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August 28 - September 3, 2018

The Hicks Dream Now Found with Allusions to Sodom and Gomorrah
Investigating Lines between Bela of Sodom to Belly-Surname Liners
The Beautiful Clue Stuns Me
The Road Sign at JFK's Assassination

I have never seen anything like the material in this presentation. It is very compelling in parts for sending a message to this world today, for God intended those cities to be an example, as a warning, for those who mindlessly drive our societies to the same sins:

Although I don't trust Ron Wyatt, the significance of the video goes beyond his personal discoveries. I'm having a hard time trying to explain how the near-pure sulphur got inside a crust of chalky pillow case, for lack of a better word. The evidence seems compelling for the existence of sphinxes and pyramids ion both Sodom and Gomorrah, and because these cities were destroyed as early as Abraham (a few hundred years after Noah), I suggest that the cousins of the wicked inhabitants went on to build the Egyptian pyramids. Starting around at 10:28 of the video above, Wyatt may be introducing a hoax, the sort of thing I expect of him.

I'm not suggesting that the sulphur trapped within pillow cases doesn't exist, but that Wyatt may have created the slab showing the sulphur as rain drops. He could have gouged the slab with a few holes, and then stuffed them with pieces of sulphur obtained elsewhere. I find this difficult, but there seems to be evidence that he plants his own finds. Am I now to say that God used Wyatt, a faker, to make the discovery of the century? Did no one before him ever find the encapsulated sulphur? I don't know. It seems unlikely. Regardless, I've never heard of this. This encapsulated sulphur is found nowhere else in the world, he says, and I think it's true. It tends to verify that this type of sulphur exists as part of God's abortion of Sodom, Gomorrah and other cities.

The following video gives Ron Wyatt credit for the discovery of Sodom and Gomorrah as per the content in the videos above. Wyatt likes to take credit for other astounding finds, but is suspect as a faker by me. You decide:

It takes a lot to anger God to this point. sulphur burns with toxic fumes. God's attack on the cities was indeed a chemical attack filled with fiery horror. Death by the fumes and heat together must have been horrible amid the screams. The burning sulphur was covered in ash, and I suppose the lingering heat baked surrounding ash to some hardness that finally became the casing for the sulphur. I don't know what burned sulphur looks like, but inside the casings, it's white, as though tainted by calcium. The surrounding ash is a calcium-sulphur compound. How is that formed from pure sulphur to begin with? Here's another video showing charcoal within the ash, and telling of how "clean" the products are, without the elements expected from a disaster having a volcanic source:

I've always assumed that God used a volcanic eruption, but, says the video, this doesn't seem to be the case. I'm wondering why the stone blocks of the city, and of the supposed sphinxes, are not there? Where did the blocks go? Is Wyatt wrong in pegging some formations as made-made things? The video says that the great heat rained down altered the city's part-calcium building rocks into a calcium-sulphate. I'd like to hear the criticisms on these theories. How could sulphur falling on the exteriors of rocks a foot or more deep cause the rock interior to become a sulphate? Wouldn't the sulphur need to mix with the interior in order to accomplish this? Does this suggest that the rocks melted? That's pretty hot. How did the buildings retain their shape if the rock approached / achieved melting. It's not making sense.

There's a video titled, "What Really Happened In Sodom And Gomorrah ??" This is a trick to convince people that the Biblical story is a fable. I didn't watch the end of it. It almost-certainly has the wrong Sodom location. It partially banks on an ancient (7th century) Byzantine belief that Sodom / Zoar was near a certain cave where the Byzantines built a monastery. But what did the Byzantines know at such a late date? The fact that they built a monastery in such a remote place shows them to be mentally / spiritually challenged. Perhaps they were queers, if you catch my drift.

Qumran is in the area of these sulphur-destroyed cities. The Essenes of Qumran, who are apparently loved by Freemasons -- potential queers -- were loners of a brotherhood nature. Were the Essenes stacked with queers? I wonder.

Wikipedia's article on Sodom: "Excavations of the areas near Mount Sodom, Tel el-Hammam, and Bab edh-Dhra, led by Ron Wyatt, uncovered large sulphur chunks embedded within natural rock. However, despite this seemingly incriminating find, these sulphuric deposits are most likely the result of calcite and gypsum reacting with the local strata following a seismic event." I am amazed that no one had ever-before popularized these sulphur stones. They all have the size of hail. If no one had ever seen hail the size of golf balls or larger, skeptics, like those at Wikipedia's archeological articles, would never believe that such heavy objects could rain down from the sky. Could there have been an evaporation of sulphur gas, or a rise of sulphur dust, from some hot area of the ground that turned into a sulphur-stone hail? For God, no problem.

Wyatt has Sodom at the southern tip of the Dead sea. The video below has a main character saying that the Bible places the city to the north of Jerusalem, which is to say at the northern end of the Dead sea. The Bible says that Sodom was part of a plain, which is pegged at the Jordan river to the north of the Dead sea, but Genesis 10:19 has the border of Canaan from Gaza (on a latitude across from Edom) to both Sodom and ADMah in the east, a term like "Edom." Might there have been a plain in Edom? Was Sodom in Edom?

"Zoar" is a lot like "Seir." It's interesting that while Seir-ians may have named Syria, I trace the Hungarian patriarch, Arpad, to Syria's Arvad, called Arados by the Greeks, and suspect with "Arad" and "Oradea" at the proto-Hungarian theater near the Mures river. I had read that Hungarians spoke a Finno-UGRian tongue, and Syria's Ugarit fits that term well. The point is, Soar was called Bela in Abraham's time, and the Hungarians had a king Bela, brother of Andrew I. This all part of the heart of my heraldry work over the past decade. Andrew was in league with the Varangian Rus, whom I trace to "Ares," a boy-sex cult.

I would trace "Mures" to "Amurru," the ancient Amorites that happened to live in Hebron with Abraham. Some Amorites (of king Sihon) were on the Jordan river, and others were at Mari (the Mures was also the Maros) on the Euphrates. I say that the latter river named Aphrodite, the special partner of Ares. They birthed mythical Eros and Erotes, terms like "Arados."

I trace Essenes of mount Carmel to an essenes bee cult in Ephesus, and view "Hephaestus" (Aphrodite's official husband) as play on that city's name. Amazingly, while I claim that Scotland's flag, "Andrew;s Cross," was secretly named after king Andrew I of Hungary (there are good reasons for this, see wife of Malcolm III of Scotland), the Irish and Scots trace their ancestry to Miletus, smack near Ephesus. Miletus may have been named after a version of "melia," the Greek for "honey." "Milo" means "apple, sweet." "CarMEL" looks like "caramel."

Mythical Pandareus of Ephesus was the son of Merops of Kos (near Arados-like Rhodes), whom I trace between Amorites and Merovingians. Although Kos is in Caria, suspect with "CARmel," Kos was the name of a chief god of Edom.

I traced king Bela to Eustace II, and identified that latter's bloodline with the heraldic stag, which was the symbol of Hungarians, for themselves, of Hungarian roots. The Malcolm surname uses the stag, as well as Andrew's Cross in colors reversed. The wife of Malcolm III was in Kiev with Andrew I. The latter's son, George, was in Scotland in 1055, two years before Malcolm was crowned.

Scottish Bellys were first found in Moray, which was also called, MORAVia, the same name as European Moravia that I see named after MEROVingians. Moravia was founded just as Carolingians had chased Merovingian royals out of France. There is no doubt in my mind that mythical Merovee, the founder of Merovingians, is play on the cult of "MEROPs" of Kos.

There was another mythical Merops, king of Ethiopia (in or beside modern Sudan), and there is to this day a Meroe/MEROWE location in Sudan. Wikipedia says that "Bedewe" is the alternative name of Merowe, which speaks to the Batavi Germanics (or perhaps Gauls), who lived at the mouth of the Rhine river with Salian Franks. The first Merovingian king, who had gold bees in his tomb, was partly a Salian Frank, and partly a Sicambrian Frank. Sicambria is thought to have been the alternative name of Hungary's Budapest.

Without getting into all the details, God gave me an event in my youth that provided a belly symbol as per the Belly / Belli surname in the "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase of Bouillons. The event was my sleeping between two ladies, a potential symbol of Sodom. I awoke in the middle of the night pressing my hand on the belly of CHRISTine as she faced way from me. The symbol of Hungary shares red-and-white bars with Italian Belli's, and the latter are in the motto of CARPenters. I had theorized that Carpenters were from the Carpathian mountains, home of Hungarians and proto-Hungarians. There were a Carpi peoples, whom are at the top-center on this light map, near Budapest ("Aquincum" on the map), but there were also an Arpii peoples (of Scythia Minor) that I think were the Carpi, and who seem appropriate for naming "Arpad," a term much like "CARPATHia." The Mures river on this map is the Marisus.

Christine's surname, Peare, led to the discovery of the Pero's, highly suspect in "PER acuta belli," the motto of both the Moray Bellys/Belli's (MOOR heads) and the Carpenters. The Pierro's/Pero's share the Belly rose.

As I said, the event in my youth was code for the Belli / Bello line beloved of Bouillons, and Godfrey de Bouillon happened to be the son of Eustace II. The latter lived in Boulogne, also called, Bononia, and the map above has a Bononia location smack beside Almus, a term like "Olmos," the father (may have been myth code for Almus) of the Hungarian king, Arpad. This is now becoming compelling for the idea that king Bela was named after ancient Bela at Zoar.

Bononia is a term associated with the Boii of Pannonia, in Hungary. Pannonia is suspect from the Pan cult of Greece suspect with PANdareus, mythical son of Merops. The Boii founded Bohemia, beside Moravia. Some say the Bohemian Grove in faggot-loving California is a Sodomite festival of the elites. The Boii could have named Bouillons.

The Sodom-suspect event in my youth was connectable to a dream recently where I was pulling Christine toward me by her waist. Trust me on this with out boring readers who have read this from me several times already. We were on a platform at the time that was deciphered as a stage because the Stage/Stagg surname, which shares the stag with Eustace's and their Stacey branch, looks like a variation of Staceys. There was another woman on a stage, and I assume that she was Louise, because he was the other lady who slept with me that night (there was no sex, but God may have used the event to symbolize Sodom's liberal sexuality). Her surname is Phillips, and together, both her names may suggest French royalty, Louis and Philip.

God showed me that France's Lorraine, which was ruled by Eustace's family, were from the Paeoni, suspect from Pan > Pannonia elements. Pan was a mythical goat, and I read that "Seir" means "shaggy." In Genesis, God gave Esau, king of Edom, a goat symbol. Esau's son married a woman from Seir, Timna, and I trace her line to the Edom-suspect "Deum TIME" motto of a Moray surname once shown at

Syria was also, Aram, suspect in heraldic rams, one of which is used by Bagleys. The dream with Louise opened with a sleeping BAG, and Bagleys (Shropshire, same place as Sleeps) share blue lozenges with Louis', and while there is a Welsh Louis surname, Welsh Baghs happen to use fesses in the colors of the Hungarian fesses. Louise worked at Pennington's clothing when I knew her, and Penningtons happen to use lozenges in both colors of the Bagley lozenges. As I've said, Louise had a boyfriend, Moreno, and the Morano surname shares the Belly Moor heads in both colors.

Penningtons (Paeoni suspects) use "amore" as a motto term, and Phillips use "amor," suspect with the Amorite line to Merovingian Franks. French Phillips may be with the Moray star. The Payens/Paions / Paine's, who led the Templars in the aftermath of de-Bouillon's invasion of Jerusalem, are Paeoni suspects.

It's not likely coincidental that and while Bag-like BACons/BEACONs were first found in Suffolk with Carpenters, beside the Bags of Norfolk, German Belli's and Fullers use a BEACON while the three Fuller fesses are shared by Welsh Bachs/Baghs while Italian Belli's (with roughly the same bars) were first found in VERona with Bellini's while the latter's bear paw is a colors-reversed version of the Welsh Powys'. And the Bouillon motto is, "A VERo belli Christi," while Verona's/Vers are implied as kin along with Vere's (another "Vero" motto term) who happen to share the white star of Annas' (the Moray star is white), whom I see with the ANGUS star, and, believe it or not, I have spoken many times on a count Vrm of ANGUSta, in the Carpathian mountains. To the best of my recollection, there is an online article telling the Vrm's daughter, Helena, married king Bela of Hungary!!! Zowie. It looks like inhabitants around ancient Bela, Sodom, etc., were in the Carpathians.

The "firma" motto term of Bacons/Beacons is expected with the "FERME" motto term of bear-paw Squirrels/Squire's, highly suspect with the Seir-like Sire's/SIRETs, and Bacau is an area on the Siret river. The Sire's/Sirets share the Bagley lozenges, I kid you not. It looks like Squirrels are from Seir's Esau bloodline. The founder of Este was from FERMO, and you will shortly see how Este figures into this. Judging from a map that had Angusta upon it without much detail, I had pegged Angusta up the TROTus river, and it just so happens that the Trott Coat (bear, linkable to Squirrel/Squire bear paw) is a version of the Carpenter Coat.

As I trace "Padova / Padas" to Padasus in the TROAD, compare with "TROTus." It makes Padova suspect with the ETRUScans, suspect from TROS in the Troad. The mythical mother of Tros was Batia, looking like a line to the Padova-related Batavi. Batia was the daughter of Teucer, code likely for a line from Togarmah, son of Gomer. Teucer was made the son of SCAmander, probably code for the Saka scythians on the Maeander river (flows near Miletus).

Though I could not find the exact location of Angusta, it was near or in Bacon-suspect Bacau (Romania). The Bacon/Beacon Chief happens to share two stars with the Angus Chief, you colors reversed from the two stars of Bars (Este eagle), suspect from Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc use white-on-blue fish, the Verona/Ver symbol too. The Arms of Saraca (Belly colors) use this fish too, and Saraca's (see "Saraka" at Wikipedia) were in Ragusa, smack beside the ELAPHiti islands that I trace to "ELIPHas," the son of Esau who married Timna. Can you believe this?

Wikipedia says that Saraca's were first from Kotor, beside BUTua/BUDva, and near a modern Bar location at the Adriatic coast from lake Scodra.

The Bars were related to Este's, and Este's can be gleaned as the kin of Pepins ("est" motto term, Este horses) while Pepins were the rulers of Merovingians. Then, Este is a location in Padova, a term I trace between "Bedewe" and "Batavi."

If you load the Eliphas-like Oliphants (probably the Este / Pepin horse head), you'll read about the ArBUTHnotts of Moray, as well as the BOTHwells (a BOY in Crest) who share the Verona/Ver Coat. The satanic Nicholas de Vere traced his family-witchcraft cult to mythical Avalon, which is Bute, origin of Bothwells. The Booths and Bush's (suspect from "BOZrah," Edomite capital) use the black boar, which, in the book of Enoch, is said to be a symbol of Edom. The Bute/Butt surname (Bothwell colors) shows the black horse head once shown in an Este Crest. The Bush-like Bus' (same place as cinquefoil-using Bags) share the cinquefoil of French Bacons.

