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August 31 -September 1, 2008

Passions Climbing High

August 31

Putin is openly warming up to Irania to bewilder Bush:

"The Georgia quarrel has all but derailed US-Russian cooperation on the Iran issue...according to DEBKAfile’s Russian sources, Moscow has decided to finally finish building Iran’s nuclear reactor in the southern town of Bushehr before the end of the year, after holding back for five years at Washington’s insistence.

...The Russians have lost no time in following through on their threat. This week, they are sending the head of their Nuclear Energy Board, Sergei Kireinko, to Tehran at the head of a large delegation. They will stay for at least ten days to clear away the problems for getting the Bushehr reactor up and running by the end of 2008."

DEBKAFile has another article dated yesterday that claims an imminent US attack on Iran:

"A Dutch AIVD Secret Service ultra-secret operation underway in Iran in recent years has been halted and an agent recalled in view of 'impending US plans to attack Iran,' within weeks, writes Joost de Haas in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. According to intelligence sources in the Netherlands, the US [or Israel] would decide within weeks to attack nuclear plants with unmanned aircraft to avoid endangering air crews. The Israeli air force would be held back to defend Israel against retaliation."

see "Dutch sabatoge..." at

I'm trusting that DEBKAfile is not disinformation. Meanwhile, "The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad on Saturday [yesterday] threatened to unleash 'the fires of hell' on Israel, as it staged a military parade in the south of the Islamist-ruled Gaza Strip."

Good morning. There is no pertinent news thus far.

I found another Zhirinovsky statement, in an article dated yesterday on Putin's publicized belief that Bush was behind Georgia's invasion of South Ossetia, in order to get McCain elected. Zhirinovsky's statement, because Putin's belief is outlandish, tends to expose that Zhirinovsy is a mouthpiece for Putin at this time:

"Vice speaker of the Russian parliament, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, took up [Putin's] version too.

'It is all being done for their person - John McCain - to win the elections on November 5. The US defense complex needs to have its own person in the White House – John McCain,' Zhirinovsky said.

'Dick Cheney is the prime enemy of humanity today. Bush is a puppet, just like Saakashvili,' the notorious Russian politician stated."

It's been my routine to google Zhirinovsky and the date on any particlar day. As I just searched Zhirinovsky and August 30 2008, I found yet another Zhirinovsky statement that you will be interested in:

"LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky was also less than completely satisfied with Moscow’s conduct during the war. 'We should have taken the whole territory of Georgia under control,' he said, 'arrested all Georgian officers and taken them here, like to Guantanamo, arrested Saakashvili and handed him over for trial by a military tribunal and gone to the border with Turkey.'"

Zhirinovsky once claimed that the United States was going to attack Iran on such and such a date (some time in the recent past, I can't recall the date). One could theorize that Zhirinovsy's announcement caused the U.S. to cancel the attack on that date. In the course of this hour's Google search, I found yet another Zhrinovsy statement:

"28 Aug 2008 13:17 Moscow - APA.

'Israel’s attack on Iran within two months is inevitable,' said chairman of Russian Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, APA reports.

He said that the attack would possibly take place in October. 'As a result of this attack Israel, with support of the US, will completely destroy Iran’s military power.'"

Hard to say whether this is merely his own opinion, or something known by Russian intelligence.

If I haven't mentioned it yet, Putin met with Zhirinovsky on August 15, about a week after the start of the war...probably about the time that Putin had to decide whether to remain in Georgia, or pull out. Hmm, his bold and nasty decision to remain may have been spurred by the bold and nasty Zhirinovsky at that meeting. I can't find what was said at the meeting, or why it took place, but, apparently, here is a photo taken on that day. One thing I know that Putin said to him on that day: "Vladimir, whatever you do, shut up a little."

I was once informed by an emailer that Zhirinovsky is Putin's pet, and so I'll share a couple of pieces from an article I just came across:

"In the words of Vladimir Zhirinovsky ­ the LDPR chief and virulently ultra-nationalist, veteran populist ­ 'The opposition by definition cannot make any decisions, no matter how many seats it has in parliament. Its job is to criticize.

...Conveniently for the Kremlin, however, [Zhirinovsky] has a penchant for voting for practically all Kremlin-initiated policies."

