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September 4 - 10, 2018

Miss Hicks' Knee Now Touches on Nelli Ohr - Undeniable
Og-Rephaite Connection To/Through Rieti
God Speaks Again with Signs Around the House
The Strange Hug of Lindsey Graham by Huma Abedin

Bob Woodward put out a book claiming that James Mattis views Trump's mentality as from a grade-five student, and John Kelly saying that the White House operates as "crazy town." I believe these reports because I suspect that both men are Trump's secret enemies, because this president keeps choosing his own enemies. Yet Trump is in denial that these things were said just because Mattis and Kelly were questioned; they of course said they did not say them.

The military establishment doesn't want Trump as president, and, probably, because many Republican lawmakers are committed to the military, they too are Trump's enemies. If Trump were wise, he would at least know his enemies. He should be able to figure out that the military has its own long-range plans, and that any president who doesn't click heels with the plans is going to be tripped up until he does. The military's job has obviously been to get Trump to hate Russia, and he has put on such a face even though he prefers to get on a friendly level, which, I believe, is sincere for the sake of world peace.

I think I will take the position that Trump does wants world peace, yet the military has shown every sign of wanting to stir a hornet's nest with Putin in hopes that an opportunistic war will break out. That's the true crazy house, and Mattis with Kelly are likely part of that sinister thing. Russian interference in the election is a scam from the CIA, which of course is part of the military establishment. The most-lethal weapon at this time, against Russian interference, is, not Trump, but Julian Assange. This is probably why he's suffering at this time. Last I heard days ago, he's in severe physical health, maybe by what they are feeding him.

I have reason to believe that God promised that Julian Assange will "sing" on behalf of crippling the deep state. The way the deep state works is to first convince the masses (through the complicit media, what else) that its plans are good and necessary. For the Russian plans, the public needs to be convinced that Putin is dangerous.

Here's my theory, which may be wrong. I wouldn't hang much on it, but want to say it in case things work just this way. I can then come back here and quote this in a future update. I have reason to believe that God used an event in 1994, and later in 2002 that pointed to WikiLeaks, even though I knew nothing of WikiLeaks in those years. In 1979, I was with a girlfriend, Kelly, whose father was a song writer, and, to make the story short as possible, I one day opened the Bible and asked whether I would be a singer. I said to God that I'm going to put my finger at whatever spot it lands on, on whatever page I open, and it landed right on the phrase, "you shall have a song." Well, in about 1992, I started to sing in the car, and it was horrible, really horrible, but intent on learning, I learned it and got better-than-average at it within about ten years. I sang and sang for that long, and have not quit since. But, no, I did not become an amateur singer before an audience.

There came a time when I began to theorize that, "you shall have a song," was possible code for "ASSANGe," because whistle-blowers "sing," as they say. And because I was with Kelly when that scripture popped out at me, the daughter of a song writer, I'm now wondering whether John Kelly is the one behind Assange's woes at this time. WikiLeaks reported that the United States was behind the current ousting of Assange from his embassy "sanctuary." Mr Moreno, Ecuador's leader, is the one who's been saying that Assange must leave, and in 1994, during an event that would bring me to live 10 minutes from Charlotte Hicks, I drove up the highway toward LEAKey (Texas), and, some 20 minutes out before one reaches the town, I remember seeing a vote-for-me sign with the surname, Moreno.

This would matter nothing had it not been for the event in 2002 that had to do with both the Leakey Road and the Leak(ey) surname (use this link to load the other Coats below). But this event was specifically with a woman born, Charlotte Hicks, and Trump had a Communications director, Hope Charlotte Hicks, who was in cahoots with John Kelly. When she left Trump's White House, it may have been as a back-stabber to him (i.e. she may have become his enemy, or she may even have been a spy for the other side from the beginning; for all we know, she may have been a Democrat / liberal when Trump brought her aboard due to knowing her in the past).

Charlotte Hicks was herself a Christian singer; she even gave me a studio-produced CD. On the night (September 11, 2002) of the event at the Leakey road, Miss Hicks sang two songs at an outdoor memorial for 9-11. After she sang her first, I enjoyed it so much that I got up and approached the pastor of our church, asking if he could get Miss Hicks up to sing a second song. I don't do things like that every day. Was this God's hint that things were on-track for the fulfillment of the you-shall-have-a-song" Promise?

Perhaps I'm wrong about Hope Charlotte Hicks. Perhaps she will become a whistle blower against Kelly. She left immediately after her boyfriend at the White House was forced to resign, and he was in some cahoots with Kelly too.

The theory is that God wants to relay the message that WikiLeaks / Assange will "sing" something, either done in the past already, or, I hope, something very crippling to God's enemies in the future. The other theory forming is that John Kelly (Trump's chief of staff) has something to do with this. We heard, a month ago, that Assange was invited to testify before Congress as per his knowledge on Russian interference, which, I think, is desired by those wanting to expose the deep state. Assange's current woes are timed perfectly with this assault by the Nunes-led band of Republicans. Assange's lawyer(s) is hashing out the details of his questioning.

And Assange's lawyer(s) is hashing things out with Moreno as to exactly how he must leave the London embassy. Will Assange die first, or will he sing? The end of this outcome seems pending for election season, if the Republicans can have their way, but, there is a good chance that he was reserving some key secrets for use as leverage on behalf of his legal woes, and this may extend the outcome longer than we might like.

The paper airplane that was in my Obama dream (February 2016) had to do with the Page-Strzok scandal as it involved Obama. Strzok was overseeing, for the FBI and likely for Ohr's circle, Russian collusion, and this scam is very-much part of the Seth-Rich affair that WikiLeaks was central to. I know the Sean Hannity would like to revisit this issue, if Fox permits him, and the issue might come back in a way that pertains to this imminent congressional communication with Assange, where Fox would have little choice but to allow coverage.

Assange's last tweet came on January 13, 2018. The embassy cut him off of the Internet at that time. Thirteen days earlier, he released a tweet, "Paper Planes." It gave me more reason to believe that God was pointing us to Assange. Obama was at the helm of the Strzok controversy, but as he came out this week to speak long against Trump, with the promise of more to come, this would be a great time to nab him in the crimes being covered heavily by Fox.

The chess game that Assange released on January 13 had world champion, Frank Marshall, as one of the players, the other being a Cuban. Assange was himself playing games with his tweets...much as Q Anon does by not explaining the things he (or she?) says. In the Obama dream, I shot the paper plane as the CUE ball with the CUE. I keep scanty tabs on Q Anon in case the cue was code for him, but Q's followers bore me to death (can't get excited) when trying to explain Q's shrouds. He often shrouds his points, leaving multiple interpretations in a guessing game. Talk about confusing, but it acts to protect himself against wrong predictions, since the reader might never know for sure what he's predicting or even talking about.

I watched a 75-minute video on Q a day or two ago, where he introduced Hillary and Saudi Arabia as "Alice & Wonderland" respectively, with the Podesta-related white rabbits of Wonderland being sex-trafficked children. It's an interesting theory, but far from being clinched as correct, even though Hillary was addressed in certain emails as "Alice." There are pictures online, with pedophilic connotations, of Alex Podesta in all-white rabbit suits, who look a lot like Saudi princes when they wear all-white. None of this Alice picture seems to match what I think the Obama dream pertains to, yet in both cases, the political players are of the same Hillary lot.

The Cuban won the chess match even though he was losing to the world champion (symbol of the anti-Cuba West?). Assange is thought my many to be sympathetic to Communism. Ecuador and Cuba have been strengthening relations. If Assange's tweet had to do with his desire to see a Russia-Cuba alliance turn the tide on the West, it doesn't sound like something that Ecuador would especially oppose. There's a 2017 headline: "Cuban 1st Vice President Arrives in Ecuador for Moreno's Inauguration".

If Assange is, as he seems to be, warm toward Putin, then note how the Leakey sign came on the first anniversary of 9-11, for 9-11 was, in a bigger picture, the start of the Western assault against Russian interests in the Middle East. It evolved under Obama, probably against his will, with a Western, verbal rampage against Putin. And along comes Trump to threaten all that the military had accomplished in the Middle East in spite of Obama's reset button and pull-out from Iraq. Assange (Obama supporter initially?) is not going to be entertained by war-hawk Republicans, yet we see this move by the anti-deep-state Republicans to entertain him even without a wink from Trump, so far as we know. Trump is in no position to show Assange a red carpet, precisely because the military establishment will go rabid on him if he does. Trump, like Obama, has been snagged with a tail in the military trap. They can move around a little, but they can't get away.

So, the memorial night with Charlotte Hicks, whom I was sitting beside, might be a pointer to a WikiLeaks exposure of the bare bones of the 9-11 monster. Not the 20 Saudis we heard about, but the insider-American monsters who used "paper planes" against the Twin Towers, so to speak. That is, no planes hit the buildings, they were faked with film-doctoring techniques. That's how bold this monster had become, and no one suspected it for years afterward. Robert Mueller was central in the 9-11 scam, and his position today, while trying to protect the anti-Russia initiative from Trump, is on very thin ice. At any time, he could be exposed as the first bare bone.

As I said, I was already seated at the outdoor park when Miss Hicks came along with her video camera. I went over to her, and asked if she'd like me to set it up, and after doing so, I saw an empty seat beside her, and asked to sit there. She said that it was reserved for her 13-year old daughter, who later became a symbol of pedophilia, but that I could sit there and scoot over if she came. She never did. It turned out that the Camera surname is listed with Camerons, and then prime-minister Cameron was replaced by Theresa May recently. The latter is online easing some pedophilia matters in a way that helps pedophiles, and there are a couple of voices online saying that May's father, pastor BRASIER, is acquainted with some Catholic clergy caught up in pedophilia. It was only in the 2nd update of last moth that I talked again about a Bra entity as it related to pedophilia and John Podesta.

I'm not lying, I've said this before, though it was said before I knew that Alex Podesta is photographed in a white-rabbit suit: the first day I saw Miss Hicks was on Christmas day, and the Christmas surname uses white rabbits. It's signalling that codes in the Hicks dream should connect with this elite circle of pedophiles operating under God's wrath.

The paper plane in the Obama dream was about the dossier, but, they say, certain Republicans allied to the war hawk, John McCain, originally launched the dossier that Steele completed. In this way, the anti-Trump Republicans can be seen behind the dossier, which is why paper planes can apply to them as per the fake planes on 9-11. Robert Mueller was chosen by Trump, six days before 9-11, to be the FBI director. Mueller's job was to cover their butts. This movement is now clearly understood to be a new-world-order move, American globalism, which is why there is so much ferocity against Trump. It's a high-stakes game with Brito-American globalism at stake.

The problem with identifying the paper planes in the dream with 9-11's Republicans is that the plane was code for Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, for the plane was at first a flat page on the table. When it became known that the dossier was used to spy on Carter PAGE, it reinforced the dream's pointer to the dossier. I turned the page into a plane so that I could shoot it with the cue, itself code for Perkins Coie, the lawyers of Hillary Clinton one who paid for the dossier. Still, there is appropriate connection to 9-11 insiders where they were behind the dossier.

Perkins Coie is such a good fit that I tend to leave Q Anon out, even though God's symbols can have more than one meaning. Q's followers await his "storm," defined as the coming prosecutions of deep-state actors. They actually give Trump credit for this coming storm. The only storm I see is the splashing about during bubble baths that Trump enjoys in the swamp he claims to oppose. The storm has been pending for many months, but, the real question is, what level of fizzle can we expect? It looks more like clear, blue skies for Comey and friends...unless God brings the storm, because Trump is committed not to jail anyone.

The deep state just causes turmoil in the White House when Trump gets a little out of line. The latest is the "resistance" from the New-York Times this past week. Someone, apparently as part of the McCain circle, claiming to be a high-level Trump staffer, claimed that others in the White-House are about to start the resistance, just as Trump is being pressured to declassify documents.

As I said, Miss Hicks appeared in a dream one week after I became a Christian in 1979. Her knee was a part of the dream, and it wasn't until 1996 that I first started to suspect that she was the woman in the dream. I thought that she was supposed to become my wife. I had seen her a few times in church in 1995, always without a man, and one Sunday, she stood in front of me after I had sat down, and later turned to greet me at the end of the service. So, by 1996, after the bulldog in the dream (with her) came back to mind, she became the suspect for my future wife.

I know no reason that the knee should be integral with, or even lightly connected to, the other symbolism in the dream (explained in the last update). So why was the knee a part of things? By 2001, I had come to doubt that she was the woman/wife in the dream, partly because I learned that she was married in 1999, and partly because she wasn't turning up anywhere in my life (by 2001). I hadn't seen her since 1995. Her husband (more than 30 years older than she), an old man already, attended the same church as I (the church above), only this time it was she who wasn't attending with him. By some plot of God or not, I took my regular seat directly behind him not knowing at first that he was her husband.

In 2002, I changed churches, and, behold, she and he had started to come there. They were already attending on my fist visit. But, I wasn't prepared to wait for her husband to pass away, so I started to look online for a mate. Failure. So, struggling with this issue, I decided to call her Sunday after church, to say that I enjoyed her solo sung in church that morning. Just look at that: it was only the second time I heard her sing in church over ten months; the time before that was way back at a Christmas play. It's a SONG, the very thing that I'm now expecting to connect with her knee as per what I'm about to say.

I called to see if there could be any clue that she would become my wife as a widow. First off, she had to like me, for if she didn't, it could imply that she could not be the one. She talked to me for about four hours that day, and there was never any "fun stuff" that you might imagine with two people of the opposite sex taking things somewhere. At the end of the call, she got me to go to Church that night, which was the night she gave me her music CD at my request.

I got to church first, and she came to sit directly in front of me, when, a couple of minutes later, this man, Stanley, sat smack beside her, shoulder-to-shoulder like her own man would. I saw what was going on. And she looked like a witch to me that minute. After the service, while we all had a social gathering in the back room, she came to sit opposite me at a table, but I immediately got uncomfortable, and left. She was offended as I walked away.

Three days later was the 9-11 memorial, and I determined that night not to sit anywhere near her, yet I ended up sitting beside her. We both enjoyed the evening. And when I got up to ask the pastor to have her sing another song, Stanley plopped himself in my seat beside her. I knew what was going on. So I went to her after he left and offended her with a mild but solid rebuke: "Is that your buddy?"

Morgan-Stanley had consecutive floors in one of the Twin Towers below the big gash in the building that was provided with the shape of what a plane would do if it crashed into it. There were deep-state workers above Morgan-Stanley' floors who were placing explosives in the walls to create that shape. If I recall correctly, Morgan Stanley had several floors up until a little higher up than the 70th, and there were two mechanical floors (furnace's, gas and water equipment, etc, I imagine) directly above the company's floors.

She left the park while I wrapped wiring with the music crew, but we met again a few minutes later at the local store on the Leakey road. As I was about to open the front door, I saw her beautiful knees through the GLASS of the door. She wore dresses almost-always to church, but her knees had never-before struck me. And that night, I remembered her knee in the dream. It made me very sure that she was the one whose knee I touched in the dream. While in the store, I arrived to the check-out while she was still there, and I just said that I enjoyed her singing, but she responded not very nice, "Oh, no one's ever said that to me before." It sounded as though she was accusing me of being "onto" her, and I do understand why she would feel that way, but if anyone led things on, she had. I do think that, if she wasn't married, we would have hit it off right away (because I wouldn't have resisted), but maybe that's just my misinterpretation.

Decades later, I learned that the Knee and Leak(ey) surnames share the same, engrailed bend, and that Stanleys use a bend in the same colors, with gold stag heads upon it, the color of the Hicks stag head (but called a "buck"). Moreover, Leaks were in Yorkshire, where Hicks were first found that share the Leak fleur-de-lys. And in the Leak Crest, a human leg bent at the KNEE. Leaks must have been a branch of Leghs / Legge's, and the latter's stag head (half in the colors of the Stanley stag heads) is in the colors of the Trump stag head and of the stag in the Down/Doun Coat while Knee's were first found in Country Down. Obama's mother was a Dunham/DOWNham/DOUNham. It looks like God set-up her impressive knees in the glass door.

Eventually, these coincidences led me to believe that Leaks were God's code for WikiLeaks. But didn't know until moments ago, as I write here, that Jorge GLAS was the vice president of Ecuador for the president that Moreno just replaced! That's why I'm re-telling this story. Just now, about a minute after I saw his name in an article, I was looking at "Correa" in the article's title, "Ecuador: Lenin Moreno, the Troubling Successor to Rafael Correa," and, I kid you not, out the GLASS of my window (my computer chair looks out the window over the table), while looking at "Correa," a young CROW (smaller than adult robin) was walking along the ground (the Ground/Cranny surname uses a crane as code for the crow line of Ceraunii). I do not recall seeing a young crow over the many years I've been at this property. This has got to be another Sign for the moment.

I have therefore got to believe that the glass DOOR at the Leakey road was God's pointer to Jorge Glas of EcuaDOR (!), and the only sense I can make of this is Julian Assange's relationship with Glas and Correa, which, I assume, had been a good relationship that Moreno did not agree with. I am amazed by this young crow. It's a great clue as to the meaning of that night on September 11, 2002.

It was in this very update, days before writing now, that Ruffs/Ralphs are shown with crows / ravens, and here we have Rafael Correa. Much of the heraldic topic below is on the Coronis crow and the Ceraunii.

The logical thing to do is check for Correa's attitude toward Assange, something I've never done. An Intercept headline: "Ecuador’s Ex-President Rafael Correa Denounces [Moreno's] Treatment of Julian Assange as 'Torture'" I agree. He's been handed prison-like conditions. "During the 2016 U.S. election, Correa said, his own government told Assange that it thought his attacks on Hillary Clinton were becoming excessive and briefly suspended his internet connection to underline its concerns. 'But that was just temporary,' said Correa. 'We never intended to take away his internet for an extended period of time. That is going way too far.'" So, the reason that Assange has tweeted encoded messages, I now assume, is due to this watchful eye over his communications.

Hmm: "Correa said his government hired a well-known security firm [to protect Assange] based in Spain, UC Global, to provide those services, but the current government replaced it with an Israeli firm." What does Israel have to do with Brito-American globalism? Like the spokes on a wheel, or the horns on the snake. Tiny Israel gets around in elite, Western circles. Correa doubts the accusation of the Guardian news (UK) that Assange was hacking Ecuadorian computers while in the embassy. If the West doesn't operate in honesty, the world has come to its brink. Assange, for the most part, seems to be a straight-shooter. That's his image, his earned reputation.

At the bottom of the Intercept page above, a headline: "CONGRESSMAN SAYS HE TRIED TO BRIEF TRUMP ON WIKILEAKS AND RUSSIA AFTER MEETING WITH JULIAN ASSANGE, BUT JOHN KELLY BLOCKED HIM". It figures. At Kelly's home, I received a word: "you shall have a song." Does this predict that Assange will win the war against Kelly and his military? Will this be, not my song, but His? Just open your eyes and see how loathsome Trump has been on this issue:

Rohrabacher claimed Assange had shown him and his traveling companion, Charles Johnson, definitive proof that Russia was not the source of the Democratic Party communications that WikiLeaks published during the 2016 campaign. Assange was willing to share that information with American officials, Rohrabacher said, but he was never able to present the offer to the president.

