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September 18 - 24, 2018

Miss Hicks and I Wore Green on the Day I had Clefs on my Tie
First He Declassifies, then he Reneges

Dutch Flacks/Flachs use the Fulk wing. I'm guessing that they use the Patty lions because Blois (use this page to load any other surname), near Anjou, uses a patee cross while sharing white scallops with Flacks/Flecks/Flags. Blois' are said to descend from Chatillon (Chalons-sur-Marne), home of Mummolin (6th-century Merovingian ruler), and from lords of Trelon. In keeping with a Fulk-Massey alliance, Trails look to be using a trefoil version of the Mackay Coat, with someone's gold mascles, and a "DiscRIMINE" motto term that indicates Masseys, explaining why Trails were from Trelly in Manche...which I trace to the Manx peoples on the Isle of Man, which place was ruled by the family of king Maccus, or Maccus himself, the line to Mackays ("Manu" motto term).

As RIMINI is beside CATTOLica, that place looks like it had a name change from "Chatillon," or something like it. Cattle's/Cattels use a giant fret (mascle at the center) that is likely code for Ferte-Mace. The last update discovered that the Vardaei of the Neretva river named Ferte. The Neretva is an important hub of the proto-Freemasons / Crusaders. The Fulks linked hard to Neretva liners, and one of them made it to the throne of Templar Jerusalem, as did a ruler of Lusignan, the peoples of which were called, Melusines. Lusignan is an origin of mythical Melusine, whom the Vere's trace to counts of nearby Anjou. The first-known counts of Anjou were Fulks.

Mamie, a girlfriend mentioned in the last update, traced both to Man liners and to Mummolin. Mamie was God's code for MANsfields, who had a Mamesfelde location. Mansfields use the maunch, code for the Manx and/or Manche. Mamie and I went for a WADE in a lake as our first date. The Mansells/Mangells, who use the Mansfield Coat, have a "Quod" motto term, and Quoids are listed with Wade's/Quade's, who use the three wolf heads of Irish Mackays. You can't argue with the facts. Mansells/Mangels were first found at Kelso, where Maxwells -- MACCUSwells -- lived.

The Kelso Coat might just be using the Dragon/Drainer fesse. If so, it helps to trace "Trelon" to the Drilon river, now called the Drain-like Drin. The abbey of Kelso was earlier the abbey of Selkirk (Kelso write-up), and Selkirks use the Douglas salamander and motto, but Douglas' throw in flames, the symbol in the Mansell/Mangel Crest. The Amantini at the Drinus river are suspect with such surnames as "Mander,' expected in "salaMANDER." Mummolin was the son of MUNDERic. It has a Mander look to it.

The Drilon is the location of Lissus, and Manders use the motto, "Pro OMNIbus LAUS Deo." As per "OMNia" motto terms, it was only in the last update when I realized that the Oman/OrMANDy/OrMUNDy surname is an Ore merger with Mund liners, and here I can re-mention Mandy, whom I think God set me up with. Her maiden name is Simson, and the Simson motto, "ALIS nutriOR," is just amazing because it looks like it loves the Ore's too, and her first name fits with "OrMANDY." Alis' happen to use "muzzled" bears as code likely for Mussels/Muscels, and this is the bear design also for Mackays, amazingly enough. Plus, I've been tracing "NUTRior" to the ancient Enotri that lived at / around LAUS of southern Italy for a long time, but don't recall connecting her first name to Laus-Deo MANDers, yet her first name is connecting even to a Mander motto term. Amazing, suddenly.

Just look at this, you will be impressed, and you will probably start to believe that God set me up with Mandy largely for this reason. I have been tracing Manders to the Maeander river for a long time, based on its flowing through Caria, location of Rhodes, for the Mander saltire with besants looks very connectable to the Rhodes cross, which is in the Mandy/Mundy Coat ("Deus") in colors reversed, along with the cross of Rhodes' ("Deus") in colors reversed. And German Rhodes' share the red roundels of Ore's/Orrs. Salamanders are often in flames, and the Mandy/Mundy wolf head has either flames or fire coming from its mouth.

Note EpiCARIA between Oeneum and the Drilon river. Then note that the engrailed Rhodes cross is a red version of the Sinclair cross, for the latter were Claro's from Caria's Clarus. I identified the Maeander as the naming of Dionysus' Maenads, who shared the wine symbol of Dionysus, the wine god. And the Greek for wine is, OEN. The Enotri were also OENotrians! So, Mandy Simpson traces to Oenotrians with both her names. And she married Mr Deeter while Deeters use grapes! The ranch which she lived at (with her husband) before I met her was called by two terms, and I recall the first one being "Wine," I kid you not.

There is an OENeum location to the near south-east of Lissus at the lower-left of this dark map:

I had ventured to claim that the pagan Levite priest, Jonathan, of Laish, traces to mythical OENeus. In the meantime, or even before making that trace, I traced "Laish" to "Laus," and later concluded that the same entity should go to Lissus because the Cavii there are suspect with "Chappes" (first found in the same place as Levi's and Lys'/LISSE's) and "Caiaphas," the latter requiring to be a Levite in order to sit in Moses' seat. And Simsons even use a Lise-like "Alis" motto term. One Lise surname even uses two of the Clare chevrons. I'm impressed. Both Mander surnames use sinister features, which belongs to Masseys, who trace to mythical OENoMAUS, king of Amazons. These Amazons were at Alis-like Elis, which was politically tied to Calydon, where mythical Oeneus ruled. It's no coincidence that the Oeneus river is where the Maezaei lived. The Peneus river of Elis / Pisa (Greece) traces without a doubt to Panias, a couple of miles from Laish (Phoenicia).

"PRO," shared by Manders, has come to be resolved with Pero's / Pierro's/Pero's, who were at Pavia, co-founded by the Laevi Gauls.

I trace Mamie via Man liners to the Maeander river. The Meander flows near Miletus, and this is where the Irish and Scots trace their ancestry, believe it or not. Yet Scotland's earlier name. Alba, is from Albania, which happens to be at EpiCARIA. The Albani are on the dark map above to the south of Oeneum, and to the west of the Penestae upon the Drilon. The latter were the line to mythical Pendragon, father of King Arthur, and the latter was a representation of a one or more lines from the Ardiaei at the Neretva. Recall the Drilon-suspect Trelon of the Blois, for Trails are also PENtrails.

I have a new revelation. Recall that Trails are Maccus-of-Man liners, the line represented my Mamie. As Trails are the Traylors, I was remembering just now my claim that God pointed to a bag of new, red buttons in my trailer. Later, or maybe earlier, He gave me a dream with red buttons. That's why I asked Him just now why he pointed to the buttons in the trailer, and almost-immediately my eyes fell on the old version of Bedford (where Trails were first found), BEDANford. Immediately, I remembered that I had purchased a new Bible for Mamie, but when she went on a short trip, she left it under a BED, or so she claimed.

I've never been satisfied by trying to unveil what that Bible-bed event may have represented, but I did suggest Bedfords ("AniMUM" motto term works great with Mamie = Mummolin). Quints are suspect with the Bedford lion paw, and Quints trace to Quintus Caepio, suspect with Capes-like Caiaphas. Beads/Beadle's share the Capes scallops, but they are also the Scales scallops, and I showed (last update) how God provided a situation in which a Capes link to SCALES' pointed to the attempted murder of Steve SCALISE. Yet, about a year ago, I claimed that God set me up with Mamie, at a baseball diamond, in a pointer to the attempted murder of Steve Scalise. That's pretty amazing.

When I was kissing Mamie at home plate, the pastor's daughter (sister of Steve) was at second base, which is where Steve Scalise was shot. There was no one else on this baseball field, so far as I can remember, just the three of us. Days, or a few weeks at most, later (I was with Mamie only about two months), the pastor and his wife, with this same daughter, walked into the pizza store where my job was to make pizza and work the bar, but, for a very short time, maybe only one night, I was asked to serve tables (a waitress may have been sick). And while serving tables, the Pastor's family walked in, and I served them.

I wish I could remember whether Mamie was there later that night, but cannot. She did visit me there at about that time. As Steve Scalise was shot while reportedly investigating pedophilia, which is called, PIZZAgate, my serving the pastor's daughter at a pizza store is why I decided that God set the pastor's daughter up at second base.

Again, she left the Bible under the bed, and just now there was small evidence that the bed is code for, or at least to be connected to, Buttons/Bidens, who may have named Bedanford. It's just that Joseph Biden is online looking like a pedophile; look it up. Buttons/Bidens share the chapeau CAP with Capelli's, and the Capes-Scales duo came up in the last update because Don left his BASEBALL CAP at my place when visiting some weeks ago. Caps are listed with Capes'.

I kid you not, the pastor ordered WINE for dinner, totally unexpected. That's the symbol of the pagan Levites out of Laish, and the Bedan surname uses the SECOND/Segur Coat, while Levi's have a "second" motto term. This all has Caiaphas all over it. Seconds/SEGURs (suspect from Brogitarus at the SAKARya river) were first found in Limousin with Clairs, and Irish Clairs happen to share five, white ostrich feathers in Crest with Scales'.

The Capes' were first found in London, beside Bedfordshire, and so the Beads/Beadle's can be using the Capes scallops closely. Bedans are listed with Bedoe's/Bedloe's. They share the black boar head with Babons and Gardens. Babon was Mummolin's son, and we saw a "mum" term buried in the Bedford motto. Bedan-like BADON was Mummolin's grandson! The Bible's/Bibo's play into the Bible-under-bed event, and they share the red rooster with BABcocks/BADcock, whom I trace to Babon and Badon because Cocks share the GRIMaldi Coat while Grimo was Babon's son. I happen to trace Bibo's to Vibia, mother of Laevi-like Laevillus, and we just saw that the Bedan Coat links to Levi's. This is so very impressive.

As I said above. Bedans share the black boar head with Gardens, and I talked about God's thigh symbol, in the last update, which He gave Mamie when she was at her front garden. It was on the afternoon (sun still shining) or evening of the morning/afternoon that we were WADing in the lake (we were not swimming). Wade's/Quade's trace to QUADratilla, Laevillus' wife, can you believe it? And Thigh's/Thy's (in the Sinclair motto) use the giant wolf while Mr. Laevillus was LUPUS.

The Tease's/Tyes', to which God pointed hard with her thigh symbol (reason given last update), are from "Tessin," the alternative name of the Ticino river, home of the Laevi Gauls. You can't make this stuff up. If God is accomplishing these things through me, which God is he? Not of Buddha. He must be the father of Jesus, for Joseph Caiaphas killed Jesus along with his father-in-law, Annas, and the Annas surname, which shares the star of Tease's/Tyes', were first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, and with Tease's/Tyes'.

We were at home PLATE when the pastor's daughter was eying us with displeasure. German Plate's use the swan design once shown of French Josephs, as well as grape vines, the symbol also of French Levine's. I served the pastor's family grape juice, right? Jewish Levine's come up as "Levi," and share the crowned, black-on-white lion with Capua's/Capone's. French Levine's use a Manx-suspect motto, "Manco-CAPac." Mansfields use the MAUNCH. It looks like Man liners were merged with Laevi.

Mamie and I were KISSING at HOME plate, and Kiss's/CUSH's share the red rooster with Bible's/Bibo's, the latter putting the rooster on a CUSHion. The Bible's/Bibo's are said to be from Hahns, a potential Annas line. Home's/Hume's, can you believe it, share the TYson lion. I showed in the last update why Hahn liners can be Hume-colored Ham / Hammer liners.