That is, although he represents the opposition to the Putin government, he has a tendency to back Putin. We just saw an excellent example of his kissing up to Putin in the reason given for the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia. Or, could it be that Putin's idea belonged first to Zhirinovsky??? That would be more likely, for it's more like Zhiro to make such outlandish accusations. Could it be that Putin is respecting Zhirinovsy, and taking war advice from him??? If so, Zhiro could easily become the quasi-military Gog. The only problem I have with Zhirinovsky acting as the anti-Christ is that most Westerners no not like him very much. However, this could change, as he is viewed by some as an appreciated comic rather than a ridiculed clown.

Did the Putin/Medvedev team put ice on the Russia offensive because they stopped trusting Zhirinovsky's desire/plan to take all of Georgia? Did the team get cold feet while sailing his hot waters? Perhaps the final decision has not yet been made. Perhaps the team is hashing it out with all advisors right now. Perhaps they will yet take all of Georgia. This has been their long-term goal, according to Zhirinovsky. They are at the brink, and an opportunity like this may never again return in Putin's lifetime.

Putin: Vladimir, what should we do? The world is against us.

Zhirinovsky: Vladimir, I say crush, and then crush some more.

Putin: What friends will we have after that?

Medvedev: Putin's right.

Zhirinovsky: The world will never love Russia, be we good or bad. I say, crush da buggers, all of them!

Putin: Perhaps there's a way to "crush da buggers" gentlemanly-like.

Medvedev: Putin's right.

Zhirinovsky: Take a big club to Batumi, and flush Poti down the toilet, but, yes, do it like a gentleman.

Putin: And then?

Zhirionovsky: And then watch the world bite its nails, take out the Vodka and celebrate. What else?

Putin: I'm scared Vladimir.

Medvedev: I'm scared too.

Putin: What if we just replace Saakashvili, and then scoot out?

Zhirinovski: The Georgians will then be cutting down whoever we plant, and there will be trouble for years.

Putin: But if we stay for good, NATO will come to cut us down, and then we will have no choice but to start a world war.

Medvedev: Mr. Zhirinovsky, if we stay for good, NATO will come to cut us down, and then we will have no choice but to start a world war.

Putin: We are not suicidal Muslims Vladimir. We are bad Ruskies, but not crazy.

Medvedev: Mr. Zhirinovsky, we are not suicidal.

Zhirinovsky: How long must Russia be weak!!? The time is now.

Medvedev: What do you say, sir, is the time now?

Putin: Mmmmmm....okay! It's do or die. Medvedev, get the media club, swing it around a bit, and tell the world that angelic Russia does not trust the American ships at Batumi.

Zhirinovsky: Good boy, Vladimir, very good boy.

Putin: Would you like to meet Irania, Vladimir? I can arrange it.

I'm predicting that Russia will use the American ships at Batumi as an excuse to prolonge the Georgian occupation. After that, Russia will gauge every step and make decisions accordingly.

Israeli prime minister Olmert and Palestinian president Abbas met today to do what they love to do best, haggle on the world stage:

Olmert: I'll give you three-three blue chips, and, and, and twenty-two white ones.

Abbas. Nope, no way. I want twenty-two blue chips and thirty-three white ones. I told you that last time.

Yes, but now I also have this small piece of red chip to throw in.

Ehud, do I look like a fool? What am I going to do with that little piece of nothing? It's worthless.

I know it's broken, Mahmoud, but some day you could get the rest of it, if you just keep the peace.

Nope, we need a full deal now, no broken chips. My mind is made up.

Then what about this little piece of paper? We stole it off the Wailing Wall. It's Obama's prayer? You get that, the little red piece of east Jerusalem, and I'll up it to thirty-five blue chips, which includes the small desert with sand dunes.

Ohh, well, how can I refuse the small duney desert, eh? Is this why you came today, to waste my time, again?

Well, time's up, it's been 45 minutes, and the reporters look hungry. Nice arguing with you. Let's do it again next month, shall we?

Yes, let's. And why don't we call Obama to see if he would like to join our happy-haggle hour sometime soon? You're going to give back his prayer, aren't you?

Yes, Mahmoud, of course, but just a photocopy. Dan Rather's working on a good one right now. You won't tell Obama will you?

