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September 11 - 17, 2018

The Sun, and the Moon, Omens
Unleashing Neretva-River Peoples, the Vardaei and the Pleraei
Miss Hicks' False Prophesying Points Stunningly to the Fusion Dossier

Late in the last update, I showed the curious video below, where Huma Abedin, who worked directly under John Podesta for the Clinton-versus-Trump election, went over to hug Lindsey Graham in front of general Mattis and current White-House Chief of Staff, John Kelly. The latter two characters were in the news allegedly chewing away at Trump's character, at exactly the time that this video was starting to make the rounds. The two men denied that they had said what Bob Woodward had claimed they said, in chewing Trump up, but the video can be viewed as a sinister plot that Mattis and Kelly are involved in with Abedin i.e. her anti-Trump Democrats. This could be the deep-state versus Trump in all it's bare bones:

They say that Woodward is trustworthy, but, the big question is: why would Kelly and Mattis speak against Trump, for a book interview, knowing that their comments were about to go public just as soon as Woodward's book got published? Makes no sense, unless Kelly and Mattis are brazen enough to let that flow out as part of a massive deep-state assault planned against Trump.

On the other hand, I don't know that Mattis and Kelly sat down with Woodward. The latter's claims about their statements may have been from second-hand information, or worse. Still, it would not surprise me if Woodward is correct, or that Mattis and Kelly both despise Trump.

Huma Abedin's husband is the one who got caught sending nude pictures of himself to online sluts, and got jailed recently. He's Anthony Weiner, an appropriate friend of the Podesta's if it's true that the latter are pedophiles. Huma transferred many emails into Weiner's computer, and the FBI discovered this, but gave the two a slap on the wrist, and even absolved Hillary of any guilt at that very time. The entire affair stinks to high Heaven. This is what Trump saved the nation from, and it may have been God himself who did so through Trump, not at all meaning that Trump is Godly. God may have some plans through Trump, but he's no saint, sexually or otherwise.

The Bush's, Clintons and Obama's were invited to the funeral, all sitting in six seats beside one another, but the Trumps were not invited. Paul Ryan, another alleged RINO, was there. The Obama's, Bush's and Clintons, sitting two rows in front of Kelly and Mattis, snuck out by the time that Abedin came to greet Graham. After the hug, Abedin walks in the direction where the Clintons had snuck away. I can't be sure, but it looks like the Grahams are beside Joe Lieberman. I thought it was incorrect for Lindsay to place both hands on John Kelly. Why did the camera change suddenly a few seconds before Graham goes to Kelly? These images were released by whoever, at the funeral, had charge over them.

The fellow in the video below nails it! He's proven that a Hillary-look-alike was at the funeral with Bill. At first, when he shows her as compared to Hillary, it's hard to make out the difference, but when the funeral lady smiles, bang-on! It's not Hillary:

"President Trump, at a hushed ceremony in Shanksville, Pa., paid 'solemn tribute' to the 40 passengers and crew members of Flight 93 who 'stood up and defied the enemy' 17 years ago." Trump cannot be so stupid as not to see that there was no plane crash at Shanksville. Therefore, Trump has decided to become part of 9-11 fakery, and the wrath of God will rest on him because of this. The FBI took control of the Shanksville site, under the lead of Robert Mueller. The faked plane crash was right beside a scrap yard, and general scrap, to no surprise, was strewn all around some smoke coming out of a hole that had been obviously dug out by an excavator. This hoax was an elaborate piece of garbage, claiming that the plane fully inserted itself into the ground, and, later, the FBI had us deceived when saying that the plane had been found deep in the dirt. Mueller knows this hoax first-hand.

Trump is not ready to take on the deep state on this 17th anniversary of 9-11. He instead winks with it. Ask Donald Rumsfeld about it. He is in lock-step with Trump's support of the military, and even agreed that it was correct for Trump to embarrass the European leaders with their cheapness on NATO support. I do not trust Trump because he filled with himself a lot more than Obama was. If Trump decides that he wants to become great on the world stage, look out.

We all recall the speedy invasion of Baghdad under Bush. Here's a capsule: "The Marine general who led 65,000 Camp Pendleton troops to Baghdad in the first furious push of the Iraq war is drawing criticism after saying of battle, 'It's fun to shoot some people.' Lt. Gen. James Mattis made the comments Tuesday at a San Diego forum..." Yup, the guy Trump chose to lead the Middle Eastern war.

Here's Mattis' way to urge young Americans kill: "Actually, it's a lot of fun to fight, you know. It's a hell of a hoot. It's fun to shoot some people. I'll be right upfront with you, I like brawling." Mattis, you filthy, slimy dog. Kill others, and they'll want to kill you back. If we must kill, kill the demons in the American military; make the world safer today. He justified killing Muslims for fun because they slap their women around for not wearing veils. In the meantime, America is number one for wife beaters. Does Mattis say we should have fun killing them too?

Democrats are inciting violence to a point now that begins to edge upon the makings of a civil war, in the midst of a coup attempt. is the military at the head of the coup? I wonder whether the deep state is inciting this in order to save itself somehow from the coming exposure. The liberal media has the Woodward book to fill the news so that it doesn't need to cover the latest FBI guilt, very convenient.

Blatant Criminal Activity -- No Viable Excuse This Time

Next, we learn this week that congress has new emails between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page where Strzok rushes to find a phone number where he can reach Lisa, in a hurry, to ask her to leak to the news media some dirt on Carter Page (date April 10, 2017). On April 11, the Washington Post led with a headline, "FBI OBTAINED FISA WARRANT TO MONITOR FORMER TRUMP ADVISOR CARTER PAGE". They leaked the FISA warrant (a crime) on Carter Page, and other media chimed in...not knowing that this would backfire to become their nightmare. On the 12th, Strzok emails Lisa Page so say, "well done." I would suggest that since Strzok rushed to call Page, he had just gotten the green light, after some waiting, to do the leak from his boss. In his message on the 10th, he tells Lisa that the leak is to be coordinated with the DoJ. It's got Bruce Ohr all over it, and we imagine that Steele was giddy at the time.

Mark Meadows has emailed Rosenstein with this news. We want to see how Rosenstein wiggles out of arresting Strzok and Page for this seditious thing. It was done while Trump was the president. Isn't it about time that someone brings on a heavy-metal law suit against a major media, send a heavy message to the others? Let it go to the supreme court, make it very heavy, like the concrete walls of a jail cell. Fox has the story here:

In the letter to Rosenstein, Meadows asks for the communications of three DoJ people I've not heard before. If Trump would just get rid of Rosenstein, and put in a normal person who's able to appreciate the corruption for what it is, this scandal would be blown wide open.

Thinking back to how Strzok conducted himself, so righteously faked, when questioned before congress, he sure does look heavily criminal now. The upper levels of the FBI, in cahoots with the upper levels of the DoJ, leaking a bad story about a political opponent, numero uno over the county; it is exactly the stuff of conspiracy theorists.

The best thing for Trump now is for Rosenstein to resist this letter from Meadows, for it will more than justify firing the snake. Rosenstein is the type to prepare (beforehand) his best-face responses for his underhanded plots, should he get caught. He's a careful snake. He makes good-face provisions for his wicked moves. But his blatant obstruction says it all as per his true colors. Nothing he can say with his mouth speaks louder than his obstruction. Impeaching Rosenstein may not be necessary, but if Jim Jordan becomes the next Speaker of the House, the Republicans might just impeach Wray for his sin of obstruction. The Meadows letter touches exactly on Wray, who tried not to fire Strzok. Wray has acted as though he knows no dirt on Strzok, but the more that this explosive scandal unleashes, the more the hot volcanic ash will fall on Wray. He wants to be buried (low-key, out of sight), so let him be buried properly. I'll of course follow this story.

I'd like to talk about what looks like a set-up from God either to choose the first name of Bruce Ohr's wife, or to arrange the same roundels between the Nellie and Wake surnames. In the last update, after Wake's were linked to the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks, and finding that Wake's share the red roundel in Chief with Ore's/Orrs, this was found: "WOWIE! I can barely believe it. It's Mr. Ohr's wife, Nellie, who worked for Fusion GPS, and the Nellie surname shares three red roundels on gold with Wake's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD USED A SLEEPING MISS HICKS TO POINT TO THE DOSSIER! Incredible." So, the dream with the beautiful woman and her knee, lead to the Ore's/Orrs with the same roundel as Nellie's. I was told to go wake her up, and she awoke when I touched her knee. This morning, less than a coffee ago, I was wondering whether God may have used her ham-radio lessens as another pointed to the same bunch at the FBI, and it worked out, apparently. She was taking ham-radio lessens at the time that she was helping to put the dossier plot together for Fusion. People are thinking that she needed to communicate with the plotters without being recorded, implying that she was communication with cautious, high-level operatives. It just so happens that the Ham surname shares the white-on-green salmon of McCabe's, and Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI under Comey, and over Strzok, was definitely in on the conspiracy.

There is a thing that helps to convince me that this Ham-McCabe link is usable for the Ohrs, for the radio-like Radi's/Radice's/Radix's use green-and-white checks, the Ham / McCabe colors, but also the colors of Vigils who can be expected in the "vigila" motto term of Wake's. Then, when wondering whether "viGILA" is part-code for Gills, I remembered that Gills use a Shield of green-and-white lozengy, a near match with the Radi/Radice Coat! And the latter's Coat has already been linked to the Cabe-like Cable's/Cabels (compare with Gills), who happen to share a fretty (lattice) Shield with Cabe-like Cave's while McCabe's were at Cavan. "Radice" is like an Italian word for, lattice (I'm thinking diamond-shaped lath).

The Comeys happen to use the green-Shielded Coat of Reillys/Reels (in the write-up of green-Shielded McCabe's), first found in Cavan.

So, how much sense does it make that Nellie Ohr was working ham-radio communications with Andrew McCabe, since the object of the Ohrs is now known to be a pushing of the dossier to the FBI? However, I can think of other reasons to use the radio, for example communicating with an outsider(s) that feeds the CIA or Obama on how the plot is progressing with McCabe. Without doubt, McCabe was involved in this Ohr plot, and may have been the chief of the plot's designs. It was Strzok who directed the Russia-Trump collusion scam, but he was directly under McCabe.

There is a quick way to link the Knee's to the Wake's that didn't occur to me in the last update, but only if I was correct with Knights being a Knee branch. The Shoe's, for example, use a "knight issuing at the knees." Knight's are like Cnuts/Knots, and Wake's use a "wake knot." Cnuts/Knuts share a unicorn head in Crest with Hams, and while Italian Vigils can be with the split-Shield of Fulke's/Volks, Fulks were in Anjou of Angers while Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers." Hangers were first found in Hampshire, where Cnut attacked England.

Cnut descended from a so-called king Gorm, and Gorms/Blue's were first found on Arran with McCabe's. Blue's can be suspect with "Blois" for a couple of reasons. First, Blois is near Angers. Second, Knights were first found in Suffolk with English Blois'. But there is more, for Ore's/Orrs share red roundels with the Orrels and ORLeans' (more green and white), while Blois was politically involved with neighboring Orleans.

Knights have been suspect with a version of the three pale bars of Chatillon because Blois had a political alliance with Chatillon. It just so happens this particular Chatillon location was also known as, Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin, father of Babon, and the Babons, first found in Suffolk with Blois' and Knights, share the double Wake fesses in both colors!

The Gaelic Knee's became Neidhe's, much linkable to "Knight/Kneyt". The Nyte's/Neets bring us back to more green and white. The thing convincing me that Knee's were Knights is where Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick. The latter surname had a castle at CLOSEburn, on the NITH river, and Knights were also Kniths while sharing the spur with Close's. This was part of the things to convince me that the woman in the dream was Miss Hicks.

Knights share a red canton with proto-Washington Wassa's/Wace's/Wais', and so I assume that Wake's/Waiks were their branch, for they both share double-red fesses, used by Washingtons too.

By the way, the last update showed why Ceraunii and their Corn liners were at the Colapis/KUPA river, origin of Cups/Cope's/Colps, and Orrs/Ore's use a CORNuCOPia.

Her beauty symbol was for Beautys that share the black bull with Walerans, the line from Lupus Laevillus, son of Vibia, daughter of Mr. Vibius. This family got suspect with Bibo's, who put a red rooster upon a green-on-white CUSHion, and it just so happens that cushions are used by Kilpatricks. This is how God apparently works to unveil what He's pointing to, for the Kiss'/CUSH's share the red Bibo rooster, and when I was told to go wake her up, I was going to do it with a KISS, Sleeping-BEAUTY style. So, this is another reason to identify the woman in the dream as Miss Hicks.

Bibo's were first found in Mecklenburg with WHALE-using Dols, while Wake's (roundels) can be gleaned with the Alan / Rundel/Roundell fesse in colors reversed.

There is a reason that I'm repeating this Bibo part, for Bibo's are said to use the green cushion of Mr. Hahn, and Hahn do use the red rooster in Crest, though in their Shield they use the rooster of Kopple's, in the colors of the two rooster heads of Jonas'/Jonathans, the latter's rooster heads in the design of the two used by Gorms/Blue's, first found in the same place as McCabe's. The point is, while McCabe's/MACABEE's (have an Alexander character in their write-up) share the salmon of Hamms, Hahns come up as Hanns and Hanners while Hamms are in the colors of, and first found in the same place as, Hammers. This entire discussion is highly suspect from the alliance of Jonathan Maccabee (allegedly named after the hammer) with Alexander Balas, the latter's line suspect to red roundels.

Masonic elements are snaky for the surname symbolism they choose, and they have false meanings to disguise their true meanings. For example, Masons have Solomon's pillars in connection to their Hiram Abiff, but it just so happens that the Hiram/Iron surname is said to be from Arran-like Airaines in Picardy, near ABBEville, and McCabe's are also Abbe's. So, because the latter use salmon, it becomes somewhat apparent that their Solomon is mere code for Salmons. Jewish Salmons are also Solomon's. Italian Salmons and German Solomons look very linkable to two Vaux surnames, that being part of the Waleran-de-Leavell bloodline.

By the way, as per a hunch that Hanners were the namers of Hanover, that place is not far from the Trumps and Hahns/Hanners at Mecklenburg, while the Trump stag head is colors reversed from the Hannover/Hanna stag head. Between Mecklenburg and Hanover is HAMburg, where Trips were first found who now show shoe's for the Shoe's with the "knight issuing at the knees." That's a Trip link to Nith-river liners. The Hannovers/Hanna's were first found near Kilpatrick castle, and it just so happens that while Castle Douglas is between Kilpatrick Castle and the first known Hannovers/Hanna's, the Douglas Chief is that also of Jewish Salmons/Solomons. English Trips, sharing the Hamburg crosslets. Douglas' appear to honor the James' in their motto, and James' share the dolphin with Hammers while DOLphins (almost the Dol whale) are Dol liners, while Dols (Trump colors) were first found in Mecklenburg.

Trips and Scotts (from one Alexander) were first found in Kent while Scotts can be traced to the Alexander motto via the Scott relationship with Terras' (Moray, same as Douglas'). Scotts and Terras both use the same bend with symbols (reflects the Masci bend), and the OVER bend is in the same three colors, and first found in Cheshire with Hands, the latter in HannOVER/Hanna colors. Hamburgs are said to have named HANDbrough. The Scott motto, "AMO," can be code for a Ham liner, for example, Hamo(n) de Masci of Cheshire. It all looks correct. The Over bend has a fret, suspect with Maccabees at Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys; Hamo's Dunham-Masci location was also Dunham-Massey. Masci's were Meschins, and the latter married the Talbot bloodline while the two Talbot Coats are like the two Scott Coats.

? French Masseys once showed the same three BOOTs as the Hamburg Trips (now showing shoes), but now show a tree, a Shoe symbol. The Masci wing is suspect with Jewish Glass' while Scottish Glass' (Massey fleur in colors reversed) were first found in BUTEshire, beside the first-known McCabe's. Shoe's put a white tower beneath their tree, in the colors of the Hamburg tower. German Hams (Vita annulet) use an annulet in colors reversed from the annulets if Tile's, the latter suspect in the Hamburg motto term, "uTILi."

The tree is the special symbol of HAMILtons, and Dutch Hamills/Hamme's (much like the Hume/Home Coat) happen to be in Ham / Hammer colors. It appears that Hams are from a tribe from Kemuel, son of Nahor. The Hamm-like Hume's/Home's are in the same colors, and they love the Tree's/True's in their motto, while Hamiltons use True-like "Through."

Hamburgs (had a HANbury location in Oxford) were first found in Oxfordshire with the Amore's in the Terras motto. Hamore's are listed with German Hammers/Hemmers with a sinister-rising split (Masci symbol) and perhaps the Mason/Massin lion. Hamburgs use drops while Drops/Trope's can trace to Tropoje, near the Clausula river, location of KOPLik, where I trace Kopple's that share the giant rooster of Ham-suspect Hanhs/Hanns, the latter first found beside Hamburg. I rarely eat ham (it's been many months), but broke open a can yesterday, and had more of it today.

Back to the knee. If it's correct that the dream's knee and wake-her-up call points to the Ohrs, then how do the Ohrs fit in with her knee-Leakey event that pointed to 9-11? I'm writing this on September 11, by the way. So far as Wikipedia describes his career, he was merely a lawyer in 2001. But my hunch is that the Ohrs represent the dossier that was started by the same Bush circle that oversaw 9-11. Wow, it's very interesting that while John McCain was the one who brought the dossier to the FBI, McCain variations include Knee-like terms such as "Keen/Keny" as well as a Close-like "Closky." It recalls that Knee's should be from the Nith river, location of Closeburn. And the white McCain fish (it's the Keon fish too) might just be a salmon, for the McCabe salmon is in the colors of the Kane fish!

Knights and Knee's are together in the Coat of Shoe's who in-turn share the tree with McCains/Keens. I can't think of a better reason for finding "Closky" with something so different as "Cain/Keen" than the latter being a Knee branch. Recall that Knights have a variation like the Nyte of Neats, for Kennys use a "TeNEAT" motto term. If Kennys can be a Knee branch, so can Keens, who come up as "Keeny." If this is all correct, then Miss Hicks' knee Sign at the 9-11 memorial was a pointer to John McCain. The latter snitched (wrote about) the dossier to James Comey, McCabe's boss (McCabe was Comey's deputy).

I'm asking why McCain would have been in a knee symbol rather than God using a cane, in the dream, somehow, for Cane's are listed with Caine's/O'Cains. But then the latter happen to use a bend in colors reversed from the Knee bend, and, zowie, just realized: it happens to be a white, wavy bend, just like that of Doris'/D'ORRis', while "Orris" is listed with Ore's/Orrs!!! Wow.

Plus, how would God have used a cane in the glass door to indicate Jorge Glas, vice president of EcuaDOR when Julian Assange was being helped? (see that story introduced in the last update, remarkable). Instead, he used her knees in the glass door, and we just saw DORis/De Orris'. If you recall, Glass' can be linked to Glasgows, and while Pollocks were first found at the Glasgow theater, Jewish Pollocks happen to share the wavy Doris/De Orris bend in both colors, while Ore's/Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks!!! It's bang-on. And it would not have happened without the Cane/Caine surname.

Was it WikiLeaks that revealed McCain's involvement in the dossier? I don't know, something to look into.

Now just look at this. At the 9-11 memorial, I set up Miss Hicks video camera, which can be code for the British prime minister, David Cameron, for Camera's are listed with Camerons. The author of the dossier (Christopher Steele) was/is a British spy, and he authored the dossier while Cameron was the prime minister. I wonder what Cameron was doing in 2001 when Bush partnered with the British prime minister (Tony Blair) at that time to seize Iraq and Afghanistan.

Immediately after setting up her camera, I asked if the empty seat beside her was reserved, and she said it's for her daughter, but that "you can SCOOT OVER" if she arrives. She wanted me there, I have got to assume, or she would simply have left that last part out. As I was cutting in front of her to sit, I looked toward the ground to avoid her feet, and saw green nail polish and sandals. I probably would not have seen these had I not sat beside her. I should therefore add that while I trace Pollocks to Pola in Istria, the latter's cross is green on gold, a color combination that I saw for the Pollock saltire at Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article. And that green Pola cross is the same fat one as used by English Sandals. The latter's single fleur-de-lys is also the single one of Glass'. Coincidence?