So, Kelly rules Trump's will on this matter. Assange's story will help Trump immensely against both Mueller's Republican disease, and the Democrat lunatics who have sided with Mueller out of political convenience. But the congress is bucking to hear Assange out while Trump has his tail in Kelly's trap. And for good measure, Trump has beset himself with Pompeo as his foreign secretary, who can't be good news for those Americans who want Assange to sabotage the Guccifer 2.0 story. It seems that the song might just get through into the open air, imminently. I have a strong sense that the night of the 9-11 memorial is about this push by Rohrabacher and Johnson, which the Bush circle vehemently opposes. The article talks about Rob Porter -- boyfriend of Hope Charlotte Hicks -- whom Kelly though obliged for some strong reason.

Porter was the gatekeeper for Trump, the one controlling what in-coming papers the president receives. I think this is exactly where the infil-traitorous deep state wants to plant itself as a priority. There was yet a second man acting as the gatekeeper for the papers: John Kelly. He and Porter worked together. (All rejected papers need to go to a second body to approve the rejections, in case the gatekeeper is secretly an enemy of the president's agendas.)

His Wikipedia article: "...Porter was a student at Harvard University, where he served as a leader with the Harvard Republican Club and Harvard Students for Bush, according to Harvard Magazine. Porter had gone on a Mormon mission...He is the son of Roger B. Porter, a former aide to President George H. W. Bush...Porter was a Rhodes Scholar..." Trump picked the wrong man, again (he should go with clean people, like evangelicals). It reminds me that Bush ancestry was in the same city as the founder of the Mormons, and that those Bush's had married the Smith surname, the surname also of the Mormon founder. Porter had been the chief of staff for Orrin Hatch (Mormon) of Utah (Mormon state), and Jeff Sessions chose the US attorney for Utah (John Huber) to conduct a mock investigation of the FISA scandal (probably started by the Bush circle). Just look at Trump's ineptitude:

[Huber] was first nominated for the [US attorney] position by President Barack Obama in February 2015. Huber offered his resignation in March 2017 at the request of the Trump administration. However, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions subsequently appointed Huber as interim U.S. Attorney under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act. Huber was renominated by President Donald Trump in June 2017...

... Huber was appointed by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the FBI's surveillance of Carter Page and connections between the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, starting in November 2017 (his Wikipedia article).

It should be almost obvious that Sessions chose Huber to get nothing done on FISA. Trump apparently got rid of Huber because he was an Obamaite, and then called him back. Now, the scandal that hopes to wreck Trump's sinking ship is overseen by Huber, who, instead of putting a plug in the hole, will, according to Fox's guests, do nothing but let the sea pass through.

As the 9-11 insiders choose one another to protect one another, we can start to identify them by such choices. We can say that it's a good thing that Mueller was chosen, if he gets caught and rats on others.

I have all the details in my writings, I'm not making the hatch part up. One winter, I caught the first three squirrels in my attic with a homemade cage. With the onset of the following winter, the attic became a hotel, but with a single rat trap, I caught 16 (I recorded it all in these updates because I sensed that God was doing something). There was a 20th squirrel, but it may have gotten away. I caught 19 squirrels, in other words, the number of Arab terrorists accused by Bush for 9-11. After the 19th was caught, I finally finished getting the soffits on around the roof line (I have four gables = lots of slow, high work), blocking squirrel entry for good, or so I thought.

One night while in bed, I heard a squirrel on the upper side of a soffit (aluminum, can't mistaken the pitter-patter) outside the bedroom window. It's where other squirrels (or the same one) had walked along at night in their routines. The next morning, I went up and found where this last squirrel had gotten in, at a small 1.25" opening at the top of a HATCH between two sets of solar panels upon the roof. I use this hatch to get on the roof, to clear the snow off the panels. There is no other name for it. It's four feet long and one foot wide, a HATCH. At the top of the hatch, I left an air vent (it gets hot under the panels) about as wide as the hatch, and 1.25 inches wide.

I plugged the opening with cement board that very day, and have never again had a squirrel, but I don't know whether that 20th got away through the hatch by the time I got up there, or whether it slept the night in the attic, and later died of thirst.

Straight up the rafter line from where the pitter-patter is heard outside my window, the squirrel(s) had a nest. Urine dripped down to the second-story floor, which is how I learned of the nest in the first place. This urine smells incredibly. After sweeping away all the pellets, I painted (2 coats) all the wood and plastic poly in the area of the nest, but it still smells up there to this day, some three years later.

When I was tracing things to urine-liner Orion, the Orrin surname had come to mind. Orrin Hatch. I find this a compelling reason to now identify the 19 caught squirrels with the 9-11 insiders, but to include Orrin Hatch with them. I hate to accuse anyone falsely, but that's just got to stand as a theory at this time. I just saw a blue jay fly across the window.

Previously, and not long ago, I identified the 17 squirrels of one season with the 17 lawyers working for Mueller. They are routinely numbered 17 on Fox, and there is talk that Mueller isn't going to hire others because he's winding his investigation down. There were 16 originally, but a 17th was added recently. So, the reason that there may have been three caught ones in one season, and 16 caught ones in the next, is to make two different pictures, one for the 19 hi-jackers with Orrin Hatch thrown in as the 20th, and one as the 16 lawyers with Hatch thrown in as the 17th. Hatch is a lawyer, though I don't know who the 17th was, whether he's acquainted with Hatch. A rabbit (brownish, not white) is now outside the window, no more than three minutes after the jay flew past. I haven't seen rabbits around here for months. I have no idea how jays or rabbits could apply, but maybe something will dawn on me.

The rabbit is just eating vegetation exactly (within two feet, anyway) at the spot where the young crow had walked along, and there is a Rabbit surname that is much like "REPHAITE," the peoples of Canaan to whom I trace the mythical crow. Earlier this week, I had an egg-on-a-BUN sign, which you can read about below, but here it's interesting that the Bunny and Rabbit surnames are in the same colors and format.

The very place where the urine was dripping from is where I stuck my hand in while installing soffits, to remove the smelly (powerful) insulation, on the day one squirrel jumped out and bounced off my chest. I wrote about this event earlier in the week, which you can see later in this update, where God gave the egg-on-a-bun sign. What fun. It's nice to see He has not stopped leading, though I haven't received a dream or snap vision for a while.

I've gone searching, and, I think, the 17th lawyer is Ryan Dickey: "Dickey joined Mueller's team in November 2017...Most notably, he helped prosecute the Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel, who went by the screen name Guccifer and pleaded guilty to hacking email and social media accounts belonging to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, among other prominent figures." Guccifer was no friend of Hillary, and Guccifer 2.0 gets right into the deep-state fabrication that Russians hacked the DNC, which Assange claims to be incorrect. We can see why Mueller got Dickey on-board, an insider to the Guccifer hoax.

Don't believe a word that the fake news gives about Guccifer 2.0; he's likely a CIA fabrication. The media routinely publish what the CIA tells them, and we can assume that many anonymous news sources are nothing more than deliberate Intelligence leaks.

In a CNBC article of this past August 28: "Two prosecutors, including a top computer crimes investigator, have departed special counsel Robert Mueller's team investigating links between Trump associates and Russia, leaving Mueller with 15 attorneys on staff...Ryan Dickey and Brian Richardson appear to have left the team this summer, according to a report by CNN...Dickey will continue to work for the Justice Department..." Ahh, the knell of a dropping hammer may have been heard for Dickey.

There's insufficient writings on Dickey to make a link to Orrin Hatch, but common connection to the 9-11 insiders is possible. It's interesting that Decks and Dyke's use a red squirrel while all squirrels around here are red.

The Daily Beast makes a point, as others do, that there was an initial group, 16, with Ryan Dickey coming in as the extra, 17: "'They’ve got their core group of prosecutors [16] who are working for the S[pecial]C[ounsel], then they brought Ryan on, I suspect, because of his background with computer crimes issues, cyber issues,' Belevetz said...Dickey is working on the prosecution of the Internet Research Agency, a Russian troll farm that sowed division in the American electorate during the 2016 campaign." No, the CIA sows division and chaos as it needs, blaming its enemies for it, as excuses to spy on and go after them. The CIA is the animal in America. Get rid of the CIA, and its tentacles in other Intelligence agencies, and everything else will fall back to normalcy.

The CIA is nothing by brazen, conflict-of-interest, money-wasting, junk. It wants you to believe, and fabricates news stories for the purpose, that America will fall to outside monsters if it doesn't protect the country. Meanwhile, it slithers into weak nations to sow discord there too, as it needs, to topple rulers. The sedition we are seeing against Trump is what they do routinely in other countries. Sowing discord in the population is part of divide and conquer, exactly why they can use two political parties of about the same caliber, for the use of one against the other, when needed.

While the Bush family of Rochester (where Mormons were founded) was pro-Nazi, the Hiedler/Hitler surname shares the griffin design with the Gaineys and their Kelly branch, called an "Enfield" griffin. I'm just wondering whether John Kelly is a Bush-Nazi element sworn to secretized CIA ambitions.

I may have just found another clue in the dream with Miss Hicks. I was standing a ways off when I first saw her on the beach in front of a lone car. After I saw a close-up of her face, the next scene was my standing at the DOOR of her car while she was hovering over the seats inside. And a voice from behind me said, "what are you waiting for, go wake her up." After I resolved to kiss her awake because I was thinking Sleeping Beauty, my hand touched her knee, and she flew up into my arms before I kissed her. Each of these spoken words have been looked into at houseofnames, but the Knee surname never figures in tight with the rest of the symbolism. So why did I touch her knee for this act? Why does this knee connect this particular act of the dream to the glass door at the Leakey road?

One of the words, "wake," is key, because it implies that she was asleep, code for the SELEPitanoi Illyrians that lived at/beside RHIZON, and we were RISING together into the sky after she flew into my arms. Beautys (black bulls) share the bull with McLeods (the latter use it in black too), who lived on the island of Skye. The McLeods add flags on either side of their bull head, and Stanley, when he momentarily sat himself beside Miss Hicks at the memorial, was holding the American flag, which he promptly took to the stage for the final act of the memorial.

The Wake's even share two fesses with Sleeps. The Waik variation is like the Wais variation of proto-Washington Wassa's, and the latter's double fesses are colors reversed from the same of Sleeps. But it's the "ora" motto term of Wake's that looks applicable to the dossier, as per Mr Ohr's involvement, for the Wake's share the red roundel in a gold Chief with Ore's/Orrs.

WOWIE! I can barely believe it. It's Mr. Ohr's wife, Nellie, who worked for Fusion GPS, and the Nellie surname shares three red roundels on gold with Wake's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD USED A SLEEPING MISS HICKS TO POINT TO THE DOSSIER! Incredible. It expects that a song from WikiLeaks should be exactly about the dossier scandal, but overlapping into the laps of the 9-11 insiders.

BEHOLD: the Leak(ey) surname has this sentence: "Lyke-WAKE Dirge is a traditional English SONG [caps mine!] that is thought to have originated in the Yorkshire area." Miss Hicks sang two songs on the night of the beautiful knees, the second one thanks to me i.e. God got me personally involved with her, and with the signs, in this event. I even wonder whether that seat I sat in was reserved for Stanley. Probably. And by the way, her daughter, whom she said was coming to sit there, is GENEVa, like the first part of the "GNAViter" motto term of Leaks.

I need to add a couple of things not as strong as at the exclamation marks above, but I just never know what else God may be pointing to. The beautiful knees were inside the door of the Get'N GO store, while the voice in the dream said, "GO WAKE her up." There is a Gow/McGOO surname with "decORI" motto term. The McGoo's can apply for a couple of other reasons, one being back-to-back hockey games at my age 12, where I think God first pointed me to the Knee surname. Without repeating those events, I just want to say that the second of the two had to do with my goal scored over the KNEE pad of Jim McGee, a possible McGoo branch. McGee's share the boar head with McGoo's and Goughs. If Gee's are a Knee branch, then so might Gows/McGoo's / Goughs be. Very hard to say with any certainty in spite of the clues.

Secondly, McGoo's share the cinquefoils of Loke's/Loches', suspect with Leaks because McGoo's share the gold fleur in Chief with Leaks, and because the Fulke's/Volks almost use the Leak / Hicks fleur while the mother of Fulk II was of Loches. Believe it or not, there is a Gettes surname, first found in Anjou (where Fulk II ruled), sharing the Coat of Loge's/Loges', the latter first found in Burgundy with Loke's/Loches'. The Gettes' evoke "Get'N Go, and use the Messey/Messier Coat in colors reversed while German Fulks share the wing with Masci's while Fulke's/Volks share the Massey fleur. English Loge's/Lodge's (Gittins/Getten lion?) share the fleur of Leaks / Hicks.

I didn't immediately recall that the Steele's are said to be from Bigot de Loges.

Like the Loke's, Loge's/loges' and Messeys, French Gough's, a possible Goo branch, were first found in Burgundy. And the Get'N-like Gittins/Gettens are said to derive from Mr. Goch while Gochs (share boar head with McGoo's) are also Goughs (branch of Gooch's/Googe's). Gittins/Gettens are said to derive from a Welsh name, Gethin, about as close as one can get to, "Get'N Go."

Knowing now that God had Bruce and Nellie Ohr in the Charlotte Hicks dream, look at this: Hope Charlotte Hicks, Trump's communications director, had a White-House boyfriend, Mr. Porter, and Porters share the portcullis gate with its other owners, the Yate's (Gate branch), while Bruce Ohr's immediate boss was Sally Yates. There is now the question on whether God arranged the naming of GET'N Go" to be a pointer to this Gate line. Bill Gates comes to mind as someone the Intelligence goons would like to exploit.

One thing I've been saying ever since catching the three squirrels in a home-made cage is that the Cage surname shares the vertically-split Shield of Gate's. And while Caige's are listed with Teague's/Teegers that were of Tigranes VI, the father-in-law of Iotapa i.e. of a ruling family in Cetis, the Gates surnames looks like a Cetis entity, as do the Gettis / Geddes surnames. We saw why Cetis liners went to Masseys, and the Cage's even share the Messey saltire, which is the Loke / Loge saltire in colors reversed. Teague's are a known sept of McLeods. The Cage-Crest stag can be the gold one of Stanleys because both surnames were first found in Cambridgeshire.

I've never tried to decipher what the first three squirrels may have specifically represented in the modern world. I know they had a NEST at the upper end of my kitchen wall, because I could hear them. The Kitchen / Kitch/Kedge / Catch/Ketcher surnames look like branches of the Cadge variation of Cage's. The cage was built to CATCH the squirrels. Kitchens even share the solid chevron of Teague's/Caige's, and the latter trace to OPgalli, which was represented by my Nissan pick-UP truck, which was also code for a queen Nysa, the line also to Ness'/NEST that use the Sleep fesses in colors reversed. In the dream, while she was asleep as code for Sleeps, the voice said: "WHAT are you WAITing for, go wake her UP." Wake's (brought us to the Ohrs) share two red fesses with Ness'/Nests, and Waits can be a branch of Wade's/Quade's, from Quadratilla of Cetis, great-granddaughter of Iotapa of Cetis.

The food was placed into the cage upon one end of a teeter-totter, and when the food end went down due to squirrel weight, the opposite end went up and pulled a stick holding the lid up, causing the lid to come down. For the lid, I used the front grill of a typical air fan. Fans/Fens'/Venns happen to share the scallops of Catch's (cat), and the latter look like a branch of Cetins/Cattans (cat). The latter share the Saracen heads of Sassys, and God arranged to have a lady give me a kitten, which I named, Sassy, when I was re-finishing her banister. The Banister's (Lancashire, same as Kitchens) happen to share the water bougets of Kitchens. The Kitch's share the black border with Lancashire's Furnace's/Furness' and Lancashire's Parrs, both from the royals, Pharnaces and queen Nysa.

I can add that Teague's/Caige's share the solid chevron of Touque's, while Gace is on the Touques river, while Gace's are listed with Wassa's (share the double Ness/Nest chevrons) who have a Wais variation like the Waik of Wake's. None of this clicking heraldry is helping me to identify what the three squirrels may have represented in the dossier scandal. Perhaps the first three lawyers that Mueller hired. Perhaps a core group of three people that included the Ohrs, or only Bruce Ohr.

Aha! In the last two weeks, word came out in the news that the Ohr couple had collaborated with Christopher Steele in secret efforts to push his dossier to the FBI. The Steele's, I'm now reading, were at GIDDY Hall, underscoring the need for the beautiful knees at Get'N Go, which is what brought us to the Gate's and Cage's to begin with. I've just loaded the Giddy/Gideon Coat to find three red roundels on gold (!!!), the Wake and Nellie symbol!!! Zowie, so fantastically hilarious. And the Giddy-Crest lion holds a flag. The Cheshire Steele's were in the same place as the first-known Gittins/Gettens.

When someone came up with a newly-purchased car, we went for a drive, when I started telling him about my white-rabbit story, which at the time was about Hillary Clinton's emails. Although I knew he had purchased a VOLKswagen, I didn't know it was a Rabbit model, and when he told me so, as I was speaking, I knew he was excited because it happened to be a white Rabbit. As I've said about four times, we drove through Parry Sound, the birthplace of Bobby ORR (hockey superstar). Was that intended to make a white-rabbit link to the Ohrs? If so, why?

Before going to Parry Sound, we visited someone at SHAKLE road, which, at the time, brought Jay SEKULow to mind, Trump's lawyer. I kid you not, a fat robin just flew down into the same spot occupied yesterday by the rabbit and the crow, and 10 seconds later, a blue JAY (!!) flew past in exactly the flight path taken by the jay yesterday...about three minutes before the rabbit appeared! Zowie. I was just saying about JAY Sekulow, can you believe this??? Sekulow is perhaps now expected to move Trump to do what needs to be done in regards either to the Assange affair (= the meaning of the crow), or the white-rabbit mystery.

But why did the robin appear first? I have no idea. It wouldn't have been much important had it not landed exactly where the crow and rabbit were. It verified that God was sending the jay yesterday to indicate Jay Sekulow. As I said, I lived on Jay street when God gave the white-rabbit event at my age nine. Even when telling that part of the story, I suggested Jay Sekulow. He needs to read this, but he'll just think I'm crazy. This was the first robin I've seen here since they went further north earlier in the year (they do it every year).

As I've said maybe three times, there was a circle of plucked blue-jay feathers on the ground, in the back yard, maybe eight years ago. I don't know why I thought it was important to mention. The Jay had been caught, maybe by a fox, maybe by an owl, and eaten. It doesn't bode well for Sekulow, I thought. While I don't recall exactly where those feathers were, I know that they were either exactly, or very near, the flight path of the two jays (probably the same one) this week. Both flights were from the right side of the window, and the jay landed both times on the same tree on the left side of my window view. The feathers had been somewhere under this short path of about 30 feet.

