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November, 2008

Entering the Unknobama

November 8

Due to an unreasonable building department, I did not receive a building permit until October 31, for which reason I must work franticaly to get the roof on the house completed before permanent snowfall. Updates will therefore be few, unless something very important develops. To make matters worse, I have a very slow server (only dial-up available here), and almost no electricity from my solar panels (until I have the time to intsall more panels).

At this point, there is not much new to speak of on all fronts that I dealt with in previous updates. I intend to watch Obama's administration closely, and suspect that he and his fellow leaders have plans in the works that will greatly offend God, things that were not told to the American people during the election process. This week, the Democrats won the positions of power needed to virtually control the goverment agenda, with the possibility of greater powers starting as per the 2012 elections.

Russia's president has confronted the Obama team, at its outset, with a missile-related threat designed to rid the Russian border of the "missile-defence" system implanted by George Bush. We have yet to see Obama's reaction to this and all other international stories. Lebanon and Iraq continue to be powder kegs, and the world yet awaits the Israeli strike on Iran.

In the past few months since I left off, the prophetic timetable therein advanced -- where the anti-Christ arises in Iraq in 2009 -- has not been renounced (by myself), and I still suspect Obama to be the False Prophet.

November 25

On the on hand, the Iraqi prime minister (Maliki) says publically that he wants the American soldiers to remain in Iraq for an extended period, and yet he is on the other hand saying:

"'Extending the presence of the international forces on Iraqi soil will not be our alternative,' Maliki told journalists. 'The alternative will be their immediate withdrawal from Iraq.'

In other words, Maliki is threatening to cancel all governmental debate for/against an extention, if the deal doesn't pass the vote...that is extremely imminent as I write. How this vote goes is very important to me; if the troops are forced to withdraw by year's end, it will tend to confirm the 2009-16 tribulation timetable wherein I'm expecting Gog to make a high-level debut in Iraq in 2009. The article at the link above gives details on the present situation.

The Iranian leader is still warming things up with Lebanon's president

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday [yesterday] praised Lebanese resistance against Israel, in a meeting with Lebanon's President Michel Sleiman, the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported."

The article gives the impression that the Lebanese leader is very much in favor of Ahmadinejad's anti-Israeli stand. Ahmadinejad offered Lebanon some weaponry, and moreover the article speaks of Russia's military support: "In addition, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin 'reaffirmed that Moscow was ready to meet the demands of the Lebanese Army,' Al-Hayat said."

In consideration of my interpretation of Revelation 13's "fire from the sky" (that being the American military-space program), the question of how Obama will continue (or not) the missile-defense project (on Russia's border) is of obvious importance. I found it surprising that, no sooner had Obama wrapped up his great political victory, the Russian president lashed out at him as though knowing that Obama would continue the project. The article on this matter gives the impression that Obama provided assurances to Poland's president to the effect that the project would continue. Obama's representative (Denis McDonough) played this down to the point of denial, but told the Associated Press the following:

"[Obama's] position is as it was throughout the campaign, that he supports deploying a missile defence system when the technology is proved to be workable...He also said that the missile defence project would continue,' the statement added."

A year ago, I could only guess at how Obama, the sweetheart, could become the False Prophet with fire from the sky at his fingertips. The statement above reeks with promise that Obama will soon be just such an American presedent.

Also immediately after the election win, I found this:

"History will record that Barack Obama’s first act of diplomacy as America’s president-elect took place two days after his election victory, when he dispatched his senior foreign-policy adviser, Robert Malley, to meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—to outline for them the forthcoming administration’s Mideast policy vis-à-vis those nations."

The larger point is Robert Malley himself, not only because Obama had previously chosen him to be his foreign affairs advisor, but because his father (Simon Malley) was a rabid anti-Israeli. The above (revealing) article puts it this way:

"A Harvard-trained lawyer and Rhodes Scholar, Robert Malley is no newcomer to the Obama team. In 2007, Obama selected him as a foreign policy adviser to his campaign...In his capacity with ICG [International Crisis Group], Malley directs a number of analysts who focus their attention most heavily on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the political and military developments in Iraq, and Islamist movements across the Middle East. Prior to joining ICG, Malley served as President Bill Clinton’s Special Assistant for Arab-Israeli Affairs (1998-2001)...