Ehud, have we been friends for so long and do you need to ask a question like that? Without you, I'm a nobody. As long as we keep the appearance of disagreeing, we will both be somebodys. The last thing I want to do is run the Palestinian people. They're a bunch of winers, you know that. Give them their own state, and they will be impossible.

Oye, just to think about it gives me a brain fracture. I'll see you next month, with a piece of purple chip, okay?

You got it. Be good. Say shalom to Livni.

It's true, they met for just 45 minutes today. What could they have said in that short a time???,olmert-abbas-meet-in-jerusalem-for-talks-review--summary.html

September 1

In today's Jerusalem Post, entitled "'J'lem worried over Biden's Iran stance'":

"Security officials expressed concern Monday over statements reportedly made by US Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden regarding Iran's nuclear program.

Army Radio reported that the Delaware senator was heard saying in closed conversations with Jerusalem officials three years ago that he was firmly opposed to an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Biden, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, reportedly claimed that Israel would likely have to come to terms with a nuclear Iran. He reportedly expressed doubt over the effectiveness of economic sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic and said he was against the opening of an additional military and diplomatic front, saying that the US had more pressing problems, such as North Korea and Iraq.

It doesn't sound as though Biden cares about Irseal's security very much, at least not as much as he cares about global security, price of oil, etc...and most of the wealthiest Western nations will likely agree with him. Perhaps Israel will strike Iran, and then, when Iran strikes back as per the Ezekiel-38 prophecy, the Obama team will repay Israel by simply allowing Iran and Gog to have their abominable way with the tiny nation.

Look out:

"The Iran-backed Lebanese terror group, Hizballah, has contracted to partner Hamas’ ongoing crash program using the month-old ceasefire with Israel to intensify combat training and arms procurement in preparation for war.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report exclusively that the two groups have signed a secret deal to establish a joint 'situation room' under the direction of Hizballah’s Unit 1800 to operate from twin command centers in Beirut and Gaza City."

It's possible that DEBKAfile puts out disinformation to disuade the Israeli people from making peace with Palestinians, but then it's also possible that it does report true and accurate inside information from military sources. Quite often, its reports are verified by other media. The article (dated today) continues: "[Israeli defense minister] Barak failed to brief the ministers on the new Hamas-Hizballah pact. It is viewed with great concern by members of the high IDF command as yet another benefit conferred on the most radical terrorist groups by Israel’s consent to withhold military action and accept a truce." Truth or fiction? I don't know, but this Israeli media is clearly opposed to the truce, and claims to have inside information from "high IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) command."

The new pact has the purpose of mounting weaponry, during the truce period, in preparation for an offensive/ambush on Israel, says the article. This report is by no means outlandish, and in fact I expect a Hezbolah-Hamas alliance for the Israeli invasion which fulfills prophecy. I also expect Egypt, now heavily involved as a middleman in striving for peace between Hamas and Israel, to be targeted by the pact. Although I am not expecting Israel to be stricken by Gog until 2010, I'm looking to the fall of 2009 for Gog's initial participation in the war pact of Daniel 9:27. I tend to believe that the Daniel pact (or covenant) will be longer than seven years, but that Gog will begin participation when there are seven years to go (to the Millennium).

The reality may be that Russia is essentially the sponsor of the war pact even now, by its spurring various Arab peoples to unite under it's powerful oversight. For example, read today's article in Israel Today:

"Former Israeli ambassador to the US, Danny Ayalon warned on Sunday that the current Arab majority in Israel's northern Galilee region could one day break away from the Jewish state and demand international recognition.

Ayalon said the Galilee Arabs would act on the precedents being set by Kosovo and the Georgian breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. ...If his words are not heeded, Ayalon cautioned, the coming demand by Galilee Arabs for independence will be the 'last piece in the puzzle' of the total dismantling of the Jewish state."

Whenever we read that a people wish to separate on the basis of Kosovo, one has reason to suspect the backing of an angry Russia. Certainly, the Hezbolah could use, for an excuse to invade northern Israel, the desire of Galilee Arabs to separate. Perhaps what we have just witnessed in Geogia is only the beginning of a widespread separatist crusade under-girded by Russia. Although the Galilee Arabs would not attempt a separation with merely Hezbolah's support, the story changes dramatically should Hezbolah inform the Arabs that Russia is behind them. Note that Hamas is the only nation to publicaly support Russia's backing of the Georgian separatists, at the very time that Hamas and Hezbolah are forming a pact!

