkhazia has a long Black-sea coast. In other words, the bogus claim allows Russia to justify a naval presence on that coast. If war breaks out between Russia and the West in 2008, I'll be asking the question: is it a coincidence that, after predicting the rise of Gog for the latter half of 2008 or first half of 2009 some years ago, the two super-powers are at war in late 2008?

At 11:36 am Greenwich time (6:36 am Eastern), Interfax has a line reading "Abkhazia invites Russia to set up temporary naval base (Part 2)."

I also need to ask: What are the chances that, under the current circumstances, an American president will form a partnership with Gog? If Obama trends in that direction in a couple of years or less, it will be more evidence that he's the False Prophet.

Another question: Why do I find myself moving to roughly a 100-acre property at this very time, and informing you about it?

The Assyrian News has another article (Los Angeles Times) out on the Sons of Iraq, if you're interested, telling of the dire policy of the Iraqi government to antagonize the very Sunni who helped run al-Qaeda out of their various strongholds. The article tells that the United States has been paying 100,000 Sunni $300 monthly to keep the anti-al-Qaeda operation going, but Iraq believes these wages and the effort are secretly plotting against the Iraqi government. I await for these very Sunni fighters will join Gog, and of course the point is that the Iraqi government is now doing exactly that which could turn them toward Gog.

It's 8 pm Eastern, the wee hours in Georgia. For those who have been following the updates and have seen the two "Gog"-like surnames of Caucasian leaders, note yet another in this quote: "Zaza Gogava, head of Georgia's joint forces command, said Poti could have been mined by Russian forces and still contained several sunken Georgian ships hit in the fighting."

It's being said that the U.S. navy ships were diverted from Poti to Batumi at the last minute for fear of Russian mines floated aound Poti, but I think the initial plan was to make Russia believe that the ships were headed to Poti when in fact they were going to be docked at Batimi all along. I think this because I I believe the ships are loaded with weapons to fight the Russinas. The weapons can be unloaded without Russian searches in Batumi, you see, and the last-minute "change of mind" didn't allow enough time for Russians to secure Batumi's port. The Russians must now assume that this had been the strategy all along, and while they won't appreciate being fooled, they'll have to respect the U.S for pulling this off.

So, the U.S, now controls Batumi, quick and easy. What's next? More Western ships to Batumi, what else? And if these first three ships didn't have weapons, the ones yet to come should. Will Russia now race down and place its "peacekeepers" onshore of Batumi? Seems logical. But it would anger the West, and Russia knows it. Russia doesn't care; it wants to take all of Georgia.

What do we suppose was the reason for the assassination attempt on Obama? Democrats are playing this down, but we'd all like to know more about it. We read:

"American law enforcement authorities have arrested four people suspected of plotting to kill Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama at the Democratic national convention underway in Denver, Colorado. The men planned 'to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using ... a rifle ... sighted at 750 yards,' one of the suspects reportedly told police.

The would-be killers bought the rifle for one dollar from a short blonde woman in a pant suit, wearing a mustache to disguise herself. The would-be killers admitted in a written confession that there was a man wearing a plastic red nose with the mustached woman, who said. "You want to get paid? Don't miss." The FBI found one engraved silver bullet in the rifle that read: "I still love you, HRC, and with this we will yet be Mrs. and Mr. Top Dogs." Apparently, the two failed to remove the silver bullet from the rifle.

August 28

I'm wondering why the Democrats chose a Greek temple as their stage theme. My investigations into the dragon cult found, to my great surprise, that Greeks were named after Gorgons. Yes, "Greco" is just a variation of "Gorgo." I clinched this idea when I learned from Wikipedia that Greece was named after the city of Graea, for in Greek myth the Medusa Gorgon was sister to the hags called "Graeae." Therefore, Greeks were from Gargarians (= proto-Georgians), and the Amazons to which the Gargarians were inter-married were the first the Mysians smack beside Greece.

See on the map of ancient Thraco-Dacia that Moesia Superior was centered on the Moschius river, evidence that the Moesi and their Mysian branch were of the Biblical Meshech/Mushki. Clearly, the Moesi were from Moschia region of Caucasia: "Moschia is a mountainous region of Armenia between Iberia, Armenia, and Colchia...The people of that area were known as the Moschi."

In my chapter, Gog: The Ancient Gorgons, I wrote:

"A major center inhabited by the Moschi was further to the west, in Mazaca (in central Asia). It was in that term, "Mazaca," that I was able to see clearly Meshech's identity as the Amazons, for in northern Africa the Amazons were called "Mazices." Having arrived to that equation, I could see that in "Amazon" itself there is the root of "Meshech." And as "mushus" meant "dragon, while Amazons were routinely depicted as serpents/dragons, the Meshech-Amazon equation is supported all the more" (see location of Mazaca, south of the Amazon region on the Thermodon river).