And Scottish Sandals/Sandilands happen to use a bend in the colors of the Knee and Leak bends, and throw in a "meliORA" motto term (same as Wake's). The chances for this as mere coincidences are dim. Pietas-Julia is at Pola, where I think Pettys (share elephant head with Sanders) trace, and one Petty Coat uses the same bend as Knee's / Sandals/Sandilands. In the dream, Miss Hicks and I were on the BEACH sand, which got suspect, along with her lying on her BACK over the Seats that lead to Backs/BACHs ("see "Apachnas" two updates ago), with the Hyksos pharaoh, APACHnas, whom, I had read, was the same as pharaoh Khyan.

Now recall that Knee's are in the description of the Shoe Coat, for Shoe's are Schughs too, and Scoots are listed with SCOUGals. In other words, just as God was setting up her knee-in-glass event, she led us to the Scoots/Scougals, and they with Scotts should trace to lake Scodra, beside Kotor, where Saraca's lived that were in the shark at the start of the dream with Miss Hicks. Several years ago, I ventured to trace the Kean fish to the same-colored fish in the Arms of Saraca, but then the Knee-suspect Cains/Keens use the same fish. And Keons got suspect at that time with HYKSos king, Khyan, though Miss HICKS and her dream were not a heraldic topic for years to come. Scoots/Scougals use a "HAEC" motto term, and the Hykes'/Hake's themselves use "hake" fish. Hackets, more fish, in Hack / Troy colors, evoking the Hector Trojans. As Cains/Keens use an escutCHEON, I assume that this symbol was named partly after Keons / Keens, but then look at Scoot-like "eSCUTcheon." Scoots share the black greyhound with Schutz's/Schuetts.

The Scoot Crest has an item leaning sinister for a trace to the Maezaei, and the COURANt greyhounds in the Scoot Shield trace to their Ceraunii neighbors.

Okay, I'm convinced that Miss Hicks is pointing to end-time Hyksos in at least John McCain as he got involved with the spy agency under prime-minister David Cameron. In 2001, the latter became a member of parliament, and when he got on to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, "Cameron proposed that the Committee launch an inquiry into the law on drugs, and urged the consideration of 'radical options'. The report recommended a downgrading of Ecstasy from Class A to Class B..." It sounds as though it involves criminal-drug use. Ohr had himself worked in international drug trafficking under the DoJ. I don't know when Ohr first started with drugs, but "In 2014 he became director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force." I suppose it's possible that he and Cameron connected on this commonality.

In any case, all I/we can do is wait to see what next gets exposed. It's already well understood that the dossier was a seditious, illegal scam of a high-conspiratorial nature. Napolitano said on Fox that the latest from Strzok-Page may not be a crime. It depends, he said, on what was leaked. But Napolitano is ignoring the bigger picture served by the leak, and that bigger picture is a gross crime. We want to know whether the DoJ will uphold the law with criminal convictions, or start to turn into the lawlessness that the Bible predicts for the coming of anti-Christ. Already, we have started to see lawlessness amongst the radical-Democrat reaction to a Trump presidency; imagine how much worse it would be if a devout evangelical was the president.

The pro-Trump side claims that Alexander Downer was in cahoots with Cameron, but the other side denies this. Downer was the Australian diplomat through whom the Australian government came to talking with the Obama administration concerning possible Trump collusion with Russia. In other words, Downer set the Trump administration up on a faked charge, and this is what the Mueller side claims (though not calling it faked) as being responsible for starting the Mueller probe. Don't you think it sounds a little suspicious that Downer approached an obscure Trump aid with some dirt on Hillary that never panned out as dirt? Isn't it obvious from the Trump-tower meeting that the Hillary side was playing a dirt-on-Hillary trick in a cheap effort to make Trump look like he was working against her with Russians? Cameron is a conservative, but my hunch is that he was with the McCain / Bush conservatives, opposed to Trump.

While Trump was showing opposition to Britain's safe areas for Muslim refugees / illegals, "Prime Minister David Cameron called Trump 'divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong.'" To this day, Muslims in the West have NOT been a problem. You want to see a problem? That's when a significant part of the Muslim population arises all at once, which it will do, not because ISIS calls it to, but because conservative leaders continually demonize Muslims, Trump included. As Obama craftily took Muslims to his side, Muslims are bound to arise after the next Democrat administration unleashes them. As we speak, Democrats are trying to unleash Mexican Americans on Republicans. Talk about divisive.

Britain helped to foment anti-Muslim sentiments, and then fed Muslim citizens candy to pacify them. This entire irony is thanks to the Bush circle at 9-11, the remnants of which Trump is openly supporting. The best solution is to get Coalition military out of the Middle East, but neither conservatives nor the military know how to speak that language. They know only to infiltrate nations and control them by dangling a little money before their eyes...a thing that Trump tends to oppose if only they would let him have his way (they won't). And their trick is to keep these nations weak and divided, such wickedness, to make controlling them easier. They ruin nations in order to create peace on their own terms, and in the meantime, they devise plots to line their pockets with some of the wealth, some of it seized criminally from ballooned military budgets. Trump just gave them one big balloon. Party time.

'The US president is undermining democracy by misusing the term 'fake news', David Cameron says." To the contrary, Trump is bang-on, and the Camerons of the world have yet to come to speed by making this beast well-publicized. Political news from Western media is a deep-state tool, and Cameron knows it. This is the best definition of fake, political news: either true or false news but always framed as the deep-state wishes it. A tool for the deep state is not news, in other words, but propaganda and self-serving initiative, in which case it ceases to be pure news.

My Omen Re-Visited

There is another way that the Ohrs can be linked to Miss Hicks, by the "ClariOR" motto term of Lease's (load all Coats here). As MacLease's/Lise's and Larins/Clarens share two of the three Clare chevrons, it indeed appears that "Clarior" is code for both Clare's and Orrs/Ore's. Lease's were discovered as per the middle name of Donna Brazile, who was born and/or grew up in New ORLEANS. This happens to recall that the Orleans (with an 's') surname shares red roundels with Ore's/Orrs and Orrels. It completely amazes me that I was in New Orleans, the owner of a booth at an international fencing show, showing my fence-post invention which at the time was partly owned by Mr. Klees. The Lease's are also MacCLEISH's, for example, and can be expected to have had other MacClees-like variations. The Klees'/Clees' happen to use an "ORbem" motto term.

I feel hesitant to speak on this, as an act of God, because more than $30,000 was wasted on this invention. Would He have been part of this just to point to Donna Brazile's involvement in the Obama / Clinton crime ring, and related matters? She led the Democrat National Committee at the time that Seth Rich's faked murder investigation was going on. The reason that I think Donna Brazile works into things is that I had an omen from God when driving into Texas from Louisiana, the latter being the state that has New Orleans. About midway between the Louisiana border and Miss Hicks' former home, I saw a small, lone cloud, about the diameter of the sun, covering the sun, which presented an ominous feeling. That night, after passing Miss Hicks' former home in the Houston area, I was mugged, after midnight, and thought I was going to be shot. The omen in the sun is virtually the cloud over the sun in the Lease Coat (Clare-line Sinclairs are also Suns). It seems that God is pointing to Donna Brazile with that omen, and it also appears as though she was somehow involved with the Ohrs.

One night, I had a bird-screaming event in my bed that pointed to Donna Brazile and the Don surname. When I awoke and checked the Dons, it happened to use a "dona" motto term, but also an "OMNia" motto term suspect with "omen." Can we believe it: Orrs/Ore's use "omnia" too for what looks like another Brazile link to the Ohrs. I called the cloud-over-sun event an omen long before connecting heraldry to it. I'm not saying that the creators of heraldry had anything to do with these connections, but that God used events knowing that I'd one day find evidence for his fingers, in the events, through heraldic connectors. It's all intended to point to guilty parties in elite places.

A couple of months ago, an old friend, Don, whom I had not seen for about 20 years, called out of the blue, and came up for a visit. He left his baseball cap here, and so I called to say that I'd bring it down the next time I'm in his vicinity (three hours away). I arranged to bring it back about a week ago, by setting up a visit with the owner of the white Rabbit. Should I be looking at the baseball theme of Steve SCALISe due to this baseball cap? At first, when I thought of that question, yesterday, I had nothing to say, but it took me a few minutes just now to realize that Caps/Capes' share the SCALES scallops!!! He left his baseball CAP here! Suddenly amazing.

I put the cap on my DRESSER the day he left, and it's been there ever since. I'm sure I had read that Mr. Dressup was a child molester, but I cannot find any evidence for this online (maybe I'm confusing him with someone else). Scalise got shot at a baseball practice while investigating pedophiles. Dressers were first found in Thuringia, home of queen Basina, and then Base's are also Bassens. The lions of Base's/Baise's are in the colors of the Second lion, and Scalise was shot at second base. Seconds were first found in Limousin with French Clairs, and Irish Clairs share the five, white ostrich feathers in the Scales Crest.

I did mention Don in one of my heraldic discussions because he lived near Mr. Doner, the original owner of my Nissan pick-up, the one I was mugged in during the omen, and Dons use two fesses colors reversed from the Nissan fesses.

I've got to add that I was driving past Miss Hicks' former place when scouting some land. The day after I was mugged, I changed plans (due to the mugging) and decided to look for land elsewhere. The first place I went to was a place toward Leakey, and just before getting there, I recall seeing a political sign with Mr. Moreno, which is the surname of the current Ecuadorian president giving Julian Assange all his problems. It could be added that Leaks/Leakeys are like "Lease," and that the two surnames use Chief-Shield color combinations in colors reversed. The second place I went, where God gave Signs, was Crystal City, which is where Miss Hicks was likely going to church at the time (she told me she attended church there). I purchased land near her seven months later, yet I didn't know who she was at the time.

Now watch what happens here to help prove that God is pointing to the dream with Miss Hicks. We start at the "OrBEM" motto term of the English Klees'/Clays, first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks. The BEEMs/Beamish's happen to share three trefoils with both Klees surnames, indicating a good possibility that Beems are in the Klees motto with Orrs/Ore's. Beems/Bemis'/Beamish's are said to be from "BEAUMeys," for example, which the write-up defines as "beautiful," the code that God gave miss Hicks. The Beauty-like Beatys/Bettys happen to share a blue sword with German Klees', and Beautys are the ones sharing the black bull with Walerans, who were from Waleran de Leavell, who married a daughter of the BEAUMonts ("beau" means "beautiful"). Houseofnames has a page showing all the McLeod septs, where the white McLeod bull head shows black, and McLeods are also Clouds i.e. suspect in the cloud of the Lease Coat. There is a white castle in the Klees/Clay Crest, the color of the McLeod/Cloud castle.

It all looks very plotted-out by God, especially as Miss Hicks and I rose together into the SKY, as soon as I touched her knee, while McLeods lived at SKYE and Lewis. The Lewis' are said to be from Leavell-like "Lewellyn," and the Louis branch is like "Louisiana." Lease's are said to be from "Levison, which was a form of Lewis," but I'm not biting. I suggest that they were Lissus liners to Lys'/Lisse's, first found in northern Paris, and likely merged with, with Levi's. The pagan Levites from Laish, that is. The "Clarior" motto term of Lease's is suggesting that the Crusader Clare's / Sinclairs/Suns were from these Levites. Can we spot from the Car-Crest sun why sun-using Lease's were from Clarus of Caria?

And while Klees' are Clays, Claytons (Sinclair cross) share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's.

Recall the trace to McCabe's/McAbbe's to Abbeville, for Beems/Beamish's (probably Bellamys) are said to have been at "Beaumetz, near Abbeville".

If you read about the bra on the laundry line as it was part of the codes pointing to Pepin of Landen, let's repeat that he married Ita of Metz, for "BeauMETZ can apply. Donna Brazile's ancestry is said at Wikipedia to be in the Braswells (girdle), and the Brae's/Brays use a "FLAX breaker" while the McLeod/Cloud flags are code for Flacks/Flags/Flecks. The latter were first found in Norfolk with the Fulke's/Volks, who share the Shield of Belgian Flecks, and as this is part of the Glass bloodline, note that Jewish Glass' and Klees' share a pair of white wings. The Glass wings are in both colors of the Masci wing for a related reason. Moreover, Italian Fulks share the Coat of Massys/MATTIS', that suspect with "Metz."

As I said, Bra in Cuneo was linked by God to a white-rabbit theme (Conys / Conns use white rabbits). A few days after Joel purchased a white VOLKswagen Rabbit, he came to visit, and we went for a drive through Parry Sound, place of birth of Bobby Orr. During the drive, and I think it was while getting out the car at Parry Sound, I saw a white-rabbit logo in the floor MAT of the car. The modern Mat river, to which I trace proto-Freemasonry, was the MATHIS, and this area had the Cavii who named Piedmont, which is where I trace all proto-Freemasony of the Crusader / Templar kind, as Masci liners of Piedmont (location of Cuneo) merged with the Sinclair Normans, chief Crusaders.

This drive in the white Volkswagen is when the Volk variation of Fulke's came to topic. The Volks/Fulke's share the Massey and Lys/LISE fleur while Scottish Lise's are also MacLEASE's. English Lease's share six pale bars with LANDENs/LANDERS (in-code with the LAUNDRy line that held the bra), Langleys, Langfords, and Longfords...and Klees'/Clays put six pale bars in their chevron while English Lise's once again use six pale bars. The Cavii lived at LISSus. The Landens/Landers and LANGleys use the six bars in the same colors, and Bra is in Cuneo's LANGHE area. Pale's/Palys share the camel head with Pepins.

It is stunning that this owner of the white Rabbit worked at the time for the son of Mr. Klees' partner, and both partners formed a corporation with me on the fence post (I quit when they wanted too large a part). The owner of the Rabbit got the job more than 20 years after the corporation was formed i.e. no relationship at all between them i.e. it looks set-up by God to make the point(s).

I've just realized that the Wake's ("Ora" motto term, Orr/Ore roundels), who first connected with the Orrs/Ore's, are said to be from a "Lord Wake" of the Abbey of BRUN, evoking Bobby Orr of the Boston BRUINs. Bruins are said to be from Bruns. Dons, who share "omnia" with Ore's/Orrs, were of "BRUEN and Done" (there are two Bruen surnames). Dons (bend in Donatis-bend colors) use a "dona" motto term while the Bruins share the lion of Donatis'/Dona's. The latter use the three bends of Barone's (Tuscany, same as Bruno's) in colors reversed. Compare Barone's to Yale's. Irish Barone's were first found in Waterford, and an Arms of Waterford County uses a stag head in the colors of the Down/Doune stag while Dons (Down/Doune colors) are also Doune's. Is that the Chappes perchevron in the Arms?

Were the Corrys of Waterford a branch of Orrs? The "vigila" motto term of Wake's can be honoring the same as the "vigilans" motto term of Corrys/Currys (probably the saltire of DUNbar-related Gospatricks). The latter's saltire looks like a version of the DACH/Tax saltire because the latter use white swords for it, the symbol of Aude's suspect in the "auDAUX" motto term of Corrys. The Waterford Barone's have the Corry/Curry saltire in colors reversed, and use an "audaces" motto term. Scottish Corrys look linkable to Quintus Caepio because the have the colors and format of Capone's, while Quints were first found in Essex with Colchester while Colchesters (Quint chevron) share the red estoiles of Scottish Corrys.

Neither Orrs nor the Ohrs of the dossier scandal were topics when I went for a ride in this Rabbit. I've told before, multiple times, that, when we pulled over to turn around, he left the blinkers on, and I saw a gull walking along perfectly lock-step with the clicking of the blinkers. I wrote something about the Blinker/Blanchard surname (can't recall what) due to that event, which happens to use roundels in its Chief colors reversed from the Ore-Chief and Wake-Chief roundels. Why a gull? For one, English Gulls use the six pale bars of the cloud-over-sun Jeffreys in colors reversed, and Blinkers point to Orrs/Ore's with the "omnia" motto term now expected hard with the cloud-over-sun omen. Spanish Gulls happen to use two fesses in colors reversed from the same of Wake's.

By the way, when I was mugged the night of the omen, I was sleeping in the back of the pick-up. The thief woke me and pretended to have a gun. Doesn't this reflect on the dream where I awoke Charlotte Hicks as code for the Wake's i.e. who share the Ore-Chief roundel?

During the drive, the Rabbit owner told me that he was flying out to Europe, the following week, with a BRAZILian sports writer, and this is what first pointed me to Donna Brazile as part of God's Bra codes. Braswells use a girdle (the only heraldic girdle I know of), which seems to clinch a Donna-Brazile link to the pedophilia suspect in the white-rabbit theme of the Podesta's. The brasier was on the laundry line, and Podesta-like Potes'/Pots use no symbols but a fesse in the colors of the same of French Brasiers. Amazing. That's new right here, thanks to my looking up Brasiers this past week, as per Mr. Brasier, the father of prime minister Theresa May. Someone online said that he was close to some pedophilic priests, and others complain that May has reduced investigations against pedophiles.

Potes' are in Porter colors, and while both were first found in Berry, English Potters were first found in the same place as Porters/PAWTers, and both use the same colors.

Brasiers are said to be from Cote-d'OR in Burgundy (same as Mathis' who share the Chives cross). PILATE's were first found in Burgundy along with the Bosonids suspect in the white bull (Pilate colors) of Bosons/Boso's. It's interesting that Pelosi's/PILATi's, first found smack beside Bra, use a white-on-black bull, which in colors reversed is black, possibly explaining why McLeods/Clouds use both a white and black bull head. McLeods come up as Lutts while English Lutts share the Mason/Massin lion on the Fast (and Petty) quadrants, and McLeods/Lutts happen to use a "Hold FAST" motto. Fasts are suspect from Vasto's of Cuneo, and Podesta-like Puddesters/Poindexters share the Fist/FAUST fist. Puddesters/Poindexters use an "ESQUIRE's helmet" while Squire's/Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with Lutts. But that's not all, for Spanish ESQUERs use a white rabbit.

I tentatively called my post invention, the Pillar Post, and Pillers (with an 'e') are listed with Pilotte's. Pillars (with an 'a') are also Pilots, but also Pile's while Orrs/Ore's use piles! Bingo. And "Post" is a motto term of the Jeffreys who show my omen, while French Jeffreys share the giant Pillar/Pilot/Pile lion. Believe it or not.

Again, the fence invention was brought to New Orleans, where Donna Brazile was from, and Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in SAVIGliano, smack beside Bra, named by the Savage's/Sava's who share the Pillar/Pilot/Pile lion. I claim that Jack Sava had part in Seth Rich's murder. Mr. Sava is the head of the hospital's surgeons, and his woman is, as is Tony Podesta, a lobbyist for the Clinton elite / Democrats. I said recently (4th update of last month):

On Monday evening, the day the last update was out, youtube fed me a video suggestion (right margin list) from White Rabbit News. It never does that. I may have loaded White Rabbit News months ago when God verified that white rabbits are very important to what He's up to through me. So I loaded the video less than two hours ago as I write, and discovered Matt Couch saying that he has a reliable source who told him that Donna Brazile was at a hospital at the same time, or shortly after, as Seth Rich, on the night he was murdered there for stealing DNC records and transferring them to WikiLeaks.

Donna Brazile was not yet the DNC chair at the time, but she was chosen to lead it with possibly the task of deflecting investigations into Rich's murder. Jack Sava's woman (Lisa Kountoupes) is/was a lobbyist for Uranium One, which involves the Clinton-Foundation crime ring.

The Pillar Post, partly owned by Mr. Klees. Pillers/Pilotte's, first found in Lincolnshire with Klees'/Clays, share the Coat of the Sava-like Shaws, the latter first found in Perthshire with Athols. The latter's six pale bars are colors reversed from the same of Klees'/Clays, and Claytons show exactly the Crest of the cup-using Shaws. Wikipedia had said, in Pontius Pilate's article, that his mother was suspect by some from Perthshire, and heraldry bears this out in the Colt/Cult Coat. Is it a coincidence that the cup-using Shaws come up as "Seth," or was God pointing to the killer of Seth Rich in Jack Sava? Again, Pillars/Pilots use a giant lion in the colors of the six of Savage's.