"Tout" is a motto term shared between Oliphants and the Morays still shown at houseofnames. I trace Touts/Toots to queen Teuta of the Ardiaei Illyrians, who operated beside the SELEPitanoi, the line to Sleeps. The Selepitanoi were at the Bar-of-Scodra theater, and Sleeps use two fesse BARs. Kotor traces to mythical Kodros of Athens, whose son is said to have founded Ephesus. Kodros had both a boar symbol and a fish symbol, and Bar-le-Duc uses the fish, I get it.

Touts share the Oliphant and Tatton crescent while Taddei's share the Bouillon cross. The royal Hungarian, Vazul, married an "unknown member of Tatony clan", and this couple birthed Andrew I. I am a Taddei and a Massey liner in two of my grandmothers, and while Masseys share the Vere and BESSEN Coats.

It's very possible that proto-ARDiaei named ARADos in Syria, and a witchcraft-infested summit of mount Hermon, in the book of Enoch, has a similar names (Ardis, I think). The Arthurs are from Ardiaei, and they use so-called "rests," suspect with the Orestes location (Hadrianopolis) at Arda of the Hebros (Maritsa) river. I was able to trace the Bessi Thracians, up the Hebros at Arados-like RHODope, to ancient BASSANia, next to, or even the home of, the Selepitanoi.

The middle of the sleeping-bag dream had an important ROAD, and the Road surname happens to share the Child spread eagle, a white one, same as the Este eagle, and Childs are from "CHILDeric," the first Merovingian king, husband of Basina, from the namers of Bassania. The Bessi are said to have been the priests of the Satrae Thracians, a real peoples that obviously named the mythical Satyr goats. The Satrae lived beside the Rhodope, and the alternative name of the Hebros, Maritsa, is suspect with the namers of the Mures / Moray / Merovingians, especially from Amorites of Hebron. There is a Hebron/Hepburn surname using the Child/CHILL chevron and probably the white Este horse head. Hebrons/HEPburns (CHILLingham)use a "Keep" motto term while Christine above ended up being the girlfriend of Mr. KEPke. In the dream, Mr. MORley came off the road and circled around me where I picked up the sleeping bag.

The following is now amazing, seeing that my sleeping with Peare and Phillips together was code for Sodom. Back in October of 2017, I came cross a sphinx that looked like Miss Peare. Here's from the second Iraq update of that month:

In passing, I'd like to say that the sphinx-like item on the Phanagoria page has a woman's head that reminded me of Chris Peare, Kepke's girlfriend. Kepoi is just two miles from Phanagoria. So, I started seeking Taman-like surnames, failing until Tams came up with a version of the Peare Coat! Both surnames were first found in Oxfordshire, and Tams are with Thames'/Teans, which were suspect both with the Themiscyra location in the land of the Pontus Amazons (the ones who migrated to the Taman theater)...This is really shocking me. Kepke's father was Ukrainian.

TAMAN, possibly a line from "TIMNa," is a peninsula overlooking the CRIMea, suspect to GRIMaldi's who share the Bag Coat. The Crimea was home to Cimmerians, thought by many to be from "Gomer," and therefore the namers of Gomorrah may have been in Taman. I am a Massey liner, from Amazons, and it was HERODotus of Carmel-suspect Caria who tracked Thermodon's Amazons through the Crimea to the Kepoi theater. Herodotus moved later in life to Sybaris, smack at Murunum, the origin of Morano's who share the Belli Moor heads. Sybaris is near Saracena, named after the same who named Saraca's.

Tams/Tiens and related Pero's were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's (Carpenter / Belli bars?) and their Damory/Amori branch. We saw these in the Phillips motto. The Tiens are in the "Tiens ferme" of the Squirrels/Squire's, highly suspect with Seir-ians. The Amore's are also Armers while Armors (with an 'o') use a "SQUIRE's" helmet. It appears as though Moray liners became the Armors (share the Moray stars). The Amore's / Damorys can be gleaned with a version of the three, wavy Drummond fesses, and it's known that the first-known Drummond was the grandson of Andrew I of Hungary.

So, the sphinx at the Kepoi / PHANagoria theater is now seemingly linking to the potential sphinxes proposed by Ron Wyatt at the Sodom / Gomorrah theater. The father of Andrew and Bela had king Geza as an uncle, who evokes the sphinx of Giza. I disregard Egyptologist's dating system because they disregard God's dating system. In any case, the famous sphinx at Giza was probably built after the destruction of Sodom, and likely by the Hyksos, who were Asian rulers in Egypt likely from the Assi named of lake Azov. Kepoi is at the Azov coast! Zinger.

The namers of Kepoi are suspect in naming Kiev, and that's where Andrew I was in exile when Hungarians forced him from Hungary. Bela may have been in Kiev too, and this get's important where God has linked Miss Peare to Bela liners. It's more incredible where I traced the ancestry of Andrew, Bela and Levente (three brothers) to the Ticino river YEARS BEFORE knowing of the Pierro's/Pero's, said to be first found at Pavia/Papia (Pepin suspect) on the Ticino river!!! Amazing, astounding. And the alternative name of Giza is Keep-like CHEOPS!!! Wow.

I trace Pepins to the Hyksos king, Apepi. It looks like the Hyksos were the line to both Merovingians and Andrew's Hungarians. "Ticino/Tessin" became suspect with "Taksony," Geza's father. Keppocks were first found in Yorkshire with the Hicks. Kepke is a tall blond, an excellent symbol of Cimmerians / Gomerians. Miss Hicks, if you've read about her from me, is a very-tall blond.

It must be added that the Chief of Toot-like Tooths can be linked to the Chief of Gumms/COME's while Pero's (same general area as Pavia) use a "flaming star" that is the same COMet as the Reines'. German Gumms are even Gomers. Tooths share the feather of Feathers/Fathers, first found in Sussex with Keeps. And the Morays with the "Deum time" motto showed FETTERlocks. Feathers/Fathers are said to be from an ADAM, a term like the ADMah location destroyed along with Gomorrah.

Adam Kilconquhar, whose line is in multiple Adam surnames, had a mother with Comyn(s) surname, and Comets are in Comyn colors. Comyns share the dagger with Kilpatricks (Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick), first found in the area of the first Scottish / English Adams. The Daggers//Decks (Ticino suspects) share the red squirrel with both Squirrels/Squire's and the Gilberts that I say use the Arms of Carrick. Adam Kilconquhar was the husband of Marjory Carrick. I say that daggers/Decks use a version of the Hips / Christ Coat (recalls "bello Christi"), and Hips might be a branch of Keep-loving Hepburns, first found in Gomer-suspect NorthUMBERland, beside CUMBERland, where the other Daggers were first found. Feathers/Fathers are said to be from an Adam of Cumberland.

The heraldic dagger is code for the DEXARoi peoples at AntiPATRia, where Patricks / Kilpatricks / Pattersons trace. This place is on the Hips-like Apsus river, and there is an Apps surname, first found in Middlesex with Fiers (branch of Vere's), and it just so happens that there is a Fier county on the Apsus river. Fier county is the location of Comyn-like Kuman, and, to boot, while Dexaroi (or Dassaretae) are suspect with the namers of the Ticino, Ticino-suspect Taksony is said to have married "a CUMAN lady" (in the family tree at Vazul's Wikipedia article). Middlesex is in London, where Tooths were first found, while the Gumms look to be using the swords in the Arms of Middlesex.

I trace the Apsus river to the Hypsas river at Agrigento, and it just so happens that I trace the Arms of Agrigento to the Anchors/Annackers, suspect with the Annas' that I see at Annandale, where Scottish / English Adams were first found. Then, the Anchor/Annacker Chief is a version of the Chief of anchor-using Major/MAGOR Chief, and it's known that Hungarians derived from Magyars! Annackers are suspect from the Anaki Amorites of Hebron partly because Nicholas de Vere von DRAKenberg traced his witchcraft to the Anaki, and the Hypsas was also the DRAGo river. So, trace Vere's from Fier's Apsus to the Drago, explaining why Vere's were Drakenberg elements.

Agrigento was also, ACRAGas, the line to Craigs, who are in the Carrick write-up as Carrick ancestors. AGRIgento is like the "agri = goat" of the Greeks.

Andrew I married ANAStasia of Kiev, and we can ask whether "AnaSTASia" was related to the Stacy / Eustace surname. Again, Hungarian lore traces its ancestry to a stag, suggesting that Anastasia was a Stacey / Stagg/Stage bloodline somehow. Anne's/Hanne's use the stag too, and Hanna's share the blue stag with Staggs/Stage's. Anastasia, born from Swedes, was a contemporary with Eustace II.

While the one article said that Bela married Helena of Angusta, Bela also married Richeza of Poland, who was earlier Richeza of Lorraine, explaining why Lorraine's (and the Arms of Lorraine) use the Piast eagle, which is also the Child eagle. The Taddei-related family of Godfrey III / Eustace II was ruling Lower Lorraine, and while Carpenters love the Belli's, the Carpenter Crest is a GLOBE while the Piasts derive from Goplo, which was named by a Goplan/GLOPeani peoples. Richeza's husband is known to have ancestry in Varangians of Kiev, namely through Casimir of Poland (Massey liner), and Casimirs happen to use the antler of a stag. The Lorraine bend is also the Keep bend, a good reason to trace Keeps to the Kiev line to Mieszko II (Richeza's husband). Kepke lived beside RICK Young, and Youngs/Yonge's are suspect with Hungarians. German Youngs/Jungs use a stag in colors reversed from that of Hanna's, the latter now suspect from ANAstasia of Kiev.

Piasts are said to descend from am mythical Piast the Wheelwright, and Wheelwrights happen to share a six-sectioned Shield with Tate's. In the dream, the stage was in a mall, and Malls/Marlybones, first found in Cheshire with Marleys and the Tatton-related Masseys, use the Massey quadrants. Anastasia is said to be the wife of a son of a woman from the TATONy clan. Makes sense, for Tattons are said to have married Ms. Massy. Piast was the line to Massey-liner Mieszko, highly suspect with the Mosca's of Italian Pisa (near the first-known Taddei's) that are in the "muscas" motto of Drago-river Drake's (same place as Flys). The Drake's share the red wyvern dragon used by the rulers of Poland's Masovia. These were the Amazons of Grecian Pisa.

The "muscas" motto term of Drake's is translated "fly," because Flys were first found in Hampshire with Drake's. Mosca's had married Chiaramonte / Montechiaro elements near the Drago river. The Flys share the martlets of FORMans, and the latter share the green DRAGon of WORMs, suspect with "VRM" of Angusta. As the Forman Chief has anchors in the colors of the Anchor Chief, it seems that Vrm traces between Agrigento elements and Angusta's counts. If I recall correctly, Agrigento-liner Carricks derive from, or were allied with, Angus elements. The so-called Robertian Franks are known to be from Worms, Germany, and Kepke's brother was Robert. I'm seeing a line from Kepoi to Vrm of Angusta, especially as Formans share the Robert / Proper/Robert lion.

Masseys / Amazons were from Meshech, the cousins of Gomer and Magog, the latter suspect in "MAGYar" (Magogar?). Their "important" heritage is more important to themselves than submitting to God's authority in this world. They are gangbusters to Hell. This is the anti-Christ spirit in our world today. They are unafraid of Sodom's fate because they know it was just a tale. There is no god but their own globalist cult. As the people of Sodom were eating and drinking while sulphur formed into hail, so end-time destruction comes on them today.

As I said, I met Mr. Kepke at about age 11, and at age 12 we became good friends when his father would drive us out, an 5:30 am on Saturdays / Sundays, to collect golf balls in three golf courses along one river. We would bag the balls as we walked barefoot down the river, and we sold them back to golfers on a hole far from the clubhouse. Recently, a year or two ago, I had a dream where golf balls kept appearing out of the white ground. I could not recall whether the white ground was sand or snow, but, come to think of it now, it looked like neither, but more like that chalky substance where sulphur stones are found buried. Pretty amazing. "Golf" became suspect with the Guelphs, a branch of Este.

Repeat: "The so-called Robertian Franks are known to be from Worms, Germany, and Kepke's brother was Robert. I'm seeing a line from Kepoi to Vrm of Angusta, especially as Formans share the Robert / Proper/Robert lion." Eventually, Robert Kepke joined us in collecting golf balls. The Forman / Robert lion is that also of Brunswicks, and it's known that Bars of Este were in Brunswick! These Bars may have been Guelphs (I cannot recall), and while Bar-le-Duc (Este colors) is in Lorraine, I have connected Kepke (first name, Lawrence) to blond Lorraine, my girlfriend whom God used for heraldic purposes a few months (or maybe just two) after I last saw Miss Peare. The last night with Peare, I kid you not, we were at a BAR! English Roberts look to be using the Este / Bar eagle, and the Bar stars in colors reversed.

That night, after we were in the bar for about five minutes, she got up and danced with this tall blond guy who came to the table where she and I sat, and, offended, I walked out of the bar while she was dancing. The Italian Dance surname was first found in Piedmont with Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's. The English Dance's look connectable to Keppocks, and she with Kepke loved to dance. The four pale bars of Italian Dance's are in the colors of the Pero pale bar, and the black horse head in the Crest of English Dance's is the one that was showing in the Crest of Este's. Totally amazing.

She came out the bar running after me, but I drove her home in the FireBIRD, and never saw her again. Birds use the Bouillon / Taddei cross in colors reversed, and Fire's can be Fier liners that named Firenze/Florence, where the "flory" cross of Bouillons and Birds traces, and where Taddei's were first found who use a version of the Ferrand Chief. Godfrey III, grandfather of de Bouillon, married Beatrice of Bar, whose other husband, if I have this correctly remembered, was from Tuscany, location of Florence.

Wowie! English Roberts share three black stars on a chevron with TAMs/Tiens, and while the latter have them in both colors of the Peare stars on a chevron, Roberts are traced to Robert the Bursar who held the castle of TAMworth, making that place suspect with the Taman peninsula! In other words, God seems to have named Robert Kepke for this Robert trace to Kepoi at the Taman peninsula. Note how the Tam/Tiens/Thames Chief is linkable to the Anchor/Annacker Chief.

Robert had married Miss Walsh, and when Kepke left Miss Peare for the first time, he got engaged with Miss Walsh's sister. The Walsh's/WALCHs trace to Wallachia, along the Siret river i.e. the Angusta theater. One evening, while the married Miss Walsh was over at Kepke's home without her husband, Kepke decided to play spin the bottle, and I happened to be there, so I played along. As it turned out, Miss Walsh (blond) actually went all the way, took off her top, with these humongous breasts just exposed. I couldn't believe my eyes. And Kepke then arranged for himself to "lose" with Miss Walsh, and he took her privately into the basement, to be away from me, and where, I suppose, he committed adultery with her. Symbol for Sodom???

The Trotus river is important as per the day I tagged along with Kepke and Peare to where her family kept a horse. She let me up on the horse, and it did a fast pace for me, probably faster than a TROT. In the sleeping bag dream, I pulled Miss Peare by the WAIST as code for WAISTells/Wessels, who use a horse said to be on a gallop. It's even more amazing where Waistells are suspect from "VESTALis," the grandson of king Donnus of Piedmont, suspect with the Dance/Donnas surname, first found in Piedmont and likely sharing the Pero pale bar.