It is known that Gorgons were also in northern Africa. They were given the myth symbol of a single eye, which I deciphered as the mythcodes, Kyklopes (our "Cyclopes"), brothers of the "Gigantes." The "mushus" term comes from the Ishtar-Tammuz cult's Mushussu dragon. Again, "Amazon" and "Tammuz" may be related terms. I also discovered that Mysians were depicted by the nine mythical Muses.

So, you see, the Greek backdrop of the Obama campaign may indicate what I had suspected, that Obama stems from African Gorgons...and that somebody in the Obama campaign may know it. In any case, the Greeks were probably the greatest reflection of the dragon cult in all of history, eclipsed only by their Roman descendants. It's not a coincidence that the White House was built with a Greco-Roman design. This is the stuff of the highest levels of Freemasonry.

Again, I have tied Obama to Lydians, and Lydians (living beside Mysians, and made up of Mysians) were the root of the Pelopian Greeks and the Romans. This is a difficult topic to squeeze in here-and-there in these updates, but I'm hoping you're starting to get it: this Lydia = Ladon, the Biblical dragon, was made up of Amazons removed from the Thermodon to Lydo-Mysia, and of the Gargarians of Caucasia who named Gargara of Mysia (at Troy). The Gorgons of Africa came to the Greek theater as multiple gods, Dionysus included.

Western Europeans, and therefore Americans, are largely from ancient Georgians, you see, explaining why our leaders named the white people, "Caucasians," and why American politicians have "caucuses." Yes, western Europeans are largley Gogites and Meshech, explaining why Revelation 20 calls the four ends of the world, Gog. Armageddon is Gog versus Gog, dragon versus dragon, and it will burn the souls of those who now rule on behalf of Satan. Note that E.U president, Nicolas Sarkozy, said during the Georgian war: "Today we are all Georgians."

Democray itself is rooted in the mythical bloodline of Cecrops, ruler of Athens. He was portrayed in myth as serpent below the waist. From that bloodline came Butes...whom I trace to the Scottish island of Bute, which I discovered from Tolkien codes to be the Arthurian Avalon...which was portrayed with nine ruling witches, no doubt a play on the nine Muses. Butes was depicted with the bull, and so note the bull horns in the Biden Crest, and that variations of this surname are "Button/Button/Buttin" (not surprisingly, it is said that the surname was named after a button). Those who have read parts of my dragon-cult book may know that I connect Butes to the Budini peoples, and so note the Biden variation, "Boudin." The webpage above says that the Button surname was first found in Hampshire (in 1216), which is where I traced the mythical Maenads (= the Maeonians) of Dionysus (i.e. to the Meons of Hampshire).

I have the sense that God is arranging for representatives of His ancient enemies to rule the world for Armageeddon. Does this make sense? Consider that "Both" is a known alternative of the Bute surname, and then see the three black boars of the Both Coat. Now, see the three black boars of the Bush Coat" (naturally, the Bush surname is said to be named after a bush).

I traced the boar symbol of heraldry to the European Hebrews (non-Israelites) called Ebrovices/Ebroicum, founders of Evreux, Normandy...which I then traced to the founding of York (England). I then suggested that York was named after Gorgons, which jibes with the fact that the Parisii peoples (yes, founders of Paris) were Gorgons, for it is said that the Parisii were co-founders of York. I traced the Parisii back to the Pari Mysians, who are known to have minted Gorgons on their coins. This is the Freemasonic family, plain and simple (not at all suggesting that every member of Freemasonry is a part of the family). I discovered that I myself trace back to the Meshech of England, and to the Ebrocium of Normandy. Many of us North Americans do, including native Americans from Britain.

Hey, I just realized. All this will give you some things to ponder and read up on while I'm offline for some weeks. It's not overly important in the Grand Scheme of things, but interesting nonetheless.

It's 1 am here. Zzzz.

Good morning. My internet is still active. There is possibly an important development which could explain why the West will betray Israel to Gog. The Jerusalem Post reports today that Israel will not side with the West in condemning Russia, and that Israel will moreover send aid to South Ossetia as well as to Georgia. While some nations in the West may understand that this position needs to be taken to guard against hard-core Russian arms sales to Israel's sworn enemies, those who are about to enter the tit-for-tat conflict with Moscow may become so impassioned about it that they will begin to despise Israel. The problem is, Russia would like to see Israel disappear as a nation, now more than ever, because it's America's only sure foothold in the Middle East.

Israel is between a rock and a hard place, and I think God will make the rock heavier and the hard place harder, as time moves along. The development comes as "The European Union is likely to issue a condemnation of Russia's recognition of independence for South Ossetia and Abkhazia at an extraordinary summit in Brussels on Monday" (= September 1).

