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September 14 - 18, 2009

Merry (Surname) Magdalene

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September 14

The referendum to make Americans leave Iraq by force is now officially on the government table. The article doesn't elaborate, but instead talks about Odierno's plan to get militarily involved in Mosul. The referendum is being proposed for this January, suggesting that Odierno is failing in his bid.

As Americans hands are being removed from Iraqi operations, and especially from government controls, we find Russia moving in. Last week Russia's energy minister was in Baghdad, and now he' saying that "Iraq 'is seeking the full return of the Russian companies on its market.'" The article comments that "The Energy Minister said the Russian companies had the best opportunities in Iraq in the development of power generation network because almost all the existing Iraqi infrastructure in this sphere was built by Russia in the Soviet era." That shows us that Russia WANTS to be the MAJOR player in Iraq.

Meanwhile there's an article on Egypt's boast that it will be the first Arab nation to have a presence in Iraq, via the oil industry. The article said that Iraq has okayed oil negotiations with Egypt. Might Egypt come to step on Russia's toes here?

There was a small gunfight in Kirkuk. I wasn't going to bother reporting it as it might be an isolated incident. But then I read: "Kurdish villagers in northern Iraq have made plans for a violent insurrection to resist an al-Qaeda campaign that has killed hundreds of people." Stay tuned. Things appear to be getting hotter.

If you must have a long list of violent acts in northern Iraq, see below. I personally hate to visit this page as I don't like the senseless murders almost daily.

There was also a small rocket attack on Israel (two or three rockets) three days ago. It's being viewed as a looming threat by all; Russia spoke out like papa bear in a warning, claiming concern, not for Israel, but for the health of the floundering Lebanese government.

Russian expansionism won a step forward days ago:

"A Kremlin bill expanding the legal reasons for using military force abroad won a quick preliminary approval in the lower house of parliament [September 9].

The motion was seen by some as a sign that the Kremlin was taking a tougher posture in relations with ex-Soviet neighbors after last year's war with Georgia.

The Kremlin-controlled State Duma voted unanimously to approve President Dmitry Medvedev's bill in the first of three required readings..."

This article then goes on to mention what I had mentioned days ago, Medvedev's new rules on piracy. Why should piracy enter the picture since it's been unheard of in the Russian domain since about the time that Varangians came along? I think it has to do with a Russian plan to use piracy to start a war or two. The article continues:

"The bill would allow the president to send troops outside the nation's border to fend off attacks on the Russian military, deter aggression against another state, protect Russian citizens, combat pirates and protect shipping.

The current legislation only envisages sending troops abroad to fight terrorists and fulfill Russia's obligations in line with international treaties."

Russia is now free to operate militarily outside its borders without international long as it can make it appear a defensive war. Last week Russia was warning Georgia hard for detaining Abkhazi ships. I think I get it. Even Zhirinovsky is weighing in on this topic with zeal:

"Outspoken ultranationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who serves as the Duma's deputy speaker, told the house that the new legislation should send a strong warning to other nations.

'Let people in some foreign capitals know ... that in case of any threat to our citizens the president will have to protect them wherever they are,' Zhirinovsky said. 'They may wake up to see our paratroopers along with artillery and aviation in use. Nothing will go unpunished any more.'"

What is that? Who's he talking to? What foreign capitals is he citing? Is there a scheme behind this bill that amounts to the laying of Gog's groundwork? Hmm.

Then we find Obama in the shadows of a dark alley with Russia's girlfriend snuggled up into his arms:

"The Obama administration's disclosure of a possible $7.8 billion sale of its most advanced version of the Patriot air-defense missile to Turkey has sparked regional concerns... of the biggest U.S. government-to-government arms sales in years and would mark a return of Turkey as a major U.S. arms buyer.

...Such a purchase would represent 'a big consolidation of U.S.-Turkish military ties'...

...Earlier this month, a top defense lobbyist said the negotiations are continuing over U.S. plans to deploy a missile-defense shield in Turkey, a possibility floated last week by a Polish newspaper.

...Riki Ellison, chairman of the U.S.-based Missle Defense Advocacy Alliance, or MDAA, insisted to the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review that he hopes to see a working missile-defense shield in operation by 2013.

...'if Turkey agrees to open its soil to the missile shield program, it would worsen its relations with not only Iran, but also Syria and Russia.'..."

A related article says that there's competition to win Turkey's purchase:

"Russia is proposing its S400s, a more modern version of the S300 designed by Almaz Antey; and China is offering its HQ-9 systems made by China Precision Machinery Export-Import Corp., or CPMIEC.

...'After the Pentagon's move to seek Congress' sale permission in advance, it's almost certain that Turkey will award the contract to the Americans,' one Ankara-based defense analyst said."

I can see Putin tapping his fingers on his desk, wheels turning in his mind.

Medvee. Medvee...? Medveh!! Come in here please.

I'm here, Master. So sorry that it took an entire second.

What is this news I am reading in the Moscow Buzzette? Obama wants missiles in my Turkey??? How could you let this happen, Medve? How?!

But it hasn't happened yet. It might never...

By 2013 he wants it. Do you know what this means?

No, sir. I don't.

It means that he'll have my Turkey forever. How are we going to sabotage Nabucco now? Hum?

Um, well...I suppose we could sabotage it before the gas gets to Turkey. What about that? Have I said well?

Before it gets to Turkey...? Before it gets to Turkey. Hmm. Before it gets to Turkey. Do you mean in Iraq?

As you realize, I'm just painting a potential Gog scenario. Medvedev's bill to allow Russian wars in foreign lands should be counter-measure against Western fingers in its neighborhood, but that neighborhood could soon include Iraq.

What is this:

"Examining the consequences of the US troop withdrawal from Iraq and suggesting ways to mitigate risks, an international think tank warns US of possible Turkish military incursion into northern Iraq. Under pressure from the military and nationalists, Ankara may launch a large-scale incursion designed not only to weaken the PKK but also to hold and occupy Kurdish territory, it says.

...The report was prepared in July by RAND, a nonprofit research organization."

What is this report? Is it warning of what the globalists behind it have already decided to do? How can anyone claim that Turkey would dare do such a thing on it's own? How could Turkey remain in the good graces of Europe by doing such a thing on its own? BUT, if the invisible powers behind Europe want to use Turkey to undo Iraq's decision to boot the Americans out of Iraq, I can see Turkey going for it, if for example Obama gives her a sweet arms deal. I mean, it's been a long time since any Western leader has been willing to give her kisses on the drumsticks, but that's where Obama's at. Look at what more the article says:

"the report was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense and other related government institutions.

According to the report, the number one risk is an armed conflict between Kurds and Sunni Arab groups [exactly what Odierno is pining about) that could escalate into a civil war. The withdrawal process is gradually being implemented, with the expectation that only a limited number of troops will remain in Iraq after 2011.

In this challenging situation, the report said, Iraq's neighbors will try to intervene to protect their own interests, although only Turkey is expected to do it in an 'overt way.'"