So, as Miss Peare traces to the sphinx in the Kepoi theater, does my trot (or whatever it was) on her horse indicate that Kepoi elements were on the Trotus river? Yes, apparently so. For, Trots use pale bars half in the colors of the Pero / Dance pale bars, and the Trot bear links well to the Squire bear while Squire's love the Pero-related Tams/Tiens and can link by their "ferme" motto term to the motto of Bacons/Beacons, the latter suspect from Bacau on the Trotus river. You can't get heraldry to work this well with events in your life. The events need to be set up by God who wants to tell an historical story, but that story cannot be told unless the events are used in the life of someone who has spent years getting to know heraldry. So, God made me learn heraldry for His purpose. It's obvious.

I trace the Benjamites of Rimmon to the Rimna tributary of the Siret, not far south from the mouth of the Trotus, and along the Wallachia theater, and then Scottish Walsh's/Walch's happen to use a version of the English Benjamin Coat, while French Benjamins share the bear with Trots. English Benjamins were first found in Norfolk with Bus', while Bus' share the cinquefoil of French Bacons (Normandy, same as Benjamins), while George Bush married Laura Walsh, while the Rimna is very near the BUZau tributary of the Siret in the Wallachia theater.

I take the horse to be symbol for Hyksos as they developed into the Ares cult at Troy/Tros. The Trojan trace to the Padas (Po) river easily takes history to Etruscans of Tuscany, where Bruno's (Florence) and Barone's (Florence) were first found, suspect with the naming of Brunswick. So, trace Este's to Bruno's, and assume Bruno's to be from Bar at lake Scodra. The Bruno's use only a bend, virtually a colors-reversed version of the Worms Coat. We saw Worms-suspect Roberts sharing the lion of Worm-related Formans and of Brunswicks. Barone's happen to share the Kos Coat.

It seems that God set up an event to prove that Bruno's were in fact from Bar, for when my parents lived on a Reesors street, my father's co-worker in real-estate was Bruno, our next door neighbor on that street. It just so happens that the Reesor/Reeson surname shares the vaired cross of Firenze-liner Ferrands, and Bruno's were first found in Firenze. The Reesor/Reeson lion is in the colors of the Brunswick / Robert lion, and Reesors/Reesons are suspect from Rhizon, smack near Bar but much nearer to Kotor (on the light map above). Risens/Reiseners use the Reesor/Reeson lion in colors reversed.

In a dream that God gave me a week after becoming a Christian, there was a blond woman aSLEEP in a car, whom I pegged as Miss Hicks many years later, and when I was told by a voice to go wake her up, she and I rose into the sky embraced. Recently, I took this part of the dream to be His code for the Risings, because Rhizon is in the theater of the Sleep-related Selepitanoi. The same dream started with a SHARK in a pool, which was deciphered as code for SARACA's, who came out of Kotor smack beside Rhizon.

I have, until recently, thought that the dream predicted my marriage to Miss Hicks (became a widow in 2015), but have settled that the embrace with her, into the sky, was code for my Massey line from the Hyksos. I have been identifying the Hyksos with elements from Mus of Lake Van for several years. In her teens, Miss Hicks was a stripper, another picture of Sodom. The doctor who gave her birth ended up being her husband, 32 years older than she, when she was about 20 years old. Is that a symbol of Sodom too?

Kotor had a fish symbol from mythical Kodros that was taken up by Saraca's, which is why a shark was very appropriate for a Saraca symbol. There is a Hykes/Hake surname using fish. Miss Hicks' doctor-husband was Mr. Kilpatrick, whose surname is of the namers of Antipatria, which, on this dark map, is downstream on the Apsus from KODRium (lower left of map), a good reason to trace Kodros elements there. It appears that I correctly pegged the women in the dream (1979) as Miss Hicks (first saw her 1994). If you ask how possibly I could work these things out, you need to ask the miracle-working God. It's been a long process since about 2006, the last I saw of Miss Hicks.

Mr. Kilpatrick had a first name, Hamilton, and Hamiltons share the ermined Bus cinquefoil. I was able to glean that HAMELtons and Bus' were from Nahor's second- and third-listed sons, Buz and Kemuel. Nahor was brother to Abraham, and the latter had an alternative wife, Keturah, the line through Kodros to Kodrium and Kotor. It gave me the impression that Keturah's bloodline was to the Hyksos.

In the dream, a British bulldog went into the pool, and was half swallowed by the shark. What did I think the chances were that I would get myself a British bulldog for a pet? Zero. I would never have gotten one. But because I was sure that the woman in this dream would become my God-granted wife, I had to entertain that such a bulldog would become part of my life with hers.

In early 1994, the year I would first see Miss Hicks on Christmas day, I drove to Hamilton, a city identical with the first name of her husband. I drove there to go purchase a large, three-dimensional fiberglass dog standing about six feet tall. It was to be for our lawn-decor business. It was a British bulldog, but, because I was married, I had forgotten all about the British bulldog in the dream. In 1995/96, to my surprise, my marriage went sour, and it was at this time that the dream's dog came back to mind, when I realized that the women was to be my second wife. That's when I started to peg Miss Hicks as the one. I didn't know at the time that she was married, for she was not with a man at church.

In 2016, I was telling this story to readers, at which time I thought to check for the obituary of Hamilton Kilpatrick, which was found. But I also found his picture that day in the Baytown Sun, standing with a bull terrier mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. As I said, I purchased my bull terrier in Hamilton. I started to believe that she would become my wife, but I refused to call or write to her. If it's to be, let God bring her to me. That's how it seemed in the dream.

In 2017, the year later, I noticed that Hugh Hefner died at age 89, same as Mr. Kilpatrick. Miss Hicks is a Playboy-bunny type, you'd need to see her to understand. When I was told by a voice, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up," she was HOVERing over the seats of a redone, 1957 model car, which I entertained with the Hover/Hoffer/HOFNERs surname, a potential branch of Hefners / Hephners/Hefers/Hevers. Hugh Hefner is another symbol of Sodom, perhaps the pioneer of end-time Sodom. There are Jewish Hofners.

I decided to go kiss her awake, Sleeping Beauty style. The Beauty surname plays into this because, when I was given a close-up of her face, I exclaimed, "She's beautiful." This is code for the Beauty surname using black bulls, playing to the BULLdog. Hovers/Hoffers put bull horns on a leopard face. As I was leaning over to kiss her awake, I saw my hand touch her knee, which woke her up, and she came straight into my arms, as we rose into the sky, apparently blessed of God. While God confirmed later, in 2002, that the Knee surname was to apply to her along with Stanleys, I didn't have cause to link Hefners to her until 2017. Hefners use lions on a bend in the three colors of the stag heads on a bend of Stanleys, and the latter use an engrailed bend in the colors of the same of Knee's.

I suppose what this means is that peoples of the Sodom theater trace to Saraca's and Bullis liners. I had realized that the CRANE in the Shark surname was code for the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis, but then the Saraca's of Ragusa were near the Ceraunii peoples. I was able to glean that the Crest of Crauns/Crane's applies to the Hick Crest. The CROWN gorged around the neck of the CRAUN stag indicated that some heraldic crowns are code for the Ceraunii. The Hovers/Hofners use a crown on their leopard face.

The Hefners are completely interesting where they are said to have had a branch in the kingdom of Styria. The German Bachs/Backs once showed a gold calf traceable to the gold calf in the Exodus wilderness, and because I ignore Egyptologist dating, I realized that the Exodus took place under the Hyksos, who had a king, APACHnas. It appeared to me that the BACHs knew themselves to be from a line of Apachnas. No sooner did I mention this theory online that the Bach calf was turned into a bull by houseofnames, only it's called a STEER, like "Styria."

God is helping me to establish that Bachs/Backs were from the Hyksos, because Miss Hicks hovered, flat on her back, over the SEATs of the car, and the Seat/Cedes surname is beloved of the "cede" motto term of Steers, no guff at all. The crown in the Steer Crest is a mural crown, sometimes called a mural CORONet as apparent code for Ceraunii liners. While Knee's are also Nee's, the Steer motto uses a "ne cede" phrase. The Ceraunii were on the URBANus river beside the Massey-liner Maezaei, explaining why the Massena surname shares a version of the Urban Coat, which is itself a version of the Hefner Coat. The Massena Coat is a version of the Masci Coat, and my mother's mother was Mrs. Masci. I, a Masci, was in the arms of Miss Hicks, hovering together, and proto-Masci's were the Mus household of the Hyksos, evolving into the Maezaei, for one. That's my story and I'm steering to it.

Her car was on a sandy BEACH all alone, suggesting that Beach's and Becks are a branch of Bachs/Backs. German Becks were first found in Westphalia with Hovers/Hofners, to clinch God's message even harder through Miss Hicks. The Hick stag is called a BUCK. Yup, that's right. The upright and white stag of German Becks is shared by German Youngs/Jungs, Hungarian suspects, and the latter's stag is in the colors of the Down stag while stag-using Nee's/Knee's were first found in County Down. Westphalia is where Duckers and duck-using Velins and duck-using Velens/Felans (now showing martlets) were first found, and more ducks can be found with Haaf/Haffs, making the latter look like a branch of Hovers/Hoffers/Hofners. It tends to explain why I touched her knee while she hovered on the beach.

There is a Haaf-like Half surname that comes up as "Help," and the Helpe river happens to be the location of Avezzano-liner Avesnes. It just so happens that Avezzano is smack beside mount Velino! It proves that duck-using Velins and Velens are at least a branch of the namers of mount Velino. My mother was born nearby in a town seven miles of L'Aquila, and she has a book in her home telling that the peoples of her town were largely from Naples. The Arms of L'Aquila is an eagle, as is the Aquila Coat (write-up tells on an Aquila location near Naples). The latter's eagle happens to be the Bar and Este eagle too, and Aquila's were first found in Venice (Este theater) along with Pesce's that use the same fish as the Arms of Saraca. "Pesce" is much like "Picenze," the name of my mother's place of birth to which I have traced the bloodline of the killers of Jesus.

Duckers show only lots of BARs in Bar-le-DUC and Duke/Dook colors. As Dooks are like "Dog/Doag" while the latter were first found in Perthshire with Elaphiti-suspect Oliphants, how amazing is it that the Elaphiti islands are smack beside Saraca's of Ragusa? The shark-bulldog duo may thus have been code for this Bar-le-Duc entity i.e. Saraca-Bullis elements were in the veins of the Bars and/or in the kin of Ducks. If you compare Duckers to Hucks, Huckabys and Dexters, you might see a relationship. As Bars of Bar-le-Duc were in Brunswick, it's relevant that Duce's use the double Brunswick lions in colors reversed.

The Velens/Felans are using the martlets of French Alans who once showed ducks themselves. I know exactly what this means, that the Alans of Dol were from the namers of Aulon, between Bullis and the Ceraunii mountains (Epirus). Aulon was also Avlona, the line to mythical Avalon. Trust me. The Alans of Dol became the Arundels and the Rundels/Roundels, and the Bullis surname happens to use roundels. Dol is in Brittany's Vilaine area, and the Arms of Vilaine share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'. "Vilaine" is a Velin / Velen line if ever we saw one.

When Miss Hicks as Sleeping Beauty started to rise into the sky, it was code for Rhizon, the line to Reesors/Reesons. My parents moved 15 miles away from the Reesors street when I was 13, and seven years later, I dated Miss Whelan, who lived partly on Reesors street a few houses from where I had lived. I lived beside Bruno, and flung a lacrosse ball (repeatedly on more than one occasion) at the BRICKs of his house (with a lacrosse racket), and Whelans use the Brick Coat. Lacrosse's are in Bruno colors, and Reesors use a cross. Bricks are likely from Ranulph de Briquessart, father of the first-known Meschin i.e. my Masci line.

Whelans can be gleaned as Velin liners to Walerans, and the latter share the black bulls of Beautys. Waleran de Leavell is the line to Leavells (from dukes of Brittany), whose Scottish branch shares the three piles of Youngs/Yonge's, and, I kid you not, I was probably introduced to Miss Whelan by Rick Young, because he was dating her sister at the time, and because he was a friend of mine whom I got together with after moving away. He lived on the same street as the Whelans. So, "by chance," Mr. Young and I got together one day (I remember being in his car), and the next thing was my dating Miss Whelan.

The Leavells were related to BEC abbey. Tack that to your Beck / Back / Buck bloodline, not forgetting that Youngs/Jungs use the Beck stag. Whelans were first found in Waterford, and one Arms of Waterford uses a stag head in the colors of the Young/Jung stag. Yup.

One day, while on Mr. Young's driveway, I watched Vince Pearce punch Kepke in the mouth. The Punch's use eight of the six bars of English Leavells. The Pearce's are a branch of Percivals (both first found in Somerset with Leavells), and you can read in the write-up of Leavells that Leavells descend from de Percival, who was Waleran's father. My life is this storybook. It is a unique life, with God forming event after event to help tell the story. I hope it gives you strong faith. The Whelan Crest looks like the Hick stag / buck. The Whelan Chief definitely uses the Massey fleur-de-lys. We are back to the Hyksos. In colors reversed, the Percy lozenges are blue, the color of the Whelan lozenges.

The Leavells use their fesse-wise bars in the colors of the Alan fesse, and as Leavells were from dukes of Brittany, it looks like they were the Alans of Dol. As the latter were Velin / Velen/Felen kin, ditto, it seems, with Whelans/Felans. The Dols use a WHALE in Saraca-fish colors, important because Sharks are the ones with the crane as code for elements from the Ceraunii mountains at Aulon/Avlona, the line to Whelans.

Recall that Oliphants trace to the Elaphiti islands beside Saraca's of Ragusa, for Oliphants share "Tout" with Hicks and Bella's/Belows. I am able to glean that Leavells are sharing a version of the Carpenter / Hungary fesses that link to Belli's and king Bela. The Oliphant and Tout crescents are shared by BELmonts. It can appear that Bela liners trace to Belmonts, and this becomes shocking below.

But first, the golf BALLs I spoke of, now suspect with the sulphur stones of Sodom. English Balls use the fireball, amazingly enough, as though perhaps God arranged this as a clue to say that Balls are from Bela = Soar. French Balls, first found in Brittany, share large ermine spots with Balas'. The line of Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king, traces excellently to "Bullis," because Seleucids had ancestry in Epirus. It begs whether "Bela" applies to this thing. There is a Ballas/Balli surname (two l's) possibly sharing the double fesses of Sleeps closely, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with the Alans of Dol.

Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan (related the Bec abbey), and this Beaumont/BELmont family went on to rule Leicester, which shares the ermined cinquefoil of Hamiltons and Bus'. Leicester is on a SOAR river, so close to "Zoar." That's the shocking part. I never saw it coming. It took me by surprise while I was eating and drinking and working. The Soar is a tributary of the Trent river, and Trents (Somerset, same as Leavells) use a Shield split vertically in colors reversed from that of Ballas'/Balli's.