Also consider that the Syrian president was, apparently, in Russia again, seeing Medvedev. It appears to be the second visit since the Georgian war because, this time, we hear nothing about their military discussions:

"According to a Syrian presidential statement issued following the talks, the two leaders...did not mention military cooperation, which many assume was the main purpose of the visit.

The visit coincided with rising tensions between Russia and the West over the crisis in Georgia. Al-Assad jumped at the opportunity to pose as Russia's friend...The US responded by telling Damascus to mind its own business but Syria has already made its point in Moscow."

Were they discussing the war pact? Note that the article continues by saying: "[The two presidents] also advised Hamas and Fatah to sort out their differences. It is worth noting that Moscow is proposing a Middle East peace conference later this year." There's a big difference between the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, and a peace initiative between Hamas and Fatah, the two warring Palestinian factions. There appears to be an effort now to make all of Israel's enemies forget their differences and unite for a single purpose: Jerusalem. The article has another interesting paragraph that helps build perspective:

"The Syrians need the support of Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council. They need to counter US involvement in the Middle East, and without the Soviet Union the Russian Federation is the next best thing. When it comes to weapons the Syrians never lost hope that the Russians would help them in their time of need. This time, apparently, is now."

Why is Russia helping Syria right now? Is it only to anger Bush, or to assert its muscles? In it's own words, Russia wants to re-build its Middle Eastern presence. The last time I checked, northern Iraq was smack down the centerline of the Middle East. Syria, in my view, will later resist Gog, so that Gog will need to take her by force. I mean, purchasing Russian weapons is one thing, and even giving the Russians some space in the Tartus port is acceptable, but having Russian military move across Syrian soil will be intolerable. Syria knows that Russia cannot be trusted.

Again, one possible route for Russia to take into Iraq is from South Ossetia into Armenia. To this end, we have an interfax line (see 13:14 pm) out today saying: " Russia and Armenia preparing agreement for the export of gas to Yerevanin 2009-2011." There we go, a Russian friendship is being maintained with Jerevan. I have red-hand evidence that Arphaxadites, symbolized by a deer, were in Abkhazia, and that they developed into the Ulster Irish, in particular the Irish who created the Ulster flag, using a red hand inside a white Zionist star (i.e. hexagram). For details, see my chapter, The Red Irish Hand in Abkhazia."

I had traced Arphaxadites of northern Iraq independently to the Harpasus river at/near Jerevan, and because I pegged their symbol to be the harp (= a lyre), which is the Irish Coat of Arms seen on this Irish flag, I conclude that Arphaxadites were in Ulster, explaining its Zionist star (since Arphaxadites were proto-Hebrews). I have not yet understood the etymology of "Abkhazia," but while writing this paragraph, "Arabkha" came to mind, which was the alternative name of Arrapha/Arrapachitis, the city of the Arphaxadites (now Kirkuk).

I have a large work as-yet unpublished, which includes the following recent finding, but before you read it, know that Irish legend traces the Irish and their Scot tribe to a mythical Scythian peoples called "Scotus":

"Now behold. At the article on the Pontus, page 296, I found that a Scotius mountain was by a tributary of the Aras/Araxes called "Harpasou." Knowing that the Irish/Scots stemmed from mythical Scotus, it seems a no-brainer to now identify the harp symbol of Ireland as secret code for Scythians of the Harpasus river.

In Scythian myth, Scythians descended from the Borysthenes river (now the Dneiper), a son of whom was Harpoxis." (I hope I haven't yet quoted this in a previous Iraq update).

The evidence is overwhelming for a harp acting as symbol of the Harpasus/Hapasou peoples, and because the Templar-supporting Bagratids of Georgia claimed to descend from king David of Israel, while the Irish harp is sometimes said to be a symbol of that king's harp, it's even more apparent that the Irish come from the root of the Bagratids, which root was the Armenian Bagratids who were themselves from the Yervand dynasty! Of course, since I traced the dragon cult independently to the Yervand dynasty, it must be a bloodline from mythical Hermes (since I trace the dragon cult independently to Hermes as well, who was code for "Armenia"), and so we find, in myth, that Hermes gave his sacred lyre to Apollo!!!