Babcocks share the white pale bar with DeLane's, and the latter use it colors reversed from the one pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's. In the last update, it was shown why Flys can trace to Joseph Caiaphas, and Tulls/Tullia's use butterFLIES on their pale bar. Delane's are at topic because Chappes' show a ChapDELEINE variation. Leine's are listed with Lane's, who use the silver-on-white fish upon the Delane pale bar. Tullia of Lyon was the ancestor of Mummolin (his grandmother was Artemia of Lyon), and Lyons with LANNoys use the Tyson lion in colors reversed. As Tye's/Tyes' are expected from the Tessin/Ticino, I've got to assume that Lyon / Lannoy / Lane elements were merged with Ticino elements, and Tysons happen to be Tessons too. Lannoys (one branch in Bedfordshire) look like Lane's here, do they not? That is, Tullia of Lyon looks like she's of the Delane's, an amazing heraldic accomplishment. I've neglected Chappes variations for a decade, until now. I've just traced Chappes' to the Ticino. French Lannoys, who use the Tyson/Tesson Coat in colors reversed, had a branch at Oise, which is beside the first-known Chappes.

English Josephs were first found in Hampshire (since the 11th century) with Flys and Buttons/Bidens, which can ultimately explain JOSEPH Biden. Flys share the martlet of French Josephs. "Button" can be a Butter variation. If Flys are in the Tullia BUTTERflies, Buttons/Bidens may have been from Badon, the son of an unknown son of Mummolin. Butter-like Botters/BODINs were likewise first found in Hampshire, and there eagle is said the stand on a PERCH. Chappes' use a PERCHevron.

If Mamie traces to Laevillus, perhaps the pastor's daughter does too. As I've said, her name is Cindy. The Cindy surname is with Condys/Conedys, with many other variations like the Kennedys who in-turn trace excellently to the Kennati priests at Cetis. Laevillus was the king of Cetis, and Cindys/Conedys happen to share the two pale bars of Seats/CEDES', what looks like "CETIS." In the Cindy/Conedy Chief, a lion in the colors of the Home/Hume and Tyson/Tesson lion. Mamie and I were at HOME plate when Cindy looked my way with displeasure on her face. She was my age; she was either jealous, or she disliked our kissing at a Bible event. This event was probably days after she received her thigh symbol.

English Lannoys are said to have been at Bed(an)fordshire's BLETsoe. There happens to be a Blets/Bled surname with the triple Clare chevrons in colors reversed, and so let's first mention that the Hampshire Josephs use a "charo" motto term while Charo's are also Claro's. Blets'/Bleds use a "tous" motto term, while Tous'/Tosini's use a MAN with a red shirt and buttons! The buttons are part of the description. Buttons/Bidens were first found in the same place as Josephs, and may have named Bedanford. Note how "Tosini" is like, "Tessin." Reminder: Sinclairs, known to be from the Claro's, use a "thy" motto term. Tous'/Tosini's were first found at Florence/Firenze, and Mummolin's grandfather was Florentinus. Tullia of Lyon married a ruler of CLERmont-Ferrand, and Ferrands use a Chief like that of Taddei's, first found in Florence.

Wow. I had veered from the Blois topic that I began with, but Blets'/Bleds have just brought me back with a storm. The Blees and Blez variations had me asking if Blois' crept out of this surname, and when Blaze's were loaded, I could immediately see that they were kin of Black and Blake's/CADDELLs/Caddle's; the latter share the giant Cattle/Cattel fret, indicating the Chatillon partners of the counts of Blois.

Chatillon was home to MumMOLIN, and Blaze's were at Blay, three miles from Le Molay. At Wikipedia's article for Jacques de Molay (Templar grandmaster), he's in a painting with a MOLINE cross, which now tends to clinch the Moline surname (Dartington) with MumMolin. Moline's share the black moline with Chives' and their kin, the Mathis', first found in Burgundy with Blets'/Bleds/Blez's/BLEYs. That's the Cavii and their neighboring Mathis river, near Oeneum and Bassania, the latter being of queen Basina, who may have been Mummolin's ancestor in some way.

As per the Blay location of Blaze's/Bleas'/BLAIZe's (like the Blaik variation of Blake's), the Blairs/BLAYrs can apply because they share the Blaze saltire. The Blairs/Blayz's happen to share the Maxwell Crest, almost, and the Maxwell saltire. English Blois' are Bleys' too.

The Arms of Bedford (the county, I think), shares white scallops with Blois', and Bedfordshire is the location of Bletsoe. We just saw why the Blaze's at Le Molay could be Blois liners, and it just so happens that Blows/Blore's use the Moline-surname goat heads. The Arms of Jacques de Molay shares the patee cross with Blois' and Ferrands. English Blois' use three dragons in pale i.e. as a pale bar, in the colors of the Delane pale bar.

Let's go back to the ChapDELEINE variation of Chappes', for Leine's/Lane's and DeLane's/Delaneys share the same fish, and the mythical fish peoples, the Daorsi, were at the Neretva river, also called the Naro. The Chappes' have a ChapNOIRE variation too, you see, and then there's a question on whether Blake's and Blacks named themselves such because they had merged with a Naro-river element.

Deville's use another single pale bar, and then Chappes' show a Chapdeville variation. Deville's/DAIvile's are said to fro from Deville, also called Davidville, and the Deas/Dees/Dais surname, with another single pale bar, are said to be from MacDHAI, son of David, and from this they became MacDavids and Davidsons too.

It just so happens that English Deys/Days use a good reflection of the English Lane Coat while Irish Deys/Days use two green snakes in the same design as is shown for the blue Visconti snake. I had read that the original Visconti snake was green. Ottone's, suspect with Ottone Visconti, share a long perchevron, in the same colors, with Chappes', and Scottish Chappes/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Vis-like Wisharts/Guiscards. Visconti's are suspect from Vis, where the Neretva river's Ardiaei had been ruling, and the English Lane's use a "Garde" motto term now suspect with the Vardaei of the Neretva. Italian Lane's were first found at Brescia, beside Lake Garda, and they trace well to Launays, who named Launay near Brescia-line Brest. The Leine's/Lane's with the fish use "VIRTue," now highly suspect with the Virty variation of Vardys because there is a common "virTUTE" motto term that looks like a Vardaei link to the Ardiaei queen, Teuta.

Vis was Issa. Wikipedia on the Seige of Issa: "Shortly after defeating the rebels, Illyrians under Teuta and Demetrius [regent of king Pinnes], commander of neighbouring Pharos island [suspect with the naming of Pharisees], begun to siege Issa. Soon after the siege begun, Rome sent ambassadors to meet Teuta at Issa. Teuta ordered the killing of one of the ambassadors who had offended her. Following this, Rome declared war..." The Ardiaei disappeared from the Neretva / Illyrian area not long before the birth of Caiaphas, and are suspect with the naming of Artemidoros, son of Amyntes, the latter being the line to Minute's/Mynetts, who use so-called "open helmets," the symbol of Pendragons too.

In myth, Pendragon birthed king Arthur at TINTagel, likely part of the Tint and Tint surnames that I trace to Epirus' Atintanes. "Earlier in 230 BC, Illyrian forces under Queen Teuta and Scerdilaidas had invaded Epirus through both land and by sea, capturing Phoenice and much of Epirus..." The Alans of Dol were from Aulon/AVLONa, beside, or amongst, the Atintanes, and that place named mythical Avalon, which myth writers latched to king Arthur. I strongly suggest that Lane's were Alans. For example, the "Garde le ROY" of Lane's looks like code for Roys (evokes "royal tents of Tintons), first found in Brittany with Alans and Launay.

I expect the namers of Dol from Tullia's/Tulls (single pale bar) or Tulle's/Tolle's, and the Tue's expected in "VirTUE" are Tuels (same stars as Roys!) while using three pale bars in the colors of the Tull/Tullia pale bar. Excellent find, thanks to following a motto term. The Tewell variation smacks of Dewalls/Jewels, now expected with little doubt from the Praers of Dewhall. The Praers (see last update) are part of the Vardaei line to the namers of Ferte-Mace. Alans of Dol became the Stewarts.

Dewalls/Jewels use lilies while Dews/Deweys (Devon, same as English Stewarts) were from "near Lille," and the Lille Crest has an swallow, symbol of Arundels. The FitzAlans of Arundel were Dol Alans. Rundels/Roundells share the Alan fesse. The Lille motto has "SeDULO," and Attila, who had Alan Huns in his army, was from the House of Dulo. It's known that a daughter of a Dol Alan (ruler of Oakhampton) married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace. That explains it. There is a Lille location near the Lys river in Artois, which explains the lily that is the fleur-de-lys. The Merovingians had their start, with Childeric and Basina, at the Lille-or-Artois theater.

After Teuta, an Ardiaei king married a daughter of a DARDanian king, Monunius II, explaining why Moons, Dards/Darts and Pinnes-line Pine's were all first found in Devon (near Tintagel). "Okehampton is a town and civil parish in West Devon in the English county of Devon. It is situated at the northern edge of DARTmoor..." Moline's, expected from Herluin de Conteville, part of the Vardaei line to Ferte, were at Dartington of Devon. Moline's are said to be from the Falaise entity of the Conqueror's mother, who became the wife of Herluin above. Then:

William [de Praer] was the first born son in his family, thus making him the heir...

His father was a very powerful man, holding Eaton Water, Wiltshire [same as Dewalls/Jewells] as his "hold". The first of the family to live at Eaton Water was established there around the year 1086 or before. The half brother of King William held Eaton Water after 1066 but it was taken from him and given to other "servants of the King".

The half brother of "King William" the Conqueror was a son of Herluin. The article goes on to suggest that the son in the quote above was Odo of Bayeux (Bessin). The Coat of Eatons (Cheshire, same as Praer-like Prayers and Ferte-Mace liner Mace's/Maceys) is suspect with the Hykes'/Hacks of Devon, and the Chives' that were there early. Chives' share the black moline with Moline's, yup, first found in Devon. There are two reasons to trace the descendants of Caiaphas to the royal Normans of England. The Lane's claim to use the three lions of England.

Prayers share the Coat of Vardy-like Bardys, expected in the naming of Lombards, who had a capital at Milan, where Ottone Visconti ruled. It's near Chivasso of the Chives'. The Visconti-suspect Guiscards were part of the Conqueror's Normans. VisCONTI's are expected with Conteville's, and with Conte's that link easily to Ferte-Mace liners. It's known that Herluin de Conteville (the Herluin above, husband of the Conquer's mother) was the great-grandfather of the Cheshire Meschins, who previously lived where Odo ruled. The ConteVILLE's are expected from the Ville's/Font-de-Ville, who come up as "Deville," first found in Languedoc with French Conte's. Chappes' are also Chapdeville's. Italian Conte's share the Lafin/La Font lion.

Chives' were from Albania's Cavii, and the Albanys (same as Massin/Mason lion), first found in Shropshire with Meschins and the Dol Alans, were of the Dol Alans. The Albanys share a giant blue lion with Allams/Hallams, who just came up as Aloms while checking whether LOMbards were from them. The Alom/Allam lion has drops, as do Drops/TROPE's, and Tropoje is a location to the near north of the Cavii. The Drop/Trope Chief is shared by Tulls/Tolle's, both having the Tool lion. The Aloms/Allams (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's) share the Bruce lion (both colors), and Alans of Dol became Scottish kings when marrying the royal Bruce's.

The royal Bruce's had come out of ANNANdale, and the Ananes Gauls, suspect with Ananus/Hanan, Caiaphas' father-in-law, lived near Brescia, which itself uses a lion in the colors of the Bruce lion. The Lane's of Brescia (probably share the York besant) link by the Launay lozenges to the Brests/Brix's, and Brescia is also, BRIXia. Bricks use the same lozenges in colors reversed, and the Massey/Macey fleur.

It definitely appears that Alans had merged with Neretva's Ardiaei, and Dol's Alans are suspect from the Roxolani Alans who lived with or near the Nahor-suspect Neuri of the Bug river. There is a Doly location near the northern Bug. The Bugs were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas', and the Bugs share the water bouget with Rose's of NAIRNshire, a place suspect from "Narenses," the country around the Neretva river. The Norrys use a wolf head while Herodotus said that Neuri became wolves (probably ceremonially) once annually. Norrys are said to have merged with McLeods/LUTTs ("HOLD fast"), whom I entertain from the Aluta/OLT river (Carpathians), not very far from the Neuri. The Fasts are suspect with the Vasto's of Saluzzo, and it's known that the FitzAlans of Arundels married Alice of Saluzzo.