There is a Soar/Sore Coat with lion colors reversed from the Beaumont/Belmont lion. The Soar/Sore Coat looks like the Massin/Mason lion upon the Massey Shield, suggesting that Beaumonts/Belmonts share the Masci fleur closely. Masci-liner Meschins (ruled Cheshire) descended from Malahule (king Rollo's uncle) or MORE, who was the father also of the Tosni's / Toeni's, whose sleeve symbol is known to be in the Arms of Leicester. Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire) and Mauls/MORleys are suspect with Malahule liners because Malls share the Massey quadrants (in colors reversed), but they are also the Sore quadrants. Meshech at Zoar??? See Toeni's in relation to the earls of Chester (probably the Meschins) in the Lindsey write-up. Lindsey is an area in Lincolnshire.

It just so happens that Mauls/Morleys share the split Shield of Ballas'/Balli's while Sorrys use a Coat version of the Bone's / Bonns suspect in "MalliBONE/MarlyBONE." I've always said that the Bone lions are suspect with the Beaumont/Belmont lion. The Tonys, first found in Leicester, use the RED sleeve (of a shirt), and while Toeni's were Tosni's too, Tous'/Tosini's (Florence again) use a red shirt with buttons thrown in.

The Mosca's at Pisa, at least near the first Tous'/Tosini's, are in the Chives Crest, and Chives' share the MATHIS moline because they were from the Cavii of the Mathis river. The Lindseys of Toeni elements share the checks of Massys/MATTIS', partly from Massa-Carrara. The Crest of the Lincolnshire Rhodes' is suspect with the Mosca leopard, and while Lindseys (a Ceraunii-suspect crown) are said to be from Randolph, lord of Toeni, the Randolph bat is code for Baths (same cross as leopard-depicted Fessys/Face's) who share the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed. Randolphs were first found at Moray.

Randolph of Toeni was at BelVOIR castle (Leicester theater), and while Voirs (Maschi lion) use St. Mark's lion in Crest, two Mark surnames share a checkered fesse with Lindseys. The Lindsey swan (in the crown) is obvious code for Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire, same as Lindseys). Swans/Sions once showed gauntlet gloves, the Macey symbol too. Leicesters/Lesters (Cheshire, Masci fleur) use the swan, making BELvoir look like a Bela-of-Zoar entity. Bellamys married the Macey town of Ferte-Mace. Robert de Avranches, from the earls of Chester, married Miss Dol of the Alans (proto-Stewarts), and Lindseys use the Stewart fesse exactly. The "Pro" motto term of Leicesters/Lesters should be for Pero's on the Ticino, for they co-founded Pavia with Mark-suspect Marici.

Meschins of Chester married Clare's of TONbridge, first found in Kent with Massins/Masons whose lion should be in the Soar/Sore Coat. The latter share the quadrants of Says (Shropshire, same as Meschins and Bellamys), and while Seatons/Sittens were at Saytown, Sion is also Sitten.

It's Deum Time for a Laugh

I had a dream within the last two years: my dentist and I were playing golf, and on the drive back home, while I was in the back seat, he laughed at the red buttons on my shirt. Recall the Bach/Back relationship to Seats/Cedes'. The Shirt/Sherrat surname, suspect from SARDinia's Seleucids (at Sulcis of Sardinia), share red roundels with Balas-suspect Bullis'. I find this amazing, if golf balls are God's code for a line from Bela/Zoar to Bullis and Alexander Balas. We just saw buttons with a Toeni line at Leicester i.e. the SOAR river.

Whelans use the Brick Coat, and Bricks are likely from Mr. BriquesSART. Is that a Sardinia / Shirt allusion? Mr. Briquessart married Miss Conteville, part of the LAFin/La Font / Font-de-Ville bloodline. The dentist was LAUGHin' at my red buttons. Mr. Briquessart descended from Malahule, father also of the Tosni's, and Tous'/Tosini's use a red shirt with buttons (the description mentions the buttons specifically, trust me). Recall that I played lacrosse on the bricks of Bruno's house, for Bruno's were first found in Florence with Tous'/Tosini's. Lacrosse's (Bruno colors) were first found in Languedoc with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, a branch of Lafins/La Fonts. Hear ye, hear ye. (The descriptions page went belly-up a few weeks ago.)

Why was I in the back seat? Leavells are from CETIS, like the Cedes variation of Seats. God views me as a Masci liner, and Masseys entered the Cetis' line from the marriage of Mr. Laevillus to Quadratilla Bassus of Cetis. The Buttons/Bidens share the fesse of Scottish Leavells, and it was the Beaumonts/Belmonts of Leicester that married Waleran de Leavell. So, the dentist dream, which included the gold theme, related to this Cetis family.

The Shirt write-up speaks on a William Sherard of Leicester, lord of HARborough. The peacock in the Shirt Crest gives away the Shirt relationship to Harcourts (peacock in Crest), and it's known that the Beaumonts of Leicester descended from the Harcourt family's Humphrey Vieilles (makes for a Ville surname). It's completely interesting that the Viell/Vile/Veal surname uses the gold calf, symbol once showing for the Bachs/Backs. Can my dentist link to Harcourts? Yes. And, no word of a lie, when he laughed at my buttons, he was driving -- STEERing -- the car!!!! The Bach/Back steer was once the gold calf!!! Wow, this is new material right here as it links Bachs/Backs to Vile's. The Agrippa-suspect Griffins use a "Ne vile velis" motto.

Harcourts were Danish, as was the Tancred family from which my dentist derives. Both the Tancreds and their Hawthorn/HARthorn kin share the Shirt chevron. I see Hawthorns from HautVILLE's (TankerVILLE cinquefoils in colors reversed), known to produce Tancreds. The cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester (belongs to Hamiltons) is in the colors of same of the Tancred branch of TankerVILLE's (Hawthorns/Harthorns use a tree, a special Hamilton symbol). Tancreds produced the Guiscards of Sicily who were, I think, in Sardinia as the rooster-using Visconti's. As the Conti's/Conte's can be traced to the Kennati priests of Cetis, note "VisCONTI." The Kennati worshiped mythical Ajax, whom I had traced, years ago, to Ajaccio on Corsica, the island next to Sardinia.

Guiscards/WISharts share three piles with Laughs/Lochers/Laughers!!! And the latter use three black piles, the colors of the three Leavell piles! Zinger. We now know what God was getting at with the dentist's laugh: a Guiscard / VisCONTI link to a line from Lupus LaeVILLus. His name suddenly appears to be a Laevi merger with Lafins/La Fonts and/or Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, and the latter birthed Hugh LUPUS. It works. You may have read on the Kiss / Bibo rooster that traces to Laevillus' mother, now linkable to the rooster of the Sardinian Visconti's (see Wikipedia for that).

If Lafins were a Laugh merger with Fins/Feins/Fains, it explains why the latter have three fesses in the colors of the three Laugh piles. Fiens/Fane's use the Macey gauntlets in Comyn colors and format. For what it's worth, Irish Finns/Fynns use a reflection of the Tam/Tien/Thames Coat. Both use hollow lozenges (mascles) in the colors of the lozenges of Thomas Randolph (first earl of Moray), the son of Marjory Carrick and Adam Kilconquhar, son of Miss Comyn(s). If Irish Finns are using falcons, it's notable that French Conte's are Falcon/FalCONTE kin.

The Shirt chevron is that also of the Kennati-line Kennedys, and the Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) are known to be using the Arms-of-Carrick chevron while "Carrick" is from "Charax," a surname of Laevillus' son, Proculus. It's the Kennedys ("la fin" motto phrase) who love the laugh-like Lafins!!! Lafins, first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys, share the Conte/Conti lion. And the "Avise" motto term of the Kennedys is for the Avis/Avison surname, a branch of Avezzano's, first found on Sardinia! Bingo. And Avezzano is smack beside mount VELINo, the Avlona > Velin line to the Alans of Dol, suspect with Walerin de Leavell. Perfect. The dentist dream was perfect to make light of these connections.

Lafins are also La Fonts, and this a branch of Ville's/Font-de-Ville's (Languedoc, same as French Conte's), the makings of "ConteVILLE." Hugh LUPUS of Cheshire (same place as Shirts and Lupus/WELFs!!!), son of Emma de Conteville, probably derives from Lupus Laevillus (same as Laevillus above). Wikipedia once revealed, then took it away after I wrote on it, that Hugh Lupus had a nickname something like "Flaith(e)," which I recognized from "Flaad," the first known Alan of Dol. The Welfs were the golf-like Guelphs!!!!!!!!! It's just perfect.

Repeat: "Dol is in Brittany's Vilaine area, and the Arms of Vilaine share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'." The Vilain surname uses the Chief-Shield color combination of Tanners, suspect with Tankerville's because they are said to be from TANERdevilla. So, it appears that Cetis liners in merger with my dentist's bloodline were in Dol's Alans.

The dream with the dentist was shortly after the dream where golf balls were popping out of the white earth. The Guelphs became Welfs, and Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' (in HUGHES colors and format) were first found in Cheshire with Malls, Meschins, Shirts and HUGH Lupus, the earl of that area whose authority passed to the Meschins (birthed from Hugh Lupus' sister). This is the Masci line from Lupus Laevillus. Leavells are said to descend from a wolf entity, which may explain their Lupellus variation if indeed they had one. Leavells are from Lupus Laevillus of Cetis, as are a line between the Maezaei and Masseys / Meschins, because Mr. Laevillus married the Bassus > Bassianus line to the Bessin (Normandy), known origin of the first-known Meschin. The dentist laughed (= Conteville line) at the buttons of a Masci, while he was in the back seat, and, I think, this links the Button fesse to the Leavell fesse, used also by the Bessin's Caens ("liCITIS" motto term).

The "PERimus" motto term of Caens looks like it's for the Pero's (same place as Masci's) because the Caen leopard faces are those also of Peare's. Pierro's/Pero's are said to be first found on the Ticino river, the river known to be home to the LAEVI Gauls. This is where I trace "LAEVillus," and I suspect strongly that the Laevi were from an ancient but paganized line of Israeli Levites out of Laish = Dan, the line to Danes. It's fairly-well believed that proto-Danaans were in Adana of Cilicia, but Cetis (also "Citis") is in Cilicia too. I suspect that "Cetis" is a variation from the Cadusii Armenians, which were represented by CADmus, brother of Cilix, code for Cilicia. Note "CadMUS" and "PeriMUS, for Mus was in Armenia too. Laish/Dan was at mount HERMon (read as ARMENia), and Hermes owned a caduceus staff as code for the Cadusii.

The Tooth surname is said to be from Mr. DENTibus. Can my DENTist be code for this tooth entity? Let's check it out, because, while my dentist is tracing things to Cilicia, the mythical tooth was a symbol of Cadmus and his Ares-related wife. I feel certain that this goes to the Cimmerians that conquered Lake Van in the same century (8th BC) as the Bistones, Ares worshipers, were in Cyrene with the mythical Muse's (the Meshwesh). CadMUS was part of the Muse's, right?

Chances are good that Hermon line to the Hermus river at Sardinia-suspect Sardis went to the heraldic ermines of Brittany, especially at Vannes. Mus of Armenia was at Lake Van. The Arms of Vannes is an ermine mammal. In myth, Cadmus killed a dragon whose teeth came back to life as part of an Ares cult in Cadusii-related Kutaisi, and TEETs/Tate's happen to share the Ermine/Armine Coat (a Tate line may have been playing on a pagan tooth theme, which was shared by the Graeae hags, for example, of north Africa, location of Cyrene).

My shark had terrifying teeth. And Saraca's came out of Kotor, beside Butua (Budva), When I went investigating Butua, years ago, I found an article stating that Cadmus was changed from a snake (as per the snakes on the caduceus) into a fish at Butua. Surely, that was the Saraca fish, i.e. a Saraca link to Cadmus and his wife, HARMONia (Ares' daughter). That's when I realized that Butua was named after Boiotians (Boiotia is beside Athens, home of fish-depicted Kodros, the line to Kotor), for Cadmus settled in Boiotia, and that's where he killed the dragon with resurrected teeth.

My shark with teeth was thus a Saraca merger with the Ares dragon, and as the bulldog was in the shark's teeth, it's notable that, according to myth, Cadmus followed a BULL to Boiotia. It's the same bull that took his sister away to Crete when forming the Trojans in Muse-depicted Mysia. It's interesting that the Tooth write-up traces to Hugo cum dentibus while the Valiants, who have the only heraldic shark I know of, are said to be from Hugo de Vaillant. Hugo's are in Valiant colors with a similar Shield in colors reversed. The Sharks use the crane for a trace to the Ceraunii, who named the mountains beside Aulon/Avlona, the line to Vaillant-like Velins and Velens/VALENCE's.

I'm now wondering whether the embrace with Miss Hicks, at the end of the dream, which represented Rhizon, smack beside Kotor, was a HUG as code for Hugo's. This reminds me of king GUGU at Sardis in 700 BC, related to the Cimmerians at Lake Van, for Cimmerians had a Gug branch, likely the Biblical Gog, with their Meshech chiefs. The Valiant shark was found when telling readers that I dated Kotor-like KATRina Hanson, a tall, blond Dane with the look of Miss Hicks, in a Valiant car. English Hansons, in Valiant colors, were first found in Yorkshire with Valiants. The Hug'/Hughes surname uses the FOUNTain fesses, and Hugs were first found in the same place as FONT-de-Ville's and Conte's, which is the Conteville line to the birth of HUGH Lupus D'Avranches. How interesting. I asked Katrina out, for the first time, while she worked at Sam's Restaurant, and Sams/Sammes' share the Lafin / Conte lion.

Miss Hicks' Baytown home was at the outskirts of Houston, and Houstons/HUGHStons were first found in Renfrewshire with GLASgow, and they use an hourGLASS while Hicks use a "heure" motto term that can apply to "HOURglass." It just so happens that the Glass surname, first found in Butua-suspect Buteshire, used the Hugo mermaid. The CUISTON variation of Houstons gets very close to the Kilpatrick CUSHIONs, and cushion-liner Kiss'/Cush's use FOUNTains. I was about to kiss her awake when she came into my arms in a hug, very, very neat on God's part.

As Hugh Lupus was merged with Dol's Alans (Wolf/Welf/Lupus colors), note that while these Alans became the Stewarts (lived big in Renfrewshire), Hughstons use the Stewart checks. "RENfrew" is suspect with Rennes, in the same Vilaine province of Brittany as Dol. She hovered over the Seats, and Seats/Cedes' share the double pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine. The Reines comet can apply to Rennes / Renfrew liners, especially as "Rena" is Miss Hicks middle name, with the comet applying to the Comyns entity of Conteville's (comet-like variations are those of Conte's). She was Mrs. Kilpatrick, and while Houstons mention a Hugh de Paduinan, Padyns/Putins were first found in DUMfries with Kilpatricks. Kilpatricks were in the Antipater > Herod line of Edomites, and "DUMfries" looks like "Edom" while Timna of Edom is known by me to be in the "DEUM Time" motto of Morays. The Houston motto: "In TIME." Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with Massins/Masons, who in-turn not only share the Glass / Hugo mermaid, but use a "Dum" motto term. I can therefore glean that Jewish Glass' use the white Masci wing. Edom-like Adams were first found in Dumfries too.