It was six or more years ago when the strangest thing happened, and only once. I told readers a few times. A robin wouldn't stop fluttering along the glass of a front window. I'd pop out at it (from the inside) to scare it away, and it flew off a few feet, playful, only to return, again and a again. For hours it did this, until it flew into the house at the side door. It tried to get out the twin of the window where it had been fluttering. I picked it up off the floor, and let if fly back out to freedom. We were friends ever since; it crapped all over my vehicle's side mirror, but never again after a few days of that.

I thought it was seeing itself in the glass' reflective "mirror" to explain why it was fluttering, which idea is supported by the fact that it crapped on my vehicle's mirror. But, maybe, it was God's pointing to vice-president Jorge Glas. I just don't know for sure. Glas was part of the young crow event (= president Correa), and the robin just landed where the young crow had been. After writing that, I remembered that the Glass surname has a mermaid in Crest with a mirror!! Wow. This is fun.

I have a theory. If it's true what they say that Steve Scalise was investigating child trafficking when he was shot, let me say that I had reason to see Cindy Richardson, when she was at second base, as God's pointer to Scalise being shot at second base. In short, Richardsons are said to be descended from Belwoods, who essentially share a Robin Coat. Robins use the pheons pointed up, and Belwoods pointed down, but then Belwoods were lords of Malpas while the Malpas' surname uses the pheons pointed up like the Robin pheons. They can be expected to be the white pheon of GLASgow-beloved Lords/Lauds, and Glass' are expected to be with the Fulke/VOLK fleur in colors reversed because the mermaid's mirror is code for Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou. Jewish Glass' are expected with the Masci and Fulk wing. The Glass mermaid is Melusine, whom the Vere's placed on Avalon, the secret code for the island of Bute, and whose son, Milo de Vere, was claimed (by witchy Vere's) to be a count of Anjou immediately before the Fulk counts.

It's interesting that while the Massys/Mattis' share the Italian Fulk Coat, Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with Messeys and Loges' (and white-pheon Pilate's) while Malpas-like Maple's can be linked to Mathis-related Chives' and Tarves'. The tree landed upon by the jay(s) is a maple tree.

I wonder why Scalise never investigated pedophilia after surviving the infection that Jack Sava said was threatening his life? I'll bet he was told he'd die unless he promised to stop the investigation. He was overseen by the same surgeon, Jack Sava, as Seth Rich when he was killed for leaking the DNC emails, the same emails for which the DNC / CIA has falsely blamed Guccifer 2.0.

While I was wondering whether to tell that Lord's share the white pheon with Robins, "Lord" was a word in a song that was playing on the speakers at that very second. So, I told you about the Lords/Lauds. This may get more meaning in the future. It's an on-going revelation beyond my control. The Robin-related Malpas Coat is much like the Coat of pheon-using Page's, which recalls that God used the word, "page," in my speakers, from a song by Francesca BattiSTELLi -- a branch of Steels (Cheshire, same as Belwoods) -- while wondering whether the paper on Obama's billiard table should be viewed as code for the Paper versus Page surname. Steele's dossier was used against Carter Page. Battistelli's even share billets in Chief with the Steel Chief.

Plus, it took me a long while (months) to realize that while Battistelli's share the pyramid with FISKS (a thing I knew all along), the FISA court is, FISC, so amazing of God. God has a personal interest and stake in this FISA scandal. Trump had best not let our God down. What he does, no one can thwart. Jay Sekulow has said that congress can call FISC judges to congressional questioning, but why have we heard nothing from congress of such a natural approach? Doesn't congress want to expose the truth on this matter? Apparently not.

Note that Pilate's, likely a Billet/BILLIARD branch, were first found in Dauphine with Payens/PAGANs, while the latter use a gold version of the Billet/Billiard Coat. Moreover, French Page's/PAGEONs were first found in Dauphine too. So, the mystery: why did God put me in a billiard hall to point to the dossier crew? Couldn't a paper plane made from a flat page have been used in a different way than on a billiard table? Was the pool cue necessary to point to Perkins Coie? Is there no other way to point to Coie? Isn't it remarkable that Coys use more white pheons? And while HILLARY hired Perkins Coie to do her dirty work, the English Billiards, with a version of the Billet/Billiard Coat, are shown properly as Hilliards/Hillards. Amazing, is it not? It wasn't Bill Clinton's pool hall, but Obama's, which is to say that God is pegging Obama as the chief criminal.

Go for it, Nunes, Meadows, Jordan, and the others, for God has your backs. Slice your ways through the thickets, and find their hide-outs. You won't find anything more than dirty rats. They are not the gods. Their power is in their spyware, otherwise they are lame. So, keep your communications very private, very safe. They want you to think they can hear your every word. Trump needs only to strip them of their spy powers, and watch them run. But Trump foolishly gave them more spy powers, Did they release his tail from their trap for that gift? President Rump let Obama skate, and now Obama is coming round to bite his rump. He should not be forgiven until he makes amends, full restitution for the two years he has wasted.

How does God point to "STRzok"? By using someone who knows that SUTERs are Sewers too, and then putting him in a dream to shoot a PAGE, which he turns into an airplane, into the corner pocket, missing the red ball he was aiming for. He put me in a dream to sewer the page, which points to Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. To make sure I get the message in the next two scenes immediately after my sewer, Obama was wearing his suit. When I checked the Suit surname, the Sewers/Suters came up. In the second of the two scenes, he was wearing his suit while skating on a skateBOARD, and Boards happen to use a version of the Suit/Sewer Coat.

I'll get to the dossier news this past week after a couple of sections with more heraldry.

Will it be a Rephaite Anti-Christ Through Rieti

The following video (more than a half million views in two weeks) tackles the Two Witnesses of Revelation. There was not much new to me in this presentation (it's post-trib) because I tackled all the elements myself (before I wrote the post-trib book), seeking to understand who or what the two were. However, the speaker has one difference: he interprets the 3.5 days of death as persecution of the Church for the entire 3.5 years of the anti-Christ's rule. And he therefore predicts that the Church will have great power for the first 3.5 years, to anger their enemies by the will of God. Off the top of my head (I only finished watching it), I don't see anything to contradict that view, though I personally feel conscious about the warning in Revelation itself not to alter one word. If it says 3.5 days, who are we to say it means 3.5 years?

If God didn't want to say 3.5 years, should we? That's not to say that it couldn't be 3.5 years, but, if it is, God wanted to hide it from some group, either the church or its enemies, or both. If the two witnesses represent the Church as a whole, then there must be a 1260-days period of empowerment for most of us, where our enemies can do us no harm, generally. We have power at that time to do them harm, and, apparently, God is not opposed to our doing them great harm, even to kill them if we want. The two witnesses can do what they want, that's what it says. I have never taken this position before; it's not in the post-trib book. It's interesting, however. I have felt that the two witnesses could be two men, though I do recognize that "olive trees" and "lampstands" can refer to the entire church, though not necessarily.

Jesus didn't say anything about such great empowerment for his end-time people, when he related the signs of the end times. But, as I said above, it may have been God's secret to keep.

It just came to mind that Jesus implied a lack of faith in the end-time Church, which would not be the case if we have 3.5 years of miracle-working power. He asked whether he would find faith when he returns? Why would God bother to ask if he knew it wouldn't be true? Just as we see things right now, with people leaving Jesus or not coming at all, so I think it will get worse, the so-called apostasy, the betrayers. This was the theme in my book, explaining why I didn't entertain what the video theorizes upon. It's a nice theory, but I still think it'll never happen on a wide level. Maybe a few individuals.

I'm wondering how far this theory in the video above will go. He pushes it in another video put out back in May. Imagine the great disappointment of those who go into the final years without their expressing or seeing such powers. Caution with this man.

In yet another video, 666 Revealed! (The Mark of The Beast Decoded), he wrongly interprets the anti-Christ as a fake-Jewish messiah. This is a common position but dead wrong. The Bible never paints the anti-Christ in that light. This man is getting reckless. he appears to mistaken the anti-Christ as a fake-Jewish messiah from some Jewish-globalist entity such as the Rothschilds. I allow the Rothschilds to be part of the False Prophet, and when I entertain the anti-Christ from Rothschilds, I envision (but not very seriously) a Rothschild schism where one side wants a Palestinian state enough to assist an invasion of Israel with Arab fighters. BUT NEVER a Jewish messiah (accepted by the Jews).

In the video above, the speaker gets into an idea I've heard before, that the anti-Christ is the resurrection of emperor Nero, based on some method of getting 666 from his name. This is so far out on thin ice that I'm starting to see this video producer as dangerous. Sorry, brother, but you need to keep your head in better shape, and stop polluting the saints, while you're at it, with evident, wrong ideas. Where else does he go way wrong on ideas he's heard from others?

Christians can get caught unprepared if they are convinced that the anti-Christ must be a fake-Jesus, Jewish messiah. I would go so far as to state that demons have produced this idea specifically to cause us some major damage when the time for 666 arrives.

In the Bible translation he used (in one of the first two videos above), Daniel 9:27 did not have "a wing," but rather it used "temple." Daniel does not say "temple." It says, "a wing." I have the Hebrew version in front of me. A wing or edge of the temple is implied, but "temple" is not part of the text. This wing can be the Western Wall, no rebuilding of the temple needed. Daniel consistently uses "sanctuary" rather than "temple." Why? One can have a sanctuary without a temple building. What if the anti-Christ comes before the temple is rebuilt, but 90 percent of the church says, naw, it can't be time yet? That's why teachers can be more dangerous than helpful if they don't stop going wildly off the Biblical narrative.

In his video, "4 Facts about The Second Coming that will Shock You!", he spends 20 minutes telling the truth beautifully, and then goes into a scenario where satan comes and "poses" as the messiah to both Jews and Muslims. Where does he get this garbage? Not from the Bible. Why does he promote this idea, then, if he's so Biblical in all of his beautiful remarks? Is this man one of those who feeds true meat but with poison in the end? Or, is he just innocently wrong? Go ahead, try to find one prophecy where it says the anti-Christ will come to fool the Jews as their messiah? This man knows that this is garbage, because he knows prophecy well. So, why does he teach it? Good question.

Prophecy teaches that God will set the church up as the enemy of the anti-Christ. We are to reject him and become persecuted thereby, because God needs this situation for the Final Act. Jesus said that you should make your persecution as soft as possible by behaving yourself. Go to jail peacefully, etc. Don't fight back. It's enough to be hated and violated. God will do the rest. There will be, from God, in order that we may become persecuted, the worldwide sharing of the Gospel as a testimony to, or perhaps even AGAINST, the nations.

All will hate us because those who hate us teach others to do the same. We will be slandered, maligned, with false witnesses. We will be framed as evil people, bad for the world. It's easy to "predict" because it's happening right now. God needs this situation for Surprise Day, because He really wants to hurt our enemies. In His perfect will, he wants to have mercy and long-suffering on all. He can hold off wrath when they sin grossly, when they pain him to weepings. But when he sees how badly they treat us, he will put mercy away, and justify their end. It's probably going to be elaborate. He's probably spent much time and effort on the details. But maybe not. I really can't know.

The speaker of the videos above, whose channel he calls, AoC, knows the Daniel prophecies very well, and yet I never heard him once say that the anti-Christ is connected to the Seleucids. One of the most-puzzling mysteries is how the anti-Christ can be connected both to the Roman dragon of Revelation, and to the Seleucids. Revelation seems not to have any allusion to Seleucids. After spending some 15 years trying to understand prophecy, I found myself writing a post-trib book because I was passionately opposed to pre-trib. I started in 1995, before there was an Internet. I finished most of it by about 1998, and had it online at the time.

I then began to seek the roots of the Biblical dragon by what the Internet offered, and eventually found myself at, where I began to realize that heraldry was satanic in all its parts, from the very dragon bloodlines I was seeking. I didn't know it was God's project to get me to where I am today, though at times it sure seemed that He was with my efforts. He lead me to the Galatian rulers from Brogitarus, and recently confirmed that my own relatives in Picenze were from his family. This really is incredible but looking very true, and the added feature is that the same family was from Alexander Balas. I understood how by my Maccabee > Masci bloodline.

In the course of investigating Brogitarus, years before coming to Picenze, and even before learning that Jonathan Maccabee had made a pact with Alexander Balas, I learned that Brogitarus' descendants married the line of Alexander Maccabee, husband of Glaphyra Archelaus. Alexander was part Herod. I then began to realize that the multiple Maccabees who used "Alexander" were from Mr. Balas. Suddenly, I felt that I had stumbled on the Seleucid element to the anti-Christ through these Maccabees, to the Masci / MASON > Freemason bloodlines, for by that time, I was telling readers that the False Prophet, at least, will be a Massey / Masci / Meschin bloodline.

Then I discovered Plancia Magna, a granddaughter of Glaphyra and Alexander. She and/or her mother was a high priestess of an Artemis temple. Meanwhile Brogitarus had been the high priest of Cybele, the so-called Great Mother, whom I had pegged, decades earlier, as Revelation's "Babylon the Great, Mother of Abominations". She rides a Roman dragon, and then Daniel connects Seleucids with end-time Romans. It just so happens that Plancia's husband was from Rome, and that Romans made Brogitarus the priest of Cybele.

But there is more. For Plancia's husband was Tertullus, and after some time learning all I could about Brogitarus, etc., I came across one Tertulla, mother of Flavius Sabinus, husband of Vespasia Polla, mother in-turn of emperor Vespasian, the 4th of the seven heads of Revelation's dragon. If Tertullus was related to Tertulla, therefore, the line of Plancia Magna was both from the Roman dragon and from the Seleucids. Revelation was given / written while the 6th head was ruling Rome, and he was Edom-like Domitian (ruled until 96), Vespasian's grandson.

By that time I knew from Wikipedia that Plancia's father was from Galatia, and while her mother was the high priestess of ARTEMis, ARTEMidoros was the grandson on Brogitarus. I'll bet there was a blood connection between Artemidoros of Plancia's father. For example, Brogitarus' son may have married Plancia's Artemis cult in a religio-political alliance. Was this the Sodom elements added to the wicked mix?

I then found a website claiming that Julia Polla was the granddaughter of Artemidoros. She has the same surname as Vespasian's mother, tending to clinch that Plancia's husband was connected by blood to Tertulla, Vespasia's mother. Thus, we have the Revelation harlot (the Galatians) connected to at least three of the seven heads of Revelation, and these were the ones who fulfilled Daniel prophecy in the destruction of the Jewish temple.

It would have been a formidable task to trace that thing to the end times, but God had already done so by choosing a Masci liner to do this work, for I was able to keep tabs on Massey liners as I learned progressively more about heraldic connections. I eventually realized that Artemidoros' son or grandson, Severus of Hasmonean-like Akmonia (Galatia), father of Mr. Bassus, was the line to Masseys and Meschins, and this was after I was telling readers that this family would be of the False Prophet. I'm not saying that the False Prophet will have a Massey surname, necessarily, just that this is the central element in the False Prophet, especially from the Polish Mieszko's.

Mr. Bassus' son, Quadratus Bassus, married Julia of Cetis, and his daughter, Quadratilla, married Lupus Laevillus, the topic of the last update. Julia of Cetis was the daughter of Alexander Maccabee, grandson of Glaphyra and Alexander Maccabee. It sounds like fiction, but it's true.

After a year or two of theorizing that Julia MAESA Bassianus (of the imperial Romans) was descended from the Bassus' (about a century and a half between the two), I found a website that called the Bassus' by the alternative name of, Bassianus. That's right. And this line went to queen Basina of the Franks just a couple of hundred years after Miss Maesa. The Franks put out the Marsi of AVEZZano, and this location, near Picenze, was up the Salto river from Rieti, home of VESpasian. How interesting. And while the line of Basina named the Bessin and the Bessens, a 'v' commonly changed to a 'b' so that "Avezzano" could become "Bezzano / Basina."

Basina lived in THURINgia, and the Salto is beside the TURANO. The latter river meets the Salto in Rieti, can we believe this? Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Thuringia-like Turin. The Rieti-line Reeds/Rieds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins/Thurins. I had discovered that sinister-side symbols (on the rare side, not heraldically appropriate) were specifically from Masci liners, and it just so happens that Reeds/Rieds use a book on the sinister side of the arm that holds it.

Reeds/Reids (load all surnames from this page) are said to have had a Rufus branch in Padevinan, a term like "Padova," where I trace proto Merovingians, especially that SALian Franks living beside the Padova-like Batavi. The Salians were from the Salto river, right? Now were on it. The Reeds/Rieds even use a spread eagle in colors reversed from the same of Childs, from king CHILDeric, husband of Basina, and known to be a Salian Frank. You've not heard this from anyone else, unless they wrote from my writings, for God is the author of these finds in recent years only.

The Child eagle is also the eagle of the Mieszko Piasts, who were Poles, and this people group may have been named from Vespasia Polla. Or even Apollo. That is, Miss Polla may have been from the Apollo cult, since, after all, she was the daughter of Tertulla while Tertullus married the chief of the Artemis cult. The Apollo Oracle was a false-prophet cult.

By the time that I had clinched the Crauns/Crowns and others with the CERAUNII and their Maezaei neighbors, I knew that mythical CORONIs (mated with Apollo) named Chora, a chief city on Patmos, the island on which Revelation was written. And this is the island from which the 666 concept derives while it's the False Prophet who pushes it. Coronis and Apollo birthed the god of medicine, depicted with a serpent.

Now Coronis was given a blackbird = crow symbol for her links to Cyrene in Africa. But I had traced the crow (Greek "corvos") to "Gareb" at Jerusalem, and eventually realized that the RAVen species of crow was code for Jerusalem's RAPHAite valley. Ravens Repha-like Ruffs/Ralphs, and we just saw Rufus' in the Reeds. We could say that Rufus' evolved to "Red" naturally by the obvious, yet that might not trace Reeds to "Rieti," and we saw above why they should be from Rieti. In fact, the other Reeds use a saltire reflecting the Coat of Spanish Petro's, and Tertulla married Flavius Petro of Rieti. Petro's, like Sale's/Sallets (Cheshire, same as Masseys) from the Salto river (i.e. through Rieti), and like Masseys and Masci's, use fleur-de-lys. And while the Lys/LISSE surname (fleur-de-lys) is from Lissus of the Cavii peoples, they trace without doubt to Chivasso, at Turin, itself from the Turano river through Rieti. Reeds/Rieds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Chivasso-line Chives'.

The Crane-like Crone's use a mural CROWN, and fleur-de-lys in Lis/Lisse- / Massey-lys colors, all in the colors and format of the Child Coat. Crone's were first found in Herefordshire with Seleucus-like Sellicks. While the Turano and Salto flow across mount Sabina, the Sellick Coat is a great reflection of the Sabine Coat (shared the Pullen escallop, code for ASCLEPios, son of Coronis), both sharing the Chief-Shield color combination of Tanners, the latter suspect from Piedmont's Tanaro river that flows near Turin.