In today's media today, we read:

"Russia is prepared to equip Syria with a host of high-tech defensive arms, in an apparent shift of official policy....

Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, explained the changing position on August 21st, according to a report by the RIA Novosti news agency. 'We are ready, and Dmitri Medvedev has confirmed this, to review a Syrian request to purchase new types of weapons,' Sergei Lavrov said after a meeting between Medvedev and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 'We will supply Syria primarily with weapons of a defensive nature that will not disturb the strategic balance in the region.'

Herein is the mounting threat that sends shivers down Israel spine. The question are: 1) can Russia be trusted not to sell Syria offensive weapons, and, 2) Is the selling of defensive weapons going to act as protection for Gog when he invades both Egypt and Israel from Syria? If the conflict with the West escalates to a certain heated degree, Russia could certainly increase its pressure by selling offensive weapons to Syria. On the other hand, if Russia has plans, even now, to invade and take Syria, it's not likely going to sell Syria cuting-edge offensive systems. The people of the West remain on the complacent side because they are confident that the current turmoil will subside. But if this turmoil is the lead up to Armageddon, the peoples the world over are in for the surprise of their lives. If God makes Russia confident and bold, who can stop the direction toward Armageddon, you see? Russia has been prepped for the Appointed Time, and when that time comes, Gog will become confident and will destroy marvelously, nation after nation. The West will begin to feel pangs in its belly at what they see coming over the world.

On the Interfax 16:04 (11:04 am Eastern) line, we read: "Russian, Iranian presidents discuss Iranian nuclear problem." Then, on the 17:46 line, it says: "Russia may suspend cooperation with the West on the Iranian nuclear problem - Putin" Not that anyone believed Russia was actually cooperating with the West on this matter, but at least now Russia is ceasing to play games, and who knows but that the realities on the Russia-Iran relationship, held below the water line until now, may come out into full view.

Russia is taking the opportunity rising from a spat with the West to launch a fuller rebellion. That is, Russia seemed to sit back in the shadows, seemingly a timid follower of the West, and even maleable to the whims of the West. It needed to break out of that laid-back role, and the Georgia conflict helped it to do so. Now, Russia realizes that the time to act all over the place has come. Interestingly enough, Interfax has a line at 16:27, in the midst of the two lines above, saying: "Medvedev advocates 'new page' in Russian-Afghan relations." Then, a short time later on the 17:08 line, we read: "Medvedev accepts invitation to visit Afghanistan." Zowie, didn't Obama just make a pass at Afghanistan, and is Russia now moving in before Obama has a chance for a first date???

Putin: "Irania, my darling, why have you been so quiet lately? Have I not impressed you with my big muscles?

Iran: "Russario, you devil, I am trying to act like the purest virgin?

"But you call me at least weekly, I thought maybe a visit at this time. How often do I get to be such a he-man? Does it not turn you on?

"Russario, your muscles stink just the way I like them, and you are good-looking like a freight train, but I have a reputation to maintain. You have so many lovers, and now you're going after Afghania as well.

"Oh no no no, I swear to you, it's Medvedev who's after Afghania. I want the four of us to go on a date sometime.


"It's true. It's not everyday that he becomes this important, so he's trying to take her away from "Americano. Besides, he likes skinny ladies. I gave him my blessing to take her, and then I thought of you for myself. What do you say?

"I don't know, Russario. What if Golobo sees us?

"Who cares what that big Golobo says? He wears french lingerie, anyway.

"Under one condition. I'd invite Obama as a fifth wheel in our dinner partye. That way Golobo won't think we're up to anything. Obama is more than willing to talk, and I can wink at him, maybe play footsies with him under the table cloth. Then you get him drunk, and we'll all find out what's on his mind.

"That's why I love you Irania, because you're such a bad witch, with a capital B.

"Maybe we can even convince him to lose his sweatheart, Israeliana Puffington. She's already a little annoyed with him. A small smear here and there will make him cringe.

"I hear you, I hear you, just tell him that Israeliana has no anti-American friends, and he'll drop her like she has lice.

"This is going to work, Russario. Tell Medvedev that I'll put in a good word for him to Afghania; she's so high on hash right now, she'll even go out with a puppet.

There's no news now, and I had to have something to write over some green tea.

August 29

Yesterday Putin accused Bush of facilitating or even fueling Georgia's invasion of South Ossetia (on August 8th) in order to provide a better climate for getting McCain elected. Today we read: "Russia on Friday [today] stepped up its war of words with the West over the Georgia conflict, accusing the Group of Seven industrialised powers of bias after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the United States had orchestrated the hostilities." Why is it important for Putin to continue to conduct the war of words? Because it frees him from the mould that Russia has been settled in for several years, the mould that the West liked to see, and makes him act as the man that he really is, seeking the agenda that he really wants.