Nonsense. How can Turkey be "expected" to cross the Iraqi border? "Expected" is a very strong word. It's use makes me expect a conspiracy in the works to fulfill the expectation. The Illuminati announces a problem, and then goes in to fix it. The report makes it appear that the US would frown badly on Turkey's war in Iraq, and yet Obama has just sold eight billion dollars of military equipment to this same Turkey.

If Turkey does cross the Iraqi border, will Russia use its new bill to protect its new lover, Iraq?

It's still on:

"Fatah on [this] morning reiterated its acceptance of a new Egyptian proposal aimed at solving its dispute with Hamas, according to a Reuters report."

The union would merge the West Bank with Gaza as one political entity. Obama must be happy to see this. Carter too. It's surprising that Hamas hasn't yet spoiled this proposed deal. Last year, Hamas was God, not to be told what to do by anyone; then it fell to Israel's attack and became defiant. Then, when the West Bank showed some anti-Israeli colors by refusing to acknowledge the Israeli state as legitimate, I suppose that Hamas found it to be viable material for a merger. BUT this is what makes it such a great sin for Obama and Carter et al to rejoice over the Palestinian union, and even a grosser sin to claw and scratch for official statehood. Ultimately, official statehood would mean, among other threats, that Hamas could import cargo by sea without Israeli inspections.

But prophecy tells that anti-Israelis will attack Egypt, suggesting that the current happiness between Egypt and the Palestinians should go sour again, with Egypt acting as Hamas' antagonist once again. I would therefore predict that Hamas will spoil this proposed deal so as to anger Egypt once again. There have been news reports very recently from Egypt about arms smuggling into Gaza, and the fact that Egypt opposes the smuggling has Hamas in an angry knot. Hamas simply cannot tolerate an Egypt that is willing to spoil it's intention of wiping Israel away.

There is no telling what progress the Hamas-Russia love-in has made since it was last brought up here, but the fact that it exists sits waiting very conspicuously, like a prophetic cloud hanging over Israel. We recall the nightmare for the Syrian leader when Israel attacked Gaza. It was as if Israel had attacked Assad's right arm. Now that Russia has moved into Syria with a naval base, it will need to show some "brother" toward Syria in order to hang on to the base. One could expect that the next Gaza-Israeli conflict will see Russia siding with Syria openly. If we see Russia mustering up some anti-Israeli public statements, I would suggest that the Gog-ball has begun to roll.

There's no telling how passionate Russia is to see this prospect of Palestinian unity, and of course we already know that virtually the entire West is passionate about it. Israel will be virtually alone should it sabotage this Palestinian wagon. Russia has been very busy drawing up alliances in the Middle East in the wake of American unpopularity, and Democrats who were a major cause for that unpopularity (by slamming Bush every day every minute) are now Middle-East lame because of it. The think-tank report that envisions an invasion into northern Iraq by Turkey is perhaps short-sighted, for it should be Russia that all eyes are upon.

I sense that the time has come for Russia to move in as a major broker in the Middle East. I await Gog the Broker in northern Iraq, and logic should tell me that it's not going to happen in 2009. Logic tells me that it is more likely after the Americans have packed their bags and given up hope of remaining in Iraq. Perhaps in 2010, even more likely in 2011. BUT, God can make things happen unexpectedly, and fast. We don't know the entire conversations that Iraq and Russia have had lately. We don't know where those conversations are leading. Putin may have offered Maliki it's own security blanket (as counterpart of Odierno's offer) in the form of Russian support for a potential crisis in northern Iraq.

As long ago as the pre-Bush era, I've envisioned Gog in Mosul saying, to Saddam's defeated fighters, something like, "I can fix this. Let me." But I could not understand how he could be in Iraq as a savior of sorts while being rejected by Iraqis in general (probably because they don't trust him), even though my understanding of Daniel 11:21-23 included an Iraqi government that permits the King of the North a role in the country.

At first I thought wrongly, that Saddam would still be in power while the King of the North wormed his way in to help him. Then, when the Iraqi government became led by enemies of the Saddam fighters, it was hard to see how that government would permit a pro-Sunni/Saddam broker to operate in the country. Since then, I've witnessed that government permit the Americans to operate in northern Iraq as supporters of Saddam's fighters, and who would have predicted that? No one, for it was the Americans who defeated the Saddam fighters. But there you have it; it happened. And it can pave the way for a similar Sunni-support group by the name of Gog or King of the North who is likewise permitted by the Iraqi government to operate in the country.

Lebanon has been feisty:

"Lebanese Druse leader Walid Jumblatt told an Iranian news source that his country should turn to Iran for weapons to counter an Israeli attack.

'...We need anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft weapons... I think we can find such weapons in Iran or in Russia or in China,' said the leader of Lebanon's Progressive Socialist Party, a faction dominated by the country's Druse community and once a key part of the pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian National Liberation Movement.

'Americans are not really willing to provide us with such weapons. They will tell you these weapons will be used against Israelis. Okay, but my enemy is Israel,' added Jumblatt."

Will the Master of Russia command Medvee to arm Lebanon now that Obama has armed Turkey to the beak. Will there be a tit-for-tat escalation in gifts as schemes to control the Middle East? Look at how Russia is warning Georgia now that Putin has Medvee's new bill allowing war for the sake of stopping piracy:

"Further seizure of cargo ships en-route to Abkhazia by Georgian coast guard may cause 'serious armed incidents,' Andrei Nesterenko, a spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry said on September 3.

'Full responsibility for possible unpredictable consequences completely lies on the Georgian side,' he said and added that Georgia had not yet given up plans for 'forceful resolution of the territorial issues.'"

Not only have Russians agreed to help Venezuela in its nuclear program, but in return Chavez (Shaw bloodline, right) has done what only Hamas and Nicaragua have done thus far:

"Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, said on September 10 in Moscow that his country was recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Russian news agencies reported.

Chavez told his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, that he would consider the two regions as sovereign states 'from Today,' he was quoted by the Russian news agencies."

I don't imagine that Chavez will be involved directly with Gog's prophetic mission, but this just goes to show how Russia will give gifts to acquire its block of friends. The deal is said to amount to two billion dollars, BUT "Russia has allocated a 2.2-bln-dollar loan to Venezuela to [make the] purchase." That's a gift, all right. If one has eyes to see, most of Russia's friends are not the good guys.

That's all for today, not even any word on bloodlines today. But I aim to get back to the Marot topic, as it seems that he and his bloodline formed the Moravians, and that Merovingians were his cousins or even ancestors.

September 15

The news for today has been skimmed; there's nothing to speak of. Don't miss the below.

In the Menmarot article cited a couple of days ago, we find that Menmorat/Menmurat/Menumorat of Biharia was "Moravec" to the Slavs. I had forgotten this when I suggested that the Mures-river Marots may have connected to the Moravians. In fact, it looks as though they were the very makings of Moravians.

I did what I have never done: sought surnames that the Marots may have developed into. I had already seen the Marot/Merot/Mauritz Coat, so the first one entered at this point was "Murat. The French Murat Coat is a shield filled with what could be Cohen-type checks rotated to form diamonds. This may even be the origin of the diamond and mascles used by royal Poles, Hungarians, and Leslies. The Spanish Murat Coat uses five arrows.