So, I now know that "virtue" is a combination for the Vardaei and a line of Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne). I have struggled with "virtute" for many years, for no Virts come up. One needs to enter "Virty" to get the Vardys/Vertys of Ferte's barons. Tulls/Tolle's have an "ADversis" motto term suspect both with Vers' (share a checked Coat with Warrens and Tulls/Tolle's) and with Ada of Warenne. Warrens (probably from Varni) share the Coat of Vardy-line Wards (said to be from Varde's).

Tullia was very early, born around 400 AD, a generation before Childeric. Was he descended from Tullia's family? The Varni, who worshiped Neret-like Nerthus, were a lot earlier, in northern Germany before 98 AD. They are suspect with "Varangi," and Childeric was the first king of Varangi-like Franks. In this way, Vardaei elements may have birthed Childeric. In colors reversed, the Child eagle is red, the color of the Ferte eagle. English Wards share a white-ermined bend with Cheshire's Claptons/CLOPtons, perhaps a branch of Clubs/Clobbes', suspect with king Clovis, Childeric's son. Clovis moved the royal attache from the Artois area to Paris, where Chappes', Lys'/Lise's and Levi's were first found along with Morencys (Murena colors). Morencys can be suspect with Cilnius Maecenas (first century BC), husband of Terentia Murena, where I trace Tarents that use the Child Coat in colors reversed.

The Cilnius family was in Arretium since at least round 400 BC. Arretium became Arezzo, like "Arras," the Artois capital. It looks as though CHILderic was from the CILnius family, and specifically from MAECenas. His wife, Basina, traces well to Bassianus', and one elite Bassianus was Julie MAESa, can we believe it. She lived around 200 AD. With Childeric tracing to Miss Maesa, it explains why Masci's use the fleur-de-lys of France, ordinarily thought of as Clovis' symbol. Again, Bassania is on the dark map above right beside Lise-like Lissus.

Bassania is near the mouth of the Mathis river, and Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with Messeys, who use the flag of Mercia. Mercians are expected from the Merovingian Marsi as they named the Marici partners of the Laevi. The latter were amongst pagan-Levite liners at Lissus, right? I'm sure they were, and they had retained their Levi-like name for that many centuries. Laevi's lived near Chivasso of the Cavii at Lissus, and Chivasso is in the Bautica river, a tributary of which is the Lys, no guff at all...explaining why Masseys use (same colors) the Lys/Lise fleur-de-lys (as does the Lille location near the Lys of Artois). We saw a Lille location with the Ferte-liner Dews/Deweys, and we saw lilies with Dewalls/Jewells, suspect with Tewels/Tue's.

It is easy to trace Tullia's Clermont-Ferrand to Taddei's of Florence, who share the flory cross of Bouillons (Auvergne, same as Clermont-Ferrand). Italian Ferrands even share the checkered Shield (same colors) of Tulls/Tolle's, as do Massi's/MATTIS' of Massa-Carrara, which is near the first-known Botters. The Tue-like Tous' were in Florence too, and are Tessin-like Tosino's too, and Laevi co-founded Ticinum with some Marici on the Tessin. Marici-suspect Marks use the same checks, in the way that Stewarts do, and German Marks share the Massi-Mattis eagle. It all good reason to trace Cavii on the Mathis to the Laevi (BC times), and later to Basina. German Marks even share the double-tipped spear of English Fulke's/Volks while Italian Fulks share the Massi-Mattis Coat. The Massi'/Mattis add a white bend, the color of the Botter and Clopton bends.

The father of Julia Maesa was the priest of El-Gabal at Maesa-like Emesa (Homs). Some Roman set up a temple to El-Gabal in Holland's Woerden, a possible Vardaei liner. It's Warren-related Wards who share the white-ermined bend with Cloptons.

I once suggested that the Bigger/Givern star is the one on the Botter bend, and here I find that the Wards sharing a white bend with Botters are from Varde's of Givendale while Givens are also MacGiverns. As the Bigger/Givern stars are those of Glass' (Melusine, traces to Fulks), the Botter star must be the Glass star. Italian Fulks were first found in the general area of these Botters, and Butteri cowboys ranged from Volci/Velch at their northern border. At their southern border, they were at Ardea. Ardens/Artois' use a red eagle in Crest, which can be both the Botter and the Tarent eagle. Jewish Glass' share double and giant wings with German Fulks, the latter's in the colors of the Fulk / Massi/Mattis / Mark and Murena eagles while the Glass' use theirs in the colors of the white Masci wing.

In the last update, I showed why Ferte-Mace's of early-Templar times were linkable to Botters. Tulls/Tullia's use BUTTERflies. Butters are said to be from Ardoch. It just looks as though an Ardiaei-Vardaei-Alan merger was important to proto-Crusaders, all traceable to Arretium and the Mucius / Mucianus surname. El-Gabal started at Arret-like Arethusa, and can be suspect from Gabuleum (Gabulcus on the dark map) of the Cavii theater, downstream on the Drilon from the proto-Pendragon Penestae.

Repeat: "I strongly suggest that Lane's were Alans. For example, the "garde le ROY" of Lane's looks like code for Roys (evokes "royal tents of Tintons), first found in Brittany with Alans and Launay. " The Alex's/Alexandre's use the full Gard motto in their motto along with "roy" and "parTOUT," the latter linkable to the Rollo motto ("par tout"), perhaps indicating that Royals were Rollo-the-Dane liners. While Roets use boar heads colors reversed from those of Rollo's, Payne Roet was from, or beside, MontREUIL. The other Roys share the lion of Roet-related Rita's. While Roets share the Speer boar heads, and while Speers trace to the spears of Pasi's, Rollo's use "passe par tout." The black Rollo boar was an ancient symbol of Edom, and while Eliphas was likely a king of Edom, Oliphants (Tout crescent) use "Tout."

As Teague's/Teegers are expected from Tigranes, son of Alexander and Glaphyra, note that German Teegers share the eight-pointed stars of Tous'/Tosino's and Polish Alex's/Alexandrowicz's. The latter even share the wavy Dol bend. Payne Roet's daughter, Catherine, married John of Gaunt/Ghent, and the wavy Dol / Alexandowicz fesse is that also of Belgian Ghents. Gaunts (share wolf head in Crest with Teague's) and Belgian Gone's/Guenets share the red bend of Royals (Kent, same as Gaunts). The cross type of Royals is used by Eustace's (and Vise's/Vice's), and Eustace II was at the Belgian border, at Boulogne, smack beside Montreuil. Guents share the Chief of Side's, and Side's/SCYTHES' use a TIGER. SKITs and Skate's use the potent cross, symbol of Templar Jerusalem, and the son of Eustace II was the first king of Templar Jerusalem. His other son, Godfrey de Bouillon, was made the first ruler of Jerusalem, and he was part of the Priory of Sion while Side's/Sudys and Sutys/Sideys are a branch of Seatons/Sittens, namers of Sitten/Sion.

The Royal cross type is in the same colors with Chadocks while Chads use the potent cross. The "have" motto term of Sutys/Sideys should be for duck-using Have's/Haafs (Belgium), for duck-liner Velens and Velins (Avalon liners, same place as Duckers) can be of the Vallans whose moline cross is in the colors of the similar flory cross of Bouillons.

Hazels and House's

German Fulks, I've just noticed, possessed "extensive estates such as the castle Neuhaus and THYrow in the region of Teltow..." Let me repeat from the last update: "AMAZING: in the Sleeping-Beauty dream, the voice said, "WHAT are you WAITing for, go WAKE HER up." The Wake's use two fesses colors reversed from the same of Harcourts / Hairs!" The Her surname (share wings with Fulks) is listed with the Here's/Herrs, and they share the sickles (probably called, scythes) of Haus' (same colors), meaning that I have a new line of investigation.

I can tell you already that this will link to House's and their Hazel branch which I trace to modern Has in Albania, at the northern-most part of the Drilon river. That was within easy reach of the SELEPitanoi, and she was SLEEPing when I was told to wake her up. Hazels share the leaf design of French House's, and the latter call them "cabbage leaves" while Plantagenets/Planquette's (Artois) use cabbages! Excellent, for the first Plantagenet was a Fulk.

The Haus-like Haas' use a giant HARE!!! Is that not amazing? Haus' were first found in Rhineland with Scodra-suspect Schutz's, and the Selepitanoi were at lake Scodra. This entity is suspect with SCIDrus, beside Italy's Laus, which I think traces to Lissus smack at the Selepitanoi! Sleeps (Salop) share double fesses with Harcourts and Hairs. Do Haus's show scythes? The Scythe surname is listed with SKITs/Skeochs, who use the Coat of Skate's/Sheets, and I would not have known about the Schutz surname had not a Mr. Skeets emailed to say that his surname was related to Schutz's.

This recalls that, when I asked Miss Hicks, on the night of the 9-11 memorial, if the seat beside her was reserved, she said, "you can scoot over" if her daughter arrives to take it. Scoots (share black greyhound with Schutz's) are also Skeoch-like Scougals, and this goes to the Schuch variation of Knee-loving Shoe's. In the dream, she awoke when I touched her knee.

Scoots (share courant greyhounds with Lys'/Lisse's!) were first found in East Lothian with Seatons, a branch of Sutys/Sideys (share "HAZard" with Seatons!!) and Skit-like Side's/SCYTHES'! Can thouest believe it? God was playing this game with my life. Seatons can be part of the SEATS that she hovered over while asleep, tending to trace Seatons to a Scodra > Scidrus line. Sutys/Sideys even use wavy bars in the colors of the two Neuhaus fesses, which are colors reversed from the Hazel fesse. Heraldic waves were in the last update as part of the Weavers (Cheshire), who happen to share the fesse of Hazels (Cheshire).

This page is filled with a lot of deviant / misleading garbage as per the meaning of heraldic symbols, but it shows the Hause Coat with one of the two Neuhaus fesses. For example, the page says that the heraldic pile "represents wood used in bridge-building - signifies construction, building". But as Pile's use piles, chances are, piles are code for Pile's. Or, Wassa's use a canton while Washingtons use the Canton Coat in colors reversed, suggesting that the heraldic canton is code for the Canton surname. But the heraldry masters don't want us to know that even motto terms are code for kinship. What a bunch of deceptive bums. There is more deception under "Marks of Cadency" (those symbols have nothing to do with the order of one's sons); never have I seen one example of this system. Note how most symbols face to the right, though the Gilbert squirrel faces sinister.

Sutys/Sideys use a "hazARD" and a "nothing": motto term, and Nothings, properly NORTHens (Yorkshire), share the green Seaton dragon. North liners can be Neretva liners, and the ARDiaei lived on the Neretva. Seatons thus appear related to the Ardiaei, and as we saw (last update) Bellamys in the Ferte-Mace's of Neretva-liner Vardaei, it doesn't look coincidental that Bellamys, with one of the Neuhaus fesses, share the Seaton crescents. Seatons are also Sittens, expected at Sitten/Sion, and Sions are also Sine's while Neuhaus-like Newhouse's (House colors) use what looks like a sign in Crest.

Newhouse's use the Heslington/HAZELton chevron in colors reversed, and Heslington Hall is in Yorkshire, where Newhouse's and Gisburns (Vis liners?) were first found who share the same garb. "The surname Newhouse was first found in Yorkshire, where they held a family seat from early times as Lords of the manor of Neuhuse [!]. This small collection of houses near Gisburn was held by William Percy at the time of the taking of the Domesday Book survey in the year 1086 A.D." In the Gisburn write-up: "Conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Gisburn, Roger le Poitevin held from William de Percy..."