Bush: "Roll over and play dead, Putin.

Putin: "Not any more Bushki. I'm going to make you howl for a change.

Bush: "I can take away your dish.

Putin: "I can eat with my paws.

"I can clip your claws.

"I can bite your hand.

"I can leash you alone in the back yard.

"I can keep you awake all night, and make the neighbors very unhappy.

"I can call the NATO dog pound.

"I can become a stray dog, attack all the fat cats around, and rape every French poodle in sight.

"I can neutralize you with one slice.

"That's it, Bushki, now you've gone too far. Find yourself a German Shephard; from now on, I'm the lone wolf.

"I'll call the English fox hunters.

"That's it Bushki, that's it. I'm going out with Irania, and I'm getting Medvedevil to see Afghania at the same time. You're going to regret this.

"I'll get McCainine after you.

"I'll win Obama's friendship, get him in bed with Isaeliana, and turn him against your peace process.

"Now you've gone too far, Pukin. I'm giving Israeliana the metal to put down Irania.

"I've given Israeliana a choice; leave Irania alone, or face the wrath of GRROWL.


"My pimp, that's who. I've made him commander of the Gog Group of Russia for the Oversight of World Leadership. I'm dispatching him to sell Europia for cheap tricks.

"Europia will never become Gog's hooker, you're dreaming.

"Oh yeah. Well I've got a bottle of Vodka with Obama's name on it. The lush will make her my hooker just to have the second bottle.

"Hmm. I think you have something there. We can't get Obama back into his lantern, and he's already dishing out three wishes to all the peoples.

"Yeah, Bushy, yeah. And Europia is already spacey over this genie's charms. The two are going to hit it off with the biggest orgy you ever did see. All her sisters will be at a pijami party thrown just for hom. They're all dressing like a harem, and no other man is coming...until I send the chief of GGROWL in to crash the party.

"Listen Putano! If you send in GGROWL to rape Europia's sisters, I'll...I'll...I'll...

"What? You're going to be a private citizen by then, no more master for you. Are you still going to take away my dish? Roll over and play dead, master.

There's no news this morning, and I had to have something to write over morning coffee. I do want to share an article in the Assyrian International News, though, as it may contain the essence of Gog's rise in Mosul of northern Iraq's Nineveh province:

Stockholm (AINA) --- Ablahad Gallo Shabo is the latest bishop from the Syriac Orthodox Church to call for local self governance for the Assyrians in northern Iraq's Nineveh plain. The prelate expressed his call for local self governance during an interview with Ishtar TV, which broadcasts from northern Iraq.

...Earlier this year, the bishop of Belgium and France, Hazail Soumi asked European politicians during a conference in the European parliament in Brussels why Assyrians are not allowed to gain autonomy in Iraq as the Kurds have.

Joining the two Syriac Orthodox bishops in the call for local governance for Assyrians are two bishops of the Assyrian Catholic church, Bawai Soro and Sarhad Jammo, who published a joint statement this year calling for the Nineveh plaines [sic] to become governed by Assyrians.

This is interesting because Isaiah 13 and 14 reveal the anti-Christ both as the king of Babylon and as an Assyrian. Might GRROWL use the desire of Assyrians to become autonomous for worming his way into northern Iraq? Just a thought.

On Obama's speech last night, it's not news at all. One article ends by saying: "But Obama did use his speech to highlight the lives of working class Americans, a group with whom Obama has been accused of being out of touch...saying that he did not 'fit the typical pedigree'." I kid you not, I found this statement just 30 minutes after writing the above fictional based on a dog theme. The reason that Obama does not seem like a standard American breed is because he's not, plain and simple. He's a first generation American citizen, but only maybe; his roots are in far-off places; his church brainwashed him into black-Muslim themes; and he's had strange, dark friends in high places.

I opened an email last night from a Steve, who suggested that Gog could be the current president of Chechnya, Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov. I hadn't known anything about him, but was led by Steve to an article which portrayed him as a young dictator who practically worships Putin. He rose to power through his personal militia, and although he and other Chechens fought against Russia in the Chechen wars, he and his fighters defected to Russia's side in 1999. Putin then favored and supported him, and finally caused his promotion to Chechen president (April 2007), thus following in his father's footsteps. A Wikipedia article on Kadyrov not only highlights his extreme Islamic religion, but mentions "the cult of personality and idealization of one person" that has been attributed to him, two things striking me as basis for the Image-of-the-Beast program and his being worshiped by Arabs.

He's accused of being a brutal murderer, and threatens those who speak against the Muslim religion with death. The latter point seems to contradict Daniel 11:36-37, where the anti-Christ is revealed as an atheist. But I'll perhaps add to the story of this man should it become relevant. Kadyrov's photo shows more Aryan physical features than Arab. He looks a bit British, actually, and a bit Russian as well.