I repeat the point in the update two days ago, that Hungary was seven tribes Magyar and three tribes Khazaro/Kabar, and that they were depicted as ten arrows (i.e. as per the secondary meaning of "On-Ogur") so that the three arrows in the Inger/Ender Coat suggests a trace of king Andrew to the Khazar tribes in one of his immediate ancestors. In fact, just before Andrew took the throne in 1046, a Khazar ruled 1041-44) by the name of Samuel (= Hebrew name) Aba.

Since the Murats of Biharia were foundational to the Khazars that I am referring to, the five arrows (gold on red) in the Murat Coat should trace back to five Khazar entities. The traditional Rothschild Coat uses five arrows as well, in the Bauer colors. The Rothschild/Rothstein-Coat uses a white arrow on red.

Seeing a Mariel variation of "Murat," I began to dig in hoping to find scores of Murat families. The Mariel Coat is French (name first found in Brittany), and uses a white/green lion on green/white, the colors of the Lyon surname from Lyons-la-Foret. Of greater interest at the moment, the Mariel term was said to be a variation of the Hebrew, "Miryam," our "Mary." ZOWIE.

The Mariel write-up claims that the surname was from a devotee of the virgin Mary, but we can of course broaden our horizons toward Biharia if only for want of knowing the reality. It struck me at this point that the Murat term evolved into "Mary" so that the Mary Magdalene cult was code for the Murat Khazars. Like I said, ZOWIE. Not that it's a new idea (it's what I've been finding recently via other arguments), but that this is some potent evidence for the link.

I should have looked at the Mary Coat at that point but instead looked at the Lois Coat because the Mariel motto is, "Nos murs, nos Lois." That motto adds to the evidence of a Mures-river Murat/Marot trace. The Lois Coat is nothing but an ostrich in the colors (white on blue) of Moray! The Lois surname was first found in Artois, where the Lys river is located. Hmm.

The Mary Coat came next. Red lions on white


For new readers, that's the first symbol I had tied to the Magdalene cult, the DaLion/Dalen symbol of an Irish family from Lyon/Lugdunum (France).

Granted, no Mary variation is shown at the page, but that's no problem because we don't imagine that the Magdalene cult was named after a mainline Mary term. Other variations of this red-lion family include Merry, Mirrey, Merrie, and Mirrie. It should be added that, not only is "Mary" found in the databank, but this is the only Coat to show when entering "Mary."

UNDERSTAND. The MERRY surname is THE Magdalene bloodline, without a doubt, and its connection to "Moravec" and Moravia links also to quasi-mythical "Merovee/Merovech," founder of the Merovingians. The question is, which branch of the Merovingians was this? Was it the one from Merowe in Ethiopia, and if so, how?

Seeing that the Merry motto is "Persto et spiro," not only do the Speer and Spree surnames (using red crescents like the DeLions/Dalens!) come to mind, but the Prestons. The Sprees trace to the Spree river on the Moravian frontier, and the Dalen motto is, Dum spiro spero"!!

Taking a look at the Preston Coat, bingo! It too (as does the Merry/Mary Coat) uses a red square in the Shield's top-left corner. I knew I had seen this elsewhere, and later I found it in the Irish Cohen Coat.

Is the Preston family fundamental in the DeLion bloodline, or merely a merger with it? The Scottish Preston Coat (surname first found in WestMORland) uses black unicorn heads on white, the symbol of the Marden/Marsden Coat and Crest (keep in mind that I suspect Marden-like terms to link to the Marduk cult of Amorites at the city of Mari, ancient Babylon). The Marsden Shield is red and white, the colors of the English Martin/Matin Shield, BUT the latter smacks of the Preston Shield.

The Marsdens were first found in Leicester, which could therefore explain the cinquefoil (used also by Leicester) of the that Preston Coat. PLUS, not only do the English Enders use three arrows, but German Enders use a unicorn. The importance here is that the Martin-like surname begin to appear linked to the Marots for more than the obvious reason of similarity of terms. It then explains why the Martin tern was large for Merovingians and other Franks.

There is a region of Mar in Scotland going back to pre-Conqueror times. I had linked it to Maurice/Marot Drummond many years ago, before I started the Ladon dragon cult book. I believe the first clue was the KilDrummie castle of Mar. The Mar-clan webpage below tells that the Mar surname was linked to the Alan/Allen surname, but it was also virtually one with "Erskin."

A related page:

"THE original earldom of Mar has been pronounced by the Ulster King-of-Arms, the most ancient title in Great Britain, perhaps in Europe. The learned and accurate Lord Hailes remarks that 'this is one of the earldoms whose history is lost in antiquity. It existed before our records and before the era of genuine history.' It has been held in succession by members of the great historic houses of Douglas and Stewart, Drummond and Erskine..."

...The first mormaor of Mar whose name has come down to our day in a written document was MARTachus, who in 1065 was witness to a charter of Malcolm Canmore [father of David I]..."

As the DeLions of Ireland were from DRUMrany, note that the Mars went on to merge with the Bruce-Stewart royal line that also included a merger with Drummonds. You get it: it was all in the Magdalene family. Why does the Marot Coat use the Bruce Coat??? Doesn't it suggest that the Mars were from the Marots of the Mures??? Note the small square in the top-left corned of the Bruce Coat, perhaps being a design distinctly of Mary-cult families.

The English Marots were first found in Leicestershire, as were the Marsdens. The write-up tells that these Marots were from Marriot in Normandy.

Having said all that on the Mars, see the Mar/Marr Coat, white lions on red, colors reversed from the Delion Coat and of the very same style of lion!!

No historian in his right mind would dare shrug these points off. The only ones who would are those pathetic creatures adamant about tracing the Magdalene cult to Jesus' sons in efforts to destroy Christian faith.

The French Mars were first found in Burgundy, where I expect them since I trace the Magdalene cult from the Legros of Burgundy to the "Lyon" term. This Mar family uses Moray colors and has More and Mores variations...not to mention "Mares," near enough to "Maros (i.e. the Mures river).

As per the white lions on red of the Mar/Marr clan, see the same (different lion design) in the English Marny Coat. The surname is from an old Marinni (Mareigni or Mairinni) family of Calvados, in the arrondisement of Bayeux in Normandy..." That's somewhat expected as per the trace of Bohemians to Bayeux. The Marny lion has a peculiar face (with a beak).

The French Mart... Surname (i.e. many variations) also uses white on blue, as does the Irish Martin Coat, as does the Italian Martin Coat...and the Spanish Martin Coat even uses white stars on blue in a shield-on-shield design with the apple tree of Avalon as the only symbol. I would link the Martin surname(s) to the Mars because the Mar write-up claims that "The Mar surname comes from the Old French word 'marre,' meaning 'a ram.' Not likely true; rather, a ram was used as a symbol for the Mars, and we do see what should be a ram in the Italian Martin Coat.

The Irish Martin Coat uses a gold sun on blue, the color of the Cohen and Kazakhstan suns, and the particular "Jewish" Cohen Coat where the sun is found uses white stars on blue. The Irish Martin Coat also uses a white crescent on blue, a symbol of the Irish Delan/DeLaney Coat!