Odins, who were at Gisburn and StorkHOUSE, bring Odo of Bayeux to mind here because Ottone's/Oddo's (Oddie'/Oddy colors) are suspect with VISconti's while GISburns share the lion of Italian Conti's. Odo of Bayeux was the son of Herluin de CONTEville. The same lion is in the Chief of Sutys/Sideys i.e. who share the Haus bars, apparently. Sutys/Sideys were first found in Perthshire, smack beside the first-known GUIScards/WISharts. Seatons/Sittens are suspect with the Setantii Brigantians (lived at Lothian-like Louth while Seatons were from Lothian), and if they were from the Sittaceni of lake Azov, note that "Azov" is thought to be of the Assi, who, as Hayasa-Azzi, were at ARDahan. Side's/Sideys use "hazARD", now looking like an Assi-Ardahan combination. That is, Has / Hazel liners were Assi, and Hayasa-Azzi may have been the HYKSos. Scoots (i.e. possibly Sittaceni liners) use a "Haec" motto term.

Oddie's/Oddys were likewise first found at Gisburn and Storkhouse, and they with Odins (sinister-rising crozier) are said to be from count Odo, who I think was Odo of Bayeux. Both surnames are said to have been lords of HOLDerness, and while McLeods/Clouds use a motto, "Hold fast," the Fast quadrants are colors reversed from the Odo quadrants. English House's use the cloud. Odo's (Sussex, same as Heslingtons/Hazeltons) use a "VERITas" motto term, no surprise now, code likely for the Vardys/Vertys. Holdens had a Holden location in Haslingden (Hazelton liners), and the so-called allerion eagles of Holdens (in the red color of the Ferte eagle) are code for Allers (share red escutcheon with Holdens) that use a "VIRTutis" motto term. Allers thus become suspect with the Dol marriage to Ferte-Mace.

Lookie: the "umbra" motto term of Allers can be deemed code for Umbers/Humbers because they share the three fesses of Beaks while allerions are beakless eagles. As Umbria is where Crispin-related Grazio's (PERUSia, same as Ottone's) were first found, who share the pomegranate with the PAREZ Crispins, it's clear that Umbrians named the Humber river, and that the Beaks are of Crispin of Bec abbey. It tends to link Ottone's to Holdens / Holds/Holts.

The Donatis/Dona surname (shares perhaps the bend of Dons/Doune's) was first found in Umbria, while Allers use a "Gloria" motto term while Glorys/Lowrys are said to have had one Donatus MacGlory. Dons/Doune's of TARVIN were in Cheshire with DARVIN-like Davenports, and the latter share the black fitchee with Tarvins/Tarves'. The Darvin/Darwin bend is red like that of Dons/Doune's, and the Prayer / Bardy scallop is on the Darvin bend. Tarvis/Tarves' share the Shield of Maple's who in-turn use as "VIRTute" motto term. The "vi" motto term of Maple's (and Chives') could be partly for the Vio variation of TARVISium's Vito's, but the "vi sed" motto phrase can be part-code for VISe's/Vice's (share stag with Downs/Doune's), first found in Sussex with Downs/Doune's, in the colors of Dons/Doune's. Ottone VISconti ruled the capital of the Bardy-suspect Lombards. I think we have just traced Charles and Erasmus Darwin to Chives kin? Bardys were first found in PeriGORD while Maple's share the Gord boar head.

Otone's/OLTons (Cheshire, Olt-river liners?) use quadrants too, and what looks like the Odin- and Oddey-Shield colors with the Odin lion on top. The McLeods are also Lutts, suspect from the Aluta, now the Olt, river, and the English Lutts/Lute's happen to share the Fast quadrants. ZOWIE, look: Fasts (Don/Doune fesse?) were first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels, and Hazels share the squirrel in Crest with Holds (Holder colors) while the latter use the double Neuhaus fesses! It proves that Hazels were Neuhaus / Newhouse liners. Again, House's (Newhouse and Newton colors) use a CLOUD.

The Otone/Olton quadrants are shared by English Forts, the latter said to be from a lord(s) of Albermarle. The latter location was also the Aumale found in the Odin and Oddie Coats, and the Odo's/Oddeys use quadrants in half the colors. The earls of Albermarle almost use the Prayer Coat, and could be using the Tailboy scallops. The two Marle surnames use martlets in colors reversed from one another, the French branch sharing the Joseph martlet, and while Josephs were CAPLan / CHAPlain kin, Keppels/Cappels ("FORTitudine") were ancestors to earls of AlberMARLE. I'm seeing the Morleys/Mauls and Malls/Marlybone's / Marleys / Marlins. Keppels/Cappels are said to be from Gelderland elements that invaded England with the Conqueror, making them highly suspect from Joseph Caiaphas. Thighs/TIE's, in the colors of German Keppels/Kepplers and TIEm's are from Gelderland.

Again, Neuhaus' (Westphalia) share double fesses with Harcourts and Hairs, and the Harcourts share the peacock with Manners/Maness who in-turn share the double Neuhaus fesses. These double fesses are also used by English Bays whom I trace to Miss' Hicks' old house in Baytown. I have suggested Bays to be from Bayeux, now apparently clinched, especially as French Bays (Label/La Bel Coat) share the crescent of French Conte's (Plante's use a label).

Miss Hicks had fantastic, blonde hair, and Blonds share six pale bars, in the same colors, with Nee-like Nie's, who can be of the Niehaus variation of NeuHaus'. The sun in the Blond Crest evokes the omen I had while approaching Baytown, for Has-suspect Hesse's use a giant sun along with FETTers. The last update had a fantastic pointer of God from the Prophets/ProFETTS (leg bent at the knee, same as Knee-related Leaks) to the dossier of Fusion GPS. It would not have been fantastic has not Miss Hicks have considered herself a prophetess, and had it not included the Leaks and Hose's, for Dossier's are D'Hosiers. The Hose's, with legs bent at the knee, are also Huse's, and we just saw the NeuHUSE location of Newhouse's. The ProFETTs brought FOETes to mind, on the Leck river, and otherwise known as Fussen, a clear pointer to Fusion's / Steele's dossier. The Steele lion head is shared by the Hose's/Huse's.

Hose's/Huse's are said to be of Mr. NeuRIS, suggesting a line from Rize near Ardahan, to Rhizon. When I touched Miss Hicks knee, she awoke, and instantly began RISING together into the sky. The Rising/Ryson Coat (familiar gold on green) is a gold version of the English House/Hoose Coat. Aren't you impressed? Hazeltons use a Rise-like "aris" motto term, and, in fact, the entire Hazelton motto is shared by Waits/Weights (Rice/RHYS colors and format)! "What are you WAITing for, go wake her up." Is that not amazing? It's telling me that Quadratilla was of Rize elements that were also at Rhizon, not far from her Bassus entity of Bassania. And so she could have married a Levite liner from Lissus.

"WHAT are you waiting for." English Watts have a Chief with a roundel in colors reversed from the Wake-Chief roundel. What's/Whadcocks share the Newhouse chevron, and have some sort of bird in the colors of the Newhouse / Gisburn garb. The Waits/Weights are in the so-called "weights" of the Dexter Crest, and Dexters were first found in Lech-like Leicestershire with Hose's/Huse's. The Nueris-Huse's are said to have been at least associated with Tosini-suspect Tosny's i.e. of Leicester, and the Leicester/LESter surname shares drops with Drops/Trope's while there is a Tropoje location off a river flowing south to the northernmost part of the Drin i.e. at or very close to Has! On the dark map, it's probably the unnamed river going past the first 'D' of "Dardania." Lissus is just a small ways down the Drilon from Has. Watts and Vatts share the tree with German Rice's/Rise's (share crozier with Odins) so that Quadratilla liners may again be tracing to Rhizon elements. In ancient times, the namers of modern Has may have been a larger entity than that village / town may now suggest. On the light map, Ragusa is at ASAmum, and Saraca's of Ragusa, who were in the shark of the Hicks dream, were first at Kotor in Rhizon.

I don't recall she and I rising into clouds, but now that I realize that the House/Hoose and Rising Coats are likely related by marriage, note the cloud in the House/Hoose Crest. In the dream, she was at first at the hood of the car, and, hmm, HOODs/Hoots/Hode's share a white anchor with HOOSe's. Hmm. Are the Hood crescents those of Hazels? The anchor is for Anchors/Annackers (version of the English Watt Coat), whom I trace to Agrigento with Croziers (from mythical Creusa and Annas-like Aeneas at Agrigento). Laevillus' son, Proculus CHARAX, is traceable to the ACRAGas version of "Agrigento," which goes to Craigs (motto loves Vibia, Proculus' grandmother), the proto-Carricks.

Why should Rhizon elements link to the Trojan, Aeneas (mythical founder of Romans). For one thing, he was descended from Dardanus, and Dardanians were in the Tropoje area. Trojans were partly from mythical Teucer, suspect from Tocharians / Togarmites, who were likely at Azov with Cimmerians. I trace Aeneus to "Aenus" at the mouth of the Hebros, because I've read that mythical Aeneus represented that place. Ardahan-possible Arda is not far up the Hebros, and the Tonzus river to Arda is expected in the Tonso variation of Tous'/Tosino's, for Cabyle is on the Tonzus while the Tous-beloved Buttons love the Capelli's. The latter were partners with Este, in Padova (Padas river), which I trace to Padasus in the Troad (Troy theater), home of the Caucones that could be of the Cicones/Kikons to the west of Aenus. It's on this light map:

Majors use a Chief in reflection of the Anchor Chief because Majors use the anchor. And Majors are in the motto of Cetis-like Geddes'. Quadratilla was queen of Cetis. The Major Coat looks like a version of the Annas Coat, and I think Anchors/Annackers are an Annas branch. Watts (version of the Anchor Chief) were at Whitefield, and the Whitefield Chief shares the Annas star. Waters can apply to "QUADRatilla," as can, "WHAT ARE you waiting for." Was Miss Hicks a symbol for Quadratilla? I do trace Hyksos to Kizzuwatna, in Cilicia with Cetis, because Hyksos of Egypt were called, Heka KHASEWET. Note the Watt-like ending on "KizzuWATna."

Recall Mamie's THIGH symbol at the garden, for she was code for Mansfields who share the maunch with the Arms of Leicester, known to be owned by the Toeni's = Tosnys in the Hose/Huse write-up. This is a reason that Mamie may have been at the garden to set up the water hose there. Fulks were at Neuhaus and THYrow. Interestingly, "Through" is the full motto of Hamiltons (their ermined cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester), and that term was connected in Hamilton lore to the Hamilton tree. Wade- and Wait-like Watts and Vatts use the tree too, and Watts were first found in Worcestershire with Hazel kin. On the morning of the thigh sign, we were WADing in the lake. I can now add that Lake's share the bend and nearly the format of Plunketts. Hamilton was the first name of Miss Hicks' husband.

That reminds me. Leaks use a single fleur-de-lys, and nothing else, in their Chief, suggesting that Leak's, Lechs and Lease's (cloud over sun) can be a Lissus line. Lechs use one fesse in the colors of the Harcourt fesses, and share the pelican with Odo's and Arthurs. The Arthurs of Clapton married Hicks, and the Clapton patee may be in the Plantagenet/Planquette Coat. Claptons may be from "GLAPHyra, the great-grandmother (or thereabouts) of PLANCia Magna, the line without doubt to the Plunketts and the Planquette variation of Plantagenets.

Behold. Plancia Magna was from Perga, and related to Mr. Simplex, the latter being in the motto of Perkins. Hillary's lawyer was from PERKINS Coie, and it hired Fusion GPS, which in-turn hired Mr. Steele to fabricate the dossier! Plancia's husband, Tertullus, traces excellently to Tertullus, the ancestor of the Anjou Fulks. Geoffrey PlantaGENET (the first Plantagenet) was the son or father of Fulk V, king of Jerusalem (spit!).