Finally, I have found another Zhirinovsky statement, only the second so far, on the Georgian war:

"By the statement of Russian 'Liberal-Democrats' leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russia is interested only in the territories, and it needs Abkhazians and Ossetians as the servants. Zhirinovsky reported this to one broadcast company. 'Russia needs not Abkhazian and Ossetian people, but the territories and nothing is to hide in it. After gaining the target we will make them as servants’, mentioned Zhirinovsky."

That's it. Nothing more is said in the article. He speaks as though speaking for the Russian leadership, and yet speaks what is crippling to both world opinion and to Russian relations with the two separatist as to speak that which Putin would not have him say. This is a perfect example of why Putin has probably told him to shut his mouth. I doubt we'll hear much more from him again (in this manner, anyway) on the topic of Georgia.

There is a Tel Aviv article out today with the title, "Israel Has Decided: Iran Will Not Have Nukes." Is this same old same old, or is it a government leak intended to mentally prepare the Israeli public as much as possible for likely retaliation from Hezbolah?

So what's going on in Georgia? The Russians have not relented. They're now talking down to Turkey in an effort to keep Nato ships out of the Black sea:

"Deputy chief of the Russian general staff Anatoly Nogoivtsyn already warned Turkey that Russia will hold Turkey responsible if the U.S. ships do not leave the Black Sea. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will travel to Ankara on Monday to make clear that Russia means it."

I don't know if any media has given the reason for Turkey's change of mind in allowing the American naval ships in. My guess is, Russia's attitude in Georgia. No one wants to side with Russia at this time. In fact, even China has refused to recognize Russia's undergirding of the separatist states. Only Hamas, in all the world, has accepted Russia's position on that. This must be a little disconcerting for Putin, but, no matter, he continues to throw Russia's weight around in Georgia.

There's just no news worth including here tonight. And I don't have another off-the-wall fictional piece. So I guess we'll have to talk about McCain's VP pick, what's her name, from way up yonder. Only two things can come of this; his divorce because she's so good looking (I hope you know when I'm kidding), and Obama's victory because she's not ready to take over if McCain falls ill or worse (I hope you know when I'm not kidding). Anyway, I find it disturbing that McCain is catering to the Christian voters through this pick, with no intent on doing anything in particular for them if and when he's elected. Politics is a sick business. If I were her, I would have refused the position because I wouldn't want to be used.

But what's done is done. Let's get to know her. Perhaps she'll shame those who are already mocking. She looks capable. Her name is Sarah Palin. She'd be by far better at running the country than any core-Democrat, because morals is what will make the country better. If we please God first, God will please the nation. Is this too simple? If America was pleasing to God, would 9/11 have happened? Or would He have frustrated their plans?

Obama is suddenly up by eight points, according to Gallop. This means that four percent of Americans who are somewhat undecided have leaned toward Obama this week, whereas they had leaned toward McCain late last week. As Hillary-lovers get over their pain, they will vote Obama after all.

That looks like all for today. It's 10:30 pm Eastern, another dawn in the Middle East. What will God cause next?

August 30 I'm wondering why, not long after urging your focus on the Kurd situation of northern Iraq, Joe Biden won the VP choice, leading me to discover that he has a political plan for northern Iraq. Will his concern in that part of the world cause the False Prophet to meet Gog there? I can't help but think it. It's likely that this region will become volatile so that the Iraqi government will require the advice (at minimum) of the American military in Iraq, and of course Obama will be in charge of that military. Is some variation of the Biden plan to be entertained by Iraq? He wants to partition the three major conflicting groups. Will Gog step in and agree to the plan, and then offer himself as a stabilizer of the parties? I

I'm trying to predict who the Obama team will support, the Sunnis or the Kurds. I already know that Gog will support the Sunnis. I also know that the American military, at this time anyway, supports the Sunnis (Patraeus feels that he owes 100,000 Sunnis a means to make a decent living). Could this be basis for a Gog-Obama cooperation? I just learned tonight that the Georgian president, Saakashvili, who could become Gog, has insulted the Kurds to the point that Kurds have written him an open letter to disagree with his accusation(s).

I need to make a confession. I led readers to believe that Zhirinovsky is a better choice for filling the boots of Gog than Saakashvili. I did this while confident that I learned of a 666 in Sakashvili's name by a move of God in my life. In other words, although God may be trying to tell me who the real Gog will be, I have not been able to see how Saakaahvili could possibly fulfill certain prophecies, and so I've made him less than the best choice. The biggest problem is understanding how Saakashvili could possibly become important in Iraq. I just don't see it. Can you?