Sabine's were first found in Norfolk with Ruffs, and the latter's Coat reflects that of Sharks (cranes) while Sharks use a "REDit" motto term. I'm going to take the position that Reeds are from "Rieti" while Ruffs are from Rephaites, and that they happened to merge, giving only appearances that "Ruff" is a variation of "Red." "Rosh" itself means, "red." "Rosh" means "chief" in Hebrew, but the Biblical Rosh likely wasn't named by Hebrews. One Tate Coat (ROSES) share a single, blue-on-white pale bar with ROXburghs, suspect from the Roxolani (ROS-Alan) Alans. Tate's are also Teets while mythical teeth belonged to the Ares dragon, the root of the Rus people group. The Ares dragon was mythical Ogyges, whom I trace to the Biblical Og, a Rephaite king. He is suspect in the makings of "Gog."

"ReDIT" can be partly for the Ditts that use tigers without stripes. Tigers can be traced very well to Tigranes VI, son of Glaphyra and Alexander, and father of the other Alexander (Julius by first name) Maccabee whose daughter married Quadratus. Artemidoros can be traced well to the Artem variation of Aitons, first found in the same place as tiger-using HOBs/Habs, suspect from OPgalli, Tigranes' Galatian wife. HOPPers/Happers use a "SubDITus" motto term, you see, as well as sharing a tower in the colors of the Plunkett tower, the latter from Mr. PLANCius, father of Plancia Magna, and husband of the daughter of Tigranes and Opgalli. Tiger-like Teegers (Hopper colors, from GALway) us an "OPtem" motto term as well as "diem," and there is a Diem surname listed with DITTmaiers. Dit you get all that? It looks like "Redit" is a Rieti link to Plancia Magna, making Opgalli look related to her Galatian father. Another tiger is used by Travers/Travis', suspect with Tarves, and therefore with the Caiaphas-suspect Chives' of Tarves.

Sharks have an "expecTATa" motto term while Tate's use ravens. This is making a Saraca link to Rieti liners. Tate's/Teets are suspect from lake Tatta, between Galatia and Cetis. One thing I didn't stress in the last update was the pool that the shark was in. Pools share the Rita lion and are thus expected from Miss Polla of Rieti. The shark's teeth were nasty, and ringed around the bulldog's belly, with the head of the bulldog halfway down the shark's throat. The Arms of Rieti share fish with the Arms of Saraca.

If we ask whether there was some relationship between king "Seleucus" (patriarch of Seleucids) and the namers of the Salto, it's interesting that Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia, location of Sant'ANTIOCo, otherwise called, SULCIS, a Seleucus-like term. Seleucus' son and heir was, ANTIOCHus, can you believe this? Right now, Trump is warning the Syrians not to attack a part of Syria in the Antioch theater. This city was named as the Seleucid capital by Antiochus, yet Seleucus had earlier been the satrap of Babylon under Alexander "the great."

So, the theory is that the Seleucid line through Quadratilla and Laevillus go to the False Prophet, the critical aid of the anti-Christ. Leavells were first found in Somerset with Rieti-line Roets (share book with Reeds/Rieds). And Roets share gold boar heads with Turins/Thurins, making the Chief-Shield color combo of Roets suspect with Saluzzo's. Was Saluzzo (interior Liguria) a Salto / Seleucid element? The Saluzzo-like Salyes Ligures lived on the Turano-like Durance river.

Leavells were Percival, and therefore, Pierce, kin. The stars of both Sellicks and Sabine's are PIERCEd, and they both use two stars in their Chiefs, as do Clintons (likewise said to be pierced) whom I know to be using the Saluzzo Shield. Clintons and Hillarys both share the six fitchee crosses of Tarves', and Chives', from Chivasso at Turin, were first found in Tarves, near the Rothes castle of Polla-liner PETER Pollock, the first-known Pollock.

Clintons were first found in Og-suspect Oxfordshire. The Arms of Oxford (elephant) uses a red ox, perhaps play on the red bull of Sabine's. Og's Rephaites trace to Sabina's Rieti, right? The Oxford Coat shares the three fesses of Stouts while it's known that the raven banner of the vikings was owned by a Stout character / family. The Oxford Coat looks like a version of the Brock Coat, and Brocks (Saluzzo combination in colors reversed) with Brocuffs (sphinx) are highly suspect from BROGitarus.

So, the raven line of Rephaites are expected with the Coronis crow through PatMOS, an island that expects Apollo's MUSES, an all-female entity i.e. Amazons = Meshech. We take Coronis to the Ceraunii, and find the Maezaei = Meshech beside them. Ezekiel makes the Meshech the chief of Gog, but lumps Rosh in with it. If Og named Gog, there you have Og's line with Coronis at Chora of Patmos. The crow became the Meshwesh of Cyrene. I had traced the GAREB crow to Croatians (also called KRVati) and SERBs before knowing of the Maezaei and Ceraunii, who happen to be on maps between Croatia and Serbia.

As Balas-suspect Bullis' and Sardinia-suspect Shirts both use red roundels, that's why I'm pegging Seleucid liners to Freemasonry with red roundels. Roundels are code for the Rundel / Arundel Alans (probably Roxolani) that married Alice of Saluzzo. Alans had been vikings, according to my findings, and there is a Stott/Stoud surname that had a place at DOLPHINStoun, in the Lanarkshire area of the Stewarts, who are known to descend from Alans of Dolphin-branch Dol. Stotts/Stouds use red roundels. The Viking, Stoti, is in the Stott/Stoud write-up.

Og is suspect with the oak symbol, and Alans along with Rundels (Alan fesse) both use oak leaves as part-code for the Laevi. I knew this long before finding the Pierro's/PERO's (ROSES) within the last year, and can add now that the latter, who likewise use the Alan fesse, are in the "PROpositi" motto term of Rundels, for Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia, a city founded by the Laevi and the Marsi-suspect Marici. English Pavia's/Paveys share the red fesse with all three in this paragraph. Italian Pavia's may be with a version of the Cetin/Cattan Coat with "Lupus" motto term very traceable to Lupus LAEVIllus.

Cetins/Cattans are almost-certainly from the Cetina river, but also from Porcius Cato of Sabina and Abruzzo (Avezzano and the Marsi are at the Abruzzo-Sabina border). The Cetina, with a source near the Maezaei, is also the TILurius, and black roundels upon cats are shared between Tillers and Cetins/Cattans. QUADraTILLa (Cato liner?) is suspect from the Tilurius because she was queen of Cetina-like Cetis. The mouth of the Cetina is so close to Saraca's of Ragusa that the Cetin/Cattan Crest is a Saracen's head.

The Cetis-like "Cautes" motto term of Cetins/Cattans gets the Cotta's (Languedoc, same as French Julians with the French-Alan Chief), the surname of the mother of Julius Caesar, and I trace Cottians, whom Caesar was allied with, to the Cotesii peoples on the Buzau river, the river that one map had the Roxolani upon. It could be that Cetis was a Cotesii element, especially mythical Cotys, a Thracian witch cult that was made the father of Attis, husband of Cybele (Hasmonean-like Akmonia was at the Cybele theater). Cottians ruled at Susa of Piedmont, and Susans share the lily with the Cetis surname. Susans were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's and Modens, from Modane on the Arc river, directly over the Cottian peaks from Susa. Near Modane, the Turano-suspect Durance river. Modane is suspect as per Israel's Modi'in, home of the Hasmonean Maccabees. Sassys/Saucers use the Saracen's head too, and all three colors in the Arms of Saraca. "Attis" likely named Attica, home of Ogyges. Attis was definitely the same As Aeetes, king at Cotys-suspect Kutaisi (in the land of Gog) after he had been the king of Coronis-liner Corinth. So, trace the Rephaites of Og (proto-Gog?) through Coronis to Aeetes, whose army at Kutaisi was depicted in golden-fleece myth as the dragon resurrected from the teeth of the dragon that CADMUS (= Kutaisi-related Cadusii) had killed in Boiotia (beside Attica), which was likewise home to Ogyges. Another myth had Medea, Aeetes' daughter, as queen of Corinth, and when fleeing the city, she flew her dragon chariot to Athens, in Attica.

What do things like Gog, Rosh and Meshech have in common with the Medes? Historians tell us that scythians descended from Iranians. The Medes are suspect from Medan, son of Keturah, because the last king of Athens, Ketur-like Kodros, had a son, Medon. The Medes / Magi are known for their magicians, and Medea's goddess was a witch, as she herself was. Surely, this was the root of Mys. Babylon, from Cybele, wife of Aeetes.

Just a thought, but might "CyBELE" betray her origins at Bela = Zoar? I normally identify her with the Cabelees peoples, but may they have been named from "Abello" = Apollo? Cybele was at Pessinos (Cabelees were at least nearby), a term like PISCinas, beside Sulcis (Sardinia). Kodros had a fish symbol, and pisces = a fish. Might Pessinos have been the of the Kodros fish symbol? Hmm, as the Kodros fish traces to Saraca's/Saraka's, might the elusive Saracens have been named as a consonant reversal from "SAKARya," the river at Pessinos?

Note that Saraca's and Saracens both had a RAGusa center, what I've traced to Rhagae/Rey/Ray (not far from the Cadusii), in Iran, the proto-Rhea. Rhea, wife of Coronis-like Cronus, was the great mother goddess before the title passed to Cybele.

The Pierro's/Pero's are said to have been at Bessin-like Bissone (in the time of Eustace II, the line to Biss-like Vise's). Bisone's/Bistone's (Bessin Coat) share the Sale/Sallett bend so that Pierro's may be from Flavius Petro. The Bissone location (Ticino canton) is new to me. It's Arms use two of the Visconti snakes, called bisciones. It appears that bisciones are code for Bissone liners. Ares, worshiped by Bistones, was a snake cult to be expected with the Asclepios' snake. Asclepios had the Hermes caduceus with only one snake; the two of the CADuceus were code for CADmus and his wife, Harmonia, Ares' daughter. Which of the two were dropped for Asclepios?

The Bistones of Cyrene must have been in Bissone with Masci's, and the Ceraunii might just have been descended from the namers of Cyrene (between Libya and Egypt). I read that Bistones worshiped an erect sword in honor of Ares, and the Arms of Bissone is described: "Argent two serpents ERECT reGAURDANt azure." The serpents as code for SARPedon, whom I regard as the proto-Sorbs > Serbs, i.e. from crow-suspect from Gareb, is appropriate here. Keep in mind that while Bistones may have named AVEZZano, VISconti's look applicable. [Later, it dawns on me that something like "Gaurdant" (vowels look wrong, but aren't) should be a Rephaite > Ugrian entity through lake Garda. "Gaurdant has the face looking forward, which may be used to emphasize the Fessy/Face surname. Not every heraldic thing facing forward should be regarded as gaurdant, but only if it's specified. It might be, but we don't know for sure if it's left unspecified. Gardens come up as Gardants.]

The Biss surname (Asclepios-depicting scallops in the colors of the Meschin scallops) happens to have two snakes in Crest "resPECTing each other," and so Biss' must be of the Bissone bloodline. Bessins were first found in Cheshire with PICCOTs. The motto of Sharks has "exPECTata," partly for raven-liner Tate's, apparently, but then there are Cheshire's Massy-related Tattons. Might God have arranged the Beaston variation of Bessins as a clue to the Revelation beast?

Apollo's family had a wolf symbol, as do the Cyrene-like Creens that throw in a "Cor" motto term. The hearts of Creens can be those of Sauvage's, first found in Avezzano-related Champagne. Aha! The PIERCEd heart is used by Logans while Bissone is at Lugano. Now we know where Logans trace. Their Lohan variation is code for the mythical Swan Knight, Lohengrin, son of PERCival the so-called Grail King. And, aha! again: the Grails are listed with Neils while German Neils are Nails while the Logan/Lohan heart is pierced with nails!!! Arthurian myth was nothing but code for surnames. Neils are from Oneglia, home of ARDuinici, the proto-Arthurian stupids who disguised themselves as military Christians at times.

Neils/Grails are said to be from Neills of Barra, and so the Duck variation of Logans may play to Bar-le-Duc. Yes, for Neils/Nails were first found in Westphalia with Duckers, and with duck-using Velins and Velens. Neils are thus discovered close to Velino > Avalon liners...suspect with Whelans, first found in Waterford with Currys/Corry and CORRENs that may be in the "Cor" motto term of Creens.

Neils/Nails are also Nagle's, of "Oneglia" Liguria, where I trace the Swan Knight. Oneglia is also, Imperia, suspect with the Imperi priests of Africa's Boofima (human-sacrifice) cult, which I trace to Rieti-liner Roets.

English Savage's (Cheshire, same as Masseys) are also Sava's, suspect with the Shawia Numidians in the land of Massinissa, the line likely to Massino-Visconti (Piedmont). I trace Shawia (from ZENATA) to Kent with Massins/Masons (from THANET), but Kent was also home to the first-known Creen-like Greens and Greenwich's (sinister-rising crozier). Kent is where MUNDs were first found while Creens use a "munDUM" motto term, looking linkable to the "Dum" motto term of Massins/Masons.

Apparently, the Ares cult wants to have a war, to the death, with Jesus Christ. Can you imagine anyone more stupid or insane with anger?

The Neils/Grails are said to have been Dal RIADA elements. Looks like Rieti liners to me. This discussion started roughly at an ArtemiDORos link to Vespasian's family of Rieti, where Artemidoros is the grandfather of Miss Polla, the surname of Vespasian's mother. The Arduinici of Oneglia married DORia's, and Arthur's were first found in Berwickshire with ARTEMS/Aitons. One can spot here that the Arthurian holy grail is nothing but secretly this Arduinici family at Oneglia. Arduinici had a branch at Yvery-like Ivrea, at the Bautica river a little upstream from Chivasso.

Yvery was home to Leavells, and Chives' are suspect at the naming of Caiaphas, the latter being responsible for the three nails in Jesus. Logans use three nails. Caiaphas, expected from the Laevi Gauls (expected with GALatians, known to be from Gauls), is suspect (by me lonely) as a son / brother of Artemidoros. Chives' are also Shawia-suspect Shewas', and Savage's/Sava's use six lions in the colors and formation of the six fitchee crosses of Tarves' while Chives' (cross in the same colors) were first found at Tarves. Travers/Tarves' share the Biss scallop. The Chives lions, called cats, but called lions with the Chives-related Tailers, are colors reversed from the Savage lions. The latter are related to the Eagle Coat, and Eagle's with Hagels were from Calydon's ACHELous river, where I trace the pagan Levites from Laish, before they became the Laevi.

I trace the pagan Levites to mythical Oeneus of Calydon, and the Oeneus river of the Maezaei is beside the COLapis, the line to Colchester. The Neils share the red estoiles of Colchesters, and the Arms of Colchester therefore has three nails on its cross (could be the Fessy/Face cross). The wicked Masons never reveal to us that these symbols are merely for surnames; they lie and lie and lie. They don't care if the minds of our children, and adults, are filled with false ideas. They and their societal engineering is the only things that matter, they think.

To help prove that Doria's connected to Artems, Doria's were first found in Genova with the Fessy line of Fieschi, and Fessys are also Face's while leopard faces are used by Aiton-suspect Aids, first found in the same place as Artems/Aitons. The latter use a cross that is the Fessy/Face cross in colors reversed. It begs the question on whether Artemidoros was from a Ligurian mother, wife of his father, Amyntes. The latter is part of the Mund / Mynett bloodline, and we just saw Munds with the motto of Crene's; the latter are the ones who led us to the LohenGRIN Ligurians. GRIMaldi's, with a version of a Crone Coat, were of Genova too.

By the way, the Arms of Ticino canton, as shown in the Lugano-District article at Wikipedia, is just a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Cetins/Cattans (Saracen's head). Lots of stuff here, gets complicated, hard to follow. Repeat: "Sassys/Saucers use the Saracen's head too, and all three colors in the Arms of Saraca". The Sassys/Saucers are said to have received Leicester from the Harcourts. Beaumonts, who are also BELmonts, are known to be from Harcourts.

If Abello = Apollo was from Bela = Zoar, note that his wolf cult was lycos to the Greeks, or mythical Lycaon, code for Lycaonia, which includes lake Tatta and Derbe. The Soar river is in lyco-like Leicester. Perta, near the Tatta shore, is a candidate for naming Perth in Scotland, where Dogs, Oliphants and Lothians were first found that may all trace to the Sodom theater.

Junia Caepionis

Where was my head? I had theorized that the heraldic unicorn was part-code for the Una river, which is the Oeneus. This theory works well where RasMUSSENs use a giant unicorn, as well as sharing a sinister-rising bend with Massena's and Masci's. And while the uniCORN was thought to be part-code for Corn / Cornwall liners, I don't recall it falling on my mind that it's for a Ceraunii liner. It's perfect for proving that the unicorn is indeed code for Maezaei on the Oeneus, and that they were merged with Ceraunii. It also tends to prove that "Mussen," from the Roman Mucius / Mucianus surname (from BC times), is a Maezaei liner.

The Cnuts use a unicorn, and Cnut was the son of a daughter of Mieszko I. At the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii, there was a Bistue location to which I traced "Piast." Looks good. Recalling that the Bistones of Cyrene likely moved into the Ceraunii theater, where the Ceraunii were Cyrene / crow liners, by what coincidence does "BISTue" look like its from the Bistones?

Cornelli's were old Romans too while Cornwalls are also Cornells. Scottish Cornwalls use the raven, perfect for tracing to Croatia / Serbia. Serbia must have been named after Servitium, on the Sava river between the mouths of the Oeneus and Urbanus (see light map). English Cornwalls must therefore be using the giant lion as Sauers, the latter said to be from the Sava river. The Cornwall lion has the difference of wearing a crown, code for the Ceraunii, to be assumed.

The "La Vie Durant" motto of Cornwalls can be partly for the Levi, expected from mythical Oeneus. There is a Lavie/Levoi surname (Lorraine) sharing a giant, white, spread eagle with Bars, and therefore linkable to Bar-le-Duc. The Lavie/Levoi eagle is in the colors of the ship of French Durants, expected from the Durance river.

I can't get to the page that describes Coats, but if the Durant ship is called such, as code for Ships, they are the Shiptons using bellows for the Bellows. The latter use a "PECTore" motto term, which recalls the "resPECTing each other" phrase of Bistones-likely, and Bissone-related Biss'. I see Cravens as Croatians, and while I think Shiptons were Skiptons, Skipton is in Craven. I see Skiptons (married Meschins of Cheshire, where Bellows were first found) from the alliance between general Scipio (BC times) and king Massena. English Durants share the Sale/Sallett fleur, and Sale's/Salletts were likewise first found in Cheshire, as were Leghs that I trace to Leicester i.e. where the Soar river flows suspect with Zoar, which was also Bellow-like Bela. The Soar surname is the one with the Massin/Mason lion on what could be a colors-reversed version of the Massey quadrants.