Unless I wish to confuse king David of Israel with Hermes, the latter being a sacred character for Rosicrucians, I would not dare trace Georgian Bagratids to king David.

There's more, for my investigations made me conclude confidently that the Scot flag, called "Andrew's Cross," is named, not after the apostle Andrew, as claimed, but after king Andrew I of Hungary. This conclusion was made long before I discovered the Arphaxadites, or their harp symbol, and so note two things, that king Andrew had a (Varangian) Rus mother and a (Varangian) Rus wife, but was on his father's side a part ot the Arpad dynasty!

Ot is known that noble Hungarians in the king-Andrew period merged with the Scot king, Malcolm III, not long before the Scot flag appeared. Note that the flag is a saltire cross, the symbol also of Rosicrucians. Soo, the Scots are from the Hapasus river, explaining why they merged with Arpad elements that were themselves merged with the Varangian-Rus dragon in Kiev. I had independently traced the Varangian Rus to the Veringen Germanics at Wurttemberg, who used three (red) deer antlers as their symbol, which is conspicuous since Hungarian legend has Arpads deriving from a deer symbol. Note in the webpage below the black and white quartered coat, for both Cohens and Hohens use a checkerboard for a symbol, which is typically the symbol of the Illuminati, especially in black and white checks. See the Burgess Coat since this surname had much to do with America's founding.

I suppose one point to be made here is that modern Russia wants both Abkhazia and Jerevan because the old Rus (of the Aras river and of Ares wroshipers) had a very strong and traditional alliance with Arphaxadites. In other words, Arphaxadite blood must be heavy in Russia. One can then see why Russia might also want Kirkuk. Again, the Guti Aryans who once renamed the city, Kirkuk, are thought to have developed into the Kurds, and meanwhile I believe that Arabs proper were Arphaxadites of Arabkha, while Moslems were named after nearby Mosul. I realize this might sound nutty to the seasoned historian, but so far they don't know where Arabs developed. It's too simplistic and politically convenient to suggest that they developed from Ishmael, son of Abraham.

The irony is that I also peg mainline Zionists -- founders of modern Israel -- as Arphaxadites, at least to some degree. There is a question in my mind as to whether Rothschild Zionists stem from Templar Zionists, or from imperial Cohen/Hohen elements that I tend to view as the basis of the "Jewish" Illuminati. I heavily favor the latter view, but don't know how much Templar Zionism played into the Rothschild make-up.

Interfax has a line at 15:07 pm (Greenwich) saying: "Lavrov to visit Turkey, discuss situation in the Caucasus." That's Russia's foreign minister, who's heavily involved in the Georgia affair. Why do we suppose he's visiting Turkey? It wouldn't be to get Turkey to disallow more U.S. naval ships into the Black sea, now would it? Then I found an article dated today, entitled: "Russia's Lavrov Proposes Arms Embargo on Georgia (Update2)."

"Sept. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Russia proposed a ban on supplying arms to Georgia as long as President Mikheil Saakashvili remains in power, as European Union leaders prepare their response to Russia's recognition of two separatist Georgian regions."

That would appear to mean that the U.S. ships in Batumi are going to be inspected for weapons, or the nearest equivalent, so long as Saakashvili is in power.

My truck is here.

I'm moving out today to a new property without electricity or telephone. I've ordered wireless internet, which, if all goes as planned, should be active in two weeks at the latest. In the meantime you might want to keep an eye on the north-Iraq situation; good media for this purpose are the Assyrian International News Agency, and Kurdish Media. There is essentially no great need to continue updates until Gog rises in Iraq, though I intend to keep track of the important news developments (while building a small place to live in) because it helps for better realizing what to be looking for.

How can I tell you that God loves you, if you respect him? He is there, always, for His Spirit encompasses the world, and is attached to every situiation, especially to the situations involving people. He is able to help you in less than a second when you are in need. If you are going through a trouble, and you realize that God is not doing anything to turn the tide of the trouble, and you also know that you belong to Him, then do not fear the trouble. It is for a reason, and He will deliver at some point...before you are unable to handle it. We are strengthened by troubles, and we learn through them, which is part of a growth process. Unless you want to be a reed swayed by the wind, or a lame duck, or a spolied brat, welcome some troubles and deal with them head on in faith. Be mighty in this way, for He wants you to be. Are you small and lowly? God does not despise small people who respect him. In fact, you've been Told ahead of time: the small will be the biggest.