I can much-better see a Saakashvili-Obama team than a Zhirinovsky-Obama team. I just can't see Saakashvili in northern Iraq. I can see Zhirinovsky filfilling the blasphemous mouth, but not Saakashvili. Zhirinovski easily filfills the atheist of Daniel 11:36-37. I don't know Saakashvili's religious persuasion.

I recall the time in my life when I said to God, "That's it. I give up on trying to find the nationality of the anti-Christ." I had tried for some 10-15 years at the time, and the Bible just didn't seem to have the answer. Shortly afterward, I heard a clear voice in my head that wasn't mine, "He will be a Russian." At the time I did not believe that Gog was the anti-Christ. After some time, I came to see that Gog was the anti-Christ, but only because of that Voice. Then all the pieces of prophecy fell into place, and I knew I had a key that mainline prophecy writers didn't.

This again suggests that Saakashvili is not Gog, unless a Georgian is a Russian. One thing I know: the Russians descend from the Rus, and I had traced the Rus to the Hros of Caucasia, who I am sure were the Biblical Rosh. Thanks to mythical Ares and his son, Eros, I was able to discern that the Hros lived on the Aras river...having its source in Georgia and flowing through Gogarene.

When I first heard of Zhirinovsky, he fit the part exactly as it was in my mind according to prophecy. Exactly. Then I discovered that "Zhirinofski" added up to 666 using the numeral system of the Hebrew alphabet. So, please, how can Saakashvili be Gog? This is difficult.

It's almost 1 am. Zzzz.

Good morning. My ham radio picked up a conversion between Bush and Putin this morning:

Bush: I can send in more ships.

Putin: I can send in meaners sailors.

Bush: I can torpedo your torpedoes.

Putin: I can torpedo your torpedoes that torpedo our torpedoes.

Bush: I can jam your radar, and knock out your coffee machines.

Putin: A single salvo from the Moskva missile cruiser and two or three missile boats would be enough to annihilate the entire group. Within 20 minutes, the waters would be clear.

The last line sounds like perfect fiction for a little joking around like this, but it's actually something that was said yesterday by former Russian Black sea fleet commander, Adm. Eduard Baltin.

If you're interested in reading the latest on the creation of a Palestinian state, the Israeli National News has a good one. It is convinced that something serious is taking place as soon as possible, which in my eyes is taking place recklessly. The Kadima Party, to which the current Israeli prime minister belongs, is solidly ahead in the polls at this time, promising to continue this "peace process" after the next government is formed soon after September. What this lead shows is that the Israeli population is largely in favor of risking a Palestinian state in return for peaceful co-existence. In other words, a large portion of Israelis is willing to trust Muslims in their midst at the very brink of an ambush on Israel by scores of Muslim enemies coming in the alliance of Daniel 9:27.

One can say that it wouldn't be an ambush unless Israel was at peace and feeling secure. Let me quote Ezekiel 38:8-9 and explain it:

"In the latter years [Gog] shall come into the land turned back from the sword, gathered out of many peoples, on the mountains of Israel, which have been for a continual waste, but he has been brought out of the peoples, and they shall dwell securely, all of them. And [Gog[ shall go up; you shall come like a storm; you shall be like a cloud to cover the land, you and all your bands, and many peoples with you. So says the lord YHWH..."

Ezekiel wrote just before Israel was to return to the land of Israel from the Babylonian exile, and yet no Gogi force came against Israel after the nation was re-established in its own land in the 6th-5th century BC. Plus, Ezekiel clearly says that the prophecy is for "the latter days." How did Ezekiel know that the land of Israel would be for "a continual waste" preceding the end-time period in which Israelites would all live securely in the land? The phrase simply means a very long period of Israelite absence in Israel, which of course has been the span from the time that the Romans put Israelites to the sword in the first century AD.

Note that Ezekiel did not say the Israelites would be brought back to Israel from Babylon, but rather from "out of the peoples," which is exactly what happened during the Zionist waves of the 19th and 20th centuries. There is debate as to whether all Israelites now live securely, or whether we should wait for yet a more secure time in the future. In my opinion, Israelites have been living securely for many years; it's tourism industry is healthy; it has dance clubs, night clubs, entertainment of all sorts, safe travel, and a good handle on its enemies all around. The Ezekiel prophecy can be fulfilled at any time, therefore.

The Israeli-National-News article above (dated today) says that, "The editor of a leading [Palestinian] newspaper believes that Secretary Rice, Prime Minister Olmert and Abbas are cooking up a surprise to satisfy President Bush's desire to reach a final agreement before he leaves office in January." There can be only one reason for Israel's mad dash to satisfy George Bush: Israel wants Bush to support an Iranian strike.

Bush: No peace deal, no top-of-the-line fighter jets.