Robert Malley was raised in France. His lineage is noteworthy. His father, Simon Malley (1923-2006), was a key figure in the Egyptian Communist Party. A passionate hater of Israel, the elder Malley was a close friend and confidante of the late PLO terrorist Yasser Arafat; an inveterate critic of 'Western imperialism'; a supporter of various revolutionary 'liberation movements,' particularly the Palestinian cause; a beneficiary of Soviet funding; and a supporter of the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan."

John Perazzo

Rhodes Scholars are, like the organization's founder (Cecil Rhodes), socialists. This element in the upper levels of the Obama presidency allows means by which Obama could eventually warm up to Gog of a Communist color. I don't know whether Robert Malley has a mind-set like his father, but it's not unthinkable that Robert was chosen (very few are chosen) to be a Rhodes scholar just because of his father's pro-Communist ideals.

The question then is, will Robert be as anti-Israeli as his father, and if so, should it pave the way to cause Obama to abandon Israel? Or, will Obama happily allow his team members to betray Israel on his behalf, while he himself keeps merely a facade of friendship with which to satisfy Jewish voters in America?

Anyone following Obama will know that one of his main presidential ambitions is to restore friendship with Europe. This is something I will watch and report on because I had imagined (since about 1997) that the False Prophet would be an American President welding himself firmly to Europe. I didn't arrive to this idea on my own abilities to predict the future, but received the idea from Biblical prophecy.

I'm also watching how Obama will weld himself to the mark of the beast (which the False Prophet is Foretold to direct). In my chapter ((The Skincode) on the topic, I reasoned that banks coupled with the govermnent (though with banks playing the leading role) will bring the Mark to reality, and so note the following piece from an article out today:

"Barack Obama, the US president-elect, has named his White House economic team, which faces the task of kickstarting the struggling US economy.

Timothy Geithner, the New York Federal Reserve Bank chief, was nominated as the next treasury secretary during a news conference held by Obama in Chicago on Monday.

...Geithner's US treasury post considered one of the most powerful in government, and he is now tasked with managing a massive $700bn financial rescue package for faltering US financial institutions."

I'm not saying that Obama has the mark of the beast on his mind at this time, but that with a world-class banker at the helm of his economic team, one can see how the Mark can worm it's way to Obama, as per the wishes of the banks to reduce costs via a microchip implant, and the desires of governments to better control taxation revenue by recording and monitoring every sale/purchase in the marketplace. As per our understanding that the False Prophet will direct the Mark worldwide, Obama said yesterday: "The reality is that the economic crisis we face is no longer just an American crisis; it is a global crisis, and we will need to reach out to countries around the world to craft a global response...Tim's extensive international experience makes him uniquely suited for this work."

The Wikipedia article on Timothy Geithner reveals that

"In 2002 he left the Treasury [for International Affairs] to join the Council on Foreign Relations as a Senior Fellow in the International Economics department. At the International Monetary Fund he was director of the Policy Development and Review Department (2001-2003).

Can't get much more international than that. In the Wikipedia article on the International Monetary Fund, we find that it's objective is "working to foster global monetary cooperation." Did I just see "SKINCODE" flash across the screen of my mind? How else can the skincode go worldwide apart from the co-operation of the world's countries? There are 185 member countries to date! The entire UN membership is a part of this Monetary Fund.

Obama also picked Larry Summers to be a major part of his economic team. Wikipedia says on him" "Summers is an ardent proponent of free trade and globalization."

November 27

Steve Griffiths has emailed me; he's keeping tabs on the Checken leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, in case he should turn out to be Gog. In this last email, Steve notified me that Kadyrov has just (early November) set up a meeting between he and the Libyan leader. For those who know the Ezekiel-38 prophecy, this could be significant. Althogh I am not able to grasp how a leader merely of Chechnya could take over Iraq under the present Iraqi circumstances, this meeting with Qaddafi is worth mention, so I'll add a news clip here to give you the gist:

"MOSCOW, November 3 (RIA Novosti) - During his weekend visit to Moscow, Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi accepted an invitation from the Chechen president to visit the North Caucasus republic in 2010, a spokesman for the president said on Monday.

'President Ramzan Kadyrov invited the Libyan leader during their meeting in Moscow. As Ramzan Akhmatovich said, Muammar Qaddafi celebrates the birth of the Prophet in a Muslim country each year, so Kadyrov invited the Libyan leader to such a celebration in the Chechen Republic in 2010. The invitation was accepted with gratitude,' Lema Gudayev told RIA Novosti."