During Rich's murder, the DNC was chaired by Debbie Wasserman. She employed a Pakistani family in the House to seize top secrets from the computers of dozens of Democrats in the House (she may have been skimming money by allowing the family to sell secrets to Pakistan). While the Senate is a body of congress along with the House, Nancy Pelosi happens to be the chief of Democrats in the Senate, and the Pillers / Pillars seem to be a branch of both Pelosi's/Pilati's and Sava's. So, did God arrange for me to invent a fence-post product, and put me through much trouble for nothing, to point at this situation? It makes me wonder whether I should try to market this post in my retirement (maybe he'll make it work this time).

Debbie Wasserman? Wassers are listed with Wassa's/Wais'/Wace's, suspect as a branch of Wake's that pointed hard to the Ohrs. Wassermans/Bassermans share fish on green with McCabe's (share white-on-green wavy with Wassermans/Bassermans), and moreover the fish are held by a savage. Yup. And Wake's were first found in Lincolnshire with Klees'/Clays.

Amazingly, Mr. Klees' first name is Frank while German Franks show only a pillar or a column. I can't load the description page anymore to see which one it is, but I do recall that Pelosi's/Pilati's (expected Pillar/Pilot branch) use columns. Italian Franks were first found in Piedmont with Pelosi's/Pilati's, and while English Franks share the Pollock saltire, Posts share the Pool lion.

When I was about 20 years old, August and Franca came from my mother's hometown in Italy, and stayed for some time at our place. One day, August snapped a picture of Franca and I sitting on the lawn beside the Birch tree. German Birch's were first found in Bohemia with both German Frank surnames, and English Birch's share the Masci fleur while August's mother is a Masci by maiden name. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Franks/Franca's. Four decades later, the owner of the white Volkswagen Rabbit, a relative of my mother, and one who works for one of my Pillar-Post partners, flew to Europe, headed for Poland's European volleyball championships with the Brazilian sports writer. They took their time, and driving between Rome and the Venice airports, they stopped off at my mother's home town unannounced. They arrived on the day of Franca's funeral.

Since then, August's father has become Mr. bocci ball because God used him in an event with me, at my age 10. I wouldn't have known it had not Joel dropped in on his town. The event showed me that Bocci's/Brocato's are from Brogitarus, and as Brocks are suspect from him too, what about Birch's? Isn't it amazing that Birch's share the Brock fleur-de-lys? Birch's came to topic merely because we sat at the birch tree for the photo that bocci ball's son took. And Bricks share the Massey fleur. Mr. BRIQUESsart was from the Bessin, and while Bessins are from a line from Brogitarus > Bassus > Bassianus, Mr. Briquessart was father to the first-known Meschin. The Masci's.

I got so bored watching his bocci-ball matches that I asked him several times if we could go. Each time, he'd say, "In a minute, in a minute." Minute's/Mynetts are from Amyntes, Brogitarus' son. But this is another story.

All in all, I've got to assume strongly that God is leading the attack against the Ohrs, etc. The DoJ has started a grand jury against McCabe, and this will likely cover FISA abuse. My problem is that I can't trust the DoJ. But, after the elections, Sessions and Rosenstein may be gone.

Judicial Watch has revealed that the FBI was officially opposed to anything that Steele passed on to them, though this contradicts things. The way I see this, the FBI initially rejected Steele due to the obvious, but someone above Comey's head, and urged by Hillary's campaign, forced him to take Steele seriously. While Nellie Ohr would have been one who wanted the FBI to take Steele seriously, and therefore Mr. Ohr too, I don't think that Mr. Ohr was high enough in the DoJ to make this sort of decision on his own. It was a controversy, with Comey worried about his image for partnering with Steele, but with Hillary insisting, and perhaps appealing to Obama, that the FBI take on the dossier as real news. Comey, regardless of how he may have hated to do it, did it. He became a criminal. It was his choice, and he chose to side with the Clinton crime ring. After he was rightly fired, he kicked up a little storm in retaliation, making him more guilty because he refused to repent, refused to turn in his guilty partners. He is still acting the complicit criminal and obstructionist to this day.

The decision to accept the Steele dossier was at least in the hands of Sally Yates. But I think it had to be pushed, as could be expected, by her boss, Loretta Lynch. This is what the Obama dream indicates to me: Loretta Lynch was the king-pin for Hillary's election hopes. There is your anti-Trump monster. She could not have attempted to pass off such a pure conspiracy, based on fabricated news, and involving all the upper-level law people, without the wink, in the least, of Obama. The latter criminal is out campaigning against Republicans for fear that the House and Senate will remain in their hands. But the bad news for him may start to arrive before the elections.

The Mugging

I entered Texas from new Orleans in the afternoon. After midnight, I was sleeping in the back of the pick-up, when the truck started to bounce up and down (he was lifting the truck by the fender or bumper). When I awoke, there was a black man out the side window saying, "what the f you doin here, someone could BLOW you away." I thought he had a gun.

Note how Orleans in France is near blow-like Blois. Keep this in mind because the Knee-suspect Knights, who I link to Blois', are about to creep into this discussion with Ham suspects. Recall how Nelly Ohr uses a ham radio that seemed to be by the will of God in order to point to McCabe's of Arran, because they share the Ham salmon. Again, the Orleans surname shares red roundels with Orrs/Ore's and Orells (O'Reillys?), and here I present to you more evidence that this mugging was a pointer to the Ohrs and Andrew McCabe.

I got my pants on as the first thing to do, because I had to get out of the back. I was vulnerable in there. I had locked myself in with a pair of vice grips on the latch. As soon as my pants were on (I was still dazed in sleep), a car came down toward us with headlights blaring, and when I clicked the vice-grips off the latch, I noted that it sounded like the cocking of a gun. He may have been caught in fear. There was nothing he could do, anyway, as I got out while the lights were passing. It was a relief to be standing outside with him, but I still thought he had a gun. The next thing was to get my keys in hand, but I had to reach into the back to get them, and I happened to put them in my RUNNING SHOE's. I've told this story several times, I'm not making it up now.

As I reached in, he may have thought I was reaching for a gun. In the meantime, I figured that this would be the time when he pulled out his gun. I looked back as I reached, and, sure enough, his hand went for his back pocket. But he pulled out some cigarettes, and offered me one. He had been drinking. He was pretending to be a friend at this point, saying we could go into business. Maybe he didn't have a gun after all. I got the keys out, and stood outside with him. What next?

Let's look at this, because Shoe's use a "knight issuing from the knee's," and my knee will figure large into this event momentarily. Aside from this event, I had theorized that "ISSuing" is heraldic code for the island of Issa, which is also called, Vis, and there is a Vise/VICE surname, which shares the black-on-white stag head with Knee's. And while Leslie's use a "grip" motto term, the Knee bend is in the colors of the Leslie bend. And Leslie's, who may be in the Latch Crest because the Latch lozenges are in the colors of the Leslie buckles, share a green griffin in Crest with McCabe's. Pretty darned connective there.

The Ardiaei Illyrians became the Arduinici of ONEGLia, where Nagle's trace, and while I put the vice-grips on the Latch, the Latch surname shares the Nagle fesse with lozenges. Latch's were first found in Galloway, which essentially faces out to Arran, where McCabe's were first found.

As per the running shoes, by what coincidence does the Running/Ronny surname share a wavy, white bend with McCabe's? It thus seems obvious that Runnings/Ronnys are of the namers of "Arran." Latch's use a wavy fesse themselves. Seeking other Arran liners, I found the Rannys/Raineys'/Rennie's, and I trace "Arran" to "AIRAINES." The Rannys share the tree with Shoe's.

Before finding Rannys, the Arrons were found who show only two variations: Uren and TREWren. Trews, who have a knight in Crest, are also True's/TREE's, and thus linkable to Shoe's. It appears that God knew what he was doing with keys in my running shoe's, especially as Trews/Tree's and Keys / Kays share bendlets. Note that "TrewREN" looks like a Trew merger with Urens. They are said to be from Orion-like Urions/Uriens, and I did trace mythical Orion to king Pinnes of the Ardiaei, who ruled the island of Issa. Arran is beside Bute, the mythical Avalon that was the place of death for Ardiaei liner, king Arthur. Sir Urian is in the write-up of Sempers/St Pierre's/St. Pere's, who could be using the double Levi lions in Pierro/Pero colors. Peare's/Pears share leopard faces with Urens.

The first Trew/Tree liner is said to be RANNulfus Truue, and while Randolphs are said to have been Rolphs/Ralphs too, the latter share ravens with Arrons/Urens/Trewrens. I trace Ralphs to Ogyges of Boiotia, home also of mythical Orion. It becomes a theory here that Airaines and Arran had earlier been a line of Randolphs (Running/Ronny colors).

Again, McCabe's share the Ham salmon, and they are in the colors of the Hume/Home lion, while the latter use a "True" motto term. Perfect. It suggests that Hams and Hume's were branches, and that True/Tree liners were indeed linked to McCabe's of Arran. Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs.

With keys in hand, I went to unlock the passenger door because the lock for the driver door was broken. Becoming confident that he didn't have a gun, and seeing that he had been stunned by my suddenly being on even ground with him, I needed to reach into the cab to unlock the driver door from the inside. But as I did so, the demon in him decided to lunge. He knocked my head into the rear-view mirror, and knocked it off. The heraldic mirror is used by mythical Melusine of Avalon (the Vere's have her on Avalon); she's in the Crest of the Bute-shire Glass' but also in the Crest of Morays while the first earl of Moray was Mr. Randolph.

He then got both hands around my neck, yelling, "Give 'em over, give 'em over." He wanted the keys, not just money. The Necks/Neckers share a giant stag head with Vice's, and the Neckar river is the origin of the Stout vikings who used a raven. They put that raven in the Arms of Shetland, but I read that these same vikings had conquered Rothesay, which was later called, Bute. Yup, Avalon. I figure that Rothesay was named by the German Rothes'/Rothchilds because they use a giant raven, but also by English Rothes' because they were first found in Shropshire, home of Peter Pollock, who was later the builder of Rothes castle, at Rothes, beside Moray. One Peter surname even uses a raven.

Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use a bend in the colors of Jewish Pollocks, in the colors of the wings of Jewish Glass', and these wings are in the colors of the wings in the Ranny/Rainy/RENNIE Chief. Pollocks and Ore's/Orrs were both first found in RENfrewshire, at GLASgow. We can thus see Pollock connections to Bute and Arran, especially as the Pollock bend is wavy, and in the colors of the wavy fesse of Runnings/Ronnys. (Rory MacDonald was on Bute, and Ronalds are likely a branch of MacDonalds as per their merger with Arran elements.) Renfrew is a little inland from the Arran-Bute area.

With two hands around my neck (yes, I was scared), he wasn't able to subdue me. He took one hand off, grabbed an object from his pocket, and was plunging it toward me as though it was a knife. I was with my back against the passenger seat, and he was with feet on the pavement. There was nothing I could do but raise a knee to block the plunge. I did, and the object fell out of his hands to the floor. We both looked for it with our hands, as my hand came across his, but I then grabbed it first. It wasn't a knife, just a piece of plastic scrap. So, with confidence now, and very upset: "In the name of Jesus, get off!" And as I pushed him away, we were suddenly standing outside again. The name of Jesus maybe caused him to recall his senses, made him realize that he was sinning. In short, I got away that night with everything, but there you have the knee; God showed me that Knee's are part of the Wake pointer to the Ohr scandal.

In the Hicks dream, she was on her back HOVERing OVER the seats when I was told to wake her up. I was with BACK against the seat when he yelled, "Give 'em OVER," shortly after he woke me up. Backs/Bachs use the steer while Steers love the Cedes variation of Seats.

The Spider on a Strand

A new idea just occurred as I wondered about the wavy features we saw with Arran liners. As the Webber branch of Weavers use a wavy bend, I figure that heraldic waves are code for Weavers. I've just checked to see if Weavers come up as "Weafers," and they do. I've just had a suspicion that Overs/Ofers, first found in Cheshire with Weavers, and in the same colors, were a Weaver branch. This is interesting where it seems to me that, on multiple occasions, God has given Miss' Hicks' Kilpatrick surname a spider symbol. Hicks use a wavy fesse. Spiders are web weavers, right? And she was hovering over the seats. And Kilpatricks were at the Nith river, where Knee's can trace if they were a Knight branch. Knee's share a blue bend with Overs/Ofers.

Amazingly, I now turn to a dream of last February. I usually don't remember dreams unless I'm having them when I awake, but even if I faintly remember some, they don't make it to my readers unless they are vivid or the type I think is from God. The dream was short, a spider walking along a strand of web, going for a fly trapped in the web. I stuck what I thought was a piece of cardboard in front of the spider to block passage to the fly. I therefore loaded Flys immediately after writing on Webbers above, and while the two surnames were first found beside one another, they both use gold-on-black fleur-de-lys. Hicks use gold fleur too, and I'll show below why this dream links to Kilpatricks at the Nith.

The spider was on what I've always called a strand, from the first time that I described the dream. The Strands/Stronds (Savage with club) put a wavy bar fessewise at the base of their Shield in the colors of the wavy McCabe fesse. As per the cardBOARD, the Boards (Sussex, same as Webbers and Mascals) happen to share an antelope in Crest with Weavers, can you believe it? Ranulph le Meschin owned the garbs of Weavers. Cards/Certs (suspect from Cirta, the Numidian capital) use a blue lion with a gold collar upon which are three red roundels in the colors of the Ore / Orell / Nelly / Wake roundels. Carders (sinister buckles) look like they have a Coat version of the Numidia-liner Meschins/MASCULine's (from Mascula of Numidia). This gets important with Maschi's of Rimini below, because the Strand StREAM (in Ream colors) can be partly for a Rimini liner, especially as Masci's (no 'h') were first found on/near the Stura river (of Cuneo).

Yes, the wavy STRand bar, suspect with the wavy fesse of MacAbee's, is called a STReam, and the Stur river, where "STRzok" can trace, runs beside HAMpshire (part of Hampton), where Flys were first found. The Fly and Webber fleur is shared by Irish Hamps and the neighboring Mascals. The Drake's of Hampshire translate their "muscas" motto term, code for Mosca's/Muscas', as "fly." As Suggs/Soggs were first found in Hampshire, they become suspect with "StrZOK." Suggs/Soggs share the green-gold vair fur of Vigils expected in the "Vigila Ora" motto of Wake's. Suchs/Zouch's share the roundels of English Hamps/Hamptons, which are colors reversed from the Wake / Ore roundels.

What's in an arm pit? Here's from the 2nd update of last February:

I just want to report a dream I had as I slept this Tuesday morning. A fly got caught, in my bedroom, on a strand of a spiders web, and as it tried to walk along the strand away from a fat spider chasing it along, I slipped a piece of cardboard between the two to save the fly. I was on my bed. Immediately, as I was laying down on my back, I felt something wiggling in my armpit. It must have been the fat, menacing spider. I tried to get up, but could not. It was awful. I tried to get up, but was paralyzed. Then, as it got unbearable, I realized I was sleeping/dreaming. That is, I became semi-conscious.

Save the fly from the spider, get attacked by the spider. Is the spider the FBI? It strikes me here that "spider" is like "spy." Is the web a symbol of the FBI's world wide web spider?

The ARM PIT. Let's start with Pitts, who have a Coat reflection of the Nith-river Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as Annandale). The Armys/Armine's/AYRmine's (Lincolnshire, same as Taillebois') may have the Maschi Chief on red, and so use a version of the Tailbois Coat, and it's the Annandale Shield too. There you have both Pitts and arm-like Armys tracing to the Nith-river area. As I said, aside from this spider dream, the spider was used, I think, as code for the Kilpatrick saltire. j, and,. The Arms of AYRshire uses the Annandale Coat in the colors for it of the Bruce's. As the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term, I trace Ayrshire's namers to the Shawia Numidians at Orr-like Aures'. There is an Aur/Aures surname. It looks like the Armys may have been an Aures line of Numidians. Orrs were first found beside Ayrshire.

Pitts use a version of the Pitt-like Patty/Paddy Coat, both using lions in the colors of the Stormy lion, and Stormys were first found in Wiltshire, near the source of the Stur, and where STRand-colored STARs were first found. Pattys/Paddys, smacking of a Patrick / Patch / Padyn branch, were first found in Worcestershire, location of another Stur/Stour river. Massena's use the patee cross as code for Patti in Messina, and Pattys/Paddys use a colors-reversed version of the Mascal Coat. Storms share three red fesses with Sturs. Pitts have a Stur-like stork, and meanwhile Store's use the stork too, as do Pitt-like Petts/Perts (mascles). Pettys trace with Fasts to the Vasto's at the Stura river. The Pitts were first found in Dorset, location of the Stur river, and Stur-suspect Strands use a savage while Savage's/Sava's, suspect with Shawia, were first found in Cheshire, where Ranulph le Meschin ruled with his wife, Miss Taillebois. Savage's named Savigliano, in Cuneo too.

Ranulph was sometimes called, RANDolph, and Rands even use the red lion shown for le Meschin at his Wikipedia article, though Aurs/Aures' also use a red lion. Thus, StRANDs may have been a Stur-Rand / Star-Rand merger. French Sturs were first found in Manche, home of Masseys.

It dawns on me here that since the Wake's must link to Miss Hicks/Kilpatrick, the wake knot of Wake's can be for the Nutt variation of Nitts/Naughts as much as for Cnuts/Nutts/Notts. If you recall that the omen took place soon before passing a former home of Mrs. Kilpatrick, it's notable that Nitts/Naughts use another "OMNia" motto term. If Knee's were a Knight branch, then Knee's trace to/from the Nith river of Kilpatricks.

It's important that Nitts/Naughts share the Italian Fulk Shield, for English Fulke's/Volks (from Angers) were first found in the same place as Flacks/Flecks/FLAGs (Meschin scallops), and the Flys are said to be Flagi elements. Recalls that the wavy feature belongs to Webbers, for Belgian Flecks (Fulke/Volk Shield) use a wavy bend. The spider on a web with fly thus connects with Fulk / Fleck liners, and they must be the Angers line to Cnut-beloved Hangers, first found in Hampshire with Flys. Cnut was a Mieszko.

We now get back to some Ardiaei liners. I traced them to the Atrebates of Hampshire (thanks to clues in Greek myth) before learning that Atrebates named Atrecht, the Artois capital. And with the StREAM of Strands suspect with Reams/Remys (FALCon?), it's interesting that Reams were first found in Artois, which is at the Belgian border, and therefore beside Gaunt/Ghent, explaining the "RemiGANDun" motto term of Reams/Remys. One Gand surname, first found in Belgium, is in Ream/Remi colors. And as Fane's use GAUNTlet gloves, I suspect that Reams were from Rimini, near Fano. If the Ream bird is called "rising," it's code for Ardiaei at Rhizon.

Remmingtons/RIMMINgtons, in Rimmon/Crimmon colors, share the bend of Gone's/Guenets, first found in Belgium. Rimmons/Crimmons (may have the Maschi lion) were first found on Skye with McLeods/Lutts (FLAGS), and said to have been pipers for McLeods/Lutts. The other Lutts can be with the Mason/Massin and Rimmon/Crimmon lion, though the Mason/Massin lion is also that of Belgian Louvains/Louvier's, first found in Kent with Masons/Massins and BRAbants. The Lutt lion heads should also be those of Chretiens, for they are in the Levi motto while Levi were in Belgian's Hainaut, location of La Louviere.

Maschi's use pine cones as part-code for king Pinnes of the Ardiaei, whose regent ruled at Vis, explaining the "diVIS" motto term Rimmons/Crimmons. Diva was the name of Chester, where le Meschin ruled, and Dives' use the Masci wing with patee crosses. Ferte-Mace is near the Dives river. I think the Rimmon/Crimmon Coat links to the Coat of Staggs/Stage's, the latter being part of the Vice/Vise / Eustace / Stacy bloodline, from Eustace II of Artois. Chesters (Derbyshire, very connectable to Brogitarus) share a Shaw motto, and Cheshire's use a hawk's lure while Lure's are a sept of McLeods/Lutts.

Recall that, when I touched Miss Hicks' knee, we rose into the SKY as code for Rhizon liners, but suspect also with the island of Skye. As we rose, I had noticed her loving hands (Lovings are with Louvains), and it just so happens that Hands (Cheshire) share the Rimmon/Crimmon chevron, and my mother is a Masci on one side. Plus, the Hand Crest is nearly the Eustace / Stagg/Stage stag, and the Eustace stag is the same one shown for Arthur-loving Hurts. Ardiaei at Rhizon must have been from Ardahan's scythians at Rize, especially as Eustace's use a "persequeRIS" motto term. The black cross between the antlers of the EUStace stag is the same one between the antlers of the Vise/Vice stag. Hurts share the gold cinquefoil with Ardens, and Ardons are also Artois'. The Hicks-line Hyksos may have been the Hayasa-Azzi of Ardahan / Rize.