I kid you not, that the line of king Antipater of Macedonia birthed queen Nysa of Cappadocia, and while lake TATTA is beside Cappadocia, Teets/Tate's share the Shield of Annandale's, from Annandale, a Dumfries location, and home of the Bruce's who put Stewarts on the Scottish throne. Bruce's (anciently "Brussi") are from "Abruzzo," location of Avezzano / Velino.

Lafins/La Fonts are in the same motto ("Avise la fin") as Avis'/Avisons, and the latter even share the Coat of Comyns (share dagger with Kilpatricks) while Conteville's ruled a Comines location up in Artois, near Avison-liner Avesnes (on the Helpe river). Comines is near the Boulogne location of EUStace II, and while Vice's/VISE's share the Eustace stag with black cross between antlers, it makes Avis' suspect as a Vise / Eustace branch. In my trip between Baytown and Houston with the Nysa-depicting Nissan (pick-up truck), I locked myself in the back, to get a night's sleep (in Galveston) with a pair of VICE-grip pliers.

The kicker is, the Avis'/Avisons use a black anchor, which is held by the blond mermaid in the Hugo Coat! Avezzano is smack beside Vaillant-like mount Velino, which was a line to Alans of Dol, kin of HUGH Lupus D'Avranches. It's known that a Robert D'Avranches married Miss Dol (daughter of a ruler of Oakhampton).

Now straighten up, because the Nissan surname uses the Parr fesses, and Parrs are a branch of FURNace's/Furness', from "PHARNaces," husband of queen Nysa, mother of Nysa of Cappadocia. And Miss Hicks moved to FORNey after she moved away from the area in which I purchased land, as though God wanted to verify that my Nissan driven past her Baytown home was all about Pharnaces and Nysa. In fact, the Bay Coat shares the double fesses of Manners/Maness', who in-turn love the Parrs with nearly the same double fesses. The point is, as per the vice-grips in the Nissan, the island of Vis is beside PHARia, and the Ardiaei queen, Teuta, suspect with lake Tatta, had rulership on Vis (called "Issa" on the light map above). Miss Hicks, as part of her hugging me, led us to Rhizon, at the southern end of the Ardiaei.

The way to trace Teuta to "Tatta" is by way of ARTEMs/Aitons, first found in the same place as Ardiaei-liner Arthurs, for king ARTEMidoros was the son of Amyntes, who had himself conquered Derbe near lake Tatta. Tattons were of Cheshire, beside DERBYshire. Amyntes is the line to Minute's/Mynetts, first found in Kent with their Hamond branch, and the latter use a "PER tot" motto phrase, and an item between ANTLers. Derbys use an ANTELope, suspect partly with "Lope/Lupus." Hamonds are also Hamons, who put out Hamon de Masci (Masci's were first found in the same place as PERo's) of Cheshire's Dunham-Masci, and he had to be related to the first Meschin, nephew of Hugh Lupus. I, a Masci liner on my femme side, was HUGGing Miss Hicks, and while the place was also Dunham-Massey, Masseys (the Lys fleur-de-lys) almost share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. The Lys fleur is used in the Arms of Lille, a location near the Lys river of Artois that was likely the reason for the fleur-de-lys being a lily. The Cetis surname uses the lily.

Recall HUGH Hefner, suspect in the hovering of Miss Hicks immediately before she and I hugged.

In my work, the center upright (has a fish tail observable) of the fleur-de-lily was previously the Saraca / Bar-le-Duc fish, partly because Ragusa was also called, Laus, and partly because Raggs (Leicestershire, same as Soar river) use the fleur in the colors of the Saraca fish. The curved, outer petals of the fleur, at houseofnames, are shaped like dolphin heads, and DOLphins/DolFINs (LaFIN suspects) use dolphins in Dol / Saraca colors. As I said, French Alans once showed DUCKS, which can play to Bar-le-DUC (uses curved fish in the colors of the Saraca fish). Ragusa in Sicily was home to SARACens, and French Sarasins were first found in Brittany while sharing the Vallan cross. Velins use ducks, right? Vallans (share a buried "scit" term with Stewarts), probably with the Skit / Skate cross, are thus a branch of the namers of Vilaine (recall the Valiant shark).

The curved fish of Bar-le-Duc are used by Bars/Baars of BRUNswick, and the Bruno bend is also the Ragg bend. Browns use fleur-de-lys. Bruno lived beside my house on Reesors street, and Kotor is at Rhizon while Reesors are also Reesons. My life was not my own. God moved much of it for this exposure. I had no choice.

Dolphins/Dolfins use a "vita" motto term likely for Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa Bassianus. Her father was stationed by Caracalla in Dalmatia, location of the Ragusa of Saraca's. Her father's uncle was Julius AGRIPPA, so Edomite, is it not? As per Bernice Agrippa (daughter of Herod Agrippa), note that Bernice's use a fesse in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fesse. Why should Saraca's be part of the Herod family?

As I said, Kilpatricks (DUMfries) were of the Antipatria line to the first Herod (son of an Edomite), father of the Agrippa's, and Bernice's along with Burns (suspect at CloseBURN, location of Kilpatrick castle) share the black hunting horn with Patch's, likely a branch of the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks. Horns are code for Orne, in the Bessin, the line from Bassianus'. I sold the Nissan to Paul Smith, and Smiths share the heron with Orne's/Horns. You cannot argue with God.

As per AGRIPPa's, spot them in the vice-GRIPs, used in my Nissan, code for Nysa of Cappadocia. Herod ArcheLAUS, son of the first Herod, was named after Glaphyra Archelaus (his wife), of Cappadocia. God is a genius. He's telling His exposure story. Saraca's were at Laus (I've seen this as "Lausa"). Archelaus' are suspect with the Arks/Arch's (Orne/Horn colors and format), first found in Berkshire with the MODENs/Modeys, and the latter use a version of the Caen Coat while Caen is at the Orne river. MODANE is on the Arc river that flows to the Isere, and Herod Archelaus was banished from Israel to Vienne-Isere.

As I said, Laevillus' mother, Vibia, is the line to Bibo's, who share the Kiss/Cush rooster, and I was going to wake Sleeping Beauty (= Waleran line) with a kiss. She married Mr. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks (from near or even in Bullis) use cushions while Bibo's put a rooster on a cushion (explains the CUSH variation of Kiss'). Interestingly enough, the first phrase coming to mind when I saw the sulphur deposits was "pillow CASEs." Was that God's inspiration in me to point to the cushions now under discussion, a day later? YES! For the Kiss'/Cush's share the CASS Coat!!! And Miss Hicks' aunt married Mr. Casey, a good friend of Mr. Kilpatrick.

By the way, "beautiful" to the Franks and Latins is, "bella." As the Beautys use bulls for Bullis elements, might Bela of Sodom, or anything in general about the Sodom theater, apply to Bullis? Zowie, as the bulldog was with a shark that is code for the Saraka fish, by what coincidence do Italians Bellis'/Bella's (Messina) use two fish in saltire in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish!!?? I didn't know the latter until after writing the first two sentences of this paragraph. Amazing. Messina is beside Italian Ragusa. Bellis'/Bella's are in Bull colors, and Bulls have annulets colors reversed from those of Crauns/Crane's (Sharks use the crane), which is the line to the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis! Zinger. This is why the woman in the dream needed to be beautiful. This dream was about one week after I became a Christian; it was my destiny, my calling, to be writing today what you are reading.

The Bessin was home to BaioCASSES. Scottish Caseys use the crow, and the ancient crow was Coronis, the line to the Ceraunii. The MAEZaei, beside or amongst the Ceraunii, probably named Julia Maesa Bassianus, the line to the Bessin. Recall that Kepke took his brother's wife half naked into the BASEment, for Bays'/Base's share the Robert lion. The Baiocasses were at BAYeux. Mr. Kilpatrick lived once in BAYtown, and the other Base's/Bassens share black hunting horn with Patch's, suspect with the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks.

It's very clear to me that the line of Maesa Bassianus was to queen Basina (from way out in Thuringia, same as Bessin-related Talls). Basina's son, Clovis I, is to the fish-using Clubs (Child colors and format), and for this reason the German Bessens use the club from inside of a Ceraunii-depicting crown. But Clovis liners are also suspect in the Clovse variation of Close's, who named CloseBURN, location of Kilpatrick castle. The Burns are suspect at Closeburn because they share the black hunting horn. Recall that Kilpatricks (from beside Fier county) share the dagger with Comyns from Kuman in Fier county, for Fiers were first found in Middlesex with the English Bessens that use a version of the Massey Coat.

The erect sword of the Bessens and Bessin-branch Bistons was the symbol of Ares as used by Bistones of Cyrene, home also of the Meshwesh/Mazyes'/Maxyes'. With Ares, we are back to boy sex, Sodomites. Kilpatricks love the MAXwells, who merged with Ross', a line from Ares. The Ross' are said to be from an Andrew, probably from Andrew I of Hungary, whose wife was a Rus. The Ross' share the lion of Beaumonts/BELmonts, yet another reason to trace Beaumonts to "Bela" (Andrew's brother). It reinforces the trace of ancient Bela/Zoar to the naming of Leicester's Soar river through Bela of Hungary.

Patrick-branch Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire (beside Moray). Irish Patterson's share drops with the Kilpatrick dagger, and with Drops/TROPE's. When Mr. Kilpatrick stood in the photo with the bull-terrier mascot (God's code for Masci's?), it was because the team of his wife (yes, Miss Hicks) won a cook-out contest, where she was the TROPHy girl (so says the article in the Baytown Sun). It looks like God set this victory up to link Trope's to Kilpatricks.

Miss Hicks was traced by the dream to the Selepitanoi, at BUDva, and the bull-terrier mascot is the symbol of BUD Light beer. The Lights/Lite's (Child colors and format) look to be sharing the feathers of Feathers and Tooths. I, a Masci, jumped into the pool to save the bull terrier from the shark from Kotor, beside Budva, and I saw a ring of shark teeth around the BELLY of the dog. I get it. Belly's / Belli's are from Bullis / Balas elements.

The Teeth-like Teets/Tate's use a version of the Tweed Coat, and the Teet/Tate Coat is also the Annandale Coat while Kilpatrick castle is near Annandale. The Tweeds (Berwickshire) are from the Tweed river to Berwickshire, and this area is near Lauder. It just so happens that Tooths share the griffin of Lauders, first found in Berwickshire with the Ardiaei line of Arthurs. The Lights are thus connectable to Teets and Tooths so that the shark's teeth around the Bud-Light mascot now makes greater sense. Remember, Budva is near Rhizon, and she with I were rising together into the sky after she was asleep. As Teets/Tate's are a branch of Massey-related Tattons and Hick-beloved Touts/Toots, it all goes to queen Teuta of the Ardiaei, who lived beside the Selepitanoi. Amazing. The Tout-loving Oliphants were from beside the Saraca's of Ragusa.

After Mr. Casey sold the home of Mr. Kilpatrick, he moved to the Dallas area, into a home also registered online to Mr. Childs. I discovered this when looking for the phone number, because I wanted to call Miss Hicks. I did call, but she, if she got the messages, didn't return my call. She was still married at the time, but I didn't know that until an old man answered the phone. The Child and related Clubs trace to CloseBURN, and Burns with Bernice's are likely from the Bernicians that named Berwickshire. The Mackays, a branch of Kilpatrick-related Maxwells, are probably using the Berwick bear.

I can trace this Antipatria/Antipater picture from Herods (known Edomites) and Bernice Agrippa. It goes to the naming of Antipater, father of the first king Herod. God showed me with my Nissan, which I drove past Baytown, that this is correct. I drove the Nissan past Baytown eight months before I first saw Miss Hicks. And God used a couple of events to point to her even then. The Nissan was code for queen Nysa of Cappadocia, known to descend from king Antipater of Macedonia, a couple of centuries before Antipater of Herod, who married an Edomite. If I recall correctly, I purchased the bulldog right after I returned from the Texas trip. A few months after the purchase, I returned to Texas with the entire family, and bought land some ten minutes from Miss Hicks (though I had not yet seen / met her).

Isaiah might have known, as others did, that Edom had sulphur. Wyatt could not have been the first to discover those sulphur stones. No matter how modern anti-Christs interpret the sulphur stones, they did rain down from the sky. And they are in Edom. Isaiah 34 speaks on a blazing pitch in Edom, where its dust burns with sulphur, at the death of the end-time anti-Christ in Edom.

Lot was vexed with the lifestyles of Sodom, as we are vexed by the turning of the tide in this last generation. I suggest your watching the video below starting at 10 minutes if you know the Biblical story enough not to need to listen to it. In the 32nd minute of the video above, I was surprised to hear the speaker say, when showing a box of sulphur balls, that they are not golf balls. They just look like golf balls:

The Ebla tablets mentioned Sodom and Gomorrah. Ebla was an Amorite city, and a term much like "Bela." The Amorite rival city, Mari, probably traces to the Marsi of the Avezzano area (called, Maruvium). The Marsi were Merovingian Franks.

In the 17th minute, we find a quote with "Siddim." Genesis 14:8: " The king of Sodom, and the king of Gomorrah, and the king of Admah, and the king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela (the same is Zoar) went out; and they set the battle in array against them in the valley of Siddim..." It doesn't really say that Siddim is equivalent to "Sodom," and the two may not even have been adjacent, just near to one another. It makes me wonder about the tribe that named Sitten at Switzerland's Sion, because Sittens/Seatons use a flame or fire coming from a dragon's mouth.

More importantly, Seatons/Sittens were first found in Lothian while the Lothian surname happens to share the brown dog of Lots/Loths. The Biblical Lot may have been named after the same that named Lotan, the brother of Timna, wife of Esau's son, and myth did have a seven-headed dragon, named Lotan, in Seir-like Syria. Lotan and Timna were Seir-ians. How interesting is all that? I feel sure that Timna's husband was a line to Oliphants, and they were first found in Perthshire with Lothians (black horn) and Dogs/Doags. Why is the seven-headed Revelation dragon of a reddish hue? "Edom" and "Admah" mean, red.

The films we saw of the sulphur-infested regions had some chalky scenery. It might just be the case that CHALCidice (Greece) was not named for its chalky area, but after a people group who were named after a chalky area of Sodom. This is a wild guess only...because Sittens may be from Sithonia, in Chalcidice. If I recall correctly, Bernice Agrippa married Herod of Chalcis, a location in Syria. The Bernice surname shares the black horn with Lothians. "Herod" could be from "Rhodes." For example, HERODotus was from Caria, location of Rhodes. Rhodes is right beside Edomite-suspect Kos. Chaucers (Kent, same as Chalk(er)s and "Dum"-using Masons) use a bend in the colors of the Kos bendy, and perhaps the split Shield of Ballas'/Balla's (Baller/Boler fesse?). The Ballas/Balla fesses are in two color schemes, one of which is used for the Chalk(er) fesses. It's known my me that a Herod line through to Glaphyra's part-Maccabee husband, Alexander, was a line from Alexander Balas. Chalk(er)s share the swan with Sions/Swans who once showed gauntlet gloves, the Macey symbol too. Masseys are also shown as Maceys!