Have you noticed that the world is not at peace because every nation wants to rise above its neighbors? Every nation seeks the best economy, which of course requires a worse economy for its neighbors. I dare say that God would rather we be in love with our neighbors than to be rich and at war with them. A nation with walls will be invaded and ruined, eventually. A nation that loves its neighbors, and shares with them, will never be invaded, for even the neighbors will protect it. Globalism wishes to remove borders and walls, and to unify nations, which is fine in concept and at first sight, but until globalism is under the authority of the Son of God, evil will spoil the soup.

Freedom of religion is evil, and spoils the soup; secular globalists know it, and they would rather be rid of all religions. Freedom of religion is an abomination in the eyes of God, for it not only allows error to flourish, but gives Satan, and every other lunatic, the legal right to form his own religions, and thereby to have some control of individuals and organizations. I agree with secularists on the premise of their argument, but of course the difference is my belief in a single Creator who is to be respected as the world leader.

It is fitting, for the lead-up to Armageddon, to have the largest powers at each others throats, to underscore the brokeness of a world living in competition. Perhaps God feels that the best way for the world to learn the right is to witness the fruits of doing the wrong. Perhaps this is why He has left Satan in our midst. Perhaps this is why He allowed good and evil to co-exist in the relatively short "theatrical production" called history. Jesus already informed us well of the right ways: put away greed, self-centeredness, malice, and any harmful activity toward our neighbors. If doing anything harms the reasonable neighbor, just don't do it. If the neighbor has a gripe, don't ignore it. If the neighbor throws his garbage onto your property, don't throw it back onto his; bury it on your property instead. He'll become your servant for life, instead of your enemy.

Humanitarian secularists are those whom the epistle says have a form of godliness but deny His power. Therefore, their globalism comes without His power, and let's just see what comes of it. God cannot force the evil powers to annihilate one another. He cannot force their will. Both Bush and Putin have the option and the freedom to resist a Cold-War rhythm. Ahmadinejad has the option and freedom to leave Israel alone. God will allow the devil freedom, yes, to fulfill His plan, but the human leaders have the freedom to resist the devil's plots at any time. By setting Satan free from His hedge (or leash) in the end times, God is about to show that world powers, and in fact small nations as well, will choose, not to resist the devil, but to honor him.

For this reason, God is commanding His people to remove themselves from the nations in the last 1260 days, not to partake with them, and especially not to honor them. This command can be found in Revelation, and was exemplified long ago by Lot's wife. To help us in obeying this command, God warns us not to buy and sell in the last days, which requires a complete separation from the aspect of the world hated by God. In short, make plans to quit your business, Christian businessman/woman, and ask whether selling it for a high profit in the last years is ethical. You get it. If you don't feel its ethical to sell a business when you are about to remove yourself from the business world, you might want to consider selling for a modest price before the seven years arrive.

I have no special directive from God on this issue, but we do have the written Word. Shouldn't we treat a buyer as we would like to be treated? Why sell someone a pair of expensive shoes if we know their feet are going to be cut off? Wouldn't it be a sin?

I have been thinking for the last few years to start a small business in dry and canned foods so that when the final years arrive, I would have a stock of goods. No need to sell them in the final years, and it would be inexpensive to start, as freezers are not needed. Perhaps I should sell solar panels and water pumps at my wholesale costs, even survival packs. Perhaps a small freeze-drying operation would be an excellent idea. Then, when the time comes that we can no longer buy or sell, whatever hasn't sold can be put to good use in my local area. If the store were on my trib retreat, I'd also have the building to store the goods in. Some country tracts of land are midway between towns with regular week-day traffic from one town to the other; if prices and service are right, they'll stop in on their way home from work. Every business is a risk, but with an impending tribulation period, I won't mind running it for a low income, in return for a large stock of foods at wholesale prices. If I could open the store just one or two years before the 1260 days arrive, and sell very cheap during that year so that I sell plenty, my buying power will increase so that I'll get more foods per dollar.


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