The heraldic hurt is a blue roundel, but Webbers call theirs a "blue disk," held by two armored ARMS, recalling the spider in my arm pit (Armys can use the Maschi Chief). The blue disk has the same fleur as used by Masci's, and the Armors (armered arms) use a reflection of the Rimmon/Crimmon Coat. Hamons use a "discRIMINI" motto term. It's due to the Hamons sharing the CONE / Conte antlers that they must be from Hamo(n) de Masci, for Maschi's of Rimini use pine CONES. Yet, Hamons are said to be from Kent elements, where Lovings/Louvains and Scotts (same stag as Hands = loving hands) were first found. The Scottish Scotts, with an "Amo" motto, share the TERRAS Coat (almost the same stag), and Hamons call their antlers, "ATTIRES of a stag." Terras' use the motto, Amore," while Amore's are also ARMers.

That loving-hands connection in italics is new right here, which tends to clinch Scotts with lake Scodra, home of the Sleep-line Selepitanoi at the Rhizon theater! I woke her up, and we were rising into the sky, when I noted her loving hands, at which second the dream ended. At first I saw her outside the car, but the scene changed and I was standing outside the DOOR when I first saw her flat on her back hovering. The Selepitanoi / Ardiaei theater was also that of the Daorsi, suspect with mythical DORis because she was the mother of the fish-depicted NEREIDs while Daorsi lived on the NERETva river. I don't recall clouds, but they maybe can be assumed as per the Clouds of Skye. An entire section (below) grew out of this paragraph.

"Spider" got suspect with the Spitzers, who use a sinister, gold unicorn, a Masci-line symbol. The Stura of Piedmont is technically the Stura-Demonte, and a gold unicorn, in Maschi-lion colors, is used by the Demonte's of Piedmont. French Demonte's (Burgundy, same as same-colors Messeys) use two Masci lions in pale.

But, really, why did God give the spider-fly dream? Just to make these heraldic links of Masci's to Kilpatricks and/or Hyksos liners? I would like to see some hard links to the FBI spy scandal. This may be in the "telis" motto term of Webbers, for the Telis' (Nitt/Naught) are listed with the Tolle's/Tulls (share checkered Coat with Fisks) that share the pyramid with Fisks. God recently pointed to Fisks as code for FISC, the FISA court. God did use Francesca BattiSTELLI in pointing to Lisa Page and/or Carter Page; Battistelli's not only share a pyramid, but share billets in Chief with Steele's while Billets are listed with Billiards (share the Armor Shield).

For new readers, let me repeat. I had a dream where I was in Obama's billiard hall. I prepared to take a shot only to find that the cue ball was a piece of paper almost flat on the table. I turned it into a paper plane and then shot. After the dream, while explaining it to readers, I had to decide whether the paper was code for Papers or Page's, and a few seconds after loading Page's, a Francesca Battistelli song (Write Your Story), was playing with the line, "I'm an empty PAGE."

When shooting the paper plane, I missed all balls, sending it like a bullet into the corner pocket for a sewer. Sewers are listed with Suters, a surname like the Storys. With "Write Your Story," note that Write's share the Telis/Tolle checks. The latter were likely Alans of Tolle-like Dol, for they share the Stewart checks (Alans became Stewarts). Dol is beside Cotes-d'Armor, and Suter-like Stewarts share the checkered fesse of Pitts. The spider in my arm pit. Sturs are also Stewart-like Stowers, and they use three fesses in the colors of the one of Alans. The sewer shot of Lisa / Carter Page is pointing to Peter STRzok, who was in charge of the Steele dossier to some degree. Lisa Page was/is the lawyer (perhaps FBI appointed) of Andrew McCabe.

In the Obama dream, Obama was in a SUIT upon a skateBOARD. Boards (version of the CHADock / CHADwick Coat) use a reflection of the Sewer/Suter/SUIT Coat. In the spider dream, cardBOARD. Boards use an eSCUTcheon, part of the Skate / Skit (and Scute) bloodline that shares the potent CHAD cross. Skit variations link to variations of Knee- and Knight-loving Shoe's, and Scoots.

Did the Webbers use a "telis" motto term? Yes, and they also use "PRAElucent" while Irish Prays share the Telis/Tolle Chief. Prays, first found in County Down with Knee's, use six pale bars (almost the Knight pale bars) in the colors of the Stur fesses. Six pale bars are code for Pepin-of-Landen liners, and the Webber bend-with-fleur-is the Pepin bend in colors reversed. Pepins (from Hyksos) use "est" and Weavers use "Esto FIDELis." The Fiddle's were from VIS-de-Lou, and Knee's share the black stag head with Vise's/Vice's.

I probably have not exhausted this spider dream. There's got to be more to it. The future news may help. One of the biggest tips was the strand of web, for Strands are suspect with the wavy McCabe fesse and with "STRzok." If the latter were a merger with Suchs/Zouch's, it's notable that they come up as Chucks, for my other Pillar-Post partner was Chuck.

The Vardy I Never Knew

Repeat: "At first I saw her outside the car, but the scene changed and I was standing outside the DOOR when I first saw her flat on her back hovering. The Selepitanoi / Ardiaei theater was also that of the Daorsi, suspect with mythical DORis because she was the mother of the fish-depicted NEREIDs while Daorsi lived on the NERETva river. "

The Selepitanoi were right beside the Cavii of Lissus, and Hicks use fleur-de-lys, a symbol from a people / family out of Lissus. But there's much more, for Cavii-liner Chives' were once said to have been first found in Devon, where Hykes'/Hacks were first found who share the Chives quadrants as well as a form of the Chives / Mathis cross. The Hykes'/Hake's use fish. If that's not enough, the Hykes/Hack scallops are those of TRAVIS' while Chives' are now said to be first found in Tarves, a term suspect from TREVISo/Tarvisium. But there is more yet, for while Mathis-like Mattis' share the Italian-Fulk Shield, the Hykes / Travis scallops are those of Flecks too. It brings us right back to the Flys of Flagi, whom are loved by Drake's.

There is a Drakenberg cult of witchcraft that Nicholas de Vere led. He claimed that his ancestry was the keeper of this cult. It was he who claimed that Melusine/Milouziana of Avalon was the mother of a fictitious / unknown count Milo de Vere of Anjou/Angers just before the Fulks became those counts. That explains the Fly link to Drake's and Mosca's (same general area as Italian Fulks). The Hangers (same place as Flys and Drake's) use the griffin while Griffins were in Pomerania (see Wikipedia on the Griffins), home generally of the Vere-suspect Varni (probably the proto-Varangians). We can see here that Drake's (666 in the dragon's tail?) were likely of Drakenberg witchcraft if Varni formed the Vere's, and the Drake dragon happens to be called a "wyVERN."

Plus, Tacitus said that Varni worshiped Neretva-like Nerthus (mother-earth). So, Varni must trace somehow to the Neretva river, and if "Varangi" originates in the same that developed "Frank," the Merovingians, the first Franks proper, may trace to the Ardiaei, for I have always claimed that king Arthur was a Merovingian element in Britain.

I can now show evidence that Varni were Vere elements, for while the VARDaei are on the Neretva river (the Naro on the map) on the map below, the Vardys share the moline of Fiers/Fears, said to be from the Vere's.

There are two kinds of fur in heraldry, the ermine and the vair. The Vairs/Fers' share a Shield of checks with the Fers/Ferrats, and the latter use the Fulk Shield. Vair fur is used by Nero's/Neretti's, more evidence that Varni were from the Neretva. Varni-like Farndons (Cheshire) share a vaired chevron with Nero's/Neretti's. Farndons look linkable to Cheshire's Pace's, perhaps a branch of Italian Pace's/Pasi's that I see in "VesPASia." Clubs/Clobbes', who share black martlets with Flys, were at Farndon. Flys named Flageum after a Flavius character. Vespasia, mother of Flavius Vespasian, was in Rieti, and the Arms of Rieti shares white fish with Clubs/Clobbes' (Child colors and format). Clobbes' are suspect with "Clovis," the second Frank king, and CHILDeric (his father) was the first. It looks like we just linked Varni to the first Franks, and Clubs/Clobbes' have fish suspect with the Nereids, i.e. who named the Varni goddess, Nerthus.

Note that Fulk III of Anjou was surnamed, Nerra. Nero's/Neretti's were first found in Lucca (same as Massars/Massai's), the general area of the first-known Italian Fulks, and near Massa-Carrara that used the Fulk checks in its Arms, explaining the Massy variation of the related Mattis'. The point here is that Vardys have vair fur in their chief; it's in the black-white colors of the Champagne vair.

Now as the Botters, from the Butteri cowboys north and south of Rome, were first found in Lucca too, is it a coincidence that I peg Bute as the mythical Avalon? The latter is from mount "Velino" in the Marsi area of Abruzzo, and Marsi were Merovingians. Velino is at Avezzano, and the latter formed the Avesnes location in Artois that had nobles known to marry nobles of Champagne. Beside Champagne, Avallon, a real location. The Avezzano bend share the potent pattern with the Champagne bend. It now appears that the Vardaei line to Vardys was in the Marsi area of Abruzzo, called, Maruvium, like mythical "Merovee," founder of Merovingians.

Butteri were up at Tuscany's, Velch/Volci, which seemingly explains the origin of "Fulk / Volk." Velch was home to a witch goddess, Tarun (Google is no longer bringing her up). It looks fully related to Drakenberg witchcraft. Just trace the proto-Vere's to Volci. The Taran/Tarent surname shares the red eagle with Ferte's / Botters, and has the Child Coat in colors reversed.

It just so happens that English Botters, first found in Hampshire with Drake's, show an eagle in both the colors of the Ferte eagle, and Vardys are said to have ruled the barony of Ferte. My Masci-line mother was born seven miles from L'Aquila, and the latter is in the Drake motto. L'Aquila is near mount Velino. Here's an online statement: "[Hamon de Masci's] probable birthplace was La Ferte-Mace or Ferte de La Mace". This looks very related to the first Meschin (Ranulph of Chester) because he had a mother that was a Conteville. His mother was the sister of Hugh D'AVRANChes, a Varangi-like term, making Normandy's Avranches suspect as a Varni element.

English Botters have their eagle on a "perch," and Bellamys were at Perche.

There is a genealogy page showing count "William De La Ferte Massey", or "William Massey." William was the name of le-Meschin's brother. It likely links back to William the Conqueror, whose mother married Herluin de Conteville, whose daughter (Emma) was the mother of this same Ranulph le Meschin. It just so happens that William of Ferte Massey married Muriel de Conteville. And, by the way, my unsubstantiated claim that Bellamys married Ferte-Mace is right here, for William De La Ferte Massey was the "Son of Guillaume II 'Talvas' de Belleme, seigneur d'Alencon and Haberga 'Hildeburge' de Beaumont" (was she the Massey?). There we have the beauty entity of the Hicks dream. Do Beaumont's/Belmonts use the Maschi lion?é-Macé/6000000003827883045

Beaumonts descended directly from a HARcourt (Hair/Hehr branch), perhaps explaining "HERluin / HERleva." Hairs/Hehrs use a version of the Dunham (and Randolph) Coat, suggesting that Dunham-Masci was a Harcourt element. Harris'/Hairis' (porcuPINE), with a version of the Macey Coat, use a "REMINisci" motto term, clinching Hair liners with pine-cone Maschi's. The Dunham and Hair Coats look very connectable to the WAKEfield Coat ("Arudua" motto term), which uses the Cheshire garbs, shared by Comyns. Wakefields use the wyVERN dragon.

AMAZING: in the Sleeping-Beauty dream, the voice said, "WHAT are you WAITing for, go WAKE HER up." The Wake's use two fesses colors reversed from the same of Harcourts / Hairs! Why didn't I realize this until now? She was HOVERing OVER the seats at the time, and Overs share the Fier/Fear / Chiaro bend. The Overs put a FRET upon it!!! God's created that situation. The wake knot of Wake's is for the Danish king Cnut (grandson of Mieszko I), and Harcourts were Danes too. Irish Hairs/Garrys use a "Fear" motto term. The first thing one notices about Miss Hicks is her fantastic hair.

The Waits are with the Weights that are in the so-called "weights" in the Dexter Crest, and while Dexters/Decksters are suspect from the Dexaroi, Dexters were first found in Leicestershire, where the Beaumonts ruled. She is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks ("dexter paw") share the dagger with Comyns i.e. Kilpatricks had merged with Dexaroi. Waits are suspect with the Wade variation of Quade's (Wait colors), or the Wadcott variation of Whats. Quade's use three wolf heads in colors reversed from the Pray/Prater wolf heads. Below, Prays will be proven to be from the sister of Hamon de Masci. I've been tracing Masci's to Quade-liner Quadratilla Bassus for a long time. She married Lupus Laevillus, i.e. the line to Beaumonts / Waleran de Leavell. Leavells may just be using the six Pray bars.

Compare Dunham-suspect Wakefields with Cue's, the latter sharing the Comyn garbs, and first found in Norfolk with Comyns and Dunhams. The Comyn write-up says that the Comyns received the lands of GOSpatricks, and the grandfather of le Meschin was Richard GOZ (married Emma of Conteville). Patricks were from the same Apsus river as Kuman. I'm to link Miss Hicks to Beach's/Bechs, said to be from GOSfrid of Bec.

Note "HaBERGA/HildeBERGE" de Beaumont, for John de BURGO ruled Conteville and Comines (near Avesnes), and he birthed Herluin. The Comine's/Comyns (share the Coat of Avesnes-line Avisons) are from Kuman in Fier county, and we just saw the Fiers/Fears with the Vardy moline. Fier is on the Apsus river that I trace to the Hypsas river, the latter being the alternative name of the Drago. Perfect. It's tracing Neretva-river elements through the Agrigento, near Mosca's of Chiaramonte / MonteCHIARO. The Fier/Fear Coat is a loose Coat reflection of the Chiaro's (Ferrara). Agrigento was also ACRAGas, origin of Craigs that founded the Carricks (married Adam Kilconquhar, son of Miss Comyns), and the Arms of Carrick is used by Kennedys whom in-turn love the Avis'/Avisons in their motto. Kennedys also love Lafins who share a Conte lion.

The page also says that William of Ferte Massey was "Father of Margaret de Praers (de Dewhall); Hamon de Mascy, 1st Baron of Dunham Massey..." Note "PRAErs, for Webbers use a "PRAElucent" motto term, making Spanish Lucents/Luca's (share white bend with Lucca's Botters) look like Lucca liners. Note too that this very Lucca area (Tuscany) is where the Fly-related Fulk-Masseys were, and that while Drake's love the Flys, and the Mosca's of Tuscany, Drakenberg is now tracing well to a witch cult in Volci.

It's interesting that the Lucent/Luca bend is also that of Doris'/D'Oris' in case the latter are Daorsi. Doris are traced to what could be a Greek location (Thessaly) where ancient Dorians lived.

She was hovering as Sleeping Beauty. Repeat:

The Beauty-like Beatys/Bettys happen to share a blue sword with German Klees', and Beautys are the ones sharing the black bull with Walerans, who were from Waleran de Leavell, who married a daughter of the BEAUMonts ("beau" means "beautiful"). Houseofnames has a page showing all the McLeod septs, where the white McLeod bull head shows black, and McLeods are also Clouds i.e. suspect in the cloud of the Lease Coat. There is a white castle in the Klees/Clay Crest, the color of the McLeod/Cloud castle.

The CLAUSULa river drains into lake Scodra (Selepitanoi theater), and Cloud-like Clots/Clauds show a Clausel variation, making Klees' suspect with Clausula liners, whom I suspect at CLOSEburn, location of Kilpatrick castle. Close's/CLOVSe's share the Macey / Webber Shield. King Clovis was born, CHLODovech. My other Pillar-Post partner, who had already been the partner of Mr. Klees, had a surname starting with "Luks." There is a Lux/Luchs surname using the black bull head of Mieske's/Mesechs, and there is an online webpage / statement telling that dukes of Masovia (Poland), where Mieszko's ruled, used a red-on-white wyvern dragon, the Drake symbol. Therefore, Mosca's of Pisa are highly suspect in the Piast, Mieszko I, and the Piast eagle happens to be the Child eagle while Meschins of the Bessin trace to CHILDeric's wife (for all I know, Childeric was himself a Masci liner).

As I said, when Miss Hicks moved away from the area in Texas where I lived, she moved into a home that is listed also as the home of Mr. Childs. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's/Bechs. Childs were at FARNdon, and Miss Hicks moved to the home of Mr. Childs in FORNey (he may have been the previous owner).

The Pohls use the Mieske / Lux bull head as a buffalo, and buffalo HORNs are a known symbol of Zahringers, the antler-using kin of antler-using Veringers, i.e. more Varni > Varangian suspects. The Hamons and Conteville-liner Conte's use antlers.

Now the fact that the other partner is Chuck by first name is amazing where Chucks are listed with Suchs. The latter entered the discussions because my CAT, Sassy, SUCKed her tail habitually as an adult. Sassys are Saucers, and share besants with Suchs/Chucks. The Lucca surname, of Lucca, use a giant CAT! Simply amazing. It recalls the day that I went to church with Joel (it wasn't even his church), the one who works for Chuck's son, and the one who later bought a VOLKswagen (!). It's the only time I can recall going to church with him, and on that day, I met Chuck because it was his home church. I hadn't seen him since breaking up the partnership some 10-15 years earlier. It looks like a set-up to trace Sassys / Sucks/Chucks to Lucca. Sassys share the Saracen head with cat-using Cetins/Cattans, from the Cetina river (the Tilurius on the map above), one major river north of the Neretva. The Cetina has a source near the Maezaei, explaining the Massai's of Lucca.

The Volkswagen Rabbit was code for the Cuneo's white-rabbit line, and MontFERRAT is in Cuneo, along with Bra, all in relation to the Tanaro river suspect with "the tanner" of Falaise, the father of Herleva, wife of Herluin de Conteville.

The Maezaei were merged with crown-depicted Ceraunii, and the Vardy (likely from the Vardaei of the Neretva) happen to use a crown on what looks like a boy. The Meschin-branch Masculine's used a boy symbol. Bute-liner Bothwells use a boy pulling down a pine tree, and Maschi's use the pine CONE. Ferte-Mace is in Orne, and this is the urine-Pinnes line. There are plenty of mottoes that can be for the Verty variation of Vardys. It appears that Vertys named Ferte, a Fier-county element. Kilpatricks were from Antipatria, on the Apsus river upstream from Fier.

I had written: "Bute was named by Butteri elements on the Fiori river to Velch/Volci." The Fiori can explain the fleur-de-lys, though Florence of Tuscany can too. There is a French Fleur surname that shares vair fur with Vardys and Nero's/Neretti's, and Dutch Fleurs (hunting HORN) share the Fulk / Fer/Ferrat checks. The Fleurs are FLERs too, thus suspect with the PLERaei marked downstream on the Neretva from the Vardaei. I might add that while Miss Hicks was hovering in a car on the beach, the Beach's share the vair colors of Fleurs/Flers'/Florida's (Normandy).

Looking for surnames from the Pleraei, I think I've found one in the Players/Pleyers (drops), for they were first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears and Apsus-suspect Apps'. Players share "clarior" with Wake's, and the Chiaro's to which I link Fiers are also Claro's, suspect from ancient Clarus of Caria, where I should trace the car that Miss Hicks hovered over. The "ServiTUTE" motto term of Players should be for the Ardiaei queen, Teuta, excellent for tracing Players to the Neretva, the main home of the Ardiaei. While Teuta (or her fellow ruler) was on Vis, I used VICE-grip PLYERS to lock the latch of the Nissan!!! Wow. It tends to prove that Players (and Teuta?) are from the Pleraei. Latch's use one of the Nissan fesses, and the Nissan stag head is almost black like the Vise/Vice stag head.