Checking for Marduck-like surnames, I thought of "Murdock": blue and white Cohen checks!! The symbol: ravens/crows riding on a single arrow!! It's exactly the German Rothchild (no 's') crow!!! The Murdock arrow is red on white, the reverse of the Rothschild (with 's') arrow. The French Mark Coat uses Cohen checks in a horizontal band while the "Jewish" Mark Coat uses Hohen checks in a horizontal band. The French Marks were first found in Languedoc, and they have their checks on a green shield...possibly linked to the green German Bauer Shield and the Scottish Bower/Beauer Shield; the latter family was from "parish of Drummelzier"

The Spanish Marin/MarinoCoat has been shown and discussed before. It uses what should be the German Drummond Coat. The clan was linked to the Italian Marinos using the English Clement design; I had traced the Clements to the Drummonds of early Scotland, and in particular to Giric whom I identified as George Drummond, father of Maurice/Marot (see 4th and 5th updates in June).

I can now add that the Italian Maria Coat is identical to the Italian Marin/Marino/Marina Coat aside from one color. This Maria Coat uses "Mari" as a variation. We now have the question of whether the family derives first from Mari or Marino? The latter term is said by the write-up to be from the Republic of San Marino (meaning that this entity could be a Marot state), but the Maria/Mari write-up traces first to Genoa and claims derivation from the Virgin's name.

September 16

[[I regret that was out of service for a day, perhaps longer. The problem has been fixed. I apologize for the inconvenience. If service has been out for two days, I recommend that you read both yesterday's and today's updates for what I consider great inroads into the Magdalene cult. I'll skip an update for the 17th so that you can catch up, but on the 18th I'm showing good evidence that Marots were in Indre as well as smack beside the Rockefellers of Languedoc.]]

There's a real threat in Georgia building, perhaps just what Russia wants:

"TBILISI, September 15 (RIA Novosti) - Georgia said on Tuesday it would resist any attempts by Russia to detain its ships in the waters of its former province of Abkhazia.

A Russian border protection service official said earlier in the day that Russian border guards would detain all vessels that violate Abkhazia's maritime border. Tbilisi considers Abkhazia and its waters part of Georgian territory, and has declared any unauthorized maritime shipments of goods illegal.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry condemned the Russian statement and said it would not tolerate any attempts to detain its ships.

Remember, Russia now considers itself morally and legally free to start wars outside of Russia on account of piracy issues. The legislation on the table right now that will permit this action may have been devised for the single purpose of re-invading Georgia. Yet, Russia wants into the Western system like a dog in heat:

"MOSCOW, September 15 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev accused the United States on Tuesday of blocking Moscow's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

'If not for the U.S. very cautious policy toward Russia's accession to the WTO, and putting it bluntly if the U.S. had not blocked it, we would long have been there [in the WTO],' Medvedev said at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow.

Russia is the world's only major economy still outside the WTO. Consent from all 153 WTO members is necessary for a state to join the organization."

Putin made the same complaint recently, accusing Bush of pussy-footing him around on that very issue. Perhaps Russia does not want in the WTO any longer. Perhaps this complaint is to justify the planned animosity toward the West that it aims to show when it re-invades Georgia, and/or other regions.

I'm glad to have decided to check the Wyden surname in this morning's news as per this:

"Following up on his This Week appearance where he promised to fight on for the public option, Sen. Jay Rockefeller blasted the draft bill produced by Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus...

He's not alone. Fellow Finance Committee member Ron Wyden is livid too."

Finance committee? No surprise for a Rockefeller. Why is he for the public option when there is so much opposition to it in the country. What is it the globalists want? Control? You don't say.

The Wyden surname was first found in Roxburghshire, where I trace "Roch" and other Rockefeller-like terms, tentatively. If this is correct, "Roxburghshire" likely came first, and then the Roch/Rock surnames in honor of Roxburgh. The Wyden Chief uses gold roundels (officially "bezants"), the symbol of Byzantine coinage, or perhaps just coinage in general, and the Crest uses an owl, the symbol of the Bohemian Grove. The central Wyden symbol, which I've seen before and viewed as a letter of some sort, is said to be a "water carrier."

But lookie here. You may have read parts where I focus on locations of Roxburghshire (e.g. Maxton) tracing to Polish Janina and Sobieskis. If you had any doubts, oh ye of little faith: since the Wyden surname shows a Witten variation, I checked the Wettin surname (huge in royal Britain, said to be the root of the Windsor family) to find the Sobieski/Sobek buckles! I'd seen this Coat many times before, but it was before I knew of the Sobieski link (thanks to FE, who has come up big again; see below).

I don't know if it's an error or not, but entering "Wetten" brings up the Irish Phelan/Failin/Whelan Coat, DIAMONDS (traced to the Poles too) and a stag (traced to Arpads) in the Crest. Since the diamonds are blue on white, they could possibly trace to Moravians.

In any case, we can read about the house of Wettin in the German Wettin-Coat page: "The House of Wettin was a dynasty of German Counts, Dukes, Prince-electors and Kings that ruled the area of today's German state of Saxony for over 800 years, as well as holding at times the kingship of Poland." It's therefore no surprise that the Wettin Coat is the Arms of Saxony, but similar to them is the English Marot Coat! A Wettin ascended the Polish throne in 1697, and this could be where Wettins picked up their Sobieski symbol:

"Following the death of Polish King John [or "Jan"] III Sobieski and having successfully converted to Catholicism, Augustus [Wettin] was elected King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1697 with the backing of Imperial Russia and Austria, which financed him through the Jewish banker, Berend Lehmann."

The question is, why do the Wettins use the Sobieski symbol rather than the symbol of any other noble family to which they were attached throughout their long and largess history? Were they Poles of Janina to begin with? August's father was Johan Georg, whose father was Johan George II, whose father was Johan Georg I (of Saxony).

It would therefore appear that the so-called "public option" in Rockefeller's health-care war is supported by a Wettin i.e. Ron Wyden.

I opened an email from FE last night, dated way back in August. She had checked out some Marot surnames then ahead of my doing so yesterday, and even cited the Inder Coat, which is what I called the Ender Coat. This is what she said: "inder from with 3 black arrows." I could not find an Alisinder Coat, BUT I think she meant Alisander, for just above that line she has said: "Allistair = Alexandre, name brought by Margaret in Scotland. alistair, alisinder Alix - Alisandre."

Then I saw the Alsinder [not quite "Alisinder") variation in the Alexander-Coat page. This was awesome. For Margaret was in Hungary in fellowship with king Andrew!!! I had never connected the Alexander name (that she named a fourth son) as a link to king Andrew. One almost gets the impression that she, as a teen, made-out with Andrew and, though married to Malcolm III, she named two of her sons in honor of Andrew. Andrew's first son was Solomon, you see, explaining Margaret's fifth and last son, David. In the Alexander write-up:

"In the late 11th century, Queen Margaret introduced the name, which she had heard in the Hungarian Court where she was raised, into Scotland by naming one of her sons Alexander."