The knee symbol was given on the Leakey Road through Fulk-related glass at the Get'n Go gas bar, and Gows/Gavins come up as "Gone" along with PlantaGENET-like Guenets (I showed how the latter surname links to Eustace II). It's a little interesting that Gows/Gavins are in What / Newhouse colors, but there's nothing I see to clinch the link. However, the Gow/Gavin cinquefoils are shared by Loges'/Locks, first found in Burgundy with Loches' while the mother of Fulk II was of Loches.

In the last update, I explained why Portishead, at Clapton, traces to my urinating on Pino as code for the Ardiaei king, Pinnes, but this event was traced also to mythical Orion (had urine symbol) at Schimatari and Tanagra, the latter suspect with Tankerville's and their Tancred branch, who birthed the Gisburn-like Guiscards. I now find that Tacks, said to be from Tancreds and Tankerville's, share the Gisburn / Newhouse garb!!! The Newhouse chevron happens to be colors reversed from that of Shake's!!! The Watt / Vatt "specTACLEs" (hanging from the tree) could be part-code for Tackle's/Tackels.

The Shake's are from the Biblical Shechemites that named SCHIMatari. Schims/Shands share the Mole boar head while Shake's use mole hills. The Shakespeare's share the double-tipped spear of Fulke's/Volks, and it was German Fulks that were at Neuhaus and THYrow. The latter looks like a Thy/TEASE liner, and while German Tease's/TECKs are Tess' too, note the "NobiliTAS sola VIRTus" motto of Tacks and the "veriTAS" of Odo's. As Odo is linking hard to Squirrel-loving Hazels, it's notable that Squirrels share the red DECK squirrel. Tacks are Thackerys while Shake's (Hazelton chevron) are Shakerleys, and both use green.

The Shechemites were partners with Kenites, suspect to the Kennati priests and therefore to the Kennedys that use the Arms of Carrick. Those Arms are primarily just a chevron, not always using the fitchees. That chevron is shared by squirrel-using Gilberts, and I read that Carricks descended from a Gilbert. This is just to repeat that while Jonathan the Levite of Laish was a descendant of Moses' family, Moses married a woman of the Kenites, which can make Shechemites suspect in a merger with the Jonathan-line Levites to Greece and beyond. The Levi in Lissus and into the Tease-line Ticino/Tessin, right? The giant Fulke/Volk fleur-de-lys is partly in the colors of the same of Lys'/Lisse's, and partly in Newhouse colors while Herman Fulks were at Neuhaus castle and THYrow, possibly of the Tysons/Tessons (Newhouse colors). Tessons are said to have been counts of Angouleme, and the Arms of Angouleme is a Shield of lozenges in the colors of the checkered Shield of Louvier's (wolf) and the Arms of Meulan; that's the Lupus-Laevillus line to the Thigh/Tie wolf, which argues for a Tyson link to the Ticino's Laevi.

"Tanagra" is possibly a variation of "Sangaria," the river of the Bassus bloodline. Tanker-like Sangars/Singers/Songs use House/Hoose / Newhouse / What/Whadcock colors, and add gold garbs, the color of the garb of Guiscard-suspect Gisburns (i.e. this can make a Gisburn link to Tankerville's), as well as the gold garb of Newhouse's and Tankerville-liner Tacks. Therefore, a Tanagra = Sangaria equation is compelling because Newhouse's and Whats/Whadcocks are the ones with the Shake chevron in colors reversed, and, besides, Whad elements can be to Quadratilla Bassus.

Plus, "What are you WAITing for" goes to Waits/Weights, who share the horn (Orion liner) in the Arms of Traby while Traby of Poland married the Astikas', while the latter's Stick branch shares the Sangar/Singer/Song garbs in both colors. The Astikas' have been traced (by me) with evidence to Astakos, at Calydon, where I trace the Levites of Laish. Why do French House's use nothing but leaves? The Tackle's suspect with the Watt spectacles come up as "Taker." v

The line of Quadratilla's husband goes to Gouel de PERCeval (Leavells), and the Newhouse estates were held by Mr. Percy. It's known that Percys shared the Louvain/Louvier lion, and Louvier's are not only part of the Percival-Leavell line, but there is a La Louviere location in Hainaut while the counts of Hainaut are the only thing I know of that share the triple Levi chevrons. One of these chevrons is used by Cabbage's beloved of the cabbage leaves of House's/La Hausse's.

As Fulks were at Neuhaus castle, let's add that Sakars/Seagars were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks, for the Sangaria was also the SAKARya. The Segurs, who come up as the Seconds in the Levi motto, look to apply. The garbs of Newhouse's / Gisburns is shared (both colors) by SAXE's.

We Wore Green

Wow, another Set-up by the looks of it on the day Miss Hicks and I both wore green to church. I awoke this morning with this on my mind. The pastor asked the people to pray for someone beside them, and Charlotte had no one beside her but her husband. She had slipped into the isle by the time that I looked that way to my left, and she was looking at me at that second. She motioned with her body like one does when thinking, uh, what the heck, let's do it, and she came over. She took both my hands in hers and started to PRAY. I was wondering this morning whether this can be about the Praers / Praters/Prays along with the Hand surname of Cheshire, where Masseys were first found. What are the chances?

We saw the Massey liner, Mr. Prater, above with Odo of Bayeux holding his Eaton-Water estates (suggests a relative), and I told you that her old house in Baytown was suspect with Bayeux. When I asked that question, this morning, I recalled the Verty-like motto terms of Greens, at which time I also recalled the surname I could not recall (but tried) above when showing the Odin Coat. It's the GREENwich's, first found in Kent with Greens, who use the Odin Coat, crozier and all!!! Wow. And while she wore a green dress never seen before by me, the Dresh/Dresser surname shares the giant, Odin lion! Wow. Bishop Odo is in the Greenwich write-up.

Dresh's/Dressers were first found in Thuringia with Bessin-liner queen Basina and the Talls/Thals that share the bee with Bessins. Bayeux is in the Bessin. Greens use a "semper" motto term, and Sempers (from Manche, same as Masseys) use two lions in pale in colors reversed from the same of Base's/BAISE's/BAYs' (Lincolnshire, same as Prays/Praters). The Bays are also Bays', first found in Colchester (Essex). Sempers were first found in Essex.

A year or so ago, I had pointed out the "viridis" motto term of Greens (share stag with Hands) because it's like the French for "green," but I lamented that I didn't know the meaning of same motto's use of "VIRTus," a common motto term that I ignored each time I saw it. It's code for the namers of Ferte-Mace liners, I now know. From the last update: "William of Ferte Massey was "Father of Margaret de Praers (de Dewhall); Hamon de Mascy, 1st Baron of Dunham Massey..." But there's more. Hamons were first found in Kent with Greens and Greenwich's, and use the "attires of a stag."

[I didn't check Grains/GRAYne's (Yorkshire, same as Odins) for a few days after writing here, to find the giant Ferte eagle in colors reversed, with a partial-green Shield. It's the same Coat as used by Grave's/Grieve's. Grains/GRANsons start to evoke the Maezaei-CERAUNii relationship. Grounds/Crannys use the split-Grain colors in their Chief. Grounds/Grundys (virtually Rhodes Coat colors reversed) can therefore be with the Mosca / Rhodes leopard) Grayne-like Grays (beside Yorkshire) share the giant Odin lion too. Grave's have a "Spes" motto term suspect with Space's/Speccots, who have a FRET. Grounds/Crannys were at Jura and ISLAY, and Islays come up with the Isle's that enter the discussion below.]

When attending church in Texas, many times for years, I wore a tie only once. I feel that getting dressed up for church is the opposite of wearing sackcloth. But because I felt that she could become my wife as a widow (her husband, about 80, was over 30 years older than she), I started to wear better clothes, including a couple of blazers (it was all a mistake in the marriage department). On that morning, I wore a tie with light-green shirt, and a green-black checkered blazer. It struck me even at that time that we both wore green, and it was the first and last time I had worn that particular blazer to church. The blue tie was given to me as a birthday present, and had treble clefs on it i.e. the song theme. She was standing in the ISLE when we made eye contact (when she came over to me), and the Isle's (June fleur?) share a version of the Tie/Dye Coat (family from near WAKEfield). The Tie's/Ties'/Dye's share the Hamon stars.

Dutch Thighs/Tie's recall that Mamie represents Mummolin, who lived in Chatillon (Chalons-sur-Marne, now called Chalons-en-Champagne). The Scottish Crozier Coat (stag head) uses the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne, and French Croziers were first found in Auvergne with Mummolin's ancestry. We saw why Blaze's, who come up as "Blazer," link to Black / Blake's, and it's Blake's who are also Caddels. Can we believe it? Blake's/Caddels and Chatillon-like Cattle's/Cattels use a giant FRET, a musical item (though I don't know whether heraldic frets have the musical fret as their basis).

Watch. Mrs. Kilpatrick took my hands on the day I wore a green-black checkered blazer, and while Blazers/Blaise's share the black-on-white saltire with Blacks (Lincolnshire, same as Prays/Praters), the Blazer/Blaise Coat is a better reflection of the Kilpatrick Coat. The latter's Coat is shared with a red Chief by Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries), and the pastor who asked us to pray that morning was Mr. Johnson. The Johnson Coat (share cushions in Chief with Kilpatricks) is a reflection of the Black Coat! Both surnames use a "non" motto term. English Johnsons (Lincolnshire, same as Blacks), use a pheon version of the Crozier / Chalons Coat! Astounding "coincidences". What are the chances? Compare the Armine/Ermine Coat (= Annandale Coat) to Blacks, for Blazers are said to be from Blasius of Armenie.

Kilpatrick castle is at CLOSEburn, and Close's/Clovse's share the spur with the Scottish-Johnson Crest and the Knights. As I said, Knights were Kniths while Closeburn is on the Nith river, and the Knights (Suffolk, same as Blois') are suspect in using a version of the three pale bars of the lords of Chatillon, the ones who had an alliance/merger with Blois, as even the Blois write-up mentions. As I showed, Blaze's/Blazers/Blaise's are likely a Blois branch. I wore a BLUE tie with Clovse-like clefs upon it, and Cleffs/Cliffs/Cleave's (same place as Meschins) share the three Quade/Wade wolf heads, in colors reversed from the three of Prays/Praters. Clavers/CLEAVErs use Meschin colors and format.

[The Close/Clovse Crest has a lion in a crown, and the Close/Clovse Coat has the Macey Coat, suggesting a Maezaei-Ceraunii relationship. The ancestry of Mummolin in Auvergne was in the archbishop of Lyon, and Lyons share the green lion with the Close/Clovse Crest. The "make" motto term of Kilpatricks can be for Make's/Macks, who look to be with a version of the sinister Masci / Massena bend. Make's/Macks (share martlet of Blazers who in-turn use a version of Kilpatrick Coat) were first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's that share the TYson/Tesson lion, colors reversed from the Lyon lion, and the family of king Maccus could have ruled Jura / Islay (Argyllshire).]

WOW! You just wait. Let me first say that the "gloriOR" motto term of Cleffs/Cliffs can be put together with the FISKs ("Virtute" and "ad"), for I often show the two Coats together, not just because they reflect one another, but as per the "FISCal cliff" scam started under George Bush. God has revealed the Ore's/Orrs to be code for the Ohrs, through the "clariOR" motto term of Wake's, for Wake's, Nellys and Ore's/Orrs all use red roundels, and the Ohrs were involved in the FISA-court scandal, which court is called, FISC. That's my backdrop to the Cleffs/Cliffs, and lately I've been playing with the song theme as one that will catch to criminals who conducted the FISA scam. Were they also in the fiscal-cliff scam? Is that why I was given that particular tie?

The Glory/Lowry surname ("Virtus") suspect in "glorior" uses the full motto of Greens! That's the wow part. So, our wearing green, and my wearing the clef, is pointing to the FISA scandal yet again through the same Mrs. Kilpatrick who pointed to it in other ways, including her songs at the 9-11 memorial. The Laurie branch of Glorys/Lowrys (same Coat) was first found in Dumfries with Kilpatrick castle. This tends to show that the tie with clefs was given to me, on my birthday, by God.