While Leslie's use "GRIP fast," the Latch Crest can be with the Leslie lion. I trace Leslie's to Lesce on the Sau/Sava river, and while Sauers (Austria, same as Gripps) are said to be from the Sau, they have a Mr. Galleri in their write-up while Gallerys are listed with Galloways. Latch's (Leslie colors) were first found in Galloway. Latch variations suggest the Letch's/Lechs (Arthur colors), who share the pelican with Arthurs. Leslie's share the green griffin with Bards, and you will soon see why Bards should trace to the Neretva. As Vice's/Vise's share the black stag head of Knee's, let me remind that the Knee bend is in the colors of the Leslie bend. Could Pleraei have been to the Pillers / Pillars and therefore the ancestry of Pontius Pilate?? He's suspect from the Pontus, and the Nissan traces to queen Nysa of the Pontus.

[Late in this update, don't miss it, God leads us to Fusion GPS and the Dossier surname together through the bend leg of Lech-like Leaks and others, which discussion goes to the Fussen location on the Lech river. It is really incredible.]

Back to Conteville-related Miss Praers, sister of Hamon de Masci. Repeat: "The page also says that William of Ferte Massey was "Father of Margaret de Praers (de Dewhall); Hamon de Mascy, 1st Baron of Dunham Massey..." The Praer-like Prayers (Cheshire, perfect as per Dunham-Masci) share the Coat of Daggers (Conteville-related Comyns use the dagger), named from the Dexaroi on the Apsus river to Fier county, and Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Fier-related Vardys! The Vardys I didn't know are a super key into many doors I haven't known until now.

The Pryers/Priors use the Prayer Coat in white, making the Pryer scallops those of Apps' (same place as Fiers), named obviously from the Apsus river! Excellent. Apps' and Fiers were first found beside the Caps/Capes' that use the same scallops. Prays/Praters share the winged horse with Masseys, as do Bernice's of Cumberland, suspect from Burnum, near the Maezaei. [Actually, the Pray Crest may not be a winged horse, perhaps a winged greyhound, hard to say, maybe it's both.]

Pryers/Priors were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys while the Pryer/PriOR scallops are shared by Morleys/Mauls ("rigORE"). Pryers/Priors use a motto, "SperiAMO", suspect with Hamo de Masci, and Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with Ore's. The Scodra-suspect Scotts use "Amo" as the full motto. Tailboys use the Pryer/Prior scallops too, as well as the Annandale Chief-Shield, and the Annandale's use "SPERabo" as the full motto. By the way, Annandale's trace to the Ananes Gauls at the Terras-like Taro river (Scotts share the Terras Coat), and Tarrs/Tara's are also Terres'.

William de Praer was of Wiltshire, though he's called, "Prater-Richard de Pretot, Normandie-". Hamons use a "Per tot" motto phrase. Amazingly, while Miss Praer is said to be of Dewhall, there is a Dewall/Jewel/Joel surname (LILIES), first found in Wiltshire. Dews/Deweys are said to be from "Douai, near LILLE." Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Pears, possibly of the Paers variation of Prayers.

"Amo proBOS" is a motto term of Player-like Blairs/Blayrs (mascles). That in a nutshell looks very traceable to the Pleraei. Blairs were first found in Ayrshire with Varns/Warnocks.

"What are you WAITing for, go wake her up." "While Waits are suspect with the Wade variation of Quade's (Wait colors), the Quade's use three wolf heads in colors reversed from the Pray/Prater wolf heads." Prays are Praters too, and Pratts have the wolf head split in white and black, the colors schemes of both the Quade and Prater/Pray wolf heads. Pratts are excellent because they use a version of the Fly Coat, and Flys are said to be from Flagi, which was also called, Flavius. Then, the imperial Flavius family was in Rieti while the Arms of Rieti use a "pratus" motto term and even share fish with Prude's/Pride's, the latter thus suspect from the Prude variation of French Prats (Fly colors). The Prude's/Pride's happen to use lamPREYS! Note that the Rieti fish are on FRETty!!

It doesn't tell us how far back in time the Praer / Pretot entity of Normandy was connected to the Flavians, but there we see the definite connection between Masci liners and the Biblical dragon in Vespasian. Is it not amazing that this trace comes in a section on the Neretva/Naro river, since Vespasian took the throne after Nero? Vespasian's household took in a Jewish traitor, Josephus, a general in a war against Vespasian, and gave him the name, Flavius. The Flys happen to share the martlet of French Josephs, and were first found in the same place as English Josephs, making the Josephs look concretely from Josephus. He claimed to be from the priests of Israel, and from Jonathan Maccabee, the one responsible for Seleucid blood in the Maccabees.

Belgian Pratts can be with the Tailboy / Annandale saltire, but more likely closer to the Stacey saltire. Irish and English Pratts (mascles, Hamon colors and format) can be traced well to Brattia off the mouth of the Tilurius. For example, Bratts share the white lion with Tillers, and the latter put pellets on their lion while Pratts and Flys both use pellets. Pratts are said to be from Pratum, or Pre, in the Lisieux / Touques area of Normandy.

I've just discovered a perfect link of Prayers to Vardy suspects. It started with checking the Baddeleys, for Prayers are said to have had a seat at Baddeley. I had noted that Baddel-like Battle's (same place as Ardiaei-liner Arthurs) share the giant griffin with Griffins while Griffins of Pomerania, linked to Mieszko's there, were in the Varni theater (Varni trace to the river of the Vardaei). When seeing the boar heads of Baddeleys, I recalls the boar of Bards/Beards, which brought to mind the possibility that Vardys may have had a Bardy variation. While Bardys/BARDONs were loading (new to me), it was recalled that BARTONs (Cheshire, same as Prayers and Baddeley) have boar heads in colors reversed from the Baddeley boar heads, and when the Bardy Coat Vardy colors) loaded, there was the Prayer Coat. (Bartons look like a branch of Beards/Bearts.)
This really makes emperor Nero look like he was from the Neretva along with the Vardaei. If I recall correctly, Nero's mother was Agrippina, and I see Agrippa's to the Griffins. Gripps/Grape's share the Varn bend, and Varns share gold scallops with Bardys/Bardons and Prayers. Bards/Beards share the green griffin of Leslie's, and the latter use a "Grip" motto term. It's the Prayers who were at Battel-like Baddeley, and Battels use the giant griffin.

It was hours after writing here that I recalled the LomBARDS, who worshiped Nerthus along with Varni! Zikers, it looks like Lombards were Vardaei liners.

Bardys/Bardons were first found in Perigord with Beefs/Boeufs (in Hiram ABIFF?), whom I trace to the Boofima cult on the ImPERi. As Bardys/Bardons share the Prayer Coat, PERIgord becomes suspect with the Paers variation of Prayers. It's making me wonder whether Players were Pero's / Peare's/Pears. Imperia is Oneglia, home of the Arduinici who married the Daorsi-suspect Doria's, and both the Ardiaei and the Daorsi were on the Neretva with Vardaei. As Bardys/Bardons share the Player Coat, it really does appear that Perigord was named by a variation of the Players.

[I didn't realize while writing here that Lombards apply. The Beefs/Boeufs have variations suggesting TURNbulls, highly suspect with Turin (taurus liners), which is beside LOMBARDy, named by Lombards. The Turins (Aberdeenshire) happen to use boar heads in the colors of the Bard boar! I don't think I've ever realized or proven that Bards were from Lombardy, but the Bardys of PeriGORD helped to clinch it here. The Gords (Arthur theater) likewise have a gold boar head. Lombards had a capital at Milan, and Scottish Milans/Millens, with a motto term suggesting the Serio river of Lombardy, were in Aberdeenshire. One Turnbull Coat is a version of the Stump Coat, and Italian Milans use a stump (not fully sure if it's called a stump, but I think it is).]

The Pleraei-suspect Blairs/Blayrs share the mascle of English Faux's. Can Faux's / Vaux's / Baux's trace to the Neretva with Blairs? Baux's are listed with Bauts/Bode's/BOTs (Botter colors), suspect from the Bautica river, home of an Arduinici branch. That works already. Blairs are the ones with the "Amo" motto term tracing to Hamon-de-Masci / Ferte-Mace liners that we saw with Botters. English Bode's are with the Botters (probably the Ferte eagle).

Variations of French Faux's (same fleur as Masci's), first found in Perigord, are expected as branches of Saunier's/Saulnier's/SolNIERE's (Perigord), and the latter are looking like a branch of the Solney variation of fish-using Sole's (Doris' Nereids were a fish-depicted peoples). The Solneys/Sole's (Hykes chevron?) are said to be from Subligny, near Avranches, and we just saw how Avranches elements were from the family of Hamon de Masci and Miss Praer. Mr. Subligny was a bishop of Avranches. The Solney/Sole fish are white, as are those of Rieti and of Prude's/Pride's.

It just so happens that Niere's are listed with Nerets/Nereds! The Niere's/Nerets can be linked to "SolNIERE" because they share the three bends of Ments/Mants, first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs/Paganells whose Coat they share in colors reversed. The Solneys/Sole's are said to have married Painells, who are expected as the Paine's/Payne's, and therefore of Payens/Pagans. The Paine's/Payne's were first found in Somerset, where the Solneys are said to have married Paganell-suspect Painells, and Somerset is where Rieti-line Roets (Gord boar heads) were first found whose kin I link to Boofima. Roets were from Payne Roet.

To put it shorter, Niere's/Nerets use the Ping/Pong/Paganell bends in colors reversed. The Niere's/Nerets are said to be in the MINTiereand part of Dol, a good reason to see their three bends as those of Ments/Mants. Pagan liners used the dove, which is seen with the Perigord Faux's/Chaulnes' (similar Chief to Roets) as well as with Miterrands. The latter were looked up as per "Mintiereand." The Miterrand wave looks connectable to Dols. This tends to clinch Solneys and Niere's/Nerets together with Saunier's/Saulnier's/SolNIERE's. It reveals that Sol liners merged with Neretva liners.

As Alans of Dol are suspect with Brittany's Helens, note that Greek myth founded the Greeks with Hellen, brother of Dorus and Aeolus. The latter married Neret-like Enarete. No coincidence. Historians should borrow "my" material (all credit to God who guides), but Google suppresses my work, and they all hate my brand of Christianity. God has provided dreams and such to advance this work, which makes me a nut in their eyes. They wouldn't dare quote me (while giving me credit) if they have a worldly reputation to adore. The blind will lead the blind into a ditch, and there is a global-sized trench being dug right now by the liberals and evolutionists themselves. It will be their mass grave, for they hate Christ's people for no good reasons.

It wasn't long ago when I mentioned that the previous boyfriend of Helen, my tenant and ladyfriend at the time, put a chocolate treat on her DOOR knob. Hellen and Dorus, right?

If we click to English Faux's from the Faux's/Chaulnes', we find a giant mascle, and the write-up traces to Vaux's/Vallibus', who are integral to the line of Waleran de Leavell. Trust me. DeVAUX's share the pelican of Wells.

As Vardy-suspect Bardys were first found in Perigord with SolNIERE's, it speaks for itself for a Sol link to Neretva liners. Then, while Spanish Sols/Solana's use a giant sun, note that the BRADYs use a sun. Brady's must have been Vardaei liners of the Bardy kind. Javier Solana is related to the MADARiaga's, a term like "MITERand." Mathers/Madors use the Madariaga / EU stars in colors reversed, as well as the double fesses of Maness'/Manners (Ment/Mant colors, share peacock with Munds) while one of the two Ment surnames (shares hurts with Arthurs) is properly, Mann (goats, Boofima / Baphomet symbol). Boofima traces to Imperia, home of Arduinici, and Ments/Manns use an "Per ardua" motto phrase. The Ment/Mann goats can be the Hack goats, in the colors of the Hykes'/Hacks.

Recall that Ments/Mants are Paganell kin, for Ments/Manns (dragon) look related to Drin-liner Dragons/Drainers (Ment/Mann colors and format), kin of Ment-like Mynetts. Yes, Mynetts (Kent, same as Munds) and Dragons/Drainers (Kent) use HELMets, and Helens with Helms are both Helion elements. The MINTiereand of Niere's/Nerets looks connected to Amyntes, father of ArtemiDORos, and Arduinici of Imperia married Doria's. The Arduinici disappeared from the Neretva just as Amyntes was getting born. I wonder where they went. Artems were first found in Berwickshire with Battle's/Battels and Arthurs, and Ments/Manns with Dragons/Drainers use an emBATTLED fesse. The Drin was home of the Paioni peoples suspect with the Paion variation of Payens/Pagans, for example, and the Drinus river was at the AMANTini theater.

MINTIERErands can be on the Minters, who use a fesse colors reversed from the Ment/Mann / Dragon/Drainer fesse, and Minters happen to have been first found in DORset. The Dorset surname happens to use a sun (i.e. linkable to Sole's/Solneys).

Listen up, puff-puff historians, you who hate Jesus and study in darkness. You learn a lot from reading what others have already discovered, and pride yourself on your knowledge, but what new things have you personally contributed, to family history? That's why you are in the dark. But when the Light shines on a mind, discoveries are all over to be made. Do you have any idea how to draw from God's Light? You can't just press a button or switch for this. You first need to fall in love with Jesus. You first need to be willing, for He is then willing too. Get Light, and stop puffing dragon breath.

Sole's/Solneys were first found in DERBYshire, and Amyntes conquered Derbe way over in Turkey. When did a family historian ever make a trace like this? Minds/Munds/MINDERs (Crest bird faces sinister), who share a red-on-white chevron with Sole's/Solneys, were first found in Shropshire (beside Derbyshire) with the Alans of Neretva / Daorsi elements. Sole's/Solneys are one of the surnames sharing the black border with Furness' and Parrs, if you know what that means. Pharnaces ruled the Pontus, beside Galatia, home of Mind-liner Amyntes. If the Minder variation reveals that they were also the Dorset Minters, the Mind/Minder lion should be that of the Dorset Palins, and in the Crest of the Dorset Quints (share a red fesse with Minds/Minders). As the Quint chevron is in both colors of the Maxton chevron, the Mind/Minder bee can be the Maxton bee.

As Maxwells were at Maxton, and because Maxwells built the Mearns castle in Renfrewshire, where Ore's/Orrs were first found, the Mearns piles have got to be closely linkable to the Ore/Orr piles, making the fitchees in the Ore/Orr Chief linkable to the Maxton fitchees. Quints are suspect with the Palin lion holding their own fitchee.

The "OMNia" motto term of Ore's/Orrs can now be treated as per the Omans/ORmandys/OrMUNDys sharing the MINTer fesse. Pretty cool, huh? I've never had a clue before as to what Omans were. They are suspect with my omen in the Nissan which was itself code for Pharnaces and Nysa of the Pontus. It's starting to appear as though I've got to make a tentative claim that a child of Pharnaces line married a child of the Amyntes line, and going forward to Minds/Munds/Minders/Mands. Again, the Manners/Maness', who share the peacock with Munds, almost use the double Parr fesses, but have the Pharnaces-line Parrs in their motto. The "Pour y" motto phrase of Manners/Maness' has got to be for Purys, who share the Oman/Ormundy Coat!!! Zikers, the Light is upon us.

Purys were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Pears, and can be suspect with the Masci-of-Praer line, explaining why I had Christine Peare as a girlfriend. Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man, home of king Maccus and/or his brother; Maxtons with Maxwells are from a Maccus character.

Aha! Purys are also Bureys while Omans/Ormunds are said to have been descended from a tenant in the lands of Bury. That explains it.

What is worship? Is it dreadful work? Or is it an appreciation of God's Fathership, His provisions? The Father gives, and we appreciate. We give back. That's how the shining of the Light works. But puff-puffs, who puff and huff like wolves, know nothing about this sensational thing. They can't stoop low enough in their arrogance to accept God as their Father. It is beneath them. And that's why the Hot Puff is Coming to blow them away. It's murder alright, and rightly deserved. In His freedom to choose, God has an abortion to perform of all the ungodly.

Is it not amazing that while the sun and Sol liners are under discussion in connection with Amyntes liners, the omen in the Nissan was with a cloud covering the sun? As Omans/Ormunds and Purys share black martlets with Flys, from Flagi, note that McLeods/Clouds use flags. The omen occurred a little before reaching BAYtown, where Miss Hicks had a home until a few months before I drove by, and Bays share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners i.e. the line from Pharnaces and Nysa.

The day after the omen, I drove by Bay City, where a Mr. Maness is listed who is/was the mate/husband of a woman who would email me many times many years after I drove that route. To clinch further that Manners/Maness link to Purys, the latter share the black martlets of Glenns and Glennys (Mens Chief), who are expected at Glenlyon, a home of the Mens', a branch of Manners and sharing the red Chief of Manners/Maness'.

The omen in this update pointed, for the first time, to the Ohr-circle conspirators, and here the Omans/Ormunds look like an Orr merger with Minds/Munds/Mands/MINDERs (suspect with Mintiererands and Miterrands). Repeat: "Pagan liners used the dove, which is seen with the Perigord Faux's/Chaulnes' (similar Chief to Roets) as well as with Miterrands." I was referring to the doves of Page's and Peace's/Paise's. I didn't realize until now that the Peace/Paise Coat is a version of the McCabe / HAM Coat! Nissans (sinister bend, share Parr fesses) were first found in HAMburg.

Now watch what I just found. I'm not lying. I've told this perhaps a dozen times. Soon after driving past Bay City, I stopped for a cup of coffee and a newspaper in Victoria. I did nothing else in Victoria. I returned with the coffee to the Nissan, and drank it there. More than a decade later, I was telling readers that the Coffee/Coffer surname (coffee cups) uses a "victoria" motto term. And after finding Mr. Maness listed at the Bay City area, I told readers that Coffers are like the Coffert variation of Mr. Maness' mate/wife (the one who emailed me lots). But I can now add that Coffee's/Coffers share the McCabe fesse!!! Wow.

After leaving Victoria, I drove up toward Leakey, and that story was re-told in the last update as per the expectation that WikiLeaks / Assange will contribute to something against the conspirators. I ended the day at Crystal City, and Crystals use a "Mens" motto term that is for a branch of Manners/Maness'. The Nissan developed smoke out the tail pipe that day, and Pipes are Pepins who likewise use a Men's motto term.

I ended the trip after staying the night in a Crystal-City motel, due to the smoke. I told readers that there were cockROACHES behind the wallpaper all night long, and eventually discovered that Smoke's are listed with Rauche's. Roach's/Roche's (share "est" with Pepins) share fish with Hicks, and Miss Hicks was probably going to church in Crystal City when I passed through. Pepins are from Apepi, a Hyksos king. Long before coming to the Crystal surname, I had pegged a Hyksos king, the Exodus pharaoh, with a Mus household than named Moses, and here I found that the Moses surname (dove) shares the calvary symbol of Crystals. I don't say that the Moses surname descends from Moses, but rather from Muse elements of the Massey kind, which eventually formed a Moses variation.

I say that the Exodus Israelites in the wilderness made a gold CALF in honor of the pharaoh, and CALVary reflects the Calf surname. The Backs/Bachs once showed a gold calf, and so I reasoned that king Apachnas was the Exodus pharaoh (the dating system of Egypt's kings is out of whack a little in that time period of about 1500 BC). I trace the dove at times to Cuppae, "city of doves," in Moesia, and Moses' have a Moesen variation. Cuppae is off the Pek river, suspect with "Apachnas."

Moses' are said to have been married to a baron of BEC, which recalls that Miss Hicks was hovering on her BACK in a CAR on the BEACH. Beach's/Bechs use all vair. Cars are in colors reversed, with the same format, however, from Peks.

I am reminded that Bec Abbey was related to TOOThill, suspect with queen Teuta of the Ardiaei. As they lived on the Neretva, note that English Becks almost share the moline of vair-using Vardys. Irish Fairs ("VirTUTE TUTus") share the Fier Coat, and while the Fiers share the Vardy moline in both colors, the Fair moline is in both colors of the Beck moline. It's a little indication that Apachnas-line Hyksos passed through the Neretva. The country is called, NARENses, on the old map, and while Rose's lived at NAIRN, Moses' and Packers/Peckers use roses. Varni-suspect Farns were at Ross-shire, beside Nairnshire. Cars, can we believe it, share the full Nairn motto. Hicks, calling their stag a BUCK, use a "Tout" motto term.