Wikipedia claims without batting an eyelash (as it so-often does with derivations) and without sharing the reason/evidence that Alexander was named after pope Alexander II. But in light of George Drummond having Agatha for a wife, who I think was identified by Henry Drummond as Margaret's mother, Margaret's bloodline then goes back to George's father, king Andrew/Ender.

In her list of Marot terms, FE included "meretz = mertz German same as JEWISH POLLOCK but with 2 white waves." Yes, the two waves in the Mertz Coat are identical in shape (I don't think I have ever found waves so identical) to the Hebrew Pollock Coat!! Pollocks were indeed connected to the Marots, for the Dutch Marot Coat is obtained when searching "Mertz." I think I should quit this job and hand the baton over to FE, what do you think? She would get the job done a lot faster.

What FE has found wildly supports my trace of the Marlin surname to the same Pollock Coat, though the Marlin Coat uses the white-on-red waves in horizontal fashion. In the Marlin write-up: "...the family name was first referenced in the 13th century when Adam, Alan and ANDREW held estates in that shire in the township of Castleton."

Still in the same email, FE says: "houseofnames say that Mervin = Merlin." Zowie, the Mervin write-up: "The name's specific Origins were derived from the Welsh personal name Mervin, which originally took the form Merlin." But Merlin was originally "Myrddin," smacking of the Dutch Mertz variations: Marotz, Marot, Marotte, and Merode.

I don't know if FE was aware of this Marot link to Myrrdin when she sent the email, but the fact that I opened it one day after linking the Ender surname to king Andrew's root in the Marot Khazars, well, that is just absolutely awesome. Give praise to God for all this; He's bumping a few of us around all in the right places all at the right times. Be happy that I'm not intelligent enough to allow my intelligence to get in the way of this Process.

The Mervin motto uses, "tout," and so I re-checked the Tout Coat to find another red square in the top-left corner of the Shield; see yesterdays' update for this symbol being in the Merry Coat and related families. The Merry surname, in case you missed yesterday's extremely important update, is THE Magdalene bloodline from the Marots of Biharia.

As per the Meertz variation of the German Mertz surname, I looked up "Meer" and found the same "water carriers" seen in the Wyden Coat (!), thereby increasing support for a Wyden link to the MenMarots.

FE also said: "you do not need to do anything with this. It may just be a little help Sandre (4 countries) white 3 black labradors (Belgium)." The Irish Sanders (from "Alexander") use the motto, "Nil Conscire Sibi," almost exactly the Vinci motto. On September 1, I wrote: "To support the suggested round-about trace of Chrystals to the Holder family [traced to the Piast Kolodziej royals of Poland], compare the Vinch motto, 'Nil conscir sibi,' to the Crystal motto, 'Mens conscia recti.'" MENS??? Since writing that, I have introduced a Polish-royal trace back to MEN-Morat! When writing it, I was in the process of tracing the Chrystals to the Craith and/or Crichton lines to the Cree Indians, but also in the throes of tracing the Alex/Alis term of "Alexander" to the "Algonquin/Algonkin" i.e. "Elakomkwik"! See the last update of August for that topic.

Note that the Alexander and Vinch/Vince Coats are both black on white. PLUS, I have figured out the Sobieski mystery in this their write-up: "First found in Lubel among others. There was a Sobieski family of Lubel, who belonged to the clan Janina, a Sobieszczanski family of Lublin, who belonged to the clan Nalecz, and a Sobek family of Sandomiersz, who belonged to the clan Brochwicz." I suspected that the Sando(miersz) term linked to the Alexander surname, but didn't have enough evidence...until I just noted the Nalecz clan just now, which appears to mean, "of Alec/x." The Traby-Coat page shows Sadow terms that might connect to "Sando."

The Irish Sander Shield is the Scottish Alexander Shield...where we find "mare" in the motto, likely code for the Mar clan (Scotland). There is no German Alexander Coat, but German Sanders/Senters (said to be from "Alexander") use a variation of the Alexander/Sander Shields in reversed colors. German Sanders were first found in Rhineland, where German Mertz's were first found. German Sanders use a red bull, the symbol of Lower Lusatia.

The "Jewish" Sander Coat uses gold Zionist stars on a silver Shield, but the Coat's write up at another surname website says that in place of the stars are "gold estoiles." Since estoiles are six-pointed jellyfish-like objects, one can now assume with more certainty that they are Zionist stars in disguise.

FE find of a Belgian Sandre Coat using black Lab should match the English Marot Crest, also a black Lab! Black labs found previously are on the Goggins/Cogan, Ashman, and Carrick (of Ayrshire) Coats. The Cogan Coat is the one using three white oak leaves on red, the symbol of the German Sobieski Coat.

LG sent me an email very recently, and I opened it last night. She directed me to "St." Cadog from Wikipedia's St. Malo article, and for the first time I learned that Cadog was a rather important Arthurian character. As I read, nothing seemed to click with my work, until I got to the Dog/Doak surname:

"The location of St. Cadoc's church in Scotland is north-west of Stirling...[= Drummond land]...

The local Scottish followers were known as Gille Dog, or servants of St. Cadog. These appear as surnames, first as Dog, and later as Doig, Dock, and Doak. Sir Thomas Dog was Prior of Inchamhome from 1469 to 1477.

...The kings Maelgwn of Gwynedd and Rhain Dremrudd [Drummond?] of Brycheiniog [Bruces?] also feature in his vita. In later Arthurian developments, Cadoc, with Illtud, is one of the three knights said to have become keepers of the Holy Grail."

I figured that "Dog" was an after-creation from "Doak," not the other way around. This is quite amazing since I was on the Doak topic in the previous update, at which time the surname became very important. I wrote:

"Recalling a Doak surname found when entering "Dog," see the Doak Coat: white cinquefoils on red (!!)...tending to prove that the Tolks/Tolkiens (also "Toke") were related to both Dolks and Millets! The Doaks were first found in Perthshire."

Cadog's symbol is a stag; as yet I haven't realized whether the stag symbol of Hungarian ancestry pertains to their Magyar or Khazar side. Tending to link Cadog to the Marot Khazars of Biharia -- if "Morbihan" is to be understood as Mor-Bihar -- is this quote: "At one time, he apparently lived as a hermit with Saint Gildas on an island in the Bay of Morbihan, off Vannes in Brittany." Morvan is near Morbihan, and the two terms may be synonymous.

If I recall correctly, I traced the Merovingian sector of the Arthurian cult to mythical Merlin, and to now know that the Merlin surname is also "Mervin," seems to clinch it. I also figured that Merlin, who was associated with Gwenea-like terms, was identical or nearly so with codeword, "Guinevere," Arthur's wife. I traced her firstly to Gwenea/Vannes...where we find Morbihan and nearby Morvan. I think I was correct, therefore, in those old days when I knew little, and was taking pot-shots at uncovering the codes.

Cadog was made (by the myth writer) to migrate or visit Benevento (southern Italy) on a cloud (= mythical Nephele?), where Avellino is located. Recall from the previous update that Tolkien located "Avallone" among his Teleri elves, and that the Teleri were representatives of Tolkiens, Dokes, Doaks, Tollers, Doltons, etc.,...all linking back to Zolten, son of Arpad, who married a daughter of MenMorat of Biharia.