And, by the way, there is an Apollonia location on the map above, in Fier county, and near Bullis and the Ceraunii mountains. Can we believe it? Fier-like Fire's share the giant unicorn of Rasmussens. I've seen Bullis as "Byllis" too, suggesting the Billets, who share the Bellow Coat.

The sinister-bend Rasmussens use fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Jeune fleur, and Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire with June's and CAPONE's. Both June's and Jeune's use black fleur-de-lys. There were three Junia CAEPIONis sisters (1st century BC) who must apply here. "Jeune" is a motto term of English Yonge's/Youngs, and because Scottish Yonge's share the three piles of Leavells, I expect a line from one Junia Caepionis to be from Lupus Laevillus, which can explain the Yonge wolf. "Junia" is probably from mythical Juno, which I trace to the Una river (could easily have been the Uno), because the neighboring Japodes look like the makings of mythical Jupiter (Juno's husband). The mother of the three sisters was SERVilia Caepionis, whom I trace to the namers of SERVitium i.e. next to the mouth of the Una. As I see Levi liners at the Una, Caepionis' (from Caepio's) speak to me of "Caiaphas," but I have yet to prove it. Servilia Caepionis, if I recall correctly, was descended from Mr. Livius.

In Roman myth, Rome was founded by Romulus, and there is a Romula location shown between the Una and the river of the Japodes. As Romulus was a wolf entity, what wolf thing should we expect at the Japodes theater?

Wikipedia took away Servilia's family tree from her article after I mentioned it many times in many updates. I guess the Internet is running out of room. I had to access the tree from the article on Marcus Junius Brutus, but that's now gone too. Wikipedia must be involved in a cover-up, but what's there to cover here? Am I correct, and does someone know it, that Caiaphas was from the Caepio's?

Here's the goods: "Quintus Servilius Caepio (died 59 BC), was the son of Quintus Servilius Caepio the Younger and LIVIA, and the full brother to Servilia..." The Chief/Shield color combination of Young's/Yonge's is that also of LIVings/Levins, can we believe it? This has escaped me all these years until now. Livings/Levins were first found in WestMORLAND with Morlands, and the latter use the specialized symbol of Aids who are in-turn in the Levi motto. Zinger.

As Morleys (Cheshire, yup) use the Morland symbol too, let's go to the Morleys/Mauls, who use a version of the Coats of Sadducee-suspect Chaddocks and Chadwicks, for they are red versions of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat. The latter's escutcheon (shield) is colors reversed from the same of MASCals (Sussex, same as Saddocks), and the latter share the elephant with Levens (with a second 'e'), first found in Shropshire with Meschins (white scallops). Can we believe it, Mascals share the Jeune / Rasmussen fleur. Mascals are likely from Mascula of Numidia, and the Shawia of Numidia are still suspect at the Sava river.

Ranulph le Meschin married Miss Taillebois, and Tailbois'/Tailboys share the white-on-red scallops of Morleys/Mauls. It looks like Levi's and Levens together with Livings/Levins are all from Livia's line through the three Junia Caepionis'. The footless martlets of Livings/Levins are in the Jeune canton. You can't argue with the facts.

The Mascal elephant is in the design and colors of the Ground/CRANNY elephant, and the latter surname ("AMOR PROximi" looks Amoritish to the Pero's of the Ticino) even throws in a crane as proof of Ceraunii liners. The raven- / Crow-using CORBetts ("like Gareb") likewise use a white elephant, as does OG-suspect Oxford (i.e. the Arms of Oxford). Corbetts even use a "corvos" motto term, which means "crow" to the Greeks. It's a Coronis line, and the heraldic masters knew it. "Corbett" is much like "Krvati," the name of Croatians for themselves.

The Yonge's/Youngs who share the Leavell piles use an erect sword (could easily be deliberate as the symbol of Bistones) in the paw of a red lion that should be of the Sauer / Cornwall lion. The three annulets in the Yonge Chief are colors reversed from the three annulets in the Hogan Chief, and let's not forget the three annulets of Crauns/Crane's and Bulls. Yonge's are said to be from "Og = young," but it's not correct. Instead, they were from HOGans, serving as evidence of Og liners. It makes "On OGur," the proto-Hungarians, suspect from Og's Rephaites.

Hogans were first found in Tipperary, same as Kennedys who trace to the Kennati priests at Cetis, home of Lupus Laevillus, the line to Yonge's. Perfect. We are now On Ogur it. I trace Hungarians / Ugrians to Syria's UGARit, suggesting that an Og tribe named that place. It just dawned on me that "Ugarit" is like the Gard surname, which recalls Val Trompia at Lake Garda, for Trumps/Tromps use a stag head (proto-Hungarian symbol) in the colors of the stag of German Youngs/June's! Zowie. Irish Gards (Cork, Tipperary theater) share the passant wolf with Yonge's/Youngs, and English Gards share "Toujours" with a Yonge/Young motto. The three griffins in the Gard Chief are in the colors of the three annulets in the Chief of Hogans (Tipperary)! Amazing.

"On-Ogur" is said to mean, "ten arrows." Though not likely correct, the idea could have stuck so as to bring Hungary-depicting arrows to heraldry. Hogens (with an 'e') share red arrows with Enders/INGERs (Cornwall), suspect with "Anders," Andrew I of Hungary. It can explain why the Ross clan, probably from king Andrew, use the Russell lion in colors reversed, which is the Yonge/Young / Cornwall / Sauer...and Quint lion. Remember, Sauers are said to be from the Sava, where Quintus Caepio traces. Quints are suspect from Quintus Caepio because they were first found in Essex with ROSE-using Yonge's/Youngs. The Rose clan lived at Ross-shire, and are expected from the Varangian-Rus wife of Andrew I. Inger (born around 800) was a ruler of Varangians in the earliest times of the Varangians of Kiev.

Roses are used by Cope's/Colps, from a Culp Aberdeenshire, where Caiaphas-suspect Chives' were first found. "Colp" is suspect from the COLAPis river beside the Una/Oeneus, and the Colapis was called the KUPA too, explain the Cope's. ABERDEEN looks like "KABARDINo, the home of Kabars at the Khazaria theater, and it's known that the ten arrows, the original ten Hungarians tribes, had three from Kabars and seven from king Arpad's Magyars. Or so the story goes. "Caepio" may have been a branch of the namers of the Kupa. I trace the Colapis to Colchester, in Essex with Juno-liner Yonge's, yup.

I trace Benjamites (from Israel's Rimmon) to Japodes and Juno, and it just so happens that the Benjamin surname shares the annulets of Yonge's/Youngs. I trace Rimmon to the founding of the Romans, and to Rimini, the latter beside FANo, suspect in the bellows of Ships/Shiptons, for the bellows are FANs. I can't recall whether the flames in the Benjamin Crest are called such, or whether it's called a fire for the unicorn line of Fire's.

The Jone's/Jones' are said to be from "John," but this can be proven wrong by the ravens in the Coat, proof of origins at Juno's Una river. The chief Etruscan goddess was Ina. We get it. Etruscans lived at/beside Rome when it was founded. Ino was a daughter of Cadmus.

The Jone's are said to be related to Gene's (see similar term with Jeune's), and there is a Gene/Ganay Coat using the Gaunt / CANDida (and Doria) eagle. Fane's ("fano" motto term) use GAUNTlet gloves. Jeune's are said to descend from a ruler of Gennes (Anjou), and the Gennes Coat is in Gone/Guenet colors. It appears that the namers of Ghent/Gaunt, at the end of the Lys river (explains the fleur-de-lys of June's / Jeune's), was a Juno / Una-river liner, from the pagan Levites, from priest JONathan, of Laish.

Italian Capone's/Capua's (from Capua) have a lion head in the colors of the Levi/Levine lions, and the Capone/Capua lion wears a crown that traces well to the Ceraunii. Capua is near Naples and therefore near an Aquila location near Naples, which recalls that Aquila's use a giant, white eagle, as do Lavie's/Levoi's, the latter first found in Lorraine, location of a branch of Bars that use the giant Aquila eagle. It could appear that Kupa liners named Capua, and that Caepio's were from Capua elements. English Capone's, sharing the red lion in Crest with Yonge's/Youngs, were first found beside Colchester.

Both the Jeune and Capone write-ups have some garbage that traces to hens. It doesn't look coincidental. Capone's (in the colors of the Yonge / Benjamin annulets) are said to be from "Capone = YOUNG hen," a play on Youngs.

The Benjamites in Judges are said to have been reduced to 600 fighters only, who took shelter at Rimmon. They then married 400 woman of JABESH, which is partly why I trace Benjamites to proto-Roman JAPODES on the Colapis. Jabesh was in Gilead, which was the theater of the northern Rephaites and Sihon's Amorites. As "Jabesh" looks like the namers of Jerusalem's JEBUSites, it's a good bet that the Rephaites named Jerusalem's Rephaite valley when moving into that city with peoples of Jabesh. The prediction is that this alliance got hooked up with the 600 "Danites" in Laish, who forced Jonathan, the pagan Levite, to be their priest.

Likewise first found in Cambridgeshire were the Gareb-like Crabs who share a lion paw in Crest with Quints. The Crab paw holds a dagger, the Mackay symbol too, suggesting that Crabs use a version of the Mackay Coat. And Maceys use the gauntlet glove too, which is tracing with Gaunts to Juno, at the Maezaei theater. Like Masseys, Masci's and June's, Crabs use fleur-de-lys.

I don't talk much about the Basante river (on the map) beside the Ceraunii. Heraldic besants are expected with Bassianus liners to Masseys, but as this is the line to Bessins, etc, it seems that the Bistones at Bistue also named the Basante. It's the BOSNia theater. Recall the tiger-using Ditts, for the Ditiones are beside the Basante river. Quadratus Bassus married the line of TIGRanes VI, and here we have the Ditts suspect at the river of the Bassus'.

The Amantini near the mouth of the Basante look like "Amyntes," ancestor of the Bassus'. And wow, this is incredible. i have been tracing Dragons/DRAINers to the Drin river of Albania, but it can now be traced to the DRINus, one major river over from the Basante. The Amantini are between the mouths of both rivers, and the Dragons/Drainers, first found in Kent with Mynetts, use the Mynett helmets in colors reversed! WOW. The Mynetts were from the Amantini. I don't recall whether I put the Amantini together with the Drains before, but if not, it's only because I was mainly ignoring the Basante and Drinus rivers. The Drinus has a source near a small Tropoje location near the Clausula river into lake Scodra.

The Kennedy and PenDRAGON helmets are highly suspect with the Mynett / Drain helmet, which is a good way to trace Amantini to Bassus' at Cetis (by way of the Kennati). Pendragons (share oPEN helmet with Mynetts) trace well with Penes'/Pennys to the Penestae on the Drin (Drilon on the map). The Mynetts helmets are described as being, "open." Therefore, the namers of the Drilon were related to the namers of the Drinus. The White Drin is up from Dardania.

The Munds/Munts of Kent (expected from Amantini liners) may be with the Sassy/Saucer / Cetin/Cattan Saracen head. The Sassy/Saucer Coat uses BESANTS, but with a crescent between them that is also the Krume crescent. Krume's (could be Ceraunii liners of the Croom/Crone kind) were first found in Hamburg with Tropoje-possible Trips/TREFFs, yet Krume is a location at the mouth of the White Drin upon the Black Drin (Drilon). The Saraca-liners Sharks use TREFoils, and it should be added that Trips/Treffs once showed the same boots as French Masseys once showed.

English Trips were first found in Kent with Munds/Munts and Mynetts. MUNDzuk, Attila's father, can be expected here due to the White Drin being so close to Attila's headquarters. This can identify Mundzuk as a descendent of Amyntes, noting that "Attila/Atilla" is reflected in QuadraTILLA Bassus...and in the Tilurius name of the Cetina river.

The Bulls that have the Craun/Crane annulets in colors reversed share the white-on-blue bull with Bosni-like Bosons/Boso's, and with Mountains expected in the cat-a-mountains of Chives' and others. The Sharks use the crane too so that the bulldog in the shark's mouth can apply to this. In that dream, immediately after trying to SAVE the bulldog from the shark (the Sava is also the Save, I now realize), the scene changed. I was in a body of water, and walked onto a sandy beach with only my JEANs on (no shirt), which now gives the impression that this was about the Gene/Ganay = Junius bloodline at the Sava. The Saraca's with Bullis liners were at the Sava, in other words, but I'm getting the impression from the Bull-Boson relationship that they were at the MOUTH of the Basante, now the Bosna, river.

Why do Mandys share the black wolf with Saracens/Sarasins? It looks like Mundzuk of the Amantini peoples were related to Saraca's. The Brittany Sarasins use a moline cross that would be the red one of Sibals in colors reversed, and CIBALae is smack across the Sava river from the mouth of the Basante! Wow, the dream appears to be shifting now to Saraca's at the Basante. The Mandy wolf has fire from its mouth, code for the Fire unicorn = Junia-Ceraunii liners.

The following is staggering suddenly. The Mandys were looked up originally as per Mandy whose surname has a TEETer variation. Isn't that for teeth of the shark that were around the belly of the bulldog? Here's what happened. After three to four years of not being able to return to Texas to finish my cottage, I returned with the full hope of meeting Miss Hicks, the one in the shark dream. On the day that I arrived, after checking into a motel, I stood at the front of the parking lot, and saw a woman driving past in a pick-up. When she pulled out of the restaurant across the road, I flagged her down, and asked her for coffee. To let her know I wasn't a total stranger, and that I was safe, I told her I purchased property from Miss Teague. On that day, I had driven by Miss Teague's home, and saw the FBI outside her ranch as per investigating the murder of Madalyn O'Hair.

The woman was Mandy, and she knew Mrs. Teague, and so she went home to call her to make sure I was safe, and so we got together for coffee. That's how we met, and we just saw why Ditt-related Teague's/Teegers should be from the Ditiones at the Basante river, and smack beside the Mandy-suspect Amantini. It works beautifully. And the Hare's/O'Hare's happen to use a "Fear" motto term, while Fears are also Fiers i.e. likely of the Fire's in the Mandy crest. DO I trace Garebites to the Croatia - Bosnia theater? It should explain the "Fear GARBH" motto phrase of O'Hare's. And the Peacocks likewise use "fear," as well as "just" for Justine, wife of Valentinian I, while Munds/Munts use peacocks. The peacock is used also by Manners/Maness', and they share the double fesses of Hairs! These are the Harcourts.

I flagged Mandy down while she drove a pick-UP truck, and the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's is highly suspect with OPgalli.

Plus, I had traced Valentinian I, born in Cibalae, to the Lyon lions, and this is the O'Hare lion too. The O'Hare trefoils can thus easily be the Shark trefoils. I read that Peacocks were a Pollock sept, and while the shark was in a swimming pool (typical residential, kidney-shaped pool), Pools are expected as a branch of Pollocks.

In color reversed, the Fear/Fier moline is red, as with the Sibal moline, and, moreover, I've been saying for some years that the Fear/Fier Coat is a reflection of the Chiaro/Claro Coat while also saying for some years (not making it up now) the latter's bull design is used by Bosons/Boso's! Zinger. There is a snake in the O'Hare Crest, as there is in the Save Coat. When I jumped into the pool to save the bulldog, it bust have been code for a Maezaei relationship with Saraca's at the Bosnia theater. Save's were first found in Burgundy, home of the Frankish Bozo's (Bosonids) expected in the Bosons/Boso's.

I view Save's with the Leslie bend in colors reversed, and Leslie's can be in the O'Hare lizard (probably for Lazards/Lizarts). Lizards are used by Cotters (Oxfordshire), and Saraca's started out at Kotor. Proto-Leslie's are expected at Lesce, on the Sava river right beside Bled. Bleda was Attila's brother. Bleds were first found in Burgundy with Save's and Bosonids, and then the Bleds use the three CLARE chevrons in colors reversed while Bosons/Boso's share the bull design of CLARO's/Charo's.

The Cotter Coat has the look of the Froggit Coat, and because Froggits were first found in Derbyshire, I trace their name to "BROGITarus, father of Amantini-suspect Amyntes. Froggits use a "bunch of cherries," and Bunch's, first found in Perthshire with Justine's and Wings/Winks, look to have a crane in Crest, perfect if correct. Winks are from "Vinkovci, the alternative name of Cibalae. It should be added that while Vinkovci is alluded to in the Fesse motto along with the Segni's/Segurana's, the latter share a Sibal moline. Pett-like Pettys, by the way, share the parrot with Froggits (the parrot holds the bunch of cherries).

Plus, the Segni/Segurana Chief is the Bar eagle now highly suspect with the Lavie/Levoi eagle, and the latter is in the colors of the Simson crescents. The Simson motto term is traced to the Enotri at Saracena and nearby Laus, and Mandy's maiden name is, Simson/Simpson. Can we believe it? Mandy has already traced to Saraca's expected with the Amantini, and the Enotri were also OENOtrians, from whatever mythical Oeneus stood for, the one to which I trace pagan Levites i.e. the Lavie/Levoi!

Checking with my files, it turns out that the Bunch Crest is not a crane, though it may have been before being made into a stork. Petts/Perts, suspect from Perthshire, use the stork too, and Bunch's were first found in Perthshire. So, it appears that Bunch's married Petts/Perts. Pettys use the elephant for a potential trace to the Elaphiti islands. The Pett/Pert stork comes with BULrushes, and Rush's (wolf) share three annulets fesse-wise with Bulls, in the blue color of the same of Crauns. Rush's even use an Una-like "Un" motto term, and horses "COURANt" (all fours off the ground) in the colors of the Fire UNIcorn. I see Crauns as Hicks kin, and Bunch's have fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Hicks.

Three days before I asked Mandy out, I had waved good bye to Helen, my tenant, and Steve, her new boyfriend for whom she had left me a couple of months earlier. He was over with an early-1960s Mustang. There is a Mustan/Musson surname that looks to apply to Rasmussens / Massins, and Stevens use a bend that is linkable both to Valentins and Levi-beloved Aids. And, by the way, Levi's also use "Chretien" in their motto while Chretiens have lion heads in Massin-lion colors. The Massin lion is that also of Louvains, the latter first found in Kent with Massins and Mandy suspects such as Mynetts. Helens (horse heads) are said to be from "Helion," and there is a Helion/Helm surname while German Helms use the helmet, the Mynett symbol. Clicking along. It seems that Helens are Mynett kin. The Helen Coat looks linkable to English Este's, and Valentins were first found beside Este.

It's just that Mandy and Miss Teague had already led us to the Amantini at the frontier of Valentinian's place of birth, and here Helen and Steven led to the very same things, and meanwhile Helen was involved with me, a Massey liner. When Valentinian's place of birth was called Vinkovci, it was the line to Wings/Winks, who share the single, red pile of Hagels, the latter being from the Achelous river, where I trace proto-Levi's.