Cars even use a sun, recalling that Sole's/Solneys (Hicks fish in colors reversed) trace to the Neretva with SolNIERE's. A Car sun suggests Helios of Rhodes in Caria, who was also called, Sol. The Apachnas-suspect PEGasus killed the Chimera dragon, symbol for Kamiros on Rhodes, where I expect Rose liners. Prays/Praters and Masseys use the Pegasus. The Rhodes surname probably uses a version of the cross of Sinclairs, from Clarus of Caria, the thing to which Fiers / Fairs connected.

This recalls that Brogitarus, suspect with Froggits (Derbyshire, same as Solneys), should prove to be a Clarus element, and here the Fairmonts are found sharing three frogs with Froggits.

Cars share the sun in Crest with Lease's who in-turn share a "CLARior" motto term with Ohr-representing Wake's. Lease's are the ones with cloud covering the sun = the omen symbol. I was told to wake her up while she hovered in the car. Very impressive.

Cars are suspect with Vis in the "obliVISCAR" motto term of Eure's, and Hicks happen to use a "heure" motto term along with "Tout." Queen Teuta was at or involved with Vis. Eure's share the Massey quadrants, yup, another Massey-Hyksos hint. The gold Eure boar head is shared by Massey-related Weirs/Vere's. It looks like Hyksos witchcraft will fill the earth in time for Armageddon. Recall that Bartons (boar heads) are a branch of Vardys / Bardys/Bardons, for Eure's were first found in DumBARTONshire.

As Vardys are Vertys too, note the "VIRTute" motto term of Fairs. The term is suggesting that queen Teuta's line was linked to Vardaei elements, though she herself may have been. Hicks ("Tout) use a buck, and German Bucks likewise use "Virtute." English Bucks are suspect with the Cone / Conte / Hamon antler, which signals the Massey-Hyksos partnership yet again.

Scottish Fairs/Phares' (looks like they named Pharia between Vis/Issa and the mouth of the Neretva) were first found in Cumberland with Vardys/Vertys (VAIR fur). Yup, but what about the Pharisees? Vardy even come up as "Virty." This is not a typical history lesson. It's pointing to the rising of the Exodus Egyptians in the last days, the ones who will huff and puff and blow their own house down. We are seeing how completely stupid and ruinous these people are, every day in the news. The Hyksos were originally Asians of Armenia, location of Mus / Taran, home of the Nairi suspect in mythical Nereus, founder of Nereids that settled the Neretva / Narenses.

Could the calVARY symbol be partly for Vere's (share Massey quadrants, both surnames from Manche)? The Vary/Verry/Verrer Chief is also the Pray/Prater Chief. Yup, that's a Vere-Massey merger if ever we saw one. Let's remind that Prayers share the Bardy Coat.

Though Smoke's/Rauche's use their bend in sinister, it's the Coat essentially of French Fairs/Vers'/Fers'/Vairs'. Both surnames use nothing but their bend.

Caiaphas Suspects of Neretva Elements

The Nairns use a giant chaplet, and Caiaphas-suspect Chaplets use five swans in the colors that French Josephs (from Flavius Josephus) once showed for their swan. Caiaphas' first name was Joseph, perhaps the grandfather of Josephus, explaining why the latter was in charge of the Israeli armies in Galilee. The priests were the commanders-in-chief in the war against Vespasian. The Hick buck has a chaplet around its neck (I recall this from looking it up in the descriptions website, I'm not guessing).

So far as I can recall, a giant chaplet (could be called a wreath) is the symbol of Joseph-possible Joslyns/Goclyns, who use a "Faire" motto term that helps to trace Nairns to Narenses with Joslyns. French Josephs are also "Jose." Jose's/Gosse's use stars to form a saltire in colors reversed from the GOSpatrick saltire.

Chaplets are said to be from Pharisee-like Parez (Lorraine), where Crispins were first found who are known to have been Clare's of Bec abbey. Yup, right back to Becks who took us to the Neretva. Crispins share the pomegranate with their Grazio branch, the latter first found in Parez-like Perusia, as were Ottone's that use what I think is the Chappes perchevron. Chappes' were first found in PARIS with Levi's. English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with elite Vere's and Peare's/Pears that might just have been Parez elements, bringing the Praers to mind once again.

English Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Rieti-line Flys and CAPlans, share the double-gold fesses of CHAPLains. Chapells use another Chaplet. Chapells are in the write-up of Taylards, who have the Chives and Hykes/Hack quadrants and a version of the Hykes/Hack cross. The latter share the scallops of Fly-related Flags/Flecks. Flys share the martlet of French Josephs. Why do German Caplans look like they can be with the Lease Coat? Why were Capelli's first found in Ferrara with Claro's/Chiaro's?

Did God give me the sun omen to point Caiaphas to Lease's and their Clare kin? Why are Eure's, suspect with the Hicks motto, sharing the Hanan Coat? Hanan/Ananus was the father-in-law of Joseph Caiaphas. Hanans were first found in RosCOMMON, and Commons are listed with Comyns, who share the Joseph garbs. The Arms of Roscommon can be using the green perchevron (solid chevron) of Josephs upside-down as a pile.

I can now mention Mary from New Jersey. I was "dating" her online. I remembered her because she called me a "player" (she wanted me to be more serious). I remembered her when Players (same place as Vardy-related Fiers) came to topic, suspect from the Pleraei of the Neretva. At that time, I wasn't going to mention Mary at all because I needed more evidence that her "player" term applies. And so I started to wonder how Jerseys might apply, but there is no Jersey surname coming up. I knew of only one surname from Jersey island, the Poindexters. And I remembered the night she had pizza while talking on the phone. They say that pizzagate has to do with the Podesta's, and Puddesters are listed with PoinDEXTERs. Dexters are suspect with the Dexaroi up the Apsus river from Fier county.

I'm mentioning Mary now because Goslyns were just looked up, first found in Jersey! Did God have her call me a player in order to remember it so that Joslyns can be traced to Narenses with Nairns? Looks like. "Mary" reminded me instantly of the Marsi Merovingians, and Goslyns are in Child / Club colors and format. It looks as though God wants to trace Chaplets to Neretva liners, which reminds me of Pharisee-like Pharia. "Pharnaces" is also like "Pharisee."

Joclyns tell that they birthed Reginald/Richard the Lombard, can we believe it? I didn't yet see this while writing above. This Reginald/Richard was bishop of Bath, and Baths use a cross in the style and colors of the GOSpatrick saltire. It appears that Joslyns/Goclyns link also to Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick. Joslyns are also said to be of Bohuns, listed with Bone's while Hicks use a "bon" motto term.

I was telling Mary, a blonde, that I was seeking the blonde woman in the Hicks dream. I was talking to Mary while seeing Miss Hicks in church regularly, but as I learned that year that the latter was married, I canceled the theory that she was the one in the dream.

The Bidens/Buttons (same place as Caplan-related Josephs), who share the Capelli cap, are said to have been in Bath as clergy. Reginald of Bath, son of a Jocelin (bishop of Salisbury, in Wiltshire, near Bath), can thus be a Joseph liner. Note Joseph Biden, who wants to be the next U.S. president. Levi's had their triple chevrons in the counts of HAINaut, and while Mons is the Hainaut capital, "Mon" is a Joslyn motto term.

I did look up "Hersey" when seeking a Jersey liner, and Herseys, from Maine, where French Josephs were first found, happen to use half the German-Caplan Coat, suspect also with the Lease Coat. They have the Mens Chief-Shield colors combinations in colors reversed. As Caiaphas is suspect as a descendant of BROGitarus, note that Maine's (Devon, same as Darts and Dartington) share the dart with Brocks/Broke's while Players use a BROKEn sword.

Let's go back to Farns (Nair lion?) of Ross-shire, beside Nairnshire, for Nairns use a tree stump, as do Ross-shire's Bissets. I can't verify at this time whether they are called stumps, sometimes they are trunks. I'm recalling that Turin-suspect Turnbulls share a version of the Stump Coat while Milans use the stump too. The Turnbulls are in the variations of Beefs/Boeufs, first found in Perigord with Lombard-suspect Bardys, and Milan is the Lombard capital. It's suggesting that Vardaei, in naming Lombards, were integral with Nairns because (as the theory hereby goes) the latter were named after Narenses, home of the Vardaei. Reminder: Turins, first found in the area of Milans/Millens, share the Bard boar. In this we can ask whether king Pharnaces, the line to Furnace's/Furness', was the namer of the Varni, and later the Farns.

The Nairn Crest is not showing a symbol, but I have it recorded (5th update of May, 2015) that "It just so happens that Scottish Here's share the oak stump with the Nairn Crest." As I knew it was an oak, I probably looked it up i.e. it is called a stump.

I've known for a long time that, while Time-Warner merged with Turner news (CNN), English Warners (lots of roses for Nairn trace) have a bend in the colors of the Turin bend while German Warners have the split Shield of Austrian Turners in colors reversed. How excellent is this, for the Varni were also the WARNI, which makes the WARNner-Turin link look like the Lombards are indeed of the Vardaei.

The Austrian TURNers use a split Shield in the colors of the split-Shield of German Boeffs/Buffs (roses, trace to Nairnshire), all in Beef/Boeuf colors. Recalling that Sole liners were of Perigord's SolNIERE's, note that Hesse's use a giant sun while Beoff/Buffs were first found in Hesse. Roets-of-BEAUFort are suspect with this entity. I have always suspects that Boofima is to the Bauers and/or namers of Bavaria, and therefore to the Bavarian Illuminati. I can now add that Bure's/Beware's/BAWERS use the split Shield of Boeffs/Buffs, and the two surnames look like they can be branches. Drago de Beware is in the write-up of Burley/Bourley-colored Blade's. The latter had a BURSEblade branch while Burse's were first found in Somerset with Burleys/Bourleys (boars) and Roets (boars).

Italian Bure's share the bear with Bavaria liners, and as these Bure's were first found in VERONa (Lombardy!) with bear-paw Bellino's (Belli branch), it links Belli's to Bavarians. Paws are also Bauer-like Pauers. Scottish Bure's are with the Bauer branch of Bowers (Rothschild Arms). The first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer, got rich, they say, from a prince William of Hesse-Cassel. Others say that Mr. Bauer was part of the Bavarian Illuminati (founded in his days). We just saw Boeffs/Buffs, first found in Hesse. The Bavarian Illuminati was founded visibly by Adam WEIShaupt. He looks like a Vise liner.

Verona's (Ile-de-France, same as Melons) use a fish as some evidence of being from the Daorsi of the Neretva. Verona's share the Bute-liner Bothwell Coat for a trace to Butua liners (Butua/Budva was within reach of Daorsi), suspect from the Boets/Bute's (fish) and the Sadducee house of Boethus. Bude's share the bow with Bowers and Bavaria's BOGans, and with the Bows/BOUGH's who share the Roet motto. It's got Bough-like variations (pronounced boff) that I see from "BOOFima." The other Bogans use a wyVERN. It looks like Verona's were Varni liners in cahoots with Bavarians, and while Vere's ruled Oxford for centuries, the Arms of Oxford has a beaver. The Irish Weirs use their lozengy bendwise, as does the Arms of Bavaria, and the two boars between Vere's and Scottish Weirs/Vere's are in both colors of the Roet boar.

On one half of the Austrian Turner Shield, the besants also of Meluns/Melons (bull, expected for Turin liners), looking like Milan liners; they even use a "VIRTus" motto term, and were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' / Levi's, excellent because the Chappes Coat has the long perchevron of Ottone's while Ottone VISconti was the first Visconti ruler of Milan! Zinger, we just saw a Turner link to Milan's Lombardy.

German Turners use the mill rind, as do Miles' (MASSAR/Massai colors), said to be from a Milon character, and even a Milo de MESSER, evoking fictional (probably) count Milo de Vere of Anjou. Massars/Massai's were first found in the same place as, and are highly suspect with, Italian Fulks. Irish Miles' use another "virtus" motto term, and thow in "Sola" (Sole's/Solneys come up as "Sola"). It all looks good for connection to the Vardy/Verty of Ferte-Mace's barons.

Recall that Varni are suspect as the ancestors to Varangi while the latter are suspect as a "Frank" variation, for English Warners use all three motto terms of English and Scottish Franks. One of the term, "Non," is shared by Nagle's (Beef/Boeuf fesses), whom I regard as a Boofima entity. Nons (Ayrshire, same as Varns/Warnocks) use the Nagle fesse in colors reversed, and it's excellent that the Nagle lozenges are shared in colors reversed by Angle's/Angels, for Tacitus said that the Angles worshiped Nerthus along with Varni and Lombards. Nagle's are said to be from Mr. D'Angulo.

The Nagle lozenges are in the Anger Chief, and the whole of this Anger Coat reflects the Coat of Italian Lombards. Plus, the Anger Crest shares the escarbuncle of Hangers (griffin, traces to Varni theater). It seems that the Angle people group named Angers of Anjou. And as Vere's are suspect with the Varni, note that the Drakenberg Vere's traced themselves to Angers/Anjou. The Anger lozenges are with the Dutch Bode's, and the last time Bode's were to topic, it was with the Pleraei-suspect Blairs who share the Faux mascle. Were Faux's a branch of Fulks of Anjou?

As Ores/Orrs are traceable to Orleans, near Anjou, note that Ore's/Orrs were first found in the same place as Scottish Lombards. Orells were first found in Lancashire with the Angler's/Angels, and the latter's "super" motto term can be for the InSUBRes, founders of Milan. Supers use a Coat that is almost that of Blairs.

Repeat: "'Amo proBOS' is a motto term of Player-like Blairs/Blayrs (mascles). That in a nutshell looks very traceable to the Pleraei. Blairs were first found in Ayrshire with Varns/Warnocks." Supers were first found in Devon with Spurrs, and the "spur rowell" is used by Payens/Pagans. Did you know that the first Templar grandmaster (Mr. Payens) is suspect with marrying a Caiaphas line that knew some temple secrets from the Flavians. Flavius Titus destroyed the Jerusalem temple, and his soldiers were likely collecting its melted gold? Did you know that Mr. Payens married a surname that shares the Moor head of Titus'?

ProBOS? It looks like Pero's of the Ticino merged with Busca liners. Dutch Bos'/Boschs are with the Bush's, and Iraq was attacked by a Bush-Blair duo. Blairs are tracing to the Neretva, suspect from Nahor, father of Buz. Dutch Bos/Bush's share the lion in the Guerin Chief, and the Guerin Shield has the Payen/Pagan Coat. English Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with Wagers, suspect with the Wagrians on the river of the Varni. Were Guerins a Varni line? Guerra's are connectable to Paganells (same place as Bush's), but perhaps also the Arms of Burgundy.

Verne's share the Weir/Vere stars, and the Verne stars look like a white version of the Italian-Lombard Coat, making Verne's look like a Varni line. These stars are used by Billiards/Hilliards and Billets/Billiards (white version of the Payen/Pagan Coat), first found in Maine with Josephs, and Dutch Bos'/Bush's use billets. The other Billets share the cinquefoil of Bos-like Bus', and these Billets (Devon, same as Supers and Spurrs) share the Coat of FOX-using Bellows. Is that touching upon the Faux's? Weirs/Vere's share "Vero" with Bouillons (same place as Baux's/Bauts/Bode's), and the Bouillon motto love Bellows liners. The Weir/Vere fesse is that also of Brasiers, and the latter were first found in Burgundy's Cote-d-Or along with a branch of Billets. There must have been untold tons of historical viking cargo in this paragraph alone, including the pillaging of Iraq.

The pegasus in a crown of Angle's/Angels is a definite Maezaei-Ceraunii symbol. The "antiqaas" motto term of Angles/Angels can connect well to the so-called "antique crown" in the Arms of Colchester, for that Arms has nails as code for German Nails/NEILS/Nagle's. Colchester traces to the Colapis river, which runs through or beside Croatia's LOSINJ, explaining the Angle / Nagle lozenges. The Maezaei were not far from the Colapis. French Lombards share the chevron of Colchesters (share the NEIL estoiles), which I can glean as the Quint chevron, and the black Lombard fleur, shared by June's and Jeune's, tells me that Quints were from Quintus Caepio, grandfather of Junia Caepionis, whose Junius line is from mythical Juno at the Una river beside the Colapis.

"Caiaphas" may have been named by the Caepio's (1st century BC). Note how "CaiaPHAS" can be a Pasi liner from the namer of Vespasia Polla (mother of the emperor), for while Pullens definitely trace to her, they share the bend-with-scallops of Lombars. The latter use a unicorn, which I regard as an Una-Ceraunii code. The Lombar unicorn is between white wings, the Masci symbol. Lombars were even first found in Norfolk with the Sabine's (and Flavius-liner Flags) who share the Pullen scallops. Vespasia Polla married Flavius Sabinus. Flavius Josephus was adopted by these imperial Flavians, and Pullens along with Flys of Flagi share the Joseph martlet. Flagi is said to have been, Flavius, as an alternative name, a dead give-away.

It just so happens that Varns/Warnocks share scallops on a bend with Lombars, making the latter look like a Vardaei line to Lombards. The Varns/Warnocks are said to descend from Grahams that share a version of their Coat, and Grahams are said to have named Grantham while Grants (crowns) are Grands while French Grands (compare with Guerra's) share the Coat of Niere's/NERETs! Bingo. The Varns/Warnocks are thus looking like NERTHus liners. I'll come back to this.

If I recall correctly, Josephus wrote that he was descended from a Maccabee with Curtus name. Cords/McCoarts have pheons in Varn/Warnock / Graham colors and first found in Ayrshire with Varns/Warnocks. The Courts/Coverts use a motto term looking like code for Grands, and Curtis' share three gold crowns with Grants/Grands. Grounds/Crannys use the crane for Ceraunii liners. Curtis' use a farmer with a plowshare, and Plows (Flavians?) share their dancette. The plowSHARE may be part-code for a line out of Schwerin of the Varni theater.

We saw Fairs as a branch of Fiers that share the Vardy moline. Varys/FAIRie's (Lanarkshire, beside Varns/Warnocks) use the plow, making the Cord/McCourt heart link to the Lanark heart. French Curtis' use the dolphin, and while Dolphins/Dolfins are in Dol colors, English Dole's use same-colored fleur, which are also the Plow fleur. Dols were first found in the Varni theater. The Varni named the Warnow river, home of WAGRians, and Wagers share the heart with Cords/McCourts. The Warnow flows to ROStock, perhaps the ancestry of the Nairnshire Rose's. Varangians were Rus.

It's not clinched, but it looks like a Maccabee-line link to Varni. The Cortneys use nothing but red roundels, called, torteaux, and this recalls that the Toreatae scythians of lake Maeotis (Azov) were a fellow tribe in those parts of the Sadducee-suspect Sittaceni. The Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts were first found in Sussex with Saddocks, and the latter's Coat is colors reversed with the Sussex Mascals, Maccabee suspects. Sadducees came forth from the Maccabee king-priests of Israel. Mascals share the Ground/Cranny elephant. The white elephant is shared also by Ceraunii-liner Corbetts ("paSCIT" links to Saddocks), whose raven is suspect with Rephaites, and while Og was a king of Rephaites, he's suspect at the naming of OXford, for the Arms of Oxford has another white elephant...with chains, the Gemel symbol. Maccabees ruled Israel's Gamala, and while Gemels have a different-color version of the Wager Coat, Gemels were first found in Ayrshire with Varns/Warnocks while Varni lived with Wagrians.

Gemels use a pierced swan, and Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire with Varys/Fairie's. Nichols de Vere von Drakenberg said that his Melusine was an elven or fairy princess. "One tale says Melusine herself was the daughter of the fairy Pressyne and king Elinas [probably code for an Alan] of Albany (now known as Scotland)." That's a good reason to trace Scotts to lake Scodra, the Albanian theater. "Elven" is suspect as code for Albani. Note "MeluSINE" and "PresSYNE," for Swans/Sions are also Sine's. Again, Varys/Fairie's were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sine's, explaining the myth terms used by the witchy Vere's. Sion of Switzerland is also, Sitten, perhaps named after a line of Sittaceni.

Pressyne, whom I've seen as "PRESTina, can be code for the Press/Prest surname (Joseph martlet?) that shares the estoiles of Colchesters and Neils/NIHILLS. Vere's use a "nihil" motto term. Press'/Prests were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus' (share the Moor head of Chappes'), and Flavius Titus was the son of Vespasian. Presleys/Priestlys (almost the Drake wyvern) use two symbols of the Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and the latter share lions combatant with Varys/Fairie's while Drake's definitely trace to Abruzzo. Note ELVis Presley. The Presley Crest is part-code for Cocks who share the Grimaldi Coat, a version of which is used by Irish Weirs, and my mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi.