Cadog may have been code for a Catti branch, who by the way I trace to the Cadmus cult of Boiotia. The Batavian stalk of the Catti may even have been named after Boiotia elements. I do trace the Batavi to Bedewe/Merowe of ancient Ethiopia, but then Merops of Cos and Ethiopia was given an Aedon code for a granddaughter, and she was queen in Thebes of Boiotia, the city co-founded by Cadmus, where also he merged (according to popular myth) with the dragon of Kutaisi (ancient Aea of the golden fleece).

It's not likely that a peoples would not go forward without naming themselves after Cadmus elements, and I think the Catti were such, ultimately named after the Hatti of the Cadusia > Hattusa line of Armenians (that also named Kutaisi, in my opinion).

In another pot-shot, I did identify the pagan grail of the Hatti peoples as Cadmus and his "brother," Cilix, representing the Cati peoples of Cilicia.

My email last night to LG ended: "L you have done great here; I don't know whether you read my material that sought to link the Doaks to the Takalas (via the Tack/Tankerville families), and I hope to verify whether or not that's true." LG's bloodlines include Takala, and Falin.

The Alex/Alis topic some weeks ago had a secondary purpose of linking to mythical Holla, who is a disheveled woman seen in the El(l)is Crest that is often linked to the Basque goddess, Mari. Now that the Alexander surname has been found to link back to the very Merry bloodline identify as the Mary Magdalene cult, an Alex link to Holla is evident. The Holla-surname Coat uses the Legro- and Major-style lion, and the Holla Crest uses a sun on blue, the Cohen and Irish Martin symbol...that I think traces to the Kazakhstan Arms.

The Holla/Hoyle surname was first found in Monmouthshire, a region special to the Cadog cult in that he was born there! Note the El(l)is symbol, white crescents on black, used also by the Scottish and Irish Alexander Coats. This now traces Holla to Marot roots of king Andrew, exactly where the Merry surname traces. If the trick is to find where Holla traces to in Poland, Warsaw is an obvious choice, for as we saw that the Ellis surname also uses a red fish-tailed Holla (see "Mermaid" midway down the page), so we see her in green in the Warsaw Arms.

September 18

The material in this update has given me some reason to believe that 2009 is not yet to be ruled out as the first year of the 70th Week. Let me start with this:

"Russia has signed defense agreements with Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions, allowing Moscow to maintain military bases in the rebel regions for the next half-century.

In a separate move also likely to ratchet up tensions in the Black Sea region, Russia announced that it would seize any Georgian ship it finds off Abkhazia's coast."

The article says that Georgia believes Russia is only bluffing, which could be a fatal mistake. This is an exceptional situation. Imagine the United States going into Canada to support Quebec separation with military force, with Canada helpless to do anything about it. And then imagine the United States ordering Canada not to sail down the St. Lawrence river because it belongs to Quebec. What next, Ontario? Look at what Zhiro has just spoken to indicate where Putin's ambitions may be:

"Vladimir Zhirinovsky said in his interview with News-Armenia that Nagorno-Karabakh is the native Armenian lands. 'It is possible to hold negotiation 5-10 years more, but everything will conclude over the fact that Nagorno-Karabakh will be annexed to Armenia or will be recognized as an independent state,' he said."

Nagorno-Karabakh is an Armenian entity in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani are fuming at what he is saying, similar to what he said years ago about Georgia, that Russia would go in and liberate it (and make it a Russian satellite in the process). The Russian government is denying that it holds Zhirinovsky's position. BUT, it may be that Zhiro couldn't keep his mouth shut long enough, that he spilled the beans in a moment of passion and great confidence, for suddenly Putin looks exceptionally strong.

The thing is, he spoke his statements, not as a private person nor even as the leader of his party, but as a representative of the state Duma. (Hmm, one of Ishmael's sons was Dumah.) I recall saying last year that Russia needs Armenia as a military pathway from South Ossetia into the Middle East...even if Putin doesn't realize that the Purpose is for prophetic ends. Zhirinovsky's statement could reflect ongoing talks between Russia and Armenia for forming a strong alliance for that Purpose, and for gas/oil-pipeline purposes (he Armenian-Georgian border is ancient Gogarene, by the way). The option of going through Turkey is looking not-so-good:

Analysts agree that Washington's interest in stationing a missile system in a country [= Turkey] bordering Iran is obvious amid ongoing tensions over Tehran's nuclear program, but say they are perplexed why Turkey should do so at a time when it has notably improved ties with its eastern neighbor."

The article gives multiple reasons for the sale being unnecessary, implying that the system is in the interests of the United States alone. It is clear to me that Obama wants to take Turkey for the EU, but perhaps more importantly for a military foothold on behalf of the Western globetrotters.

Do you see prophetic significance in this:

"U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, who is currently on an Iraq visit, met with several Iraqi leaders in Baghdad on Wednesday [September 16] as a part of efforts to ease the sectarian tensions existing between the country's Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni Arab communities.

Biden held talks with several Iraqi leaders on Wednesday

Obama made Joe Biden the overseer of Iraq. Not meant as a brag, but let me repeat that, before Obama chose a vice-president, and even before there was a possibilities-list known to the public, I predicted Biden because I was seeking an appropriate second horn to act as the False-Prophet team. The point is: why would Revelation 13 mention two horns unless both entities are involved with supporting the anti-Christ? And here we see Biden in charge in Iraq, where the anti-Christ will arise.

I could be wrong about Biden being the second horn, and even about Obama being the first, but if Biden is the second, then very likely Obama is the first, meaning that the 70th Week should begin in 2009 because Obama has only until 2016 to be president. Moreover, as the Americans do not have long in Iraq by all appearances to date, the anti-Christ should arise while Biden still has over-sight of something in Iraq..but , which deadline may be cut short to the end of 2010.

In a scenario where Gog is provided in Iraq by the Obama-Biden team, the current threat from the Iraqi government to cut short the American stay to the end of 2010 means that the O-team will need to introduce him soon, not likely at the tail-end of the deadline. But this scenario doesn't necessarily mean that Russia will not also play a role in introducing him, for suddenly there is a fantastic Obama-Russia alliance developing that includes the NATO leader:

"President Barack Obama has decided to scrap plans for a U.S. missile defense shield in the Czech Republic and Poland that had deeply angered Russia, the Czech prime minister confirmed Thursday." Why? Pressure from the top? Indeed, "NATO's new chief [Rasmussen] hailed the move as 'a positive step'..."


The 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland was a military operation that started without a formal declaration of war on 17 September 1939."

Obama announced the scrapping of Bush's missile shield in Poland on the 70th anniversary of the Russian invasion into Poland! One couldn't do Russia a better sucking than this. It tends to reveal that Obama has decided to form a strong alliance with Russia. However, beneath the decision there may be the 7.8 billion dollar arms deal with Turkey, which has to do with missiles just the same. Let's not forget the fire from the sky from the False Prophet.