Look. The GLOWRy variation of Glorys looks like the Clover variation of Clavers/Cleavers, and the Claver-like Lavery variation of the Glorys looks like a branch of Lavins/Glavins/HANDs! The Cleff/Cleave motto thus points to Cleaver suspects and meanwhile appears to include Irish Hands/Glavins, strong evidence that God set the event up (where she took my hands on the only occasion of my wearing that tie, ever).

At the 9-11 memorial, Miss Hicks and I were involved with another Set-up which began as she walked down the center ISLE to take an isle seat. The Sangers/Singers/Songs happen to share the Stick garbs, and the Cleffs/Cleave's (Stick colors) are said to have married the Stycke's.

I sat beside Miss Hicks at the memorial, which was a few years before she took my hands for the prayer. After I was impressed with her first song, I got up and went to the back of the STAGE, where I asked Mr. Johnson if he would call Miss Hicks to sing another song (he did). The Stage's/Staggs use stag heads in colors reversed from the Green and Stanley stags. When I returned to sit, I decided not to sit beside Miss Hicks due to the appearances I would give. And that's when Stanley went to take the seat. The Staggs/Stage's share the blue chevron with stag-using Hands.

At the party where I received the tie, someone handed me a pair of toy glasses, for lack of a better phrase, about five times larger than normal glasses, and I put them on for someone to snap a photo. Tentatively, the GLASS door on the night of the memorial is being entertained as code for Jorge Glas, vice-president of Ecuador, who supports Sang-like Assange. At the party there attended a couple I had not seen before, and the male between the two, I later learned, was a convicted murderer. He soon-after died in a car accident. I just thought I'd record this in case it comes to apply.

The lion in the Pray/Prater Chief, shared by Kilpatricks and in Levi colors, could be the Levi lion. Kilpatricks share the dagger with Mackays, and I've read that the Geds of the Nith gave their swords to the Mackays. Daggers share the Prayer / Bardy Coat, and the latter two both link to the heraldic fret.

When I asked to sit beside her, she said I could SCOOT over if someone else arrives. She said it would be her daughter, but I never did see her daughter there that night, so far as I can recall. Perhaps the seat was reserved for Stanley, for I had seen him sitting close beside her (no air between them) twice before. After he took the seat on the memorial, I went up to her ear, and asked, "Is that your BUDDY?" Thick lines appeared on her forehead, as she denied my accusation. "No, he's just a friend," she responded. Friends, suspect with Clermont-FERRAND, use more stag heads. The Buddys are listed with Botters, suspect with the Ferte eagle due to the perch on which it is "STANDing."

Stands/Stants are also STANs, suspect in the "obSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs. The Hicks who married Arthurs of Clapton shared clarions, thought to be trumpets, and Levers use a "rooster standing on a trumpet." Therefore, the eagle standing on a perch is likely code for Stanley liners. On that night, Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks with the American flag on its pole, which he was about to take to the STAGE, yup. And Flags/Flecks share the double fesses of Stands/Stans and Palmers, the latter using a black, courant greyhound, which may be in the Pray/Prater Crest. Yup, because Palmers use a "VIRTuti" motto term for Ferte-Mace liners. Flags/Flecks share the Meschin scallops.

The tie was given to me by a friend of Mrs. Abreu, and the latter gave me a watch and a ring. She wanted to marry me, but I not her; I was waiting to be with Miss Hicks. I hadn't seen the latter in three years when unable to get back to Texas. I recall that I was wearing the watch and the ring when Miss Hicks took my hands, and thinking that she was eying the ring (on my right hand), I stopped wearing it. The Watch surname (Quadratilla suspect) share's the stars of Tie's/Dye's, and the Watch Coat has a chevron-with-stars in the colors of the chevron-with-scallops of Rings (from a tenant of the counts of Abreu-line Evreux); these scallops are colors reversed from the same of Flags/Flecks (Norfolk, same as Rings). Hicks use an "heure" motto term suspect with Eure, location of Evreux.

Thigh's/Tie's were first found in Gelderland with Keppels, and the latter share the Abreu lion. Keppels were ancestral to earls of Albermarle (includes Odins / Odo's et-al), and the Forts (Odo-Oddey quadrants), from earls of Albermarle, share the Tie/Dye-Chief stars in their own Chief. The white castle in the Fort Coat is in the colors of the Abreu tower. Fords use another black, courant greyhound, as well as an OWL, while Howells share the Abreu tower.

I see the two leopards of Normandy from the two Abreu lions. Her friend, who gave me the tie, was Norma, and there are two Normandy surnames that come up as "Norma." Keppels (could be a lion version of the Mosca Coat) were namers of La Chapelle in Normandy (there were at least three, one in Orne to the west side of Ferte-Mace). One La Chapelle-en-Jugor (evokes Jugurtha, a descendant of king Massena) is in Manche while the Arms of Manche use the Normandy leopards upon the two colors of the Odo's/Oddeys, Otone's/Oltons and Forts. Massey of Manche were very-likely a branch of Mosca's, whose single leopard is in the colors of the Normandy leopards. This reveals plenty on who in particular the Conqueror was related to.

The Watch/Wage/Wychs surname could be a Wach branch. Wakefields named WACHefelde, Scottish Wachs/Walks use a reflection of the Close/Clovse Coat, and were first found in Dumfries with Closeburn, but substitute one of the Close/Clovse stars with a garb in the colors of the Wakefield stars. This links close enough to Miss Hicks' husband that it tends to bring us back to Wake's, who were the first in Hicks-related codework to point to the Ohrs. German Wachs can be with the Crest of Hanna's, first found in Wych-like Wigton, near Closeburn. Wigton variations suggest Wiggins (same stars as Hanna-like Annas' on virtually the Annas Coat), who share the spur with Close's/Clovse's. The wyVERN of Wakefields (same place as same-colored Wagers) suggests the Wagrians on the Warnow river. Wakefields Yorkshire, same as Blazers) share the gold-on-blue garb with the Blazer Crest.

Repeat: "She was standing in the ISLE when we made eye contact (when she came over to me), and the Isle's (June fleur?) share a version of the Tie/Dye Coat (family from near WAKEfield). The Tie's/Ties'/Dye's share the Hamon stars. " My guess is that God would want to include Isle's with the Tie = Ticino elements for the line Junia Caepionis, who was a Livius too, to Laevillus. Quintus Caepio is expected with Quints, who share a lion paw, holding an item, in Crest with Isle's. Levi's were first found at ILE-de-France, which perhaps applies.

In fact, the Ile/Isle/Ylley Crest has a hand holding a fitchee while Quints have a paw holding a fitchee. Isle's/Eyles'/Eels' use a paw holding a fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Yells. This is highly suspect as the June fleur. The Ile/Isle/Ylley chevron is colors reversed from the Ring chevron, and both were first found in Norfolk.

I had forgotten until now that Chives' use "Virtute," a Vardaei-Teuta combination, I feel sure. I wore a blazer with green-and-black checks. The only surname I can think of with those are the Linkletters, and they use the same duck design (green head) as the Mecks whom I know for sure use a mallard. The Mallards/Milwards (same crescent as Tute's) share the Chives moline. I can understand why God might want to set that up. LinkLETTERs are strongly suspect with the letters of the Langs, whom I see as Alans/Alengs from LYNCestis. Lyncestis is traceable to the lynx of Penes'/Pennys because the PENEStae were near Lyncestis, and because the Penes'/Pennys share courant greyhounds with Lys'/Lisse's, from Lissus, on the river of the Penestae.

Recall that the Blazer saltire can link to the same-colored saltire of Blacks, for the latter have a red-on-white crescent with their saltire, the colors of the crescents with a cross, in the same colors as the saltire, of Mallards/Milwards. The checkered blazer led to Mallards via LINKletters, and Blacks use a "lux" motto term while Lux's are said to be of "lynx." The Lynch's use the lynx. Loretta Lynch (Obama attorney general, in charge of the DoJ) was probably nodding at Bruce Ohr's part in the dossier.

So, perhaps God arranged for me to own a green-black checkered jacket because the only surname I know with checks in those colors, by heart, are the Linkletters, which I have been tracing to the heraldic lynx of Penes'/Pennys for quite some time, but having nothing to do with Loretta Lynch...until now, I gather.

What's very interesting is that I've known that LinkLETTERs are likely honored in the "ABCDEF" letters of English and Scottish Link-like Langs, and the Paper-Planes tweet from Julian Assange came with a long code, with more than 25 letters, that have those six letters only. Here it is:


Now Loretta Lynch was suspect as the partner of Obama in a dream I had in which Obama owned the billiard hall with some unknown person (not specified to me, though I instinctively knew that Obama owned this hall). The was given a top-view of all the pool tables in the hall; they were in two, connected rows, on shorter than the other, forming an 'L' shape, which is what made Loretta Lynch suspect i.e. Obama and Lynch together working on the dossier crime. In the dream, I was taking a shot on a table, and when I saw that the cue ball was a flat PAGE that could not be shot, I turned it into a paper plane. This was almost a year before Assange's Paper Planes tweet (New year's eve, 2017/18), which featured a song about crime.

Tending to prove that God wants to point to Lynch, I fired the paper plane into a corner pocket, and the Corners/Garners share the acorn with the letter-using Langs, which I may not have mentioned except that the Corner/Garner Crest has a red griffin, which would be the color of the LETTER/Lauder griffin in colors reversed.

I thought I had exhausted this topic, and was actually complaining to Jesus because there needs to be something a little harder in making the link to Loretta Lynch. I was telling Him (while staring at the German Lang Coat) that I feel a little shaky putting this in print, which is the very moment I realized: one German Lang Coat uses the same griffin (houseofnames had several designs), colors included, as the Holders! Loretta Lynch replaced Eric Holder!! It tends to verify that I was correctly pointing to Linkletters and Langs.

Recall the Glorys/Lowrys, for Holden-related Allers (Westphalia, home of Alan branches/kin) use a "Gloria" motto term. Holdens come up as "Holdings," and, it dawns on me here: Miss Hicks and I were HOLDING one another after she awoke and came into my arms. The dream could have had us rising apart from holding one another.

German Langs share the pelican with the Aleng line of Stewarts, but let's add that Odo's use the pelican too, for PELAGONia is beside Lyncestis on the light map.

It wasn't many years ago when I was mistrusting Christians online telling of their dreams that they claimed to be from God. I found myself doing the same, very hesitantly at first, and now liberally. I still mistrust those who claim to have dreams from God, but never did I think that God doesn't give dreams in passing along messages. I don't know why He chooses to communicate in ways that cannot be proven to be Him in a court of law. I imagine that this is his way of playing the game that satan started against him. Jesus: humble, stable, strong, and very smart.

The crown gorged around a neck is used by Crauns/Crane's/Cranns, whom are expected as a branch of Greens, from the Ceraunii. It's evidence that gorged crowns are code for Ceraunii. The giant lion of LINKens/Lincolns wears a gorged crown. I link Crauns to Hicks, and trace the latter to Hyksos, who were likely wrapped up in the Greek Danaans. Mythically, Danaans were from Tanis on the Nile delta, and were represented by mythical Danaus, brother on LYNCeus. Their father, Belas/Belus, was code, I figure, for Greek elements out of PELUSium, the area surrounding Tanis. The Hyksos that came to rule the Nile delta were, in my opinion, from Lake Van, the line to Fane's/Vans that share the gauntlet glove with Maceys, thus making a Van link to Ferte-Mace, where the Green motto traces. Grains/Gransons happen to share the giant VIENNE eagle, in colors reversed from the giant Ferte eagle.