Let's go to Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa. It suggests that Mr. Agrippa was the brother of Mr. Bassianus' mother, and then Mr. Bassianus' wife may have been Miss Maesa in order for his daughter to be called, Julia Maesa. The latter's sister was Edom-like Domna Bassianus, whose first name can be in a motto term of the Arms of EDINburgh, the Scottish capital in Lothian. Roslin is six miles from Edinburgh, and the Roslin surname (from Rhodes?) shares buckles with Leslie's, and Leslie's use the motto, "GRIP fast." The Leslie Crest is a green griffin, the color of the Seaton/Sitten dragon, and the Griffin surname has been suspect, by me, as play on "Agrippa."

The Vienne's use the giant Ferte eagle in colors reversed, and Ferte's are suspect from Ferte-Mace. The Vienne eagle is shared by Griffs/Grieves'/Graves'. The Griffin motto suggests Neville's (as well as Viells/Vile's), and Mr. Nevill is in the Griff/Grieves write-up. Such a twisted web. Miss Florida was correct: all FreeMASONry traces to Herods. If you're still reading, thumbs up to you.

Myth had a BELLerophon character, whom I trace to Bells and Bellamys (share the Seaton/Sitten crescents) because Bellamys married Ferte-Mace (Maccabee descendants, right?), home of Masseys that use a winged horse. Bellerophon owned the winged Pegasus horse (a Gorgon conclusion), and together they killed the Khimera/Chimera dragon that had been ravaging Lycia. Now Lycia is beside Caria, and the latter has the island of Rhodes with a Kamiros location that I see with Cimmerians (anciently "Gamera/Gimira"). The latter are thought to be from Gomer, and so, in this picture, the namers of Gomorrah named Kamiros while Bellerophon was between the Bela location at Zoar and the Bellamys (share the Bell Shield), first found in Shropshire with Ferte-Mace liner Meschins.

One myth placed the Danaans at the Rhodes city of Lindos before they established themselves at Argos. Mythical Danaus, the founder of Danaans, was given Belas/Belus for a father, and I deciphered this as code for the Pelusium area of the Nile delta because it was the location of Tanis, the place to trace "Danaus." Somehow, these Tanis peoples became conflated with the Israel tribe of Dan at Laish. The Rhodes surname was first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy Taillebois, and the heraldic dog came to be a talbot in honor of that line, suggesting that Dogs/Doags (same place as dog-using Lothians) merged with Talbots.

The first Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, and he derived from the Meshwesh of Cyrene, who are known to have ruled the Nile delta, from Tanis, starting in the so-called 21st dynasty of Egyptian kings. LINcolnshire was at first called, Linden, like "Lindos," origin of the Tanis Egyptians (probably Hyksos) before they settled Argos. Talbots were first found in Shropshire with Meschins, and the Talbots use the Grey Coat in colors reversed while the mythical Graeae hags were in north Africa. Masci's were first found in the area of the TANaro river, and Maschi's share pine cones with German Tanners, and Lothians use the pine tree. TailleBOIS- / TalBOT-suspect BOTHwells use a BOY, the Masculine symbol, pulling down a pine tree. Meschins/Masculine's had ancestry in Malahule, a Dane king of Amorite-suspect More.

Shropshire has a More location, and the Clun area of Shropshire was home to the Arundel Alans (of Dol) who married Alice of Saluzzo, that being a location near the Tanaro river. The Clun surname shares the Saluzzo Coat, and Cluns were first found in Perthshire with Lothians, Dogs and Oliphants. The latter share the Tatton crescents, and Tattons area said to have married Massy of Cheshire, from Ferte-Mace, the winged-horse bloodline highly suspect between Belas of Tanis through to Bellerophon. In this picture, Belas elements may have named Bela = Zoar, especially as Malahule liners were in Leicester = the Soar river.

If Bellerophon was from Bela, the line goes expressly through the Coronis crow at Corinth (home also of the dragon-line Medea, daughter of Aeetes), to the Maezaei-Ceraunii relationship. It's perfect in that light for a trace to Masseys. I have got to say: God called me to do this work because proto-Masseys (Meshech) were fundamental at Sodom and Zoar, and because these peoples would lead the end-time rebellion against Jesus. The end-time destruction is a copy of Sodom's destruction because it involves the same satanic elements in humanity.

The Soar is also the Legro river, which I trace to Leghs (Cheshire), who use the red lion of Ranulph le Meschin, shared also by Talbots. The Sorrys/Sawrie's ("Simplex") have the Talbot lion in both colors, as some evidence that Sorrys/Sawrie's were Soar-river liners. The Sawyers comes to mind, and Sauers, said to be from the Sau/Sava river, happen to share the Sorry lion. The Sava-like Shaws were from the Shawia Numidians, whom I see as Meshwesh. They lived around Tanis-like Tunis(ia). The Sorrys use an arrow pointing sinister, which is an heraldic direction owned by Masci / Massena/Messina / Rasmussen liners. King Massena/Massinissa was a Numidian.

Messina is the location of the Scylla monster (code for Sicilians), and Skulls use a colors-reversed version of the Sorry Coat. The Sicils shared Sicily with Sicani, whom I traced (years ago), with good reason, to Sicyon, beside Coronis-liner Corinth. SICYon was put into code with SISYphus, king of Corinth, and father of Bellerophon. Allow me to capitalize a Zoar-like term in a Wikipedia quote here:

The Iliad vi.155–203 contains an embedded narrative told by Bellerophon's grandson Glaucus, named for his great-grandfather, which recounts Bellerophon's myth. Bellerophon's father was Glaucus [he loved Scylla], who was the king of Corinth and the son of Sisyphus. Bellerophon's grandsons Sarpedon [Cretans into Caria, we get it] and the younger Glaucus fought in the Trojan War. In the Epitome of pseudo-Apollodorus, a genealogy is given for ChrySAOR...that would make him a double of Bellerophon; he too is called the son of Glaucus the son of Sisyphus. Chrysaor has no myth save that of his birth: from the severed neck of Medusa [at the center of the Arms of Sicily], who was with child by Poseidon, he and Pegasus both sprang at the moment of her death [killed by Perseus the Danaan of Argos/Mycenae]..

Chrysaor, son of the Medusa Gorgon, was the brother of Pegasus. I'm not convinced at all that "Zoar" is in his name, but it was maybe worth a mention. Perseus was father to GorgoPHONE, the same ending as on BelleroPHON, probably intending Phoenicians to Sarpedon of Crete (founder of some Carians). Laish/Dan was in Phoenicia, and a couple of miles from Phoenix-suspect Panias. Perseus' wife, AndroMEDA, was the satanic cult of Medea, same generally as the Gorgon Medusa. The Medes, the Aryans. Perseus was a Danaan, and therefore I trace him to Tanais, which is at the mouth of the DON river at lake Azoz = Maeotis, not far from Taman and Kepoi. If "Taman" was named in honor of THEMiscyra, note the ending on "ThemisCYRA," like the beginning of "CHRYsaor." Again, Herodotus of Caria, a geographer, wrote that Amazons of the ThermoDON river (location of Themiscyra) passed through the Crimea, then to the east side of Maeotis to the land of Sarmations (land of Alans too), and that's where we find Tanais and Taman.

Recalling that God seems to be pointing hard to the Bellis/Bella bloodline, let's add that Apollo was also, Abello. Interesting. Just asking whether proto-Apollo was a cult in the Belo = Zoar location. His mother was Latona to the Romans, what looks like the Lotan > Ladon dragon. Could we not imagine that the bloodline of Lotan, the Seir-ian, had other Lotan character who came to merge with proto-Abello in Bela? Sounds doable. In fact, the Lotan cult may have been none other than proto-Apollo, and the most-important Lotan may have been Eliphas' brother-in-law. In one myth, Apollo wanted to rape Daphne in the Ladon river. He was the leader of the Muses. His twin sister, ArTEMIS, is suspect at THEMIScyra.

These twins were worshiped by the Hyperboreans, a Greek term meaning "far-northerners." They sound like Ezekiel's Gog and Togarmah. I have been entertaining that "Sadducee" was a term from the Sittaceni tribe of lake Maeotis. As you realize that Maccabees were Meshech, or Amazons, realize further that Sadducees came forth from Maccabees. So, I see a Laevi-Gaul merger with these far-northerners inside Israel, but not excluding the Seleucid bloodline from Alexander Balas. The latter bloodline married Lupus Laevillus, albeit this was a little after Jesus.

Recently, I identified the Seleucids of Sardinia with red roundels, which are called, torteaux. Not many years ago, I came to theorize that the Toreatae tribe of Maeotis was represented by red roundels. So, the proto-Sadducees were suspect with the Toreatae. It's making sense.

The so-called geometric shapes in the rocks of the sulphur-ridden areas of Edom may have been carvings in the standing rocks for artistic value, but do not seem to be buildings because there is no evidence that rock bodies are hollow. I can agree that the white color, in the midst of brownish rock all around on a wider scale, of the sulphur-infested rock is a calcium / limestone compound resulting from the burning of sulphur. So, golf-ball sized stones of sulphur fell from the sky, and ignited somehow while in the sky, filled the cities with a chemical attack from God, burned down all that was combustible, and charred bones into non-existence, I assume. But what happened to the rocks that made the buildings? Were the buildings made of wood? Where are the rock sidewalks, streets, fences, etc? Or are the cities buried underground by the natural effects of long time periods, yet to be found?

This video made me laugh, a little change for a change:

Not Finished with Kennedy Assassination

The problem with covering the Kennedy assassination in weekly updates is that any mistake is sent out to readers before I get a chance to make corrections. There were two such errors over the past two updates. One, I resisted Zapruder's position at Zapruder's pedestal due to lamp-post positions, but when discovering from Towner's video that the lamp posts on the north side of Elm were not in the same positions as the posts are today, suddenly Zapruder's position, from his film, looks like he was indeed at Zapruder's pedestal.

Two, I wrongly thought that a dark area, in certain version (not the one below) of the limo part of Towner film, was the traffic sign, because its shaped like the sign. But early this week, I was viewing the film again, and with a broader understanding of the geography, it now appears that the dark area (at the helmet at 19 seconds below) is not the sign. Here's Towner's film:

Towner is definitely standing at the intersection as the limo turns it, but at the very last scene, the gazebo and the pergola come into view (the height of the gazebo is a little higher than the pergola). Both trees are blue-green in this aerial photo. I cannot at this moment find the blue-green tree in Towner's limo scene, though this tree is very clear in her next scene at 31 seconds. At this point, the trunk of the tree goes in a straight line from her eye to the corner of the gazebo i.e. where the roofed gazebo (or rain shelter) meets to pergola. The trunk shows between the pedestal and the edge of the gazebo, without question. Everything or every item showing on every vertical line (such as the trunk and the edge of the pergola) in a camera scene goes to a vertical line on the camera lens. Here's some pergola photos.

In the drawing at the bottom of this page, someone seems to have taken great care to draw things accurately and to scale. Towners two positions are shown, one at the very intersection, and another, T2, near the intersection but not correctly done. That is, a line from T2 through the tree trunk goes to the center of the pergola, which is not the case in her film. Her film thus places her closer to the blue-green tree on the south side of Elm street, and the same line drawn on the aerial photo tends to place her UNDER the tree, or virtually so. Below is Zapruder's film with no one under this tree. Nor can I make out any camerawoman:

Now that I know that the Towner limo scene ends when her camera has reached the pergola, I can see that the limo has not yet reached the sign. (I assume that the limo scene was cut off before reaching the blue-green tree on the north side of Elm, for I don't see it.) If it seems doubtful that Towner ended her filming so soon, we might reason that the authorities forbade us to watch past what we are shown. As the blue-green tree has not come into view yet, draw a line, on the aerial, from the gazebo, across the north side of the tree, to see how little of Elm the limo had traveled before Towner's video is cut off. The limo has not yet reached the blue-green tree on the south side of Elm, not even close, according to the scene at Zapruder's 8th second.

In Towner's scene, no lamp post has yet appeared. We can see the green lamp post at Zapruder's 8th second to the right of the blue-green tree; the latter's trunk is at the left margin. Therefore, draw a line from the curb at the intersection, where Tina Towner was standing, to our left side of the trunk of the blue-green tree; this is the line to the pergola that we see at the final-shown frame of the Towner film. From this visual line placed on Zapruder's scene, we can see how close the limo is to the intersection.

In Towner, her last scene has a the middle of the limo on her camera line to the gazebo. Transfer that line on the Zapruder film, and it seems that Towner's last scene isn't even showing in Zapruder. It seems that Zapruder's limo scene starts a split second after Towner's last scene, as though, perhaps, the killers didn't want us to make comparisons. When the Zapruder limo first appears, a line from the intersection's curb (where Tina was standing according to the drawing), across the north side of the trunk, goes through the trunk of the limo.

Looking at Zapruder's first frame of the limo, it seems absolutely doubtful that Tina would stop filming where we see her last scene. It's the government killers who are most suspect for being responsible for ending the film early. I'm open to the killers altering what little we do see of her film, because the William Reymond testimony is that the limo almost missed turning the intersection properly, but we see non of that in Towner. The Reymond testimony is that the limo came to a stop for one or two seconds immediately after the turn, at which point Kennedy was shot in the throat. But Reymond doesn't tell how immediately after the turn. As we can see a paste box in this panoramic version of the Zapruder film, the killers clearly altered this film, and we may suspect, if Reymond is telling the truth, that they replaced the limo's stopping with a fake view. We can then also suspect that the limo stopped soon after the last-seen frame of Towner, and that she was hushed by the killers' forces (easy to do).

In the first frame of the Zapruder limo, the two officers on bikes have already passed the camera line through the limo's trunk to the gazebo. But in Towner, the bikers are together bang-on the camera line to the gazebo. From these considerations, we can pin-point Tina's position at the curb, yet she is not there in Zapruder's film. Her position must be in a line from the north side of the tree trunk, across the trunk of the limo, but she is not there. She must be directly behind the officers on bikes, but there is no person there. They must have deleted her, and only afterward did the Towner film reach the killers. She is expected to be in the foreground of that light car just beginning to turn the corner. But there is no one there. As the limo itself turns the corner, no one is in Tina's way as she films it. She must therefore have been the closest of all people to the intersection, exactly the reason that she's expected in the foreground of the light car.

There is a person touching the light car's rear bumper, and against the sign post, but this person holds nothing at the head, as Tina was. This person doesn't even turn to face the limo as it comes down Elm. None of the people on the north edge of Elm turn to watch Kennedy drive past. The Limo, the officers, and follow-up car were clearly "pasted" to this scene.

At the pergola photos above, some show Zapruder's pedestal. This place is two or three feet above the pergola-floor level. Zapruder's eye level upon the pedestal is at a height (estimated about 17 or 18 feet above road level)consistent with a line that I draw from the Zapruder's white street line (touched by the top of the sign), up across the top of the sign, and finally to Zapruder's eye/camera. One can predict the height of that line, once it reaches Zapruder, by finding the distance (on Google maps) from the white line to the sign, and finally the distance between the sign and the pedestal. But one also needs the height of the sign, which I peg at 11 or 12 feet, according to Towner's view of the sign (26 seconds), which stands beside a lamp post known to be 14 feet high. In that Towner scene, Zapruder's pedestal is at the top of the sign.