Keep in mind that 1) Bohemia is western Czechoslovakia; 2) Moravia is eastern Czechoslovakia; 3) the Bohemian Grove is a Republican-based Illuminati-like cult (honoring the child-sacrificing cult of Molech); and, 4) Republican George Bush (and/or his higher-ups) chose to place the missile shields in Czechoslovakia AND Poland...the very regions under discussion here in recent weeks.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Democrat Freemasons/Illuminatists are not from the same Polish-Moravian theater. They just do not always agree with one another. Perhaps you don't know, but Joe Wilson, who called Obama a liar last week during his presidential address, is known to be a Freemason.

This would be a good place to mention my developing view that Khazars of that theater, and associated Amorites of the Mari cult, were two divergent peoples coming together (though Khazars may have developed in-part out of Amorites long ago when Kassites invaded Babylon and defeated its Amorites, likely causing a merger of the two peoples over the subsequent peaceful era. Much later, those Chaldean Amorites (of Mari) could have become the basis of the Hebrew kagans ruling the (Togarmite) Khazars). I tend to trace Amorites of Jerusalem to Sorbs (in Lusatia), but it figures that Amorites became other peoples in Sorb domains.

It's plausible that Amorites from Merops' Ethiopia were merged with Jerusalem Amorites. "Merops" was also made a ruler of the island of Cos, and the latter term was an owl cult (the symbol used by the Bohemian grove to denote the Molech cult...which cult was indeed in Jerusalem even in Biblical times). My sensors tell me that the Merops Amorites developed into the Bohemians, and because I've linked Merops to a branch of Egyptian Hyksos, who used a bull as symbol, they could have been the Taurus cult of Zeus that I independently traced to Zion of Jerusalem. The Molech idol took the shape of a bull, and we all know that Mosaic Israelites were made by Aaron Levi to fashion a golden calf...used by Egyptians, likely the Hyksos Egyptians who had them for slaves.

There has got to be a reason that God permitted the Jerusalem Amorites to continue on for centuries after the Moses>Joshua invasion. Not until king David, as a representation of the Messiah, would Jerusalem finally fall to Israelites. At that point, Jerusalem became the eternal capital of God's kingdom. What I see in this is that Satan had the Amorites as his own "special" peoples, and that Jerusalem was a Satanic capital that God would remove from him. But the Satanic Amorites left and settled elsewhere, and they brought their Satanism with this day.

I traced Hyksos to Kassites because Hyksos were called "Azzi," and an Assi peoples were related to "Tocharians" east of the Tigris, which were Togarmites in the land of the Kassites. But the Habira tribe of Kassites may have been Amorite, you see, and if so, Khazars and Hyksos may have been the same Kassite-Amorite stock way back then. The two divergent branches then re-merged in the proto-Czech theater.

To support a Kassite-Amorite mix in the Hyksos make-up, it is generally thought that they were Hebrews, though I would go further, suggesting that, like the Khazars, they were Hebrew-ruled; hence, their Egyptian capital, AVARis. If they were Avars (probably the same stock as the Iberi), then likely they were the AZERs who founded AzerBaijan. And as Avars, the finger points to mythical Daphne too.

Therefore, Hyksos would have sought their fellow Amorites in Jerusalem (at that point it was "Zedek" or "Salem") when God (via Moses) struck them down in Egypt. They may have been the proto-Zeus cult itself, whose wife Hera represented the makings of "JERUsalem/HIEROsolyma." The Kos owl cult was in Edom, and one could expect Amorites there too, as they lived east of the Jordan so why not east of the Dead Sea?

If correct to interpret "Ixion" as both code for the Hyksos and for "S/Zion," he in a nutshell may have been the Hyksos of Jerusalem's Zion city/hill, which king David (though in fact it was God) defeated in particular and took as his own. I've located the proto-Ixion at the Kidron valley, for one, not only for the reason that there was a Molech sanctuary there, but because I traced the Greek Centaurs (= offspring of Ixion and Nephele) to the Kidron. Centaurs lived in the Kendron region of Greece (beside the Ladon river), which was also "Kedron," and these centaurs were related to those of the Olympus theater...which I think was named after Zeus-Solymi i.e. the root of HieroSolyma.

I independently thought to equate "Centaur" with the Heneti (Paphlagonians), and later realized that Hyksos, as per their Baal-Anat (bull) cult, represented the makings of the Heneti (not to mention "ANATolia." Thus, the Heneti>Veneti>Venethi line to Poland is suspect as a chief Hyksos line, and the Venethi have been identified as the Wends/Vandals...likely at the root of the Wettins/Windsors, and, as we saw earlier (2nd and 3rd updates of August), the Carter-related families of Winchester. In fact, aside from any of these considerations, I traced the Carter fold to the Piast (Wheelwright) Poles, and they in turn I traced to the Pisidians, the "brother" of Zeus and fellow tribe with the Solymi.

I had even entertained a Pisa root for the Piasts because I had earlier traced Pisidians to Pisa. There is the famed Pisa of Italy, but also a Pisa of earlier times in Elis, Greece...smack at the Kendron/Kedron region!! I had long ago traced the Elis surname to Elis of Greece because the German Elis/Eliz Coat uses rings, which I linked to the five-ring logo of the Olympics...which were originally held in Pisa, Elis, Greece! There was not only an Olympus region in Greece, but in the land of the Pisidians (near Antalya)!! Learning that is how I got to linking "Solymi" with "Olym(pus)" ("pus" is likely a variant of the Greek ops suffix, meaning that the root of the term is OLYM). Olympus was the mount of Zeus, you see.

I suppose what this line of thought does is to trace the Holla goddess, a terrible female symbol that is pure witch, to Elis of Greece ("Alis" to the Dorians). The article also connects "Elis" to such terms as "Valis" and "Hollow." I checked the Hollow surname and found it to be more popularly, Hallow, but the white crescents may link to the same of the English Elis Coat. Entering "Valis" brings up the Scottish Valance/Valancey surname, and entering "Valencay" brings up the Dutch Valence/Valencia surname. Entering "Valence" brings up both Coats above plus a German Falen/Valen surname.

This is astounding, for the day before making this find, I discovered that there is a Meret location in Indre!!! It is very near Valencay (north end of Indre). I had known nothing of Valencay until now. Nearby (to the south) is a location of Le Gros. The entire Marot discussion in the past couple of days was due to a trace of Inger (the Varangian) from Indre to king Andrew to Bohemians and finally to the Marot Khazars. And here I find, just a couple of days later, that Marots were in Indre.

Since Valencay is in Indre, is it a coincidence that the Hale Coat (i.e. like "Hallow") uses three arrows as does the Ender Coat, and a Shield with the two largest Polish colors? The Hale motto includes "Cum," which may be code for the Cumby/Comb surname...using three white lions on a white ermine field much like the Merry Coat.

Entering "Comb" gets the same Coat but a different list of variations, including Cume, Cumes, and Cumbes. The Comerfords/Comforts (I think Gomerians) have a COMBER(ford) variation, and the Gomer Coat uses a bugle (as do the Comerfords) inside a tent-shaped design. The first time that I mentioned this tent-shaped design was in the previous update...while on the search for Rangabe-like surnames; Inger married a Rangabe! The Wrangle Coat (and the Taller Coat) uses the tent-shape.