Olmert: Please, please Bushy baby, just a dozen or so, and I won't ask for any more.

Bush: No peace deal, no top-of-the-line fighter jets.

Olmert: I'm trying my best, but they want all of Jerusalem, or else no peace deal. Bush: No peace deal, no top-of-the-line fighter jets...this is a recording...

The strike on Iran is looking a little bleak because Israel wants to do it before Bush is a private citizen again, which means that the strike would need to take place during the first days of the next government (assuming it won't likely take place during the elections). The fact that Kadima is thus far ahead in the polls, however, may signal that a strike is yet possible, for it's Kadima that now has all its marbles in order for an Iran strike (a new party in power might not be able to plan a strike by Obama's term in Office). What is very conspicuous is that this talk of an Iran strike even exists at the very time that Israel is willing to give the security of Jerusalem away to Muslims. We note that the Bible does not emphasize the anti-Christ's attack on the Tel Aviv region, but specifically on Jerusalem.

The back and forth threats between Iran and Israel could go on for a long time -- so that the final Week may be several/many years off -- but an Israeli strike on Iran at any moment could speed the Appointed Time enormously, especially as Russia is in the mood for asserting itself at this time. The strike could facilitate a Russian backlash, and yet I don't see how the strike is related to the rise of Gog in Mosul. I'm trying to understand whether an Iran strike is in the Cards before, during, or after the rise of Gog in Mosul.

Today's news in Georgia is summed up with this: "'The Russians have checkpoints and we still cannot bring these [Georgian] people back home. The threat of paramilitary, irregulars, looting and robbing is still very high,' [Gori] Governor Lado Vardzelashvili said." Isn't this looting a perfect reflection of Ezekiel's Gog in 38:12?

As Chechens have been a part of the looting in Georgia, might Kadyrov (the Chechen president) be Ezekiel's Gog, since after all Kadyrov is now Putin's very good pet? I wonder if Kadyrov (a radical Muslim) has a good relationship with al-Qaeda, since al-Qaeda was in Caucasia, and might still be. What if al-Qaeda in Iraq invites Kadyrov to partake in its north-Iraq problem? This is a very good possibility, for if we have doubts in believing that Iraqi Sunnis will invite a (non-Muslim) Russian to be their much-needed support against the Kurds and the Shiites, the invitation of a radical Muslim makes much more sense. I wrote this before searching to find Kadyrov's particular sect. In the search just now, I first got to this:

"Besides Salafism, which is a relatively new and still-marginal phenomenon in the [Chechen] area, Islam in Chechnya is practiced in two forms. Dogmatic or canonical Sunni Islam, represented by the Shafii school of religious law, is followed primarily by the so-called official clergy -- imams and leaders of officially registered congregations...

But Sufism, which is a more esoteric and internalized expression of Islamic teaching, has increasingly been receiving approving nods from the Russian state as well...

Even the more pacifist Qadiriya tariqat, or brotherhood, which spread in the mid-19th century under the influence of the Chechen preacher Kunta Haji..."

Kunta Haji is a Sufist, but it would appear that president Kadyrov was named in honor of the Qadiriya sect. The article tells that Kadyrov is somewhat of a Sufi member, though one who shoots his gun during solemn Sufi events, what the article says is equivalent to blasphemy. To put this into perspective, a certain Kunta-haji Kishiev of the 19th century, a Sufist, "became a devoted follower of Qadiriyyah, the teachings developed by Abdul-Qadir Gilani." Therefore, a Sufi alliance exists with the sect to which Kadyrov belongs.

I swear to you that I was going to mention, and then passed up on it for lack of evidence, that "Kadyrov" may link back to the Cati peoples of antiquity, whom I traced from the Cadusii Armenians. I traced the Cadusii to the far west via mythical Cadmus (= Tyrian co-founding of Europe), to the Cati peoples of Cilicia (depicted by Cadmus' brother, Cilix), then to the Catti founders of Hesse, Germany, whom are suspect at the root of the "Jewish" Illuminati. I call this Cati bloodline the pagan "holy grail," and moreover view it as the Golden Fleece bloodline to the cult of the False Prophet.

I suspect that it was represented by the god, Cotys, a proto-Lydian peoples stemming from the god, Manes (whom I think depicted the Mannae Armenians). Again, the son of Cotys was made Atti(s), which must surely depict the Hatti peoples and their Cadusia-smacking capital of Hattusa. But I also see that Cotys/Cadusii elements were namers of Kutaisi, the Golden Fleece city now in Abkhazia...not far from Chechnya. I am wondering, in other words, whether both the False Prophet and Gog will be from the Cati/Cady bloodline. I followed the Qadiriyyah link at Wikipedia and found this:

"Qadiriyyah (...also transliterated Kadri, Elkadry, Kadray, Qadiri or Qadri), is one of the oldest Sufi tariqas. It derives its name from Abdul Qadir Jilani...(1077-1166), a native of the Iranian province of Gilan."