So, as Bellamys, a branch of Bells, married Ferte-Mace, and were fundamental to the Praers of Ferte-Mace, note that Miss Hicks took my hands in PRAYER on the day we both wore green. Are Bells from Belas elements? Could be. Bel is a deity of western Europe, the chief of witchcraft. May 1, the day that the Bavarian Illuminati was founded, is celebrated to him with a May pole. As I trace Boofima to Bavarians, and therefore expect it to have been behind the Illuminati, note that the May pole was a maple log, for "may pole" sounds like "maple." The Maple Coat, which can be linked by its motto to Chives (Hykes kin) of Tarves, share the split colors of Tarves. The Maple boar heads are shared by Boofima-liners Roets, and the Maple motto includes "virtute" as code for Ferte-Mace liners. The Maple motto shares "Non" with Boofima-expected Nagle's. Boar heads can be linked to Bavaria's Bauers.

Again, Chives' were, for years, said to have been first found in Devon, where the Hykes'/Hacks were first found who share their quadrants and those of Eatons ("VERITas"). The Praers were of Eaton Water. The Water surname shares the triple chevrons of Muschats/Montfichets, and both surnames were first found in Essex. Muschats/Montfichets are said to have descended (probably) from Mr. GRENon of STANstead castle (near the first-known Stanleys), and Greens use stags in the colors of the STANley stag heads. Eatons were first found in Cheshire with its earl, Ranulph de Gernon (son of le Meschin). The Gernon Crest has a black lion with gold crown gorged around its neck, as do Linkens/Lincolns. The "cyFOETH" motto term of Gernons (from Montfichet) is suspect with the Cheshire Foots, and with FOETes/Fussen. The two lions in pale of Gernons are colors reversed from the same of Sempers (Essex, same as Waters / Montfichets), the latter being in the Green motto.


Despite widespread speculation a few months ago that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may be kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy by the country’s new leadership, his asylum seems to be safe for now, his lawyer told RT.

...“Ecuador has made it clear in the past few months – after this wide-spread speculation that he would be forced to leave – that they will respect the asylum,” she said.

Assange remains cut off from all communications and kept in what is effectively solitary confinement with no access to outdoor areas. His health is deteriorating, and the UK authorities have made sure that he won’t get treatment without leaving the embassy, she said

Perhaps the new president of Ecuador is poisoning him mildly, enough that he'll need a hospital. An article was out this week claiming that Russians, in league with an Intelligence Chief (Rommy Vellejo) in Ecuador, were planning to help Assange escape in the middle of December, 2017. That could explain his woes at this time.

Remember those Strzok-Page emails that conveniently disappeared. Well, they were found, and they have been trickling out through Fox news over the last week or so. The page below adds to the building evidence of rotten conspiracy between that duo and Andrew McCabe. The duo clearly state that McCabe (Page's boss) was involved along with Priestap, Strzok's boss. McCabe, I think, was Priestap's boss.

This new part of the scandal involves a desire by Page to create some prosecutable charge against an unknown person, a crime of a high order. Congress has known about this exchange for some time, meaning that Sessions has known, but, no charges against Page and the others have been laid. The bigger scandal is, therefore, the government's inaction against government crime, informing us that this attitude has been around for a long time. Criminals in government have bred criminals, lawbreakers, as a rule. Criminals pillage the people. The Republicans took in over 1.5 trillion dollars in taxes over the past 11 or 12 months, but they not only spent it all, but also another .9 trillion on top, which of course requires a borrowing of .9 trillion that workers need to repay with future taxes. Isn't that a form of stealing? Fox has failed to make this an issue.

"Two hours after Comey's termination became public on May 9, 2017, Strzok texted Page, his then-colleague and lover: 'We need to open the case we've been waiting on now while Andy is acting.'" Doesn't Sessions want to know what case this was? Doesn't Wray want to know? As they were "waiting on" it, the plot was already worked out. But I caution, for this statement makes McCabe look innocent, as though McCabe didn't know about the plot. It makes it appear that Strzok birthed the plot and thought it best to put it into action as soon as McCabe was himself acting on Comeys behalf. The statement also makes it appear that McCabe was defending Comey against Trump, which may be the opposite of the truth for obvious reason.

Like I said in the last update, these Strzok-Page messages may have been fabricated to make Strzok and Page take the blame that belonged more to their DoJ superiors closer to Obama. However, as I don't know that for a fact, I've got to treat the messages as authentic. Page responded: "We need to lock in (redacted). In a formal chargeable way. Soon." Perhaps she meant, lock "into" a certain person. "Lock into" means to zero-in on, take aim at. They had to make someone look guilty enough to be charged by the FBI, and that couldn't happen without McCabe laying the charges, or agreeing to it. It looks aimed at the one who fired Comey. But what was that plot they were cooking up? The one that wants to charge Trump with mere obstruction, which is all that Mueller has left to date, since Russia-collusion backfired?

There is no-more glaring case of obstruction than from the current bosses of the FBI and the DoJ, wherefore the obstruction case against Trump has all but backfired too. Will there be an election-day surprise from the remnants of this Strzok circle? Who are the remnants? Why, Hillary and Obama, of course. With Hillary knocked down to her butt from the dossier backfire, Obama has arisen to take up the case. Perfect. Let's see unredacted documents from the DoJ as it communicated with Obama.

Trump continues to act as though he's surprised to see each step along the way. It is absurd if he doesn't ask for such documents unredacted as soon as they are found. It is absurd to believe that his lawyers haven't been demanding such documents all along. It is absurd and loathsome of Trump if he personally has not written the DOJ to have it give up all records pertaining to Mueller, FISA warrants pertaining to him, etc., which he has a right to see. Trump is a loathsome fake.

On August 17, Trump finally delivered, way too late:

[Trump] ordered the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the DOJ to declassify information in a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) application against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. He also ordered the release of notes the FBI took during interviews as part of its collusion investigation. Trump called on the FBI and DOJ to release a slew of text messages from James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.

I suppose that National Intelligence will need to release CIA documents and notes too. This is where it can get very hairy for Obama and the others higher up than the FBI. However, nothing necessary becomes public, unless any congressperson decides to make it public, and we should see Nunes, for one, accomplish that part. Trump himself should make all the damaging material public, in keeping with the spirit of public ownership of government. All things touching criminality in government institutions is the business of the people. Before they vote later this fall, it is necessary for all voters to know what the Democrats did. If people vote Democrat this year based on the "reality" shaped by the liberal media, then the people are voting by judging incomplete and slanted news. But the release of these documents will give the truth more clearly, and with absolute clarity in many cases. Trump has been the fool to leave this to the last minute. Intelligence will try to drag heels.

Brennan, the former CIA director who is a chief suspect in pushing the FISA scam, came out to say that Wray, Coats (National Intelligence chief) and Rosenstein should not give up documents, but should allow themselves to be fired, or should resign, instead. That's how we know that Brennan is scared stiff at this chilling, windy blowback from Trump. The guilty parties will be on the best behavior now, which is another reason that Trump should have done this long ago. They won't dare get involved in another scam now, with criminal charges for earlier scams hanging over their heads. By "best behavior," I don't mean that they won't try every trick they know of to escape prosecution and humiliation. They just won't produce an attack against Trump while the revelation of the documents is real and imminent...unless they think they can kill that revelation by some form of attack.

It is wrong to use these documents for political advantage. If that's what Trump is doing, then he's doing it for himself, not because he cares for a just government. The right thing to do is to severely punish the obscene conduct in law-enforcement bodies. Here is the puke from Trump, which I knew this devil would throw at us: "President Trump in an exclusive interview with Hill.TV said Tuesday he ordered the release of classified documents in the Russia collusion case to show the public the FBI probe started as a 'hoax,' and that exposing it could become one of the 'crowning achievements' of his presidency. ''What we’ve done is a great service to the country, really,' Trump said in a 45-minute, wide-ranging interview in the Oval Office." He's taking the credit even though he's done NOTHING, not even lifted a finger, to expose this beast. Others have done the hard work, and they had to beg him for months to declassify. Suddenly, it's all to his credit??? He's clearly using this for the elections.

Trump has just said that Sessions is "mixed up" (double standards?), a perfect projection of his own mentality. "'I don’t have an Attorney General. It’s very sad,' Trump told Hill.TV. 'I’m not happy at the border, I’m not happy with numerous things [about Sessions], not just this.'" Well then fire him? What kind of a boss laments publicly, month after month, about his employee, yet doesn't replace him? Just replace him, or zip your lips. What kind of a political game is this? As soon as Sessions is fired, Trump can put in a temporary attorney general who will do what needs to be done, for as long as it takes to install a new one. He's known this from the start, but has failed to do it. What kind of a bum is this president? The more the months pass, the more he looks like a fiend pretending not to be.

A replacement is needed now more than ever while they decide which documents will be declassified. Who's going to choose, Sessions or Rosenstein? If there is any hope at all, I think, in this case, it is in Jesus. Trump is the way at the back of the line amongst the Republicans who deserve credit for exposing this deep state. There is another deep state besides the Obama hold-overs, as they're being called. There is a pro-Republican deep state too, which uses Republicans.

Now that Trump has deemed it beneficial to declassify the documents, he proves that his delay in firing Sessions was a gross mistake. He was afraid of firing Sessions or Rosenstein because he didn't want to give the Democrats ammunition against him for this election, but he didn't see how heavy on the other side of the scale the exposure of the deep state is, amounting to twice as much ammunition against the Democrats. Bad move, Mr. Trump. You almost put yourself into checkmate, and, in the meantime, you failed to do the right thing before God, which is to trounce corruption before it festers further. He saw it, talked about it, complained about, but just let it fester and promote itself as something good.

If declassifying the material is good for trouncing Trump, then the deep state will be in a hurry to declassify it. But if it's bad for the deep state, it will stall. That's how we know that Trump made a mistake, fearing merely a phantom created in his head by his enemies. The fake monster is nearly able to take power from Republicans in roughly 50 days. The fake monster is a lie. Democrats get into power based on lies they generate in everyone's heads, which is why the liberal media needs to be punished, subdued, and revamped.

One piece of possible good news: "'When the president issues such an order, it triggers a declassification review process that is conducted by various agencies within the intelligence community, in conjunction with the White House counsel, to seek to ensure the safety of America’s national security interests,' a Justice Department spokesman said in a statement. 'The department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are already working with the Director of National Intelligence to comply with the president’s order.'" The question is: what parts do Trump's lawyers play to assure that the damning materials are submitted to them in the first place? The only reason I can think of for his lawyers not to have demanded these papers already is that they knew Trump was unwilling. I still think he's unwilling, except that he needs this for the elections.

Same article: "Trump asserted Tuesday that the declassified materials would reveal 'really bad things' concerning the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants and anti-Trump bias that tainted the investigation." Surely, he's seen the documents already. Surely.

One way for the guilty parties to stall is the back-and-forth: "While Trump did not demand the full declassification of any materials aside from the aforementioned text messages, he does have the authority to override any submitted redactions of the other materials and to send the materials back for further review and declassification."

After a couple of days, the scaaaary Democrats have come out to use the same, useless strategy as used by Schiff when the Nunes memo was declassified. Trump held off months on this week's move all for nothing. The only Democrat who would come out against declassification is the stupid who wants to lump him/herself in with the criminals. Schiff never recovered his respect for being that stupid. Here's Lou Dobbs on the stall tactics and the outright defiance of Trump's order (start at the 3-minute mark, and, hmm, it goes faster and acceptably at 1.25x):

I'm not opposed to Trump making this his crowning achievement, if he can, but before taking any credit, do the work first. And never mind taking credit ever. Let others praise him if there's anything to praise, but not his own mouth.

Redactions are a good thing, because, when the documents eventually become unredacted, the particular redactions will tell a story in themselves. They will reveal the things that the criminals wish to hide. It's like their admission to their own guilt. If they were not guilty, they would not use redactions.

When the FISA applications are released, keep your eye on the FISA judges, for they are proven to be corrupt. As an angry Mark Levin says, none of the judges has said a word about their disappointment for being lied to and manipulated by the FBI. It seems that they don't mind being used, if they agree with the FBI's political agenda, but isn't that a crime on the part of the judges? Who will punish them?