It began to appear, and now seems to be reinforced, that "Elis" and "Inder/Ender" are related entities merging to form "Alexander/Alisinder" (see earlier in this update for initial discussion). Behold; there is a mythical ENDymion of Elis that was very important in the Miletus region; some British peoples (especially the Gaels) count Miletus as their ancestral root. I trace Aetolus, Endymion's son, to "Atlas/Atlantis," and that's probably why Atlas was made son of Poseidon i.e. a chief tribe of the Pisidians. The Pisidian location of Antalya may apply to "Atlas" and or "Aetolus." Likely, there was a hard-C version of "Solymi," and perhaps also of "Olympus," and what comes to mind is "Columbus."

As Endymion's children were called Menae (named after "moon"), he was likely of the mythical Maenads (female/transvestite lunatics) of Dionysus -- named after the Maeander river -- who I trace back to the Samson cult of Laish (Samson may have been historical, but that doesn't mean a cult could not have arose around him that was not Israelitish nor of God). Endymion was in particular a peoples of Latmus, and "The mouth of the Gulf of Latmus began to fill with sediment from the Maeander river..." Is that Maeander, as in "Ander"? Latmus was also called, "HERAkleia," suggesting a trace back to Jerusalem's Amorites. If I'm not mistaken, the Solymi lived on the Maeander.

We read that Elis "was watered by the river Peneus and its tributary the Ladon." That's Daphne Land, or shall we say her FatherLand. It continues: "The district was famous during antiquity for its cattle and horses...Elis is well known for breeding horses." The Centaurs, you see. Kentro/Kedron is a city in Elis! Nearby is the city of Simopoulo, the first syllable smacking of legendary Piast king, Seimowit, while the second term, perhaps in honor of Pollux, smacks of the Poles.

The Latmus article says that "Carians worshipped Endymion." Thus, Endymion represented the Carians...who ought to trace to the Curetes as per mythical Sarpedon of Crete having rule in Lycia and Miletus. Indeed, Wikipedia's article on Aetolia says: "Dionysius of Halicarnassus mentions that Curetes was the old name of the Aetolians..."

Mythical Car was of Argos and related to the Telchines of Argos...who moved to Crete and Rhodes (Caria was continental Rhodes). It may even be that "Aetolia" and mythical "Telchus" are the same entity leading to the Toller/Tolkien-et-al surnames (see previous update).

I had sought information on the Meret location because I had read in one of the Marot-like surnames (can't find it now) that it originated from a Meret in France. That investigation also led to finding Muret, 13 miles south-west of Toulouse in Languedoc, much nearer still to Roquette and Roques (see map).

This is very good, for Lee emailed me a while back and shared the revelation (see August 7) that proto-Rockefellers were surnamed Roquefeuil and merged with the Rhodes surname in Languedoc. The online quote he shared is: "Henri II, Count de Rodes...AKA: Henri II, Seigneur de Roquefeuil...Born: before 1245 in Guyenne, France, son of Hughes IV, Count de Rodes and Ysabeau, Dame de Roquefeuil..." What's amazing is what was written on August 7:

"Lee, shortly before sending the first Roquefeuil email, sent one on the derivation of 'dollar' in 'thaler.' At that time, I was wondering why he sent this message; I could find no thaler term, surname or otherwise, in my files. But I happened to check the Thaler Coat to find a unique symbol with a 'D' on it, as if to link to 'dollar.'

Fast-forward a few weeks to last night, when I dug into Rockefeller roots in Neuwied, Germany...I clicked the link to the district of Neuwied...the Arms of Neuwied District [use] the very same symbol, in the same gold color, found in the Thaler Coat!!!"

Lee had shared another website with this quote: "The Rockefellers trace their family back to Goddard Rockenfeller (1590) of Fahr, today part of Neuwied, Germany...Goddard Rockenfeller was reputedly a descendant of Augier de Roquefeuil..." Man, is this ever good. The Thaler Coat and the Teller/Taller Coat both use the tent-shape design!!!

I recall tracing Rockefellers to white-on-blue Coats, as for example the Roques Coat (using two rocks). But shouldn't the Roquette location just a couple of miles from Roques be a Rockefeller entity too? I had traced Rockefellers to the rook symbol (see July 15) used in the Rock/Rook Coat and Rockby/Rokesby Coat, wherefore I was delighted to behold the huge rook in the Roquette Coat and the three smaller rooks in the Rochette Coat. The Roquettes were first in Languedoc, as were the Roques, and the Rochettes were first in Dauphine.

It appears that Rockefellers were from the Marots too, perhaps explaining the white-on-blue of the Roques Coat. But as the Wrangles also use the tent-shape, I now suspect that Rockefellers trace to white-on-blue Rangabe (Arms from Wikipedia's article on Michael I Rangabe). As Roquette and Roques were near Muret, that particular spelling of the Marots (Biharians) ought to link to Rockefeller family most of all, and so see that the Muret Coat is French alone, surname first found in Gascony.

More gratifying (it's much nicer to be correct in this line of work than to make errors needing painful correction) is that I had linked Rockefellers with the Valais surname and then traced it to the Falens et al i.e. from Valencay, apparently, near Meret. Entering "Meret" gets another French Coat; the surname, which include Merre, Mery and Merey variations, was first found in Normandy. As peer the Marais variation, I entered it to get another! The Marais Coat uses the two-fingered cross that was suspected to be a Rockefeller-family symbol in that the ends look like the Rockefeller rooks.

The Marais surname was first found in Cambray, Normandy (as in the Comber surname?), and thus should be the same stock as the Meret family. Variations include Mareys, Marets, Mares, Marays, Marrey, Mareys, Marees, and many more. Isn't this the Merry surname too, and therefore the Magdalene cult??? The write up says that the Marais family "belonged to the house of Bousis," but there is no Bousis Coat. The English Marais-Coat page says that the family was from Le Marais in Normandy

There's another Le Marais in Paris that Wikipedia admits (after stating as fact, as typical) may not be derived from "marsh." The article says that Le Marais was founded by Templars. One of the Le Marais is situated beside yet another Le Gros, but also beside a Colombier. Entering the Maree variation brings up the English Merry Coat...and I see just now that this was the Coat wherein we read of an origin in Meret, Normandy!! And of course we don't read that the Merry/Maree surname derived from "marsh," nor do we expect it.

Playing on, I entered "Morey" as per the Marey variation and got one of the two Scottish Moray Coats (the one with Holla/Melusine in Crest), the motto being "Tout pret"...wherefore the Morays should link to the Tout surname...that uses the same red box in the top-left corner as does the Merry/Marey Coat!! ZOWIE!! Excellent evidence that Moray = Merry = Magdalene bloodline. Note the same red box in the Preston Coat since the Merry Coat uses "Persto" in its motto. I showed earlier that these families were of the red-white crescent Speer/Spree family leading back to the Spree river, Lusatia...which overlapped northern parts of Moravia.


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