It's known that Alan Huns assisted Attila. Helens, because they were first found in Brittany, may have been Alans. In that case, Alans, who come up as "Ellen," can be connected to Mynetts = Amantini in the area where Attila is being traced. Again, it looks like Mundzuk was an Amantini element. Where do duck-using Alans trace? To Aulon/Avlona and to the duck-liners Velins / Velens, terms like "Valence," very connectable to "Valentin." Plus, I've said at least twice, I'm not lying, that I took Helen out to a place that served buffalo meat; one of us had it, but the other had DUCK. Velens show a Valence variation, and while I have them recorded as using ducks, the symbol once shown by French Alans, Velins now show the French-Alan martlets.

I've just loaded "Elen" to find the Elms, who happen to share oak leaves with Alans/Ellens. I had no idea that Elms were Alans until now.

Mount Velino is off the Salto, and then Helions/Helms use a version of the Sale/Sallet/SAIL Coat. Click-click. Helions/Helms are in (H)Elias colors, and the latter (branch of Elis') were first found in West Lothian with Tenants ("SAIL" with "MAST" in Crest). Helen was my tenant, and Tenants use a "VELa" motto term. Bullis is beside Aulon/Avlona, and Bulls share the German-Elias annulets. The Amantini are marked at downtown SALDae. There is a Vela surname using "four CORNers."

Helens are said to be from Helion elements at St. Brieux, which is not far from the Meu river of the Mea/Mee/Meigh surname that shares the boar head of Tenants. On the Sava between the Japodes and Bled there is a Breuci peoples on the old map. Bricks use the Brix lozenges in colors reversed, and Velen-like Whelans use the Brick Coat and Crest. When I dated Karen Whelan, her sister was dating Mr. Young. God set that up, or I would not have met Karen. The Youngs are from the Sava river, right? They are suspect from Ugrians / Ugors, and then Bled (and Lesce) is beside the OCRa mountains that might just apply, for Leslie's were known Hungarians. .

There is a Karen/Kern surname (sinister bend) that might just be another Ceraunii liner. Yes, for the Karen/Kern Coat looks like a version of the Urban Coat (Ceraunii were on the Urbanus) and Massena bend. Urbans were first found in Austria, and the upper Sava (Ocra theater) is there. Beside the Ocra mountains thereabouts, there's a Karen-like Carni area. As I trace Leslie's to Lesce (roughly where the light map shows Emona), compare the Leslie bend to the Urban and Massena bends. Carnys (same lion as Sauers and Youngs) share the gauntlet glove with Maceys.

A certain Karen emailed me for quite some time every few months. The last time she emailed, she told me a story about her long neck, and I wanted to email her back the next day or two to say that it's not a wonder you have long neck like a crane. I may have been alluding Karens to the Ceraunii at the time, though I can't quite recall why the crane came to mind at that time.

She was upset at me, I think, when I wrote my update on explicit sex. So she wrote to tease me, I think, explaining why she never wrote back. She wrote to say that she once went to a nudist camp, and walked around with shorts only. One guy came up to her and said, "I want to eat your neck." That's the last I heard from her; I think she was bothered by my post. In other words, she was bare BREASTed, and Brests/Brix's are suspect with Bruce's / Breuci. Helen was bare breasted too, and Helens were at St. Brieux. Neck(er)s are suspect at the Neckar river, land of StuttGART, the line to the raven-using Stout vikings. Did God arrange for Karen to be in my email life to make this Ceraunii link to the Breuci? Is it so important that it needs a nudist-camp story?

Can we believe it? Neck(er) hang a Ceraunii-suspect crown from their antlers.

I once traced Emona to "Mons" at Hainaut while engaging a Bohemian queen with Hainaut links. Mons is very near Gaunt, and the Mons/Mount surname (another Mundzuk possibility) shares the red, rampant lion with Carnys. Why is there a crown on the Mons/Mont lion? I don't recall which queen it was, nor why I traced her to Emona. I can now add that two Bohemian queens with Hainaut connection, both wives of WencesLAUS, were from Bavaria's Wittelsbachs, who owned the Arms of Bavaria, which is a lozengy Shield in the colors of the Brix/Brest / Brick lozenges. That works. The only place I've ever seen the three Levi chevrons are with the counts of Hainaut.

As per "Stuttgart," which wouldn't have been to topic without Karen's long neck, Garts (Cetin/Cattan fitchee?) happen to be in Levi colors, and share two black lions in pale with Jewish Levi's. Is this telling us that Ceraunii-raven liners were at GARDa too, with Garts?

Legge's ("TENTamine") use a stag head (as do Necks) in the colors of the Young/Jung stag. Legge's were first found in Dumfries with Rome's/Rooms, potentially from the Romans founded at the Japodes / Breuci theater. Rome's/Rooms were at Annandale with the Breuci-suspect Bruce's. Legge liners may have named the Legro that was otherwise the Soar.

Irish Gars probably have the blue Soar/Sore lion, and it's in both colors of the Bruce lion, making Gars suspect as Garda liners. These Gars are said to be descended from a lord of South LEYney. Leys are listed with Leghs/Lighs. The write-up goes on to say that their Geary branch, closely associated with O'Haras', ruled LUIGhne, which looks like a variation of "Leyney." The Hare's/O'Hare's happen to come up as "Garry," now begging whether Hair and their Harcourt-Dane kin were Garda liners of the Gar kind.

Note the two crowns, one around the neck, on the Jarret lion (should be the crowned Gerard lion; aren't Windsors kin of Gerards?). Garrets happen to be a branch of Geralds, and both use the Windsor saltire in colors reversed, not to mention the Jardin/Garden saltire, thus making Jarrets suspect with a Garda-Ceraunii mix.

I don't know whether the Stout vikings were Danes. Wikipedia's article on the Raven banner says it belonged to Sigurd the Stout, and that the Dane entity of Halfdan used the raven. The article shows the raven (said to be Odin's symbol) on the Arms of Man along with three human legs.

Karen said that she had only her shorts on, and Shorts happen to share blue wings with both Ayr-related Here's/Heyers and Here's/Herrs! It looks like God fashioned Karen's story, as unbelievable as that sounds. The Here's/Heyers are said to use two dexter wings, and Dexters were first found in Leicestershire with the Legro = Soar river. Unbelievable. It recalls the shark dream where I walked out of the water with no shirt and only my jeans. Jeans happen to share the Gar lions, and Shirts can be a branch of Shorts.

The Leghs share the Mons/Mount lion. Mons'/Monts were first found in Peebles-shire with the Bauer branch of Bowers, suspect with Bavaria's Bogans (bow). Bauers use blue wings! Bogans owned the Bavarian lozengy before the Wittelsbachs did, and as Pavers/Pavie's use lozenges in these colors, note how "Paver" is like "Bauer." Bavers/Beavers share the Legh / Mons/Mont lion, and as the Bavers were first found in Berkshire, beside Oxfordshire, the beaver in the Arms of Oxford may relate to this family.

Bauers were first found in Bavaria and Austria. English Bogans, with a dragon in colors reversed from the same dragon type of Tills, were first found in CORNwall. And Cornwalls share the Sauer lion too. Ceraunii liners are popping up everywhere. German Bugs use ravens, as do Rothes'/Rothchilds (no 's' in the latter spelling). Bauers founded Rothschilds, and Una-Corn liner Rasmussens/Assmans named Assmannshausen at RUDESheim. Rudes' were first found in Shropshire with Alans of Dol.

Irish Kerns have a "constans" motto term while Contans'/Constance's can be a branch of Constans/Constantine's (familiar pattern shared by Savage's/Sava's) that happen to share the Jeune fleur-de-lys. Constans/Constantine's were first found in Berkshire with the Shaws with a "VINCit" motto term. The mother of Constantine I was HELENa, a possible Alan from the Bled / Breuci theater. This now unveils, for the first time, the importance of Miss Whelan's first name.

This Constantine was born at Nis of Serbia, which explains why Fessy's/Face's use a motto supposedly spoken by this man, though I don't think he uttered it. I think the words were put into his mouth. The motto clearly points to Vinkovci on two counts. The Arms of Serbia has the same cross as Fessys/Face's. Helena was born in Bithynia, and queen NYSA of Cappadocia furnished a granddaughter, queen Nysa of Bithynia (Ness' use two of the fesses of BITHYN-like Buttons/Bidens). We are now in the Trojan theater, found mythically by Dardanus, and Nis happens to be at the Dardanian theater. Roman founders, at the Japodes I take it, were Trojans. Troy is in Mysia, and Mysia is at the HELLESpont, the reason for mythical Helen of Troy.

The Alans married Bruce's when mounting the Scottish throne. I'm convinced that Alans of the Helen kind were at the Breuci theater. Near St. Brieux is Brest, and while Brix's are also Brests, Helen, one night, while going down the stairs to the basement (her apartment), stopped on the landing in my view, raised her top and let her full, bare breast hang there as she stooped a little, then continued down for the night. Would God make her do that to clinch Helen-branch Alans with Brest/Brix liners? I have no idea.

But I have told of a squirrel story where, twice in the same summer season, a squirrel (or two of them) was startled from both NESTs by me, and both times bounced off by chest. That was when the Brest surname was introduced to my writings (I've told this story a half-dozen times or more). Valentins use squirrels, amazingly enough. The German Nest surname is with the Nis-like NESS', can you believe it, and Scottish Ness'/Nice's, with the same Coat, were first found in Fife with Sibals, the line from Cibalae. Fife is near the Wings/Winks of Perthshire.

Valentinian (4th century) lived at/near the time of Attila's father. As I see Bruce's from Abruzzo elements at Brescia/Brixia. Abruzzo is where VALENtinian-like Velino is located. His wife was from Picenum, perhaps bordering eastern Abruzzo.

Back to the Petts/PERTS with the bulrushes, keeping in mind that the Arms of Rothschild share the Petty quadrants specifically / closely. What do we suppose Rush's were, at the Una river, and were the Bauers there too? Why do Bauers use wings? Ahh, the Wings/Winks, first found in Pert-like Perthshire. In Norse, "hross" means horse, making it appear that Ares > Rus liners use the heraldic horse, and the unicorn too, as play on an Ares line at the Una, explaining RASmussens, an Ares- / Aras-like term if ever we saw one. Therefore, Rosh and Meshech were together at the Una. Juno was probably this Gogi / Og thing, right? Well, Juno was the line through Greece of the pagan Levites -- whatever they were there probably had to do with the Galli and/or Bessi priests -- but Jonathan was the priest of the proto-Dane Rus, and Danes were led by Cnut while Cnuts share the unicorn.

Cnut attacked England at Hampshire; nearby Sussex is where Dans (another crown), Dane's, Dene's/Deins and Diens (wing) were all first found, while Daniels/Danners share the unicorn head with Cnuts. Petts/Perts use mascles while Sussex is where Mascals were first found who use the six Constan/Constantine fleur in colors reversed. French Constans'/Constance's share the pine theme with Maschi's. Daniels/Danners (same motto as Elens/Elms) use "nec" twice, which is code of Roddens and Rutherfords for the Neckar river, location of Stuttgart, the line to the Stout vikings that used the raven. Can't get away from Ceraunii / Rephaite liners.

Gog is suspect at Gugar/GOGARene (at lake Sevan), a term like "Ugur / Ocra." Note that Sadducee-like Soducena is likewise at the Sevan theater at this inaccurate old map of Caucasia. The Aras river is there, as are the Moschi mountains of the Mushki = Meshech.

I had a major problem with 20 squirrels in my ATTIC in two winter seasons. I caught them all but one, which, if I recall correctly, was the first one that bounced off my chest. It was in the attic rafters. Og-suspect Ogyges was in ATTICa, and the rafters are at the ROOF. Roofs (share green trefoils with Dans / Rods) are with the raven-using Ruffs/Ralphs. It appears, thanks to extra clues from Helen, that the squirrels of Valentins were from Og's Rephaites. Rods are from Henri Rodez' marriage with Roquefeuil, the latter being the line to Roxburghs (horse head), suspect with Roxolani Rus.

Dan-ish Laish is to the Lys/Lisse surname that we've been seeing with June / Massey liners, and the Lys'/Lisse's use COURANt greyhounds. That's got to be code for Ceraunii liners, likely the Currents/Correns and their Corry/Curry branch. The Eagle's are from Achelous river in the mythical-Oeneus theater, and Cecils, who share black shields/escutcheons with Currents/Correns, have a version of the six Eagle and Savage/Sava lions. Cecils use a Corren-like "Cor unum" motto phrase and throw in an "una" for good measure.

The Cecil lions are in both colors of the Core/Cork lion tails, which explains "COR unum." The Core/Cork lion tails belong to the Tails/Tailer lions (see Keats cats), and they with Tillers are from the Tilurius river i.e. with a source near both the Ceraunii and the Maezaei. I have this story pegged correctly, no doubt about it. The 10 Cecil bars look linkable to Cavetts, probably from the Cevetta river at Ceva, probably a line from the Cavii who lived at Lissus. Keatings (LEAVES) use a "lissi" term buried in "fidelisiMUS." Lys' come up as Delise's.

Ceva is suspect with Chives' ("vi" motto term) of Tarves that use six crosses in the pattern of the Cecil lions, and the "via una" motto phrase of Cecils should therefore be code for Vio's/Vito's, first found in Tarves-suspect Tarvisium. Vio's/Vito's trace to the Tilurius theater, and are suspect with the annulet of German Tile's/Tills/Tillers. ANNulets are possible code specifically for Anne's/Hanne's, from TICKhill, that suspect from Julia Tyche, daughter of Artemidoros, and mother of Julia Polla. One website has Miss Polla as the wife of Severus, father of the Bassus', whom I trace to Bassania, right beside Lissus.

The Chives motto suggests relationship with Sava-like Shaws, both loving the Vinkovci line of Valentinian.

English Tile's are linked in their write-up to MANDEvills, a good reason to trace to MUNDzuk and ATILLa. As Mandys share the cross of Fessy's/Face's, recall the latter loved the Vinkovci-Valentinian line too, for the Fessy cross is in saltire form with Corrys/Currys. An Arms of Waterford uses the Trump/Tromp stag head, in the colors of the Young/June/Jung stag, and Currents/Correns with Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford. I'm eating EGG on a bun right now, just as I was thinking about reminding you that lake GARDa (beside Trompia) is now suspect with an OG line through UGARIT. I wasn't going to say this part, until after recalling that the Adige river down one side of lake Garda is part of the EDGE/Egg surname (probably the Este eagle because the Adige flows near Este), is that not amazing? I still wasn't prepared to mention all that until I realized I had egg in my mouth. Amazing.

And can you believe it? I rarely buy buns, but just broke open a package from the freezer for these eggs, and the Buns/Bonns were first found in Og-suspect Oxfordshire. God sets things up like this a lot in my heraldic writings on this Cetis / Caiaphas topic.

Garden-branch Jardins/Gardens use a "Cave" motto term, and probably the TAILboy Coat but with the Annas stars instead of the Meschin scallops. TailleBOIS' can certainly be of the Boii of Bononia, where Buns/Bonns and their Bone/Bohen branch should trace. There is another Bononia beside the Amantini. Between Bononia and Cibalae, CORNacum. God showed me through Mamie that Gardens should link to Thigh's / Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs (same place as Annas', share their star), who are connectable to Tickhill, home of Anne's/Hanne's. The Jardin/Garden Coat has the ANNAN(dale) Coat, and the Bruce's of Annandale use the lion of Brescia, beside Val Trompia (yes, beside lake Garda).

The Chives CAT-a-mountains are suspect with a Cetis connection to cat-using Cetins/Cattans at the Cetina/Tilurius. MOUNTains, I think we can better gather now, are Amyntes / Amantini > Mundzuk liners. Recall how the Dragons/Drainers and Mynetts trace to the Amantini, for English Tills use the dragon. Irish Blacks, who share the leopard in Crest with Tails/Tailers, show a CADDel variation, and share the giant fret of CATTels. English Blake's are said to have had a castle near TILLmouth House, and share the pale bar of Tails/Tailers as well as putting pellets on its dragon head, matching the pellets on the Tiller lion, which is in the colors of the Tail/Tailer lions. A fret has a central mascle (hollow lozenge), and Mussels/MUSCELs (version of Meschin Coat) named Musselburgh, at the Haddington home of Keiths/MASCALs. It tends to clinch Tail / Tiller liners with Ranulph le Meschin and his wife, Lucy Taillebois.

Mussels/Muscels share plates (white roundels as opposed to pellets = black roundels) with Eggs/Eggers while Ugarit-like EGGERTons/Edgertons (Sauer lion again) were first found in Cheshire with Masseys/Maceys. Wikipedia's article on Ranulph gives him a red lion too, in both colors of the Mons/Mount lion. Again, GARDens/Jardins use a version of the Tailbois Coat.

I'd like to go back to the egg on a bun that seemed to be evidence of Garda tracing back to "Ugarit," for I think this was a special revelation. In order to be a special sign, I needed to know that the Adige river (flows by a Garda location) traces to the Edge's/Eggs, and so I think the revelation clinch's Eggs with the Adige, yet speaks to Eggs as Og liners. The Edge's/Eggs have a split Shield with giant object upon it, as do German Gardners upon a split Shield in the same colors. And Gardners put the Tailbois scallop on the Shield. Fortunately, English Gardners use griffin heads in colors reversed from the Gard griffins.

I can glean that Gardners are sharing the Capes scallops and the split Shield of German Caplans, especially as English Caplans share gold griffin heads with English Gardners. What were these Capes liners? Why do Capes' share the acorn, an OAK symbol, with Dutch Tromps? Am I correct to trace oaks to "Og"? Again, German Tromps/Trumps can be with the German-Young/June/Jung stag for what looks like a Hungarian link to lake Garda, which is not far from Lesce. There's a question on whether "aCORN" can be play on Ceraunii liners.

In high school, I hung out with the Gardner brothers. Years later, they were found living in Gormley across from the scrap YARD. If we call it a JUNK yard, the Jungs come to mind. Is that not amazing? There is a Junk surname with towers (could be the Gard tower) in Young/Jung colors. I think Yards / Yardleys can be a branch of Jardins / Garda liners, and Gormleys/Grimes' can be a branch of Grime's sharing the green footless martlet with griffin-using Gards. The footLESS Grime martlets, part code for Leslie liners = Hungarians = Ugors, are in the colors of the Blake martlets, and the Blaik variation has been suspect with the Bles variation of Bleds. Lesce is beside Bled, and while Leslie's use a green griffin head in Crest, to match the green martlet in the Grime Crest, Blake's use a green dragon head in Crest.

"Footless" is part-code for Foots (Cheshire), a branch of Fothes/Fette's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's, and the Blake / Gormley martlets are shared by Feets/Fade's. They are colors reversed from the Gormley/Grimes martlets.

The day after God put me together with Mamie, he gave her a thigh symbol at the garden of her front YARD. It was found that Gardens (beside Aberdeenshire) share the black boar head of the Babon Crest, and Babon happened to be a son of Mamie-like MUMmolin, a Merovingian ruler. Mummolin's father was MUNDeric, and he lived roughly at the time of Mundzuk. Babon's son was Grimo, I kid you not, and, in colors reversed, the Yardley martlets are green. The Gardens use a "JUNGuntur" motto term, I kid you not, and Gunters use GAUNTlet gloves so that the motto term is a Gaunt-Jung combination. We saw evidence above as to why Gaunt/Ghent should be a Juno liner, and Dutch Tromps happen to share the Ghent / Candida / Doria eagle. Doria's were first found in GENova, home of GRIMaldi's.