It's a given that Kadyrov, if he turns out to be Gog, will arise in Iraq with Muslims in his support, but this still doesn't solve how he can extend his power from Chechnya to Iraq. I find it far easier to envision a Russian Gog playing peace-maker and fixer-upper in Iraq. On the other hand, we do note that Kadyrov and Qaddafi were both in Moscow as they suddenly became good friends. Might Moscow open the way for Kadyrov to "fix" Iraqi sectarianism, using his Muslim credentials as basis?

It's now near the end of 2008 and I have no one in Iraq that I can point to as a possible Gog. But we can all feel that things are about to change as George Bush steps aside. The vote for the Iraqi-American pact was to be held yesterday but was postponed until today.

Zowie, "Sources close to the Obama transition team say New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson accepted Obama's offer to be commerce secretary..." For years I have had bad feelings about Bill Richardson. For years I've been hoping that he would fail politically. Now he is slated to become commerce chief in a time that I foresee the skincode pushed globally from America. Richardson has some globalism experience and has even been an Ambassador to the United Nations.

Iraq's parliament, today, approved the pact that George Bush has been pushing for. But "The timetable set out in the document requires U.S. troops to withdraw from cities and towns by June 30, 2009." Such a scenario allows the very thing that Bush was hoping to avoid: giving the terrorists a date. That is, terrorists can now make a new bolder plan for the period immediately after June 30, knowing beforehand the weakened condition of the American troops. The obvious thing to do is to plan an infiltration, once again, of the major cities.

Al Jazeera has a page expressing the opinions of Iraqi citizens on this pact. The overall impression given is that Iraqis who are glad, or at least satisfied, to see the pact approved, are so because it protects Iraq from Iran. In other words, expect Iran to play a role in the coming downing of Iraq, when Gog and the terrorists take control.

Earlier this week: "Iran and Lebanon have signed a security agreement, according to which Iran will supply the Lebanese army with weapons and equipment over the next five years, the London-based daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat reported." Not long ago, Iran would not have supplied weapons to the Lebanese government because it was mainly opposed to Hezbolah. That is, Iran is now selling the weapons because it has assurances that the current Lebanese government is tipping anti-Israeli and pro-Hezbolah.

We are of course not fooled by Iran's claim that only "defensive" weapons are being sold to Lebanon, for these will be important/needed even if Lebanon (rather than Israel) is the one to launch an offensive (with the offensive weapons that Iran has smuggled to the Hezbolah over the years). The United States is also slated to sell "defensive" weapons to Lebanon; the Bush administration is probably thinking that the weapons will be used against terroists.

The direction that Obama is going in is not the direction that he campaigned on against Hillary, when he said that he was going to initiate "change"...meaning a change from the Clintonite era. For, "President-elect Barack Obama on Wednesday [today] defended his decision to select veterans of the Clinton administration for positions in the West Wing, his cabinet and across the administration..."

Democrats have been waiting a very long time in great bitterness, ever since Republicans took complete power away from them (realized on November 7, 1994, in Clinton's second year, when Republicans took both Houses). They have been waiting to re-implement their Democratic agenda, and they wish to waste no time, and to exert great zeal. Amazingly enough, Obama's chief concern right now is the economy, and he's poking around the economic machinery to see how he can better spin its wheel. Does anyone imagine with me that, out of this situation, the skincode will be introduced to him as the better way to run commerce?

The problem with Obama is that he is surrounded by Democrats hungry to exert power again; he will not be able to resist them. He is hiring the big players, and the big players will have their way with him, a novice. The skincode must arise from the globalists' domain, and he has already shown signs of capitulating to globalists. For these types of Americans, controlling America is not enough. They are in the game of universal power. Such a thing can only be based of selfishness, and it will be this very thing that brings the entire house down, crumbled, for the selfishness cannot get along with selfishness, and those who practice it destroy one another, each seeking top-dog status. This is what God wants to expose, and to teach the world, that globalism must be run by a Righteous One, or it just won't work.

November 30

The Iraqi-U.S. military deal has a built-in catch that was insisted upon by some parties before they would agree to give it their vote: a national referendum, to be held before the end of July of 2009, to see whether the Iraqi people want the deal. In other words, the whole thing could come crashing down yet:

"Either country [the U.S. or Iraq] can unilaterally terminate the agreement with one year's notice..."