I suspect that a line of Caiaphas / Josephus went through my mother's home town in Abruzzo. There were Ferrari's in that town, and the home I stayed in for two months, when my mother spent the summer there, belonged to a woman (married an iron worker, Mr. bocci ball) that had a Masci-Ferrari combination in her own mother. Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found in Merovingian Padova, near Ferrara, and they share the upright, gold lion with Ferrari's. Variations of Portuguese Ferrari's make them look like Ferte's / Ferrats, and this looks like a Vardy/Verty line from Vardaei. Fers/Ferrats share a checked Coat half in the colors of the WARREN Coat, and while the Warren Coat is shared by Wards, Irish wards share the three Curtis crowns. .

I am recalling that, shortly after I returned from Abruzzo, I was at the BEACH with my cousin (not first cousin), a Ferrari, in the only social of that type I have ever had with this Ferrari family (I see her at family get-togethers only, such as weddings / funerals). We had rented a cottage for multiple days. The Beach surname was first found in Hertfordshire with Merovingian-liner Childs and Press'/Prests. It begs the question on whether Flavius Titus was a Marsi Merovingian. It just so happens that her first name is Angela. That beach event looks like a set-up from God, for while Angels are Angle's, partners of the Varni, the Marsi snake goddess was, ANGitia. This picture apparently traces to Basque's, for they had a Mari goddess married to the snake god, Sugaar (Seagars/Sugars of Norfolk use snakes).

Italian Angela's/Angels were first found in Venice, beside Padova, but they were also in Tarvisium, connectable therefore to Chives' of Tarves. Chives' share the moline with Seagars/Sugars.

We can imagine Basques in Portugal, and there is a Portuguese Abreu surname that use the five wings of Portuguese Alfreds, and, I kid you not, Alfred was with Angela and I at that beach get-together. He is the son of the sister of the Masci-Ferrari woman above, and the Masci's now show the same gold wing of Abreu's and Alfreds. We all called him, Fred, like the Ferte line of Vardys. You see, it looks like a set-up. I remember Angela sprawled out on the beach sand. The last time I saw her was at the funeral of Fred's father, Pepin, a Merovingian name. Pepins are Este liners, and Este, which was political with Ferrara, is in Padova. Claptons/Cloptons may have been a branch of Clovis-suspect Clubs/Clobbes', making sense because Pepin lived on the bottom floor of our house (we rented), the primary floor, so that the porch may have belonged to him by his ownership of the house.

German Angela's/Angels use keys, partly in blue, the color of the five keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila, the Abruzzo capital seven miles from my mother's home town. Sheaves'/Chiava's look like Chives'/Shewas', right? Yes, and they named Chivasso at Turin, the area suspect with the Lombard branch of Vardys (barons of Ferte, probably Ferte-Mace / Ferte-Massey). I lived in the same house with Fred for the first five years in my life, and roughly at the 5th year, I pee'd on Pino as God's symbol to Pinnes of the Ardiaei i.e. on the Neretva. Amazing.

The tower between the Abreu/Abruzzo lions should be the giant one of Pellicans, first because Pellicans are in the Pullen pelican, and secondly because Pullens share the martlets of Josephs, first found in Maine with Pellicans. I actually traced the Pellican tower to the Arthurs of Clapton, where they married the pelican-using Meads. But the same Arthurs also married the Hicks of Clapton as well as the Tewkesburys (this is/was recorded online). The Tewkesbury castle is giant, and in both colors of the Pellican tower, you see, and Clapton goes by the alternative name of PORTIShead.

It's almost unbelievable that while I accidentally pee'd on the HEAD of Pino (my neighbor) while standing on the PORCH railing, the Porch surname is listed with Portis', and then there is PortisHEAD! So, the Ardiaei line of Pinnes traces to Arthurs of Portishead. Arthurs use the pelican too. And while king Arthur's death was placed on witchy Avalon, with Abruzzo-suspect Melusine, Avalon traces to mount Velino of the Marsi, a few dozen miles from L'Aquila. Melusine first appeared in lore with the tail of a snake, and later it became a fish tail. She is clearly of Angitia, and the fish tail can be code for the Nereids.

Nereids are suspect from Nahor, brother of Abraham, and father of Buz and Kemuel, whom I trace to Bus' and Kemuel-like Hameltons because both surnames share the same ermined cinquefoil. The giant one of Bus' is in the Porch/Portis Coat, and this surname was first found in Norfolk with Bus' and Flavian liners (e.g. the Fulke's from Fulk NERRA of Angitia-suspect Anjou). The gold Porch/Portis lion likely wears the Stur fesses, for the Stur river is near Portishead.

Repeat: "The Varns/Warnocks are said to descend from Grahams that share a version of their Coat, and Grahams are said to have named Grantham while Grants (crowns) are Grands while French Grands (compare with Guerra's) share the Coat of Niere's/NERETs! Bingo. The Varns/Warnocks are thus looking like NERTHus liners. I'll come back to this." Guerra's, first found in Tuscany with Nero's/Neretti's, have three bends in colors reversed from the three of Niere's/Nerets. Both Guerra surnames use a sinister split (= Ferte-Mace symbol), and the wyVERN dragon (Wye's use griffins). Guido Guerra III married a daughter of the MontFERRATs. Guerra liners have got to be Neretva liners, and if we guess that they were Vardaei, Gards/Guards suddenly come to mind. Gardys are listed with Gardens.

Guerin-like Garners (acorn, traces both to Hachorani Maccabee and to lake Garda's Val Trompia) come up as "Corner," and German Corners share the black boar head with Gardys/Gardens. Trumps/Tromps: Varni theater.

This is a good place to place the Guerra's because they smack of "Grand." I think that Guerin liners named the Garonne river through Toulouse, for some have said that William of Gellone, count of Toulouse, was the father of Guerin of Provence. The Garonne flows through/past Grand-like Gironde. The Guerin lion is also that of Nairs/Neirs, and the latter puts Melusine in Crest. We just saw Guerra's linking to Niere's/Nerets/Nereds. The latter were from Dol, and while Dol's were first found in the area of Tromps/Trumps, Dole's are the ones with the fleur of Plows who in-turn use the dancette of Maccabee-suspect Curtis'. The same fleur is used by Gelders, and the plow is used by Teems of Holland's Gelderland (suggests that Dol-related Plows were in Gelderland). The same fleur is shared by Garners/Corners, whose acorn has been traced the Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee, who may have been very close to Curtus Maccabee.

I don't know whether the heraldic acorn is for the Acorn variation of Alchorns, but they share the Vise/Vice stag head. It's also the Knee/Nee stag head, and Knee's/Nee's share the bend of German Gelders. Knee's/Nee's, if they are not a Knight branch, are still much a mystery to me, and even this link to Gelder elements doesn't help me out. It does recall that Shoe's use a "knight ISSuing from the knees," while the island of Issa is also Vise-like Vis, tending to clinch the Knee stag head with that if Vise's.

So, after a few days of stressing the Vardaei for the first time ever, I discover that I myself descended from them both through Masci's and Ferrari's.

The Porch/Portis Coat shares the eight bars of the Oxford Crispins, known to be born from Clare's.

Clare-ity in a Moon Omen

I have an impressive revelation. I need to repeat a paragraph from above:

It all looks very plotted-out by God, especially as Miss Hicks and I rose together into the SKY, as soon as I touched her knee, while McLeods lived at SKYE and Lewis. The Lewis' are said to be from Leavell-like "Lewellyn," and the Louis branch is like "Louisiana." Lease's are said to be from "Levison, which was a form of Lewis," but I'm not biting. I suggest that they were Lissus liners to Lys'/Lisse's, first found in northern Paris, and likely merged, with Levi's. The pagan Levites from Laish, that is. The "Clarior" motto term of Lease's is suggesting that the Crusader Clare's / Sinclairs/Suns were from these Levites. Can we spot from the Car-Crest sun why sun-using Lease's were from Clarus of Caria?

As you can see, the Hicks car plays into this. Helios of Caria was the brother of Selene, the moon goddess at Latmus, smack beside Clarus. I've told the following before, I'm not making it up now. Six to seven months after the omen in the cloud-covered sun (beautiful blue skies, aside from that small cloud), I was driving toward Leakey (on the local Leakey Road, where Hick's knee-glass Sign later took place), though I didn't know it, because the area was new to me. I came back to Texas to find property, but didn't know that this was the town I had approached a half-year earlier.

I was planning to bed down in Leakey, dozens of miles away, but, on the way, clouds in the sky were racing ominously past the full MOON. I was getting worried, but only because of the omen in the SUN a half-year earlier, otherwise I would have kept driving. Instead, I actually turned around. God made me turn around due to the sun omen, you see. I was approaching the home of Miss Hicks during the sun omen, and then turned back and toward the new home of Miss Hicks on the night of the moon omen. This is where she was living while I had the sun omen. She had moved there soon before I came by her previous home during the sun omen.

The Hyksos were in the sun god and moon goddess of Caria, weren't they? Note that clouds were in both omens, asking if the giant McLeod/Cloud castle is that of Tewkesburys of Clapton, home also of Hicks. It's online that the Hicks who married Arthurs at Clapton both shared "CLARions." The Tewkes-like Touque's use motto terms looking like code for Miletus, in Caria. Touque's use a version of the Teague Coat.

The morning after staying the night at a campsite, the night of the moon omen, I asked the attendant where I could find a real-state agent, and she pointed me to the elderly Mrs. Teague. Later, Teague's, whom I had never known before, became suspect in the birth of Joseph CAIAPHAS. Why, really, were Sinclairs involved in the invasions of Jerusalem? The first Templar Grand Master, who spend many years at Jerusalem temple (it had been plastered with gold from Herods), had married Elizabeth CHAPPES. Doesn't that answer the question? Others say that he married Catherine Sinclair. Others say the two were the same woman.

I asked Mrs. Teague (post-tribulationist, attended Miss Hicks church) whether she had about ten acres on a river, and she had exactly 10 acres on a river. I purchased it, just ten minutes from Miss Hicks. The moon omen accomplished this, but it would not have happened had there not also been a sun omen. And the sun omen is in the Shield of Clarus-Carian liner Lease's, suspect with "Leak(ey)." Is that not a hoot?

I had identified the Sea Peoples with Hyksos elements seeking to regain their Egyptian homeland back, but they failed. Some ended up at Israel's DOR, beside Megiddo (oh-oh). Part of the Sea Peoples included the Maso/Masa Carians, you see, likely the namers of Massa-Carrara, but this is the Mus-Hyksos line to Hicks, right? What a story. Meschins married Clare's of Tunbridge, and Strongbow Clare, who conquered the area of Muskerry (like "Massa-Carrara"), was a ruler in Pembroke while Mazzo's/Mazza's share the PemBROKE/Penbroke Coat. Is that a BROGitarus line to Pendragons?

The Rats/Raids share the engrailed black cross of Sinclairs, but in Varn/Warnock colors. The Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with the Varangian-suspect Rose's. Not only do Rats/Raids use another "meliORA" motto term (could be partly for MELusine, traceable to the Spree river in Lusignan-like Lusatia), but a "Spero" too, reminding that Pasi's/Pace's trace well to Pollocks and Ore's/Orrs in the PAISley theater (near the first-known Sine's) because that's where Speers (share Spree crescent) were first found who share the crossed spears of Pasi's/Pace's. Paisley is in the GLASgow theater, and the Rieti-line Roets, who have the hourGLASS-using Books/Boggs (Bough/Bow branch, expected) in their Crest, share the Speer boar heads. Pace's can be expected with the "Pax" motto term of Reeds because the latter's Ried/Reed branch (same place as rose-using Cope's) have a book too (faces sinister). The Reed motto is, "Pax COPIA," and Ore's/Orrs use the cornuCOPIA. I suppose Rats/Raids may have been Rieti liners too.

A decade ago, I purchased a Doral boat. This may have been a Set-up, because it looks omen-connectable. Dorels share the Door/Dorley lion, and the latter were first found in Galway with Teague's. Dorels are also Dorrels/Dorells, who could have created the Orells/Orrels that share the Ore/Orr roundels. In fact, the Doris/D'Oris share the bend of Jays (blue Crest) while there is a BLUE jay in the Crest of Davers (Arthur colors and format), from the Daversi variation of the Door-suspect Daorsi. The Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffersons, who share a blue griffin with the Jay Crest. Jays were also first found in the same place as Welsh Jeffreys while the Scottish Jeffreys are the ones with the cloud-over-sun omen. And, can we believe it, English Doors were first found in Herefordshire too. In fact, if the leopard face of Scottish Doors were colors reversed, it could be the blue one of Jeffersons.

Now, a new thing from the Joel event. Recall that this omen is connectable to the dossier scandal, for my Doral boat just led to potential Ore liners. Did you read of the blue-jay sign in the last update? My white-rabbit event happened when I lived on Jay street. Jay SEKULow was suspect when Joel took me for a ride in the white Rabbit to SHAKLE street, and afterward we drove through Parry Sound, birthplace of Bobby Orr. We went too far for the cut-off to Shakle, and while pulled over to turn around, I saw a GULL walking perfectly to the beat of the blinker. Blinkers/Blanchards use roundels in Chief colors reversed from the Ore- / Wake-Chief roundels. Gulls, possibly a branch of Joel's/Jule's, use six pale bars in colors reversed from the same of cloud-on-sun Jeffreys. It appears that God may want to connect the omen, again, to the dossier scandal, during the drive with Joel, which took place last year as the dossier plot was heating up.

The motto of the cloud-on-sun Jeffreys has "nuBILLIA," and Billie's/Belli's use a beacon while the dossier was first begun by the Washington Free BEACON. Isn't that amazing? It appears that the sun omen was for the purpose of writing this paragraph. Orr-related Wake's/WAIKs can be of the proto-Washington Wassa's/WAIS'/WACE's. WASHINGTON Free BEACON. As Wassa's are also Gace's, note that there is a Gace location on/off the Touques while Touque's are a Teague branch. The Teague's now play strongly with the Joel event, as they played with the moon omen, for Teague's share the crosslets of Gullys (share "sine" with Gulls) and English Jule-like Julians, and German Julians share the six pale bars of Gulls. French Julians share the Chief of French Galli's (and Lombards), and Julls share the rooster with French Galli's (Dauphine, same as Galleys) while English Galleys share the black-and-white checks of Steele's!!! Christopher Steele took the dossier of the anti-Trump Republicans at the Washington Free Beacon, and added to it, edited / altered it, we have yet to discover exactly what he did to it.

Joel was headed to Poland for the European VOLLEYball championships, and Volleys are listed with Velis'/Vails who share the Teague, Julian / Gully/Golly crosslet. If that's not enough, the Galli Coat is a colors-altered version of the jay-using Poitvin Coat.

Steels were in Cheshire, and Galli's with Gays are from king Gaia/Galla, father of Massey- / Cheshire-liner Massena.

As I said, I was telling Joel about my white-rabbit experiences, as they connected to Hillary's deleted emails, when he informed me that his new car was a Volkswagen Rabbit. It appears that God arranged to have him purchase this white car, and to then call me up to make the two-hour drive. VolksWAGEN can play to Wagner-branch Wagens, first found in DumBARTONshire, while Bartons are expected as Vardy liners of the Bardy kind. We already know that the Varni / Vardaei link to Volks/Fulke's. We saw that Joels/Jewels (branch of Dews) list Dewalls while the Ferte barons of Vardy included Margaret Praer of Dewhall. Ferte's linked well to Botters/BODE's, first found in Hampshire with Potters that use a reflection of the Dew Coat, and Potters can be Poitvin / Poitou liners.

The Bode's can be a branch of Bote's. The latter came up after I realized that there was no Boat surname to go with my Doral boat. I found it very interesting that Bote's are listed with Boets/Bute's, suspect with the Sadducee house of Boetus. The Bote's share the single gold fish with Doreys (Brittany), a branch of Scottish Doors.

As the Hereford Doors/Doreys use bees, you might want to check out how the Bee/Bees surname makes a hard Sale link to Bessins. While Meschins were from the Bessin, Bee's/Bees' share the Massey quadrants, and this is what merged with the Vardy at Ferte-Mace. So, the Door bees tend to help tracing to the Daorsi because they were on the same river as Vardaei. It looks very connectable to the naming of Artemidoros.

Recall that Mr. Praer was in Wiltshire, where Joels/Dewalls were first found, for this is where Box's and DORsets were first found...recalling that, totally unexpectedly, Terry MacADOREY came to my place with his two sets of boxing gloves, and had me a boxing match. Box's are in Baux/Baut/BODE/BOT colors. The latter are expected at the Bautica river, home of the Arduinici that, in Oneglia, married Doria's. Pretty amazing. So far as I can recall, it was the only time that Terry visited my place. Irish Terrys have a reflection of the Guerin Coat, and William of Gellone was the son of THIERRY IV, count of Autun. Thierry married a daughter of Charles MARTEL, explaining the martlets of French and English Terrys.

There should be meaning where Terry's mother was a witch; both he and his sister hung themselves to death while young. Arduinici and Guerins were into witchcraft, weren't they? Ask the Drakenberg Vere's of Avalon, king Arthur's place of death, for Arthurian myth put nine witches on Avalon, and Melusine was herself a witch.

Drakenberg should include Draguignan, in Provence, ruled by Guerin. Draguignan is near the Durance river, and Terry was probably born, Terrence. When the Door bee is code for Bee's using the Coat of Sale's, that's the Salyes Ligures from the Durance river. "The Durance's main tributaries are the Bleone and VERDon." Verdons/Vardons (Buckinghamshire, same as Dorals/Dorrels!) use a giant FRET, yup. It means that Vardy elements were at the Durance theater, explaining why Sale's and Bee-line Bessins were of Cheshire. Verdons of England were granted FARNham Royal. The Farnham Crest looks much like the Varn/Warnock and Graham Crests, but I think I see a rabbit in the Farnham Crest. The Farnham quadrants are those also of Fasts, from the Vasto's of Salyes-line Saluzzo. Vasto's are known to be a branch of MontFERRATs, yup. Early Farnhams were partly in Dorset.

Did Daorsi name the Durance? Turin too? The Claree's were first found in Galway with Doors/Dorleys while the Claree is a Durance tributary. Italian Durants share the sun with Claro-line Sinclairs and Dorsets (Wiltshire, beside Dorset). The Dorset crescent is that also of Verdon-related Farnhams.

English Terrys mention Thierry, son of DOARman of London, can we believe it? It looks like God named Terry for this revelation. That's got to be the Lundy-related Durwards/Doormans/Doors (Fife), of Alan Durward, looking linkable to Thomas and Alice of Saluzzo. Alice was the wife of some Dol Alans in Shropshire's Clun. Cluns, using the Saluzzo Coat, were first found in Perthshire with Glove's. There needs to be a reason that God, if he set up the Box surname at all, used boxing gloves to do it. Note that Box's (Fien/Fane colors) have a FINibus term, for Fiens/Fane's use gloves. He stopped boxing with me due to my hard left jab, which he commented upon. I didn't know then that the left, sinister hand was heraldic code for Masci liners.

As Irish Wards were first found in Galway with Doors, note "DurWARD." Irish Wards were Bardy-like Bhairds to the Irish. The other Wards/Varde's ("je") share the Coat of Varni-likely Warrens. Some Wards were descended from FOUQUES de Varde. Fouques' were first found in Poitou with JAY-using Poitvins, making the "je" motto term look like code for Jays. As Jays lived at De Gai, they are suspect with king Gaia (Numidia). Massena's (left-hand line) share the gold Zionist star with jay-using Davers. Fouques' have variations like the Fuggers with the Masci fleur.

Fouques' descendant was "Osbert de Varde of Givendale", which reveals that the Givern variation of Biggars is from the Givens/MacGiverns (swans, don't come up as "Givern"), first found in Lanarkshire with a Biggar location, and with the glove-using Swans/Sions. If the boxing gloves was to point to Swans/Sions in particular, I suggest linking Osbert de Varde to Osbert in the Deering write-up, ancestor of Norman de Morinis, for the Morinis fleur is in the Fugger Coat, and the Morinis fesse can by in the Irish Terry Coat. To put it another way, Deerings are Daorsi suspects as per Terry MacADOREY. I've known that Biks/Bickers share roughly the Deering stag heads, but I didn't know until now how they can link. Biggars must have been Bickers.