On the night that God put me together with Mamie, we slept together (no sex) in the same tent with others. The Tintons use tents, and share the chevron of both Town Coats. One Town surname was first found in Linlithgow with Tent- and Town-like Tenants. Tintons were first found near the first-known Tints, from the Atintanes peoples smack at Bullis...and Aulon/Avlona, where Helen my tenant traced. Tenants use a boar head in Chief in colors reversed from the Babon-Chief boar heads. The mast in the Tenant Chief is expected with Masts/Masters, sharing gold griffin heads with Gards, and first found in Kent with Gards and Munds/Munts / Mynetts. I'm seeing a Bled-and-Lesce link to lake Garda. I met Mandy three days after leaving Helen at my home; she was gone when I returned.

Masts/Masters use a UNICORN in a CROWN, Maezaei-Ceraunii liners for sure. This recalls my first kiss as a teen from Christine Masters while we were in a tent. She stole the kiss on the cheek, but I didn't return it. We went to a school in UNIONville, and Unions might just be Una liners, as were Maezaei. Christine's use cups as code for Kupa/Colapis liners, and Christine Peare lived in Unionville. Christine's were first found on Man, where I trace Mansfields and Meme's/Mame's/Mens'. There is a Union/Annian surname, and, believe it or not, Irish Gards, who share the Meme/Mame/Mens Shield, are said to be UNIaks too. The Kent Gards share "Toujours" with Una-liner Youngs/Yonge's.

Recall how Helen just let her breasts hang out on the stairs. Can we view that as a TEASE? Would God make that happen just to point to the Tease surnames? Tints and Towns (same place as Babons) are in the colors and format of Mansfields, and the latter are said to be named after Mamie-like "Mam," and they even had a Mamesfelde location in Nottinghamshire, where TEASE's/TYES' were first found. As I said, she was good looking, shapely, with large breasts, and she therefore teased me when I slept in the tent with her. She wouldn't let me hug or start anything when I was going for it. The next day, after she waded with me in the lake, and we hugged together, she was still in her bathing suit at her place, when I was impressed by her gorgeous THIGHs, when she was at the garden of her front yard. Would God do that? Apparently, he did.

Tease's/Tyes' were first found in the same place as Annas', and the latter's star is shared by Annas-like Angus', while Gardens and Gardens/Jardins were first found in Angus. Annas was the name of the chief priest of Israel, Caiaphas' father-in-law, who presided over the late-night court where Jesus was condemned to death. So, I think this is important to God's revelation through me. Without going over all the reasons why, Pepin of Landen, a Merovingian, applies to all of this, and Helen showed her breasts on the LANDING of the stairs. The Stair surname (Kent, same as Gards) shares the Capone Coat. Mamie was on her LAWN when the thigh symbol was given, and Brest of Brittany is at LAUNay; Launays share lozenges with Brests/Brix's, and English Lawns use a "Garde" motto just needs to hearken to this.

English Lawns (crown again) use "Garde le ROY" while Tintons use "ROYAL tents," and so due to proto-Alans being from the Atintanes theater, Launays and Lawns/Lane's look like branches of Alans/Ellens / Helens (Elens/Elms share oak leaves with Alans/Ellens).

As I said, Lesce is not fare from lake Garda. I had been PULLING weeds yesterday afternoon before coming in to make eggs on a bun, and pulled more weeds after that. Pullings happen to use a reflection of a Gard Coat, and the Pulling Chief shares three black footLESS martlets with the Weed/Weedon Chief, can you believe it? Wettins share buckles with Leslie's Weeds/Weedons share two red fesses with Babons. The Pulling motto has a code for Colapis / Culp liners, and the Colapis is right next to Bled and Lesce. That's pretty incredible seeing that I didn't see reason yesterday for the weed pulling to be connected to the egg on a bun.

The three Pulling scallops on a bend are even in all three colors of the snakes on a bend of Save's, tending to assure that Save's are from the Sava. One Shaw surname even has cups for the Kupa river, the same river in the Pulling motto. The Nulls/Nultys that can be in the "Nulla" motto term of Pullings can be with a sinister-facing Sauer lion, and they share the upright stag with Youngs/Jungs.

The Babon Crest shares a black boar with German CORNers/Corne's, in Corn colors, and the Corn chevron is that also of Capone's and Stairs. English Corners/Garners (sinister sword = Maezaei liners), with a suggested derivation in Gardners, share the ACORN and OAK LEAVES with Tromps. Again, Helen my tenant on the stairs with bare breasts, and it's Tenants who use the "vela" motto term while Vela's use "four corners." Babon's grandfather is suspect with Mundzuk at the Bled theater, and Bled-area things are tracing to lake Garda / Trompia and Brest-liner Brescia. Yes, for Lano's/Lane's were first found in Brescia, identifying Launay at Brest with Lane / Lawn liners. Alans mounted the Scottish thrown when marrying royal Bruce's.

Tenants share the Mea/Mee/Meigh boar head, and while the latter share the Mandy cross, Mandys use "debit," and Tenants "dabit." Tenants are expected from Atintanes = Helen-line partners, and the Mundzuk Huns were allied with Alan Huns. Attila was from the House of Dulo, and Alans lived at Dol. The Mea's are from the Meu river that flows near Dol. Dols were first found in the same place as Tromps/Trumps, and they share colors. Trumps/Tromps share the stag with Bloods/Bluds.

I plowed a vegetable GARDEN for Mandy. I have her burned in my memory wearing black pants (it's hot in Texas) while working at this garden. Black's can be Blake's, and Blake's/Blaiks are still suspect from the Bles variation of Bleds. Bleda was Attila's brother. Was this garden episode clue that Mandy's are a Mundzuk line?

If we are convinced that Mamie was code for Mundzuk to Munderic liners, note that Meme's/Mame's/Mens' are in the Pepin motto while Pepins (Rasmussen bend, share "est" with Mast/Master motto) were Merovingians along with Mummolin. And the Pepin horses are those of Este's while the black horse in the Este Crest is expected in the Helen Coat for obvious reason. Let's now go back to my trace of Emona, at Bled, to Mons in Hainaut. Wikipedia's article on the Hainaut counts / county shows the three, black chevrons of Levi's in both colors. And I say that God gave Mamie to me to make a connection to Annas of Israel, who must have been a Levite in order to sit in Moses' seat. Well, there is a Memes/Meny/Manie surname with three, black chevrons, said to be first found in MASNy of Hainaut. Incredible, right?

The Memes write-up speaks on baron Walter de Manny, father of Hain-like ANNA Hastings. The Hastings share the maunch sleeve with MANSfields and their Mansell/Mangel branch. The Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill, and Tickle's/Tickhills use the maunch too. The latter have Roger de Bully at Tickhill, four miles from Nottingham (Nottinghamshire is where Mansfields and Mamesfelde were). So, as Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire, it seems that Anne's/Hanne's were an Annas branch. It makes HAINaut suspect with the same.

Haneys/Hanna's use stag heads colors reversed from the same of Tromps/Trumps. Haneys/Hanna's were first found in Galloway with the Gallerys in the Sauer write-up, and Fergus' (another crown) of Galloway share the Sauer lion. Irish Haneys use the same red lion but in both colors of the Mons/Mount lion. And while Levi's were at Hainaut's counts, Levi's use an "aide" motto term while Haneys/Hanna's use "ad." Irish Haneys also share the Second/Segur lion while "second" is another Levi motto term. The Irish Haney lion faces sinister as code for Maezaei, and the Jewish Levi's/Levine's put crowns on their lions. Irish-Haney variations are like those of Hannitys (from HAINton), who in-turn share "Toujours" with Gards and Yonge's while the Young/Jung stag is colors reversed from the Haney/Hanna stags. Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-suspect Chappes'. Caiaphas married a daughter of Annas. Are we seeing clearly?

Where do Fessys/Face's trace again, who are in the Hannity leopard faces? Oh, yes, to Segni's/SEGURana's, apparently a branch of Seconds/Segurs. And Hannitys throw in a COURANT greyhound, which recalls that Currents/Correns were first found in Waterford, where one Arms shares the Tromp/Trump stag head. Yes, and this Arms of Waterford even shares a tall, solid chevron with Chappes, can we believe it?

Note the cross between the antlers of the Waterford stag, for this is the symbol of Stacy-branch Eustace's, Vise's and Staggs. And while Visconti's of Milan started with Ottone Visconti, the Ottone's share that tall, white, solid chevron. Scottish Chappes' were first found in Sterling with Visconti-branch Guiscards/WISharts. Cetis' use lilies, and Waterfords/WaterVILLE's use water lilies and FOUNTains, suggesting kinship with Font-de-Ville's.

Annas and Constantine

Back to the weed pulling. Pullings are properly Pullens, who are (or were) in Wikipedia's article as co-founders, with Pulsiphers, of Romulus in Wayne County, Michigan, and Wayne's happen to share the pelican with Pullings. Plus, there is a Romulus location on the light map between the Una and the Colapis, suggesting strongly that Pullens were something at that river, or that the Pulling motto does have a Colapis-liner people within it.

Pulciphers/Polesdons happen to share the stars of Sabine's while Sabine's share the red-on-white scallop of Pullings, which is how we can know that Pullings were from Vespasia POLLA and Flavius Sabinus. It suggests that Polla's or proto-Polla's were on the Colapis with the inhabitants of Jabesh-Gilead over in the area of Og's Rephaites.

Recalling that Constans/Constantine's share the Jeune fleur, let's add that the first name of emperor Constantine I was, Flavius. He was born at Nis, and Nice's/Ness's share the double Weed fesses. I have just found a Niss/Nisi/Nisette surname (Rhineland) with the Constantine fleur! That's a good one to remember. Niss' share the Colchester chevron.

I was pulling weeds when I came in to eat egg on a bun. The Buns/Bonns share a version of the English Bone/Bohun/Bohums/Bome's Coat, and the latter's bend with two bendlets is a near-match with the same of Pullings. "Bohum" looks Bohemian, for Bohems/Bome's are said to be from Bohemia, and the proto-Bohemian Boii were at BONonia, which is where Pasi's were first found to whom I trace (with good reasons) "VesPASIa." French Constantine's/Constance's look to be with a version of the French Bone Chief.

Now the double Weed fesses are shared also with the Dutch VanNES/Ness/Nest surname, which seems to be evidence that the namers of Vannes had merged with Niss liners who then went on as Ness'/Nessans. Nissans use double fesses too. Recall that Colchester liners had merged with Nails/Neils/Nagle's from Oneglia, for this place is near Nice. The Arms of Vannes is an ermine (the entire mammal), and I've seen the Arms with nothing but three giant ermines, the symbol of Palles' and Balas'. It just so happens that Pullings use a "PALLEScere" motto term, which should be read as "PalleSCERE too (Palles' come up as "Palle"), because Schere's come up as "SCHERF" while the Vannes ermine wears a scarf. And the Scarfs were first found in Yorkshire with Pullings.

Stewarts have a pelican with NEST, a symbol that is sometimes called a pelican "feeding her YOUNG." The Sabine's share the Chief-Shield color combination of Vilains, the latter suspect from Vilaine, home of proto-Stewarts. Note that "Vannes" is like "Wayne," for Wayne's (Essex, same as Colchester, Youngs/Yonge's, and Stewart-related Brocks) share the pelican on a nest with its young. Wayne's share gauntlet gloves with Vans/Veynes'/Fane's, and Glove's (wings) were first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Winks while the Stewart pelican has its wings in a different color than its body. That's the VALENtinian line suspect from Aulon/Avlona, and because proto-Stewart Alans of Vilaine had connected with Polla-liner Pollocks, the Sabine bull should trace to Balas-suspect Bullis.

These Alans of Dol had Fulbert, the father of Pollocks, as their vassal in Shropshire, and Alans trace with "Vilaine" to mount Velino at the Avezzano area, suspect with "VESpasia." While Avezzano's merged, as Avesnes', with nobles of Champagne, the Bone bend with bendlets looks like a version of the Arms of Champagne (used by the Champagne surname), only the Champagne bend along with that of Avezzano's has the crutch pattern called, potent. A potent cross is used by Skits/Skeochs, suspect in the "VireSCIT" motto term of Stewarts, which must be code also for the Vire river between Manche and Caen (at Orne, where the Pollock horns trace). Caen looks like it was named by the Chaonian tribe of Epirus, for I trace (without a doubt) Aulon/Avlona of Epirus to Alauna of ancient Manche, and Bone's are said to be from Bohun of Manche. Boii in Manche? Some say that the Baiocasses' of the Bessin were named by Boii. Skeochs could have named Schio, between the first-known Valentins and lake Garda. I ate the egg on the Bone-related bun after pulling weeds, and Weeds are suspect with the Ness Coat.

Bohems/Bome's (sinister arm), with the half-lion of Brocks, look linkable to Mieske's, who share the Pohl bull head (though Pohls call it a buffalo). The Boii are suspect in the "boy PULLING down a pine tree" of Bothwells, tending to assure that the Pulling and Bone bends are closely related by marital blood. Bothwells were Bute (Avalon) liners from Butua, the latter within reach of Dardanians in the Brock dart. I have seen the Pollock arrow named as a dart. Nis was either in, or beside, Dardania.

The Annas surname is also "Aniss" while sharing the Vere star while Vere's are known to have a Ver(e) location in Manche, which seems related to the Vire river. Brocks share "VIREscit" with Stewarts, and Brocuffs share the potent cross with Skits, a branch of Skate's/Sheets, the latter first found in Norfolk with potent-cross Chads and Sabine's. The Mansfields, first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas'/Aniss', use so-called "maunches," as code for Manche, right? So, it could appear that the line of Constantine "the great" was to the Aniss kin of Vere's. Or, to put it another way, Annas of Israel was from Nis elements.

Manche has a COTENTIN area, yup, looking like a Constantine variation. Helena, Constantine's mother, is still suspect with Helen-branch Alans, but there was another Helena, daughter of count Vrm of Angusta, and I had played around with an Annas-of-Israel origin in Angusta, partly because Angus' share the Annas/Aniss star. Angus' share the passant lion of Brocks so that Angusta liners may trace with Brock kin to the Vire river, and as the Brocks share the full Stewart motto, those kin are expected to be Alans of Alauna. While the Brock-Crest lion holds a dart, Darts were first found in Devon with English Stewarts.

I've told the following story at least two or three times, I'm not making it up now. Helen left Dave for me, and Dave came around one evening, and opened the side door to Helen's apartment on the stairs landing. I was up three stairs in the kitchen, and heard the door open. She wasn't home, and so when I went to the door, there was a chocoLATE treat resting on the door knob. I had explored Chocks and Late's due to this event, and it just so happens that Late's/Lets, suspect in annuLETs with Annas liners, share the Chief-Shield color combo of Annas'/Annis'. This is now amazing as proof that Annas/ANISS' were from Nis, home of Helena!!! Zinger.

Late's/Lets even share a crescent between two stars in Chief with the Constans/Constantine Chief. The latter surname was first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cottons, and Contents, I have only just learned thanks to "Cotentin," are listed with the other Cottons that use ANGus-like "hanks of cotton." The Chief/Shield combination of Late's/Lets and Annas' is colors reversed from the same of Annan(dale)s. Constans'/Constantine's even come up as Cotentins, and because they use the pine tree, let's repeat that Bothwells use a "boy PULLING down a pine tree," mentioned above as per the Boii suspect at the Cotentin area.

To this day, I view Cotta's/Cottons (share fretty Shield with Caens) from Aurelia Cotta and the Cottian rulers (predated Constantine). Miss Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar, which explains why French Julians were likewise first found in Languedoc, yet the two stars in the Constance/Cotentin Chief are two of the three in the Julian / Alan Chief. And the latter Alans are the ones with the Velin ducks and the Velen/Valen martlets (the latter essentially has the Alan fesse). Helen and I ate duck at a restaurant serving buffalo meat. I was introduced to that restaurant by Paul Smith, who bought my NISSAN pick-up in the first month that Helen moved into my place!!! Helen was code for Helena of Nis!

Helen left me for Steven near Valentine's day, for he brought her flowers at that time. She was with me from the middle of December (she hated my Christianity and trib book; I was hoping she would change; I was entertaining her as the woman in the shark-bull dream). The Steven bend with three leopard faces is in the colors of the Valentin bend with three squirrels. It appears that God wanted to make an Helena / Constantine link to Valentinian (and Velens/Valans), and it's the motto of the Fessys/Face's (i.e. in the Steven faces) that tends to prove that link. Vallans have a moline in the colors of the Sibal-Crest moline, while Vallans use a "valle" motto term, like the "vela" of Tenants (= Atintanes at Aulon/Avlona). The Steven bend is a green version of the Aid bend, and Aids are in the Levi motto along with Seconds/SEGURs while the latter's quadrants are in the Vallan Coat. The Fessy/Face motto loves the Segni's/SEGURana's.

The chocolate was left at the door by Dave, and Davids use a version of the Aid Coat.

Helen said that she met Steven in a billiard hall. Billiards are also Billets, suspect from the Byllis version of "Bullis, a city at the Atintanes theater.

The Vallone variation of Vallans suggests the Italian Ballone's (Venice, near Este) because they share the double Ness/Nest fesses. The other half of the Ballone Coat has the double fesses of Sleeps (Shropshire), from the Selepitanoi at the Butua and Este-related Bar area i.e not very far from Nis. The Este-related Bute's/Butts share the black horse with Helens, and estoiles with English Ballone's. As per that chocoLATE given to Helen, the Late's/Lets use organ pipes while Pipe's are Este-loving Pepins who in-turn use the Helen horse heads in colors reversed.

The two Sleep fesses are in the colors of the Dart fesse, making Nis elements suspect with Darts, and therefore with the Pollock dart that pierces a boar.

The Chocks/Chicks may be in the chocolate, and they share the Pool / Rita lion, for example, and Pools are Polla-line kin of Alans. Pools (Dorset) were from Poole of DORset, and the chocolate was left on the door handle, at the door on the LANDING that was suspect as code for Pepin of Landen. Dorset is where Palins/PAWleys were first found with Quints, and the PAW of the Palin lion is in the Quint Crest. Quints share the Colchester chevron so as to be linkable to the Colapis elements of Polla-line Pullings. Quints were a Quince branch while the Sforza lion, which is also the Irish-Door and Pole lion, holds a quince.

Scottish Doors have a lion paw of their own in Crest, and in the Coat there are three leopard faces in the colors of the three Chock/Chick lions. Scottish Doors, first found in Fife with Sibal(d)s (right down the Helen-Steven alley), are said to be from Alan Durward, known to be a Sibald element. The Chock/Chick paw holds a spear, the symbol of the Pasi's; the latter's spears are the crossed ones of Speers, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and PASleys of Paisley. Spears share the boar heads of Rieti-line Roets, and Rita's (Rome, same as Sforza's) share the Chock/Chick lion, and almost the Sforza / Pole lion.