In other words, although I had suspected that Zapruder's film had the sign altered from its true position, the top / height of the sign seems to be correct. This doesn't speak to whether they shifted the sign to the left, however. A camera line through the top-center of the sign goes to a spot some 15 feet or more to the left of the blue-green tree. To the best of my ability to make it out, Zapruder stands at the top-center of the sign in Towner's film, which tends to suggest that Tina was standing nearly exactly where the Zapruder film points through the center-top of its sign (though she was there after the president was assassinated).

The pedestal is clear across a cement floor about eight feet wide, and the Towner video shows the center of the sign clear across that floor. It appears that the pedestal is perfectly centered with the sign. It's important because it proves that Zapruder's film is pointing through the sign smack to Tina's T2 position (her position in her second scene).

In the Towner scene, one can make out that the distance between the left side of the sign, to the lamp post, is about 2.4 widths (a guess) of the sign (the sign will grow larger to our view toward the lamp post). On the other hand, there are 3.15 sign widths between Zapruder's sign and the same lamp post. It's always seemed to me that Zapruder's film places too much distance between the sign and the post. At first, like everyone else whose realized the problems with this assassination, I figured the sign was hiding the throat shot. But if the throat shot was before the car reached the sign, than I suspect that the killers moved the sign to hide the head shot. They then pasted the limo scene in, and repeated frames of Jackie and her husband, to make it seem that the both the throat shot and head shot came further down the road. Repeating frames of Jackie and her husband has the effect of delaying the moments of the shots.

I don't see any reason why they would have altered the position of the lamp, so that it's the sign they apparently changed. It can be seen that Jackie's face looks frontward through the entire Towner film, but then, in Zapruder, she looks toward her husband just as her head is about to go behind the sign. By that time, his head is behind the sign. Coincidence? As they come past the sign, her face remains looking at him, as though frozen (this is where I suspect repeated frames of both of them), until finally she begins to move at what some say is a faked head shot. In other words, I think that she started her movement while behind the sign, but they delayed showing it...because they were trying to frame Oswald, which required the limo further down the road than the position behind the sign.

At the 1:03:19 point of a Costella video, there is a photo, supposedly taken by the Dallas police in 1963, showing the sign and lamp post toward the intersection. The scene looks bang-on like the Zapruder film, with as much distance between the sign and lamp post in both cases. The question is, was this photo doctored specifically to "verify" that Zapruder's film was not tampered with? By the way, I would not watch the first 50 minutes of this video.

It's a little interesting that at 1:03:19, Costella is showing the Dallas-police photo. It shows the sign and lamp all the way to the ground. The bases of the sign posts are closer to the intersection than the base of the lamp post, but this situation seems the other way around in the Towner film, it seems to me. Let's check it out. If I'm correct, the sign in the police photo needs to get closer to the lamp (if the sign is further from the intersection in the Towner film).

When the green portion of the sign in the police photo is .9 centimeter high, the posts are 1.1 centimeter from base to bottom of the sign. The ratio: 1.7 / 2.1 = .81 (the sign is .81 the height of the posts below the sign). As I cannot see the sign posts well enough in the Towner film to see where they plug into the ground, I need to work it out using the .81 ratio. The green part of Towner's sign is 2 centimeters high, and because 2 / 2.47 = .81, the distance from the bottom of the sign to the base of the sign posts is 2.47 centimeters, which brings the posts smack to the edge of the sidewalk (cannot be any longer or they will be in the sidewalk). Towner's film happens to show people beside the sign, allowing us to measure the green part at about human height. The lamp is 5.5 centimeters tall at 14 feet, which is 2.5 feet per centimeter, making the sign 5 feet tall exactly (makes sense).

I can glean that the police photo made the posts longer than they should be in order to get them as close as possible to the lamp post. That is, it's unlikely that Towner's posts reach to the very edge of the sidewalk, but that's how they measure (at 2.4 centimeters) when using the police-photo posts as the guide. The sign posts in Towner work out to 6 feet long because the ratio is: 2.47 / 2 = 1.2; then, 5 feet x 1.2 = 6...which is over 11 feet total to the top of the sign.

The trick is to find the sidewalk lines, or the line that cuts across the sidewalk at a 90-degree angle to the curb, then check to see whether that line goes in front, or to the rear, of the sign post bases. There happens to be one assassination-scene photo (call this one photo 1) at the pergola page showing the lamp post at EXACTLY the height shown for it at Towner's youtube video. However, this photo appears doctored to make the sign closer to the intersection, because the sidewalk lines, from left to right, go upward on the scene more than I think should be the reality. Those lines point go significantly to the backside of the side, but just looking at the scene tells you that the sign is, at best, even in distance to the intersection with the lamp.

The color-enhanced photo below (photo 2), from the assassination, shows the sign and lamp again; the sign again appears to be further back than the lamp, but the sidewalk lines seem to go behind the sign once again. This time, note that the sign posts are not anywhere near the sidewalk, as they are expected to be in the Towner film. In fact, in one frame at least, I can see that the bottom of one post is almost exactly at the sidewalk. Not so in this photo:

Now compare with the following (photo 3) that shows the sign at least ten feet nearer to the intersection, which just cannot be in the photo above:

In the photo 3, the man beside the lamp works out to just 4.9 feet tall. But it's even worse in photo 1, where he works out to be about 4.25 feet tall. And he's only 4 feet tall in photo 2! I'll let you work out in your mind how the deep state arranged to hide all true photos of the scene, and to force us all to see the tampered ones. Jack White, who took meticulous measurements, said that the lamp posts were 14 feet high. If he meant the steel part only, not including the glass, I think he would have said so. I'm including the glass.

If you draw a time from the top of the sign, and the angle of the street curb, the place where that line hits the lamp post is the total height of the sign. In my measurement, the sign works out to be only 9.4 feet tall. But the green part itself was 5 feet, meaning that, because the posts under the sign are longer than 5 feet, the sign must stand about 11 feet tall.

I think I can prove that the sidewalk lines were tampered with, slanted on a rise much too high. But in order to prove it, the drawing above (from needs to be accurate where we draw a line starting from the lamp post, and perpendicular to the street, to the third post / divider of the pergola. This post shows in photo 2, excellent. I estimate the pergola to be no more than 10 feet high, and because the floor of the pergola can be found to be about 9 feet above the sidewalk at the street, we draw a line straight down, 9 feet into the ground, from the bottom of the divider post. This 9-foot line almost reaches the sidewalk (to a little below the shadow that juts into the right margin).

Once we mark the spot 9 feet below ground, which is level with the sidewalk upon which the lamp stands, we draw a line from that spot to the bottom of the sign post, and this latter line represents a line perpendicular with the street...meaning that our perpendicular line is parallel with the true, untampered, sidewalk lines. With the perpendicular line cutting a wee-bit to the front of the bases of the sign posts, we now have the sign looking like it's further back than the lamp, perfect. I don't know exactly the height of the pergola floor, but this method seems correct to me even if the numbers aren't quite.

Do the same exercise in this more-accurate-looking photo of 1963. The line across the giant rear bumper is perpendicular with the street. As one goes further down the street (in the direction of the lamp post) from the rear bumper, the perpendicular line goes more to the horizontal. Therefore, start at the base of the lamp post, and plant a line slightly more horizontal than the line across the bumper, and the lamp line goes smack through the base of the sign posts! Case closed. The sign and the lamp are approximately on the same perpendicular line.

The photo doesn't look accurate, but more like a poor paste job. If the sign were truly ten feet to the front of the lamp, try drawing a line from the lamp base to a spot on the grass ten feet behind the sign. This line goes up to the pergola floor at only the second diving post, which is completely wrong.

To put this another way, the line perpendicular to the street directly at the lamp-post base cannot go to the floor of the pergola, not even at the third dividing post (refer back to photo 2). That's because that line must cut through the ground in that particular direction...if the drawing (looks like an official / surveyor drawing) correctly has the lamp directly to the front of the third divider post.

With the sidewalk lines angled so high, the sidewalk looks like it slopes downward toward the street, and this is, I think, because they changed the angle of the sidewalk lines. If the sidewalk were as thin in photo 2 as in the Towner photo, the sidewalk lines would be more horizontal than in photo 2, giving the sidewalk a more-level look. (The angle of the lines change with nearness to the camera.) Here's a thin-sidewalk photo of that same sidewalk, with a much-better look than photo 2. Here's another one.

I can see that the sidewalk lines in photo 1 are incorrect, because the line at the lamp cuts through the ground toward the left side of the pergola. Note how thick the sidewalk is, a lot thicker than in the Towner film. The thinner the sidewalk, from top to bottom of the scene, in the orientation that it's at, the more the sidewalk lines can slope down toward the horizontal, but the line that I imagine to the pergola looks wrong in photo 1 due to the thickness of the sidewalk.

If correct that the lamp posts are 14 feet to the top of the glass, then the 7-foot point is smack in the middle of the white sign fastened to the lamp post. All three photos show this white sign, and we can figure that it's bottom side is 6.25 feet, the height of a tall man. This shows how all three photos have the man too short, but the same seems to be the case in the Towner film. As Ms. Towner's head is level with those across the street, one can draw a line across the heads of those people to see where the line cuts across the lamp post. I see it crossing about 18 inches below the bottom of the sign, which I think is wrong.

In case you need it to figure our the height of the pergola floor, the Zapruder film shows a camera line (of sight) through the white sign to the street curb. You need to know only the width of Elm street to know the angle of this line, assuming the white sign to be 6.25 feet from the ground. They may have tampered with the Towner film too, therefore, explaining why one sign post is at the sidewalk while, in photo 2, it's nowhere near the sidewalk.

Place a ruler across the bases of both sign posts in photo 2, and it crosses the lamp post a couple of feet above the ground. Surely, if this sign were ten or more feet to the front of the lamp, a line across the sign posts would cross in front of (below) the base of the lamp. At the 1:03:19 point in Costella's video, the sing-post line cuts on the other side of the lamp. Why?

In this modern pergola photo, the man standing (one centimeter tall) measures about as high as the doorway (1.1 centimeter) into the gazebo, but in photo three, for example where people are too short, the heads of a few people on the pergola floor are far below the top of the doorway. Even a couple of men much closer (should look taller) to the camera than the doorway are still far too short to compare with the modern photo. Therefore, what was the motive in pasting people into those scenes? Was one motive to have the sign where it really wasn't?

This 1963 pergola photo shows that the lamp is in a perpendicular line with the central area of the pergola. The sign is in the photo too, and it may look like it is closer to the intersection than the lamp, but maybe not. It depends on what you allow your eye to do. Let's do some measurements. The gazebo doorway can now, thanks to the man in the modern photo above, be reckoned to be a little more than seven feet tall. That makes the pergola divider posts about eight feet tall or even shorter. So we go to the base of the third divider post (from the left), then measure one divider post straight down into the ground, plus an extra foot, to get roughly to sidewalk level (the bottom of that line is at the bases of the sign posts, perfect). Just draw a line from the bottom of that line to the base of the lamp, and that's the line perpendicular to the street. The sign posts are almost smack on that perpendicular line, not ten or more feet nearer to the intersection.

The people next to the lamp are of a tallness that they would be to scale if standing at the gazebo doorway, even though they are much nearer to the camera. Once again, the people in this scene are far too short. It seems that the head artist working on the tampering had the scale wrong for all pictures. The reason can be due to Zapruder being pasted in too small into the Moorman photo.

I now think they pasted that image of Zapruder in there because he's just too short for that doorway. In the Moorman photo, the distance from the pergola floor to the top of the doorway measures 2.2 centimeters on my screen, and Zapruder measures 1.2 centimeters, meaning that one centimeter = about 5 feet so that the doorway measures 11 feet tall! Zowie, they really screwed this up. It means that we can easily tell their doctored images if they have people up at the pergola floor.

Hahaha, it's true, they really did screw up. In the "1963 pergola photo" above, the lamp measures 2.5 centimeters tall, so that one centimeter = 5.6 feet, yet the two people smack beside the lamp measure only .75 of a centimeter = 4.2 feet tall!!!

Deep state: Hello. Is this the Big Media?

Big Media: Yes, it is. What can I do for you today?

Deep state: My name is Mr. Important at the Intelligence Community.

Big Media: Ahh, the federal government, my best news source. Okay, what can we do for you today? Anything, up to half my kingdom.

Deep State: Well that photo you showed yesterday, of the pergola at Dealey Plaza. We need you to remove it from public view.

Big media: May we ask why?

Deep State: I wish I could tell you, but it's a matter of classified information.

Big Media. Ahh, I see. Well, in that case, we have not much choice. How fast do you want it done?

Deep state: Thanks again, we couldn't have done it without you.

That's how easy it is for the deep-state operatives, killers and exploiters, to hide evidence against themselves. There should be lots of modern photos online showing people standing beside the pergola doorway, or on the pergola floor, right? So why am I having such a hard time finding one at Google's search page for photos of Dealey Plaza's pergola? Plus, the deep state can circulate its own, tampered, modern images, with people too short. Just look at this too-short photo, with the people only half as tall as the doorway.

Back to the more-accurate-looking photo of 1963. The sign and lamp positioning looks accurate, yet see how short the sign looks here. The man can't walk under it without bumping his head. The distance from base of posts to bottom of the green sign is only about 5.5 feet, if the man is assumed to be 6 feet. The total height of the sign is only 8.6 feet, if the man is 6. Why do we think they have the sign so small? Perhaps due to the gazebo doorway in the picture. I'm assuming that they need to make it look taller than it really was.

If we measure the man with the yardstick of the lamp height, he works out to only 5.4 feet. Once again, the people are too short, The man's height is almost enough to get him from the base of the lamp to the base of the white sign on the lamp post. Other images did not get people that high. If this man (looks on the tall side) were to scale with the lamp height, his head would reach the bottom of the white sign.

I've spent a couple of hours at Google's pergola-photo page looking for a modern photo of the pergola with people in it. Here's the best I could find, a photo of the rear of the pergola, with a small car parked beside it that should be no more than four feet tall, making the pergola divider posts, and the gazebo doorway, no more than about eight feet high. Some of the deep-state photos had this measurement as high as 10-11 feet.

Ahh, the following is from someone's article on the assassination. The gazebo doorway works out to 7.4 feet tall according to the height of the man near it. The people in the pergola could be children, for all I can tell:

As the camera (behind a blue-green tree trunk), in the photo above, is facing dead-on to the other street sign, the height of Zapruder's pedestal can be figured at 13.5 feet off the sidewalk, for the top of the sign (beside 14-foot lamp), about 13.5 feet tall, comes across along to pedestal's top.

Asking Google for measurements of Dealey Plaza gets us NOTHING. How can that be? There must be thousands of pages with all sorts of measurements for conspiracy theorists. But Google tows the deep-state line.