If the Iraqi people (or God) don't want the Americans anymore in the coming months, the means by which to vacate them has been formalized into the agreement. I frankly can't give an opinion one way or the other, judging from what's being said in the media, on how the Iraqi people will go in the referendum. For an early read on Iraq's public opinion, see

In an article (below) discussing (pessimistically) whether Obama will keep his campaign promise to remove Americans from Iraq in 16 months, we read: "There continues to be widespread opposition to an American troop presence in Iraq, however – particularly one without an end date." In other words, Iraqis do not think that the Americans will leave even in three years. This dreadful cloud over Iraqi sovereignty provides good basis for expecting the Iraqi people (in the coming referendum) to push the Americans away.

As we can read in various news pieces, the only reason that any Iraqis want the Americans is to have them protect the country from Iran and al-Qeada. These fears are well-founded, for Iran and al-Qeada represent two of three major factions which will support Gog in Iraq (or such is how I read prophecy).

Remember Gorbachev? He's got an interesting develoment going, working with high-level Europeans seeking to create some sort of pan-European military council. As Gorbachev is a former Russian (i.e Soviet) president, why is he involved in this? It's made apparent by his statements at the article below that he's in favor of a Russo-European union that welcomes a partnership role by United States. The timing of this pan-European move, now that Democrats are about to take over America, is not likely by coincidence.

I recall that both Putin and Medvedev (the current Russian president), not long ago, were also calling for a Russo-European establishment that entered into a pact with the United States. I recall realizing that these calls from Russia's helm were intended to form a partnership with the American Democrats, not with Bush's Republicans. No sooner has Obama secured power in America that we are now hearing the same calls. From Gorbachev, anyway.

I'm not confident that the current Russian leaders wanted the Obama team, in particular, to lead the Democrats. It should be interesting to see how this team develops a relationship with the Bear over the next four years. My guess is that relations will be cold at first, but that after the four years (or even sooner), Obama will enter a partnership with a Gogi-European alliance.

Not long after writing the above, I searched for news on Vladmir Zhirinovsky, and found this:

MOSCOW (AFP) - "Barack Obama is the 'American Gorbachev' who will ultimately destroy the US, Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky said Tuesday. Credited in the West for leading the former Soviet Union away from Cold War confrontation, Mikhail Gorbachev, now 77, is vilified by many at home for presiding over the collapse of the Soviet Union and ushering in harsh economic reforms. 'Obama, he is the American Gorbachev, he will destroy America, it will not be rebuilt,' Zhirinovsky said at a meeting of the ultra-nationalist party he founded, according to Russian news agency Interfax."

Do you recall, in previous updates, how I repeated that Zhirinovsky was so quiet during the recent Georgian war that Putin must have told him to shut his big mouth. Here's an example of how that mouth can do damage to the Russian leaders:

"According to a statement made by Russian Liberal Democrat Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russia is interested only in the territories it has recognised and needs Abkhazian and Ossetian people as servants. 'Russia does not need Abkhazian and Ossetian people, but their territories. There is no reason to hide this. After achieving this we will make them servants', Zhirinovsky stated."

I'm supposing that Zhiro feels free now, to get back to his usual slanderous self, now that the war is over. He has made the Georgians upset, quite apparently:

"Our Generation Youth Organization (Georgia) has staged a protest action in front of the Russian Embassy in Georgia...about a hundred young people participated in the action under the slogan: 'Down with despotism of Putin and Zhirinovsky!' Participants of the action burnt portraits of the Russian president and the deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma."

I would like to know why the Georgians feel that Zhirinovsky is in-part responsible for the Georgian war and/or its aftermath, but so far I haven't found anything to report...aside from statements made by Zhirinovsky years ago that Russia would soon topple Saakashvili, the Georgian president. Saakashvili is currently attempting to convince the world that Russians invaded first. No one seems to be listening to him.

Here's a new thing:

"Lebanon has decided for the first time to establish diplomatic relations with the state of Palestine, and has approved the opening of an embassy in Beirut. 'The cabinet has approved the establishment of diplomatic relations with the state of Palestine,' Information Minister Tarek Mitri said following a Cabinet meeting late on Thursday."