Aha! English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Constantine's, recalling that emperor Constantine had a first name that was the surname of the Rieti Flavians i.e. the Vespasia Polla married. That explains why Pasleys use three of the two Ness fesses.

FULbert, progenitor of Pollocks (Weet/Wheat colors), got suspect with Fullers, who happen to share the three Pasley fesses. "Fuller" is like the "Puller" variation of Pullings, and I pulled weeds while Weeds (share the Pulling Chief, I gather) use two of these fesses. Fullers share the beacon with German Belli's, while Italian Belli's and Bellini's were first found at Verona, smack on the Adige river. I ate Adige on a bun, so to speak, after pulling weeds. Jewish Pollocks have a bend in the colors of the Valentin bend.

Addition to the Last Update

The first two paragraphs below were in the last update, but, this week, I added the rest, which you may have missed:

There is a Soar/Sore Coat with lion colors reversed from the Beaumont/Belmont lion. The Soar/Sore Coat looks like the Massin/Mason lion upon the Massey Shield, suggesting that Beaumonts/Belmonts share the Masci fleur closely. Masci-liner Meschins (ruled Cheshire) descended from Malahule (king Rollo's uncle) or MORE, who was the father also of the Tosni's / Toeni's, whose sleeve symbol is known to be in the Arms of Leicester. Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire) and Mauls/MORleys are suspect with Malahule liners because Malls share the Massey quadrants (in colors reversed), but they are also the Sore quadrants. Meshech at Zoar??? See Toeni's in relation to the earls of Chester (probably the Meschins) in the Lindsey write-up. Lindsey is an area in Lincolnshire.

It just so happens that Mauls/Morleys share the split Shield of Ballas'/Balli's while Sorrys use a Coat version of the Bone's / Bonns suspect in "MalliBONE/MarlyBONE." I've always said that the Bone lions are suspect with the Beaumont/Belmont lion. The Tonys, first found in Leicester, use the RED sleeve (of a shirt), and while Toeni's were Tosni's too, Tous'/Tosini's (Florence again) use a red shirt with buttons thrown in.

The Mosca's at Pisa, at least near the first Tous'/Tosini's, are in the Chives Crest, and Chives' share the MATHIS moline because they were from the Cavii of the Mathis river. The Lindseys of Toeni elements share the checks of Massys/MATTIS', partly from Massa-Carrara. The Crest of the Lincolnshire Rhodes' is suspect with the Mosca leopard, and while Lindseys (a Ceraunii-suspect crown) are said to be from Randolph, lord of Toeni, the Randolph bat is code for Baths (same cross as leopard-depicted Fessys/Face's) who share the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed. Randolphs were first found at Moray.

Randolph of Toeni was at BelVOIR castle (Leicester theater), and while Voirs (Maschi lion) use St. Mark's lion in Crest, two Mark surnames share a checkered fesse with Lindseys. The Lindsey swan (in the crown) is obvious code for Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire, same as Lindseys). Swans/Sions once showed gauntlet gloves, the Macey symbol too. Leicesters/Lesters (Cheshire, Masci fleur) use the swan, making BELvoir look like a Bela-of-Zoar entity. Bellamys married the Macey town of Ferte-Mace. Robert de Avranches, from the earls of Chester, married Miss Dol of the Alans (proto-Stewarts), and Lindseys use the Stewart fesse exactly. The "Pro" motto term of Leicesters/Lesters should be for Pero's on the Ticino, for they co-founded Pavia with Mark-suspect Marici.

Meschins of Chester married Clare's of TONbridge, first found in Kent with Massins/Masons whose lion should be in the Soar/Sore Coat. The latter share the quadrants of Says (Shropshire, same as Meschins and Bellamys), and while Seatons/Sittens were at Saytown, Sion is also Sitten.

The Leicesters/Lesters even share the Bellamy / Bell fesse while Bellamys share the Seaton/Sitten crescent. Sittens can now be suspect from Sittim, a valley near or at Sodom. For new readers, Soar-like Zoar was beside Sodom. If Leicester was named after LESters, perhaps the muzzled-bear ALIS/Alice's apply, for Mackays share those bears, and they were from king Maccus of the area inhabited by the SETANTii Brigantians, between Louth and Lancashire. Do we think that Louths could have been named by the same entity that named Lot (he escaped Sodom to Zoar) and the Lotan dragon?

I trace Mackays to Moray, where the "Deum Time" motto was used in honor of Timna of Edom, sister of Lotan. A motto of black-wolf Mackays suggests the Lice's/Lees, said to be from "MacAlees," for one. Ales'/Alesani's were first found in Messina, and Alisons/Allisters in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions. Saracens were likely in Messina, and the Saracen surname shares the upright and black wolf with Louths (Lincolnshire, home of Sitten-related Lindseys), and the crescents of TONbridge's (suspect with the Lindsey-Toeni family).

Repeat: "Sorrys use a Coat version of the Bone's / Bonns suspect in 'MalliBONE/MarlyBONE.'" The latter, suspect from Malahule, father of Tosni's, share the Soar/Sore quadrants. As the Tailbois' (same scallops as Mauls/Morleys) look to be using a version of the ANNAN(dale) Coat, note that the Malls/Marlybone's use a version of the HANAN Coat. I read that Annas of Israel was called, Hanan, by some. Others use ANANus. As Bruce's were in Annandale, the blue Soar/Sore lion can be the Bruce / Louvain/Louvier lion too, which begs whether Sodom / Zoar elements were where the Breuci are marked upon the Sava, or at Brescia and Brest. Scottish Hains were first found in Dumfries with Annans. Annans are from the Ananes Gauls at PLACEntia while Irish Haneys use a Coat like that of Place's.

French Louvier's share the black wolf with Louths (as do Sava-liner Yonge's), and the checks in the Arms of Meulan. The latter place was ruled by Bela-possible Beaumonts of Leicester, the ones who married the Lupus line of Leavells. La Louviere is a location about a dozen miles from Mons of Hainaut, and while Laevi were at Pavia, Pavers/Pavie's use the Louvier checks too. It appears that we have the elite / Masonic descendants of the killers of Jesus nailed in Hainaut.

Trump-Woes News

My prayer is that Trump gets everything he deserves for allowing corruption to stay on the attack, but that the Democrats do so badly due to their childish, reckless attitudes that they lose more seats in the Senate. Fox has this headline this week: "HALFTIME REPORT: Voters say corruption most important 2018 topic, according to poll". Hearken, Mr. President. If he repents, I forgive him. Until then, he's still the fool whose keeps on choosing the wrong people, trusting the untrustworthy.

A dozen lawmakers have asked Trump, this week, to declassify some FISA papers that will, according to some leakers, shock the country. Trump has said, maybe he will, which is his admission that he cares next to nothing about the corruption in the highest level of government. "Maybe" means he has no passion to do it. A righteous mane would be passionate about this, as are millions of Americans, far better people than he. I have no idea why they love him so much. He's a good example of nothing.

If Trump had been doing what he should have, Obama would not be coming out at this time to take pot-shots at him as per concerns for the coming elections. Obama should now be suffering paralysis out of fear for what Trump's DoJ is throwing at him. Instead, Obama is coming out unafraid. Thank you, Mr. Trump. All credit goes to you.

The great thing about the 20 pages that Nunes and others want declassified is that it's part of the 3rd FISA extension (against Carter Page), the one signed by Rosenstein. Is Trump on planet Mars? Surely, Trump has asked for the unredacted version of these FISA warrants months ago? If not, what kind of a man is this? Is he living on the same planet? The Republicans are saying that these 20 pages are very bad, which promises to thwart Rosenstein's final leg to stand on, which is exactly what Trump's voters badly need. But Trump has stifled things, and has drawn this out painfully long. Why why why? Why doesn't he share the passion of his voters? Why do his voters continue to give him thumbs up? Even if he declassifies these 20 pages out of compulsion, will it take another two years for him to declassify the next need?

The deep state wants to minimize the power of evangelical / Biblical Christians. The Supreme Court is stacked with anti-Christian Jews on the Democrat side and Catholics on the Republican side, and Trump just appointed another Catholic instead of one of us, as though we don't deserve representation on the highest court. I am so offended by this. Aren't you? Trump shot himself in his heart on that day, because MIGHTY is the Lord who is offended by him.

It should be clear that God wants to judge the Vatican and the anti-Christian Jews in these last days, and so do not expect anything good in America at this time. This is the day of exposure to expose the wickedness in the "mightiest" nation on earth. In reality, we are the mightiest nation. Might is not at the tip of an American missile. Might has to do with success, but men are failures by and large.

Here's the gist of the 20 pages, but not much:

They are saying that it's the omissions in the 20 pages that condemn both Ohr and the FBI. I hope there's more to it, because we already know of these omissions. We can guess what happened. The Obama administration approached Bruce Ohr, and asked him something like: would it be useful, or a good idea, to have your wife employed with Fusion GPS at this time? Ohr agreed that he'd shovel the Fusion product to the FBI so that the latter could (ab)use its powers to set schemes on Trump, not because they merely hated him, but because they were afraid he would do something as president that would either upset their plans, and/or expose them for past schemes. Mueller has been nothing but a spy tool, not only to watch the president closely, but to seize his emails of the past, and also his lawyers papers. Trump, the fool, didn't curb their spy powers, even though they are using them on him. What a gigantic failure.

Trump seems incredibly daft. His political lovers think, any day now, he will act; he's just waiting for the right time. It's too late for the right time. It's too-little too late if he declassifies merely the FISA applications. By now, the enemy has deleted most of the damning emails. Trump has been a deep-state stooge even while condemning it with lip service. His heart has no strong desire to do what needs to be done; his brain understands it, but his heart won't do it. He has become a growler without teeth.

Some are saying that Trump might declassify at least some of the applications this week. Meadows is begging Trump. He's on the news begging Trump, as are several others in the news regularly. The president has little choice due to these developments. Good people are very concerned for the country. They do not want this snake operational in government. The snake's head is Obama. Those who incite fury against Trump are Obama's shadow. The snake works in the dark. It has cold blood. It was chosen as God's symbol of deception.

One of the things learned in this scandal is that the deep state creates a news story, and then cites it when seeking a certain avenue of progress for tasks at hand. In other words, they unethically / illegally create a news story that helps them achieve their unethical / illegal tasks. How long has this tactic been employed? It's not a wonder that the deep state needs to have a certain level of media control. Fox news seems abandoned to fighting this twisted snake. So far, Fox's bosses have not curbed (at least not wholly) this long-standing attempt to expose the criminal ring. I only hope that Fox isn't involved in a faked battle against the deep state.

Along with dirt on Obama, the applications will suggest that the FISA courts are a sham, engaging in unethical / illegal behavior on behalf of the FBI. It's all a fixed, rigged system whenever the FBI wants it to be, but the president typically needs to wink at these sorts of schemes, unless the scheme is against the president or his will. When the schemes are against presidents, that's a shadow government. If Trump has no passion to cut the head off of this thing, what kind of sorry president is he? If he needs to be coerced into helping, doesn't he rate as a stooge for the other side?

He fired Comey, big deal. Comey then came back to attack him, without fear. Someone might put Comey back into the FBI one day, thanks to Trump, who wasn't on-the-ball fast enough to seize the damning emails / phone calls. He let the deep state scrub most of the evidence against it. He saw Hillary destroying her emails, but never ordered his state-department chief to see if he can find her emails in other peoples' boxes? What a crying shame this false hero is. He promised all, and delivered nothing. Almost two years later, he might MAYBE reveal the FISA documents under Comey. With his own mouth, this imposter said, "I really didn't want to get involved" with the deep-state scandals. Then why did he promise to be the leader against them?

On Judge Jeanine, when she asked why Trump doesn't declassify, Hogan Gidley, the deputy White-House press secretary, responded that it's because the media will go after Trump even more if he does. Ooooh, poor baby, he's afraid of the fake news. Unless Trump corrects these sorts of supportive talking heads, they will nail him to the wall as a coward. Instead of being praised as the leader of the clean-up crew, he's the guy running with tail between legs, and it's merely the news people who are the monsters in his closet. That's because all he cares about is re-election. Our hero. If you want to see this for yourself, see the 15:30 minute mark:

Trump should have told the voters, before he was elected, that he'll clean swamp unless the media attacks him. But the media is part of the swamp, and Trump admits it to this day. How can he now say that he won't declassify for fear of what the media will say about him? Garbage.

He really doesn't want to help out, but suddenly he needs to tarnish the enemy for election season; he doesn't want to lose the Senate majority...and neither does Lindsey Graham, whom I didn't know to be a pimple when I once respected him. Graham defended Sessions until now, the definition of a pimple, a mar on the Republican face, yet he wants to be a senatorial leader. With so many pimples in congress, it's not a wonder the Republicans stand a chance at being defaced this fall. You Republicans promise so much, then worry about getting beat up by the liberal media, afraid to do what's right. Destroy liberalism; that's what the country needs. Liberalism is deception; expose it. It argues whatever is convenient for the political moment.

See Huma Abedin give Lindsey Graham a hug, at McCain's funeral, and John Kelly gives him what looks like a silent rebuke. Why did Huma go give Graham a warm hug? It was as warm and close as one would give the spouse of the deceased. What deal(s) is Graham involved with, with the Hillary circle? Is Graham in on the McCain attack against Trump? In this case, Kelly might be coming out looking loyal to Trump, but it all depends on what the rub was in his mind, maybe nothing to do with Trump, just disappointment that Graham looks to be colluding with the political enemy, at least on one matter. Kissinger is caught in the middle, acting as though he doesn't know anything. Graham looks like a kid who's been caught in the cookie jar:

McCain was in on Hillary's dossier, and Graham went to the funeral. Abedin was second in command, under Podesta, of Hillary's election campaign against Trump. Graham has been supporting Session's obstruction of justice, an excellent reason for Abedin to go kiss him on the mouth, but she restrained herself.

Graham went to say something in Kelly's ear for a brief second or two, then left him promptly, but the video above didn't have that part (from another camera). Others suggest that Kelly wasn't upset at all, just waiting for Lindsay to pass a message from Abedin. They suggest that Mattis and Kelly both knew that a message would be sent. In that case, maybe Graham wasn't acting like he did something wrong. Maybe he was looking back and forth to see if there was a green light (no wrong person watching) to go to Kelly. Graham re-assumes his exact spot after the whisper, so unnatural, so tense, all so unnaturally unsocial perhaps to minimize the appearance of conspiring together on some sinister plot, which actually serves to give just such appearances. See the whisper in this other video (maybe turn off music) that takes a different position than the speaker in the video above:

Kelly and Mattis are looking toward Graham even before Abedin comes to him, as though perhaps expecting the encounter. The number of words shared between Graham and Abedin were so few that, if there was to be a verbal message relayed, it couldn't have been much more than something like, "It's a go / No go." Lindsey was doing the talking at the hug, however. It doesn't appear that she gave him any message after the hug. When Abedin gets talking with another woman, Graham pats her on the shoulder as though to shoo her away, and she seems to get the message with two nods of the head, as though there was an understanding between them not to be seen together for longer than need be. She promptly walks away. Isn't Kissinger a Bush insider?

It's dark down by her left hand as they hug. Her hand is down there near his right pocket. But no smoking gun can be seen. As Kelly awaits, as I now watch it a 1/4 speed, he looks more fidgety than angry, wanting to know the outcome, maybe as to whether she got the message in his pocket. He does go to his pocket flaps with both hands. It's very rude for him to just stare at Graham if he were not up to something pre-planned with him, and when Lindsey looks his way, he skirts direct contact facial to look behind his own shoulder instead, then turns back around to look the other way yet again, like one nervous about who may have been watching. Message relays into pockets during hugs is nothing new. It's the way to do it without electronic evidence. Graham may have stuffed it into Kellys pocket, in which case we may surmise that Kelly is working with Mattis. The previous camera view would have shown whether Lindsay went into his pocket before going to Kelly, but instead we have this alternative camera view at the end.

What I can see is that Lindsey's right hand goes up and around Kelly's mid-section, about chest high, not to be expected between male and male. Kelly could be holding his jacket open a little, with Graham stuffing the inner pocket. If this is a message transfer, it serves to show that the deep state uses others/underlings, rather than itself, to do the dangerous work. Lindsey may never get to know what the message is, and Mattis may be there to supervise.

It's not just Kelly and Mattis who turn away in unison at the start of the hug, but also the tall man behind Mattis. If he's a body guard, shouldn't he be watching around?

Trump needs to watch his enemies in the Secret Service, because one easy solution is to kill him before he declassifies the damning material. Things have come to the brink, where assassination becomes an option, though this could backfire by fueling their enemies to greater zeal.

We learned this week that a grand jury has been called to investigate Andrew McCabe's conflict of interest, which only shows the hypocrisy of Jeff Sessions, for this crime pales in comparison to Ohr's crimes, and he was so close to the top-dog that it justifies an investigation on it too. Sessions recusing himself from Russian collusion is no excuse to pass on appointing a grand jury to look into Ohr's scandal. No one's asking Sessions to do the investigation; we just want Sessions to start one that comes with criminal penalties when guilt is found.

Giuliani has said this week that he wants Mueller to question Trump on Russian collusion only. Uh-oh, I smell a rat. If I heard Giuliani right, the deal for this questioning is a done deal, and he's trying to minimize the importance of this outcome. Mueller said he'd accept some written answers from Trump. Jay Sekulow may be one of Trump's lawyers whose forcing Giuliani to accept less than Mueller wants.

I'm hearing that some FBI 302's may be declassified by Trump too. The more Obama gets involved, the more Trump will feel moved to declassify, especially as Ohr was only five heads down from Obama. Bruce Ohr looks like the bigger leader of the dossier scandal rather than people at the FBI. Ohr was the man to get the FBI working for it, but the FBI would not have paid Ohr any attention, likely, without someone above Ohr's head pushing his scheme.

Professor Obama should be in trouble. Has no one the guts to tackle this small man? Did you not see how small he was, how small he felt, to come out to take pot-shots at the current president? Professor Obama, the divider, a classic liberal.

September 9 from RT: "Two US jets have bombed a town in the Syrian Deir Ez-Zor province with white phosphorus munitions, causing massive fires, Russian military has said...The US, in its turn, has also ramped up its military presence in the area, getting several ships equipped with cruise missiles closer to Syrian shores. President Donald Trump has meanwhile been 'routinely' briefed by the Pentagon on the potential 'military options' the US might take in case of chemical weapons attack." This stinks. Shut down the American deep state before it starts a world war over wee-wee, crippled Syria.

From RT: "Russian marines land on Syrian shores in massive Mediterranean drills...Russia has staged large-scale military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea near Syria, involving both its Navy and Air Force. The drills were held amid ongoing escalation around Idlib, and US threats to strike Syria."


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