Now this is incredible. Then above has to do, apparently, with Miss Hicks' knees that I saw through the GLASS DOOR, which event points to the situation with Julian Assange and Lenin Moreno. The latter is the new president of EcuaDOR, and the previous vice-president was Mr. GLAS. When loading the Bigger Coat above, it was noted that it can be using the Knee bend, and not only is Biggar at GLASgow, but Biggars share the Glass stars! Plus, I saw her knees at the door of the Get'n GO store, and Gows/GAVINs (InverNESS) look like they apply to GlasGOW and to GIVENs! Zowie. This works, and, as you saw, the Moreno-like Morinis' worked into that discussion, and helped to explain the Biggars as Bickers. The latter were actually my only suspects for the bike and biker that appeared in the sleeping-bag dream.

Plus, on the night that I saw her knees in the door (they were beautiful, with her legs, unlike any other time that I saw them), Stanley had taken my seat beside her, and Stanleys not only share the Knee / Bigger bend too, but they put three gold stag heads on their bend, as do Biks/Bickers!!! The two dreams are clicking. In the Hicks dream, her knee was touched as she was sleeping, and in the sleeping-bag dream, the biker rode around the spot where I picked up the sleeping bag. It could be suggesting that Bags had a Bigger / Bicker branch, and Baggers (Yorkshire, same as Beckers) happen to use a reflection of the Bik/Bicker Coat. Beggers (Hamburg) use a Shield filled with black-and-white checks, and German Beckers use the same checks with possibly the Moray stars, for Dallas', first found in Moray, share the Biggar Coat. English Beckers share a vaired Shield with Beach's/Bechs, and throw in a black stag head, symbol of Knee's and Vice's/Vise's.

The Get'n Go was on what the locals call the Leakey road (Leakeys use a leg bent at the knee as well as the engrailed Knee bend). This was the road (called Ranch road) where I got the moon omen before I purchased land near this woman. Gows/Gavins share the green Loches/DeLock cinquefoil, and Locks with Lochs/Logens share swans with Givens. Plus, Logans share nails with Dutch Givens! Unbelievable. Gavens (with an 'e') share red roundels with Ore's, Nellie's and Wake's.

Nellie's might be Nail / Neil liners. The Nail/Neil/Nagle saltire is enGRAILEd, and in the colors of the engrailed Knee bend, and Grails are listed with Neils who probably use the McLeod/Cloud castle, but it's also the castle of Castile's REALs. These Neils are also GREALs. "MacReal" easily becomes "MacGrael." Moreno's were first found in Castile too. Reals recalls the "royal tent" of Tintons, who came to topic after I slept in a tent, in Mamie's sleeping bag. The next morning, as I've said several times before, we went wading in the lake. The Lakeys/Lecks, suspect with bent-leg Leakeys, are excellent here for their "praeMIUM" motto term, for Mamie was resolved as code for Mummolin. And "PRAEMium" can be for the Prime's that use a giant leg bent at the knee!!! That's now two dreams and two events all linking to the same things.

Miss Hicks considered herself a prophetess, and Prophets/Profetts use another giant leg bent at the knee. Primo's use three green roses in both colors of the three Loches/Lock cinquefoils, and of the Prophet leg. I now know exactly what this means. The ProFETTS are from FOETes, for the Arms of Foetes use legs bent at the knees (thanks to Miss Florida for this tip). Go ahead, click on the link and see that Foetes is called Fussen. The paragraph below was already written by the time that I added, "I now know exactly what this means." God is pointing with Fussen to Fusion GPS, the company that paid / directed Steele to fabricate the dossier. Now, read the next paragraph.

While in the Get'n Go with her, I complimented her on her two songs, which could have been code for JULIAN ASSANGe. The Julians use the six pale bars of cloud-over-sun Jeffreys, and the Leak variation of Leakeys is like the cloud-over-sun Lease surname. I don't know any other surnames with clouds over the sun. I do know another surname, the Hose's, who use human legs, and then Dossier's are d'Hosiers too. Did God arrange for the Hose Crest to use the red lion head in the Steele Crest? Steele's are said to be from Bigot de Loges, and Loges' were first found in the same place as Loches'/Locks. As Logans use nails, the Loges saltire might just be the Nail/Neil saltire.

Is that not incredible? The Leakey road was required for the bent leg in the Leakey Crest. God had to use the knees of a prophetess on the Leakey road, or the above revelation would not have happened where Foetes/Fussen fits the storyline. And it's because the Hose's have bent legs too that the Fussen legs can be linked to Dossier's/D'Hosier's. The Fusion dossier. It's so perfect. I have not been disappointed by insisting that the Leakey-road event was from God. I hope I'm still correct about the expectation that Assange will leak something dreadful for the players in the dossier scandal. Last week, one of his friends / partners was apparently murdered at sea.

Miss Hicks would utter words (in church) in the First Person, as though God were speaking right through her. I walked out of church while she was doing this "prophesying" for the first time that I heard it. I learned that this was the reason that she was not with her husband at the other church, when I first returned to Texas, for that church rejected that type of prophesying. There you have it, like I said, a prophetess.

By the way, Fussen is on the LECH river. Mamie was given a thigh symbol, without doubt, when I saw her beautiful thighs (on her legs, right?). She was resolved as code for Isle-of-Man liners (Mansfields of Mamesfelde and the Mens'/Meme's/Mame's), and it just so happens that the three legs in the Arms of Fussen is used also for the Arms of the Isle of Man. The thigh symbol was given on the evening that we were wading in the lake, and Lakeys are also Lecks.

God gave me three beautiful Signs on three different women. I've told this before, I'm not making it up. The first of the three was on Lorraine. Her beautiful FEET impressed me. The ProFETTs are suspect as Feets/Fate's and/or Foots / Fothes'/Fette's (Aberdeenshire, same as Prophets/Profetts). God arranged for me to meet Mamie on my last night with Lorraine, when I was 24 years of age. As Foots and Fothes'/Fette's use one of the three Levi chevrons, PROfetts must be a Pero-Foot merger, for Pierro's/Pero's (same fesse as Feets/Fate's) were on the Ticino river of the Laevi Gauls. And the thigh symbol was for Tease's/Tye's (Nottinghamshire, same as Mamesfelde), likely a branch of LEAVES-using Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland) that I can safely trace to "Tessin," the alternative name of the Ticino (starts in Switzerland).

Blonds (Levi colors) use a foot on a sun, and a gold version of the Leavell Coat. As I said, at the time that I saw her beautiful feet, a guy I knew spotted her for the first time and said, "What a babe." The Babe's/Babbs not only use a sun in Crest too, but almost the six bars of Blonds. Lorraine was a blond babe. I looked the blonds up after telling readers that she an Mr. Kepke were sun-bright blonds, not yet knowing that Blonds have a foot on a sun. It was amazing, for I was telling readers about her foot symbol at that very time. Babe's/Babbs are expected from Bibo's, and Bibo's from Vibia, mother of Leavell-line Laevillus of Cetis. I don't recall buying any other lady a Bible aside from Mamie, and Bibo's are also Bible's.

Babe's/Babbs are likely of Babcocks/Badcocks, who were resolved from Babon and his nephew, Badon. Babon was the son of Mamie-depicting Mummolin. Babons share the black boar head with Gardens, and her thigh symbol was while she was at her front garden. I'll bet she had a HOSE with her at the time; otherwise why was she at the garden (a small, typical bush-and-flower garden at the front edge of the house)? Hose's use bent legs, and were first found in LEICestershire, location of the LEGro river. The Legro/Gros surname (Burgundy) happens to share a blue-on-gold lion with Soars, and the Legro was also the Soar. Legro's are also with Grots, and Clovis I was styled, de Grote. I can't find a Grote location. I'm guessing Croatians of the Craven kind. Grote's (Craven fesse in colors reversed) could be using the Arms of Austria.

I don't recall her having a hose or setting up a sprinkler. If God had arranged it, wouldn't he have caused me to remember it? I think her mother (divorced) was away at the time, and so she was probably in charge of watering the garden. In any case, Irish Gards share the wolf with Thighs/Thys, and English Gards have a "fidele" motto term that must be for Fiddle's who share the red wolf with Thighs/Thys. The Fiddle's share three wolf heads with Wade's/Quade's, and we had been WADing, not swimming, in the lake earlier that day. Quade's are from Quadratilla, wife of LUPUS Laevillus, and I've see the Vis-de-Lou location of Fiddle's as Lupus-suspect Vis-de-Loop. It get's important that Gards share the brown wolf with Teague's/Teegers ("OPtem"), from Tigranes and his wife, OPgalli, grandparents of Quadratilla, wife of LUPUS Laevillus.

The Loop Coat is split horizontally, as is the Teem/TIEM and DIEM Coat, all three using blue in the upper half, with Tiems and Loops both using white-on-blue. Thighs/Thys are also TIE's, like "TIEm," both first found in Gelderland. I had entered "Tiem" in the first place (a year or two ago) because Diems/DITTmaiers are in the Teague/TEEGER motto. Ditts use a stripe-less TIGER to prove that Diems/Dittmaiers apply. And the Tease's/Thys link hard with Mansfields to Teague-like TICKhills while Quadratilla was descended from Julia Tyche (daughter of Artemidoros). The Teague's can be gleaned with the Coat of Touque's, who come up as Ticks. I've never in my life had ticks in my skin until purchasing the property from Mrs. Teague. Ticks were a regular way of life on that property.

The "OpTEM" motto term of Teague's/Teegers suggests the Teems/Tiems, does it not? Tigranes liners were therefore in Gelders/Gelderland, or at least merged with Gelderland elements. In colors reversed, the Welf/Lupus wolf heads are the red ones of Fiddle's. The Time's/Timms (Kent, same as Fiddle-related Gards) use a pattern around their perchevron, as do Teague's. Time's/Timms, resolved from Timna of Edom, whose husband lived in BOZrah, share the white goat head with Edomite Bush's, suspect from the namers of Bozrah. German Gelders are the ones sharing the bend of Knee's while Dutch Gelders use the Coat of German Bush's. The latter's fleur-de-lys is shared by Plows, and Teems/Tiems use the plow. Houseofnames once showed a Moray Coat with an Edom-suspect "DEUM TIME" motto, and the Moray Coat now showing shares Melusine with Glass' and Kent's Massins/Masons with a "DUM" motto term.

The knee-in-glass-door event with Miss Hicks was on the 9-11 memorial, on September 11, 2002, making me think that God wants to leak something dreadful to expose the conspirators, hopefully the Bush family too.

I have found the description of the Moray/Murray motto as it describes the Arms of John Archibald Murray, Lord Murray (1779 - 1859): "Arms Argent a martlet in a fetterlock a bordure gules on a chief azure three mullets pierced argent a crescent for difference on an escutcheon of pretence Argent on a cross flory sable five mullets argent (Rigby) Crest A hand holding a rolled scroll in bend Helmet of an Esquire Motto DEUM TIME". That's a squire's or esquire's helmet as code for Squire's/Squirrels, and Poindexters/Puddesters happen to use an "esquire's" helmet while Esquers use a white rabbit. I would not have met Miss Hicks if I didn't start to attend the church of Mrs. Teague; I first attended, and saw her, on Christmas day, and Christmas' use white rabbits. Note the Moray FETTerLOCKs, recalling the ProFETTs/Prophets. As Feets share martlets with Cheneys while they have a Fate variation like the "fato" motto term of Cheneys, it appears that Dick Cheney can apply. Coneys use white rabbits. Locks share the green cinquefoils of Gows/Gavins.

Shocking Woodward

Here's according to Woodward:

In meeting after meeting, Trump questions why the US has to pay for such a large troop presence in South Korea. "We're doing this in order to prevent World War III," Mattis, the defense secretary, bluntly explained to Trump at one January 2018 meeting, which prompted Mattis to tell close associates afterward that Trump had the understanding of a "fifth or sixth grader."

Trump still wasn't convinced. "I think we could be so rich if we weren't stupid," he later said in the meeting, arguing the US was being played as "suckers," Woodward reports.

I will agree with Trump, and I will put Mattis into the deep-state camp because he's creating monsters for to keep the dough rolling in. Trump winked, and gave him that dough. Trump would be better off if he just stops listening to those who lead from behind the military veil. It's a toss-up as to where Trump ends up, either with his own skin, or in the snake skin of the deep state.

...The letter would have withdrawn the US from a critical trade agreement with South Korea. Trump's aides feared the fallout could jeopardize a top-secret national security program: the ability to detect a North Korean missile launch within just seven seconds [it's just a monster scare; N. Korea is no threat to the U.S].

Woodward reports Cohn was "appalled" that Trump might sign the letter. "I stole it off his desk," Cohn told an associate. "I wouldn't let him see it. He's never going to see that document. Got to protect the country."<>P> Cohn was not alone. Former staff secretary Rob Porter worked with Cohn and used the same tactic on multiple occasions, Woodward writes. In addition to literally stealing or hiding documents from Trump's desk, they sought to stall and delay decisions or distract Trump from orders they thought would endanger national security.

"A third of my job was trying to react to some of the really dangerous ideas that he had and try to give him reasons to believe that maybe they weren't such good ideas," said Porter...

The shadow government in Trump's face. Rob Porter quit as per wife-beating allegations on two wives. Someone get Mattis. We could have some fun here. Trump might take another approach, to be grateful to Woodward for revealing the seditious facts in his own choices for leadership. But Woodward does say too many politically-loaded things that, so far as CNN would share, are all in a negative light. Woodward's nasty things may not all be falsities, but some things look like they were made up by his enemies, as could be expected. Woodward needs to properly lay out the context (who said what, when, where, with who else present?) for each such attack on the president. For example:

"Rudy, you're a baby," Trump told the man who is now his attorney. "I've never seen a worse defense of me in my life. They took your diaper off right there. You're like a little baby that needed to be changed. When are you going to be a man?"

Who else would have been in the room to know that Trump said this? Did Giuliani snitch? Not likely, because it's doubtful he'd want this in the book. Are they spying on every word Trump says? I hope so. He deserves it. It seems that Woodward knows much more than what's already been leaked by the accumulation of all other liberal reporters. That's can't be correct. Woodward looks a lot like he's part of a serious deep-state attack.

There's far worse in his book, a little too hard for even me to believe, who already accepts that Trumps is no angel. It's doubtful that Trump would say such nasty things, as Woodward claims, at a time like this, when Trump is being tarnished on every side to the point of clinging to power. It's just like Assad, who, knowing he's winning, wouldn't dare use chemical weapons only to give the enemy a means to bring him down. But Trump deserves to be tarnished as he tarnished Assad falsely, sorry. He reaps what he sows. Trump didn't just tarnish Assad, but sent dangerous missiles into his country. Isn't that a nutcase? Yes, it is. Ask God what he thinks of a man who shoots giant missiles onto anyone's land. What would you think of yourself if you did it?

Here's a shocking Fox interview of Woodward. He opens by claiming a "crisis" in the White House, but disappoints. He never points out what the crisis is. All he says is that Kelly doesn't respect Trump, and moreover says that Kelly doesn't like off-the-cuff decisions by Trump. That's not a crisis, it's a revelation that Trump needs an new chief of staff. That's a good thing. It's not Trump's fault that Kelly wants the president to submit to his will; it's Trump's fault for choosing a military man for the White House, but other than that, laying the blame on Trump is, so far, purely fake-news material to which Woodward is contributing. A glaring admission is that Woodward failed to ask the president questions, and he didn't reveal who his sources were on this show:

The above is not the entire interview. According the Kellyanne Conway, Woodward had no one in the book saying or leaking anything about Trump-Russia collusion. Did Woodward have a section in the book talking about how, after dozens of interviews, nobody had evidence on Russian collusion? If not, Woodward is just acting the political animal. Without collusion panning out for all of the president's enemies, Republicans included, all they have now is ripping his character, his mind, etc., in petty ways, on minor matters, a lowly, slimy way to move "forward" through these elections.

I say Trump is responsible for making changes to media lies and fabricated stories because he's confessed openly that the problem is a raging fire. It's not enough to tweet against it. There needs to be enforced some real change against wholesale freedom of speech to the point of inventing news stories and quotes. Judges should be able to know who anonymous sources are if someone like Trump has a dispute against an anonymous source. Someone needs to check on media claims from anonymous sources if there is a request for it; just watch anonymous claims take a nose dive if that were the case. There needs to be some legislation to that end. Can't Trump get some started?

A day or two after the Meadows letter regarding new Strzok messages came out, the inspector general of the DoJ provided Fox with more, similar material. For example, Strzok calls some organizations "our sisters" (Hannity thinks this is the CIA) who he assesses as leaking "like mad" as a war waged on Trump. This was back in December of 2016, as Trump was about to take Office.

By Friday, Woodward admitted that, though he "looked hard," he saw no evidence on Trump-Russia collusion, which is a huge statement that makes all of the cheap shots in his book look, well, cheap. It's an important admission because Mueller is likely loath to release his report before the election because he's a political animal, wanting the voters to go to the voting booths at least imagining some Trump-Russia collusion. If he admits there was none, voters will see the Democrat media as complicit in mischaracterizing the president, thus crippling "the most trusted name in news" at this critical election.

Trump made a big mistake not replacing Rosenstein and Sessions before the election. Even if the Senate goes back to Democrats, a DoJ with a leader willing to expose and prosecute the deep state can still go ahead, giving Trump better chances in 2020. If Democrats get the Senate, how will Trump replace Sessions with an anti-deep-state person? Trump has been a big failure.

Here's a new revelation from Lisa Page on December 19, 2016, from CNN even:

Lawmakers received five months' worth of recovered messages between former FBI special agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page in early August, but North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows released specific extracts this week, indicating in a letter to the Justice Department that they "suggest a coordinated effort on the part of the FBI and DOJ to release information in the public domain potentially harmful to President Donald Trump's administration."

...Some texts raise questions about their [Page and Strzok] level of involvement in shaping stories about ongoing investigations and whether it was authorized, but frequent coordination and communication with the former head of the FBI's press office, Michael Kortan, is a consistent theme throughout their interactions...

"It will make your head spin to realize how many stories we played a personal role in," Page wrote to Strzok on December 19, 2016. "Sheesh, this has been quite a year," she added, forwarding a link to The New York Times' Most Read Stories of 2016.

CNN tries to downplay this to levels roughly of standard practice between the FBI's news-release outlet and the liberal media, exactly why the whole truth needs to come out in order to burn the "most trusted name in news." When Page had to come out of hiding to appear before congress, she looked more like a sexy celebrity rather than one appropriately afraid for her crimes. It made we wonder whether she and Strzok are getting paid to do theater, with the purpose of protecting higher-ups. It also makes me wonder whether these texts have been fabricated for the purpose of taking the blame. There never seems to be any sexual relationship taking place between the two (= red flag), from what we can gather in their released communications.

Has anyone ever realized that Dan Bongino has a fake guest that's nothing but a tape recording whenever he presses a button? The guest never says anything about the topic at hand, because he's not really there. I was just listening to episode 807 (Sept. 14), where he makes the mistake of sticking to the official line for 9-11, and many readers unsubscribed or rebuked him for this position. Bongino is up in law enforcement circles, and he therefore feels he needs to tow the official line. But when he shares this garbage publicly, that's intolerable.

In the same show, he starts to give reasons for opposing declassification of the material all his listeners want declassified. He's sympathizing with the White-House position, which is more concerned about the reputation of the nation before all the world than cleaning the corruption. Leaving the criminals to repeat the corruption just because you don't want to look bad to outsiders is STUPIDLY IRRESPONSIBLE. The best image the White House can send out is to punish high-level law breakers harder than lowly people for the same crimes. High-level people are expected to be pure.

Roughly 40 percent of the American population is politically ruinous, and more than that number are socially ruinous. Yet the White-House policy makers would have us believe that 99 percent of the entire FBI are good people. Where do these voices get their smarts? Who do they think they're fooling? Do they think that naive people are all there is? The FBI was led by the corrupt from at least Mueller in 2001. That's a lot of time to install sinister people all over the tops of all FBI branches and its allies / partners. The wicked bring in the wicked. They know one another just by sitting down and chatting fort a while. Speech is filled with clues to where one stands ideologically / morally.


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