There is of course no state of Palestine, but its recognition by the Lebanese government sends a message loud and clear that Lebanon will do what it can to assure that such a state is born. Again, the tide has turned north of Israel's border at just the time that I expect Gog to enter Israel from her north.

I have doubts at times about the timing of the Isaiah 22:6 prophecy, for it could have been fulfilled in ancient times rather than the end times. However, it has been my opinion that, according to this prophecy, Israel will be invaded (from her north) by Elam and Kir. While Kir is an uncertain location, it might just be the region after which Kirkuk was named, for this city (now northern Iraq) was beside the ancient Elamites...who originally lived in Delymite territory between Kirkuk and the south-Caspian shore, but eventually settled what is now western Iran.

The point is, it's a difficulty to explain how Semites from what were Elam and Kir could invade Israel from modern Lebanon, but the difficulty vaporizes when it's known that Gog must arise in northern Iraq, for under such a scenario, modern Elamites can join him in the invasion. It is known from other scriptures that Gog will invade Israel from her north, and the fact from Ezekiel 38, that he will have Iran as a main ally, seems to verify that he will invade with what are the modern Elamites.

Although "Iran" was named after Aryans (non-Semites from the line of Japheth), the use of "Elam" by Isaiah could indicate that Semites are to be Gog's main supporters, and of course the finger then points to Arabs (whom I think were named after the city of Kirkuk when it was previously "Arabkha."

When I first decided to view the Isaiah 22:6 prophecy as an end-time one, it was many years before I was led to conclude that the proto-Zeus cult was inspired by Elamites (the cult was at that time symbolized by a dragon, as was Zeus in the early years of his cult). After that, my findings were that the Semite portion of the proto-Zeus cult (depicted by Hera) traced back to Arabkha, and that these very Semites went on to form the Semite side of the Rus/Russians. None of these findings had anything to do with my prior belief that Gog would invade Israel with Elamites in/near Kir, and I hadn't conceived of a Kir=Kirkuk equation until I started seeking the rise of Gog in northern Iraq very recently.

The point is, the Biblical dragon (of Revelation) has been independently traced by me to Elamites of Kirkuk-based Assyria, and the possibility (from Isaiah 22:6) that God will use the modern remnants of those peoples to invade Israel is not likely a coincidence. God could use any peoples whatsoever to cause Israel's great tribulation, but the choice to use the remnants of the dragon cult should be based, obviously, in God's desire to crush it (for after Israel's tribulation, the time will come for the destruction of the Dragon's domains, all of them).

I'm not suggesting that the dragon of Revelation represents the Elamites of Iran. Rather, the dragon cult of Elam went on to become the empire-ruling Greeks and Romans (yes, the branches of the Zeus cult) so that ultimately the end-time dragon of Revelation can be identified (as have many) as European globalism.

If I'm correct to expect Gog's rise in Mosul (near Kirkuk), it might explain why, out of all Iraqi regions, Mosul is now seeing the persecution of Christians. Thousands fled the city in October and are hesitant to return...which may be just what God prefers. Yes, I would caution Christians in northern Iraq to get ready to get out, or even to get out now. Whoever is responsible for this situation might just help us to discover Gog's identity, but, says one article written this past week:

"Neither Christian leaders nor U.S. military officials in Mosul are certain who is behind the attacks, which received widespread international attention and were condemned by the Vatican...Kurdish officials vehemently deny any involvement in the violence.

Mosul Mayor Zuhair al-Aaraji blamed the attacks on al-Qaida."

I can't tell by the reports whether the Christians are all Catholics, or any/all denominations. FOX News reported (on October 11):

"The Christians were subjected to abduction attempts and paid ransom, but now they are subjected to a killing campaign,' Kashmoula [= Nineveh governor] said, adding he believed 'Al Qaeda' elements were to blame...Mosul police have reported finding the bullet-riddled bodies of seven Christians in separate attacks so far this month, the latest a day laborer found on Wednesday. On Saturday, militants blew up three abandoned Christian homes in eastern Mosul, police said.",2933,436481,00.html

We of course will not forget that it was al-Qaeda-in-Iraq that was cutting the heads off of people, something that matches perfectly with Revelation 20:4, where we read that Christians in the great tribulation period will be beheaded by the anti-Christ (for new readers, I equate the anti-Christ with Gog). Therefore, has the anti-Christ finally made contact with Mosul terrorists?


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