Freakay! As a native of Gilan, he certainly qualifies as a Cadusii by blood, for Gilan was next to Cadusia. In fact, I had identified the Gilan peoples as one of the two serpents that are entwined around Hermes' caduceus symbol (I figure the other serpent should depict the Cadusii peoples themselves). This all means that president Kadyrov may indeed be an end-time symbol of the ancient serpent, Cadusia.

Remember in all this, the dragon that protected the Cati Golden Fleece, at what is now the city of Kutaisi, was revealed by myth writers as the dragon of Ares, whom I have identified as a representation of the proto-Russians on the Aras river of Georgia and Armenia, but in alliance with the Arphaxadite "Hebrews" on the Harpasus river (a tributary of the Aras). Moreover, the Ares dragon was revealed in other myth writings as the dragon that Cadmus "killed" (i.e. defeated in war). Cadmus afterward became allied to the same dragon, the teeth of which the myth writers called "Sparti," an obvious inference to the Spartans. In other words, the Cadmus Tyrians, in alliance with the Ares-Arphaxadites, formed the Spartans. Later, the Spartans were joined by a branch of Lydians from Ethiopia...which I believe were root to Obama's bloodline on his father's side.

What I also wanted to mention, with a Kadyrov link to the Cadusii, is the Kadima party in Israel. It's a near-perfect match with "Cadmus," but in any case may be named after the Cati Zionists...yes, the Catti "Jewish" Illuminati. I fully expect Arphaxadites to be represented in end-time Israel, and it makes sense that they should also lead Israel at the lead-up to Armageddon. Arphaxadites were neither Hebrews nor Israelites, though Arphaxad was a grandfather of Eber, founder of Hebrews (Genesis 10). That Kadima is doing exactly what I expect Illuminati Zionists to be doing, making peace with Palestinians, is evidence for a Kadima tie to Catti Illuminatists. The Kadima party came to power (2006) after the Likud party strayed from Zionist wishes called the Roadmap. From the start, Kadima announced:

"The Israeli nation has a national and historic right to the whole of Israel. However, in order to maintain a Jewish majority, part of the Land of Israel must be given up to maintain a Jewish and democratic state.

Israel shall remain a Jewish state and homeland. Jewish majority in Israel will be preserved by territorial concessions to Palestinians.

...The Israeli national agenda to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and achieve two states for two nations will be the road map."

Wikipedia lists Kadima under a "liberalism" context, and then defines liberalism as rooted in the "Enlightenment," which was essentially the anti-Christian "Illuminated" movement. You get it. Although "kadima" means "forward," the question is: was the term chosen for the political party to depict an aspect of the Catti? We know that Rothschilds put modern Israel on the map, and that the first Rothschild (Mayer Bauer) worked for the prince of Hesse-Cassel, William IX. Mayer stole some of William's money, which was used to form the huge Rothschild banking industry. Wikipedia confirms that "Hesse" was named after the Catti/Chatti peoples.

The Bible confirms that Tyre and Cilicia were related when it calls Tyre the "daughter of Tarshish" (Isaiah 23:10) That is, Tyre was formed by the founders of Tarsus, capital of Cilicia. This was the Zeus cult in its Taurus symbolism, and indeed Zeus was depicted as a white bull carrying Europia (Cadmus' sister) to Crete on his back. You get it. Europia was Babylon the Great Tart removed to Europe.

Zeus, as I've said, depicted Delymites...who lived in and around Gilan. Zeus was early depicted as a serpent below his waist, as was Cecrops, mythical king of Athens, meaning that Delymites ruled Greece. I ventured to suggest that there was an evolution of terms like so: Delymite > Solymi > Olym(pus). The "pus" suffix is akin to the "ops" suffix, common in Greece. "Cercops" therefore depicted a Cecr entity, and Gugar (= Gogarene, in Georgio-Armenia) comes to mind.

The city of Rey/Ray is not far from modern Gilan province, and I identified Zeus' mother, Rhea, as the peoples who named that city. Rhea, known as the "Great Mother," developed into the Great Mother, Kybele, mother and wife of Atti(s), exposing that the Zeus cult was tied to the Cadusii peoples as far away from Armenia as Phrygia. It is known that Phrygians and Armenians were one stock. It's a no-brainer to realize that the dark Kabala religion undergirding the "Jewish" Illuminati is from the Kybele/Cybele cult, who represented the peoples known as Cabalees, a brother tribe to the Solymi peoples. You won't read this from anyone else unless they copied my work, so don't bother searching for verification. It's new...and I think full-proof correct.


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