Caution: Democrats are stupid enough to escalate this situation with brute evil. The declassification can cause their game to go brutal.

Joe diGenova said on Lou Dobbs this week that the president and his laws have absolutely seen the FISA documents unredacted, and some text messages. That's to be expected. If this is true, then Trump is playing a game with the people, his voters. It would then seem that Trump wants this delayed. At the personal request of Rosenstein, Trump just agreed to allow the DoJ to delay the release, but the article gives no time limit. Whatever it could mean, Trump gave the issue to the inspector general. What weirdness is this?

The New York Times would not publish the following, I think, unless the story were going to come out from other media, anyway. The Times often comes out first to do damage control, with its spin on the story.

The explosive report, published by The New York Times, said Rosenstein had discussed wearing a "wire" to tape Trump and pursuing his removal from office in meetings and conversations with Justice Department and FBI officials. This would have been in the tumultuous days after James Comey was fired as FBI director, with the president citing in part a memo penned by Rosenstein -- reportedly catching him off guard.

Rosenstein even reportedly suggested that those interviewing with the president to replace Comey as director of the FBI wear wires to secretly tape him.

...Rosenstein also reportedly told McCabe that he might be able to persuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly — now White House chief of staff — to begin proceedings to invoke the 25th Amendment [replace the president].

The alleged plot was to prove that the White House is unstable / chaotic due to Trump's unstable mind. We have seen repeated declarations from the liberals as per exactly that plot. It says that McCabe confirmed the accuracy of one or both of the above scenarios. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Hannity's guests (I like Sarah Carter) are taking this seriously: ""

Do Trump's tweets have the central purpose of making us believe falsely that he has never known the drip-drip that come out weekly in the news? How could the anonymous source go to the Times without also having informed Trump? Are we to believe the source is a Democrat? Was he doing it just for money? The take-down of the Rosenstein deep state just for a couple of bucks? I hope so.

One of the people briefed on the conversation in question, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the confidential nature of the interaction, said it occurred during a moment of frustration between McCabe and Rosenstein.

Rosenstein was rankled by the revelation that Comey had kept memos about his interactions with the president; McCabe wanted a more aggressive approach [attested in other evidence] toward the White House, the person said.

At that point, Rosenstein said to McCabe something to the effect of, "What do you want, you want me to wear a wire?" according to the person. Rosenstein was asked in the meeting if he was serious, and he said yes, but he did not mean for the wire comment to be taken seriously as a tactic to investigate Trump, the person said.

The person also said that a memo from McCabe describes Rosenstein as referencing the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which says that a president can be declared "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office" upon a majority vote of the vice president and the Cabinet.

Was the latter part a joke too? How did the Times get McCabe's memos? From a willing McCabe? Everything we know from other material, and even the daily news, agrees with the picture from the anonymous source. While Lisa Page did not include the 25th part in her memos, McCabe did. Did McCabe dream it up? He didn't add it to his memos because he wanted to use it against Rosenstein, but because he liked the idea. Urinating prostitutes goes exactly to a demented human being, unfit to be a president. McCabe signed one of the FISA applications with such material to be used against Trump. McCabe likely had part in leaking the initial news of the FISA warrant to the New York Times, the purpose of which was to defame Trump. The program was under way.

This is definitely not the first time that the FBI has used its powers to sway / destroy politicians. Mueller was doing exactly that, which is why Rosenstein appointed him. What the world needs now is for the anonymous source to come into the open. Traitors need to pop out of the woodwork like scary faces, all at once, to terrify the remaining dregs. The integrity of the nation is at stake. But wait. Maybe the source is a servant of the Clintons or Obama, needing to make Rosenstein look like the plot's chief.

Let's see McCabe's memos of that night, and the memos of others at the meeting. Trump can demand them right now. But why have I no faith, in this self-caressing egomaniac, to do the right thing? It's been a torturous drip-drip thanks to his inaction. Why didn't he ask for the text messages and official documents of Sally Yates / Loretta Lynch, where we expect communications about the Ohr-Steele plot with the Obama White House? Isn't it right to get the chiefs of the plot exposed along with the underlings? For this to be your crowning achievement, you need to go beyond the yap-yap, and start ordering all the documents el-prompto, all of them, including those of Obama himself, and especially all people inclined to speak with Hillary, for she was at the tip of the dossier spear. This issue is of such importance that no dollar limit can be placed on the task. To destroy the Democrats for years to come, let them support Obama while exposing Obama, Holder, Lynch, etc. Two years have been wasted.

Trump needs to watch his back at this time. Seriously. He should stay home until the documents are released. Once released, assassination won't help.

The second meeting, later in the day, had more people present, they said, including other senior Justice Department officials and then-FBI attorney Lisa Page. In this meeting, Rosenstein again raised the idea of putting a wire on someone to record Trump, the sources said. Some in the room left the meeting believing he was joking about the wire idea, but McCabe and Page left the room thinking otherwise, according to the sources.

McCabe and Page both wrote their own notes about the meetings, and while Page's notes also mention Rosenstein bringing up the idea of putting a wire on someone to record Trump, Page's notes do not reflect any suggestion that Rosenstein was joking, according to one source familiar with the matter.

Perhaps Page was not at the first meeting. It was mid-year, 2017, long after the "insurance policy" in McCabe's office.

Finally, I find what seems like the smoking gun against the New York Times, the reason that it's putting out this story:

The source said Rosenstein's comment about the wire "was a comment borne out of frustration.” It was "a throw-away, sarcastic line that was perhaps in some way a challenge to" the FBI's view of investigating a president. “No one from Justice took it in the least bit seriously," the source said of Rosenstein's wire comment. From the Justice officials' perspective, Rosenstein's comment was "a recognition to the people involved in this thing: How would you go about this investigation?” (ABC article above).

The liberals are getting this story out first to do damage control. The source gives his own spin, and makes Rosenstein look innocent. But the article does admit some problematic things that go counter to that source's claim of innocence. The source is framing it in such a way as some thought it was serious, but maybe it wasn't. But there is always ease by which one understands a jest versus something serious. If it's not clearly jesting, it falls in the serious category.

Rosenstein: bewildered, stressed-out, Russia investigation turning up empty at the time, Trump getting away. He says: we need some secret wires on Trump while being interviewed by him. No joke. Strzok and Page wanted it. He justified it by claiming that Trump is unfit. Everyone invited to the meeting was of the same mind, we may assume.

Trump had best watch it as the enemy asks for more time. More time for what? Assassination? This is a most-crucial point. Play it safe.

The NY Times: "None of Mr. Rosenstein’s proposals apparently came to fruition." It's damage control. How does the Times know whether anyone wore a wire while interviewing Trump or his members? The bad news for Rosenstein now is that, if any enemy of Trump comes out with a secret recording, it falls back on him.

It's very interesting that McCabe was mocking Comey for merely writing memos on Trump discussions, yet McCabe wanted the wires. That tells us why Rosenstein helped to get Comey fired, so that McCabe could become the interim FBI director. And that's what McCabe was during the meetings under discussion. Rosenstein probably didn't want Trump to publicize his agreement to fire Comey. It became a wedge stuck between the two, and Rosenstein must have lost support from those who approved of Comey.

It seems that Rosenstein was unhappy about Comeys coolness toward destroying Trump. We may assume that Comey wanted a good relationship with the president in order to keep his job. Didn't work. And for helping to get Comey fired, Trump rewarded Rosenstein with the DOJ. That describes how fiendish Rosenstein is. He was moving fast, very fast. He had guns on Trump even as he helped to get Comey fired.

The best that the Times could do to justify Rosenstein's wire suggestion was "disarray" in the White House. It's not exactly justification of the 25th:

To Mr. Rosenstein, the hiring process was emblematic of broader dysfunction stemming from the White House. He said both the process and the administration itself were in disarray, according to two people familiar with the discussion.

Mr. Rosenstein then raised the idea of wearing a recording device, or “wire,” as he put it, to secretly tape the president when he visited the White House. One participant asked whether Mr. Rosenstein was serious, and he replied animatedly [excitedly] that he was.

The White House is in disarray, and Rosenstein's solution was to secretly tape Trump? That's why the ruin of a nation comes when Intelligence secretly records every person. There is evil behind the evil spy. Rosenstein was implying that the disarray was Trump's fault. All present at the meeting were to believe that Trump was a threat to national security by the disarray...never mind that the disarray was caused by others. I say that Rosenstein was working in concert with the CIA, and that the CIA was causing the disarray.


If not him [wearing the wire], then Mr. McCabe or other F.B.I. officials interviewing with Mr. Trump for the [FBI-Director] job could perhaps wear a wire or otherwise record the president, Mr. Rosenstein offered. White House officials never checked his phone when he arrived for meetings there, Mr. Rosenstein added, implying it would be easy to secretly record Mr. Trump.

There is no way to do damage control with that. How many sources are there? This part of the story contradicts where he was kidding around. The Times must have known that this story was coming out, sooner or later, and decided to be the first cracker at spinning it its way. No spin can be permitted. The paragraph above deserves hard, cold jail bars. Did, or did he not, say those words? Jeff Sessions has no choice but to investigate, even if Rosenstein quits, because this is a high crime, impeachable.

This Veritas video is a good primer after the first minute and a half, about socialist political beasts in government:

Also in the news, a terrible accusation against Kavanaugh that reminds me of the similar plight of Roy Moore. I wonder, was Kavanaugh delighting in Moore's plight? As the Republicans did nothing to expose that scam against Moore, it was predictable that the Democrats would try it again, especially as it worked to oust Moore. And here we are.

Moore was important enough to Democrats that they would torpedo him, for by making him lose, they got one more Democrat on the Senate. It could very well be that Kavanaugh will not be confirmed for that one vote alone. Kavanaugh is innocent, and the Democrats are guilty of a crime here, but Trump does not have an FBI boss to make America great again. The FBI cannot investigate Kavanaugh because it will look utterly terrible for not doing the same to the Democrat side. The FBI has implied that it won't prosecute the Obamites because it doesn't want to get political. So how can it now get involved with Kavanaugh? Besides, the investigation will go against the accuser. Kavanaugh said he was not at the party, a thing he could not say falsely because others at the party would be able to prove him a liar. This development is yet another sign that the United States is under a critical crisis from which there seems to be no cure short of destroying the Democrat party, or at least the liberal media. Democrats are nobodies and lame without the liberal media. Free speech is now imploding the nation because even a false reality is an acceptable part of free speech to those who worship it. The Democrats project all their sins on their political enemies, which means there is no cure for the nation.

By the end of the week, yup, a second woman came out to falsely accuse Kavanaugh, as could be predicted. This is what politics will be until Trump gets an attorney general who's willing to clean swamp with prosecutions that frighten Democrats back to their senses. Trump, the idiot, did not ask Sessions what he was going to do to clean swamp, before hiring him. He just hired Sessions, hoping for the best, and Sessions picked Rosenstein to run the anti-Trump smear campaign. This is why all of Trump's voters have had their hopes dashed lickety-split, because Trump is a faker. He had no intention of cleaning swamp. He criticizes mobsters-in-government only because they are attacking him; otherwise he's at peace with them.

The Judicial Watch video below is interesting in that it's so sleepy I could not tolerate watching it for long. But, at the suggestion of one comment, I put it to 1.25x speed, and suddenly it looked only a small bit faster than normal speed. The speakers were now tolerable. Do you think that youtube and others are secretly slowing down videos (by about 15-20 percent) that do damage to Democrats?

Look at how Trudeau's Canada is using the state media to destroy our kids' value systems, to make them promoters of destructive liberal stooges, to turn them against Christians, and Jesus Christ himself. Poor Trudeau, the Obama of Canada, he'll get exactly what he deserves, not to worry, and Jesus will save His own from this revolting media machine. Make your kids aware of liberalism's control mechanisms.


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