This taken-from-the-intersection photo (doesn't appear doctored) has only 2.0 sign widths between the sign and its lamp post (lamp is right-on the left margin). No one has a problem seeing immediately that the Thornton sign is some ten feet back of a lamp post, but this ease is not the case with the Stemmons sign and it's lamp post... because the two were not ten feet apart. The people in this photo look the correct height, all to scale with the lamp post.

None of the three signs appear four feet high at their green parts. Surprisingly, however, the Stemmons sign, according to the height of its lamp, measures 4.5 feet high. The post closest to the lamp measures 5.6 feet from base to sign bottom. It is not even near the sidewalk's edge. The post came down to the edge of the sidewalk according to the too-long posts in Costella's sign image.

Steele Conspiracy

Below are significant developments in the unveiling of the FBI conspiracy that awaits the fingering of Obama eventually. The first link is Sara Carter's story, and the second link is Dan Bongino's explanation:

A key player in this story is a military whistleblower, and the military has been trying to cover this up. Yup, the military, the shadow government, appears to have arranged Russian people to set Trump's campaign up with the Russians. Here's Sara Carter on Hannity:

Yup, the shadow government has been in the business of feigning all sorts of situations for sheer political purposes, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling its own foreign policy, not the foreign policy of a president, and certainly not that of the people. This is a fiend run amuck, a demon. Trump has NOT tweeted about this as of 11 pm August 28. Me thinks he doesn't want to get the military upset at him. Is it the military people who tell Trump not to declassify the guilt of the FBI...because the military is the bigger player than the FBI in the get-Trump conspiracy?

It's important to view Steele, a British agent who probably didn't care much about the election, except that he was "employed" by Hillary Clinton. The latter didn't hire him first-hand, but it's exactly a hiring when her lawyer hires Fusion who then hires Steele. It's nothing but a British agent working for Hillary. His "firewall" was likely Obama, or someone put in place by Obama to oversee Steele's pushing the FBI buttons.

The FBI first fires Steele, making the country think that the FBI is angry with him for pushing the dossier too hard, and too out-of-bounds for a British agent, at the end of election season, but then the very director of the FBI signs an warrant application that is itself based on Steele's dossier. This is not the most hypocritical thing in the world; the prize for that goes to the liberal media who are spinning this high crime as nothing. And the media does not win first prize for being the herald of fake news, for that prize goes to Intelligence, which is in the common business of making the news with "news releases" via secret leaks and other methods.

I heard one at Fox say that CNN is not generating much fake news, because most of its news is not literally fake / false. But this man wrongly understands "fake news." That phrase means that the liberal media are not in the news business to provide real news, as a service to the people, but are political arms of the Democrats and the secret powers behind them. Whether the reports are true or false, that is exceptional / special fake news because the spins on the reporting are almost always the property of the Democrats. This political devise (or vice) is not new with the media, because it's in Intelligence too. We now know that, with more to come.

Why does anyone think that Fusion hired Bruce Ohr's wife to look into potential Trump-Russia collusion? As that collusion did not exist, isn't it obvious that Mrs. Ohr's job was, as with Steele's job, to create a false-collusion situation on Hillary's behalf? Ultimately, plan B must have been for Hillary to run again in 2020, and for that cause to make Trump fall criminally so that she could justify another run. She wants nothing less.

The FBI and the CIA were using their powers for sheer-political purposes, but Jeff Sessions accuses the pro-Trump side of acting political against the FBI. It can't get more hypocritically maddening. The political purpose was to criminally violate and ruin Trump's democratic rights, and Sessions sees nothing criminal in this. He sees only mere rhetoric by vengeful pro-Trump leaders. The revelation has been painfully slow but fun eventually. There is rejoicing by those who have long wanted the deep state's tactics exposed. The powers sought to portray themselves as angels, men of law, but now we see their demons.

Trump is now complaining about Google's bias against him. What about Google's bias against all other Republicans??? Is Trump the only thing that matters? Why doesn't he get off of Twitter and DO SOMETHING??? Step one: get two new law men who will do the things needing done. Send Sessions and Wray away in humiliation. Let's get on it, or the voters are going to puke. Enough of these games. The president is a mental case. Shoot the crippled horse and get a new one. He blames Sessions when it's his own fault. What kind of nincompoop boss complains that the nation is going to pot due to Sessions, and then allows Sessions to remain????? Give the media something to really get angry about; get a temporary attorney general who will actually do what the Republican voters want done. Let's party! But nope. The president is 'fraid.

What don't I understand? The media need to be taken to court for spinning false realities that are nothing but political tools on behalf of the wicked. Until an attorney general takes big media bosses to court, there is no hope for mental health. So long as the liberal media play their political games, they twist minds, and work to empower to the corrupt. The deep state prefers the people to be weak. Let them drink Vodka, but let them not be sober and in mental health, and especially not unified, for they will then overcome the wicked rulers.

The president needs an attorney general that will do some of the things he wants done, and the president needs to order those things done, not merely complain about the criminal set. The president is not the president if he can utilize his attorney general. He may as well be shot as a crippled horse. Trump has made himself a crippled horse, and he is fine with this. All of his posse are stuck at camp because Trump can't go forward. He's the biggest problem, not Sessions.

Nunes: Will you please declassify the FISA material, Mr. Trump?

Trump: No.

Who's the problem? Sessions? Nay, it's the crippled horse. Shoot it, he's a traitor. Start putting some bullet holes into Trump's hat; call him out on his duplicity. Never mind the president's excuses for not revealing the damning documentation; these excuses are but trivial as compared to the overwhelming importance, for the county, of documents that can shut the traps of the liberal media. Trump is the reason that the media has gone hysterical with false accusations, because in his failure to act they come on stronger. Trump has the power to expose Hillary and the others, and to thus make the pompous media look trashy, but he has refused to use his power to do these things. Trump is a shameless farce. Trump is as good as the chief criminal in all of the scandals. He's their protector. He IS guilty of obstruction of justice.

In recent days, the United States once again threatened Syria if it uses chemical weapons. It sounds as though the West is ready to feign yet a third such attack under Trump, at this time because the Syrians are poised to defeat the rebel's last stand in a part of northern Syria. Here's the story from a Russian perspective:

What do I call a feigned chemical attack on Syria, followed by an American military response? If anyone dies, MURDER. What if no one dies but people get sick / maimed? What do call that?

What's this about:

The leader of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Masoud Barzani spoke by phone on Wednesday (August 29) with United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss Iraq’s political situation.

KDP-affiliated media outlets reported that Barzani received a telephone call from Pompeo and they discussed the political developments in Iraq and efforts to form new Iraqi government.

“It was also discussed that how the new Iraqi government will be formed in a near future,” reports said.

During the phone conversation, both sides also discussed the bilateral relations and stressed continuous consultation between the two sides.

This week Trump lumped the FBI in with Jeff Sessions, warning that if they both don't get on the right track -- because the voters are angry, he says -- he's going to get in there and start making things happen. But this is his excuse for more inaction, and an attempt to make the voters think that he's listening to their complaints about himself. The deep state is punching him in the head again and again, and he tells his voters: just any day now, you just watch me, I'm going to start swinging back. Punch punch punch. Just any day now... Punch punch. Now I'm really mad. Just any day now, I'm going to throw my first punch. Punch punch punch. Trump is a farce. Be the man, you fool.

A New Thought for Me

I googled, "human fossils in north america" without the quotation marks, and got a slew of articles telling of the first human remains, not fossils, in North America. One article was titled, "Oldest direct evidence of humans in the Americas?" There is not word, "fossil," on this page. I then googled, "human fossils in north america" WITH the quotation marks, and got one page of results only. It appears that there were no humans in North America before the Flood, as could be expected, exactly why the anti-Christs are in a fever trying to convince us, with lies, that human bones / footprints / artifacts are much older than the Flood.

My thinking is that the anti-Christs, in wishing to spread their evolution hoax, would either need to feign the finding of human fossils in North America (ridiculous), or say nothing publicly about their non-existence, hoping that the issue / question wouldn't come to anyone's mind (but surely, it would). I'm actually floored by the fact that this thought has not come to my mind until now, after nearly 40 years of Christianity. If there were no people in North America by Noah's time, there should be no fossils here. Or, if there were only a few people, then there can be a few fossils. But evolutionists need vast populations here as in Europe or Africa because they view man as one million years old, or older, depending on who we ask.

What was the population of North America in the time of Columbus, anyway? If we ask the anti-Christ, he'll probably inflate the true number to hide the warts of his theory. The evolutionist has warts on his face. He's a witch. He's an imposter, and he knows it. His wicked spirit won't allow himself to tell the truth. It is important to himself that he lie to us in efforts to make sons of Hell like himself.

I'm not sure who wrote the following, whether Henry Morris of Greg Neyman:

...Yes, there are human fossils around the globe. The authors present no further information [hmm]. However, they fail to point out one key point...many of these fossils, along with trace fossils (showing they were living at the time the rocks were there), are located on top of rock layers that supposedly were laid down by the Flood of Noah! These humans apparently all survived the flood which killed mankind, and were living on top of these flood sediments. If the young earth theory were correct, we should find human fossils buried deep within these layers...but there are none! The Grand Canyon, for instance, represents over a mile of sediment deposited by the Flood, yet there are no human fossils in the rocks of the Canyon.

No fossils in the Grand Canyon sounds like no people in North America during the Flood.

The writer sounds like a local-Flood, old-earth advocate as opposed to a global-Flood, new-earth advocate like myself. But I'm open, if anyone can explain to me how possibly something impossible like a local flood can occur as high as local mountains. Water can't build that high in one spot on the ground only, except maybe in a cartoon. I just don't see it.

Let's repeat what is said above that is celebrated: "many of these [human] fossils, along with trace fossils (showing they were living at the time the rocks were there), are located on top of rock layers that supposedly were laid down by the Flood of Noah!" He's celebrating his interpretation of sedimentary rocks in existence before the Flood, which sounds to me like an enemy of the Flood model, kind of like a sheep in a dinosaur skin. There are dinosaur fossils at the tops of sedimentary rocks, and no one has a problem with that; we still believe that the fossils were laid down during the Flood. The Flood did not only lay down sediments, it also eroded some of them when waters receded; ask the carvings in the Grand Canyon. So, fossils now at the top were likely deeper before receding began.

I just think it's fantastic, that only a half hour after I asked the question, are their human fossils in North America, I came across this admission that there are none in the Grand Canyon. I just think this is enormous. What else are the anti-Christs hiding from us? Not their warts.

Is it possible that scientists have feigned, say, 25-50 human fossils in North America, just to make a show of it so that we might be led to assume that there are thousands of other finds? Would the human demonics be that ridiculous? I say they would, with a song. I say these people are demented enough.

Wow. In Wikipedia's "List of Human Evolution Fossils," where the nutcases have chosen skulls of apes that contributed to human evolution, it comes down to a chart of humanoids from the time bracket, "2.58 million – 300,000 years old". Of all the many fossils in this chart, not one find was in North of South America, not even for the 26 specimen listed at 1 million years or younger. They would tell us that people were too dumb that long ago to get to Canada or Alaska.

The next chart is for "300,000 – 50,000 years old". Golly-polly, that's such a spring-chicken scenario that there just have got to be lots found in North and South America, right? Of the 33 specimen, zero in N. and S. America! Wow, just look at those fat, ugly warts they carry around unashamed. It's sickening. They should never leave the house. They should stay indoors lest they infect others.

The next chart: "50,000 – 11,500 years old". Wowie-dowie, I see fossils all over North America, right? Of the 35 specimen in this chart, just one score, found off the coast on California. But it's of "human remains," not a fossil. Where are all the human fossils in the Americas???

Next chart: "11,500 – 5,000 years old". Of the 15 examples, two in the USA, and one in Mexico, all three merely of skeletal remains.

It appears that it's a closely-guarded secret that there are no human fossils in the Americas. If this is correct, it plays to the Noah-Flood scenario wildly. But that's exactly why I expect them to say that fossils require millions of years to form. Not true at all. But modern times has this to say: "Fossils are defined as the remains or traces of organisms that died more than 10,000 years ago, therefore, by definition the minimum time it takes to make a fossil is 10,000 years." I'll bet that most evolutionists who recognize the importance of keeping the fossil-less secret will put that number a lot higher than 10,000. But none of the militant types will put it at 4,350 years. Why do you think that is?

Having science at their disposal, they still get it wrong. For a perfect fossil, the soil around the buried bones must keep its shape throughout the period that the bones rot away. After that, water brings rock particles into the voids, where the particles gets trapped while the water moves out. Eventually, the voids are filled with rock. So, ask: how long does it take for bones to rot fully away, and how much longer does it take for rock material to wash in and replace the bone material? Surely, not 10,000 years. Surely, not even close.

In my view, evolutionists cannot provide acceptable ways for animals to get buried. If a fox gets caught in a river flood, does it get forever buried all at once? No, it does not. It first gets carried in the current. At some point, the current can slow enough to deposit the carcass along the riverside, afterwhich it decays there. The water is ALWAYS shallow where the animal gets deposited on a riverside.

It can't get buried at the river bottom because the force of the water doesn't allow it to lay still in one place. So long as the water is moving, no burial. It doesn't sink to the bottom like a rock. Even with a slow flow, the carcass will be moved along. If the fox comes to a stop along a slow, flat run of a deep river, I can imagine that it could possibly get trapped at the river bottom, but the next flood will release it and carry it away again. So, no fossil seems possibly unless the river deposits the carcass along the riverside in the open air. What next?

They will say, the fox's flesh will rot, and the bones will lie there until the next flood comes along, and maybe by the time of the second flood, the bones will be covered in sediments. Fine. But won't the bones rot soon enough, at the wet, lowland of a riverbed, at this slow pace of burial? If they are buried with only a few inches of dirt after 50 years, that doesn't look like a fossil formation to me. It looks like bone disintegration. The very idea that it takes the sediments an enormous time to turn to rock, even if only in the an evolutionist's fantasy, is anathema to fossil formation. That is, the longer the bones are in sand or clay, the more they can rot before the conditions are suitable for fossil formation.

The soil needs to be hard enough to hold the shape of the bones, after they start to decompose. If the spoil is soft, it will cave in i.e. fill the voids as bones rot. And this is exactly the problem on a riverside. Let's imagine that 20 percent of the bones have rotted away after full burial, and that there had been no flood in all that time. Then comes a flood that covers the soil above the bones, and, surely, the soil around the bones will be saturated so as to cave into the voids formed thus far. If this continues to take place, flood after flood, there will be no fossil formation, but only dirt caved into the voids until all bone disappears. So, a riverside is not a good place for fossil formation, so far as I can see.

The stupids will tell us that dinosaurs fell dead in swamps, and, voila, fossil formation. But I can't see how this voila is so exciting. I see a decaying dinosaur that never gets buried. A swamp is by nature a mild body of water. How does mud pile up on the bones fast enough in that situation? A swamp is warm and wet, perfect for bone rot. There's lots of hungry things in warm, shallow water.

Evolutionists are desperadoes who have control of the educational media these days, enough to lie to the children in massive ways. They are gladly taking opportunities to convert the children into sons of Hell. The anger of God burns against them, though they do not realize. There will be a cut-off point.


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